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Quote5 4 min ago
Why do I always expect people to be active at 11PM?
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AP Ottovan 13 min ago
Go two weeks without watering my plants: "Here, let me drown them so in the future they won't be dehydrated." That's how plants work, right?

Undead Eyes 32 min ago
Ex came home, put divorce papers in my face, accused me of a bunch of stuff that isn't true, and has moved out... I'm scared and alone.
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Jett Ryu 1 hr ago
Papa Noble is dating a Super Crown/Rule 63 version of himself. Nothing better than two dorks in love.

datadogie 1 hr ago
Just seems a bit weird to have a video showing, "Hey, I have a girlfriend." And she just seems so awkward throughout it.

Jett Ryu 1 hr ago
Congrats to Papa Noble. Hopefully this turns out well.

Sierra 2 hrs ago
It's surprisingly hard to write 1200 words when you're sick as a dog, but by God I did it anyway because that's what dedicated roleplayers do.
@Jett just make a thread in the test forum or character sheets and put your WIPs in there

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Searching for Partners! -Open
by rebornfan320 10 hrs ago
Fandom Modern 1x1 Casual 18+ Anime/Manga Free

Mobile Suit Gundam: Return of War.
by Keyblade87 11 hrs ago
Fandom Future Arena Casual Nation Military Small Group

The Variable Project
by follycle 11 hrs ago
Superhero Future Casual Anime/Manga Small Group Sci-Fi

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Fairy Tale Academy
by Squirrel98 12 hrs ago
Romance Modern Casual Slice of Life School

by Rabbidsith 13 hrs ago
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Fairy Tail's Newest Member [Captain Swan & EasilyAmused]
by EasilyAmused 22 hrs ago
1x1 Advanced Anime/Manga

Finding the Happy Endings: A OUAT RP
by Captain Swan 1 day ago
Fandom Modern Fantasy Casual Medieval
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