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Latest Statuses

Angel Vicky 14 min ago
You clearly haven't seen me on GTA or Dragon Age 3...

PureHeroine 3 hrs ago
Worthy indeed. If they had a dumb deaths counter I'd have broken it already.
AlternateMan 4 hrs ago
Finally, a worthy opponent at Dumb Ways to Die in Destiny 2!
1 like
PureHeroine 4 hrs ago
Does anyone else play Destiny 2 on the pc? If so, are you looking for someone you can laugh at as you watch them die in dumb ways? Cause I'm here, just hmu.
Lurking Shadow 5 hrs ago
Watched Bride of the Re-animator. Man, body horror sure is some fucked up stuff.

PureHeroine 6 hrs ago
You know when you really want to talk to someone but you're scared you're just going to annoy them if you do so you don't? Cause same.
AlternateMan 6 hrs ago
Lemon juice

NeoAJ 6 hrs ago
In two days, I'm going to be too old for anyone to care about anything I say on the internet, so I look forward to being duped by Nigerian princes for the rest of my online life.
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Latest Checks

Awful Midnight Poetry (Epithet Erased/Anime Campaign RP!)
by TruthHurts22 6 hrs ago
Fandom Tabletop Casual Anime/Manga

Looking for a long-term 1x1 partner.
by MaroonOnix 13 hrs ago
1x1 Fantasy Slice of Life Free

Three Houses
by Bell 1 day ago
Fandom Fantasy Casual

War of the Monsters - Kaiju Battle Arena
by Lmpkio 1 day ago
Apocalyptic Fandom Modern Arena Casual Military Sci-Fi

||Coral Springs Institute for Monsters||
by queenoftheages 1 day ago
Romance Large Group Modern Fantasy Casual Anime/Manga Slice of Life

Latest Roleplays

The Abyss of the Galaxy.
by deso 13 hrs ago
Casual 18+ Sci-Fi

Legends of Runeterra
by Bell 3 days ago
Fandom Fantasy Casual Steampunk

𝓡𝓲𝓷𝓰𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝓦𝓸𝓻𝓵𝓭 ♥
by Horangi 3 days ago
Romance Large Group Modern Casual 18+ Advanced Slice of Life

Come Along With Me
by Ucalegon 3 days ago
Post-Apocalyptic Fandom Fantasy Casual Small Group

Maho no Sedai - A new generation of Magical Girls RP
by DamnTheGacha 4 days ago
Superhero Modern Casual Anime/Manga Small Group
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