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Hammerman 17 min ago
Everytime I write a tsundere, I seem to write them 20% tsun and 80% dere. The opposite ratio on how they usually are.

Shadow Dragon 23 min ago
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fledermaus 45 min ago
i have a zoom meeting with my advisor in 30 minutes and im hella nervous
1 like
Hammerman 1 hr ago
I just realized my father and mother's romance story is just like those professor x student RPs a lot of people are fond of.
Cleverbird 1 hr ago
Watching the entire internet band together to shit on Marvel's new, "woke" comics makes my bitter heart warm up.
Rosalia 2 hrs ago
@Smystar99 I got one too... Looks like we might be neighbors 😂

Smystar99 2 hrs ago
An Amber alert just woke me from dead sleep, that was terrifying!
Fabricant451 2 hrs ago
We are all fools on this, the Day of Fools in April.
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Fate/Aureum Mea
by Sosuke 15 hrs ago
Fandom Fantasy Casual 18+ Small Group

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by Sanity43217 1 day ago
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The Fall of the Corps
by Sanity43217 1 day ago
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Night Terrors- A Modern Horror RP
by BenG85 2 days ago
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Dissonant Steel Online
by Idea 2 days ago
1x1 Advanced Anime/Manga
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