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Current Gacha is still good civilisation.
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Gacha is good civilisation.
21 days ago
Whale Result: EL DRAQUE
3 mos ago
Dear student finance companies: can you please communicate rather than leaving me to go back and forth between you? All the money is coming from the same place in the end, here.
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4 mos ago
It feels odd to be graduating soon and then going straight back to university.


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As the storm approached, an unlikely figure took the helm--the smaller of the two Saber Servants and the one that had absolutely no idea how to appropriately control a ship. The pirate captain would find attempts to dissuade her from this about as much use as talking to a wall as she took position beside him, a determined expression on her face and drawing a deep breath.

"Men, a storm approaches and yet it must be a blessing in disguise! Umu, divine blood flows in my veins and it can only be so! This storm is clearly a blessing of Neptune in disguise, sent to bring us swiftly to our destination! And so! We shall not falter or slow down! We shall go faster into this, and use it to our advantage! We shall ride the storm!"

Now was probably a good time for anyone sane to realise that the ship was now rather directly under the control of someone who should very much not have been in charge of a ship--as realised by the blank-faced alchemist, who, sturdy ship or not, was disappearing below decks.

The alv-girl bit her tongue, wanting to point out the key difference between teaching a nine year old to fight and teaching them dangerous battle magic vis-a-vis putting a stop to them if they used that knowledge, but now really wasn't the time to do so. Nope, she was just going to sit tight, and think of all the reports that were no longer due and all the dull meetings that she'd escaped having to take part in by this unexpected change of location and body--much better than paying any heed to what the sounds she could be hearing through the underbrush.

Though if anyone did come, maybe she could put the few spells she knew to use just to buy time to run a bit. Magical soap in the eyes might help, right?

Sir Tyaethe Radistirin

If Tyaethe was surprised by Klaus's actions, it wasn't in her aggressive ardour; the paladin was intimately familiar with such an assault. Rather, the fact that she was still on her feet after receiving a blow meant to knock her aside and capable of launching the punch--that was entirely unexpected. So unexpected that the punch solidly collided, forcing her to take a step back from the impact.

The attempt to bite through her neck less so, as the diminutive paladin dropped her blade and used her remaining good arm to hold Klaus' head at arm's length, grinning. This spar--spur of the moment as it was--had worked out a lot better than she had seen coming. The pair of them had gotten the idea of what they needed to do down, if not the execution, and shown far more spirit than too many she'd fought or served with.

"A damaged arm for two mortal blows. I think the victor is clear, though you show a lot of potential."
She's not giant and robotic!
Hibiki is, by this point, basically a Super Robot. :D
I think there's little enough for everyone to do without upping the number of Masters again. @_@
Worth noting that it's 4AM where I am, so too much reliance on people stepping in if they want to is doubly reliant on being awake and being online.
To sum it up: blame Dark Souls.
Sir Tyaethe Radistirin

To respond to an attack with only sight to go on, with a minimum of time--her sword too large to block with effectively and her body unable to move out of the way of this thrust in time, even now too large. It was almost certainly a game over scenario. Yet this body had drilled every move of both its styles over a thousand times, as the stalwart bulwark that could anchor a whole line and the lonesome paladin from before the Starlight Saint was more than a child. Her instincts knew what to do, even if Tyaethe was barely able to keep up and her body moved in sync.

Don't block. Don't dodge. Take the attack and make it into an opening. Her free hand moved and intercepted the sword, grabbing it and pushing it away, past her, despite the sound of cracking. And with the attack out of the way, the response was to attack, blade swinging down in time with the deflection.

The fact that Tyaethe was now laughing was probably no comfort to anyone.
Ganks always turn dishonourable. :<

So, are you planning on posting? xD
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