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Persistent World

Roleplay forum run by the community where all roleplays take place in the same universe. Anyone can join!

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Latest Statuses

honorandpride 5 min ago
Cold, gray weather and being sick equals turkey noodle soup and homemade biscuits. Nom nom carbs... no shame.

AlternateMan 20 min ago
You got me

Dagger 1 hr ago
Way colder lmao
1 like
AlternateMan 1 hr ago
Wouldn't it be way cooler to show them new muscles you rightfully earned tho?
1 like
Dagger 1 hr ago
As I hit my fitness goals, it's the first time in my life I've gotten lean enough to have vascularity in my arms. It's too bad we're coming into sweater season, and I have to hide the gains.
1 like
AlternateMan 1 hr ago
I have "9 signs someone's hiding feelings for you" when all I've been watching on youtube is Revengeance memes and weeb clips, what the hell?
1 like
Darcs 2 hrs ago

AlternateMan 12 hrs ago
That's what happens if you live a neckbeard life folks your achilles tendon is ROCK HARD, do your workouts and don't be me. Don't be cringe. Don't worry. Be happy.
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Latest Checks

by Raven Daas 3 hrs ago
1x1 Fantasy 18+ Advanced Ancient Medieval

Solar Winds - A Sci-Fi NRP ( Now Accepting)
by Knight Solaire 16 hrs ago
Large Group Future Nation Small Group Sci-Fi

Robot Apocalypse!
by AHeartlessNobody 21 hrs ago
Romance Apocalyptic 1x1 Casual 18+ Advanced Sci-Fi

F for MxF or F//
by KattKitt 1 day ago
Romance Modern 1x1 Casual 18+ Slice of Life School

Giant robots, noble houses, and an arranged marriage
by Gisk 2 days ago
1x1 Future Casual 18+ Slice of Life Military Sci-Fi

Latest Roleplays

A Fresh Start
by Kiki14 1 day ago
Romance 1x1 18+

[ dead prairie ]
by Kuro 2 days ago
Large Group Apocalyptic Historical Casual Advanced Slice of Life Small Group

The Future Will Be Quiet
by XxEmoOtakuxX 3 days ago
Post-Apocalyptic Horror 1x1 Future 18+ Advanced Anime/Manga Small Group

High School Drama and How we Survive
by thejillybeen 3 days ago
Romance Modern 1x1 Casual 18+ School

UNDERYNTH: The Light Below
by ClocktowerEchos 4 days ago
Post-Apocalyptic Modern Historical Fantasy Casual Medieval Sci-Fi
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