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Persistent World

Roleplay forum run by the community where all roleplays take place in the same universe. Anyone can join!

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RPGC#29 Spooktober Edition: The Village
Submit entry by: October 31th 9:00 CET

Latest Statuses

Vampiretwilight 7 min ago
2/2 No matter the human." -Sebastian Michaelis

Vampiretwilight 9 min ago
1/2 "Humans are easily tempted. When they are poised on the edge of hellish despair, and a spider-thin thread of salvation presents itself, they will invariably grasp it.

rebornfan320 17 min ago
I apologize to my partners for struggling to reply as my muse has taken a hit as of late..
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ur sunflower 1 hr ago
@rosentrot COOL!!
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Rosenrot 1 hr ago
Finally, some more art I'm actually proud to call mine...
Jones Sparrow 1 hr ago
"Show me a hero, and I'll write you a tragedy."
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GalaxyBrain 1 hr ago
Note to self, check site more often after being busy up to my head..Literally.
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DemonMiyu 2 hrs ago
Me pre-ordering Cyberpunk 2077 as a treat for dealing with 2020 bullshit:…
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Latest Checks

Ranked Fight, anyone?
by reaping Adder 20 hrs ago
1x1 Arena Casual

by swift 1 day ago
1x1 18+ Advanced Sci-Fi

Our Alternate Reality (F Looking for M) 18+
by DemonMiyu 1 day ago
Romance Modern 1x1 Casual 18+ Slice of Life School

by BenG85 3 days ago
Modern Horror Fantasy Casual 18+ Small Group

The Scholomance: A Magic School RP
by Inedible 3 days ago
Modern Horror Fantasy Casual 18+ Small Group School

Latest Roleplays

A Song of Shadows | Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
by Ambra 19 hrs ago
Romance Apocalyptic Fandom Casual

Recollections: Magnanimous (A unique Urban-fantasy rp)
by The Ghost Note 2 days ago
Large Group Modern Horror Fantasy Casual

Valley of Change [AutumnFrost x Hazelrah]
by Hazelrah 4 days ago
1x1 Fantasy Casual

Thick as Thieves
by Blackfridayrule 5 days ago
1x1 Future Fantasy Casual Advanced Sci-Fi

Rosefell High.
by HaleyTheRandom 6 days ago
Romance Large Group Modern Casual Slice of Life
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