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Latest Statuses

Jones Sparrow 2 min ago
"You got your passion, You got your pride, but don't you know that only fools are satisfied..."

Yankee 1 hr ago
Feels good to be caught up on all your RPs *proceeds to apply for even more RPs*

KrystalKleo 2 hrs ago
No posts tonight. Just too tired from work. Please forgive.

Vampiretwilight 3 hrs ago

Anime_Freak 4 hrs ago
Coming back to rpg slowly. I ended up needing to rest a LOT, but I hope to start posting regularly in a few days.

kittyboy 4 hrs ago
My birthdays so soon! I'm gonna be 20 whole years old soon. who would've known. :,D

Vampiretwilight 4 hrs ago
Shiva: i don't know....

DeadDrop 5 hrs ago… never too late to join

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Madness rising! (18+)
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I'm looking for a very specific scenario
by Crobot 11 hrs ago
Modern 1x1 Casual 18+ Slice of Life

Marooned (Original universe fantasy)
by Forsythe 12 hrs ago
Fantasy Casual Medieval Small Group

Looking for another cool RP partner 18+
by Gilgex 22 hrs ago
Superhero 1x1 Fantasy Casual 18+

Latest Roleplays

The Heroes Go Forth!
by DontCallMeZelda 15 hrs ago
Fantasy Casual Advanced Medieval Small Group

Frontier of the Dead: A Weird West Horror RPG
by Nobodyman123 18 hrs ago
Horror Historical Western Fantasy Casual Small Group

B l e a k C e n t a u r i
by Prisk 1 day ago
Large Group Apocalyptic Horror Fantasy Casual Slice of Life Sci-Fi

Iliad City: A Magical RP in an Original World
by Letter Bee 1 day ago
Large Group Modern Fantasy Casual School Sci-Fi

Mobius Academy: The City in the Sky
by Hey Im Jordan 1 day ago
Large Group Superhero Modern Casual Advanced
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