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ShieldMe 8 min ago
"You cannot imagine how his ideas caught me, Harry, inflamed me."

coolcatkim22 16 min ago
My brother bought me Conker's Bad Fur Day as a birthday present. It's kind of weird though cause it looks brand new.

prussianblue 19 min ago
This is not a distress call, this is a robbery!

kittyluna45 28 min ago
Man... Am I really ready to be going out of town for a week on Monday? Oh yeah, heads up, going to be going out of town for a little over a week on Monday.

Syn 38 min ago
Day 17 of no nut November, I can now communicate with squirrels and other small woodland creatures.
Otaku95 1 hr ago
Everyone losing their f*cking minds over Discord going down, and I'm sitting here with a bowl of popcorn and laughing my ass off. It's a disaster on the level of Sharknado.
CAS1006 1 hr ago
When your mind is overly occupied with ideas, but you don't know if you should act upon them.

Uncertain Tea 1 hr ago
@Nallore You and me both. Started the week as overnight, worked a morning shift, then was told I'd be a closing manager, and now I'm moved back to overnight after spending 400$ on new work clothes.

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First Fight Throwdown?
by BespeckledCeph 5 hrs ago
1x1 Future Arena Casual Sci-Fi

Transfer Student (MxF need F)
by Mitheral 11 hrs ago
Romance Modern 1x1 Advanced School

STAR WARS~INSURGENCE (4-8 Player Openings) (Mid-High Casual) (18+ Only)
by Mystery Bard 12 hrs ago
Large Group Fandom Casual 18+ Small Group Sci-Fi

Dogs of the Faithful
by Irredeemable 15 hrs ago
Large Group Western Casual 18+ Advanced Small Group

Dogs of the Faithful
by Irredeemable 15 hrs ago
Large Group Western Fantasy Casual 18+ Advanced Small Group

Latest Roleplays

Experiment-200: KILL_OR_BE_KILLED
by Mattchstick 13 min ago
Modern Casual Small Group

Miss. Dawson’s Home for the Truly Gifted!
by Lost Whispers 29 min ago
Romance Superhero Modern Casual Slice of Life School

Falling Skies: Wavering Valor
by vietmyke 6 hrs ago
Advanced Military Sci-Fi

Calling all Supers
by prussianblue 7 hrs ago
Large Group Superhero Modern Casual Slice of Life

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