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3 yrs ago
@Corvex replace Sims with Animal Crossing and you'll get how I can be sometimes
3 yrs ago
@Cynder Meanwhile, the Instinct players are relaxing on a beach, oblivious to the conflict happening around them.
3 yrs ago
It's annoying when you want to join a roleplay but you can't really think of a complete character idea that would completely work for that roleplay.
3 yrs ago
@booooooooks The follow-up question then becomes this: are you playing Pokemon Go on that $40 phone?
3 yrs ago
@Altered Tundra I was doing that earlier, but now I'm here. Sadly, I don't have a Zapdos yet.


Hello there!

I'm a guy that likes roleplaying, video games (mostly but not exclusively Nintendo), history, reading, and other stuff. I tend to prefer casual roleplays; I don't think every roleplay post needs to be an essay, but I like at least two paragraphs or so at a minimum. I think what kind of genre I like depends on the premise of the roleplay and I would have to look at the roleplay to see if I like it. I suppose if you want to know more, you can ask.

Have a good day!

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@FoxFire I don't want to be rude but I've seen you online and wondering if this RP is going to happen? I get that life can be crazy, but just an update of a y sort would be appreciated. Thanks!
Glad to see people making characters for this! @FoxFire any update on when an IC will be up or characters will be approved? Thank you!
I was considering some kind of animal/human hybrid before, which seems underpowered now (and kinda redundant with the interesting rat man character). I was also considering a lightning user, but someone made a character with that ability.

My current ideas are someone with various eye powers or a "genius kid mechanic" character adapted from another RP I was in a few years ago. Neither concept is complete in my head yet, but I will keep on thinking.
@EliteCommander cool, I was just clarifying. It probably doesn't help that I'm up later than usual tonight :-P Been up trying to brainstorm more, without much luck.
@EliteCommander I meant more in the sense of no playable characters talking to your character due to his seclusion from where (presumably) everyone else is and lack of mobility. The latter part isn't something that concerns me, that aspect will just be an interesting part of the RP.
@EliteCommander just curious - how do you plan on interacting with other characters if you're trapped away from society at the start? Off of the top of my head, it could be an interesting mission to save your character, but that's up to you and the GM.
@RumikoOhara@scifidude47@Karos and everyone else here I found myself re-reading this to see if I could reuse Calvin in a new RP I'm making a CS for, so I just wanted to say thanks for the fun RP! It's a shame it didn't last longer, but I had fun with it while it lasted.
@Lord of Evil I like it.


@Starlance Clarifying question, what happens to her clothes when she changes?

Presumably her clothes go in the laundry basket to be washed, same as anyone else :-P
I made my CS! I tried making more of a support type of character to prevent him from being OP. I left some things a little vague so it can fit in with the plot easily. If anything needs to be changed, it can be.

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