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Latest Statuses

HereComesTheSnow 12 min ago
frantically flipping through my notebook as i realize i'm late for my monthly bit. bomb. bomb. caesium capsule meets stomach lining. bomb. murder confession. bomb. need new material before they bomb m

Crimson Flame 1 hr ago
Chains and whips excite them!

Dark Cloud 2 hrs ago
If you can't strangle em' then the whips won't work either. Nothing will we are all doomed.
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Letter Bee 3 hrs ago
Noble Arms: The ASEAN War is 21 months old across two threads (one 15 months old and one 6 months old).

nightmare medx 14 hrs ago
When I argue with people on Reddit I put my citations in proper APA format
Lucid Dreaming 20 hrs ago
"Joke's on you, we're into that!" - A Horny Roleplayer being attacked by the Horny Roleplayer Strangler
Punished GN 21 hrs ago
"I know what I must do... I must become the Horny Roleplayer Strangler." - The Ghost Note discovering his true calling.

Rabbitconfusion 21 hrs ago
Experiences a strong urge to format a role play post as an APA style paper. It would be funny
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Latest Checks

by Bork Lazer 3 hrs ago
Apocalyptic Post-Apocalyptic Future Casual Advanced Small Group

(A More Lax RP Pitch Than Usual) Wizard101 x Undertale RP
by Dragonfly 9 19 hrs ago
Large Group Fandom Fantasy Casual Slice of Life School

Rerun: Blackguards!
by Red Wizard 1 day ago
Fantasy Casual Medieval Small Group

Long-Term with Khatun (18+, Seeking F)
by Sadu 1 day ago
Romance 1x1 Casual 18+ Slice of Life

Sam's Story Stash
by HockeyNut 2 days ago
Romance 1x1 Casual Slice of Life

Latest Roleplays

✨~υπέροχοι ημίθεοι~✨
by Charlie Miller 15 hrs ago
Superhero Fandom Horror 1x1 Fantasy Arena Casual

Fate/Dark Heritage
by GOATPlumber 17 hrs ago
Large Group Fandom Modern Fantasy Casual Anime/Manga

~Dₑₘᵢgₒdₛ ₒf Gᵣₑₑₖ~ (Pjo RP)
by Charlie Miller 1 day ago
Large Group Superhero Fandom Fantasy Arena Casual Ancient

ASk Charlie/any Demigod! (I have read up to tSatS)
by Charlie Miller 1 day ago
Large Group Fandom Fantasy Casual

Zodiac Curse
by Star Light 1 day ago
Romance Large Group Fandom Fantasy School Free
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