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Summer 1 min ago
If anyone would like a FREE GFX commission (avatar, sig, RP banner, etc...) check out my shop in the gallery! I'm taking requests before school gets busy again

KillamriX88 2 min ago
Aaaaaand I ran out of work again. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think I need them to give me more work...

Otaku95 10 min ago
*sees new Monster Hunter: World trailer*…

Lurking Shadow 10 min ago
Got Quakecon in 6 days and early access to Quake Champions in 7 (adding Doomguy who can turn enemies into giblets because it was not metal enough already)

Bee 1 hr ago
was it Logic - 1-800-273-8255? the comment section there is a goldmine

Fabricant451 1 hr ago
These days I like to go to a trending Youtube video and play 'woke ignorant asshole bingo' with the comments section and the best part is I only need to watch one video to win.
Genkai 1 hr ago
While online responsibilities are to be taken seriously, real life always has to come first. It's tough striking a balance but it's necessary for one's own sanity.
1 like
POOHEAD189 1 hr ago
"1 in 12 people have sex in their sleep." Yeah, isn't that called rape?
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Latest Checks

Transformers: Survival on Cybertron (TF WFC/FOC Based RP)
by Shiny Keldeo 4 hrs ago
Large Group Fandom Casual Sci-Fi

The Sky and The Earth (A Fairy Tail RP)
by Vongola_Hasayo 6 hrs ago
Large Group Fandom Casual Anime/Manga

A Life of Ice and Fire [GoT Themed, High Casual - Advanced, 18+]
by JavaGypsy 6 hrs ago
Fandom 1x1 Casual 18+ Advanced

Crossing Lines [TV Show] - Detailed (MxF)
by Celtic Rose 10 hrs ago
Romance Fandom Modern 1x1 18+ Advanced

Latest Roleplays

JLA: The Brave and the Bold!
by ZeusTheMoose 5 hrs ago
Large Group Superhero Fandom Casual

by guest16 16 hrs ago
Post-Apocalyptic Horror 1x1 Fantasy Casual 18+ Anime/Manga

Afrela: An Empire on The Brink
by Apollosarcher 18 hrs ago
Casual Steampunk Anime/Manga Military Small Group

Star Wars: You're a Rebel Now
by HeySeuss 23 hrs ago
1x1 Future Advanced Sci-Fi

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