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Thankfully, there are no evil wizards in the area to charge at too.
Tyaethe Radistirin - Candaeln

The vampire definitely seemed annoyed at someone writing directly over her, as if it wasn't already obvious enough how tiny she was next to the rest of the knights. Even if she were to appear older... well, she was still looking up towards the Captain and wasn't that annoying? Sometimes she wondered if there should be a maximum height imposed...

"You're broadly right; the housewife tales have a basis but it's just some vampire-by-vampire story getting blown out of proportion. Someone had an allergy, someone else only preyed on their friends, only an idiot would try to swim across a raging river, regeneration or no. Things like that," Tyaethe said, returning to lecture mode and raising the hand with the pointer authoritatively.

"In general, these could be considered universal anti-regeneration and anti-healing tactics. Any injury inflicted by fire is more difficult to heal, especially if the body part is burned to ash, whilst encasing in ice likewise blocks regeneration. The easiest healing is to simply reattach the offending body part; another reason many vampires focus on blood magic. Injuries to the heart should stop almost all enemies, and if you can keep someone's head away from their body then they die soon enough."

Jumping a little to reach, she scratched some amendments, specifically where holy items were concerned. "Any blessed weapon will be effective against the undead and stymie regeneration, it needn't be a flaming one. My sword would be an example, holy water can be considered a very low-intensity version of the same."

"Magic..." to this, she shrugged, "It's not worth considering; you should know whether or not you even have the ability to attempt it, and I'm guessing you don't. If you find yourself vampire hunting, then it's worth seeking out a competent mage."

She paced back and forth for a few seconds before looking at the small audience, "What I want you to take away from this is that rushing into combat with the various magical monsters of the world without thinking is incredibly risky. A powerful black wizard might not have any of the regeneration but they could make it impossible to even get close. Intelligent undead of any stripe will outlast you even if they don't have experience or vast magic. An elven Royal Guard has probably spent centuries training and on the post, even if most of their soldiers are drawn from the citizenry training in their spare time. Dragons..."

Tyaethe trailed off before grinning with a shrug, "Ah, don't worry about dragons. I like dragons."

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I'll get a post up tomorrow.
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Evelyn and Elisabeth

"If you can't see anything, we should get going," Evelyn said, stubbing out the remains of the cigarette and standing up, "Being up here feels too exposed."

Although it seemed unlikely that anyone was watching them from up here, if they could get on top of a building so easily, what was to say that nobody would have some form of aerial surveillance? She didn't get the idea that mages were big on drones but if everyday people had a way to snoop on rooftops, mages had to have their own ways to do the same.

Elisabeth looked over at Orion, weighing whether it would really be so bad to just jump... except that yes, it definitely was too high to simply leap off. "Fine."


Kintoki didn't seem the slightest bit deterred at his Master's lack of faith in his disguise, or maybe even he thought that blending in was too much to hope for as long as he looked more foreign and less like the legendary hero that he was. Not that Kintoki's bulging muscles would ever help there. "We're going out now? Alright!"

Whether or not Hitomi was entirely ready, she seemed to have set Kintoki in motion, being swept up under one arm and carried out the door immediately--only for the golden man to pause right outside the door and instead put her down on his shoulders. "So, Boss, where to?"
@PaulHaynek Whoops, forgot to mention you.

Tyaethe Radistirin - Candaeln

"Yes, all vampires need to have exceptional mana reserves whilst still alive and I don't know of a single exception. Unlike sapient undead, it seems to be a very consistent process," she answered, wondering if there was any point going into speculation about why that might be--not really, that was more a thing for the mage college and the details they wanted were out of her skillset, "Find someone with enough mana and all that matters after that is how determined the target is. I don't know why someone would have picked Damon Cal, but I seem to still be here because I tried to kill the one responsible."

Tyaethe turned around and started erasing her existing diagram, replacing it with a grid.

"I like to think you can categorise most vampires based on how long they've had to practice and how hungry they are. Someone who hasn't been a vampire for long won't have anything on their side beyond extra strength, so you could probably take them with a bit of caution," she said, turning around and putting her hands on her hips. "If they're an experienced warrior, they're more likely to avoid fighting when starved, but if you can force it then you just need to overcome the strength difference and any healing they can still do."

Now she seemed to be annoyed, frowning and pointing at the last column, "The problem is this lot. Charging a mage with that much experience and mana head on, or getting into some magical contest with them, is a bad idea even when stabbing them will be fatal. You can bank on some predilection towards blood related magic, since every vampire seems to have some affinity for it, but they could just as easily fill a corridor with a wall of blades. Unless you have some idea of what an unknown vampire can do or how old they are, rushing in could easily get everyone killed. You need to be prepared for magical retaliation."

Though the frown did seem to go away as she looked at the diagram again, "If you ever meet a vampire who's both a powerful mage and warrior instead of splitting the difference like Damon Cal: first, why are you near Talderia; second, don't pretend you like undead or don't mind, just be honest and try to kill her. You're more likely to live."

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Evelyn and Elisabeth

Travelling to Japan across the breadth of the world had been entirely uneventful compared to the runup, which had almost inexplicably--to Evelyn, at least--involved strange, hushed meetings with Church officials. Who was she, what did she want, who was putting her up to this? Despite Elisabeth's insistence that this was for her own safety, it had felt rather like she was being assessed for death. The later explanation that this was entirely true but still preferable to getting the information from an actual magus had been... disquieting. As much as she disliked her eyes, having them plucked from her head and her arm cut off as a key into this war was a step down from wearing a blindfold.

Once in Japan... well, she was a girl of limited means; there was no fancy catalyst for her summoning. All Evelyn could do was hope that whatever spirit most resonated with her was strong enough to have a chance at victory. So far, she seemed fortunate...? Orion was a legendary figure, the second most identifiable constellation and likely the greatest hunter to have ever lived. How that would translate into fighting other Servants, though, or if he was really all that... she couldn't say for sure.

For some reason, Elisabeth had taken a near immediate dislike to him and started arguing over nothing much in particular. Not enough to refuse his assistance in reaching their current position, though, as she begrudgingly stood beside the hulking figure and looked down at the city.

Evelyn, having no business standing near the edge of a skyscraper like those two, had instead seated herself cross-legged in the middle of the roof and lit up a cigarette.

"You really think you can spot a Servant from up here? They're probably hiding," Elisabeth said, doubting that anyone would do anything to reveal themselves so blatantly. "I'm telling you, we'd be better off checking with the Overseer. Last thing we need is to antagonise the Church."


"Yo, Master!" the Berserker said, uncharacteristically cheerful for... basically anyone summoned into that class, as he turned around to look at her. From somewhere else in the mansion, he'd managed to pull a full-length mirror and had, until her appearance, been admiring himself in it. That, at least, was something trivial for him to do. How the man had so rapidly acquired a change of clothes and sunglasses...? Well, his shopping ability was probably golden, too.

"Feelin' better now? My ol' costume ain't golden enough, so I got somethin' fresh that should fit in more."

Not that he really had any hope of fitting in. If there was one thing Kintoki wasn't, it was subtle. Or unobtrusive.
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