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†Appearance: Not shown: being about 3m tall, not including horns. Her appearance on the job is considerably different from around Purgatorio: for all Windshear's terrifying size, her coworkers are more likely to associate her with fluffy sweaters and jeans. Enemies tend to only see the heavy, black coat and deer-skull mask.
†Name: N/A. Or rather, as a Kazdel native, it just isn't important to her, and nobody uses or knows it.
†Codename: Windshear
†Race: Sarkaz (Wendigo)
†Personality: Despite her intimidating appearance and mastery of unsavoury arts, Windshear's reputation towards her associates is one that's, well... more mumsy than intimidating. If someone's hurt, then she'll do her best to take care of them (unless actual medical attention would be more appropriate); she's happily inclined to cook for as many people as needed--if a bit inclined to misjudging appropriate portions; and if someone won't take proper care of themselves and sleep... well, she'll put them to bed, and they can have fun struggling against it. It's quite surprising how shy and reserved someone who dominates any room with sheer size can be.
Enemies, of course, get the opposite end of the stick: convinced that she's a terrifying, monstrous foe whose very desire to see them dead overwhelms one's ability to move (that, of course, is her arts). Whilst she's thoroughly ruthless, she isn't malevolent to anywhere near that extent.
†History: Windshear is old, despite her appearance. As such, her history stretches back long before Purgatorio, replete with that age-old stereotypical Sarkaz profession: mercenary work beyond Kazdel's tiny borders. It was a period of her life where she went through multiple names, and earned a terrifying reputation befitting her stature and the history of the wendigo.
Eventually, it got... too much. Even with longevity and being well-suited to fighting, constantly seeing what effective children sign up to die or throwing themselves at much more experienced mercenaries grew... intolerable. But having picked up Oripathy after a lifetime of originium exposure, retiring to a city somewhere would have been difficult--nor would it have let her avoid those who still knew her.
Instead, she settled in a rural town, confident that nobody would come out to the middle of nowhere chasing rumours of some old merc. It didn't work like that, however--Samael, somehow, got wind of her early on and sought to recruit the Sarkaz for her abilities and arts resistance. With her hiding spot somehow compromised so easily, she eventually acquiesced and joined up, putting her old contacts to use recruiting new members--Purgatorio, at least, was better than most mercenary jobs.
†Weaponry: In general, none aside from her staff.

†Oripathy Infection Status:
  • ‡State of Infection: Stabilized.
  • ‡Oripathy Symptoms: Lesions, mostly on the trunk.

  • ‡Physical Prowess: Given her overall physique, one would describe Windshear's physical prowess as merely average, or even slightly below average considering what her race is known for. Though once you factor in her sheer size, it's considerably different--her endurance and strength are still exceptional.
  • ‡Expertise: "About average" is her self-assessment... coming from a culture where almost everyone knows how to use swords. Good would be the more common description, although still nothing exceptional.

†Originium Arts:
  • ‡Casting Medium: A staff, which is only noteworthy as a casting focus for being sized correctly. Slightly more alarming is the rings handing from it--half a dozen or more-, which themselves are each fixed through the handles of a weapon. Mostly swords, but the old gun is definitely a standout.
  • ‡Manifested Arts: Windshear's name gives a strong indication of where her talents lie: controlling air, or more specifically its pressure and the direction this pressure is being exerted from. Other than the obvious utility of just bowling people over, this is useful for restricting movement simply by exerting heavy pressure, either offensively or for defensive benefit. As a direct weapon, it can be used for poking holes in people, or the generally much messier results of passing through extreme pressure gradients... or incredibly low-pressure environments. Of course, like any other such powerful effect, this takes time.
    However, her own specific arts aren't all--although very rarely put into practice, due to its unsavoury reputation and preparation requirements, and the absurd danger it presents even to allies, this wendigo is versed in witchcraft. Something that nobody wants to see.

Bio complete.

Just transplanting this here so I don't lose it.
I have a full WIP now:
For arts: air pressure shenanigans.
Yes, I'm interested. Shockingly. :p
Corinne and Liliane

With the others doing an excellent job of holding the line, Liliane barely had to do anything--in this confined space, there was just no chance for the skeletons to advance and threaten the mage. One who was approaching the end of her chant, eyes opening and then, with a gesture, flinging the condensed fireball down the corridor.

Where it promptly expanded into a brief, blindingly bright blaze--definitely an oversight to not warn anyone else to close their eyes, but between the fireball from behind and the sword from the front, there was nothing the remaining three skeletons could do except die. Again.

"Are zey dead now?" Corinne asked, hopefully.
I will post tomorrow.
Tyaethe Radistirin

If there was a power that it was now certain that the vampire didn't have in any capacity, it was the ability to cut through things by staring hard enough at them; both Gillian and Alette still had completely intact heads. Yes, they were just dealing with a hole in reality that would kill anyone who so much as touched it, but this ridiculous client confidentiality was so important... because it wasn't as if it was the utmost importance to find where this had come from so they could determine a motive or even who was keeping secrets.

Of course, if it was something that powerful and that evil, completely unshielded by magical means, then there was possibly a way to tell if it was here without turning over every last room in the fortress looking for a bit of not-metal...

Although she appeared to be just looking at her umbrella now, Tyaethe was facing in the vague direction of the sun. Maybe she'd get an answer, maybe not, it might take a while to tell.
Anyone need any more information?
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