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Noble Arms: The ASEAN War, has moved to a second thread, with the hopes of getting a few more players.


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Mission Three - Assault on Jinghong Dam

Mekong River - 10/25/2022, 22:10 UTC+8

As Cristina's Mirage Space faded and the real world was thrown into sharp relief, she'd find that Huo Ren had managed to evade what should have been a swift death - He had been yanked out by his buddy, Cao Bao, an Arms Master who might be a greater asset than most of the Zodiac (after Qingshe's departure) combined. Why? Because Cao Bao had the ability not just to teleport people to his side across vast distances, but also to reconstruct their bodies to an earlier form, according to a 'blueprint' saved up in his Noble Arm. So now Huo Ren was far away, completely healed, and was now recuperating for the few minutes he needed to replenish his ability to bring on the fire once more.

Ernesto had been disoriented for a few seconds by the fireball hitting his eyes and momentarily blinding him; he would be back in fighting shape this round or the next, though. As for Henri, he and Cristina were back in the Mekong riverbank just in time to see Wei Rui, the spear-wielding 'Awakened' Arms Master, suddenly teleport in front of his brother, Han Rui, and parry Nico's sword using his spear's shaft. Apparently, the threat to his sibling had awoken a new power in the Chinese Marine; what glorious implications for any scientifically-minded observer.

And now, said sibling detonated the Noble Arm bomb he had been carrying, this time, the shockwave was smaller, more localized, and did not affect his brother or himself - Yet another new power. However, unless Nico used that 'checkpoint' power he had, the detonation would fray, break, or tear through anything he had that wasn't himself or his Noble Arm, something that anyone who knew him would assume he'd be keen to avoid, meaning that he probably did teleport back to the 'checkpoint', allowing the two Chinese brothers space to catch their breath and think up their own plan of counterattack...

Jinghong PoW Camp - 10/25/2022, 22:10 UTC+8

The snowball, which was the size of a moped, was blown up by Stang, filling the air with cold air and slush that was scattered a second time by Marta's impact, which warmed up the place immensely. For a brief moment, Liu Xi and Sui Mang were caught by surprise by the other Arms Master's arrival, before the latter pursed her lips and said in accented English, "Bring it."

From her spear came forth new threads that wove themselves into ropes tougher than steel, and kites of cloth that floated in the air as mobile shields; was this a new power, or a clever use of an existing one? What was new were her tactics of using the kites to absorb the next attacks, whether from Marta's fists or Nil's ever-duplicating staff, while using the ropes to try and grab the limbs and arms of the two ASEAN Arms Masters, even as her partner swung his sword of ice at them; each cut caused a cold crescent wave of slush to hurl itself at Marta and Nil, trying to keep the two off-balance.

Their intention was not to kill; that much was obvious. Considering Ai Chen's expressed intentions, it was clear that they wanted a prize to bring before their superior.

But the time to consider that was small... Because the Sun was rising again.

Hills of Jinghong - 10/25/2022, 22:15 UTC+8

Huo Ren was with Cao Bao on the hills overlooking the PoW camps and the town below the dam. After a few minutes of rest and recuperation, he had created another Artificial Sun and flown it up, up where it would threaten any attempt to strike Jinghong Dam from the air, as well as block Qingshe's aim at Ai Chen, although he did slow down the approach of the Artificial Sun long enough for his occassional lover to either get some heavy-duty sunglasses or get out of the artificial sun's range. Not that he'd do anything more to spare her from the consequences of confronting Qingshe; less competition for Alonso and Makri that way.

He looked at his aide, a proper Arms Master instead of a weakling, and said, "Shen Tu, what do your 'pets' say is happening below?"

The response was, "Only nine hundred regular forces - forty-five percent of the two thousand who were garrisonning the facilities - are left. They have begun to fight the rebelling PoWs and Task Force Obsidian, but the ones in the camps are going to be overwhelmed; should we help them?"

Huo Ren shook his head and said, "No, write them off as lost. Tell your 'pets' on the Mekong riverbank to step in, now; Noel Alonso and Nico Makri will be mine."

Mekong River - 10/25/2022, 22:16 UTC+8

The soldiers on the riverbank were reduced to thirty men and women, but once the madness cleared up, they began firing pistols, assault rifles, and submachine guns at the now-embattled Nico, Noel, Ernesto, Cristina, and Henri; a few were even grabbing the machine guns and grenade launchers that had been strewn about the area and preparing to shoot at their much-hated enemy. Not just that, but three of the PLA Tanks, accompanied by three PLA APCs, began moving by themselves as if possessed by poltergiests.

...Which considering Shen Tu's power as Huo Ren's aide, was a pretty apt comparison.

On the plus side, while Noel got a pretty grievous nerf, Nico now had the advantages of Sun Stoke and Sunsetter at the same time, and found himself unwillingly empowered by Huo Ren's own ability. This was his moment.

@Lewascan2@Gerlando@Nimbus@QJT@Amidatelion@Digmata@Chiro@Deide@Creative Chaos
Hi, my name is Ikan, a local fish from the sea of Nusantara, nice to meet you!
I'm familiar with how RP work's but never been engaging in one that much, so maybe i can say that i'm still somewhat a beginner. So, i'm sorry if my writting is not really good. (However, i'll try my best to improve!). Anyway, my hobbies are drawing besides sitting all day long doing nothing in my room. I love Vocaloid in general and my current favorite game is Reverse 1999.

That's all i had to say i guess
I'll look foward to our future interactions ^^

Welcome from the Philippines!
Name: Neil Harper

Age: 18

Physical Description:

Important items:

- School Mop.
- Smartphone.
- School Uniform (and underclothes).
- Backpack and Textbooks.
- Packed Lunch.

Short Bio: Born to well-to-do parents who can give him a decent education, Neil was odd in the sense that he had an Imaginary Friend, 'Niklaus von Hildmann', who looked exactly like him but was a noble of a place called the Barony of Weißer Berg, aka White Mountain. This Imaginary Friend knew things that Neil did not know on his own, such as a full dictionary of what his world knew as German, how to fight properly with swords, and how to ride a horse. Most importantly, he taught Neil a few bits of Magic; nothing that would get him in trouble in his world, aka Earth, but enough to convince Neil that his imaginary friend was both real and telling the truth.

Niklaus regaled him with stories of Weißer Berg and how it was beautiful in all seasons, filled with happy villagers and valiant knights, and how his father ruled over a prosperous and peaceful land, which was in danger from an Emperor who was trying to crush the rights and liberties of his people. 'Nik' also told Neil that he was a magical prodigy, a 'Dimensioneer', who can mentally bond with people from other worlds and eventually, exchange places with them with their consent.

As is obvious to all, only some of that spiel was true, namely the 'Dimensioneer' part. The Emperor was not evil in the beginning, and Niklaus' father was a petty tyrant. Nevertheless, as Neil grew up, he eventually allowed Niklaus to suggest a 'contract' that would allow them to exchange places with each other across worlds and dimensions.

The first exchange was wonderful; Neil was able to enjoy a lavish banquet while Niklaus got him a date with the hottest girl in class. Further exchanges provided even better learning experiences until a guard made a remark about 'crushing a serf revolt' and another talked about hanging children from trees. And it was then that Neil found out that his friend was false; more inquiries revealed that not only was Niklaus' father a cruel, corrupt man, but Niklaus was one himself, having slaughtered innocent villages and extorted huge sums of copper, silver, and gold coins, as well as grain and other food.

Oh, and the Emperor they were rebelling against was someone who wanted to stop that behavior.

When Neil confronted Niklaus about this, the latter laughed at him and said that this was part of his plan all along - On their eighteenth birthday, a secret clause in the contract they made will exchange their places for real, permanently, and he will be able to avoid the fate that was coming once the Emperor inevitably won. Oh, and that there was some sort of conspiracy but he had to find that out from the Church of Existence. Good luck!

And so it happened as Nik predicted; the Rebel Nobles were defeated by the Emperor's Gunpowder Army in the Battle at the Gates of Kaiserstadt, Prince Otto was knifed to death by the imprisoned nobles when he came to assure them of clemency, and the Emperor ordered Niklaus, the last survivor of his family, enslaved in response and sold in Venedig.

Just as luck would have it, Niklaus and Neil turned eighteen just when Nik arrived in the city to be prepared and processed into slavery. Now, Isekai'd against his own will and forced to try and escape his would-be enslavers, Neil seeks help from the Church of Existence... If he can find them!

Starting Faction: N/A

Spell List:

Dimensional Contract (Dimensional + High, allowed by a Character Trait) - Is capable of making a pact with one other person, and only that person, to exchange places with each other across multiple worlds. This pact, however, has been negotiated by someone who inserted a clause permanently changing their places after a certain amount of time. Note that High Magic can Nullify the Contract, but until then, this 'Spell Slot' cannot be used for any useful Magic.

Bond across Worlds (Mind + Dimensonal, allowed by a Character Trait) - Neil can telepathically communicate with Niklaus, his treacherous friend, even across universes, and this communication is two-way, with Niklaus watching over Neil's actions and ordeals.

Portal (Dimensional) - Allows Neil to create a portal to a place he can see with his sight, and this can be used to conduct short-ranged false teleports. However, Dimensional Magic is always flashy, unlike Timespace (a Forbidden Area), and so it is easy to detect him using this.

Mantle of Memory (Mind) - Neil can temporarily alter people's memories to make him feel like a familiar, even friendly presence, and this allows him to go through areas where he normally would not be allowed to go.

Perfect Recall (Mind) - Neil can give himself near-perfect memory of all information he has absorbed since infancy.

Learn Faster (Mind) - Neil can watch someone do something (fencing, shooting, even gardening) through his eyes or a magical recording, and master the relevant skill for one to three posting rounds. This requires that his body be able to endure the requirements of said skill in the first place, but he is athletic enough for most physical work and styles of fighting...

Character Traits:

Dimensioneer - Allows access to the Dimensional Contract and the Bond across Worlds spells.

Fairest of all the ‘Princes’ of the Earth - Neil's face and body are the perfect mix of masculine and feminine traits, strong and smooth, lean yet toned, and all perfectly proportioned. Even on Earth, he is of supermodel-level looks.

Traditionalist Spell Mastery (Dimensional, Mind) - Neil has Spell Mastery of Dimensional and Mind Magic and can cast the spells he has of those Schools with only his words, gestures, or in emergencies, pure thoughts.
Iliad City: A Magical RP in an Original World - Reboot

I. Intro

In another universe, on the planet of Historia, there lies a city filled with magic and spells, of warriors and thinkers. This city, named Iliad, is the last refuge for the Descendants, a group of people who despite their lineage from the person who gained the blessing of The One Deity to advance Humanity, are now vilified as heralds of an apocalypse due to lies of unknown origin, lies which have convinced the other nations of the world to try and kill them all.

Despite this hatred, the city is protected by two Magical Academies which hold greater strength than entire armies, whose students stand strong against a world that hates them. But as an invasion looms from the greatest nations on the planet, the two Academies descended into a quarrel on the best way to save their city.

You are one of the students of the Magic Schools. Or an ordinary civilian who knows a magical spell or two. Or a soldier. Or a refugee from the nations that hate Iliad City and The Descendants. Or any combination of the above plus a Descendant themselves - You have free choice of who to be, just remember that you live under the shadow of doom, and that your next actions can save or doom those whom you love!

II. The Factions of Iliad City

III. Interesting Places in Iliad City

Players can submit new places if they want to.

IV. The World Around Illiad

Iliad City is situated on a peninsula that juts out at the very edge of the Western Continent, one of two major landmasses that make up Historia's inhabited parts. These two continents used to be filled with many city-states, kingdoms, and republics, but those have now been absorbed by two distinct power blocs which in their way, present a danger to Iliad City, even if one of them (Olympia) is one of the reasons reason the latter has not been invaded yet (the other is Iliad City's sheer magical might). These power blocs are the Unified Hermannreich, a gigantic nation that seeks to dominate the world, and the Olympian Federation, which believes they are defending it. These are elaborated on below.

V. How Magic Works (To be itself reworked)

Non-Magical Options

VI. Rules

1.) Do not be an asshole.
2.) Take NSFW to PMs.
3.) No Godmoding or Powergaming, aka no controlling other players' actions, no defeating your enemy in one shot, and no shrugging of all hits without a magical shield.
4.) This game is friendly to m/m and f/f romance.

VI. Character Sheet

[b]Age:[/b] The usual age for a student is 13 to 18, but characters older than those are permitted.
[b]Mundane Skills:[/b]
[b]Character Traits:[/b]
[b]Faction (Marduk, Ishtar, or Cassandra Club when it's founded):[/b]
[b]Are you a Descendant of the Illuminated Poet?:[/b] Simple yes or no question.

Lore Entry: The Custodians

The Custodians were once Angels, of every rank from Cherubim to Seraphs and even one Archangel, who rebelled against The One Deity and were cast down into the Universe, a thousand or so light-years from Historia, after their rebellion. After being cast down, the Custodians were made mortal, albeit with 'Metahuman' powers tied to their genetics, and unable to tap into Magic. Yet despite this, they retained their overwhelming knowledge of the physical world and sciences and used it to found first a civilization, then a Star Empire which oppressed lesser races.

There are two factions of Custodians, with the first being The Collective, which confusingly applies to both the thirteen former Seraphs and single Archangel which were now reduced into Metahumans, and their multitudes of followers and slaves in their Star Empire. The second is a resistance movement, The Repentant, which is led by one former Seraph and their followers, both 'original' Fallen and the children born to the Custodians when they became mortal.

And finally, it is rumored that the Unfallen Custodians, messengers of The One, still exist in Heaven, reforged into transcendent beings with additional powers that allow them to mentor and coordinate 'Risen Martyrs', the souls of mortals whose virtues In life had made them adequate replacements for the Custodians' duties in Heaven and Hell (which in this setting is closer to Purgatory and a place to reform and redeem sinners instead of torturing them forever). These Unfallen are detested by The Collective, who forbids mentioning their names in their dominions on pain of excruciating death.

As for the Fallen Archangel who now leads The Collective? He is now known as Ubersmench, and his powers give him near-invulnerability, and super-strength which can destroy planets, flight, and heat vision as long as he is underneath a Yellow Sun...


I, Jest, and Windstormugly talked about Custodian Lore a bit more, and we decided to edit the Custodian's lore to make The One less intentionally dickish. Here is the lore in bullet points:

- The majority of Custodians didn't rebel and are still in Heaven.
- Only a few thousand Custodians were cast down to the Universe.
- Fallen Custodians can breed with other Custodians to make full-blooded members of their race and breed with other species to create Part-Custodians.
- Few Custodians ended up in Historia.
- The grand majority of Custodians founded a 'Star Empire' a thousand light-years away from Historia.
- The reason the Star Empire doesn't just invade Historia is that even with advanced technology, the Galaxy is still very big and it's hard to find one single planet. Thus, they have to be summoned by [SPOILER] or be extremely lucky.
12/4/2023 - Reworked Iliad City to something more servicible.
@Vlad Tepes, welcome.
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@anothered, hello!
Mission Three - Assault on Jinghong Dam

Mirage Space - 10/25/2022, 22:07 UTC+8

From the soles of his boots and the butt of his spear, jets of fire shot up from Huo Ren's feet, rocketing him upwards through the roof of the bunker; this would have been fatal if not for the fact that he had also cloaked himself in superheated gas, spending his willpower and focus to negate harm from his fire. Now, he was flying in the sky, at the very top of the Mirage Space, and with a gesture of his spear, he showered a dozen falling fireballs at Ernesto and Henri before launching a gushing spray of flames at Cristina, hoping to take her out just in case her Noble Arm was Fire, Heat, or Sun-themed, which his own NA unwillingly empowered...

"Enough of this!" Huo Ren said as he noticed blood dripping from his stomach; that muscled brute had managed to cut him! "Give me Noel Alonso and Nico Makri - Or you will all die!"

The temperature was still rising to the very limits of what a human being can tolerate, even with an Arms Master's enhanced physique...


Mekong River - 10/25/2022, 22:07 UTC+8

Noel's scythe clashed with Wei Rui's spear, which could keep up with the eighteen-year-old's enhanced reflexes. As for Myron, the other Arms Master was shooting at Han Rui, Wei's brother, only to find that the latter had jumped behind some convenient sandbags. Knowing the perils of Han's newly-manifested Noble Arm, Myron kept shooting suppressing fire at the enemy soldier's position, even as he flashed back to unwelcome memories...

We had to kill those of us - The Disablers - who manifested their own Noble Arm back when I thought they were family. That, or use them as Cannon Fodder or 'Pawns' like Doc Ripper's own nephew, Leon.

Some resisted the process, and to some of Myron's comrades, the 'Beginner's Luck' that newly-manifested Arms Masters received made them even more revulsed at the thought of becoming one of them. To him, it merely made them more difficult opponents -

The enemy soldier threw his Noble Arm - A primitive bomb - at Myron, and the young man closed his eyes and braced himself for the explosion. He heard his gun, the K1A Compact Assault Rifle shatter into pieces as a wave of hot wind blew on his skin.

Opening his eyes, he saw that his stolen PLA Uniform was tattered, his gun was blown to pieces, but his flesh, Qingshe's extra-durable Teleport Beacon, and his Noble Arm were intact. Good; this meant that he knew what the first power of this man's Noble Arm was and what form the next few abilities might take.

He heard footsteps behind him; it was the confident saunter of one Nico Makri. And Myron knew that victory was possible; he just had to warn -

The enemy soldier had resummoned his Noble Arm and threw it at them again; the shockwaves harmed only equipment, gear (below a level of durability), and wearables but not living flesh, but that was enough to inconvenience traditional opponents!

@Creative Chaos

Jinghong PoW Camp - 10/25/2022, 22:07 UTC+8

Liu Xi put up a wall of ice, ice thick enough to withstand the launched staves, but the sheer force of the impact still forced him to stagger backward a few steps while Sui Mang sent forth six snare-like wires of light, intending to loop them around Nil's legs and arms to try and cut them off; it was still two against one, despite Nil's experience and her frantic mood. If Nil somehow managed to dodge or bat away the bright snares, it would still buy time for Liu Xi to recover his bearings and launch a giant snowball (?) that was not meant to damage Nil but cool her down long enough for her to be successfully restrained - Jinghong Dam was going to run out of prisoners otherwise...

As for Ai Chen, she'd chase Sister Marta, raining arrows of light aimed at her shins and shoulders, laughing diabolically and even having the gall to say, "A nun? As an acquisition? This must be my lucky day!"

Blinded by unspeakable desires, the antagonist, the villain of the piece, Ai Chen put herself on Lei Qingshe's crosshairs; both metaphorically and literally...


@Hydro, Welcome to the Guild.
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