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Current Sometimes, it doesn't seem like there's a way out of the abyss. Then it turns out that said abyss is caused by my own bad RPing habits and that all one needs to do is change them. Or try to...
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Yet more stumbling.
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Atonement. Redemption. Those require more than just being punished for what has been done. They require doing good, doing good to make up for the bad that have been done.
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Actually, I should just accept this; the reason I can't attract players is the fact that I can be a drama king, not the 18+ tags I sometimes put. So I should just not blame 18+ tags.
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I've been told that attaching an 18+ tag on an RP was *not* the real source of my troubles with attracting players, so I guess I'll put it up to a vote if I should break my promise not to do so.


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Ashton Andrews and Flame Brooks

Flame had been awake for the past few minutes, but already he was feeling disappointed by himself and yes, his boyfriend. Getting up, he shouted at Ashton, "Ashton! Alistair has developed a clever plan - Now let's help him in it!"

He was subconciously aware that Alistair also shared his feelings of disappointment in him, and a thirst to make up for it burned in his heart as he walked over to where Lord Talus was, then said, "Oi! Evil Spirit! I doubt the Spirit already contracted to Alistair would be happy to hear she has competition - She hates people like you!" Then to Alistair, he said, "Try and summon Oddessa here - It may prove to be the turning point!"

Ashton, having already walked to beside Flame, said to him, "Sandra Fotos is the Artificial Witch of Envy - She isn't part of this throng because she ran away from the High Council Cult but the cultists are still after her! I made sure she still isn't part of this throng - Can you use that fact against these guys, Flame?"

Flame smiled at that, then said to Ashton, "If we aren't still in trouble right now, I could kiss you." Then he turned to the throng of Witches and said, "Hey, you gals want to be free from the High Council and this guy?" He gestured to Talus. "Well, even if you don't, I think I can convince you all that you all should pick Mistress Vertti!"

His grin widened, "First up, you loathe us, right? Me and Ashton? Well, Alistair is our best friend and Chieko is our rival - Or at least my rival. We regularly come in contact with them and get our horridness all over them as well!" A pause. "Not to mention this tiny fact: If they do end up your chosen, we'll just persuade them to do things that Talus and you all won't like. We'll make them fall in love with other people, we'll make them pick practical but boring solutions to the problems they face, we'll do anything to make sure they don't give you a good time if you pick them!"

A chuckle, "Vertti, on the other hand, will continue to face trials and tribulations even in her quest for peace - That is still true. And if you send us back home, with Hiro brought back to life, hopefully, then she'll face those trials and tribulations without help from any of us."

Ashton then picked up from where Flame left off, "Add the fact that your sister is still alive and at large and if she doesn't have her own sinister plans, others will still be gunning for her and Vertti has to keep them from succeeding as well. So that's more entertainment!"

Ashton Andrews and Flame Brooks

As Flame slept, healing, Ashton listened as Lord Talus revealed his plan, and he did not like any of it. He was still too injured to transform back, and he had lost his last weapon. But he would not let this spirit win, he would not let him turn his friends against each other. He looked at Alistair, his mouth opening to ask for healing - And he received it almost instantly, a wash of rejuvenation coursing through him as the boy found the strength to transform once more. This ought to be enough, this ought to give him the strength once more.

"Jiwald," Ashton said as he transformed once more, his hair and eyes white and teal again as his body was clad in a black-and-white costume that acted as mystic armor.

But most important of all were the daggers he held, daggers conjured out of the ether in order to claw and stab at Lord Talus as the boy shouted, "Never again!"

The old him would have tried to get his way using words, to try and mine information out the situation, and indeed there were occassions that called for that. But he'd leave those to Flame now, and Flame was asleep. No, Ashton would take direct action this time, attacking Lord Talus himself before he can say anything, before he can open his mouth to spew more slanted truths.

But that did not mean that he had lost all wisdom, as Ashton planned to throw himself sideways - right or left - should Talus make a gesture to smite him with a spell or curse.

Let Alistair reveal the fact that Sandra Fotos was the Artificial Witch of Envy. Let Flame be the one to make deductions based on that fact and plot the group's next way forward. Ashton knew that someone had to take direct action in this time of uncertainty, someone who had already washed his hands in innocent blood, no matter how he had actually thought it'd be temporary.

He was more expendable than the others. More expendable because he had something to be punished for, while the rest were innocent.

"Never again!" he blurted out as he kept trying to stab Talus.
((Collab Post between Letter Beem BrokenPromise, and FamishedPants))

Before Gris could get too close, Belrigger slammed into him and knocked him off course. The two disappeared down a street. This gave Alistair enough time to throw up an ice shield around Ashton.

"I ascend!"

But the ice shield was melting quickly. Not only because of the fire nova, but because she had a lot of heat flowing around her. But ashton was able to throw his knife at this range, and slice her arm. That was all the distraction Odessa needed.

"I hope this works!"

Using dark magic was always incredibly risky, because some people were just too magically potent to be affected by most of it. Fortunately, Odessa was not an ordinary spirit, and she managed to get Sandra under control. Sandra sunk to her knees and her weapons fell from her hands. The heat and fire around her started to dissipate. It seemed like whatever Odessa was doing, it was working.

”What is the meaning of this?” Sandra said through grit teeth. Alistair, you’re helping a murderer! He’s not like the rest of you, he’s been brainwashed by Od Laguna to attack me on sight. Why else would he be prioritizing me over everything else going on? But there wouldn’t be much time for debate, as Sandra’s body was being swallowed up by the earth.

"Who’s doing that?" Odessa cried.

”That would be me!” Vaux landed in front of Sandra. Her head and arms had been covered in earth, and only her torso was visible. The churning earth had sheared the armor off of her stomach, exposing her white flesh. ”I had my doubts as to if I would be able to subdue the witch myself. She really didn’t want to join all of her sisters, which we rounded up years ago. I had hoped lust would weaken her to the point I could capture her alive, but you fools were able to do that for me! We finally have them all!” With a laugh, the rock Sandra had been pulled into started to take shape. It was a throne that Vaux promptly sat in, where Sandra’s exposed stomach was used to cushion the back of his head. ”Oh now that feels nice!” The throne was raised into the air by the massive golem it rested on top of. ”Now let’s try this: My golem, AND the witch’s fire magic!” The golem roared as fire poured into its body. Magma flowed along the outside of it’s body like blood vessels would inside someone’s arm. The golem was soon encased inside the same protective heat barrier that Sandra was. ”Thank you for reuniting me with my love, gents.”

"I think you’re going to need this." Alistair cast a healing spell on Ashton, restoring him to perfect condition. He could use his perfect self again if he wished.

”And now, you can all perish!” The golem stomped iots way towards Ashton, attempting to burn everyone up in it’s aura of heat and fire.

Transforming into his ideal self, Ashton rolled his way out of the golem’s path, even as he processed the information quickly. Sandra was a Witch, but opposed to the High Council. And now his actions have made things worse by benefiting the latter, and the Cult were one step closer to ascendancy. But thankfully, he had a plan.

“Change of objectives!” He cried out. “Alistair and your Spirit, keep that Golem distracted - I’m rescuing Sandra!”

Ashton didn’t have to announce that last part, in fact, he may have even compromised the new objectives somewhat by alerting Vaux. But he felt that he had to reassure the person whom he had unwittingly betrayed, a person who, though an Artificial Witch, clearly did not want to be a pawn in a truly evil plan.

As Alistair hopefully followed the changed objectives, Ashton used his ideal form’s enhanced abilities to climb up a house and onto the rooftops - When he was on them, he began running and hopping towards Vaux’s position on top of the golem, then leapt high towards the throne the Archbishop sat on, aiming a kick at his smug head, even as his hands and arms were held back to defend against any counterattack, or perhaps even attack in turn.

And there was a counter attack.

Although Alistair and Odessa were able to keep Vaux occupied, He was able to throw up a wall of flame on Ashton’s approach, which the boy was able to dive away from. ”What are you trying to do?” he laughed. ”You must be mad if you think you can kick Vaux Maximilianus, Divagro von Theodoric und Hieronymous when he is commanding so much magical energy!” Several stone pillars coiled around the throne, protecting Vaux from further attacks. ”I could burn you to a crisp before you even get close!”

Alistair cast his stimulate spell on Ashton, which boosted his capabilities even further than his ideal self would normally allow. And it happened just in time, as the dirt under Ashton was starting to turn into smaller golems, reaching out for the boys limbs.

Ashton cut with the enchanted daggers that came with his ideal form, severing the hands and bodies of the smaller golems, before leaping up to the rooftops once more, darting and feinting at Vaux’s position, trying to test his readiness. He’d wait to leap for real, trying to time his next job with Alistair’s next major attack, hoping to get through the pillars and the fire and rescue Sandra.

Vaux did not move from his throne, instead relying on his magic to defend himself. When ashton threw a knife, it would be blocked by a wall of earth. When he attempted to jump in, his flame aura would flare up. He was relatively safe in his current position.

But just because Vaux wasn’t moving didn’t mean the giant golem he was riding wasn’t. It took large, monotonous steps towards the wall of the city. A man would never get anywhere moving like that. But the massive golem could clear several city blocks with a single step. He had what he came for, and there was no reason to stick around.

Thanks to the ‘stimulate’ spell, Ashton was able to keep up with the giant golem, feinting with fake jumps, throwing the occasional dagger, but not making any headway. With every step the golem took, the boy’s chances of redemption faded away, even as he found himself without options. Or did he?

Shouting at Vaux, Ashton revealed his trump card, “Hey! Cultist! Wanna know a secret?! I and my group of ‘foreigners’ come from -”

The unnatural fear washed over Ashton, but the young man powered through it as he continued to speak to Vaux, hoping that the chaos of the battle was such that no one else overheard, “I and my band of foreigners come from another world, thanks to the Artificial Witches! And the Witches’ powers allow us to reset the timeline when a specific one of us dies!”

”And what of it?” The entire golem turned around to face Ashton. ”You know what? I think you might be just as mad as I am. That’s the only way you could possibly spill your secrets like that, or believe them!” He cackled. ”I wonder if you know his name too? I can’t say it, but you know who I’m talking about right? Oh yes, you must be mad if you know about him.” He folded his hands together. ”I’m not sure what the point of your secret was, but I think that someone like yourself should come with me!” And so he swung his hand, and Ashton’s body was pulled to Vaux’s side, within the heat aura.

”Jiwald!” Ashton shouts, trying to enchant his body to withstand the heat aura, he was prepared to strike Vaux with his daggers, hoping to kill the Cultist. If he was injured by the heat aura enough to revert him to his normal form, but was still conscious, he’d try and use what knowledge of unarmed combat he received from Bellrigger to punch Vaux’s lights out and strangle him to death. And if he was knocked unconscious by the heat aura, which was always a possibility, Ashton hoped that he’d be imprisoned with Sandra Fotos - He was not good at planning escapes otherwise. In fact, it was a blind spot.

But it wouldn’t come to that.

Ashton’s aura was able to hold out just enough to get him close and stab Vaux in the chest. He screamed and fell backwards off of the golem, and the fires seemed to die down instantly. But while Ashton was able to resist the flames for a time, it caused enough damage to make him revert to his normal self. But he would not be harmed further by the flames. The stone around Sandra broke away, and her unconscious body came tumbling out. But it wasn’t just Vaux’s throne that was collapsing, the rest of the golem would fall too. Ashton needed to get down safely, and without the help of his ideal self.

Ashton quickly grabbed Sandra’s falling body with his right arm as he said, “One... More… Jiwald!!”

This last buff gave him more strength as he carried the ‘Artificial Witch’ bridal-style, trying to do one rooftop-hop with only Belrigger’s training, his own relatively-fit body, and the strength of his remaining magic - The latter was still further enhanced by Alistair’s ‘stimulate’ spell.

If he landed on a slate roof, if he managed to not fall, if he managed to successfully rescue Sandra even with her additional weight, Ashton would lay Sandra down to rest, mumbling, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”

Ashton had cleared the obstacle, just in time to watch the golum collapse to the ground behind himself. The lower half of Vaux’s body was trapped under the rubble, and Alistair and Odessa appeared to be approaching him. But the sound of a thick leather boot stomping the ground caused Ashton to turn around. Gris was standing before him. His arms were folded, but his sword was no longer drawn.

Ashton said to Gris, “Why… Aren’t you executing me right now?”

He then looked around to check on Sandra’s unconscious form, instinctively trying to see if she was all right. If she was, he’d turn to Gris once more, undefeated but utterly exhausted, and try to stand up on the slate roof.

“If you still must insist on killing me,” he said as he curled his fists, “Let me face it standing up, as I said before.”

Gris stepped past Ashton and picked up Sandra. ”Boy, let me just be square with you.” He had Sandra over his shoulder. ”I have no idea what is up with you or any of your friends. You teleport all over the place, trouble seems to follow you wherever you go, I just, I can’t..” He sighed before stepping away from Ashton. ”I knew flame was seeing you. I’m a little burnt that he would do something like that, but it’s clear people look up to you and trust you. Even that young man down there. Alistair was it?” He pointed at him. He seemed to be watching Vaux struggle to break free, but if the giant ice spear was anything to go by, he planned on ending him. ”There is no me and you anymore. But it’s clear that trouble has a tendency to follow you wherever you go.” He started to walk away. ”Let’s regroup with your friends at Vertti’s mansion. Once you do that, I want you all to leave. I don’t ever want to see your lot around here again.”

Ashton couldn’t help but chuckle as he said, carrying Sandra bridal-style once more, “To be honest, I’m sure many of us would like to return home and never think of Lugnica again once this is over - Let’s go.”

He then follows Gris.
I'm really sorry, but it seems I'm not as interested as I thought. Again, I'm really sorry about this.
The Twilight Reach: A Space Opera/Space Western Game

I. Intro

II. Alien Species

III. Notable Planets and Places of the Sector

IV. Tech Level

V. Rules

VI. Character Sheet Skeleton

Draknoz mo Rarahl - Yunkai

Yunkai was burning.

It was not intended to burn forever, just for enough time for the lesson King Grazdan the Chainbringer wanted to inflict to be marked into the population's collective heart. The Wise Masters of Yunkai needed to be decimated, with the remainder cowed into compliance. Thus, the palaces and mansions of the city were being ransacked of everything of value, although those who were already slaves were treated as well as possible - General Draknoz mo Rarahl reserved his ire for those who had the freedom to reject the unification of the Ghiscari and did so out of greed and true cowardice.

Despite this exposing him to charges of greed, Draknoz led the charge against the treasury building of Yunkai, hoping to secure the accumulated profits of the Wise Masters for New Ghis and take charge of its distribution to the troops. Scattering the bands of soldiers - Slaves commanded by highborn officers - Draknoz and his personal guard entered the golden chambers, where more slaves - who bore torches - were piling kindling among the gold in preparation for its destruction.

"Halt!" the General's voice boomed out, "Any slave who puts out their torches will be freed at once! Anyone who tries to resist will stay a slave!"

No one tried to resist.

Four Hours Later

The Sack of Yunkai began in earnest, with all the blood and atrocity that accompanied such an action. The highborn aristocracy of the city, and those members of the 'Wise Masters' that weren't worthy of either death or freedom, would be stripped of their tokars and shaved of their elaborate hairstyles, in order to mark that they were no longer masters or nobles, but slaves as low as their former chattel - This was to be sealed by parading them naked around the city that was once theirs. Draknoz licked his lips - Perhaps he'd keep a few highborn youths and ladies for himself. That would be pleasurable, to teach them how to serve instead of being served.

But the next few days would bring the moment of truth - Astapor's spies were already sensing that the Iron Legions of New Ghis were here to stay, and so the next moves in the game of conquest needed to be played. What treasure remained had to be gathered and loaded into the fleet, where the Admiral, Princess Resherri, was waiting to transport it to Astapor itself. Once that happened, the ball will be in her court. Well, hers' and the Pro-Unification Party in Astapor, which would be emboldened by the sack and conquest of Yunkai.

Draknoz hoped they can play their parts well - This next stage was more delicate...

Princess Reshem mo Grazdan

Princess Reshem loved fighting, and her father had realized this potential early on. Not for her were the joys and toil of motherhood and marriage, but the advancement of New Ghis and its dream of a Reborn Ghsicari Empire. As the treasure was loaded into the ships of the Ghiscari Fleet, escorted by Unsullied guards already bought from Astapor, she made sure General Draknoz's accounts were correct - She needed as much gold and other treasures as she can, including the newly-enslaved members of the highborn of Yunkai, many of them taken from Astapor's most vemehent enemies.

She hoped that this would prove a gift that can open many doors...
Mikhail Chekhov

It only took one lecture from Ashcroft before Mikhail was on the verge of emotional collapse once more. Mis-educated... Unreliable... A powderkeg who is one step away from Juvenile Detention - What does that bastard think he is?!

Mikhail did not like that, being held powerless by an adult in authority who had a talent for tearing into what was left of vulnerable people's composure and self-worth. What a smug prick! he thought, And the veiled references to the losses of the Russian people and their supposed 'backwardness' were something he knew I'd get! Driven into a mixture of anger and despair at this, Mikhail was not paying attention.

And so when he crashed into yet another student, possibly sending the both of them tumbling down on the floor, the Russian lost his patience. Snarling at Alistair's prone form, he got up and readied a punch, his right fist speeding full-force towards the young man's nose -

Only to stop once Mikhail got a good look at the (presumably) distressed guy's face. Mikhail's first thoughts were, Wow, he's sorta cute. Still frowning, shifting his stance to stand up once more, Mikhail offers his hand out to help Alistair up, saying, "Oi, babyface, I nearly socked you for a moment for bumping into me, so watch where you're going!"

He gave the other young man a glance, a thorough scan of that face and eyes, and concluded, There's something on his mind. So if Alistair accepted the hand-up, Mikhail would ask less rudely than before, "Why weren't you paying attention anyway? Something weighing down your mind?"

If Alistair didn't accept the hand-up and chose to get back up by himself, Mikhail will decide to phrase it more rudely and say, "What was bugging you so much that you had to bump into innocent students in the halls, anyway?!" Note that again, this was only if Mikhail didn't accept the hand-up. Either way, Mikhail would continue.

"Anyway, my name is Mikhail. Mikhail Chekhov. If you want to make it up to me, go buy me some... Pie. Not Rubharb, that sh - stuff is gross."

I might be interested.
Draknoz mo Rarahl - Just Outside Yunkai

The bombardment had gone on for days, with no sign of stopping, but Yunkai's walls were proving equal to the challenge - More drastic measures had to be used. General Draknoz mo Rarahl, now in full armor and standing inside the largest siege tower the Iron Legions had yet built, was even more glad his forces had siezed the birchwood to the south to build more siege towers like the one he was in. But he was even more glad that New Ghis' Fleet and one more Legion had arrived, smashing Yunkai's weaker flotilla and blockading the city. Now the noose can be tightened and the city assaulted.

Draknoz ordered the unfurling of a great banner from the top of the siege tower - That was the signal for the four other siege towers situated all around Yunkai's walls to move in tandem along with it, dragged by frightened and broken slaves. Moving alongside said siege towers were 'tortoises', large frames of wood and hardened leather covered in mud for fireproofing, whose purpose was to shelter a number of troops and slaves below them so they can undermine Yunkai's already-battered walls. But this was all futile without the fleet and the Legion on it threatening the city with starvation and occupying the attention of many of its troops.

Arrows and stones began to hit the siege tower, but the engineering of the structure/vehicle was good enough to withstand such tiny hits, while the hardened leather, covered in mud, was able to withstand mudnane fire. And spies from within the city had already sent word to him that there were no contacts between the Wise Masters and the Alchemists' Guild as of yet, so Wildfire was not one of their options.

The General would have opened his mouth to give a rousing speech to his men, but one of the reasons he had not been promoted for a long time was because he just was not good at giving rousing speeches, which were valued in New Ghis' martial society.

But the King valued him as well, valued him enough to overlook that. And so he waited for the siege tower to reach Yunkai's walls, even as the rain of crossbow bolts and slingstones intensified, with a few going through the siege towers' portholes to injure a few of his men. Roused to anger by thiss, Draknoz mo Rarahl finally found his voice and said to his men, "We'll make them pay for every bolt in their blood! They refused to surrender when it was time, their city burns soon afterward!"

The men of the Iron Legions gave a loud 'Hurrah!', finally seeing some spirit in their commanding officer. Draknoz smirked, glad that he had stopped being boring just for this second.

And with that, the siege towers finally landed their platforms, allowing him and the Iron Legions' fiercest swordsmen to charge, scattering the ranks of slave-soldiers as they cut through the ranks of weak men like butter, causing them to flee the walls, a few even jumping off rather than face an actual soldier in battle. The highborn Yunkai officers commanding the soldiers threw down their weapons in surrender, further confirming their reputation for cowardice. Draknoz smiled at that - More confirmation that these men were more fit to be slaves than 'True' Ghiscari.

With rare bloodthirst in his voice, he roared.
@6slyboy6, I'd vote Battle for the Maw, actually.
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