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Happy Cirno Day! Time to celebrate the greatness of the Strongest Fairy!
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Like urban fantasy? Take a look!…
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And it's apparently a very BAD resub and redub.
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... What if they're Death's nudes?


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@Reflection: The enemy team is going to be NPCs. Sorry. ^^;
@Crusader Lord: Accepted.

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Saber - Arturia Pendragon

Arturia had urged her Master to go quickly. Still dressed in the suit from work, she had desired to waste as little time as possible. Indeed, it was impossible to deny the fact that this was in large part due to the competitive nature of the King of Knights. She wanted to go to the Arena as soon as possible. To test her mettle, her considerable prowess on combat, against her opponent. An honorable clash of weapons before an audience. Ever since she saw her knights participating in such a clash, she was eager to do so herself. There was no hiding it, and no point in denying it. The petite Saber was incredibly eager to get to the arena and start combat.

And so, at the first possible moment, almost dragging her Master with her, the small blonde girl in a suit appeared at the arena. She strode proudly in, the very symbol of knightliness even without her armor on, without her blade revealed. She desired deeply to show her prowess, deeply to honor her opponent by clashing with them, and deeply, deeply, to win.

Perhaps the King of Knights was a little too competitive.

@PKMNB0Y@Raineh Daze@KoL

Mihama Nanako

Slowly the girl's eyes opened.

Her mind was foggy, swimming. As she placed one hand to her head, slowly blinking, she felt almost as if she was not inside her own body. As this dazed sensation steadily cleared, the girl began to perceive her surroundings, and remember just what had occurred the other day.

... How long had she been asleep...?

Nanako blinked, stretching weakly. Her body still ached...

As further memories came flooding back to her, she recalled the other events as well.

The men who had been killed by that awful shadow...

... Melt...

Meltryllis... there was no way that she...

Nanako placed her head in her hands. But before she could beat herself up once more over how she had ruined everything, the girl's stomach growled.

Ah! She hadn't eaten a single thing for an entire day! Before anything else, that was an emergency that had to be solved!

Getting to her feet, the brunette hurried to the kitchen(at least as fast as someone suffering from not eating for a whole day could manage), flinging open the fridge as quickly as she could. But instead of being greeted with the sight of anything edible...

There was nothing...

"... Oh... oh no..." she half-murmured to herself. Nanako had no choice now. She had to leave. She had to go out and get food.

The next few moments were spent rushing through her morning routine(as much as she could manage), showering and getting dressed before collecting her bag and hurrying out the door. There was no way she could even trying and think of anything on an empty stomach!

Cute little kitten!?

That... no! She was a demigod! One of the four pillars of Aphei! She wasn't anything like that! Cheeks flushed deeply red, Sylphie squirmed. How could she be blamed for thinking of anything like that when Izel said something so suggestive?! How... how dare she say things like that! How could she say things like that?! Practically burning with embarrassment, Sylphie was very quick to step away the moment she was released, clearing her throat as she did.

It was time to focus on what needed to be done. What she desired to do. In spite of her embarrassment at Izel's teasing, that tingling sensation up her spine, the excitement running through her body, throbbing through every inch of her tiny frame, was still present. It had been far, far too long since she last punished the wicked. Those who deserved judgement being brought to them.

She raised her right hand. A ring of golden light spread from her palm, then began to drift away. Once again, the hilt of her enormous sword materialized, followed by the thick, razor sharp blade.

Lifting it was totally effortless to her.

"Now... it's time," Sylphie said, her blush having completely faded(she wanted to leave that embarrassing display behind as quickly as possible), looking back over her shoulder and grinning at the others, "Let's go!

With that, she was off. Walking, rather than running, as quickly as she could. Her senses reached out, the sort of senses only a demigod of righteous vengeance possessed, almost tasting, smelling the air to sense wicked hearts and evil intent.

These bandits would be crushed, for the sake of the townfolk. For those orphaned children.

@Rune_Alchemist@PKMNB0Y@Raineh Daze@Crimson Paladin@Lugubrious
I was struggling with how to say this, but I think I should just clarify: The RP didn't work out how I wanted and I just can't get myself to keep going with it.

I apologize to anyone who was excited for it.
@Anza: Accepted.
@Raineh Daze: Accepted.
@PKMNB0Y: Accepted.
@Raineh Daze: Accepted.
@A Lowly Wretch: Were you going to post or should I have? ^^;
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