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Current It's an Iced Earth kind of night! *air guitars*
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My condolences to Heiress' friends and family. My thoughts and prayers are with her family.
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In my attempt to spread some positivity, I have changed my guild set to the most wholesome actor to ever grace us.
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Oh cool, CBS All Access is new for new accounts. Guess I'll finally check out Star Trek Discovery and Picard.
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Coffee is the lifeblood of the night owl.


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The sequel arrives
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While at the beer pong table with Connor, Theo couldn’t stop the part of his brain that kept obsessing over his failure to act cool when it came to her. Granted, Theo never had been one to act like normal people. The beats of which he lived his life, going from a slow jazz tempo to black metal drum-blasting, Theo never liked to keep to a singular rhythm. It’s why he favored the buzzing vibrations of a tattoo needle. He could control the pace to match his lifestyle, not the other way around.

As he lamented on that and effectively lost to Connor, he begrudgingly took a sip of the godawful concoction that his friend had made. Whatever it was, despite the horrendous odor emitting from it, something that Theo had unintentionally vocally gagged, he drank nearly the entirety of it from the red solo cup only to gag more on its aftertaste.

“Goddamn, Connor!” There was no facing the disgusted expression on his face. It truly was awful. “Never be a bartender. You have to promise me this!” He punched his friend playfully in the shoulder.

While Theo did his best to get the taste of beer pong surprise to permanently leave the residence of his taste buds. The ginger tried waiting it out and that only proved to be a failure (he’s had a lot of those today), so he decided to take one of the cups that weren’t full of toxic alcohol. When his lips touched the rim of the cup and the first taste of the alcoholic liquid, though it wasn’t Dr. Connorstein’s experiment gone wrong, it was Bud Light, which was probably equal in terms of disgusting flavor (or lack thereof). But Theo preferred this over the “Death to Your Taste Buds” cocktail.

Halfway through it, he started to feel the buzz and just in time because the sight of a tiny, yet larger-than-life, cute Chinese minx came his way with a not-so-jovial look on her face. Not that she was ever happy even when Theo hadn’t ghosted her, but she looked particularly peeved at him. And then there was that one guy with the stupid name. Alvin? Rippy? No, Alaric. Yeah, Theo didn’t know him well but he knew he and Mac were close, so he shrugged when he joined him and Connor.

Heeding Connor’s gestures to his back, Theo placed a hand on the table (though, he made sure to not apply too much pressure on it), he smiled at her. “Sup Mac?” He played it cool, heeding Connor’s non-verbal advice. “What brings you over to our neck of the woods?” He was going down the ‘forget about me bee-lining you’ route and was committing to it, at that!

“Hey! You playing?! How about we double? Me and Al against the two of you nerds?”

He silently cursed but welcomed the challenge. He was buzzed but not drunk yet. “Sure! Don’t whine when we cream you and Ricky here!”

Theo’s proud laugh had lasted only for a few moments and in the awkward transition from his usual demeanor to a not-so-common frustration that quickly built up like a simmering pot of water that was getting lit aflame from all sides, the moment some annoying douche by the name of Cass arrived, Theo’s jealousy came into full swing as he arrogantly commented as Mac had crashed into the man’s chest.

He watched it, trying a calming exercise he saw on Youtube, Theo felt it was failing because he had squeezed the life out of the plastic cup in his hand. That caused the remaining bud light to pour all over his hand and the cup to split into pieces.

He glanced at Connor briefly while Mac was busy and sighed when he was back on Cass and Mac. “Only four people per table. Go find your own.” Theo’s not-so-subtle remark came with an attitude and a show of masculine dominance usually seen in the jungle.
Lily and Lance have been dropped.

Collab by Chrissie @TootsiePop & Kavi @Altered Tundra

After her delightful conversation with her number one best friend — Chris and Stella weren’t on talking terms —her dear Cherry, who she encouraged to ask a special someone out to the dance wholeheartedly, Chrissie, whose green eyes were like the overgrowing scottish thistle, prickly little bastards, set her sight on her date. For someone in the drama club and knew drama better than anyone, the petty happenings at this school were becoming a complete bore to her, getting old and overplayed real fast. Chris was over it and was focused on having a good time. Fuck everyone else, who chose to sulk in other people’s bullshit rather than enjoy their last few months at King’s.

In conclusion, she decided to pick someone who she knew could be the life of the party, if people saw past his demeanor. This wasn’t ‘risking’ her rep and clinging onto the next piece of fuck boi she could find. Though, she was sure some people would think exactly that. Nah, this was her not caring about what everyone had to say and craving for a new experience. Plus, it wasn’t like he was currently taken. So, it wasn’t like she was doing anyone harm by asking him out.

Since it was their last semester, she thought to herself: why not? What did Chrissie have to lose by asking someone she handpicked herself to the dance? People go on blind dates all the time and they come out just fine! Nothing was wrong with playing the field, and it wasn’t like she wanted a boyfriend. Chris was in the mood for nothing more than having fun and this person, she believed, could do just that. Show her a good time.

Kavi Salvador was someone she barely knew, aside from the whispers in the halls, and the pictures, videos, and tweets online. They were at the same parties when she dated Jason, they were sometimes even standing next to each other in the kitchen, while they chatted with entirely different people. Both were popular in their own regards, and held themselves in an arrogantly charming way. If anything, the way he held himself intrigued her because perhaps, they were more similar than either of them realized. She wouldn’t know until she found out herself, pushing all the talk aside. Talk was talk, but there was more to people than what meets the eye.

Even if he was cruel and a man impossible to fix, that had nothing to do with her. Kavi deserved to have a pleasant Valentine’s day, just like everyone else, and maybe it was Chrissie’s job to make him forget all his problems and focus on the now. No point in crying over spilled milk! Hence why Chris refuses to deal with her cousin’s bullshit as Stella chases ‘love’.

With a bounce in her step, there was always a bounce in her step, her hips swaying with each motion, Chris stalked her prey. He seemed too lost in thought to realize there was a girl right on his tail. Refraining from getting his attention, Chris prowled onward until he took a seat by his lonesome self, in the quad.

Smirking, she walked to the table, with absolute no hesitation, and took it upon herself to sit with him. After tossing her bag on the bench, she gradually took out a container of strawberries. While she opened it, the drama queen then started to talk, “Hey stranger. I hope you don’t mind me sitting here! I thought you could use some company, so here I am.” She placed the lid on the table. With one finger, she pushed the glass bowl a little closer to him, “Strawberry?”

Kavi glared at Chrissie as she took a seat at the bench he chose, which was somewhat isolated away from the others. He intentionally wanted to be away from people so he could think in peace and so he didn’t give anyone a reason to get on his nerves — well, more than they already have, that is. Despite this, Chrissie McCoy decided to go out of her way to not only walk the distance but to sit down uninvited. Like yeah sure, Kavi didn’t mind at all. Not like he was trying to be alone or anything like that.

“You did, huh?” He rolled his eyes, shrugging and taking a couple of strawberries. “Lucky for you, I happen to like strawberries,” he noted, taking a bite out of the berry in his hand. “So, what can I do for you, Chrissie? Shouldn’t you be practicing your thespian breathing exercises or someshit like that?”

Bitch, please. Chrissie teased, shaking her head in mild irritation, “Even I need a break from belting, dancing, and pretending.” Grabbing one strawberry for herself, she placed it in her mouth, sucking it for a second, before graciously chomping it. After swallowing, Chris grinned, “Well, well, well. Aren’t you a rather impatient one?” she playfully tilted her head, in an almost creepy kind of way. Waving in the air, she alluded to her objective by giving a little giggle, “I just wanted to know if you were taken.” She purposely paused and let that last word sit for a bit.

“For Valentines.” Chris added. A bright simper never breaking from her face, masking her agenda by asking one of the most talked about boys at King’s to a dance celebrating friendship.

His eyes fell on Chrissie as he thought for a quick moment. He knew exactly what kind of game she was playing at. It was a similar one he liked to play. Realizing that, he half-chuckled lowly and spoke.”That would be a no to both,”” he gave her a half-smirk. “Why? Are you interested?” He asked her, matching her in this little game of hers. “For the Valentine’s Dance, I mean.”

“Oh, I mean.” Keeping a coy grin on, she leaned forward and cooed, “I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t interested.” She took another bite into her strawberry, pulling the leaf off, before sitting back up. Shrugging to herself, placing the leaf on a napkin, she acknowledged the truth of their realities, “I’m single, you’re single. I’m not looking, I’m sure you’re still caught up with your little mermaid. I don’t see any losses with us going together, do you?”

Kavi weighed his options and the pros and cons of accepting her offer. He was annoyed that the faculty decided to exclude “love interests” from being an option. Of course, even if it was an option, he had to face facts that he and Ariel weren’t together anymore. They were just friends, so there was a lot of truth to what Chrissie said. As much as he hated to admit it, what was the harm? But then again, something was eating at him and it wasn’t the tartness of the berries, either.

“Out of all the single guys here, why me?” He asked her as he didn’t want to mince words. “I mean, I’m flattered you weren’t repulsed by me like most have been lately, but you know you won’t be making any friends by going with me, right?” He had to laugh at how much that specific truth hurt him. Of course, Kavi would never show it.

“Why should I care? In ten years, I’m sure there will only be a handful of friends I’ll still be in contact with.” This insecurity he was emitting was new for Chris to experience. She never saw this side of him, but it must be the feeling of heartbreak and exile that was putting him down in the dumps. “You want my honest-to-god opinion? You look like someone I can drink with and share laughs with. I really don’t care what others have to say or think. I want to enjoy myself, and NOT sit in my own guilt because I got dumped by someone who didn’t want me for me. I don’t know you, which is even better! That means we have a lot to discover. I’m less likely to be bored to tears if I think you have a lot going on in here.” She knocked on her head to symbolize her noggin or well, his.

He tried to warn her. He thought she would want to save her reputation from being seen with him, but like many others he knew, she clearly didn’t care what others thought of her, something that Kavi should do more of. He had to admit it was refreshing for someone to look at him like he wasn’t the shitstain everyone else kept saying he was. “Then I guess it’s a date.” He offered her a smirk, leaning forward a few inches if not to just get a little more comfortable. “But tell me this: was I your first choice?” Kavi had to ask.

Leaning in as well, breaking the distance, she beamed, batting her eyes in a kittenish way. She let her breath lightly touch his lips and whispered, “No. Ariana was, but I can kiss her any day I want.” As she backed up, she winked at him, honestly not surprised at all he said yes. Who could resist her? Rummaging through her bag, she pulled out a small notepad and feathery pen, scribbled down her number, slid it toward him, and then sweetly demanded, “Wear pink.”

He wasn’t sure exactly why she did that but he wasn’t complaining in all honesty. Chrissie smelled nice because of the strawberries. Smiling, he took the paper with her phone number and pocketed it into his jacket pocket. “Fine but I’m keeping the strawberries.” He more told her than asking for her permission. “You know, since I like them so much,” he teased as he took a bite into one without breaking eye contact with her.

“Aren’t you clever.” As their conversation came to an end, and she had no other reason to be in the quad anymore, Chrissie got up and threw her bag over her shoulder, keeping eye contact with him, just as much as he was doing with her, “Until next time, Kavi.”

As she walked away, she looked over her shoulder towards him still watching her, and exclaimed, with her high octave voice, “I like your smile!” And with that, the Drama queen sashayed away. It was nice seeing him get some life back in his face. He looked better when he was happy.

@HaleyTheRandom Well, for my 21st birthday, I went with my family to a bar and ended up kissing a bald guy on his head who was at the countertop. I remember that being funny just because it was my first time at a bar and buying my own drink. It was also one of the first times I got really drunk. Like, I remember being at Savemart after we left the bar and I kept waving to people who walked by me and Nicole (one of my older sisters).

There's also a memory (one of them at least) I have with one of my best friends, who I pretty much grew up (knew him since 8th grade), where we would do a lot of dumb shit. Staying up all night, playing video games, mixing all of the available soda options at McDonald's, and being idiots by doing the following for people passing us by the road:

Honestly, I have a lot of writing/roleplaying-related memories I could talk about too. But thinking about them does make me smile. I haven't lived an exciting life but I am pretty thankful for these memories. I may not be sad about what's happening -- at least not when it comes to the quarantine -- but I can understand why some might be anxious one way or another.

Had this been a few weeks ago, Stella might’ve been angrier than she was right now. And that was to simply say that she wasn’t — angry, that is. During the mini-assembly (if you really wanted to call it that), Stella found herself bored, mirroring Queen Julie ironically, but more just bored of a lot of things. For days that followed that way-too-eventful-for-its-own-good Monday that tore her world apart, she was livid at Chrissie. Livid at the world for everything that was happening around her. She threw tantrums, which was unlike her but she also confided in Carter a lot more than she used to. That’s not to say they didn’t talk regularly but especially after the blowout she had with her cousin and ex-best friend, Stella found comfort in Carter now more than ever.

Up until Mrs. Sanders stated the reason for the forced minsembly, she had started to daydream like she used to — like she did when she was with Oliver. She had a conversation with her favorite wholesome bestie and he helped her put a lot of things into perspective. Since their mutual decision to call it quits and remain friends, Stella found herself in a good place. Granted, every time she and Chris saw each other in the hall or at the house, they avoided each other like the plague, which only led to awkward dinners and encounters, but she wasn’t as irate as she was. To quote Oliver, Chrissie had her panties wadded up and Stella wasn’t in the wrong for liking Carter.

Following the bombshell and the aftermath that followed, Stella didn’t know what to make of it. Valentine’s day was about love. It was meant to celebrate it with the one you have feelings for. Stella wanted that to be Carter. She was prepared to ask him if he got cold soles in his feet. She saw no harm in being the one to ask him, but now she couldn’t because why? Oh, that’s right! The King’s Academy staff felt like butting in something they had no business doing. Not only was it unfair to those who were couples already — like Sonny and Marisol — but it was unfair to those who wanted to be couples or have a chance to get a headstart. Like, oh sure, they didn’t say they couldn’t be together at the dance but how rude is it to ditch your date for whoever you like as soon as you get there?

“It’s so unfair!” Stella huffed and rolled her eyes. w

As she stood there, she saw Sonny and Marisol, hands locked together like the cute couple they were, heading into the cafeteria. She saw Russel Lopez go up to his ex’s best friend, Perri Smith. She saw so many people do what she didn’t have an inkling on what to do. She would ask Oliver but he was out of town this weekend, so clearly that wasn’t an option. Maybe Kavi. That was a safe bet, right? Someone who was her friend.

Yeah, Kavi it is!

As soon as Stella had decided, she saw Kavi and she waved to him but he didn’t see her. So she pursued him in secret. Little did she know, not only was someone else thinking of the same thing but like the klutz that Stella was, she tripped over that person’s heel and only caught a glance of them as they sat at the bench Kavi had chosen to isolate him at. Stella’s eyes didn’t betray her as she saw Chrissie was the one who got to Kavi first.

“Son of a--” She bit her lip, choosing not to make a big scene and picked herself up. Holding her bag close to her, Stella turned away from the site of that snake of an ex-best friend and opted to go...somewhere else. Anywhere was better than having to see Chrissie ruin yet another perfect day for her.

So the brunette opted to trace her steps back and aim to move her legs towards the courtyard. As long as it was far away from Chrissie, Stella would welcome anyone to talk to her.

An eager Nate followed Jasper and Ramona as they went to see what was going on with the former’s brother and the attractive redhead. They had invested interest in getting to the bottom of it. And Nate did too, in a way, but he was mostly there for the ride. With curious eyes and a curiouser mind, he watched in excited silence, his blue eyes scanning the scene.

No more than a few moments after watching Jasper and Junie exchange glances, Nate would do the same between everyone around. Between Jasper and Junie having a staredown and Mona seeming just as into whatever was happening, he couldn’t help but wonder what the issue was. He was somewhat confused but mostly curious. He wasn’t the most observant guy but even he could tell tension was just as thick as his interest in the female species.

A few eternities later, the tension simmered down like a pot of broth meant to cook for hours on low heat settings. And while he wasn’t against the attention being on him, what poor Nathaniel Blake wasn’t expecting, nor prepared for, was how assertive Mona ended up being with him.

Caught off guard by the shot glass forced into his hand, Nate had almost dropped it but he was able to secure the tiny shot glass in his right index and thumb fingers. He took a snort sniff of it, which told him exactly what he should have known: this brand of alcohol wasn’t good for the senses and needed to be digested quickly.

Wiping off any saliva drooling down his face with his free hand, Nate downed the shot. It burned with a fruity aftertaste that Nate was trying to decide if he was a fan of or not. “How about them apples!?” Nate’s voice came out high and louder than he intended. Instincts took over and he grabbed the top of the bottle with his free hand and chugged it for two seconds, effectively drinking about three or four shots worth of the peach-flavored Vodka.

Nate grinned at both Jasper and Mona, his eyes watering modestly as the burning in his throat couldn’t be denied. At the least, however, he proved Mona wrong and that he could hold his own. “Your move, ladies!” He gestured to the bottle as he gave them his best attempt at a sly grin.

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