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Where have European powers colonialized heavily? Does French Indochina exist and likewise?

From what I've read from the available lore, in Qualia's universe - unlike IRL - Colonization never became a thing due to the pretty much all regions being able to clap back against the European powers toe-to-toe, resulting in a war that ended in a stalemate, no one's conquering anyone.

With this context, then it's logical to deduce that there are no colonies, nor former colonies, not even minor ones. No United States, Canada, Quebec, French-Indochina, British Raj, Dutch East Indies, etc. None of them ever became a thing.
As for the nation, yes, that would be Germany. Should I put that instead as her country in the sheet? I can follow Izurich's for that.

Just in case you do, we'll do like Liotrent and Click and discuss how Qualia's Germany should be like.
Would things like mechas, exosuits, and advanced prostheses be available/viable with the current technology?

Wow, I came into this thread a few minutes ago to ask about if mechs are a thing. Nice~

Speaking of which, @Erode, can I reserve the term "Panzermensch" for German-made mechs?

@Izurich Looks good! Just to clarify though, while Lucretia may treat Schwarzritter as a friend, automatons aren't actually a thing, so it'll be more like playing with a doll rather than playing with a pet robot thing. What does this drone run on though? I'm presuming electricity, mainly because it seems to be a more complex construction than something that'd just run on gears and such (which would make a steam core more viable as a power source). You can mention that it incorporates Peizogravitas (a common Formulization of a copper alloy that makes it hella buoyant when electricity runs through it) in its construction too, to make it easily transportable.

Like I mentioned with Robo's crystal idea, Lucretia will be able to adjust the Schwarzritter's output on the fly with Formulization, but if she wants to change its functions, she'll have to spend time workshopping it. Also, Schwarzritter will be effectively disarmed at the start of the RP, with its weapons (and basically every other students' weapons) stored in the armory/testing grounds of the island. They'll allow militant-minded students to continue to perfect their weapons of destruction, but not bring it outside of specified grounds.

Nice! That went better than I thought it'd be.

Alright, noted, made the changes and additions to the Ferromancy section of the CS, those are in bolded italics.

My technologist is up for review!

Fingers crossed that I didn't fuck up too much.

See that’s why assuming is disastrous, better look dumb and ask dumb questions rather than assuming things and ended up looking even dumber.

Nice, clarified, thanks!
@IzurichGenerally speaking, it's possible for a Technologist to come up with a weapon deployment system where that weapon is propelled remotely to where they currently are. It won't be as fast or as certain as the magical summoning hijinks from Shipgirls(TM) though. It'd also be very loud and very obvious.

Great~ that’s good enough. So basically Ironman Mk3’s remote-controlled armor instead of shipgirl rigging summoning out of thin air. Perfect.

Also that example CS made me chuckle like an idiot for minutes on end.

I’ll likely spruce up my own CS format a bit, maybe separate the biography and specialization section instead of lumping it into one.

Also just in case since I’m a dense motherfucker, I’ll verbally confirm that the Current Mission and Secrets section are omitted from the CS and just exclusively PMed to you?
I have a rough character concept in mind, but no harm clarifying first before going further.

Is the idea of a Technologist with a summonable mobile platform weapon viable? A great example would be Azur Lane/Kancolle shipgirls summoning their rigging.
I don’t have a math or physics degree, calculus also destroyed me back in high school.

But fuck it, we all can’t be Einsteins, right?

I’m pitching my interest. I got @Vega7285 the physics doctor to carry me.
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