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Cresting over the edge of view and almost slithering into the area the duo of villains and the ever-growing posse of involved heroes it came. Its chitin-covered bony legs of innumerable count chittered and clattered in irregular manners as the first thing to hit the ears of those there, potentially, even as its disguistingly abnormal centipede-like and rather super-elongated body of supersized proportions emerged rapidly into view and onto the scene. Muscle-controlled bony spikes lined the sides of its shamble of a form, these being intermingled with a myriad of human arms that seemed to flex and move as if ready to grab onto something with inhuman might and strength, though this was not all.

Its body was made of exposed muscle, hanging bits of flesh, intermingled grabbing tendrils of many-fingered 'arms', and dripping meat that screamed 'not right' to the naked eye were attached to it as if it was some horrific project gone wrong in a lab experiment. All of this, though, even as one could notice the far too numerous random eyes and mouths that were grown on its back and underside and even on its sides as well seemed to keep an 'eye' on all directions around the hulking thing and kept rows and rows of sharp, inhuman teeth at the ready. Even enhanced chitonous and bone-incorporated plates were seemingly randomly grafted to its thick and dense fleshy form like a sort of ad-hoc armor to boot. The multiple warped human heads on the front of this hulking something with sharp pointy teeth and inhuman grins only served to push things along to boot.

It skittered along with frighteningly fast speed, albeit timing its arribal to the last part of Stray's speech, though as it entered the scene it spoke only after the older super had managed to finish his piece. Yet even then, its many mouths spoke in a cacophony, semi-united and semi-uncoordinated on-purpose as the echoing of the horror's voice ran through the waterside air like nothing else had ever quite sounded that particular day. The chorus spoke almost sweetly, in a sing-song manner even, and yet its varied tones and textures of voice were nothing if not a potentially jarring combination in its own right. A proper show of intimidation, one meant to push home the message Stray had been giving about surrendering and the potentiual price of not doing so.

"I'd listen to this guy's offer of peace and surrender if I were youuu~"

Luna had taken the words of Ms Duff to a bit of concern on her part, though this didn't come from anything about ALISA's tendencies. No, those felt....much more human. Normal. But to suddenly not have contact like this for a bit out of the blue? It was still suspicious to the heroine's gut instincts, and she'd stuck around as requested to try to 'make sure nothing went horribly off the rails' at the very least. Enhanced her own eyes, ears, and even smell to try to keep a vigil, even, though it hadn't taken long before she'd heard something happen from afar. The crackle of electricity. The sound of a fall on the sandy shore. Two people talking about something. Ah.

Yet before she'd the chance to react much the younger woman would hear the voice and form of Crane moving over as Luna herself had tried to crouch and creep closer to get a better peek. Darn it! Seemed to have a heart of gold, but had not the social awareness of someone who'd lived in a bad part of town and worked in the bad part for too long in turn. Even then, Fallout and then Eva seemed to make their way over in turn. Then the angry mushrooms went in for an attack anyways. Then Stray snuck over and did his thing, and Eva was now of course a hostage because why not.

It was like magnetically everyone's attention had turned to the right place at the right blasted time, even, which in part felt convenient but at the same time felt oddly vexing in part as well. Not because she wished for trouble or to be theo nly one helping, hell she was glad others were getting in on it before it went too far, but because going all too fast could lead to actions of desperation on the part of the enemies who might be feeling a bit 'trapped' right now to say the least? Some idiots could even kill and run just to try to distract, but at least it seemed the two who had taken out Ms Duff were at least not total murderous assholes.

...Well, hopefully they weren't.

But she'd taken the time to warp and change herself into something, and as Stray gave his speech Luna had felt the timing was perfect to emphasize his points near the end of it all by skittering in with just one of the horrific uses she'd thought up for her power. A bit of intimidation, as it were, taking on a huge and super elongated monster form in the background while others were distracted so she could help push the point of these two being surrounded and potentially in a less-than-winnable situation. Besides, she didn't have to say it to imply that 'attacked by a horrific monstrosity that can swim and skitter along on land alike just fine' would be included on the list of 'bad things to happen' to them if they didn't surrender or did try something stupid here and now.

Such was the mind of one Luna Bianco. Scaring the hell out of your enemy was better than killing, she hoped, as otherwise she planned to try to capture the duo in the case they did try something instead of killing them or such otherwise.

"Hey there! Luna, right? I didn't have you listed down here, for whatever reason, but you're welcome to participate."
Ms Duff

Luna waved back with one hand casually in return.

Yet as she walked up to the group the ex-ganger could almost feel the eyes of a certain 'Alchemist' on her, even if breifly at least, but it seemed no one else was going to acknowledge her presence. Not that they even had to, really, and she was almost glad in part that no one much paid her mind. A sad thing to think, perhaps, but the white-haired younger woman mostly wanted to talk to Ms Duff for the most part. Well, at least that was the intent. Stray taking up a bet over almost thirteen dollars spoke volumes as he seemed to tap the little pyramid object Ms Duff was holding and zoomed off like a homeless warlock on the prowl, and Rupa wanting phone numbers felt a bit strange even if that stutter when talking about Ms Duff's number was a bit telling. Heh.

Even so, some seemingly weren't going to just 'give up' either despite the ill-gain-aims of the older man.

"But, it's not over yet! We might be able to find some, and I want to learn more about my new home. Maybe we can beat that coin, hmm?"
Big Cinnamon Roll (Crane)

That one's codename was 'Crane', yes? Yes. Being a giant girl was a hard powerset to mis-identify in the practical sense, Luna supposed, though she couldn't help but crack a small smile at the giant girl's enthusiasm. But...the smile would quietly disappear once more as the thought of being the same age as her came to mind. The same age. Hell, the other girl seemed like she should have time to enjoy life or something before this. Go to college or get a job or-...ah. Yeah, techincally she had gotten a job. Plus she was 'old enough', Luna surmised, to at least speak and do for herself. Nor was she one of the 'little kids' they had on staff as determined by her own metric and the whole pouring over the files where she could thing.

She had to hold back on that sort of 'too young for this' thinking, even if just a bit. Even the therapist had reccomended that a little bit. These kids wanted to help people and do good things, right? Wanted to make the world better? Make their home better? Good. Sure as hell beat her own childhood decisions and influences by a million miles. Got some learning in, even, to help them out in this area of things if that Lighthouse school she'd heard of and been told about was of any indication.

Well, she could certainly get down with some pizza at the very least. Like hell if eating Mama Li's food or such had even made her gain weight back then. Powers were the reason, maybe? Calorie burning from using her power? Healing factor? Eh, she didn't know for sure.

Besides, she wasn't going to be the next person in line to lecture the walking shrooms. They could speak for themselves, even if the pessimism was both a bit irritating to hear and understandable as she tried to think on its response a little. Then again...

"Eh, I'd say you could think of this activity as gettin' the 'lay of the land' and the environment of the city to better navigate and know its ins and outs as you search for those things. Just like any young plant or animal has to get acclimated to wherever it ends up living, knowing where food or water or stuff is to stay alive. Plus understandin' the layout and environment of this city helps you know what you're doin' when going out to help people. So I'd reckon that this activity is to get ya' better acclimated to the layout of this place and a little history lesson too, among other things like Eva there mentioned.

But that's just my take, so, eh, take it or leave it as you want."

That was all she'd bother with saying to the sapient Leftovers before giving a small shoulder-shrug, having spoken to them in a casual manner without regards for what it was or the like. All she'd given was a thought about the situation in a practical sense, though, and Mire could take or leave it or angrily spore on the ground as they so wished. Might need to get a broom if it was the latter though. Or they could go eat street pizza or such from trash can. Hell, she could eat some serious enough crap if she got desperate enough due to her power and its capabilities to alter and tweak her biology. Just...yeah, perhaps it would be best if no one else ever asked her how or why she learned that....and why it netted her fifty bucks and made some of her peers throw up and never ask her to do that again.

Moving on, however, the white-haired girl would look over at Ms Duff once more as her hands came to rest unthinkingly in her jean pockets.

"Well, I'd figure I'm not listed for this since I'm more familiar with this city than some maybe. Grew up in tha' Brookside and Watervale parts. Or, well, maybe some other reason outside of that that might be in my file or somethin'.

But I wanted to at least check in and see if you heard anything else from Powers, or really if you needed help somewhere with this activity of yours or stoppin' the big man child from ruinin' things or havin' spares for this who need a partner or such. Not much for the whole hero celebrating schtick' myself at this point in time, really, but....I also came to ya' because I can't shake the feelin' somethin' bad's going to happen today with this whole 'HERO Fest' thing. Gut feeling is just kickin' me hard today about that for some reason."

Whether it was not feeling like going to the celebrations, or perhaps being worth it to hang around actual heroes as she was, or even just her gut instincts kicking in for one reason or another about the day's events, she didn't want to sit idle on it in any case. Better to get up and do something, at least, even if that bed of hers had been a perfect hovel to hide away in on a good day off for another hour or two.

@Zoey Boey@Hitman@baraquiel@Blizz

Metal Bird Nest - ??? Tower - ??? — ??? Forest

These were some...well, big babies to be sure. Big, metal-clad, baby chicks who seemed so very confused about her presence for the moment being. Well, perhaps being a metal thing dropped in a nest with metal birds was that strange to them from the other side of the situation. Maybe. As cute as it seemed to part of her mind, though, the knight had let herself rest a bit on her fly over and felt that this was perhaps a moment to try to not die or to become bird food. Maybe. Not that she should give her opinion on tall chicks at the moment either, that was a whole other matter than this in all seriousness, but Nyana felt she got the gist of things.

She was definitely here to be baby food. The babies she was to feed were confused looking to say the least. She was in some high nest at some sort of elevation in the first place because 'duh its a bird nest' and also the nest was made with whole trees for that matter. Indeed, the slime knightess would stand up as quickly as she could, sword in one hand and shield in the other, and quickly begin backing up and scooting carefully toward the edge of the nest while trying to adopt a defensive sort of battle stance. Shield was ready to pop up, sword was ready to pop up, and her senses were peeled on the baby chicks and such around her. She'd keep her back to the edge of the nest, hoping to make progress before the chicks got too much of a clue, with the intent of making it to the edge of the nest and [i]diving off the edge into any denser tree or ruin or other cover she could. Anything, in the case Nyana hoped she'd actually manage to not move too fast and could properly get to the edge of the nest and out of it, that would keep her from getting bird-napped and brought back up....again.

That was the way some famous hero at the start of an adventure in the stories she'd read back on Earth would do it, right? Or at least it felt intuitive enough to take up this particular plan of action without pausing to wait and dawdle about it. No more of that. Thinking clearly? Sure. But being made of sapient blue jello, perhaps she could take a tall and high-level fall well enough. Especially if she aimed for some decent cover by the time she actually dove out of the nest, though it wasn't as if she'd have much time to choose either. Hmm. But not hurting the babies on the offensive so far would maybe not anger their mother? Ah, if that could be helped that it. Worst case, maybe jam a sword into the baby's mouth and try to poke around in the soft bits while trying to swell her arm up in size or something to make it gasp and let go of her out of panic or something? Sure, that was something to try if that happened potentially. Could anger the mother, though, and that would not be a good thing. Hmm.

Were the others going to try to come find her though? Or was she going to be left alone to this? For now, it seemed the latter was her answer as she tried to navigate a way out of the situation she was in on her own two feet.

Clarissa Ryte

Stellar Toy Company, Industrial District, Byjerfal City

(Urban Exploration)

Clarissa’s pokedex started buzzing loudly before there was a loud crackle noise heard from it. Rotom still getting cozy in the device, perhaps.

...There was something here in this room. She could tell it, Chloe's Snubull could seemingly tell it for sure, and as she followed behind Jill heading into the room it seemed Chloe couldn't much read the room herself. Even perhaps the Rotom getting adjusted to its cozy little corner inside of her Pokedex seemed to react. Well, or maybe it really was just getting adjusted with the whole buzzing and crackling. Could also be a warning of sorts too. Yet it all seemed to her to be more than just the creepy atmosphere of the factory, and more than the 'background noise' her powers had first picked up on after heading into the building, even, as if some grudge or something was lingering palpably in the air to the psychic's senses. The cool in the air spoke to some kind of ghostly presence to boot.

Looking over at the person she'd come to try to help, Clarissa could see Chloe holding a Pikachu plush from a fallen box of them that seemed to be lying on the floor. Yet something felt 'wrong' about the plush at the same time. For one thing, the eyes were an abnormal red, and seemed like-....oh. Oooooh no that wasn't a good sign.

"Jill! Jill, come look, we found plushies! Take one! Do you think Clarissa would like one too? Oh— hey, speaking of!"
"Jill! Jill, come look, we found plushies! Take one! Do you think Clarissa would like one too? Oh— hey, speaking of!"

"Chloe, Jill, something's wrong with those Pikachu plushies. Or....is maybe looking at us through them?"

For once, a mild sense of worry was in Clarissa's tone of voice, it seemed, despite her efforts to maintain a stoic expression and front for her part. Her hand even came down to the Pokeball of her new Murkrow as her other hand shielded her Rotom-inhabited Pokedex somewhat protectively without a second thought as well. Sir Lopsalot was just a normal type....he didn't have any moves yet that could touch a ghost type still.

Sir Lopsalot, for his part though, would almost immediately leap off of his trainer's shoulder after entering the room and would get on the floor near Clarissa and Jill's feet as he now too tried to use his ears and little nose to help sniff out the danger. It didn't even take the Buneary a moment to feel the chill and 'wrong' in the air like his Pokemon peer did, and much like Snubbull's trainer seemingly hadn't, and he was already in action without a second thought to the matter. He was an alert little thing for certain, but this was certainly different than the Rotom situation. Or the Murkrow he'd sucker punched in the windowsill earlier for that matter. Or the Aaron he'd punched back at the bar earlier in that first actually kinda thrilling Pokemon battle really. Er, all to say that he got the point indeed! Yes. Not that thoughts of punching more future opponents wasn't somewhere in the far back of his mind still regardless...


The alarm blared in the scarred younger woman's room within HERO One, droning on and on and on as the alarm rang faster and louder and faster and louder over the course of just two minutes. Two minutes that felt like twenty minutes, really, but the younger woman would eventually deign to reach over as her right arm seemed to stretch and elongate and gain more than a few new elbows and arm segments just to reach over to the dresser on the other end of her toom to turn it off. The display of warped and unnatural physiology, emerging from a pile of messy and tousled sheets, might've been seen as fitting for a scene from a horror movie or game at the very least. However, this morning it was far less than such a scedne. For Luna...it was just another morning after sleeping in a non-containment cell bed that she'd begun to become accustomed to since joining HERO finally.


The lazy bare-minimum moan of acklnowledgement would eek out from her head of messy white hair in a reluctant manner, her body rejecting the notion of leaving the comfortable cocoon of the warm and cozy bed while her brain fought back in a heated and pitched battle for supremacy. Ultimately, however, the war between the two would come down to the very wire, a close finish, a photo finish that would mean-


....Well that was something calling her watch, even where it sat on the nearby bedside table. The super-elongated monstrosity of an arm, its purpose in turning off the offending alarm, would rapidly shrink and warp back into a rather normal-seeming if not scarred right arm. This arm would right over to the closer bedside table in turn, fumbling about until it grabbed up the watch and Luna's head popped up like a whack-a-mole game from the sheets as she tapped the surface of the smart device. Tired and sleepy blue eyes, still with some matter in them, were rubbed with her other free hand to clear them up as the nineteen year old looked on semi-attentively and mostly listened to the message ala the holographic head of the Director himself that was now being displayed by the watch itself.

"Attention, heroes. I need a group of you to assist me at the Johnstone Convention Center. If you are available, please come and meet behind the stage. You will be rewarded for your time."
Director Powers

Oh. Oh yeah, the parade and such was going on today. Heroes going out there to sign autographs and crap. People running around and celebrating them. Food. Festival. Grandeur. Etc. Even that gaudy parade baloon of the Director she'd heard was going to be part of the parade proper. It wasn't that people couldn't do that sort of thing, she was glad it was a celebration rather than a witch hunt or something, but like hell if a public thing like that was her metaphorical cup of tea there. What, would everyone suddenly not remember that incident of five years ago? Then again, the chances of the few survivors noticing her was one thing....but still, she didn't feel much like it either. Partly due to not wanting to deal with it, and partly because, well, she wasn't quite worth heading out there to be 'admired' really. Just helping people, pay or not, was all she cared about at this point in time to go out there to do. Simple. Hell, could smash some heads together if the Director wanted her to take up a patrol in Brookside or Watervale today to the side of the parade and just far away enough from the festivities.

But if he was calling out like this....yeah, something was up. Or trying to go on. About to go on? He wasn't a guy to be fluffy and frivilous about things to her knowledge, and she repected that. In any case, though, she'd already been placing a bet with someone around HERO One about this particular day anyways. A bet of ten dollars that 'something big and stupid's going to happen', because Luna trusted a huge event like this to go off 'without a hitch' as much as one could trust a live and ticking time bomb with three seconds left on the timer and no one around to defuse it. She'd gotten a comment or few about being 'ill spirited' or 'not in good sport' in making that bet, but she would make her mind known and had made the bet to make a point of her opinion on things.

Best case scenario? She lost the bet and had to pay up ten dollars and got the relief of things having gone well to go with it. Worst case scenario? She got at least ten dollars from things and cracked some heads of the morons trying to make the day a mess and got paid for it, all while avoiding saying an 'I told you so' coming from her own lips and getting to do her job in helping people. Wasn't going to be a thing either way that she would relish in.

"Schtupid buncha...alllrigh.....ok, ok, I'll get up."

Muttering to herself, the pale white haired Luna crawled gradually out of bed in a lazy fashion. This was going to be a 'day', Director's message or not, and she could feel it in her bones. One might normally call this a 'gut instinct', if they would, but to her it was mostly called 'that instinct that helps you stay outta' trouble and alive' or something of the sort. Eh. 'Gut instinct' would actually do rather well for how simple it was, though, in hindsight.

Sleveless blue shirt. Comfortable jeans. Standard civilian attire, all in all, but it was what Luna felt most comfortable heading out in even in this weather. It was not too cold for her, nor too hot, and her body could frankly be adjusted to feel comfortable regardless without any harm. Could walk about with nothing and still be comfortable in the weather, but like hell if she was going to do that sort of thing to herself or give some randos the eye candy they wanted. Ha. Eye-candy was the opposite of her in enough ways, but that was neither here nor there.

As the white-haired younger woman leaned against the wall to the right side of the front entrance, her arms crossed for the moment being, she looked on and listened in with enhanced eyes and ears at Ms. Duff and the others after having just gotten outside not too long ago. Well, having done so after getting dressed and such at least. Grabbed some snacks on the way out. Suggesting to Alisa briefly on the side to tell Rupa that Walt Disney's frozen head was kept underneath Disney World if she wantd more material. Little stuff like that. Seemed the others had done a job of trying to help grab her papers and the like as well, etc, to boot. But a scavenger hunt for these sorts of things? Eh, it was informative and allowed them to put their powers to use at the very least. She could see the reason in it, even as much as she felt it was quite a bit silly as an activity in and of itself.

What did one get when a walking nuclear reactor, a talking mushroom pile, a pop culture child, a giant cinnamon roll, a giant man-child, Katy Perry's Toxic in-person, Tokyo's latest robotic pop-idol yet-to-be, and a former 'Butterfly' who got tired with all the 'duff' and got into management were all in the same place?




A bunch of random sterotypes lumped togethher that weren't truly all the actual people themselves, really, even though all she had seen so far from them was a basic summary of sorts when trying to pour over the info she was allowed to look at about those she'd be working with. Files and paper weren't actually people, though, and she felt glad she'd been able to continue an education of some sorts in her containment to boot. Even so, she'd been reading up for a few days and pondering about things, etc, to be prepared. The start of all of that, however, had sounded like the start to a really strange and silly joke. That had been mostly on purpose, admittedly, to break the mental ice before she'd walk over to break it socially. A bit dumb, but hell she was a tiny bit tired still and had gotten out of bed finally, so it wasn't going to be the most creative measures she could think of outright to get herself moving and mentally prepared.

Still, working up the energy to finally make her approach as people perhaaps paired off and such for the hunt, Luna would pull herself off of the wall and would begin to casually walk from her spot against the wall over to where Ms. Duff was.

@Hitman DONE....I think. Anything I need to fix or edit or change, etc, just let me know! But whew...is way too late at night for this sort of stuff on my end. (@_@)

Clarissa Ryte

Factory Floor, Stellar Toy Company, Industrial District, Byjerfal City

(Urban Exploration)

"Girl, same! I'm SO thankful you're okay and SO sorry we took SO long. And like, in the end you saved us? For real, how hilarious is that?"

Chloe's gaze fell on the Pokédex in her arms as the purplette explained what'd happened. "Huh, so like, it's in there? That's so cool. But-- um, you might wanna keep that away from me for now?" She flicked her frizzed hair with furrowed brows, half-annoyed, maybe quarter-joking. "I hold grudges."

Clarissa raised one eyebrow for a moment, though soon returned to normal otherwise as she listened to the blonde explain things. She wasn't sure what the Rotom would want to do, and she didn't want to chase the little one off, but she could at least say one thing in particular for the time being. That much she could do at the very least.

"Ah, I'll try to be mindful of that moving forward."

However, the look on Yuu's face was certainly easier to read with her eyes than anything else. No need for powers there....and perhaps it wouldn't be a good idea to try to prod for more informatioon with them either in any case. Even his little partner Pokemon seemed to respond in a somewhat familiar-feeling manner to the psychic,

"You're an idiot."

Despite the insult, Yuu was slightly smiling at Clarissa; there was no contempt in his words as his response sounded more like a jovial, friendly prod at the psychic. "I don't know about the other two, but you don't need to do that for me... if anything should be the other way 'round considering that," Yuu jabbed a thumb in the direction of the open hole the forklift left in their wake.
Are Yuu Ok There, Bro?

"That's so generous of you, but if anything, I owe you a potion! Or like, two. Pretty sure a forklift would've been all 'super effective' on us, you know."

However, the offer to come with her to the Contest Hall certainly seemed to resonate more than she thought to each person.

Chloe seemed to light up vividly enough to the psychic's eyes it was easy to see the excitement in them alone. The girl even so much as grabbed one of her hands out of the blue, holding it in her own as she went on with several questions of her own about the event. Noting how she wanted to participate in them herself at some point. Asking about the time the show started. Noting needing to fix her hair once more despite the obvious. Talking about how herself and Jill needed to get themselves ready for it. Then ultimately her Snubbull getting distracted and zooming off after something just off of the factory floor before the blonde girl would zoom off after it in a seeming hurry and a hasty apology that the psychic felt wasn't nessecary due to how understandble the situation seemed.

Yuu, meanwhile, seemed to want to go but auidibly seemed not so pleased about going to where a Contest was in the first place. But inviting her to join the three of them? Er...was it even a 'thing' currently after the aftermath of this rescue operation? Or was it something barely holding together. The tension she could frankly palpably feel between the Chloe and Yuu already even without extending her powers beyond herself, especially from what little she was seeing from how they seemed to regard each other and speak thus far, though ultimately she felt prying or asking either of the two would not result in much but arguing and not much if any good for the moment being. Quite the opposite, really, if her gut instincts were telling her anything about this scenario.

Jill's next comments, however, would give Clarissa the rest of the context she needed otherwise in the moment.

"You know," she said suddenly towards Yuu. "You really should be nicer to Chloe. She's not a bad person, and it's not fair for you to treat her like one." And without further elaboration or even waiting for a response, she scooped up Aster in her arms and then went after Chloe.

Oleander, who had been floating quietly during this whole conversation, glanced dully in the direction of Jill as she ran off. They didn't make any move to follow, just watched her go off as if considering something.

....Why was Jill's Magnemite just sitting there though? Hmm. Not something she wanted to ask about in the heat of the moment, however, as Yuu's Rotomdex and partner rapidly took action it would take the psychic off-guard somewhat.

"Riolu!" Yuu took a moment to regain his balance as a result of the surprise yanking of his arm. Before he knew it, the Riolu was clambering up the side of Yuu's arm before sitting on his shoulder, much like Sir Lopsalot.

"Rio, rio, riolu!" Jojo held on to Yuu's hair as he cheerfully waved his paw at the Buneary, joyfully greeting and introducing himself to him. The small Pokemon would then give a bright smile to the bunny before holding its paw out to him, "Riolu?"


Sir Lopsalot seemed to regard Yuu, Chloe, and Jill a little, before he would perk up somewhat as the other Pokemon tried to excitedly approach him in a manner of speaking. The Buneary would get a tiny chuckle out of Yuu's reaction to the clambering Riolu, finding it visibly amusing to himself, before reaching out to try to shake the Riolu's hand with one of his own little arms. The trainers could sort out some of their messes....Arceus knew he could read the room as well. But all the same, Sir Lopsalot seemed content and happy to find someone with a bit more of a positive energy about them at the moment. Or, well, perhaps he felt something similar from the little blue Pokemon? Hmm.

"Bun! Bun bun bun bun."

"...It would be my pleasure to join the three of you."

She still had no full idea of what to think of the whole arrangement, but with the seeming loss thus far of her prior compatriot the psychic still felt as if traveling in some kind of group was the way to go. At the very worst, there were options to split off with if the group fractured somehow. It felt as tentative and shaky as it could right now, though, and Yuu's attitude was certainly a thing she had gotten some kind of iniutial read on even as far back as the lab proper. Still, he'd been willing to help and he and Chloe had been on the same point of telling her that her offer to help them wasn't needed as much as it was the opposite of how they felt about it all in some manner or another.

Them? Owing her? It felt silly, but the fact anyone had been willing to come help was something Clarissa felt simply grateful for in the first place. It had also been an odd turn of events to manage saving her rescuers, however, as much as it was just outright ironic. Even so, the psychic glanced back over her shoulder in the direction Chloe and subsequently Jill had now run off into.

"Though perhaps we should help them for now? At the very least to keep safe after what you three seem to have gone through."

Motioning to Yuu in a generally friendly sort of manner, her facial stoicism notwithstanding, the psychic had basically invited him to come along and follow to help somehow. Maybe it'd help the group a little if they tried to help each other out? Maybe. Still needed to get to the Pokemon Center, perhaps, and then hit the Contest Hall in time. Time to check out her newest party member would be good as well, really, but at least getting ready in time for the Contest would be something. Not that she hoped it would go beyond simply a VIP meet-and-greet sort of thing really.

By the good graces of Celebi, she really didn't want to get on that stage at all. Even the mere thought could send a shiver down her spine. Please no, and no thank you. She already felt pressured to go after ealier anywho...but for now, maybe helping out Chloe would be a good idea. Yes.


??? — ??? Forest

*Insert The Freebird Solo Here*

Instead of rising higher and higher into the sky to drop the captured knight, however, the bird flapped it's wings a few times before swiveling around and flying over the forest the group had been so keen on avoiding until now.

At the very least, Nyana would have a good enough view of the ground below as the bird cut through the sky—though maybe not quite at the same speed and steadiness it had approached them at.

Well....this wasn't good. As the large metal bird took her and actually began to fly off sucessfully, the slime knightess would continue to attempt stabbing for a little before her body would begin to slow down. Or rather, more so she began to stop the futile effort of stabbing and ultimately would do so as she began to take note of the current situation as it turned out she (at least currently) wasn't actually being dropped from the sky to crack open the stuff inside. Well, for now at least. Still, she could imagine the tiny forms of her party were likely getting farther and farther away by the second as the bird flew rapidly on over the forest proper.

Not that she could much look back down there where they were from her current and fast-moving position at the moment, admittedly, though she could at least turn her head about enough to look around herself somewhat at the forest and such below at least. Definitely could look up at the metal bird to get a closer look as well at least for that matter. It was....something? Panic only seemed to subside as the thought of 'conserving her strength' began to kick in, or something of the sort she reckoned, and still gripping her sword tightly in her hand and with her shield pinned between her and the bird Nyana would somewhat relax for the moment being otherwise as she did indeed look around herself and up at the bird as her pale white eyes looked about and her head tried to crane about to get what visual information she could. Anything to get a glimpse of the forest or terrain below if she could, and likewise anything to see if she could notice anything more about the metal bird proper.

...Or perhaps her mind was just doing this to distract herself from being bird food for a moment. Eh, might as well talk to the big thing for a second because why the heck not right now. Not like she had anything better to do.

"I promise I don't taste like blueberries, haha....ah, if any exist in this world at least. Maybe I'll get to meet your kids, depending on how this all goes, or at least get to see something cool before I turn into metal bird food."

It...oh it was so hopeless right now, wasn't it? It was almost funny. Yeah. Heh. Funny. So funny she was going to due of laughter.

"Heh. Ha...haha...hahahaha!"

A brief fit of laughter brazenly choked its way out of her somewhat mildly air-drying throat in the spur of the moment, the sensation and feeling almost involuntary somewhat, as the slimegirl laughed for a few seconds as they sailed along through the air and then bit by bit softly went quiet as the sudden intrusive feeling faded away once more. But how couldn't she laugh, really? She was probably going to die again in some even worse fashion than before, and this time without another isekai-ing to another world probably. Then again, if it did happen and she became a cute catgirl that'd be kinda nice. She'd get to die cuter the third time in such a case, albeit before even learning more about the mcguffin she'd stored inside of herself for safekeeping.

Still, the thoughts caused a mild shudder to run up her spine all the same. This despite the-...er, no idea if adrenaline was a thing for slime people actually.

Regardless of her feelings the situation wasn't the best in any case. Not like this giant metal bird was sapient or carrying her to some grumpy local druid or beast tamer who knew it or something and who'd glare at her for trespassing in some 'sacred ancient site' or the like. Maybe it was a construct moving her to an abandoned wizard tower it lived in due to the 'programming' put into it by its maker so long ago, and she'd have to deal with an abandoned magical facility gone wrong? Eh. Too complicated. Too cool, even, for that matter. Could be it was taking her home to feed its babies too, yeah, and that was potentially a more likely thing for her fate at least. Or maybe slimes were useful to keep the nest safe from certain small predators, so much like a certain species of spider kept frogs as pets back on Earth that could be the case here? Hmm.

Eh, for all she knew some adventurer would shoot her and the bird out of the sky or something inconvenient and lead to some awkward situational thing going on or being drug back to some adventuring base of operations to be questioned. In any case, the sky was seemingly the literal limit for the whole situation she was in for now. Better to see what happened and be ready to try to defend her life again when she had a better and less fall-heavy chance of getting free perhaps? Maybe. She'd have to see.

But just then it clicked. Like a lightbulb had turned on inside of her mind, all at once, like the bulb of some old-timey camera you could use in some steampunk game going off. Albeit, rather than laughing this time as she had before, Nyana would simply sigh and half-mumble what came out of her mouth next like it was a chore.

"I just became the literal damsel in distress trope. Oh jooooy..."

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??? — ??? Forest

Why was no one here able to be decisive?! It was a thought that raced into the knightess' mind as she braced herself for the bird impact, though the end result of things would feel less-than-ideal in turn. It was already a bit of an alien sensation, to say the least, that she could feel the physical force of the impact ripple through her hard even still as the bird hit the shield and so forth. The shield, at least, seemed to hold up as it did its job of mitigating the impact in some capacity for her to boot. Yet as talons closed around her knocked-back form, the slimegirl would briefly panic and grab out with one arm and hand to try to grab her sword....or anything attached to the ground really. Just happened the sword was the closer thing than the nearby grass or roots.

Were slimes immune to fall damage? She didn't know for sure, but she sure as anything didn't want to test it right now either.

Her shield frattled with a small clattering as it sat wedged between her and the metal bird, and the bird began to rise back up in the air with its new metal-encased and sapient blueberry Jell-O dessert, the knightess witnessed her fellow group members seemingly scramble to try to do something as well. Well, despite the gust from the bird trying to knock them back a bit more at least. Vrelenor seemed to try to ice or chill one of the bird's wings. Jase crawled over and seemed to try to jab at its feather or between them with his blade. Then, finally, the other man whose name she still didn't know came in with his halberd and seemed to try to zoom underneath it to do something? She couldn't tell for sure on that final thing, at least, due to her peculiar position for the time being.

"I wish I had a shotgun...!" Jase calls out. "Or is that against I-see-kee rules?!"

"Less talky more stabby!!!"

Nyana, for her part, would shout with a hasty and acute panic her her voice as she tried to jab the hastily-grabbed sword of hers into some kind of crack or space between feathers or something of the sort. Even trying to jab or jam it at the base of the thing's feet where the metal-feathered boody met the feet was a thing she'd try if she coould, though the shield and her position didn't make that any easier. In short, she was trying anything as well to get it to put her down again and not try to carry her off like a to-go snack. She really didn't want to be a to-go snack...for one thing, she likely didn't taste like blueberries and another thing was she didn't want to die again already.

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