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Good-morning and Merry Christmas to all the amazing people here!!

@Vicier I just wanted to know if there is still an opening to join this RP and if it would be possible to reserve a member of the Athena Cabin.
Honestly, I can work with both ideas. Either we do 'American Gods meets The Walking Dead' or 'Deities being the Avengers' basically.

Personally, I don't think there is that much common with Percy Jackson. We will all be portraying the actual Gods that are reincarnated as humans in a Post-Apocalyptic Earth in which society has collapsed. No descendants.

And if I take the previous version as an example, pretty much every Pantheon is open. For example, last time I used the Chinese God Nezha.
@Jones Sparrow Let's get the old gang back.
@Eviledd1984 I think it's a Biological thing. The vocal cords of Wookies are structured in such a way that they can only speak their native Shyriiwook. So Basic for them.

And thank you Crow for the reply, that is all I needed.
Would three months be enough to set up an Inaugural Class of Moderate size in the New Jedi Order?

And are we using Yavin as the main Academy Grounds??
@Honesty Crow
@Honesty Crow A few more questions as I put the finishing details on my long after Endor will the RP take place and when exactly did Luke take Mara-Jade under his wing in this continuity?
Hello @Honesty Crow, this seems like a great RP in the making. I for one wouldn't mind making a Force-Sensitive learner for Luke and Mara but also a Zann Consortium enforcer. I am not sure if multiple characters per person are allowed, but I am always open to discuss things.
@RedVII I have been reading the Initiates RP for a while now, so I would love a chance to join the sequel. Would it be okay if I created a human that hails from an old bloodline of Hoods??
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