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Welcome traveller to the home of the Dark One known as Blackmist I welcome you...

I am 17, unemployed at the moment and I started playing RPG's about five years ago I have played D&D 3rd edition, 4th edition, 5th and played Pathfinder, DragonQuest the RPG (not the video game), Villains and Vigilantes (really obscure), D20 and Risus.

I Love Sonic games and T.V. Shows, my favourite character: Tails (who is ironically my first character and only character so far)
I enjoy playing video games especially old ones like N.E.S or Nintendo64.

I certainly enjoy Fantasy Roleplays but I actually am looking forward mostly to Crossovers either Futuristic or Modern.


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Okay I will find the thread and do my thing! Thanks!

So should we turn this into a 1x1 now since nobody has shown interest? Just wondering!

I am still interested,and I will be able to post because it doesn't require me to be there all the time. I have school,and some work to do but this would be good to improve my writing.

Sure sounds cool, I would probably have time for a 1x1


I am now sorry for even posting this idea because I was being pretty oblivious and I am sorry for pestering you I am still interested though.

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