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22 Apr 2017 16:46
@Garland: It's not only Canada. Over here in the middle of Europe temperatures dropped far below freezing a few days ago, snow included.
19 Apr 2017 19:35
If there's negative mass, could there theoretically also be chocolate and hamburgers with negative calories ? I need to patent this before anyone else does!
17 Apr 2017 13:31
Me: "Time! Go f****** slower! I don't want my free time to end!" Time:"I've already denied your first request. I can't go slower than one second per second, ya know ? And now STFU!"
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11 Apr 2017 19:13
Me: "Time! Go f****** faster! I want my free time!" Time: "You're asking the impossible. I can't go faster than one second per second, ya know ? And now STFU while I continue consuming your life!"
11 Apr 2017 5:49
Three days to double weekend. I'm hurtling towards you!
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"Eight... feet ?" The Drabarian arched an eyebrow and made it obvious that he had some concerns. If spears any longer than eight feet were not a good idea, how was the situation about people being taller than eight feet ? He was aware that this would most likely only affect him, but that made the prospect of having to crawl and squeeze through everything no less horrifying. Hopefully the field of battle would at least be broad enough...

"Anyway. I thank you and the guild for the precious offer." Othiosiya bowed in front of Kayden a bit, then put down his enormous spear onto an adjacent table which he believed did belong to the smithy so it wouldn't get lost there. Having done this, there was hardly anything left to do but stand and wait. Or better: Sit and wait. In any case it was probably a wise decision to stop blocking other people's paths and get out of here.

"Shall I stay here or will I get notified once the work is complete ?" he addressed their captain again. "In the latter case what's the next item on our schedule ?"


Going to post today once I've slept.
I want to convert to negative mass to automatically move away from work when it approaches me and be able to claim that it's within my very nature without lying.
In Torn Across the Rift 20 Apr 2017 19:49 Forum: Casual Roleplay
@RokkuHoshi Why ?
Either my browser(s) are severely misconfigured or you're using a font which cannot reliably be depended on to be available on the reader's computers. I can only see missing-glyph-blocks here except for Chrome.

Maybe you could provide a copy of the text in a hider in a more safe font ? :)

@Dewey Deftones
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