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Current Updated my bio after 2 years. Feels good. :>
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Back from a two year break?
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Writing is like a workout muscle. If you haven't written in a while, it hurts at first, but when you're done, the endorphins come rushing in and you forget why you ever stopped.
2 yrs ago
It's difficult not writing, and difficult to write. The only tolerable emotion, is having just written.
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If you could choose a superpower for yourself, what would it be?


"A million times I have done this charade. The moment people figure it out, I get the boot." she thought.

"But don't you want to see the fear in their eyes when they see who you really are...? Don't you want dominion of this place, just like how you were unchallenged in Vaal Kastrix?" said the Voice.

Ciara scoffed, immediately thinking of Gulliver and Valen. "I'd love to wipe the smirk off their faces."

"It starts by building a rumor. A rumor of power. This could be the place to start."

She took a deep breath, narrowing her eyes resolutely at the Undermage. "Head Advisor, with all due respect, you have no right to ask me about my intentions. If you want answers..."

She stood from her seat, rising to her full height.

"You'll have to duel me for them."

Iris Ascendis (2023) | TikTok Tribute

Her breath caught when she felt the cold metal of a pistol against her temple.

"Put the heart down, and back the hell up if you want your friend to live," the guard said to Ellie in a rumbling baritone, digging the gun into Dream's head.

Dream squinted at Ellie, vision blurred as she tried to breathe. The heart, glinting in Ellie's hands.

The doctor, his face turning white every time she asked what would happen if they failed. Above all else, he said, they had to keep the heart safe. They had to, even if it meant...

She snarled, her boot stamping down on the guard's foot, a burst of light bruising the bone. He yelped, losing his grip. That's all she needed, and she tore away. But in her haste, she saw his free arm reaching for her, and she slipped on panicked feet as he pushed her off the railing.

She held back a scream, staring straight down into the boiling pit below. The guard wrapped a tight hand around her ankle, and Ellie could see Dream's other foot flailing; she restrained herself poorly from kicking the guard, desperately hoping she wouldn't die.

As her captor supported himself against the railing, his pistol pointed at Ellie.

"I'll drop her, I swear I'll drop her!"

TENEBRAE: The Rebellion of Shadows Roleplay (2021)

We have a RPer Appreciation thread?
This is beautiful, I'll bookmark it. (2016)

Deep, golden orbs stared back at her from within the cave.

God, she couldn't breathe.

He was monstrous. The ground trembled under her feet as his rippling, massive body exited the cave. Thunderous footsteps left cracks in the dirt, his breath sent waves of heat creeping over her skin. The transformation was slow, but it looked like something from a nightmare with the way his long teeth were bared.

A great and terrible roar sounded from his gaping maw.

She needed to run. Now.

Academy 218 Roleplay (2014)

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It was affectionately named Chignon-chignon.

//melts from motherly affection

That post was worth the wait. :')

//not thinking about the sad ending...
@WhiteAngel25 Okaaay, wonderful. I just wanted to check!
@WhiteAngel25 Would you like to skip this round, make it a little easier?
@Days Like I said, Thierry hasn’t experienced Sabrina’s true fury even in the two decades that they were together.

When she finds out that he chose Nick over Auri, everything will come loose.

This I have to see... //grabs the popcorn

Another question, @Estylwen can Nick and Aurélie hear, too, or just see on the screen? AKA, did they hear the choice Thierry was given?

Yep! Good question. Nick and Aurélie have the ability to hear what's going on in the control room, so they did hear Von Galloes give the ultimatum and Thierry's response. Von Galloes has the ability to mute and deafen either side at a whim.

Thank you! I'm excited for your response!

Yesss, ideally I'll have a response up tonight!

I wanted everyone but most importantly @Lexisheeps that I've started to rewrite Sabrina's furious speech when they surface. I'm warning everyone now that tissues will be in order. I've already teared up twice drafting it.

I know it'll be e p i c when we get to that point. I can't wait.
Jaw-dropping post, Lexi. What a twist! The backstory was an excellent addition as well.

That sounds great, I'll have something up tonight.
Scary stuff, lol.

I'mma wait on Atomic and Lana, then post.
@Estylwen Swearing is allowed correct? Lol

Yes, swearing is allowed. Your post is epic and right on point!

I don't know if Dragon's response would change, but the engines to Star's sub has completely died, and they are slowly sinking deeper into the deep blue...
Noted, I can have another response up tonight if that's alright with everyone.
@LanaStorm Help would be welcome at this point. Did you have a specific idea?
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