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Banned for not GOING GHOST in ghost mode.

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Well, the man on the ground had seemed to finally rouse from his position lying on the ground at least. Albeit he understandbly seemed to look about the place at first, including somewhat at himself, as well. She avoided speaking to him, however, wanting to let him get some measure of things on his own before anything else. Well, unless the others chimed in with their own bit. It wasn't as if the situation they were in was...ah...anything less than ground-shaking to say the very least. Or so it seemed.

"What's going on? Where are we? How did I get here?"
Confused Armor Guy

Nyana began to open her mouth, but soon found another person would beat her to the punch.

"Pretty sure that plane crash Isekai-ed us, remember assigning those stats while you napped? Sure beats dieing horribly, doesn't it. We're either in a surprisingly pleasant fantasy cave or a dungeon, if those are part of this world. I'm Vrelenor and I decided to become a mage."
Vrelenor/The Not Helpful One Right Now

Really? Really?! That's the first crap you tell a confused someone, and after complaining about a towel in this sort of situation of all things? It was so....ugh. Did she agree they'd been isekai'd somehow? For now, definitely. It was the only obtuse thing that seemed to make sense to her for now, unless they all got hitched to some dystopian machine injecting their brains into some hyper-realistic video game above all others. And that, THAT was absurd-sounding enough on its own!

"Isekai'd? You were on the plane, too? All of you? From Tokyo to LA?"

"Well, I'm Jason, and I wasn't dressed like this on the plane," he said, balling up his fist and using his thumb to point at himself, "or looked like this, neither. Thought we all bought the farm, so what's this 'isekai' business? Why are we all here in this cave with the radioactive moss? Did we crash land at the Nevada Test Site or something? And why were you all staring off into space after you woke up, like you had an invisible television?"

...It was so tempting to throw water in the face of the self-proclaimed 'mage' right now on her part. So very tempting. Now the guy who'd woken them was going off a bit, it seemed, and none of this was going to help them right now save it established at least one other among them had been on the plane as well too. That much was useful to note for a moment if nothing else.

"For the love of-...ok. One thing at a time," the knightess said aloud, tone filled with a bit of exasperation at the whole affair as she looked to the guy she'd been trying to help wake up first, "No idea why we are here or how we got here, and we seem to be inside of some kind of odd cave to say the least."

She then looked to the guy who had woken them all up next. Said his name was Jason?

"I can speak for myself at least in saying I was on that flight as well. No, I didn't look like this on the plane either. Also thought I was dead too, and then cold water got splashed in my face quite to the contrary. Also, the stuff we were staring at is apparently a 'status screen' of some sort. Seems we can't see each other's status screen though.

As for the 'isekai' term used by Mr-Not-Being-Helpful-Right-Now over there? Its a term related to anime and manga, a type of story in which people die and wake up reincarnated or something in another world."

Her voice-affecting and face-hiding helmeted head then swiveled over to look at the final guy. The 'mage' of the group, one who hadn't done really anything to help the initial panic of the situation or seemed to be sensitive to the sort for now. That guy. Seemed to be content enough about things as it was on his end, but it didn't mean everyone was going to just take to this oddity of a situation like a fish to water. It was frustrating. Worrying. Etc.

"Look, its great you seem to be taking to this situation better than the rest of us. But please be more aware that this isn't 'normal' by any stretch of the imagination, and not everyone is going to be familiar with the terms you're using. That and this is all a good bit 'jarring' to say the very least, hmm?"

She'd have run a hand down her face if it was all going to be any more awkward in the moment, but perhaps that'd simply be setting up a self-fulfilling prophecy for the time being as well. Rather, Nyana would turn to address the whole of the group after having tried to address each of the individual men in this cavern with her. Because she had no idea where they were, what time of day it was, or any of that. Chock it up to her parents making her join some form of outdoorsy club in middle school for those few years, or watching a lot of survival shows or something on TV, or whatever slse, but they didn't need to sit around gawking all day if anything. That much even she could fathom, she felt, if nothing else.

"So, everyone, we've no idea how we got here. No idea why we're here. No idea as to how we got to be as we look and are now. Seems at least two of us were on the same crashed light as well, and we can see we're in some kind of strange cave with glowing mushrooms, this strange bit of green in the middle of it, and apparently some fresh cold water of some sort.

For now, I propose we work together on our immediate situation for now and try to keep what level heads we can here. We can take a look around where we've woken up, see if we can get out of this cave, and then go from there hopefully before it gets dark outside of this cave. Then we can run with things from that point.

For now, I'm going to start scouting ahead toward the exit if anyone wants to join me."

Unless they wanted to panic and sit in a cave all day and night until they got hungry, ran into some mythical bear or something in this cave, or the like. In which case she'd try to figure out enough to make her own way out of the cave. Either way, she would move to begin a careful attempt to scout ahead in the direction of the cave exit. Nyana would do her best to keep a careful eye out and look for obstacles, test for slippery surfaces, and the like as she went along. She'd pick half a dozen of the glowing mushrooms if she got the chance too, inspect them, and then if found to not be dangerous to the best of her ability would slip them in some hidey-spot in her armor temporarily to store them away before continuing her scouting effort.

However, part of her simply hoped that the others had level enough heads. The happy elf mage guy notwithstanding.

@Crimson Paladin@Thunder999999@Expendable@PKMNB0Y

??? — ???







The pitter patter of water on stone greeted the woman's ears in a semi-rythmnic fashion as she began to wake up a little bit. Drip drop. Dri drop. Like someone had left a sink running, but the echo of the cavern itself was certainly an oddity of sorts as well. For a moment, she even tried to turn over to turn away from the sound. Felt like she was on her back anywho, and beyond that it-




Eh? Ehh??? She felt a lot heavier for some reason, no, she was definitely feeling like something was on her. as she lied on the-....wait, this wasn't a cold stone floor. Sounded like she was lying on grass or something. That was strange. Well, maybe she was lying under some debris in a field somewhere? That'd make a fair bit of sense, perhaps, given they'd been in a PLANE CRASH and the half-asleep drowsiness was still keeping her sense of panic in check. Yet as she mostly sleepily tried to ponder things in her fuzzy waking mind, she found she could hear a voice. Not very manly, but certainly not a girl either to her ears.

"Oh my god," a voice swore, the soft and utterly unfamiliar young voice seeming to have a small cave-like echo to it as well, "I'm a girl...! No....!"
Splashy Water Man

Then came a sigh.

What in the-? Did some guy hit his head so hard he thought he turned into a girl or something? Blargh. Maybe she could rouse herself to ask for help to get up, maybe get out too if the debris was on her or something. But if any of them had survived, perhaps-


"Wake up!"
Splashy Water Man

Cold! Cold water! On her FACE!!! That and the plin and plop of water hitting metal to boot. Still, it wasn't pleasant! It was enough to shock her the rest of the way awake in good time indeed, though as she sat up suddeenly she unthinkingly struck out with a free left hand toward the source. Her voice, notably grumpy, came to life in turn as she spoke as well without much thinking involved.



And then her eyes opened, hew view partly shielded by the view of the apparent HELMET on her head but mostly left unimpeded. Then the sword seemingly gripped in her left hand crashed into the ground with a muffled CLANG of its own. Not enough to hurt the blade, or hit anyone thank goodness, but it was enough to crunch the grass and such she was sitting in a bit at least. It was enough to leave the woman sitting there blinking for a moment. And, well, she felt a little mild jiggling inside of the SUIT OF ARMOR she seemed to be wearing as well for a few moments after having sat up so arbuptly. Beyond that, she seemed to silently begin to look down at herself. She was...certainly taller than she last remembered. Was wearing more armor than she'd ever worn in her life, even if it didn't feel that heavy (if heavy at all) on her body either. Actually, it seemed to be a full set of armor at that.

She also had a shield near her other hand, funny enough, which seemed large enough to properly use or something. Yet as she pulled up her free right hand to feel her face, the sensation as her hand reached into the mostly shadowy face-hiding open front of the helmet was not what she'd intended. It certainly felt human-SHAPED, but more like she was touching jello. Yet the sensation on her skin, or exterior perhaps, felt like she was normally touching her skin or something. Sense of touch was there. Temperature too. Could feel the wet on her face from the water as well even. But....no. It wasn't HUMAN feeling to the touch either.

Maybe she was just a bit in a daze, eh? Dropping the sword from her one hand, she crawled on hands and knees over to the nearest bit of water she could find to peer into. Surely with that fant glowing light coming in from the nearby mushroom clusters she could-....see....faintly....from the reflection.....oh no she was made of blueberry jello now!!! BLUEBERRY. JELLO. And she had some strange orb thing floating inside of her head, which when she thought about it now she could actually FEEL it and seemingly make it MOVE as well. Oh, oh no that was kinda gross....even if it was also kinda cool.

That wasn't her face, these weren't her hands, and yet when she moved they mooved with her. She fould FEEL through those hands, see through these eyes, raise her new eyebrow-things in surprise, but maybe she still was-....was....wait. her name was Hikari, right? But another name was floating around in there, all fresh and new even, alongside that. "Nyana"? Eh, maybe that'd make a nice Vtuber name if she made a new model for-, wait this wasn't the point! This wasn't her, and yet it WAS her at the same time. She'd just fallen in a PLANE CRASH to certain death who knows where, and what the hell was she doing waking up like this in some other body out of the blue?!

Was this some trashy isekai garbage prank someone though was funny to pull on people who had just-...oh. Wait. Wait wait wait. That could be a fair point. Breathe. In and out. Good. Clear her head like it was a work project. She needed to assess her surroundings for now. That was the first step in things. See the water-thrower, what was going on, etc.

Standing up from her position on hands and knees, and after righting herself on her two feet (thank goodness she wasn't a centaur), Nyana/Hikari looked around at the scene about her. The guy throwing water on people's faces seemed to be definitely a guy, even if he looked a bit decidedly less-masculine in other ways. Hmm. She had seen a Vtuber avatar similar to him before, but that guy's avatar wore a maid outfit and-...ahem. Never mind. This guy had normal-ish clothes and such at least, well, at least if one was going to some con or fest or similar function.

Looking down at the others, Nyana/Hikari would likewise take note of the further oddities. One guy looked like he wore armor straight out of an MMO she'd been playing on stream a few days before her Japan trip, seemed to have basic human proportions to her eyes, and that was about it for now for him. Looking to the next, who seemed to rise up after his 'wake up splash' like she had. Longer and pointier ears, so a full-on elf perhaps? Or another type of elf. Something? He had some robes and a staff, so certainly he looked like some kind of mage, though he rapidly seemed to do something else rather than stand up. In fact, he seemed to suddenly be staring at something in the air. Wait. Something in her head was saying 'status screen'? Well, sure, she'd give that a try for herself at least. Oor maybe the other guy was just staring at the air and-


Oh, never mind.

A proper full-on status screen popped up in front of Nyana/Hikari's face on command. The new name in her head was there, stats, statuses, the sword and shield were listed in her otherwise empty inventory aside from her armor-, oooh! She even had the armor listed and such! Even a screen to look at herself in a 360 view, nice~ Wait. That wasn't normal! But unless she and these other people were on some shared drug trip or the like....it seemed they had been isekai'd. By a PLANE CRASH. Or maybe their souls kidnapped from their world? Eh, lot of ways isekai stuff tried to justify how it 'worked' or happened to the protagonist or protagonists. Turning back around, and dismissing the status screen she took a knee and looked super close as she tried to pull the helmet back a little bit to get a proper view of her face once more.

She certainly was cute at the very least. Nice proportions too if her status information was of any indication. Hmm. But that was not as important as maybe getting a move-on for the time being, yes? Or doing something. Because, as she stood up to look at her surrounding environment more properly now, it seemed they were in an odd little micro-meadow in a dreary and dank cave. Seemed to go deeper into another cave farther out, even, before seemingly reaching actual daylight.

"Ugh, was the water really necessary, there's no towels in this cave."
Mage-Looking Prick

Really? There being 'no towels' was the problem he had first with things? Not anything about dying, bringing them here, or any sort of semi-sane reaction? Eh. But she was certianly doing better than she'd thought she might in what felt so far like some isekai shenanigans than she felt she would have been. So she wasn't the one to talk, or do so too much at least, in the end. Still, there were better things than lying on the ground complaining in the middle of some strange cave for pity's sake!

"Let's see if we can get everyone up first, get some basic introductions out of the way, and then look around where we are first perhaps."

She spoke aloud to the others in this odd cavern with her, before walking over to grab her things and hold them temporarily in just her right hand. The knightess/warrior, whatever she was now at least, then walked over to the other guy she'd seen on the ground (@Crimson Paladin). Not sure of the emerald cold water splash had worked on him yet, Nyana/Hikari would take a knee and try to gently shake the guy by putting her left hand on his left shoulder. Not anything big, but hopefully just enough to rouse to poor guy and get him awake if she could? That was the aim at least, even as her right hand semi-comfortably held onto her shield and sword for a moment.

@Crimson Paladin@Thunder999999@Expendable@PKMNB0Y

@PKMNB0Y Ok! Starter skill has been redone, history has been rewritten, and the class thing addressed on Discord has been removed!



(Removed contents because everything needs revising)
Submitting my interest, yes.
Clarissa Ryte

Upstairs, Second Floor, Stellar Toy Company, Industrial District, Byjerfal City

(Urban Exploration)

The psychic felt a pang of pain, and yet....success. Success in closing the window, at least, so the Murkrow couldn't escape. Yet at the same time, especially as the Pokemon seemed to be more amused than anything, Clarissa began to wonder if that was a good idea in this situation. Potentially they were now trapped in here with the Murkrow, and given what it seemed to be preparing to do by trying to fly up a bit one more it would only make the situation harder for them if the looming Haze hit. It was risky. Dangerous. And yet they had little choice but to 'win' if they were going to make it out of the building in one piece now perhaps.

There had to be...ah...something....oh! That might work!

"Jump under it, quickly, and deliver a Power-Up Punch to the bottom of its head!"

An instinctual command given to Sir Lopsalot on her part, but one that she hoped would make a difference in this fight. A solid uppercut to the jaw, as it were, might stop up and shut the Murkrow's mouth while dealing good damage at the same time. Hopefully. Maybe? Maybe. It was worth a shot at any rate, the psychic trainer felt, and they couldn't wait around to think about things. This was a fast-moving situation for sure, and they had to go with their gut to some extent as well now.

Sir Lopsalot, for his part, gritted his little Buneary teeth at the impact of the Murkrow's Gust. Yet while he regained his footing with ease, and readied his body to leap again in the coming moments, the little Pokemon was visibly more injured than he had been before. Enough so that it made the poor little guy wince in pain from it all, even though his focus and adamant gaze remained locked onto his enemy. Yet as his opponent would rise up a bit to try to launch a Haze attack, Sir Lopsalot would hear Clarissa's command with his superb hearing.

A tiny grin very breifly flashed on the male Buneary's face.

Launching himself from his position of preparedness, his tiny fist glowing once more with an awesome power, Sir Lopsalot would swiftly move underneath the hovering Murkrow (and hopefully out of its line of sight as he sought to do) as it prepared the Haze. From his rapid landing, then, the small Pokemon would in as swift a sucession as possible launch himself upward with his tiny fist firing out like a firing piston. His aim with this action? To forcefully strike the bottom of the foe's mouth, and thus the underside of the bird Pokemon's head, from underneath! Though what was the chances of smacking the enemy and/or its head into the ceiling above? No idea! That depended on if the plan worked at all.


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