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"You hurt more than I do," Ken said. "Your brother loved you enough to make the ultimate sacrifice, but you feel unworthy of it, because from a certain point of view, an unbearably cynical and utilitarian one, he should have survived. That is not my point of view. My point of view is that people can change and do better, it just takes an uphill battle sometimes. He gave you this chance - You can live in a way that honors his memory, his sacrifice."

The words were wrenched out of his heart, of his psyche. Ken didn't know he had those words in him, Ken didn't know that he can express such sentiments. But more words kept on flowing as he said, "Rev, or if I can call you that in private, Mar, I bared what I thought was my heart and soul to Nightman; I told him what I thought were my issues, but were in fact only the very beginning of them."

Looking at both Reverio/Marlan and Chinami, his gaze lingering at the latter's face to see if she was skeptical as the boy continued, "I told Nightman I was afraid of my own arrogance, my own ego, my screwing myself over by acting like a 'Protagonist'. And this was true; I wanted my own throne so badly I lost sight of why. But when Nightman put me to sleep, I remembered my childhood, how my parents endured poverty due to having hidden their identities and the Ame-no-Murakumo to keep it away from the Emperor of that time, and how they went without so that they can feed me.

"I remember my parents finally finding jobs and a measure of money and security, and me growing old enough to see that Rhea is a city where the right to smile, the right to strive and work for one's own and others' happiness, was taken for granted. I remembered the haggard faces and hunger and slaughter present in my home country. But I was afraid of making the necessary sacrifices to make that dream come true - No, Mar, I wanted someone else to make the sacrifices for me; that's how warped I was."

He then finished his little speech, "I wanted to sate my ego and my pride and my desire to be important but lost sight of what I originally envisioned: An Izumo which is more like Rhea, but remains itself. An Izumo where people can smile without fear."


You have friends now, Ken thought to himself. Now the hard part is keeping them as friends, especially when they have obvious romantic tension and look good together.

His parents had finally agreed to drive him to Reverio's apartment complex but told him in no uncertain terms that if the 'Nightman Incident' was repeated again, he was grounded. Either way, he arrived in the apartment room and knocked on the door, saying in a clear, but not loud tone, "It's me, Ken! I presume I was invited in, right?"

He had the feeling that this was more than a social call, that there was emotional baggage from their pasts to bring up and go through before being finally resolved.

Just because you know your true goals does not mean they'd be any easier. If anything, they'd probably bring up how naive and idealistic those goals are and urge me to find something else, those were Ken's private thoughts.

We are advancing this RP through collabs.

Martin knew that unless his plan succeeded, he would be nuking the human connections he had made over the years in the Mercurial Witch. What he had not counted on was the plain and simple chance that his plan would actually fail. He would have panicked more, if not for the fact that Thom had unexpectedly taken his side.

Then 'Uncle Charles' agreed. He actually agreed! Martin's next words were, "Thank you, Uncle Charles - I owe you!" Then to Holly, he said, "Holly, I'm sorry for taking command without your permission - Can I have it now? Also, once I get that DNA test and access to what my family once had, I'll get you something good to eat!"

He then pushed his Gundam to the rendezvous point, his Ahab Thrusters moving comparatively slowly. It didn't matter, especially when he picked up his Man Rodi's Hammer-Chopper and Submachine gun so that his new machine didn't have to fight unarmed; he also picked up a few grenades, just in case.

"All right, people!" he said, "Our objectives are simple, go to a designated zone, where I'll use a frequency to get us the help and repairs we need! Hopefully, we'll be drinking coffee better than what our former Captain has by tonight!"

Assuming that Uncle Charles is going to keep his word. Assuming that he's not sincerely serving those who disinherited my parents and me. And assuming that the Mercurial Witch's pilots don't get through Uncle Charles - Okay, that's ridiculous; Uncle Charles is a badass!

"Fox," Martin said to the pilot in question, "If we do win this, want to learn how to read? Trust me, it's pretty fun with the right books!" Then to Thom and Kurt, "Thom, Kurt, let's be friends for real once we get to safety! I can't come back to Earth after being forcibly implanted with the AV - They'll treat me as not worth anything - So want to start a farm on Mars or a Colony Ship together?"

Assuming Fox has made a decision to side with us. Assuming Thom and Kurt don't hate your guts. Assuming you'd get the family money when Rustal's new regime would have siezed it by now. 'Assume makes an ass of u and me'.

He couldn't help it; for once in his life, he felt unalloyed joy!
Andrew Rivers


His 'feeder' opened the door to his room again, then said, "We've decided to move you to Yuzhny Portveyn, Merc Kid; this city is not safe anymore for the likes of you." Then he mused wryly, "I trust you'll be good?" He then mused wryly, "You might even get what you want there, if your family does something to impress the higher-ups."

Hope shone in Andrew's eyes; was his patience going to be rewarded? Seeing this, however, the other teen gave a dry smile and said, "However, you'll be interrogated and debriefed first; maybe even roughed up if you mouth off. But if you're good and your family doesn't do anything bad like side with what remains of Governor Xiu's thugs, again, you might be able to get what you want."

The dry smile turned into a smirk as the other youth continued, "You know, you had a lot of balls to come here and ask for an alliance without telling your precious Colonel first. He might be offended enough to throw you into a brig for doing that and worrying your father."

Andrew snapped a little, saying, "I was hoping it'd be a done deal." Then he admitted that, "but now it won't be, especially as apparently, some of the Governor's people actually held out."

As the ramifications flooded through him, Andrew began hyperventilating, "I was assuming they'd fall and you'd be the only viable option for allies. I was hoping that there'd be no one else but you guys and that an alliance beetween our groups would be the only viable option and that I'd be honored for helping broker it. Instead I got myself locked up and in trouble and now unless the holdouts don't renew their contract with the Green Knights, I'll be in trouble with both you and them!"

His eyes widened in shock as he said, "You'll either shoot me at the back of the head or the Colonel will."

The boy then sighed and as something inside him broke, he muttered, "I'll never see Mom and Dad ever again... I'll never see Tarak, or Ziska, or Reya, or even Hilda. I've destroyed every bond I valued just for an uncertain gamble." Tears fell from his eyes again as he whispered to himself, "I've failed... I've failed..."

He was interrupted by his 'feeder' coughing, and saying, "That was hilarious, Merc Kid! Now, what are you going to do about it? After all, you're an idiot, but an idiot who knows what a plan is. Are you going to suggest sabotaging the negotiations somehow?"

Andrew's brow furrowed to show that he was giving it due consideration, then he smiled, before he made his response, "We'll be in even more trouble if caught. Take me to Yuzhny Portveyn first, but my rough idea is to somehow make us a more attractive partner to the Green Knights than the holdouts. You have the love of the common people and few people value that nowadays. If we can get arms, ammo, and most importantly, military skill to match that love, we'd prove ourselves a better partner than Governor Xiu or his remaining officials..."

His feeder scoffed at him and interrupted, "You go from 0 to 180 then 0 again in no time flat!" He then presented a blindfold and cuffs and said, "Enough blather; put these on and just thank us for not gagging you - We're going."
Raven Rivers

"I'm joining," Raven said. "I presume that if we succeed, we can get in good with either the Governor's holdouts or the Espian Free People's movement? If so, which of them would be the better ally, or do we have to choose just one of them?"

He then looked at Reya and Hilde, before saying, "I also propose that if we succeed, we assign diplomatic duties to our most diplomatic member, probably one of our nobles due to them commanding more prestige." Turning back towards his Colonel, Raven continued, "I know that planning for the possibility that we might succeed this is incredibly foolish, but your plan is sound - It's up to us to implement it and I have enough faith in everyone else to plan for a likely success."

Then the Pilot offered another idea, "Once or if we prove that we're not a spent force, we should open channels of communication with both the Governor's holdouts and the Espian Free People's Movement and ask which of them could offer us more of anything. I personally vote for the Espian Free People's Movement, but it would allow us more leeway if we're not fixed on a potential new client. This is, of course, assuming we win; on the very small possibility that we do lose, well, we lose and hope for a miracle."

He then looked at everyone else and said, "Speaking of miracles, never discount the possibility the enemy might have something good happen to them out of the blue; fate and luck are fickle. We need to keep some ammunition in reserve for the unexpected as well as be prepared to brawl with our mechs if need be..."
Andrew Rivers


Why can't he get over it?! Why can't he recover from this damned emotional state quickly? Andrew Rivers was not like ordinary teenagers; he was smarter and wiser and was precocious and he was supposed to prove himself early! But instead, he was scared and afraid and sad and depressed! His friends and mother were dead or imprisoned but he can't save them! His father was probably worried about him and probably suffering from night terrors as well! And worst of all, he was still crying and shaking every few hours even when awake!

The door to the room he was confined in opened, and a voice said, "You okay, Merc Kid?"

Another boy, just like him, carrying a breakfast bowl of gruel and a spoon. Nothing much to look at, even if Andrew had the time to even think of other peoples' apperances.

Andrew clawed back his composure, sitting in front of his tear-stained pillow, before giving his response some thought and saying, "No. But you'll probably say that you've lost someone important to you and I should suck up my troubles because you've suffered worse and I've had a cushy life before ending up here, yes?"

The other boy put the bowl and spoon on a small nearby desk before scowling and saying, "Yes, suck it up, Merc Kid; I lost family when the Espian Guards killed them six months ago. You did nothing, though," the emphasis on the word 'nothing' was intended to mock. He then closed the door and continued, "You drove your motorcycle to the city instead of joining your father in running to the mountains. You could have drawn the enemy's eyes to us. And for what? Getting our help when you did nothing for us in the first place?"

Andrew tensed, trying to keep his mind clear, trying to prevent himself from lashing out or breaking down, before breathing in, out, and saying, "And yet they're alive; as you said, they're in the mountains. And most importantly, they still have Mechs; you never said they lost them."

He looked the other boy in the eye and said, "I'm still the best chance you guys have of an alliance between your partisans and the Green Knights. My father - Who is an old friend of The Captain - will give everything to have me back. With Mom either dead or in the enemy's prison, he shouldn't have to worry about me."

"So you say your family won't sell you out," the other boy said. "You say that your family of mercs are going to help us just for you." He then looked straight at Andrew and said, "I don't believe a word of it."

He then opened the door, locked it from the outside, and stormed out, but strangely enough, the revelation that the Green Knights were still alive gave Andrew new hope. The Rebels' trust needed to be gained, an alliance between them and the Green Knights needed to be forged. Then he can rescue his mother and the other civlians held by the enemy and begin the long process of taking this planet away from them and whoever provided their allies, the Crimson Fists, their own Mechs.

All he needed to do was to wait even longer...
The Mithril Paintbrush

A Relic made by Erisse Augusta Narrativia, the Mithril Paintbrush has the power to enhance, as well as replicate, the power known as The World is Your Canvas; the enhancement increases the potency of each use of the enchanted ink by a third of the base power's original strength. However, the Mithril Paintbrush can also change the ink to various 'colors', each with an Elemental Attribute.

Red and Orange - Fire.
Yellow and Green - Earth.
Blue and Indigo - Water.
Violet - Poison.
Grey - Air.
White - Healing Light.

This Relic can be used by anyone, but at reduced potency; they get a duplicate of 'The World is Your Canvas' at only one-third of the power's original strength (Moving ink is more sluggish, buffs are almost irrelevant, and creation takes a heavy toll on your energy), but can still access Elemental Attributes.

Erisse Augusta Narrativia

So you have chosen... Death, Erisse thought in rage at Suzakrua, rage which she hid with a false smile. As the group of young people left to pursue their individual plots and agendas, the 'Fairy Godmother' decided to pay for her food and drink, before literally vanishing into the crowds and into her 'parallel dimension' - She was going to make Michael's 'Relic' now.

To create said Relic, Erisse needed to visualize Michael's hopes and dreams, and goals, tapping into the sincerity behind them. Then, she needed to picture the Relic itself and its planned attributes, and pour the energy of the God of Stories' blessing into it. If she did it right, the magical energies she poured into the image would make said image real in front of her, and it would transform into a Mithril Paintbrush, a powerful tool which would amplify Michael's Gift and add 'Elemental Attributes' to its colors... As well as duplicate said gift for anyone else who used it.

She then wrote a note giving precise instructions on how to use the Mithril Paintbrush, before conjuring up a pair of ordinary glasses as well and a basket of apples. Then Erisse 'plopped' herself back into the mundane world, before following Michael, Mina, and Vera and activating Narrative Role of Familiarity once more to make them more at ease. She then handed over the glasses, paintbrush, and note to Michael, saying, "A gift from your biggest fan."

Then she handed over the basket of apples to Mina, saying, "And here, from your 'Apple Teach', as thanks for fixing up Michael here..."

Andrew Rivers


The plan was simple: Once the Espian Guard declared their intentions, Andrew was going to get a bulletproof vest, comms unit, and a gun plus ammo from the armory, make his way to his motorcycle, and as the enemy focused on the Battlemechs, ride via devious routes and shortcuts to the nearest city, where for a few brief hours, anyone who was out in the streets was a friend by default due to being an enemy of the new regime. Then he was to go around, avoiding patrols and looking for would-be rebels until invited by the latter to join them.

Each stage of the plan just barely succeeded, luck and sheer audacity saving his life until he was gestured to get down from his motorcycle and get into an alleyway by some 'armed workers' in the Industrial District of the city he was in.

Then he was grabbed, blindfolded, and tied to a chair by the 'Partisans' after accepting their invitation to into their safehouse, his weapons and gear stowed away on a nearby desk. Guess the recent planetary garrison was hated that much, after all.

"Why did you come here, merc kid?" a woman's voice, wizened with age, echoed at him. "Haven't your people done enough? Why put us in more danger?"

Andrew answered, "What's important was what my people didn't do, miss. We didn't shoot at your protestors. We didn't burn any houses or damage any property. And above all, we're not on the side of the new regime, considering the fact that they're scapegoating us. And while it paints a target on your back to give me shelter, you're already fighting... Them anyway. Now, I'll be blunt; you'll need Mechs if you're to get your planet back from the 'New People's Democratic Republic' - Our group will have them if they survive but they're going to need everything else."

The old woman was curt, "So you're saying we need each other. How's a child like you going to make a deal?"

Andrew tilted his head slightly, only to find himself pulling on the ropes. Nevertheless, he said, "My father's a Mechwarrior and I have his number on my communicator. If you have an encryption specialist, bring them in - I can open a channel within the day."

He then said confidently, "If this fails, you can take me out back and shoot me behind the head."

Raven Rivers


Katrina, his wife, had been captured. Andrew was probably in the enemy hands as well. Raven cursed himself for not being able to get them out sooner, and had been addled by fear and uncertainty ever since. He could imagine the civilian contingent of the Green Knights being executed, including the children; maybe they'd even execute the kids first to 'send a message'. Andrew would probably spit at them till the end, and they'd shoot him first, or maybe they'd gas him and the smaller children as it'd be 'less painful' -

No, he couldn't allow it to happen, even if it meant betraying the team, even if it meant betraying his friend, the Colonel himself. He knew it was selfish; he knew that other people had their civilians captured as well, that to rescue Katrina and Andrew, he'd be throwing them to the dogs. But he could not allow his wife to die, and his son, his stupid, arrogant son, to end up as corpses. So Raven Rivers got up from where he had been sitting down on his bed and went to pick up his communications unit; if he could sneak into the comms suite, he could prepare to hand the others over to the enemy; sell their lives for his family's.

Thankfully for the Green Knights, the comms suite was guarded, and he had to return to his room to drown in dark thoughts...

Andrew Rivers


The adrenaline had lifted, and Andrew had been given new clothes before being locked up inside a room, his pitch apparently a failure. His gun, his bulletproof vest, his kevlar jacket, and his communicator had been taken away, leaving him alone with himself, a small bed, and time to process what had exactly happened.

He had not moved quickly enough to get to the armory, then the motorcycle, before the fighting started, not just outside the dropships but within them. The Espian Guard, the enemy, was deliberately targeting the Green Knights' civilian contingent and shooting to kill at those who ran, those who would not let themselves be captured, and those who did not surrender promptly enough.

Estrella and Cody were two of his childhood friends who had a similar idea to him but less luck; they had been shot in the head and left to rot on the way to the motorcycle bay. Luna and Adrien were luckier; he only had to see them led away in chains as he crouched behind the motorbikes to free its own from their restraints. And lastly, there was one of the technicians, a young woman only slightly older than him who sacrificed her secrecy to open the bay's doors so that he can escape - What had happened to her?

But the atrocities and the callous disregard for others' suffering didn't stop with his family. As he drove through the streets of the city, he could glimpse men and women being shot at just because they were out in the alleyways at night (children were merely bundled off to prison transports for now). As he continued on while witnessing the purge of the 'Espian Guards' opposition, it all became a blur of fear, threat, and the underlying shadow of brutality.

And now he was a prisoner of the very people the Green Knights needed to ally with; he knew enough to guess that the Colonel won't let all of them die so easily.

Mom, Dad, I need you, were his thoughts as he curled up on the bed, weeping into his pillow. Ziska, Reya, Tarak, Everyone Else, hang in there; I'll try and find a way to help you guys.

He had to do a thing most unnatural for teenagers - Be patient. He had to gain the rebels' trust, he had to get them in contact with the Green Knights, he had to... He had to... He had to grow up.

Wunderkind, my foot, he said to himself. I can't even keep my friends safe or make their death mean anything.

Then another thought, Why can't I hate the people who did this to them? To me? Well, I do hate them, but I just want to stop them, not kill them. Revenge won't bring my friends back... And I just want them back.

You never spent that much time with them, anyway, was one last thought. You wanted to be Ziska's 'student' and the best and the center of attention. So why want them back now, when you threw them away?

The boy sobbed harder in response to that, his bravado forgotten for the time being.
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