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Welcome to the site Evergreen! Take a look around the forum, I'm sure you'll find something that's a good fit for you. Enjoy your time here!
@Dark Cloud I hope everything gets better for you soon, sorry you're dealing with that.
After Adam failed at completely listening to Zell (though he did wonder what would happen if someone snuck up on them), he was at least able to succeed in bringing food to Lillianna, who seemed to be doing okay for now. She decided to join everyone at the campsite, so he smiled and nodded, handing her one of the fish. She didn't seem to want to join MacKensie on the last shift though, so the Druid agreed to do so. Not that he minded, of course; it would be nice to get to know the Ranger better.

The man sat back next to Clive following that, happy to see everyone enjoying the fish and acknowledging with kindness the thanks he was given. He was content to stay in the background and eat his own serving while listening to the conversation. It had been a long day, so the "plant man" didn't really want to stay up too much longer. When people started going to sleep, Adam felt that was a good sign for him to do that as well, so he said good night and went to his bed roll. 

James had done a good job of setting them up; one more thing to thank him for. Less important than potentially saving his life, to be sure, but comfortable sleep was important too. With his experience camping, it wasn't difficult for the Druid to get comfortable in this sort of environment and he soon fell asleep.
Welcome to the forum @LadyAmber! There are different parts of the site with different "levels" of writing, so if you like writing I'm sure you'll find a part you enjoy.
Hello, welcome to Roleplayer Guild. I hope you have fun here!
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Welcome to the site, I hope you enjoy it here!
Yeah, part of me was wondering if I was posting too much. Sorry @Saiyan @Zool and anyone else that I made feel excluded, that wasn't my intent, I wanted to be inclusive when I wrote. I'll try not to write so much in the future.
"Bring that fish over here partner, smoked fish ain't made in tobacco smoke."

Adam agreed with the farmer. He was actually about to do something similar before the suggestion, but it wasn't like Clive could have known that. The Druid sat next to the guy and began "gutting them fish." The farmer seemed friendly enough, which was good, and his mood seemed to match that.

"Anyone wanna tell the little lady or should we just let that girl make us a fancy cottage?"

Adam chuckled awkwardly at that remark; he knew Clive wasn't being malicious at all, but the Druid's concern earlier was only intensified by that statement. "I'll check on her after I finish cooking these fish," Adam responded, his tone serious as he focused on his task. Having done this many times in the past, the cooking was almost automatic to the man. He briefly glanced up and smiled at MacKensie and Fenna upon their return, then paid attention to Zell's speech while finishing the cooking. All in all, it was a solid idea, though it left Adam even more perplexed about the man. He had made the comment about death, had fallen off of an ogre or something, and was now planning strategy (though his expression at the end suggested he didn't care very much about it). Just who was this guy? The Druid would have to talk to him at some point to get a better sense of him. That would have to happen later though; too much was happening right now and Adam wanted this plan to succeed, so he made his own contribution.

"Sounds good, though I'll need to coordinate with the people in front about directions so we don't get lost. That shouldn't be a problem, right?" The question was directed at Clive, as he was the one sitting next to him. After listening to the farmer's answer, Adam would take the cooked fish from the fire, dividing them into even portions so everyone could have some and using the sticks someone had prepared as impromptu plates for the meals. 

"Please, help yourselves!" After inviting everyone to grab a meal, Adam took two of them and stood up. "I should check on our newest teammate." This last, he said at a lower volume, though still with the kindness of the statement before that. It was good timing as well; the Druid heard the mage's stomach rumble, so she would probably appreciate the meal.

Adam walked the short distance between the fire and the new cottage and knocked on the wall. He wasn't sure if it was strictly necessary since it was so close to everyone, but it felt like the respectful thing to do. "Lillianna, I made some fish. Do you want any? I can set it here if you'd rather eat alone, or you can join us by the fire. Or I can join you in there, whatever you want." The Druid would do whatever she wanted here; that was the respectful thing to do, after all.
Why do we gotta ruin a pleasant evening with planning. Sheesh. 😠

Adam had been planning a route all day, it was time for someone else to make a plan of some sort :P
@Dark Cloud I'm at the three post limit and I assume Xenon is posting today or tomorrow anyway, so I can't reply to Clive until the next round if it's necessary. I think it's safe to assume Adam isn't cooking the fish in tobacco smoke though :P Maybe he'll interact with Lillianna next round, but that will depend on what xenon writes and what @Crusader Lord does also. (For example, if it's tine shipped to where everyone is eating together, there's less opportunity for two characters to talk alone.)
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