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Current Killer Queen reminds me that it's already touched the doornob.
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So rolling a single free tenroll with no expectations got me one of the most coveted Servants in Fate/grand order.
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Getting into /grand order for "reasons" is sad because that reinforces negative stereotypes certain bad designs give about it. : (
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I read that as "we all need kills" and was very concerned.
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... Touhou?
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Aaaaah I keep forgetting I WILL have something posted tomorrow.

"Yeah yeah, so sad, so sad," Mordred responded, waving her hand in a dismissive fashion. It was like a broken record with Sir Tristan. She did agree, however, that it was a shame that they weren't on different sides. After all, it was true. They didn't get to fight if they'd been summoned as allies. "I guess I agree with you, it's that the true heir to King Arthur can't kick your ass across this town."

It was true, in her heart, but that wasn't the only reason she had referred to herself like that. Mordred wanted to do her best to piss the other knight off as much as she possibly could. Giving him a rather sharp, vicious grin, she almost considered proposing that they spar at some point(so she could get the satisfaction of beating him into the ground, naturally), but she was interrupted when Caster suddenly offered her some tea, by complete surprise. It took the red knight off guard, and she awkwardly took the cup.

"Uh... yeah... sure...?"

For a few moments she stared at the, taken out of her irritation at seeing Tristan again. Then, she received mental communication fro. her Master, and she followed her to her seat.

'I'll just kick his ass if things go wrong! No problem!'

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Almost immediately on smelling the offering in the bag, the fairies flooded forward excitedly, surrounding Indrau immediately. There was a great deal of excited clamor from the miniscule girls, but eventually it was clear that Feeree and Kopuro were present, two frantic hands waving from the crowd as they tugged at the bag.

"Here! I'm here!" cried Kopuro's voice.

"Me too!" came Feeree's.

The two were allowed to flutter above their fellow fairies.

"Feeree nearly blew our cover, but we got a nice good look at them!" declared Kopuro, folding her arms with a look of triumph.

"It wasn't that bad, Kopuro..." protested Feeree, but the other fairy seemed not to pay any attention to her friend.

"The dark lady is still there! And there's some smelly orcs, too!" continued Kopuro with an eager nod, "She's doing something funny though, we could feel all the magic in the air, it felt like it was going to zap us!"

Fairies were uniquely sensitive to magic. Fanilly knew that much, at least. So if they felt like they were going to be harmed just by going close to Old Falthier... Just what was the dark lady doing, that was registering to the fairies so intensely?

"Feeree, Kopuro, can you lead us there?" she asked.

"Of course! But, um... I don't really want to get too close, I don't want to get zapped for real..." replied Kopuro. Feeree nodded as well.

"That's fine, we just need to get close," the blonde knight responded, before turning to the others.

"We'll have the fairies take us to a location where we can attack Old Falthier," she said, addressing the knights, "But to begin with... it's clear she must be planning something, attempting to cast some kind of spell... do you have any suggestions on our approach?"

With that, the fairies began to lead the way, with Feeree's promise that it wouldn't take long.

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Arturia sighed heavily. After a moments pause, she did her best to gently take both of her fellow Servants by the arm.

"We will be back momentarily," she said, simply, before guiding them a few meters away from the stall. It was best to conduct these matters quickly and without disrupting the man's business any further. Of course, Archer had arrived as well, and Arturia swiftly acknowledged her presence with a nod, and a look that made it clear she needed to remain focus.

"They are providing us with edible goods," she began, simply, "In spite of their own difficulties with food. Given they expect items traded in return, we should not attempt to provide them with a song-"

She glanced at Elizabeth. Her music would be more of a punishment then anything that could be called a 'service', anyway...

"-Nor... nor whatever it is you were attempting to suggest, Caster," the blonde knight said as she glanced towards Nero. "However, there is a simple solution. Caster, you are capable of producing an infinite amount of those pastries, are you not? Simply provide him with those in return for the food he is providing us with. It is an equal trade that will feed his family well, and will will receive the goods he is providing."
Estelle Varianbec

Many things had happened at once. The enemy Master had fled, a tree had been thrown at the family, and then it was suddenly off-course, with Lancer deflecting it further. Estelle's body had tensed the moment she saw the tree hurtle through the air, but now she relaxed. It wasn't as if she had cared what happened to the family, of course. Rather she had simply concluded that killing all of them would be too noticeable, and altering their memories was was the more subtle way to go about it. Naturally. There was no other thoughts in her mind. She was a homunculus created for this purpose, of course she wasn't worried about the fate of this random family. Anyone insisting otherwise would be an absolute fool.

An absolute fool!

"Lancer, bring them here, so I can alter their memories."

Saber, Mordred Pendragon

Saber, frankly, had been displaying a complete lack of patience leading up to the meeting. For most of the day, she'd been asking when they were going to get going already, and complaining about how long the wait felt. Sure, she had only been summoned for about a day, but that felt like it was taking way too long already!

At least in her mind, she couldn't be blamed for feeling that way. While her Master seemed pretty easygoing and let her more or less do whatever she wanted, thing were pretty slow. No fighting, nothing like that at all! Sure she was going to get to pick out her own clothing and buy snacks and all all, but Mordred was eager to get down to business first, then play around afterwards. Not to say that the red knight didn't want to get the chance to play around, but rather that she wanted to get started before doing so. To get her chance to take her rightful place as the true and proper heir to King Arthur.

It was what she desired above everything else, after all.

On top of that, she had to confess to feeling some level of curiosity about the other servants that had been summoned by 'her side'. Just who was going to be fighting alongside her? And, naturally, paling in comparison to her incredible capabilities and knightliness. There was no denying she was going to be the best Servant among the seven that would be fighting together, after all. She didn't even need to see who her allies were. After all, she was Mordred, the one and only!

The strongest knight, the one and only heir of Arthur Pendragon... All around someone who deserved to be thought of as the best, to put it simply. And she finally wasn't going to feel so bored, too.

When she arrived at the doorway, the knight's helmet was retracted, exposing her face and wild blonde hair. Any opportunity to go without it was one she would take.

"Yo," Mordred began, waving as she glanced around the room. "Saber here!"

She quickly took stock of the other Servants. Caster was a pink-haired girl with wings and Archer-...

Archer was someone she knew very well.

Archer was Sir Tristan.

"Tristan?!" she exclaimed, "Is that really you, you luckless bastard? Hahaha! To think we'd be summoned to fight on the same side, huh? Is this some kinda joke?"

Saber honestly couldn't believe her eyes. One of the other knights, Tristan of all people, had been summoned here? She couldn't decide how to feel. Pissed off, or laughing like crazy?

She decided for the middle ground of amused, but also kind of ticked.

"Y'know, being surrounded by all these ladies who aren't gonna give a rat's ass about you, that's a different kind shitty luck with women, right?" she asked, cocking her head to one side and gesturing to the female Servants and Masters, "Or can you even notice that when you never open your damn eyes?"


"I won't complain about the lack of trust, though it does hurt me to know that such a wonderful man like Siegfried sees me in such a light~" Skuld replied, with a giggle. It wasn't unexpected, if she was being honest. She knew what to be prepared for when she introduced herself via her true name. Her legend, after all, was one fraught with treachery. However, the small half-elven girl had no reason for treating anywhere here in such a cruel manner. No, what she sought would likely be in their best interests, or at least that was how she saw it. If they agreed... well, that was up to them.

"As for the corruption of a Servant's Saint Graph... hmm," Caster mused, one hand to her chin as she thought it over. That seemed to be a very difficult goal to achieve. Certainly, it was possible to manipulate others and make them perform wicked actions through honeyed words. But even Skuld would acknowledge such a thing didn't work on everyone, and that was a world of difference away from warping a Servant's very being, blackening their existence entirely. "I'm afraid I haven't ever heard of such a thing. It would require a massive outpouring of curses and evil, something that could consume them utterly in darkness."

She shrugged.

"No matter what I do, I could never produce such a sheer amount of corruption~" Skuld added, "... Not that I'd want to. It sounds boring, it's much more fun to tease pure heroes then blackened villains~"

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Things had not gone as she had expected. The catalyst she had obtained, one left to her by her family, one prepared for the day where she may enter a Holy Grail War, had been intended to summon the legendary Sakata Kintoki, a powerful Servant who qualified for the class of Berserker, among others. It was purportedly a fragment of something that had once belonged to him, a shard of metal that could call him to her side in order to fight for her. To be honest, Miyako hadn't been certain how to feel about this. Was it really her right to enforce service on a figure from legend? But she had brushed aside her concerns when she performed the ritual. This was her duty, to her allies in the Tohsaka family.

And yet...

The Servant she had summoned was most certainly not Sakata Kintoki. No, she had been taken aback by the appearance of... well, a beautiful young girl, not much different from herself in age, with the horns of a dragon. Needless to say, her initial reaction had been one of shock and confusion. Why was it that she had summoned someone completely different from her intent? It was only after she learned who her Servant was that she realized what the fragment of metal's true nature was.

A melted shard of a long-destroyed bell.

The one she had summoned was Kiyohime, the maiden whose lovesickness and sorrow had caused her to become a dragon, who slew the object of her affections by burning him alive inside a bell and then took her own life. For a moment, she had become afraid. A Servant with a nature like that... she sounded as if she would be nearly uncontrollable. However, over the course of the day leading up to the meeting with the Tohsaka head, she had discovered that Berserker seemed to do... relatively little that was threatening. She even volunteered to cook for Miyako, and as long as she was treated nicely...

Maybe this would work out just fine?

Regardless, she had a duty to fulfill, and so with her Servant in tow Miyako made her way to the Tohsaka estate. To be frank, she was curious about who else had been summoned...

When she arrived...

"Hello? ah, I am the representative of the Tachibana family, Tachibana Miyako," she began, bowing, "I have summoned Servant Berserker."
I'll post for Miyako today, hopefully!
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