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2 mos ago
Current Atonement. Redemption. Those require more than just being punished for what has been done. They require doing good, doing good to make up for the bad that have been done.
3 mos ago
Actually, I should just accept this; the reason I can't attract players is the fact that I can be a drama king, not the 18+ tags I sometimes put. So I should just not blame 18+ tags.
3 mos ago
I've been told that attaching an 18+ tag on an RP was *not* the real source of my troubles with attracting players, so I guess I'll put it up to a vote if I should break my promise not to do so.
6 mos ago
Let the troubles of this world come. I still have friends and their support.
7 mos ago
I still have friends who are loyal to me, and I am loyal to them. They stuck with me when I was acting like an entitled jerk, now is my turn to stick with them.


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@Bartimaeus, provisionally accepted pending exemption of the bio.
@Smike, accepted.
Was thinking of making a large hammer weirder instead 😅

That might be good if you're uninspired with Davande.
@Dark Light, Still in the game?
@GingerBoi123, After discussion on Discord, it's accepted.
@AzenExile@FalloutJack@Metatrooper@Selvariabell@Senhara@Neozeon0083@ArmorPlated@Psychic Loser@Ubermensch@Sgt Vandingo:

The Second Noncombat portion of the RP will end in 6 days; after that comes the climatic battle of the RP!
Ashton Andrews, the Chosen of Stories and Flame Brooks, Operator

Ashton instictively curled up to protect his face and front, crossing his forearms above his head in order to block the blows. Nevertheless, he wasn't ready for the pain as the guards hit him again and again and again.

Despite having duplicated Selphia's bloodline and powers, Ashton's body was still that of a child, and thus more vulnerable to getting hit than Selphia himself. Every attempt to start a magical counterattack was interrupted by a blow from the guards; same for any try at thinking clearly.

The boy would have given up then and there until he heard a voice shout, "Ashton!," as one of the four guards suddenly stopped, before turning around to swing his baton at a defiant Flame, who ducked beneath the blow as the other guards had their attention caught by the young redhead.

Regaining faith at this, Ashton stretched out his hand, blasting one more guard away with a burst of wind, before using three small blasts of Light to directly target the beings of darkness inside the remaining armor-guards. As the golden suits collapsed, the boy got up, breathing hard and saying, "Nice save, Flame."

Flame gave him a thumbs up, just before he whirled around and parried another guard's blows; more had gotten through their allies. Ashton, already feeling the effects of 'Rune intoxication' deadening the pain he felt, began blasting more foes, using his technique of going for the dark wraiths with light-based attacks instead of just targeting their golden shells.

A glance at Selphia; the latter was busy with some kind of... Incantation? Good; Ashton can use whatever glimmer of hope appeared right now. He had to divert attention from the 'Dragon in Human Form', but broadcasting his intentions was not going to do that as the enemies' Commander seemed to be competent. Plus, he was getting groggy with the constant use and flow of 'Rune energy'.

He whispered a few words to Flame, "We need to protect the taller redhead; my plan has failed. But how -"

The other boy said to Ashton, "Can you control water, and therefore blood? Furthermore, can you use one last burst of power to release the winged woman from her wing-chains?"

Ashton nodded at both questions, pointed at River (@Veradana), and with a burst of light, blasted off the clasp on the restraints on her wings, allowing the Winged Elf to spread them wide for the first time in forever. Here was hoping she could be a distraction.

Flame then looked at Lashiel (@Eisenhorn) and shouted, "Lady with the burning blood! Come to us; we have a way to improvise a long-range attack and blast the enemy with it, but it needs your help!"

Should the 'Lady with the burning blood' come over to them, Flame will say, "All right, here's what we're going to do; Burning Blood lady will bleed herself and Ashton will use water magic in order to lift, then acccelerate the large drops of blood faster than the speed of sound. We will then hit the Guard Commander as much as we can - if we can get his attention, we can do what we need to win!"

This plan relied on Lashiel actually listening, actually being there. If she wasn't, then Flame would command Ashton to rest because the latter was clearly wearing himself down by using too much magic.
Hey guys! My grandpa died (actually people close to the family have been dying left and right) so I'm busy as heck.

Still, I needed to put out an update since it's already delayed.

It's okay; I'm glad you let us know.
@GingerBoi123, Bio and Personality accepted; @Eklispe will see about your Noble Arm.
Haven Base

Theodore was not as young as he looked; if anything, he was chronologically older than Adam, but that wasn't the point. The point was that he had not been berated this way for a long time. It was almost refreshing. But a reply had to be made to his Field-Captain; the latter deserved one.

The response was, "A digital copy is being sent to your commlink; paper copies are being sent to your quarters. As for Ms. Terra Laedo being given so much leeway, that's because I've spent the past month keeping her under 24/7 surveillance; closed-circuit security cameras, though primitive, are hard to decieve or spoof. I've also had a human agent, the Barista Joey Glory, as well as the nurses and doctors and other personnel she interacted with, reporting her activities directly to me; I'll give you their reports as well. Unlike Alexander, I am in a position to continually watch Terra and I've been doing so since day one.

"I have also been collecting corroborating evidence to confirm her words, and of course, conducting medical tests in order to ensure that her brain does not carry any traces of Red-Star programming or brainwashing.

"In short, Terra Laedo is clean and less of a security risk than expected because I and the Counterintelligence Department have spent a lot of time and effort ensuring that was the case," Theodore paused for effect. "But yes, I set a bad example by granting her request without so much as consuting you while you were present. I acted rashly and with my thoughts on the price, not realizing that others won't share my perspective."

A frown. "But here's what I could share; Terra Laedo is a human weapon, but one which Red-Star made the mistake to enhance mentally instead of just physically. She is someone augmented and trained to recognize long-term benefit versus short-term efficiency, yet has a strong moral compass that put her at odds with her Corporation of Origin almost as soon as she was deployed. A blend of emotion and reason, intuition and logic working together in one whole, yet because of that cannot be easily enslaved."

Theodore let a silence linger after that last phrase. "And yet... Even the smartest, most reasonable, most efficient human needs information to act, and I know how to govern the flow of information."

Facing Adam, Theodore said, "You may have a different view of Haven than I have; Field-Captain, but all things are relative, including the merits of Nation-States and Corporations. The risk I am taking is based on this claim: That Haven is a better option for Terra Laedo, and the humans she has included in her life, than Red-Star can ever be despite its superiority in material wealth. That Haven is the long-term prospect for her and the rest of Humanity and its victory is a worthy cause for her to invest her gifts in."

A breath, "And finally, Terra needs social connections with humans who are not her slaves, social connections that activate her protective instincts and the natural desire for friendship that all non-sociopaths have. I've seen it; Red-Star did not augment a sociopath - They gambled that a thinking and feeling human being would be a better fighter, only to realize that their cause is inadequate for said better fighter."

Yet another pause. "But just so you don't think my argument is purely on faith and emotion, Terra's dossier also carries medical scans of her brain and brainwaves; both her story about being augmented yet having a stronger capacity for social connections than others in Red-Star - other normal people - is real. And with that, I rest my case."

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