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Lacroix 1 hr ago
"He found himself not dying after all but hanging upside down in a pine tree. He got down easily by dropping uncontrollably from branch to branch until he landed on his head in a pile of pine needles"
Rosenrot 1 hr ago
Me @ me: we have to eat a real meal today; also me @ Me: forget to eat altogether and write an epic poem instead
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Ambra 2 hrs ago
I might completely revamp my 1x1 thread

Briza 2 hrs ago
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Majoras End 2 hrs ago
I want to die.
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Mara 2 hrs ago
she says, "could you please take me off speaker phone? this is a private conversation"

Althiel 2 hrs ago
3 months of vacation had passed. Not a single anime series finished. Please end this one's suffering.

Jurassic Weeb 3 hrs ago
"It's shattered, just like your fragile teenage dreams."

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Sunriders: A Science Fantasy (1x1 or Group)
by LordOfTheNight 1 hr ago
1x1 Fantasy Casual Advanced Medieval Small Group Sci-Fi

The Secretary (MxF Near Future)
by Mitheral 2 hrs ago
Romance Modern 1x1 Advanced Slice of Life Sci-Fi

Man's World (MxF)
by Mitheral 3 hrs ago
Romance Post-Apocalyptic 1x1 Future 18+ Advanced Sci-Fi

MxM / Yaoi rp
by Sparkle soda 5 hrs ago
Romance Horror 1x1 Fantasy Casual 18+ Slice of Life

Mandate Lost (Space Political-Drama/Thriller CYOA-Quest)
by Serpentine88 8 hrs ago
Large Group Future Casual 18+ Advanced Military Sci-Fi

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D&D Fifth Edition: Land of the Old Curse
by Ciaran 1 hr ago
Large Group Horror Tabletop Fantasy Casual Medieval Small Group

Final Fantasy RK: The Lost Pages
by soren 4 hrs ago
Fandom Modern Future Fantasy Casual Steampunk Medieval

Pokemon: Storm
by Balthazar007 6 hrs ago
Casual Anime/Manga Small Group

Tales of the Crimson Legion - Galaxy at War
by Arthanus 21 hrs ago
Large Group Future Casual Military Sci-Fi

The Redwatch
by River Goblin 1 day ago
Large Group Fantasy 18+ Advanced
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