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Althiel 6 min ago
@mara Slander

Mara 9 min ago
@althiel… no bitch
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Altered Tundra 12 min ago
I'll have you know some of the best conversations of my life in those self-PMs.
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Althiel 15 min ago
Even worse: "Start Private Convo with yourself" Oof.
Captain Swan 22 min ago
I'm not into dudes but Colin O'Donoghue could sink his hook into me if it pleased him...

The Grey Dust 40 min ago
You must wait 3 second between Likes. Okay well then, fuck you. Like this guy. Fuck that guy. Like...
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c3p-0h 2 hrs ago
back on my bullshit!
Miss Servitor 2 hrs ago
"you have no friends" you're my brutally honest friend, roleplayerguild...
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Galaxy Goal (football (i.e. soccer) rp based on the fate of the galaxy)
by Jangel13 2 hrs ago
Large Group Superhero Fantasy Casual Anime/Manga

A cheeky wee check..
by Hari 12 hrs ago
Romance 1x1 18+ Advanced Slice of Life

Confracta non Verba | Kaiserreich-inspired, 1936 start, 18+ only
by Ratstick 21 hrs ago
Large Group Horror Historical Casual Military Small Group Sci-Fi

Latest Roleplays

The Tower
by Avadon 5 hrs ago
Large Group Fantasy Arena Nation Ancient Military Free

Original Story: One Love, Two Bullets { Angel & Fabricant }
by AngelBites15 16 hrs ago
Romance Western 1x1 Casual 18+

Fairy Tale Academy
by Squirrel98 1 day ago
Romance Modern Casual Slice of Life School
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