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... Who is also a samurai and the granddaughter of the king of hell.
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So shades were the sort of... standard bad guys in your average magical girl series? Represented negative thoughts or emotions, had to be defeated by magic, that sort of thing. It was sort of what Hikari had expected, given magical girls existed in the first place. There had to be something for them to fight, and so shades were that thing. Hikari couldn't help but wonder if shades were the youkai of old myths... or if those were something separate entirely. Or if it was some combination of both? It was hard to say, given that magical girls were real... well, what else was true in that case?

As for Concepts and Archetypes, well... That explained a lot. So they were things that captured the minds of humanity? Real or imaginary? That did make sense as the source of power for magical girls... for now, any lingering irritation she had towards Tokiko was mostly buried.

"... If my Concept is a general idea of my powers..." Hikari looked thoughtful for a moment as she considered what she knew. Her outfit was all bright colors and fire, and she was certain that there was a firework fired from the back of her hammer. The front of the hammer had looked something like a bell... and if her concept was Fireworks, why would she have a hammer?

"... Could something like 'Festivals' be a concept?" Hikari asked.

"I suppose it could."

That wasn't Tokiko!

Eyes widening, realizing that someone else was there, Hikari immediately turned towards the source of the voice. She was greeted with a figure that was unmistakably a magical girl... and one who was somehow familiar.

She had dark purple hair, pale skin, and eyes that matched her hair. Her outfit, flowing robes, was purple as well. On her face was a sharp, almost predatory grin.

"Greetings, inferior magical girls," she continued, "My my, how bold. On a stroll even though the Hex Night has already begun... well, it's not as if you had any chance of victory anyway."

For the most part, all of that made sense. Hikari had sort of expected it was like that, that you'd learn all about how to use your powers from experience. The fairy had something to do, so obviously she felt like it was something that could work out even if she left, right? And hey, at least Tokiko was being helpful at the moment. So the more she used her powers, the more that she'd learn how they worked. Did she have special attacks with names and everything? Thinking back to the fight, the other magical girls had shown off different named attacks, hadn't they? That Naoko had used one to superheat her body or something like that.

But then... then Tokiko mentioned a few different things that instantly stood out to the short brunette. Concept? Archetype? Shades? She'd heard shades mentioned before, but the other two terms were completely new to her. At least, in this context. Damn it, just how much had that fairy left out?! It wasn't as if Hikari wasn't happy to be a magical girl, but couldn't the fairy have stuck around to explain a little bit more?!

"Shades? Concept? Archetype?" she asked, having no other choice but to rely on Tokiko at the moment. At least the taller girl had stopped being annoying...

Megumi did not entirely expected to encounter another player particularly quickly(though maybe she should have?). It didn't seem like the place was filled with players... no, it looked like it was mostly NPCs... what were NPCs now exactly? If everything was real, didn't that mean the NPCs were all real people now too?

The small girl was snapped out of her thoughts when she was approached by another girl, also one who wasn't particularly tall, who immediately distinguished herself from the NPCs by, well, introducing herself like that. Almost immediately, the reason that the girl looked rather familiar clicked in Megumi's mind: She recognized that name. In fact... hadn't they both done a quest at some point together? Even if they hadn't it was undeniable that she knew of the vampire: A roleplayer with a habit of doing side content before progressing through the game normally, who outleveled the early parts of the game as a result.

"... If you're Chisuikoumori-san... how are you taking this so easily?!" she cried, suddenly, without realizing how weird it would seem to any of the NPCs, given they were all people themselves now, "You're still roleplaying, what kind of idiot-"

She paused for a moment, then took a deep breath. As irritated as the seeming calmness(though she now realized the other girl was shaking) was, now wasn't the best time to explode at the first player she met.

"... N... nevermind," she said, waving her hand, "I'm... my screenname is... was... DokanMeguMegu-san."

Abigail Williams

Abigail paused for a moment. The lady who had been trying to speak to her before the fight was talking to her again. She was being nice... and oddly enough, after fighting, the little blonde girl somehow felt a bit more confident. Maybe this was some sort of special singularity? But if that was the case, where was her Master? And how had they been brought here when they'd been going out, without reyshifting? It didn't make much sense, but that had to be the case, didn't it? It certainly didn't seem to be a Lostbelt. So it had to be a singularity. That was the only answer she could think of.

"... My name is Abigail," the small girl introduced herself, finally, "Abigail Williams. But... um... there's something else going on here..."

She looked around, to confirm what she saw. Not even those who had been attacked were injured, they were back on their feet, leaving the area or talking amongst one another as if nothing had happened. This left only one answer in Abigail's mind. There was only one thing that could have happened.

When the man who had helped fight the strange shadow woman asked, Abigail felt as confident as she ever could in her answer.

"I think time was reversed," she responded, "But... not for us! For everyone else... and for this place too! Um.. er... I know about these things, so..."

She trailed off. Was it a good idea to tell these people more? They had powers, but she wasn't sure if they were Servants. The man certainly didn't seem to be.

Hikari frowned. She'd just... swung, really. She was aiming for the girl who seemed like the biggest threat at the moment, and she wanted to hit her... and suddenly there'd been that sound like a firework as she swung the hammer, and she'd made contact. That was about it. Everything had just sort of come out of her as she wanted it, even though she'd certainly never attacked with a hammer before... As annoying as Tokiko was before, Hikari couldn't help but be a little curious about the subject, now. Did something influence the kind of powers you got as a magical girl? What even were her powers, anyway? She didn't have a clue. She'd gotten a hammer, fireworks, a really bright red and orange kimono, but aside from that she didn't really understand what any of it meant.

"... Do magical girls even know their powers when they first transform?" she asked, suddenly. She didn't like relying on Tokiko, but she was the only other magical girl around... and it was getting pretty late. "If they're supposed to, the fairy screwed up."

@Ozerath: HP and level indicators don't appear on their own unless you check specifically. ^^;
Admittedly, it was hard not to feel a little proud about the hammer thing. Hikari had never fought at all before, to be honest, but somehow that huge firework hammer had just felt right in her hands. Not that she knew exactly how to fight with it, but she knew she could swing it correctly in order to attack her opponent, and the result was the enemy magical girl being knocked clear through a wall. ... Would property damage just fix itself? It was like that in some magical girl series, wasn't it? Was it like that here, as well?

She couldn't help but be a little concerned, but since mass property damage wasn't being reported every day, maybe it was like that? Hikari sort of hoped so...

Before she could make a response to the compliment, however, Tokiko asked about martial arts and sports. What, was that important? There wasn't some kind of hammer sport! ... At least, Hikari didn't think so. But the point was it was a weird question! What kind of prying was this other girl planning on doing!?

"Why are you asking about that?" The tiny brunette asked, cocking her head to one side as she did, "... Hmph, whatever... I don't really do any sports, I guess, but I've never been bad at PE."

She'd logged on just a little while ago, to meet up with friends and go on a dungeon raid. Not a literal raid, but they were going to run one of the dungeons, as sort of something to build up for the hype of the new expansion coming out. The mysterious nation of Klein... in the past, there had been both enemies and allies from the secretive theocracy. Their preachers were sometimes seen travelling the land, as well, as NPCs. There was a merchant from Klein as well, a little nun girl who was always happy to spread the holy joy of... high-priced items. High quality, rare items, but high-priced items none the less. She was popular, but also rumored to not be a very good nun due to her price-gouging. At the same time, she got a lot of fanart, and there was a mission where she actually fought with you as an ally and used powerful holy magic, which lead to a lot of fun lore speculation...

Basically, Megumi was excited to see what the rest of Klein had in store. One theory was that Klein had been taken over by an extremist faction, and that they were actually going to fight powerful bosses composed of the nation's military and inquisitorial arm, the White Scripture and the Black Scripture.

But theories were theories, and Megumi wasn't going to buy into wild speculation until she saw it first hand! She wasn't stupid, after all.

Indeed, leading up to the... event, she'd simply been waiting for her friends to log in and meet up with her. When she did this, sometimes she'd admire her character creation skills with pride. After all, her in-game avatar did look a lot like her real self, just more fanciful! It was something she was a bit smug about, though if she'd ever made a second account she would have made something quite a bit different from her real-life appearance.

And then it happened.

Megumi was no longer in her home, in her room. She was no longer wearing normal clothing. She was dressed as her in-game character. She was her in-game character.

And this... this was the square she'd been intending to meet with her friends at...

"... Wh-wh-what? No... no way, this... this only happens in anime! There's no way something so weird and stupid could happen in real life!" she shouted, mostly to herself, somewhat frantic. Raising one hand, she winced as she pinched her cheek. It had to be a dream, right?

... No, no it wasn't.

Somehow, she had been transported into the world of Emerald Odyssey.

The pride she had in her character creation skills became thankfulness: She was basically the same as she'd been in real life.

Perhaps if she'd known this would have happened, maybe she would have made her avatar taller and more mature...

Megumi shook her head, clutching her staff to herself.

"O-o-okay, so... so... m-maybe... other people... er..."

Trembling slightly, the small girl looked around... gaah, she didn't want to let anyone see her scared! She didn't just want anyone acting stupid or anything like that!

But... what was she supposed to do?
@Sho Minazuki: I'm pretty sure it was only because people were waiting for you and @thrrnvwls.
@The1Rolling1Boy: "Nymph" would he the concept, a race of beings from Greek Mythology.

"Callisto", a specific Nymph, would be the Archetype.
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