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I know we're all going through a lockdown rn, but some of you have too much damn time to spend posting nothing but nonsense on here 🙄
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It's probably bad that my go-to response to most things nowadays is just: oof
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@AlternateMan That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Sharknado?


Yo, I'm Kalas!

I haven't edited this since I joined the site, so I guess now's a better time to do so than any other.

I don't really have much to say other than that I've been Roleplaying for over a decade now - just like the rest of you, I'm sure. I started out on an old forum called DeletionQuality, which was a site dedicated to the Castle Series (Flash Animations). Since then I've been a part of various RPs of all kinds but I do tend to stick to certain genres nowadays. I've recently returned from a hiatus which lasted about a year and whilst I am excited to start RPing again, I'm not planning to jump into the deep end and join too many at once. So please bare with me whilst I dip my toes back into these familiar waters.


Current Roleplays:

- None

Preferred Genres:

Sci-Fi: Fantasy: Anime: Other:
- Cyberpunk - Magical School - Naruto - Halo
- Space Opera - Superheroes/Villains - Bleach - WH40K
- Post-Apocalypse - Dungeons & Dragons - Sword Art Online
- Steampunk - Legend of the Five Rings - My Hero Academia
- Mecha - Gods & Deities
- Virtual Reality

Original Roleplays:

Here are some Roleplay Ideas that I have attempted to run in the past but which ultimately failed because I'm a trash GM. If any one of these ideas interest you i.e. You'd like to assist me in running one or you'd fancy trying to run a game yourself, please do not hesitate to contact me first. I don't mind you taking inspiration but don't blatantly rip my shit off. P.S. I have several old threads archived, as well as PMs to myself, in order to stake my claim to these Roleplay ideas.

NovaStar Game Studios Presents: Arcade All-Stars - Virtual Reality, Esports, Team-based, Small.

NovaStar Studios Presents: HeroTV - Superhero, Superpowers, Slice of Life, Comedy, Medium-Large.

Ocean Horizon: The Shardseeker Chronicles - Steam/Clockpunk, Minor Powers, Sky Pirates, Monsters, Medium.

Guildfall: City Under Siege - Post-Apocalypse, Horror-esque, Minor Powers, Missions/Quests, Large.

The End of Our Days - Post-Apocalypse, Military, Horror-esque, Missions/Quests, Large.

~01 Mar 2020

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@ProPro@Juro I was wondering about this myself, which is why I've hinted at Fletcher being the crew's Weaponsmith in his Abilities Section.
Still a WIP, but I just wanted to post what I had up until now. :D

@Juro Well that's excellent news! And I definitely wouldn't be opposed to you reserving/banning the somewhat overpowered DF's such as the Ope Ope, Ito Ito & Mochi Mochi for example, which are probably the 3 most broken ones.
Hell yeah, I'm down.

What's the deal going to be with Devil Fruits?
I kinda already have an idea for a character that's based off of Mr. 5, just with dual Gunblade Revolvers and practically zero nose-picking. xD
This isn't exactly a government function so i don't see why transparency is needed for the setup of a roleplay

Maybe to, I dunno, garner some interest?

It's all well and good telling people what setting you're proposing but if there's no exposition for the main reason of you being in said setting, what else is there to draw people in?

Another thing to consider is that VRMMO RPs have been done several times before on this site, so a bog-standard VRMMO RP might not cut it for some people. Maybe giving some details on what you have planned for your setting will entice more people to play, rather than rebutting someone who's asking for more information, this is supposed to be an Interest Check after all.
Finally done...(sigh)

Been crazy busy for the past month, still down to play if everyone else is.
Consider me interested.

What kind of posting speed are you expecting?
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