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January 18, 11:30 PM
Gotham - Vanguard Plaza

After so long, he was able to walk on solid American soil once more! Despite all that had happened, that much came as a joy to the former Civil War soldier as he had stepped off the the point he'd done a small jig right after leaving the airport. Mostly it had garnered him some strange stares, which he'd reckoned was a tad shameful, but for this occasion it was a thrilling experience to just be here again in a physical body. Those Japanese monster folks, Hiroshiki and Mune they seemed to be called, had been mighty kind to help him get back homeward, at least on a plane to get him back to the Eastern side of the continent that was still livable. Not that the west wasn't livable, but...well, blast it all he wished a lot of mess hadn't led to this Scar and all of that country splittin' nonsense all over again. Except this time the President had been kinda' insane and gone bout' trying to hurt decent people and innocent lives.

The former Confederate soldier sighed to himself as he began to wander off into the city and through the streets, trying to shake out the more depressing thoughts even his ma' wouldn't have approved of dwelling on. This place was called Gotham, that much he knew for a surety, and it wasn't like he hadn't been by her before...admittedly how many years ago that was escaped him. But it wasn't like he personally knew this city in and out regardless, aside from comments about crime rates or such he'd heard. Maybe that's why he'd gotten a cheaper ticket to get here? Regardless, before he got too off-track the Southern man lightly shook his head. If nothing else, perhaps he could get some directions for how to get South towards Atlanta or find some easy transportation! At least going back home to see all the changes, the people, the places...that would be a good thing to do after so many years.

Though the man's concentration would swiftly be broken as something broke through the air and reached his ears.


Samuel stopped where he stood, somewhere along the streets after being trapped in his thoughts a while, as the voice of some man seemed to cry out into the night in some sort of strange train-like ritualistic chant before-


...-than the loud crashing sounds began to reach his ears. The power went out not too far away as well, and the ground seemed to shake. The former soldier stood there, utterly baffled and somewhat floored at what was going on within earshot of him. He'd seen some crazy things as a spirit, he knew that much, but being physical again and being exposed to this now was nothing short of a fresh and strange experience all over again. Only when the sound seemed to finally continue off in another direction did the man finally "snap back out of it".

"What in tarnation' is goin' on here!"

Well, perhaps he had some idea of maybe "what in tarnation" was going on, but that hadn't made it any less surprising to run into it all this so soon after landing back in the states. Superheroes, supervillains, vigilantes, whatever people wanted to call them he knew what those people were like...the good, the bad, and the ugly just like any other folk. What had just come by sounded like the last thing to his ears, however, and his mind seemed to jump up at attention like it would when he'd gotten close to enemy troops way back in the day. Instincts kicked in, and the old soldier let out another long sigh. He couldn't just stand here or walk away to mind his business, could he? Nah, his pappy would have spanked him good if he stood by and let innocent people come to harm willingly.

"Dammit all...alright, time tah' test out this ere' new body and things ah' can do," Samuel whispered to himself, before darting into a nearby alley. Some people seemed to have vacated the area already, just from hearing the prior train-like noises and crashes, which at least left him some space and quiet and no one paying attention to the strange southern man sprinting into an alley.

Samuel focused his power on a particular bit he'd practiced back in Japan a bit. Seemed silly at the time, some mimicry of the people doing this stuff for good or bad, but frankly he felt it was better than nothing! A heroic costume with accompanying mask, fashioned from the dredges of an old Confederate Civil War uniform, materialized rapidly over his body instead of regular clothes as he pulled on the echoes etched into his very soul. The shape felt right, the fit of it was comfortable yet not loose or baggy, and overall the sensation of wearing this costume he'd fashioned sent a chill of excitement and nervousness down the man's spine. He didn't have to slow down running like a normal person, at least, which allowed him to run at top speed to follow the commotion he'd been hearing to its source. Quite a bit of streets and paths to follow, but at least the blathering fool who was making the commotion wasn't too hard to track as a result.

Eventually, however, Samuel found himself arriving at the source of it all and running into the fray....and on top of that almost regretting coming over if he were to be honest with himself. Officers all over, others in crazy armors and outfits. It was like a circus. The man felt himself falling into a set of practiced breaths he learned from a former comrade once long time ago, a thing to help him focus in battle mainly, as he began to focus on the echoes of his soul once more. By his power he felt the spiritual servitors of his former comrades forming up rapidly, though not yet corporeal or visible to least not until he had a target in mind. Surprise with one's abilities and skills was a valuable advantage! Or so he had learned over quite a long while from other dead.

Maybe he'd be useful in this fight, maybe not. Either way he reckoned whoever shot at him was going to be either an enemy or a scared officer of some kind.


The Hylian merely shrugged after Suzuka turned down his offer, though he could definitely pick up on the fox-like girl's boredom without any sort of issues. Dungeon diving was not something for everyone, and it wasn't like he hadn't been running around a ruined world and doing this for a while. So what was normal for him was probably not so much for...wherever this girl came from? He still had no idea, but at least she seemed to have a certain familiar-ish sense of pride about her that reminded him of a certain Rito Champion from way back....well, somewhat at least. But regardless, delving deeper into the dark depths would be an interesting adventure of its own if this is what he could gather up so far in terms of loot.

The dense miasma of foul power seemed to indicate they were on the right track, however, as they walked deep in down the new path they had unintentionally created. But at the end of it all seemed to be an...interesting sight. Caped people raising the dead, defiling the bones of the fallen in seemingly more of a haste. Larger, stronger, and better enemies lied before him, and in the face of it all...Link almost smiled. The Hero of the Wild moved to Suzuka's side, put up his borrowed tools, and then pulled out the Bow of Light and pulled back the magically-generated string as the bow's magic created a new arrow for him to fire whilst he aimed it (but didn't fire yet) at the caped figures. Smooth as silk. The bow and arrow seemed to be supremely radiant amidst the evil and the dark as well, their light repelling back the odd miasma and darkness like it was an anathema to it all.

"...You want the creepy caped guys, or the mass of skeletons? Or you wanna split both?" Link commented aloud to Suzuka as he stood to the side of her, the smallest hint of a grin coming to the edges of his lips.


Alright! For now here is the replacement second OC, completed and hopefully acceptable! :D

Can fix or edit her as needed, of course, and once this is all done with i shall post! :)

@Crosswire Alright...i think i have the base form of this Tommy variant down pat! I think. Here it is for looking at and review! Plz be gentle tho, lol.

@Crusader Lord Well I've roleplayed for years on under more or less the same name. Maybe you know me from there?

....Wait just a dang second-

I was playing under the username "BloodlineInheritance" there a long time ago, then kinda fell off there after a time due to college. Were you the same Crosswire that was in the Worm-inspired parahuman/superhero RP i was in back then?! Cause i remember a Crosswire from that time. Are you the same person??? :O

@Crosswire No problem! Tempted to join myself, though i'd need to read everything over and such and make sure i am not overextending. XD

Hmm....but i will admit your username reminds me of someone i used to RP with on another site of the same username. lol


Time to go get something to eat! :P
@Crosswire Holy crap, a cool Gundam RP! What gave you the idea for this RP's premise? :O

I am getting Zaku flashbacks looking here lol
@Blackstripe@Blazion@Alfhedil Alright! This will be the last OCs i frankly put up here, at least for a long time. The first one is the main OC, the second one is just her sidekick and a minor OC app for now. XD

Hope they work out! And if not, i can edit as needed and such of course. Or explain things. Or the like! :)

Ah, apps removed due to some accidental lore-infringement on my end. Sincerest apologies. ^^;

Link gave an almost toothy grin back to the fox-eared girl in an oddly eager response to her words.

"I think of it as giving the other guy a chance to make things interesting," the Hylian said, walking back over to Suzuka in a seemingly more jovial mood, "Though i also meant the golds and jewels too when I offered to split the loot with you.

After all, a 'foxy' girl like you like you deserves only the best!"

Oh dear heavens no. NO. It was another cheeky and terrible pickup line, emerging from the vile depths from which it should never have emerged. And yet Link delivered it in retort, trying to explain himself as he jokingly flirted with the fellow sword-user.

Though he did well mean to hand over a share too her among the things she wanted from all of this, even if it was just gold and jewels. If she even wanted any. He did want to be fair about all of this, however, and to share the look was some attempt at camaraderie on his part. At least it was an attempt to do so, in contrast to how he'd been before all of the amnesia and such.

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