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@RedVII I have been reading the Initiates RP for a while now, so I would love a chance to join the sequel. Would it be okay if I created a human that hails from an old bloodline of Hoods??
@Infichi Can I be your Nakama?
@Cassowarysaur Can't go wrong with Capaldi. Will be watching your work with great interest...
Oh, the Machiavellian 7 would be magnificent. But if you want a fighter you could always go for the War Doctor.
Honestly, I wouldn't mind them existing. A young Shanks would be a fun cameo :)

But yeah, I would be interested in joining this, preferably as a member of someones crew.
Being two years after the execution means that the world is a bit different than the one we know in the Manga and the Anime, right?

Some examples of what I mean, Shanks is not a Yonko yet, Mihawk doesn't posses the title of Greatest Swordsman and Whitebeard is still on Prime health...
Really not my place to say this, but I had the need to express my excitement on how well the Doctor would fit in this kind of Roleplay. Thirteen different faces and personalities to choose from and a limitless amount of can literally handpick your unique Tardis Team

@Cassowarysaur My vote would go to either Nine, Twelve or the underappreciated Eight.
Can I give my character a Dijeh?
Hello there. Uiversal Century Gundam RPs are scarce on this site, so I would love to give this a try.
@Geyter Hi,I would love to join if there are still open spots.
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