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--Osprey - Kugane--

Eve was content just being a passive - yet keen - observer of the party's proceedings with their host. Right now, she was perfectly in her element; out of sight, out of mind, her preferred position to be in whether in or out of combat. However, now that she was travelling with a certain someone who was specifically trained to notice the unnoticed and reveal the hidden, maintaining said preference would be substantially harder than before.

As if to prove that sentiment, the Pseudolon found that certain someone suddenly occupying the spot between Robin and herself. The SEED Agent didn't seem to approve Robin's change of demeanor, encouraging her to relight her sparkling spunk, but in doing so, he somehow found it apt to involve Eve as well. "...?" The hooded black mage barely turned her head, but she just managed to descry Esben's gesture. Still, what did he mean by that? She could see Robin emulating her to be less ostentatiously flamboyant to be useful, but the other way around? Not so much... really.

I'd already be dead several times over if that was the case... However, she didn't feel like entertaining the topic right now, there were other things demanding her attention, such as the discussion to decide their next move.

After the Skaeller Gunbreaker and Edrenian Vagrant introduced themselves, the Ospreyan Samurai saw it fit to retell the confession she gave back at Atsu, but this time within earshot of the whole party. The faux eidolon already knew that and still... hearing Izayoi's painful past again stoked the embers of vengeful fury within her ether-charged chest, how could she not? Especially since they both lost their family to Valheim's cruelty.

As such, when Cyradil's servant - the male Mystrel, not the female Viera - arrived to bring grave news, it didn't take much at all for Eve to make her decision. Even before Izayoi finished elaborating her history with Lord Hien, the draconic chimera already knew what she must do: prevent the old warrioress from losing yet another confidant to Valheim... and in doing so, she got to exterminate more of those tyrants too.

With her mind set, even if Rudolf changed his mind and regardless of Esben's muses advocating rational caution, unconcerned with any of those, Eve would gaze straight at Izayoi, locking their eyes, and at that moment, the dark-haired Mystrel would see a pair of dimly-glowing slitted blood-red pupils underneath the horned mage's hood, exuding sheer bloodlust that could only be sated by massacring Valheimrs. For the briefest of seconds, that moment back in Atsu was relived.

Not a word was said, yet that gesture alone already did far more than mere words could.

--Aventon - Village--

Considering how far Remilia had fallen from splendor, she'd have required multiple nights at least to fully regenerate her arm, an agonizingly arduous process compared to the literal seconds she could once accomplish. However, it didn't mean the Scarlet Devil couldn't do something to compensate as in the end, she was still a vampire and disregarding such things as pleasure and novelty, blood was the be all end all sustenance for her kin. Theoretically, if someone could provide her with enough blood, she could hasten her healing process to perhaps a few hours, but she'd require it in abundance, to the point where she'd actually endanger the life of whoever she chose to feed on.

Fortunately, a certain someone could shrug off the perils of death as if it was nothing but a slap on the wrist. Thus, due to the Hourai Immortal's... well, immortality, the Gensokyoan known as Fujiwara no Mokou became Remilia's chosen donor. Conveniently, aside from a half-hearted reluctance, the white-haired pyromancer didn't really care to stop the vampiress.

Let's just say what transpired that night at a secluded corner of the village was best kept between the two of them...


Thanks to Mokou's sanguineous sacrifice, Remilia could immediately return to being useful the very next day, helping around the village, mainly as a healer since she was the only one amongst Lavielle's 'Champions' who could do so most effectively. It was an honest, altruistic job that made the lilac-haired lady feel all kinds of warm emotions, the thanks and praises she received were certainly welcomed, twas' only fitting for her deeds to be recognized. The Scarlet Devil might be many things, but let it never be said that she was callous.

During this time, she got to know a curious new arrival, a taciturn salmon-haired girl called 'Fran', Fran as in Frankenstein's Monster from a literature work of the Outside World, though at this point, Remilia was confident that Fran didn't come from her universe's Outside World, neither did Joker. Really, anyone that wasn't her fellow Gensokyoans all hailed from different worlds. As for Fran herself, she was a part-flesh part-machine entity, similar to Lewa... except the other way around in terms of ratio; Fran had more organic parts, while Lewa possessed more mechanical parts, although her opinion should be taken with a grain of salt. Regardless, they all had the same predicament, one thrusted upon them by that pesky goddess.

Eventually, the trade caravan that the villagers had been anticipating finally arrived, allowing them to trade what they had harvested from the humongous boars and centipedes for much-needed supplies, materials, and rations.

For her part, Remilia casually strolled over to one of the wagons, driven by curiosity more than anything else. She'd roam her blood-red eyes over the merchant's goods, see if there was a trinket or two that'd strike her fancy, but if not, the very act of window shopping itself was quite enjoyable.

--Nagano Prefecture - Abandoned Mansion--

The plan was perfectly calculated, but man, was the anomaly bad at math. Alas, no one was perfect, not even interdimensional eldritch creatures; Tera possessed unparalleled mastery over genetics and biology, but unfortunately explosives wasn't covered in either. The centipede's rolling kamikaze attack blew up in its face, quite literally. The anomaly had overestimated how long those fuses would last and thus, the primitive bombs went off far sooner to do any meaningful damage to the samurai.

As consequences for its blunder, Teratoma alone received the full brunt of multiple explosives point-blank, and unlike those musket bullets and cannonballs, good ol' explosions could effectively wound the shapeshifting anomaly, not as much as incendiary weapons, but with sufficient power, they practically bore similar results. Red alien flesh splattered everywhere as the shockwave erupted outward. In a matter of milliseconds, the Ōmukade was there and then not, its youkai form destroyed...

...leaving only a mostly-intact blob made of the same flesh, though its size was a far cry from before, being no larger than a black bear at most. It seemed rather inert as well, showing that Teratoma was effectively in a daze, the equivalent of a human who had just suffered a flashbang going off on their face. Hopefully, its comrades would be able to finish off the samurai and the onna-bushi without it.

--Osprey - Kugane--

In the morning, the party departed and a day's journey later, they soon arrived before the main gates of Kugane, a once-mighty city that had seen better days. Though the capital was left in a better state than the countryside, Eve had the feeling that most of the residents here would prefer suffering worse damage if it meant Valheim could be sent scampering back to the ocean. Alas, as it stood, the invaders' "mercy" at leaving the city quite intact was a worse insult to Ospreyan pride than anything else.

As the party's wagon closed the distance with the checkpoint inspectors, Eve fixed her hood and coat, making sure they covered her well and then tucked herself at the darkest corner of the wagon, all she could do now was stay still and hope for the best.

Fortunately, Chisaki kept her promise and none of her comrades fucked up - concerning Robin for the most part really - as the guards bought the Shinobi's story and forged documents. Perhaps being a ragtag bunch of misfits had its perks, adventurers and mercenaries would be the usual excuse considering they were armed, but if traveling performers also worked just fine, then she wouldn't look at the gift horse in the mouth.

Their pass granted, the group plus their guide continued onward until the wagon parked before a seemingly humble home. Eve made no fuss as she disembarked, though she did take a pause at the request of removing her footwear, until she remembered that she wore socks for this reason, among others. As Chisaki led the party to her mistress, the comely Elven bard Ciradyl Ianthyra, the hooded black mage kept to the back, deliberately blending among the less-famous members of the party as she took a seat with them upon Cyradil's behest.

It was immediately obvious that Izayoi and this Cyradil were old friends, and Eve certainly didn't have even a fleeting desire to intrude upon their reunion. In fact, it seemed like Galahad, Rudolf, and the others had this socialization part well taken care of, combined with the fact that she didn't have anything relevant to say to their host - at least for now - being a silent observer was the preferred course of action.

--Osprey - Village--

"..." Well, yes, was it wrong to demand a white mage to heal? Esben could say the silliest of things sometimes, but she figured he was doing it purely to garner some kind of reaction, maybe a part of his SEED training, play the facade of a jester so others would underestimate him, a rather ingenious skill if she could say so herself.

"Hmm." The black mage was all earholes as the Garden operative started elaborating his take on the matter. He brought up very fair points, even if he could infiltrate the occupied capital with little to no issues, the same couldn't be said for the rest of the party, not to mention the time constraints. Eve frowned subtly, trying to come up with something to justify avoiding the rabbit-eared kunoichi, but she came up short. With a silent sigh, she resigned to let the more diplomatic folks handle the negotiations, a rather peculiar one since it’d involve former mortal enemies working with each other...

With nothing else to be said, she followed along with her comrades and their newfound ally(?) to the nearby inn.

--Village - Inn--

While Izayoi was handling their accommodation administration, Eve decided to simply pick one of the vacant table seats and sat there nicely, blending into the shadows with her hood up like some kind of shady figure at a tavern's corner, well, quite less intimidating than that due to her lack of stature. Really, right now silence was golden considering the tension in the air...

Tension that had no room for shenanigans, but it seemed one of them didn't get that message. The artificial eidolon could only watch with unamused half-closed eyes as the aspiring hero Robin performed his flamboyant introductions. It was rather painful to watch and Eve had to try her best to silence the exasperated groan stewing in her throat. Fortunately, nothing fatal came of it, the Viera didn't lash out and Izayoi wouldn't have to cut down her fellow countrywoman. Miina lacks confidence, while Robin has too much of it. Truly, moderation is key...

While Esben and Eliane were doing their Garden thing with Chisaki and Rudolf giving a lecture to the overenthusiastic hero, the Pseudolon found herself approached by the third and last of the party's Skaellan roster, carrying two cups of tea with him. At first, she assumed he was the type to really love tea so one portion wouldn't be enough, but then he made it clear that said second cup was for her instead. "..." Her red eyes stared down at the filled container, wondering if he should just give it to someone who actually needed it, but then she remembered that people drink tea mainly for pleasure and recreation. Therefore, no issues.

"Thank you." Eve replied tersely, but there was no hint of hostility in her voice, she was simply a person of few words. The horned girl proceeded to wrap her fingers around the cup's ear while lightly brushing the opposite side with her other hand, letting the beverage stew for now. "This journey has been nothing but full of surprises, some pleasant, some less so, I suppose this is one of the former."

Eve turned her gaze toward the Sollan, realizing that they couldn't be more different. He was dark-haired, blue-eyed, tanned, tall, athletic, and skilled in the arts of the martial and physical, while she was light-haired, red-eyed, pale, diminutive, scrawny, and proficient in the arcane instead. Technically, they were both Sollans and moments like these made Eve wonder how she’d look like had she been allowed to grow naturally as a person, not a lab rat.

"..." Her thoughts caused her to stare at Anton's face, one that was awkwardly longer than necessary, a blunder that she realized far too late as she momentarily diverted her gaze back to her cup, taking a sip of the vanilla milk tea to mask her anxiety, the warmth and taste worked wonders at doing so.

"I see," She curled a small, difficult smile at Arton's confession, if only they were all here for a vacation... "Yes, it's a pretty country, and we're here to restore things to how they're supposed to be, it'll be even more beautiful by then." A tinge of burning ambition momentarily flashed on her visage as she recalled the two main culprits of the world's woes.

Speaking of, she was curious what part of the world Arton hailed from, aside from herself, the swordsman might just be the most secretive about his homeland, however, she came from Valheim, there were plenty of reasons to be ashamed, but what about him? She was... curious.

"What about your homeland? Is it as beautiful as Osprey?"

--Aventon Deep Forest--

Considering how wounded the gigantic arthropod was, the haemomantic javelin was more likely to hit than not, but it’s still just a possibility regardless, however, Joker's hex exponentially raised the odds, practically making the outcome a near-absolute certainty. What came next was but a glimpse of the Scarlet Devil's undiluted power, but it already possessed enough force to blast the creature through several - Lewa forgive her - trees and pinning it headfirst against the ground. It wouldn't be slithering again anytime soon... or ever really.

"Haa... haa..." Remilia was still in a post-javelin throwing stance after everything was over, but it didn't last much longer before she lost every bit of strength in her body as she unwittingly let gravity embrace her, her wings failing as the one-armed vampiress flopped unceremoniously into the forest grass, her once-furious eyes reduced to an empty half-open dull stare.

Her missing left arm and shoulder were no longer bleeding out, her healing factor - impaired as it was - could still accomplish that much, but whereas she could simply regrow a limb or two in a matter of seconds, now it'd take a few days at best, though that was assuming no external factors were involved. She could hasten the process by being provided sustenance; succulent, fresh blood, a lot of it, and though Sanae was the first “donor” coming to her mind, the arrival of the white-haired Hourai Immortal provided a more 'humane' way of going about it.

"..." But that was a matter for later as right as at this very moment, Lady Remilia wanted nothing else but some rest...

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--Petrified Forest - Crash Site--

She didn't know what's worse, an engagement amidst volatile vapors or an urban site full of civvies, on one hand, they wouldn't have to worry about civilian casualties but the mist pockets posed more a danger to the WARDENs themselves than any civilian could, on the other, the war had already claimed enough lives as it was, wouldn't adding more to the tally defeat the very purpose of their duty?

Yeah, the latter's probably worse. Still, being the lesser of two evils didn't make the situation any easier. One wrong move and they could turn this crater into a gaping abyss along with everyone in it, including...

Tch... why now of all times? ...the princess, yeah, no offense against Justice but Valerie could appreciate being blissfully ignorant for a bit longer, until the mechs were dismantled at least. With the knowledge of a political VVIP being in the danger zone, the stakes were raised a few notches, if they screwed up here, they could very well sabotage Rassvet's chance at acquiring an invaluable bargaining chip, "Copy that, Justice." She responded via their telepathic intercom, "Understood, we'll make an attempt at neutralizing the mechanoid threat, if that fails, we'll withdraw."

Now onto the matter at hand, with Morden and Silje handling the other bot, Valerie noticed that her shots were quite effective, no, not at penetrating the sturdiest parts of the mech's armor, she already suspected those smaller projectiles wouldn't be effective against these walking panzers, instead, they managed to divert its attention to her, good. The opening she bought allowed Kalina to use her gunblade to penetrate its armor and actually damage it, but it wasn't down for the count yet as it retaliated by tossing the taller white-haired WARDEN away. Fortunately, Gerard was there with his makeshift projectiles to redirect the machine's attention to his (and Valerie's) direction.

"..." Then, recognizing what Gerard wanted Kalina to do using his telekinetic boost, Valerie renewed her grip on Haylel as she braced the mist-powered weapon against herself, its sights carefully aimed at the mech's right knee joint. At the same time, the indigo veins - both on the weapon and its wielder - intensified as the horned WARDEN began charging up. The glowing, rotating part of Haylel’s barrel spun faster, chokeful of mist...

Then she pulled the trigger.

A sound that could only be described as a release of concentrated plasma erupted through the air as a densely potent indigo beam shot out of Haylel. Unlike Valerie's previous projectiles, this particular one was larger and longer, crackling with purple sparks and leaving behind a comet-like trail. It was only thanks to Valerie's Citadel-forged body and empowered Aegis that she could endure the recoil. A common infantryman - if they could even effectively lift the weapon in the first place - would find themselves flat on their back, torso bruised and ribs cracked.

If everything went according to plan, the shot would rip through the mech's knee, but dissipate harmlessly on the ground behind it. Now she could only hope that her eyes didn't fail her aim.

--Aventon - Deep Forest--

The Vampiric Mistress of the Scarlet Devil Mansion had always been susceptible to the lulls of boredom, however, it wasn't so much as a consequence of having a long life. After all, plenty of other notable figures in Gensokyo had already existed centuries before her, no, it was more due to who she was as a person. Excitement and thrills, she craved those as much as she loved a good glass of 'wine', however, even she had her limits. A masochist might love pain, but beyond a certain point, it'd devolve from paraphilic pleasure to simply suffering.

And right now, she wasn't enjoying herself at all, it was a life or death situation where the latter was a distinct possibility. Thrill was available in spades here, except not the fun kind.

"!!!" The amputated Scarlet Devil continued to savagely attack her arthropod opponent, becoming as much of a beast as the creature itself. Her eyes were stuck widely unblinking as her one remaining arm repeatedly stuck the lethal end of Gungnir into insectoid flesh while her wings did their best to maneuver the vampiress to avoid further mutilation. Remilia was so focused on her vengeful rage that she didn't notice Joker's arrival until he deflected the centipede's bite with a timely dagger strike.

"..." For a brief moment, her visage - still as murderous as before - slightly turned toward the Summoner and his Astral Projection, "ASSIST ME IN SLAYING THIS ACCURSED VERMIN AND I SHALL REWARD YOU GREATLY, HUMAN!" The bloodfeeding youkai roared, not caring in the slightest at her lack of decorum, it was the thought that counts.

With Joker and Arsene being here to occupy the centipede's attention, Remilia decided it was time to end this charade once and for all. She rose into the air by a few meters, then raised gungnir high, preparing it as if it was a javelin. "IN THE NAME OF HOUSE SCARLET! I, REMILIA, SHALL DELIVER THEE UNTO DEATH!!" With that solemn vow, Remilia poured as much of her blood magic as she could into the magical spear, scarlet mist spilling from her body into it, causing it to crackle and throb with swirls of scarlet energy.


In the next moment, The air itself seemed to be sucked into the spear as an eerie silence fell for a fragile second or two... before a sonic boom violently erupted as Remilia released Gungnir forward, the spear trailing crimson as it blitzed straight to the centipede's mandibled mug!

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