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Current RIP Stan Lee. I was never a huge comic fan but his ideas and characters were wonderful and he was a great man. He might be gone, but just like other wonderful creative minds his legacy will live on.
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Kill la Kill was amazing! Though I like Little Witch Academia a bit more.
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Happy Cirno Day!
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I don't want anyone to take on me, I don't like fighting for no reason.
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So where is everyone? ^^;

"Um, well..."

There were a number of things that had been totally unexpected when she was initially summoned. The fact that she'd been summoned to Japan was a pleasant surprise, though she was aware the war was not to be occurring there(upon arriving in America she was no longer able to use her flag, and it felt a little harder to breathe). Arriving in the US without any sort of base of operations, however, was not. A battle couldn't be fought without somewhere to fight it from. Constantly being on the street, on the run as vagabonds, wouldn't do well for either of them. Especially her Master. While Assassin herself was capable of entering spirit form and using little to no resources(something she wasn't too eager to do, but would do if her Master needed to) the silvery-haired girl was well aware even as... well, she wasn't a Magus exactly, was she? The girl samurai didn't know anything about magecraft, but she could tell that her Master wasn't really a magus. But she also wasn't a totally mundane human, given she could summon and support a Servant.

Still, that didn't mean being out on the street was a good idea at all. Seated beside her Master, Assassin looked thoughtful.

"Well... we need to find some place to stay, first!" she declared, with a firm nod, "It's important to have somewhere to work out of, and to rest. As a Servant I don't need to sleep, but you certainly do, Master."

Assassin folded her arms across her chest, nodding in a self-satisfied fashion.

"Once we do that, we can start planning out next course of action! I definitely want to try that ice cream stuff by the way, Master."

@Raineh Daze
It was a warm summer night in Redrock. The streets were not empty, but the people on them were sparse. While it was not a small town, it was not an enormous city, either. It was a location that straddled the line between town and city, and therefore the nightlife was also a reflection of this. Some people were out on the streets, and yet many remained in their homes. This night was ideal for the beginning. There were many locations in which someone who desired to remain unseen could inhabit. The forest outside of Redrock. The burnt-out remains of the Rickert mansion in the North, left as a monument to the tragic deaths that had occurred there. The unseen catacombs beneath the city that were as old as the nation. For tonight was the beginning of something that the relatively peaceful town of Redrock had never before encountered. Tonight would be the beginning of a battle that had once thought to have been silenced, but was no longer.

Tonight was the beginning of the battle that would decide who claimed the omnipotent wish-granting machine known as the Holy Grail.

Redrock's old Church, an impressive building based upon the gothic style of architecture, housed a foreign representative of the Catholic Church this night. And for many nights after this, indeed. She sat quietly. Naturally, she was prepared to meet each and every team that would be informing her of their participation. There were already some who had registered as such.

The blue-haired Executor let out a small sigh.

She was without a meal, and it would be a long night.

She had prepared in advance.

The last remaining member of the Varianbec family, their homunculus heir, had prepared a great deal for this night. It could be said that this night was part of the reason for her existence. At the moment, the small, tan-skinned girl was in the bath. It was a bit of routine before she would embark on her next mission. That mission was a simple one, and it was one that the girl with silvery hair had absolute confidence in her ability to fulfill.

She would crush the enemy masters. She would ensure their Servants were destroyed. To Estelle Varianbec, this was almost a foregone conclusion.

It wasn't simply due to her capabilities as a magus, though those were, of course, quite considerable. Estelle felt she could effortlessly outdo almost any other mage who would be participating. Why ever would she believe anything else? But no, as she emerged from the water, her maids quickly hurrying to dry her off and clothe her, her mind went to her true weapon. Her victory.

Her Servant.

She had summoned her two weeks prior, her catalyst performing its function... well... almost perfectly. It had been obtained for her by her family, who had left it behind for just this purpose. Wherever they had disappeared to, Estelle was thankful for the gift. When she had summoned her, the weight on her mana supply was tangible, but did not greatly impact her vast stores of magical energy. She would be able to operate at full capacity quite easily regardless of how long she stayed corporeal.

For there was, truly, no question of her victory.

Her last item of clothing, a large bow, was secured on her neck.

"Do be careful, Lady Varianbec," implored one of her many maids, bowing to her as she left the baths.

Naturally, Estelle felt such concern was simply unnecessary.

"You shouldn't worry," she said, brightly, "The only ones in danger are the enemy. I'm sure I'll crush someone tonight!"

With a cheery laugh, Estelle proceeded out of the room.

It was time.

"Berserker," she began, "Are you ready to destroy them all?"

Tonight, the Holy Grail War would begin.

@Rin@Raineh Daze@KoL@PKMNB0Y@Anza@King Cosmos
@KoL: Accepted.
". . ."

Somehow, in spite of the hustle and bustle of the guild hall, an almost palpable silence had descended that could be felt by anyone in the immediate area near the counter.

The movements that followed were actually quite practiced. In spite of all appearances, Sophie was a warrior, after all. The moment she reached the counter, she took a deep breath. Yes, now was the time. This was the point in which she could tolerate that boy no longer. She already couldn't to be honest. He'd called her a dwarf, and now... and now...!

She spun on her heel, drawing one foot back and aiming an exceptionally sharp kick directly at his shin. Due to her small size, she was well-suited to striking the lower extremities when it came to hand to hand. She had no training in such matters, but anger was enough to fuel a method of attack she didn't-Well, no, that wasn't quite right...

There was a reason certain guild Adventurers talked of 'the Shinkicker' when Sophie wasn't in earshot. Or, in less polite conversation, the kicker of a certain other vulnerable area.

Regardless of if her attack was avoided or if it made contact, Sophie used her momentum to make a full rotation and slam her foot down, before smacking the flier down on the counter.

"I'm registering this quest! My guild identification is here!" she snapped, whipping her papers out of her bag and slamming them down on the counter, too, "I'll accept any other adventurers who want to join my party, but-"

Sophie whipped around to point at the boy who had commented on her height, regardless of if he was writhing in pain or otherwise.

"That one doesn't get to talk to me if he comes!"

The young woman behind the counter, Vivianne, gave a weak smile towards the sight and turned her attention to the rather jittery elf.

"So... aside from Sophie... it's you, Miss Leyna, then Miss Sable... Mister Kyoshiro, Miss Anthello, and Mister Cannenta?"

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@Jojo: Sorry for the delay, will take another look soon. ^^;

Anyway I'll get a post up soon!
Just as Sophie was reaching for the notice, she heard a voice behind her.

'A dwarf?'

For a few moments, the small girl stood completely still. She had no beard, did she? She certainly, certainly did not. So that meant that this total stranger, this person she had never spoken to before, was calling her a dwarf because of her height. She didn't say anything for a while, slowly reaching out and grasping the notice, pulling it from the board as she rotated on her heel in place.

And, finally...

"WHAT DID YOU SAY?!" she snapped, clutching the paper tightly in her hand as she stomped towards the boy who had spoken to her, "Where do you get off, saying something like that?!"

The rage had quite quickly erupted out of her. Anyone even remotely familiar with Sophie would be familiar with her temper.

"You idiot! Don't say anything about my height!" she cried, "Grrr... Hmph!"

She'd largely missed the comment by... ah, the Akitsushiman adventurer. She might have had more to say to him, if she wasn't so irritated. It wasn't as if Sophie didn't like dwarves. Far from it, their craftsmanship was fantastic! But it was obvious why the boy had said what he did: Because of her height. And it was bad enough when someone she knew called her short...

The drider, Myrielle, was approaching too... whatever. If other adventurers wanted to join her, fine. She wasn't opposed to working in a party.

As long as they didn't say stupid things.

"Anyway, I have to go register this quest, if you'll excuse me!"

@thrrnvwls@Sho Minazuki@Raineh Daze
@Jojo: That's not quite how sapient undead work. ^^;

Part of what defines them is 'mental continuity' between life and death, unless they literally didn't see how they died.

For a moment, Arturia paused, then planted the tip of her blade in the earth, resting her hands upon it as she did.

"I am the King of the Britons, Arthur Pendragon," she introduced herself. She was happy to do so, secrecy was of no importance in this circumstance and they were now allies, set to take on the monstrous wolf Fenrir. In this case, it was important to one another, to know how they were able to best work with one another's abilities. When secrecy was unnecessary, there was no need to maintain it. After all, that could only get in the way of working together in order to defeat Fenrir. "I am happy to fight alongside you, Valkyrie Hildr."

After a moment's pause, Arturia turned towards her Master.

"Master, I would like to discuss our plan of attack in the time it takes for us to reach the great wolf."


Caster smiled smugly. Indeed, there was no argument that even the most self-righteous of the valkyries would be able to muster when it came to her, not when their enemy was something as absolutely dangerous as Fenrir, the great wolf that ate the sun. For the moment, before they set out, however.

"Ah... Master!" she rounded on her heel, turning towards Keisuke, "Won't you praise me? I worked hard to ensure that fight ended quickly, fufu~"
Well... that's an open slot, then, for anyone interested. ^^;
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