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Fun fact: There's a species of tiny herbivorous dinosaur named after Lesotho!
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If we're all reciting out-of-context poetry I'm joining in: I am the bone of my sword.
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Addendum: Elven rings were their own thing, but Sauron was still seeking to tap into them with the One Ring. Still, after he lost the One Ring, they could wear their rings just fine.


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The Kings, the 'bartender', and Iskandar's loyal follower were not the only ones at the bar, though it wasn't impossible that they may not have noticed the other guest immediately. Of course, someone such as Gilgamesh would be quite perceptive, but the situation may simply have caused them to be unaware of the other notable customer.

Or perhaps not a customer. She had never gone up to the counter, and yet somehow she certainly had a glass of red wine.

The figure observing them, a small smile on her lips, was apparently a little girl, a child no older then nine or ten. By appearances, she was quite cute, the sort of child you might expect to play a role as the 'endearing little girl' in a movie. But there were a few things somewhat unusual about her looks, as well. She was incredibly pale, not to an unnatural extent, but certainly it was notable. The fact that her eyes were remarkably crimson was notable as well, though perhaps much less unusual considering that Servants dwelt in the city of Fusang. Her hair was pale blue, and ended strangely in almost squared-off tips, as if it naturally grew that way.

She seemed content to simply observe the kings and Iskander's retainer, but if not noticed soon she would likely approach.

Gilgamesh would recognize her almost instantly, even if he had not been the perceptive king that he was, but the others perhaps not.

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Saber - Benienma

The old man was wonderfully helpful, and Benienma bowed her head in thanks before departing with her Master and Alice. Part of her couldn't help but be curious: Which Heroic Spirit was she? Certainly, she wasn't anyone familiar to the diminutive hell oni, even considering the knowledge granted to her by the process that brought her to the modern world. Regardless of her identity, it was clear to Benienma that she was a lovely, pure-hearted, and fluffy girl, one that the sparrow Saber desired to know better as a friend. But for the moment, it was crucial to find her Master. Indeed, as Dorothy was a child, she was in potential danger due to the situation. It was important to locate her quickly.

"Worry not dechi," she assured the little girl Servant, as they arrived at the spot in which she last saw her Master, "We're certain to find her, you have my word as an enma dechi!"

Her attention shifted to her own Master swiftly afterwards.

"This park isn't very far from our original location dechi," Benienma began, "Meaning that it's unlikely that Dorothy-san could have travelled much further than Alice-san. In that case, it's unlikely she's left the park, or strayed very far from it dechi."

The small redheaded girl nodded to herself, firmly. This seemed to be the most likely conclusion, and if that was the case then there was a simple way she felt she could locate Dorothy, or at least rule out where she wasn't.

"In that case, Master, I will locate her from the skies dechi."

With that, before the very eyes of her Master and Alice, Benienma rapidly reduced in size. She shrunk, but as she shrunk her feet left the ground. This was the best and quickest way for her to ascend at the appropriate speed. Thankfully, her clothing, even though it was not what she was summoned with, reduced in size with her. Soon enough, Benienma was the same size as an actual sparrow, appearing to be some sort of tiny figurine or doll of the most realistic quality.

When she spoke, her voice was not reduced, however, still remaining the same volume as it had been at her full size.

"When I return, it will be with Dorothy-san, or with news of her dechi!"

The tiny, tiny figure suddenly became a nigh-invisible blur, at least to the eyes of a human, as she rocketed skywards. The wind whipped past her minuscule body as she hurtled into the air, stopping only when she reached a height at which she could observe much of the park from her position.

From there, it was simply a matter of locating the girl that Alice had described. A blue dress and brown pigtails... Additionally, blue eyes. Benienma's dark red eyes scanned the park below for any children matching these features...


Swiftly, as quickly as she had ascended, the Saber-class Servant descended through the air, landing firmly on the ground nearby. As she landed, she returned to her normal, still very small size.

Before her was Dorothy, but the little girl was not alone.

Kneeling beside her with a pleasant smile on her face was a rather beautiful buddhist nun, who appeared to be in her twenties.

"I bet Alice is off losin' her head or somethin'..." half-murmured Dorothy, who was clearly trying to hold back tears. The nun smiled at her, and simply patted her head.

"There there, you can let it all out," she said, in a soothing tone, "Don't worry. I'm certain we'll find your Alice."

"Dorothy-san?" Beni called to the both of them, approaching, giving the little girl a smile of her own as both Dorothy and the nun turned to face them, "I'm a Saber-class Servant from the Fusang Counter-Crime and Civilian Assistance Force dechi. We found your Servant dechi."

She flashed her armband.

Almost immediately, the look on the Dorothy's face brightened.

"Excellent timing," said the nun, taking the little brunette's hand with a smile, "My my, you're adorable too."

She smiled pleasantly, before her attention returned to Dorothy.

"Did you hear that, Dorothy?" she said, "Let's go reunite you with your best friend~"

With that, they began to follow, as Benienma lead the way.


The Arena

While the arena wasn't as packed as it sometimes was during a tournament, it couldn't be said that today's fights hadn't drawn a crowd. Most of them had likely come for the fight between Gawain and Sigurd, but many still lingered to see the following battles. Humans and Servants alike occupied the stands, and while the stadium was visibly not full there was a decent crowd, as much as could be expected for the off-season.

"And her opponent-" the bombastic voice over the intercom began. "-said she would prefer to introduce herself!"

And moments later, a figure emerged from the opposite side of the arena.

It was unusual. She appeared to be a cute young girl clad in Japanese clothing, not even having entered her teenaged years yet. But there were a few things distinctly unusual about her appearance. while it wasn't immediately obvious, she didn't appear to have eyebrows. and those eyes... those golden eyes had slitted pupils. The more obvious inhuman traits were the set of horns protruding from her forehead and her red, clawed hands with bare feet that matched. Grinning, in a manner that displayed a pair of sharp fangs, the girl planted her strange sword that looked as if it was made of bone into the ground, raising one of her clawed red hands, palm facing her opponent.

"Your enemy," she began, her voice echoing throughout the arena, "Is Ibaraki-Douji. Leader of the Oni of Mount Ooe! Are you ready to be crushed in the palm of an oni's hand!?"

To emphasize her point, Ibaraki-Douji clutched her hand into a fist tightly.

Kobayashi Seria


Seria was completely unprepared to have that fist knock her on the head, yelping at the impact. Of course, Mordred didn't particular hurt her at all, but the blow still made her flinch. How... how... she was the one who had just grabbed Seria's hand out of no-where, wasn't she!? No And... holding... holding hands like this was really embarrassing! Just because it was, there wasn't any other reason in the pigtailed girl's mind for why this was possibly the case! Of course, all of this was pushed away from her mind when she was suddenly pulled against the blonde girl's body.

Almost immediately she froze, flushed with embarrassment. It was only when Mordred realized what she'd done and helped her back to her feet that she used her free hand to push herself away from the other girl.

"Y-you should remember what's going on around you at least..." she said, finally, averting her eyes from her Servant. Jeez, that had been way too embarrassing...

And yet, Seria still had yet to let go of Mordred's hand.

@KoL@Raineh Daze

Mihama Nanako


Was... was an operative of Atlas offering to tutor her!? That on its own was completely stunning, a shocking turn of events that would be enough to make Nanako fall on her face if she was standing. She was hardly an impressive magus, even if she was decent at the technical side of things, so when Othis offered to teach her it was completely out of the blue, even considering her situation. What kind of day was this!? It was just completely crazy! There was no other way to describe it! Her feelings of joy over summoning a Servant, confusion over her Servant, concern over her Servant and BB, and now all of this... Her mouth opened and closed several times as she tried process what she had just been offered.

But then...

Meltryllis began her explanation. There was so much information coming at her so quickly. It wasn't as if she didn't understand it, but the sheer amount of data was ridiculous. By this point she'd freely accepted her Servant was from the future, but not only was she from the future, but she was also from the moon, also it probably wasn't their future, also all of that stuff happened... High Servants... AIs... a super computer... Meltryllis was made out of the information from three goddesses...

It was just too much all at once.

"... I feel like my head's going to explode," the brunette confessed, slumping forward slightly, "But... I guess... it... sort of explains a lot..."

Her eyes drifted back towards Meltryllis after a moment. Her Servant... she was struggling with the spoon for her parfait, trying to use it at all was difficult for her. It was because of her hands, wasn't it...?

"... Meltryllis-san, I can-"

Nanako cut herself off. She knew her Servant didn't like being pitied. It was obvious. Trying to help her use a spoon was not going to be received happily. But what could she do? It was obvious how much she was struggling with it.

... And how could she respond to that offer? Or any of this? Just what was she getting drawn into...?

Saber - Arturia Pendragon

That hand ruffling her hair... she wasn't sure how to take it. Of course, Arturia had not told her Master of the circumstances. How could she? It had hardly been necessary, anyway... perhaps, until this moment. But she would not press such matters onto her Master. The simple truth was, while she no longer wished to erase herself from the events, the blonde knight was certain that she was to blame, at least for Lancelot's fall, for what had caused him to qualify for the class of Berserker. Indeed, in this summoning he was now Saber, the class that Arturia believed was truly what he deserved, but that did not simply erase the memory of her friend, her loyal knight, stained black and stricken with madness.

"... Regardless, I... I cannot simply..." Arturia trailed off for a few moments. There were no words she could say that would be able to explain the situation to her Master easily. She was not sure if she could bring herself to say them, even if she could find them.

"... I... would appreciate that, Master," she said, finally. She was not entirely aware of the directions to this specific park, after all.

@Raineh Daze
Mihama Nanako

Nanako's shoulders slumped, slightly. Her own abilities as a magus, well... they weren't ignorable, but she was hardly particularly impressive. Meltryllis would obviously be aware of that, given the manner in which a contract between Master and Servant was formed, so the brunette couldn't exactly be surprised about the response. That didn't mean it didn't sting a little, though. One of the things she had hoped for coming to Fusang was a way to improve upon that... but the girl pushed it to the back of her mind, for now. The Atlas operative, Obberhausen, was already performing her analysis...

"From... from the future?!" Nanako found herself blurting out. Of course that made sense, and... strictly speaking, as far as she knew, it wasn't exactly impossible. The Throne of Heroes existed outside of time, meaning that it wasn't necessarily impossible to summon someone who had become a hero in the future. But even that didn't feel like it explained everything... though it did explain all about 2030. On the other hand, BB wasn't explained at all... was she somehow responsible for Meltryllis being here?

"... I guess I was kind of expecting it, given... er..." she trailed off, uncertain if it was a good idea to mention everything involving BB here.

It was around that moment that the situation grew that much more unusual, when the waiter who brought out Meltryllis's parfait suddenly revealed himself to be, not only a Servant, but Sherlock Holmes.

"What?! You... how... you...!"

Nanako stumbled over herself. Sherlock Holmes was here, and not only that, but he had been tailing them since she left her apartment? The brunette was both in awe and a little creeped out.

Kobayashi Seria

Honestly, Seria hardly minded all of this. Not only did it let her keep her mind off of things, but it also let her meet King Arthur. The possibility of meeting King Arthur was, well... she knew that the Heroic Spirit had been summoned, she just hadn't actually seen her at all yet. When someone like that, someone who was so famous and well-known, was summoned it was hard to miss it. The news spread pretty quickly, especially given that Servants like that tended to be very powerful. Not only because of their fame, but because of their inherent nature. There was a reason they had become so famous, in other words.

So it was hard not to be a little excited, even if Seria didn't show it. She was also a little worried, too. After all, the last time King Arthur and Mordred had seen each other was hardly a positive experience for either of them. But Mordred's desire to try and reconcile seemed to be perfectly genuine, and Lancelot no longer seemed to hold a grudge... perhaps becoming a Servant let a Heroic Spirit reflect on their past better?

And then Mordred grabbed her hand. Almost immediately Seria went rigid, the redheaded girl's cheeks flushing red.

"D-d-don't just go grabbing me!" she shouted without even thinking, immediately attempting... and failing, to pull her hand away. It was only after a brief pause that she realized Mordred really was in dire need of help.

"... Ah... er... h-hmph, dummy... warn me next time before s-simply... doing whatever you please..." Seria took a deep breath as she averted her eyes. No, no, she couldn't let too much show... but given how much she disliked being touched or clung to, that was all it needed to be, right? "... We... we can go get you an outfit or something if there's time..."

@Raineh Daze@KoL
She'd really created the barrier, just like that! Hah! Hikari couldn't help but feel proud of herself, she'd felt as if she'd done something really cool! Not that she'd necessarily admit to how cool something so simple felt, though. Any magical girl would be able to do this, so wouldn't it look silly to brag about it? No, she had to accept it as something normal that she was able to do! So she simply held the barrier fast...

Even as Tokiko asserted she was going to keep going. Indeed, the monstergirl that was her archetype immediately started hammering down blow after blow on her barrier. It didn't take a genius to realize that it wasn't going to last forever, but Hikari had no idea how long it actually could last. Tokiko had mentioned something about melee-type magical girls having stronger barriers than ranged-type, right? So that meant she could push it a little longer...

But it still wasn't much time before she could see the cracks starting to spread out from the impact point of each fist! She needed to find some sort of path out, the cracks were spiderwebbing through the structure of her barrier the longer the attack went on, like it was made of glass!

But before she could come to any kind of conclusion, her barrier shattered.

The force was suddenly imparted to Hikari's body, lifting her off her feet with a yelp of surprise. But this... but this actually worked in her favor, didn't it!? It got her away from the attack without actually hitting her!

... Certainly, the landing was a bit less ceremonious then she had liked, Hikari landing and rolling on her side, but the red-headed magical girl managed to get to her feet and raise her hammer swiftly!


The shades, silent even as they were destroyed, seemed to number at least in the forties as they swarmed the magical girls. After some of their number were killed, however, they seemed to develop a wariness, keeping their distance and waiting for a better opening as opposed to running in all at once. There were a few conclusions that could be made about the sudden appearance of so many smaller shades, chief among them being that the destruction of the largest one had drawn them here. Shades fed off of negative energy, after all, which meant that even a shade being destroyed would cause the shades around it to grow stronger.

This did mean that, if a single shade was left alive in this swarm, it would have been able to feed on the negative energy of all of its fellows and become much more powerful. Thankfully, it seemed as if these were rather weak shades, so the final shade would not be completely overwhelming.

But perhaps it would be best to try and wipe them out all at once.

"My my, I suppose that's somewhat impressive," commented Kagami, shrugging her shoulders as she observed the other two girls' battle, "Somewhat. Continue your show."


Chise nodded, seeming to be satisfied with that answer. After a few moments, the black-haired little girl spoke again.

"We wanted to know a little bit more about her," she said, "It's for a school project that I'm doing with Hina-chan."

"School project?" asked Hina, looking bewildered for a moment, as if she'd just now heard about this. However, after a few moments a look of realization dawned on the girl's face, and she nodded immediately, "Oh yeah! That project!"

She grinned widely.

"It's a school project!" she declared cheerfully, almost as if she had been the first one to announce it in the first place.

Chise sighed.

"... Yes, that one."

Before she could try and continue on a more normal path of conversation, however, Hina was suddenly investigating Hanako's hair.

"... Your hair is super pretty!" declared the girl, brightly, "It's like that girl from that one manga Hisa-nee likes!"

@Raineh Daze
Saber-Arturia Pendragon

For a few moments, Arturia was left in confusion as her Master approached her without responding to her greeting. It only became clear what she intended when Laetitia proceeded to lean down and plant a kiss upon the blonde knight's cheek. Almost immediately, the Saber-class Servant flushed, her mouth opening and closing several times as she attempted to process what had just happened, unable to resist when her arm was suddenly grasped by the taller girl and she was pulled away. Why... why had that just happened? Why had it occurred in public, where others could see? She couldn't help but notice some of the women who attended the club staring daggers at her as she half-stumbled behind her Master.

Arturia was so caught up in what had happened, cheeks still colored with embarrassment, that she had not fully processed what her Master was saying for several moments.

The mood shifted quickly when it did.


Today she was going to meet Lancelot.

It was impossible not to remember what had occurred at the closing of the Fourth Holy Grail War. She could not help but blame herself for the miserable condition that one of her knights had been brought to, to be summoned as Berserker. And yet... she also could not help her desire to truly speak with him once more.

"... Yes, Master, I... I wish to speak with Sir Lancelot once more."

The short girl nodded, firmly.

@Raineh Daze
I'll post here in a day or so!
Mihama Nanako

Making her own, much less expensive order after sitting down at the table, Nanako took a deep breath. Ah... trying to make friends with her Servant really hadn't gone well. And on top of that, everything had gotten so much more complicated so quickly... to think, all of this resulted from her skipping class today. But she didn't regret summoning Meltryllis, and she didn't have any intention of just giving up. She'd forge a good relationship with the small purple-haired girl, and she'd learn just what was going on! That was her path forward!

With her newfound determination, Nanako felt somewhat less distressed, when another girl approached the table. Immediately, she introduced herself as an alchemist from Atlas, which was a bit of a surprise. Nanako didn't know that much of the secretive organization, but she was aware they were providing assistance with the complex systems involved in Fusang's very nature. She simply never expected she'd meet any of their agents. However, it was what she said that was the most important.

It wasn't easy to guess that Meltryllis wasn't a normal Servant. Nothing about her corresponded to any legend that Nanako was aware of(and she'd done her research before summoning!) that meant that she was some sort of unknown factor. It was a lot of information to parse at once, and Nanako wasn't familiar with all of it, but she was at least aware of spiritons on some level. They were a sort of quantum particle with relation to Servants and their manifestation. They were also related to the substance of the soul. Her lessons in magecraft weren't entirely related to them, but it did at least feel like something important. They'd been mentioned in a lecture, once, as well.

"... I'm glad that Melt-san is willing to be analyzed, because... to be honest, I want to know more, too," Nanako said, finally, scratching the back of her head. She was sure it was strange for a Master not to have any awareness of the identity of their own Servant. Then again, this was a strange situation to start with. "So I'd like to know anything you can find out.

Spiritron hacking, however, was something she'd never heard of before.

"... Er, I can't do that, Melt-san," the brunette added, "I'm not even sure what spiritron hacking is... but I can at least cast some spells that might be able to give you a boost when you need it!"

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