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Current This was a good game.
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Dapper old man, you weren't meant to be that good.
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Of course. She'll be getting grails and so on when I can spare the QP for it.
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For the first three: nothing. For the fourth: one pack. After that is when it took a while.


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Though, has anyone else decided whether they're staying up or going down?
If Yuuto had remembered that the girl he was offering a meal to was still an oni, friendly or not, then he might have reconsidered whether it was a good idea. If you wanted someone who could eat far more than was reasonable, then there was nobody more appropriate. Though the bright thanks she gave at the offer may have swayed him back anyway.

Much like Mugi, though, Akari seemed to have little idea of the actual goal of their spirit invocation, and jumped to her feet, downing the rest of her bottle. Then, seeing that the spider was occupied, and the class president was... well, a fox and by dint of that factor somewhat untrustworthy. Therefore, she instead threw herself at Tomoko, trying to hide behind the other short girl.

"Y-ya c-can't punch spirits! Don't let 'em take me!"

... that they were just here to ask the spirits questions rather than assume the spirits were behind the disappearances hadn't popped into her head.
Who'm I still waiting on?
I should really do a local map of Thaeln at some point, but...

Guy is a long way from home:

"Guy that can actually fight back" #1.
Tyaethe Radistirin

With Gerard remembering that they were here primarily on a rescue mission, Tyaethe followed into the mausoleum and down the stairs--barely squeezing past Maritza in time; that would have been awkward. Rather than attack the mercenaries that were assembled on this floor... she kept walking, starting to hum to herself.

That wasn't to say that the mercenaries were entirely ignoring her, but attacks that did nothing more than nick the flesh on an arm at best and were mostly deflected or avoided quickly became less important with the threat of the knights rushing down the stairs, all too happy to attack those foolish enough to turn their back on the real threat.

It was towards the stairs to the next floor that Tyaethe came to a halt, swinging her blade up properly to catch the shaft of the attacking weapon on its hooks--which, uncomfortably, left a runed axe close to her face. The vampire was still but a moment before breaking off, towards the melee, to get a look at this opponent.

Chainmail, an equally-runed helmet with guards around the eyes, the axe... even without taking into account the blond beard and its braids, or the impressive musculature on display, there was no difficulty guessing where this man had come from. Even his threat was commensurately above that of your common mercenary. "You're a long way from Barukstaed..."

Aside from a grunt at the name, he gave no response, having pulled back the axe and settled into position.
Akari cringed at the description of the problem. Children were going missing? What if she were to walk home today and be mistaken for someone younger, then get abducted? If there was no sign of a struggle then how could her strength possibly be of use? Maybe it was possible that being a youkai was enough for her own safety, but... it would still have been nice to not have to come to school and be all caught up in this threat of abduction that was plaguing Mihama.

Fortunately, the short girl was shaken from her worries by the yuki-onna gliding into the room. Ah, she was pretty. So was the spider. And the fox class-president. Really, it was like Tomoko had gone out of her way to find attractive girls to put into the club... and her. Or maybe it was just a trait of youkai.

Mmm... Yuuto's suggestion was wrong. Well, so was calling Shuten-Douji "him", and Akari knew all her mother's stories didn't really have anything bad to say about Shuten... but on the other hand, maybe that was just because they were both oni in a time before there was a need to play nicely with people, so it didn't occur to her to say "and kidnapping people is wrong". Something that you couldn't get away with and honestly less fun, but not intrinsically wrong... though either way, she was still against it.

"Ah, it definitely ain't an oni..." Akari said, speaking up again and reaching up to play with her nervously, "Ma would've flipped and stopped 'em by now..."

Hm, I don't think that's really suitable. This feels a bit more appropriate, I suppose both musically and just because Powerwolf lyrics are hilarious.
Appropriate music can be a pain to find. I'm not really familiar with the Berserk OST (though I read the manga until up to the end of Band of the Hawk stuff... hilarious mistranslations and all; got to love when they decided it was Gatz), though.
I will post either later or tomorrow. I'm not quite sure yet.
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