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17 days ago
Current Dear student finance companies: can you please communicate rather than leaving me to go back and forth between you? All the money is coming from the same place in the end, here.
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2 mos ago
It feels odd to be graduating soon and then going straight back to university.
3 mos ago
It has been too long since I made egg-fried rice.
7 mos ago
I decided to make potato salad.
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7 mos ago
I have potato and sweet potato and I can't decide which to cook.


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Well, we were there specifically to kill them, so nobody had a reason to take them alive.
Corinth is where Jason ended up living.

Medea ended up in Athens, though I doubt Atalanta would know that one.
Johanna Faust

The magus took a surprisingly long route towards the beach, encouraging her Servant to adopt a spiritual form once they reached areas that would--quite obviously--cause problems if the unaware caught sight of somebody as distinctively unusual as Berserker. There were two reasons that Johanna took a path through populous areas, the first being that it was still early enough that if any Master did catch up, they would be bound by the need to keep the war from becoming public knowledge--and with people straggling home from a night out, Redrock proper was still too busy.

The second reason was more material: get something to eat before everything shut down for the night. If there was a skill that Johanna was going to claim no affinity for whatsoever, it was in cooking, and after stopping to pick up something, her path towards the beaches got substantially more direct. The streets got darker and the lighting more sparse as she walked along the beach-side road, straying from the more popular areas as even the buildings started to get further and further spread out.

It was almost completely dark when they stopped, now on a bumpy side road with even less illumination. Here, the sound of waves was perfectly clear; it must have been nearly high tide from how close they were. Through a simple picket fence, she lead the way into one-story building--a surprisingly new building despite the path leading to it, appealing to those looking for somewhere close to the beach but not too crowded. Though small, with a bare handful of rooms, the majority was open plan, with one side entirely glass to look towards the ocean even at low tide across the short beach. And almost entirely unprotected--barely had she managed to set up the most rudimentary of alarms that afternoon, though it had been helped by not needing to really cover approaches from the sea.

As she finally settled into eating the purchased burger, Johanna indicated the other one, left on a low table: "You might not need to eat, but it would be a waste of having a body not to."

Assuming that she'd been followed the whole way.

@Cu Chulainn
@WanderingSpirit We're waiting on Archer. xD
Good to know.
Eh, sure.
@Rin That seems... uninspired. :P
But yes, poor Jack. She doesn't actually have a name of her own.
I imagine it's made harder to keep up the most effective direct attack possible whilst relaying it through familiars and making sure you don't get killed by poison mist.
<Snipped quote by Raineh Daze>

It sorta makes me want to see Strange Fake's version of Jack the Ripper summoned as an Assassin, since it's sort of implied that it's possible due to Jack's identity being iffy.

Ew, Strange Fake. :T

It's not really an iffy identity when you actually have this Jack around and any degree of good writing, so...
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