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There's a major reason a map won't make sense. ^^;
@ACHTUNG: Aoi is accepted then.
Okay, um... my friend, who knows the series much better then I do, has offered a bit more of an explanation that will hopefully help.

I think you may have gotten confused by the animations error of having her stay in that one frame for too long. See, what Aoi is doing in the manga panel is teleporting in and teleporting back out in a matter of seconds. Aoi doesn't float, she controls her trajectory through her teleportation. This is makes it seem like she's floating in manga panels, but its more like a very controlled free fall. The thing is, like sometimes readers get confused, so do animators and that's what happened with that instance of her "floating" in the anime. If she could really fly, you would be able to see her do it very consistently, but most of the time she's either on the ground or teleport spamming is Kaoru isn't around to help her fly. Notably, Kaoru who can fly is almost never on the ground during confrontations because that's her ability, Aoi, however, never does that unless its her teleporting into the sky and using that teleportation to stay in the air.

@ACHTUNG: From what I've researched and been told that's a case of her teleporting in place to stay in the air.
I watched that clip and did not see her fly. ^^;
@ACHTUNG: I'm glad you edited in more of her weaknesses but um...

Firstly I wouldn't expect her esper disruption to function on espers from other universes just because they work too differently from what my friend has helped explain. ^^;

Secondly she can't fly without Kaoru's help unless you mean keeping herself in the air via teleportation.
@lmpkio: Actually, there's no rubble or natural reclamation, either.

The town is seemingly empty, but also in perfectly well-kept condition.
Misaka Mikoto

Given her sudden change of surroundings, Mikoto couldn't say she'd expected Kuroko to show up so quickly. A the same time, seeing her friend was comforting, even if the younger girl had just shown up for the explicit purpose of lecturing her for taking down all those thugs by herself. If she was there, however, she wasn't going to simply wait. She was going to stop the people who were causing trouble like that. In any case, that wasn't the most pressing matter at the moment. Mikoto took a deep breath.

"Kuroko, haven't you noticed that this isn't Academy City?" she began, approaching her friend. She wasn't sure where it was, it looked like a much smaller Japanese town. There was only one skyscraper that she could see at all, every other building being quite a bit smaller. Nothing like Academy City, to say the least. "I have no idea where we are, do you?"

If Kuroko was here too, it was certain that whatever had happened wasn't only targetting her... but what could have happened to teleport them somewhere else? It obviously wasn't Kuroko... she had to find out!


"Oh, Kino, he's huge!" exclaimed Hermes.

Indeed, he was. There were few ways to describe the massive man in armor other then 'looming'. It seemed like he loomed over many things. People, cars, horses, sheds... in any case, however, Kino's eyes became fixed on that armor. It was in a way similar to the mechanized creations she had seen on her journey, but at once entirely different as well. In the end, however, the was only one thing that she could say at the sight of the massive armored man with a hammer.


It was fascinating to see such advanced technology cladding a human being, something she had never laid eyes upon before. Experiencing new things like this, it was one of the essences of travel, was it not? However, the massive man had asked her a question. While she was unable to provide an answer, she would respond all the same.

"I don't know where we are," she said, "I was in a hotel room, and then woke up here."

The girl paused for a moment, then decided to introduce herself.

"My name is Kino," she started, "And this is Hermes."

She gestured to her motorrad.

"It's really not this country's custom, is it?" he added.

"That's becoming more unlikely by the second, Hermes."

@Raineh Daze
@ACHTUNG: It is, yes.

I'll probably be making another post tomorrow.
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