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Back from a two year break?
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Writing is like a workout muscle. If you haven't written in a while, it hurts at first, but when you're done, the endorphins come rushing in and you forget why you ever stopped.
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It's difficult not writing, and difficult to write. The only tolerable emotion, is having just written.


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"A million times I have done this charade. The moment people figure it out, I get the boot." she thought.

"But don't you want to see the fear in their eyes when they see who you really are...? Don't you want dominion of this place, just like how you were unchallenged in Vaal Kastrix?" said the Voice.

Ciara scoffed, immediately thinking of Gulliver and Valen. "I'd love to wipe the smirk off their faces."

"It starts by building a rumor. A rumor of power. This could be the place to start."

She took a deep breath, narrowing her eyes resolutely at the Undermage. "Head Advisor, with all due respect, you have no right to ask me about my intentions. If you want answers..."

She stood from her seat, rising to her full height.

"You'll have to duel me for them."

Iris Ascendis Roleplay (2023) | TikTok Tribute

Her breath caught when she felt the cold metal of a pistol against her temple.

"Put the heart down, and back the hell up if you want your friend to live," the guard said to Ellie in a rumbling baritone, digging the gun into Dream's head.

Dream squinted at Ellie, vision blurred as she tried to breathe. The heart, glinting in Ellie's hands.

The doctor, his face turning white every time she asked what would happen if they failed. Above all else, he said, they had to keep the heart safe. They had to, even if it meant...

She snarled, her boot stamping down on the guard's foot, a burst of light bruising the bone. He yelped, losing his grip. That's all she needed, and she tore away. But in her haste, she saw his free arm reaching for her, and she slipped on panicked feet as he pushed her off the railing.

She held back a scream, staring straight down into the boiling pit below. The guard wrapped a tight hand around her ankle, and Ellie could see Dream's other foot flailing; she restrained herself poorly from kicking the guard, desperately hoping she wouldn't die.

As her captor supported himself against the railing, his pistol pointed at Ellie.

"I'll drop her, I swear I'll drop her!"

TENEBRAE: The Rebellion of Shadows Roleplay (2021)

We have a RPer Appreciation thread?
This is beautiful, I'll bookmark it. (2016)

Deep, golden orbs stared back at her from within the cave.

God, she couldn't breathe.

He was monstrous. The ground trembled under her feet as his rippling, massive body exited the cave. Thunderous footsteps left cracks in the dirt, his breath sent waves of heat creeping over her skin. The transformation was slow, but it looked like something from a nightmare with the way his long teeth were bared.

A great and terrible roar sounded from his gaping maw.

She needed to run. Now.

Academy 218 Roleplay (2014)

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Angel, how is your post going for this one? :)

Wonderful. *Rubs hands together*

I should have a post up within 24-36 hours!

Kari's House
Mentions: Ken, Edict (@AtomicEmperor), the PRA Direct Dialogue: Clancy @Zombiedude101), Linqian (@FernStone), Stormy (@Blizz).

"If you can remember not to fight like a bunch of high school kids, maybe you'll get something done this time.”

The door banging open to reveal none other than a kid brought back a lot of memories for Layla. Unpleasant memories. None of which were her own.

All of them were Void's, except the last one. The late Void…

She wondered how much pain he'd been in, after she slept.


Layla gritted her teeth, pushing the pain down, trying to focus.


The time she was adjoined to Void, she had seen this kid in his memories. She had also seen him in the burned church. The church that the PRA had burned down.

Flashes in her mind. The admiration Void had circling the child, the child's bloodied hands. The smell of gunpowder and strike of a hammer as the child had fallen, presumed dead. Seeing the child again, looking down from the beams, the child-

The child knew something. Didn't they?

“...My friend saw you with blood on your hands. You seem to get into your own fair share of scraps.”

A pause.

“Who were you fighting with?”

She listened to Linqian, especially the bit where only some of them were friends, and the pain in her chest subsided a bit. It seemed Linqian had her own fair share of pain in this coven. Linqian, her dear friend, brought closer to her through Mr. Devola's influence.

“You speak the truth, Jee-ah jee.”

"Was he at the church before it burned down? Did anyone happen to ask him what he's doing here?"

Layla felt nothing but utter disgust at just hearing Stormy's voice. He had leashed Void, and was part of the guilty party. He made Void too weak to fight back, to protect himself from the pain of getting stabbed and murdered.

And now Void was dead.

Layla’s emotions flared, eyes glinting red.

“Yes.” A grinding of the teeth. “Yes, the kid was there. Just like how Void was there too.”

Layla overheard Ken calling for shots, but she ignored it, accusatory eyes never leaving Stormy. She wanted badly to reach out and slap the professor, scratch the eyes out of his face. This translated to a slight tremor taking over her body as she rigidly stood there, glaring.

She listened as the boy answered Stormy first, clipped and to the point. She allowed a half-smirk at that. No wonder Void liked him.

Kari's House
Mentions:Britney (@Punished GN), Sloane (@Atrophy), Linqian (@FernStone), Amara (@Blizz) Direct Dialogue: Ken (@AtomicEmperor), Sully (@Atrophy), everyone present

Aislin grimaced at Britney, Sloane and Linqian. All three sounded like they needed to de-stress. Maybe take a toke. She didn't know. But everyone had just arrived, and they were already getting riled up? She could only sadly shake her head, and turn her attention back to Sully.

Sully made her forget all that, and put the smile back on her face. She remembered their shenanigans back in the day. The Chalice and bud parties that just simmered everyone out.

Good times.

“Oh shit, right I gotchu girl,”

Aislin watched the Chalice fill up. The same that she had dreamed about. So curious. Relief flooded her system as Sully lifted it to her lips, and she let him feed her. The healing elixir within was pleasant to the palate. The most easily swallowed medicine that existed in the world, to which she was grateful.

As she drank, she felt her collarbone shift ever-so-slightly, moving to the correct positions, spider-like fractures mending over. The whole area grew hot with healing magic,but not unpleasantly so. Slightly itchy. But itchiness was always a sign of healing.

She finished the contents of the Chalice, waiting for Sully to take it away. Her closed eyes peeped up at him, and she saw the most distant look on his face. Was he okay? Sully coughed and removed the Chalice, to which Aislin grateful smiled.

”Thank you, Sully. You saved me weeks of pain…” She chuckled as she trailed off, rubbing the back of her neck. A quick roll of her shoulder told her the spot was completely healed. Heck, it may have been in a better position than how she was a week ago. She slipped her arm free of the sling, smiling wide.

Before she could move towards the opened door and start the investigation, Sully pulled her back. She looked up at him, a little surprised. Sully wanted to talk to her? The Sully?

“Hey, wait! What kind of trouble did you get into the other day? A biker didn’t jump you looking for Tayla too, did he?”

Aislin blinked, recounting her time at the Halloween Festival. A sheepish smile spread across her face.

“Ahh, it was real dumb of me. Aryin got in trouble with George from 8th, of all people. I uh, tried to intervene, but. Uhm.” It was hard to avoid his eyes, being pinned in a friendly half-hug. She couldn't hide how embarrassed she was that she'd got hurt over something she could have easily avoided. “I tried to tackle him at a mile a minute, and cracked my shoulder good.”

Her gaze lifted at the mention of a biker, and she stared curiously, searching Sully's gaze.

“Tayla? No. Is Tayla okay?” Her gaze narrowed. “Are you okay?”

Her fist playfully punched her palm, an enthusiastic expression overtaking her. “Whoever it is, I'll teach ‘em not to mess with ma crew!”

"Sully!? Put the fucking cup away, my friend!”

Aislin's face immediately crumpled, and her hands fell limply to her sides.


He was mad. Listening to him, it was understandable, but she couldn't help the uncomfortable pit in her stomach. Had she done something wrong?

That was when Ken burst into tears. He turned towards them.

"Sorry, sorry... About what I said. It's still nice to see you all; and you Aislin. I... I think Kari maybe would've thought this was funny at some point.”

Aislin quietly slipped out from under Sully's shoulder to give Ken a gentle hug. “Nice to see you too, warrior. Now stop crying, you’re gonna make me cry.”

As Ken attempted to make a joke with Amara, Aislin shifted her small bag to be set down in front of her, and she sifted through its contents. She procured from it a small bong, bottle of water, and a grinder. She filled the bong with water, grinded up some bud she had stored in the grinder fresh like, and pulled out a lighter.

Ken motioned for everyone to take a shot from Sully as Aislin stood, party bong heaping with a dollop of bud enough for at least five or six of them to take a hoot off of.

“How about a shot and a toke? Ease everyone's nerves and make this more enjoyable.” She waggled her eyebrows at the group, holding the bong and lighter up. She took the first hit, holding the smoke in her lungs until she coughed like a chain smoker.

With a mischievous, albeit slightly pained smirk, she passed the bong and lighter over to Ken. “Pass it around, a toke to remember them.”

November 2nd, Day

317 Building, Aislin's Office

Mentions: Sully (@Atrophy), George (@Punished GN) Direct Dialogue: None.

Aislin stared across from her typewriter. The ink pressed into the page hadn't changed for the past hour. Her thoughts were elsewhere from her poetry tasks of the day. Far, far away. How Adora looked better than she had. How seeing the coven in action was like opening a Christmas present. How trying to save Aryin near nullified the pain in her shoulder. She didn't regret a thing.

Yes, she'd gotten it checked out. Yes, there was a fracture. But she knew there'd be a meeting soon. She'd meet everyone again officially. If she was lucky, Sully would be there. Good ole’ Sully. Maybe he'd let her drink from the Chalice, like the old days.

Her expression soured as she recalled how George bullied her. Just like the good old days. Then her expression went grim. If she hadn't ran when she did, she may have walked away with a lot more than a fractured collarbone. She had to count her blessings, here.

With a sigh, Aislin turned in her leather chair and eyed the waste paper basket. It was filled with scrapped ideas and balled up drafts. As her eyes stayed on it, she willed life into the papers, where they formed together to create a paper and ink cat. It leapt out of the basket, onto the table, before it circled its tail a couple times before pushing itself into Aislin's arms. She gave the paper cat a few absent-minded strokes, feeling the smile return to her face.

“Tomorrow's a big day, kitty.” She said sweetly, giving the kitty scratches under the chin.

Her eyes turned upward.

Was she ready to dive back into the past, back into that world again?

November 3rd

Kari's House

Mentions: Everyone present. Direct Dialogue: Adora, Britney ([@Punished GN)], Sully (@Atrophy)

Aislin had the dye out of her hair that day, so she was back to her regular self, minus the sling one of her arms was in. She wore a T-shirt and leggings. She was quite proud of this, as it took her over an hour to get dressed due to the severe pain in her collar bone. A thick sweater draped around her shoulders, the first button fastened so it wouldn't slip. She had driven herself, though driving one-handed on the steering wheel wasn't what she called the most pleasant time.

It was like stepping into Neverland, where kids never grow up, as she walked up the pathway to Kari's house. She picked out Ken on the roof, Adora and Auri, Layla, and Drake right away. Since Adora was the one she had seen most recently, Aislin found her steps naturally leading to the woman.

“Adooooraaa!” She smiled enthusiastically, giving the girl a half-hug, trying to keep her injured shoulder free from jostling.

Her eyes glanced sideways as she took a step back, narrowing at Britney. Her voice was low and terse. “...Britney.”

Her expression softened as Auri mentioned yet another coven member had passed. But before she could speak again, a sharp sound broke through the group.


The door was open. Britney was giving Sloane hell. But entering and trespassing Kari's old home was second in her mind. She had caught sight of Sully's large frame, and the glint of the Chalice.

Sully had healed her before during the Stygian Snake fights. Would he heal her again, after so much time had passed?

Would he even recognize her?

She walked up and tapped his arm, a hopeful smile on her face. “Suuullyyyy, long time no see. Do you uh, recognize me? Adora took a second the other day.” She giggled before gesturing to her shoulder and sling. “Uh. I could, uh, use some help. I uhhh, got into a bit of trouble the other day.”

Near Kari's House
Mentions: Ken (@AtomicEmperor, Sloane (@Atrophy), Amara (@Blizz), Anya (@FernStone) Direct Dialogue: None.

It was quiet in the woods surrounding Kari's home. One could even give into the assumption that they were devoid of life, save for a few woodland critters.

However, that was further from the truth. Sitting atop the bushy branches of the thick spruce trees, carefully obscured from the coven members below, a girl with moonlit hair and dark clothes spied. Her binoculars rested on her nose, studying with a practiced precision that few could compete.

There was a dull bang as Luna watched Sloane bust the door open. The corner of her lip crinkled up.

Good old Sloane.

Her vision shifted to the group that was forming. A few stood out to her, namely Ken, Amara, and Anya.

“The samurai, right?” A clear, deep voice spoke in her voice, with a warm rasp only brought on by chronic smoking. It was none other than the White Suit, observing behind her eyes.

“Essentially. Though I'd doubt he sit down and commit sepuku for his sins like the old days.”

“He's powerful. He has little ties to the coven - too much in his head. Could be swung over to the Nirvana.”

“No. He's lost in the past. Tied to the dead. That ties him to the coven. Would be difficult without killing those close to him.”

Her gaze shifted to Amara. The lost flock, finally come home. Luna pressed the binoculars a bit closer to her face, watching closely.

“She's a haze. No clear identity of herself.”

“She knows herself well enough, but it's a train running out of rails.”


“She is adrift. Her honour would prevent her, but even if we did bring her to Nirvana, she could forget it all.”


Last but not least, Luna focused in on Anya. It was unclear what the girl was saying at the moment, but with how her body was half pointed towards Auri, half towards the group, and given what Luna knew of her, Anya was up to her antics again.

“This one might actually taste Nirvana.”

“She desires power. To one-up her peers. Willing to make sacrifices if it means she has the influence she wants.”

“Shall we approach her?”

“We shall. But for now, we watch.”

Then her gaze shifted to Layla. She hadn't said a word to the girl since she had ‘requested’ her ghost during the Halloween Festival. Mother Cards was busy dealing with family business to sit down with Layla again. The girl had been left to her own devices, and from Luna could see, the girl seemed… off.

Luna sighed and shifted her gaze back to the door, staring intently.

What did the coven have to show her today?
Angel, how is your post going for this one? :)
New addition to the House of Cards!

Sounds good, and good luck with the interview!

Kipnu Riil

Kari's House
Mentions: Auri (@Punished GN), Ken (@AtomicEmperor), Linqian (@FernStone), Aryin (@NoriWasHere) Direct Dialogue: Everyone present.

Just as Linqian was yelling at Aryin, a moterbike's roaring engine cut through the noise. Layla parked in front of the gate, pulled off her helmet, and strode up the cobblestone pathway. She wore a cloak over her leather jacket and dress, and there was a distinct hollowness, or haggardness about her eyes. Her eyes glanced over at Linqian about to deck Aryin in the chest. Been a while since I've seen Aryin. Seeing a conflict about to break out, Mr. Devola’s medicines immediately made Layla mentally take Linqian's side, and she ignored the blatant violence taking place.

Instead, her eyes crossed from Britney, her friend, to Drake, to Adora, to Ken. Been a while since I've seen him too. Before they settled on none other than Auri.

"... Lyss was murdered by Father Wolf during the Halloween Festival."

The tragic news almost didn't reach Layla's ears. Almost. Her lips pressed into a frown, appearing distraught at the news. But in her mind, in her soul, there was discomfort.

It was her.

Layla had the privilege of not seeing Auri since the ambush in the Void. She knew coming to the meeting today would mean seeing the faces of those who betrayed her.

She felt so conflicted, sick, and angry. Beyond that, still in the throws of withdrawal. Mr. Riil's intervention last night helped immensely, but Layla still, even in this moment, wanted more of Mr. Devola's medicine to fix her internal wounds. It was messed up. All her plans were messed up. She was getting pulled apart inside.

All of this under a mask of sympathy at the news that another coven member had passed. She should have been more concerned that Father Wolf was continuing to make munch out of their members, but she was really more interested in her own plans of revenge.

A voice cut through the noise in her mind as she stood there, staring.

“You're a mess. Calm down. Your body is not going to be able to keep up with these cortisol levels.”

It was strange to hear Mr. Riil's voice in her head. Her master and torturer, the one responsible for the annihilation of her bloodline. Yet, here he was, giving her advice. She knew she couldn't trust him, but regardless of what she wanted to do, her own desires, Layla took a shaky breath. And then another.

“Good girl.” Mr. Riil’s voice crooned. ”I can see your thoughts on Auri. Don't do anything stupid. You want revenge, and I want meat. But not today.”

“I can't stand looking at her.”

“Consider this reconnaissance. Swallow your feelings. You need to remain calm, for your body.”

“I want her to feel the pain I feel.”

“In time, dearie.”

“It's not fair.”

“I know.”

Layla sighed, crossing her arms in front of her chest and shifting her weight to the side. She glanced at Ken, who knew where the key was.

“…Let’s… get this done.”
The post is epic, Lexi! Very happy everyone is enjoying the escalation. That means it's my turn to post again. I'll be working with Days this time, so the post may take a bit longer than normal. I'll keep you all updated! :>
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