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Zoe Helena Alexandris

Miyama -> Shinto, Fuyuki Bridge

Zoe slowed down as she came up to the two men, only huffing lightly as she looked on with a ridiculous grin at the two. Of course despite her rather innocent, if not outright stupid and foolish, approach, she at least up front wasn't up front presenting any ill intent. Not that really anything in this war could be taken lightly or at face value, especially to anyone who had a semblance of survival instincts and tactics. Though as for the city's self-proclaimed heroine...

"Hey, thanks for not, er, attacking me! Name's Zoe, The Great Chosen One Who Shall Save The Entire World...and a Master! Sorry for running up like this, but I wanted to ask if you wanna be friends! Or er, maybe make an alliance? Umm...this is all new to me really. But a hero sometimes finds someone to help, right?"

She then looked between the two males, addressing both of them still while speaking as clearly as possible. That much she could do very well!

"Though I know this is all really out of the blue, not exactly something people can usually trust. Other mages can be kinda assholes sometimes, to say the least. Plus this is a war after all, and there's a lot to worry about I mean. So I wouldn't blame you for being very suspicious...

...but I feel it is fate that we ran into each other on the bridge today! Like the Fates totally wove in this great chance, or something, into the fabric of today!"

Her gaze then moved over to Jigen in particular, a stupid and goofy smile still on her face as she addressed the schoolboy that seemed rather close to her age.

"You don't seem to be the very mage-y type for a master, so if anything so I figured I could try to help ya! Got money and magecraft and all, I mean, so maybe I can try to help ya stay alive! I came to this in the first place so I could defeat evil, protect the weak, and to prove myself to be a great hero!

Don't really have any idea what to use on the Grail, though, if I even survive that long. Though maybe we can all make it out alive together if you want! I've even got a Greek servant myself, and he's pretty cool! Though he did tell me the Heracles people were talking about at the bank was fake...b-but my servant knew the real one, so I have to believe him!"

So sincere were her words, and so utterly genuine her excitement and attentiveness, yet by even basic magus standards she was acting like a grade A idiot. By normal humans standards she was also an idiot, in particular one who had just run up alone to and through potential danger to talk to potentially dangerous strangers. Not just this, but had then spouted on to said strangers about making an alliance based on some first impression and something about 'fate'. Frankly it was an utterly ludicrous offer, and an insane action by any regards in the first place. The sheer fact she hadn't been struck down by a random car, much less something else like a sudden bolt of lightning out of the sky during a sunny day, was nothing short of a miracle. Or perhaps...was it fate?

Though she did seem briefly saddened when talking about the, according to her words, 'fake' Heracles at the bank her servant had told her about. Or perhaps he wasn't still at the bank. Truthfully, she had no idea.

Regardless, it was up to the Japanese schoolboy and his servant to decide what to say and do next. How would they handle a total idiot approaching them like this, however? Only the next few moments would truly show what responses would come to the destined heroine's daringly retarded actions and pleas!

"I can even get you both lunch or dinner if you want! I-If that'd help me prove my words are true!"

At least in all of this she had also only been speaking where Theseus and his master could hear her clearly. Passerby and the ilk would remain ignorant of the heroine's words this day...not that her initial approach had been at all subtle.

@Breo @Yankee
Zoe Helena Alexandris

Miyama -> Shinto, Fuyuki Bridge

Not even the taste of the savory meat on a stick she had procured could bring relief from the the bitterness inside. At least her teacher had been looking out for her somewhat, though having come to a grinding halt from her prior excitement had been itself very grating. In other words: Her disappointment was immeasurable, and her day was ruined.

Yet...even so the heroine could not give up totally over one little hardship! Sure not meeting her favorite mythological hero was sad, that much was certain. But not all was lost for this entire 24 hour period! Tonight there would be battles, amazing fights, heroes of legend throwing themselves against each other, and the like! She would get to meet and battle her enemies, seek out allies, and conquer at length the struggles that war would hold for her and her teacher! Of course her brother had said to come home alive...b-but still, going down like a true hero was n-never a bad thing! Right?

Attempting to pump herself back up, Zoe even stopped for a moment and struck a strange pose whilst walking along the bridge...before laughing to herself and returning to 'normal'. Yes indeed, that one manga from Japan had proven to be a fun read with its supremely buff men posing oddly whilst fighting things like vampires and ghosts and the ilk! It was inspiring, even. But rather than strike such a menacing pose on the bridge all day, perhaps, it would be better to get to practicing? She really didn't need her teacher fussing at her later about that in particular.

Looking back ahead of her, however, Zoe found a strange sight. was familiar kind of sight! A bold man, dressed like the ancient Greeks of old, walking alongside a Japanese schoolboy whilst seemingly talking. The command seals on her own right hand were basically tingling already as well! Such could only be the sign of a potential friend or associate! Or maybe a rival! She had no idea which, but before her own conscience could speak up...she had already begun to run at top speed towards what had to be another servant and master pair!


Zoe shouted out to the pair as she ran, at nothing short of the top of her lungs and an excited stint wormed its back back through her. Finally, another Greek servant she could say hi to! Surely the fates had woven in such a fortuitous event, the stars aligning to provide her with the chance to recover her excitement for the day period. Indeed this was an event wrought by the hands of fate, and a part of her fated destiny for sure this time!

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Sophia von Zeerover

Between Amaryllis' call to strike, and Eli's blustering and shouting about the car hood ornament on the Lich's club, Sophia felt a surge of adrenaline kick in. Or perhaps it was...excitement? It had been one thing after another since she'd awoken in those ruins of a graveyard, and been attacked out of the blue, and then kidnapped to some beach dimension. Her body and mind were craving the thrill of putting her all into something, of letting out all of that frustration and pent up energy. With such in mind, however, there was only one thing she could do at this venture.

Mariette and her goons had some of the work in part, and Amaryllis had done some as well. So now it was her turn!


Sophia charged forward in flight, dodging about the finger bullets fired at herself and the other girls. Her axe was readied for striking, and she was willing to invest much of the rest of her mana in striking down the foe before her. Specifically she focused and aimed to cleave the hood ornament on Billy's club, whilst not caring if she slashed through even the bony monster's right hand in the process if she could. She would put her all into this, to strike down her opponent with mighty force that could not be matched! She would cleave bone in twain, rend his blasted club into hamster sized chunks, and destroy that blasted hood ornament with all she could do to it!

Then if she could, she'd mount the lifeless skull of this thing on the prow of her ship. Such would be so very pirate-y indeed!


Serenity Gates

...Had her silent prayers been answered? A brilliant set of golden eyes, a voice like a chorus of angels that brought tears too all that heard it, and a miracle come forth before her eyes. A holy miracle of Beacon, untainted by the Ascendancy's bloodlust. Mercy. Love. Even that seeming angel herself, who watched over these proceedings as the judge, wept tears of her own. Alicia's words had rung true, the judge had deemed her worthy, and yet there remained one last elephant in the room to take care of. Indeed, there was one last issue that had to be taken care of...herself. Though it had been said her Spark was true, that she lacked corruption even, would this do to convince others completely about her? Would it convince them she wasn't some horror or horror-affliate in disguise, trying to destroy them from within? She knew not, but to stand up for herself for once and reinforce the truths of the friend that had spoken up for her...that was the right thing to do.

Summing up all the bravery she could muster, and all of her willpower to boot, Serenity stepped forward next to Alicia and before the enraptured assembly's attention. After she briefly glanced at the white coin floated there before Alicia, its glow soft and gentle, Serenity breathed in and out before reaching into her own pocket. After a brief moment of struggle, due to her hands being cuffed together in front of her, the magical girl then withdrew a small object she held aloft before the crowd.

The object itself was small, however, in the shape of a deep blue gem enclosed tightly in a small golden cage. The gem itself seemed to bear a soft glow within, however, a familiar 'spark' that could not be denied. So too did the small golden cage have something unique to it, an almost light-like appearance to it that was engraved with an ornate golden filigree beyond any mortal make.

"The cardinal's words ring true! Without compassion, we will not survive these darker times! Without a true and pure love to encompass all...our 'justice' becomes false, and so very woefully blind, cutting down all in its path without care or remorse!

Shall we let ourselves be blinded to the point the world fears us, and we become akin to the terrible horrors that slither in the darkness of the universe?

Because...I was once part of one of those horrors, and was something that could not understand love or the light of true justice! I made light of it, jeered at the concept of love, and abused the lives of the innocent...yet in those moments before my death, the light of Beacon came to me!

It spoke to me of compassion, of penance, and of an understanding I once fully lacked!"

In that moment something seemed within Serenity, and a before unseen boldness surged to the surface as she shouted aloud to the assembly. Her voice eked with of a truly ironclad conviction. Her face too seemed to change, becoming the very picture of determined resolution. Perhaps it was the heat and emotion of the moment, perhaps it was her pouring all of her feelings into her plea, but in the end it did not matter to Serenity. She had to do what was right in this moment, or risk standing silent before a world that had before been reviling her.

Never again would she merely stand idly by. Never would she let a friend stand alone before the world. Never again would she back down from what she knew to be right, to be truly right, at her very core. Such was the conviction of her compassion...such was her vow, which she cherished so much.

"It spoke that this spark would glow brightly within my very soul, that my will and fate would be reforged by it, but in return I could never escape those memories I bore nor the knowledge of my former self's many sins and deeds. Such is the nature of my penance...and of my eternal existence as a magical girl, bound forever to Beacon's holy light of my own free will and volition!

If any of you still doubt my dedication to true justice, to a true love and compassion that encompasses all, and to the pure light and true path of Beacon that my friend Alicia has proven to be in line with this day, I will humbly offer you this.

This container is my very soul, made bear and vulnerable to all, which shall shine forth as a witness of my convictions! Let the holy light of true love, of true justice and compassion, of the true path, pour forth upon all to witness! Let it prove that I AM BEACON!!!"

Before the eyes of the onlooking crowd, and the cardinal whose subtle smile and voice pierced the hearts of all in the room, Serenity's Soul Gem suddenly began to glow. A brilliant golden light, just like that of the cardinal's eyes, shot forth from the small and fragile-looking object that would illuminate the room. Yet the light itself was not blinding...indeed, it was instead a truly warm light, gently but distinctly caressing the forms of those in the room with a holy and easily-recognizable radiance. Yet after a few moments, the light once again faded, returning to the far more humble golden glow that Serenity's Soul Gem had originally been emanating.

Yet as the spectacle faded, so too did some amount of Serenity's strength. The girl fell down on her knees, huffing and puffing as the mental, physical, and emotional highs began to fade...though some other tiredness seemed to also be taking hold after that brilliant light. Indeed, for her that light had been so warm, so reminiscent of her rebirth and conversion it had brought on some tears now streaming down her face. Remaining conscious, however, Serenity pulled her hands back down, placing the soul gem close to her chest.

"If you doubt my resolve...then let me bear one of those White a sign of my conviction...," the girl spoke, her huffing and puffing very much audible as she spoke, "And if any must pay for my past sins...let it be all upon me...but spare the others who have shown kindness to me....i beg you..."

Zoe Helena Alexandris

Far Edge of the District, Commerce District

The heroine suddenly screeched to a halt, as a message echoed within her mind! But what would she do after such an alarming missive? The clash between the whirlwind of destiny, against the reining in of valorous reason, burned within her! Though at least that toast had been tasty along the way. Yet in the end, was she to not come and see the-?

...-wait, so he wasn't? WHAT?! Some faker was waltzing about HIM?! That certainly helped narrow things down a bit, at least, and yet something within her seemed to drop into her stomach like a lead weight. It was a strange feelings, and not one she enjoyed. Yet there was reason otherwise in her servant's teacher's message. Yes. Now was not the time...

'I-I...I'm heading b-back, t-teacher...'

Or perhaps she was just utterly disappointed that she couldn't challenge the great Heracles to a rap battle.

Either way, the heroine determined to backtrack to where she'd been before! As such, it was time to move like a divine wind, blowing across the city once more to save it from destruction and danger! Yes. She totally wasn't running back and eating the rest of her food along the way, trying to choke back the sadness or anything. Nope. She would get to her practice, however, which was at least something to do for now. Teacher would communicate back with her once things were done, at least, to tell her what went on and the ilk. Or so she hoped.

Moving (back) to: Shinto Town


Berserker (Yamato Takeru)

Commerce District, The Totally-Hercules Power Hour PerformanceTM

...Why. Why was she watching a gaggle of idiots putting on a performance? For a second she had to remember that she wasn't watching a kabuki play, not that those existed in her day and age anywho, rubbing her eyes for a moment to get her senses back. Much her wondered if she doomed to be surrounded by total fools, and if her temper would survive even the first night before she ended up cutting someone's head off in her fury. One was an idiot boasting to be the famous Greek hero, after having a yoyo match with a child of all things, which was to her either a sign of an idiot heroic spirit or perhaps this guy being some mentally-challenged cosplayer of a servant. Because he was a servant, that much was not up for debate. Further, even many masters and servants seemed to have been drawn here into the orbit of this...what could she call it? A bottomless pit of endless stupidity, pulling in all it can? A black hole of asshole-ery, crushing all common sense in proximity to it?

Perhaps she was being overdramatic, but Yamato's mood and current frustrations weren't helping her one bit in this situation. Between the angsty master, his servant who seemed to be of a better mindset at least, and Mr. Yoyo-Tricks, her blood pressure would have been through the roof if she were a normal human being. Though after her master stepped in, attempting to add "mood" to the scene in her eyes, which even Mr. Yoyo seemed to glance at like a nuisance...or something. Letting out a perturbed huff, Yamato walked over to her master before grabbing him by the ear.

The Berserker used just enough force to cause some distinct but not terrible pain, pulling back a little to yank the man away from the action before looking to the Yoyo Servant and the servant of the 'edgy mask master' (as she had determined to think of him). Her face was a mix of frustration and raw exasperation, however-

"...Please don't indulge him, he's impressionable. And a complete idiot. Apologies for letting him get off of the leash here."

Yamato spoke to the other two servants in a polite yet audibly very forced tone, one which easily betrayed a sense of underlying anger of some kind...albeit not directed at the two of them. She then turned her attention back to her master, walking away as she kept her vicegrip-like hold on his left ear. As Yamato moved back through the crowd, however, her voice could be clearly heard shouting aloud...a tiny bit of her anger erupting into a small tirade.

"I am dragging your ass back, and don't even think of another stupid-ass stunt on the way! You try it, or even so much as think about trying it, and I will knock your ass unconscious!"

To be a Berserker was suffering.

Moving to: Miyama Town, ???

Yamato: "Wait a the kid of that Ibuki god thing I wrestled to death before I died?"

Zoe Helena Alexandris

Shinto Town

Too long had she suffered in this pit of torment, after having arrived upon metallic wings to bear her forth to Japan! Clearly too many were interested in the same thing as her as well...but why did the line for street food have to stretch for sooooooooo loooooooooong?! It had made her almost cross with things, and those stupid kids trying to shove to the front of the line like the swine they were, though no true heroine could save the day if she could not show patience! So she had waited, until finally the handheld met skewer was glistening before her eyes and was held in her hand. Finally she could get something to eat, and they had also thrown in a free piece of toast with-...hmm? What was that?

A commotion was being had, disturbing the meal of the city's great heroine! Something about a legendary hero back in the world? Wait, he claimed he was the mighty Heracles?! What was she to do? Where was she to go? Was it wont to follow in the footsteps of greatness, to seek a being long past by following the crowd to what would be a legendary encounter???

“Master, I’ll be checking this out. Enjoy your meal. And make sure you’re still practicing when I come back!”

...EEH?!? She still had to practice at a time like this?! She was happy to learn, and had been very open to her servant's desires in this regard. However, the orange-haired girl seemed to pout, before sticking the slice of buttered toast in her mouth and running off in the direction of the crowd. The guitar slung over her back, something acquired en-route to Fuyuki for her to "practice" with at her servant's behest, lightly jostled as she bolted at a dead sprint for the Commerce District.

"Hey! Don't just leave me here alone, Teacher! I want to see Hercules too!!! I'll even practice there, I promise!" she communicated back to her servant.

With food in mouth, and the skewer in the small paper food carrying device it had been served in, the heroine thus sallied forth to the call of destiny! Though some around Zooe could not help but recall the image of a generic schoolgirl, running to get to class on time, as she moved past them.

Moving to: Commerce District, The Totally-Hercules Power Hour PerformanceTM


Berserker (Yamato Takeru)

Miyama Town, ???

One thing was abundantly clear here...her master was a total idiot.

Not only was he a total idiot, but he was someone with no survival skills to his name. Even a small dog could probably kill the man, given the right chance to strike. It was that sad. It was also frustrating, like he was. Very frustrating. It had taken a lot initially to hold herself back from beating him to death. Yet his magecraft was at least something usable, so he was an 'idiot savant' if naught else, and his circuits gave her the juice to actually function and battle properly in this form. So she had to compromise to a 'certain extent' at a minimum, which she had been doing thus far, though most of said 'compromise' consisted of not butchering the man when he got on her already-live-wire nerves as a Berserker. With that in mind, she felt she was off to a great start for the day as compared to last time someone got on her nerves this much!

"What kind of half-assed, stupid question is that? Choose the damn beef one!"

Of course beef ramen was the best. Did this man grow up under a rock, or in the back of some primitive cave?! By this point already he was pissing her off more, by wandering around in this stupid store for what felt like forever! Then again, it was less stupid than trying to charge out and kill a god without a divine blade in his hands. That she could concede to try to calm herself down. So in this case, she had resigned herself to sigh and grit her teeth somewhat for it all. Albeit she did empathize with the store clerk on this one. 'Sigh' indeed.

Though despite the added frustrations of being laden with the bags of junk food as they left the store, her master did at least admit his level of pathetic weakness and stupidity. Well, at least somewhat. Sighing to herself internally, Yamato deigned to at least respond to the man.

"I'm surprised you've survived this far in life at all, much less doing anything else beyond that. But unless ya' stab me in the back, betray me, throw me to the dogs, or piss me off way too damn much somehow, you've got my support. So yeah, you can count on me. And believe me, you'll know if you piss me off too damn much," the warrior responded, as blunt and brutal as she could be while still admitting her master could count on her.

She'd been loyal to a man who wanted her dead much of her life...wasn't like serving a buffoon was any worse. So indeed, she would remain loyal to this man unless he 'overstepped his boundaries' as the more modern term put it. Besides, this man was her ticket to the Grail and her most precious wish. Anything else that stood in her way would get cut to ribbons, shredded like meat thrown to the wolves, and scattered across Japan's landscape in a bloody mess. That was a promise.

Yet as they talked, Yamato's senses and instincts quickly rang in her head like an alarm. Ah. At least one servant was in the vicinity already, and all it took was a quick glance to the other side of the street to notice. A virtual giant of a man with white hair and tan skin, an utterly alien thing to Japan, sitting on a motorcycle and keeping some sort of careful attention on them. Without skipping a beat, Yamato held up one hand and 'shot a bird' to the motorcycle man with her right arm as the flimsy plastic bags slid down into the crook of her elbow. This was accompanied with a dirty glare, something that spoke further volumes of "f*** off asshole". She dared not speak it aloud, as she had no idea what her master would do if he knew at least one servant was around.

There was also that odd couple with creepy vibes she saw a ways down...who were admittedly coming along the same path they were taking but in the opposite direction. Maybe it was just coincidence, but one of them appeared European physically and she didn't care to be nice to anyone that could be an enemy right now. Or perhaps she was just venting some amount of steam in all of this. Either way she tossed another even more rude gesture and dirty glare at the couple as well. Screw them too, whilst she felt pissed enough as it was. In fact, screw all of these idiots in this damned Holy Grail War at that!

Maybe after this she could take some of her master's money and go to a hot spring. That'd soothe the nerves enough for sure, especially if she found some pretty girls there, despite her passively more frustrated and easily-ire'd state. Then tonight would be time to get

As another man exited the store, another seemed to run up to him and speak in a hurried voice behind them...just where Yamato could hear. Something about a big Greek hero guy performing in front of a bank? EH??? What the hell was a servant doing, pissing around and bragging in public?! Were they out of their goddess-forsaken minds?! Was her master hearing any of this crap as well? What in the name of the Emperor was going on with this day?!

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Zoe Helena Alexandris

Alexandris Estate, Greece, Some Days Ago

To meet another hero or heroine beyond was like a dream come true! To pair with the likes of a legendary soul, venture forth into danger, and defy all adversities at length! To be able to go beyond the borders of the familiar, to strike down evil and-

"Zoe, need to stop jumping up and down...and hugging the relic. You need to start the summoning if you are going to make your plane in time."


Well, her mother was right in the end. Her father wasn't here for some reason, probably due to family business, but at least her mother and brother had stayed to see her summon a proper heroic spirit! It was exciting to no end, and her fiance had well understood the situation it seemed to boot. Already her things were ready to go, and-...ah, yes, the summoning ritual. The ritual to summon the heroic spirit. Yes. She needed to do that before anything else. Whew.

Setting the lyre fragment within the center of the silvery and large summoning circle, this piece itself a catalyst that had been provided by her fiance in an neatly-wrapped box before she had come here, Zoe stepped back and extended a hand towards the circle. Though giddy excitement and raw anticipation coursed through her more than obviously, however, her face seemed to take on a focused look of great concentration at this time. For a moment it was like she was a mature individual, or a magus of serious countenance, but before such thoughts could settle in for her mother and twin brother the girl began the chant she had memorized for this occasion. Indeed...but maybe she had added a minor tweak or two to it admittedly.

"Let Silver and Steel be the Essence.

Let Stone and the Archduke of Contracts be Foundation."

The volume of her voice built up louder and louder as she spoke, her fervor rising as she felt the magical energy swelling from the summoning circle. Indeed, all in the presence of the ritual could feel...something in the air. Like something was coming, but they knew not what. Or perhaps such a thing was all in Zoe's own hrad, imagining the potential reactions.


"From that Seventh Heaven, attended to by three great words of power, come forth from the ring of power, oh Protector of the Balance!"

For a moment her mother's face went pale, though her brother only seemed to barely stifle a giggle from where her stood. Yet as she finished those fated words, a great light erupted from within the summoning circle that filled the room. Indeed, a legendary hero was once again being brought into this world to save it anew! Zoe could barely restrain her excitement as she finished the ritual herself, closing her eyes to avoid the light blinding her...awaiting in eager anticipation to open them again in a moment and view the great heroic spirit before her!

Then maybe she could get an autograph from them too. She always did love good music.


Crosses out Neferkaptah as a potential idea.

Alright....list has been narrowed down more! XD
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