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Persistent World

Roleplay forum run by the community where all roleplays take place in the same universe. Anyone can join!

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stone 6 min ago

Ghost Note 2 hrs ago
one day i'm going to get drunk as fuck and rewrite my intro except its the most inane shit ever
How can I be expected not to viciously meme when love lives and fish tacos are mentioned in the same sentence
Hyde 3 hrs ago
I'm not drunk, I only finished the bottle of wine.
Lord Wraith 3 hrs ago
If you aren't drunk on your Discord server, are you even quarantining?
Ophidian 4 hrs ago
My understanding is that running a discord server is rather like offering yourself to the dark gods, but more harmful.
Roach 4 hrs ago
one does not run discord servers. they gain sentience as soon as the first person joins.
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Latest Checks

Urban Shadows - an urban fantasy, creature of the night RPG
by Kal 25 min ago
Large Group Modern Tabletop Fantasy Casual 18+

Mental Health Issues RP [18+]
by Squirrel98 9 hrs ago
Modern 1x1 Casual 18+

It’s a long shot, but... 1x1 WWE RP?
by SFNRfangirl48 1 day ago
Fandom Modern 1x1 18+ Free

Sci-fi/Cyberpunk RP?
by blindwoofer 1 day ago
Romance 1x1 Future 18+ Slice of Life Sci-Fi

Latest Roleplays

Persona ~ The Beholder
by LetMeDoStuff 5 hrs ago
Romance Large Group Fandom Modern Casual 18+ Anime/Manga

The Tower and the Wheel
by Typical 3 days ago
Fandom 1x1

Lunar Raven || A Fairy Tail RP
by Penguin King 3 days ago
Large Group Fandom Casual 18+

Neptune Experiment
by Jasper19 3 days ago
Large Group Future Casual 18+ Small Group Sci-Fi

MisFits: Storm Incoming!
by BlackBlood 3 days ago
Superhero Fandom Modern 18+ Advanced Small Group
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