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Latest Statuses

ScreenAcne 3 min ago
Shit, I write less lately than a motherfucking, octupus with constipation.

headintheclouds 12 min ago
My other RP site is down....

Altered Tundra 19 min ago
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Little Eden 32 min ago
Partner came home with a little wrapped box for a "super early Christmas." Inside was a gorgeous tartan collar. He's finally agreed to let me adopt a dog and I'm hyperventilating
pyroman 32 min ago
taking a break in NY for a few days, will be back sometime wednesday
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Ophidian 1 hr ago
"The life of the villain is a lonely one, a life of angrily confronting hypocrisy and injustice, and being despised for it, only to be squashed so that the hypocrisy and injustice can continue."
Utrax 1 hr ago
I was gone for a while. Now I'm back for a while. Will be gone again for a while. Then back for a length. Ok.
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GarlandDaHero 1 hr ago
(groans of increasing loneliness)
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Fallout Japan!
by guest16 2 hrs ago
Post-Apocalyptic Horror 1x1 Casual 18+ Anime/Manga Sci-Fi

Shadow Smiles
by Redward 4 hrs ago
Large Group Modern Horror Casual Slice of Life

Supernatural Comedy RP
by PaperMonster 7 hrs ago
Modern 1x1

LAWSON [MxF] Female wanted
by My Own Hero 17 hrs ago
1x1 Casual 18+ Slice of Life

Beyond the Wasteland - Tundy's 1x1 Search Begins
by Altered Tundra 18 hrs ago
Romance Modern 1x1 Fantasy Casual 18+ Sci-Fi

Latest Roleplays

Skyworld (Sanquin / SinfulSkills)
by sanquin 5 hrs ago
Post-Apocalyptic 1x1 Steampunk

Hunt for the Wild Dakota (ONL & LovelyAnastasia)
by ONL 5 hrs ago
Western 1x1 Casual Advanced

Blood Money
by Poi 6 hrs ago
Fantasy Casual 18+ Medieval Military Small Group

Back to Medieval Times
by Wick 9 hrs ago
Romance Historical 1x1 Casual Medieval

by IronWill 9 hrs ago
Large Group Fantasy Arena 18+ Medieval Military Free

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