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3 hrs ago
Current I still have friends who are loyal to me, and I am loyal to them. They stuck with me when I was acting like an entitled jerk, now is my turn to stick with them.
10 hrs ago
Two steps forward, one step back...
10 days ago
I know who my friends are. They are those who stuck by me when I am being a selfish asshole. I am loyal to my friends.
1 mo ago
I am never going to put an 18+ tag on any RPGuild RP ever again. That sort of stuff has always gotten me into trouble.
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1 mo ago
Decided not to take break after all.
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I would be interested, I actually have an old character from the Star Wars D20 game that was built for this same type of setting. A pirate who's old crew was killed by an empire patrol, She was left for dead but managed to survive long enough in her damaged fighter to get picked up by a scavenger and end up working for the Hutt as a smuggler under the guise of being a courier.

I like the idea; welcome back.
Is there room for a deranged murderer looking to find redemption? If yes I have a character for ya.

RP is dead, but Red Alice is starting a new one...
This RP is dead.
And I formally kill off this RP.
@Letter Bee That has no bearing on why I made the decision I did. Out of respect, I would advise this not be a conversation we have in public if you really wish to have it.

Then I apologize; let's end this talk.
<Snipped quote by Letter Bee>

I see. I will not formally be expressing interest then at this time.

Umm, you can be trusted with a Force-sensitive; I trust you.
Interested. Are force sensitive banned in this? Because I have characters either way.

@mattmanganon They weren't in the previous version. If that's changed though that would be not properly stated in the main post, and would be a deal breaker for sone people.

They're not banned, but certain players cannot be trusted with them and that's all I'll say about that.
Now we need more players!
@Sierra, Yes, Pilots pair to their mechs; the higher the Sync Ratio, the more quickly it happens. And the content is good; I can't object to it.

This RP isn't dead; we're just readying a long collab!
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