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"There is no one in this room that can stand against me! The Hand of God be my witness, I am the Voice from the Outer World!"
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Took me 10 years to realize antagonists are way more fun to write.
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Updated my bio after 2 years. Feels good. :>
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Your Local Antagonist



"A million times I have done this charade. The moment people figure it out, I get the boot." she thought.

"But don't you want to see the fear in their eyes when they see who you really are...? Don't you want dominion of this place, just like how you were unchallenged in Vaal Kastrix?" said the Voice.

Ciara scoffed, immediately thinking of Gulliver and Valen. "I'd love to wipe the smirk off their faces."

"It starts by building a rumor. A rumor of power. This could be the place to start."

She took a deep breath, narrowing her eyes resolutely at the Undermage. "Head Advisor, with all due respect, you have no right to ask me about my intentions. If you want answers..."

She stood from her seat, rising to her full height.

"You'll have to duel me for them."

Iris Ascendis Roleplay (2023) | TikTok Tribute

Her breath caught when she felt the cold metal of a pistol against her temple.

"Put the heart down, and back the hell up if you want your friend to live," the guard said to Ellie in a rumbling baritone, digging the gun into Dream's head.

Dream squinted at Ellie, vision blurred as she tried to breathe. The heart, glinting in Ellie's hands.

The doctor, his face turning white every time she asked what would happen if they failed. Above all else, he said, they had to keep the heart safe. They had to, even if it meant...

She snarled, her boot stamping down on the guard's foot, a burst of light bruising the bone. He yelped, losing his grip. That's all she needed, and she tore away. But in her haste, she saw his free arm reaching for her, and she slipped on panicked feet as he pushed her off the railing.

She held back a scream, staring straight down into the boiling pit below. The guard wrapped a tight hand around her ankle, and Ellie could see Dream's other foot flailing; she restrained herself poorly from kicking the guard, desperately hoping she wouldn't die.

As her captor supported himself against the railing, his pistol pointed at Ellie.

"I'll drop her, I swear I'll drop her!"

TENEBRAE: The Rebellion of Shadows Roleplay (2021)

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Deep, golden orbs stared back at her from within the cave.

God, she couldn't breathe.

He was monstrous. The ground trembled under her feet as his rippling, massive body exited the cave. Thunderous footsteps left cracks in the dirt, his breath sent waves of heat creeping over her skin. The transformation was slow, but it looked like something from a nightmare with the way his long teeth were bared.

A great and terrible roar sounded from his gaping maw.

She needed to run. Now.

Academy 218 Roleplay (2014)

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--College of Hathforth- Headmaster's Office--

In collaboration with @Izurich

Perhaps a stroke of deja vu would loom upon the old headmaster as an ashen-haired indigo-eyed lady entered his office, or perhaps not, as this particular woman wore the trappings of a lecturer instead of a student. She was the hen to Melisande's egg, the headmaster's old friend and fellow scholar of the arcane, she was Jezebel, Matriarch of the Tearmoon Coven.

Still, Melisande being the apple that didn't fall far from the tree combined with the elven-like eternal youthfulness of the Lilim people meant the Matriarch looked almost exactly alike her eldest daughter, aside from an inch or two of extra height and slightly more defined feminine curves, the mother and daughter were superficially more like sisters than parent and child.

Yet, to say their similarities extended to their mind would be a grave error, for behind the Lilim's Nymph-esque charming visage lied a furnace of ambition that'd rival the Wizard Queen herself.

"Caveus, my friend, how do you do? Well, I hope." Jezebel giggled as she took a seat across the headmaster's desk, "The boys and girls are wonderful as always, fine scholars in the making, unpolished gems, just like these Seeds..." She leaned back then elegantly crossed her legs while her palms clasped together over her lap, "Speaking of students, I heard Her Majesty's Court Mage elected my daughter for apprenticeship."

Caveus smiled as Jezebel entered his office. With a wave of his hand, he set a teapot atop a fire seed, surrounded by stone.

“My dear friend, you really ought to visit me more often.” He chortled, another wave of the hand causing a bit of lavender, spices and water to float into the teapot.

As the teapot began to warm, he leaned forward in his seat across from Jezebel, nodding his head, enthused.

”Yes, yes, I was hoping to tell you the news in person. Your daughter has excelled so well that she's been selected to serve in the Wizard Queen's court, as a royal apprentice to Lord Blackthorne. However, you needn't worry, she won't be abandoning her studies here.”"Perhaps I should..." Considering things were finally in motion. A storm is brewing and they were all in that eerie calm before its true arrival. "Excellent, I know it's unwise to boast, but I had always known my dear Melly is nothing short of a prodigy, fufu~"

The middle-aged - if there's such a notion for the ageless - woman weaved a simple telekinetic spell to manipulate the teapot, pouring the two of them a cup each, "People like her..." Jezebel made a measured pause with a cordial smile, "Are much more suited to handle the Seeds and Glasic Fields than the incumbent Royal Gardeners, don't you agree, Headmaster?"

Caveus blew on his teacup before taking a sip. Floral, with a hint of cinnamon. Just a delight to the senses.

Jezebel's nod to the Glasic Fields made the old man stare a bit before setting down his teacup, and leaning forward.

”I would agree with you; someone well-versed in magic ought to be taking care of the Fields… Have you sought an audience with her Majesty to speak on it?”

The Coven Mistress took a moment to enjoy the tea, holding the cup with her mundane, physical right hand. After a sip and a pleasured hum, she gently settled it back down.

”Indeed, it just so happens that my congregation has no shortage of talented magi, as you've no doubt seen yourself during your visits.” She leaned forward ever so slightly, ”Why... I believe my daughter already has. Now, as a parent, I do not believe it's erroneous to want to support your child's endeavors...”

She let her words hang in the air, letting them stew a bit, then continued, ”And I also believe the ineptitude of those so-called “Royal Gardeners” needs to be exposed to the world, most especially to their misguided employer. It's such a waste of resources, time, and manpower to let the Glasic Fields be handled by the incompetent, wouldn't you think so, Caveus?”

Caveus chortled a little to himself, amusement in his eyes. ”Now, now, my dear Miss Tearmoon, we both know the Lilim would be more suited to tend to the Fields.”

His face grew serious. ”But you understand the risks at even approaching the Fields, yes? Monsters of an unknown source, unclassable by the Royal Gardeners and their protectors, having taken many lives already…”

”Precisely my point, due to the risks, the task should fall in the hands of those who regularly brush with the wilderness. I assure you, headmaster, that the Feywilds have their feral side as well.” In fact, plenty of fey creatures - especially those without sapience - were commonly classified as monsters by the ‘civilized folks’, ”Those cityborn gardeners are ill-suited for such a task. For everyone’s sake, including theirs, they should retire and let someone more qualified take their place,” She curled a smirk, ”I wonder if there’s a way to... adjust this undesirable status quo, preferably sooner than later.”

Caveus was quiet for a moment, taking another sip of his tea, before he spoke.

”I can see no one better suited to ease it to the Queen than Lord Blackthorne himself. He has already invested so much in the young girl. Perhaps you would like to meet him? He is the master of your young daughter as she serves the Queen. We can set an appointment with him together.”

”Hmmm... you speak wisdom, old friend.” Jezebel murmured as she fiddled with her cup, ”All four of us, how quaint,” Five, actually, fufu~ ”Yes, it shall do, let’s arrange a meeting.”
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The House on the Hill

Interactions: Leon @AtomicEmperor, Drake/Greenwood @Shin Ghost Note

"Well... I'd still love to vet things, y'know? I'm not here to tell you how to live, but we're all responsible for your safety and your chance to learn, Layla."

Layla took a shaky breath, and nodded. ”Of course. You can be present for whatever you'd like, I want the Temple as involved as possible. When I go to visit uh, Luna's friends, I'll make sure you can tag along.”

”... Don't let it happen again, okay? I don't want you here, but obviously everyone else doesn't see the same way, so let's just stay away from each other. Capice?

Luna threw up her hands in surrender. ”Capice.”

She wouldn't be the one to argue with that. It was a better outcome than she had hoped. Drake was gonna let it go, for now. Luna couldn't be happier. As long as she kept her distance, she was one step closer to delving deeper into the Coven. Spreading her roots.

Before all he'll broke loose with Clancy barging through the door, clearly in pain. She gaze at him dispassionately, head tilted in curiosity. His ‘innards’ were exposed to the world. A secret not even she had figured out.

How interesting.

Luna took a step back to give the heavy hands more space, while Layla was desperately clutching Clancy's chest, staring in panic.

Layla could hear, vaguely, shouts for her to get away. She could hear the crackle of electricity, and hurried footsteps. But she couldn't take her eyes away. She had seen from Void's memories, this was the boy Void favoured. It would be a disservice to Void to abandoned him, especially in his apparitional state.

Alas, the choice was taken from her with a tingling sensation. Tickling pain that set her senses on edge, that something was very wrong. She turned just in time to see Luca’s hand on her shoulder, and without resisting, she moved out of the way. Looking down, she could see stripes of her black sweater dress marked in a handprint, and pursed her lips, scooting back further.

The Rot was something else….

She watched incredulously as the crystal she had seen lodged in the boy dissolve, and Luca fainted.

Sully was quick on the drop, giving both a dose of elixir. Stormy, damn that Stormy, following up with wards to make things easier.

Then Stormy asked the question on everyone's mind, and the boy responded.

"She wanted me, didn't mention anyone else. I told her to get bent. Go figure.”

Layla sat there, her mind racing through Void's memories. She knew of the incident at the strip club; some of the names dropped rang a bell. But she couldn't figure out who it could have been that did this to the boy.

Luna behind her only frowned. “There's more than Father Wolf and 8th Street after you people…”

"Um, pizza's here!

Aislin's eyes lit up as Greenwood walked into the bar. From where she stood with Todd, she waved at Ruby and Jessica. ”My best friends have finally arrived! How did you know I was starved!”

“Which ‘white-haired bitch’ were you talking about outside?”

Immediately, Luna and Layla shared a look. An incredulous, ‘what the hell’ type of look. A self-conscious type of look. Before both, in unison, stared at the Greenwood Coven.

Luna coughed, half-turning away. She was hopeful Greenwood wouldn't bring up the fact that they cornered her ass at the mall the other day. But that was resolved the same day, and she was working to be in the good books now. Her little slip-up that day wasn't about to bite her in the ass, was it?

Luna stared at Greenwood for a long, long time. She didn't have any beef with them that she knew of.

But… She did have a memory. One of her own, and a couple of Void's…

A memory of a girl, passed away, in the morgue of the Temple, Void saying his goodbyes. A memory of Void, fighting with bikers, a white-haired Alizée by his side. Another memory of Void… and Greenwood.

Luna kept thinking of Void, how he was willing to sacrifice himself for Alizée that day, when instead, she was the one who fought and died for him. Layla slowly stood, her eyes misting over.

“Is the one named Naomi here…?”

Luna's eyes bugged out a bit, knowing exactly what Layla was referring to. She walked up and threw an arm over the girl's shoulders. ”Not now, Layla. Come on, let me get you a drink. You need it.” And she tried to lead Layla back to the bar.
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