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Current Gacha is still good civilisation.
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Gacha is good civilisation.
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Whale Result: EL DRAQUE
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Dear student finance companies: can you please communicate rather than leaving me to go back and forth between you? All the money is coming from the same place in the end, here.
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It feels odd to be graduating soon and then going straight back to university.


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Jiro had learned something else in the hectic little fight: goblin didn't taste that good. Oh, it was an easy--if somewhat slow compared to the way warriors were going about it--method of putting the little bastards down. Pin, bite. No more goblin, and their attempts to stop it were pitiful, no more than light scratches from that angle. Yes, she was quite happy to be on the side slaying the goblins, not opposing the warrior whose movement she could barely track. But they still tasted bad. Edible--overcooked, despite being blatantly raw, and stringy was her opinion--if needed but not something to seek out.

Long-term survival would probably be hard looking like a bloodstained monster, and eating the goblins wouldn't help... with the fighting dying down, common sense was reasserting itself, and the dragon shuffled back towards the musician and... well, stood up, for want of a better word.

"So, I guess the music is as strange to you as that is to me?"

Damn it, the blood hadn't gone away. At least her clothes seemed to be immune to staining... were they even clothes? Or were they just the scales in a different guise?
Sir Tyaethe Radistirin

Good, ignoring the fairies until Indrau had done something to get all their attention had worked--and now they had a clear lead on where to go. Well... provided that they were certain that this was the same person, but if the fairies were going off of the feel of the magic rather than some vague recollection of somebody that had been seen in the area recently, she had considerably more confidence in their abilities.

But for tactics... not knowing the sort of mage they were out to get made the planning a lot more difficult. Curses like the Earl's weren't practical for a battlefield and, if that was all that they needed to deal with, they just needed to prevent any attempts at fleeing. But hadn't someone been nearly taken out by a bolt of magic? In that case, it went the same way as dealing with most magic-wielding opponents... get in close and restrain them as soon as possible.

Either way, they didn't want to be going in grouped up like this: "We should spread out. If they're any good at this, one spell could hit all of us."

Lilianna Belwiss

Manning the defences... as usual, she was ill-equipped for such an exposed position. But assisting in the co-ordination of the Iron Roses with the townsfolk to not concentrate their forces too much in one place and leave some reserves in case of a (truly unexpected at this juncture) breach? That was something the duellist was well-trained to do. Which meant that the apparent absence of some knights was hers to correct.

It had mostly been something obnoxious--getting something to drink after fighting in armour, having injuries tended to. But when she got to working out what Fleuri was doing... well, the knight might feel the judgemental stare.

Of all people, why was one of their youngest knights taking the time to babysit now? To her, this was quite unfair.

"Eh? Mecha?" Hibiki asked, looking away from her pursuit for a second to look at whoever had somehow caught up and asked the question. Not that it told her much before she had to look ahead again to make the next jump: it was some sort of magical girl with a sword? So like Tsubasa in that way, only Tsubasa couldn't fly without X-Drive... which was a shame, there were plenty of situations where flight would have been useful, but only the Shenshou-Jing had that ability.

... but that wasn't important right now. "Ikebukuro is dangerous with that around, it needs to be stopped!"

The wolf apparently felt the need to confirm it, turning to reveal that it had a sword. Somehow. What was a wolf doing with such a huge sword? It was nearly as big as some of Tsubasa's, and she had thumbs.
The force of Lancer's singing came to mind: something where a private rendition for a perfectly normal trader would probably send them flying at the least. That would be... bad. It would be wrong in the utmost to accidentally kill people whilst trying to do something nice for them, but the pink-haired girl did have a point... it would be nice for them to be rewarded for saving the town, and what better way than to pay them in food for the service?

"Lancer, this market is hardly a suitable place for you to sing..." the emperor started, before her attention flicked over to a fishmonger. That was certainly something she was interested in getting. Looking down at the short blonde, the man would get rather a view of Caster's "But a little reward would be earned."
The Tohsaka head, observing the brewing argument--and the presence of all Masters and Servants, though oddly the extra space that she'd had to provide had actually been needed--rose to her feet and clapped her hands, hoping to at least get the Servants attention long enough to prevent the two knights from starting a fight inside her house. Though surely the presence of those two was a good sign for the strength of their side, even if one of them was the traitor... certainly better than her daughter's attempts.

"I am glad that all of you could make it, and hope that you can spare a few moments to listen to me. As you all know, the purpose of this Grail War is to ensure that the Grail is contested, and not simply handed to the first to those first to summon..." Mostly true. Had it been simply restricted to the original three families, she would have had no objections, "In numbers, we have an advantage over the Einzbern. They have a single Master and a single fortified position in previous wars--if their Master is defeated, then it doesn't matter how many Servants remain."

"It is most likely that they use the same castle as before, but even as a mage rather than a soldier, I would not recommend a direct assault at this stage. Even without Servants, it is a difficult place to approach, and I fully expect that this has only become more difficult since."

Of course, their numbers had another disadvantage--it was far harder for all of their Masters to communicate and the Servants to effectively work together, even with personality clashes.
Seems fine now.
The start of the Holy Grail War should have been far different--that was the opinion of Tohsaka Shion. The past few months should have been spent seeking out the most potent of catalysts for her heir, planning and preparing to take down the other six Masters before claiming the Grail and the ultimate prize. She had almost finished preparing an expedition to the Middle East before this betrayal. Instead... instead, one of the other family heads--and such a reliable one--had been taken out in the very ritual that he had assisted her in engineering, and the group of Masters assembled was sorely lacking in one thing...

Experience. Even the magus sent by Atlas was clueless, and she could only hope that the homunculus they were opposed to had every bit as little knowledge as the previous Einzbern Masters.

Thus, instead of beginning the war by scoping out the opposition through some means or another, her family's Servant's identity a closely guarded secret from all beyond it, the magus had granted their team a day to get to know their Servants... before convening for a meeting the following afternoon. It was her hope that they could function as a team, but in the worst case scenario, then at least everyone would be able to identify who was an ally in the fight ahead.

Now, the chances of everyone staying for long enough to formulate a plan would be helped by food and drink; even famous heroes could surely enjoy a bit of hospitality. With Shion's interests, this only meant one thing... an afternoon tea. Dainty cucumber sandwiches, a selection of fluffy sponge cakes, scones with all the attendant requirements... and of course, tea itself. Black tea, with milk, not anything more Japanese. Perhaps it was a bit juvenile to indulge her interests like this, but...
An offer to share warmth, eh...? Well, despite her small size, she did feel remarkably warm, particularly compared with the outside temperature... "I'll be happy to share as much warmth as you like, Lancer." And that was enough teasing for now, though something told Nero that she should keep an eye on the very-pink girl. For instance, at this distance, it was impossible to miss where she was looking when snacks were mentioned. For someone that wasn't a vampire, it was still a bit of a concerning gaze. Someone else might have gotten the benefit of the doubt that they were only concerned about theft, but this one...

"I don't know what we could expect in terms of food, but I think we have time to see what we can find for ourselves and our Master."

Now everyone pair up. :p
All three Masters accepted.
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