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Happy Cirno Day! Time to celebrate the greatness of the Strongest Fairy!
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And it's apparently a very BAD resub and redub.
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... What if they're Death's nudes?


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@Derg2: Accepted.
@Derg2: Alright, happy to hear it!

@Vec: Accepted.
@Derg2: It was more that he was completely untrained(unless I missed something), so being shirtless and wearing a wooden sword seemed kind of incongruous to being high enough rank to do more serious jobs. As I said, the shirtlessness is fine if he's actually a good enough fighter, I'm not trying to be super realistic here or something.

As for the age, as stated it's more or less because hundi culturally marry the first person who defeats them in an honorable one-on-one duel during their coming of age journey. So like, if you wanted to deal with that potentially happening given your hundi is trying to adhere to their traditional culture, you can keep his age just fine. But that could potentially occur is the thing.
@Heartfillia: Ah, sorry. Although I think right now it's more something for Fanilly to respond to and the Princess to just acknowledge. ^^;
@Heartfillia: The Princess acknowledged all the knights! But Elwen didn't directly speak to her, so you'd make her sad she marched off for beer. D:
@Heartfillia: I can edit if it wasn't clear enough, Fanilly was kind of supposed to be accepting the reassurance from everyone. ^^;
Moving on, I'd like to make it abundantly clear that the issue here absolutely was one explicitly based in setting continuity. Dark Elves live underground in a Scandinavia-based region of the setting, therefore they are pale.

I absolutely do not want the fear tactics on display here to discourage anyone. If you want to sign up with a dark-skinned character, feel free to. There's plenty of regions that someone with dark skin could have come from, such as the more Middle Eastern-inspired regions to the east. @TheFake's character from a former iteration of another RP in this setting originated from there. Because he asked me about them. Asking me will get you a lot. I want people to ask me about the setting. Dark Elves just aren't dark-skinned. Honestly it kind of came off to me as racist to make "dark elves" have dark skin anyway, it's kind of always bothered me a little.

If you want to make a dark-skinned elf, wood elves are known to develop tans from being the outdoorsy type. Not all of them, but some of them. There's probably naturally dark-skinned elves on another continent or something, but I haven't fleshed that out yet so it went unmentioned.

Part of this is I simply don't know the cultures I'd be using as a basis as well.

Please don't let fear tactics stop you from using your idea. Just ask me about it first before you write up a full bio.

I'll be getting to some backlogged characters soon. Sorry for the delay.
I'm sorry, it's just that I do have a clear, fleshed-out setting here. It's a personal work for me as well as something I think works well in RPs: When you have an established setting you know what's possible and you know what can happen. I want to keep the rules consistent and I want to keep the races consistent.

That's why I want people to ask questions and please wait for my full response. Even when I don't have something completely fleshed out at the very least I can provide a general idea of it.
@Myrna Minkoff: I did answer you. I explained they live underground, and are therefore pale due to lack of exposure to sunlight.

Elves started out fair-skinned, diet alone wouldn't change this. It's not that you're asking questions, it's that you want to contradict my answers.

If you want a dark-skinned elf so much, it wouldn't have been a dark elf.
@Derg2: Okay, a very basic one right off the bat is that there's no way someone with no shirt and a wooden sword would get to be a 4. Maybe if they had a proper sword and were skilled they could get away with no shirt or armor, obviously, this is basically a fantasy anime after all. But a wooden sword and no training... yeah.

There's some other deeper issues with the lore details though. The Church of Reon and Mayon is the dominant religion among humans(and has a fair number of worshippers among other races) on this continent, and thus the same goes for Ithillin. The heavy anti-slavery stance of the Church influences the laws of these countries, and therefore slaves would never be openly employed in Calthir. The illegal slave trade is usually confined to more isolated areas to avoid being discovered. So all the slavery elements are out.

Hundi extremely rarely have the capacity to become magi, which is why Raineh's hundi mage is actually a fairly big deal. So a big mana pool is very unlikely for a hundi.

@Myrna Minkoff: Okay, the big issues here are the backstory, and the issues in the lore it causes. The divide between high, wood, and dark elves is not a matter of actual racial differences, it's cultural. There was a split in the distant past, all three are fundamentally the same race. Dark Elves are typically very pale due to living in the far north underground. As for dark elven society, the gods they worship are different aspects of the gods worshipped by the high and wood elves, or focused on different deities. Their society is kind of cutthroat, but it's more in terms of proving the influence and power of your bloodline. There's also a lot of cultural pride placed on deception and subtlety, but at the same time dark elves also value those they know they can trust a lot

@HereComesTheSnow: There are dorms, and anyone who actually lives in town can obviously live in their own home and go to the guild for work.
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