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Tundra can't sleep. Tundra doesn't like it when he can't sleep.
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Blastoise! Use Hydro Pump, now!
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What part of "it's not Disney's fault" are people not getting? Sony are the villains in this story, not The Mouse.
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So, Eighth Grade is a pretty great film.


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Well, there’s a lot to say about me. I’m a male roleplayer who is currently twenty-seven-years-old as of writing this in 2019, though come 6/24, I’ll be 28. Gasp, I know! I have no idea where the time went but I suppose lounging around the Guild doing absolutely nothing does play a part in that. The advantage of doing this means I have been able to figure out what works for me and what doesn’t. Anything from what kind of roleplay genres I thrive in, how long my posts tend to be, and who I vibe and don’t vibe with. Everything took a while, but I did find a lot about myself.

Genre wise, I mainly stick to Slice of Life and Coming of Age stories, which tend to be very soapy. Speaking of, I adore soap opera-themed/inspired settings. The more over the top and eccentric the better. I do dabble in anime settings (but not anime slice of life). I don’t know what it is, but that’s just not my cup of tea. I mainly do magical fantasy anime-wise. I can’t write medieval fantasy to save my life, though I do read a lot of medieval fantasy novels, so i don’t know how that worked but life is funny like that. Sci-Fi is an iffy one for me. I think I can write it but haven’t really gotten the chance to. I have been trying to dabble in supernatural settings a bit more like vampires and the like. I do love urban fantasy. I love to mix it in with some other genres.

As a roleplayer, I tend to fit in High Casual and higher. Though, there will be days where I only will bust out a paragraph response and sometimes that’s okay. Too much fluff makes everything boring and dull. Normally, however, two or more paragraphs is my sweet spot. Character-wise, I suppose I do have a few types I like to make.

For anime settings, either the vulgar female warrior, the tactical and polite, royally-trained swordsman, and, of course, the buffoon with a heart of gold and a knack of dragging others into his battles whether they want to or not.

Real life settings are more tropey than anything else. I definitely like to favor fuck boys, heartbreak hotel-types, wild and zany and just a basket case, again idiots who act without thinking, bubbly sweethearts, and sometimes the shy, reserved artists. I have a lot of each category that I’ve never got to use, so I don’t know, there’s a lot of characters who haven’t gotten their deserved screen time.

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LocationBeverly Hills High School - Morning Room Studio
InteractionsTrixie @TootsiePop

“H.O.T. is dead.”

Reading those words through Samara for a loop. Not because she didn’t believe it. The tweets she saw this morning made her a believer but it was the fact that they were, in fact, no more than had brought a surprising smile to her face, almost as though she was happy about it. Maybe happy wasn’t the right word for it. If she had to put her finger on it, she was feeling relieved.

There was always something about the HOT girls that Samara never liked. Or at least the idea that those three were the top gals. Why were they so special? One of them had the name Green, which held a lot of power in this town. Legacy of the three former queens from a previous generation or something, wasn’t it? But then where did Trixie and Ophelia come from? Hailey made sense but the other two always confused Sam. Were they simply the backup show to the self-proclaimed Hailstorm? Or maybe she was their backup and now was the part of the movie where the queen realizes what her worth really is?

All of these theories she kept entertaining got her through most of the ride to school. She didn’t feel like driving, so Sam took a luxury Uber. It was like regular Uber but more high class. As her driver neared school grounds, she was still quite busy as she dove headfirst into the various tweets, posts, and reactions to HOT. It was mostly positive but Sam found that boring. She was curious to know the real reason. She couldn’t help but want to know the full story but it was going to be difficult. Going to Hailey wasn’t a good idea. Going after that one was high school suicide and Samara didn’t know much about the O to know where to find her.

“So that leaves Trixie Kingsley.”

“Did you say something, Miss Hart?”

Sam looked up from her phone as her Driver spoke. “No, it’s nothing. Just some high school drama.” As she spoke, she saw they were nearing the entrance to the parking lot. “You can stop here.”

“Are you sure?”

Samara nodded, knowing he saw her through the mirror.

Soon the petite blonde was out of the car and soon found herself walking through the front door. Being the daughter of not one but two fashionable-as-fuck women who represent what it means to be fabulous, Samara’s style was a mirror of that. She modeled herself after her mother, Adielle, whose bold color choices often were the talk of the boardroom and she sported that as she walked through the halls. A pink top with a yellow skirt that paired nicely with white flats was bound to get anyone talking. And the way she strutted was as though Samara was the new queen, but this was generally how she presented herself. She was the embodiment of a diva and her acting like she was hot stuff was proof of that.

As she walked, Samara’s eavesdropping ears heard murmurs of the elections. She had heard throughout the weeks that they were nearing. Maybe she was so focused on her own stuff at home and preparing for a recording studio session later in the week that she couldn’t concern herself with what high school-level elections were on the horizon. That being said, there was a reason she had made her way into the Morning Room studio.

And that reason was sitting away from where Riley was doing his thing with the election hopefuls. She didn’t want to distract them so she just watched, waiting for her moment to have a moment with Trixie. And after Brian and she had a short conversation about his band performing, now was her chance and she approached the latina girl.

“There must be a lot of buzz going around, huh?” Samara just started speaking, hand on her hip and a smile given to Trixie. “I mean, Riley taking a backseat to anyone is noteworthy on its own, but now there’s the elections, which I’ll admit I don’t care about them but they seem to matter to those running. And now you, of all people, playing messenger for Henry. Talk about strange times.”


LocationBeverly Hills High School - Lab, Room 2-13
InteractionsHenry Green @Hey Im Jordan
(Outfit of the day in gif)

One of Nathaniel Blake’s favorite things in this entire world was Mondays. It might sound strange to those who live for the weekend but the thing everybody has to understand about Nate is that he thrives when he’s around people. The social energy coming off of those who either tell him to fuck off or those who indulge in wild antics is what fuels his wacky flame to be the beacon of positive vibes he knows himself to be. And if he’s the only one to breathe in those fumes, then that’s fine. It just means there’s more good energy for him, but he isn’t a vibe hog. He likes to share.

But more on that a little later. Mondays are great because he can share his love of positivity. And specifically, he gets to see his bros. Not that he doesn’t ever get to see them. Weekends are fine but at least when the week rolls around, he can see them whenever he wants. Another good thing is that he knows where his bros like to hang around. Or at least where there’ll be at around this particular time. With everything going on with the elections and that trio of girls ending (Nate doesn’t pay much attention to that sort of thing), he knew exactly where he would be.

“Room 2-13!”

Nate stood outside of the lab. He knocked a few times, but someone as impatient as he, there was no way in hell he could wait for Henry to give the green light or wait for him to open the door; Nate just did that himself. And boy oh boy, was it ever chaotic. He didn’t know exactly what was happening but he knew big things were boppin. “Well damn, shit’s hot in here. What’s the word, Henry?"
Anyway — Canyon City — Bluebird
You Deserve Nothing And I Hope You Get Less — blessthefall — Witness
High — Alina Baraz — The Color of You
I'm Low on Gas and you Need a Jacket — Pierce the Veil — Colliding with the Sky
Mark the Graves — Linkin Park — The Hunting Party
Tomorrow's Money — My Chemical Romance — Chemical Weapons: Number One
Lash Out — Alice Merton — Lash Out (EP)
World Spins Madly On — The Weepies — Say I Am You
Crooked Young — Bring Me the Horizon — Sempiternal (Deluxe Edition)
No More — Three Days Grace — Life Starts Now

Annnd character #2 is doneee!!! @Hey Im Jordan @TootsiePop @smarty0114


@Hey Im Jordan @TootsiePop @smarty0114

Sonny had been feeling uncharacteristically chipper and overall happy this morning and throughout the morning hours too. It wasn’t like him to be like this. Sure, he was usually all smiles but more in a laid back sort of way, but for a strange reason, he was not like himself. One could say Sonny was acting how he was before he developed the tough guy gene that alienated most of his friends.

When lunchtime came around, there was also something different in how he greets others. It was noted by someone he waved to when he didn’t follow their name with some kind of homosexual slur of some kind that he was known for using in a joking way. And while others may not know why exactly, Sonny knew the reason for his new sunny outlook on life now. It was now that he was friends with his best friend's friends. After Kavi’s party, it became solidified.

Sonny Drake is now chummy with Kavan and Archer. Sonny will now forever be protective over his fairies. If he wasn’t so hungry, he might go find them, but like a Drake, when food was on the mind, everything else came second place. So Sonny went to the cafeteria, found himself a couple of slices of pepperoni pizza, and began his usual eating and walking routine as he went on a lunch adventure to find his fellow Misfits.
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