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Life is what you make of it, I suppose.
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Taking a break from Discord from time to time is actually relaxing and refreshing.


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Adam Kenneth Yearling - Miyama Town.

If A.K. Yearling could say, sincerely, that he was mindful of his own safety, he would. But he could not - Esfandiyar's concerns were real, and A.K. was on the verge of burdening himself with every innocent life which could be potentially lost. But at the same time, he knew enough stories to know that war... War was hell and he had thrown himself into it, initially to prove himself to his family, but now because the story demanded a hero, even a martyr. And right now, as he continued looking for Elexis or some other Master, he had no regrets -

Then he saw the flare from one of Shinto Town's lesser parks, and decided that compassion did not preclude practicality and vigilance. So he said to Esfandiyar, telepathically, Change of plans. We go to where someone is picking a fight, observe what fight is occuring, and make sure no civilians get caught in the crossfire in this night - That last part is my small-w wish. I'll pull out my Invisibility Cloak for protection.

The young man, barely out of boyhood, then pulled out the Cloak and his Book and covered himself with the former, and began using Wind Magecraft with his basic spells in order to float towards Shinto Town, gesturing for Esfandiyar to folllow him in Spirit Form. As he flew towards his destination, his Cloak's properties allowing him to see inside and through it as though it were transparent, the Magus wrote the next few lines of his own story.

As the first blows of the Holy Grail War began, the burden of commitment that the author had taken upon himself, a burden born from mixed compassion, duty, pride and self-righteousness, felt as light as air. Why was this? Had the author already given up on life as well as victory? Had he decided that joining the narrative of the world, the narrative he believed was his path to The Root, required his sacrifice? Nevertheless, the young man hoped against hope that Fate would be benevolent, and open an opportunity for him to achieve his goals, a small but existent chance to avert what he was fast believing was his doom.

For part of him clung on to life, or at least the idea of life, even though he had given up on truly achieving his goals, given up on getting the acknowledgement he wanted...

Moving from Miyama to Shinto

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@Smike, Approval One.
Howdy y’all, browsing through forums and noticed that this rp has newer characters and still has the apply open. Don’t suppose y’all wouldn’t mind another player?

We won't mind - We're actually receiving new people ICly.

Edit: Do join the Discord, btw!
@Smike, Approval One.
@Senhara, Approval One. Ask the other GMs for approval too!
Would it be too late in the story to join? I'm thinking of making a damaged combat AI, what's on my mind is a robot primarily meant for combat with a damaged personality structure, causing interactions in conversation to be somewhat strange at times.

It's not too late, thank God.

Edit: Join the Discord Server if you want, btw.
Adam Kenneth Yearling - Fuyuki Park.

A.K. Yearling gave a faint smile as he felt Esfandiyar actually care about him, even though he knew that these feelings were mixed in with pity for how such a person as himself could even qualify as a 'Magus' and how someone as caring as him would get himself killed trying to save relative innocents from the destruction which was to come. Well, to be honest, if that's how his story was going to end... Let it. What started out as a desire to not be the villain in this story had become a sincere wish to save those whom he is able to save. For did not great power come with great responsibility?

He got up from his bench, from where he'd been writing about Elexis Cristoforou. Then the young man, barely out of boyhood, said, "Rider, let's seek out the Holy Church's Enforcer. I know you don't much like her kind, but she's more likely to listen to someone seeking to save civilians than that Kiyomi lady is. Of course, I could be wrong, but in that case, I have the Invisibility Cloak and Seven-League Boots to use for my getaway." He then smiled faintly, "Besides, I already wrote the story about us meeting. So, shall we go? If we don't find her, we might meet up with someone else - I feel the winds of narrative coincidence weaving webs around us..."

And with that, the young man picked up his backpack which had his Mystic Codes inside it, put it on his back, and then prepared to walk towards Miyama Town.

Moving from Fuyuki Park to Miyama Town
Adam Kenneth Yearling - Intersection of Miyama Town, Foriegn District, and Fuyuki Park.

Adam Kenneth Yearling (A.K. Yearling) had rented accommodations in a hotel close to Fuyuki Park, a nice suite, not too big and not too small, where he can set up a basic workshop. With Esfandiyar summoned just a few hours ago, the young Magus had decided to mix business and pleasure and go to the Park in order to seek out any trace of the other Masters. Rolling up his Invisibility Cloak in his backpack, the young man then said to Esfandiyar, "Rider, come with me in your spirit form - Let's see the beauty Humanity has to offer before this war starts, as well as find any trace of our future foes and temporary allies."

Moving towards Fuyuki Park.

Walking in the park's greenery, Adam took in the sights and smells of the area, before asking Rider in a low whisper, "Do you see anything suspicious, Rider? I sent a few familiars in the shape of pigeons to scout as well, but you have keener senses than any of them."

If the response was a no, Adam would take out his 'Journal of Hidden Stories', look for a bench located in a shady spot, and begin writing the story of his life as it currently stood, but not before informing Esfandiyar that it was part of his Magecraft and that writing stories was how he channeled his powers. Drawing a ballpen, he opened an empty page of his Journal and began to write.

A.K Yearling sat in peace, watched over by his loyal spirit even as his avian familiars flew around the park, staking it as his territory and watching out for threats. Briefly, he considered what the three Founding Families of Fuyuki might think of the audacity of claiming even a small portion of the city for his own - Would it earn him their contempt? Or was he beneath their notice right now? Should he visit the leylines of Fuyuki City for more insight, or perhaps pay the Church's local headquarters here a courtesy call?

None of the words leaped at him - A sign that he was both safe and beneath notice. He then began writing further, hoping to cast a wider net of story-based divination on a larger part of the city.

He thought to himself that the other Masters were preparing, summoning, and scouting, certain in their Magecraft. Many of them placed no value in human lives, a trait which was nevertheless moderated by the need to keep the Supernatural a secret. Despite this, A.K. Yearling felt resentment for them, resentment for the Magus' Association and the Clock Tower even as he appreciated how they saved more lives than they destroyed by their enforcement of 'The Masquerade'. Why must Magecraft be a limited resource? Can't the world be helped from the shadows if it wasn't? Too bad that even the Grail cannot increase the amount of Mystery, which is needed for Magecraft, in the world.

The other Magi and Servants were no doubt thinking more prosaic thoughts, like how to defeat their enemies. The three Founding Families were using their unfair advantage, with the Bane of Yggdmillenia -

The last three words leaped at him, burning themselves in his mind.

The Bane of Yggdmillenia, was he here? Was he the Matou Family's shot at getting the Holy Grail? Obviously, another word leapt at him. Such an obvious guess. As a member of the Matou Family and the instrument of their vengeance, the Bane of Yggdmillenia was filled with spite and hate, respecting few and scorning many. Even now, he had chosen a high tower of his own, in an affluent part of the city, to... To...

His Divination failed him then, and he wrote about the Church instead.

The Holy Church was the Overseer of the Holy Grail War, but can they be trusted? Answer was no, surprising. Were they following their own agenda? Answer was yes. What role do they wish to play, Hero, Villain, or Wildcard? They can be either three. A thought came into A.K. Yearling's head - Should he bet that the Church would prove 'Heroic?'

No answer.

@Breo@Cu Chulainn
@Chulance, Is this RP still open to new players?

Edit: Wait, it is, but at the same time, I am not sure if this is the right RP for me. I'll think about it.
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