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Current At this point I'm thinking the status bar was a mistake.
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I don't even know, it's probably something irrelevant to like 90% of the people on this site that's being blown out of proportion.
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I know that's a joke but coronavirus is absolutely not society-destroying or all that dangerous to MOST people. The idiotic panic is getting in the way of keeping the people who are in danger safe.
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People need to remember Pandemic is scope, not severity. Also stay away from the elderly, they're the ones actually in danger.
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Watch Demon Slayer.
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Saber - Benienma

The rice paddle disappeared in a shower of golden light as Benienma straightened, placing her hands on her hips.

"The mere fact she would have said no should have made you reconsider, and yet you didn't dechi," the diminutive enma replied, narrowing her eyes slightly at the fox-tailed schoolgirl. Really... what could have possibly made her think that it was a good idea to not only take such a picture, but then post it on the internet? As far as Benienma knew, something being put on the internet meant anyone could see it from anywhere. That meant Mana's posterior and thighs existed all across the the world at all times now... truly, it was deeply unfair for the girl! And incredibly embarrassing! Simply looking at it had been embarrassing enough!

"While it may be pointless in terms of aiding you in understanding food preparation, I may need to put you through remedial lessons to teach you responsibility dechi," Benienma continued with a nod, as she approached Suzuka with a frown.

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Saber - Arturia Pendragon

Happy with the decision that they had came to in regards to tonight's meal, Arturia was quite prepared to return home. Aside from the importance of having a good meal, it was also important to ensure that her Master's home was secure. While there was no threat of an imminent battle in such a situation as this, where Servants were summoned for its own sake rather then fighting in the Holy Grail War, the practice of keeping ones home secure was an important one in the King of Knights' mind.

Besides, the Saber-class Servant was truly quite excited for the fried rice.

As they walked, they passed an expensive jewelry store. Arturia did not spare consideration for such things, as she was unsuited to them as far as she understood. And yet, she happened to glance in the direction of the building...

Through the window, she saw one of the cashiers, a young woman, on the ground. The window was shattered... and from what she could see, anyone else in the shop was sitting on the floor...

And yet there was no-one else currently on the street who had noticed this?

In fact, even her Master would not be able to discern anything was wrong, though. No-one on the street currently, save for Servants with particularly high Magic Resistance, would be able to pierce the veil that had been placed over jewelry store.

To them, it would seem as if it was a perfectly ordinary jewelry store.

Regardless of what was occurring, the blonde knight-girl could not let this stand.

"Master, I cannot allow this to continue!" she declared. In a flash, golden light flowed across the smallish girl's body, replacing the outfit that her Master had purchased for her with her blue and white armored dress, the hazy form of her sword cloaked in Invisible Air.

The pace with which she erupted forward was enough to dislodge cobblestones under her feet, and send a backdraft across the plaza as she leaped through the shattered window. and landed on the carpeted floor, to the surprise of everyone inside

The fact that, to anyone watching, the window did not break and the Saber-class Servant appeared to completely disappear when she entered would immediately indicate that something was wrong.


Yuriko T. Louvyngyr


Yuriko reached out, placing one hand on her Servant's head and ruffling her hair immediately. She'd picked out a set of clothing, certainly... and to be honest it was definitely Yuriko's style. Was Jack trying to emulate her...? That was adorable, but it was more important to make sure that the Assassin didn't go wandering off like that again.

"That's a lovely outfit you picked out, but don't go wandering off again, okay?" she lightly admonished the white-haired little girl. Being too harsh, even now, even though Jack was a Servant, was a bad idea, wasn't it? Yuriko felt certain it had to be, "I was worried."

Hoping that this was enough to instill the point for the child Assassin, the suit-wearing girl patted her on the head one last time before straightening.

Jack had come back, and the girl was asking for her name.

A smile on her face, Yuriko bowed. Perhaps gently taking the girl's hand in her own was abit much, but the excitement of her changing fortunes probably got the better of her.

"Yuriko T. Louvyngyr, at your service. I hope you'll do me the service of returning the favor, Miss...?"

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I feel like everyone was waiting for the Guild maintenance that never happened.
If I missed anything please let me know!
To say the guards were unprepared for such a fierce attack was an understatement. The number that had swiftly begun to filter up the left stairway were almost immediately met with Maritza's furious assault, slammed into walls, broken against the stone. Any who escaped this fate were reeling from the assault of the naga, and thus were ill-suited to defending against the other knights as they pushed their way down the stairs.

But Fanilly had researched strategy enough to know what the trouble of this engagement was. The stairways side by side meant that mercenaries could easily rush up the other stairway and surround them. Even though they were more skilled, being penned in between two groups of mercenaries would mean that they would have to fight on both sides... and that was a dangerous situation in such an enclosed space, especially one that their opponents likely knew better.

One of the mercenaries had been knocked out, cold, by Sir Jarde... but at the same time continued fighting like that would be far more dangerous then she was willing to risk. It was best to aim for capturing the leaders. There was little other choice then to kill their opponents here and now.

On top of all of this, they had to move quickly. They had to. Fanilly couldn't allow herself to fail at this, not when the life of the nem girl's sister hung in the balance.

"... We will split our numbers," she said, finally, straightening near the top of the stairs. The initial defense was being battered through quite effectively, so she had to take the opportunity to dispense orders when she wasn't immediately caught up in the fighting.

"A two-pronged assault will make it harder for them to stop us," she continued. It seemed as if Tyaethe had already hit upon the same idea, having made her way deeper already. "Dame Tyaethe has already headed deeper. Half of our number will take Vosahnn and accompany her, the others will remain with me!"

There were already footsteps hurrying up from below... And she could hear sounds of fighting as well. Tyaethe had already begun to engage someone down there, and given how it didn't immediately stop she had to assume it was someone more skilled then the average mercenary.

Speaking of which...!

Something whistled past her face. It was clear that the one responsible had missed almost deliberately, as if to get her attention, and Fanilly almost immediately took cover to avoid being hit by the followup shot.

It never came.

There, strolling up the stairway almost casually and flanked by reinforcements, was figure of a tall man clad in black leather armor, a hood hiding his features.

"Well well well, the Iron Roses? Hmm, you've made short work of many of our mercenaries, too, just what were we paying them for?" he cocked his head to one side, resting a crossbow on his shoulder. In his other hand was a shortsword. "Are you lot any better, or should I lower my expectations accordingly?"

He glanced towards the mercenaries at his sides, who seemed to be quite concerned about the amount of dead on the stairs and in the entrance hall.

"Well, no matter, I'm certain I know exactly how you got here so quickly and who told you," he continued, his tone still casual as he addressed the knights, "That will cost her one whole sister."

Fanilly's eyes narrowed. Right now, there was still a chance for the others to make it deeper, half of them had to go as soon as they could...!

"With me!" she said, finally, beckoning to Vosahnn and at least some of the others. Her decision-making had to be swift, and if Tyaethe was caught up in fighting and at least one of the conspirators was here it was best for her to take the nem girl and try to force a path deeper into the mausoleum and leave the rest to reinforce Tyaethe. Right now there was still a path down that wasn't fully barricaded...!

As three of the Throne Knights including the captain himself(now accompanied by a girl recognizable as the royal family's young court mage) accompanied the Princess and the Roses who had chosen to stay behind to defend her headed into the back halls and up the stairways, it was as if they were taking a stroll into history. Portraits of notable figures, and of course the royal family, lined the walls.

One in particular stood at the end of the hall. It was by far one of the largest paintings, depicting a rather striking sight. The first was a scene that every adherent of the goddesses would know. The towering, black knight, a crown of spines rising from his helmet and clutching an enormous sword . A single, ethereal-seeming young woman in armor, clutching a silvery blade. Both of them on a rock jutting high above a plain. The battle raging below.

The Duel between Saint Lilianna and Orodrunn was the end of the war between all peoples of creation and the forces of the second dark lord. She had in the end miraculously shattered the black blade, Angroron, and pierced his armor to slay him. It was a scene familiar to all those who worshipped the Goddesses.

Also notable was the absence of a particular portrait for one generation of royalty...

Prince Meren, still clad in his gleaming, royal-seeming armor, had butchered the other members of the Royal family by surprise in the night, all save his younger sister, whom he had become obsessed with. Elionne challenged him to battle, In a bout of furious combat after which Meren believed 'he would make his sister his own', Elionne slew the mad Prince by piercing his chest, and the Royal line survived through his younger sister.

The reviled madman's portrait had been removed from the walls and burned.

Eliabelle turned to the left, and soon enough they reached her room. Within, it was rather lavish, with a four-poster bed laden with pillows(and a stuffed dragon toy) and blankets, a large bookcase full of various volumes, a desk, a body-length mirror, a nightstand, and even access to a balcony. The glass and steel doors leading to the balcony were shut.

Captain Balsung leaned against a wall, as the other two Crown Knights took positions outside of the Princess's bedroom.

"We've heard not the slightest rumor of their return," he said, finally, "As far as we know, they were all captured or slain after the traitor fell to your last captain. They should all be accounted for now, so we've know clue whatever dark and filthy rock these bastards crawled out from underneath.

The Court Mage remained silent, blushing faintly and shuffling her feet as she stood as close to the Princess as possible. Eliabelle, desperate for some form of normal conversation, headed to the bookcase and took a red-bound novel from a shelf.

"S-so, have any of you read Fireheart?"

It was a hundi-written novel, about a young hundi on her coming of age journey. It had become quite popular in recent years.

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Saber - Benienma

Thankfully, Suzuka's Master released her. That panicked hug was especially stifling, it was as if she was going to vanish between a pair of exceptional pillows.

What wasn't so good was the reason why.

Benienma had been so focused on the fact that the image had been taken in the first place that she hadn't realized anything else. On top of that, while she knew of the internet and understood what it was and that it existed, she had never really used it to any great extent and was often a little lost on attempting to navigate it.

So she hadn't realized just how many people had experienced the image in the first place.

And not only that, but Suzuka was attempting to escape.

This would not stand.

"Suzuka... I'll punish that troublesome behavior of yours...!"

The diminutive redheaded yama leaned forward, fingers wrapping around the handle of her weapon. There was an eruption of motion, no doubt causing something of a scene in the fast food restaurant as Benienma rocketed towards her target, smoothly raising her weapon and...!

A perfect iai strike to the head was something to behold, especially when it was conducted with a rice paddle.

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Mihama Nanako

The pain of spending so much money at once hadn't ceased yet. No, Nanako still had one more stop in mind, even if it was a bit difficult to carry everything at once.

"Actually, Meltryllis-san, er..." she paused for a moment. She didn't know how to broach the subject of clothing, not when the Alter Ego was intensely proud of her body to the point of wearing... well... an outfit that showed off so much of it. At the same time, she figured that some clothing for the petite blue-haired girl wouldn't be out of the question. Not even just so she wasn't so embarrassing to look at at times(what was with that metal plate?!) but because Nanako herself liked to wear different outfits... Maybe Meltryllis would as well?

"I was thinking we could stop at one of the shops and buy you an outfit or two," she said, finally, feeling the pain in her bank account already as she spoke, "If you don't see anything you like, it's fine, but we could at least look and see if there's anything you want, right?"

Basing it on Meltryllis's wants, rather then forcing the point like she had before with the prosthetic legs. That felt like the best way to get a good outcome.

@TruthHurts22: Hmmm, I'm not sure how well that would work.
@TruthHurts22: Let's see what you have in mind to start with.
@TruthHurts22: Hmmmm.

I'll consider it? I was thinking of allowing one more player but that'd be the limit.
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