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She heard Grant inform Nadeline that the person in charge of it all and likely responsible for Wesley’s condition(though not directly), was The Snake, Levi. She heard how Nadeline practically accused Grant of keeping something from her and how he always kept whatever was bothering him inside until it blew up in his face. She implied how he was keeping something--something Savayna knew--to himself and it was affecting his outward personality and mannerisms.And above all else, she heard both of them defending their respective points. Only thing was that Savayna didn’t like how either of their points was completely idiotic.

As Savayna would look over towards Grant standing alone on the balcony, she would spot Nadeline walking away. Half of her mind was telling her to go join Grant and comfort him, but after what had transpired earlier in the day, he probably didn't want to see her. So instead, she would follow Nadeline until they were more or less alone. Savayna pulled her aside, stopping the princess in her tracks. “Whatever you’re planning on doing, I want in.” Savayna told Nadeline.

Still, Cassandra ignored Emiri. Even though she apologized for the young man, who would later announce himself as Keiran, she would keep her eyes on him. It was as if Emiri was invisible to her. The only person she wanted to pay attention to and acknowledge was this very handsome, mysterious man in front of her. The name Keiran made every strand of her hair stand up with excitement. Something about the way he spoke, how his tone hinted at something intriguing about him and how he might’ve hinted at something else about him made the queen want to know more about Keiran.

Though, her joy would soon be cut short as she saw a Viera--a different one from before--enter the room. Based on how they greeted her, it was obvious to her that these two knew her. The confirmation of that came when they seemed to lower their guard around her. She stated her name as she requested something odd of Cassandra.

The Sword of Kings?” she repeated what Aloa said, scratching her head. She had to think about it for a brief moment until she remembered that something by that name was in the armory. It had been stored the last time Wesley came back from one of his journeys. “Oh that rusted sword? What do you need it for?” Cassandra asked Aloa.

Before she would get a response though, the annoying brunette would speak without being spoken to again. Scowling lowly, Cassandra kept her calm center by looking at Keiran. “Fine, you go but Keiran stays.” Cassandra ordered Emiri, not smiling one bit at the girl. “Miss Aloa, my guards can escort you to the armory where you’ll find this...Sword of Kings.” She would briefly inform Aloa.
When Reia would explain the situation and what they all had came to Dalmasca for, she let out a smile, then chuckled as if finding it very interesting. While it was true that she heard whispers from her counsel about what happened in Archadia and even more whispers about Zodiark’s presence(it wasn’t long ago that the skies of Ivalice went dark). So there wasn’t a single doubt in her mind that she knew that everyone would have to band together in some way.

Though, she had to admit her surprise when Reia stated they wanted to propose a treaty between the Three Great Nations of Ivalice. It was a surprise to her because she remembered it was just recently Archadia invaded Rabanastre, resulting in her husband’s death. If only she had been there, maybe she could have stopped them.

On the mention of how Reia and Jaakuna would respectively serve as the proxy for their own country’s interests, Isabelle found herself losing her smile upon the mention of her daughter, Cassandra. “This all sounds wonderful, Empress Reia, but I’m afraid my daughter might not be able to partake in these talks of a treaty.

And why is that?” Jaakuna asked without cautious care, “I mean no disrespect. You are Wesley’s mother and one hell of a babe, but without Cassandra, we cannot proceed.

Isabelle couldn’t help but giggle and smile rather lovingly at Jaakuna’s continued admiration at her beauty. One might even say she was returning the favor through her somewhat flirtatious glance at him “I’m understand that she is a vital part in these talks going forward, but ever since Wesley was brought back, she hasn’t left his bedside. Even with all of the doctors investigating his condition, she wouldn’t leave the room.” Isabelle informed them. “Her heart is one of the compassionate kind. And that heart is on the verge of breaking due to her love for her brother.

Jaakuna cursed to himself, then he turned to Reia. “Well now what? If we can’t do this with Cassandra, the maybe--

Excuse me, perhaps I can offer up a suggestion.

The floor’s yours.

Isabelle nodded, “seeing as how you’re here on your brother Roman’s interests, perhaps, if the Empress will allow it, I could act in my daughter’s sted.” Isabelle suggested, her eyes on Reia. Out of the three, she was the only one representing her country’s interests.

While the Viera doctor(?) examined WEsley, on her command, Cassandra sat in a chair about ten feet away from Wesley’s bed. The only thing she could do was watch as the viera would do a lot of things that she herself wasn’t sure what they were. She had a high awareness to Mist, like her brother but in a different way. She could see the spiritual strings that were woven of those who could manipulate their mist. She could see what properties they held and what they did. Through this, she saw that the Viera doctor was using a method of deep healing, which was an ancient form of scan that literally scanned the body for ailments that ran deeper than just the typical poison or sap. These were down to the very core of one’s own soul.

She would continue to watch, though she might’ve fallen asleep as she noticed that the Viera had stepped out at some point and she woke up when she heard someone barge in without even so much as a request for permission to do so. Amber eyes fell upon the duo: one was a black-haired man that was quite handsome and the other--the other that Cassandra recognized--was that girl Emiri that Wesley told her about. The one with the weird time powers. The one whom the Archadian Prince loves. Wesley spoke fondly of the two of them, though he never mentioned the young man. The one that, if one could see Cassandra right now, was quite struck by him. Her heart began fluttering and she felt an odd feeling course through her stomach.

Standing up only to greet them, she did so with a pause, hearing the duo exchange words. They specifically would start talking about Wesley. The young man would start by talking about Wesley and what condition he was. Immediately, she would step forward, tapping the male on his shoulder. “Excuse me, who are you and what are you doing here?” Cassandra asked the young male, trying to hold her initial infatuation with this man in check long enough to get a base answer from him.
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I don't plan on posting for Ava until the scene she's currently apart of advances some. Alex is free as a bird, so feel free to have Rich bump into him if you wish. We definitely gotta lay the foundation for dat arrogmance.
As Keiran began to explain what he knew about this Creature, Isabelle couldn't help but notice how anxious he got when he was describing what it not only was but what kind of emotions it fed off of. Based on what he was describing and how on-edge Keiran felt about it, it seemed as though this thing--this Creature of Darkness--was what the nurses told children when they wanted a scary story instead of some happy-go-lucky tale of a hero or something in that regard. And to think that not only something like that exists, but that Nadeline had encountered it.

Hearing about this being of darkness brought a moment of dread to Isabelle. to think something like that actually existed in the world. Though, perhaps because she chose to be blissfully ignorant and that she didn't want to know about the darker things in Ivalice led to her being easily shocked about what lurked in the deepest parts of Ivalice's darkness. Perhaps it was her refusal to accept anything else but goodness in the world that led to her being completely surprised by what this thing was. Though, as she would take her time to adjust to what it was this thing was, Keiran would request to see Wesley, but he didn't wait for her permission. He simply did so as he wished. The Iniko girl would follow him, apologizing on his behalf.

Then, just right after her, Nadeline had to take a moment for herself. Obviously talking about Wesley was too much for her. Isabelle would check up on her in a few. She would have done so already, but Grant would inquire to Isabelle about seeing Cassandra. She blinked as if the request to see her daughter was lost on her. "Why do you need to see my daughter?" Isabelle asked Grant.

Before Grant would be able to answer, Jaakuna would speak for him. "It's why we've come here," Jaakuna started, standing up. "I'm not any good at this kind of thing, so perhaps Reia should explain it," Jaakuna admitted, giving Reia the floor.
"I am to understand it's urgent. Or at least, that's what Leon, my Squire, has told me. Though, he didn't specify what it was specifically." Isabelle mused, finding herself even more curious about why such a group of well-known figures had traveled so far and away from their respective countries. So, of course, it was quite interesting that they would seek out Isabelle in such an urgent manner.

"Something like that," Jaakuna stated rather calmly, feeling the all-piercing glare from his beloved. "We--well, I--have a proposal for you. But, maybe--

Suddenly, Jaakuna was interrupted by Nadeline's sudden question. That made Jaakuna to let her finish whatever she was saying.

When Nadeline had inquired about an update on Wesley's condition, Isabelle didn't know what she was going to say. Every doctor that she could find had told her the same thing. Though she didn't know what that Viera that was currently looking into his condition would say, at this moment, it was as bad as when Nadeline had left for Archadia earlier in the day. And as she would look at the blonde girl, she couldn't help but smile just a little bit. Truly, she loved Wesley with all of her heart. It showed any time she spoke his name or thought about him.

Taking just a few more moments to ponder on her words, Isabelle spoke. "There is still no change. I've asked every doctor I could. All of them said the same: there's no change I've asked the Jarif to send their best shaman and still there was no change." Isabelle said, her voice starting to crack due to her emotions, "I..I even pleaded with the Viera. I asked for that one you said is the best healer you know, Nadeline: Aloa, but apparently, she was unavailable, so they sent the second-best thing: Myrn."

"Really? Her?"

"I take it you know this Myrn."

Jaakun nodded, arms crossed. "She's kind of a bitch."

"In what way?"

"Like Aloa, just with more snark."

Savayna snickered, "then I can't wait to meet this one."

Even though Isabelle barely had been able to keep it together, she found herself chuckling at the banter between the General and Jaakuna. "You two bicker like an old married couple," she noted.

"Close," Jaakuna simply stated.

"We were married once, but now I'm engaged to this silent lug of a man," Savayna softly punched Grant's shoulder.

"That explains it," Isabelle also would nod, seeming to accept the reason they gave.

After a moment would pass, she would shake her briefly as to get her mind back on what she was saying. Though, as she would go to continue, she heard the black-haired young male speak about this thing called The Creature. "Is there anything you can tell me about this..creature?" Isabelle asked the young male.
They acted as if they were being attacked by Zodiark or something terrible like that. Jaakuna didn’t quite understand what the big fucking deal was. It’s not like he maimed them. If he really wanted to win using dirty tactics, he would have summoned Belias. Did he do that? No, he didn’t. He simply exerted his obvious dominance and proved once and for all that there’s only one winner in both the skies and lands of Ivalice.

Though, as he would see how furious Reia was at Lorenzo, Jaakuna was reduced to a laughing mess, falling to his knees and pointing at Lorenzo. “Serves you right, huh!” Jaakuna laughed but suddenly felt a large bonk on the back of his blond head, sending him about one foot into the ground. He looked back and it was Savayna who, much like Reia to Lorenzo, gave him a murderous glare, ready to pummel him even further if he didn’t shut up.

Joining the rest of them, he had always been amazed at how beautiful the sight of the main palace was. “Ya know, I once had a job to sneak into this place and steal the crown jewels.

What kind of person would commission you to steal the crown?

Oh, you know, people.

What kind of people?

The ones with pockets full of Gil.

After a moment, Savayna sighed, knowing he was full of shit,“you did it on your own volition, didn’t you?

What? No, I could never--

Savayna simply looked at him, saying nothing.

Okay, fine yes. I did it on my own. I wanted to see if I could get away with it.” Jaakuna scowled, finally admitting why he truly did it.

And did you?

It’s complicated.

Uncomplicate it.

I had it in my possession, but then I got caught by -- wouldn’t you know it? Wesley’s late papa.

What happened?

What do you think? I was thrown in the dungeons and wasn’t let out until the next solstice.

You could have just said that instead of beating around the bush.

But this was more fun.

Just tell me what’s the point of this story.” Savayna demanded exasperated

The point, my dearest ex-wife, is that this place is beautiful, double goes for the inside.” Jaakuna shrugged as he heard Reia.

He simply would keep his mouth shut from here on out, and go along with what she wanted.

Wesley’s condition had been felt throughout the kingdom. As someone who was just as loved as he was respected among the nobles and common folk, it did something that no one had seen since the era of Queen Ashelia: a unity of the rich and poor. With the help of Old Dalan and the leaders of the noble houses, there had been vigils scheduled to show support for their king. Though most could do nothing but pray, they did so as much as they could. The temples that were thought long-abandoned were being crowded with people asking the gods to help their king as much as they could.

All the while, in the Royal Palace of Rabanastre, Wesley has had several doctors come and investigate his condition on the order of the Queen Mother of Wesley, Isabelle. She didn’t know what else she did, so she would spend as much gil as it took to get the best doctors to Dalmasca. They ranged from medical doctors to psychological doctors. She even arranged for a Jarif shaman to see Wesley. She was desperate and she wanted nothing else but her son to open his eyes so that she could see his beautiful eyes again. She wanted to hear his voice again. She wanted to know that he was okay and that she could actually have good news for his fiance when she returns. She wanted all of that.

And yet, after over a dozen doctors have went into his room, every one of them told her what she feared.

“I’m sorry, your grace, but there’s nothing I can do.”

They all said a variant of that. Additionally, they expressed how saddened they were to hear that their king, Wesley Henry Alexander, seemed to have no reaction to their various treatments. Even the Garif Shaman, who was said to be the best Jahara Shaman there was, couldn’t do anything. His condition was more complex and unlike anything that were in any books of known ailments.

There was still one more healer waiting. A Viera by the name of Myrn. Originally, she sought out Aloa, but due to some unexplained reasons, Aloa wasn’t available, so she had who they called the second-best healer after Aloa. This Viera was her last chance.

As she waited outside her son’s room, Isabelle's’ squire approached her. “My deepest apologies, your grace, I know you are eagerly waiting on our king’s recovery, but there’s a group of people in the main hall claiming to know you.”

Isabelle looked at her squire. He was a young lad. The nephew of her late husband by marriage. He had been under her service ever since she made the decision to return to Dalmasca and resume her duties. “Very well,” she bowed her head slightly to her squire as he led her to the main hall.

It wasn’t a long journey. A simple series of turns and down one flight of stairs. Once there, the Queen Mother saw someone she immediately recognized. It was Nadeline. Upon further inspection, she saw a few others she knew. Of course, there was the rest of the Rozarrian royal family, Grant, Lorenzo, and the Empress, Reia. though she did notice that famed Archadian General Savayna Glacie was among them and the formerly-deemed traitor, now a hero, of Archadia, Jackson Darcone, though he did seem to prefer Jaakuna. Oh, and of course the always-cheery Emiri. Wesley had told his mother so much about this group of people.

Welcome to Rabanastre. My son has told me so much about you all. As friends of my son, you are more than welcome here.“ Isabelle greeted her son’s friends went open arms and a warm smile, inviting them to take a seat in the highly decorative chairs in front of them.

Jaakuna was the first to take her invitation, not at all shy about taking what was so obviously offered to him for free. “Man, I forgot how dope this place was. Though I gotta be honest, Wesley never said how much of a babe his mother was.

And as if world war was declared, Jaakuna felt the glares through the back of his head. Maybe they were still mad at him for what he did to the lot of them getting to Dalmasca.

LOCATION Party Floor → Bar → Party Floor Take Two → Some boring af people
INTERACTING WITH — Alexandros, Anna and Friends @Aewin @Grim327 @Melo

Ava had originally intended to go find her brother at the balcony, but before she could, she got lost in the crowd of people that suddenly swarmed her. Guys had asked her to dance and she kindly told them to fuck off. It wasn’t that she didn’t appreciate the offer. In fact, she was very flattered, but simply put, she wasn’t in the mood to dance. She needed to find her brother just so she could give him a piece of her mind when she noticed him at the balcony. However, by the time she actually reached the balcony, it was obvious that she was too late. He was gone. She only saw some chick gazing up at the stars. She didn’t bother with her and she went back to the party, hoping to find someone of intrigue.

Minutes passed as Ava zipped through one crowd of people to another, just hoping she might run into her brother. Of all the people she ran into, each and every guy that looked to be around her age had, at one point or another, asked her to dance or if they could get her a drink. It was getting exhausting and to be quite frank, she was about to explode. She didn’t really care about saving face at this point. Though, she knew the appearance of Ava Mossos, the good one, might be shattered. If she had even one more guy ask her something other than to do a repetitive activity with her or get her some kind of alcoholic beverage, she was going to lose it.

After some time of wandering around, Ava found herself taking a brief seat at the bar. Her legs were killing her and she needed to get off of them for a while. She turned to the bartender. “I’ll have whatever you’re serving on tap.” Ava stated, letting out an exasperated sigh.

The bartender gave Ava a glass of some kind of beer, to which she started drinking. “You sure you’re old enough.

Turning her head, Ava nearly dropped her drink on the floor. It was fucking Alex. “You motherfucker, where have you been?” She asked as low as she could, trying to not rip his head off.

]Exploring the party, of course.” Alexandros shrugged to his sister as he took a sip of his own drink.

Oh yeah, I never would have caught that. And where did you go exactly?



Yes, around.

He always did this. Alex loved to play his games too much. She knew that he was having fun with it too because he generally had a playful, smug expression plastered all over his face. Not only that, but he purposely repeated what she said just to piss her off.

And it was working.

Ava scowled, kicking Alexandros under the table with the tip of her heel. “Serves you right, jackass.” She heard him grunt lowly and she then would wield a triumphant smirk. Ava sipped her drink happily and set it down, briefly gazing at her brother who would greet her with one of his own. “So, find anyone interesting?

Mmm,” Alexandros hummed curiously, “I might’ve; no telling if she’s going to stick, though.

Oh come on now, Alex. I know you too well. If you’ve sought her out, she must be of some intrigue to you.” Ava casually stated, not even looking to her brother.

She heard him sigh, though he probably thought she didn’t. “Her name is Audrey Huntsberg.

Ava turned around to Alexandros rather suddenly. “Huntsberg? Oh, where have I heard that name before.

Dr. Arthur Huntsberg, mother’s doctor. The one she went in for that consultation.

Right. That guy’s a dick.

Alexandros simply nodded, then chuckled. “Trust me, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” he stated as he got up.

Ava did find it curious that, of all people, he would consider someone else to be a dick—or something like it—when he was one of the biggest jackasses that she had the displeasure of knowing. “Must be some woman for her to get under your skin like that. I may just have to seek this one out and thank her.” Ava was kidding for the most part.

Alexandros said nothing; he simply scowled lowly. He placed his drink onto the coaster and got up, looking at Ava. “Do try to socialize, dearest sister. I don’t care with whom, but don’t just sit here and drink alone. It’s unfitting of a Mossos, even if it’s you.

And there it was. Ava had been waiting for the belittling Alexandros to come out. Ava wanted to kick him again, but she decided against it. She knew it wasn’t worth embarrassing the Mossos name over. One of them had to be the adult here. She knew her brother wasn’t going to be.

When Alexandros left, Ava would return to her drink. Though, as she would think about what he said, it irked her how he was probably right. As much as it pained her to admit it to herself, much less him, it was a tad pathetic for her to be sitting at the bar, drinking alone. In that moment, her mind was made up. She would go and seek out some company. It didn’t matter who it was—well maybe just a little bit— she would go and actually socialize with people other than herself.

And, over the course of the next ten minutes, Ava did just that. Going from group to group, just scanning them from afar, she would see if any were worth interacting with. She saw a group of people who looked like some nerds. She definitely could fit into that group, but they looked just a tad pathetic for her. So obviously that was a no. Going about ten or so feet past them, she saw another group. They all looked like they were party animals of some sort. Surely she could strike up some kind of conversation with them, but she didn’t feel like putting on a facade just to get cozy with them. Plus, she definitely didn’t want to get high right now, so again that was no.

Ava sighed as she found this to be hopeless. Maybe she wasn’t the type to socialize. Especially since she was so goddamn picky about who she wanted to talk to. It didn’t help that most of the people she saw were either too fake for her to handle or simply she didn’t get the right vibe from them. Though, as she would half-decide it in her mind to just call it quits, she accidentally bumped into a group of people.

Geez, knock me over why don’t yah?” Ava groaned, nearly tumbling over some blonde. As she glanced at her and the rest of the group, she noticed that she might’ve made a mistake. The blonde in question appeared to be like one of those people who were too damn happy that it was sickening. She didn’t even speak and already Ava knew she was that kind of person. As for the rest of them, there was an Asian guy, some white dude and a couple of others that looked positively boring.

Put on your happy face, Ava. These people don’t seem as unbearable as the rest of the party do.

Gathering herself, Ava dusted off her dress and looked at the group before going straight to the blonde she nearly fell on. “Yeah so sorry about that. This isn’t necessarily my kind of scene.” Ava stated, giving a half-assed apology, “so, uh, yeah,
I'm Ava."

Though there was a brief moment of awkward silence after SAvayna practically ripped into not only Grant and Nadeline, but she also did so to Reia, whom in which seemed to not take too kindly to it. That was obvious when she retorted nastily back at the blonde, claiming she had no right to talk down to her given who she was. After she spoke that harsh truth, Savayna threw her hands up in the air as a sign of defeat and went over to The Thorn until the others were ready.

Meanwhile, the other two parties would also begin to make the final preparations. Jaakuna had joined Lorenzo over by the Valefor just so the latter Ivalician Prince was aware of how to operate it and how much mist output was recommended. Of course, the numbers that Jaakuna gave him seemed to be lost on the Rozarrian prince, much to the exasperation of his daughter and sister. Instead, Jaakuna simply showed him a visual reference of exactly how much mist he normally would put in for a long journey. So that Lorenzo had it etched into his mind, he would show him as many times as Lorenzo didn’t convince him that he understood how imperative it was that he’d use that exact amount of mist. Not less nor more. Jaakuna wanted to make sure Lorenzo understood the risks of even a smidge over the showcased amount of Mist could cause instability to the Valefor’s systems.

And after ten additional minutes of Jaakuna teaching Lorenzo what to do and what not to do, they were all ready to finally hit the old dirt road. Jaakuna and Emiri took their places on the Aegis Warbike, Keiran and the Rozarrian Royal Family were all seated in the Valefor, and the newly-engaged couple of Grant and Savayna were firmly placed on The Thorn.

As the computer AI would monitor their movements, a sound went off that signaled the back door to open, revealing a clear path about ten feet high from the Tchita Uplands. As it would, Jaakuna smirked. “I know we want this to be a safe and pleasant journey, but just so you all know, I’m--I mean we--are going to beat all of y’all to Dalmasca.” Suddenly Jaakuna began revving up the Aegis rather worryingly as he snickered lowly, looking back at Emiri, winking.

HA! Jaakie my boy, you have much to learn in the ways of--” Lorenzo immediately barked back, only to get slapped twice by both his daughter and his sister.

We’ll get there when we get there, this isn’t a race,” Reia huffed at him.

Keiran raised his eyebrows at her, though he would pull up a digital menu displaying the status of the Valefor in front of him. “The synchronization is at ninety-six percent. Outputs are steady. We’re free to go whenever,” He told Lorenzo with a dull expression on his face.

Don’t go encouraging him! Please, we have to be careful! The vehicle hasn’t been tested!” Nadeline told him, but once he had gotten the all clear signal, Lorenzo grinned madly, shifting the vehicle as it would burst forward. “I’M GOING TO KILL YOU JAAKUNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaa….” The words were distinctly heard as they flew off.

I think she’s blaming you for that,” Emiri told Jaakuna, smiling. Grant didn’t bother replying, though once he figured he was set, he would follow Lorenzo’s lead. “Let’s leave them in the dust!

Letting out a chuckle, followed by a louder, more ecstatic, almost maniac-esque battlecry, Though the Aegis was plenty fast on its own, Jaakuna knew that wouldn’t be enough, not with the Valefor in play. So instead, he would use his own Mist to empower it almost twice its normal output. Burning and surrounded in a thick, red and orange aura, the Aegis would only need a single moment until it took off.

It was like a blur that zipped past the Tchita Uplands, sending whatever monsters that were in the way on a one-way journey to the Gods. Whether it was a malboro or just a flying garuda, they stood no chance against the distorting Aegis that made quick work of the distance of the Tchita Uplands and did the same with the Phon Coast.

Good thing for Jaakuna and Emiri, the Aegis had a strong GPS system that was already locked on the coordinates to Rabanastre. Though the speed that they were going was faster than intended and Jaakuna had heard Emiri’s initial--and continued--screams as sharp turns were taken and monsters were vanquished. Though it was all happening so fast and too quick for Jaakuna to even adjust himself to the speed, he could have sworn he heard Emiri to tell him to slow down. However, before he would even register, they had already made it past the Salikawood. As they entered it, Jaakuna saw The Thorn. Though, Jaakuna wouldn’t see it for long as, when they passed it, he gave Grant and Savayna a very sportsmanlike middle finger and he stuck out his tongue at them. Then, just as quickly as he had done that, he zipped past them, forcing them to crash into one of the many trees in the wood.

Brisking past that rather quickly, Jaakuna and Emiri came to the Mosphoran Highwaste. For the most part, he expected it to be busy. Jaakuna made swift turns to evade any strong monster attacks. Though, as he would notice the sight of the Valefor, he heard screams coming from it. And he knew why. Lorenzo had forgotten what Jaakuna had told him. He has forgotten that any output above the absolute recommended would cause it to go faster than preferred. The screams from Nadeline and Reia were an obvious hint at that. Still, Jaakuna wasn’t about to let him beat him.

I know Nadeline is going to hate me for what I’m about to do, but just watch this,” Jaakuna snickered back at Emiri as he revved up the Aegis to full speed. Up until before this moment, he was going about half the max speed, but as he shifted it into turbo speeds, Jaakuna zipped through the vast ranges of the highwaste as the green and red bike would mark itself right next to the Valefor as he exchanged looks with all of those in the Valefor. “Forgive me,” Jaakuna stated, offering an apologetic smile before returning to his usual mischievous smirk.

The Valefor has overclocked its capacity based on your Mist,” He stated, unfazed by the speed, though he did show some slight concern as he noticed the look on Lorenzo’s face. “You want us to go faster, but I’m almost certain that you’re going to end up passing out at this rate.

Ask not the sparrow how the eagle soars!” was Lorenzo’s only response, clearly having gone crazy from power. Or maybe he was just that stupid.

WE DON’T NEED TO GET THERE SO FAST!” Nadeline screamed in terror, her body practically forced back into its seat.

That’s loser talk!” Emiri laughed, though she held onto Jaakuna tightly. “We’ll see you in Rabanastre!

Jaakuna knew his machine. He knew how it operated. He knew exactly what he needed to do to render it useless for a brief moment. He knew how much output of mist he would need to do that without making those within it be in any mortal danger. This was an easy feat and someone who was in control of his own mist, Jaakuna could easily do it. Though, the trick here was not what he knew to do but rather how it would affect his friends’ opinion of him. He did ponder on it but in the current position that he was in, there was no time to think, only act.

As easy as breathing came to him, Jaakuna maneuvered a sharp turn. In that same moment, he sent a wave of his mist towards the Valefor that would, for a few, long moments, shut it completely down. Of course, he had programmed it into the Valefor’s mainframe to reactivate after thirty seconds of being forcefully shut down. However, that didn’t change the fact that Jaakuna willed his Mist to cause the Valefor to shake and rumble as it would find itself in a ditch. Meanwhile, Jaakuna, laughing as excitedly as he possibly could, pushed through the Highwaste and had made it to the Estersand.

As Rabanastre was on the horizon, Jaakuna had not only ensured his victory as he and Emiri left their competition in the dust, but in the process, he proved once again that Jaakuna Hinoko, proud pilot of the Ifrit and Archadian Crown Prince, was the best there is, the best that was, and the best that ever will be. He would further prove that as he came to a stop at the gates of Rabanastre as he and Emiri simply waited for the others to catch up.
Jaakuna couldn’t believe how easily frightened the Rozarrians were. He understood why Nadeline and grant were cautious about entering his untested prototype, but the surprise was seeing that Reia was just as--if not more--wary of riding in the Valefor. Despite how much faith Jaakuna obviously placed in Lorenzo, there was still a clear hint of doubt from all of those who had shared their opinions about Jaakuna’s crimson car.

As Jaakuna would sigh, he seemed to prepare himself to speak. However, before he would get the chance, Savayna stepped in front of him. “A bunch of pussies, the lot of you.” They would all hear her crassly state. “Nadeline and Grant I can understand. Frankly, you two are known for your constant complaining. But Reia? Where’s your sense of adventure? You’re Lorenzo’s sister. Surely you share some rebellious streak that he has copious amounts of.” Savayna stated as she approached Reia, giving her a sort of smirk, “I mean, Grant did say you had a lot of men leaving your room. If that isn’t rebellious to what an Empress should act, then I don’t know what is.

And after she was done, she looked around the room, then to Jaakuna, chuckling to herself. “Oh, my apologies, ex-husband. You were going to say something.” She gestured towards him, slightly bowing her head, “please go right ahead.”

Jaakuna laughed but shook his head slightly. Obviously, she had said what needed to be said. The only thing that was left to be decided was what Reia would have to say to all of that.
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