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James sharing a mind with Zigmund was not one of the things I expected to happen this battle. Very good writing Teyao!
Unbelievable pain.

Mytheria had been the cause of a great deal of injury since Adam had arrived in this new world. Ogres, wolves, wraiths and more had caused him to discover new ways of getting hurt.

None of this, however, compared to the experience of getting eviscerated by the water ninja. Oh, how close Second Chance had been to victory! Literally a few footsteps away. Then as if to laugh at them, whatever gods this world had made a rainstorm, and now the Druid was experiencing a downpour of pain. This, he decided, was what dying felt like.

And then, nothing.

Just pitch black for what felt like forever. Maybe Adam really was dead and there was nothing after that. Then he woke up to a scene of devastation. His friends severely injured, himself still in quite a bit of pain. Was this Hell? Punishment for failing to execute Zigmund on time?

Then he saw it.

The water ninja's head, bloody and detached from his body.

Somehow, they had won. Second Chance lived. Adam pulled himself off the ground and sat, breathing a sigh of relief; even though it kinda hurt to breathe, it was well worth it.

"By the forked beard of Ares, what happened here!”

It was Hardul. The Druid lacked the energy to interject, and since the dwarf was talking to MacKensie it seemed unnecessary anyway.

"I will bring our best healers and medicine, don't worry!”

More relief, and gratitude. Adam would have to thank him and anyone else who heeded his call later. Now though, the fisherman only had the strength for a quick question, aimed at nobody in particular as he tried to stay conscious. 

“Is everyone okay?”

Adam was curious what had happened, but that could wait. Even in his dazed state, the red-eyed man's priorities remained the same.
Honestly I got super distracted with real life and I don't think I have the focus for this right now, so I'll have to drop my interest. Thank you for asking though and good luck!
Lots of callbacks this round, any more and Second Chance might need to get a phone :P
xenon asked me to have Adam kill Zigmund, so I wrote a little post to do that.
After returning to his human form, Adam was relieved to see four other members of his team pick up where he had left off. It was impressive seeing their combined assault on Zigmund, even if the Druid was concerned about the injuries they received. Nothing fatal though; nobody was dying this time around, and the fatalities were technically in the negative with Clive back on the team. And speaking of death, James healing Barracker was another thing Adam was happy about. Everyone had stepped up for this fight, that much was certain. 

And now it was almost over. The once-ferocious water ninja seemed to be at death's door, and Adam felt most of the team was too injured to strike a finishing blow without worrying about any last-ditch tricks their adversary had up his metaphorical sleeve. So the fisherman walked up to Zigmund, close enough to attack but not so close he'd be in stabbing range. First he created a ring of the water absorbent roots around Zigmund to prevent an escape or to block any counter attacks. Then, aiming straight at their enemy, the Druid fired a natural energy beam at him. 
@Zool if MacKensie jumps over Adam instead, it could be a leapbear :P

@Ariana Grey I'd imagine xenon will PM you like Zool said, but I would encourage you to read at least a little bit of the posts before making a CS, if you haven't already done so. I'm not discounting xenon's worldbuilding skills, I'm just saying that the characters are a big part of what makes this story as good as it is. That might be relevant to your question, or might not be, I'm not sure. In either case, your interest in the story is appreciated!
Today, Second Chance learned why they shouldn't annoy their Druid too much :P
Adam felt cautiously optimistic, seeing the overall results of the attack on the water ninja by himself, Fenna and Barracker. The latter being severely injured wasn't a contribution to this emotion of course; the Druid was obviously concerned for his friend, but deep down he knew the Paladin would be okay. No, it was the results of their combined assault, and more importantly nobody dying that made the red-eyed man feel that everything would be okay. He wouldn't let down his guard, but the sheer terror of the last fight wasn't there right now.

What should I do now? Zigmund is still very-wait, what is that? It sounded like a horse, but nobody in Second Chance had one. A villager, perhaps? Adam would have to-

Suddenly, he heard a whinny and did a double-take at what he just saw - a certain Texan that he thought was dead. 


The incredulous fisherman wondered if this was some kind of dark magic Zigmund used until the horseman proceeded to punch their common enemy. Okay, not an enemy. We can address everything else later, Adam thought, wiping a single tear from his eye. And James and MacKensie had kept their focus on the villain, successfully assaulting him with their own abilities and weapons. Yes, this will hopefully end soon.


When the ninja struck the Ranger, the Druid struck a defensive pose, ready to cast. Growing some roots like last time would probably be sufficient. But as Zigmund advanced towards him, Adam realized that a very different sort of magic would be required now. It wasn't ideal timing, though what in battle was ever ideal?

Preparing himself mentally in the seconds that he had to spare, the shrill voice of Gilligan rang out in his head. “The shapeshifting transformation won't be easy the first few times. You'll struggle to think rationally and logically, and be yourself mentally.” Yes, Adam knew that he would have to fight in more ways than one right now. He sighed, then cast the spell. A green aura enveloped the Druid as he changed form, taking the shape of a black bear. Zigmund attempted to harm the newly transformed man with a boosted, gauntlet-powered fist, but it would do no good; the latter shifted his body, easily blocking the punch with his left foreleg before slamming his opponent down to the ground with his right paw.

After this, the ninja tried attacking once again, attempting to kick his adversary into submission. It would not connect though; instead, the bear forcefully bit Zigmund's helmet, denting it and lifting the elemental into the air. Unable to maneuver, the evil one was completely unprepared as the shapeshifter let go of his head, only to expose him to a barrage of bear claw slashes. Even with the endurance boost, these attacks would damage and chip his armor significantly, including adding a new five-line scar to his helmet. Adam followed up on this with a terrifying roar, feeling more like a beast than a human at that point. Focus, Adam. This isn't you. He then knocked his opponent a considerable distance away with a final strike of his paw before ending his transformation early, returning to his original form.
I've got a good portion of my post written and should be done, at the very latest, by the end of the day (EST) though I'll likely be done before then. I don't like asking this normally, but if everyone could wait until I post to post anything, I would appreciate it. Without spoiling anything, I've got a good setup here and just want to be sure everything flows well.

Thanks in advance, I look forward to showing the finished product to everyone here!
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