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Current This was a good game.
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Dapper old man, you weren't meant to be that good.
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Of course. She'll be getting grails and so on when I can spare the QP for it.
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For the first three: nothing. For the fourth: one pack. After that is when it took a while.


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Shiro wanted to tilt her head in interest at the person on her head... but there was a person on her head. A cute girl on her head! Really, this was all after to a wonderful start, even if she didn't have quite the best view whilst being used as a platform. There were some more cute girls falling, and running around... some guys too, she supposed.

Kamiko was treated to her platform lowering itself to the ground, then starting to disappear entirely, the snake reducing in surprise as quickly as it had grown, withdrawing from underneath the swordswoman and leaving her stood merely on the much less interesting ground. Shiro, for her part, dusted off her clothes and looked around in curiosity as the others started to introduce themselves or run. She'd have to take a closer look at the slimelike one later, she would be unusual.

All her thoughts were derailed when yet another girl came stumbling out of the trees, falling over. Oh my, what an opportunity this was, to help her up!

Lila might have appreciated the assistance a little more if the white-haired girl who had rushed to her side actually offered a hand and not... well, seemed intent on either tickling her or stroking her bare sides whilst muttering. "Ah... this must be heaven... so many girls... girls with scanty clothing... eheheheh..."

She was practically salivating.

Tyaethe Radistirin

"But the reactions are always so much more interesting if I don't ask," Tyaethe said, making a big show out of pouting before relaxing fully into the bath. There was always the additional drawback that people liked to say "no" when asked if they wanted to let a vampire nibble on them. As if she was going to take a dangerous amount; it wasn't as if the paladin was a half-starved beast with no self control.

"Oh yes, there's a ball tomorrow night, Fanilly. Seems like the princess wants to meet the new captain and asked for you to come along and bring some of the knights. Weapons expected."

'Tis I, the one with the Eevees. Team Big Sister.
Post held up because of mobile game events. Will either get to it later today or tomorrow.
Shiro's panic at being high up lead to a rather immediate and perhaps... excessive response. If she got bigger, then she would be closer to the ground without actually falling as far. Therefore, she should get as big as possible, as fast as possible, and fall as little as possible. Maybe the other people that had appeared in the air would appreciate it? Her scales and flesh had to be better cushioned than the earth of the clearing.

Perhaps it was the size change overwhelming the safe landing, or perhaps it was simply sheer mass, but the result was quite unmistakeable... most of the clearing was temporarily full of winding coils of white snake whilst everyone else landed one way or the other.

And anyone watching from the trees couldn't possibly miss the ground shaking from the enormous impact.
Elferia Bay

... wyverns. The very first obstacle they faced in this little game was wyverns. More importantly, where had they even been acquired from? Phantasmal beasts were quite hard to acquire, even with so many legendary heroes running around--or perhaps especially, the number of famous monster hunters and dragon slayers was quite large. But Moriarty was right, it would have to be up to the Servants to take these things on.

She hoped that the one behind this labyrinth remembered that it was a pair of intellectuals investigating, not great warriors. Oh, they were no doubt far better off now than they ever were in life... but they could only do so much.

Alkyrieaze von Einzbern

"My Servant and I were eating crepes when the Berserker came down pulling along his Master," Alkyrieaze started, tilting her head and thinking about how it went, "I liked the stand, so I ordered her to bring him to heel." Unstated was that if they just went for killing every Servant that went out of control, the city would start to have problems, "And in the mean time managed to get the Master to use his command seals to order a halt."

"But the Berserker ignored them. This... is not entirely unheard of; there are Servants such as Heracles that only myself or my predecessor could keep under control. No, what is strange is how the command seals got turned into a strength boost directly for this Berserker.

"As a Berserker in somewhat modern clothing, the chance that he was able to tamper with the Seals himself is absurdly low, certainly not whilst fixated on a fight. Unfortunately, he fled and was likely defeated by part of the Counter-Crime Force, so we can't question him."
Yeah, hope it passes soon.
Certainly, anything that would allow the players to directly solve the issues threatening the community without engaging in any games undermines the premise. Though maybe that's just a flat impossibility and any changes will revert until permission is gained.
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