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Current Actually not true. For example, there was less oxygen then there is today through much of the Mesozoic, and archosaur breathing is super efficient.
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why is the status bar like this i missed when it when it was just holidays, rp advertisements, and jokes
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The sky was painted orange. The light played across the clouds, and cast that splash of color along the landscape beneath it. This light stretched the shadows of trees and other objects across the ground, making them seem almost jagged. Quite a large number of these shadows were moving.

The horses' hooves clacked as the hit the ground on a steady rhythm. Due to the large number of them, this created almost a chorus of clopping hooves. At the head of the group was a white mare, a young and sturdy horse clearly well-cared for. On her back was a girl, no older then sixteen, wearing armor with a flowing white and gold cape. Her armor was pristine, cared for with exceptional attention, shining in the light of the sunset. Though she had never been in any serious combat before now, the level of care to her armor would not falter even after doing so. It was a symbol of her office. To do any less would be to disrespect that office. Her hair was blonde, eyes purple-blue, and skin pale. Her features bore a grim expression as her gaze was fixed ahead on the darkness of the forest.

Bandit King Jeremiah. That was the name that the man they rode out against today had taken for himself. He led a band of thieves and criminals, vicious bandits who had pillaged even small villages by this point. They had preyed upon the innocent. They had killed the defenseless to claim their belongings. And their leader had the gall to claim himself a "King". Reports told of how he had cut down soldiers sent to destroy his band. Of how he had sent dying men to their villages just to mock them shortly before his attacks.

But the simple fact was that these weren't just mere bandits.

Jeremiah, regardless of what he called himself now, wasn't just the 'Bandit King'.

The rebellion of five years ago had fallen. Anzel Cazt lay dead and buried. But still fragments of his forces remained. Some had been wiped out, imprisoned or killed. But this Jeremiah, and no small number of his bandits, were reportedly one of the remaining shards of the shattered rebellion. Their banditry was not simply their means to accrue wealth and supplies, but a deliberate spit in the face towards the people of Thaln.

So, it had been decided it was time to put this to the test. To destroy these vicious and cruel men before they could take more innocent lives. Thaln's soldiers were unable to eliminate Jeremiah, but the legendary Iron Rose Knights...

Fanilly gripped the leather in her hands tightly. They had to win. She had to prove she could do this, and they had to destroy such cruel, wicked bandits. There was no question of it. The bandit's camp was not far off, not even too distant from the road. The Bandit King's brazen attitude had grown, leading to little fear from his band of criminals at remaining so close.

The smallish knight looked back over her shoulder.

"It won't be much longer that we will need to proceed on-foot," she said. Indeed, horses could only go so far off the road. Tangled roots and stones were certainly not the ideal terrain to navigate on horseback, there was no reason to risk losing one of the loyal animals to a broken leg.

The strategy was a simple one. To position themselves around the camp, advance inward, and destroy it. While the bandits were unusually powerful and no small amount were veterans of the War of the Red Flag, an attack by the famed Iron Rose Knights when they unprepared could surely eliminate them. But Fanilly was unsure of her ability to lead them to that victory. It was undeniably the outcome that should occur, but a thousand outcomes for failure had already played and replayed within her head. No matter how unlikely they may have been, the anxiety was still gnawing at her heart like persistent vermin.

But she didn't only feel doubts, even if it was a struggle to reassure herself.

Even though she doubted herself, deep down, Fanilly felt that the Bandit King was more of a braggart then a powerful warrior. He had likely exploited whatever advantage he could to take down the soldiers sent to eliminate his band of thieves. Even knowing they had been part of the rebel forces, the fact remained they were still bandits all the same.

Her knights were prepared.

Fanilly could only hope she was as well.

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Aleksiya sighed heavily. As irritating as the priestess's attitude was, she would never consent to simply abandoning her. That, and these vile things were an eyesore.

"Very well, as much as it pains me to make considerations towards that woman," she commented with a pout, as further circles of light condensed ice at their centers, "She had best be thankful."

With that, the balls of ice were sent whistling through the air, hurtling towards their targets. This time, rather then specifically targeting the head, the diminutive vampire instead was more choosy. After all, simply targeting the head was clearly not enough to cripple these unpleasant abominations, and so instead she selected points of structural weakness.

Ancient kneecaps shattered and came apart, sending legs flying off and causing the dusty walking dead to hit the ground. Heads sailed into the air, leaving flailing corpses to bump into each other before toppling over. All the while, Aleksiya glanced with no small amount of jealousy at the scythe in Giselle's hands.

When she was better fed, she'd definitely show off her far superior scythe!

Still, for the moment, Aleksiya didn't want to spend too much time lamenting her own state. Rather, she focused instead on pelting the undead with ice bullets, tearing through their decrepit flesh and dusty bones in order to rip them to useless pieces scattered across the floor.

Perhaps her feelings or irritation were pushing her to be even more thorough, one particular undead being unlucky enough to be shredded by several balls of ice being dispensed in rapid succession, falling apart into an unrecognizable pile of desiccated flesh and organs.

It wasn't simply a longing to feed and regain her power.

There was something missing.

She would get it back.

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@PigeonOfAstora: I think you're good now!
@Aeolian: With confirmation on the discord, acceptance is go.
"Hmph. Normally I would object to simply assuming I agree with your plan," began Fio, leaning back in her seat and folding her arms, "But I can't exactly object to my own suggestion."

Indeed, getting up high and out of sight and taking the enemy by surprise had been her immediate thought on sight of the location where they would be conducting battle. She could devastate their forces at range, and unless they had sufficient magical protection there wasn't much they would be able to do about it. That Fomorian they had fought the before was a concern, but the Sword Witch was confident that she would have no trouble eradicating the enemy if she stayed out of reach and simply kept hammering down on them with magic.

"As long as you lure them out, I assure you not a single one will survive," continued the petite witch, a small smirk on her lips. She felt nothing but self-assurance. She would utterly obliterate the enemy and leave not a single one of them standing. They would not be able to harm anyone else ever again.

Tomoko's aggressively pleasant smile did not falter, not when she was hugged, not when Hina began to beg for mercy, not a single moment passed by where it showed even the slightest sign of fading.

"Have fun~ I'm sure Shimizu-san can make you look convincing!"

Completely brushing aside the zasshiki-warashi's pleas, the Intermediary happily waved at Kaori and Hina as they departed.

Somehow, the fact that she didn't have any sign of outward malice made the gesture even more threatening.

Clapping her hands together, she took a deep breath and turned towards her remaining club members.

"Now, Kiyohara-san is exactly right. I'm afraid we don't have time for a cafe visit," began Tomoko, "Not when time is quite a precious resource. We don't know exactly what Hasshaku-sama does with the children she abducts. Certainly, in the original story they simply died, but because of the influences of different iterations on the original idea there's no way to be certain."

It was quite possible that the first children abducted were already dead. Or worse.

"We have no idea if she is killing them, or simply keeping them locked away," continued Tomoko, "So we have to do everything we can to work as swiftly as we can, because we may be running out of time to save their lives."

She shrugged.

"Or we may already be too late. It's impossible to know until we find her. So, we need to have our plan ready to execute as quickly as possible."

There really was only one way to know what happened to the children, and that was to find them. Hopefully, they'd all still be alive.

But they had to get there first.

"I suspect that Hasshaku-sama is not occupying normal space when she isn't visible. It would explain where the children disappear to," Tomoko elaborated. Of course, it was just a guess, but ultimately unless the children were instantly disintegrating or turning invisible they had to be put somewhere, "I'm guessing she uses a closed space to get around, and to take the kids she abducts."

Grinning, she pounded right fist into her left hand.

"So, we'll just have to bust it right open once we've lured her out! Ultimately, a closed space is just a barrier, which means within enough force, especially from a a phantom entity, we should be able to crack it wide open and get inside!"

Of course, this plan wasn't without its dangers. If Hasshaku-sama really was using a closed space, the interior would be an advantageous territory for her, a location in which she had at least some control over its rules and functions. But at the same time, it was unlikely that such a closed space would be designed with combat in mind.

At least this made it obvious what Akari was intended to do.

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@Aeolian: I think he's in the clear now, but since I woke up much later then I wanted to an am still kind of groggy I want my co-GMs to take one last look before he moves over to the character tab.

@Raineh Daze@Rune_Alchemist
@Aeolian: Okay so, backstory seems a lot better.

I'm a little concerned about his skillset being a bit too broad, maybe focus on like one other specific thing outside of the summons?
@Aeolian: @Rune_Alchemist already mentioned it, but I just want to back up those points by saying I can't see Leannan existing in Thaln in that state, as it should still be subject to Thaln's government. Additionally, it's unlikely that the "reincarnation of Mayon" thing would fly with the church, given Mayon is very much still around. If you want to keep some element of that point, maybe instead frame it as a 'beloved of Mayon' or something? I also think it's important to note what his parents did, as their abusive actions would presumably have repercussions.

Adittionally, while summoning is a thing in the setting, it's one of the least-fleshed out parts of the magic system admittedly. Still, if you're going to be using it I think you should probably define what he's summoning a bit more, since there's fae, other kinds of spirits, and demons(don't summon these) among other things. I also think full flight is a bit much, maybe something a bit more along the lines of air-jumping?

@Psychic Loser: Accepted.

@Richard Horthy: Accepted.

@PigeonOfAstora: A couple things here. Hundi aren't a tribal society, rather culturally they're almost excessively knightly and place a high amount of focus on honor and bravery. All their culture heroes are knight errant types, that kind of thing. Ithillin is essentially France for reference, though Hundi have some Spanish vibes. That being said, I do like the idea of someone disillusioned with with Hundi culture. Though, to capitalize more on making him hundi, I think it might not be a bad move to have him deep down still have some lingering love for those traditions and the heroic stories he likely heard in his youth that he's buried under his cynicism, to set him apart from similar human characters, even if he refuses to acknowledge or admit it.

Also going to be closing the RP to more players now. However, if you have already expressed interest, have a bio in progress, or you're in the discord server, you're in.
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