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Current Except by everything I've ever heard Wreck-It Ralph and The Lego Movie were both at least creative and fun movies that didn't talk down to children and were fun to watch for adults too.
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I read a previous status as "Loli hip hop" and I was immediately very confused.
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I can't believe there's going to be more Kino's Journey as soon as this fall. I'm so excited!
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Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality.
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No matter what sort of spell had been assisting the cultists, no matter how they were bolstered by their lack of fear and pain, such a thing can take a fighter only so far. As time wore on, more and more of their forces fell to the blades of the Iron Roses. Eventually, when the dust had settled, not a single cultist remained alive. A few allies of the Roses had taken injuries, but Fanilly's heart rose when she realized that none of the civilians were seriously hurt.

After that point, the injured were gathered to be given attention by healers, and the escort moved forward. The cult, it seemed, had committed the bulk of their forces to this attack and now lay in ruins.

To say that this mission had been a success was, perhaps, an understatement. It was regrettable that anyone had been hurt, but not a single innocent perished in the ambush.

They arrived at their destination safely.

The trip back home to Candaeln was a rather joyous one, though by the time they returned it was impossible to say that the Captain was anything less then exhausted. She slowly proceeded upstairs and was quick to take a bath, her maids assisting her as she did(Aralee, as usual, was somewhat grabby).

Given how tired Fanilly was, it shouldn't have been surprising that she overslept the next morning.

Perhaps it was up to someone else to awaken her.
Saber - Arturia Pendragon

Ah, Invisible Air? Saber hadn't considered that, possibly due to the fact that she had been worried about potential destruction... However, it was worth trying. If she used the air currents, perhaps she could force the fire out, dissipating it with the strong burst of the Bounded Field that encased her weapon. She would have to avoid directly hitting the burning structures with the main force of the blow, and instead hit it with the 'edge' of the cone of wind that was released from her blade.

"Yes, Bethany," she said with a firm nod. As her Master began to set up the beginnings of the ritual that would allow her to construct her bounded field, the King of Knights turned on her heel and sprinted to the nearest blazing building. Squaring up her armored feet and taking a somewhat lowered stance, the blonde girl pointed the tip of her invisible blade towards the blaze, then tilted it upwards. Saber had to be careful. She wanted to avoid damaging anything, or potentially accidentally striking a bystander or an ally. As such, she was sure to aim at an angle.

The knight concentrated, furrowing her brow as she pushed Invisible Air outward. As she did, it would be difficult to ignore the sudden glimpse of blazing gold, the elegant and utterly perfect craftmanship of the world itself as the Holy Sword Excalibur was suddenly, briefly, unveiled. The was a roar of wind as a cone of pressure tore its way into the sky, air spiraling out around it. The fire wavered and was suddenly forced to the sides, sputtering and dissipating in the wake of the blast.

When Saber lowered her sword, Invisible Air once again sheathed its blade. Bethany's suggestion, it seemed, had worked! Nodding to herself, the King of Knights swiftly proceeded to the next house.

She would repeat this process as many times as was necessary!

@ghastlyinc: Sorry, but giving an end of the week deadline for this arc. I wouldn't normally but it's taking a very long time. If it's not resolved by Monday I'll resolve it myself. ^^;
@Rockin Strings: Ah, sorry, I missed your edit. I'll take a look either tonight or tomorrow.

For everyone else, this RP will pick up as soon as this battle is finished and we're back to our regularly scheduled programming. ^^;
So testing the waters with this idea:

Would anyone be open to having a discord server set up for this RP?

That taste of iron in her mouth. It wasn't unfamiliar, but never before had it been caused by this sort of injury. Of all the damage that had been done to her body in life, she had never been afflicted by a curse that attacked the interior of her body like this. A curse that...

A curse...

A... curse...?

Ah...? She'd been attacked, but by what? By... by what? There was still blood dribbling from the corner of her mouth... still absolute agony burning through her body, but... there was nothing. Had it been Caster? To attack the interior of her body without harming the outside, surely that must be magecraft, strong enough to bypass her Resistance. And yet there was no longer anything here. Had Caster attacked simply to test the waters, and then retreated just as quickly? Such an act was fitting for a class that could not fight in close combat with proficiency, but... but...


Panting, her legs trembling, Saber fell to her knees, catching herself on one hand before she could hit the floor. Some crimson droplets still fell from her mouth. She couldn't remember the circumstances, but how...? There was blood everywhere, she'd vomited blood, and yet she couldn't remember why?

"M... Master..." she gasped, forcing herself back to her feet, doing her best to steady herself. The damage done to her body could wait. What was important now was Mira's wellbeing.

"M-Master... you... were not injured, were you...?" she asked, turning to face the other girl as she did. Regardless of how her body felt now, it didn't matter when her Master needed protection and there was an enemy Servant nearby.

@Blackstripe@Raineh Daze@Feyblue@Crusader Lord@WanderingSpirit
Let's settle this with "Elizabeth dives and then uses a barrier".

That way we get the outcome I'm sure everyone was aiming for more or less while also not depleting anyone's credibility as a capable fighter.
... Would a good compromise for this be "dodge and ice barrier"?

I don't want to get hitched up on this too much and would like to just make sure this goes smoothly and no-one gets into an argument about it. ^^;
Estelle Varianbec, Master of Rider


Wait, why was Rider pulling her cheeks? Aaah, this wasn't right at all! He was trying to talk to her about doing what she wants?! The tiny, tan-skinned girl squirmed in her Servant's grip, pulling away from the Servant as much as she could. But, naturally, there could be no comparison in strength. Even a normal human would easily overpowered Estelle, a tiny, fragile girl with nearly no physical strength to speak of. It wasn't necessary to discuss how easily a Servant could do the same.

The moment she was released, the white-haired Master flopped back into her seat with a yelp, wiggling there for a few moments before sitting bolt upright and rubbing her cheeks. That was... that was... that was really mean!

"I know that, Rider!" cried Estelle, thrusting her hands down at her sides as she did. This was just... just embarrassing, too, having someone else treat her that way! "... But still... a wish is something pretty big, isn't it? It can be anything..."

She sank back into her seat, thoughts of her future swirling in her mind. "So I feel like if I take my family's desires into account, I can understand what I want better. I don't want to win and then be unable to decide what I want, right?"

This might not have been entirely true. But Rider didn't need to know that. She didn't need to tell anyone what she really wanted until it happened.

"Besides, I'm sure whatever conclusion I come to is something my family would have wanted, it's only natural!"

As if to distract herself from the embarrassment of her cheeks being pulled, Estelle folded her arms and let out a prideful huff.

"It's the Varianbec pride, united in ideals even when only one of us remains! Whatever I decide on will be what my family desired, I'm certain!"

This, at least, fell in line with what she both said to Rider and what she felt inside. The things she hadn't said to anyone.

Saving my quartz for Jack and Nursery Rhyme will be arduous, but worth it to have as many rolls as possible!

I might still roll for Scathach though.

In any case, this Grail War has had quite the start.
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