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Current Gacha is still good civilisation.
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Gacha is good civilisation.
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Whale Result: EL DRAQUE
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Dear student finance companies: can you please communicate rather than leaving me to go back and forth between you? All the money is coming from the same place in the end, here.
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It feels odd to be graduating soon and then going straight back to university.


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"I don't remember seeing anything that would eat people... the Noise just turn you into dust," Hibiki answered, no more aware of the possible origin of the monstrous birds than ben was--only that wherever they came form, they would need to be put down as soon as they showed up. By the time that Misaki had caught up, the girl was back in civilian clothes and starting to shiver despite the borrowed coat, though not so cold as to not object at first to being flashy. Birds eating people was no time to hold back! But once the conversation turned to money...

"I don't even have pockets..."

"I don't think that we can explain why these creatures are here any more than why we are here. Whatever caused us to be brought to old New York from Hellsalem's Lot must be responsible for bringing the monsters here too, and the others if they came from different worlds," the large man said, doffing the knuckledusters and looking completely respectable once again--the battle had even avoided drenching his shirt entirely in blood like so many had. Their rough teamwork had certainly been enough to bring down beasts such as this without any casualties or too much destruction.

But outside Hellsalem's Lot, where the laws were both more obvious and not expected to cover supernatural property damage as a result of fighting, they were probably safe from having to foot the bill themselves. If they got in legal difficulty, a defence could be constructed based on good samaritan laws: whatever damage might have been done by their group in stopping the wyverns was less damage than two beasts of such size would have done to the city anyway, up to and including eating its residents.

With the... empress? Attempting to direct the police attention to her, Klaus walked around the remarkably-intact wyvern corpse--quite how it hadn't been broken wide open from those blows was interesting--to stand next to her in case of any cultural difficulties... such as calling people strange foreign words. He had more experience with such matters, even though they were far from his forte.
In the game? That wasn't what it looked like to her. Well, not precisely... they certainly had the bodies of their characters from the game but it was idiotic to jump to the conclusion that this was the game world. They were, after all, simply in a random field somewhere; maybe they'd just had their brains transplanted into new bodies after being kidnapped and had now been dropped off in Europe somewhere. It was entirely possible that some criminal conspiracy like that was responsible rather than being inside the game.

Well, there was an easy way to check if it was the game world: "I-If it's the game... skills?"
Minami Hotaru

"Eh!? We're going already?" Hotaru exclaimed, not resisting too much as her hand was grabbed; Nana could get scary if she was held up too much. She'd been so certain that the smaller girl would let Mina go to the vending machine first... she hadn't been expecting that there was one here that could have fresh curry in it!


Hell Homework awaited.

Magic...? And so flashy!

With Ben's assistance, all the "birds" had been defeated, no longer able to assault or trouble anyone--and in turn, this meant that Hibiki had nothing to keep herself in the air. With a last burst of propulsion, she cleared the nearby buildings and landed with surprising grace, considering the damage her kicks had been doing, by the side of a road. Of course, now she was once again lost about where she was...

Not that it mattered too much, Hibiki thought. Heading home had revealed a strange building, and that probably explained why the Commander had been completely out of reach. There had to be some way to get home from here but as it was... she couldn't stay transformed forever, so she would need to get some warmer clothes and shoes. But how...?

There was nobody else from Libra? Then he would just have to try and work with the strangers around here to stop these monsters before they could do more damage to New York. But... this was just as disorganised as most affairs in Hellsalem's Lot tended to be, with everyone doing what they wanted without too much concern for co-ordination, though there was some attempt going on to avoid getting people caught in the crossfire.

It made his job rather obvious, with the wyvern's head flailing about in front of him: jump to get the height needed... and swing down an immense cross of blood pointy-end first. Normally he would attempt to crush an enemy with this, but given the resilience of the beast in question, perhaps staking its head to the ground would be a better way to end it.
Sir Tyaethe Radistirin

Having pushed her way to the front, Tyaethe was one of the most baffled by the lord's response. For someone to be so blind to what was right in front of them was... simply wrong. The lord wasn't that old, either, and to simply be blind to the conflict seemed all too explicit a denial. But was he still going to be able to refute its existence when confronted with something other than a visual indication?

Moving fast, so that hopefully she could get it done before any guards fulfilled their duties and did their best to cut her down, the paladin grabbed Brennan's arm--and planted his hand straight on her breastplate. A breastpltae coated from top to bottom in a thick layer of tacky, still-wet troll blood.

Lilianna Belwiss

Senile...? No, the younger Lord Brennan would have been taking over his father's duties in general if that was the case. But if the Earl was otherwise fit for command, then a delay in the defences would give the orcs a better chance at achieving... whatever inscrutable goal it was that orcs said out to do. Or rather, the goal that whatever magic user was with them had set? Perhaps a curse of some sort that had failed to weaken the town's defences to the point they could be broken before reinforcements had arrived.

... though that idiot had some strange idea about how to address magical befuddlement.
What was she going to do? If this world was anything like the game then it was going to be full of weird deviants, people out to murder her, and overly pushy NPC's that were going to foist every little problem over because doing anything themselves was just too hard... in a game the rewards might make it worth it but who the hell would want to go around out of their way to be so pointlessly nice and get hurt all the time? Well at least she'd be able to use any defensive buffs to avoid the painful stuff if monsters showed up to attack or something...

Momoka looked up at the sound of her screen-name, wondering who the hell could possibly know that and--it was the damn vampire roleplayer. Someone like that had to be a pervert, right? What sort of normal person would go around acting like some high-and-mighty vampire all the time whilst looking like... that? She was going to get roped into their perverse delusions if she said anything, so maybe she should just tell them to go find a bath of holy water to drown in--

Another raid, another set of redundant rewards, just filling time until the next expansion came in and there was anything more to do. Really, she couldn't wait until it came out and people were too busy focusing on beating the content and not roleplaying. Now and then it wasn't such a bad thing to deal with, sure, but to celebrate every minor victory like that? Momoka might have been a shut-in--and a sleep-deprived one at that--but she was proud to say that she didn't sink to that level for such trivial things.

Ah well, she'd wait for the vampire loli to spout of something irrelevant, then shut down for now--

It was bright. It was too bright for someone whose last experience with direct sunlight was probably a few weeks back--and, acting on reflex, she rolled over and tried to bury her face in the covers, hoping that the sun would go away soon. Only, it wasn't bedding underneath her, but grass--fresh, slightly damp, and unmistakably barely covering a layer of dirt. That she'd just shoved her face right into.

So she jumped. Quite a bit. So much in fact, that the floor was rather far down, and if it weren't for beating wings, she would have crashed back down and probably hurt something. Wait, wings...?

Possibly because of her own reaction, or the much smaller changes in physique, Momoka cottoned on to what had happened quite quickly. The changes... undoubtedly, she was the angel turned goddess that she had christened Takoyaki Princess when naming the character. The changes to her figure, the wings, the blonde hair being driven across her vision by the breeze...

And so, as Vanyra was being shocked by her new body, the angel dropped to the ground behind her, hugging her knees and wondering just what the hell had happened.
Sir Tyaethe Radistirin

The knight's fingers drummed a pattern on her sword blade, the paladin coming to the same conclusion reached elsewhere on the battlefield now that there was time to think--orcs should never have been able to get this close to the town, not on their own. In all her life, the only time they'd even had a chance of getting to the capital undetected was when a much larger threat had all the realm's forces out on campaign... with no external foes or internal rebellion to deal with, they should have been caught long before getting through the forest.

"Once he's healed, you should come find the captain; any wounded will have been moved together," she stated, walking towards the swelling group of knights and defenders.

Lilianna Belwiss

His father hadn't come out... strange. From what she knew, the Lord Brennan was in excellent health, more than able to defend the town with the rest of them--and better suited to it by far than half the defenders, able to afford arms and armour as much as any lord. Could it be illness or injury that would explain his absence? It would be quite wrong for a noble to reject their duty and ignore the assault on their domain.

Getting out of the vehicle was barely more pleasant than the journey with an ill-fitting seatbelt had been, due to the atrocious stench, the trail of magical ooze, and the promise of having to descend into sewers. All of which promised a pretty clear thing to the vampire--one way or another, it seemed likely that if she went down there, she'd end up losing her clothes; maybe not immediately, but definitely by the time she got back out. It simply wasn't an option until she had replacements.

Magical slime also tended to be highly resistant to being attacked with your bare hands, so without access to her ice spells--which would nullify the threat entirely--there was nothing for her down there except maybe to offer some advice. It would be a waste when she could be stocking her wardrobe right now.

"As it stands, I think you should be more than capable of handling this without me," she said, turning away from the manhole and walking back the way they'd come--it'd be easier to get somewhere from a main road--"Call me if you have questions about something magical."

"You won't get away that easily..." Hibiki said, looking at the rapidly escaping birds and crouching to jump. That wasn't all--springs on the back of her legs drew back... and back... the result being less a jump and more a brunette catapulted skywards, even going above the birds and, normally, on a course to miss the lot of them. When you could correct your descent with rockets, however, there wasn't much that you could entirely miss.

She couldn't easily repeat the initial jump like this, but it wasn't like she needed to. The closest of the skyborne creatures found its head caved in by one heavy kick, and the same kick acted to propel her over to the next target. For birds of any sort, the short, erratic leaps were hardly something that they could be expected to correct for.

Of course, by the time they were all brought down by foot or fist, there'd be rather a lot of bloody bodies falling over Tokyo...

... lightning? It was no mere normal electricity, so it wasn't K.K.--which could only mean that there were other people pulled here as well beyond just him, perhaps even with no connection to Hellsalem's Lot. These creatures, for all that they might have passed unnoticed in the city at times, were far too normal looking for such a thing. Particularly when almost anything of that ilk would likely be one of Femt's creations.

With one of the wyverns flying off to attack the girl behind the lightning, it was his responsibility to--

Throw up another shield to absorb the attacks coming his way, absorbing the fire and steadfastly not budging as it continued its attack. Still, whilst it was flailing like this, there was no good moment to throw in a good counterattack, not until he could get an idea of what the other sudden combatants were able to do. A little difficult with half of his field of vision obscured by a cross, but the redhead could manage.

It seemed like he wasn't the only one here from Hellsalem's Lot.

"You're here too, Leo? Have you seen anyone else?"

At first, the scene that she was seeing didn't make sense--a... bird thing? Some sort of bird monstrosity was calling for help? But with the light, it was clearer that this creature was eating, its voice just a trap, and what it was eating... "Balwisyall nescell..."

Again, to an uninformed observer, it might have seemed that the completely unarmed girl had taken leave of her senses, continuing to run straight at the avian monstrosity despite being completely unequipped to fight. Throwing out random syllables... well, for a second it might seem like the whole stress of the situation had made her mind snap.

"Gungnir tron!"

A brief light engulfed Hibiki, concealing a far more complicated transformation, and then the alleyway was inexplicably full of the sound of music and singing, the phonic gain powering the Symphogear. Not even two steps passed from the time the transformation completed until Hibiki's fist was drawn back, too far away to reasonably hit anything--

And the armour on her arm reshaped into a rocket, and around the waist, clearing the rest of the alley in a blur as even more reinforcement fell into place over her fist, making the armoured gauntlet more than overkill for punching through a tank. A bird creature, even a monstrous one like this, stood no chance against what may as well have been an onrushing train smashing through its body and pulling the rest of its carcass in Hibiki's wake.

None of which would help its victim--nor, in fact, did Hibiki have much of an idea how to do so, breaking in her singing for a moment--though the music didn't stop--to ask Ben and Misaki to do something before jumping to the rooftops. When the rest of the birds came down, they were in for a bad time.

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