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25 Mar 2017 19:17
some people like femininity but also don't care about whether or not someone has a penis. that's the appeal of a trap.
25 Mar 2017 4:51
fuck. i'm sorry. please forgive me. i didn't want this.
22 Mar 2017 4:25
when u get curved hard as fuck and it's been a week and a half but u still can't stop thinking about her
20 Mar 2017 23:31
never change guild. fully of smartassery as always.
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20 Mar 2017 23:20
A change in environment is what causes mass extinction.


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In Sgrub 19 Mar 2017 1:47 Forum: Casual Roleplay


Who is this young man?

==> Enter Name

No... That doesn't seem right. Try again.

==> Enter Name

You are FLEILT APRELL and you are a 8 AND A HALF SWEEP OLD TURQUOISE BLOOD JUST TRYING TO DO HIS THING. You are SPITEFUL, and you know damn well you won't put up with anyone else's shit. They say you can't do something? You do it. You live in a shady area in the middle of the middle of the woods. Rather, you are the shade in the middle of the woods. You live in a large tower with an orb at the top, acting as your room and observatory.

You spend a great lot of your time OBSERVING THE STARS and trying to point out CONSTELLATIONS. Stars have always been your favorite thing, ever since you finished your trials. You try and point out almost ANYTHING in the stars, even the smallest things. One of your favorites is THE HUNTER, with his long horns and hunting bow the size of his body, he seemed to scare away any other big constellations. You like to point out other ANIMALS around THE HUNTSMAN, even if the connections seem to be a stretch. You suppose the HUNTSMAN to have once been a real person, possibly even an ANCESTOR of yours. Despite you claiming yourself to be INTELLECTUAL and FUN, most of your troll peers disagree with you, describing you as BLAND. Due to your love for the HEAVENS, you're often seen outside or in your room. Though you don't usually stray far from your hive tower. You like to make STAR MAPS and your FOX LUSUS is often quite PISSY about you always being awake looking at the stars instead of doing SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE. You're not that interested in COMPUTERS but your friends are so you have a basic one in your room for star maps and such.

You are not that SPECIAL but you think you make up for it with sheer BRAIN, as you are quite skinny. To top that off, you're also very lanky. You're only one or two inches taller than most, but it's enough to be noticeable to the other trolls. You don't have any SPECIAL ABILITIES, to be honest, you wish you were anyone else, but you don't let that get you down. Remember, you're SPITEFUL AS FUCK.

Your trolltag is outlandishExaminer and you*re in love with stars.

---will edit with 2nd character l8r---
I'm interested and would like to reserve a spot for slayer, if that is alright.
i'm interested
In Sburb δ 13 Nov 2016 2:09 Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Neurovoid okay I made all the changes you ask I hope it's okay now!

Yes he's fine! As long as the Rabbit isn't like stupid overpowered :P
In Sburb δ 12 Nov 2016 13:35 Forum: Casual Roleplay

It all looks good but diamandis is nine letters, when the kids last names are often 6 or 7 letters as a format, and the plan was for the kids to be thirteen. Sorry, I should've specified that. Once you fix that, you can drop it into the character bin.

(also the pet rabbit being a first guardian infringes on the plot, you could make him some other powerful creature disguised as a bunny probably.)
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