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Reptiles with scars are actually pretty rare, given how reptiles heal. It can happen but it has to be a pretty deep injury.
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10 mos ago… Anyone up for some Fate RP?
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"I agree," Nobunaga responded, as she watched Enli's departure. To be truthful, she wished she had someone to spare to ensure his safety. But the Hunters would not likely realize that their ambush had failed, and beyond that were almost certainly going to be preoccupied with the rage of the Kyrinth. It wasn't something she liked, but at the same time they had far too few options to do anything else. This information had to be capitalized on as soon as possible.

"We must take advantage of this situation as quickly as possible," she continued, "For the sake of this village, we must kill the worship of the Fool God of Knowledge. One way, or another."

With that, she began to make her way in the direction of the temple...

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The soldier's head rolled off, neck spewing blood. He finally lay still, no longer able to display his utter fanaticism.

For several moments, Flora was unable to reply. When she opened her mouth, instead a rather pitiful noise came out, and she sniffled and wiped at her eyes, no longer able to remain silent. The small girl's tears were now flowing even more freely down her cheeks, dripping onto her white dress and the stony ground as she trembled on her knees.

It was only when her tears began to drift away from her face, into the air, that it seemed to distract her somewhat. Perhaps it was simply due to surprise, or perhaps genuine awe had managed to briefly cut through her sorrow.

Whatever the case may be, after a moment it seemed like she had become willing to speak again.

"... Sir... S-Sir Oren was the one who volunteered to t-take me here," Flora said, finally, her small hands clutching at her dress, "H-he... he was very b-brave and kind and he... he said we'd see each other again..."

Her voice trailed off, eyes drifting back up to fall on the white-clad knight's body once again.

"...S-something... s-something bad is going to h-happen so... s-s-so... we had to..."

After a few moments of silence she clutched at her dress again, sniffling as she remained kneeling beside the corpse of the knight. It would likely take further coaxing to encourage her to say anything else. However, it seemed as if she had been tasked with reviving the gods for some purpose, that much was certain. It wasn't immediately clear if Flora herself even knew all the details, but regardless it seemed like this 'Klois' was the best lead they currently had.

Oddly enough, the name 'Klois' would seem somewhat familiar to each of the gods, like a vague and distant memory.

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Veileena was placed immediately on guard by the line of questions thrown her way. Her eyes narrowed.

"I am no thief," she snapped, her hands shifting to her hips, "Can't a citizen show concern for affairs going on within the Kingdom's borders?"

She let out a huff.

"That's far more then some of the other noble families do, I assure you."

That answered absolutely none of the questions they had, however. While Fanilly wanted to take a charitable interpretation of the young Cal's sudden appearance near the shrine, she couldn't deny how suspicious it seemed.

That response didn't fill her with confidence.

"Lady Cal, do you understand the situation?" she said, mounting frustration at her inability to resolve any of what had occurred, at her inability to save even a single soldier from the fort, growing, "An entire fort of Thaln's soldiers is dead."

The girl's golden eyes widened. So she didn't know what happened at the fort? Or at least she didn't know in detail. Whatever she was doing, Fanilly guessed that meant she had come straight here. But for what reason, she still had no idea. Could it be that Veileena really was going to follow in her father's footsteps, no matter her professed hatred of him? The Knight-Captain didn't feel certain that was the case, but this whole situation seemed difficult to understand.

"They're... all dead?" she asked, "I knew that it was dangerous but it was-"

She paused for a moment, realizing she had let slip more then she intended.

"... Tch. Fine. I guess if there's anyone I can tell short of the crown, it'd be the Iron Rose Knights."

She glanced briefly at Sir Gillian before averting her eyes once more.

"... The Mage's College," she said, finally. "The Mage's College were trying to destroy a shard of Angroron. I haven't the faintest idea how they got it, but they had it. They thought nobody knew, of course."

She rolled her eyes.

"Not even their own students."

Fanilly wasn't sure how to respond. The College had obtained a shard of Angroron? That's where it originated from? But how? Why hadn't they mentioned it to the Church? Was it really true? It seemed impossible, but at the same time there was no denying the shard had to have come from somewhere.

But if that were the case, why had it ended up in the fort?

"I'm sure that old goat of a headmaster thought he was doing what was right, but he was a complete idiot," continued Veileena with a sigh.

"How do you know all this, Lady Cal?" asked Fanilly. While Veileena did attend the college, she'd already mentioned that the higher-ups thought that no-one else knew.

"Hmph, don't you know anything?" asked the gray-haired girl, "Any noble worth their salt is going to have spies. Is the Captain of the Iron Rose Knights naive or something?"

She let out another sigh.

"The fact they were able to find out about the shard made me certain someone else would too," continued Veileena, "And I was right, because it was stolen."

Stolen? From the Mage's College? Who could pull something like that off?

"Are you sure?" she asked.

"What do you think did all this?" Veileena responded, eyebrow raised, "Besides, I'm certain. Don't you think it's odd how that conspiracy to assassinate the Princess collapsed so fast? Well, the same night they tried to murder the Princess, the shard was stolen."

What did that even mean? Fanilly didn't understand initially, even if it was odd how it seemed like the conspiracy vanished after that night. Surely it should have been a bigger group, right?

"... Are... you saying someone was just using them as a distraction...?"

"Of course."

Any keen-eyed knights in the position to focus on their surroundings could, perhaps, notice that there seemed to be a disturbance in the nearby foliage across the clearing, the low brush rustling slightly as if something was just beyond it.

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The white armor was stained with red. Sir Oren's body had been pierced so many times, with blades and bullets, and yet by the sight of the battlefield prior to the God's fight with the soldiers, it was clear he had not gone quietly.

Flora was silent as she stared at the dead body of the knight. She didn't scream, nor did she make any other sound. Instead, she proceeded to walk towards the fallen warrior, and slowly sink to her knees. Quietly, without saying a single word, she raised her small, warm hand to the man's helmet and placed it on the cooled steel, tracing her slender fingers along the slit for his eyes, then the cracks that revealed his other eye, before simply stopping as she stared at his empty blue eye.

She didn't say anything else. But anyone who chose to investigate would be able to see the tears running down her cheeks, falling into her lap and staining her dress.

The soldier who had attempted to grasp at one of the grenades thrashed against the grasping arms of the dead with howl of rage.

"Your blasphemies won't go unpunished!" he cried, even now struggling to reach the weapon in spite of the corpses holding him back, "You'll all die, just like that Klois bastard! All of you!"

The fanaticism of the imperial soldiers was growing ever more apparent.

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Unfortunately for Neffy and Trina, running ahead was not the best idea when there were so many unknowns.

No sooner then they had begun to do so then a distinctive scraping sound was heard, then the sound of many sets of feet running.

Given her excellent vision in the darkness, the Nem would see them first(something they hadn't accounted for).

Goblins. Rushing up from old passageways at the back of the church, there were at least a dozen of them emerging, drawing crude swords and spears and clad in armor of leather and bone. There was no mistaking their beady red eyes, large ears, and green skin for anything else. In size, they were larger then Neffy, but smaller then even the shortest adult dwarf.

The ramshackle nature of their weaponry and armor made it clear that they were not under the thumb of any orcs, who would at least give at least some of their cannon fodder weapons made of metal. But their numbers still made them a threat.

Harsh words were spoken low and fast by the goblins in their tongue, as they attempted to spread out and surround the adventurers.

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"I see. I will commend you for your honesty, and uphold my end of our bargain."

Nobunaga straightened, pointing the tip of her katana at the man's throat and giving it a firm thrust, and flicking it to the right.

Red sprayed across the white snow.

His death would be swift and with little further pain, just as promised.

The petite girl flicked her blade once more, clearing it of fresh blood before slipping it back into its sheath.

"The words of a man whose death is inevitable are often more honest then the words of a man who still sees a chance of survival," she said, simply, turning away from the corpse, "That being said, there is always a chance that it could be a trap, even if he remains utterly unaware of that possibility."

As she spoke, Nobunaga turned to face Enli.

"Is there anyone whose loyalty you can be completely certain of? Only they are fit to protect you in our absence."

A barrier, then... And the Illuminator 'protecting a seal'? That sounded unlike what the Kyrinth had described, and she doubted the ancient beast was lying. That being said, it was worth investigation. Perhaps more could be gleaned of the situation.

@Rune_Alchemist@Crimson Paladin
@Zoey Boey: Honestly, I'm totally willing to continue, it's just difficult for me to write around @Rune_Alchemist's absence.

That being said, maybe the mention will get their attention. Honestly I should have done so earlier, need to learn to poke people more often. ^^;
Why?! Why was the first person she met who shared her fate like this?! Charging right into a big swarm of monsters was not Sefira's idea of effective combat! Still, they seemed distracted by their prior targets, so at least the elven Starlight Mage could take solace in that fact as she released scattered blasts from her staff, using her basic Star Arrow to ensure she was doing it at fast as possible, a plan which seemed to be working well. The sensation of magical energy flowing down through her arm, watching it erupt from the tip of her staff... the fact it was real was still incredibly surreal, but there was no denying any of this was happening anymore.

The people that they assisted were thankfully quite capable, and finished off the remainder of the monsters before anything particularly bad could happen.

Sefira lowered her staff with a sigh, dismissing it into a flurry of blue sparks before folding her arms across her chest.

"... You could have at least tried to be a little less gung ho," complained the blonde elf, leaning away from Kokoma as she sat up, "I'm a Starlight Mage, I'm much more effective at range."

When she heard the voice of one of the people whom they'd showed up to help, the petite elf was immediately distracted from the source of her complaints, blue eyes widening.

There was absolutely no missing that voice.

"Eunice?! You're Eunice, right?" she asked, "I... er, w-wait, nevermind."

Reacting like that was bound to raise questions, and Eunice wouldn't see what was strange with running into her, right? To her, they'd met in person plenty of times.

"G-glad we could help..."

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As soon as her face was freed, Flora began to gulp in air a little more quickly, possibly because she was regaining her strength and breathing more easily, or possibly because she had found it more difficult due to the valley she had found herself briefly trapped in. Having missed what occurred with the dead body, she was quite confused at the sight of this new older in ill-fitting armor for a few moments.

"... Are you one of the others...?" she murmured, just barely audible as she remained some distance slightly behind the deities who had paid her the most attention.

Realizing she apparently had something to do with Alasayana's tails, she glanced towards the goddess(who was surprising not much bigger then she was) and took a slow step towards her, before hesitating slightly and looking around once again.

"... Where's Sir Oren...?"

With all attention now focused else where, the soldier with the pierced ankle had fallen silent. Almost too silent...

... as he began to drag himself towards the nearest tube-like weapon, one of the ones filled with explosives, taking advantage of the distraction.

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The arrow had struck true, piercing and collapsing the final hunter's lung going by the sounds coming from his mouth. Almost immediately, Novak began to berate the man on the ground, tears in his eyes.

Nobunaga merely sighed and drew her katana again. He lacked experience, indeed. She would have to handle what remained herself.

"There is no point in leaving this man alive," she commented, simply, as she walked up to the hunter with a pierced lung. With a flick of her wrist, and the sound of steel slicing the air, the edge of her katana parted the skin of his throat, his windpipe, and the arteries in his neck.


Turning away from the freshly-made corpse without a second thought, she approached the slowly-bleeding hunter whose arms she had severed.

"You are going to die, and I am certain you are aware of that," she commented, standing over him, "However, the cold will slow the flow of your blood, and the shock will keep you alive for longer then you may otherwise have. Freezing to death is surely an unpleasant way to go, but that won't be what claims you, will it?"

A thoughtful expression on her face, the petite girl crouched beside the disarmed hunter.

"No. As a hunter, you must know of the many scavengers dwelling in this forest," she continued, in a conversational tone, "You must know these harsh conditions leave them hungry and desperate for fresh meat. They'll smell the blood. The blood of your fallen comrades, and your own."

The beautiful young girl smiled pleasantly.

"They won't wait until you're dead. Will they start with your intestines? Your liver? I wonder..."

She paused for a moment to let her words hang in the chill air.

"... Unless, of course, you tell me who you are allied with, where to find them, and your motivation. If you give me these three pieces of information, I will end your suffering swiftly and as painlessly as possible."

@Rune_Alchemist@Crimson Paladin
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