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Current Kill la Kill was amazing! Though I like Little Witch Academia a bit more.
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Happy Cirno Day!
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I don't want anyone to take on me, I don't like fighting for no reason.
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Killer Queen reminds me that it's already touched the doornob.
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So rolling a single free tenroll with no expectations got me one of the most coveted Servants in Fate/grand order.


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@Feyblue: Okay, good you checked in at least. ^^;
@ZekariVoblis: The magic items were fine, it was the guns that were the issue. Anyway I think that's a lot more plausible now.

Anyway I'll try and post again soon, I was hoping a few more people would post before I did again. ^^;
... Rabbits.

For a moment, Abigail was a little taken aback. Of course, a contract with a specific deity could result in the summoning of a specific animal. Therefore, seeing that someone had the ability to summon rabbits was not, in itself, shocking. However, seeing a rabbit the full size of a horse was something a bit more... surprising, to say the least. It was also quite adorable, just like all the other rabbits she had caught a glimpse of, but she couldn't be distracted by anything like that.

Besides, there was a more important matter to attend to. The massive man had addressed her as a girl scout.

"Ahem. I am no simple girl scout," she protested, "The Knights of the Fianna are the successors to the united warriors of the same name, so long ago. I am one of their foremost members, and I would suggest you treat others with the same respect you would wish to be treated yourself."

Abigail's tone was rather sharp, like the edge of the sword. She was rather irritated at being referred to in such a fashion, after all. With one more look at the huge man, her attention shifted once more...

A black market raid?

No matter what the case was, she would play her role in the name of justice.

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Assassin of Red

Mother was holding her hand...

It was a thought that had seemed like something impossible to the little girl at one time. But indeed, her Mother was holding her hand. Her Mother's warm hand, clasped in her own... There were a few things surprising about her Mother though. Her Mother was a nun, and her Mother wasn't as tall as she thought a Mother would be. But that was okay, because her Mother was her Mother. It didn't matter how she looked. She wasn't used to smiling, but she could feel the smile on her lips...

Assassin's grip tightened slightly on her Mother's hand. If she let go, she felt like her Mother could disappear in an instant. So, quite simply she couldn't let go until she was sure. She didn't want Mother to disappear. She wanted to be where it was safe and warm... She was already warmer then she was used to. The robe she had been given was nice and soft, and it looked a lot like what Mother was wearing, too! That made it even better!

But Assassin couldn't help but feel a little nervous, too... being by Mother's side helped, but even that... Mother had told her they had to meet other people. That they were going to be working with other Servants this time. She didn't know what to say when she heard that. People could be scary... people could do bad things. Painful things. She didn't know what she would do when she had to talk to so many people... would Mother talk to them for her? If that was it, then maybe it would be fine. But Assassin didn't want to be unhelpful to Mother, either. Being unhelpful could be bad, too... Assassin didn't want to be a bad girl. Bad girls had bad things happen to them.

The Servant's grip tightened even more on her Mother's hand as they reached the door, and Mother knocked. Shifting her feet slightly and averting her eyes, the white-haired little girl shifted and moved behind her Mother nervously, unwilling to be seen so quickly by a stranger.

Sophelia Ainsworth

"Oh, it's the one from Atlas," commented Sophelia, kicking her feet as she hugged her stuffed dragon to her chest. It was red and yellow, with large, gold button eyes. Out of the allies outside of her own family members, the Atlas lady seemed like the most interesting of them, even if she didn't say much. That wasn't to say she was exciting, but she was from Atlas, and that meant that she was different. But really, no-one was as interesting as the snow white Einzbern Master... She was going to win the snow white Einzbern Master for sure. It was something she had decided to dedicate herself to completely! And besides...

She had the best Servant to do that with, didn't she?

One of the strongest Saber-class Servants, Lancelot du Lac! She smiled brightly as she glanced towards him. He was big and strong and had a powerful legend... why, the only other Saber-class Servant she imagined could potentially defeat him was King Arthur himself! His catalyst had been a birthday present, straight from the family head Delphine herself. Something like that was only what she deserved. She was suited only to one of the most powerful Servants on their team, and that's just what she had gotten.

Sophelia smiled brightly. There was no way anyone on the Red Team would beat her.

"Delphine will be here soon, by the way. She's waiting for everyone to come down from their rooms! I don't get why you're all so lazy, really..."

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The orc's ability to respond was hindered rather greatly by the ice. Indeed, as they attempted to draw their weapons and respond to the attack of the knights, they suddenly slid on the ice and fell to the ground, grunting and growling, cursing in their tongue as they attempted to quickly rise. As Fanilly came up to one of the downed orcs, her blade flashed and sliced through the gape between its armor and chestplate, spilling the creature's dark blood on the white ice as it hit the ground with a dull clunk. The next orc she encountered was more able to get to its feet, but it still wasn't prepared for the following blow that pierced its cheaply-made dark armor and sent it to the ground. So far... this was going just as she had hoped! The orcs were unable to adequately defend themselves, let alone stop their advance. When the two groups of knights came to the center of the ruins, there was a crumbling staircase that lead upwards. If Fanilly had to guess, the 'dark lady' was likely further up the stairway, on the next level of the ruins.

The guards lay dead, scattered across the icy ground. Unfortunately, the plan to make the charge right to the 'dark lady' had been foiled by the stairway, which seemed to be the only avenue of advancement.

That made this a great deal more difficult. There was likely no way that the dark lady had failed to notice their attack, and even if she had, well... it was unlikely that the stairs were not trapped.

And she'd thought her plan would really work...

"... This..." Fanilly hesitated for a moment, "We have to advance as quickly as possible, but this stairway..."

Before she could try and construct a plan, something enormous came barreling down the stairway. After a moment, Fanilly realized just what it was. A stone golem?!

What was more unexpected was the figure on top of the golem.

Driders were a rare sight in Thaln, but one so well-dressed was equally unexpected.

"I... I don't like the orcs! S-so it's not like I'm angry you killed them!" declared the drider as the golem came to a halt. It was a towering construct of solid rock, "But I won't let you hurt my mentor, regardless of what you think she's done!"

She pointed down at all of them, and the golem raised back one of those fists...

"Oh! Oh! Do you want to help too?" said the little girl with the wide-brimmed travelling hat, excitedly waving her hands in the air as she did, turning to face Marianne, "Um, my friend, Mae... she lost her puppy, she can't find her at all. She's looking for her in the town square, and I thought since the knights are really good at all kinds of things, you could help!"

The girl smiled. It looked like she was really beginning to leave her friend's little puppy could be located.

"The puppy's name is Ennifer, like from the old stories! And, um, Mae is by Beldrigan's Barrel!"

And indeed, Klaus would see a little blonde girl, who looked rather despondent, both hands to the sides of her mouth as she tried to call for her pet.

"Ennifer!" she called, "Ennifer! Where are you?"

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All at once, no small number of the valkyries vanished. Drawn into Caster's reality marble, or something of that nature?

Whatever the case was, there was no time to focus on that fact. It seemed as if Thrud had not realized the truth of Bynhildr's condition, that the valkyrie had been unable to notice her elder had been corrupted so thoroughly by something so dark. Saber swiftly darted to the side, sending up a cloud of snow as the valkyrie's charge narrowly missed her. An opponent who could freely take to the air... While Saber could defend from the earth, it was far more difficult to mount an attack at this range. She would be either left waiting until Thrud charged again and attempting to force her down on her next pass, or...

A small smile came across the blonde knight's lips as she glanced towards Siegfried. This was hardly an ideal situation, but she had been able to determine just how she could strike the winged warrior out of the sky.

"Siegfried!" she called, "I need you to kneel, I shall use you to reach the valkyrie!"

Hopefully, he would quickly understand what she meant by that. Indeed, after a moment, he nodded, and knelt, as Thrud prepared to charge again.

Gripping the hilt of her hidden weapon in both hands, angled behind her, Arturia took a deep breath and broke into a sprint. The air almost seemed to explode around her as she crossed the distance between herself and Siegfried in an instant, placing one foot on his back and using the other Servant as a springboard.

Indeed, the King of Knights could not fly. But she erupted through the air, and---

There was a roar as the air concealing her weapon was unleashed, a brilliant gold glow erupting across the weapon as she blasted through the sky, towards her enemy in almost the blink of an eye! The golden sword was lifted over her head, leaving a trail of light as she swung it towards, aiming to swat the valkyrie out of the sky!



With little other choice, Caster found herself watching Lancer launching herself towards the other Caster. Skuld herself could fly, certainly, but it was somewhat more difficult to think of that when you were surrounded by enemies that were capable of countering nearly anything that you could do. For a moment, however, she was able to take in just what surrounded her. It was a... Reality Marble? She wasn't completely certain, to be honest. It was unusual, thaumaturgy produced undeniably by the psyche of the one who had produced it. The other Caster. Perhaps... something similar to...

When Lancer landed, she immediately pulled the other Caster into an embrace.

"... Now, of all times?!" she asked, her eyes drifting to the oncoming valkyries. Damn it all! There was little she could do against enemies so thoroughly capable of resisting her faster spells, and so effortlessly able to destroy any undead she could summon.

So all she could do was to spawn a barrier.

Instantly, from her hand, there spread a circular green shield of mana, spreading out from her palm. Runes circulated around the outer edge of the circle. It would, hopefully, hold long enough for her to figure out some kind of plan.

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@ZekariVoblis: I think the weapons are still excessive. I'd cut it down to a few easily-hidden things.
@ZekariVoblis: Hmmm... how does he hide all those weapons? That's still an awful lot even if he has them stashed somewhere.
Had this... this guy just said what she thought he did? No, she had to have misheard. What kind of person went around making comments like... like... like that! For a few moments, Fumie could simply quietly seethe with a mix of rage and surprise as she looked up at him. How dare he... he make a comment about her height! The black-haired girl hated hearing that kind of thing even from people she knew, so this totaly stranger... well, any thoughts of investigation almost immediately flew from her mind out of sheer irritation. There was no way, absolutely no way, she would let that slide.

This foreign stranger had to be taught a lesson, and he had to be taught it immediately.

And so, with no further hesitation, anger plain on her face, Fumie wound up with one leg and kicked him in the shin.

"What kind of rude idiot are you!?" she snapped, "First you almost run right into me and then you make fun of me?!"

@ZekariVoblis: Yeah, otherwise I don't think I saw anything out of line?
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