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Welcome traveller to the home of the Dark One who was known as Blackmist I welcome you... But I am but a humble gamer now!

I am 18, unemployed at the moment and I started playing RPG's about five years ago I have played D&D 3rd edition, 4th edition, 5th and played Pathfinder, DragonQuest the RPG (not the video game), Villains and Vigilantes (really obscure), D20 and Risus.

I Love Sonic games and T.V. Shows, my favourite character: Tails (who is ironically my first character and only character so far)I enjoy playing video games especially old ones like N.E.S or Nintendo64.

I extremely enjoy playing Chrono Trigger and I am obviously obsessed with Frog or Glenn the Swordsman as he is named!

I certainly enjoy Fantasy Roleplays but I actually am looking forward mostly to Crossovers either Futuristic or Modern.

Anybody wanting me for 1x1's should PM me, I am comfortable with 18+ roleplay although I am new to the concept. I'll be active usually during the day time in Canada from 9:00 to 12:00 noon.


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Imprisoned for being an emo and listening to sad music too loud on the bus!
In the land before time, Littlefoot's mom, depressingly enough, died. But he had memes so all was well. Until Megatron laser cannoned the fire nation, destroying many cabbages and causing Littlefoot to become a powerful earth bender after Cera was brutally flung across the ocean. "By the power of Greyskull," the flaming homosexual wombat exclaimed, as he slipped and fell, only to be caught by a hopeless romantic trying to figure out the meaning of extraterrestrial existence in bed. Then he realized that without cheese, he could not feed his grandmother so he bought some power metal, pure cheesy goodness. However, Littlefoot was a metalbender, meaning the power metal could be bent, which would be glorious for Fire Nation. So Littlefoot challenged Megatron to a fist fight aboard the ship shaped like a cabbage. "Help me, Obi-wan!" Megatron cried, heard by a crimson eagle living in your basement furnace. Littlefoot tried to defeat Megatron by singing sweet nothings and tempting him with bacon, which was remarkably effective.

"Littlefoot," Megatron blushes, his metal lips stuck with bits of bacon while dipping some Szechuan sauce, "I surrender to your superior, the legendary Obi-wan Kenobi and his Mighty Morphing Power Rangers." Littlefoot laughed triumphantly and then

I am interested.

I know this thread might be dead but I would be interested in joining, and maybe helping in some sort of reboot but I would like to see this thread alive again because it has such potential and I love Chrono Trigger!


Oh, now I'm a little sad!
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