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Current Things seem to be genuinely better...
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For my latest RP, I am going to cut down on the risque stuff. And by that, I am going to focus more on the actual conflict and military stuff, not satisfying my 'tastes'.
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When I act like a selfish prick, I don't get what I want. When I actually care about something else other than myself and keep my selfishness to a minimum, I do get what I want as well as what I need.
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Sometimes, it doesn't seem like there's a way out of the abyss. Then it turns out that said abyss is caused by my own bad RPing habits and that all one needs to do is change them. Or try to...
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Yet more stumbling.


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GM Post

Pablo, Jeim, Vane, Henry, Oscar, and Nikolay

Pablo instinctively enclosed Jeim in his arms, holding him tight before saying, “I was thinking of you, actually. And we’re boyfriends now?”

His expression was that of a puppy searching for affection, melting at Jeim’s touch even as his mind burned with the urge to try and ‘redeem’ Jeim as soon as possible, to show him that his mentor in the Hammers was an exploitative, even abusive, ass who would gladly throw Jeim away, not knowing that the Korean-Filipino/Filipino-Korean deserved more. How Pablo wanted to kiss the other student, to publicly display affection in ways others might deem scandalous!

But he won’t - Not when Jeim was just putting up a cover. Pablo nevertheless relaxed and softened his posture before saying, “I hope you’re seriously proposing - My heart will break if you’re just playing with it.”

Pablo knew he was doing that anyway - Jeim was too engrossed with preserving his cover to actually have a serious relationship. That and he was probably infatuated with his Mentor anyway. So he waited for the other young man to get off him, all the while as his own body was flowing with urges due to the closeness of Jeim’s own. How he wished that he were in Malenkov’s position right now!

A shadow then covered them both - It was a Human-sized Siege Tower, two meters tall and one meter wide, with tiny ballistae and catapults on top. It was a Noble Arm projected by one Kim Daehan, a full-blooded Korean who was another member of Malenkov’s cell.

“Can you two sick fucks stop with the public displays of affection already?!” the tall, well-muscled (though not as much as Henry) student shouted at Pablo and Jeim. “Some of us are trying to study here!”

Pablo whispered into Jeim’s ear, his composure recovered, “I think Mr. Daehan himself has a crush on me - Don’t ask how I knew that.”

“I heard you, you twink-wannabe!” Kim shouted, “And I’m giving you valuable life advice: Stop acting as if your life is your personal Yaoi Hentai fantasy - No one likes your ‘magical realms’ except yourself!”

Pabo whispered again, “He and I used to play Tabletop Games together - He plays overpowered characters with absurd combinations of skills, I GM scenarios involving his character ending up shirtless or… Unclothed. Let’s just say he throws shit at me for that, just as I complain that he defeats all challenges with a few rolls.”

“You’re just jealous because I am better at building characters than you are!” was Kim’s enraged response. “I can create characters with anti-everything chaotic damage, unlimited initiative ratings, divine armor, and multiple anti-world artifacts!”

A new voice broke in - A young Japanese woman, about 15 years of age, was patting Kim’s shoulder, saying, “Stop associating with the wilfully ignorant. Those who fail to see the truth we wield deserve naught but our scorn and bafflement that they do not think the same, elevated way we do. Once those who are smarter, more rational, and better rule the world, we can usher in Utopia.”

“Okay, goodbye!” Pablo said, even as the voice, the telepathic message from the Hammers, whispered into Jeim’s ears again.

These are Malenkov’s associates, Kim Daehan, the ‘Siege Tower’, and Kasumi Karasuma, the Arbiter of Fate. The former’s Noble Arm is plain as day, the latter is a Katana which tricks the weak-willed into thinking that it can alter Fate and Time. Once Malenkov is gone, you will either lead them or kill them.

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@dragonpiece, I love it. Now for @The Jest and @TheHangedMan to give their assessments...
Akira Ayumu

Akira had, by grace of the Planet, managed to avoid the Sweepers’ shots with what seemed to be unnatural skill to observers. However, as he made it back to the Fort, he cast a Cure on himself anyway just in case he was injured. In any case, the young man looked at the retreating enemy, then at Jessie and the mercs, asking, “So, we’ve won, right?”

It was important that this was a conclusive victory. If it wasn’t, if the massive casualties weighed more on the mercenaries’ heads than the fact that they had succeeded against impossible odds, then there was a chance they’d leave permanently and that no new ‘muscle’ can be recruited. If that was the case, then the loss of the Fort would have only been postponed.

If the latter was the case, then what he had done was for nothing and his ‘safe refuge’ here would fade away with the next attack, or even before. And that’s not even accounting for where the haywire Sweeper had gone to. Either way, much depended on what Jessie and the mercenaries’ reaction were to his victory - If it was joy, he was safe. If it was fear and defeatism, then he was most definitely not safe and should wait for Kanade to arrive so they can find a safe place in order to plot against Shinra.

Which reminded Akira: Shinra developed the Sweepers in the first place. What hope can a small band of individuals, even with Materia and skills, do against such a behemoth?

Then the boy’s stomach rumbled, and it was clear that he needed to eat. Akira wasn’t immune to the demands of combat and stress, and he asked again, whether there was cheering or despair, “Mind if I go to the cafeteria? I need to eat.”

And so, after one second more of waiting for people’s reactions or absorbing them if they had already happened, Akira Ayumu went to go have a late lunch of meat and porridge. The deaths which had happened did weigh heavily on his mind, and it was going to take all his will to not have nightmares about it in the future. He was no stranger to loss, but right now, this was too much for a fourteen-year old boy to take.

Don’t angst unnecessarily, he thought to himself, but quite frankly, he felt alone in the world and there was considerable proof that he was.

Daniel looked at Don Juan before saying, “Medb - I should not call her by her real name in a Singularity - probably goes after hot men and the rare woman, apologies for the stereotyping. So is it possible she’s spending time doing… It?” Then to Charlotte, “Perhaps you can telepathically contact Archer? That might be the easiest course of action - You can also see through her eyes, but I personally won’t recommend it for obvious reasons.”

To be honest, Daniel did not like Medb for her genuinely malicious and sadistic nature, yet at the same time saw the need for her skillset. More to the point, he knew that if he was older, he’d definitely be attracted to the Archer-class Servant despite himself, and that was a bad thing. Either way, he’d wait for a reaction to his suggestion.

Once said reaction was given, Daniel wondered, Where is Autocylus, anyway? Did I genuinely push him away permanently? What if I did? Does that make me a bad Master?

A pause. Why am I asking myself this? There’s room for improvement even if I am a bad master! I just have to regulate myself and do self-control and not act like a protagonist even though that last part is hard. Very hard. Yeah, remind myself that I am not the protagonist - I am not Raphael.

Noticing that Raphael was still there, Daniel decided to further conceal his thoughts, then say, “Either way, we can head for the Rayshift Room and then send telepathic messages to the Servants once the start of the mission approaches.”

Another wait for a reaction ensued as Daniel began trying to evenly breathe and calm himself. His hand wandered to the Planetarium Orb in his belt, before suddenly remembering, “If need be, I can always use Divination to find Medb if we’re strapped for time and she’s not willing to listen to telepathy. Is that a good idea?”

Hopefully it was, but Don Juan’s words had made him second-guess himself, which in turn was because Daniel had been acting like Raphael lately, maybe even worse because he had even less of a sense of self-preservation, being a sixteen-year old who thinks themselves invincible because he was addled by immaturity and puberty. Note: Never reveal that comparison between himself and Raphael.
@The Man Emperor, I like the bio and personality, but I do not trust myself with the powers.
We might be getting a new member!

Daniel faced a choice. Take Saber/Don Juan’s advice to heart as soon as possible, or delay out of pride, and thus risk blundering earlier. The answer was obvious as he said, “I understand. Apologies for my previous conduct. Hopefully it’s not too late to mend relations between me and the other Servants.”

A pause, “So… Instead of just threats, I also have to use rewards, as well as find out what you guys want as rewards instead of just assuming things. And also not show favoritism when doing so would impact the performance of the group - Even if I have preferences, I should respect all my servants equally and not reward any of them any more than the others.”

He smiled at Crazy Horse as the latter arrived, but not too overtly. Daniel quite liked the Rider-class Servant but did not want to show favoritism like he had said before. Then back to Don Juan, “But yeah, to answer what you said earlier, my mother and father do love each other to the point where it’s embarrassing. I mean, they did lay it on a bit thick with how the Magus’ Association and the Church are corrupt and how they’d find my existence abhorrent at best, but everyone has flaws and it’s not like they’re not telling the truth...”

Daniel knew his parents were being slightly manipulative, but also that the best manipulations were the ones rooted in fact. Then to Rider, he said, “Adventure is coming - I really cannot wait. Assassin should arrive soon, though, and then we can go.”

As Caster/King Mu arrived, Daniel waved at the old man and said, “Hello! Glad to see you, Your Majesty! With you and Charlotte around, we’re going to be set for success!”
@VoiD, Actually, I've decided that it's unfair to make you wait. You're free to post on the Character and IC Tabs now.
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It will be if Jest can make his post...
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