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1 Oct 2016 18:12
Current If the RPG clock is anything to go by, I have been on this site for officially a year! Yay!
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30 Sep 2016 15:58
I'm a day off a year, I feel so dwarfed ;-;
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21 Sep 2016 23:23
I wonder how many people here actually like me... Probably not many XD
16 Sep 2016 15:50
Just got my invite code to the For Honor Alpha. I'm a happy kitty ^-^
7 Sep 2016 15:27
Posts might be... Pretty delayed... Something happened, and I dont feel up to writing... Sorry people I RP with.
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Hiya's, I'm Vocab (if you didn't know that... Stop fucking about ^-^) and this here is my tiny little bio of crap. I dont really have that much to say, so its gonna be pretty short.

I'm a Casual Roleplayer, so you'll see me over there all the time. I try and make it a goal to write every post above 3000 characters, though that doesn't always come to fruition - especially currently. I've been told I'm good at writing, but I honestly dont have that much faith in myself, which is probably why I never moved up into Advanced (not that I could keep up anyways XD)

I would love to be in more Roleplays than I am, but my limit is about 2 at a stretch due to my... Maxed Out Procrastinating Skill and short attention span. I used to have a nasty habit of just getting bored of a RP and not saying anything unless asked, but I like to think I've grown out of that.

Down below this paragraph is a little link to a place I write stuff every now and again. It got relatively depressing down there quickly, so dont check it out if you dont want to. Comments are always appreciated (#ShamelessPlug~). Anyways, thats all from me. See ya~!

Forget (A WIP Collection of Stuff)

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In Questing for Reality 23 Mar 2017 22:55 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Not expecting anyone to share the details of their research, but I'm really wondering now if anyone has so far made any definitive headway.

Me? I'm... pretty sure I'm fucked. I'm now so invested in solving this shit, I have made my own unique variation on Wade's Grail Diary. Very sure I'm going potty... XD
This. Fucking. Riddle.
Very excited to see how everything progresses ^~^
In Questing for Reality 23 Mar 2017 12:48 Forum: Casual Roleplay

The Avatar of Alekhine stands at 5 foot 6 inches, with deep blue hair, highlighted with purple streaks, and orange eyes; resembling that of the colour of an early dawn. Her frame is rather small, reflective of her lax lifestyle, and her assets are quite... petite, to say the least. On her left cheek a small tattoo sits in the form of three hexagons of varying sizes. Apparently it's some kind of rare item she got after winning an off the record game.

Oft, Alekhine is seen wearing quite a variety of clothes. During her public matches, she wears rather simplistic clothing; shirts with little to no designs, plain skirts or similar, and simple jackets (a kind of trademark of hers). When visiting other worlds or partaking in PvP events, however, her attire is that of her favourite class in games - a ranger. A mixture of tribal, fur amour and a futuristic jumpsuit. Surprisingly, they blend quite well, and have given her a rather iconic look during her PvP matches.

Summer Hart

Female, 22

Summer Hart

Summer is a quite shy, but very intelligent young woman, who for the longest time has found herself unable to progress in the real world. After her abusive past, her paranoia and anxiety have kept her stagnant; never seeking jobs in the real or virtual world for fear of rejection, and never putting her skills to use outside of the virtual world because of a worry she isn't good enough; reflected by the way she hides her intelligence from people in the real world.

In Virtual Reality, however, she is the person she always wanted to be; taking the best parts of herself and making them better in the form of her alter ego Alekhine. Her intelligence is much more prominent in the virtual world, and her anxiety is overshadowed by a cool and confident aura that persists in everything she does; every shot she takes, every move she makes and ever word she speaks. Despite her intelligence, though, she never flaunts it. Not when she wins games, or arguments - instead preferring to impart constructive critism and praise when due in hopes that they'll improve. As well, she is much more outgoing; attending every social event and challenge she is invited to, and actively seeking out people to play against to test both her and their skills.

Summer didn't grow up in a good home. Even before the collapse of the world, her life consisted of very few commodities, such as a loving family. Her mother was an alcoholic who spent her days making money in whatever job she could whore herself into. Her father wasn't much more; existing as another source of money for her mother, before being murdered over debts. Virtual Reality provided an escape much better in her opinion than the drugs her mother took, though the woman was always skeptical, and helped her develop the intelligence she displays today.

However, the woman hated it; hated that her daughter was smarter than her in every single way possible besides worldly experience. She would beat her every time Summer disproved something she said, or responded in ways that were... inappropriate, or argumentative; like objecting the same way one might in court. Soon, the girl started to hide the fact that she was growing smarter every day. Pretending to forget certain things, becoming easily distracted as well as more withdrawn. Not that her mother seemed to care, since the beatings kept happening. Every couple of days.

On her eighteenth birthday, Summer revealed she would be moving out. Her mother had suspected something was going on, but hadn't realised due to her disregard of virtual reality that her daughter had been secretly saving up through winnings from online games to buy her own place, and sustain herself. Finally, she would be free.

From there, she started making her name. Her intelligence applied to board games began to make her known as one of the best and most prominent chess players in the virtual world, and her minor part in PvP matches gained her a small amount of extra notoriety; however the money earned from these events has never been able to sustain her for long. Between bills and the costs of living, plus how much she spends visiting other worlds, has kept her living in the same conditions for years; a rundown apartment with minimalistic utilities and a barely functioning internet connection which Summer managed to tap into and improve.

The moment the Quest was announced, she jumped at the chance. Like most others, she bought the book used as inspiration and meticulously absorbed every last detail she could. With the minimal details the hunters were given, she doubted the 1980's would be the inspiration for each riddle, but even with that in mind she learnt what she could. Between her matches and exploration, she didn't get down as much as she would have liked or others might of done, but at least she thought it was a good basis. Just imagining winning the competition gave her goose bumps...

Summer has spent her time delving deep into gaming, both board and video, and learnt all that she could. Her large intelligence also opens the gateways for more practical subjects that could be brought up, such as sciences or mathematics. One of her main specialties has always been Chess, the game that made her name.

Preferred worlds:
Her favourite worlds by far are fantasy and fandoms of similar genres. Normally, she would say because she finds that kind of setting more interesting than sci-fi, but the real reason is because her bow works much better in those settings. Though, she does have a more futuristic version, but finds it harder to use.
@SheriffLlama Now just to wait for Wolver to come back online and post theirs.

*Excitement levels rising*
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