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Current I think watching fight scenes can help in general terms with writing combat, since it can give you an idea of flow and choreography.
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At least if you're writing something you know, with knights.
4 mos ago
I mean, depends on what you're writing, and the tone and theme of what you're writing. Trained armored knights were legitimately monstrous on the battlefield, so looking up how they fought helps.
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As much as there's a lot of reasons twitter sucks, I genuinely don't want to see it die for the sake of all the artists who now rely on it. Hoping the shithead stops trying to directly administrate.
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7 mos ago… If anyone's up for fighting some kaiju, why not try out my new RP, Godzilla: YATAGARUSU?


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The Witch seemed entirely unphased, even as several of her less massive dolls shattered. Hard impacts or sharp edges seemed quite sufficient for the smaller ones, as Velvetica quickly realized.

Starshine's edge cleaved cleanly through a doll's torso, and she adjusted her grip in order to swing the blade back before the doll fell. One arm was severed, and moments later the blade cut through that black face and parted the doll's head entirely.

It no longer moved after that, but it was easy to tell that simply cutting it in half wasn't enough. The upper half had continued to move, to try and reach her, even in the single moment between its bisection and the final blow.

"These dolls need to be thoroughly disabled!" she took a step back as another lunged for her, swiftly responding by skewering it through one of its empty eyes and then cutting the head from its shoulders, "Destroy the head and arms, or as much of the torso as possible!"

The giant, inhuman doll's limbs twisted in patterns impossible for a living being. It was certainly far more durable then the smaller dolls, but...

Urden's axe spike slamming into one of its joints definitely gave it something of a jolt, and shards of white came scattering from the impact. Those were definitely cracks in the joint, and the afflicted sword arm twitched in an awkward fashion unlike its smooth motions prior before bending backwards in a bid to skewer the mercenary through his head.

Roger's thrust spear, too, found its purchase in the doll's joint. While it caused less direct visible damage to the construct's limb, at the same time it wasn't without an effect. It interrupted the motion of the doll's attempted counterattack, and while there was less visible damage that hardly meant none.

Before either of its strikes could complete, the sharp daggers lodging into is shoulder joints caused the doll to momentarily go rigid. The damage here was obviously, cracks lining the joints. They had not yet shattered, but it wouldn't take much more to do it.

It swiftly abandoned its attacks on the men and bent its arms at damaged elbows, in a bid to reach Kayliss and cleave her apart.

And yet, Velvetica saw her opening.

Light danced along Starshine's edge. Cape flapping behind her, the Steel Princess darted forward, the tip of her blade finding the joint in the doll's middle limb on its right side. The point, aided by the magical energy enrobing the sword, penetrated the doll's exterior, and with a flash the light was released.

The joint crumbled, and the doll staggered as one of its legs fell away, offering a clear opportunity to the others to press their assault!

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There was no longer any reason to hesitate.

It was clear that something awful had happened here, to be sure, but there was nothing that could be done but enter the fort.

They had to know.

Fanilly took a deep breath.

"Iron Rose Knights, advance."

She pressed onwards through the gate, and-

There was nothing. At least at first glance, nothing seemed amiss in the least.

And yet something here was wrong. Palpably so. The very atmosphere within the fort's walls felt heavy, weighty. Even Fanilly, who was not capable with magic nor with spiritual matters was able to feel it.

It was like something was pressing down on her from the moment she set foot inside. A heavy, unrelenting darkness, coupled with this iron scent...

There was blood.

Blood on the walls, blood on the ground. Now that she had entered and taken a good look at her surroundings, she could see plenty of it.

The Knight-Captain drew a sharp intake of the breath.

Beyond the blood, spilling from the doors deeper into the fort, were corpses.

Bodies upon bodies upon bodies.

The remains of the fort's garrison. Some of them, the most visible ones, appeared as if they had only perished very recently, but not a single corpse appeared to be older then a day or two.

Fanilly's hands trembled. Her blue eyes were wide.

What had happened here? There was no attack from the outside. There was no sign of anything.

And yet...

Stabbed. Slashed. Crushed. Cut.

The corpses of the fort's garrison showed just how violent their deaths had been.

It was nothing short of a massacre. While Fanilly had seen plenty of death before, she'd never seen anything like this.

For a few moments, she simply didn't know what to do.

For a few moments, the weight of the air seemed to grow, pushing down on her shoulders. The walls around the fort seemed less spacious, more enclosed.

The sky felt darker.

And then...

A door across the yard swung open.

"Nothing but corpses."

It was the voice of a girl. She stood out immediately, clad in light armor of leather and steel with long skirt. Her blue hair was tied into pigtails, and her eyes were crimson. While that would normally be a notable detail, they lacked the luminiscent qualities of a vampire's gaze and she was certainly not short enough to be a Nem, at somewhere around Fanilly's height.

In her right hand was a lengthy spear, crimson in coloration and metallic. It was likely steel, but the red hue didn't appear to be paint.


She paused for a moment, and in that instant Fanilly immediately turned to her.

For in this very moment, there was no doubt in my mind that the girl had to be behind this.

"Lay down your weapon and surrender at once, or we will slay you where you stand."

Her blade had left its sheath in an instant, drawn and pointed towards the blue-haired girl.

"... Oh?"

Bringing the crimson spear up to rest it on her shoulder, the blue-haired girl cocked her head.

"You must be the Iron Rose Knights, then," she continued, looking considerably less bothered by that fact then one might expect, "So you're the captain? Adorable. You've all been treating her well, I hope?"

She grinned in a particularly sharp manner.

"Surrender. Now," Fanilly said firmly.

Her grip on her blade tightened.

"You know you're getting all worked up about the wrong person, right?" she commented, idly, as if completely unconcerned about her situation, "It was already like this when we got here. Think about it, does it really make sense? This wasn't an outside attack."

Fanilly found herself hesitating. This spear-wielding girl didn't seem to have any intention of fighting, which was already strange enough, but it was true that an attack from outside didn't make sense. Not with what they'd seen already.

But who could have killed all the soldiers here? Who was possibly responsible for such a massacre, if not the one standing before them? She mentioned 'we'...

"Check..." Fanilly's voice wavered, "Ch-check the bodies."

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@Quartz: 10 or below, no more then that.
@Emeth: Ooops forgot to address this, an Asura could fill the same sort of niche.
@Quartz: Think she looks good!
@Emeth: I also have some alt multi-arm suggestions. Sorry if this is taking so long though, I'm just trying to settle on my stance. ^^;

@RolePlayerRoxas: Accepted.
@Quartz: It also massively depends on the DDF's staff, the descriptions are a very generalized thing just to give an idea of power we're working with.

The main point is two Devils is still in the realm of potentially being handled by one to two departments.

I'm considering reworking the descriptions for a couple of classes of Demons a bit, but it was kind of hard to get an idea of how to convey their intended threat level. It was also intended as a bit of "these are dangerous enough that you shouldn't be dumb and risk your life trying to take them solo".

I'll try and figure out how to clarify a bit. To be sure, Devils are highly dangerous, but Departments can take them on and certain Contractors can have a very good chance against them.
@Emeth: Dealing with a Titan makes a lot more sense.

As for the first part, I'm on the fence still, mostly due to the fact that I realized keeping people from using any major names is kind of boring, but I'm just a bit uncertain if I want to stick with Kali for you.

But power scaling for contracts is a thing too, so starting lower and eating demon souls will give you more power.
@Emeth: Hmmm. I'm not 100% sure on Kali, just because Kali's a top deity of the Indian pantheon. That being said, contracts can, for all kinds of reasons, start degraded, so potentially not as big of an issue, I need to think about this one a bit more.

I will point out that a disaster like that would be Titan-class rather then Devil-class, as Devil-class Demons are still in the realm of being beaten by a department rather then requiring multiple departments to work together.
@Riffus Maximus: That contract is a bit too vague. It should be modeled on an actual mythological entity specifically, not just a vague archetype.

Additionally, her backstory's a bit of a mess. If she failed to become a police officer, it'd be a lot harder then that to get into the JSDF.

@Emeth: As mentioned, it should be a specific type of supernatural creature, either one with a specific name or a specific type. Draw from mythology.

@Rune_Alchemist: Accepted.

@vietmyke: Feel free to ask questions!
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