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Persistent World

Roleplay forum run by the community where all roleplays take place in the same universe. Anyone can join!

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AlternateMan 6 min ago
I like to listen to edgy songs while eating a sandwich

knuxieh 2 hrs ago
And so, I look back on those days long past...Wondering if we'll ever meet again. I'll hold this version of you dear.
Blaze Gamma 2 hrs ago

AnnaBeth 3 hrs ago
Hughie (The Boys) is the boyfriend that no one deserves but everyone needs...
1 like
Bondye 4 hrs ago
So I found this Aussie show called Regular Old Bogan. Weirdest shit I've seen in a while.
Yam I Am 5 hrs ago
And before you ask, yes, Nation RP is basically just slice-of-life except the drama results in thousands of people dying horribly over baseless rumors
Yam I Am 5 hrs ago… Heeeeeeeeey who likes Fallout?
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Delta Green - The RPG
by DeadDrop 5 hrs ago
Large Group Horror Tabletop 18+

KPOP idols long term RP
by jtriverios1 23 hrs ago
Romance Modern 1x1 Casual 18+

It's been a while.... F looking for M or F characters!
by xMissxMellox 1 day ago
Romance 1x1 Casual Slice of Life School

Black Ops RP?
by Fingal 1 day ago
Large Group Modern Casual 18+ Military

Latest Roleplays

War Never Changes III: Annals of the East
by Yam I Am 5 hrs ago
Post-Apocalyptic Fandom Horror Future 18+ Nation Military Sci-Fi

Sensation & Wonder: An Absolute Comics Roleplay [DC & Marvel One Universe Style Game]
by Lord Wraith 15 hrs ago
Large Group Superhero Fandom Casual Advanced

Sword Art Online
by HEAVY METAL 16 hrs ago
Romance Large Group Fantasy Casual Anime/Manga Medieval

KPOP long term RP
by jtriverios1 23 hrs ago
Romance Modern 1x1 Casual 18+

by HEAVY METAL 1 day ago
Romance Large Group Fandom Fantasy Anime/Manga Slice of Life Free
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