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I just love it when the next phase of my novel comes together after just writing one chapter.
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Let's not forget to mention that Trump's bankai isn't as exciting as it used to be.
8 days ago
I am choosing to focus on those who love me rather than those who want to see me hurt.
9 days ago
As your body turns to stone and withers into the sand, I will hold onto your soul because I can no longer hold your hand.
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DMC5 looks fucking lit.


๐š†๐š›๐š’๐š๐šŽ๐š› โ™ฆ ๐™ฒ๐šŠ๐š—๐šŒ๐šŽ๐š› โ™ฆ ๐™ด๐™ฝ๐™ต๐™ฟ โ™ฆ ๐™ป๐š˜๐šŸ๐šŽ๐š› ๐š˜๐š ๐™ฐ๐š•๐š• ๐šƒ๐š‘๐š’๐š—๐š๐šœ ๐šƒ๐š›๐šŠ๐šœ๐š‘๐šข โ™ฆ ๐™ถ๐šŠ๐š–๐šŽ๐š› โ™ฆ ๐™ต๐šŠ๐š—๐š‹๐š˜๐šข โ™ฆ

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>DPL, Prose, and Denny
>Male characters only

Shit's gon be mad awkward for the only gay male in the apartment, innit?

P.S.: I'm in.
@Renny Here's a familiar face-ish for ya, bud. :D

Kai didn't know about Cielle, but finding out more information about how these kingdoms worked was, above all else, exhilarating. All of the talks about open doors and closed doors was intriguing. It was as if Kai was back in his house and he was a little kid again, his mom reading him all these stories. None of them were as grim or mysterious, so that was one thing different than what was happening right now. Still, Kai was interested in all of it. And frankly, he was really curious about this too.

Just as more questions came to him, mostly about why the castle gates couldn't remain open, which seemed to send Anna into a disappointed state, that was when Cielle ceased all conversation and pulled Kai away (against his will, mind you!). She wouldn't stop until they were free to talk to each other without the others hearing them.

"Why'd you pull us away--"

Kai's big mouth spoke just as she revealed why.

"Oh. Well, it's possible they could be involved - just not as in our faces like it was in Traverse Town, right?"
@Renny Question about the history section: can I use bullets to cover it? Or would you prefer if I go paragraph form?

Also, where are we going to be located at ICly-wise? And if you have decided, what year? 2018, yeah?
I was out of it today, so I couldn't get to work on my character. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.
So, is it encouraged to use the "Spirit xx" name for our abilities (if we're humans that is)?
What are the odds that I just started rewatching it and you post this up? Almost as if you hacked my computer and saw me watch it. :O

...Okay that was a missed hit.

I'm in, okay? Cool.

Though he didnโ€™t intend to, Kai let out a vocal laugh when Vivi had commented about the length of his hair. Though he received snapping looks, no doubt because they didnโ€™t want to get into more trouble because of the carefree Kai, it seemed they had nothing to worry about. Looking to the front of the class, Kai noticed the heavy-set Mr. Alvarez was preoccupied with his phone. He was tap-tap-tapping away on his phone, looking more stressed than Kai was when he had been told by his oldies they were moving away from down under and to the beach of palms.

Kai leaned closer to Vivi and Grant, โ€œis it just me or does the fat one look as cross as a frog in a sock?โ€ He asked them, alternating his intrigued gaze between them and him. โ€œIt doesnโ€™t seem like all is aces with him, wouldnโ€™t ya agree, mates?โ€

โ€ยฟDirรญas eso una vez mรกs?โ€

Marco was just about as confused as he was when his dearest mother - bless her fragile heart - when he received that ever-alarming text that she wasnโ€™t going to be able to pick him up after school. Instead, whoever this special guest was that he was going to meet, was going to. She gave no name. Nothing to indicate who this mystery man - just that it was vital that Marco get to know him. And this is exactly what it was like for Marco when Reia dropped that bomb on him.

He had to pause it, set the hot tamale she just laid in his lap to the side so it would cool, and figure exactly what she was referring to. Yes, he talked to his friends like this every day. They mostly didnโ€™t have a problem with it. Save for Nolan who would always tell Marco to cut it out when - and this was a direct quote: โ€œCut the shit, Big Mac.โ€ So, yes Marco knew where the lines were and also knew when it was time to put on his Sirius Black face on (no not that black face; thatโ€™s inappropriate).

Marco mightโ€™ve liked to joke and goof off a lot, but he knew when it was time to play and when it was time to shut the hell up.

So, here we are again as Marco found no clarity in trying to decipher Reiaโ€™s Rubix cube puzzle.

And now the search began. What was she talking about? Did Marco forget something important? Well, he always forgot a lot of important stuff. Such how he didnโ€™t wear his uniform today. But that obviously wasnโ€™t it. Had that been it, Mac was positive that Reia wouldโ€™ve told him already. Maybe he and she had a, that wasnโ€™t it either. First off, he would remember if he had a date with Reia Santos. And he wouldnโ€™t hear the end of it from Slim. Sheโ€™d repeatedly ask him โ€˜why Big Mac? Why would you subject yourself to that torture?โ€™

So again, Marco was back to square one.

Nodding to himself, Marco broke the silence that had developed when he was muttering to himself as he tried to solve this puzzle. Once he did, he turned to face Reia once again. Taking just one moment to give her the most serious gaze he could. He no longer had the grin on his face.

โ€œI have no idea, Reia. Obviously, my memory is lacking, but if I did anything to hurt you, I humbly apologize. Dios sabe que mi memoria es bastante terrible. You can just ask Sol. Sheโ€™ll vouch for me.โ€

Marco somehow turned an earnest attempt to right whatever wrong there was between him and Reia into a light-hearted moment, which he noticed he should correct pronto!

โ€œBut Iโ€™m serious. I honest to god, swear-it-on-my-mamaโ€™s-future-grave donโ€™t know what I did to make you very anti-me. Maybe if you told me what it was I did that was so bad, I could better remember it.โ€

It seemed, as Sav was finding it, the more Soleil spoke about, well everything, the more the blonde was finding her intriguing. The initial intrigue wasnโ€™t so much about how confident she was nor how certain the brunette seemed to be that Sav would respond a specific way. Being as glamorous as she was and how everyone wanted to be her, Sav was simply curious about what the reasons could be. Given that Sav has heard it all, this was going to be fun.

She listened intently when Sol began telling her more about her family. Everything was pretty intriguing, but this wasnโ€™t news to the golden thespian. In fact, her auntie had said some of this in passing. Truth be told, Sav was well aware of exactly how SOlโ€™s Uncle Alexandros was quite involved with the then latina teen Audrey Huntsberg. This info came from someone who bore witness to exactly how that specific relationship came to be. Viola Banks was kind of on the sidelines as everything came to be. All of this concluded by Sol making a rather bold declaration with some physical props to boot.

Sav turned her head, smiling, though she politely pulled Solโ€™s fingers away from her golden locks. There was a single moment (which seemed longer than it actually was) as she allowed her personal space to be free of invasion, however, Sav chose to not say anything right away. Instead, she let her eyes gaze upon Solโ€™s form - well, at least what these seats would allow. She let her hands slide under the table and gently caress Solโ€™s outer-thigh. She did this while she thought about her next words carefully.

After one more moment, she spoke, โ€œI appreciate it. You are...not hard on the eyes,โ€ her voice trailed into more silence, followed by a smirk, and โ€œso thatโ€™ll be all. Youโ€™ve done a great service to your queen. You should feel honored.โ€

And just as her Auntie had told her, the power and control was back in Savโ€™s hands. She turned to face forward and went to her phone, paying zero mind to Sol all while having a satisfied smirk on her lips.

@Dirty Pretty Lies You know I'm reliable as fuck when it comes to posting, so worries there. :D
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