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Current A sub is a sandwich and anyone who says it's not confuses me beyond all belief.
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... But like the entire point of Higurashi is that stuff is horrifying and the ultimate goal is to ESCAPE it...
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2 mos ago… For Christmas, I present the Roman Emperor Nero not understanding the irony.
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Christmas is equally charming for me throughout my entire life.


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@CrystalApple: Go ahead!
@CrystalApple: Hmm...

I think Information Erasure is a bit out of place.

That being said I like the idea of a skill that functions to make people think of her music and believe she's someone else rather then anything else. Maybe give her a unique skill that works like that? You don't need to change the description, just the name.

Otherwise I see no issues and people can start finalizing pairs!
@CrystalApple: Incidentally as soon as your bios are finalized we can get going!
Konpaku Youmu

As the wyvern fell dead, Youmu flicked her blade to the side, scattering the blood across the ground. The half-phantom was hardly unprepared for lethal combat, but it wasn't common she engaged in it either. Still, she wasn't entirely unused to the possibility of dealing with monstrous foes. It had been given a quick death, a necessary death that was conducted in a swift fashion without giving the creature undue pain. Killing quickly and without unnecessary suffering was the way it should be done, to put it simply. That being said, as she sheathed Roukanken she realized that she had not gone completely unscathed. The creature's blood had splattered across her clothing in a long spray across her torso. This wouldn't have been much of an issue if she was back home, but here she had no change of clothing. She couldn't go walking around like this...

And then the people in vehicles appeared once more, the outside world's law enforcement. They were clearly somewhat stunned by the situation, and it only made sense. The white-haired girl suspected that the outside world rarely had to deal with threats of this nature. What kind of an incident was this? Pulling her into the outside world, then all these other people, these monsters... ah, it was kind of frustrating how little sense things seemed to make. But... now wasn't the time to dwell on that matter, she had to speak to the newly-arrived police force and it was best to try and be polite to them. After a moment, Youmu approached them and bowed.

"Hello, I am Konpaku Youmu," she began, straightening as she did, "These creatures were attacking the city, and so we acted as was necessary in order to prevent anyone from being harmed."


"The Holy Grail, huh?" Mordred asked, glancing back over her shoulder at the guy who just wouldn't shut up. So his world knew about the Grail too. It only made sense, she guessed, given what she knew about the whole multiple universes thing. This world had to know about the Grail, given that they'd managed to write about her world as they did. So it stood to reason that more universes would also possess the legend of the Holy Grail. That being said...

"Yeah, yeah, it should be mine," the blonde knight continued, "I'm the strongest, after all! But I'll earn it myself. I'm not letting some jackass who doesn't know when to shut up get it for me."

Mordred faced forward once more, her attention now on... a slime? It was a big, ugly blobby thing. It looked like it shouldn't have put up much of a fight and didn't even seem to notice they were there, so the Red Knight stepped forward with her blade at the ready. All they had to do was kill it, right?

And then-

A blade piercing her lower back...!

The blonde knight spun on the spot, in time for a sword to scrap against her armor, sparks showering from the grating of metal on metal. There was no real thought in Mordred's actions, even as she lashed out with Clarent. But the target, the perpetrator, had already backed out of range.

"... Menomaru...!"

She didn't need to think about what was happening. The only thing in Mordred's mind was that she was going to kill Menomaru. She was going to run him through. To cut his head off. To leave him dead or dying on the floor. The method didn't matter. Punching, kicking, stabbing, cutting, as long as he was dead...!

Red lightning erupted around her body as she gave chase, crackling across her blade.


Again and again, Vita slammed her Graf Eisen down, the hammer crushing its way through the bodies of the strange attackers. What were these? At least it looked like Nanoha had taken care of whatever it was that was causing them to appear. But there was so many! Every time she had killed one, another one seemed to have sprang up in its place. But if the devices spawning them had been destroyed...

"Eisen!" she shouted.

"Raketenhammer!" her device responded, the head of the hammer spawning a rocket booster at the back, and a spike at the tip. The rocket flared, flames erupting from the back of armed device as it set the small redheaded girl spinning, launching her forward with a yell through the crowd of technicolor monstrosities. The spike tore through their bodies, shredding them apart as showers of ash scattered through the air. With each rotation, more and more bodies crumbled into black dust, crumbling to nothing as they wee pierced with the spike or sent hurtling through the air as they perished.

With the last rotation, Vita came to a halt.

Around her was nothing but ash.

@Dezuel@KoL@Raineh Daze@Crusader Lord@PKMNB0Y
@CrystalApple: I was going to make some recommendations, but really @KoL handled that for me. ^^;
@CrystalApple: I'd like to begin by stating that origin is largely unnecessary unless the character in question is aware of their origin. In which case it can provide abilities but also wholly engulfs their being and renders them incapable of doing anything but following their origin.

Or at least it makes it nearly impossible difficult to resist.

His image is a bit nonindicative since you don't know what he looks like from the front, too.

As for abilities, runes are fine and all but exclusively focusing on runes isn't exactly what I would necessarily think of when I consider a skilled and accomplished Nasuverse mage. At least when it comes to modern magi. Runes are certainly a part of some magi's repertoire but it's a bit limited.

As for your Servant, while nothing is technically wrong with her, I have to say I'm a bit concerned by how limited she is. Not that she's badly written, that's not the case, but I'm worried about her underperforming even for a Caster, which wouldn't end up very fun to write.
Midorikawa Nana

Nana folded her arms.

"You need to do your homework," she said, rather flatly. Well, moreso then usual at the very least. She knew that Hotaru was probably pretty hungry after class, but that didn't mean that they could go out immediately. And to put it perfectly frankly, the pigtailed girl wasn't about to let Miyamoto steal her job. She was the one who was going to get Hotaru food, be it going out to eat or cooking at home. In fact, maybe a home-cooked meal was warranted to pull her roommate away from the temptation of vending machine goods!

After a moment, Nana hesitated before taking Hotaru's hand.

"No, thank you,"she said curtly, before turning to attempt to take her friend back to their dorm. "I'll make sure Hotaru eats plenty."
@PaulHaynek: Please keep in mind that I really wanted to avoid people only playing one character, as that got kind of messy last time.

She expected him to know her legend. That was the entire reason that she'd mentioned her name. So the bastard knew exactly what he was getting into and couldn't complain when he was bleeding out. If it scared him off, yeah, that was fine too. It wouldn't be unexpected. But now he just decided to run his mouth. Mentioning Arthur. Her Father.

"Oi oi, I just spared your life and now you want to bring up Father?" Mordred commented, looking over her shoulder with a glare, "Shut your damn mouth already before I decide to shut it for you."

She saw her Father every day back in Chaldea. She wasn't sure how to feel about that. But regardless, the Red Knight of Rebellion was hardly about to chat it up about Father with anyone, let alone this guy who wouldn't stop talking. He was still blathering on and on about Siegfried now of all people. What was his problem?

"That guy apologizes too much," she said, in a dismissive fashion. "Jeez, do you ever shut up?"

By this point, the blonde girl had concluded that she hated both of the guys she was currently stuck with. Menomaru for being a bastard who would hurt innocent people without anyone keeping an eye on him, and Alberich for being a jackass who didn't know when to shut up already.

Irritably, Mordred proceeded ahead of the former. By this point, she could use a good fight.

@CrystalApple: I was originally going to keep it to PMs, but it wasn't working out. Feel free to post your sheet publicly.
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