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<Snipped quote by TruthHurts22>

Honestly, it's a tough one to answer, because I'd just have to see the sheet. My instinct is to say "No, killer-y characters are fine," but I would advise that I don't think the Caravan would actively shelter someone that they know is an (unjustified) murderer

What about an older man who used to be in six different cults and did a lot of things, as well as learned a lot of non-mainstream or 'less than acceptable' magics, but changed his life around well as secretly hides his past so he can help do things like identify or work with cursed magic items, peddle his services and knowledge at each stop to help customers deal with such things, summon the occasional horror from beyond our dimension to help move stuck carts (etc), and helps deal with other occult matters the caravan faces as he peddles his services at each stop because he's trying to be a good guy? XD

@Tortoise Working on concepts. Currently a guy who dabbles in occult things and peddles his skills and services, but is a good guy albeit is also an old man, is what I am working on. Trying to think out another thing potentially too, but hope it all works out.
Jesus I go away for a day and there's six pages of ooc when I return? What in the goddamn?!


Interesting....and am curious and interested. But must head to bed after checking for a second here on the Guild and such.

Welcome back once more, oh Tort-ly one. :P

“We’re, uh, workin on it. We got some new information at least.”

"Indeed. Myself and Lissa set out to see if we could learn anything more, albeit Lissa hasn't returned yet. But I think she was out to look for your sister to talk some more.

I on the other hand ultimately I ran into a friend of a friend of ours rather unexpectedly, though, one who had just arrived here in the freezing cold. He's the one who just left after just talking with us for a brief time near a warm fire. Hence the new information."

Nylah spoke amicably and honestly, but would still rub the back of her head sheepishly in slight embarrassment still. She hadn't done much to really help but talk to this guy, and then rush him out of the building. He had seemed to be on a similar wavelength to her, maintaining cover on both their ends of things at the very least. That much did make her feel a little better about her own burst of just outright talking. So much talking it was embarrassing to have spilled out without much pause all in one shot.

But that aside it was a sign to her she was certainly out of her depth, that much she felt to be sure, but she had resolved to come here all the same. She wouldn't be backing down either. Herself and Lissa couldn't leave this as it was, for Mie and her people to sit and die eventually (or something of the sort). Haruno had fought to hard to find help as well, coming so close to death it had been ghastly, and she wanted to bring the oni back good news of some kind at least. Maybe even more than just good news to boot.

It was also valuable to Dawn itself if...well...even potentially Mie and her people had any reason to be in Dawn's debt. Maybe. Truth be told she wanted to save lives where she could, that was reason number one, but secondarily she couldn't hide from herself her own thoughts on the matter otherwise. Even if that meant breaking or sneaking or somehow getting them out and back to the village or some other form of safety, what Mie and her people had could very well help Dawn rebuild.

Most of all, perhaps there would be something she knew or had to assist in the one thing the Mothraki held most dear and crucial even now: Healing her ailing mother. Anything. Something. She had to figure something out to help her, to save her. That much she knew for sure without having to think hard on it at all. No matter what the past was, her mother was the only mother she'd ever known and remembered. They had much more to talk about, to experience, to do, and so forth.

...She wouldn't be letting that all that fade away because of some Elder Beast and a mysterious ailment.

"How as your walk?"



Worked some of this out with Mintz, and some invaluable help from Yosh in the power department. Took a while to get prepared and ready due to holidays and such thus far, ut here it is! The final product of a lot of days of work dangit! XD

Just say the word on anything that needs to be fixed or changed or edited or nerfed or whatever else! And it shall be fixed. o7


“Woah, lass, someone ever tell ya ye talk too much?”

The nervous moth girl's face began to turn beet red, deeper and deeper so until her hands came up to hide her face. It was a nerve-wracking situation, and she....oh by the gods and goddesses she had let her mothy mouth run. She had no idea how this was supposed to go! She was just here to try to help, trying her best at things with no idea of how this cloak and dagger type of thing worked. Unless Lissa or Eirhild had some secret skills in this, really, it could be said perhaps all three of them were out some of their depth in all of this.

At the same time, though, she would try to control her breathing like her mother had taught her to do. In. Out. In and out. Focus on the goal in front of you. Don't let the nerves get too much.

"S-Sorry...and Eirhild is right. That would work too as a plan."

Nylah gave an apologetic, and trying to be more friendly, smile back at Novak.

"Truth be told this is not something I'm experienced with, but I am an apprentice herbalist and know some magic. But we couldn't just leave you and Mie and everyone else to suffer here either. So while there's only three of us, it really is all we could spare from Dawn to come here."

Her tone took on a slightly more sad tinge. It wasn't the best case scenario for sure...for all she knew, Mie and them expected a full array of hunters or a war party to come to their rescue. As she'd said prior, she couldn't imagine what Novak and them had been through by this point. At least Haruno was ok, but even so it was only a minor bit of good news at best unless they could get the rest of Mie's people out of there.

Nylah hoped that Lissa was having better lucking getting information and such, or at least doing better than her own rambling mess she'd just managed to pull off prior. Ugh.

@Rune_Alchemist@crimson Paladin

Eliana, The Cosmic Gypsy


Kiyome, The Draconic Protector

'One, two! One, two! And through and through

The vorpal blade went snicker-snack!

He left it dead, and with its head

He went galumphing back.'
Lewis Carroll

Seems she hadn't been the only one with the idea to try to deal with the armless girl's attempt to get into their backlines. And yet at the same time...she was deceptively seemingly defenseless in hindsight, yet was actually far less so when it came down to it. For what it was worth in getting those hits in to deal damage to her, all the draconic swordswoman got in return was chomped down on like bamboo in a panda's mouth.

She could ignore a lot of things that had happened so far, and had done so simply to keep up the fight. But at the same time-




-the pain was moderately intense. Like her bones and flesh and skin were being chewed on by flat molars, not even being given the courtesy of being chopped off by the front teeth or something. She couldn't run, though, and so she began to sink down into the ground itself. Teeth were grit as she forced her mouth to stay shut despite the pain of getting slowly ground up by the twisted variation on a little yellow brick road. By the time she got to her thighs, the swordswoman had prepared to cut herself off at the thighs in order to escape and teleport away.

And then more help arrived, mainly in the form of some large golem man thing that began to crush the brick-teeth she was trapped and sinking into.




She didn't even so much as bat an eye at Akhenaten's presence, she'd seen far far far worse in her nightmares alone, but once she was helped out and the golem intercepted some projectile attack sent at them she let out a small sigh of admittedly restrained relief. She looked up at the large black golem and gave a nod to it. Her cracked and rather injured legs likewise attempted to steady her body to stand, albeit being forced to use her abnormally long sword and enough spit, grit, and force of will to do so as well. Not that she batted much an eye at it, despite the ultimately reflexive winces of pain that came over her in the process.

"Thanks for the save. Would offer to play a game of senet as thanks, but with this problem here that offer of mine will have to be saved for later I'm afraid.

Right now, its time to crush this pest."

Her tone was rather formal and cordial despite the circumstances, though as the Angel of Hope's reinforcement magic would make standing up normally much more viable for Kiyome in turn. She would note the woman with the glowing gun's presence as well, but would merely give a small and silent nod to her rather than speak. Instead, her primary attention was on the little armless girl, not bound by vines but now damaged and encapsulated in a barrier akin to the one protecting the town.

Was this barrier going to block them from attacking? If so that'd be a truly sad and silly state of affairs, but if it was permeable somehow then they'd have a shot at this at least. Especially for what she was going to do to that little gi-...that monster now. Because she had just the thing in mind for bad little girls wandering in from wonderland and causing trouble like this. Something that well befit someone who stepped into her warzone on her watch and tried to crush her legs.

Focusing silently back on the armless girl, now standing outside of the trap once more, Kiyome would focus her breathing, raise her blade, and channel her mana once more for another attack. She would then start to move and swing her sword, before suddenly seeming to disappear again out of the blue mid-movement. She did not so much as touch the golden road again with her feet, though she'd reappear once more with her blade already mid-swing behind the armless girl without so much as making a noise. No battle cry, no nothing.

As the old queen of hearts had said...





And so the single-strike focused assault attack in this instance was aimed to mightily and more potently take off the head of the armless girl. A single blow with enough mana focused into it to put it up to the task. Nothing on the level of a Killing Blow, but it was certainly not as small-potatoes attack by any stretch of the imagination.

Meanwhile, if any conjured minions Kiyome had summoned prior were even left by this point they'd just keep just going on and tearing through any and every enemy they could.

Despite Lilly and the other girl having seemingly ignored her, the other strange help now running around to grab civilians from houses was welcome enough in Eliana's eyes. Indeed, Oliver's clones and Six would find her giving a nod to them before motioning for them to follow her to the particular place she'd mentioned. House Four. At the rate things were going, only two houses being left was definitely a vast improvement compared to the pace they'd been making prior. Hopefully getting to Four, and getting past the rubble blocking Six, would finish the last two houses with any amount of time at all to spare. Anything they could use to try to get the civilians out of Bolorton and somewhere safe.

She also hoped that Kiyome was ok. Tough as the strange monster girl was and put herself up to be, she wasn't immort-...well, technically they were immortal. But she didn't want her to die regardless!

Thus Eliana would push herself to continue assisting, not stopping to rest until all the houses were cleared and she was back with the rest of the rescuers at the bunker again.

@Ariamis@Majoras End

Serenity Gates

Thank the Beacon itself that Aurelio was there. Not that he wasn't being a bit of a showman in it all, but that was the charm of it in her mind. Still, it was admittedly a small surprise of being suddenly teleported to where they needed to be next. The former horror knew Vivianne would be ok back there, likely would head back to tidy things in her room, but still Serenity blinked a couple of times in her surprise after touching down. Yet in the end she would relax as Aurelio began to pack up the mobile gate, her brows furrowing as the matter of how long the trip would take came up.

"I can use my magic to buff the vehicle, at least, to help us travel faster. It should be enough to help expedite us to Bolorton a little faster."

Yet even as she spoke, a small chill ran down the maid magical girl's back. Something felt...wrong out there. In the distance. Familiar, but also not at the same time. Shaking it off as best as she could, however, all Serenity needed was for them to get inside of the vehicle and she could try to help them get on-location as fast as she could with her magic. At least that would hopefully be something to help them along.

Otherwise, she did hope somewhat that she wouldn't get squished in a seat next to Hyun.

The former monster queen was indeed a former major monster threat, thinking back on the events of the 'Rave', but likewise the former horror herself hadn't held it against Hyun either. Serenity herself had been something far, far worse, and now honestly they were both purified humans and magical girls fighting for Beacon proper as allies. What was wrong with that? Or rather, well, Serenity wished there wasn't anything wrong with that. In truth, what had happened at HQ was only a facet of how others probably still felt about her really. She could feel it in her bones, felt it in her mind like it was simply just a fact of life. So in the case someone not as worse-off as her came along from a similar-type background, it wasn't hard to imagine at all that they might join in on the pointing a finger at her just to 'fit in' or blend in better as it were. Then again, the outfit wasn't helping anything and she knew that. Hadn't been her choice of new outfit either, but that of the Red Coin she'd used. Not anything she'd batted an eye at personally for the most part, though as long as a certain name wasn't mentioned during all of this then she felt they'd be fine.

Whatever the case was in matters, they had to make haste. The mission came first, and frankly being around friends was something the bunny maid magical girl was happy for.


Woohoo! Time for more superpowers!
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