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Current *Takes a deep breath, tries to relax.*
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And personal growth-wise, this year and the past few seem like I've been stagnant.
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I am disappointed in myself, and part of me feels like I can never crawl out of the hole I am in.
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My obsession with my fictional characters has become an liability - Has been so for 9 years. I only realized that just weeks ago.
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Things seem to be genuinely better...


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Ashton Inventory Upgrades:

- 2 Organic Rauv'e Daggers (ooze poison when in contact with blood).
- 1 Steelweave under-suit with trauma plates underneath.
- 1 Earmuffs.
- 2x Cryo Grenades
- 2x EMP Grenades

Flame Inventory Upgrades:

- 1 Steelweave under-suit with trauma plates underneath.
- 1 Earmuffs.
- 2x Incendiary Grenades
- 2x Fragmentation Grenades
- 2x EMP Grenades.
Ashton and Flame

"So 'The Dragon' is your godfather," Ashton said to Narvia. "I can see why you speak fondly of him. And yeah, I think you and Ariel should sync your Omni-tools - That ought to shorten the decoding time..."

As for the weapons merchant, the young man ordered, "Ah, do you have those organic Rau've knives which ooze poison in contact with blood and have to be watered?" They did, and Ashton paid the required credits with a quick, "Thank you!" before being interrupted by Flame.

"Ashton," the other youth was trying to be practical, "We need proper helmets, or at least earplugs - The ones we have are getting old. And we also need better armor than our ballistics vests - Perhaps a Steelweave suit with trauma plates underneath? Power Armor will obstruct our mobility, after all."

Ashton nodded, getting into the spirit of things, and ordered those goods as well, before saying to Flame, "We'll also need grenades - EMP, fragmentation, inciendary, cryo, the works. And what about a Rocket Launcher for Tarak?"

Flame gave another nod and said, "Done," before turning to Nero and saying, "If you want maximum cutting power, I recommend getting a hybrid metal-plasma knife with a heat-resistant blade which can be covered in plasma. But just in case we need to fight robots, electrified knives would also do."

Either way, once the purchases were done, they'd arrive at Natasha's ship, the Xuanzang.

Natasha Zhang

Natasha had made sure the ship was as clean as possible once the Star Marines - The new additions to the crew - finally reached it. This was easier said than done as Moonstrike had installed plenty of redundant self-cleaning systems inside the ship, including a small battalion of robotic 'roombas' which constantly went to the hard-to-reach places to scrub off dirt and such. Either way, the ship was presentable, and the Captain prodded herself on that. And now, to introduce herself - Presumably all the kids had come through the airlock?

The 'Light Frieghter' (though of course, it was tougher than that) had a meeting room for the crew to gather together and plan operations, whether legitimate or criminal. Natasha led the Star Marines to this meeting room, which contained holographic projectors which were more advanced than a commercial ship should have, then spoke to introduce herself and Abbadon, who seemed to be the only crewmembers present - The two others still have not arrived.

"Greetings," she said in a clear, friendly, but still firm voice. "My name is Natasha Zhang, former Captain of a Corvette during the Battle of Proxima, dishonorably discharged, and now a Moonstrike Operative - We seek vengance against the Ascendancy which threw us away." She then gestured to Abbadon, "And this is Abbadon Kinslayer, the first 'Limbed Kaisoken' but as you saw earlier today, not the last. He seeks to force his kind to adapt or die."

She then smiled and said to the 'Star Marines', "So, what are your names, all of you?"

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I'm actually gonna let a GM ruling determine if there's anything specific for Nero in the weapon shop.

@Letter Bee I don't need to know absolutely everything that's in the shop, just a general idea of what he could spend on, and I'll be fine to say what was up in my next post.

Will give you the results on Discord.
Made a cosmetic edit to the OOC Opening Post!

“Sir,” one of his Rau’ve soldiers said to the crystaline being, “Someone has sent you a video. It claims to be from the Kinslayer himself.”

Mirrorshard whirled at the male-presenting being, and said two words using his artificial voice, a voice produced by controlling vibrations on his throat, “Give me.”

A few minutes later, Mirrorshard ordered a video reply to be sent to the source of the message merely saying, “Kinslayer! You honor me with your words and your presence. Indeed, the both of us represent the future of the Kaisoken race. Very well, I will order my people to cease this operation, but as for surrender… They have their own ways of escape.”

A pause, “Nevertheless, I will sacrifice this operation, as well as my loyalty to my superiors, for the sake of your plan to strike back at the Ascendancy. Let us meet once your vehicle arrives!”

Some more minutes later, the Kirin would arrive at the scene.


Natasha said to the others, “All right, folks! It seems Mirrorshard here has agreed to a meeting.”


Abaddon looked towards Natasha and said, "I'll reply with a quick confirmation and set a signal for him to get to the Kirin." Abaddon stretched out like he was trying to morph himself into Mirrorshard's master once more. After what seemed to be only a minute or two, Abaddon had returned to his previous position, ready to confirm their meeting.

"Mirrorshard, I'm elated to hear that we will be meeting. I am in an odd vehicle, one that was obtained by stealing from the Ascendency themselves, one of the war machines they were never able to realize." Abaddon began to delicately unwrap his weapon, letting them fall to the floor. He turned his attention back to the video, "The signal shall be two sonic booms. The first to make it presence known, the second to tell you when to come. May fortune play into our hands." Abaddon shut the recording off and looked towards Natasha, he spoke telepathically towards her, I apologise for complicating this more than necessary, I hope you can forgive me. Abaddon let himself get a little carried away there. Although he doesn't see it affecting the plan, he does believe he had put more stress on the other components of this outing.


“It’s all right,” Natasha said, “If anything, it’s good to see that you’re enjoying yourself.”

The Kirin had arrived at the crawler’s location. Speaking of the Kirin, Natsha continued, “That said, did you have to reveal that our vehicle was made from stolen Ascendancy blueprints?”


“I hear and obey, Kinslayer,” Mirrorshard responded. “I will wait for the signal.”


Abaddon looked towards Natasha, relaxing his pose back to his more natural, lax positioning and said, "It's hard not to enjoy yourself when in such precarious situations, for a being such as myself, it can be the only thing worth living for." Abaddon started to relax as they were nearing the shuttle. After a few minutes of silence, Abaddon spoke as he had an idea, "You know with how good of an actor I am, maybe I could make it to the galactic broadway. Would have to find a director who was material blind though", speaking to the entirety of the cabin.

As they arrived, Natasha brought up the fact that Abaddon had let it slip that Kirin was stolen from the Ascendency. He froze as he could tell Natasha was annoyed, he turned to get and said, "Well Natasha, you see, the thing is that… I needed to sell that I'm the conductor of these plans and that was crucial to solidifying that idea." It was obvious from his tone that he knew he had messed up but was desperately trying to cover it up as part of his well thought-out performance. "I'll just do the sonic boom on your signal, Natasha." He was ready to do it at her command.


Natasha decided to let the slip side and press on with the plan, “Do it, then.”


Mirrorshard had given his soldiers orders to escape, and they could be seen streaming out from the vehicle and going into some maintenance ‘manholes’ which had just opened up beneath the ground. Now the ‘abnormal’ Kaisoken had walked out of the crawler, waiting for the sonic booms. He was giddy to meet his hero!


Abaddon let out a sonic boom, starting the signal to Mirrorshard. Abaddon had been wanting some death on this mission but it will have to wait for a different day. After a few seconds, to give Mirrorshard time to locate them, he sends another to tell him it was time to move. Abaddon was ready to open the door and pull him in.


Mirrorshard walked - No, ran - towards the Kirin, ready to be pulled into the vehicle by his ‘hero’, a master whom he now regarded as immensely intelligent and a deep schemer as well as a visionary. He was thinking that nothing can go wrong...


Abaddon opened the door for Mirrorshard and grabbed him by the arm, pulling him into the Kirin. Mirrorshard could feel the immense strength of Abaddon, as he was able to pull him in as if he was a paperweight. Helping Mirrorshard to his seat, "w.Welcome Mirrorshard, it is good to see you in person. But first, Natasha, let's hurry away before the authorities show up." Now here comes the hard sale, Mirrorshard hates humans and that doesn't sit well considering the crew. He would have to perform his crystals off. If it goes wrong, Abaddon was ready to crush Mirrorshard at the first movement to harm his captain. Or to any of his crewmates.


She looked at Abbadon and said, “All right, I suppose we can pick up our new crewmembers later.”

As she drove off, she can hear Mirrorshard say…


“Is she your servant?” Mirrorshard asked Abbadon. “Have you subjugated her to your will?”


A twitch, as Natasha showed subtle signs of anger…


"She works for me but for more pressing matters, have you been injured? I can provide some rudimentary reconstruction if need be." as he was trying to show some care to Mirrorshard he spoke to Natasha telepathically, Natasha, my captain, please overlook his position for now. If you so desire, I will personally turn him into jewellery for you.


That won’t be necessary, she thought back as she continued to drive back to the Xuanzang, which was in sight.


“Thank you for your compassion, Master Abbadon!” Mirrorshard said, “But as there was no fight, there was no injury. Now, what is your plan to teach the Humans their place?”


Abaddon never knew that being called master would be such an enjoyable experience, he started to understand why his elders almost commanded to be called elders. He looked towards Mirrorshard, ready to start weaving a story for him, "The plan is one that barely requires sacrifices from any races," Abaddon lets out a small wicked chuckle, "well, except for humans. Humans have a wonderful tendency to change quickly. For the better or for ruin. You see the atrocities they had caused our people go hand in hand with the crimes against their own. A large group of humans wish to destroy the Ascendency. Better yet, some of their supporters are Star Children, the peak of their army." Abaddon leaned towards Mirrorshard, Abaddon's started to fill the room with this eerie pressure, one that can only be produced by a man as crazy as Abaddon. "Would it not feel like a warped sense of humor if the destruction of the Ascendency came from their hubris. They greed for strength, looking to take advantage of our natural born gifts. Now that very pursuit of domination shall be there achilles heel. I do not wish to destroy them by myself but to watch them fall into a grave they made. There is no better humility than a humility of your own construction." these ideas were of course exaggerated but they would serve a purpose of glorifying his cause.


“That is wonderful!” Mirrorshard was gushing, his tone enthusiastic, “How can I help in this unutterably clever plan? And will the ‘Star Marines’ be helping in forcing our kin to adapt?”


Natasha tried her best not to mutter something insulting to Mirrorshard, and was succeeding for now. Nevertheless, it was quite clear she found the Kaisoken irritating, although she found Abbadon’s act very entertaining, which balanced things out.

“Hmm, Star Marines,” she spoke, “That’s actually a nice name for the Child Soldiers. It’d be pretty easy to remember, too.”


"Star Marines are a good way to refer to them, thank you for the name Mirrorshard. I believe they are able to help cause change as in all reality, they are somewhat like us, weaker for sure, but like us. It people are naturally resilient to change but I believe as they cause more damage to the Ascendency, the more our people will see that and of what they could inflict on the other races. This will be but another catalyst for change, have their actions act as a call to those who wouldn't be persuaded otherwise."Abaddon began to relax, leaving himself open to Mirrorshard, showing his trust in him. "let us discuss plans for at the ship and just enjoy the beginning of a new age" as he finished talking he spoke to Natasha, once again privately through telepathy, I'm sorry for the rudeness of him. Have you decided whether we will still kill him when we get back to the ship or not? Tap your finger once for yes and twice for no. Three times if you would like to discuss this further.


Natasha tapped her finger thrice, then thought. I don’t want to kill someone who can be an ally in the future, plus breaking one’s word is bad for business in general. But I would prefer if we find an excuse to send him far, far away where he cannot trouble us...


I'll do my best Natasha. I'll speak to him in my chambers. If it goes well he will walk out, if it goes wrong he will make excellent arts and craft materials for the kids, maybe use him as friendship bracelets.

Abaddon turned to Mirrorshard, "We will be heading to my chambers to discuss things more thoroughly as the humans here get confused by my plans", then gesturing over to Natasha. He finishes his little performance with an eye roll so hard, Natasha will be able to feel it.


“I am happy,” said the crystalline warrior. “The depths of your plans already amaze me.”

GM Post

And with that, the situation was resolved, and the Rau’ve shopkeeper of the restaurant shuttle kept her word, giving the ‘Star Marines’ several crates’ worth of food and purified water, as well as several large containers the size of Iris, all filled with various forms of candy.

As for the armory shuttle, its own proprietor, a Korta, offered the ‘Star Marines’ a 15% discount on all items, including Power Armor, Explosives, and Combat Drones...

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The official term for the Child Soldiers are now the 'Star Marines'.
Abaddon's extra exceptional skills

Exceptional Strength ranked up 1 to 2: Abaddon's hunting and crusades against his own race has gifted him with incredible strength.

Exceptional Endurance ranked up 1 to 2: Abaddon body has adjusted to his life of conflict, growing harder and harder across the millenniums.

Exceptional Combat Prowess ranked up 1 to 2: Abaddon had long enjoyed battle and killing. He had trained his mind, body, and soul for combat.

Exceptional Spell Resistance: Another weird adaption Abaddon's body has made in his pursuits, Spell Resistance. By constantly warring with Kaisokens, Abaddon's body has begun to resist the effects of harmful spells.

Iris's extra exceptional skills

Exceptional Hand-to-Hand ranked up 1 to 2: Iris natural athleticism and proficiency for martial arts have been accentuated by war

Exceptional Athletics: A natural gift Iris had been gifted with from birth

Exceptional Strength: Although small, Iris's muscles have been honed to create forces much greater then what could even be possible accounting for her size.

Exceptional Comforter: Although war had definitely left scars on Iris, it had also taught her how to comfort those in panic. This was specifically useful for her brother Samuel who developed anger issues through the war.

Exceptional Spell Resistance can be folded into Endurance. Everything else is accepted.
More music for the kids!
Natasha Zhang

Natasha blinked and typed into her Omni-tool, The Dragon... I remember him. Respectable fellow - I wished I was in his fleet more than once. Navi, I think we'll be great friends... She trailed off while typing, before resuming in response to Ariel, We'll be given missions by Moonstrike, our employers. Probably to strike at Ascendancy assets, yes. Or maybe spread propaganda aimed to spark rebellion. Or both. I'm sure that you guys would be fine with that, right, considering the abuse you guys received from the Ascendancy?

Ashton and Flame

Before Ashton or Flame can reply, all Omni-tools would recieve a notifciation from the Grand Bazaar's private news channel.

Breaking News: A shuttle-crawler shop selling weapons and armor has been hijacked by a group called the 'Restarters', an armed faction of Rau've, Kaisoken, Korta and Tayanen who wish to restart the Coalition War. The Restarters have taken hostages while trying to make off with the contents of the shop, while local security are estimated to be thirty minutes away. The location of the ongoing crime is in Hangar 15, Section 20.

Ashton blinked and said to Tarak, "That's where we are. Could it be? -"

A bulky crawler was indeed in front of them, blocking the way of the food shuttle as its heavily-armored frame stood horizontally in-between the shuttle and the rest of the ships. A message then arrived at the food shuttle's comms, a holographic message showing a most unusual sight, a Kaisoken with arms and legs of crystal, and a sword that extended from his right arm.

"My name is Mirrorshard, student of Abbadon the Kinslayer, but unlike him, I do not share his fondness for Humans," the hologram said with contempt in his voice - It was quite clear he had given himself a voice box, too. Rather, I wish to teach them their place. Now, we have one demand of this food shop - Give us your money and supplies, or we will kill all of you and take them anyway. Your choice.

The Rau've lady who owned the store-shuttle turned towards Tarak and his group, before saying, "We need help right now. If you can do something about these goons, we'll gladly compensate you. Deal?"

Natasha Zhang

Natsha typed, I guess you guys have your first mission. Just so you know, my crew has the real Abbadon Kinslayer in our employ, as well as a few other 'rough and ready' types. We'll be joining you shortly if they can take a rough vehicle ride. Natasha out.

She then ceased her comms, before sending a voice message to Abbadon and Gabe saying, "Hey, you two! We're about to meet our supersoldiers and have a good scrap, too! So get your asses in gear, we're taking the Kirin!"

The Kirin was a Moonstrike vehicle developed in secret from stolen Ascendancy Designs, and more proof that the rebel organization was capable of some serious spywork, and probably had a few rogue CEOs funding it, too. All the well for them, but as long as they were capable of hitting hard and fast, Natasha didn't actually care where their money and influence came from...

Ashton and Flame

Ashton said, "Tarak, do we have a plan? One that won't cause needless collateral damage?"

Flame said, "We don't want any civilians killed, but it'll be hard if they are expecting us and they have hostages plus easy access to explosives." He looked at Finbarr and said, "If Ashton can get data about what the interior looks like, can you 'familiarize' yourself with it enough to make a portal?"

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@DaemonsRevenge, I might be interested. Will this RP have a Discord Server?

Edit: Note that I might not have the time, though, as my own RP is ramping up its pace right now...
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