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Dapper old man, you weren't meant to be that good.
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Of course. She'll be getting grails and so on when I can spare the QP for it.
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For the first three: nothing. For the fourth: one pack. After that is when it took a while.
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Five Illyas. I somewhat regret this.


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If we want to get pedantic, I think the climate is the Riviera rather than Germany, but culturally the northern coastlines. But ambiguous because this is a fantasy country.
It was when I was doing the whole compare-the-bodies thing. Oh well, no harm done.

Setting history lesson: the Vos Korvungand was a seaborne invasion ~200 years ago. Raided, pillaged, sacked temples. But more like your bigger medieval army than "small group of raiders". 10,000+ men.

Obviously, it wasn't just the Iron Roses, but they did a lot that day.
Tyaethe Radistirin

Her searching for Jeremiah was fruitful--in that she was actually looking the right way when the tree fell, dividing them from their captain. Though the log somewhat obscured the view, it didn't hide the soldier's brutal death, which confirmed everything that the paladin needed to know, calling out over the din of the battlefield and the screams of bandits with surprising clarity: "Nobody try blocking him!"

Exactly like the royal soldiers they had seen earlier--plate cleaved like it was just foil; armour, weapon, and bone giving way with no difficulty. Her sword might be able to take it, but the number of blessed blades amongst the Iron Roses was quite slim. It wasn't a firm way to judge Jeremiah's ability, but perhaps he was one of the more exclusive adventurers gone rotten, already a match or more for most of their knights without the advantage of negating their main usual advantage.

The bandits between Tyaethe and the log were the next people to fall in pieces. If Fanilly could just deal with him until others got there...

"Three hundred...? Three hundred? W-We killed the Vos Korvungand to a man!"

... if he didn't make Tyaethe collapse with laughter first.
I tried to tell people but nobody wanted to talk to me. :<
The Arena

"Thank you," Lancelot said, giving the blonde lancer a pause--but then he was moving forward, himself pushing the attack. Although at first the knight seemed to be mirroring the attack he had just parried, only enough time was left to recognise it before the stab was cancelled, feinted into an upwards slash... and the blade lined with mana. Although he may not have had the abilities of the King, Arondight itself had such capabilities--even if he wouldn't be able to utilise them for a battle of endurance, as against Gawain.

Alkyrieaze von Einzbern

"Pick up already..." the Einzbern grumbled, making a vague motion for Altera to stop--it would be a pain to have to deal with the authorities for long when there were more important matters. Such as, for instance, getting Serene to pick up her phone so Da Vinci could be used to answer some questions.

Altera seemed to just watch with a barely-concealed lack of interest as the tiny Saber sliced apart the fire escape, making no move to rescue the various bystanders. It wasn't required of her by her Master nor was it her duty, so why should she do something like that? It would be more important to chase down the fleeing Berserker, but she couldn't leave her fragile summoner alone with other Servants.
Who still needs to go?
"Eh, um, no..." Hanako mumbled... trying to answer both the question about being a miko--regardless of the outfit, it wasn't like she really was one!--and whether she knew those two... though that was something of a lie, wasn't it? She'd had to deal with being interrogated by the pair of children just the day before, where they had somehow worked out that she was a magical girl...

Oh no, what if they told Himeko and she didn't like magical girls? The gods would curse her even more than for the statue slip up!

Nevertheless, in case she needed to run from divine punishment... or a surprise attack from the two magical girls... Hanako endeavoured to tug her hand free.
That's a cute cat.
Tyaethe Radistirin

"Yup, just wait for the signal and fall in behind me," Tyaethe said, lining up in position and waiting. She'd heard a lot of people say that they got nerves in this sort of lull, but for her it was as boring as the post-battle cleanup or making camp, something to be suffered through before getting to the excited part. "Up to those two if these thugs get any mercy, as I'm not giving them any."

Not the most reassuring statement to hear before a fight if you trusted in the reverence of the clergy.

The vampire straightened up, eyes trained on the sky. Any second now... there! "GET THEM!"

She was wasting no time in taking her own advice, running full-pelt at the first line of bandits... and diving through a gap in their "lines", further into the camp, closer to the fire. [i]Then she started to swing, blood and metal gleaming in the firelight. What of being surrounded? In the confusion it would only help her and hurt them; she had armour, they didn't, and they had to worry about hitting their allies. And Tyaethe could see fine even in the limited firelight, that helped.

Which would also leave those immediately behind her confused and unsure which way to fight, perfect to be demolished by the knights coming from the other side or the knight already in their midst. A microcosm of the plan as a whole.

The hard part would be keeping an eye out for this Jeremiah before too many knights tried to do something that wouldn't work. At least he should be easy to see...
I intend on holding off on posting till the party returns to whatever base camp they have. Don't really want to 'retcon' Mari into the current situation.

It's not much of a retcon, to be fair. All the knights were assembled together--we can just assume Mari has been hanging back playing dodge-the-camera until now.
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