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Half of Erwin Schrodinger's mind would be inclined to disagree with you.
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Science Fact: Roundhouse kicks are comprised primarily of an element called Chucktanium.
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In celebration of Spooktober, I am now a Ghoul. I regret nothing.


My hands are over your eyes
I'll keep you safe, keep you blind
What would you say if you knew?

Writer Cancer ENFP Lover of All Things Trashy Gamer Fanboy Character Storage Thread

Altered Tundra is not like most people. He can be just as fiery as a roaring firestorm or as cold as ice cubes forced down the back. Often sweet like fresh nectar on the tongue and is absolutely loyal to those he considers his friends. He wears his heart on his sleeve, so when he falls, he falls hard. There aren't any if/ands/buts about it.

It does not take much to impress him, but it takes a bit extra to wow him. Easily impressed and easily befriended. Get past that small dose of antisociality and you may find a friend in him. Everyone who gets to know this man tends to adore and love him. This isn't tooting his own horn - it's just a fact. People have told him this; though, this doesn't mean he isn't without some drawbacks. Like everyone, he is only human. He is subject to his own product defects. Emotional as the stereotypical cancer, he's moody and sensitive. No, he's not like those special snowflakes, but he does get touchy about certain things. There's also this innate desire for him to make sure those that he had a deep admiration for to know exactly how he feels for them.

This where his lack of subtlety comes into play. A man who loves with his gentle heart, he wants to make sure those who might hurt or are hurting know that they can come to him regardless of what happened. If he could make someone smile or feel as though his comments have helped in any capacity, he considers that a job well-done. Plus, it might do well for his own confidence that his words didn't totally screw up whatever friendship with whomever he sent those words of kindness to.

Beauty attracts the eyes
But personality captures the heart.

While it's easy for him to become friendly with the many, only half of them seem to stick around for whatever reason. This could be due in part of his own fault (which he has many of) or something completely out of his control, it goes without saying that he considers those who've stuck around through the trials and tribulations that life threw towards them [the friends] and him [Altered Tundra]. Some of those who'll be listed below are closer to him than others but that doesn't mean everyone he considers friend doesn't belong on the list below. It's only that these people have warmed their way into his heart for one reason or another. Either he has known them for a long time and they've lasted the test of time or there's an exceptional factor at play.

Time isn't always a man's best friend, but for me and @Hero, it's proven have been the one thing that makes good friendships evolve into something that's easily one for life. We originally met on a different site and some of our mutual friends did move over to the Guild, but after proposing a 1x1 between two of our characters, our bond closened. Never did we have a fight or any disagreements. This might be due to the fact that we're so much alike: our sense of humor, what we look for in RPs, and more importantly, we've never clashed about anything - well, maybe a few times, but that was during the dark ages. One could say this is a match made in some kind of heaven. But that the end of the day, she and I have a complete understanding about each other. I couldn't ask for a better friend. She's my hero.

The time on the Guild hasn't always been easy and there's been plenty of speedbumps along the journey, but one thing that remained consistent was the enduring companionship that me and @Dirty Pretty Lies have had. Anyone who knows the two of us and what we have been through can honestly say that this is a friendship to last. Speaking purely from the heart, we have a kind of friendship that is prone to constant bickering. There are times where one might get a sass from the other or where a certain amount of giving one the cold shoulder, but at the end of the day, there's something unique and special about our bond.

Originally we came together through one of Tundra's 1x1 RP searches, but it was our love for their fabled ship of Aleudrey that contributed to their nearly-2-year friendship. Our have built an entire universe and timeline (as well as alternate timelines) revolving around our ship. But it's not the basis of our friendship. There is an equal amount positive and negative banter that evens everything out. At the end of the day, we share a friendship quite unlike any either of us has experienced. Plus, no matter what happens, the universe pulls us towards each other. One has to wonder if it loves just testing the limits of our sanity. A curious thought indeed.

On a completely different note, Tundra's unique friendship with the following is one of memes galore. Sarcasm was what brought us together and it continues to be the backbone of the friendship I have with @Tsukune. Talking to each other seems to be effortless. It does help we have a shared love for Square Enix and sarcasm. Those two things aren't likely to go together, but we make it work. but that aside, we also enjoy other things like mashing up things that shouldn't together. If you want an example of this, just look to our 1x1 RP "Pokemon: Hoenn Fantasy". It is, as you might've surmised, a crossover between Final Fantasy and Pokemon. It's a weird combo, but it just somehow works well. Maybe it's due to our collective genius; while others stated it's just crazy and insane. I like to think of it as a mix of both.

Sarcasm if love. Sarcasm is life.

That is our motto. Something I've said to him, actually, and it has stuck around since last year.

Among all of those who I’ve befriended, the next one is undoubtedly the easiest to describe. @Aewin is a sweetheart. We met through a HushedWhispers RP last year, though I don’t think it was until a failed RP venture of mine called “Whatever Happens in Las Vegas” did I begin to understand just how awesome she really was. She’s funny, she’s charming, but above all else, we both heavily ship Kalagang. Annie, the shipping queen, and the only person I know who loves Sense8 just as much as I do. But even that aside, we get along so great and I couldn’t ask for a sweetest, endearing friend. Her enthusiasm about characters getting shipped together are one of the few things I live for. Her with my doggos is probably the same thing to be honest.

Similarly, my friendship with @Midnight Howl is the same way. Both are extremely sweet and both have a special place in my heart, but for different reasons. The above is full of love and life and so is Beth, but it’s her genuine soul and tender heart that wins everyone over. Well, there’s also her punnery. That’s also quite special. No one has out-punned me before until I met her. And even though we don’t talk as often, I still cherish the year we’ve been friends.

@Rockette is someone that I’ve tried to find the right words to describe for a long time now. I worry that I might put her in an awkward spot or say something that might seem too gushy, but the bottom line is that I adore her so much. As an artist, she is an amazing writer and designer. Everything she does, if not flawless, then it's as close as one could get. I'm always in awe whenever I see her debuts or whatever her creative mind thinks of. As a person, she has this magnetic, infectious confidence about her. There's also a deeper sweetness that cannot be denied. She's so full of love and life. She brings an unmatched, unique perspective to every conversation that, no matter how short, it'll always be something different yet familiar.

While it's true that I was an admirer from afar, often falling in love with her words and visuals, as it implies above, it was the personality that kept me along for the ride. I cannot express how much she means to me as a friend. What started out as some sort of admiration has grown into something meaningful that seems to be hard to put into words.

What else is there to say? She's incredible and I count myself lucky every day I have the pleasure having such meaningful conversations with her.

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Venat’s rage felt throughout his throne room. He tapped his chair repeatedly, almost to the point where sparks of black lightning surrounded him, further emphasizing what had actually happened. “Damn that--that Creature! Betraying me like this! Did it really think it could do this and not think I wouldn’t react accordingly?!”

It had been days since the Creature was sent off on a routine mission on Venat’s orders. He wanted the Creature to collect an ancient relic that was paramout to the final stage of his plan. It was the only thing he needed. He had everything else: droplets of the Time Scion’s hair that held traces of her mist(as well as her time powers), he had the essence of Loghrif, and the most important facet of this multi-century-long plan, the bones of a certain deceased emperor. It had all been gathered. His Followers — his Scions, whom were created for this sole purpose — had all been awaiting this grandmaster plan to go into fruition. The Relic, the Dynast Dome, no bigger than an urn, was the last thing he needed. It was the last piece of this puzzle.

And it was gone!

“My Liege, I understand that you--”

“You understand nothing, Halmarut! My plans are ruined! And it’s all because of that Creature!”

“Surely there is something else that could replace it? Perhaps the Tome of Ivalice?”

Venat stood up and reached his hand across five meters to grab Halmarut, who was formerly known as Hamutby the throat, lifting the False Ram Scion off of his feet. “Do you not understand what the Dynast Dome is?” Venat asked, though it was rhetorical. “It holds the spirit of Raithwall himself within it. The very man whose will split nethicite into three pieces. It’s not simply something that can be recreated.”

“As always, Venat, you’re missing the bigger picture.” Suddenly, as Venat released Halmarut, a familiar voice had spoke. It was only after a moment did she come out. Dark-skinned and beautiful by Hume standards, she came out from the walls, forming from some black tar-like mist.

“Leviathan. Or should I call you Zodiark now?”

She laughed at his confusion over her name. She walked with confidence, offering Hamut a smile. “Been a long time, old man,” she teased him as he continued to cough.

“What are you doing here?!” Hamut asked her, demanding to know.

“I believe we can help each other.”

“Oh?” Color Venat intrigued, “and what can you, of all people, possibly help me? Do you wish to steal more of my Scions away from me?”

“Mitron and Nabriales were never yours to begin with — at least, not after I got my hands on them.” She seemed to gloat, but let out a breath, signalling that she was getting off-topic. “I am here to propose something to you, Venat.”

Deciding to take a chance, he allowed her to speak, gesturing to her with a nod. What was the worst that could happen?

Both Shion and Emiri gave no room for anyone to interject. When one had something to say about one thing they said, the other would retort in such a way that made it nearly impossible for even the most daring(Savayna) to speak. It got to the point where Emiri had enough of Shion’s words and, as the kids say, wrecked her shit. Sweating was a given, but there was a slow clap from Jaakuna. It wasn’t helping, sure, but it seemed highly appropriate considering what Emiri had said. Even though Shion retorted, one had to admit it didn’t have as much effect as what Emiri had said about “had it been Aloa”.

And when asked about the Reckoning, there were a bunch of blank expressions among the group.

“That isn’t true,” Michel stated, interrupting Emiri in her last sentence. “In retrospect, we learned one crucial fact that has to do with everything surrounding the Creature.” He went on to say, eyes now on Emiri, though his eyes went to everyone else as well. “What Ren didn’t show you was what happened when we landed in the Phon Coast--”

“You mean when you almost died because of that damned portal on your stomach!” Meli scowled at Aloa.

“But it’s fixed now, my love.”

“You have a portal on your stomach?”

“This I have to see.”

“I am also curious.”

“I had one. Aloa healed me using Emette’s light.” Michel said, “but we’re getting off-course.” He sighed, looking at all of them, “what I was going to say is, during a conversation with Aloa, she told me that Grigori — that multi-colored monk — is actually a Watcher of Ivalice. It’s apparently someone that watches over Ivalice and he’s the one that intervenes only when Ivalice’s livelihood is threatened.”

“And you think the Creature is the one who is threatening it?”

“Given what we saw and what I saw, I’d bet my life on it, which brings me to my next point.” He started, “when Ren showed us what happened, I noticed something. It was only for a moment, but I’m sure of it now!”

“What was it, Michel?” Jaakuna asked.

“The Dynast Dome.”

Wesley blinked his eyes, uncertain he heard right. “Did you just say the Dynast Dome? That’s impossible. That was…”

“Yes, I am aware what it is.” He said, bothered by this revelation.

“Someone want to clue us in.”

Wesley cleared his throat, looking to Nadeline as he grabbed her Tome. He knew exactly where to look for it. ”And here it was said: when I die, I will rest in the furthest reaches in Jagd. To my descendents, I leave my crown and kingdom to you, but most importantly, my life force. It is in this relic that will be forged from my bones and enchanted with my mist that I will live on in. It is, above all else, the greatest power I can leave you.” Wesley read, looking at everyone. “Those were words written in King Raithwall’s will. It was his final wish. This Relic, if it’s truly the Dynast Dome, the Creature poses a greater threat than we all thought he would.”
There have been stories about where the Flowers of the Blue Rose had flourished and how they lived. One tale spoke of an underground cult that was full of skilled assassins. Whilst true to some extent, there were contradicting reports of the true location and nature of this group of thieves, assassins, and other like-minded individuals living so high up in the mountains that it was almost like a monastery of monks. As one could believe, that was even more far-fetched than some of the other stories of them being actors in a constantly-moving theater traveling through Ivalice.

As everyone had found out for themselves, none of the rumors about the always-evasive, always-secretive, group known simply as Utena was, in fact, more grounded than one would imagine. Their headquarters was actually pretty normal. Aside from the scathing glares everyone except Shion had gotten from the flowers(one had to assume that’s who they were). It was obvious to anyone(except Jaakuna) that these ‘flowers’, who had absolute devotion to Shion as noted by their bowing when she walked past them, didn’t like outsiders. It was especially noted with how they reacted to Jaakuna’s ignorant glee. If Shion hadn’t been leading them, one would be willing to bet that a brawl would’ve broken out between the Transcendent and the Madame Blue Rose’s Garden.

Thankfully, however, that didn’t happen. Instead, when Shion had approached a young woman who had a graceful appearance like Nadeine and the shy demeanor — or was it intimidated? — one like Emiri once had. And her eyes seemed to sparkle when Shion had addressed her by her name. Ren was the given name of a lot of women from certain parts of Ivalice, though mostly in nomadic countries that still practiced the old traditions. While it seemed obvious Ren was quite nervous, there was only a brief exchange of words before they had been off to find Michel, to which Ren noted that he with Meli in her room.

As they followed, Jaakuna couldn’t help but be amazed by what he saw. To think this was where Shion spent most of her time. Hell, this was where Francis had spent most his time as of late. Not a bad setup, if he had to admit it.

“Whatever you’re thinking about doing don’t.” Savayna whispered to Jaakuna.

“What?” He whispered back.

“I know that look and bad things happen when you have that look — namely me.”

Just as he was going to open his mouth and quite possibly say something witty in a retort, he was stopped by the sudden sounds of Meli’s words, as well as a familiar Viera’s voice. And, Jaakuna might’ve not been the smartest sword on the weapon’s rack, but he knew that tone more than anyone: it was the kind of tone someone like Aloa and Shion had when they were acting superior to whomever they were talking to.

“Ladies, please, can’t we work something out—” Michel tried to reason with his savior and his beloved, but both, in their own ways, gave him a nasty glare. He sighed, wondering what he did to the Gods to deserve this.

You used a forbidden magick, for one. Shemhazai offered a suggestion.

And now he was the one to scowl. Only a moment later did Jaakuna and the others walk into his periphery. “Oh, Mistress and Ren..and--”

Jaakuna raised his hand up, “let’s just save the individual name-calling, for now, okay?” He let out a sigh. Michel reciprocated with a smile with a chuckle.

After a few hugs and the like had gone through everyone from Michel to them, Shion decided it was time to — well, quite honestly, there wasn't any indication what they were here for, but as Ren would reveal, it was something rather...shocking. This girl’s ability, apparently, was similar to Shinto’s. Both of them could share memories, though Ren’s was more of an outwardly visual whereas Shinto’s was more within the mind. As for the specific memory, they all bore witness to the gruesome fight between Aloa and some creature, which most in the room just had to assume that meant the creature. And based on what they saw, it was a back and forth tussle between them, with both gaining the advantage at some point. The Creature, of course, had used underhanded tactics to get the one-up on Aloa, whilst the latter had impressive magicks that gave her a natural edge over it.

When it seemed like all was going to be over for the Creature, it used quite a low countermeasure by forcing Justine—Emette’s—hand by submitting the remainder of her life force into Aloa, which prompted the Creature to use a last resort(that’s how Wesley interpreted it) as its form changed into a literal black hole. It threatened to suck Aloa into its empty void, there came a glimmer of hope. In front of it, colored pure white, a portal five feet in height and width intercepted her.

After a long silence, someone broke it. “That was certainly the ordeal.” Wesley commented, unsure what else to say.Considering what had happened to Emette, it was, if nothing else, a hard thing to watch. His mind went instantly to Emiri and how she must be feeling. Having lost a parent himself, he could relate. A few others could as well, but there was no one who could relate to the pain of losing a parent twice.

“You are fortunate that Michel got to you when he did.” Wesley noted, looking to the green-haired male, though he happened to see the reluctant smile from Michel. “Oh, my apologies. I didn’t mean to offend.”

“It’s not that,” Michel sighed, looking at everyone, but his eyes went directly to Shion. “Forgive me, the situation was too dire. I had no choice but to use it.” He apologized to her, bowing his head to his Mistress.
The mention of Michel brought Wesley to something he had said just before he had disappeared with Meli into one of his portals. “Michel did say he had something to do. Perhaps it had to do with why we’re here in the Phon Coast and not going to the Sandsea as previously agreed upon.” Wesley mused, wondering now about what it could be about. Perhaps Emiri was onto something about how they did something. Shion’s not-so-subtle comment did point in that direction.

Jaakuna let out a sigh, stretching his unharmed muscles. “Only one way to find out.” Jaakuna said rather casually, looking to Shion, “lead the way!”

Savayna seemed to have something on her mind, but she bit her tongue and would simply follow Shion’s lead. It wasn’t like she had anything useful to say at the moment. If anything, it would’ve been more of the same -- just recycled and directed towards Jaakuna(as always).
Jaakuna looked all around at everyone, seeing their not-so-pleased faces with how they got to the Phon Coast. He didn't quite understand why they were so displeased. Okay, so maybe the ride was a little bumpy and okay, maybe they could've gone without using that new hyperdrive function, but there never would've been a better time to test the new additions to the ship. Better it happen on a harmless, quick journey to the Phon Coast rather in some long-term, possibly dangerous, voyage that'd otherwise put everyone at a grave risk of dying. But of course, they had to blame someone, so why not the likely suspect, right?

As he saw how banged up there were, Jaakuna pulled out a pad of paper and got an ink pen. "Let's see, a few sprained wrists, some very sore backs, and a couple of dozen bruises collectively spread throughout all of us--I mean you guys." He jotted it down, nodding and mumbling to himself. "I've deduced that it's no big deal."

"No big deal? NO BIG DEAL!?" Savayna exploded, "I've got a big bruise on my face. Do you realize what this means?"

"That you're less ugly than before?" Jaakuna offered his educated guess, not realizing it was a rhetorical question.

"No, you Jaakass. It means you have no care for your recklessness. Emiri has a sprained wrist, we all have bruises. And Grant has a tweaked back. Now when he and know, I'll have to do all of the work." She huffed and puffed and was the first one to leave the room, no doubt making her way to the Mistifying Room where she would be teleported down to the Phon Coast.

Following Savayna's explosion, Jaakuna caught glances from everyone else, somewhat emoting the similar rage that Savyana had. And to that, he said, "but did you die?"
It had been so long since Jaakuna had set foot in his most prized possession. Not even the Mark of the Transcendent could top how he felt about the Ifrit nor could his love for Emiri. Sorry babe, I love you, but my heart belongs to the Ifrit. She’s helped me in ways you couldn’t possibly understand. The things that they had gone through, the jams that she got him out of - it all was something that bonded two individuals in ways only few could comprehend. The only person Jaakuna knew would understand was his fellow engineer and lover of machines, Lorenzo. Bless his heart, if he were here, no doubt he and Jaakuna would share a moment or two about the latter being reunited with his one, true love.

This had been especially so when Jaakuna had heard the voice of his beloved Iris once again. “Captain, welcome back. I’ve missed you.”

“And I you, Iris.” Jaakuna emoted lovingly, a sparkle in his eyes unlike anything anyone has seen before. “I hope they treated you well.”

“Your brother’s engineers were gentle. But they did add in a few upgrades.”

Jaakuna’s eyes were now with a high curiosity, shining as he looked around. “Do tell!”

“Why tell when I can show.”

For a moment, everyone seemed to look at each other with wary eyes - at least, everyone who wasn’t Jaakuna. It was within reason too, because as they would feel a warmth pass through them, just as soon as the Ifrit had left the Aerodome, it went into some kind of hyperspeed, rocking everyone to their core as most of everyone was tossed backwards and forwards, causing them to tumble all around the foyer of the ship. And while they might’ve felt unease or discomfort(possibly broken bones but nevermind that), Jaakuna was smiling and laughing, loving the new additions. His Ifrit was fast before, but holy shit on a Chocobo Steak, it was faster than it had ever been.

Within seconds, they were at the Phon Coast, a powerful gust of wind being caused by the Ifrit’s large size. Despite it being high above, its new upgrades had made it possible for its might to be felt from a fourth of a league high. Unfortunately for the Hunter’s Camp, however, it felt the full force of it with all of the tents and some of the members being dragged into the water.

But Jaakuna ignored them.

“That’s my girl!” Jaakuna laughed, standing up. He seemed almost unphased by the rocking and shaking everyone had gone through.

“Well, that certainly was quite the rush, now wasn’t it?” Wesley noted, brushing himself off as he helped his beloved up.

Meanwhile, Savayna was gritting her teeth. “I’m going to kill him.” She cursed, her fists balled up as she was getting ready to follow through with her threat.
In Hello. 2 days ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
Hello and Welcome to the Guild. I am Altered Tundra, one of three Chat Staff for our Discord Server. As I'm sure, you have noticed it on the top of the page. There is also our rules, which you can find here.

I hope you are able to find all that you wanted out of the Guild and that you enjoy your stay.
If ever there have been a call too close to accurately measure, that was it.

Michel knew he had to get there before anyone else did. When he had left Archadia, he knew that he was the only shot anyone had at getting to the Creature first. Due to travel restrictions put in place by the Jagd to ensure that their land was protected, Meli and Michel couldn’t travel through conventional means. However, that didn’t mean they lacked means of not only traversing through the Sandsea but get to the Tomb as quickly as possible.

When they touched ground in the Sandsea, Michel had ensured a quick path from each major checkpoint from the start of the Sandsea to the tomb, all the way to where he had sensed the Creature’s deathly presence. Once he did and once he realized the severity of the situation, Michel had done something drastic. It was something only those with decades of training and mastery of the void would do. It was, as Shemhazai warned Michel before he went through with it, the last resort for any user of the Void. Even as the one who commands the empty, vastness of the Void, Shemhazai rarely used it. But Michel assured her that there was no other choice.

He had to activate the Forbidden Portal: The Void’s Whisper.

This ancient form of Void Magick called upon the remnants of the Occuria within Ivalice. It called upon the Void’s deepest regions to create a time portal so accurate and precise that not even someone as ancient as the Creature would be able to stop it.

When it was cast, for a moment, Michel caught a glimpse into the future. It was only for a few seconds, but he saw Aloa being dragged to the Creature, who had taken in a new form. “Ancient whispers of naught, hear me now. I bear the mark of the Void and call unto you; forsake all so that the Death Seraph may live. Ancient whispers of naught, project thy will unto me.” Michel chanted out, a portal of pure white appearing before him, and he and Meli were sucked into it. Without any warning nor any time to process it, the same portal appeared in front of the Creature and ran interference so that Aloa was sucked into the white hole, rather than the black hole.

They all traveled through the void, eyes blind to all and unable to dictate where they’d land, it was only after the sounds of nature did Michel realize where they had landed. Unfortunately, however, Michel’s body could not handle such prolonged exposure to the Void. Unlike previous uses of the Void, he would only be in the Void for three seconds(max) peruse, but this time, he spent a whole minute in it. To Shemhazai, it was nothing; she lived in the void, but for Michel - a hume with limited experience - he had a reaction to it as if he was holding a double-edged sword. Literally, the ancient magicks of that place tore a piece of his soul out, and now he was facing grim possibilities of death as a void portal had replaced where his belly button was. And as it continued to collect mist, it increased in size almost to the point where it was as wide as a balled fist.

Michel was conscious for this and heard Meli’s cries, begging Aloa to help him. Michel himself wasn’t fearing death. He knew the risks when he had used the Void’s Whisper. He had prepared his mind for the results of death. If he had to spend an eternity in the Void and not have his soul saved, then so be it. If it must happen, then he had resigned to that fate.

But it seemed Aloa had a different idea for him. Her hands hovered over his body. He couldn’t help but notice how her hands emitted an oddly-familiar glow. Something about it made him feel welcomed and how under its light, he was safe. As long as he remained still, then maybe he wouldn’t have to set himself at Shemhazai’s door just yet. After a moment or so -- long moments, mind you -- Michel felt a tingling sensation crawl up his spine and make its way all around his body. It was weird but welcoming. As he had looked down, he noticed the portal that had appeared on his body was no more. Whatever Aloa had done, she saved him - at least, for the time being(as she noted).

He slowly got up to his feet, using Meli and Aloa as an aid. Though he still felt tenderness in his stomach, he had enough strength to stand. “And to think I had this big speech prepared about how I got to you just in the nick of time,” Michel admitted, chuckling, wincing slightly through the tender pain he felt.

You have my thanks,” Aloa replied, though she closed her eyes. “I would note your recklessness, but sadly I am not in a position to defer your judgment.

Of course you can! He could have died!” Meli couldn’t help but yell.

“But I didn’t.” He noted, giving Meli a smile.

My question is, what the hell were you thinking, rushing in there all alone?! Did you want to die?!

It would have been inconvenient, I suppose,” Aloa mused out loud, her voice once again airy. “Ivalice would have marched on without me. I am certain Shion would have been glad to take my mantle.

“She would’ve grieved for you.” Michel said, “Ivalice knows your presence here and if anything was to come out of what you accomplished, you are just like the rest of us. You are an Ascendent, which is exactly why you can’t die just yet.” He informed her, almost sounding as if he was ordering her to stay alive.

A comforting thought, though at the very least I can say I walked away having accomplished something,” She admitted, looking at her hand. She let out an uncharacteristic sigh. “It took a sacrifice...but it was done.


I chose to withhold my ascension for as long as I could. I sought out Emet-Selch’s counsel, had hoped to find a way to form a crack in the Collective’s nonshattering shell...but to do that, I had no choice,” Aloa was bitter as she spoke. “She has passed on to the afterlife, robbed of her chance on Ivalice. I only pray it was not in vain.

Michel closed his eyes. “So, it was her power I felt coming from you when you saved my life from the Void.”

Aloa nodded silently. Meli looked between the two, not quite understanding. “I’m more concerned about your ‘temporary’ fix,” The dark haired woman decided to press the manner.

It is temporary because should he chose to push it, it will unravel. I thought this a simple explanation,” Aloa couldn’t help but show the slightest hint of annoyance. “He knows the risks. If he were to go the rest of his life using his magicks in moderation, he would live to a very old age. But our enemy will see to it that he will not go quietly.

As if Michel’s willing to risk his neck for yours again! Have you no shame?” Meli revealed the mutual feeling of annoyance. “I’ve heard nothing but praise about the ‘almighty viera’, but here you are nearly getting yourself killed and forcing Michel to save your sorry ass!

A pity.” Aloa’s response was rather curt, though she didn’t seem to bother with an explanation nor an apology.

Though he appreciated Meli’s loyalty and willingness to defend him, it wasn’t necessary, so he waved towards her. “There is no need to put any blame on Aloa here. I am at fault here. I knew the risks in using the Void Whisper. Shemhazai told me I wasn’t ready, but I knew it was the only thing that could save Aloa in time. What’s done is done.” He gave a shrug, though his eyes opened and they glanced solely on Aloa. “We did have another reason for coming all this way.”

Aloa seemed to understand, giving Michel her full attention. “Do tell.

“About, oh, I’d say no more than a full hour ago, we, the Ascendants, received a visit from a monk who revealed himself to be someone by the name of Grigori--an alias, no doubt--who informed us of a troubling fact about the Creature and how it may be the true enemy to us all. He stated that neither Zodiark nor Venat posed us any real danger but rather the Creature was the one who we should be focusing on.” Michel told Aloa, “he told us to seek out the one who bears the Calling of Death.”

Staring at Michel for a moment, she quirked an eyebrow at him. “,” She mumbled. “I wonder why.

Y-You don’t know?!

I’m not omniscient.

Ignoring the peanut gallery banter, Michel remained focused on Aloa. “Admittedly, I do not know his exact reasoning, but he did only want to reveal this to those of us who were Ascendants. And he wouldn’t do it until all of us were present. Of course, most were unavailable. Another thing to note is he knows about what we become when we ascend.”

Aloa looked at Michel in understanding. “I see.

“Let me guess: you know who this Grigori is, don’t you?”

It is a name I am familiar with, though I cannot say we’ve met in person,” She admitted, ignoring Meli rolling her eyes. “Much how the Occuria were Ivalice’s shepherds, you could say Grigori was...the next being in line.


Meaning that it is a watcher. An otherworldly being tasked with Ivalice’s good will in mind. There is probably more with numerous legends attached to it, but that was the relevant information given to me,” Aloa surmised.

“And who was it that told you this information?”

The one who taught me everything I know. She has long since passed, though not without giving me the information I needed for Ivalice’s prosperity,” She replied.

Michel knew who exactly that was. He recalled Shion had told him of a strange Viera she encountered in her travels. “Shion did mention that I believe. Kyli, if I recall. She referred to her as ‘one strange Viera’, though she didn’t go into any details.” Michel bit his thumb as he pondered.

Likely due to her inability to recognize the phenomenon known as ‘personal space’.” Her answer was pretty quick, accompanied by the tiniest of smiles.

For an obvious reason, his mind went to Jaakuna, which prompted Michel to let out an unforeseen chuckle, though there was a slight wince in his face. Meli gave him an extremely concerned look, though glared at Aloa, knowing she was the reason behind his odd behavior. Not long after taking a moment to collect himself, Michel gave both of them an assuring smile. “My apologies, but I was just reminded of Jackson and how he and Kyli have that same problem.” Uh-oh, he had one more chuckle left in him and, of course, it came with a double-edged pain.

Whereas Jackson intrudes simply to show his authority, my mentor believed it to be an unneeded social custom. She believed that as creatures of Ivalice, we all shared the same spiritual plane...admittedly, while the idea had some merit, I do think she simply liked to tease,” She admitted as Meli began fussing over Michel. Aloa looked to the sky, frowning. “I suppose I should inform Shion of what has happened. No doubt she’d want to consider our next move.

While he wanted to push further to hear more about Kyli, Aloa was right about one thing: they needed to go. “I’d offer to take us through my portals, but after what I just did--” Michel caught the scathing glare from Meli by even just mentioning using his powers. Apparently, she still wasn’t happy with him. “--I think our best option is to rest up. Utena headquarters isn’t far. We can send word to Madame Blue Rose, and she could meet us there.” Michel more or less suggested.

Aloa looked upon the coastline. It wasn’t preferable, but she would agree. She didn’t quite want to look at Meli, considering she was glaring, though her ears would twitch. “Lead the way.
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The struggle between their magicks was near even. Aloa and Zalera’s combined power was splendid. Such a display of refined mastery over the Death Seraph’s ancient magick truly was something to be proud of. To be able to handle such dangerous, hazardous power with little to no difficulty showed just how far this Viera had come. To think, this was the same young Viera who couldn’t do a single thing right in her youth, yet she was standing toe to toe with one of the most powerful beings to ever exist in Ivalice’s history. Her power even rivaled the Occuria - the very godly beings that forged Ivalice into their image.

And yet, it just wasn’t enough. This strong Viera who displayed absolute domination and control over death magicks literally had no idea that inserting her arm into one of the Creature’s copies was exactly what the being of death wanted. Though it wouldn’t be explained in the exact moment she did it, the explosion that followed, however, might be a totally different story. As mist centered around Aloa and then it unleashed itself in a widespread display of brilliant, bright magicks, the Creature then enacted its plan.

Without warning, black shadows gathered around the Creature, first swallowing him into nothingness, then after a short moment, its form reappeared in front of Aloa. Of course, this time it resembled nothing humeoid. It didn’t have a physical form per-se; the entirety of its existence had become a literal manifestation to what it, above all else, represented.


In its new form, the Creature was in a circular state of dark matter, formed and molded from the darkest regions of the void to become an all-consuming mass that was intent on absorbing any and all forms of or otherwise.

And unfortunately for Aloa, her explosion did very little to stall it. Within seconds, her last-ditch efforts were moot. Anything she might’ve come up with on the spot was useless. All matter of magick, life, and energy was fuel for this black hole that it had become.

Right about now, regardless of the fact Aloa had put up some kind of complex web of protective magicks, it wouldn’t do her any good in the long run. In a matter of one minute, even that wouldn’t be able to save her.

The minute had run out and the ground that Aloa stood on cracked, robbed of its life, but more importantly, it's connected to Ivalice herself. As a result, it was reduced to a blackened state that rejected Aloa’s connection to the Gods and propelled her towards the Creature. It all seemed bleak. She was facing death in the eye and nothing Zalera would do could save her.

She was dead.

She had no options left.

She had to...

No, there was something of a glimmer in front of her.

It started out as a little dot of light within the darkness, then it expanded at such a rapid rate. By when Aloa was mere inches from being swallowed up by the Creature’s mass, the light beat her to it. And just as soon as it had done that, had the Creature been led into a temporary state of victory. It was long enough to allow what had actually happened to enable Aloa to get a safe distance away.

Not even a full, ten seconds later, Aloa would find herself being spat out of that same portal, no doubt preparing herself for death’s embrace, but what she’d find was not the abysmal darkness of hell but the sunshine of Ivalice and the cool winds of the Phon Coast. She’d feel the sand between her bunny-like feet, and the waves crashing ashore. She’d hear the sounds of seagulls flying overhead as they frolicked above the water, catching fish as they came.

Then, as if adding a looming cloud to the blue skies above, a sound of absolute terror from a familiar raven-haired woman would be heard as she hovered over another familiar male with forest-colored hair. She’d hear the sounds of the Void threatening to take him as a portal the size of a thumb appeared through his clothing.

Aloa would see the consequences of Michel overusing the Void.
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