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Current Sometimes when you find out something about a person, it really opens your eyes to just how wrong about them you were.
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I first thought Comcast was going to do an update but when I was able to watch yt videos but not go on facebook, I figured something was up. But yeah, not a fun thing to wake up to lol
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Same Kuro. Tried using Amazon and Facebook and now it's eating my discord messages. But I can use the guild just fine.
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Why are writers always so cold? They're always surrounded by drafts.
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Calm your tits. They're going to be on HBO Max for us in the states.
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In Sentaku 9 hrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

There was an unspeakable tension in the air as the Lady Hokage was speaking to the genin present. She spoke of how the chunin exams would be vastly different than any of their past missions would be and how those around them -- some Ren Shimo knew from the academy days -- wouldn’t all be allies; that the only allies he had were those in his own squad. Upon hearing this, Ren chuckled, curving his lips into a smirk.

As his mind began to wander as soon as Lady Hokage finished speaking, Ren thought about his team, about his sensei, and about how much trouble he had caused them since graduating from the academy and actually becoming a team. To say that their time together has been surprising was putting it mildly. Ren always felt like he carried the team, being the one who had the most leadership qualities out of everyone. Of course, that was not counting Shion-Sensei. She was de facto leader but it wasn’t like Karu was going to step it up, not when he always tried to get sensei’s time of day.

Of the many times the chance presented itself, Ren had to assume the role because obviously the only other female on the team spent her time trying to keep everyone in line -- even Ren. But when it came down to it, Ren was always the one to take control of a situation. Organized or not, he had a certain order to his madness and he never turned away from a fight. And that was the reason why he was so excited right now.

His blood usually ran cold and disobedient, but something about the challenge and reward of possibly becoming chunin sent thrills down his spine. As shivering and frigid as they were, Ren felt the will of fire burn bright as he scanned the room and just tried to gather who would be the weakling among them.

His blue eyes, the overseers for his blades, Ren spotted some familiar faces. Former classmates of his and they looked strong. He gripped his kodachiswords by the hilt, the itch that needed to be scratched crawling up his skin like a rattlesnake slowly ascending. “Someone, but who?” He asked himself, breathing the names of those he saw, craving a spar with someone.

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Welcome to the guild!
Welcome back to the Guild!
In Sentaku 5 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Ricky had spent the majority of the first week trying to tell himself all of it was worth it; that the time spent wasn’t just pointless. He did this so he didn’t skip during the first week, but that didn’t work because not even two days in, Ricky was basically absent from school from second period -- his free period for those who didn’t know -- and this eventually caught up to him. He knew he was fucked for several reasons. These reasons were irrelevant only because when he came in front of his house and saw his aunt’s department-issued car still parked in front of their house on Franklin Avenue at a time when he knew she was supposed to be out patrolling or doing some police work.

As soon as he opened the door and closed it behind him, a Dr. Pepper can in his hand and casually sipping it, right off the bat he saw a certain someone sitting in the recliner chair in the front room as if she was waiting for him. He sipped the soda once more and sighed. He belched as only one could when they have just consumed half of a can of Dr. Pepper and he took a seat.

“Oh hey, Mona. What are you doing home? Aren’t you supposed to be protecting us from killers and rapists?“ He casually joked, chuckling at his own wit.

The older redheaded woman sighed. She was still in her officer uniform and she did not look happy. “Yes, I would love to be out there doing my job, but hard to protect and serve the people out there when my nephew is already causing me trouble in here.”

Ricky didn’t look up at her. “Oh no. Do I have a cousin somewhere my useless parents forgot to tell me about?” Ricky, again, joked, making light of a potentially dire situation for him.

Suddenly, he heard her hand slam on the table next to the recliner she was sitting in, causing the lamp on it to fall over. “This isn’t a game, Patrick!” Her voice echoed loudly within the thin, white walls that barely had anything on them. “Henderson called me, saying you failed to show up for any of your classes today.”

“Oh no, not Henderson. Anyone but Mr.Henderson!” Ricky feigned a distressed tone and then returned to his unphased state a moment later. “He doesn’t scare me,” he stated, sipping his soda.

“Patrick Hunter Quinn!” She shouted, causing him to perk up and look at her with slanted eyes. “You can’t be doing this. I’m not sure if you ever realized this but skipping school causes people to look our way and when certain people pay attention to us, this living situation you and I have might be compromised. So I need you to meet me halfway.”

Truth be told, Ricky wasn’t sure what a few partial days skipped would do. It’s not like social services were going to come knocking on his door because he skipped some classes and, of all times, during the first week. Even if he had missed some important lessons, he didn’t think much of it because, again, it was only the first week. Nothing important happens during the first week.

“And another thing--” Ramona noticed Ricky wasn’t paying attention to her, so she slammed her hand on the arm of the couch he was sitting on. “Ricky!” She shouted, again forcing him to glance her way.

“Aunt Ramona!” he said her name in a cheeky tone and greeted her with a cheeky grin.

“We have to be on the same--”

As she spoke, Ramona was about to repeat herself, but then she heard her radio go off.

“We’ve got shots fired on the corner of Redwood and Langley,” Dispatch said.

A smile came to his face as he realized where this call would place her. Redwood and Langley were about seven miles south of where they lived, but more importantly, it would place her in a busy situation and save him from her nagging. “You better get that, Auntie.” Ricky teased her (much to her annoyance).

She sighed. “Copy that, Dispatch. 23 en route to location, over.”

“Roger that, 23.”

Though he was happy to be free of her consistent whining, watching Ramona get ready to leave, Ricky couldn’t help but feel worried. It wasn’t like him to show emotion, but no matter how big of a pain in his ass she was, she was the closest thing he had to a parent. It was clear that as he stood when she did, there was a show of respect and compassion for the older woman.

“Say, Aunt Mona..” Ricky spoke up just as she had one foot out the door.

She paused and glanced back at him. “Don’t worry, I’ll be back before long. Just,” she paused, smiling at him. “Just don’t get too wild at that party, all right?”

As Ricky nodded, Ramona was soon out the door, sirens going off as they became less and less close by.

About an hour later when Ricky’s uber arrived, he got a ride to the lakefront, which took a good while and allowed him the time to think. While he had a lot on his mind, the one thing -- well, a person more like -- that came to mind was, in fact, his aunt. She had practically raised him since he was a little boy. She stepped up where nobody else would. She got a job she probably hated but did it to support him. And how did he thank her? By being a burden.

From the time he was an edgy preteen to, well now, Ricky gave her nothing but grief and trouble. Sometimes he wondered why she put up with him and didn’t toss him back into the foster system. It sure as hell would be a lot easier on her and maybe she could get her life back and enjoy what little remained of her young life. Maybe she could finally get married or do something other than worry about him.

“Yeah, like I’m not worried about her right now,” Ricky murmured, seeing the party come into view.

He said his farewells to his Uber driver and found himself at the party, though he stood a good distance away.

Ricky wasn’t exactly dressed for a lakefront party. Honestly? He wore the same thing that he usually wore. He had his leather jacket, a dark-colored tank, a pair of denim jean shorts that came to his mid-shin, and dirty shoes. He might be one for the party scene but Ricky never dressed to impress nor was he someone who would sacrifice his ideals just to look fashionable.

After a few moments of remaining away, Ricky decided to join the party, regardless of how reluctant he was about it. His legs carried him to the lakeside and closer to where the vertical bonfire and music was more ‘in your face’. He glanced around, trying to see if anyone was around but there wasn’t much to choose from. Henderson’s little bitch photographer, Alex was chit-chatting away with another little bitch and, well that was pretty much it.

“Man this is lame,” Ricky groaned.

He considered what to do. He could just as easily stay where he was at, enjoy the music, and stay away from bitch center, or he could have some fun with the paparazzi to entertain himself until Jenna or someone else caught his attention. And he considered other options that weren’t even directly tied to that.

Soon, as his legs started carrying him in a specific direction, his decision was made clear.

Ricky smiled at Alex and ignored Jordan. “So, Alex, how does it feel to have a direct line to Henderson’s vapid asshole?” He asked the photographer, again ignoring Jordan, which was easy for him to do because he couldn’t stand the little gossip queen.
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In Sentaku 10 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Stella’s vacation in Paris has been nothing short of heaven on Earth. When she flew in nearly three weeks ago, she was overwhelmed. There was so much to do, so many places she wanted to see and with so little time on her side, there was only a handful of places she could go to and activities she could take part in. But if there was one thing being in France during this winter break had done anything to Stella, it showed her that Aladdin’s words to Jasmine really were true.

She has been exposed to a whole new world. A byproduct of that is a new Stella.

At the core, she remained the same: compassionate, selectively carefree, and a star that lit up every room she walked into, but there was something else. Her experiences had created layers and confidence within her came with that. For the first time in her entire life, Stella was feeling more sure about herself than she had ever been. She was still softly spoken and ditzy, but now she was a little more assertive than she was before winter break.

During the past three weeks, Stella gradually knocked off things off her bucket list. She saw landmarks that were almost as famous as the city itself, she indulged in the best French cuisine that money could buy, and she went to the best stores and looked the part of a French woman while basking in the glory of the most romantic city in the world. In a sense, Stella found herself at home. Paris France felt like home.

But nearly at the end and she had yet to cross one item off her bucket list.

As she sat in her room that overlooked the Lambert villa property, ever the daydreamer, she gazed out into space, looking at the green fields, the hills of the countryside. The window itself was closed and she couldn’t help but think back to last summer when she had grasped onto that one thing she had longed to hold in her arms again and for her to be held in his. The man she nearly escaped reality with for one magical night. He smelled of honey and lavender and was the most beautiful creature she had laid her eyes on.

She sighed hopelessly, stepping away from her window. As she turned, her cousin stood, leaning against the wall, causing the brunette to jump in her seat.. “Lori, how long have you been standing there?”

“Long enough to hear you talk about him,” Lori, short for Lourdes, revealed, walking into Stella’s room and took a seat in a chair across from Stella’s. “I don’t understand why you don’t just go talk to him.”

“How are you even sure he wants to see me?” Stella asked, feeling very pessimistic right now.

Lori took in a breath and sighed. “I don’t, but you can’t honestly think Marcel has forgotten about you.” Lori looked at her cousin’s unconvinced face. “What’s wrong, honey? Are you seriously that uncertain?” She asked her pointblank.

The teen could only shrug. She didn’t know what was what anymore, especially when it came to Marcel, not after what happened last summer and especially not how she practically left him hanging. It was not only a time she didn’t like to talk about, but Stella also had, for the most part, blocked it out of her mind and tried to forget about it. As much as Lori and her family had tried to console her in her time of need, there was just something about the whole situation that made that completely impossible.

“Estelle Lenore Lambert!”

Stella perked up when Lori used her full name. “What!?”

Lori didn’t respond with words but rather standing up and tugging at her arm. Though she was taken by surprise, a wave of curiosity passed through her. So much so that she let Lori lead her to wherever she was walking, which wasn’t as straightforward as Stella had initially thought.

As she was led by Lori into her car, Stella rode in the passenger side and under the guise that her relatives were told they were going to have coffee at a cafe, Stella couldn’t help but wonder what exactly Lori was up to and just where they were heading. About halfway through the trip, Stella had asked but Lori only said she’d know when they got there.

So, Stella remained in the dark, running the potential scenarios through her head. She couldn’t grasp on where Lori was driving her. It only took an hour for Lori to drive into Paris and they stopped in front of a fancy apartment building that was expensive. She knew this just from how glossy the exterior design was. That and it had its own doorman.

“What is this place, Lori?” Stella asked, hoping to finally get an answer out of her.

And just like before, Lori gave her a nonanswer: “Just follow me.”

They were helped out of the Audi with the help of a couple of men in uniforms. As they walked, they passed the doorman, who greeted them with a smile as he spoke something in the native French language. Stella could only make out a part of the phrase. Not long after, the door opened and Lori again led her blindly. They walked into an elevator and rode it to the highest floor. Immediately, Stella found herself overwhelmed.

The design of the top floor was probably the most expensive interior design she had seen thus far. And given that her family who lived in France was richer than her parents were, the level of quality she was exposed to right now threw her for a loop.

She walked a little slower as Lori stopped, causing Stella to bump into her. “Sorry. This is much,” Stella commented, eyes full of amazement as she looked around at the walls and ceiling of the halls.

“Stella, take this,” Lori said, handing her a cardkey.

“What’s this for?” She asked, looking at it.

“It’s for this room. On the other side of this door is the reason why I’ve kidnapped you and taken you here.” Lori informed her as she would proceed to walk away.

“Wait,” Stella beckoned her, “where are you going?”

“I’m going to see some friends in town. I’ll be back in a few hours. I’m sure you’ll use that time wisely.”

Before she could get another word in, Lori said her temporary goodbyes, leaving Stella to her confusion and, yet at the same time, her own curiosity about who was at the other side of the door she stood in front of. Puzzled, the girl tried to decide the best way to handle this tricky situation. She could easily walk away and forget about this entire thing. She could do that and wait in the lobby until Lori returned. But if she did that, she knew in her gut the aspect of not knowing would eat her alive from the inside.

Frustrated, Stella paced back and forth for almost five minutes until she threw her hands up in defeat. “Ah, to hell with it!”

In an uncharacteristic move, Stella threw caution into the wind and slid the cardkey into the card-shaped mechanism. A sound alerted her that it worked and she slowly pushed the door open. As the tension in the air increased to a point where she felt her heart threatened to burst from out of her chest, Stella slowly entered, closing the door behind her.

She took small steps but she eventually made her way past the doorway and into the room. Aside from the spectacular view of the Eiffel Tower and elaborate (not to mention expensive) decor, Stella saw nobody, which she found weird. Why would Lori drive her to this place, build up some grand reveal only for it to be completely empty.

“What was the point?” She murmured to herself, sighing outwardly as she was in the middle of deciding if being here really was worth it. “Maybe I should--” Stella stopped mid-thought as she heard a noise originate from behind her. So, naturally, she went to investigate.

Stella was in front of the back room, which was where she deduced the noise came from. She stood in front of the door, inches and seconds away from turning the doorknob, but just as her hand was a single inch away from touching it, the knob started to twist. It was thrust open and before she had time to get away, the door opened in the opposite way that she thought. Before she even knew it, the door had smacked her right in the face. She just knew in that moment that pain was incoming.

And then she yelped and staggered back until she tripped over her own clumsiness, resulting in her falling flat on her ass. “Ouch!” She whined, holding her nose and eyes widened when she saw blood drip onto her leg.

Stella was in full panic mode. She was in so much pain and couldn’t think straight. She desperately tried to stop the bleeding with her hands but it was coming out too fast for her hands to contain all of it as it dripped through her fingers.

“Here you go,”a man said, handing her a roll of toilet paper.

Without thinking, Stella took it and took a few pieces of the soft paper to help in her efforts. “Thank you,” Stella said, showing gratitude as she spoke as though her nose was clogged. It was only a short moment later that it dawned on her what put her in the current situation she was in, causing her to look up.

And wouldn’t ya know it? There he was.

Tall, somewhat tanned, and handsome. He had that same deceiving smile that made her crazy one way or the other. That kind of smile that said “I know it drives you crazy and I like it”, but at the same time, it was the same smug grin that had such an effect on her. There was a sweetness about it — a kindness that only someone who read between the lines could see. He was everything she could dream of. He was the epitome of what her dream guy. The kind of person who, if she had three wishes given to her, she’d wish for him plus two eternities with him.

Stella was lost as she had always been when a dreamy boy gave her the time of day, but she collected herself and then corrected her posture. She had to keep her wits about her because he always knew how to twist her words in a way that made her feel embarrassed and laugh in the way that made her look silly. “I wasn’t sure about it before, but I guess you really are back, aren’t you Marcel?”

The older male smiled. “Only for the day,” he admitted, helping Stella to her feet by grabbing her hand and wrist. He tugged her up with such force it not only lifted her up, but she bounced off of his firm chest. “I fly back to Cairo tomorrow.” He lamented upon that confession.

“Cairo?” She repeated back to him. “Why Cairo?” She asked him, seeking an answer within his gaze.

Marcel laughed, patting Stella on the shoulders. “For college,” he revealed, “I start my second year at the University of Cairo.”

“Oh wow! That’s amazing, Marcel!” She quickly hugged him, showing how happy she was for him. After a moment, she realized just how close they were and she immediately pulled away, embarrassed and blushing.

Ever the teaser, Marcel kept his grin, which only brought a deeper awkwardness from Stella, causing her to enter her usual mini-panic mode. She was trying to hold it together, but everything that seemed to be happening, was, in fact, happening in succession of each other and her inner-superstitious spirit was starting to take root. So she started to walk away from Marcel.

As she stood out on the balcony, Stella had to get some semblance of control back. She didn’t know why this was happening to her. Around Marcel, she was weak. He had some control over her, but it wasn’t a negative feeling when she was near him. She cared for him deeply, but there was ...something about this day in particular that made her feel uneasy. She couldn’t put her finger on it but it was like some force was pulling her away from the guy who, for the longest time, she had a huge crush on.

“It’s a nice view, huh?” He asked, leaning against the ledge as he stood next to Stella.

Marcel startled her again but this time she didn’t jump, though she shook her head at him and laughed. “It’s breathtaking,” she admitted, turning her head slightly to face him. She saw he was smiling. “What?” She asked, curious.

There was a moment of silence from Marcel, which struck Stella as odd. She remembered he always had something to say, regardless if she wanted him to or not.

“It’s nothing..”

“Marcel, tell me. What’s on your mind?” Stella urged him.

“I’m just thinking about the last time we were next to each other like this and how I was an idiot.”

“Yeah, I remember that night,” Stella spoke, recalling it like it was yesterday. “You went above and beyond to make my final day in France one to remember, taking me to all of the usual spots any first-time visitor should see. And seeing the Eiffel Tower at night is a moment I’ll always remember.” She looked at him, smiling.

She remembered that summer night. It had been the first time she was with anyone in any kind of romantic way since Jasper and even then, she and Jasper never did anything, nor did she do anything with Marcel. But that night was magical in other ways. It was her first time visiting Paris and he had just graduated from secondary school and she was vacationing with family. His family, the Dupontes, had a lot of history with the Lamberts and that’s how she knew him. Marcel was only two years older than she was, so it wasn’t strange for there to be an attraction between them.

As their gaze lingered, their hands slowly moved closer to each other and their pinky fingers made contact, which only intensified the quiet stillness and the heart-pumping tension.

Stella felt that feeling in her gut again. It was as though reminiscing with Marcel and thinking of a love that could have been wasn’t at all what the angels on her shoulders were trying to pull her towards. The feeling deep in her gut that was rising like a boiling pot was betrayal. And before she had time to think about it, Marcel leaned in for a kiss.

With lips meeting lips, she didn’t pull away. In fact, Stella gave into it and for a few moments that felt like an eternity, everything in her was saying to give into temptation. Live out what you regretted and let him take you and lay you on his bed so he can give you what the two of you know you want, but then the pit in her stomach grew deeper. Unlike previous times, Stella’s backbone grew into a spear and she pulled away, surprising not only Marcel but herself too.

“I’m sorry..” Stella apologized, looking away from Marcel’s direct gaze.

“No, you didn’t do anything. I shouldn’t have--”

“Marcel, no,” she cut him off, clearing her dry mouth with a cough. “I want to, I really do but..” She paused, uncertain if she actually knew what she wanted to say.

“Are you okay, Stella?” He asked her, sounding concerned about her.

She hated this with everything that she had. Marcel Duponte, the boy who captured her heart after Jasper Fray and the one who she could have seen herself with for the long term, was right in front of her. He made the move she couldn’t because she wasn’t that kind of girl. Even when she thought she wanted the same thing, she pulled away, so maybe not? And she didn’t understand.

She looked at him again. “Marcel,” she said his name, smiling. “You’re so amazing and I swear to you that I care for you in ways that I don’t really understand myself. And, maybe if things were different, I think ...this could really work, but I can’t do this with you -- not right now.”

As he just looked at her, Stella could feel the staggering gut-wrenching feeling in her stomach grow larger. “Whoever they are, I hope they know they’re lucky.” His smile broke the tension.

And suddenly, it stopped, though she felt the drop happen all at once. “What do you mean?”

“I mean the person who got to your heart before I did,” he further clarified.

“That’s not what I--I mean, I didn’t say someone had--”

“Stella,” he cut her off. “I’ve known you nearly my entire life and I know it when you’re smitten with someone. I’m a little jealous. I wish it was me who had your attention, but I won’t stand in the way.”

She knew he was telling the truth. Even if his blunt admission came as more than a simple shock to her, Stella couldn’t help but feel as though she was the lucky one here. It was obvious to her that Marcel loved her. She wasn’t so naive as to think that he didn’t. Maybe that was the guilt she felt earlier? That she had eyes for someone else while unknowingly taking advantage of him? She wasn’t that kind of person, but stranger things have happened. Regardless, she didn’t know what to think right now.

“Marcel..” Their eyes met again and hands touched. “I’m sorry I can’t be there for you in ways that I know you want me to. Maybe, if things were different, we could explore this further. I just hope you find someone worth your big heart -- and who doesn’t clobber you for that teasing thing you like to do,” she laughed and got one from him as well.

“Oh, so you got jokes now, huh?” He laughed.

She punched his arm with her other hand. “And there it is!” Stella giggled, turning to face the spectacular view of Paris and smiled off into the distance.

She and Marcel just remained like that, watching the sky slowly fade from a clear blue to the wonders of the sun setting. She knew this wasn’t what Lori had in mind when she dropped her off, but Stella couldn’t imagine any other way to close the book on her forbidden love with Marcel Duponte. She loved him but he would live worlds away from her. She couldn’t be his girl, not when Carter Newton Jr has captured her attention in ways she didn’t predict.
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