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What would you say if you knew?

Writer Cancer ENFP Lover of All Things Trashy Gamer Fanboy Character Storage Thread

Altered Tundra is not like most people. He can be just as fiery as a roaring firestorm or as cold as ice cubes forced down the back. Often sweet like fresh nectar on the tongue and is absolutely loyal to those he considers his friends. He wears his heart on his sleeve, so when he falls, he falls hard. There aren't any if/ands/buts about it.

It does not take much to impress him, but it takes a bit extra to wow him. Easily impressed and easily befriended. Get past that small dose of antisociality and you may find a friend in him. Everyone who gets to know this man tends to adore and love him. This isn't tooting his own horn - it's just a fact. People have told him this; though, this doesn't mean he isn't without some drawbacks. Like everyone, he is only human. He is subject to his own product defects. Emotional as the stereotypical cancer, he's moody and sensitive. No, he's not like those special snowflakes, but he does get touchy about certain things. There's also this innate desire for him to make sure those that he had a deep admiration for to know exactly how he feels for them.

This where his lack of subtlety comes into play. A man who loves with his gentle heart, he wants to make sure those who might hurt or are hurting know that they can come to him regardless of what happened. If he could make someone smile or feel as though his comments have helped in any capacity, he considers that a job well-done. Plus, it might do well for his own confidence that his words didn't totally screw up whatever friendship with whomever he sent those words of kindness to.

Beauty attracts the eyes
But personality captures the heart.

While it's easy for him to become friendly with the many, only half of them seem to stick around for whatever reason. This could be due in part of his own fault (which he has many of) or something completely out of his control, it goes without saying that he considers those who've stuck around through the trials and tribulations that life threw towards them [the friends] and him [Altered Tundra]. Some of those who'll be listed below are closer to him than others but that doesn't mean everyone he considers friend doesn't belong on the list below. It's only that these people have warmed their way into his heart for one reason or another. Either he has known them for a long time and they've lasted the test of time or there's an exceptional factor at play.

Time isn't always a man's best friend, but for me and @Hero, it's proven have been the one thing that makes good friendships evolve into something that's easily one for life. We originally met on a different site and some of our mutual friends did move over to the Guild, but after proposing a 1x1 between two of our characters, our bond closened. Never did we have a fight or any disagreements. This might be due to the fact that we're so much alike: our sense of humor, what we look for in RPs, and more importantly, we've never clashed about anything - well, maybe a few times, but that was during the dark ages. One could say this is a match made in some kind of heaven. But that the end of the day, she and I have a complete understanding about each other. I couldn't ask for a better friend. One could say that they're my hero.

The time on the Guild hasn't always been easy and there's been plenty of speedbumps along the journey, but one thing that remained consistent was the enduring companionship that me and @Dirty Pretty Lies have had. Anyone who knows the two of us and what we have been through can honestly say that this is a friendship to last. Speaking purely from the heart, we have a kind of friendship that is prone to constant bickering. There are times where one might get a sass from the other or where a certain amount of giving one the cold shoulder, but at the end of the day, there's something unique and special about our bond.

Originally we came together through one of Tundra's 1x1 RP searches, but it was our love for their fabled ship of Aleudrey that contributed to their nearly-2-year friendship. Our have built an entire universe and timeline (as well as alternate timelines) revolving around our ship. But it's not the basis of our friendship. There is an equal amount positive and negative banter that evens everything out. At the end of the day, we share a friendship quite unlike any either of us has experienced. Plus, no matter what happens, the universe pulls us towards each other. One has to wonder if it loves just testing the limits of our sanity. A curious thought indeed.

On a completely different note, Tundra's unique friendship with the following is one of memes galore. Sarcasm was what brought us together and it continues to be the backbone of the friendship I have with @Tsukune. Talking to each other seems to be effortless. It does help we have a shared love for Square Enix and sarcasm. Those two things aren't likely to go together, but we make it work. but that aside, we also enjoy other things like mashing up things that shouldn't together. If you want an example of this, just look to our 1x1 RP "Pokemon: Hoenn Fantasy". It is, as you might've surmised, a crossover between Final Fantasy and Pokemon. It's a weird combo, but it just somehow works well. Maybe it's due to our collective genius; while others stated it's just crazy and insane. I like to think of it as a mix of both.

Sarcasm if love. Sarcasm is life.

That is our motto. Something I've said to him, actually, and it has stuck around since last year.

Among all of those who I’ve befriended, the next one is undoubtedly the easiest to describe. @Aewin is a sweetheart. We met through a HushedWhispers RP last year, though I don’t think it was until a failed RP venture of mine called “Whatever Happens in Las Vegas” did I begin to understand just how awesome she really was. She’s funny, she’s charming, but above all else, we both heavily ship Kalagang. Annie, the shipping queen, and the only person I know who loves Sense8 just as much as I do. But even that aside, we get along so great and I couldn’t ask for a sweetest, endearing friend. Her enthusiasm about characters getting shipped together are one of the few things I live for. Her with my doggos is probably the same thing to be honest.

@Rockette is someone that I’ve tried to find the right words to describe for a long time now. I worry that I might put her in an awkward spot or say something that might seem too gushy, but the bottom line is that I adore her so much. As an artist, she is an amazing writer and designer. Everything she does, if not flawless, then it's as close as one could get. I'm always in awe whenever I see her debuts or whatever her creative mind thinks of. As a person, she has this magnetic, infectious confidence about her. There's also a deeper sweetness that cannot be denied. She's so full of love and life. She brings an unmatched, unique perspective to every conversation that, no matter how short, it'll always be something different yet familiar.

While it's true that I was an admirer from afar, often falling in love with her words and visuals, as it implies above, it was the personality that kept me along for the ride. I cannot express how much she means to me as a friend. What started out as some sort of admiration has grown into something meaningful that seems to be hard to put into words.

What else is there to say? She's incredible and I count myself lucky every day I have the pleasure having such meaningful conversations with her.

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@Altered Tundra You are very welcome to join, my friend. :P I shall wait for one of your wonderful males. My Emmy would appreciate it.

Dr. Drake Ramoray on his way. 😎😎😎

...kidding of course. 😂😂😂
I hope this ain't full yet, because I'm tentatively interested in joining. Might need to think about my character but I am leaning towards a male. Though, if females are needed, I can fill that role just as well.
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@rockette here is my request from a few months ago. 😊😊😊

You knew this was coming. ;)

request type. // Set
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size. // Default tag size. Avatar size, if possible, 150x200.
text. // Top line Zelos Wilder, bottom line The Casanova.
misc. // Zelos Wilder is a very flamboyant, eccentric character, so I'm hoping you can embody that. There's a real emphasis on pinks and reds in his outfit. So, keeping that in mind, anything else you can come up with, I'm sure is going to be a-okay with me. <3

Oh thank the gods! I've low-key been working on my character when I can. Just because I have no internet doesn't mean in not going to not write. 😂😂😂

But seriously, mucho gracias ❤❤❤
Either tomorrow will be when I come back or Monday. Whenever it is, that's when I'll work on my character. No idea what kind of character I'll be making, so saw tuned, I suppose.

This was certainly getting to be way too entertaining than Ava had originally anticipated. She has always loved to have her own brand of fun. Sometimes it had her butting heads with the wrong people or getting those who appeared to be mild-tempered to always lose their cool, but always it had her on the receiving end of these people. Ava always had this knack for bringing out the tempers of those that she purposely antagonized. This was evident by Lillian’s vocal annoyance with those who kept on — as she put it — butt their heads in her business. Even though Ava shouldn’t have, she couldn’t help but let out a low chuckle, a chuckle that she tried her best to muffle with one of her hands.

“I think she’s trying to tell us something.” Ava said, humming thoughtfully. She knew exactly what Lillian wanted, but there wasn’t any harm in riding this train until it was at the very end. Though, as Ava eyed Lililan with a smile, her eyes would fall on the African-American male. He seemed a bit...wary about the increasing amount of people around the table. “There’s no need to worry. We don’t bite.” Ava tried to assure him. She didn’t know if it worked given how it seemed he didn’t respond with a look of any kind, but Ava kind of felt bad for him, so she figured she’d give him some sort of reassurance.

I don't normally post here, but I just wanted to give some love to @Hero and @Dirty Pretty Lies. You two are wonderful, beautiful women. <3
@Kal-El But I already posted for Zestasia. D:
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