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Current My RP has lasted for 11 months now.
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Things are good right now.
28 days ago
30 days letting my existing OCs grow on their own without being self-inserts. They're still anime males, though.
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My RP on RPGuild has lasted 10 months now and is still going strong.
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It seems my current RPs in RPGuild are doing well.


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Mission Two: Siege of Mischief Reef

Municipality of Lingayen - 10/11/2022, 18:57 UTC+8

At the reports of a flying ship aiding the Chinese, Myron would begin to speak, "The flying ship is a Noble Arm controlled by one Mei Yuanyuan, a member of the Disablers who awakened after a hunt by the Paragons of Science and the Seven Virtues. Most dangerously, she still believes in their ideology, that Noble Arms is a dangerous, unnatural power and those who hold them are 'monsters'. It's just that she's embraced that role, believes that the world is as good as dead now that Noble Arms are more common than ever, and is just enjoying life however she wants - Even if it means befriending other Arms Masters from the 'other side' - while waiting for the apocalypse."

He then continued, "Make no mistake, she is still very dangerous, especially when riled, and there is reason to believe that she is partnered with another Arms Master, Doctor Denial, who is called that because he denies that he has a Noble Arm despite carrying a syringe that can produce serums that regenerate, strengthen, cure poison and disease, and also act as neurotoxins. There is also reason to believe that they might have other Arms Masters with them, not just former Disablers but also members of the Hammer of Masters and their 'Malikate'; the Chinese had a bunch of them in prison but are now unleashing them on us..."

BRP Ramon Alcaraz - 10/11/2022, 19:00 UTC+8

The moon was shining, and Noel thus had access to La Luna's Power of Enchantment, which stored temporary duplicates of every Noble Arm power he had seen used, all except those themed after the power of The Sun. Lifting his scythe, he went through his memories, and from the ground emerged a chess piece shaped like a Queen in royal robes and a tiara.

One of Regil's 'Chess Pieces' that had proven to be a true asset in the Battle of Lingayen Gulf, The Queen was able to boost the power of all Arms Masters on the deck she sat on to a vague, but strong extent, as well as fire energy beams and shots at the enemy from long range. Of course, Noel can only use this once, but it seemed a good way to show that though 'incompetent' (he can guess others' thoughts about his admittedly dismal performance), he was by no means ignorable.

He was still pissed off at himself and at others for how poorly Myron's introduction had gone, but in hindsight, he had been spending people's respect for him like water anyway. Noel wanted to win back their goodwill or at least neutrality, but not in a way that would cause the group to fail current or future missions. And by that, he was going to be cautious about how he worked to regain the others' trust.

As Nil found her Noble Arm's power boosted, the (imitation) Queen began providing additional fire support from the deck, firing laser beams from her eyes and her scepter and her left hand, firing lasers at the sky to shoot down enemy aircraft while luring enemy forces with an obvious target. Now to wait for the enemy to take the bait with jaws of steel, and still be lacking.

In the meantime, he sent a message to Callie, saying, "Once we've all organized, send us to the nearest PLA Corvette!"

PLA 'Foreign Volunteers' Division - 10/11/2022, 19:00 UTC+8

That bullet hurt, but Sohrab and Dr. Denial managed to get themselves and the members of the Volunteers' Division below deck as that witch Qingshe launched pepper bombs at her ship after bombarding its hull with regular artillery. Such power repulsed Mei Yuanyuan, enough for her to push on despite her head wound. Her Sloop-of-War kept firing magically-propelled cannon shots from both sides as it pushed forward, its frame shaking as it dipped in the air, reaching ramming speed as it hurtled towards the ship Qingshe was guarding; that Snake was about to find herself drowned soon unless she pulled something out from that shadow of hers'!

@SkyHresvelg@Aisede@Lewascan2@Sniblet@Conscripts@Gerlando@Creative Chaos@Nimbus@KaiserElectric@Landaus Five-One@QJT

The Fastest Gun in Uvera

Ken's shield had faded and he dropped down to the ground, but he was having fun, and turning to Takemura again, he grinned and said to the Oni, "Well, it seems our Sand King has joined the fight. Let's follow his advice; he seems like a chill guy as much as a slaving warlord can be chilll."

And with that, he began shooting once more at the Mysterious Electro User, trying to take out the latter's knees and shins, hoping against hope that the Sand King's earth arrows distracted the man from his own shots. At the same time, Takemura began tossing what seemed to be fireballs at the foe, even as Ken himself almost tripped over yet another half-eaten fruit which he tossed at the Mysterious Electro User - If that wasn't electrified, it would explode into yet another spray of sleeping gas.

Either way, he was hoping for a quick victory against whoever this intruder was; he might even thank him for accelerating his plans and allowing this battle to be somewhat entertaining to him as well due to how - And this was purely his thoughts - Freedom was around the corner.

@Renose@Sho Minazuki
I don't have the time, but wishing this luck.
@Cymbeline90 Accepted, I like the background and mystery relating to his mother.

Only note will be that the Kings are no longer as powerful as they were in FNV.

Have time to talk now, btw?

Including on Discord?
@Cymbeline90, I love it; one of my guys' parents is a Follower, btw. She visits him from time to time to bring homemade food.

Not able to join, but I want to show my support for this RP.
Not able to join, but I want to show you my support; this is a good premise.
@Zapdos, Apologies, but I don't think I'll be able to join for the time being unless one of my existing RPs goes inactive; sorry about this, but I hope I can still lurk?
Subscribed, despite the problems with my schedule.
@Letter Bee I could work with you to create a good place for your character to join, but it likely wouldn't be until after everyone escapes. Or your character could be a prisoner that overhears the plot to escape and wants to join. It would depend on what your schedule ends up being like, I suppose.

That's fair, Zapdos. Here's hoping my schedule clears up, then.
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