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Current This was a good game.
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Dapper old man, you weren't meant to be that good.
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Of course. She'll be getting grails and so on when I can spare the QP for it.
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For the first three: nothing. For the fourth: one pack. After that is when it took a while.


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The map in the OP is a slightly updated version because that is the dwarven capital and it's the biggest mountain in the continent.
Tyaethe Radistirin

"Well, you came over and talked to me, which you could do any day of the week," the vampire pointed out, sighing at the look of fear in his eyes. It wasn't an unfamiliar sight, one all too inevitable with the many who saw a monster before they saw the paladin. It was more than a little disappointing when it was one of the knights though; when had she ever done anything to harm them? "I have some basic advice in future: if you don't want to deal with the politics, look for the children and the young adults and avoid anyone with titles. Even if they're trying, it won't be very good."

All this between the lines talking was getting annoying, though. She could understand it through experience but... really, couldn't people be a little more blunt? "Don't worry about Velbrance. He was just another idiot looking to trap the captain into claiming she was stronger than Elionne and it's not the first time something like this has been tried. The nobility is always trying to find a way to have one of their puppets installed in the position."

"If he wants to get back at me for a little roughness, he's welcome to try. Nobody is going to back him up against the entire order for being made to look stupid and none of these people scare me."

I think the overlap with the adventurer thread is near-total, but just in case...

There's no need to specify where it is. It's a wood elf place, "somewhere in this forest" is exactly accurate enough.
It's not that good; these are the only maps I've made on there. xD

As for wood elves; the forest proper goes through Ithillin and Velt too, so a wood elf would probably be from the forest somewhere. Everett is definitely a predominantly-human city on the main road through said forest, though. Not necessarily Estival but... it's not like the human kingdoms have the best dominion over other races.

Khal'Darazdrim is completely independent from Estival for a start. It's just within the borders.
@PaulHaynek Did we respond to your bio?

Meanwhile, another map:
Back in the box, Nezuko.
@Lunarlord34 Anno is that person above me. It's an old handle.
I advise you to adjust your font colour/typeface for one. Also... spelling Reon and Mayon correctly is a kind of important detail. Hmm... backstory-wise, it's worth noting that in becoming a paladin you are still becoming a member of the clergy, although different from your average priest or priestess, so it's more a change of specialisation than something totally different. And there is really no need to know how to use so many types of weapons.

Anno's the one who'd know if there's any particularly holy magic beyond their habit of giving out blessed equipment.
Since in general mages are not institutionally interested in being assassins or conducting extreme ambush scenarios with super-paranoid magically enhanced guards, it's not going to be a thing that occurs on more than a case-by-case basis. :p

Besides, if the guards have magical hearing that can catch a whispered incantation they probably heard you for a dozen other reasons so moot point.
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