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3 yrs ago
Just found out that I'm gonna be an uncle to twins! 😁
3 yrs ago
Ay, if you see me lurking on your profile, it's because there was drama on the status bar which I missed and I'm being nosey AF. Don't mind me.
4 yrs ago
There must be hundreds, if not thousands, of incredible RP ideas that are wasted every year, due simply to a poorly formatted Interest Check. Shit's gotta pop off the screen and punch you in the face!
5 yrs ago
I admit it. I am an unabashed Profile Stalker. I stalk with reckless abandon, devoid of fear or vigilance. And I do so without feebly enabling Ghost Mode. Beware, any one of you could be next. >:)


Yo, I'm Kalas!

I been gone for like two years. I stop by every now and then to check if the site is still kicking. I can't remember the last time I wrote something.


Current Roleplays:

- None

Preferred Genres:

Sci-Fi: Fantasy: Anime: Other:
- Cyberpunk - Magical School - Naruto - Halo
- Space Opera - Superheroes/Villains - Bleach - WH40K
- Post-Apocalypse - Dungeons & Dragons - Sword Art Online
- Steampunk - Legend of the Five Rings - My Hero Academia
- Mecha - Gods & Deities
- Virtual Reality

Original Roleplays:

Here are some Roleplay Ideas that I have attempted to run in the past but which ultimately failed because I'm a trash GM. If any one of these ideas interest you i.e. You'd like to assist me in running one or you'd fancy trying to run a game yourself, please do not hesitate to contact me first. I don't mind you taking inspiration but don't blatantly rip my shit off. P.S. I have several old threads archived, as well as PMs to myself, in order to stake my claim to these Roleplay ideas.

NovaStar Game Studios Presents: Arcade All-Stars - Virtual Reality, Esports, Team-based, Small.

NovaStar Studios Presents: HeroTV - Superhero, Superpowers, Slice of Life, Comedy, Medium-Large.

Ocean Horizon: The Shardseeker Chronicles - Steam/Clockpunk, Minor Powers, Sky Pirates, Monsters, Medium.

Guildfall: City Under Siege - Post-Apocalypse, Horror-esque, Minor Powers, Missions/Quests, Large.

The End of Our Days - Post-Apocalypse, Military, Horror-esque, Missions/Quests, Large.

~04 June 2022

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Count me in!
Iori, Jinzo - Sendou

~*Sigh* "Let's get this over with already."~

【Personal Info】


That sounds perfect, count me in.
Getting somewhat of an Iron-Blooded Orphans vibe from this. Consider me interested.
'High Casual' has kind of always been a thing though, right? Even before guildfall you would see 'High Casual' tags for RPs in that section.

I've always viewed each section, at a basic level, as indicators for personal writing ability and progress. That's not to say that Free is solely intended for newer writers or those with less ability, but it's certainly easier for a newer member to view it that way at first. Which is why I think it's only right for the Casual section to have the most range/flexibility when it comes to writing length.

It's the best section for a writer to grow and improve because that's where you'll find writers of all ability levels ranging from Free to Advanced.

@ProPro@Juro I was wondering about this myself, which is why I've hinted at Fletcher being the crew's Weaponsmith in his Abilities Section.
Still a WIP, but I just wanted to post what I had up until now. :D

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