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5 days ago
Current Oh, fair warning: I will be without laptop access from December 13 (December 12 EST) to December 20 (December 19 EST). Sorry for the inconvinence!
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24 days ago
I now have 5 or so RPs on Roleplayer Guild, but I'm not burning out...
2 mos ago
Oh, my bad; I meant that my RP has gotten to its *fourth* IC page during its third month...
2 mos ago
My RP has gotten to its third IC page before its third month has ended!
4 mos ago
My new RP has gotten to its third IC page!


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@Tortoise, things ramped up on my end; I might not have the time for this, sorry.
@SkyHresvelg@The World@Chiro@Aisede@MagusDream@Sniblet@Conscripts@Gerlando@Senhara@Creative Chaos@Nimbus@SirStriker@The Man Emperor@KaiserElectric:

@Lewascan2 has given up his GM position due to wanting to focus on some other stuff but will be staying with us as a player.
<Snipped quote by Katakuri>

I vote that Cricket rides an actual cricket.

But to answer your question: you don't need to fill out a sheet or anything to give your character a mount. You can just say, IC, that your dudette is riding on one. Most of the writing and worldbuilding here will be done IC- I'm not the type of GM to make you fill out sheets for everything you wanna do. You can just give her a mount.

Roter probably has a horse or is hitchhiking on one of the caravan's wagons.
<Snipped quote by Letter Bee>

That a non-negligible number of people in Egypt were cutting off their hands, fingers, or blinding themselves by dripping rat poison into their eyes to escape enlistment in Muhammad Ali's army or corvee work system, or emigrating from the country all together, and that by and large you control the lands that Muhammad Ali controls now, who would be inhabited by people not at all happy with the fact that now all their shit can be confiscated as the centralized property of the state, his state.

I like it, especially the latter part. So basically, another rumbling of popular discontent like in the Palestinian Revolt.
<Snipped quote by Letter Bee>

Bee, you're god modding with posts like the one you keep trying to put out.

Yeah, it's unintentional; I didn't mean anything ill.

Hmm, want to help me brainstorm ideas for what I can write about instead?
<Snipped quote by Letter Bee>

You again prove you did not read it, or read it very well. Neither did you understand it, if you did.

The French are planning to grow cotton elsewhere as a long-term solution; I got that. I just thought they'd buy from Egypt in the short-to-medium term (which granted, might have been wishful thinking on my part).

Edit: That said, my thought processes have been getting erratic (again) lately. Sorry for the inconvinience.
<Snipped quote by Letter Bee>

1) you didn't actually read it

2) no, he would have to be an agent of the state. The regime of Muhammad Ali wouldn't have the power it has without forcing people to do shit for it.

1.) Sorry; let me do so right now.

2.) I'll delete what I posted.

3.) Read it. So the French will only buy cotton from Egypt if Egypt lowers its rates to below what the English give?
@Letter Bee

Bee, under which circumstance do you think France is buying Egyptian cotton.

And secondly, under which circumstance would a private merchant be operating in Egypt when the Egyptian state acts as the sole purchaser and seller of all goods in the Egyptian realm, as it is also the sole land-owner of all Egypt.

1.) For the War with Russia, with Egypt selling for lower prices but at greater bulk.

2.) Oh, my god; I forgot about that. Damn myself. Perhaps he could have been allowed to lease out the land from the state? Or I can retcon him into being a state official?
-Deleted for story and factual inaccuracies-
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