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Ophidian 2 min ago
I respect your methods, certainly. The world likely needs both, at the end, darkness has it's place. I just feel the world has enough loss already-maybe it means I'll always be predictable, but...

Crystal Amalgam 6 min ago
@Ophidian Oof, I'm killing off the second main character in my web comic. I really like his character but it's crucial for the plot.
1 like
Ophidian 11 min ago
Fuck it. He lives. I'm going to keep writing my stupid, naive stories. There's so much darkness in the world already, I refuse to add more to it.
Crystal Amalgam 45 min ago
I only draw memes and I need to stop
Ophidian 1 hr ago
This is the closest I have ever come to genuinely killing off a character I really like. I'm quite torn and conflicted now. Empathy sucks.
ZayZe 1 hr ago
Sometimes I look for another RP forum, but they are just so unaesthetically pleasing...
Noxxis 2 hrs ago
Rewatching Fairy Tail just makes me super crave more Fairy Tail roleplays. I've got 1 but I want another. I'm ridiculous xD

Apples 2 hrs ago
Potential life saver~
1 like
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Fantasy nation rp rebooted
by Kipsateking 4 hrs ago
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Isolated ; F seeking a partner.
by honorandpride 7 hrs ago
Romance Horror Historical 1x1 Fantasy 18+ Medieval

Harry Potter universe RP (18+) (MxF)
by SlashInfinite 8 hrs ago
Romance 1x1 Fantasy Casual 18+ Advanced

1x1 Romance / Slice of Life
by BabyBump96 14 hrs ago
Romance Modern 1x1 Casual 18+ Slice of Life Free

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The Raiders of Norn
by Duck 17 hrs ago
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Sticks And Stones [Post-Apoc/High Fantasy Hybrid]
by Superboy 24 hrs ago
Large Group Post-Apocalyptic Modern Fantasy Casual Medieval

Monsters and Other Childish Things
by Zitacamron95 1 day ago
Modern Horror Tabletop Fantasy Casual Small Group

Year 1 (A Zombie Apocalypse RP)
by Midna-Phobia 1 day ago
Large Group Apocalyptic Casual

by Golem 1 day ago
Large Group Fantasy Casual Medieval


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Alluring Dhark 1 hr ago
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