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Current Sometimes, it doesn't seem like there's a way out of the abyss. Then it turns out that said abyss is caused by my own bad RPing habits and that all one needs to do is change them. Or try to...
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Yet more stumbling.
6 mos ago
Atonement. Redemption. Those require more than just being punished for what has been done. They require doing good, doing good to make up for the bad that have been done.
6 mos ago
Actually, I should just accept this; the reason I can't attract players is the fact that I can be a drama king, not the 18+ tags I sometimes put. So I should just not blame 18+ tags.
6 mos ago
I've been told that attaching an 18+ tag on an RP was *not* the real source of my troubles with attracting players, so I guess I'll put it up to a vote if I should break my promise not to do so.


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@Chi, @Smike, @MagusDream:

Chi, Magus, if you two don't post, I might assume that there's no interest left in Noble Arms and I should just end it.
@Letter Bee sure!

my character is more anti-hero than hero. she'll be the hero if she needs to be, but only if it's in her self-interests. her main thing is getting revenge on Karl Maximillian.

That will need to be dealt with in time.
Eyo, a post.

Sorry for the slight delay, was super busy but hopefully I got everything right~

You did.
@Letter Bee right, i'll edit that in. i got it wrong. i thought he spoke when he did not, and did not think he spoke when he did. i am a great RPer don't worry everything is under control

edit: and yes they will. i'm not sure how much freedom this RP has but Jehenne is not going to be a very nice person. but step one is getting freedom

Step one might come sooner than one thinks, depending on the plot. As for plot/player freedom, participation in the 'Main Party' comes with less freedom but more plot importance - A fair trade, if I may say.
@Zoey White, No reaction to Rote's outburst, even if it's just skepticism?

Edit: Also, I can tell that Rote and Jehenne are going to have very differing goals...
@Double@Gentlemanvaultboy@Ryteb Pymeroce@ShadowVentus@Nerevarine@Shoddy McCoy:

By the way, Lucy 'Lucille' Bolt looks just like Winry from Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood - Look her up!
Gummi Ship Renovation's Might, Renovation

"I'm glad you're not offended," said Tocsax to Astus. "And as for the state of the Multiverse, sure."

He then opened a portal to where the Keyhole was, close to the volcano of Mount Etna, Sicily. Going through the Corridor of Darkness, Tocsax would chant a small, "Mass Protectga," to protect both him and Astus from what awaited beyond - Which was a group of two dozen soldiers in Power Armor, holding out strange weapons of polished metal that Tocsax would reveal to be, "Laser and Plasma Rifles, how droll if you think that'd affect me. By the way, I have a new friend," he gestured to Astus, "Who can detect the various soldiers in Chinese Stealth Suits that you no doubt plan to use to get behind me..."

London, England, Extended World War II

"My name is Judah ben Isaac," said the trenchcoated young man. "And if any of you sterotype me as a greedy miser because of my race and because I do need the Munny from Heartless to take care of myself and other poor people in the city, you will all suffer. As for 'helping' me against the Heartless, I will only allow that if you give me all Munny you earn from fighting with them or other foes."

He draws back his Keyblade but does not dispel it until he notices Vic's presence, after which he makes it vanish. Then, without a care in the world, he goes to the fourteen-year old and pats him on the head.

"Hey, kid, you these guy's apprentice?" His mood was shifting now, Vic can feel it. A few more moments and Judah's mood became friendlier as he looked at Agni and said, "All right, I trust you four now - Provisionally." Gesturing to a mechanic's shop a few feet behind him, he says, "That place is where I live - I provide security services to Lucille 'Lucy' Bolt, a person whom the Moogles Keep calling her a 'Princess of Heart' but I don't know why. I mean, she's kind even to Jews like me but she's not exactly high-class if you know what I mean..."

Judah leads them into the shop, where a young blonde woman, barely eighteen, was just repairing an Army truck. He then called out unless interrupted, "Hey, Lucy! We've got visitors!"

Berlin, Germany, Extended World War II

Berlin was most obviously not a city of metal shacks, but it was empty nonetheless except for Heartless and Nazis. The concrete buildings were filled with silence, with even rats, cockroaches, and other vermin completely gone from the area. As the Gummi Shuttle hovered over it, hopefully hidden in the clouds, all three Keyblade wielders would see anti-aircraft guns and patrols of flying Heartless - Air Soldiers, mostly. But it seemed they were not noticed yet - None of them had drawn their Keyblades, after all...

@Double@Gentlemanvaultboy@Ryteb Pymeroce@ShadowVentus@Nerevarine@Shoddy McCoy
@Zoey White, Your turn, btw?

Not that there's any turn order, just that this might be a good time for you to post...

IC: N/A yet.


In the year 2135, Earth, and by extension its colony's in the solar system, fall due to massive climate change, resource shortages, and nuclear war. All seems to be at an end for humanity. For all intents and purposes, it appears that the reign of humans has come to a close. However, despite the collapse of our home world and our fledgling interplanetary empire, we as a species were saved by an enigmatic, powerful, and mysterious alien race. Calling themselves the Shvii Hegemony, the humans saved by them learned quickly that we were not alone in the galaxy. Far from it in fact, we were just one of many, most of which lived and worked under the Hegemony. The Shvii helped the rescued humans get back on their feet, proving them with the resources and technologies required for them to become an equal player in the Hegemony, just another addition to the mass of intelligent species who made it up.

However, as the newest and least experienced race to be uplifted, as well as for our violent history as a species, Humans were looked down upon. It didn't help that humans began to find their place in this new society as mercenary's and fighters, eventually becoming the go to when there was a morally ambiguous problem that had to be eliminated. Many other species began to view humans as simultaneously a threat to the galactic power structure and dirty bottom feeders, surviving by doing the dirty work for cash.

For 800 years this was the state of things, with the aliens we had met attempting to halt the rise in human influence, and humans taking it wherever they could. For saving our species however, the Shvii were treated as almost gods, and humans were as a result beholden to them in many ways. But that is not to say that there was no push back. A large portion of humanity resented the amount of Shvii influence in human affairs, believing that they were using us to fight there wars for them, and manipulating our way of life to their advantage.

Then one day, in the year 876 in the Post Terran Era, when a young student at a university discovered a book. It was paper, something that was more of a status symbol than the norm, and was clearly very old, which was just what he was looking for as he was studying old earth cultures. The book was Moby Dick, and inside was the handwritten message, "find the Pequod, find home," and a series of star coordinates. Believing that he was on the verge of a major find in the study of Old Earth, the young man tried to get a grant from his university to find what was on the other end of those coordinates, and when he couldn't get one, he organised an expedition of his own. But once they were there, they discovered that there was a lot more at play in those star coordinates and that cryptic message than there appeared to be.

This RP will follow that expedition, with the RPers taking on the roles of various scientists, mercenary's, pilots and so on who are duped into helping on this adventure. Eventually they will discover a series of conspiracy's and cover ups perpetrated by the Shvii concerning humanity, how we came to be, the location of Old Earth, and the true nature of why so much space has gone unexplored.


Hello, and welcome to And All The Stars Fell to Thee. This is a personal project Ive been working on for a few months now, and ive been really looking forward to trying it out as an RP. The basic premise is as the THE STORY section details. Humans have survived the end of the earth because we were saved by a seemingly friendly alien race called the Shvii, who help us get back on our feet and begin operating as a part of the interstellar community called the Shvii Hegemony, which as the name suggests, is a society where the Shvii reign on top and are treated as almost godlike by the races below them.

Humans in this new environment form a society that operates as a confederacy, with many separate Houses, Guilds, Corporations and Country's that make it up and have agreed to work together, but who all have a significant degree of autonomy from one another. In practice, it works similarly to the UN, but interstellar, and any faction of group of factions can choose to leave whenever they please. There are many different environs present in this society, and culture can shift greatly depending on where you are, from the greatly lawless and dangerous Outer Systems, to the bureaucratic and political Core Systems, and even beyond human space in other areas of the Hegemony. There is the Central Station, where member races gather to discuss affairs, trade and communicate, and the territory's, both claimed and unclaimed, of many other factions and species and governments.

The characters will be initially regulated to being just scientists, navigators, and mercenary's hired for the initial expedition, but as the story progresses and more NPC characters and events are introduced, different character roles will be introduced for the players to have, depending on the NPC's and cultures we pass through.

So, sit back, relax, grab some snacks, and strap yourselves in for a wild ride of conspiracy, crime, adventure, and most importantly, the study of Old Earth Cultures.
[b][u]Character App[/u][/b]
(Do not alter the app, beyond removing things in parenthesis, please)
[b]Personality:[/b](Give a brief description, can be divided into likes and dislikes, or a more in depth description. Whichever you prefer.)
[b]Occupation/Position to be filled:[/b] (What is your characters role or position on the expedition. What can they offer?)
[b]Skills/Abilities:[/b] (What skills do they have, are there any naturally abilities they were gifted with, are they psionic? etc. Skills would be something like, easy to talk to, skilled with repairs, Abilities would be things that are natural to who they are, such as strengths, intelligence or so on.)
[b]Equipment:[/b] (List any weapons or such they carry on themselves, mostly this is for any soldiers or such.)
[b]History:[/b] (at least 3 paragraphs, 5 sentences each please. Pretend like your in 6th grade again.)
[b]RP Sample:[/b] (Link to the specific post is preferred, but if you cant just writing an example for your character in this RP will be acceptable.)

(These are not required for you to fill out, but are things that I like to think about for my characters because I feel it helps me flesh them out.)
[b]Worst Thing Ever Done:[/b]
[b]Best Thing Ever Done:[/b]
[b]What Do They Care About:[/b]
[b]Greatest Fear:[/b]
[b]A Dark Secret They Have:[/b]
[b]Them Song, Of Course:[/b]
[b][u]Dont delete this #THESTARSFELLTOTHE[/u][/b]


1. The most obvious of all, no metagaming, godmodding, etc.
2. OP's word is law. My Co-OP's are the enforcers. Im choosing to operate on a 3 strike system, as in 3 strikes and you are out. Some leeway can be given if you give me a good enough argument.
3. Im going to set a max on 4 characters for each player.
4. If its in the OC, don't be an asshole. Arguments and disagreements are acceptable, but keep them civil and respectful.
5. Please try and make your characters fleshed out. I can help with this if you ask, but otherwise its on you do the work for yourself.
6. No one liners. If you are posting, try and make it 5 sentences at least, and preferably more. If its dialogue I will look the other way, but otherwise try and make your posts a bit meatier.
7. Unless your character is picked up on a joint colony world or a space station, they should be human. After all, at its core this RP is about humans leaning the true fate of humanity.
8. Speaking of other races, if you have an idea for characters from another race, you must fill out the Alien Race App before you can post anything about said character.
9. Ive already said so on the app itself, but please do not alter the app in any way. If you feel like it could help in some way, please ask me first.

OP -
Co-OP -
Let me know if I've confused anything also, tried to keep it short but may have missed important details.

I love your post!
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