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Except by everything I've ever heard Wreck-It Ralph and The Lego Movie were both at least creative and fun movies that didn't talk down to children and were fun to watch for adults too.
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I read a previous status as "Loli hip hop" and I was immediately very confused.
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I can't believe there's going to be more Kino's Journey as soon as this fall. I'm so excited!
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Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality.


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"It's not my fault that I was doing my job!" protested Alaree, before remembering herself after a moment. She let out a nervous laugh and scratched the back of her head. "Uhhh... thanks for your help though, Sir Tiral!"

It was less that she cared too much(she frequently didn't remember to curtsy unless Viora was there to smack her on the back of the head) and more that right now she was wary of being yelled at by Viora. She knew she'd already forgotten that she had to do something... but she'd gotten distracted. "One of your fellow magi showed up asking about some books, and asked me to go and get them!"

After a moments pause, getting a somewhat... goofy grin on her face, the pigtailed maid continued.

"If you know her, I'm sure you'd recognize her! No-one could forget a massive rack like that!"

Really, inappropriate comments were rather key to the maid known as Alaree's personality. To anyone who knew her, her continued failures at speaking an an appropriate manner were often somewhat comforting. Albeit, for Viora at least, incredibly irritating as well.

"Ah... no, that won't be necessary," Fanilly replied swiftly. She didn't need anyone else punishing her maids. If there was a problem, she would speak to them about it. They were servants in her employ, after all, so she couldn't simply give that responsibility to someone else. More then that, however. She shouldn't have had to be awakened in the first place. She should have found some way to keep an eye on the time rather then sleeping in. Hands wringing at her shirt, the blonde girl remembered herself and swiftly began to dress. First her shirt, then the jacket that signified her position, the golden epaulets on each shoulder, her frilled skirt and long socks...

As she dressed, she was careful to try and remain out of Lilianna's line of sight, even if the woman was trying her best not to look at her.

"I should not have slept in in the first place, regardless..."

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I'll get a post up tomorrow!
The Next Day...


Mira would open her eyes to what could be described as hell.

There was fire. There was death. A vast field lined with fighting. Men in armor, with swords and bows, with long-handed, bladed weapons, clashed. Horses fell and died, sending warriors tumbling from them to be cut to pieces. Blood spattered across the green grass at every moment. It seemed as if every second was filled with another death, another life cut short in a flash of steel and a spray of red. It was a hellish visage, a battlefield where everyone was steeped in the blood of others. It could be called nothing short of a nightmare. Arrows pierced a man through his throat and chest and he fell to the ground gurgling blood. Another man died when a yari cleaved his arm off before claiming his head.

It seemed that there was no end to the carnage. And, on top of that, it seemed as if the one side was beginning to overwhelm the other. Indeed, the attacking force, their lacquered armor painted red, was striking down and slaying more and more of the defenders, who wore a somewhat familiar style... largely white...

With every moment, more men died. More blood sprayed.

It was some kind of hell.

And yet... there were shouts of joy from the defenders. Those furthest back began to cry out in celebration, thrusting their fists into the air as they cheered...

A girl. A young woman. Her long black hair flowing as she sat astride a horse, raising a bow, knocking an arrow...


The arrow flew and hit home, sending a man to the ground. Another, and another, each shot seemed to send a man to the ground, dead. Her arrival on the battlefield was marked with a series of rapid deaths on the attacking side. The moment she drew close to the frontline, she sprang from her horse and drew her blade... that long katana glinted in the light of the flames, and in a single motion she had cut a man in half before her feet hit the ground. It was gruesome work, what followed, but it was almost like a graceful dance. A beautiful show of swordsmanship in which each motion lead to violence in what could have seemed like a coincidence. If not for the death that Saber's blade had sewn with each strike, it could have just as easily been some kind of beautiful performance. Single-handed, the number of soldiers she had slain seemed to swell and swell...

And the scene seemed to melt away in a second, replaced with... it was some form of party, undeniably. There were many women of varying ages dressed in fine kimonos, and there were cups of sake, and many dishes of fish and rice.

Saber was there, dressed in a fine kimono as well, a splash of greens and pinks and whites... she was blushing, embarrassed as she was complimented by others for her appearance.

"So strong, and so beautiful as well."

"Ah, I'm almost jealous!"

"One of our finest..."

And yet, there was another voice...

"So strong and beautiful... can she even be called human?"


It was there that the dream seemed to end.

Saber had, quietly, take up a position outside the door of the house. Her injuries had, mostly, mended. Any healing that was still required would be finished soon. So she had selected, instead, to guard the manor. Even if it was protected that did not mean she could let her guard down while her Master slept.

Especially after the attacks of the last night...

Estelle Varianbec, Master of Rider

Sitting in her warm bath, the white-haired girl stewed in anger. She'd been absolutely humiliated last night... she'd let herself panic and it mad her so mad! She couldn't forgive Johanna Faust for that. Her maids had sensed something was wrong, even though she had not told them, staying quite as they tended to her needs, cleaning her thoroughly. Now, however... she had simply elected to sit in her bath and pout irritably to herself. Even after what Rider had told her last night, the memory of how frightened she'd become had gripped her again and made her furious...

Her maids were somewhat concerned, but unsure of exactly what to do.

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Moriya Suwako

"Yaaaay~" cheered the blonde-haired girl as she immediately snatched up the burger and took a large bite out of it. Aaah, she was so hungry! And it tasted so good, the cheese was perfectly gooey, the juices were so flavorful as they leaked into her mouth... sure, it probably wasn't actually all that great, but when someone is really hungry everything seems to taste better then it actually is. Cheerfully, Suwako chewed the somewhat enormous bite of burger she'd taken, a little bit of the juices now stuck to her right cheek. It was at this moment that she noticed the boy had fully opened his eyes, displaying... well. Wasn't that curious. This looked like the outside world, but no-one liked to show their more unusual attributes out there. While the boy was certainly human, those blue eyes with complex, circular patterns within them certainly did not seem to be the eyes of one.

Suwako tilted her head as she worked through the possibly-rather-oversized bite of burger, then managed to swallow it in what seemed like one gulp. He seemed scared now, taking a step back before appearing to lock up, unable to move out of fear. Well, that was no good at all, now, was it?

"You're right, I'm not human!" declared the blonde-haired child cheerily. She thrust her arms out to the sides with a happy twirl, before taking a pose where she held up the burger in her right hand and flashed a v-sign with her left next to her eye and pointed inwards, sticking her tongue out. "I'm the loveable and carefree goddess, Moriya Suwako-chan!"

But those eyes... well, shutting one of her own golden eyes with a rather knowing, sly wink, she leaned towards the boy.

"But... your eyes aren't human even if the rest of you is, are they?"


Some people are just trying to decide what they're doing with their characters?

You should learn to be more patient sometimes. ^^;
  • Name: Moriya Suwako
  • Gender: Female
  • Appearance: "Hula hoops!"
  • Personality: At first glance, and indeed after many repeated glances, it can appear that Suwako is a cheerful, energetic child with a penchant for mischief and a competitive streak. This isn't exactly a lie, Suwako has a rather cheerful and carefree nature, a great deal of energy, and is rather fond of making mischief and greatly enjoys competition. In fact, she is so fond of competition that she enjoys fighting for that very reason. It would be foolish, however, to dismiss her as a child. Beneath that childish immaturity and cheer, Suwako is nevertheless still a goddess, and not a weak one at that. She is highly intelligent and crafty, and in spite of being a gracious loser that does not mean she will not simply give up if she believes she has a chance at victory. Her childishness and immaturity is not entirely an act, but at the same time it is an excellent cover if she wants to trick others into taking her anything less then seriously. She is very laid back and prefers to simply do everything that she enjoys without doing anything particularly unpleasant. She is slow to anger and quite friendly and nice to others, but when she becomes sufficiently angry it can be said that her behavior is absolutely terrifying, and reminds others that she is indeed a powerful goddess. Of course, Suwako is also very fond of frogs.
  • Brief History: There is little to explain about Moriya Suwako's history. At some point, she had a child(likely not while appearing as she currently does), but beyond that the most notable moments in her life were when she was defeated by Yasaka Kanako in battle(her weapons rusted away) and moving to Gensokyo with Kanako and Sanae.
  • Universe of Origin: Touhou Project
  • Equipment: Suwako has her spell cards and her rings, as well as her all-important hat.
  • Abilities: As a shinto goddess, Suwako is capable of regenerating her body from harm, splitting herself into multiple copies, and changing her appearance(though she asserts her current appearance is 'true'). She possesses numerous abilities related to the earth and water, such as swimming through the earth, summoning small amounts of magma, creating and directing water, creating geysers, and hurling rocks and minerals. She is also capable of dulling her attacks via the spell card system, rendering them nonlethal. Suwako is capable of flight, and also of summoning and commanding the Mishaguji, curse gods in the form of enormous serpents that can attack her enemies with their bodies or with curses in the form of projectiles.
  • Other: N/A
Mordred, Tokyo

"... I-I'm not gonna fade away, you little bastard," Mordred practically snarled, trying to will herself not to lose form, not to fade away completely, clutching her hands at the ground. She hated this, for reasons beyond the fact that she could fade away with no contact to her Master. She felt weak. She hated it. She hated feeling weak. But certainly the worst part was the fact that she could vanish without a trace, far from the one who deserved her loyalty. The blonde-haired girl gritted her teeth. She wouldn't let it happen. She couldn't let it happen. What kind of knight would ever allow themselves to simply fade away like this? The answer certainly wasn't her! Clenching her hands into fists, she steeled herself. While she felt no stronger, her fingertips seemed to cease fading. For the moment at least.

"... I won't let her down..." growled the Saber-class Servant, mostly to herself. It had really slipped out almost unwillingly, but suffice to say that she felt as if she could never let her Master down. She glanced at Andersen. He seemed fine, thus far, which mostly pissed her off. How dare he deal with it better then she was?! She almost snapped at him for it... until she noticed a pale blonde woman approaching them... and making an offer...

Shakily, the Red Knight forced herself to her feet, panting slightly as she did.

"... Fine," she said, after a moment's pause. Her expression betrayed the fact she felt no joy in this. She was already serving her Master, after all. "Until I can get back to my Master, you're gonna be lucky enough to have the services of Mordred Pendragon, the true Heir to the Throne of Britain."

Even now she couldn't help but give her preferred introduction. Quaking slightly, taking a deep breath as she tried to keep herself steady, she glanced back at Andersen. ... If she let him fade away, her Master would be pretty upset, wouldn't she...

"... That little bastard needs a Master too. Not like I care, but my Master wouldn't be happy if she lost him. For some reason."

@Raineh Daze@Rin
There'd have to be a reason for him to constantly be living and working with the knights.
Saber - Arturia Pendragon

Saber lowered her blade. The last of the fires, as far as she could be, had at last been blown out, not a single spark remaining. Even though not everyone had survived, at the very least she had not found another corpse in her endeavor to put out every remaining burning building. For that, she was thankful. For even after such a terrible conflagration, there had seemingly been quite few deaths. Ideally, of course, non would have died here, but there was some solace in the fact that the numbers had been so few. Nodding firmly to herself, the King of Knights swiftly turned on her heel, facing her Master, the other Servants, and the Servant that had been incapacitated. It seemed the woman with long purple hair had recovered, however.

Swiftly dashing towards the others, coming to a halt beside the still-perplexing and far too familiar figure of the Roman Emperor Nero. The speed with which the Rider-class Servant had recovered seemed to confirm to the short knight that the dagger had not been intended to wound the target. It seemed as if it had instead... removed some kind of influence?

"... If your sisters are in danger, then we should delay as little as possible," Arturia began, after a moment of hesitation. While this town may still be in need of aid, it seemed that most of the residents were relatively unharmed. To get to the root of the matters here, it may have been best to discover what what may have been the source of the problem in the first place. Additionally, at the moment it seemed as if Medusa, in spite of her role in history, was not their enemy. To ignore her plight seemed callous at best. "Provided my Mas-... Bethany, agrees, we should proceed as quickly as we can."

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Berserker Heracles, even.

So all he did was roar, but somehow it turned out this way.

Anyway trying to flesh out an Arturia post to something more then "and then Arturia came over to see what Rider was doing" basically. ^^;

Also been considering, um, if I'm allowed at least, taking on a very specific second Servant.
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