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@Martian glad to see your interest! I haven't thought too much about races, but I suppose as long as it isn't OP or too out there for a medieval fantasy setting, it would make sense. E.g. a martian or some other original alien race would just be out of place, but an original race grounded in the sensibilities of a medieval fantasy world could work. Likewise, a giant would be too OP due to sheer physical strength (plus the logistics of a giant on a ship :P) but an elf would make sense.

Hopefully that gives you some insight; let me know if you have any other questions!
I'm curious! =)

Nice, I'm happy to see your interest in the RP!
Yep, as I stated before, I'm definitely putting my interest in :p

And as I stated before, it's good to have you in the roleplay! :P
@ClocktowerEchos there wouldn't be a stat or structural system, it would be free form. I like trusting the people I write with to create posts that make sense within the context of the RP.
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@ThisIsFine nah, the short version is she was a hero who approved of murdering criminals and could manipulate the density of her body.
In HEROIC 1 mo ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
It was probably mine. I lost the password to my old account lol

I'd be surprised if it was you since it was a very different character aside from the name, but this RP happened six years ago so it is possible!
In HEROIC 1 mo ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
I'm not sure if I'll join this, but I saw your IC and do like superhero RPs so I'll keep an eye on this. Also it's funny that you named your guy Wraith @ThisIsFine as that was another player's character name in a hero RP I was involved in a few years ago.

In either case, I hope this RP goes well!
I had this RP idea and thought I'd post it to see if there was any interest. The concept is below!


You are a passenger on a large ship headed to the New World! Maybe you're a sailor who wants to see the world, or maybe you're a farmer who hopes to make a better life for their family in this new place. You could even be a nobleman who was appointed to a high-level position. In any case, the weather is sunny, the skies are clear, and it looks like you are going to arrive without any problems. Suddenly, the boat encounters the worst storm any of the crew has ever seen! Despite everyone's best efforts, the weather overtakes the boat and everything goes black.

The next thing you know, you wake up on an unfamiliar shoreline. In a panic, you look around and see a few people from the ship, but not nearly as many as were there originally. Now you must work with these survivors to try and stay alive on this island.

Can you survive on the deserted island?


Basically, this is a medieval fantasy deserted island roleplay. Everyone will play as someone who survived the storm and they must work together if they don't want to die there. I thought a medieval fantasy setting would give lots of room for creativity and worldbuilding. I don't have a super detailed world in mind here, so this will give everyone a chance to contribute to the setting via their biographies, character skill sets, and so on.

That being said, this isn't an adventure where everyone is a level 100 wizard who can summon dragons to make their breakfast. It is very boring if the characters can just overpower any scenario they face. So while an almighty sage is out of the question, a beginner magician who was accepted to the best school of magic in the New World could be interesting! Likewise, a knight who has won tons of battles would be boring, but a local city guard who accepted a new job in the New World could work, depending on the details. Or maybe your character doesn't have any combat skills at all; a carpenter who went to the New World for a special project has valuable skills they could contribute.

So that's the concept I have in mind. If there are enough people interested, I'd be glad to make a CS and an OOC thread. I look forward to writing with you!
I'm just posting to bump this.
Hi there! I’m posting this thread to advertise Mystery of the Key, a story I am writing with @fusagi and @threetoads. This is about a man who woke up on a beach with nothing but the clothes on his back and an important key. Teaming up with a mind-reading cricket, their adventure so far has involved fighting a villainous frog, dealings of an illegal nature, and more!

The way posts are done in this story is a little different than usual; instead of everyone writing a specific character as part of the GM’s world, everyone writes for all of the characters and helps build the story together. Through the combined efforts of talented writers, an engaging world, characters and plot are created. We don’t have a set post length, but consistency with the previous posts and proper spelling and grammar are very important. We also communicate on Discord to plan things as needed.

If this sounds like something that might interest you, please take a look at the story here:…

We have a good number of posts, but there is still room to add your own flavor and thoughts to this world. There is also a Google Doc that is updated fairly regularly with characters, locations, and so on to help with the writing.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Thank you and I look forward to writing with you!
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