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Keyguyperson 3 hrs ago
Up until today I've never had any trouble with my EUIV Japan games. Today I got stomped five times in a row before even uniting the country.
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Perplexed 4 hrs ago
Advanced Interest feels dead, this is bringing back memories.
Crystal Amalgam 5 hrs ago
@Gelatinous Genius
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Gelatinous Cube 5 hrs ago
Crystal Amalgam 5 hrs ago
How do I make a detective-like outfit that still fits in the D&D time period? I'm trying to make a detective-like character and trench coats are an obvious no.

Jurassic Weeb 7 hrs ago
Halo Infinite isn't going to hsve a battle royale mode. 343i, you've regained some of my respect in the span of an article. If I like Infinite, Halo 5 will be forgiven.
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BlackDragonSol 7 hrs ago
When you realize your last chance to get your 1.99 per quart Ice Cream is tomorrow night, and you work tomorrow night so you're all: "Shit. Not only I have to change signs out buuuuut I can't get it."

Tlstiffl 7 hrs ago
Anxiety and excitement are two feelings that lead to much exhaustion. I have anxcitement....?
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Metal Gear Solid RP?
by MetalGearSolid 10 hrs ago
Modern Horror 1x1 18+ Free

Roman Holy Grail War RP (Fate RP with heist themes)
by Plank Sinatra 12 hrs ago
Large Group Fandom Modern Fantasy Casual Sci-Fi

Anyone up for a 1x1?
by FullMetalHeart 18 hrs ago
Romance 1x1 Fantasy Casual Advanced Steampunk Sci-Fi

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Tales of the Crimson Legion - Galaxy at War
by Arthanus 9 hrs ago
Large Group Future Casual Military Sci-Fi

The Redwatch
by River Goblin 16 hrs ago
Large Group Fantasy 18+ Advanced

Bts roleplay! (Fans only)
by PsychoFanGirl 1 day ago
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Heroes of Camp Half-Blood: Waking Darkness
by soren 1 day ago
Fandom Modern Fantasy Casual Small Group

Sengoku Space Opera
by Hellis 2 days ago
Large Group Advanced Medieval Military Sci-Fi
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