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rebornfan320 2 hrs ago
I kind of agree with Ghost. Try to make friends and get labeled "a weirdo" for just trying to step out of one's comfort zone.
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we 23 now, who allowed this one. mistakes have been made big G
Raging Ghost 3 hrs ago
I try to make new friends and I’m “a weirdo”. So I try to keep to myself and then I’m labeled “a freak” and a “school shooter”. And my mom wonders why I spam call the suicide line every day...
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AlternateMan 3 hrs ago
My system requires more sandwich in it.

Lmpkio 3 hrs ago

Jasper19 4 hrs ago
You have committed crimes against Skyrim and her people what say you?
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KingOfTheSkies 4 hrs ago
"Remember: no Russian."

Scrivener 5 hrs ago
@Frizan You bloody fraud, it’s just trolls’ blood mixed in with some magical elixir! Guard, I’ve been robbed!
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Roleplay Extravaganza!
by Vampwolfie 16 hrs ago
Romance 1x1 Casual 18+ Advanced

Fandom rp preferably
by Callie Brady 17 hrs ago
Romance Fandom Modern 1x1 Casual Small Group Free

Exiles still needs players
by mattmanganon 19 hrs ago
Superhero Casual Sci-Fi

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by Delphio 10 hrs ago
Large Group Apocalyptic Horror Casual 18+ Advanced Small Group

Warrior's Heaven: Supreme Anime Bullshit
by Bluetommy 13 hrs ago
Large Group Superhero Modern Fantasy Casual Anime/Manga Sci-Fi

Mansion For The Unique
by Letmehaveone2 20 hrs ago
Romance Large Group Superhero Modern Fantasy Small Group Free

Chaos is a Ladder (A Lord of the Rings/Shadow of Mordor RP)
by Bright_Ops 21 hrs ago
Large Group Fandom Fantasy Casual 18+ Medieval Military

The Good Guys - A Hero Academia RP
by Vinsmoke Goji 1 day ago
Superhero Casual Anime/Manga Small Group
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