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Sophia von Zeerover

"Eh? Shinin' Scale? It don't ring no bells for me at all, girlie, but it sounds like a fine pirate name at least. Yer' talkin' to tha' Dread Pirate Zeerover right now, though!" Sophia said, giving a winning grin to the Beacon girl as she spoke, slowing standing up as well from where she was sitting.

The sheet fell off of her gently and onto the alien blood-stained ground, though at the same time a certain "clink" could be heard as the chain arm still wrapped onto Sophia moved. As soon as the pirate stood up, however, the chain arm seemed to come to life, reeling itself in and wrapping itself around Sophia's left arm like some kind of armor. The pirate girl, somewhat surprised, took a look at it for a few seconds...before giving a light shrug.

She then began to look around herself in earnest, between the ruins, and alien blood goo, and...was that a tear in the sky filled with a maddening blood red sky and tentacles?


Oh, so that was the 'Soth' thing she'd been told about? least it didn't seem to be doing anything so far.

"Oi, i hope all of this isn't some blasted normal ere'. So ah' take it tha' a battle just got wrapped up, an' me n' the maid lass ere' somehow resulted outta this if i hafta' make a' assumption.

On tha' other note, this wee thing seems a tad attached to meh for some reason. But it seems friendly n' all, so i'll let it ave' its place ere' fer' now."
the pirate said to Alicia, letting out an exasperated sigh as she felt her own stomach rumble aloud.

Then the pirate girl's eyes, still trying to take in the scenery about her, landed on another peculiar sight. A blood-stained girl hugging a sad-lookin' girl with cats around her? Though the blood-stained one seemed rather sad herself a bit too. It tugged at the pirate's heartstrings, seeing what she assumed to be comrades trying to give some comfort after what seemed to have been a hell of a least if the scenery was telling enough. That, and the new prosthetic she had over her left arm seemed to prod her slightly when looking at the two.

"Ah...i'll be right back, lass. Gotta' look into somethin', ah' think?"

This sounded so very dumb, but she was new to all of this and wanted answers anywho. So with a casual stride, Sophia made her way over to where Sammy and Amaryllis were, taking a knee next to them. She reached out with a tentative poke on Amaryllis' shoulder with her left hand, still covered in the prosthetic chain arm.

"Er, sorry ta' interrupt ya' both...but this here arm that's gone an' attached isself' ta' me prodded me ta' come over ere'.

I dunno' what appened', but ah'...ah' could take ya out fer' some food, perhaps? Er..."

She'd have to steal some cash for the meal, but...dammit all this was awkward as it could be right now. Stupid arm bringin' her over here without giving her a clear reason! Twas' just like that ship, if she had to confess it.


Serenity Gates


The maid let out a tiny, meek 'meep' sound before hiding her face in her hands. This was, at least, as Jenna poked her face and got very close to her. The questions didn't make her any less nervous either.

It was awkward enough for all of this to have happened to her. B-But to have someone guess who she was so soon was much worse!!! She didn't want to die here, but this girl had to be psychic or something! How was she supposed to do penance if she was killed or locked up right now! Oh no....

...W-Wait a second.

"U-U-Umm...y-you must be psychic? A-Ah, n-not to assume, a-a-anywho...b-but i'll b-bring m-my most recent memory t-to the s-surface if y-y-you w-want to know...please don't kill me!"

Serenity kept her face covered, however, and her voice low enough just for Jenna to hear. The last few words of hers came out in the tiniest squeak of a scared voice as well. Her raw nervousness was itself rather palpable to boot, and her mind wasn't the exact same 'Soth fragment' from before. More like...its that, but also made human, maybe? Something. It was an incredibly odd thing, but as promised Serenity was pulling up those most recent memories before her transformation into her mind (if Jenna wanted to attempt to look).

There was enough stuff in Serenity's mind to become easily confusing if it wasn't dredged up to the surface for someone to read. The timid maid herself was well aware of that much at least.

'Hmm...well this is interesting, but in an unexpected way i wish to watch play out from afar.

Though i must say, that slaughter and look of despair was to die for~

So i will leave this world to its least for now.

Tata for now, mortals~'

The booming voice of the greater horror spoke from the sky one last time, before it tendrils began to pull the rifts in the sky back together once more. Like a little kid trying to hold the parts of a ripped blanket together, except in this case it was actually working. The sky seemed to knit itself shut once more at Soth's behest, until not a trace of the Greater Horror's presence nor the damage in the sky remained.

Though as Soth's voice had rung out in its final message, Serenity seemed to tremble and pull her legs in close to her. Like a scared child, of sorts.

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Sophia von Zeerover

Serenity Gates

Annabelle Irons



~Park, The Overcity~

"...Hah...ah....we...we did it!" Annabelle said to Summer, her voice croaking with ecstatic excitement as she finished.


Without the altar, this plan of her boss' was already strained barring he...manifest a lot more of himself. But with this strain on the connection, even her own to the body, her original plan was more viable! She hadn't planned this all to happen, given...but it had worked out splendidly! This girl's actions had just saved the planet, perhaps.

Slowly, but surely, the corpse and chains began to flicker more and more oddly. Noticing this, the darkness magical girl reached over towards her right shoulder with her left hand, casting a spell to form a blade-like protrusion...and shoved in what little magic she had left to force it to suddenly grow.

With a nasty crack and splatter sound, Annabelle's chain arm was cut off from the shoulder, the void-touched girl's face streaming with tears as the metal clanked to the ground. Yet Annabelle's body shuddered itself, no cry or scream, as crimson blood began to flow from the again-stump of a right arm she had. It seemed stupid, foolish...but the arm had its job.

And she had done hers...

"That should stop...the flickering. I think...we can...go back now."

The white-haired magical girl seemed to wobble a bit as she spoke, however, until she finally fell over onto her side in front of Summer. Her breathing was slowing bit by bit as well, and her arm hairs seemed to bristle as if a chill breeze had just come through. Annabelle, however, merely grinned widely despite it all as she lied upon the white flowers. In fact...they felt rather soft to the touch, a very welcome thing after what had just happened.


Annabelle's magical girl form fizzled out before Summer's eyes, returning to the now one-armed redhead Annabelle usually was otherwise. At the same time, the girl's extremities began to rapidly turn pure black....starting at the fingers and toes. And from these blackened parts began to come off strange black flakes that were take up in the wind.

There was one thing she could feel being intact, however, though after she had cut off that arm it had begun to fade. But...well, perhaps she could make good use of it. One more time.

'Hey knight in shining armor...haha. Seems it all took a bit too much out of me, i think.....all of this...ah. Not...much time.

But we did it on this side...cut the Soth off from the body i mean.'

Annabelle rolled herself onto her back as she communicated to Amaryllis with their waning mental link, looking up to the starry alien sky with her grin still in place. Her eyes seemed weak, even as her body was crumbling before the Beacon girl's very eyes, but even so they still beamed with a sort of energy. That....and perhaps a form of acceptance of things as well.

'Gotta take a rain check....on any...return trip though. Just ask the girl....who brought me here.

But i hope that horror bastard is getting what it deserves. I hope....that Regina....finds peace as well.

I just wanna ask one last favor, though...

...Make sure the new girl...doesn't make any of my mistakes...alright?'

With that last message, however, the last of Annabelle's blackened body finally crumbled into black flakes and dust. The wind blowing over the field too picked up the last of the magical girl, tossing and scattering it about the field.

And the moonlit alien sky merely watched on...silent, ever waning.

~Crypt Ruins, The Graveyard, Penrose~

As Amaryllis dug her hungry blade into the flesh of the partial manifestation, the fragment of Soth screamed. It lashed back with its tentacles, fired lasers, roared back in attempted defiance. It, finally, feared for its own life and sought to preserve it like a wild animal. Gone was any prior charisma or subtlety, evaporated was the calm demeanor it had shown before.

A god who had brought down into the most meager of mortality. How laughable.

Alien blood flew about as the monster's body was torn asunder, inky black and disgusting as it was. The blade that patron'd Amaryllis would drink deep of but this miniscule fragment of Soth, the rich blood of a horror being readily available in this instance. Too did a flurry of metal flying into the fray, slicing into the flesh of the fragmented horror like a cheese grater to a hard block of Parmesan. This being courtesy of Su, of course. Even so, the monster fought back as hard as it could, struggling until...the very end.

As Su would approach the Horror to help finish it, it would seem that much of the work was already done. Flesh scattered in bits about the open-air crypt ruins, alien fluids all over the place, and frankly one now very dirty magical girl. Severed tentacles, some at least, attempted to writhe about upon the ground to do something as a couple severed eyes weakly attempted to looked about.

All that remained at this point of the main body was a modest lump of flesh, a couple tentacles and eyes left upon it. It was no larger than the size of a basketball.

At the same time, however, the corpse underneath a white sheet, and Annabelle's chain arm, would finally stop flickering. Their forms became solid once more, clanking to the floor of the platform gently as they landed once more.


Where...where was this?

No, what was this?!

Everything was so dark, so cold...was this death? It was like an icy chill, sinking into the depths of one's very being. It was like they were sinking into a lake, weighted down and dissolving like a grain of salt.

It was terrifying! Was this what mortals felt at the end?!

It had merely wanted to walk in the shoes of mortals! It had wanted to smell the flowers, feel the breeze upon itself, and understand that perspective!

It had been bored, so very bored, but why did this mean it had to die like this?!?!

'You are an evil being, that which should be smitten into nothingness.

But for you inability to ever understand, it is pitiable.

Thus, in this one case, i shall offer you compassion this day.'

Wait, what was that voice? It was...warm, yes that was the appropriate word it knew for that. But compassion? Was this one of those mystifying things mortals showed called 'emotion'?

Was it what that seemingly meaningless drivel that dragon girl had shown for its champion, and the champion in return???

'Yes, this emotion is called 'love', or 'affection'. It is one aspect of mortal life that shape nations and even shake the world. I offer this to you, however, but at a price. Your penance, the penance for those many worlds that have been laid waste...and living things defiled by you. You will understand, but you shall suffer for it in order to know any peace.

So, let your mind be shaped by mine, let your will be forged by my own. I shall reincarnate your mind into that which you have so desired. Yet in return you shall live as a magical girl for all eternity, never to escape this fate.

My spark shall glow brightly within with great light inside of you, but in return you cannot escape those memories you bear nor knowledge of your many sins and deeds.' didn't want to fade into the darkness! It didn't want to end on this note! There had to be more, something, anything, and if this was the price,, then it could only accept-!

'Good, good. Let your consciousness be bathed in the light, let your fate be forged by my will. You shall care for that which your sins have made to be born!

And awaken, reborn anew!'



Wait, what? Who was that? Wait....who was she?!


Decide for yourself? That seemed to be the message. But-...Sophia? didn't seem to be a bad name, at least. She knew nothing else. The idea just popped into her mind.

Wait, were they in her mind?!


Yes, that didn't mean it wasn't real, she supposed. But was this thing wanting with her, and why couldn't it speak proper-


Oh...well that made a lot of sense, actually. Ships couldn't talk, after all. But a magical girl? Did she even have a choice?


So a monster doesn't try to take over my body or worse? Er...that seemed rather fair. In fact, that 'killing monsters' thing sounded pretty good too.

Well...why not then? She had to make a choice to, er, get anywhere. And not...not being alone would be very nice as well.


Alright, alright! Quit with that damned racket! You are excited, but these are only my first steps, you know? Yours too, it seems.

??? and ???

The Collector's mirror would merely suck in some of the mortal flesh of what had been a fragment of a horror.

A bright flash of light seemed to consume the crypt ruins, radiant and beautiful as much as it was blinding. Not the body under the sheet or remaining chunk of the now-lesser horror visible. The feeling the light gave was...warm, however, and soft. Those among Beacon would find its sensation to be familiar, perhaps, as they looked upon its glow or basked in it.

As the light faded, however, a surprise was left for those at or otherwise looking upon the scene:

"What the bloody hell is goin' on here, ya landlubber?" the pirate girl called out, rubbing her head as the white sheet from before covered the lower half of her body, looking around at the same time, "Name's Sophia von Zeerover, and apparently a flyin' ghost ship has contracted me to...'keep that asshole Soth away' or somethin'? Blast it all, i just need some food right now...though i gotta say i at least got ta' appear by a cutie~"

The maid girl, on the other hand, seemed...a bit nervous? She seemed a bit scared, even, as she looked about at the people in the crypt ruins after glancing at the pirate girl.

"A-A-Ah!!!..ah...sorry...oohhhhhh all of the emotions are hitting at once....," she said, speaking with her voice low where it was harder to hear, before hiding her face in her hands, "A-Ah...m-m-my name i-is...S-Serenity G-Gates..."
Aerith Hastings

-Main Road, Intersection between Docks/Suttling's Basin/Golden Quarter-

Thot Circle: Catching Up

Resets: 5

Deaths: 4

Aerith's eyes seemed to zone out as Chieko relayed the bad news to her, as the bomb of realization finally dropped into her mind and sunk to the bottom of her gut. She knew Ashton had tried to get her and himself before to kill each other to force a reset. She'd refused for reasons back then, though later had....given into that despair and done exactly that. And that throb of that pain, that despair itself even, seemed to rear up a bit within her chest again as thoughts of the past entered her mind. Without thinking, Aerith's hand came up to clutch around where her own heart was, and only out of the corner of her eyes did she see Chieko clenching her hands as well.

Hiro was dead. The man who she had Chieko had arrived with, who had been a big help and she'd died alongside several times, was dead. The one who had been last to die the first time...was now the only one not returning this latest time. Aerith internally cursed at herself a bit, briefly indulging in the self-loathing and familiar pain from before. If she had not fallen into despair, perhaps Hiro would still be here. Maybe if she'd been able to stop Chieko, or at least had lingered around a minute or two more, she could have stopped the boy.

Aerith did her best to pull back into her composure she tried to put on a smile, though it wasn't going to fool anyone at this point. It hurt, a lot. In fact, it made her even more glad to have found Chieko alive. But it all...felt like a mess as well, like a big sloppy mess. She'd tried to save Chieko's life, after Chieko tried to save theirs, and it had felt like all the blame was directed at her personally.

And...were they truly right, in hindsight?

'It was all your fault, you know? Little clingy bitch who can't let someone decide for themselves, right? She even tried to save you, and you decided to kill yourself! A pathetic excuse for a human being is all you are!'

That was what her own mind had berated her with, and worse, over and over again among other things. The world had told her to up and disappear so long ago, coming here had been a blessing in disguise. A hell, however, was all that seemed to have awaited her in the process.

A hell of constant death, seemingly inevitable dying, and chaos among those of them from Earth. People not willing to listen, feelings of wanting to get back at those assassins, the culminating event that had led to Hiro's death.!

No, this was not a good train of thought to have. This wasn't right. Joy had saved her from despair, even if in a way that perhaps abused Aerith's own low and desperate position to Joy's benefit. But she had saved her that day in part at least, even if via a deal with another witch who's powers had done the heavy lifting (she wanted to talk to that one witch if she could too). She was alive for one reason or another, and needed to make use of it! Melancholy had given her perspective as well, giving her a drive to find the answers to all of this. She didn't care if she had to talk to the gods of this world too to figure it out.

More than this, she owed herself and Chieko (at least in her mind) to do her best to live and not just give up on things. She had felt the sting of pain and injury, the hell of her former home, the taste of poison in her veins, and the despair that would make one want to give up all hope at least once. She had to persevere, right? It was the only way forward, the only thing that made sense when she thought about it all.

That...that was the only way she ever got anywhere before as well. So she would find that happy ending, even if it took everything she had to get there!

But as Alistair spoke to her, Aerith snapped a bit out of her thoughts and looked back over to the boy. It was nice to see his face as well, if she were to be honest, though his words stung back at her prior train of thought as he left off with a question. She most earnestly agreed that they needed to communicate, or 'catch each other up' as it were, if they wanted to try to avoid 'that' again. She wasn't the most keen to speak up about it...but she'd just been thinking about it, at least, and whilst the pain hurt it also made the talking perhaps a little easier.

"We went to the Clinic, and Quill was intent on getting Hiro alone. Chieko spoke up before i could claiming to be a 'clairvoyant' the bandits thought us to be, then trying to save us by going alone with the bandits.

I...after seeing her die the first time, after all the times i had died again before then and seen others die, i panicked. I didn't want to see her die, or go off on what seemed like a death sentence. I was called out then, plan failed. Completely.

Then I...I...I tried to kill myself. I felt like trash, like i couldn't help protect anyone, and only ever got in the way.

That is the short of what happened in the city, after that...well, i'd like to hear what all of you went through then first. If that is ok."

The dark-haired girl tried to speak where only Alistair could hear, though the chances Chieko might have heard it were very high as well. Not much space they had for private conversations, anywho, when trying to keep it private. But she had avoided mentioning lord talus, and the resurrecting, or any of those things. At least, to try to avoid Aki or any other nearby innocents like being harmed...again. She and Ashton had learned that much the hard way, at least, and she didn't want to risk this right now.

Though Odessa's sudden appearance spooked Aerith a little, causing her to jump back for a few seconds before she settled down. The horned captain's words, however, did seem to make sense to the dark-haired girl. She'd slept with a witch for who knew how long, and gained a power of sorts that...well it nature wasn't very 'light' as far as she understood it. It was like instinct, perhaps, to get that kind of feeling about herself.

"I mean Alistair, yourself, and Chieko no harm. That much i can assure you, and i am actually here to help however i can," Aerith said to Odessa, attempting to be cordial with the other female with a few brief words.

Turning to Chieko again, as the other girl spoke about any who wanted to help to come with her, Aerith felt a smile come to her face. Small, but it was a real smile at least. Chieko wasn't pushing her away, and she was happy for it. Perhaps her and the chunni girl didn't fully agree on things before...and maybe still not about that stuff from back then for all she knew....but that wasn't a reason to leave each other in the dirt. Frankly, she was just glad to be able to help to boot. At least have a chance, anywho.

Waving to Alistair to come, at least if he was able to now that this strange horned girl was here, Aerith then began to jog off a little to catch up with Chieko and walk alongside her. She could maybe make the excuse, if the cultists attacked soon, that she was trying to get intel. But more so, she was intent on helping Chieko and hoping there was a solution to this.

Unless the bandits were witch cultists, which for all she knew was a big possibility, then perhhaps...this city could be saved. Maybe. Just maybe. Even if it took a few resets.


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Annabelle Irons




The pale-skinned magical girl felt the thrum of an Overcity Shift in the air, stretching into the air and enveloping her like a blanket. The girl's red eyes shot open wide with a look of sheer horror, but there was little time to respond before the shift would have moved her. She'd asked the Beacon girl to channel that ability to help, not shift both of them like this! Would they both even be shifted, at this point???

If they could have just cut the tie between the Soth and the body, then it would have stopped the Horror being able to-

~???, The Overcity~


Annabelle found herself on one knee next to Summer, sweat running down her eyebrows as the two stood in a...rather interesting scenery. Far off in the distance buildings could be barely made out.

For a moment, at least, Annabelle felt her mind drawn towards the surreal scene.

It was a field of flowers, and the two girls were upon the flower-crowned hill overlooking it all.

It was more like a snow-white sea really, alien yet familiar in shape...but softly glowing under what looked like a lovely moonlit sky here. Then as a gentle breeze came in, they began shifting and rustling very lightly under the silvery light.

Their inky black stalks were so slender, fragile-seeming nature, as if any mere movements might snap them in twain.

Their flowers too seemed to be expanded into a delicate array of five petals, stretching up as if to reach up to the sky to embrace it.


The void-touched girl felt a tug at the connection, the one which had been zapping her life out and funneling it and her magic into that of the corpse held in her right arm's chains. But...this was going down not in the way she had ever expected.

It was like a surreal pain, not the usual tug of her life and magic being drained, and Annabelle's chain arm began to flicker seemingly in and out of the Overcity. Wait...that arm had come here too?! It was an odd phenomenon to be sure. Yet also too, seemingly, had come the thing they were still holding at that. A sheet covered, magically modified corpse lying atop the white flowers and in the grip of Annabelle's chains.

But the body too was flickering seemingly in and out of the Overcity, like Annabelle's chain arm itself. Though whilst the nerve endings attached to that chain arm were firing off for Annabelle, a pain comparable to the draining of her life and magic, magically Annabelle could feel something...strange going on.

" might've just...AH!!!...saved us all with that..."

Annabelle spoke to Summer with some exasperation, but also the ever-obvious pain she was feeling, in her voice. However, a small smile was coming to her face as well, as if something really good had just happened.

~Flying Platform, The Graveyard, Penrose~


The partial manifestation of Soth seemed to evoke a very human, and in this sense rather alien for it, emotion in its voice....surprise. Albeit calm surprise, but surprise. This was to the end that it stopped attacking Amaryllis and Alicia, more intent to focus on the odd thing that was going on at the moment.

Amaryllis and Alicia could, if they but looked behind themselves, witness what this fragment of a Greater Horror was seeing. Annabelle and Summer were gone, but Annabelle's chain arm was seemingly frozen in the air and flickering in and out of existence to the naked eye. The same went for the corpse itself that the chains were attached to, Amber's body and the chains seeming to reappear and disappear like a strobe-light effect. This was what was very visibly worrying their opponent.

Yet the Horror's disposition seemed to shift slightly more before it began to speak again.

'Well, this is a most frustrating, but also enlightening and interesting, turn of events. There would be no way you mortals would know how to do this purposefully, but this what is called a 'spatial flux'.

It is a mere side effect of trying to shift a spatially grounded object with multiple karmic ties attached to it. A rather rare display if cosmic events, but...

My vessel is being torn between this world and the Overcity, in other words, because that fool of a girl shifted herself and my sacrifice tied to this corpse into the Overcity.'

...wait a second, why was Soth stopping to say this to them?

~Park, The Overcity~

The darkness magical girl summed up some of her strength as the flickering began to continue.

"...The body is stuck between the Overcity...and our world. I think.

I can still feel the life and magic...being zapped out of me...but its erratic. My former boss' attempt to connect to it feels the same.

Yet without his altar...we can stop him here!!!"

Annabelle let her smile grow, her withering and more corpse-like form perhaps being a tad creepy in doing this, before sending a surge of magic through her chain arm towards the body. It felt erratic, and frankly was a struggle, to do so, but her heart was screaming an exuberant 'yes' at the same time! This was her, this was THE chance they had to stop this once and for all!

She could manage it now, in this scenario, with just this little magic she had left at this point.

~Flying Platform, The Graveyard, Penrose~

The sky above the flying platform seemed to shimmer with more spatial rips and tears now, before finally it tore open a bit.

A torrent of disgusting, vile aura poured out of it from the sky, down upon the platform and grounds of the graveyard below. It was a power most vile, most gut-wrenching, and very much the true presence of a Horror. The hole to their world was not yet open to unleash a greater Soth. But it seemed Soth was, in this case, tearing a hole into their world physically rather than using up sacrifices this time. A much slower process, and still incomplete at this moment.

If any looked through the rips and tears, they would only see and alien, blood-red sky and endless amounts of writhing black masses of eyes and tentacles.

'I shall merely have the rest of my whole tear my way into this realm faster, then, to strengthen my link to the vessel! This farce of a 'battle' shall be ended, and i shall-!'

The partial manifestation seemed to stop cold, just as a tangible wave of magical energy passed through Annabelle's flickering chain arm. It was such that the girls on the platform could very much feel it as well. It felt like...Annabelle, which Amaryllis would be able to recognize as the same magic that had formed their mental link through the chain arm itself. Untainted darkness, magic not touched by Soth's endless abyss, and it was surging into the corpse it was holding onto still.


From the smaller cracks in the sky this time, a far greater voice boomed loud into the air, where all of Penrose could hear. It sounded more...physical, more powerful, and more commanding than anything the partial manifestation of Soth had ever sounded like.

Even the monsters of varying sizes in the city that Beacon was mopping up, who had been drawn out and in by the mess and Soth's summoning of forces, seemed to take pause as if stuck with utter terror. True, mortal terror for things that struck terror into others.

However, the cracks in the sky also stopped growing, the distortions coming to a gradual halt as the voice laughed in sheer mockery and amusement.

'So my former champion has actually gone and done it! Mortals never cease to amaze, nor does the effects of my own power, and i must say my appetite to incarnate has only been intensified by this event. Haha!!!

It was admittedly not possible without the help of others, and that particular accident of course. Still....this is the most amusement i have had in millennia! The struggles of mortal life shall never cease to entertain me since i began to look upon it with dull eyes, and this is proof of that not being a mistake it seems!

So a great reward is in order. Specifically, your planet's current survival, and a chance for myself to watch from afar that raw fury of humanity's to amuse me further!'

'What?!' the partial manifestation of Soth spoke, looking up towards the sky with a look of actual shock in its many eyes, 'We are to manifest here! What is this nonsense you speak-?!'

Heed my voice well, mere fragment of my will, mortals of this planet, the and magical girls of Penrose! I am the fullness of Soth, the Infinite Abyss, a great force of this universe that since the beginning that clears away the old and returns all to its origin!

You may have this fragment of my will to slay as you all seem to desire greatly. It has ceased to amuse me after i allowed it to grow to this point, and it is now cut off from my whole's support. My walk among mortals, this shall occur elsewhere...somewhere less amusing. So sayeth i, the Abyss itself!

Were this my whole, your world would have collapsed in an instant and been consumed into my void. But yea, my true coming is a great ways off yet, it seems, for this world.'

'NOO!!!!!' the partial manifestation of Soth spoke, looking up towards the sky with a look of actual shock in its many eyes, 'You would cast us aside, on a whim, for your mere amusement more?! We are one! cannot feel your power any more...I SHALL DESTROY YOU ALL FOR THIS!!!'

The presence of Soth's fragment seemed to shrink in an instant, now barely clinging to the platform to keep it afloat as it began to sink down towards the ground again at a steady pace.

Only that power of Soth's true mass, the fullness the Abyss, seemed to still exert a passive and extreme magical presence in the area now. But the sky did not tear open more, the ground did not shake, and even the storm itself that had been generated before began to slow down and clear.

The stink of a greater horror's true form hung strong in the air, but as for this was virtually powerless now. Like a newborn baby left alone among wolves.

A prey item whose demise was to be watched from the cracks in reality in the sky above.

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~Park, The Overcity~

"...Hah...ah....we...we did it!" Annabelle said to Summer, her voice croaking with ecstatic excitement as she finished.

Snap. Without the altar, this plan of her boss' was already strained barring he...manifest a lot more of himself. But with this strain on the connection, even her own to the body, her original plan was more viable! She hadn't planned this all to happen, given...but it had worked out splendidly! This girl's actions had just saved the planet, perhaps.

Slowly, but surely, the corpse and chains began to flicker more and more slowly. Noticing this, the darkness magical girl reached over towards her right shoulder with her left hand, casting a spell to form a blade-like protrusion...and shoved in what little magic she had left to force it to suddenly grow.

With a nasty crack and splatter sound, Annabelle's chain arm was cut off from the shoulder, the void-touched girl's face streaming with tears as the metal clanked to the ground. Yet Annabelle's body shuddered itself, no cry or scream, as crimson blood began to flow from the again-stump of a right arm she had. It seemed stupid, foolish...but the arm had its job.

And she had done hers.

~Flying Platform (Descending), The Graveyard, Penrose~

As the platform descended from the sky steadily, Annabelle's chain arm and the body slowed down their flickering as well...until it finally stopped. The flickering, that was, leaving only a now bloodily-removed chain arm and the corpse it held lying atop the platform
Annabelle Irons


The pale-skinned magical girl felt the thrum of an Overcity Shift in the air, stretching into the air and enveloping her like a blanket. The girl's red eyes shot open wide with a look of sheer horror, but there was little time to respond before the shift would have moved her. There was little time for anything to be done about this, but maybe...damn it all. She could at least leave something to help with this, it was perhaps all she could do.

The darkness magical girl without thinking reached over towards her right shoulder with her left hand, casting a spell to form a blade-like protrusion...and shoved in what little magic she had left to force it to suddenly grow.

With a nasty crack and splatter sound, Annabelle's chain arm was cut off from the shoulder, the void-touched girl's face streaming with tears as the metal clanked to the ground. Yet Annabelle's body shuddered itself, no cry or scream, as crimson blood began to flow from the again-stump of a right arm she had. It seemed stupid, foolish...but the arm had its job.

She could feel her eyes wanting to shut, more than anything now, and even in her state she could feel the rage in the magic of that dragon from not too far sent a pang of raw pain into her chest merely to feel it. She knew this magic, she'd felt its thrum alongside her own heartbeat, enough for it now to bring her sorrow rather than joy.

That magic was entirely Regina's to the core.

The girl she loved, the friend who had been closest to her of anyone. And she could feel her pain from here.

Annabelle's mouth could not utter any more words, and the lightness in her chest seemed to indicate a very grave thing she'd feared. But there was no time to pause. She could do one last thing, perhaps:

'Amaryllis, please listen...i don't think...i'll be coming back...from this Overcity Shift.

I've got my arm set finish this...but you have to...take care of the rest...

...Save her, please. Regina...the dragon...ah...'

The Rose Knight would hear those weak words echo loudly within her skull, a message from the void-touched girl. Annabelle's form shimmered away as she was pulled into the Overcity, however, a weak and slightly sad smile lingering on her lips as she disappeared seemingly into the ether.

~Unknown Location, The Overcity~

The magical girl's body eventually landed after what seemed like forever, even with a great thud. As her eyes softly opened in this new place, Annabelle gently turned her head a little to see a strange white ground beside her. But the impact had felt soft to her, almost like a pillow...or a dream. Though the pain seemed to be fading fast enough in general.

After a minute or two, though, the girl felt her smile widen slightly and shakily.

It was a field of flowers, and she herself upon the flower-crowned hill overlooking them.

Snow-white flowers, in fact, alien in shape...but softly glowing under what looked like a lovely moonlit sky.

They seemed to expand into the distance like a great ocean as far as she could see from where her head lied. And as a gentle breeze came in, they began shifting and rustling very lightly under the silvery light.

Their inky black stalks were so slender, fragile-seeming nature, as if any mere movements might snap them in twain.

Their flowers too seemed to expand into a delicate array of five petals, stretching up as if to reach up to the sky to embrace it.


She'd had no idea the Overcity had such a place. It was beautiful. Radiant, even.

Even as the flesh of her body turned black, shifting into some kind of lifeless magical-drained mass that began to flake into the wind, she continued to smile as some of the few happy memories began to come back...bit by bit.

Maybe it had been good she wasn't able to remember her life before being a magical girl. Because...because she'd been able to meet so many new people!

She'd helped some strange girl find a place in the city.

She'd been able to eat out with friends.

She'd been able to find "that" special someone, and see her beautiful smile.

She was able to fight to try to help save the world, even, from her evil boss!

She'd even been able to start with that fresh slate so many people might only dream of.

It hadn't been the best new life, not even the longest one, but it had been great. The bad times had hurt, sure, but... Heh, better to have had a beautiful, fleeting dream to be had than a cruel eternity, right?
Annabelle Irons


The Rose Knight continued their dance, and Soth willingly obliged her without a word. Silver chains from sliced up appendages, butchering lasers from the eyes that emerged, and the Greater Horror casually continued to exponentially ramp up the amount of offending tentacles and eyes that appeared to assault Amaryllis. Soon, some tentacles were appearing with spikes on them, some with toothy mouths on them, a few with hard scales covering them, and eyes began to fire even stronger beams that dug into the carved stone walls around them with a frightening ease. It seemed the Horror was adjusting his tactics on the fly, confronting Amaryllis with greater threats than he had before. Soth almost didn't seem to care about Annabelle in the background, save a few beams and tentacles flung against her to keep the Rose Knight on her toes here and there.

Alicia, too, would find a few things occur. As the tentacles narrowed down her location, passing through illusions and brushing against her enhanced uniform, they would begin to focus their assault on her. Eyes would also begin to emerge to fire lasers at her, ones on part with the eyes firing at Amaryllis now. Whilst the Beacon girl's safety was in question even more now, there was another thing she had done that was much more prominent in importance.

The Star Seraph's arrow-spears flew true, even as she seemingly tried what could be a risky gambit at stopping Soth's true incarnation. They bounced off of the ceiling, threading the incredibly thin gap between the top of the stone ceiling and Soth's abyssal portals, flying down towards the altar and the sheet-covered body on top of it. Scale-covered tentacles shot out from the back of the portals to protect the body itself, taking the brunt of the light arrows. These tentacles in a flash of light were burnt greatly, glowing embers and singed and roasted flesh visible on them in the aftermath.

But the arrows aimed at the altar hit, straight and true. Like beams of light they cut through the altar like the claws of an angered beast, piercing even the center shaft of it and cutting into the floor below. The golden ornamentation, the lavish design, it was gouged out like a cancer...and the altar collapsed.

Though the cultists who had been standing around it now lied on the ground dead, their lives absorbed to fuel the altar as the ritual neared completion, a guttural scream like a great beast rang through the stone of the crypt...and out into the graveyard from the crypt's entrance. Stone and gold and fragments began to crumble, collapsing swiftly to the floor and allowing the body that had been on top to fall with them...only to be caught in the embrace of emerging chains from underneath the altar. But whilst the body was safe, the magical energies emitting from the crypt began to waver, the stone walls giving a great shudder as something seemed to go off-kilter.

'Well well, i must congratulate you for your valiant efforts in destroying my altar. It seems i cannot remotely channel my essence and finish the ritual in the normal i am forced to use other means....

A direct exposure to the rest of my self shall suffice!'

The stone walls of the crypt then began to shake and shudder again, but this time without a sudden stop. Cracks began to form along the stone walls and ceiling, at first thing and spider-web-like, but then becoming larger and more substantial. Glowing glyphs upon the walls began to shatter and fall, the lit braziers shaking and some falling.

The stone ceiling began to crumble, some dirt and heavy stone falling around the magical girl in the crypt's depths, and the floor began to...rise.

-Outside the Crypt-

Those who were outside of the crypt would find a startling sight. The crypt, or at least the above-ground part, began to crumble and collapse. Dirt began to rise around their feet rapidly, as if something was moving upwards. And was.

As the ground under their shook and quaked like someone had dropped a bomb, the barrier shimmered into visibility as magic pushed back the dirt and the above-ground ruins of the crypt like they were mere ragdolls. Cracks appeared on the barrier itself, even, as the ground seemed to rise up into the air, eventually shattering with a great thundering.

Now it was in the air, up in the air for all to see. A great stone platform, the ruins of an altar, Alicia and Amaryllis fighting the tentacles of part of a horror that had been incarnated, Summer and Annabelle where they stood or kneeled, and a white sheet covered body held up by dark chains. A great power seemed to be anchored to the now-aerial platform, the former floor of the crypt covered in a light purple glow with an incredibly sinister aura.

Annabelle felt the words die in her throat as she watched the scene occur from her position, feeling the floor shudder and watching as the now-platform she and the few others were on floated up into the air a bit before stopping. However, she looked back to Summer quickly as she held up the body that had been on the altar in her chains.

It was far easier to see what Annabelle looked like at this stage of the ritual. Her other arm was weak, tighter against the bone, the kind of weakened flesh and bone one might expect to see out of a concentration camp. Her legs were similar, but not so bad, and her torso was mostly fine as a look of mortal terror cane onto her face.

"I can break the channel Soth's is going to use to try to get into the body. That way....he can't...enter it, but it's only going to be this weak for a few more minutes.

I can break that link, it will cancel the ritual. Soth's power still grounds this place, and the body, to this realm. B-But h-he's...ARGH!!!...he's going to try to directly take over the body...i can feel it....

I...I....I need magical energy, and a lot of it. Or...alternately....if you or someone can shift into the overcity, i can channel that power through my prosthetic arm to shift just the connection...then.....we will....cut the connection faster..."

Annabelle's voice was weaker, as Summer would be able to easily tell. But her ideas was simple: disrupt the connection by trying to overcity shift it. Or just use magical energy to disrupt it if she had enough given to her due to her own stores running incredibly low by now.

The void-touched girl felt the feeling in her legs and flesh begin to fade, even as the sharpness of her pain continued on and on and the dull beat of a drum. Her mouth was getting dryer, and she could feel the vestiges of power and life she was holding onto being pulled at. She wasn't going to die in a second or something dumb like that. But if they didn't stop this then Soth was going to rampage in a mortal coil. A proper incarnation, even, which would be ultimately terrifying.

Then it struck. A painful dig into her very soul, surprising her enough with the pain that Annabelle let out a blood-curdling shriek of agony that rung out into the graveyard as clear as crystal.

"Please...please..." the girl said, almost sobbing and seeming to beg Summer with her eyes as she looked to her again.

In the sky, in the swirling center of the storm right above where the crypt had been, the air and physical space itself began to bend and twist like a writhing worm. The storm continued on, but whatever was starting...well, they needed to stop this ritual and all of this before that occurred. That much everyone could perhaps tell, perhaps just by merely glimpsing it.

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