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Current So rolling a single free tenroll with no expectations got me one of the most coveted Servants in Fate/grand order.
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Getting into /grand order for "reasons" is sad because that reinforces negative stereotypes certain bad designs give about it. : (
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I read that as "we all need kills" and was very concerned.
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... Touhou?
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Of course the races and genders of the characters don't matter. But it's disingenuous to state that everyone who doesn't like the movie is somehow bigoted, too.


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Estelle Varianbec

From the very start, there were a few things that were immediately evident as the battle between Servants began. To begin with, no matter what the small girl had prepared herself for, what she saw now was entirely beyond it. Her Lancer's performance was incredible, exhibiting enough power to effortlessly shatter concrete, and she could even hear the eruptions of air pressure from here. Even a skilled magus such as herself, someone who was born for this, was taken aback by the sheer strength and swiftness on display.

So, this was a battle between Servants, was it?

The other thing she noted, after her initial surprise, was the way in which the enemy Servant had dodged the initial blow from Lancer. That was a surprise too... and the most obvious conclusion it lead Estelle to was that their enemy was neither Caster nor Assassin. This made sense, she supposed. By appearances it would have seemed obvious that the enemy belonged to one of the two classes least likely to exhibit strong martial prowess. However, neither Caster nor Assassin would have benefited from so obviously exposing themselves. Even if the Servant preferred not to enter spirit form, and desired to lean about the town first-hand, travelling to the Church so blatantly at this time of night would have made it obvious what they were.

Even if Servants of those classes did want to explore the town without entering spirit form, so close to the Church, and so obviously, seemed unlikely to say the least.

But that left the question of the enemy's class. They wielded no weapon, and had just yanked a tree from the ground. This left two likely options, in the end: Rider, or Berserker.

A strong servant of any class could perform such a feat of strength, so the small, tan-skinned girl's guesses were based entirely off of the the lack of a visible weapon of any kind.

A Rider-class Servant's Noble Phantasm(or indeed, Noble Phantasms) were likely to be very strong, and make up the bulk of the Servant's power. It was possible the enemy wanted to avoid showing their hand too early. Berserker seemed somewhat more likely, however, though it seemed to Estelle that the enemy was not using Mad Enhancement at the moment.

Still, though, what potential Berserker looked like that?

Well, it didn't matter. Estelle smiled to herself.

Lancer would destroy his enemy. She hadn't summoned one of the strongest figures who could occupy the class, using a catalyst granted to her by her family, just for show.

That being said...

Estelle eyed the streets below, walking across the rooftop as she did. If she could locate the enemy Servant's Master quickly... Well, forcing them to surrender would be easy. Estelle knew she could overpower most potential enemy magi, after all...

If they didn't surrender, she'd kill them.

Not that she felt particularly inclined to stop the battle right now. She was confident, after all, that Lancer would win. But telling the enemy Master how doomed they were seemed like it would be entertaining.

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Konpaku Youmu

There hadn't really been any time for Youmu to actually explore the phenomenon known as fanart. Instead, she'd been far too busy keeping up with Yuyuko-sama, following her the entire time as they traveled around town. To be honest, she welcomed sleep after all of that. Especially given that she'd been trying her hardest... and she was going to sleep with Yuyuko-sama so close by. She'd been worried, before, that she would go to sleep concerned about her mistress, wondering if everything was going well, wondering if she was needed. But now, well... Yuyuko-sama was here. Youmu didn't have to worry about such things, because she could simply hear if she was needed from Yuyuko-sama directly. That, and, well, it was comforting to have someone she had known for so long in this world as well, for the duration of their stay here.

It put the small girl more at ease. That being said, it couldn't be denied that Yuyuko-sama was also something of a rather silly person, and... well... she was sometimes a bit odd to deal with. That didn't mean that she wasn't thankful.

And, of course, tonight... well, she was used to working at all times of the day and night, so Youmu was quick on her feet, swiftly preparing for the meeting. She didn't know how this whole 'video conference' thing worked, but it seemed quite simple in the end once she got there.

They'd speak to someone else through a screen, who was somewhere else entirely.

Only, when she got there...

"H... Hinanawi Tenshi!?" exclaimed the white-haired girl, any semblance of politeness shattered in an instant. To think, she'd see that girl here of all places! "I could ask the same thing of you!"

Even if those around her weren't aware of the circumstances that surrounded Tenshi, they could certainly pick up on the fact that Youmu did not exactly enjoy learning she was present in this world.

"I can't comprehend how anyone could entrust someone like you with something so important!"

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I just need to think of a character idea!
To say the disassembly of the spell that had been inflicted on the Earl was easy would be wrong.

To say it was difficult, however...

It seemed like the sigil was coming apart far, far easier then expected, given the power behind it, the nature of the spell itself, and how long it had been inflicted. It was almost as if it had been made with the knowledge that it would be taken apart... As if its chief purpose was perhaps less to do with obfuscating the Earl's ability to see anything related to battle and more to simply provide a distraction and delay for anyone who appeared to help.

That being said, it was difficult to discern the motivation of someone who they hadn't even seen yet.

The Earl himself groaned, clutching at the side of his head.

"... I'm being patient, but whatever you're doing is causing me a wicked headache," he complained, "Is there any point to thi..."

He trailed off. After a few moments, he shut and closed his eyed, blinking.

"Earl Achter?" Fanilly asked, stepping forward with some level of hope. As the sigil was steadily coming apart, she was hoping, wishing that the attempt to deconstruct it was working.

"I... see... I don't know, everything is far too blurry, and this pain in my skull is growing unbearable," the Earl responded, wincing. Fanilly winced as well. Was it possible the spell wasn't working as well as it seemed? The blonde knight couldn't truly ask Cymbeline, not when she was concerned about interrupting the countermeasures the half-nem mage was putting into play. Fanilly didn't know particularly much about magic, but she knew that it required focus when it came to such delicate things.

After what seemed like forever, the last portions of the symbol on the Earl's forehead suddenly seemed to crack, before drifting away from his skin, dissipating into the air.

It was at this moment that the Earl slumped weakly into his seat.

"Earl Achter?!" Fanilly rushed to his side, and was relieved to see his eyes flutter back open... and then...

"Ugh... my head... ah...?"

He stared at the Knight-Captain's armor.

"Where... did all that blood come from...? Captain Danbalion...?"

Klaus's investigation turned up... nothing at all. There wasn't anything amiss whatsoever. It was possible the little girl had simply gone back into town, scared of the crystal.

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Saber glanced up, surprised, as flames immediately washed over her. However, they never touched her. A barrier seemed to suddenly come into view, Arturia's A-Rank magic resistance nullifying any effect the fire may have had, even as it melted the snow away around her. Even if it hadn't proven harmful to her, the knight couldn't help but feel that a move like that was potentially rather reckless. Effective, but... reckless. There wasn't time to mention that, however. The single remaining wolf fled, howling, but in its wake there came a large number of undead, rising from the earth.

There wasn't any room for hesitation, nor was there any reason to hesitate. The sword-wielding Servant immediately burst forward and pierced one of the first undead through the chest. As she did, light suddenly swirled around her blade.


They released in an instant, light erupting forward, ripping the zombie on her blade to pieces, vaporizing much of it as the beam tore through the air and blasted apart multiple undead on its way. The King of Knights didn't pause there for a moment, hacking apart another of the undead as it advanced, dashing to the side and cutting away at the frozen, animated corpses with each moment. The latest of the undead was pierced through its stomach before Arturia swung the sword violently upward, cleaving its body in half from the waist upward and allowing the corpse to fall to the side.

"I will not allow a single one of these animated dead to reach the town walls!" Saber declared. It was not a matter of the danger. Even if they did, the other defenders would take care of them. But her pride as a knight pushed her further, to do everything she could to prevent even one of the corpses from threatening a single person.
Konpaku Youmu

"I agree, I don't think Yakumo-sama would consider allying with anyone intending to do something like that," Youmu added. Yuyuko-sama had the right idea about that, for certain. That did leave the question of what exactly it was that Yakumo-sama and the military uniform girl intended, however. The truth was that it still made Youmu rather concerned. Simply knowing that Yakumo-sama didn't intend anything so dire still didn't mean that she wasn't planning... something, especially when the situation was so unusual.

"Ah, thank you, Yuyuko-sama..."

Taking a seat beside her Mistress, Youmu transitioned to looking over the menu, for now...

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"All that time I spent chasing that thing, and you finally decide to show up and stop it just like that?" Mordred commented, eyeing her temporary Master as she did. She was a bit grumpy, mostly due to having to deal with that idiot, but this likely would have been a much faster mission if Evangeline had participated from the start. Her icy prison ability seemed to be tailor made to dealing with something like this. Not that Mordred doubted she could have handled it herself, however.

Of course she could

Resting Clarent on her shoulder, the red knight approached the transport nevertheless.

@PKMNB0Y@Raineh Daze

Even as the fight continued, even as Vita attempted to get her bearings...

Someone else had joined the fray. Though not to join the fight itself. Rather, her target was different, and her goals far less combative.

Beside Priscilla was a strange sound, the scattered appearance of what almost appeared to be blue cubes, as a figure emerged from absolutely nothing...

There was a tall hat on her head, her outfit a stylized military uniform as she straightened, a curtain of silvery-white hair behind her. On her face was a small smile.

"Hello, Priscilla-dono," Altair began, bowing her head slightly, "Allow me to invite you to learn the truth of your situation."

Without waiting for the half-dragon's response, she drifted into the air and took a hold of the giant girl's hand, preparing to spirit her away as swiftly as she had first appeared.

Thankfully, while things had looked incredibly grim, it did not appear that the intention was to cause an explosion, on part of the one who had inflicted the sigil onto the earl at least. The crystal, now a deep shade of inky black, simply oscillated in place without doing anything else. Rather then having become explosive, it seemed it had just been tainted by the essence of the spell it had been created to analyze. Still, setting up measures in case something was wrong was likely a wise idea. There was no telling what that inky black substance encased in the icy chamber really was, or what it would do if it escaped.

Fanilly eyed the sigil nervously. Her knowledge of magic was hardly particularly vast, given she had no real talent when it came to the art. However, she could tell that such a symbol was likely the source of the obfuscation that had been placed on the Earl of Brennan. The man himself seemed baffled by the attention, as if he couldn't even recognize any of it had to do with him.

"What is all this about, anyway?" he complained, with a frown, "And what is that black thing?"

Fanilly grimaced. How could she explain this to him, when it didn't seem like he was capable of recognizing what was occurring as long as the sigil was in place?

"Your grace," she began, "There is... a... a spell has been cast, and we are trying to remove it."

She winced. That was hardly the kind of explanation it seemed like he would except, and the Earl's frown cemented that. However, he made no further moves, for the moment.

"Dame Lockhart," she began, turning towards the mage of the two twins, "Only proceed if your actions do not risk the Earl's life. If it's too dangerous, we may have to try and get in contact with the college, or find this... Dark Lady, ourselves."

There was an air of apprehension in the earl's court. No-one knew quite what to do, or how anything would turn out.

The young girl with the big hat seemed to have quickly fled. It was quite likely she had been scared off by the crystal.

Then... a voice, in Cymbeline's ear.

"Don't try to move it. Get rid of it without moving it. Moving it will only make things worse."

And yet, there was no-one there.

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Saber hesitated for a few moments. Indeed, her Lord's words were hardly inaccurate. There was no way another Servant would initiate a battle here, unless they felt they could take the entire war as well as the forces of both the Mage Association and the Church. To be frank with herself, the white-haired girl doubted that would be the case unless both Master and Servant were... unhinged, to say the least. That being said, she couldn't help but feel somewhat wary now that she knew there was an enemy pair in this building. The mind of a warrior quickly analyzed the possible outcomes.

They could, theoretically, part ways without coming into direct contact at this point. It wasn't impossible, but it was unlikely. It was also possible they could be attacked immediately, which was extremely unlikely for the reasons that her Lord had discussed. That left a few different possibilities. That the opponent could attempt to engineer a situation in which a fight could commence undetected, or that they could attempt to organize a different outcome then battle.

Regardless, Saber couldn't help but be wary.

"Very well, my Lord," she replied, bowing her head slightly as she spoke. And yet...

"... My Lord, I smell something... burning?"

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Interesting... Her Master's handiwork was skillful, as it now appeared as if the woman and her child were her immediate family. It was difficult for anyone to recognize that they were not, and therefore that allowed for them to approach the Church with subtlety. It was unlikely a random family would be attacked, even if a Servant's presence was detected. After all, simply detecting a Servant's presence near a group of seemingly unrelated individuals hardly indicated that one of those people must be a Master. It was an effective plan. Ruthless on part of the family, but they were not dead. It was a well-constructed ruse.

Interesting, Master, she commented, Quite ruthless, but interesting. There is little reason to suspect that any of the other Masters would attack a family at random.

And so, still dematerialized, Caster followed her Master and her little faked family.

Within the Church would be whatever individual had been appointed as Overseer...

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Siegfried's words... the summoning system employed here provided knowledge much in the way that the Grail did in the past. As a result, the knowledge of heroes that Arturia had never heard of in life was as easily recalled as the meal she had eaten earlier in the day. And the name Sigurd... a spear-wielding warrior woman lamenting the name of Sigurd. It wasn't difficult, via process of elimination, identifying who the corrupted Lancer could be...

But there was little more time to converse. The wolves that the dragonslayer mentioned were already making their way towards the town, and it was her duty to put a stop to their advance. Even if her Master had not ordered such a thing.

"Yes, Master," she said, swiftly, reminding herself to mention the matter of the Lancer's potential identity before immediately breaking into a sprint towards the advancing silhouettes. They were large, dangerous beasts, undeniably, but that did not mean anything when it came to a knight. She would fight regardless of the opponent.

The moment the blonde girl came within striking range of one of the wolves, she raised Excalibur and brought it down, aiming to cut the beast completely in half by surprise.
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