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Collaboration with @eclecticwitch

As they danced, Stella couldn’t remember the last time she felt such a high and without having to drink anything. That wasn’t to imply she was the sort of girl who needed alcohol to have a good time, but lately, her moods have been skyrocketing and declining at abnormal rates. It didn’t help her cause that she had been trying to get along with Oliver as much as she could while Kavi teased her constantly about how he was gay. Stella had of course ignored him and despite her planting a kiss on his lips, the thought of what Kavi had said came to her mind. She didn’t even realize what had happened until she shook her head briefly and was locked in a soul-stealing gaze that would have otherwise not worked on her, but she was so lost in her own mind that Stella fell victim to Penny’s captivating eyes.

"Stella, darling, what would you most prefer? We can go tease Saliva-dor together. Or perhaps you can go back to smooch your date some more? Hmmm?"

On her multiple suggestions, the girl snapped out of it and shook her head. “Oh, no--I mean, he looks busy or like he’s not in the mood. He isn’t the best of company when he’s angry,” Stella informed Penny, almost warning her about what she assumed was Kavi’s state of mind. “And..Oliver, he probably wants time alone. I don’t know..” She hesitated to be certain about that.

She didn’t want to think he was angry at her. The kiss she gave him was almost as sudden as her being whisked away by Penny was. Plus, she didn’t know how to handle her feelings about everything right now: Oliver, Penny’s suggestions, and her own feelings that feel like they are swirling around like a storm ready to burst--but where?

Penny smiled and tugged Stella close again, enveloping her in her arms for a slow dance. “No one is good company when they are angry, babe. But it does sound like you need me more. Why do you think Oliver needs more time on his own, hmmm?” Her question was gentle and she moved close to Stella’s ear so that she didn’t have to shout over the music.

”You have a point.” Stella found herself agreeing with Penny, less uncertainty flowing into her mind.

As she thought about it, she didn’t know how to answer Penny’s question. Her first thought wa show she suddenly kissed him and maybe it was too much of a shock? Or maybe he didn’t like it and she didn’t want to bother him or push him into talking?

“I don’t know,” she murmured, the change of songs suddenly bringing the noise down temporarily. “I just don’t know.” She repeated, but this time said it a little louder.

Penny laughed lightly and brushed some of the girl’s hair from her face. “Oh Stella, my lovie duck. Any boy, or girl, who gets to taste your lips will only experience a blessing. Believe me, I know.” She drew back momentarily to wink at her slightly smaller friend. “Sometimes it is good to let them stew, but never let them stew too long. You can’t know the outcome of something unless you finally look at it babycakes. Like Schrodinger's cat or something.”. She leaned forward and rested her forehead against Stella’s. “What's got my girl so nervous, hmm? And don’t say you don’t know. Give it some thought.”

She had to admit Penny had a way to make her feel better, though Stella always felt a little ...weird when she got so close. But Stella knew she was right. The one thing she knew was how she was starting to feel about Oliver and how not knowing how he felt about her was quite literally killing her. Clearly, she knew this to be the absolute truth. There was no denying that.

Smiling softly at Penny, she inhaled just as soft. “I guess I kind of like him.” That was the first time Stella said the words out loud. “I mean, I know it’s pretty obvious or else why would have I kissed him, right?” A question she was asking only because she was trying to jumble her thoughts in a somewhat cohesive way. “I have no idea if he feels the same. He didn’t kiss me back or maybe I didn’t give him the time.” As she said that, she attempted to look down, though with Penny’s forehead against hers, that was proving to be difficult.

Penny laughed quietly. “I didn’t exactly give him enough to time respond though, did I? I swept you away like Cinderella. My bad darling, I’ll admit it.” She lifted her face and looked down at Stella. “Honey, there is absolutely no way of knowing unless you ask. Maybe kiss him again. Maybe give him the chance to kiss you,” she teased. “It’s easy to wallow in self doubt, but I know you have the strength to ask those tough questions.”

“I suppose so,” she said not-so-confidently, her voice low. She knew Penny’s heart was in the right place, but the girl wasn’t exactly in the right mindset to do as she said.

The young woman sighed, unravelled herself from the girl, and took her hand. “Come with me,” she said loudly over the music. She led Stella through the mess that had become homecoming. People obviously drunk, random fights, posturing, it certainly summed up the whole of their school.

At last, she settled at a quiet table in the back of the room. Empties and punch stains littered it but that was not what Penny liked about the table. It was a quiet space away from the noise and pomp of the dance. She pulled out a chair for Stella and then sat right next to her. “Babe, talk to me about it. I am here for you.” She smiled gently at her friend and reached out to grab and hold her hand.

Stella didn’t know where to start. She again knew that Penny’s heart and intentions were in the right place, but she just wasn’t sure where she could begin. She didn’t understand her own feelings for Oliver or if they were even real. No, she knew they were real. She was passive and always second-guessed herself, but this was something she was absolute about. She knew she had feelings for Oliver. There was no doubt in her mind.

She looked at Penny, soaking up her supportive gaze as she squeezed the girl’s hand. “I just..I feel like he doesn’t like me back. No, that’s not it,” she paused, knowing she already said that and can’t know for certain. “Okay, the truth is I’m afraid the rumors about him might be true. Both Kavi and Sonny - more Kavi - teased me about Oliver. They think he’s gay because of how he acts and how he dresses. I know he’s just an idiot. Look at what happened with him and those two girls earlier? I know it’s clear as day he has plenty of error of judgments.” Stella didn’t know where that came from, but she was on a roll, so she wasn’t going to stop. “I don’t have the best history of dating. You know about my brief thing with Santiago, right?” She asked Penny.

Another sigh, but this one was accompanied by an indulgent smile. “Yes, you told me a bit about you and Santi. Is there something more you want to share?” Her thumb skimmed back and forth across the back of Stella’s hand.

Instinctually, she attempted to with her hand. “That tickles!” She whined softly, giggling. She had always been ticklish on the base of her thumb and Penny always knew exactly where that spot was. After a short moment, she recomposed herself. “I’m just saying that my luck hasn’t been the best. So what if this is just another reminder that me and dating is doomed to fail?”

“Mmm, I dunno lovely. I think saying something like that is a self-fulfilling prophecy. You don’t think you can find love then you won’t. In terms of Oliver’s ‘gayness,’ it is certainly a possibility. However, people can be gay for a partner, why couldn’t he be straight for you? I guess, what I mean to say is, the truth can only be spoken from the secret holder’s lips.” Penny furrowed her brow and leaned down to catch Stella’s eyes. “Does that make sense, my love? If you want to go after this guy I wholeheartedly and without reservation am behind you. But I don’t want to push you either. If you want to take time and just relax with me, or even someone else… Feelings are some tough shit my girl.”

”Someone else?” She felt like she had to repeat it because she wasn’t sure what Penny was implying. “I doubt anyone else would be interested in me - well, at least in that way.” Again Stella found herself looking at the negative rather than the positive.

This was so much unlike her baby girl. She was the brightest, sparkling rainbow glitter princess. Penny leaned back and watched the features on Stella’s face. “I just mean, if you get sick of me darling.” She crossed her legs and brought a hand up to her chin as she settled the elbow on the table. From her propped up position, she watched Stella’s reactions. “You sell yourself short. I cannot imagine a single person in this whole wide world who wouldn’t be interested in you.”

Stella doubted that immensely, especially in her current state of mind. No amount of Penny’s much appreciated comforting words seemed to have any effect on improving her outlook about herself. “I’m sorry” was all she managed to say, a frown on her face where a beaming smile usually had a permanent residency.

Penny grinned her big, ol’ welcoming grin. “What in the world have you to be sorry about? You are an angel, my Stelly. There is nothing wrong with having moments of self doubt. There is nothing wrong with thinking everything I have said is a lie. But, my Stella-duckling, have I ever lied to you before? Do I not tell you the truth in all things?” She did not reach out for Stella like she wanted to. She did not cradle the girl against her like all of her instincts demanded. Instead, this was something for Stella to figure out. Penny would just be the catalyst to help it along.

She wanted to say that she was sorry for being lowsie company. She wanted to apologize to Penny for being the debbie downer. Penny has been nothing but sweet, supportive, and comforting and all Stella has done was make it seem like it was hopeless. No matter how much so she felt, she just felt even worse that she Penny’s efforts were falling on deaf ears. But there was something that Penny said that seemed to ring true: Penny never did lie to her. Sometimes she was blunt about it, but there was never a moment where she felt like Penny ever lied to her.

As Stella squeezed her hand, her smile returned, albeit not to its former glory but there was no longer a frowning Estelle meeting Penny’s gaze. “Thank you,” she said, giving Penny her gratitude. And in keeping with the spirit of the uniqueness of their friendship, Stella gave Penny a peck on the cheek. “I mean it. Thank you, Penny. I don’t know what I’d do if you weren’t here,” she found herself admitting.

The kiss on her cheek caused a large, feral grin to spread across her face. She wrapped her arms around Stella’s waist and pulled her into her lap. She was now looking up at the girl and snuggled her close. Her fingers trailed up and down her friend’s spine. “Any time, my darling. I live for that smile upon your face.” After a moment of just enjoying Stella’s closeness, she loosened her grip on her waist with another charming smile. “If you ever need a single thing, I am your girl. Why don't you, tomorrow, come and hang out if you have time.”

It had been a while since Stella had been embraced by Penny. They both had been involved in their own spheres, so their best friend bonding time had been sparse. That’s why she appreciated Penny’s company, especially with how flip-floppity she’s been in the past twenty minutes alone. She was blushing just a little bit.

As she stood up, she adjusted her dress to make sure there weren’t any wrinkles “I’d like that very much,” she said, smiling again at Penny, this time a little wider than before. “My Aunt Florence and her family will be leaving in the morning, so I could swing by around the afternoon. Will that be okay?” She asked Penny.

”I would really love that and look forward to seeing you,” she said, letting her dear darling leave her lap. She looked up to her, hands clasped together at her stomach. Was Stella about to go do the thing she needed to do? “Just come over, ring the bell and I’ll come get you. Every single time.” She gave her another wink.

“Sounds like a date!” Stella exclaimed in a familiar tone.

Suddenly, Stella gave Penny a tight hug, wrapping her hands around her. “Again, thank you. I know what I have to do now,” she told her, releasing Penny from her embrace. “I’m gonna find Oliver!”

“Good, am so glad my darling love. You got this.” Another wink and a thumbs up. And, yet again Miss Penny was left alone. Was this to be her life? It seemed older males were the only sort to draw her attention or have their attention drawn to her.

The guys were quiet and, for that matter, so was Alex. After he had dropped the bombshell about he and Audrey were dating - or as Chance had tactlessly phrased it ‘slipped it to her good’. As their conversations went on, he chose to ignore Chance and Nicky. Johnny was honestly the only one who decided to spare him the immature comments. But, of course, this would be proven to be impossible because both Nick and Chance made it obvious just what kind of boys they were. They spared Alex nothing by pointing over to Audrey with her own group of friends as they, yet again, proved that they were nothing more than immature assholes.

The other students around him were repulsed by Chance fake-humping Alex, to which the Mossos teen decked the blond idiot. It sent him crashing into the refreshments table behind them, causing a bit of a scene in the process. “I told you we’d have a problem,” Alex said to Chance who was on the floor, drenched in vodka-laced fruit punch, the bowl over his head. A crown fitting for Chance Sinclair.

As it were, Alexandros would soon have the best excuse to dart away from his pack of little children he called friends as Audrey approached him. He didn’t see her approach, but by the time she was in front of him, urging him that they needed to go. In the same moment she said that, near the back of his mind, he was going back to a point in time where he was a fan of those romantic comedy films. He knew that whenever the phrases ‘we need to go’ or ‘we need to talk’ came up, he knew one of two things were going to happen: sex or a break-up. Call him a bit old fashioned or whatever have you, Alex felt like he was becoming a changed man, so he didn’t particularly like the idea they were going to break up. And he sure as hell didn’t think the Valentine’s Day Ball was the best place to have a quickie (or at least not in the bathroom stalls). He thought Audrey had a lot more class than that.

“If you want a quickie, can we just go to the locker room like the time we almost fucked?” Alex asked her.

Audrey didn’t seem to understand. Her eyes were less open than they usually were and the way she was holding onto his shoulder was tighter than she usually did. Whenever he made any sort of comment about sex or something that would have the potential to embarrass her, she always said something to him that involved the threat of physical violence. Since she did nothing of the sort, Alexandros grew suspicious. Something was off about the way she was acting.

As he looked at her, he wasn’t sure what it was, but her words that were urging him to leave with her became even more prevalent when her grip on his right shoulder increased almost double from before. A clear indication that when she meant they had to leave, she meant now.

And so Alexandros obeyed the forceful order. He didn’t always fall in line, but he was getting increasingly worried for Audrey’s state and the sooner she explained to him what was happening the sooner he could cease his worry and focus on everything else.

“Fine, let’s get to my car,” Alexandros said, waving back to his friends.

As they were in the parking lot and the valet handed him his keys, Alexandros helped her to the passenger's side. He took out of the parking lot and glanced to Audrey as they were at a red light.

“So, where are we going anyway?”

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Sonny had seen Julie walk past him and had he been in a better mood, maybe he would’ve followed her. Only a few moments passed and he saw that she went over to where Chanel and that British guy Jordan were. He made the automatic decision to avoid that particular area of the Homecoming area. The last thing he needed was to be forced into an awkward conversation with Chanel and about how both of them don’t like each other. Clearly she has some screws loose in her head, so Sonny rather not deal with the likes of her. He had more pressing matters to attend to.

He continued his search from one point to another. Along his search and trying not to allow blood to drip to his white jacket, Sonny was able to catch the best seat in the house as he witnessed both of his close friends start to enjoy themselves at the dance. In the blue corner, draped in a lavender dress, one Estelle Lambert was locking lips with her homecoming date and then being swept away from the Queen of the Sluts, Penelope Richards. And in the red corner, he saw his other childhood-ish friend, the self-proclaimed Kavimeister become face to face with two women. One of them had shiny red hair and was Nadia and the other, of all people, Ariel. In the matter of a minute, after Kavi had opened his mouth, he was met with two consecutive responses that made Sonny laugh. After both left, darting to opposite directions, Sonny was chuckling to himself so much that he nearly missed the scent of Nadia’s perfume wen past him like steam in the wind.

A quick glance to Kavi’s direction and the guy was left a bloodied mess. Sonny almost felt bad for him, but then he remembered it was Kavi and knew whatever he did, the idiot deserved it. He had more important things to do, like catch up with Nadia. She had a head start, but he eventually caught up with her inside the actual country club and away from all of the noise and antics.

“Nadia, wait up!” Sonny called out to her a she was a few feet away. She didn’t seem to respond, so he tried running. “Nadia!” He yelled out again.

The redhead had nearly missed the call, so caught up in her own emotions that she hadn't been paying attention to anything. Finally coming to a halt, she willed herself to calm down, hastily wiping away whatever tears she thought she had. After taking in a deep breath, she looked back towards where she thought she heard Sonny, eyes wide as she noticed his injuries. Her mood shifted dramatically, her anger washing away as concern took over.

”Sonny, what-what happened to you?” She asked him, gingerly touching under his swollen cheek.eek.

He smiled at her, though he swiftly waved away her concern by shrugging. “I got into a disagreement with Marisol’s new beta boy. Apparently, size really does matter,” he joked, a laugh following. “I’ll live. What I want to know is what happened between you and Kavi? He must’ve done something pretty terrible for you to act like Viccy.” Sonny looked at her in a similar way she was to him, though it was more of a curious glance rather than concern (though that was present in his gaze as well).

Nadia’s expression softened, green eyes examining his face briefly before she would concede. Marisol, huh? Last she heard the two weren’t talking, but she wasn’t exactly sure who the ‘beta boy’ was. Still, there was absolutely no need to resort to violence. Sonny was shrugging it off, but it looked so painful!

She hesitated when he inquired about Kavi, eyes welling up with tears again as she averted her gaze, taking in a shaky breath. There was no hiding how hurt she was, her previous anger having fizzled out. ”...nothing,” She copied his shrug, raising the back of her hand to her mouth as she tried to control herself. ”He doesn’t care, so I don’t care, either. So…”

There was more to the story, that much Sonny knew. He also knew how cruel Kavi could be. Whether he did it intentionally or did it without any amount of what effects his actions had on those they hurt, it was likely Nadia was another victim of Kavi Salvador. “I’ve known that dumbass for almost as long as I can remember, so you don’t have to say it.” He gave her a comforting smile. “He definitely deserved a lot worse than what he got.” Sonny couldn’t help but laugh as he tried to get Nadia to do the same.

Despite not wanting to, Nadia couldn’t stop the tiniest smile on her face, even if it quickly fell. ”Maybe.” She said quietly, sniffling slightly as she shook her head. ”I just feel so embarrassed...I’m so stupid.”

”No, you’re not stupid and you have nothing to be embarrassed about,” Sonny quickly assured her. ”Kavi is - and always will be - the idiot in every situation. He thinks because he’s charming that the shit he does won’t come back to bite him in the ass, but clearly it happened with you and Ariel. It was bold of him to think this wouldn’t happen. Nobody in their right mind would fly so close to the sun and not expect to get burned.”

As Sonny said all of that, he could just hear Marisol’s laughter in the background calling him a hypocrite. He chose to focus on comforting Nadia, not someone who was with a lesser boy.

Brushing her hair out of her face, she slowly exhaled. She knew he was trying to make her feel better, but she still felt dumb. Shaking her head slowly, she looked back at Sonny and ended up wincing, pitying his injuries. Opening her mouth to respond, she found herself much too distracted.

”If it’s okay, I don’t want to be here anymore,” She finally spoke. ”Let’s get you to a hospital, I’m really concerned about...all of this,” She motioned to his face, wincing.

“Is it really that bad?” He asked her. He hadn’t looked at himself since letting Sally get in a few good licks, so he didn’t know if it was worse than he felt.

”Yes,” She replied with complete sincerity. ”It looks like it really hurts, and…” She was very concerned about his nose in particular. ”Your nose looks broken.”

“What!?” Came Sonny’s elevated voice, a genuine worry across his face, though to anyone but him, Sonny becoming worried about himself appeared to be more like anger. “That little bitch actually broke my nose, huh? I don’t know whether to be angry or flattered,” he mused, smiling. And as soon as he did that, he felt the pain surge from his cheeks to his mouth and back up again, causing him to visibly wince.

Nadia winced as well, nodding as she fished through her clutch. ”If it hurts, that’s not good,” She wasn’t an expert, but she would rather be safe than sorry. Taking out a tissue, she gently dabbed at the blood on his face, trying to clean him as carefully as she could. ”I really want you to get it looked at,” She said worriedly.

“Say, Nadia, if I didn’t know it any better, I’d say you’re actually worried about me,” Sonny teased her, smiling cheekily at the redhead.

Surprised by Sonny’s comment, Nadia paused for a moment before breaking into a genuine smile. ”I am,” She told him softly.

He was both amused and surprised that he got a direct answer. Knowing her, he thought she would’ve tried to cover it up with some lame excuse. Suffice to say, Sonny was relieved to see her finally admit she didn’t totally hate him. “I’d smile but it hurts to even talk,” Sonny said with minimal lip movement. “Fine, I guess there’s no use fighting it. I’ve had enough of this dance anyway. If I’m named king, then I guess I’ll find out in the morning announcements come Monday.”

Without waiting for her to reply, on instinct, he took Nadia by her free hand, locking his fingers with hers.

Finally satisfied that Sonny wasn't looking like he had bathed himself in blood, Nadia was relieved when he would finally agree. Part of her had expected more of a fight, but maybe he actually saw her reasoning. Her hand in his felt so natural it wasn't until she started guiding him to the entrance that she noticed, her smile only widening even then.

”Of course, Your Majesty,” She replied, happily walking with him hand-in-hand.

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