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Otaku95 23 min ago
TFW you find a song/picture/meme/video that is hilariously relevant to one of your RPs. XD

POOHEAD189 1 hr ago
Finally got the book I've been looking for the past few weeks. Nice.
ShinySparks 1 hr ago
You know you left your kiddy days in the past when you are interested in pots and all the kitchen paraphernalia.
1 like
Garbage 2 hrs ago
So I've been posting a lot of these... But do you think a story surrounding a small group of middle school friends could be fun, like an Innocent slice of life? OR would that be too lame for here?
1 like
Uncle Spanky 3 hrs ago
there is a lot of snow happening in my area, oh no
1 like
Dinh AaronMk 3 hrs ago
A viable alternative to the intellectual 'merits' of My Little Pony is to read the Greeks and the Romans. Cicero's treatise on friendship is a good start.
1 like
Crowvette 3 hrs ago
No matter how many times I've done it, still a little nervous after ordering new computer parts.
Arya10108909 4 hrs ago
I won't be online Monday thru Thursday, probably not Friday or the rest of the weekend, but certainly not Mon-Thurs. Know J am not ignoring you. :D

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by KatherinWinter 2 days ago
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