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23 Feb 2017 5:50
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6 Feb 2017 23:54
@Otaku95 That blows, man. People seem to like to toss around the racist label without any substantial evidence these days. Fuck that noise, and fuck that person.
6 Feb 2017 5:16
31 Jan 2017 22:58
My problem is this. *Goes into bar, doesn't get ID'd* ... *Shaves beard, gets ID'd every damn time* Baby face problems.
26 Jan 2017 2:35
Joss Whedon is a joke.


Wandering mind, lover of basketball and all things sports, watcher of films and an aspiring screen writer. I love swimming in the imaginations of others, and all of you that make up this fantastic community provide me inspiration every single day. All of you are awesome, remember that!

And, here it comes. Comes what? The shameless plug. Yeah, I had to do it. Check out my poems in the Gallery!

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Never played Legacy of Kain. While the song's not wholly my style, I can dig it for the atmospheric effect. Solid 7/10.

The Witcher 3 The Wild Hunt: Summon the bitches.
There was one time during a vacation at a cottage we rent every year that a sound was made while my brother and I were playing pool downstairs. Pretty' scary cus' it sounded like someone had come inside. So, we did what anyone would do. We carried our pool sticks like baseball bats, ready to beat that mother******. Turned out it was just the wind gusting through and causing the doors to the fireplace to smack closed and open.
Congrats err body!!! @Silver definitely a deserved victory. and @Hylozoist for a wonderfully done short entry that was also a deserving winner/contender.

On to the Labors. Will this be when I make my return at last? Stay tuned for next time folks!
<Snipped quote by Dark Wind>

How are the translations of those? I've thought about getting them but been afraid they would be bad.

And I know this is a weird question to ask, but how does it compare to the writing in the game? Because Witcher 3 is the only game i've ever played where the storytelling made me jealous.

I don't have a great grasp of Polish whatsoever so I couldn't quite say as to the true quality of the translations, but for me they read smooth and are amongst the best fantasy books I've ever read. Might be somewhat biased there, but Sapkowski is a great mind for world and character building. And good lord does he twist fairy tales wonderfully. And compared to the games they're just as good, if not better in terms of writing. One thing CDPR did that I love was that they were pretty true to the books I feel, despite the games being their own story.

But yes, I recommend the translations. And the books don't ever go over 500 pages I think. Sapkowski is kind of a rare breed of fantasy author in the sense that he doesn't have many bloated-sized books, if any.
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