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I have this problem where I don't even remember what I'm typing seconds after I've typed the words? I literally always have to go back and read my own post afterwards to know what the hell's going on.
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I love having my laptop on its last leg while I have to fill out job applications ʘ‿ʘ it's just ʘ‿ʘ so...great ʘ‿ʘ🔫


Hey guys! I'm Aces Away, you can call me Ace or Aces!

I was a member of Roleplayerguild before that crash or whatever where all our stuff was erased. I've been RPing since I was like...I think about 13 or so. I'm 23 currently.

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An @Aces Away, @LovelyComplex, & @metanoia Collaboration || Featuring The Lost Trio


Mordechai had tensed when he registered the footsteps behind him, but he had already heard their voices echoing from the bleachers. He knew they were there from the moment Jade's panicked exclamation shot through the tense silence, and he also knew couldn't turn around yet. Not without breaking.

But then Poppy spoke up from just behind him, her voice muffled and quiet, but just as demanding of attention as ever. And as she started to tear into him all he could do was turn to stare at her, taking in her haggard state and mentally comparing it to his own. He could barely see any of her, but she was definitely even smaller than before and her eyes were sunken and a bit dull- though they gained a bit of fire as she ranted. Her clothes were swamping her and-

And that was Charlie's hoodie hiding her frame.

He tried to ignore the way his heart stuttered and stopped before kicking back into high gear, but at that point Poppy's breathing had picked up too, and Danny Belmonte was stepping in for some reason. Mordechai couldn't help but bear his teeth in a sneer at the other man despite him being completely civil, but he tucked the bat between his knees and dropped the broken liquor bottle to the floor in order to rip off his own oversized hoodie, exposing his scarred arms and fresh track marks, as well as the still vibrant Serpent's tattoo on his left shoulder. Left in a tank top, Mordechai put the bat casually back over his shoulder while tossing his hoodie lightly over Poppy's head so that even if she opened her eyes she would be fine. He turned her around, arm across her shoulders in order to lead her back to Jade and whoever else they'd shown up with.

"C'mon Pops, you fuckin' got me, told me off good. Let's both go sit an' calm down, yeah?"

Wrapped in a cocoon, known as Decky’s jacket, Poppy took in his scent. It was musky, a little sweaty, and naturally earthy. No distinct cologne. Then again, she wasn’t good with brands even if he was wearing Old Spice or Axe. If anything his scent reminded her of woodwork and camping. It also made her feel safe and warm. His scent, such a simple thing, brought in feelings of old and reminded her that she still had loved ones alive and well. He was alive and well.

Mordechai’s familiar and reassuring presence had given her the extra measure she needed to become focused and functional once more. Part of her was sad because instead of greeting her childhood friend with pleasantries, appreciating the sight of him, she scolded him, like she had done many times in the past. Well, unlike then, she wasn’t calm and composed. If only she could go back in time when interactions like this didn’t feel so daunting.

As she stood there, his arm across her shoulders, she wondered if he knew how she was feeling. How desperately she needed to isolate herself because of the all-consuming information that overloaded her mind. People. All the fucking people.

They weren’t her friends, they weren’t people that cared about her, and they didn’t know her. They didn’t care about her story. Or Decky’s. Or Charlie’s for that matter! All they cared about was forgetting and twisting the truth because no one wanted to hear that they could’ve been a villain in someone else’s story.

Did he understand that?

Poppy wasn’t blind. She saw the hurt and she knew everyone lost somebody. In the process, they also lost pieces of themselves. Pieces that needed to mend, but once the glass was shattered, nobody had it in them to put themselves back together. So... why not work together?

As simple as that notion sounds, it isn’t that easy. Some people wanted to act like their pain was worse than everyone else’s. Some people wanted to run away. And some people, like herself, liked to pretend it was only just a dream. When push came to shove and they could support one another, the first thing they wanted to do was play the blame game or attack, attack, attack.

People. Fucking people. They sucked.

Instead of being protected by Jade’s shadow, Poppy was now in Decky’s safe bubble, a dark, comforting blanket, and without saying any immediate words, her hand closest to her friend reached out of the jacket and grabbed the end of his tank. Clutching the cloth, she tugged at it and apologetically whispered, “Sorry.” Clear guilt in her tone.

What a sad state she was in, where her brain chose to be a coward, giving her little to no voice because she was nothing but an empty shell. An absolute nobody. Did he see how much of a mess she was? How much of a mess she was without… Charlie?

"Fuck, Pops," Mordechai replied, pulling her into his chest with the arm around her shoulders and dropping his cheek on her head. "Ain't got nothin' to apologize for, you were right. 'M just strung out and itchin' ta beat some fuckers into the ground. Had to be some Northie fuck that thinks they're bein' cute, I swear." He mumbled into her covered head.

His thoughts beat around in his head like a boxer, screaming at him for leaving Poppy to get this bad, whimpering that he had to take care of himself; what good would he have been if he'd just killed himself a week after the shooting? He had to get away!

He shouldn't have gone. He should have bucked the fuck up. He made the right choice, getting the toxicity that was him out of their lives. He was the root of all their problems. He had to be.

He betrayed his brother, their friend, and it lead to Charlie sweeping through Edenridge like the Angel of Death through Rameses' Egypt. His own time away was less of a 'let my people go' and more of a 'my people are better without me.' Coming back was more selfish of him than he let on, even if it did hurt him non-stop in the process.

He deserved everything coming at him.

Danny Boaz had deserved none of it.

He took a deep breath to fortify himself, to make sure the mask doesn't break despite all the cracks, and then pulled back only enough to get them to start shuffling back to Jade and who he now saw was Marco.

"'Sides," he finally added once he got back out of his head. "I prefer y'all's company anyway." he hoped that they ignored the strained tone he spoke in, given that the two Southie girls would be the only ones able to detect it. Shakily, Mordechai finally met Jade's eyes, letting nothing show but not being able to hold back the shudder that shook him, and by extension Poppy. "Hey, Harley Head, long time…"

”Hey..y-eha, it has…” In a very uncharacteristic way, Jade’s voice was shaky, almost as though the blonde had no idea how to respond to a simple greeting from her old ex-friend(?).

The pit in her stomach that made her feel like she was sinking had gotten worse. She literally felt like she was being swallowed up by the memories of that night, the friendships that tore themselves apart from a series of inactions on her part. The gnawing pain that left her heart in shambles, yet hearing Mordechai’s deep voice call her by that name.

Harley Head.

He still calls me it despite everything?

As she looked away from Decky and down into her lap, thumbs twiddling with each other, she heard the groans coming from her left and she saw Marco do as much as he could to silently self-excuse himself, but as he slid down the bleachers, the silent aspect was nearly impossible. She rolled her eyes and then found herself returning to Decky’s gaze. She couldn’t avoid this. It had been nearly two years since the shooting and a year since she set eyes on Decky. If nothing else, she needed to confront this particular obstacle.

Before she opened her mouth, she wanted to ask how he was. She wanted to ask if he was taking care of himself. Wherever he was, she wanted to know if he had good accommodations. But one look and the old Jade, no matter how rare of a sighting she was, came through and she said, ”You’re skinnier than I remember.” She didn’t know whether to laugh or hit herself for saying that, of all things. “Have you been eating?”

Mordechai let out a humorless chuckle before having the grace to look a little abashed. "I eat when I can afford to," he offered with an uncomfortable shrug, trying not to shift so his tank would hang differently, maybe make him look more filled out. He knew he was kidding himself anyways, he'd lost pounds in the double digits and he was never a bulky guy to begin with. After he had left New York, Allegra and the kids, he had struck out on his own again while keeping in contact as best as he could- and that had always been shitty at best- but he constantly found himself scraping by in a way he hadn't had to since before he joined the Serpents. He was hungry, broke, and nostalgic, as well as high enough when he had been asked that he agreed to return. Mordechai never makes promises, but he does his damndest not to back out on his word when he gives it. "Had a good corner run every now and then, or some of the truckers I was hitchin' with would stop at a fast food place."

He cleared his throat instead of letting the sentence fall into an awkward pause. It was weird, it was wrong, but it was right in a way that Mordechai hadn't known was wrong before. Having Jade and Poppy around him settled a buzzing in his chest he had gotten so used to he thought it was normal. They were standing in the gym where their classmates and loved ones lost their lives or sanity, drawn like moths to a flame by some jackass klepto with a photocopying fetish and surrounded by people that had different approaches to the same thing: stop this shit.

But for right now, he was secluded in the corner with his Harley Head and Street Angel, just like they would always be secluded at their lunch table before it all fell apart.

"Uh, Sunshine said you were workin' at the Edge, so you might be- I'll be around with Sunshine y'know?" he stumbled, wishing to swallow back his words. That was real great; Hey, I'm back, be seein' you with my gang boyfriend at the strip club

”Yeah. Been there for almost a year now, ever since Charlie--” Jade caught herself almost immediately, ”--My uncle, I mean, he got locked up. Bogus-ass gun charges.” She spat on the Gym floor as a bit of emphasis of the unfair circumstances of her uncle’s arrest. ”Anyway, yeah I had to think of a way to pay bills. And Rey Rey hooked me up with a job.” At some point, Jade realized she was getting way off-topic, so she’d draw it back and away from her personal problems. ”I’m sure R2 loves that. I mean, you being back. Have you gone to see him yet?”

Mordechai's grip on Poppy tightened for a brief moment as bats and blood flashed across his mind before they were roughly kicked back to the dark corner were they belonged. In return, Poppy leaned on him, using her warmth and touch as emotional support. He let his shoulders relax a bit at her casual tone and nodded. "Sorry to hear about your uncle, he's a good guy. I saw ReyRey this afternoon. Hence the busted lip," his laugh was still rough but this time it rang with sincerity. "It's been nice...seeing the old crew. Still got my stops to make though."

He glanced around the room, taking stock of everyone's whereabouts before finally bringing himself and Poppy down to sit on the bleachers. He'd spent a few nights sleeping in them back when everything was still shit with his parents, but now they were cold and dirty, with blood that's been washed away but never removed. Never one to be good with it in the first place, Mordechai dropped the small talk.

"What do you guys want me to do about whoever is behind this-" he waved his hand vaguely. "With, of course,planning and an alibi." he threw in the last part quickly, Poppy's rant still in the forefront of his mind.

“We wait,” Penelope chimed in, poking her head out finally to the brightness of the gym. Eek. She hated seeing the light, but she knew she had to stop hiding and being a weirdo. Resting Decky’s jacket on her shoulders, she shook her head, “We don’t have enough information and I really don’t want you two getting hurt for something stupid.”

Pops’ last comment made Jade chuckle. She couldn’t place it, but as she looked between Poppy and Decky, she couldn’t stop herself from laughing. It would be between the two of them to do something so idiotic as to react without all the facts. “When you’re right sis, you’re absolutely right.” Another laugh came as Jade leaned back as much as she could without completely falling back into the row behind her. She lazily drew her gaze to Decks, who held it. “And if we are going to do something stupid, wouldn’t you prefer to know who the person responsible is and not deciding so blindly?”

Poppy shook her head, surveying her classmates, even glancing at the door where Roddy and Lanie were, "Unless it’s more than one person.” while she agreed with both Decky and Jade that there was someone guilty and that they needed to do something about it, she was and always will be the inquisitive type. She felt like there were more questions that needed to be asked and that they shouldn’t assume only one person was behind this. Everyone was guilty until proven innocent. They just needed to find people with strong enough motives and push them to talk.

Following Poppy's gaze, Mordechai's breath caught in his throat and refused to leave, his whole body tensing like he'd stepped on a live wire. Lanie was still beautiful, still straight-backed and determined, and still everything that Moredchai had to leave behind before he ruined.

He had to have known, deep down, that he was never good enough for her. There were always small sabotages he created before even realizing it, and he loved her unlike anyone else- because she was unlike anyone else in his life. Her and Danny's well being demanded he do better, so he did. But Mordechai had lost not just a brother, but someone he raised since birth, and that's not something you get to just live with. If he had stayed he would have dragged down Lanie and everyone close to him in the inevitable spiral of despair and grief. He knew he left selfishly, but he also knew that even back then he was aware it was for Lanie's own good.

Because he was no good. It's why Allegra was raising Chaim alone and they were only ever just friends. It's why Charlie got lost and Danny was killed and his world imploded; when you build a whole world out of duct tape and glass shards it's bound to fall apart or cut you up at some point.

If possible, he hugged Poppy tighter like he would shatter if he moved, and harshly tore his gaze from the blonde and back to his girls before Lanie caught him staring. This was becoming a lot and he definitely didn't get high enough before coming here, considering this was only the beginning. He couldn't even register Roddy Callahan's presence attached to Lanie's right now. Nope.

"Well, it's not like there's no experience hidin' bodies in our little trio, and I got a friend in New York who knows a few tricks too." he offered, voice suddenly scratchy. "But we have to beat them into the ground on principle first, for twisting Ch- for twisting him like this," his tone was a boiling pit of lava and acid. "More conspirators just means more curb stomps."

Taking in Decky’s facial expressions as he one, held her tight, and two, used his words to hide his inner turmoil, Penelope sighed. This was a face she hadn’t seen in a couple of years and he felt like yesterday. If yesterday was a feeling, that would be what Decky felt like to her. As if nothing had changed.

If anything, he had more baggage, she didn’t doubt it, but as expected, he dealt with it all the same. Continuing to use his chest as support, she turned away from him to intensely look at their class. How much has really changed? Were they truly cursed? Was this town so fucked that there was no way out? No light at the end of this dark tunnel?

Frowning behind her face mask, Poppy started to impatiently tap her right foot on the bleacher in front of her and fidget with her hands. The questions started flooding her mind as the clock continued to move forward. Was it eight o’clock yet? Who were they waiting for? What were they waiting for? How long would they wait here, expecting a sign? Was this really going to help? Or was this supposed to cause more disruption in their little town? As if they didn’t have enough bullshit going on. Why would someone use a dead boy’s journal? What was there to gain? And why…why did Charlie know so much? Why didn’t he tell her?

And then, instinctively, Jade force-grabbed Poppy’s hand. The blonde looked at her, then to Decky. She didn’t say anything. She didn’t offer some final words to ease their anxious spirits, because Jade was just as anxious as they were. But in the short time she and Decky talked, before Poppy came in and did what she always did best and guided them both into a safe middle, Jade realized something. You hype something painful and that’s uncomfortable to face, thinking it’ll be the end of the world, but talking with Decky and trying to face the awkwardness head-on, Jade realized that he was in as much pain as she was.

And maybe it was her own insecurities hindering what was right in front of her, but now she could honestly say that, when it really mattered, the Southies had each other’s back. And that gave Jade’s anxiety a fifteen-minute break and it allowed her to actually smile for the first time. A genuine, authentic smile.

Mordechai pulled his boot back on slowly, as if the single task weighed on him a great deal. Once he'd tied the laces and pulled down his pant legs, he just rested his elbows on his knees and dropped his face into his open palms. Sonny watched him from his side of the bed, sheets pulled up over his stomach but no trace of tiredness in the sharp eyes that assessed his other half.

"You gonna beat the shit outta them, or go for the kill?" He finally asked, reading the tense lines in Mordechai's shoulders. The other man let out a muffled laugh from behind his hands before dragging them down his face in a slow, measured gesture. His shoulders relaxed and straightened out as he sat up, turning to look into Sonny's eyes with his own measured stare.

"'M not stupid, Sunshine, there's gonna be others there so I can't just go in and kill someone," the regardless of how much I want to went unsaid, as much did when the two were alone. They didn't need to speak to understand each other. "I'm also not stupid enough to go in there unarmed, but I'll need to borrow some'a your shit."

Sonny raised an eyebrow but began to get dressed anyway, throwing the next question over his shoulder as he looked for his pants. "What happened to your switchblade?"

Mordechai smirked and walked towards Sonny, stretching over him to reach into his jacket pocket. "C'mon Sunshine," he teased, sliding out his Two Sun pocket knife, a gift from Sonny both for the gag of the brand name and a genuine attempt to keep Mordechai safer. He flicked the blade open in front of Sonny and grinned at the smaller man from his spot by his shoulder. "You know I don't go anywhere without my switchblade." He gripped the back of Sonny's neck and the grin became a smirk when he felt the skin beneath his hand heat up. With an amused laugh, Mordechai gave Sonny a quick kiss on the cheek before heading to the small closet on the other side of the room, throwing it open to see Sonny's weapons stash. "But I'm not goin' in there with just a fuckin' switchblade."


The school loomed above him in a much different way than it had on his first day Northside. What was once an overly-peppy and bright building now looked as though it had been infected by the Southside, even from all the way out here. The overgrowth and debris, the signs of teenagers partying and graffiti littering the area almost made him feel like he'd walked full circle and ended up home.

If not for how different the air was.

Mordechai looked at the broken chain on the door and the signs of recent entry and did another mental inventory of his weapons. Switchblade, brass knuckles, a smaller blade tucked into each boot, and a metal bat slung over his shoulder, already dented and riddled with old stains. No guns, not here. For Danny's sake. As an afterthought, he broke the bottle of vodka he'd been drinking on the way over against the door, the sound of shattering glass echoing down the darkened corridors. Not even glancing the direction that led to the cafeteria, Mordechai allowed himself to focus solely on reaching the gym, his body working on autopilot despite the time spent away.

The gym had more lighting than the rest of the building, the skylights and high windows letting the evening light in to wash the area in sharp contrasts. Tapping the back of his head lightly with the bat and shrugging his shoulders once more, Mordechai stalked through the doorway with the same menace as when he led his crew to battle, only to stop short at the three figures he saw standing on the basketball court, facing a guy who he never thought could have gotten paler, but fuck if he proved him wrong.

"Fuck is this?" He called out, his voice echoing like ghosts calling back. He either hated or was completely apathetic to all four people currently inhabiting the gymnasium. Kylee and Mei were gossipy, rumor filled bitches and while Jillian wasn't as bad, at least not that he remembered, pretty much the entire Cheer Squad hated his guts because of his relationships with Lanie and Charlie and the Serpents and anyone else they could pin on him. Aaron hated him and Mordechai never really gave a fuck, the guy was good for a fight and despite Decky's own feelings on the matter, ReyRey had marked him in highschool so his opinion didn't factor in anyway. All that being said..."Despite how nosy and/or petty most of you are I doubt you started this shit, so who the fuck am I s'posed to be beatin'?"

He tapped the dented bat against the gymnasium doorframe to emphasize.
Collab with @BrutalBx
Mentioned: @Prosaic

Mordechai came back to about ten minutes later, draped across Sonny and feeling...well, warm. the next hour or so was spent talking to the crew and telling them what he'd been up to the past 2 years. He wasn't surprised to hear that drug sales have been up, that tends to happen when towns suffer tragedies and the shooting wasn't even the first. Everyone here was so happy to see him, and he didn't even realize how much he missed the Family that came with the Serpents. Eventually, after several more shared blunts and a few shots of alcohol, Sonny got his attention by waving his phone around.

"Hey Mob, I told Rey Rey you were back! He wants ya ta come ta the Edge an' say hi." Sonny told him. That reminded Mordechai that he was waiting on a text from Nolan, and he quickly pulled out his phone for a glance. With a bit of regret, he realized he had let his phone die again and couldn't see if Nolan had replied. He slipped his phone back into his pocket and smiled at Sonny.

"Sure Sunshine, I'd love to see Rey Rey. I'll have to charge my phone when we get there, yeah?" He allowed Sonny to pull him up and out of the house. Before leaving, Sonny stopped at the door and kissed two fingers before touching them to a photo on the wall almost subconsciously, and Mordechai looked up in confusion before feeling his heart stutter. "What…what's this?" He asked while wincing at how strained his own voice sounded. Sonny looked at him and his eyes softened at whatever he must have seen on Mordechai's face.

"Sorry, I guess we didn't think about that. We put him up after the funeral, and we show him love every time we leave. It's sorta become a ritual for us." Because on that wall was a picture of Daniel Aaron Boaz, the frame well worn from touch but the glass still shining and well maintained. He took a moment to compose himself and let the fist sized lump in his throat calm down.

"It's awesome you guys," he said quietly in the heavy silence, raising his own two finger kiss to the frame."Thank you." Sonny gently tightened his grip and started pulling again, and they walked together down the street to the Edge of Sin, knocking against each other and laughing while the tears dried in the breeze.

Sonny pulled him through the doors that he once used to burst through with confidence, and his first breath was like breathing in a new life. Or rather, an old life that he'd missed a brother. He'd brought Danny here to clean them up after another attack from their parents so many times he'd lost count. The girls that weren't working yet or were on break loved talking to him and coddling him, and every Serpent treated him like a little brother, getting Danny accustomed to affection and touch in a way Mordechai never would have been able to do alone. He tightened his grip on Sonny's hand as the other man pulled him to the back doors that led to Serpent Business, and he didn't even hesitate to pass the threshold.

And there, in all his scars and glory, was Rey Rey Gonzalez.

Circling a bloodied and beaten up gang member like a shark eyeing its victim, Rey Rey held a mask aloft with his hand “When I was kid, my Papi always used to take me back to Mexico. Normally he had some business with the cartels down there so he’d leave me with my Uncle Pedro…” As he spoke, the leader of the Southside Serpents caught sight of a figure in the doorway, one he had not seen in two years.

Licking his lips, he continued “He used to take me and my cousin Rico to the Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre and I was enamoured. The Luchadores were flying everywhere, their costumes were colourful, it was like real life superheroes, yet it wasn’t until I went home with my old man that he dropped some knowledge on me..” Throwing the mask onto the lap of his tied up compatriot, Rey Rey sucked the air through his teeth and threw off his leather jacket. ”He taught me about the history and the power of the mask. A Luchadores mask is his identity, his lifeblood, it’s what makes him, him. They wear them in public to hide their identity but that was their mistake. You see, that mask you have in your lap belongs to El Cuerno...the grandfather. You probably wonder why I’m telling you all this…”

Rey Rey took the Cuerno mask back into his hand and slipped something out of his back pocket. ”It's simple really…” Placing the object into a slip on the mask, Rey Rey donned the hood and his dark, remorseless eyes went feral “I wanted to give you some culture before I kill you.” Within seconds, Rey’s head came crashing into the defenceless face of the tied up man. Over and over again he smashed skull against skull, holding the poor saps head in place with his increasingly bloodied hands as he opened up all kinds of wounds upon his victims' visage.

Finally coming to a halt, he spat blood through a hole in the mask and darted his wild gaze over to Decky. “You still got it in you Boaz?” Reaching behind his desk he tossed Mordechai a baseball bat. “Or have you gone soft?”

"Fuck, have I missed watchin' you work." he replied breathlessly, pausing a moment to look at the bat before gripping it tight in his hands. He knew he didn't need to ask what this guy had done, Rey Rey always had his reasons behind things and it never was very smart to question it. Mordechai used to have a little give with his loyalty and status in the hierarchy, but he wasn't fool enough to think he could push at all after having just returned. He approached the bloodied man, who had amazingly retained consciousness throughout the beating. He looked the man dead in his swollen eyes and tilted his head, completely disconnecting from his emotions in the way that made him so valuable as a Corner Captain and sometimes Enforcer. It's not like he had Danny to worry about anymore, he could give into his baser instincts without risking losing his little brother now."Yeah Rey Rey, I think I got more'a it in me than before."

He lined the bat up and swung out, catching the man in the side so hard the chair scooted over an inch. Over and over, he made sure he targeted the spots that won't kill you but won't let you move too easy either, ensuring that this guy has a lasting reminder of whatever Rey Rey wanted on every part of him. When Mordechai finished, he turned back around to Rey Rey with a feral grin, some blood splattered across his face. "Thanks, I needed that." He said,licking his lips and smearing a bit of the blood.

"Fuck, that was hot," Sonny breathed from his place by the door, before wincing. "Sorry, Rey Rey."

”Sonny get the fuck outta here before I kill you my own damn self.”

As the door slammed shut behind a fleeing Sonny; Rey Rey with gazelle type speed darted over to Decky and punched him straight in his bloodied mouth, sending the smaller man reeling for a moment. He tore off the lucha mask to reveal his own blood soaked face and pulled Decky into a deep, firm hug. ”Welcome home, kid,” The leader of the Serpents pressed a kiss to the boys neck as he held him close. ”Don’t you fucking dare leave us again. We’re family”

He'd swear up and down to anyone else that he was tearing up from the punch, but as he licked his bloody lip Mordechai gripped Rey Rey tight as the older man held him in his embrace, and he began shaking.

"I- I couldn't. I couldn't be here and go to the funeral and see him gone like that. I couldn't look anyone in the face when I knew I'd failed him. I was right there and couldn't do anything." he unloaded from the safety of his face pressed against Rey Rey's chest. "I'm sorry Rey Rey," he choked out, trying to hold in the sobs. "I'm sorry! I'm home now…"

Rey Rey shushed the sobbing boy and held him in silence; the only sound around them coming from the club downstairs and the rabble of ruffians planning out their daily grind to earn the gang some money. ”I got you, no blame Deck.”

A sputtering cough from the man tied to the chair awoke Rey from his momentary distraction. ”Really? You’re really going to interrupt me when you can see I’m having a reunion with my brother here? Shame on you, don’t you have a heart?” He sighed before releasing Decky from his grasp and moving over to his victim. Calmly as he began to reach into a tool box, Rey Rey continued to speak ”Lots changed since you went away young blood, you know I can’t just give you your corner back. Rules is rules. Ain’t that right, Oscar?” With a swing of a hammer he had plucked from the box, the newly identified Oscar’s knee was shattered by Rey.

Reaching once again into the tool box, he pulled out a handful of nails and laid them on the side, save one which he lined up against Oscar’s shoulder. ”Take a day or two to yourself. Spend some time with the boys, I’ll hook up with you another time to sort out what’s next for you.” He drove the hammer down into the nail and dug the rusty iron into his shoulder.

"I understand Rey Rey," Decky replied, wiping his nose with his arm and heading for the door amidst Oscar's screaming. At the threshold, just before he opened the door, Mordechai looked back one more time at his big brother figure. "Thank you. For everything."

Sonny was on him the moment he closed the door, looking a little jittery. He took in Mordechai's new bruised and swollen lip, his bloodshot eyes and tear streaked face, and threw himself on the other. Decky caught him with ease.

"He seemed pissed today, are you ok?" he asked, cupping Decky's jaw softly. Decky leaned into the touch and closed his eyes, taking a deep breath before adopting a wide smile, splitting his lip a bit more.

"I'm great Sunshine, it was a welcome back punch." he replied, dipping in for a rough kiss with the other man. When he pulled away, his blood was smeared on Sonny's lips and Sonny's pupils were blown wide.

"Y'know," Sonny said weakly before cleaning his throat. "there's a room open down the hall."

Mordechai grinned. "Well, we do need to wait for my phone to charge," he said, gripping Sonny's collar tight and dragging him in the direction of the private rooms, the other man following willingly. "How's about you give me a proper homecoming?"

Later, after both of them have been satisfied and Decky has come down from his adrenaline buzz, he finally turns on his now charged phone and checks the texts with a small frown.

"What's wrong?" Sonny asked, sitting up behind him and molding against his back.

"Just some shit going down. Apparently I'm supposed to go to the old highschool in a couple hours after having just found out about these fuckin' letters-"

"Whaddya mean letters?" Sonny cut off, hooking his chin over Mordechai's shoulder.

"I fuckin' mean what I said, Sunshine, someone's sendin' out letters with shit people shouldn't know, from something no one should have, and now they want whoever gets the letters to go to the school at 8 tonight. I don't wanna fuckin' go there," he ground out. "It was the one rule I gave Santora before coming back."

Sonny blinked, adjusting to the vague information. "So go and make it stop." he said simply, causing Mordechai's head to whip around towards him. "No seriously, listen: someone is sending you shit you don't want? Thinkin' they're all sly or some shit? Go meet 'em tonight and put a knife in their chest. At least beat their ass or somethin', that's what the Mob I used to know would do."

Mordechai thought about that as he worked his phone around in his hands. He did want to know who was doing this, but it's hard thinking about seeing any of his old classmate's faces, what if Poppy, Bradley or Jade were getting the letters? Or Quinn? What if Lanie was there?

In the end, however, violence won the war in his mind and he set his shoulders with Sonny still hanging off of him.

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I lost track of time and let my phone die
My bad
But listen…
I'm going to the school tonight
I'm gonna fuckin figure out who sent this shit
And I'm gonna hurt them like they seem to wanna hurt us
Either I'll see you there or I'll see you tomorrow. Hold tight man

"There, y'see? Now we have five hours to kill and a lot for me to catch you up on…" they went the next few hours rotating between giving each other information and making out, letting themselves get lost to the day in a way neither had been able to in a long time.


"What're you doin'?" Phil asked, having come back out of the office to see Decky on the floor with his phone in hand. He snatched the device out of the other man's hand as he walked past. He took a moment to register the easy acquisition before reading the content of the message on screen while Decky glared at him with red shot eyes, knowing from experience he couldn't retrieve his phone from the older man's higher reach. When he saw the message on draft to be sent out, he scoffed and deleted every word before tossing the phone back to Decky, who fumbled with the catch. Phil frowned. "You were faster when you were sober, Mo-Bo."

It was Decky's turn to scoff. "Wasn' fast enough, Phil," he muttered, avoiding eye contact by checking to see what had been done to his phone. "Why'd you delete my fuckin' text?"

"Cause you ain't bein' fair to Nolan and you should already know that," Phil crossed his arms and narrowed his eyes at the man he considered a son, allowing his elation at first seeing him to fall to the side so he could properly assess the situation. "You've been usin' again, and you have shit judgment when you're usin'."

"It ain't the H 'n' pills that make my judgement shit, Phil, I was fuckin' born that way-"

"Bullshit," Phil cut off, pushing through Decky's responding glare. "That's fucking bullshit, Mordechai Boaz, and that's the drugs talkin'. Anyone can make bad choices, and you made plenty, but I haven't once seen you be a bad judge of character." He knelt down in front of Decky and stared the boy down until he returned eye contact. Phil then gripped his shoulder-scrawnier than it should have been, of course, he was already under developed before he fell back down the rabbit hole- and spoke in a low and steady tone, ensuring Decky would have to listen carefully. "Now you had good judgement when you started bringin' Nolan and miss Lanie around, and you know he's a good man that wasn't tryin' to drag you back into more bullshit, so before you go losin' your only current friend by nailin' him to a cross, how's about you take down that wood and use it to patch up your bridges instead."

Decky broke eye contact as he felt his face heat up. The floor was looking suspiciously blurry and when he blinked to clear it, a tear broke out and slid down his cheek.

"Neither of you told me shit about someone passin' out Decker's journal pages like a fuckin' paper boy," He ground out finally, scratching his arm. He glanced over the papers spread around him before picking up the one just in front of him. "And this new one? My one fuckin' condition on coming back was that I don't have to go near that fakakta place!" He exclaimed, shoving the letter a Phil, crossing his arms like a stubborn child as Phil read the letter in silence.

"...I...I didn't get this one," Phil finally admitted, putting down the letter with a disturbed look on his face. "Most of the letters I got were either directly or indirectly about you and the Serpents."

"Christ Phil, this is fucked," Decky hissed, mind racing through the things Decker had said about Decky and the rest of the corner crew from Southie. He couldn't think of a single thing they'd done that he would want Phil knowing about. He thrust a hand through his greasy hair. "Who does this kinda shit?"

"I don't know, Mo-Bo, but don't let it break you. Don't let anything happening here take you back down a path you ain't gonna come back from. Now message your friend and apologize, y'hear me?"

"Yeah Phil, I hear ya," Decky replied, swiping his nose with his arm and standing up, the latest letter once more clutched in his fist. "I'm gonna go walk around, I'll text him as I'm walkin'." Phil raised an eyebrow at the weak excuse but nodded, heading back into his office to get a start on the bills for the garage. Decky made his way out the bright open front of the building and made his way to the sidewalk. He pulled out his phone and sent out a text before taking a sharp right and speeding up his pace, throwing his hood over his head and shoving his fists into his pockets, right hand tight around the knife he had there.

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Sorry, Phil showed me the letters
I was pissed
But he set me straight
I'll come see you at the bakery later, when's you're break at?

The metal and wood train tracks that separate North and South Edenridge were old but well maintained, given that the tracks fell solely under North Eden's jurisdiction. Decky could feel nostalgia humming in his bones as his shoes made contact with the metal, and hunched his shoulders a bit more as if to protect himself from the feeling.

The first step into South Edenridge is like being caught in the path of a Dementor; the skies were clouded, the grass brown and dead, and the weather feeling bitter regardless of the actual temperature. Graffiti littered the weathered brick buildings, covered in everything from basic nicknames and doodles to gang logos marking territory. No one seemed to be walking the streets but there were people out loitering at every corner and building stoop. As he passed the gas station on the corner before his old neighborhood, he saw the same old man that always worked there was being held up. He shook his head and walked a little faster; the poor robber wouldn't know what hit him once Mr. Digari got ahold of his shotgun. As he came up to the corner he knew so well, he saw one of the jacket-clad figures perk up at the sight of him.

"MOB! Is that fuckin' you?" The person asked, jumping up from his crate and moving to meet Decky at the street sign. Sonny "Sunshine" Cernis clasped Decky's hand and pulled him in for a quick hug, thumping the other man on the back with his fist. "Holy shit man, how the fuck you been? I ain't seen you in years."

"It's been shit, Sunshine, but the thought'a your pretty face kept me goin'." Decky answered with a sarcastic wink. Sunshine laughed and pushed away at Decky's cheek.

"That hasn't worked since the seventh grade and we both know it," Sonny replied with a blinding grin, nodding at the crew that was watching their interaction with wary interest. "C'mon, everyone here is a newbie, s'about time they held their own without a supervisor anyway." And with that, Sonny gripped Decky's wrist and dragged him towards the house that's belonged to this corner crew for longer than any of the current members have been alive. All heads turned to them as Sonny burst through the door with him in tow, and then suddenly the music wasn't the loudest thing in the house anymore. More than half of his old crew was not only still alive, but still part of the Trip-S as well, and all of them were demanding at once to know where he'd been and what he'd been doin. He was jostled around for back pats and one armed side-hugs while everyone spoke over each other to make their questions heard. It all became one big buzz in his ears before he finally let loose an ear piercing whistle.

"Shut the fuck up! Christ, how am I s'pposed to answer you assholes if you don't calm to fuck down! Goddamn, I am too sober for you fuckers I swear to-" before he could finished, he was presented with several hands, each holding a different narcotic for him to grab. Decky paused before laughing, loud and true. "Fine, fuck, gimme a sec to get prepared." he said, snatching a familiar needle from one hand and a blunt for the other, dropping down onto the couch and lighting up. Sonny knelt down next to him with a rubber tube in his hand, staring at him intently as he took the first hit. Decky returned the look with one of confusion. "Sunshine, wha-" His words, along with the smoke that had been in his lungs and mouth, were swallowed as Sonny kissed him hard, distracting him as he tied the rubber tube around Decky's upper arm. It was a move they'd done so many times when they were teens, before Lanie. Before Decky left. When he pulled back, there was a large smile on Sonny's face as the stolen smoke curled out the side of his mouth.

"Welcome back, Mob." He whispered before moving over to sit down next to him, satisfaction lining every part of his posture. Decky shook his head and smirked at the other man, licking his lips as he turned his focus to inserting the needle into his arm. As euphoria flooded his system, Decky leaned back into the couch and against Sonny and let out a sigh.

"S'good ta be back, w'th you at least..." he mumbled, letting himself fade away.

Phil Bristol's door opened early in the morning to a face he never thought he'd see again outside a phone screen. Mordechai Boaz stood outside the apartment of his longest standing father-figure with a shamed face and a tight grip on a ratty duffle bag; the man's eyes were glued to Phil's work boots and they just stood in silence for a tense moment. When it settled in his mind that the other man was actually here, a wide grin split his face and he pulled Mordechai into a tight hug.

"It's good to have you back, son." He said, holding onto Mordechai as the man went from coiled tight to weak in the knees, gripping him back just as strongly.

"I missed you, Phil."

Once the two had their heads on straight, Phil locked up and they walked together to the shop, Decky telling Phil about where he'd been and Phil ignoring the gaps in the story that were most likely edited-out crimes. By the time they had gotten to the Garage, Phil was completely caught up on any need-to-know of Mordechai's life, not that there was much. Phil, on the other hand, was being less than forthcoming about current events in Edenridge, and while that wouldn't typically bother him if they were talking on the phone, Decky knew Phil was always telling him that he had great stories for when he returned. Granted, it was said more out of hope that Decky would ever return in the first place, but Phil wasn't one to lie, which Decky found led to him simply not talking about things so as to not have to lie about them.

He was doing a lot of Not Talking at the moment, and left Decky unsure of how to fill the silence.

"Seriously, Phil," Decky grumbled as they made their way into Phil's office, only hesitating for a moment at his old work station, which looked untouched since the day he left. "I'm not stupid, a'ight? I know Nolan has left things out during our phone calls and texts, and now you're avoiding talkin' 'bout the town despite conspirin' with Nolan to get me back here, it's starting to freak me out."

Phil seemed to deflate a bit, his sunny demeanor falling victim to shade. "Look, Mo-Bo-" Mordechai's lips twitched at the old nickname. "We didn't start receiving these until after we convinced you to come back." Ok, what? Mordechai watched as the older mechanic bent down by his desk and unlocked the top drawer, pulling out a stack of envelopes. "Some of them were addressed to me, but most of them...most of them showed up with your name on it," he handed over more than half the envelopes, left unopened. "The whole town's been gettin' them recently. Or, at least...those who were somehow involved."

Decky listened to Phil over the buzzing in his ears as the man explained the recent plague of letters upon Edenridge, letters that were photocopied straight from Charlie fuckin' Decker's journals. Eventually, as he opened and began reading the letters himself, Phil got lost in the now pounding of his ears. Decker talked about him; about Decky and Danny and Southside things that people north of the tracks should never know. When he finished reading them all, he took his phone out with shaky hands and texted Nolan, surrounded by crumpled papers laying out the sick mind of his brother's murderer.

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