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2 yrs ago
@Corvex replace Sims with Animal Crossing and you'll get how I can be sometimes
3 yrs ago
@Cynder Meanwhile, the Instinct players are relaxing on a beach, oblivious to the conflict happening around them.
3 yrs ago
It's annoying when you want to join a roleplay but you can't really think of a complete character idea that would completely work for that roleplay.
3 yrs ago
@booooooooks The follow-up question then becomes this: are you playing Pokemon Go on that $40 phone?
3 yrs ago
@Altered Tundra I was doing that earlier, but now I'm here. Sadly, I don't have a Zapdos yet.


Hello there!

I'm a guy that likes roleplaying, video games (mostly but not exclusively Nintendo), history, reading, and other stuff. I tend to prefer casual roleplays; I don't think every roleplay post needs to be an essay, but I like at least two paragraphs or so at a minimum. I think what kind of genre I like depends on the premise of the roleplay and I would have to look at the roleplay to see if I like it. I suppose if you want to know more, you can ask.

Have a good day!

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Thanks for linking me to the OP GMs, but I can't think of a solid character to my satisfaction, so I'll have to withdraw.

Good luck with the RP, I hope it goes well!
Character sheets getting done and here I am being indecisive on my character XD

I know, right? I see mine people looking at this thread and I don't even know what kind of character to use.
@Odin or we all just end up as leaf ninjas. It's up to the GMs, really.

@Deadlyrose9641 I'm not the GM, but I would say yes?
I'm at work, so I can't make a full CS, but I thought I'd post a few short ideas to see what people think. These are for a (likely leaf) genin:

1) A sensor-type ninja who is naturally skilled, but overly sensitive to the point where it can be hard to "turn off" the chakra sensing.
2) A jinchuriiki who, due to losing control at one point, specializes in taijutsu to avoid a repeat of that situation. I like the idea of playing a jjnchurikii that isn't super OP, but I would understand if it isn't allowed.
3) A swordsman who either has ancestors from or his parents were immigrants from the Land of Iron (samurai place). Wants to be a great swordsman to honor his heritage/ancestors.
4) An average guy without any special abilities or powers. Kind of a "blank slate" just to see what happens. Maybe I'd give him a unique jutsu that he got by chance or something.

These are just ideas that I beainstormed - I think numbers 2 and 4 are my favorites right now, but I'm curious of your thoughts.
Just posting to indicate my likely interest (again). Not sure what I'll be yet - probably a genin, but it depends on what everyone else does.
@Raging Fenrir Not a bad thought. It just comes down to which of my ideas I think is the most fun to RP as. Also if stuff like ninja tech from the new series exists or not (if it matters, my vote is no just because it seems kinda OP, but that's just my opinion).

We'll learn more once the OOC is up, I'm sure.
I've been re-reading parts of Naruto, so this is interesting to me. I'd have to see what kind of characters are allowed - I have a few ideas. Obviously a powerful jounin type character wouldn't be good if we're all genin, for instance :-P I also have an idea for a genin though too, so it's not like I'd have to be a jounin.

Anyway, hope to see this progress - it'd be fun to do a Naruto universe RP!
That makes sense. I'd have to kick the idea around in my head to see if I can make a character of it. I'm surprised nobody has submitted a CS yet, but maybe that's because Christmas is in a few days.
I'm tentatively interested in this. I had a question - what is communication like between these far-out colonies and Earth/the cities most people live in? I've got a tentative idea for a reporter and/or space-age Youtuber/blogger-type character. I'm not sure if he would be a serious individual who wants to do good reporting on the universe or just some random guy who wants to be an "internet celebrity." Either could be fun :-P But in any case, I don't want to clash with anything you have established, so just let me know.
I’m tentatively interested in this, assuming the above questions get answered. For instance, if we’re all on different ships, there isn’t really room for interaction.
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