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Current… Anyone up for a Fate RP... again? OOC is up this time!
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9 days ago… Anyone up for some Fate RP?
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Karma finally caught up to a certain someone.
4 mos ago… Vampire fighting in the postapocalypse goooooo


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@Rin: Accepted.

Approvals for the final slot pending, as the remaining bios require a little more deliberation on the GM side. Expect them later today or tomorrow!

Anyway, this is one of my backup apps depending on what we as GMs decide about Servant approvals:

  • Name: Vishpala
  • Class: Archer
  • Appearance: Dark skinned with platinum blonde hair, her bodysuit is red and black, and her armor red and gold. She is around 157 cm/5'2 in height.
  • Personality: A serious and stoic girl. Vishpala's nature can be compared to a sort of reserved military officer, or perhaps someone who considers herself to be a weapon. Her mentality is such that she does not perceive herself as being worthy of consideration as a 'human being'. Rather, it is because of her survival through the use of a replica weapon to preserve her life that she believes her existence should be dedicated to exterminating threats against humanity. She considers it as payment for her life being saved. In reality, this mentality was something she always held in her heart. Her lack of consideration for herself is the very reason her body was mangled and nearly destroyed to begin with. She has no sense of shame as she does not consider herself to be a human being. In spite of Vishpala's self-denying nature, she nevertheless possesses some desires of her own. She enjoys the presence of small, cute animals, and is very fond of all kinds of food(though naturally she will not eat beef). Her capacity for human interaction is low, but an insistent Master will earn clumsy interaction from her. Additionally, her stoic nature hides an incredibly sharp temper. An angry Vishpala becomes far more aggressive and emotional.
  • Stats:
    • Strength: B
    • Endurance: A
    • Agility: B
    • Mana: C
    • Luck: C
    • Noble Phantasm:
  • Class Skills:
    • Independent Action: C
    • Magic Resistance: B
  • Personal Skills:
    • Kali's Demon-Slaying Blade: A++. When nearly half of Vishpala's body was mangled in battle, what could not be saved was replaced by merging her with a replica of Kharga, the demon-killing sword wielded by the goddess Kali. By having this weapon integrated into her body, Vishpala's nature is inherently in opposition against beings of evil or demonic nature. Her attacks receive a bonus against such opponents.
    • Battle Continuation: A. Due to her nature as a mix between a replica divine construct and a human being, her resilience to critical injury is considerably enhanced. Even in the case of decisive lethal injury, she will continue fighting until her body can no longer move.
    • Gift of the Ashwins: C. The Kharga replica that prevented Vishpala's death was granted by the generous and compassionate divine spirits known as the Ashwins. However, Vishpala interpreted it to mean that her existence was meant to continue as the weapon she had always viewed herself as. Regardless, the Ashwin's favor follows her and provides her with defense against mental interference, poison, and curses.
    • Natural Body(Weapon): Due to the state of the body as a weapon, an artificial state of perfection has been induced. It is impossible to alter Vishpala's body, and her capacity as a weapon cannot be degraded.
  • Noble Phantasm(s):
    • Name: Kali Image - All Demons Must Be Destroyed
    • Rank: B
    • Type: Anti-Army
    • Appearance: N/A
    • Effects: Vishpala's nature is as a union between a replica of the unnamed demon-slaughtering Kharga wielded by the goddess Kali and a human being affords her the capabilities of the weapon itself. While below the power of the original, it still grants her extreme potency as a weapon. Releasing the full extent of her arsenal as a living divine construct, Vishpala can create a zone of annihilation inescapable for those of evil or demonic nature before applying a hellish rain of artillery attacks from above. The Bounded Field then collapses in on itself, crushing whatever remains within it before disappearing entirely. Kali's slaughter of demons is noted in accounts of Hindu mythology, and even a replica of one of her weapons reflects this capacity.

    • Name: Kharga Overload - Thank you for Everything, Dear Ashwins
    • Rank: A+
    • Type: Anti-Unit
    • Appearance: N/A
    • Effects: In the event that Vishpala is incapable of overcoming an opponent, she may separate herself from the life-sustaining replica of Kali's Kharga. By firing the weapon as a latch-ditch effort to defeat her opponent, Vishpala aims to destroy them by sacrificing herself. On contact with her opponent, the Kharga replica generates a bounded field encircling them before exploding, guaranteeing the death of her enemy provided the projectile comes into contact with them. However, as Vishpala has been separated from the weapon sustaining her life, her death is inevitable as well.
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Changes: N/A
@KoL: Accepted.

@King Cosmos: Accepted.
A couple updates: I've completed my own Master bio, and everyone's bios are currently under review by @PKMNB0Y and myself!
@Vahir: Yes, for sure! Definitely looking for more people!
  • Name: Sakurazawa Hitomi
  • Age: Has the physical appearance of a girl no older then ten years.
  • Gender: Female
  • Appearance: "If you beg for my forgiveness and kiss my feet, perhaps I'll let you live."
  • Personality: An arrogant and self-assured girl with utter confidence in the role she has been assigned. Hitomi believes that, as she was created to obtain the Holy Grail and was granted the greatest tools her family could muster in order to fulfill this purpose, her victory is practically assured. She considers opponents to be minor obstacles on a path that is guaranteed to her. That being said, her arrogance does not mean she is completely foolish. She is not blind to danger, and will prioritize her own wellbeing if she absolutely has to pick between that and winning a fight. After all, she is the only remaining member of the Sakurazawa bloodline. Were she to die, it would be erased.
    While she handles herself in what may seem to be a mature fashion most of the times, demonstrating her arrogance quite freely as well, Hitomi can slip into childish behavior when frightened or especially angry, though she is unlikely to admit to feeling the former. Her childish streak may also come out among those she takes a liking to. Regardless of this, she demonstrates no hesitation whatsoever when it comes to killing. If someone is her enemy, Hitomi is unlikely to show them mercy unless given a good reason for it.
  • Skills: Hitomi possesses little to no practical skills. To put it simply, she has very little capacity to care for herself and has instead relied on homunculi provided to her.
  • Abilities: To begin with, Hitomi's status as a magus is nearly beyond compare. While her quality cannot be said to match the craftsmanship of the Einzbern, as the pinnacle of the techniques of both the Sakurazawa and Arevin-El bloodlines her capacity for magecraft cannot be understated. As a homunculus, her nature is best described as 'magic circuits in the shape of a human being' as opposed to 'a human being with a high number of high-quality magic circuits'. Her capability with magecraft is extensive, and there are few limitations on her ability to perform a variety of different spells with high potency. Additionally, her capacity to support a powerful Servant is virtually without limit. Due to her Sakurazawa blood, she is uniquely tied to the land Sako City lies on and thus much of her magecraft directly draws upon the land itself.
    The invocation of local spirits is among the spells in her repertoire, but she finds it lacking in usefulness. By acting as a custodian of the local lands, Hitomi is offered considerable defense against curses and the like beyond the average magus as a benefit of her position, one that the Sakurazawa cultivated for this specific benefit.
    This is also extended to the Sakurazawa household: It is surrounded by a bounded field that makes assault difficult, as Hitomi is immediately alerted to intrusion and attackers are forced to enter from the front, corralled by a bounded field that requires significant force to penetrate. In terms of personal capabilities, Hitomi can convert a single strand of her own hair into a devastating projectile, filling it with magical energy and sending it hurtling towards her opponents with concussive impact sufficient to leave a meter-wide crater in solid concrete. She nay also utilize a variety of other projectiles, including weaponizing the weak native spirits as homing 'bullets' she may use to assault others, effects ranging from stripping away layers of skin and muscle on contact to simply inflicting symptoms similar to the common cold.
    Naturally, while she is a highly dangerous opponent for a magus, alone she is far less threatening towards most Servants. She is also possessed of great physical frailty, with little to no resistance to being directly attacked.
  • Brief Backstory: Prior to the reconstruction of the Holy Grail, the Arevin-El family contacted the Sakurazawa family, a mage family of Sako City, for assistance. Given the opportunities involved in the Holy Grail War, the Sakurazawa family did not reject the offer and gave their assistance and land immediately. Working together, not only did the Arevin-El and the Sakurazawa successfully begin the process and determine how to properly rebuild the Holy Grail from a single fragment, but the Arevin-El's heir married the Sakurazawa heir. Rather then having an ordinary child, the Arevin-El used their knowledge of the creation of high-quality homunculi as well as the Sakurazawa's in order to engineer a "perfect Master". Falling short of the Einzbern homunculi but standing as a beacon to the crafting of artificial magi, Hitomi was born for the express purpose of claiming the Holy Grail.
    Shortly after her birth, the entirety of the Sakurazawa bloodline disappeared. Not a single member of the family, including the Arevin-El heir that had married into it, remained. Only Hitomi survived this sudden vanishing. In spite of having the value of her own bloodline ingrained into her, Hitomi has never truly met a single member of it. Regardless, taking some cues from her relatives on the Arevin-El side of the family, and following the desires etched into her heart as well as her own, the homunculus readied herself to enter the Holy Grail War. In her mind, there was simply no question of the fact that she would be victorious.
Alright, we'll be talking these bios over soon!
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