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Current Reptiles with scars are actually pretty rare, given how reptiles heal. It can happen but it has to be a pretty deep injury.
3 mos ago… Anyone up for a Fate RP... again? OOC is up this time!
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3 mos ago… Anyone up for some Fate RP?
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Karma finally caught up to a certain someone.


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So that was it.

The machinations of another deity, and those who chose to connect themselves to it, were the reason for the collapse of the deal between the Forest's Ruler and the people. And on top of that, the Kyrinth's personal feelings on it seemed to be one of mild disappointment rather then anger...

In a way, a lack of animosity between both parties was both a boon to their cause... and a setback. Without a particular grievance or incident, it became harder to address it specifically. Additionally, the fact the Kyrinth had no particular attachment to the land and could simply relocate the forest in its entirety...

But Nobunaga would not be discouraged from her cause.

"So it is the actions of those who still cling to the ideals of this god who threatens the very land they live upon?" Nobunaga asked, casting one glance back towards the new arrival before refocusing on the great deer once more, "Unable to see the danger through the allure, I see."

She took a deep breath.

"Still, there are those within the village who wish to rekindle the lost relationship between you," the petite continued. Indeed, the town's chief was quite happy to hear that she was willing to attempt to reform their deal, and she could not imagine that desire was absent from the rest of the townsfolk.

Then perhaps...

"You may have no particular need to remain on this land... but are their not animals who dwell within this forest who would be incapable of moving with it? Those with young, those who have attachment to a strict territory, or any other myriad of reasons. This sacred grove and all within it may be able to depart, but there are still creatures that would be destroyed not by a natural cycle where one animal feeds upon another, but by the upheaval of what lies sealed beneath this land and the waters that would rush in to contain it."

Nobunaga paused for a moment.

"Of course, my concerns to that regard may be unfounded," she added. It was impossible to know for certain just what kind of capabilities the Kyrinth had in regards to the creatures that lived in the forest, but it was unlikely it was specifically sending those beasts from before to attack the town based on its own lack of malice.

With that being said, then perhaps it was worth appealing to its concern for native creatures living outside of the grove itself.

To be truthful, a God of Knowledge sounded far more like a figure that would appeal to her under other circumstances... But Nobunaga detested what she had heard here. Seeking knowledge and away to better the future was all well and good, but it was utter foolishness to pursue it to destruction. Knowledge had to be acquired with wisdom, not with recklessness.

Nobunaga placed a hand to her chest.

"Regardless, I have proposal, if you should be willing to hear it."

"Eh-heheh, I avoid fighting anything, but I'm really good at hiding..." Imarui responded, scratching the back of her head with one hand. She didn't have anything good for fighting. She didn't have an Arti-

The small girl paused for a few moments.

That wasn't true... and that reminded her, as much as all these people seemed nice, when it was time to locate an artifact she was going to have to get away from them as soon as she could. After all, she didn't know how they'd respond when they learned about the true nature of her necklace. She could hide its light, certainly, but she didn't want them seeing it in the first place...

But that was okay for now.

First, they'd explore!

It was pretty dark down here, and that was the remains of the building that had fallen into the pit, all smashed up and crushed... it really was good nobody had been inside it at the time!

"Anyway, exploring together is a lot better then splitting up!" declared the little white-haired girl cheerfully, even as the boy from before rushed off down the right side path. She definitely didn't mind the older girl sticking with her, but there was no reason to dawdle around here any longer! Imarui adjusted her backpack and turned to follow the skateboarder's path...

The right side path was much brighter then the initial site of the descent, and it was immediately apparent why that was.

The walls, floor, and part of the cieling were encrusted with hundreds upon hundreds of glowcaps. The large mushrooms gave off a somewhat eerie blue-white glow, and while they in and of themselves were harmless, it did indicate something somewhat unsavory.

Something had likely died here at one point. Glowcaps could grow in incredibly harsh conditions, far moreso then this cavern was, but the initial catalyst for their growth was almost always the presence of a corpse.

The light of the glowing fungi did, however, illuminate the true hazard.

Hanging from the ceiling were thin, silvery, hairlike strands that would have been completely invisible in the darkness. Following them to the roof of the cave would reveal that they were attached to a slimy substance, within which was the bodies of the creatures the strands were attacked to. Wormlike creatures, the length and width of a grown man's arm.

On their own, they were harmless to anything larger then a rat or similar creature. But when something brushed against their sensory strands that was too large for them to pull up and consume...

They weren't called Screaming Slugs for no reason, and many subterranean predators had learned to respond to the screams of the creatures as a sign that food was nearby.

Beyond, the cavern seemed to widen again, and it almost appeared as if something other then the glowing fungi was attached to the walls. Perhaps there was an underground forest of some sort? They were hardly unheard of.

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Alrighty, I'll update here tonight.
Mihama Nanako


Slumping entirely off the bed, then rising into a sitting position, Nanako lamented what a mess her wakeup must have looked like. Melt had plenty of reasons to poke fun at her already, and that just gave her more! ... She paused for a moment, glancing at her right arm and experimentally moving it up and down.

The soreness was barely present now.

"Eh-heheh..." Still embarrassed by literally rolling out of bed, the brunette scratched the back of her head, giving a smile to her Servant, "You know, I actually do feel a lot better today, I think... Do you want breakfast?"

Sure, it was a little bit late for breakfast, but not only did it provide an easy way to change the subject quickly from her embarrassing fall out of bed, but Nanako was quickly realizing that she really felt very hungry, and maybe getting something to eat would help her get a little bit more into the swing of things for the day.


Saber - Artoria Pendragon

"Perhaps they were inspired by seeing others come here?"

The Saber-class Servant sat down at the table across from her Master. She supposed that was the case, though it was something of an odd coincidence... not that she knew exactly what that could mean. This city was still so strange to her. But... Perhaps they were planning for some sort of combat mov-

She paused.

That line of thought was unlikely. Certainly, there were Servants all over the cafe, but this was no army in some sort of Great Holy Grail War, or anything of the sort. This was simply people enjoying food, be they Master or Servant.

It remained difficult to get used to this atmosphere given her previous summons.

... Their orders might not arrive soon...?

At that note, it was difficult for Artoria not to show any signs of impatience. She wanted to try the food here... but being so impatient would surely be unbecoming...

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Nobunaga had never embraced the supernatural. If it existed or not, it mattered little to her, there was no need to kowtow to some divine being that had no true proof in its existence.

But this was a world where such beings provably existed, and once again she had come face to face with one. That did not mean that she felt it necessary to engage in worship, however. She sought an audience, and the ritual was merely fulfilling the conditions to gain one.

The petite black-haired girl lowered the flute.

Indeed, Nobunaga did not believe in the worship of deities as it were, though she supposed religion could be a uniting force.

That being said, this was the Kyrnith's domain. Its territory. It would be foolish not to treat it politely and with respect, just as any guest should treat their host, or any two negotiators should treat one another.

Nobunaga bowed, politely.

"We are here to seek an audience, o Kyrnith," she began as she straightened, "As you mentioned, it has been some time since the villagers came here to offer you tribute."

In a world where the gods existed, it was a matter of negotiation. Of diplomacy.

"Their failure to uphold their end of the bargain has lead to the suffering of the village, and left you without tribute. So I shall not hide my intentions."

She spread her arms.

"I believe the potential of a new deal that benefits both yourself and the people of the village equally remains."

It had been a week since the attempt on Princess Eliabelle's life. An interrogation of the remaining conspirator had offered relatively little information, save that Damon Cal had arrived without much care for the conspiracy itself, pledging his assistance shortly after their base of operations had been selected seemingly from no-where. The Nem sisters were currently housed in relative comfort, though a decision on Tili's fate had yet to be made, save that she was not going to be executed. As far as Fanilly knew, apparently there had been some pushing for that regardless of the situation that had resulted in the assassination attempt.

The Iron Roses had received little rest. Many of their number had been deployed to keep watch on the castle and to ensure there was not another assassination attempt. While this particular conspiratorial group had seemingly been dealt with, the possibility of another most certainly remained. And so, Fanilly had sent many of her knights to be put on guard, greatly bolstering the palace guard with their numbers and skills. Only, this morning, they had received a strange cry for help.

The messenger told them he had been sent from Fort Daelantine. Or, rather, the message they received told them that. The messenger had, according to the city guard, dropped dead shortly after his arrival. His note was hastily scrawled, a desperate plea to immediately send the Iron Roses to assist.

Other details were scarce.

Fanilly could not in good conscious recall the knights guarding the Princess. And so, she put together a small force of knights who had proven themselves in the past or in recent combat, and set out for for Fort Daelantine. It was much of the day before the outline of the fort's towers appeared in the distance. From here, it seemed there had been little to no disturbance. Around them the plains were wide and flat, the fort the most notable landmark.

"We're almost there," Fanilly called to her knights, from atop her horse. "As we have little other information, we must proceed with caution."

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Imarui's eyes widened when she saw the beastfolk girl suddenly hurl herself into the darkness of the pit, quickly vanishing from sight. For a moment, her heart sunk, and she feared she had just watched someone say goodbye... but then she realized something fairly obvious: These were all foreign artifact hunters, right? They had all kinds of magic, and some of them probably had artifacts themselves! She wouldn't have done that if she didn't have a way to survive, right?

When she realized this, the young girl let out a little sigh of relief and placed one small hand to her chest. The fact that none of the adults seemed concerned, too...

It did a lot to make her relax.

"... Ah, um, how long?" Imarui cocked her head to one side, "Two years! Everyone starts when they're eight."

She smiled brightly, "All my friends do it too, they're just not on duty today. I'm really lucky, I'm the first to get to explore the new tunnel!"

Beaming with pride, the little girl placed her hands on her hips.

"It's really exciting!"

With a clank, the elevators began to descend into the darkness...


The bottom of the tunnel was dark, to say the least. Very little showed any signs of human interference, save for the immediate area around the elevators. It was clear that the tunnel continued off to the right and forwards, meaning that the cave-in had lead to an elbow-shaped area of the underground space. Additionally, it was also possible to see a pile of rubble, what remained of the building that had fallen into the new pit.

To the right, there was a faint glow, which meant there was likely some sort of lunmiscent growth there. Glowing plants were hardly unheard of, after all.

Or it could have been something more sinister...

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Saber - Artoria Pendragon

To be summoned again into a Grail War after the fifth war concluded with its destruction was already unexpected. But to be summoned under circumstances such as this...

The King of Knights could never have guessed at this outcome.

This was a city in a future she could never have expected. Servants, magecraft, it had all become common knowledge. This island... a place where Servants were freely summonable. A city of Servants and magi who had summoned them. There was no war. The purpose in summoning Servants here was to learn from them, to utilize them as partners to tackle the future of mage society, and use the past to create the present.

It was almost entirely foreign to her. She had answered the call out of duty, unexpected as it was, and now...

She had already been Xiaoyu's Servant for a little while now, and it was difficult to get used to this situation. But she had answered this call. On her honor as a knight, she would not fail in her duty, even if it was an unexpected one.

That duty was to act as Xiaoyu's knight, and...

She wanted to understand. She wanted to understand this city, this Fusang. This place where the past and future met in such a way. This beacon of humanity, past and present.

But at the moment...

"This establishment may not appear to be impressive, but the scent of the food is rather appealing, Master," the Saber began, "I believe they utilize fresh ingredients without a freezer on premise."

She paused for a moment, glancing at the menu before placing her order.

"I would like the Triple Imperial with Cheese, thank you."

It was the largest, and most elaborate, burger on the menu.

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"It's just as likely it's the smoke from attempting to burn it whilst it is fresh that is part of the ritual," Nobunaga commented, as she picked up the flute. It wasn't an exact match for any instrument she had handled before, but prior to her time as a warlord(and even during it) she was known as the Fool of Owari for various light-hearted escapades.

This included music.

"It's simply a matter of igniting the reed then... I shall play this flute once it is burning."

Nobunaga approached the bowl, and took a deep breath. Recalling what Lazhira had stated prior, she attempted to focus on setting just enough of a spark that the reed would start to burn. She was hardly attempting a roaring inferno, nothing of the sort. Rather, her intent was to cause it to simply smolder, letting off plenty of smoke. That was what made the most sense to her in terms of sacrificing the plant by burning it, as she didn't recall any mention of it being dried for the purpose of the ritual.

If others were capable of such things, then she would grasp this idea of magic and conquer it for her own use just as anyone else had.

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