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Cleverbird 1 hr ago
A live-action Warhammer 40k series? Why not, I guess? At least it'll be about inquisitor Eisenhorn, not the boring Spesh Marinesh

AlternateMan 1 hr ago

KingOfTheSkies 2 hrs ago
Just heard about what happened at Kyoto Animation. My deepest sympathies to the victims and their families.
CAS1006 2 hrs ago
Decided to make an Old Lady mage in Dark Souls 1 Remastered, kind happy how she turned out given limitations. And me and the hubby started to replay it again. Not sure if I like magic in DS1 though.

Vampiretwilight 5 hrs ago
have a good night everyone
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Yuritopia 6 hrs ago
I fell down the youtube rabbit hole again. Just spent an hour watching Hanson videos. "Why don't you have a seat right there."
Firecracker, you had me right up till the end there xD

Firecracker_ 6 hrs ago
i have a sinus infection, my home's AC is broken, and i have 4 am shifts for the whole weekend, someone please just drown me in clarified butter
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Another camp half blood rp
by Jasper19 1 day ago
Large Group Fandom Modern Fantasy Casual Free

Trapped in a New World (Kingdom Hearts 1x1)
by smolusagi 1 day ago
Romance Fandom Modern 1x1 Fantasy 18+ Advanced

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- Fragmented -
by Obscene Symphony 10 hrs ago
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The Silent World
by NorthernKraken 21 hrs ago
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Welcome to Camp Sunshine
by Metronome 1 day ago
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The Titan's Pyre - Alternate Fantasy 1920/1930's Civil War
by HeySeuss 2 days ago
Historical Fantasy Advanced Small Group
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