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Rain 6 min ago
Slide into my PMs if you know what Blood Alone is.

unicorgi 14 min ago
I have just discovered the true holy trinity. Spider-gwen, gwenom, And gwenpool

BlackDragonSol 1 hr ago
Having a bad day?…
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Rodiak 1 hr ago
I love pit bulls. I love cats. Kitbull made me cry my eyes out.
Sanguine Rose 1 hr ago
Responses slowly coming.

AlternateMan 2 hrs ago
The House always wins.
1hitpointwonder 2 hrs ago
Carthago delenda est!

NorthernKraken 2 hrs ago
Thanks status bar, now I'm crying over a robot
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Latest Checks

Seeking male (or even female) to be my battlefield captive
by Allison2016 8 min ago
Romance Apocalyptic Modern 1x1 18+ Military Free

Dracula 1x1?
by CountDracula 41 min ago
Modern 1x1 Fantasy Free

Fandom Search - Persona 5, MysMe, Hakuoki, Nightshade, + More
by Resoan 5 hrs ago
Fandom 1x1 Casual 18+ Advanced

18+ M seeking F for NSFW Roles
by Rangerguy29 5 hrs ago
Modern 1x1 Casual 18+

Project Pramantha (MxF original supers)
by Mitheral 21 hrs ago
Romance Superhero Modern 1x1 Advanced School Sci-Fi

Latest Roleplays

Roleplay in PMs?
by chickadee360 14 hrs ago
Romance Superhero Fandom 1x1 Fantasy 18+ Free

Roleplay Anyone? (MxF, MxM, FxF)
by chickadee360 15 hrs ago
Romance Superhero Fandom 1x1 Fantasy Casual 18+

Cat, got your tongue (Earth-F67X Chronicle)
by apathy 16 hrs ago
1x1 Future Nation Advanced Military Sci-Fi

"The Witches of Warrick Academy"
by Allison2016 1 day ago
Romance Modern 1x1 Fantasy Casual 18+ School

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