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@SaiyanZell has been drafted to anti-archer duty. Deal with it xD

I'm not sure removing the guy closest to the main enemy is the smartest strategy, but it's a cool-looking scene so I'll allow it :P
So when everyone was in town, I thought "hey, Adam would think to ask about the guy that escaped the cult." I ask xenon about that, he gives me the okay and a little bonus detail about them. And when that detail shows up...

I completely miss it.

So while that whole sequence didn't end up mattering that much, I hope Adam killing some cultists makes up for it.
“Calm down, mate.”

Adam arched an eyebrow at Zell, wondering what he was thinking. The Druid knew the swordsman wasn't naive to the situation, but this still seemed too casual. Nick had described how this cult operated, including a certain mustachioed-

The mustache, dangit! We're in danger, I have to-

His thoughts were interrupted, however, by Zell's handshake maneuver. Stepping up, or in this case, twisting and slamming when it counted. The red-eyed man cursed himself for missing Nick's clue. Whether it was because it was such a small detail or because he was thinking about Lillianna and the team's future really didn't matter right now. As the evil man's cronies began their assault on Second Chance, Adam knew he would do his best to prevent them from being harmed, and he was already prepared to do so.

Casting his magic, he created two sets of vines that rose out from the ground, grabbing two of the spearmen and entangling them. Before they could do anything, the Druid threw them against two of the swordsmen, knocking down all four combatants like bowling pins. And while they were stunned on the ground, the fisherman grew thick tree roots around each of their necks, choking them to death instantly as the force of the plant matter crushed the rods below their heads and prevented them from breathing.

Adam knew these cultists would have other tricks up their sleeve, so while he was happy there were four less of them, he stayed alert to be prepared for whatever they tried next.
Aside from his “trick,” Adam didn't have anything strategic to contribute at that time. Putting a few acorns into his pockets, his mind drifted to the ones they had lost. With Lillianna gone, there were now four members of Second Chance gone. Was this something that would continue? The Druid knew he would do the right thing whatever the circumstances, but what if he ended up alone in this strange world? It wasn't something he wanted to think about, but it felt like a real possibility. The shared experience of coming from Earth had helped unite them all, and Adam did not want to lose those bonds. The man decided for now that he would simply fight to the best of his ability, and trust in them all to keep going as one.

And if they didn't? Well, maybe Glee could use a new teammate or something. Perhaps the-

“Die cultist!”

The new person's declaration startled Adam out of his thoughts and he quickly prepared himself to grow some vines around this new threat, only for the apparent ice mage to stop his assault and start talking. It seemed he and his prisoner acquaintance had managed to escape, and the Druid was certainly sympathetic with what happened to them, but he was also reminded of the experience of a certain cart owner and spoke.

“It is nice to meet you both. I'm sorry for what happened to your friends. However, I hope you understand our need to be careful” the red-eyed man said to George, still ready to cast at any moment. Now addressing Barracker, the nature magic user asked “is there any way we can know for sure if they're with the cult?”

It seemed Adam had something strategic to contribute after all.
Adam was distraught that Lillianna was leaving the team. She had been a loyal member of the team, electrocuting herself to help everyone in their fight against the water ninja. And she was probably the one he was closest with in Second Chance after MacKensie, especially after their talk on the roof. The Druid knew though that doing the right thing wasn't easy; she had to be hurting also. So instead of trying to convince her to stay, he settled on making the mage promise she would find him if she was in trouble and gave her a hug before she left the group.

The red-eyed man wanted to process this loss for a while, but that would have to wait. Right now everyone had to focus on the mission at hand, the slaying of the monster in the temple. After helping with setting up the camp as needed and giving his friends food from his supplies if they wanted any, Adam listened to his fellow teammates as they provided insights and ideas. James with an important question, MacKensie with her desire to avoid hurting innocent people (which added to the Druid's admiration for her), and Barracker's insights on the temple's layout all would contribute to the success of Second Chance. Stealth seemed to be the consensus of everyone there, and Adam couldn't find fault with that. If they were trying to isolate the beast, his magic could perhaps contribute to that.

“We'll be indoors, so that means I won't be able to grow as many plants as usual. However, if we can get to an isolated room, maybe I can barricade it to prevent anyone from coming in. Please watch your heads.” Saying this, he used his magic to shake a nearby oak tree, watching as acorns fell as a result. Adam then mystically moved a few dozen of them to his now-opened bag. “I can grow these into oaks that will be as useful as my magic normally is.” It was no lightning bolt, but it would have to do.
They say that, of all the Gods, Hades is very popular.

People are always dying to meet him

Killer joke, man.
When James suggested the team split up, Adam nodded in agreement. The cult was in the temple, not the town, so there shouldn't be any danger while they gathered information. And he didn't have any real preference for who he would team up with, though a small part of him wanted more time alone with their Ranger. That wasn't relevant to the mission though, so he pushed those thoughts aside. Zell volunteering to go into town with him was fine; his joke about the cult was stupid.

Adam had taken in the place, seeing a charming village where people were close and nature was plentiful. Cherrad was likely a much more upbeat place without the cult there; that's what Second Chance was for, right? For all the discomfort Adam had of killing people that could be saved, he knew the team's work would help a town return to its former glory.

He said none of this to the swordsman though, instead just sighing and shaking his head. Frankly, Adam didn't have the desire to lecture right now; he knew Zell would step up when it mattered. Instead, the red-eyed man would focus his energy on talking to the villagers and hopefully getting useful information from them.

And at first, the Druid shared his friend's luck with regards to finding information. But eventually after sharing the story the wagon driver told with a friendly shopkeeper, the latter gave him an important lead.

“Oh, Nick? He was just here, dropping off some meat at a nearby store. If you hurry, you can probably catch him before he leaves town.”

Adam thanked the entrepreneur, then explained the situation to Zell, telling him he would meet up with the rest of the team after talking with this guy. Running off after this, the fisherman eventually caught up with the man; a portly, balding fellow wearing worn clothes pushing an empty cart with “Nick's Meats” written on it in white paint out of Cherrad.

“Excuse me sir, my name is Adam and I'm here with my team to deal with the monster afflicting this town. If you don't mind, I had a few questions I was hoping you could answer.”

The cart owner was happy to oblige, and the two of them had a nice conversation before the meat salesman resumed his travel away from the town. The red-eyed man went in the opposite direction, finding his team so they could proceed with whatever happened next together.
From up in the air on the way to Panama, I wanted to write and say I appreciate getting to RP with all of you. In no particular order:

Teyao - watching James develop (not always for good when alcohol is involved lol) has been great.
Crusader Lord - your posts are always detailed and I can tell Lillianna has a lot of thought put into her. I think our collab broke the post length record here :P
Saiyan - Zell is hilarious to me. He's so unlike anyone I've written.
Loksfjoer - Fenna is being fleshed out nicely. Her presence keeps the team grounded in a sense and Adam needs to interact with her (and Sil) more.
Xenon - of course, the work you've put into the setting makes it succeed. This wouldn't be here without you GMing it.
Zool - MacKensie is an interesting character. I did not intend for Adam to have so much in common with her. I'm glad it worked out that way though, their dynamic has been fun to write and I look forward to seeing it continue.
Jay009 - Barracker is a solid (literally and figuratively lol) addition to the RP. He's already had an impact on the team and I expect that to continue.

I look forward to writing with you all more in the future!
Adam listened to the wagon driver's response, reminded of what Barracker had told everyone as the non-vampire described the cult’s wicked ways. “Unfortunately, there will likely be some innocent people who have had their minds enslaved by the wraith and stand in our way.  We will have to spill blood.  I know its hard but harden your hearts, because any hesitation will end in your death.” This was not the same as killing an ogre or water ninja who wanted good men dead, not at all. And that fact kept the Druid deep in thought as he thanked the wagon driver for the information and James for the knife after offering his sympathies regarding the villagers. 

This was not going to be easy, and the swordsman probably had the right idea, which Adam acknowledged by nodding when he said it. The red-eyed man wanted to try saving who he could. Wanted to ask Barracker if some roots could be grown to trap the brainwashed instead of killing them. But he didn't need to be James to know that strategically, that wasn't a good idea. These cultists could pretend to be submitted by the plant magic, then strike when they were least prepared for it. Or become a hostage that the enemy could exploit. Not only would this prevent them from succeeding in the mission and learning what was in those letters, it would leave the enemies free to hurt more innocent people. And that left the right course of action plain as day, though the Druid did sigh and shake his head before speaking.

“Zell is right. I'd like to trust everyone and even help anyone who is brainwashed, but if we fall for anything it jeopardizes our chances of success, and then nobody is safe.” Adam wasn't happy about it, but he was resolute. He looked at the members of Second Chance, at least secure in the knowledge that they would be going through this ordeal together. Fenna and Lillianna seemed to have doubts based on their expressions, not that he blamed them. He would be sure to help them in this regard if it was needed. Barracker was ready for this, no doubt aided by his experience with adventuring. Zell was being himself. And MacKensie was a little off this morning; he hoped she was alright, and made a mental note to talk with her later. But the one who the fisherman had his attention towards now was their Cleric, their leader and strategist, and it was the latter that the team needed now.

“James, how should we proceed?”
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