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NOTICE: Still looking for a 1x1 story partner. Mind that I'm not a quick post shooter, due to work, so I tend to write a paragraph or two in such RPs instead of a few lines. If anyone reading this is still interested, send a PM my way.


In a bleak world that is called reality...
A young man tries to find his path in life...
And so he decided to do Role-Playing!

Ahem, hello everyone! Y'all can call me Max, or Maxxy, or Maxwell House even! Fine, Riffus will do just fine too...
I'm what some would call a veteran RPer, despite not having been much active in these parts, or at all for the last 3 years. As a matter of fact, I started RP'ing ever since I started high school, and that was probably more than 15 years ago...


God, that makes me feel old.

So anyways, since I'm a nice guy and I know some might not want to absolutely know EVERYTHING about me (well, not everything really), I've highlighted areas of my introduction where you guys might be more interested in.


Some people might know me from where I initially started RP'ing,the "Artix Entertainment Forums". Yeah, the forums dedicated to all games made by Artix Entertainment, such as their very first fame "AdventureQuest", "DragonFable" and "MechQuest" to name only a few. I was known as Necrodan for a while. Afterwards it was Dread_Shadow_Max for a long time, but that name eventually grew too moody for my lively self, so I came to adopt the name representing myself in a better way, the same alias I am using right now.

After some... let's say... issues with the former forums, a lot of its RP'ers (myself included) moved on to another forum that one of us has created. It was thusly called: "The Forbidden Forums". Quite shady, huh? Well, it had a story behind, of which I wasn't involved myself. I Rp'ed there for years, amidst many quarrels and unfinished RPs, until life struck a terrible blow against my poor self.


I HAD GOTTEN A JOB! Yes, poor old me was tired of living carefree in the debts of a student loan (from a program I didn't even finish at college), and so I decided to take on the mantle of a hard-working man. Never did I thought that writing RPs and working at night would be so detrimental, and as such I had resigned my fate as a RP'er to better focus on working...

Nah, in fact it's just that I couldn't keep up with the RP's I was in and found great difficulty to focus on writing. Working 12 hours a day isn't great. You just barely get back from work, eat, sleep, then repeat for 4 days. And during weekends, you'Re just too tired that you either sleep all day, laze around all-day long or just try to enjoy what little social life you have left. Life was dark at that point.


Eventually, things grew to be smoother. I have gotten a new job. Still at night, but it's 8 hours instead, that makes a few more hours of free time. I have used most of that time to catch up on my games and discover new ones. But now that I'm feeling a part of me missing, a part of my creative self that yearned to write about epics and fantastic stories, I've decided to return to RP'ing once more after nearly 3 years of inactivity in the domain.

I do hope that I will be able to meet the expectations of my new comrades-in-writing and that we will all be having fun weaving the stories that have yet to be written. But hey, let's stop talking about myself, or rather my personal self. Let's delve instead into my RP'ing persona.


I'm what you would call a Jack-Of-All-Trades. I like RP'ing as a whole, be it in fantasy, sci-fi, dark or even school life settings. I do them all! I'm mostly a man of group RP's, but I've started enjoying 1x1's just before leaving for 3 years. I just love interactions between characters, as I feel they are a needed part in a successful RP. In fact, I'm a sucker for character development. Not only do I enjoy seeing the story progress, but I also love seeing the characters in that story evolving from the adventures they are experiencing.

As for my RP'ing style, you can trace it back from posts I made a few years back. I do enjoy writing lengthy and detailed pragraphs (just look at that gods be damned biography about myself that will mostly be overlooked). That's the only way to get all these ideas from that overloaded brains of mine! So I'm very sorry in advance to those who don't like reading wall of texts. For those who actually like it, then you're very much welcome!

Actually, it's just the way I was taught to write in school. A story and its characters are much more fun to read if you know the characters, their background or even their more in-depths detail. Assuming one does not overuse details of course, a mistake I was often told in the past.

Well, that's it for me. Sorry for the long introduction to my self. Hope you had a blast knowing a bit more about me. And I do hope we will be having nice RP's to be written.

So in short, it's nice to be back!

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AngΓ©lique | Christmas | Sander | Christopher

π•Šπ•–π•‘π•₯. πŸ™πŸœ, 𝟚𝟘𝟚𝟘 / / π•Œπ•Šπ”Έβ„π•€π•ƒβ„• 𝔼𝕒𝕀π•₯ / / β„‚π•’π•žπ•‘π•¦π•€ / / πŸ™πŸœπŸ™πŸ˜

Collab by @Riffus Maximus @January @RedDusk @dragonmancer

As everyone from Experimental Unit B took a seat inside the truck that would drive them to Wisford, the doors closed and the vehicle shortly departed from USARILN. Whether it was because of their growing anxiousness, or simply to kill time and make the trip more enjoyable, some of the students inside were already starting to discuss among themselves.

AngΓ©lique, who was sitting the closest to the truck's backdoors along with Sander in front of her, she had remained silent for a bit, looking around to see where everyone was sitting. Much to her dismay, her teammates were sitting pretty much far from her. But it was probably better this way. Hiding her pooling nervousness was becoming more difficult by the hours. She would not allow herself to look like that in front of her team. The last they needed to see was an anxious mess. She wanted them to be inspired, or look up to her cool-headed behavior.

Having finished looking around, Angel had noticed the blond boy sitting across her, next to the tall lanky Blood Mage in front of her. Seeing Christmas, the raven-haired Aberration was reminded of the role he had been given in this battle, which led to the times the boy had healed her and her classmates in the past. Really, she still hasn't properly thanked him for the Flags and Seek game's aftermath, hasn't she?

"Christmas?" AngΓ©lique called out to the blonde Arbiter nearby, her concealed gaze setting upon the Healer. "Thanks. For healing me... and the others last Monday. And the other times before that too." Angel paused, letting the irony of such a late apology settle in with a light-heart chuckle hinted with a bit of nervousness "Sorry if it came out of nowhere. I figured I should be thanking you for what you are doing for us. It takes someone... quite selfless to just accept an injury to save others." AngΓ©lique paused another time, a grin forming onto her lips as she gave Chris, who was sitting next to her, an elbow nudge to his sides. "Especially when this guy here doesn't know how to pull his punches."

Christmas looked up at the Aberration in front of him, distracted from scrutinizing his shaking hand wrapped around Sander's forearm. He was surprised to be addressed by someone whose name he still didn't know. The tense atmosphere fattened on that kind of sincere talk as well, and he wasn't sure he wanted a reminder that in a few hours they could all die. People were true to themselves in times of crises, weren't they? He breathed in, his other hand finding purchase on the unnatural heat of Sander's skin as red smoke curled upward from his roommate's body.

The girl nudged a white-haired Arbiter sitting beside her, the gesture implying a friendly familiarity that was a small comfort to see.

"...Don't have to--to thank me," he replied, looking back down. He didn't exactly heal others because he was concerned about them, but it didn't feel like the time to explain. "...Sorry."

The black-haired X-marked raised a quizzical eyebrow, confused and curious. Maybe Christmas was just one of those overly modest people. But why apologize for it? Perhaps there was something else, but AngΓ©lique didn't feel like prying, especially now of all times.

Discreetly, her eyes scanned the two young men sitting in front of her, their arm locked to each other. They looked strangely close, that much she could see from the familiarity of the gesture. Ironic, for the Vampire Mage and Blood Mage to be bonded so closely.

Something bothered Angel however as her gaze set upon Sander. The red mist emanating from his body felt somewhat foreboding for the singing Mage. Actually, this was something she had never seen Sander do before. Was it another aspect of his power he kept to himself, or was is a trick he gained recently?

"Are you alright, Sander?" Angel asked, a bit concerned about the whole thing. "What is that smoke coming out from your skin?"

β€œHuh?” -Sander blinked at his feet, slowly raised his head to look at the Aberration sitting across from him. He remembered her name, vaguely, from the flag football. But he remembered her comments on his power more β€“β€œI’m fine. It’s just…my power. Not dangerous.” -He clarified quickly, gesturing to the red wisps of smoking slowly rising from his body.

Not much of a talker, was he? Well, he was like that too last Monday, so maybe he really wasn't a very talkative guy. But seeing that display of his power, the pale screamer Mage couldn't help but feeling curious about it. Maybe she could ask for details, without being too forceful about it? She knew she was a bit obsessive about knowing her peers better, from what only her own hand notes showed.

"What does it do exactly? It reminds me a bit of Christmas' mist, if only less intense."

β€œIt…” -A frown creased Sander’s brows as he searched for the words β€“β€œβ€¦helps.”

β€œNot dangerous.” -He insisted again, hoping Angel’s curiosity could be satisfy with just these half-truths.

Sighing softly, Angel dropped the matter. Obviously, the guy didn't want to speak about it. She wasn't really satisfied with this kind of answer, she was a tad frustrated even, but she tried not to show it. Now wasn't really the time to pry into everyone's little secrets. She had to respect their privacy, even if those details could really help into understanding one another.

"Oookay then. If you say so, I'm trusting you." Angel half-muttered, settling down more comfortably on her seat.

Chatting sure was hard with all these closed-up classmates of hers. Really, the only guy she ever spoke so openly was Brent. Everyone else? They all seemed so distant. Even her training partner was somewhat odd. Maybe they had yet to adapt to this new life. Had she adapted to this prison herself? Who knows? Even Angel started questioning herself; how quickly she began building a routine here, how strangely accepting she was towards these suicidal situations she was thrown into.

Surrounded by not very talkative people, AngΓ©lique shrugged slightly. She might as well kill time and occupy her mind. Struggling to get her phone out of the jeans inside the baggy overlaying military pants, Angel shuffled on her seat for a bit, ushering a quiet β€œSorry” as she felt herself bumping Christopher a few times.

When she finally retrieved her phone, the panting Aberration removed her helmet and set it down on her lap as a cushion of sort for her arms. Riding the truck with all of this gear on made it uncomfortably hot. Her scalp was itching, and she could feel herself sweating in the suit. Maybe next time she’ll consider wearing fewer clothes underneath that military outfit, she thought as she took off her combat gloves and tapped gently the smartphone’s screen.

Chris had been silent for the first moments of the truck ride. Each second that ticked grew dread. When Angelique started on her phone, Chris pushed the thoughts away to spark up a new conversation. He didn't like the idea that this could be the last time they'd talk, but if that was true then why let that keep in quiet?

"Hey, Angelique..." He started, the arbiter had folded his hands over his lap. It took him for a moment to think of what to say. "I want to thank you for that training opportunity we had the other day."

In the middle of watching a video about the guns she had grabbed from the weapons crate before they embarked on the truck, AngΓ©lique paused the screen with a tap of her index. She turned to her Dracomancer teammate and offered him a warm smile.

"Oh, it's been my pleasure. Really, I'm glad you joined us that time." The raven-haired Aberration's face turned slightly red in embarrassment after thinking just how much of a fool she made herself of that time. Screaming like a little girl because of her fear of heights and all the tumbling that didn't help it, it surely made a poor impression of herself to the eyes of others.

"I'm sorry if I had been rude to you and the others, and for being so pitiful after the flight. It had gotten a bit too intense, trying to conquer my fear like Brent suggested." Angel giggled nervously, trying to make light of the situation.

"Better try to face them there then well, here." He mused with a smile. "It was no trouble, really. This whole thing is stressful for all of us."

Angel's eyes lowered at the mention of stress, letting our a faint "Yeah..." as her gaze fell back to her phone's screen. Anxiety, stress, fears; there sure are plenty of that in the atmosphere right now, in this truck ride. Hopefully, hers wasn't leaking out too visibly. Figuring out talking would probably help in dissipating some of her raging anxiety; Angel's eyes went back to Christopher.

"How was your week? Did I miss much from the classes?" the fallen rockstar tried to make small chat, even if she despised herself the idea of going to the school USARILN pretended to be.

"Well nothing important in class though..." Chris had paused for a moment, taking a look around his neighbors. He leaned closer to Angelique and talked a bit quieter as if it were some dark secret. "I got on this date with this girl see..I-I'm not sure if she likes me or not."

"Really? Already? Damn, that's pretty cool." Unlike Chris, her voice was just as loud as usual, if not a bit more due to her surprise. But as she realized her comrade was looking around before speaking abd talked with a quieter tone, she giggled softly and lowered her tone "Don't tell me it's with one of the girls in our class?"

"Not sure if I'm comfortable telling you who it is but..uh..I'm not good with girls. I could use some advice." He was a bit alarmed with her initial volume. He didn't want people to know about his own business. He also didn't want the crush in question to find out either.

"Ah c'mon, I might look like a loud mouth, but I can keep secrets." Angel chuckled at Chris' shyness, finding it cute of its own. "I'm no love guru though. I haven't experienced much romance in my life. I don't think I would be the best person to give you advices. Unless it's something very broad."

He sighed. "Its Siena."

Angel restrained herself from laughing too loudly, slapping a hand to her mouth as she slipped a faint laughter underneath the palm of her hand. "R-riding you had quite the benefits." she stifled another laughter from her innuendo. After silencing herself, she let out a sigh and wiped away a tear from her eyes. "I-I'm very happy for you both though." Her wide grin returned to a more serene smile. "I can't say I know her that much. Hell, you might know much more about her than me. But if you are going out with her, then I have one advice."

Angel's smiling face turned into a most sincere expression. Her mind went back to the time she had witnessed Siena's mental breakdown after abusing her powers. Through her hugging with the then distressed girl, she felt an unknown bonding with Siena. She could not place what was wrong with her classmate, but there was something that she had felt that day.

"Support her from whatever she is going through. If you two dated, then there's something she likes about you. You're straight-forward and honest to others, so just remain true to yourself and everything will just unfold from there."

He nodded, and returned to his seat in quiet. Thinking about that kind of stuff was a lot easier than the thought of not returning to the school in one piece.

π•Šπ•–π•‘π•₯. πŸ™πŸœ , 𝟚𝟘𝟚𝟘 / / π•Œπ•Šπ”Έβ„π•€π•ƒβ„• 𝔼𝕒𝕀π•₯ / / 𝔸𝕓𝕖𝕣𝕣𝕒π•₯π•šπ• π•Ÿ π”»π• π•£π•žπ•€ - β„π• π• π•ž πŸ›πŸ˜πŸ˜ / / πŸ˜πŸ πŸ™πŸ

After her training session with Brent, AngΓ©lique locked herself in her room and remained there quiet for the rest of the morning, until a guard would come up to knock at her door and fetch her for the mission. Before doing anything, she had taken a hot shower to brush away the cold weather she went through earlier and got a change of clothes, opting for something simpler and warmer. She was going into battle later today after all, no need to be wearing anything fancy. A pair of jeans and a sweater would do the trick.

Initially, after her strategic and analysis talk with her training partner, Angel was bothered by some aspects of the plans, and decided to review all of her teammates profiles, or at least the notes she had written about them. By the time she finished with Grant’s profile, she was already imagining some measures to take as a group and a use for everyone’s powers.

With that fresh in mind, the wannabe strategist began taking the files and added a new entry for each of her classmates: β€˜Strategic Deployment’. If she could figure out what use she could give to everyone, maybe that would help her understand the grand scheme of Kardos’ plan. Hell, it might even help the Aberration in finding out new possibilities should the situation ask for it.

It took a few hours of thinking about her classmates and writing down what she knew and imagined what they could do before she finished. All the while, she had been listening to her music playlist quite loudly through her earbuds, finding the heavy rhythm of rock and metal appeasing, or at least burying over, the voices whispering to her. It helped her being distracted from her stigma and thus focusing onto her work.

Keeping her neck warm and cozy with a makeshift scarf, AngΓ©lique could feel her throat starting to feel better after squeezing almost a dozen screams earlier. While she was new to the whole Mage thing, the screamer Aberration was still very familiar with vocal cords soreness. Having experimented with her powers last week, the sonic waves she emanated might be magical in nature and have no real ties with actual sound physics, but her physical limit was just the same as if she was screaming or singing for too long. Having experienced her fair deal of temporary voice loss in the past, Angel was familiar with finding remedies for a sore throat. Keeping her throat warm with a scarf was one thing. The other she had learnt was to mix honey with hot water. The drink made it soothing for inside her throat, appeasing the aching.

When the time was nearly upon them, Angel walked to her closet and retrieved the military protective gear she had requested early last week. All things considered, the gear was plain black and a bit obstructive considering all the padding and the bulletproof vest. But making sure she was safe from the elements and the hazardous rubbles of the city was well worth the encumbrance. Slipping the protective vest first on her torso, Angel then proceeded after with strapping the elbows and knees pads, figuring out she should’ve done it before the vest as she had a hard time bending with the vest in the way. Over all of that, the sonic Mage slipped inside an overlaying pair of black plain military-designed pants and coat. All that remained for the rockstar-turned-soldier was to gather her signature bangs with the rest of her hair and tie them in a ponytail, avoiding getting hair into her face as she finalized her military attire by putting on a black helmet.

Looking over herself in the mirror, Angel felt at odds with her new appearance. She never thought the SWAT-looking figure reflected there would be what she would’ve become one day. The attire stressed her, reminding Angel the reason she was wearing that in the first place.

Just as AngΓ©lique finished fastening her Desert Eagle’s holster onto her belt, knocking came at her door. It was time to go.

π•Œπ•Šπ”Έβ„π•€π•ƒβ„• 𝔼𝕒𝕀π•₯ / / β„‚π•’π•žπ•‘π•¦π•€ / / πŸ™πŸœπŸ˜πŸ˜

It was with a more eased but still anxious mind Angel embarked on the truck that would drive them to Wisford. She was a bit more satisfied to have heard more details about the mission, getting a second briefing cleared out some more aspects of the battle and left room for Angel to think about it and the possibilities.

The mention about escaping still pissed her off however. They already made it clear that once they caught someone, they would not let that person go that easily, which begged the question about what really happened to Aaron. If such countermeasures were established, how would a clockwork-summoning teenager be able to escape that? The conspiracy theory about USARILN holding Aaron captive secretly somewhere on the campus only intensified in the singer’s mind.

When it was time to get proper equipment, Angel β€˜gracefully’ accepted the given gear and looked up to the weapon box delivered. Ironically, there were two weapons the raven-haired Mage was trained in their use, and the Desert Eagle fastened on her belt wasn’t part of it. In fact, she had no idea how to properly use a handgun. Taking up on the advice of the Commander, Angel resigned on using her requested Desert Eagle. Instead, she opted for taking two weapons of similar design she had practiced with Lawrence. One was a scoped Remington rifle; the other was a riot-breaker shotgun. Swinging the rifle over her shoulders with the provided strap, Angel kept the shotgun in hand while fastening the mandatory provided equipment onto her belt.

The stuff felt overall burdening, but fortunately Angel was conditioned. Never did she think all the exercises she had been practicing during her younger years and the mandatory training sessions would benefit her this way now.

With a sigh, Angel went inside the truck, taking the first seat available for her.
Brent | AngΓ©lique

π•Šπ•–π•‘π•₯. πŸ™πŸœ, 𝟚𝟘𝟚𝟘 / / π•Œπ•Šπ”Έβ„π•€π•ƒβ„• 𝔼𝕒𝕀π•₯ / / π”»π•šπ•Ÿπ•Ÿπ•šπ•Ÿπ•˜ ℍ𝕒𝕝𝕝 / / ~πŸ˜πŸŸπŸ›πŸ˜

Collab by @Riffus Maximus @ERode

Angel's bubble burst when she heard a familiar voice near where she was sitting. Slowly raising her head up from her half-eaten plate of food, she flashed a faint smile to Brent.

"Oh, good morning Brent. One hell of a morning, huh?"

"Yeah," he said, surprised that she broke out of her shell so quickly, "was looking forward to acing the test today as well. Guess showing off will have to wait."

"I still can't decide whether I prefer going out there rather than spending a day in class. Guess we should be thanking the commander for that." the raven-haired girl joked, chuckling half-heartedly in trying to make light of the situation and hide her anxiety to the coming battle. "What were you up to this morning? Knowing you, you must've been already up before they came to get you."

"Seems like the guards really like to walk in on me during awkward times," Brent replied, slowly getting into the flow of the conversation, "First time they literally just waited outside my shower. This time they went out of their way to get to Ground Zero with just a flimsy ass umbrella, when I already had my raincoat with me."

"But yeah, was just doing some experimentation hijinks. Still sleeping on your side, Angelic?"

Angel grinned widely at the mention of being caught at awkward times "Oh, I thought you meant something more awkward." she jested, lightly poking a half-eaten sausage with her fork. "No no, I've been up for about half-a-hour before they came. I'm an early bird. Well, not as much as you are, but it's ingrained into my routine. Honestly, I had already resigned from my morning workout because of the weather, so I took some bit of time to prepare myself for the day."

"Well, for their sake, I hope the guards never have to walk into someone masturbating." Too crass of a joke? His eyes flickered towards Angelic before turning to his food. "And I only tried starting off my mornings at 5 AM recently. Think I might actually have to start drinking coffee now. Know any good coffee prepping techs?"

Angel cringed a bit at how straight-forward Brent was replying to her subtle innuendos, but she giggled nonetheless at the hilarity of the situation. "With the ways they come in so suddenly like that, I'm pretty sure they walked in on worse situations."

"Unfortunately, I'm not much of a coffee drinker myself. My manager tried that for the first days. I disliked the bitterness of it..." the ex-rockstar trailed off, suddenly realizing she was spilling out her old life again without thinking.

"Literally all those problems could be solved if they just gave a quick warning via cuff beforehand, but hey, maybe they secretly enjoy pretending to be moms who don't knock."

"And yeah," he said, smoothly continuing the conversation, "That's what made me go 'bleh' with coffee too. Just feels like you lose something though, if you have to resort to adding cream or sugar to make a drink taste good, right? Really, at least tea has a gentle flavor. Coffee's just the punch in the tongue that no one asked for."

He was talking too much, perhaps, but now wasn't the time for Angelic to clam up and start a self-destructive cycle of thinking about her oh-so-tragic past.

"Hmm... I tried a lot of stuff to sweeten the drink, but I just can't seem to enjoy it either way. Same goes for tea. Sure, it isn't as bitter as coffee, but it tastes... how do you say it... plain?" Angel fumbled a bit with the word. "I'm more of soft drink person. Soda, juice, a bit of alcohol doesn't hurt either from time to time. Usually, nothing gets me in a better mood than a nice glass of pulp-free orange juice."

"Mmm, a fan of feeling your taste buds get eroded by acid, eh?" he grinned, "Never understood masochistic tendencies like that. Orange juice is nice though. Lotsa vitamin C."

"I mean, if you haven't figured it out, I like sweet tastes. Maybe I'm a sugar person?" Angel chuckled, never thought of herself that way before now. "Well, it could be worse. It's not like I'm totaling my health like smoking or having bad life habits, right? Sometimes, you gotta spice your life up a bit, else you'd just be stuck in a boring self-imposed routine." Angel realized just how ironic it was for her to say that given how things had been going for her around here. That's who she was deep down after all, despite having a bit changed on the outside ever since she came here.

Sugar? Something to note down then. Nodding along with her chat, Brent stabbed an apple slice and bit into it, savoring the healthy crunch. "That's true enough," he said, not really committing to any particular argument, "But a sense of normalcy is a rarity here. No need to add extra spice when the world does it for you."

After all, regardless of how many safe topics they bounced around on, the upcoming 'mission' wasn't going to leave his mind.

"Got any plans after this?"

"I can't argue with you there. A routine does sound nice, given what kind of crap is looming over our head every day. But I'd personally add the kind of spice I like before being handed something I'd most probably hate."

Angel stood silent for a moment. Truthfully, before Brent had joined her, she wasn't even thinking about what to do before the battle. She had been just content with enjoying her potential last meal before going to battle. But now that the subject was brought up, the black-haired Mage looked thoughtful, the tip of her fork tapping against her glossy lips.

"Probably the same as everyone else. Getting ready for what's coming. Get a change of clothes, change into the protective gear I requested earlier last week. Ensure whatever gear I bring with me is functioning, that kind of crap."

Pausing, Angel was thinking back at the briefing, remembering her position and her role in this battle. Again, she could not help but feel uneasiness creeping back. "Brent..." she trailed off, wondering if it was a good idea to let her doubts show.

"What do you think of putting me at the frontlines?"

"Sugar instead of ghost peppers, eh?"

He leaned back as Angelic posed her question, studying her expression. Truth be told, the arbiter had thought that the allocation of power seemed to be off in this particular mission. Their healers, after all, were important, and yet, Christmas was protected by Ernie, who made rope, and Zoe, whose power was functionally useless against these monsters? On the other hand, Gregory, whose power was dependent on his ability to set things up, was put up with the task of supporting two different groups without attracting any attention to himself? And then you had Hazel, who's power should be amazing against these monsters, relegated to mopping up fodder?

"...sounds like a mistake. You're a ranged attacker, after all. Would make more sense that you'd be with me and Grego, instead of on the frontlines," he began, "But I can understand why they'd want you to cover Hazel's back. Your shouts are powerful enough to knock Chris on his scaly ass in close range, after all. Those robotic losers got no chance."

"So, hey, chin up! Sorta strange to think about it this way, but if you're in the same group as Hazel 'I Vaporize All Inorganic Matter' Baker and the omnipotent Siena, as well as the unstoppable, untouchable 2Chainz Rotem, you're probably in the safest position ever!"

In the end, Angel was right to have asked Brent about this matter. She figured he was like-minded when it came to strategy and analysis. While he wasn't off point, he wasn't completely right either. There were other people to take into the matter, people Angel felt would be more suited for taking her job.

"It's not really a matter of being a ranged attacker; it's more about my effectiveness against machinery. Sure, I may have kicked Chris' ass in the Flags game, but that was because he was affected not only physically but also mentally by the screams. I figured out, after training with my powers throughout the week, that the sheer sound of the shrieks cause some sort of mental breakdown... paralysis. It's basically like overloading your hearing with sound. Machines don't hear the same way organics do, so they won't be affected besides being simply pushed back. What good is that really is, compared to let's say Allison who can cut through inorganic matter just as efficiently as Hazel?"

"Following up on Gregory's matter, it would've been best if he was taking Allison's place as Healer defender, send her to the frontlines in my stead, and have me as ranged backup. I can't protect the healers myself, as my voice would just give my care's position away."

Angel crossed her arms, looking down at the almost-finished plate of food she no longer had room in her stomach to take anymore. "Don't get me wrong. I don't want to sound like a coward. I'm not one. I'm not very concerned about my safety in this plan. I'm concerned about how efficient the teams will be. Like you said, putting Zoe and Ernest together for protecting a Healer isn't something I trust either. If a monster comes up to Christmas, our most efficient Healer, what can someone summoning a rope and outstandingly resilient and a Mage that can only rot organic matter be of help to protect him? There are things I'm not quite grasping into this plan."

"Probably finding an excuse to use everyone in this plan," Brent said. Angelic was definitely taking this seriously, wasn't she? The plan definitely was strange, especially when it was confirmed by Rosa that there was only one subnatural involved in this situation, and said subnatural used inorganic materials as the base for their power.

"Positioning is nice and all, but really, it feels like the Strike team is organized strangely as well. As you mentioned, Hazel basically disintegrates matter, and Allison does the same, with the added bonus of being able to negate powers. Why not just have Hazel and Allison ride Chris towards the titan instead? Bring Siena along, perhaps, to increase the power of his flames to drive back the monsters. While Hazel shreds at the titan, Allison searches for the subnatural with her sword, and once that sword stabs them...well, that should probably erase or stop all the robots that the dude controls."

Brent laughed then.

"Hell, what is Savannah even DOING in the support team? Really makes me wonder if there's some sort of political shenanigan going around here, like Zhang trying to use this incident to show how everyone here is useful, when only some of us are."

AngΓ©lique listened intently to Brent's point of view. She approved most of what he said, voicing yet more logical fallacies into the plan. Playing around by spinning the now-cleaned fork between her fingers, the young woman looked back to Brent. "The only logical reason I think the Strike Team is composed as what is it is mainly because they are dropping them off completely for a helicopter. Hell, I think they are just going to launch them off from high above, counting on their superhuman resilience to just shrug off the landing. That and they will be in the heart of the swarm, outnumbered and counting on the Support Team to take the fuckers off their back. I gotta admit, even I thought I would be useful against the colossus. If there's really a human in there, then a well-placed scream can lock them down paralyzed until the other three tear open their armor and put an end to their rampage."

"But yeah, I'm not agreeing with placing Savannah directly in the heat of battle. If timing was the reason they didn't put Allison at the forefront of the fight, the girl is even worse in that aspect. She had told my team on our first encounter with monsters that she had a five minutes timer between each explosion. Is it worth blowing a few machines and being next to a liability for five minutes? No, it isn't. That makes just one more person to look after, who can't help herself."

Angel coughed, slowly realizing she was starting to sound exactly how Zoe had been in the aftermath of their gruesome battle. In the end, it looks like the fight left an impression on her, a lesson to Angel that she wanted to make sure she learnt and avoid repeating mistakes like last time.

"I wanted to speak with Kardos about my concerns about this plan, but I've been told he was too busy to even hear me out. Do you think we could manage something out , without fucking up badly, during the battle? They did say adjustments should be made as the circumstances change."

"Yeah, but even the whole dropping tactic seems...dunno what it makes me feel. Sander's invulnerable and Callan's super strong, but Chris can FLY. And you saw how valuable the ability to go airborne is from Shane, right?" Brent grimaced. "And if they're going to be tossed into the heart of the swarm without the support team right alongside them, how exactly are they going to keep the monsters off their back? The support team would be attack the horde from an entirely different location."

Ultimately though, they were just subnaturals that had no actual authority, so of course Kardos and his staff would be focusing on strategizing and whatever else. Was this supposed to be a test in its own way? To see how disciplined the students were? To see how flexible they were?

"Well, its not like we haven't disobeyed before, so they're probably expecting that. Maybe Sander will run off halfway during the fight to sniff down Christmas. Maybe Emma will just give up and crawl into a hole. Maybe Grant will fall asleep on the way there and then refuse to get up."

He chuckled at how silly and absolutely game-changing such things were, before getting serious again.

"Ultimately, though, we don't know how Hazel's power will interact with these things. Before we start changing the plan, it'd probably be best to see if our VIP's power works as advertised against them. Gotta get achievements and evidence under our belt before people start giving a shit about our opinions, eh?"

"Maybe you're right. Shouldn't get ahead of ourselves and start conspiring against the authority here. Still, I'm not quite fond of simply following blindly without thinking ahead of time. I can assure you, I won't wait for our classmates to fall one by one if shit indeed gets real to do something about it."

Angel leaned back on her chair and stared at the ceiling, letting out a sigh as she acknowledged Brent's statement about higher-ups not giving a damn about their opinion, for now.

"Speaking of Emma, how is she? You worked with her during the Flags game, right? What kind of partner should I expect her to be? I haven't had the opportunity to speak with her yet."

"As long as 'do something' isn't suicidal, go for it," Brent replied. Looking at his finished tray and his lack of a glass of milk, he was about to go up and grab something to drink when Angelic blindsided him with a whole different question. Emma, huh? He scratched his head, mulled over his thoughts, separated opinion from fact, and ultimately...shrugged.

"She's probably not a morning person. Probably also gives up too easily. God knows what she would have done during physical training classes if the teacher wasn't cracking his whip so much." Being a bit peeved here? Maybe he should dial it down. "Has an amazing power though. A summoning ability that has infinite range, as long as she is within earshot of her summons. That's why I was using phones and all that. Personally, Emma can be a super back-liner if everyone were equipped with cameras and microphones that allowed her to 'video chat' in their vicinity."

He paused then, thinking over some more things, rolling them within his mind. No, not this time.

"Not particularly bloodthirsty, or, at least, has a better handle on it than others. Was the least enthusiastic one on the team, but seemed to follow instructions well?" Brent's head tilted to the side. "Ultimately, a powerful follower with low morale. But perhaps that's just how she appears to me."

"An Aberration with good control over herself, huh? That does sound like someone I should get to know and learn lessons from." Angel chuckled to herself. "Well, that's good to know. Of course, I'll see it for myself when we are on the field, but at least I have a few guidelines of what to expect. Thanks for indulging into my request."

Pushing her tray of food aside, Angel laid her shoulders on the table and leaned on her knuckles. "And you? What were you thinking of doing after breakfast?"

Uwah, Angelic learning to become like Emma? Sounded like a downgrade to him.

"More experiments. Gonna have to get a half-decent map of the town as well. See what the internet brings up in regards to Maryland. Hopefully the conditions on the road would allow me to go rollerblading, eh? After that, it's just refueling for the mission. Can't waste any time faffing about, after all."

"Still experimenting about your powers?" AngΓ©lique hummed, suddenly looking a bit lost in thoughts before resurfacing. "I should be doing some experiments as well. There's... something I have been thinking about my own ability. It might be something worth looking further into before heading off to battle."

"Eh? Gonna try to make sonic swords now?"

"I wish!" AngΓ©lique laughed light-heartedly, despite how serious this situation was supposed to be. "You know what the problem with my power is? It's simply too damn wide. It's useful to get a lot of enemies or a big one, but it really sucks when I have allies standing in front of me. Can't go all out and risk dropping the others in a wide-ass sonic blast, you know?"

Again, Angel looked somewhat thoughtful, as if searching her brains out for something deep inside her mind. "I thought... what if I tried to concentrate those shouts? Reduce their area of effect, so I could target specific creatures?"

"Uh..." Brent scratched his head. "Yeah, I was planning on asking you about that too, on Thursday...but then you went off with Chris. I mean, it IS your voice, right? And the rain's perfect for seeing just where your shouts are going, so...can't miss this opportunity!"

"That being said...your voice going hoarse while you train would be pretty shitty right now."

"Well, true, it is my voice, but the way my power affects it is beyond my understanding. I mean, I do have some control over it now that I'm actively training it." Angel found it somewhat hard to properly explain how it worked. It just came naturally to her.

"A training date it is, then! Let's make sure we don't end up abusing me before the mission. I know for a fact, over the week, that I can recover if I rest up for some hours, depending how much I used my voice."

She was being strangely enthusiastic about it. The part about actually seeing the sonic wave showing through the rain was compelling.

"Yeah, if you're just there to test new things out, we should have plenty of time," Brent said, "Wanna finally try out the whole megaphone combo too?"

"Oh yeah... we didn't get to test that one out last Thursday, right?" Angel chuckled nervously, remembering that it was probably because she freaked out while dragon-riding Chris they stopped their training session earlier.

"Sure! Let's stop by my room and fetch that stuff."

Getting up and leaving the cafeteria, the two plotting Mages went to the Aberration Dorms. Reaching outside, Brent used his Overclocking ability to upgrade Angel's umbrella into an encompassing and transparent membrane. Its frame was study enough to take the force of the wind and sheltered effectively the two against the downpour.

"That's quite convenient, I must say."

"Technology exists to make things convenient, after all."

Reaching out the door to room 300, Angel opened the door with a quick swipe of her ID.

"Come on in. Shouldn't take more than a minute." Angel invited Brent inside as she stepped in, switching the light on. The inside of her room was tidy, her bed neatly made as the black and gray sheet aligned itself perfectly along the frame of the bed. The black curtains adorning her windows were held open in a stylish "< >" fashion by black lacy cords. Her desk was perfectly organized, stacks of paper neatly placed on the corner of the crooked-legged desk, showing some signs of damage. Hints of what Angel had been up to before being taken away by guard were sitting on her bed: a makeup kit next to an obvious spot Angel had been sitting where the bed sheet was unmade.

However, the most prominent feature of her room was sitting in the corner of the bedroom, next to the window. When the light came up, excited chirps came from the cage by the window. before heading to her closet, Angel walked to the cage, leaning to get a better view of the black-feathered canary inside.

"Hello~ Pav!" the rockstar half-singed to the bird, from which came a reply in the form of a few happy chirps.

"Chirp chirp," Brent mimicked as he waved at the canary. Looking about the room, it was fairly clear to him that Angelic enjoys her dark, modern design. Pretty impersonal, all things considered, but it also exuded a maturity that Grant's sole devotion to his bed and Brent's lack of shits about home design lacked.

"Taught it any songs yet, Angelic?" he said, unsure if he should sit while she grabbed her stuff.

"I tried to, but she has yet to repeat after me. She probably need more time to learn after hearing the same song being repeated over and over." Angel giggled cheerfully, whistling something rhythmic as she dug one hand into a small bag sitting next to the cage. Reacting to the whistles, the small bird singed along its raven-haired master as the girl was pouring some seeds into its feeding cup.

Judging there was yet enough water for Pav to last for the day, Angel put the bird seeds back into the duffel bag and turned to her closet. Swinging it open, it did not take long for the young woman to find the microphone and the pair of speakers she was looking for.

"Sorry for the wait. Didn't have time to feed my little darling this morning. She was still sleeping, dark as it is outside."

"No problem," Brent waved, "Gotta care for the peeps you're going to return to, after all. And hey, maybe one day you'll be able to give other people the same super-shouts. Then your canary will become your right-hand bird."

Offering to help Angelic with the load and making a silent prayer that the electronics didn't get absolutely wrecked by the water, Brent headed out alongside the raven-haired aberration. Another two overclocks ensured that everything remained dry, and from there, it was simply a matter of trekking all the way to Ground Zero once more.

Hopefully he didn't do it and run out of his silver blood as well...but then again, could he even run out of that?

The grounds were as desolate as he had left it, deep puddles forming within depressions in the ground. Finding actual cover from the rain in the form of a building, Brent released his grip on the umbrella, the large construction wilting as his power left its form.

"Alright then, Angelic, whatcha wanna get done first?"

"Let's get the electronics experiment out of the way first before it gets soaked and malfunctions."

Angel took the microphone in hand while giving the speakers to Brent. "I don't precisely how your Overclocking works, but here's what I was thinking. How about upgrading the mic's sturdiness and enhancing its sound reception, while also upping the speakers' sturdiness and raising the sound distribution. Think you can somehow do all that at once?"

"Unless you have a better idea. You are the techno-master after all."

"I definitely can do it all at once," Brent replied, "But it's better to see if the mic can handle it by itself first, right? After all, if the mic explodes, we can't even do anything with the speakers."

With that reasoning, he took the microphone from Angelic, examining it a couple of times before deciding that, given his lack of knowledge, he really had no clear idea of how to advance such an object. So it was back to the basics after all. The first function, Selector, would serve to improve its ability to further amplify sound. The second function, Incitor, would improve upon its physical durability, ensuring that Angelic's own destructive voice wouldn't just destroy it.

It exploded, reformed, and then warped within his hands, a molten mess of technological evolution, and finally, cooled.

A dark red cone, lightly pulsating with white LED lights, was what came out of the Overclock, and, still holding onto it, Brent directed the open end of the cone to Angelic, saying, "Try not to blow off my hand, yeah?"

While the whole show of technological-advanced upgrades were impressive, the final result of the overclocked microphone looked terrible. Megaphones made the whole thing look silly, Angel thought.

"Don't worry, I'm not going to use the force effect on those. Don't want to yank your arm or anything."

Directing Brent's arm away from his body, AngΓ©lique positionned herself as to scream into the rceiving end of the megaphone without having her training buddy in her area of effect. Clearing out her throat, she inhaled deeply before letting out a high-pitched "E" note from her throat.

While the ear-splitting screech did demonstrated the black-haired young woman effectively used her power, nothing left trace of her ability usage. The upgraded microphone itself still looked just as functional as before she screamed into it.

"Well, it looks like the thing held on."

Alright. At least the mic didn't explode or anything. Now then...

Taking the cord from the speakers and plugging it into the microphone, before releasing another deep breath. This was now a 'singular' object. Silver circuits coursed through the wire into the speakers, and once again, everything changed. Matching the dark red of the twice-buffed microphone, the two speakers grew taller, attaining a wicked flame-like frame and practically crackling with the magical power that fueled it. Voice amplification + durability once more.

"Ready to rock?"

Setting up the speakers to face a nearby building, Angel nodded with a grin before returning to Brent's risen arm holding the megaphone. To be safe, Angel stood at the opposite where the speakers were facing, behind them as to not expose herself from the potential sound waves that could come out of the sound-reproducing devices.

Again, she inhaled deeply and let out another mind-wrecking scream straight in front of her. While her voice was perfectly replicated, even amplified to an ears-hurting level, nothing seemed to happen beside the screams being annoyingly loud.

Turning around, Angel looked at Brent, then at the undamaged building in front of them, perking up a quizzical eyebrow "So...? Anything happened?"

"...yeah, shoulda seen that coming," Brent said, looking back towards Angelic. "My power can't be used to buff other powers at all, only inanimate objects. Since your voice IS your power now, I'm guessing that no matter how much you shout, your power will...interfere with my power and won't allow it to do anything."

He nodded, hiding the vestiges of his own disappointment.

"It's the same if I try to, say, Overclock a magically generated object. I can make an ordinary object as good as that magical one, but I can't make the magical one better than it already is."

"Yeah... that sucks." Angel let out a much visible disappointed sigh of her own. "Guess I was overthinking things. Believing I was simply amplifying the sound frequency of my own voice, and let science do the rest. Sort of like a sonic boom from those jets, you know?" the raven-haired screaming Mage chuckled bitterly at her own ignorance.

"I suppose there truly is no explanation when it comes to 'magic', other than figuring out what can be done, right?"

"Well, c'est la vie," he replied, releasing his power's hold upon the objects. "At least we now know that everyone can be as eardrum-shatteringly loud as you, just without all the other benefits."

A smile remained on his face despite the slight disappointment.

"And yeah, perhaps the lesson here is to focus on your power by itself, without trying to get drugs or accessories involved. Next is the whole 'focused' scream thing, right?"

"Ah... yes... let's get to tha-"

Angelique was interrupted by a loud obnoxious "HEY!" coming from her jeans' pocket, "Whoops, hang on a sec." she said as she dug into her pants to retrieve her phone

Hey angel do you know that zoe girl? I want to talk to her before the mission but I don t know where she is. Do you know her room number or where i can find her?

Browsing through some notes she had typed into her phone - basically a copy of her files - she returned a reply to her classmate as soon as she found the girl's room number.

I do. Her room's 201.

Thinking of Zoe, would she be around here too? Throughout the last week, Angel did managed to get a few glimpses of her former teammate, chasing around the citizens of Ground Zero with her still gruesome abilities. Taking mental note of that, the young woman added another quick reply to Ernest about the possibility of finding his teammate in the area where she currently was.

If you can't find her in her room, try at Ground Zero. She often uses the area.

Thanks buddy

"Sorry for that. Ernest is looking for Zoe. Probably going to meet his future teammate before the actual battle." Angel returned her phone to her pants as she looked up to the building standing in front of them.

"Alright, focus time. It'll be useful if I can manage to pull this off. Help in knocking down those robots without getting my team caught in the wake of my screams."

Remembering last night's week, Angel closed her eyes after visualizing her intended target: one of the many sets of windows still left intact. Before, she would simply scream at them and watch as they would all shatter at the same time. Today, however, was to break on set at a time. Taking a deep breath to clear her mind, she let out a sharp whistle. While surprisingly loud, it wasn't as deafening as her usual powerful shrieks.

Another failure. Angel let out a groan of frustration, her plans not going the way she wanted them to today. Why couldn't she do it? She clearly remembered that part in her nightmare. Was it something she couldn't do yet, didn't have enough control of? She knew something changed that night.

"Wa-" Ah, she was already going ahead and screeching. As Angelic groaned from her failure, Brent patted her on the back and said, "Was gonna tell you to 'wait' and all. Geez, what's the point of me being here if you're just going to train by yourself anyways?"

Pulling the hood over his raincoat once more, and this time not bothering to overclock it, Brent brought out his shiny new phone, walking off into the heavy rain. Drops splattered over the hood and his shoes were instantly drenched by an unfortunately deep puddle, but the arbiter didn't mind too much. He positioned himself a safe distance away from what he presumed to be Angelic's range, before starting off a video.

"Angelic! I want you to scream as long as you can while modulating your voice! Do as many weird vocal tricks as you can with it, and hopefully my camera will be able to capture what your shouts look like!"

"Oo~kay?" Angel was a bit confused about Brent's request, his words processing into her mind until it finally dawned upon her.

Nodding, the girl breathed in deeply and, this time, let out a forceful "O" pitched scream. The sonic wave became visibly apparent as the rain was pushed away wherever the sound reached in front of the screaming Mage. She had held onto her shout for a few seconds before coughing and gasping for her to refill her lungs. Once more, she let out another shriek, this time while trying to modulate her voice as she let it out forcefully. Changing pitches from "O" to "E" seemed to stop the rain from being pushed away, while going to "A" pitches brought back the same force effects. There was however little change in the wave's range and width as the intensity always remained the same.

"D-did you get what you wanted? I can keep going if you haven't." Angel stuttered as she tried to take back her breath.

"Try these two things now! A scream that becomes quieter as you go on and a scream that's like..." Brent paused, before letting out a sharp shout with his mouth as small as possible, as if spitting, "...BEH! Like that!"

Angel laughed at Brent's demonstration, suddenly feeling silly if that's what she looked like while screaming. After silencing herself from having a good laugh, Angel returned to the building's front view.

Starting out in full force, Angelique followed Brent's advice, resulting in growing quieter made the visible force wave lessen in length until it disappeared as she grew near silent. Then, grinning, Angel proceeded to let out her own version of what her training partner tried to show her, starting out with a low "O" before unleashing it into a focused "WAH".

Finally, the desired result came in. The sonic wave that came from the last note was significantly less wide than her usual sonic waves, shaped just about large enough to hit one or two persons,

"Think that worked," Brent called out, "Now make that 'wah' into a 'weh'!"

Tilting her head quizzically as she wondered what the difference was between the two, Angel slowly nodded and went for that "O-WEH" the Overclocking Mage was asking for. Surprisingly, the shout was even more focused; the sonic wave concentrated enough to be as wide as a single individual.

"Still got it in you, right?" The arbiter continued to call out encouragingly. "One last spurt now, Angelic! PEW PEW!"

Angel turned her head towards Brent, a face clearly showing a look of disbelief. "Are you fucking serious?"

"The smaller your mouth is during the screams, the smaller the radius is! Dead serious!" he countered as the wind picked up.

"Of course I knew that! It just sounds so fucking retarded."

"Causing friendly fire because you're afraid of sounding retarded is even more retarded!"

Snapping her head away from Brent, Angel let out an ear-splitting "O-WEE" scream. While this one might be about the same condensed radius as the last one, the pitch of the shout didn't bring any force effect, making it invisible in the rain.

"Did that sound retarded enough for you?" Angel mockingly shouted to Brent, before turning back to the window and letting out a sudden deep and resonating "POW", sending out a wave so small it broke only a few squares from one set of windows.

"We can always go stupider," Brent replied, capturing the profile of that last scream before stopping the phone on the camera and running back into cover. Taking off his raincoat and roughly shaking off the droplets that still clung to it, the amethyst eyed youth rubbed the screen of the phone dry, before showing Angelic a recording of her shouts as they parted rain and visibly made their different profiles known.

At the end of it, he asked, "How's your throat after all that? Do the pow pows exhaust you less than your waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas?"

"That's so cool!" Watching how the raid was being affected by her supersonic screams made Angelique excited and quite enthusiastic over the footage of Brent's recordings. It was just as spectacular, if not more, than the special effects she would've seen in the movies. "I'm feeling just small itching. Something that will go away later today if I rest my voice for a few hours."

"Honestly, I don't think either type of screams is more or less exhausting than the others, It's just, one requires more focus and precise tuning. Otherwise, they pretty much feel the same exhaustion-wise."

"Mmm," he said, leaning against the concrete wall, "Shame there's no 'efficient' scream then. Sounds like you'll be doing a lot if you're going up against an army. Guess you'll be putting your gun skills to the test?"

"Mhm. it'll come around eventually. I'm sure of that. I've actually noticed my voice has gotten more accustomed to the screaming ever since I came here. I think... it happened at the same time my reach grew further? Felt like that suddenly, my voice wasn't taking its toll on my vocal cords as much as before." Angel paused, remembering exactly that it had happened sometime during the Flags and Seek match, just after she had beaten Chris and had that weird vision all of a sudden.

"I don't expect guns to be as efficient, but yeah, I do need a backup plan. That's one reason I had requested mine. Still... I haven't trained yet on how to properly use handguns, to be honest. Got so caught up in investigating my powers that I neglected firearms study."

"Must be because you're so gungho about power training, eh?" Brent joked.

Must be because of those fucking visions.

"But yeah, guess you're just gonna have to be careful about how many shouts you do then. Gonna be a bad time if you run out of gas in a dire situation, eh? As I mentioned before, Hazel can probably do like, 400% of the heavy lifting with her giant ghost-hands."

"Agreed. With powerhouses like Hazel and potentially Emma covering us up with her golems, I'm thinking of taking a more conservative approach, It's not like I can do much of my own by only knocking those things on their asses, right? I think i'll take a true 'Support' role and use my powers only in dire situations, like if we're somehow overwhelmed or someone's about to be jumped on."

"Sounds smart. I'll try to keep you all updated on horde movements so that stuff doesn't happen."

"Speaking of which..." Angel got her phone out of her jeans once more "Might be a good idea to get each other in our contacts, in case something happens or if they don't provide us with communication devices on the field, don't you think?"

"Sounds good. Even bought a bluetooth for that shit," Brent said with a grin, "Did you?"

"Same fancy model they give out to our classmates. Gotta stay in touch with the latest tech." Angel said as she handed out her phone towards Brent.

Spinning his own phone in his hand before tapping it against Angelic's, he waited until the 'blip' sounded before taking a look at the screen. "Lucky Angel?" he asked, cocking an eye at the contact info.

"Oh..." Angel's expression turned a bit sour when she heard her old pseudonym being called out. "That... was my old stage name," Angel admitted.

"Lachance means 'Fortune' or 'Luck' in French. Ultimately, Angel was a nickname given to me because of my first name, so it turned out this way when my manager proposed to turn my translated name into a stage brand."

"Damn," Brent laughed, "That's a pretty misfortunate nickname."

"You tell me..." Angel sighed. Really, looking back at everything that happened in the span of a few weeks, Angel had reconsidered if she truly was someone 'lucky' to have this voice of hers. While it did brought her fame and success before, now it was only used to destroy. A girl like her, who used to be something like the metal version of a hippie with all this 'Peace and Love' mentality. In the end, she thought that if she wouldn't be Miss Fortune anymore, then she would be Misfortune instead.

"I suppose that's about it for now. Can't go wasting all my voice here before the actual battle. And I'd rather not catch a cold either because of this awful weather."

"Oh, you know that porn star too? Damn, must be super awkward then," Brent patted Angelic on the shoulder, before handing her the umbrella. "And yeah, see ya then. Gotta go do my own stuff now before I run out of time."

"Oh you fucking-" AngΓ©lique threw a light jab at her partner's arm, her cheeks painted with a slight shade of embarrassed red. Despite that, she grinned playfully and waved a farewell hand while holding the umbrella above her already-drenched body.

"See you later."

"Yeah, looking forward to the robo-kicking date."

Angel laughed as she parted ways "Me too."

Me too...
AngΓ©lique's power upgrade!
Angel upgrade unlocked.

Angel now has more fine control over her power. She can choose to fire more concentrated sonic blast at single targets (precision shots). However, it takes mental effort and aiming to focus these blasts.

Changes have been made into the CS.
-Added Angel's power upgrade and the vision that came along with it in the Power section of the CS.
-Changed Angel's Nightmare part to reflect what she will be dreaming about IC from now on.
-Added some new clothing into the Appearance(Clothing) section of the CS. Yeah, might as well said she found a Hot Topic to shop to.
***-Added new opinions for the people Angel has interacted with during the IC week***

π’œπ“ƒπ‘”π‘’π“π’Ύπ“†π“Šπ‘’ 𝐿𝒢𝒸𝒽𝒢𝓃𝒸𝑒

π•Šπ•–π•‘π•₯. πŸ™πŸ› , 𝟚𝟘𝟚𝟘 / / π•Œπ•Šπ”Έβ„π•€π•ƒβ„• 𝔼𝕒𝕀π•₯ / / 𝔸𝕓𝕖𝕣𝕣𝕒π•₯π•šπ• π•Ÿ π”»π• π•£π•žπ•€ - β„π• π• π•ž πŸ›πŸ˜πŸ˜ / / 𝟚𝟚𝟘𝟘

Lying down on her bed, it was still too early for AngΓ©lique to find any sleep. Her mind was drifting to different thoughts. What a week it had been. There was that Flags n’ Seek game that got out of hand Monday, something that probably made everyone stop and think about themselves. She couldn’t think for the others, but Angel knew for herself that there were things that needed to change. She had met many of her new classmates, bonded and trained with most of them. At the very least, she could see some links being made, some semblance of a potential cooperative effort to survive the miserable fate they were forced to live with.

Remembering the first days she got here, and then this week, Angel realized in such a short amount of time, she somewhat went some way to become better. Sure, she still had to fix some more of that extraverted attitude of hers, deemed immature and noisy by SOME people, but she was making progress by establishing a routine, talking with people and focusing on her objectives.

The proof resided in the small degree of control she gained over herself and her powers by coming frequently to Ground Zero. Even if it was sometimes to vent out her frustration, she willed herself to become better, not be overcome by the darkness lurking inside her mind. She wanted to not just simply let it all out. She wanted to take control of it. To use it to her whims, not simply for the sake of destruction.

Before her eyes, there laid an ocean of darkness, black as the void, nothing in sight. Not even the faintest light, the faintest clue of either person or object. She found herself surrounded by the oppressive pitch-black darkness, blind and disoriented. It was as if this dark vastness had been trying to claim her.

All but one of her senses felt numb. It seemed so far away, but she swore she could hear what sounded like a familiar yet at the same time unknown rhythm . But as she focused on her hearing, the rhythm started growing stronger , accompanied by another set of just as strong, yet soother rhythm. One set seemed to come from further away, from the ocean itself, while the other set was much nearer, as if standing in front of the ocean, blocking its path

Like unknown forces colliding, screaming words of pain from the ocean clashed against serene and focused chants of hope. And while she was bearing witness to this clash, splatters of the ocean managed to splash its way onto her. But for some reason, she did not fear the tainted dripping on her now-sullied hands.

Angel gasped as her mind re-focused on her previous thoughts. What exactly were those visions she kept having? What was their meaning? Why was she feeling so focused, so calm, so accepting? It should’ve felt wrong somehow. She should feel distressed and uneasy about all this.

And yet, for some reason, she didn’t feel any of that.

π•Šπ•–π•‘π•₯. πŸ™πŸœ , 𝟚𝟘𝟚𝟘 / / π•Œπ•Šπ”Έβ„π•€π•ƒβ„• 𝔼𝕒𝕀π•₯ / / 𝔸𝕓𝕖𝕣𝕣𝕒π•₯π•šπ• π•Ÿ π”»π• π•£π•žπ•€ - β„π• π• π•ž πŸ›πŸ˜πŸ˜ / / πŸ˜πŸžπŸ™πŸ

This morning, Angel felt unusually calm after waking up. She still felt distressed about the whole gory show, and the remembrance of a missing Aaron, but she felt as if this new variant of the nightmare could’ve been worse. She felt something was keeping the rising tides of a tsunami at bay. That fact alone was putting her at ease. Whatever was blocking out the ocean’s rush put her at ease. Hopefully, things would get only for the better from now on. If those were the results of the discipline she tried to bring back to her life here, then it gave her the more reason to reign in those feelings and start acting like she should be. Act like herself, like who AngΓ©lique Lachance was, is, and will be.

Slipping into her morning footwear, the raven-haired Mage lifted the black curtains from her window. She had expected the weather to be this bad, judging from how cloudy it had been all week, but she didn’t quite expected it to be this bad. From behind her window, she could see the lightning illuminating the sky beyond the thick veil of dark gray clouds and the heavy drops of rain smashing soundly onto her window and the ground below.

So much for going for a morning jog this morning…

Yawning the sleepy bits out of her eyes, Angel made her way to her closet and grabbed a precise selection of clothing for today. No need to put on her usual training clothes on today, she figured. Instead, she’ll just take the day easy, even though her recent discovery of her powers being potentially linked to the visions she was having left her anticipating for the next time she would go back to Ground Zero. She had something she wanted to test badly, see if there was anything new concerning her powers.

Just as she had finished slipping into her clothes and was putting on make-up, rattling at her door made the AngΓ©lique snap out of her beauty-making trance. Wasn’t it early morning? Classes weren’t supposed to start until three hours. Maybe Allison or one of her classmates wanted to talk, this early in the morning.

The loud banging at the door intensified

No, this impatient knocking couldn’t be anyone from her class. In fact, it brought the unpleasant memory of one particular night she wasn’t ready to forget so soon.

The door automatically swung open, and hurried footsteps stepped into the room, stopping this close to a surprised Angel, still in the middle of applying a light touch of makeup on her lips. It was a morning ritual Angel had been doing for just as long as she could remember. Her agent always said that she had a nice set of lips that should be highlighted because of her shades hiding the rest of her face; bring out their gloss to overshadow the loss of what her smoky glasses were hiding underneath.

β€œAre you deaf, Missy?”

Angel stood there, speechless. Somehow, this sudden appearance was sinking into her chest. What the hell was this guy doing here this early in the morning, with a soaked umbrella in hand? It couldn’t be…

β€œPlaying mute now, are we? Well, since you are already clothed, get up and come with me. You have a briefing to attend to this morning.”

Slowly, Angel started to realize just what was going to happen. They were about to get thrown into another battle, weren’t they. Shutting her makeup kit with a low thud, the sunglass-wearing young woman slowly got up and let the guard escort her to the briefing room, trying as much as possible to not comment on every nudge and stab the guy made with the muzzle of his weapon.

AngΓ©lique listened with keen interest to commander Kardos’ plan and explanation about the details of their next mission. So basically, they were to kill a machine-summoning colossal Subnatural who was wreaking havoc on a small town. So the mpowerhouses of their class were to take head on that Mage, while Angel and some other powerful Mages were to distract the machinery and back up the strikers, while the less offensive people were to either defend the healers or assist the injured/townsfolk.

The plan sounded right in Angel’s mind, except for her own involvement. Why the hell was she among the supportive group? Being someone who could emit powerful sonic waves, she could not affect machines, as they were lacking earing organs. The best she could do was put a dent and knockback a few machines herself, but she was more less useful than someone like Allison, who could probably cut through them easily with her anti-inorganic blade. Combined with Hazel, they could be a devastating duo. Angel saw herself more at the back, probably with Zoe, safeguarding a Healer, or even helping people out of the town.

She wanted to protest about the plan, but she was kept under silence by one of the nearby guards. When everyone was dismissed, they were escorted so quickly out of the room, Angel didn’t even have time to give a call at Kardos and have a talk to him about the tactical aspects of his plan.

Left out by the door, Angel turned to the guard with the gun still nudging against her back.

β€œJeez, thank you so much for not making me waste my time! I wanted to actually speak with the Commander. Don’t need to fucking push me around with your shit. I got it already, after the Nth time you asshats shove your guns into my back.”

β€œCan’t do, Missy. The commander is very busy with this crisis right now, so he isn’t available to waste his precious time into ordering this mess. You got your orders, so move out.” The guard’s tone betrayed his inner thoughts despite trying to look unfazed by the brazen attitude of his care.

Annoyed by the man’s condescending tone, the black-haired musician ripped the umbrella from the man’s hands and stomped her way outside, leaving him dry inside the building.

Heeding Kardos’ counsel, AngΓ©lique headed for the cafeteria to grab a brunch. If they were to leave in seven hours, she might as well eat a mix of breakfast and dinner before heading to Maryland.

Inside, Angel picked up a tray and grabbed a few toasts, eggs, bacon, potatoes, fruits, sausages and pancakes. With her overfilled tray, she sat by her lonely self at the far corner of the deserted cafeteria. She figured she might as well get some peace and quiet for what could be her last meal, even if part of herself refused to acknowledge the probability of dying.

Just as she started eating, her mind drifted to memories of Aaron. A mechanical-summoning Subnatural? Aaron was pretty much the same, power-wise. This humongous creature that was supposed to be Human didn’t look a thing like her disappeared friend though. In fact, this thing was nothing like him. If that… thing… was willing to kill people, then by all means, she would gladly shout that thing apart.
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