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Moonlight Faun 40 min ago
Who knew all you needed to start some rp's you've been putting off was two cans of Rockstar and insomnia?
PsyBlade 43 min ago
Sinon's ass is the best thing to come out of SAO. I cannot be swayed into thinking otherwise.
1 like
Andreyich 44 min ago
Sorry I sent out PMs a while back and ghosted the folks who replied, I'm really very sorry RPG was at the bottom of the list of shit I had to do

Moonlight Faun 2 hrs ago
Tfw you have to google what an upset weasel sounds like for a rp....Tfw, basically, it's "WHEEEEEEZE"

BlackDragonSol 2 hrs ago
Goddamn ArcSys! You make me eager for November even more, announcing Susano'o, Elizabeth, Adachi, and Hilda. It outweighs putting Celica in BBTAG, and I'm thankful for that.

Vampiretwilight 2 hrs ago
Phantomlink959: i know. i saw that. hopefully it's not another one of those celebrity death hoaxes. i get sick of hearing about those.

Song Book 2 hrs ago
Its been basically a year since i last did any seembalance of roleplaying on this site. Or at all for thst matter. Looking to get back into thr groove of things!

Phantomlink959 3 hrs ago
Oh yeah, perfectly normal and to be expected. The other guy said she was dead, though.

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Looking for Female 18+ for original rp (Also 2 fandom).
by Brian Stryker 5 hrs ago
Romance Fandom 1x1 Fantasy 18+ Sci-Fi

[MxM] Plots and IDeas Linger Within! [MxF, FxF]
by Last Resort 9 hrs ago
Romance Modern 1x1 Fantasy 18+ Advanced Slice of Life Sci-Fi

One Piece: The Next Voyage
by ladyonyx04 12 hrs ago
Large Group Casual Anime/Manga Small Group

My 'Hero' Academia - The Devil's Due - Villain Roleplay
by vancexentan 13 hrs ago
Large Group Superhero Fandom Modern Horror Casual Anime/Manga

A Wizards Tale: Curse of the Shadow (Looking for M or F)
by The Abyss 22 hrs ago
Modern 1x1 Casual 18+ Advanced Ancient Medieval

Latest Roleplays

Another spirit and human type roleplay
by Vampiretwilight 14 hrs ago
Romance Modern 1x1 Fantasy 18+ Slice of Life Free

Mobile Suit Gundam: LIFELINE
by Crosswire 2 days ago
Large Group Post-Apocalyptic Future Advanced Anime/Manga Military Sci-Fi

Blood Trails (Siaya-Dragalorn x AutumnFrost)
by AutumnFrost 2 days ago
Modern Horror 1x1 Fantasy Casual Advanced

The Arcane Order of Pandora (Victorian Era superhero roleplaying)
by Clever Hans 2 days ago
Superhero Historical Casual Small Group

need female oc for a roleplay warning smut\romance 18+
by tkkkkkkkkkkk 3 days ago
Romance 1x1 18+ Free
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