So hi there ^^,

Taking inspiration from an older, dA roleplay group that I used to be a part of, I was wondering if there would be interested in a Pokemon Gijinka RP based on modern times with fantasy elements (such as demonic villains, magic, etc.)

The main catch is that your gijinka is based off a pokemon that is completely randomized. With a program I created in excel, you would be given a list of six different pokemon, each one having randomized types, abilities, and moves. You would pick one of the choices and build a character who's capabilities and powers are based on the new types, moves, and pokemon abilities. Legendaries, for the sake of their rarity and power, aren't included in the list, and if you truly feel like you could not work with the six available, I will reroll them for you. Of course, since it is randomized, you wouldn't have an absolutely flowing and perfected character with no weaknesses or hiccups, but I believe that's what makes it interesting: challenging your creativity by making something yours out of a randomized variables, kind of like fate almost.

Here's an example of what to expect out of the character sheet. Some may stick out and seem like better ideas for characters more than others, mind you:

so if you'd think that making characters and RPing based on this particular mechanic would sound interesting and good to you, please reply or PM me and I'd love to try it out.