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12 Mar 2017 20:03
It appears that I've accidentally found the perfect mixture for generating smoldering-electrics-smoke with household materials. Was very hard to track down... should try this in the office tomorrow!
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12 Mar 2017 18:40
The smell of overheating electronics started seeping into the air. Cause yet unknown, but I might be impaired over the next days because of having to switch to a vastly inferior backup system
9 Mar 2017 23:09
I need an improved profile page... Hopefully I'll find the time to design it over the weekend.
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1 Mar 2017 23:34
From my current (though most likely limited) point of view it's just technically impossible that tomrrow gets any worse than today. I have reason for optimism! Yes I know, it's a disease!
25 Feb 2017 19:03
RPing backlog should have reached zero by now.


28 years old
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@FetzenAh yes, I forgot I also gave yo that time stasis, my bad.
My assumption was more giving you the benefit of the doubt than speculative. Even if I forgot I gave you the time stasis, I still let it slide regardless. :P

Forgive me though. It was past 3 AM haha.

As long as I will be able to remember my own character once the time stasis is over I think I can survive that little blunder
@FetzenNeed you to post as soon as you can. You did go over the time limit, but I realize you were busy focusing on the Merc RP so I'll let it slide this once.

I posted for the Town crew! @everyone

I'm in a deadlock until either @Sypherkhode822 has posted or has timed out. I have explicitly informed you about that situation here and requested for my post timer to be suspended until either he has posted or has timed out. Not only did you approve this request, but you even stated that you would have planned on that anyway.

So far neither the post nor the timeout event has come true and also there was no statement from you about the approval being withdrawn, so I am to assume that my clock still is not ticking again.

Yes, I have posted in the Merc RP (and so I've done in several other threads), but that doesn't automatically imply that it was this that kept me away from posting here. Your assumption is highly speculative :P
@POOHEAD189 So I hope this post is less faulty than my last one.
Still standing where he had stopped moving a considerable time ago and having been abandoned by all the guards and already having been designated a 'problem' openly, Othiosiya couldn't help but feel quite... disposed of. The Drabarian could see movement in the foremost section of the guild hall his view could access, but still the massive gradient in illumination between the outside world and the inside room made it hardly possible to see anything without starting relentlessly.

The latter thing was an option the Drabarian was not willing to take. He silently considered it to be rude and inadequate for the situation, even though other, vastly smaller people seemed to be far less hesitant. Given this it wasn't surprising that the order in which the new arrivals started to be dealt with was not the same order in which they arrived, but again patience was an art to be mastered. Othiosiya only made a few small steps forward to give a signal that he actually was interested in joining, but his hopelessly tremendous body was capable of making a series of loud, thudding noises out of even that.

The Drabarian used the available time to make initial judgements: The man who had overtaken him in the queue didn't seem to hide anything spectacular: Simple clothes, ordinary physique. Kayden on the other hand was an entirely different person: The number of coins in his pocket didn't seem to be much of a worry for that man. In fact Othiosiya initially found it hard to not put him across the border which separated normal behaviour from forced attempts to look fancy.

"Well... yes. I've come here to try and join your company." Damn he really would have liked to already know Kayden's name, but in order not to put the other man into the same embarrassing trap he quickly added his own. "I'm Othiosiya."


In Torn Across the Rift 17 Mar 2017 19:55 Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Eyeris Mega sorry for the mega delayed post. My job currently is halfway consuming me... I hope it was at leasg okay ?
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