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Surtr Inc <1 min ago
it seems my plan to DDOS the RPG by uploading 800Gs of midget porn was successful.

tex 19 min ago
Why are everyone's avatars breaking.
HachiRoku 1 hr ago
the word 'capitalism' triggers the Ayn Rand-isms in my brain.

MooseStuff 1 hr ago
Not feeling really creative today so my responses may be lacking. I apologize. >~<

Arachnid0 1 hr ago
No angel or demon will have me on my knees! No God, yeah, no Satan will help me if I please. And I won't ask forgiveness. For I've done nothing wrong. You say I"m a sinner. Please help me be strong.

Undead Eyes 2 hrs ago
Getting two new piercings in an hour and a half. Nervous as sin, but hey, I'm that way before any piercing. Lol.

tex 2 hrs ago
Capitalism, the best of the worst.
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by Danelaw 1 hr ago
Fantasy Advanced Sci-Fi

Incredibles: (no working title)
by TheUnknowable 8 hrs ago
Superhero Fandom Casual

Thrown into jail
by Squirrel98 8 hrs ago
Large Group 18+ Free

Yu Yu Hakusho - The New Agency [Interest Check]
by Renny 14 hrs ago
Fantasy Casual Anime/Manga Slice of Life Small Group

Infernal Intervention Squad (Team-Based Horror Action/Adventure RP)
by ZacksQuest 17 hrs ago
Superhero Modern Horror Fantasy Casual Small Group

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My Delinquent Academia
by Asura 4 hrs ago
Superhero Fandom Modern Advanced Anime/Manga Small Group School

James Darwin and the Professor (MxF)
by Mitheral 18 hrs ago
Romance Modern 1x1 18+ Advanced School Sci-Fi

Altera: Of Departures and Deliverance
by ERode 24 hrs ago
Fantasy Casual Anime/Manga Slice of Life

Agents of SHIELD: #hailHYDRA
by Morose 24 hrs ago
Romance Large Group Superhero Fandom Modern Casual Advanced

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