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The following are your dorm roommates. Let me know if there's any issues:

Chinami and Bonnie.
Suzuya and Olivia.
Tesni and Wilhelmina.
Lucy and Nessie.

Sounds good to me!

--An Agreement Made--

@Kumbaris @ERode

"...?" Lucretia merely tilted her head slightly at Bunga's comment about her conduct, what was unproductive about it? In fact, she phrased her question with the express goal of being efficiently productive, no beating around the bush with unnecessary small talks. In relation to that, why would an efficient talk anger Sukoro? He's a fellow Technologist Polymath, and Technologists often adopted engineering philosophies into their craft. If Bunga defined "politely" as wasting time by beating around the bush first, then the Egoist clearly misunderstood the whole thing. However, she was both foreign and non-Technologist so Lucy chalked it up to her being unfamiliar, perhaps things were done differently in her homeland, that was certainly a distinct possibility.

Since Sukoro was apparently wholly focused on his work - something Lucretia could genuinely relate to - the white-haired girl took a step back first, not really caring about Bunga's inaccurate assessment of her motivations and behavior. Although, the fox-eared Egoist sure had an incredibly flowery way of speaking, and Lucy found it uncomfortably frustrating. Strangely however, she wasn't this excessively aureate back in the cafe, maybe because both her and Sukoro are Orientals? Something to muse about.

Perhaps much to Bunga's disbelief, Lucretia was content to wait for Sukoro to finish his painting, a far cry from her seemingly impatient attitude just now. The petite Polymath sat back down at Schwarzritter's left arm as she watched Sukoro's pencil strokes. Fascinating, he managed to create a monochromatic yet photorealistic sketch of the Rafflesia, a meticulous perfectionism that Lucy knew all too well. It seemed they were more alike than she thought.

His sweat-ridden body, parched throat, and strained voice reminded Lucy of an event not too long ago, just this early morning in fact. A part of her was amused that their experience was mutual, but there was one huge difference, he succeeded in his endeavors; no stray birds defecated on his canvas moments before completion. Now that he was done though, she listened to what he had to say.

Hmmmm... a curious, yet expected trade offer. Schwarzritter and Starsteel were each Polymath's magnum opus after all. "Knowledge and progress should never be hindered by irrational paranoia, therefore I consider this an equivalent exchange and will accept your offer. However, I must make sure that the chest will have an installed function to repair the Starsteel Formulization should I break it, for both of our conveniences obviously so I won’t have to bring the chest back to you each time I solve the puzzle." Lucy nodded, then if Sukoro confirmed that said chest would be inscribed by such function, she'd continue, "In exchange, you may take Schwarzritter under your care. I will register your voice so you may command him as I can."
So do we pick our Roommates or is the GM going to have a tiger spit up a random number generator to do it? Personally I like the mental trauma of putting my wallflower in a room with Olivia, who would be equally good for her as well as being someone entirely immune to the eerie ness of Xolys while transformed but hiding under her sheets otherwise.

My vote is on randomized, but it’s more indifference really. I don’t mind either way.
Or the Ministry doesn’t like talking about her. Who knows.

She stole Merlin’s panties once and they never let it go.

Honestly, I only needed to hear "wizard of Oz" to stop asking questions. XD I'm halfway convinced that her Grimoire's powers rely on people knowing little about her, like a memetic thing.

Yeah, like the titural Wizard of Oz, her magic works the best when no one knows what she actually can do, if the secret is revealed, the “magic” is gone.

If my counting is correct, we should have an even number of player characters, or around that. That means discussing who rooms with who for more interaction.

9 actually, including Ozma but excluding Roma, but 8 if Ozma is also excluded.

Lumiere is pretty much open to room with anyone, even Camelot. Also unlike Ozma, she most often serves as a teacher as she's most useful there and there's not much she can learn as a student anyway. She only appears as a "student" for masquerade's sake since she looks 15.


I'll see about that. If a collarb is needed we probably can do it over the weekend. I'm unlikely to have time for it before then.

Understandable, it doesn't have to be a collab yeah, it's just a more efficient method for a conversation/fight scene where only two characters are involved. Just tell me what you prefer and I'll go with that.

Charlotte is physically 19, not 17. In any case, you’re fine regarding the Grand Minister although I don’t control her. If you need to collab, you’ll have to poke @KoL.

Oh derp! Ah well, close enough. Will edit.

Nice~ oh, okay then, so @KoL, whaddya say?
Posted! Downtime before our next mission no doubt~

@TheWendil I took some liberties about Merlin regarding the last parts of my post. Just tell me to edit anything that doesn't fit, if any. Furthermore, Lumiere would like to have a private conversation with Merlin. If possible, would you like to do it in a collab or just post as normal?

@Sonnambula I assumed Nessie has given her name during their trek back to Marrywell, but just tell if it's not the case as I can simply edit out Lumi's dialogue that mentioned her name.

--Morning at Marywell--

By the time the group of magically-immortal girls arrived at the mythical Marywell Academy, the moon had abdicated her reign to the sun as warm golden light caressed the horizon. This marked the definite end of the Pageless' encroachment upon the human world, at least for this part of the globe. That was one of the major reasons why Magical Girls are so important, somewhere out there, it's always nighttime. It was a precarious thing to balance global presence versus power concentration as spreading the girls too thin would mean their enemies could easily snatch them one by one; even the mightiest of Mythics couldn't hold a candle to the power of camaraderie.

The sheer wisdom and experience it took to take in all of these factors and make decisions where mistakes potentially cost lives... Twas' precisely why anyone who doubted the Grand Minister were mostly misguided and/or short-sighted as was common with the younger magical girls, but there were those who truly stood in opposition against Lady Marywell and regrettably... if they were going to be enemies of the protector of humanity, then they shall be treated like one.

However, even amongst the former, there were select cases where their refusal to respect protocol was starting to endanger innocent lives. What was the use of feeding the homeless for a short few years, fattening them up just so they could be devoured by the Pageless later? Whatever twisted gestalt consciousness that directed the umbral legions was smart; It's ravenous and malicious, but not stupid like a rabid dog. It's a patient puppetmaster that possessed plans to destroy humanity's guardians and not all of them necessarily involved direct physical threats. Lucette was worried that Chinami was an unwitting pawn to-... ah, it's her.

Lucette's deep thoughts were interrupted by none other than the one and only Wizard of Oz, Charlotte Clementine, who - befitting the story that her grimoire emulated - had a mysterious power and an unknown chronological age, although for the latter, by virtue of the Wonderful Wizard of Oz's first manifestation into the world, she could be born in the same generation as Lucette at the oldest. Being at the front of the group, Lucy had the best seat in the house to watch the redhead being chased by no less than three students. For all of her power's mystery, there was one thing for sure about Charlotte, the girl was fast.

It only took but a brief moment until the "19-year-old" stopped before the "15-year-old" as they stared into each other for a second, well, Lucette was staring; Charlotte was more grinning at everyone really. "I'm confident that they won't ask, Charlotte." She made a mental shrug as Ozma literally dove behind a bush to transport herself to Merlin-knows-where. Typical.

"Charlotte Clementine or Ozma, chosen bearer of the grimoiric manifestation of the Wonderful Wizard of Oz." The white-haired girl answered the younger redhead's question regarding her fellow ginger, "She has been with us for a long while, this won't be the last time you'll see her antics, but rest assured, she has good intentions and knows what she's doing." Unlike some of them here...

With a smile, she shifted her attention to the whole group of seven magical girls, excluding herself, "Girls, please rest for now, you more than deserve it. Thank you for your brave contributions last night, rest assured that as the vanguard of humanity's salvation, your efforts are noble and just." She wouldn't bother anyone with a long-winded speech so as to not waste anyone's time, however, she did specifically turn her gaze back at Nessie after.

The looked-younger-but-actually-much-older shorter girl placed a reassuring hand on the Scot's shoulder, "Miss Burns, I'm sure you have questions about what happened to you, what was those creatures, and most importantly, what does this mean for you going forward. While I'd love to personally answer all of them, I have an important matter to attend to right now. So, someone else will brief you on all the important information you deserve to know and show you to your room. However, I will be sure to visit you in the short future." She curled a solemn motherly smile as her hand patted the redhead's shoulder a few times.

That done, Lumiere left the group to their own devices; no doubt to Chinami’s relief.


Moments later, the white-haired girl found herself in front of the double doors leading into the Grand Minister's personal study, effectively the principal's office in mundane academies, and knocked, "Lady Marywell, this is Lucette, may I take a moment of your time? I have an important matter to discuss with you."

If permission was granted, Lucy would open one of the doors just enough to slip her slim body in, close it back, then approach the Grand Minister proper.

If not, well, she could always return at a later date.
So what was that about Nessie not appreciating being princess-carried and handheld by Lumiere again?
@DruSM157 One tropical islander up for review!

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