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@Izurich OOps, I missed that. Hmm...yeah, I am not sure Shiara is okay sharing her mind with someone else. =/ We'll have to see.

Tbf, it is optional. The main thing is the mana sharing.
@imia@Izurich I didn't see anything about mind reading on Iava's sheet. It's just a mana connection, isn't it? Because if it's mind reading, Shiara is probably going to hard pass. ^.^;;

Oh, the way I see it, it's less Mind Reading and more Mind Sharing, everything is consensual, kinda like telepathy imo.

The bond can share everything from senses, perceptions, physical abilities, emotions, thoughts, and even memories between two parties. For instance, if someone knows how to do a specific motion that Iava doesn’t know herself, the knowledge required to do so can be shared and learned instantaneously through the connection. The extent of what is being shared depends on each party. As an example, someone could choose to only share the memories they have up until their fifth birthday. But it's not always a concrete choice - when the bond is made, both parties already have a predetermined idea of what they want to share. It’s similar to a conversation; you aren’t just going to tell someone all your traumatic experiences, your deepest darkest secrets & greatest fears for no reason. Thus, those memories that don’t want to be shared, and the thoughts and emotions associated with them are essentially “locked away,” to the point where Iava herself has no idea they exists.

Thing is, Liz can share pretty... questionable stuff. There's always that risk. 🫢
BUT ALSO i wanted to know how the other ppl playing in the rp felt abt her powers. mainly i didn't want her powers to be like idk forcing things on other players, theyre meant to involve both characters an equal amount yk. i just want to make sure the character is fun to play with so if u guys have anything to add on this front pls lmk so i can get to thinking^^ idrc abt anything else besides that, shes p much a blank canvas rn so ill change her however i need to, even if that means just trying another idea entirely @Izurich @shylarah

FYI, tagging doesn't work properly when edited in, the recipient won't get any notifications. I know, it's annoying.

As for the topic, the main thing to be concerned about is Iava's... sanity if she connects with Erzsebet. Unless she's particularly (Read: extremely) mentally resilient, one better not peek into the bloody abyss that is Liz's mind. It can certainly be a fun character dynamic tho!

--Desert - Camp--

Reunited with their transport and supplies plus considering how spent most of the party were, the decision to make camp was pretty much unanimously supported.

As usual since the beginning of their foray into the harsh dunes, Eve pretty much relegated herself to provide overwatch for the party, being one of the few squadmates still relatively fresh and also the only one not needing regular intakes of food, water, nor sleep, it was the most pragmatically sound decision. All she needed was a potion of liquefied ether in one hand and she was good to go at it until whenever they were ready to depart.

Still, she could lend an earhole when Izayoi deemed it appropriate to finally share her history with the man whose body became the Revenant.

"..." The Pseudolon listened to the recollection from start to finish, her first immediate reaction was having the urge to call the Master as foolish for throwing his life away like that, but then... Eve realized that for years now, she had sought to end her own twisted existence, preferably in battle, just like... him. "..." It was only recently, after her comrades and Cid, that she began to reconsider, that there was more to life than just being a weapon.

After all, wasn't this why her mother sacrificed herself...?

I'm sorry, mama...

--Kugane - Safehouse--

Back at Osprey's capital, Eve attended the meeting along with everyone else. It seemed more like a debriefing than anything else, Hien even already knew what'd be their next move. For now, the team deserved some rest after the voyage, might as well considering he'd take a day or two to make his correspondence.

Fair enough, rest they would.


"DAMN THAT ROTTING, WALKING CORPSE!" One Director Hojo screamed into a holographic display as he pounded his fist onto the poor armrest of his seat, "That was close, too close, you big, mindless oaf! I knew that project was a mistake, toying with cadavers, pfah!"

Beside him, another - lower-ranking - scientist couldn't help but get curious. The display was showing an airship recording of what appeared to be Project Revenant engaged with Team Kirin, the people responsible for Hien's escape and Proudclad's destruction, the one with the rogue Project Grayscale. "Uh, Director, if I may speak frankly... why do you seem upset that our side holds the advantage?"

Hojo abruptly turned his wrinkled visage at the younger researcher, incredulity palpable in his gaze, "No, no, no, you don't understand, you don't understand at all! The point is to let Grayscale grow, blossom into the Dragon Queen she's destined to be!" He ranted, "That so-called 'Project Revenant' is an evolutionary dead end, it's nothing but recycled pieces of crap; it can not grow, it can not evolve, it's stuck as it is, worse, it'll eventually decay! Such is the pointlessness of dabbling with undeath!"

The Valheimr youth gulped, both awed and intimidated by the senior scientist's... passion, "W-well, be that as it may, Director... Grayscale has proven beyond any shadow of a doubt that she's our enemy now, look at what she did to Proudcla-"

"Foolish boy!" Only for Hojo to firmly interrupt him, "Sacrifices are necessary for progress, and can't you see? Precious... precious Grayscale is mine, she has always been mine, she has never not be mine!" He chuckled, narrowing his eyes in such an unnerving manner, it sent chills down the assistant's spine.

"She just doesn't know it yet..."
Unfortunately, I have to tell you that the blood mage is more of a ranged multirole rather than a damage specialist. 😏

And I believe @AliceInRedHeels is also cooking up a sheet as we speak, hopefully they have decided between the two ideas.

And this is also a not-so-subtle way of bumping the thread
Oh yeah, I was wondering myself why it wasn't a thing since the beginning, considering the main conflict revolves around the civil war.
If Nyx transformed from Laurent Rhinecliff to Asteria Skybound, but forgot about changing the vocal cords too:


--Athroyeaux Castle - Throne Room--

By the express permission from the Spectre King himself, a tear in space-time formed at the centre of the throne-hosting hall before it took the shape of a glowing archway, one that connected this place to somewhere else far away. The portal heralded the arrival of one Melisande Tearmoon, even though the young chronomancer was supposedly on board the Battle-Blood Minstrel, miles upon miles away to the south of Ravenfell. Yet, here she was, the Lilim herself, in the... flesh.

However, to those gifted with the proper supernatural senses, they'd be able to notice the palpable, almost opaque, shadow oozing off the young girl. The presence she carried wasn't the mystical whims of the Feywilds, instead the foreboding twilight of the Shade.

How adorable...

Kronos couldn't help but allow the subtlest of smirk to curl at the corner of the Simulacrum's lips as the Dimension Door closed behind it. These... pale imitations of Shadekin, former mortals seeking to become something they're not, look at what they must do to mimic but a fraction of the Shadeborne's timeless existence.

Chuckling mentally, the Dremora of Time stepped forward toward the obsidian throne where the Ghost-King sat waiting. As it did, the already dim ambience of the hall seemed to darken even more. Indeed, that was probably due to the candles set by the throne inexplicably snuffing out, as if invisible umbral hands robbed them of their warmth. By the time 'Melisande' arrived before the sovereign of Ravenfell, there was no more red light to reflect off his vambraces.

"Your Majesty King Lamont DuFairre of Ravenfell, I am Melisande of the Tearmoon Coven, here as invited by your subject." Melisande's visage smiled politely as she gave a curtsy, though the umbral being puppeteering the simulacrum was grinning from ear-to-ear. It toyed with the idea that Lamont knew that it knew that he could sense the Dremora's presence, but regardless, the masquerade must be maintained.

Perhaps there's indeed fun to be had in the mortal world... Perhaps, its kin's obsession with the material plane had merits after all...

<Snipped quote by Izurich>

The post looks great! Will Kronos be headed toward the Ravenfell castle?

Sure! That sounds good to me. Feel free to write out an intro and PM it to me!

Oh, I didn't even think of that, a Dremora mingling amongst 'inferior shadowy immortals' exuding an aura of "look at what they must do to mimic a fraction of my power" sounds splendid. I'll add that part into either my last post or just make a new one.

Okay, the usual then.
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