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"Sorcerer-Magus Callis Dagon of the Cult of the Crow accepts under his auspice Sorcerer-Novitiate Ishara Thumotep, Sorcerer-Novitiate Radaam Esi, and Sorcerer-Novitiate Khaemtir Maryatum."
Makhai Amon, Magistrate of the Cult of Crows, Vizier to the Crimson King

As she stood there, donned in her pure white cloak clasped with smooth golden brooch, the green-haired girl almost felt her breath stop as she heard her name called aloud.

For so long she had wondered, prayed to the goddess, and pondered as she lied in her bed to sleep what of the Cults might take a fancy to her. To some the Cult that had chosen her in the end was likely not a surprise, given her individual talents, but at the same time she hadn't come into this with any more than a desire to learn in whatever Cult chose to take her on. Magus Dagon was a rather somber looking kind of individual indeed, though his hair color and ilk almost seemed to suggest-...ah, never mind. Behind that scowl on the man's face she put the hope that his wisdom and knowledge would be fruitful for her and her peers' studies indeed. After all, she was one of just three students to be taken in by the Cult of the Crow this year! And to boot, one of her peers was a former classmate from Pesedjet whom her adoptive mother knew the family of personally!

Though the lack of the Crimson King's own presence this year was...hmm, she could not put a finger on it. A gut feeling told her 'something' was up, though in all truth he was perhaps just kept busy with all the political goings-on in the city. There was no need to overthink such things, though the more superstitious might see this as an inauspicious sign indeed. In that sense it was a slightly off note to the overall rather successful and otherwise almost perfect ceremony.

At the very least, however, as she listened the Vizier's advice it was something she took at its face value. A very hand of the city's ruler himself, his words might be rather valuable indeed. It was enough to allow her to breath out a relieved sigh as quietly as she could after nodding in response to the man's words. Perhaps with the following festivities, she would be able to let more of the tension roll off of her shoulders whilst food and drink abounded.


...As music began to waft through the air like a welcome summer breeze, and the glow of the lit braziers further illuminated the area like a setting sun, the teen allowed herself to relax a bit more as she looked through the throng of people about her. Her adoptive mother would surely be here without a doubt, she had promised such! It was a day that the two had long worked towards, and perhaps some part of her sought comfort in the presence of a familiar face after all of this. Though to the girl's shock, she eventually noticed not one but two figures who were now bee-lining it towards her.

The most surprising of the two was a woman who wore a thin and similarly pure white colored attire, rather revealing but just enough so to catch the gaze of passerby and others. Her clothing seemed to caress her very figure from top to bottom in a smooth yet eye-catching manner, from her leaner and curvy shape to her sizable chest to even her swaying hips that seemed to move in a soothing rhythm. Her lower face was barely covered in a nearly transparent gossamer veil as well, showing only some of her smooth, soft, and milky skin, all allowing for the contrast of the woman's piercing green eyes to stand out all the more. Her arms sat daintily to her sides in turn as well as she moved, though it was hard to ignore the tinkling gold and silver ornaments and bangles and ilk that adorned the woman's wrists and ankles as she moved along. Then in final, a long braided length of a familiar green hair seemed to hang down her back, bound with golden bands adorned with jewels and religious symbols that most did not see this far from those working near the Temple of Ishari at all. It was a breathtaking sight of beauty that some might easily attribute to Biomancy treatments in life, or at least past generations, the truth of which Ishara herself did not know for certain to boot.

The young student's face lit up in a heartbeat at seeing this woman, however, and without pausing she ran over to the duo without a second thought.

"Mother!" she said, a certain youthful joy in her voice as she flung her arms around her birth mother's neck with a beaming smile.

"Hahaha! My sweet child, how much joy it brings me to see you. I could naught else but be here on this momentous ascension in your life. The Matron of the Temple was given vision, guidance to send me here this evening to be with you even if for at least this moment," the woman said after giving out a peal of warm and joyful laughter, before running a gentle hand through her daughter's hair and looking down at her warmly in turn, "By Ishari's grace, you have grown so remind me of your grandmother so. Never feel shame in your body, for it is blessed upon you by the goddess."

Ishara took the woman's gentle hand in her own, clutching onto its calming warmth before letting go and stepping back to look her birth mother in the eyes.

" have said these things many a time, mother, though I wish I could have met grandmother myself from the stories you tell of her! Even so, even your brief presence is something of a comfort for me today. Though before I leave tonight, I must confer with my new teacher as the Vizier advised us and seek out my peers!"


The duo looked next to them as another voice cut into their conversation, seeing the other familiar person of the night who stood right there with a small but humble smile on her slender yet experienced face. Semi-dark skin akin to a more paled chocolate adorned the woman's body, and her silky black hair seemed to hang over her right shoulder with a single silver band clasped upon it with a family engraved into it: "Thumotep". Whilst her beauty was more towards that Aemeni sort, and as enduring even as the city itself, it was only accentuated with the comfortable blue and purple robe that she wore to rest from the heat as well as look proper for the occasion. An air of grace hung about her, almost like how an aura of shining light hung about the midday sun, though a certain soberness lie underneath that seemed to bring down the jovial atmosphere to a more respectful one for Ishara. Likewise the woman's arms were folded, though unfolded calmly as she was finally noticed by the other two.

"Ah, apologies Mother. It was rude to-"

"Do not worry, Ishara, this is a moment to celebrate and you have every right to celebrate with family," her adoptive mother said, moving over to give her a brief hug and even a small squeeze of her shoulders in turn, "Though do heed the Vizier's advice if he gave you any, and otherwise. Now shoo, you have things to attend to! I will escort your birth mother back as well, at least once we have lingered to chat some with some familiar faces and old friends."

The green haired girl seemed to perk back up, before giving a vigorous nod and taking off in the other direction at top speed back towards her peers.

"Heh, that girl has a bright future ahead of her. I take pride in assisting her to this point, but after this it is a path that she will have to work harder for now that she's here. Not that she needs to work herself to death, Photep forbid."

"Indeed....May the goddess watch over her always."


When the girl made it back over to the others, however, Khaemtir seemed to pick up on the introductions before she could so much as open her mouth. The corners of her lips seemed to pull up at the boy's first comments, however, as memories of galas and classes at Pesedjet came back into her mind. Khaemtir was not a bad talker or socialite, at least from her perspective, but when it came to group work he seemed to be more...lax? She'd had to get on him and prod him just to get his part of the work done in time, and on more than one occasion! Their styles differed indeed in this manner, but even so she'd tried her best to not chase him off at least. Albeit his Tutelary was something of a more sober mind, it seemed, which was something she'd appreciated after the small hippo had appeared.

Likewise, their other peer to work under the same master was visibly not among the nobility. Yet from him Ishara felt a sort of more sober manner, a certain nerves she could rather empathize with, and perhaps a more hard-working aspect. Then again, assumptions were one thing. But how the boy reacted to his own Tutelary being curious in this instance elicited a small chuckle from the green-haired girl in turn.

"I must agree with Radaam, before we leave to enjoy the night we must confer with our new master. Though do you know how Amenemhatanhk is doing? When I last spoke with him, he seemed to be recovering from the end of a small cold," Ishara said, directing her words and smile towards Khaemtir and her question towards the boy's familiar before she looked over at Radaam in turn, "But it is all really is very overwhelming, and I could barely hold back my own nerves to be honest.

It is pleasure to meet you as well, though, Radaam! I hope we will be able to work well together in the future! Though I hope I can get my own Tutelary summoned sooner than later..."

It was...awkward to be the only one among her new peers to be without a Tutelary thus far. Oddly so, despite how much her teachers and mothers had praised her talents. But maybe patience was also the correct route to take as well. Maybe something unique was out there for her, or the right one had been awaiting her beckoning to this world! Yes, that had to be it.

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@Dead Cruiser & Others

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Yinha Karathros

Without skipping a beat, the angelic summon seemed to almost turn its head towards Serafaye as she suggestion a similar tactic to get the group out of the nick of danger. Its master in turn heard that suggestion through it, and saw the gesture to come forward, before a command came to it for another thing. Not that it minded, it was getting to do something at least. But hoisting up the polearm again the angelic suit of armor continued its charge, howling in alien tongue and screeching with an unearthly sound as it charged at the remaining men. It wasn't that dumb as to suicide, but rather to pursue and attack the remaining foes as they stood there stopped in their tracks to process things. After all, that made them a rather good target, and it would be aiming to cleave into the nearest of those remaining 'obstacles' with an angelic zeal. Strike while the iron was hot!

In the meantime, Yinha moved a bit closer but not out of the cover of the smoke. As much as she wanted to make a break, at the same time she was trying her best to conserve mana for healing as soon as they got out and far enough away. Kaze was already a hot mess imbibed with various blades and wounds, stupid lizard, the threat wasn't entirely gone, and on top of that she wasn't seeing others running out into the least yet. Her summon was going about what she'd guided it to do (albeit it had seemed to enjoy the order) if nothing else, and that was as much as she could help at the moment. However, she was physically poised to make a blitz for the gate and generally forward if or as the need arose.

The High Elf's chest and breathing heaved somewhat, though, after all of this running and nearly dying and almost constant battle along the way. She had to make this count, she had to! Otherwise-...well, that road could be approached if they ever came to it. The mage really hoped, however, that they would not come to that point at all if she could help it.
So excited to see what Cults want each of our OCs. XD

@Raineh Daze Rifles and pistols and maybe a that kinda small arms range of things if you mean what gun skills she has, nothing too wide of a berth or crazy like a rocket launcher.

Otherwise she isn't coming in outfitted to the level of someone like Kiritsugu, especially being younger than him at that, but she's been trained for some time at least. Like maybe a good rifle with a scope, a pistol or two (like a semi-auto and a machine pistol) that can be concealed or easily carried, some ammo, and that'd be really it at most for firearms on her part. Not anything like C4 or that insanity, she is just coming in with a small loadout to keep it simple.
Yinha Karathros

...Dangit Paladin.

It wasn't hard to hear what was going on, and to get the gist of events from that. Miss Serafaye had already once again tossed herself out there, this time as the apparently weapons-invulnerable 'bait' in this particular turn of events. But now THAT STUPID SUICIDAL LIZARD Kaze had thrown himself into the mix to fight again as well! It was enough they had someone already burning their mana out, but now this FOOL was once again trying to pincushion himself?

On top of that, Vani had apparently run out there and begun shouting about a woman (she was assuming Miss Serafaye) being a monster and...eating the jellies of their eyes?! What in the name of the gods was that idiot thinking! Or rather, he wasn't thinking it seemed. That made far too much more sense than it being just a stupid plan, after all, when it came to the man as far as she'd been able to understand him so far.

The more she hung around this lot, the more things just seemed to get crazy. Even so, she wasn't going to abandon wounded and those in danger in this situation. At least if she could help it!

"I swear if that idiot-"

Yinha muttered to herself before quickly casting a spell, trying to minimize her expenditure with what mana she had. They all couldn't afford to burn out, after all, but neither was she useful if she left the smoke either. She could cast this, at least, but the last little had to be kept for healing at all costs. Her Alchemy kit could only go so far to make some healing tonics and ilk for after this.

Within the smoke, a small magic circle appeared in the air once again briefly as once more an Authority emerged. This time it was holding an angelic looking halberd, but to the enemy soldiers all they would see is a very faint glow from within the smoke before the angel emerged from it at them at a full charge. Its feet clacked on the stones, and some kind of unintelligible or alien roar seemed to screech from its helmet as it tried to blitz the nearest soldier in a fury. Maybe it would be able to help some, since it wasn't some dumb incapable zombie, but whatever it could do beneficially in this case would hopefully be good for the overall situation.

Besides, what was scarier than a lot of craziness going on than a holy light glowing suit of armor charging out of smoke and letting out horrible sounds as it moved to strike down the nearest soldier with its halberd?
@Dead Cruiser Those issues might be because i finished it late at night...apologies, i usually do run it over some more. (@_@)

Will get it neatened up though! :D

EDIT 7/5: Neatened it up! :)
The Unified Imperial State of Tekisasu

Princess Gemini T. Kartye

Private Quarters, The Imperial Palace, Dal'Fow

...Ah. How often had she found herself sitting upon this balcony admiring the sunrise, which was budding and cresting over the hot city that she for all her life had called "home"? Or perhaps she was being too poetic about it all, really, though all the same the activity had become a personal habit that seemed to help her relax. A sight that long before the bombs fell remained the same, regardless of the landscape, a consistent factor that would always show its face. Or as it was summed up more succinctly in the ever common local saying: "The sun will always rise again".

Whatever the case was, the sound of the door opening and the metal clunk of two suits of power armor rang in her ears as the Caucasian redheaded woman turned her head slightly to the side.

"My lady, your father requests your presence in his morning Council."

One of Gemini's eyebrows cocked upwards, her tall and amazonian frame turning about from where she'd been leaning on the railing as she properly faced the two palace guards in full.

"An odd request...did he specify a reason for this?"

"No, my lady," the other of the two soldiers spoke up, standing at respectful attention, "Well..."

The other soldier lightly elbowed him in the side, causing the man to suddenly cut himself off.

"Hmm? You have permission to speak your thoughts in this matter, soldier, as I follow you both back to my father."

A moment of pause, then a soft sigh.

"My lady, from what we heard as his imperial majesty called us in...there might be troubles brewing in New Orleans. And otherwise. I cannot say for certain, so please disregard these meager theories."

Gemini's lips pursed some, her brows furrowing in turn.

New Orleans had been in the development process for a few years, but due to the nature of the place it only made sense that such a more recently annexed area would take time to adjust. It was a place of great wealth and opportunity, and already it had begun to pay off the nation's debts in spades starting from the worst of them and moving up from there. Perhaps it was a faster way to ensure repayment, rather than let things get moving on their own in the rest of the Empire, but at the same time she could not truly speak for her grandfather nor his decisions back then. Her father had at least done what he could to smooth things out and organize since, at least, yet the situation was what it was.

Securing the land outside of the city had been already moved along far better, but the greatest issues of New Orleans were something she had dug into in her own private hours and time as well. A city of debauchery and wealth, of gangs and violence, of business and bullets. Or at least so the first rumors of it had spoken of when reaching the capital over the eastern telegraph lines. In truth it was a place that seemed to have a long history, and whilst her father and grandfather had left local factions in charge for now the decision was one she personally disagreed with.

Whilst maintaining a familiar power structure would hopefully facilitate an easier transition after the city's annexation, and Tekisasu itself was already gaining good ground there to boot, leaving the conquered leaders to mull and stew about in their own hiding holes was asking for disaster. It was asking to allow the seeds of rebellion to be sewn, which even if they had influence in the city and some support could turn on them if such an uprising began to snowball. Incidents and killings already had been reported, even as the reports of the good were pushed to try to cover it up. It was a sad thing, and yet no surprise that it would indeed take a true labor and effort to keep the balance and peace there.

There was an entire Yette contingent on standby, even, that most did not know was being kept there to drive towards New Orleans in case of the worst.

Other troubles beyond those in New Orleans at the moment, however, were merely icing on the old world cake. Not good, but merely adding to the overall burden of things in their own ways.

But for now, rumors aside she desired to hear it straight from the horse's mouth.

" thanks. Rumor or hearsay or not, however, I surmise when I arrive that all will become clear.

Now then, enough idle chatter. Let us make haste to the Councilary Room. I shall not keep my father waiting."

The Unified Imperial State of Tekisasu

The Council of New Orleans

Council Building, "Oldies"/Neutral Territory, New Orleans

Around the large, circular table in the center of the somewhat-cleaned but ultimately dilapidated room the representatives sat in what had seemed to be an eternal silence. One could hear a pin drop in there, even as the guards for each one of them silently stood around the walls of the room with their weapons in their hands. It was so unnatural for them to be this quiet, especially for certain ones among the four of them, and yet the very matter that had led to this meeting being called seemed to hang in the air like an ominous presence. And how could it not?

"...Well, one of us must speak up bluntly I suppose, rather than keep sitting about like a bunch of frightened children," George said, accentuating his words with a certain sense of distaste and annoyance, his hands folding as he rested his elbows on the wooden table with a light 'creak', "What you propose, Sylvia, is simply suicidal. It is beneath my people to make into such trouble when such is not necessary, and frankly speaking we will have no part. Our own profit margins are still intact, even if cut into some with the money being siphoned out of your distasteful lot, and so far business has been well."

"Says the proud fool himself! How long will you wait for these interlopers to tread upon you, upon all of us, before you see the light? By Bernard's grace, these interlopers will see us and all we hold dear destroyed! I have seen it in a vision, i have seen it on the streets, i have seen it in the way their cocky soldiery march about with impetuousness about us!

They seek to change our people, and so how long before these turn the people upon us in turn? How long until none of us remain to sit at this table, when the plans of the infidels have become too deeply rooted? When blinded to ignorance and decadence by those who call themselves kings, the wisdom of the masses is led astray from the truth and the way.

To ensure the safety of the city, we must drive out those who have sought to plant such roots!"

"Shut yer trap, ya' druggin' fool ovah' preacher. Yeh' don't know ya' left from yer' right, an' tellin tha' rest of us what ta' do? More an' that, ya' cain't say ey' are gonna' get rid of us. Struck in them terms we have wit' em' it gives us our land, and as long as we got are' land ahm' content with my kinfolk ta' keep doin' business."

"You think it'll be that way forever though? You may have your strength on the home front, Gatortooth, but once they take a greater hold the rest of us will be 'phased out' entirely. They're trying to split us apart as it is to boot.

Already the Gass Guzzlers barely come to every other meeting of the Council, simply to get payments and catch up on the last few meetings, and we know how the old man and his son feel about the rest of us. If they break out, who's to say they don't come riding into our turfs and gunning us all down with support from these wannabe occupiers?

And as my people have learned from those documents they 'procured', our profit margins are going to be cut into even more as time goes on! If that isn't enough proof of trying to weaken us for the slaughter, then maybe this will convince you."

The silver-tongued woman spoke in a sharp manner, cutting back at her vocal opponents and eliciting a glare from two of them. Even so, she reached back as a personal guard approached her and handed over a sheet of paper. From here she slid it onto the table, where the other merely stared for a moment before George reached over to grab it.

"...A garrison in Lafayette? Please, Sylvia, restrain your hysterics for long enough to have common sense! Clearly they would be there to help lean out the lingering raiders, and it isn't like any proper use of those goons out is left that would make myself or anyone with a brain feel sympathy for them at that."

"I thought you were supposed to be the smart one, George? Or did that massive stick up your ass finally poke your brain too?

No one amasses some forces like that, with a straight shot to here having been made to boot, without a reason for doing so. Amounts of troops like that don't just sit around in one spot to go take out simple raider groups or clear the area of their trash. They are getting ready for something, preparing for something, and so should we.

Doesn't matter if their presence gives us some more income at the moment to 'compensate', if we get too complacent we are going to get weeded out after they cut us down to size.

Right now we are a threat to them, deal or not deal, because we have any sort of renaming control over the city. Not to mention the Oldies tossing in their lot with them like a lovesick puppy."

"The tide of darkness will be upon us as the woman speaks, and only by Bernard's grace shall we take liberty from the hands of monarchical tyranny!"

"So? You think too little of us, Sylvia, they could not hope to get on our bad side if they want to get anything out of this city. They need us.

Besides, say we do rebel and manage to somehow break free for a moment. What then do you propose? We'd be left weak by the time we purged the 'occupiers' and the Oldies both, or has your mercenary hiring scheme accounted for that as well? Clearly hiring Raiders to run amok worked so well against those from without. Hmm...who was it that proposed that idea again, and nearly brought us into a war with the Gass Guzzlers?

Ah, yes, you."

"We ain't gotta fight less' we' pickin' ah' fight, plain an' simple. King territory ah'd be able ta' hold em' off anywho if'n the worse appens', an' they ain't wanna' be pissing off tha' Gatortooth Clan either."

"Are you both so comfortable in your own positions you would let the enemy draw you in? For shame! Do not proper yourselves up so highly, for do you not remember the might showed on that horrible day? You think your areas would be strongholds, enough to fight an entire army?"

"I for once have to agree with the nutjob, none of us could hold out individually if the worst hit. But at least think about what is going on before you speak about my business that you really have no idea about. We have to prepare for the worst now, and if we don't get our asses in gear we will die like the Raving Raiders did a few years ago. Just without all the pomp and circumstance.

Even you, George, can't deny crap is starting to snowball. You know the profit cuts are going to get worse, and you know that garrison ins Lafayette is there for a reason beyond just raiders. Besides, the raiders did their job until they slacked off about it on the day of. Assholes."


"...Look, les' jus' cool ah're heels sum', cain't get thin's done right wit'out thinkin' proper. Much as at' whore tosses bout' words, we gatta' think bout' this stuff are'selves firs'. So can weh' jus' adjern fer' now?"

The room seemed to go silent after the hulking man of the swamp spoke, the assembled representatives sitting there in a dead silence once more. Sylvia was glaring daggers at Paul at this point, George was sitting there with some frustrated concern writing itself into his usually composed face, and bluntly speaking from Paul's perspective Nathaniel was already getting jittery like a worked up jet addict who'd been sitting still for too long.

Eventually, however, several nods were made in agreement after some more time.

Meeting adjourned.
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