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Damycles 1 hr ago
I'd say the line between Slice of life and "Character based Drama" is a pretty "thin" one. But getting into the weeds of that needs more than 200 characters.
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Zeroth 2 hrs ago
Right, but when you have "conflict" doesn't that require something more than SOL? Maybe not "save the world/Kill BBEG," but "solve the murder," "find the secret admirer," "pass the Wizard Exam," etc?

Hedgehawk 2 hrs ago
It can do! I have a magical SoL going at the moment and it has an overarching plot weaved in
1 like
Zeroth 2 hrs ago
If one were to set said SOL in a magic/psychic/mech-pilot school tho, wouldn't that "drama" still build up into "conflicts" that set off overarching plots? Does it only work in "real world" contexts?
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The Savant 2 hrs ago
It is such a wide and vast theme, it is hard to make successful ones or ones with "goals".

Hedgehawk 2 hrs ago
In SoL, the 'goals' become the drama and interpersonal connections/histories players make with each other. Plus setting in in places like a school/college for example give you a timeline to work with.
1 like
Zeroth 2 hrs ago
How does one make successful SOL as a GM, out of curiosity? I've never seen much appeal to them, I guess because I'm an action/adventure guy. How do you build "goals" or otherwise motivate Players?
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Hedgehawk 2 hrs ago
I could make one... But that means running it haha...

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