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Current I think it's about time RPG had a Patreon I could subscribe to... -.-
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There must be hundreds, if not thousands, of incredible RP ideas that are wasted every year, due simply to a poorly formatted Interest Check. Shit's gotta pop off the screen and punch you in the face!
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Holy Krakatoa! There's a Caribbean restaurant that delivers Jerk Chicken near me! 😍
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Owing to the response I received to my last status about a Guildfall RP, I might have come up with a map:
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Considering spinning up an old RP idea about the Guildfall, where RPG is a massive city-state that has been devastated by various calamities and players RP as themselves with minimal powers.


I should probably edit this.

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Big Dick's Back ;)
Kinda waiting on the posts of others before posting myself, no rush though.

I could, however, write something else occurring within Neberziel in the meantime?

@A Lowly Wretch Will the effects of the tree's aura wear off the further away you get from it?
@A Lowly Wretch - I see. I simply assumed that the burrowing roots would have undoubtedly caused more than a few earthquakes which would likely kill a few people.
@Leotamer Yo, the tree is killing a lot of bois, which is obviously a problem for Azhriel 'cause of his belief in the 'Balance' and all that. I don't know if he'd go so far as to try and destroy it, but he certainly wants to curtail the destruction it's causing.

The Judicator | Lord of the Underworld

TIME: Present Day | LOCATION: Pit of Ahael - Dimension Gate | INTERACTION: None

"What's wrong Thaddeus?" Azhriel spoke, noticing the strange look that had filled his subordinate's face shortly after arriving through the dimension-gate.

"N-nothing, Master, it's just..."

"You still remember it don't you?" Azhriel inquired. "Your death, that is."

Thaddeus remained silent for a while, humbled by the horror of the events that had taken place when he walked these lands last. "I try to forget, but the visions..." He paused before continuing on, "...they haunt my dreams. He haunts them." The half-dragon winced as the memory of his battle against Ragnagedon flashed before his eyes.

"It will take some time, halfling. But fear not, Ragnagedon cannot hurt you whilst I am around."

"Forgive me for questioning, Master, but how? Does your power hold the ability to douse those infernal flames?"

"You have forgotten, young one. You are no longer a member of the living. You are a Soul. And only I, Azhriel - Lord of the Underworld and God of All Souls - decides what happens to them. Ragnagedon's flames couldn't reach you even if he breached the Gates of Neberziel himself to cast them upon you." Azhriel was quick to reassure Thaddeus. Of course, he didn't know for certain what would happen should the unruly God of Fire attempted to force his way into the Underworld, nor did he care. Many attempts had been made by others before now and each time Azhriel had beaten them back.

"Now, if you've had enough time to lament, don't you think we should at least see the sky?" The entrance to the dimension-gate remained buried deep within the Pit of Ahael. It was more akin to a tomb if anything. Though it wasn't anything extravagant, merely a dark cavern situated at the bowels of a barren crater. No life even attempted to grow around it, most likely due to the energies of his Realm seeping out into the world. The pair began their ascent, casually walking forward in the pitch black. Azhriel tapped his staff to the floor and the head of it erupted with a small, green flame, illuminating the darkened passage. They then began to forge ahead with purpose; the God of Souls eager to see how the world had changed.

TIME: Present Day | LOCATION: Pit of Ahael - Crater's Edge | INTERACTION: None

As he crested the ridge of the crater, Azhriel was dumbfounded. Thaddeus, following close behind, stopped in his tracks as the image of Tabrasa greeted him. Instead of a sprawling blue sky laid out for miles in each direction, towards the north the horizon was intruded upon by a single, gigantic tree. From this distance - nearly half the world away - it could still be regarded as massive; easily the largest thing either of them had ever witnessed.

"W-what is it?" Thaddeus was simply awestruck, unable to say much more than that. Azhriel, however, had regathered his composure, remembering the scene he'd witnessed in the Observation Hall. This tree had upset the Flow of Souls. No matter how magnificent it was in sheer size, it should still be regarded as a blight upon the Balance.

"That..." Azhriel pointed straight at the hulking behemoth. " where we're headed." He finished, a wry grin filling his face. Thaddeus shook himself in order to reclaim his mind from amazement.

"Of course, Master!" He bowed, suddenly remembering his place beside his God.

"Then you are aware of why I brought you instead of Lyssa?" Thaddeus simply nodded in reply. "Excellent. Now, show me."

The half-dragon took a knee and began to focus himself, channeling an energy deep within him. He felt the onset of pain a lot quicker than he'd expected but he had already felt a lot worse. Slowly, his body began to morph and contort until he grew larger. His robes no longer fit as he expanded even more, they tore at the seams before long. The pain simply kept building and building until he couldn't take it anymore. Thaddeus let out a guttural scream which slowly transformed into a roar. His dark scales now fully enveloping his new form; or rather, an old one.

It took a few moments before he was fully transformed, but Thaddeus had reverted to his original dragon-form. Although he was much bigger than when he'd first arrived in Neberziel. The residual energy from the numerous amounts of Souls had strengthened him considerably, making him a noticeably larger and a fair amount stronger than before. Azhriel was content with his new steed. He wouldn't be able to utilize portals to merely appear wherever he wanted within the world of Tabrasa, so bringing Thaddeus along to use as a mount was the obvious solution.

Once he'd completed his transformation, Thaddeus bowed before his Master indicating that it was time to go. Azhriel wasted no time in mounting his new dragon, throwing his leg over the former-Verzakian to sit straddled upon its' back. Thaddeus knew instinctively when his Master was ready and, using his powerful hind legs, launched them both clear into the air before finally unfurling his massive, leathery, wings to propel them ever further into the sky above. Their destination: The World Tree.

TIME: Present Day | LOCATION: South of Deep Castle - The World Tree | INTERACTION: @Lmpkio@Legion02

"Fighting?!" Azhriel said aloud, agitation clearly evident in his tone. "At a place like this?!"

As his steed flew ever-closer toward the towering tree, Azhriel bore witness to a raucous display of violence. It was only once they'd gotten closer did he realize that it was none other than Drakairós and a band of what-looked-to-be Ice-Dragons facing off with their polar-opposite; Fire Dragons. Two larger dragons seemed to command them, no doubt lackeys of Ragnagedon. Having already subdued the very first Verzakian Dragon, Azhriel needed no help identifying these new reptiles. Despite the obvious size difference, they still bore Ragnagedon's flame which meant they must've been his. Oddly enough, however, just as the fighting seemed to come to a head, Drakairós seemed to descend from the lightning-scorched sky in order to converse with one of the two larger reptilians. Azhriel's initial frustrations began to die off after that.

Although he could sense Thaddeus' unease at the sight of his apparent kin, Azhriel pushed him to fly faster. The tree far was more important than a little bit of fear. "Do not waiver now, young one. We are nearly upon it!" He had to raise his voice slightly amidst the thunderous cacophony that continued to play out amongst the clouds. With every wing-beat and crack of lightning, the Soul-God's excitement grew.

Azhriel arrived at the scene just in time to witness both sides calling a truce, each of their respective troops turned in mid-air to face the enormous World Tree that stood miles above them all now. The sight of it remained both eiree and fascinating at the same time. "Glad to see that I'm not too late to join you, Brother." He boomed, allowing his voice to carry across the wind in order to reach the Weather-God's multiple ears.

Thaddeus drew nearer to the three-headed dragon, eventually slowing until he was only a few meters behind them. "Looks to me like you could use an extra pair of hands." The God of Souls stated, his gaze focused on the tree that dominated the sky before them.
I'll be posting tomorrow.


I'm gonna have Azhriel head straight for the Spire. Let's see how a World Tree reacts to having some of its' life-force sucked out of it.
The silence is deafening. What is everyone working on?

Just waiting to see what you guys do before deciding on where Azhriel should visit first.

I get the feeling it would be a rather tumultuous friendship xD
@ZAVAZggg Maybe, but then Iori will have more important things to do than deal constantly with an insane sibling.
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