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Dapper old man, you weren't meant to be that good.
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Of course. She'll be getting grails and so on when I can spare the QP for it.
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For the first three: nothing. For the fourth: one pack. After that is when it took a while.


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The comparison is specifically Cathedral Knights in Dark Souls 3.
Saber of Red

As intriguing as her Master's assembly of maids was, Saber had hoped to be able to show her abilities... she might not be expected as a Saber, after all, but that didn't mean she couldn't have beautiful swordsmanship! Though since they were all expecting to go into the forest... the delay didn't matter so much. It wasn't like her Master would be able to see any of it through the trees--and there was quite the risk of things catching fire. If there was one thing that she was quite eager to avoid, it was accidentally burning down a city.

Instead, she was quite happy to go along with her Master's desire to examine cute girls. Perhaps a little monomaniacal on the dress sense but otherwise, quite the admirable goal! And at least, as in this case, she could recognise where it would be less than appropriate.

"You're right, the uniform would be wasted on this one... putting an attractive girl like this in a maid uniform would be completely wrong. Perhaps a butler? It would play to her strengths more whilst retaining the same theme."

Charname Avilone

Why was she surrounded by the crazy ones...? Her employer was a big enough headache, even before that blonde had been summoned and--rather than being some noble hero that would reign her in--only encouraged this. That girl from the weird beauty-obsessed family--at least she wasn't the type to be called cute, which was a small mercy--was around, too. Then there was her own Servant... icing on the cake, really: this one was the class known entirely for its madness.

But she couldn't even get lucky there and get an actual berserker. No, it was a nurse.

At least her job was being made easier for the moment--her charge was staying back fro the actual fight, even if for ridiculous reasons, and her Servant was of greatest use kept out of the battle until her talents were needed. Maybe they could get through the entire war this way and she wouldn't need to try and be a bodyguard with these superpowered monsters around...
Ah, the kusarigama. Such a terrifying weapon when wielded by a kappa hanyou... and yet, far LESS terrifying than random kappa shoving their fist up your butt for massive damage.
Oda Nobunaga

"What good would armour do for me in a war like this? I should just take the opportunity to try out some new clothes." the short girl said, dismissing the comment on her lack of armour. It was a perfectly fine choice to go for something new if it would help or have no impact on the outcome... like not wearing armour. She had been summoned as Archer, after all, if she was in combat with someone hitting her enough for armour to maybe factor in then the plans had gone all wrong in advance.

Having apparently satisfied herself with examining Hideyoshi's poor state of dress, Archer was now doing her best to walk around the blond's Master, looking at the gun that she was carrying before nodding in satisfaction. It was pretty outdated for a modern girl to be carrying such an old weapon, wasn't it? There were much better choices if you wanted to shoot something! Still, it wasn't like Nobunaga was one to talk, since she could hardly update her equipment without locating a military base... it was at least something.

"You need to serve someone, Hideyoshi? Well, I suppose every war is better planned from a castle, even if we can't find somewhere as ideal as Azuchi. You can be a sandalbearer again." She said, after some thought, before turning back to her Master, "It looks like we'll be working with this monkey for a while."

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As before, I'll wait on other people in the scene before doing anything.
Fate RPs can get really bogged down by extra slow OOC talk.
Oda Nobunaga

Although she had started out more or less leading the way for her Master, Archer had stepped off the track a handful of times to do basic reconnaissance... though all this confirmed was that yes, this was farmland, and not particularly interesting farmland at that. There was a bit of varying elevation between the rice paddies, but not somewhere she would really want to defend; most Servants wouldn't be remotely troubled by such a thing.

One of these brief breaks from her Master meant returning to an interesting site. Oh, one of the figures was holding a matchlock--that was definitely an out of place choice for a modern country, but she wasn't one to complain--but behind them was a shock of vibrantly blonde hair and an unmistakeable presence...

Her initial greeting, from somewhere off the road, came by way of the unmistakeable sound of a gun: one matchlock, whipped out of thin air and fired sailing above the duo's heads, only to melt back out of existence now that attention was firmly in her direction. "Monkey! I guess if anyone else was going to be summoned, it would be you."

The short girl continued hopping from field to field, approaching the road with remarkable speed--to a normal person, that is. "You're looking really shabby, though. Where's that ridiculous helmet you picked up after I was gone? Or even some armour at all? I don't think Chacha could spend everything even after we're all dead..."

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