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Aerith Hastings

Shopping and Chunni's and Animal Girls (Oh My!), Center Road, Golden Quarter, Priestella

@Ryofu@Rune_Alchemist@Althiel@BrokenPromise@Tenma Tendo@liferusher

Aerith gratefully took the bag of offered coins from Irene, smiling but not all too sure how to say "thanks" properly in this world. It was kind of an odd feeling, but at the same time she had...well, she had to say something! Even if she was surprised at this act of kindness, to complete strangers with an "evil" aura of some kind at that. But the gift was welcome, though thoughts of conserving cash properly entered her mind at the same time.

"A-Ah! Thank you very much, Irene! We'll spend this as wisely as we can!" Aerith said, pushing through the things she felt to give a proper thanks as a small but genuine smile came to her face. She then turned to the wolf-eared girl who had been speaking to Hiro, before continuing on as the admittedly cute but somewhat unnerving (due to earlier) worker at this emporium asked for their names and such-

"Ah, my name is Aerith. As for attire, i am myself interested in one of the casual yet majestic outfits you talked about! About how much would it be for something in a darker color? Say, this one?" Aerith said, her free hand running its fingers very gently over the fabric of a dark green dress, good in style yet modest and casual enough to perhaps pass off in any part of the city as had been said. After all, they didn't know if they ever needed to step into the 'Noble District', and despite the higher price it could help to be prepared for the occasion.

Besides, this shade of dark green was a nice compliment to her own hair and eyes! She knew this for sure, at least from a friend's meddling during shopping in the, back home in her original world anywho.

But still, they could get clothes to blend in! This was a perfect first step, though something gave Aerith mental pause. She had no idea what Chieko and Hiro would want to buy! Aerith hoped they had some sense about them, though between Hiro seeming to change oddly around the animal-like girl, and....wait, someone ran into Chieko? Aerith raised an eyebrow at the situation as it unfolded, albeit only briefly, though things only got somewhat stranger. As in, Chieko going into that "odd" sort of mood and patting the human girl on the head, and the other girl seeming to...enjoy it?! Chieko also seemed to be getting excited, and that, well, she had no idea what this could cause really.

"Ah, pardon me. I need just a second, and i'll be right back with you!" Aerith said to Fritzi, almost a tad sheepish in her behavior before moving to the other matter at hand.

Mentally sighing to herself, Aerith reached over with her one free hand and grabbed Chieko's ear, tugging at it a little bit to get the other girl to stop. Aerith's own face was nearly deadpan in expression at first as she moved to address her fellow otherworld companion.

"Chieko, please come pick and outfit. And please don't pet random strangers without permission please, we might seem rude," the dark-haired, green-eyed girl said, before letting out a small actual sigh, before looking over to Eiko and giving a respectful nod, face brightening up into a normal expression of pleasant politeness as she then addressed the dove-winged girl, the free hand letting go of Chieko's ear and coming back to hold the money bag as well, "Ah, i think my friend here will be fine! We're foreigners to this place, along with Hiro over there, so please forgive us in the case we have offended you or your companion here somehow."

Clothes, attempted damage control, shopping, bandits, animals girls, Hiro's seeming fetish, Chieko's odd behaviors like this....yeesh this first day in a new world was going oddly. Not as poorly as the "last life" here, though, that was most definitely for sure. Even the thought of that matter in general still crawled up and down her spine like a tingling spider, or a sudden shudder of the body during cold months. She wasn't even sure they had time for a second life, much less if they did live again....where would they appear? In the same muddy alley? Having to play pretend again to seem utterly new to all of this? She had no idea, and it did somewhat scare her.

But at least she could try to get the group focused on the matter at hand, in case this entire situation has the equivalent to "checkpoints" like some sort of video game. Though whilst the comparison seemed odd, they had already "respawned", so maybe the concepts applied somewhat? Ugh.
Annabelle Irons

"....WAIT A SECOND, MAJORA IS A DEITY, I HEARD MY BOSS WRONG ON THAT ONE! MY BAD!!!" Annabelle yelled aloud in the direction the other magical girl had left, all after her 'boss' had sent her a correction to something she had said to the Rose Knight, feeling a bit embarrassed at the mix-up of words and hoping her speaking had managed to get through. Maybe...

Rolling her eyes at herself, Annabelle walked away as front doors formed upon the old, metal hinges that had once held a pair in the past. It seemed her boss was wanting to close the, "just in case" anyone else wandered into here. Again. To make the third visit of the day, as it were. Though for now, Annabelle left her magical girl form and continued walking down the hall, a hunger for loaded french fries lingering in her mind. Oh! Maybe that thing she'd heard about called "Junkyard Fries"! Could the "chef" make that, though? Hmm....

'My servant, a key component has been finally acquired, and Nevermore will be returning to your side.'

Annabelle stopped in her tracks as the voice of Soth rung within the wall of her skull. A smile came to her face at the thought of Nevermore coming back, though-

"Sweet!, you never told me the details of what you wanted to do here, boss. How much do ya need to do whatever it is you said you got in the works? What is going on anyway?" the magical girl said, brief joy transforming into an inquisitive curiosity that seemed to take root at the time.

'All in good time, but for now you have leave to go into the city. Do as you will, and i shall call you back when i need of you again.

Annabelle raised an eyebrow at this, but gave a small shrug. She didn't have the best feeling in her gut about whatever her "boss" was up to....but she at least had friends now, right? Two of em', and one was an absolute cutie to boot! Besides, this was her chance to get gifts for them when they met again, eh? She had the cash for it anywho, even after handing over the thousand to the two.

An inky black orb appeared in front of her before expanding into a portal, courtesy of her patron, before the grinning, casually dressed redhead stepped into the portal. Soon after, much as had been before with Nevermore, the portal ate itself up and disappeared entirely once more.

-In The City-

Landing in an alley was not her first choice, but it had gotten her here to where all the stores were! Nearly jumping out of giddiness, Annabelle took off onto the sidewalk. Where would she visit first? What would be next? She had no idea overall, but all she knew was she was getting her new friends gifts!

Perhaps a friendship bracelet? Ooh, a ring could be nice! Though that could send an odd message....hmpf. But what might most compliment Regina's appearance, though? Hmm...yes, that was the most important question of the day for this instance of shopping!

Regardless, unless interrupted by anyone she had the rest of the day for this at least.


Nina Kujo and Alice Honorsby

"Ah! You strike my heart! I wasn't even looking for a fight, heh, though i never got your name," Red Rifle said, before giving a cute wink to Chloe and putting one hand on her hip, the other remaining on her gun, her hips jutting out in a seductive manner, a toothy grin of her own showing, "Though if you wanna' tussle at your place after a nice dinner, i might consider its~ I kinda like the teasing, cute type whose got some fangs, maybe has that kind of 'spirit' that makes a relationship spicy~"

She could do this kinda talk, or other types of acts and behaviors, all day long if she wanted to. She kinda enjoyed this kind of banter, and throwing in the pun almost made her crack a legitimate laugh out even amidst this pressuring situation. Not that she had lost tracks of things, or her awareness for that matter. Experience and time had left her gaining a lot of skill that someone like Nina might not have, though this girl was definitely dangerous to more than just the eyes. To Red Rifle a viciousness seemed to lurk in this individual, a sense of cruelty, and the scene from last night was something this person had created as well. All this pointed to more than shady morals at work, in the most obvious sense possible.

"Alice, you idiot..., Nina said under her breath as her spirit and herself bounded over rooftops toward where Alice and the earlier event's perpetrator were lurking.

The rooftop was a bad place for this, since Red could see essentially anywhere from anyplace with that scope. Nina nearly cursed under her breath at what was going on, if not for the fact Red had years more experience and skill than herself. She couldn't even perceive the location of where the two were yet, not close enough for them to even notice her at all. Crap. that perpetrator, they needed to go down. All those people dead, it was unforgivable! And if she hurt Alice, or worse, the pain train would be coming to that perpetrator's face even faster than Nina felt it already had been.

Honestly, it had been a long time since she'd met Alice, and that was hard to believe. Years of working together, actually, since they had first met. Heh. Nina could almost recall the day the veteran had run into her, or vice versa, and really it had been the first time another magical girl had extended that hand to her in camaraderie at all. It was something that,well, had become truly "hers" in regards to life experiences. Because all of "those" memories, those were not hers.....they were not "her" at all in regards to what they felt like. But "that" woman had been real, living, having a life and all before it all had collapsed into nothing. Nothing but Nina herself. It was odd, like an existential crisis of some sort, but if there was one thing that "useless goddess" had done right in her mind it was saying this-

"Look, you dummy! The only person that matters right now is you! You are yourself, Nina, my champion, and if you think otherwise i'll....i'll smack some sense into ya!"

-...the childish manner of that line delivery aside, at any rate.

Saber: Sigurd, the Dragon Slayer

Badass Shades, DDD Hotsprings, Foreigner's Lowlands

He had donned the provided shades Gin had brought, and Gudrun was there too, and these monsters attacking the it was time.

It was time for the King of Noble Heroes to battle again once more! And through Revelation, and the use of his runes to again gain "Clairvoyance: A" future sight, and what was going on, he could perceive just what not to do...and what would work best. Gram dissipated away from his hands, and the warrior's hands clenched into proper fighting fists. He did not have to say anything to Gudrun, for she would know the same. There was a lack of need present in regards to speaking, merely action was needed. And it seemed the other servants were ahead of him by a good bit already in their efforts thus far.

Skill Activated- "Monstrous Strength: E"

He would shatter "that" fate with his own two hands, and bring to heel this enemy that threatened all humanity.

That was the role of a proper hero, after all...

...To bring salvation to mankind, even if they didn't want it!

Sigurd moved at immense speed, aiming in this case moving in from the side to send his fist into the skull of the Lyaeus fighting Achilles. Full punching power, no rune boost. He knew how it would move, what it could or would do, the possibilities laid out in front of him like a children's picture book. And he....would...not....LOSE!!!

@Paradox Witch

Alien Invasion

...More beings trying to harm this city and its beorc? Already?!

Not that she should be surprised, but she had been enjoying that dinner rather thoroughly after all of the prior mess today. It had almost taken her mind off of the desire to get back home, not in the sense of properly getting rid of it though. It was more along the lines of numbing the feelings of homesickness that had begun to creep into her since her arrival. However, this instance sent a vibe of rage coursing through her blood.

How dare they interrupt a meal like uncultured swine! But more importantly, attacking innocents in the first place even was enough to get her blood boiling and her fury roused like a bonfire!

Sanaki leapt from her chair, and charged toward the door as fast as her legs could carry her.

"To me, heroes! We must stop this threat, first by halting their advance here!"

A tome came out from within her robes as she moved outside, the red-covered book's pages flipping as if moved by some nonexistent wind. If the others from earlier knew anything, and saw anything, about Sanaki's actions earlier....they would know which tome this was the "big guns". And its name was-


Aiming away from where the swordswoman named Youmu was beginning her rampage, the Empress dropped a fiery meteor out of the blue upon where another area where the enemies were thick and rushing down the street in numbers. Including many of the ones who seemed to be using the innocent to multiply. Indeed, they would feel the power of her might, the sting of her wrath, and the vehemence of the Empress of Begnion who would not stand down to these cretins!

Li Shuwen

Ikebukuro, Tokyo

"Haha! Then perhaps this beast is pursuing prey? Circling like a vulture upon its quarry....or perhaps seeking to keep check on whatever is in the center of this area as has been mentioned. Truly, you can only hope to go there, to the center of all of this, if you seek to find the truth!

Regardless, perhaps at the center of that earthquake is a foe most worthy of fighting, if it poses such danger as to compel this beast to actions like this!"
Shuwen said, giving a hearty laugh after speaking about the situation, after having listened to the others speak or communicate otherwise before his turn arrived. He seemed to not care about the sudden arrival and insertion of himself into the situation, though prospects of a good battle were second to none for him in getting him on board with this current situation. Even

He then looked over at the wolf before continuing, speaking directly to it, looking it directly in the eyes, his intent and warrior's passion nearly glowing. Indeed, perhaps he hoped his fighting spirit and intent would be more easily communicated to this animal than mere human words? There was perhaps only one way to find out, in his mind, the intent to assist it in this "hunt" and strike down the foes they met along the way.

He then turned his head toward Hibiki, eyes cool and collected as a true martial arts master, before continuing once more-

"Ah, but on another note, you seem to be a fellow student of the martial arts. My name is Li Shuwen, a master of Bajiquan. What styles have you been taught, girl, and what sort of master taught you what you know?"

-only to seek to finally sate his interest about this girl here. Her fists, her stance, all spoke of experience and training, of having been drilled by a master. Such a thing was nostalgic, if not already getting his blood surging at the thought of a potential spar or battle at least.

I hope things work out for ya, Jangel!
Annabelle Irons

"Eh, i guess somethin' like that would work better. Boss' wanted to try to keep this place hidden, but he might take the suggestion," Annabelle said in response to the Rose Knight's first suggestion, before giving a casual shrug in the face of that, "Cool name you have though!"

"Eh, you mean the girl from earlier, if i heard ya right? One who seemed ta kill you?

No wait, that wouldn't be it....hmmm....nah, i don't recall a thing, actually. I didn't make it there in time to see who was causing the incident, but my boss had some guesses since whoever did that obviously dealt with spirits. And there's a few patrons around here that could deal with that, at least among the ones he knows are actually in this city so far.

There's a couple of Lesser Forces here he found the presence of before i got here, who might fit the bill with spirit stuff. Then there's ol' Asgenav, a horror who for all i know coulda' done something....boss sensed his presence in this city too.

Eh, though i guess the Lesser Forces might be more likely since Asgenav uses mirror or somethin'.

One of the two is some dragon, doesn't like Horrors, so Boss had heard some passed on word about him in the far past. Iesud i think is its name? Supposed to have a magical girl around here.

Other is some modern goddess, someone named "Majora" who has powers related to the dead. Got her two girls holed up in some apartment yesterday maybe.

So if you wanna take a cool, maybe seek them out and-"

Before she could continue further, Annabelle seemed to pause all of a sudden . Ah, that So that's where he had sent Nevermore! Then why was he telling her now though? It somewhat made no sense, but at least she knew where her familiar was now. Had kinda missed the talking parrot of a raven, cheeky as she was at times. Though boss using it as a messenger for something "discreet" was kinda odd, since he had a lot of others who could have just delivered a message through the shadows.

Annabelle looked back at Amaryllis again, rubbing the back of her head sheepishly with a stupid grin on her face.

"Eh, sorry, boss was tellin' me a little more. Anywho, that's as much as i and boss know on that matter.

Though honestly, if whoever did that was goin' that public, she could be wanderin' about town for another location for all we know. Eh, just a thought~

But if ya want info on the one eating bodies, which is kinda disgusting and rude actually, boss has info on her. Though he says you might wanna come back tomorrow for that info, since we gotta do some repairs to this place on the inside tonight. Haha!"

Annabelle was earnest enough in her speech, or at least she wasn't lying, that much was potentially assured in her behavior in this situation. At herself. No telling how others might take all of that, at least in her mind, though the sudden interruption of Soth talking to her mind had been kinda off-putting with the seemingly random information. All in all, she did personal enjoy the attention a bit, the conversation as well to boot! However, like earlier she felt that someone else could be hiding out there whilst looking on.

Oh! Speaking of which she had wanted to go find her new friend some gifts! Not that the cash and food, plus a meal for the three of them, hadn't already been a lot to give. Ah. Maybe later then she could go do a little shopping? Yeah, actually, that didn't sound bad at all!

@ERode @Rune_Alchemist

Nina Kujo and Alice Honorsby

One sentence was said again by Alice before comms were finally cut.

"....I think she may have noticed me. She's moving towards my location."

Nina felt a chill down her spine. So the target had noticed Alice, eh? She had told Alice before all this to find a better hiding position than the rooftop, just in case. Then again, the veteran magical girl could handle herself normally, though in this case if spirits were again employed...hmmm, she needed backup for that then. And who better than a user of spirits like Nina herself? It was better to be safe than sorry in all of this anywho, at least in her mind, and she didn't want Alice getting holes punched through her like she'd described those victims earlier as being like.

"Yare yare....come out, Platinum Star!"

Summoning one of her large array of spirits to her side, its translucent body appeared floating in the air beside her and just behind her back. Good for physical attacking and dealing with spirits, this particular spirit had a nice ability as well in Nina's eyes. At least, a power that might work well in facing a foe in the air or such. She didn't know for sure, but still.

Her strength revving up, Nina launched herself up from the ground. The concrete cracked and buckled under the strength, making a loud and distinct noise that cut through the air. As Red Rifle would have noted if she saw the scene, "eh, Stardust Crusader isn't one for subtlety". A few heads of locals near enough the scene;s location looked around themselves as the sudden cracking noise, lightly worried at the sound. But by this time, Nina would have begun starting to blitz toward Alice's location. Stardust Crusader was going to back up Red Rifle, and she meant it.


Red Rifle had backed up a little upon seeing the orb held out toward her direction, muscles tense with trained and experience instincts kicking into gear. And in this case, her instincts seemed to be right as a beam of energy cut through the sky right towards her. Leaping to the side, Red Rifle's magic flared up into a "flight" spell, wind cushioning her body and allowing her to float there in the air near where the roof....or what remained of it perhaps, was. A small, yet distinctly cheeky smile came to the magical girl's face at the "close call" of sorts, before flying up to match the elevation of the crystalline-winged girl. Her rifle was in her hands as well.

"Ah cmon'! Can't a girl appreciate seeing a cute little butt like yours from a distance these days? Unless your being a little tsundere....huhuhu~" Red Rifle said, throwing back a bit of her own banter as she kept an eye on things carefully, continuing on as she adeptly multi-tasked things on her end at least, "In the end i'm just a Red Rifle lookin' to nail some cuties like yourself~ And you are?"



'Find the local contact for The Ebon Mint. Then, once you have her attention, make that request for me.'

The raven nearly rolled her eyes at all of this. All her eyes. In War Mode. But that would have made a big scene for nothing, and she knew the boss would be on her tail feather in a heartbeat if she did that. Honestly, she'd rather have stuck with the kid back at the school! Annabelle was likely there now, and as annoying as that black-hole-stomach magical girl could be....she was at least kinda nicer than some others the raven had been around before in this world. Lord Soth had chosen well, it seemed, for a herald in this world.

Er, not that it was this world's time to end or anything. That would have been a far different story, with a lot more drama and enough action to sate her for the next hundred years!

Regardless, she'd been searching for this, what was the name again? Veronica! Yeah, that was it. She'd been searching for this Veronica for hours on end, before her other 'master' had arrived proper in Penrose at least. One location to another, mentions of a name here and there and such, but she couldn't back down on her mission to make contact with The Ebon Mint's local rep for Lord Soth. But at least she now she knew what she'd say next time, the next the boss asked her to do something like this again that is-

"Quoth the raven: NEVER. MORE."

....What could she say? That one poet this world had who wrote that, albeit more "poe"-etically than she could, was a nice read.

Albeit, she had managed to scrape up some road kill off the local birds in the meantime. Score!!!

Sophia von Einzbern

New Base, Shinto Outskirts, Shit-Hitting-The-Fan (Maybe)

Wait. New information coming in from her maid at the hotsprings? Hmm...wait, yes. And the network was sending her messages from familiars headed toward the cave area. Oh no. OH NO. She had to adjust her plans to this, right now. Maids and other homunculi were instantly called back, before they had even left the grounds proper of her new base. They were using materials that had been brought here, as well as magecraft, to form sudden fortifications. Sophia herself and the Lesser Grail were being fortified in their position at the center of this new "base". Familiars were in place, guards dogs put in place, and other advantages being leveraged to reinforce her position.

All because she had no idea what these things could do.

As for her servant-

'Ilya, get back to my side this instant with all of your speed. Enemies inbound to my location. We have to stop them before we continue on, and i need you right next to me in case they attack me directly.'

-she had messages him before too much ground would likely be covered to prevent his timely return.

The first instant possible, with information in tow, Sophia had sent that message to her servant. She needed him back. NOW. Reinforce their position, deal with the enemy, then move on. Drat, she couldn't even get her husband to her location at this time probably. But if the Grail, yes the grail. She didn't know what was going on. It didn't have any souls in it so far, which was impossible by normal standards, and she didn't know if whatever had "awakened" and probably caused all in the city to feel its presence wanted it. For whatever reasons it could, she didn't know.

Really, in regards to the Grail all she knew was that the Grail was important, and it was a strong habit around this time to keep at least the Lesser Grail safe with her at this time. Ugh. More than that she wanted Hideyoshi to remain alive, safe even, but at least that maid was there with the others. Yes, that would work nicely.

@Paradox Witch@Kyuuzen

Cute Meido #102

Main Lobby, DDD Hotsprings, Foreigner's Lowlands

In reality the maid stopped the instant she had begun to get to the front door, before turning around and going back to Hideyoshi again promptly. It was odd, cold movement, sudden like a machine, and yet for this maid this was a normal as breathing air. Or rather, one could say it didn't care about how it looked as long as it happened.

Then there was that other man who gave everyone sunglasses, and going along with her mistress' orders to "assist the masters" she had put on her pair of sunglasses too. In fact, with her calm expression, she looked really cool and kinda "badass" if she herself had any thoguhts about the matter. Wait, personal thoughts? She would have to report those to her mistress later, but if she had a grasp of her mistress' character then it wasn't perhaps a bad thing. Yes, that would be nice.

"Master Hideyoshi, your wife is under attack. She is reinforcing her position now, rather than the prior announced plan. She says to tell you to 'be safe no matter what you super-baka....wait, don't you dare tell him that last part!', and that she will be fine until you arrive home again. End message," the maid relayed to Hideyoshi, before walking off toward Gin and looking up at him, "I shall assist the best i can. My mistress wishes to tell you that you have her support as well once she is free of her own attackers."

@Cu Chulainn@Kyoka[@OtherHotspringsPeeps]
Annabelle Irons

"Eh? Why'd you send them a request for that kinda stuff? Its....kinda strange, boss, even by your usual standards," the void-touched magical girl said as she sat on the bench near where school buses used to come, doing so in her un-transformed state, tone more curious than usual.

The inky black orb sitting next to her seemed to turn back toward her, as if to look back at her once more as she sat there. Annabelle's legs swang a bit with a rhythmic motion. It had actually turned out to be a...well, good day so far in terms of herself. A couple new friends, they ate some burgers....heck, she had even asked Chef to make em' extra special for the occasion. Then they had talked a bit personally, discussed things, then it eventually payments and that sorta thing.

'All in good time, my herald. Much is needed, and more is necessary before things are ready. And more territory has just been secured, with more to be gained.'

She supposed Soth knew what he was doing. He was one of the oldest things in the universe, after all! He had to know what he was doing, and though he had some distaste for the other two at least he wasn't being mean about it. Annabelle was happy about that much, and happy to have some new friends. Though she almost felt...somewhat protective of the in regards to her boss? It was kinda odd, but at the same time to her it was kinda nice as well....

....It was like she finally had, someone(s) to protect now, actually~

But before her happier trail of thoughts could continue, a voice rang out from down below. A figure, yes, someone had run onto the grounds of the school, into her master's territory without so much as a 'please' of all things. It was just about the second time today, but to the red-haired magical girl at least it was something to do! Quickly uttering her transformation phrase, Annabelle shifted into her magical girl form before waving a hand at the inky black orb next to her.

Swiftly, it over down and opened up into a small portal below her, enough to jump down into for a quick trip to somewhere. Especially on these grounds. A light glimmer of glee on her face, Annabelle leapt off with roof without hesitation and into the portal.

A moment later, the Knight of Rose would see an inky black portal of darkness open up on the cieling of the hallway, a bit in front of her. Moments later, a magical girl, perhaps one of a familiar appearance if she remember the earlier incident, fell down through the portal and landed on her feet. A look of glee was on the girl's face, perhaps from the fall she took, before she looked up at Amaryllis as she dusted herself off.

Beyond that, Soth's own forces and such that were inside the school were already moving around inside, stealthy and hidden form perception by their lord just in case. Full alert for the second time in the day, actually. It had almost made the "chef" roll its many eyes in exasperation once more at things, though perhaps this one wouldn't have its lord's herald coming here asking for food for them this time. Yeesh. Then again, it had at least been some added practice in variety for the "chef", so that much it was glad for.

"Hey, a visitor! I must be popular today, haha!" Annabelle said to the other magical girl, giving a light giggle afterwards before seeming to calm down a bit more seriously for the occasion, "So, what brings ya here into Lord Soth's territory? Need some work, or to talk, or somethin'?

Er, and to clarify the 'threshold' proper was kinda on the property line, not here. Buuuuuuut the boss seems in a good mood today, so that's cool!"

Actually, she couldn't tell his mood right now. But considering the living status of this person, to Annabelle he must have been in a better mood than earlier!


Nina Kujo and Alice Honorsby

A pair of magical girls watched the city, one on the ground and the other viewing the sky.

Someone had unleashed a deal of spirits into the area, which after some events had been stopped and other magical girls (and a magical boy it had seemed) had stepped in to assist the victims. At least, those they could assist if naught else.

But for Nina Kujo, this was not enough. Avoiding interference was something she regretted now, though Alice had been (even if Nina wouldn't admit it) right about keeping back in case a territorial magical girl....or heaven forbid another psycho girl like the one who had eaten dead bodies, had showed up. This was new territory for them, something they didn't know for sure all the ins and outs of amidst the large and local magical girl populace. Many different patrons potentially at play too, which was a potential danger to boot if one took a dislike to them.

"Yare yare, Red Rifle. You seen the one who did this yet? I'm investigating near the scene for clues," the 'Stardust Crusader' said into the cellphone in her right hand, it and its also-stolen twin both possessed with a couple spirits to allow herself and Alice to communicate freely without interference. Her left hand, specifically the thumb of it, was stuck in the waistband on her pants with her hang hanging there in place, much like a delinquent would do casually in some sort of anime.

The oddly-dressed girl was leaning against the side of a building, standing in a nearby alley from the scene of the attacks. She could see the bodies covered in sheets, the blood staining them and the ground, and the damage fleeing or otherwise slain people had caused in some fashion during the chaotic mess Alice had described to her. It was...disgusting. Nina loathed it with every fiber of her body, and had come here amidst her ground search for the supposed "perpetrator" to, in her own manner, pay silent respects to the dead. Not that she could admit it to her companion, but regardless of Alice knowing it was her own prerogative to do it anyway!

However, she did see something odd at the intersection at she observed it. Two girls, looking at once of the dead bodies as it would seem. Motorcycle visible out of the corner of Nina's eyes a little ways away from them. Magical girls, perhaps, coming to investigate the damage? Wait, was that the light din of an actual ringing cellphone? Nina had no complete idea about things, but for all she knew they knew the poor man whose body lied dead on the ground.

"....Hmpf, bastard who did this is gonna get a fist in their ugly-," Nina said as she had begun to speak quietly to herself

"Ey, i might have a visual on the girl. Same one i saw earlier anyways. Seems to be doing a low fly-by over the city, maybe wants to check back up on her work? Regardless, i'll just keep a watch on her for now and update ya as i watch her," Alice said over the phone, interrupting Nina without telling the other girl she'd accidentally left the line open while talking to herself, "Go to the scene and keep an eye on things, for the moment being. See if she comes there, since i told you what she looks like already. If she decided to get too close to things and confirms my guesses, we can decide from there. Red Rifle, out."

Alice adjusted her sniping position a bit after closing the line of communication, before looking back into her "scope" and continuing to track the location of her "quarry" as they moved about. She herself had become accustomed to this 'scandalous' outfit, sniping from several positions, similar things of the sorts as the situation had required. It was all part of her work as a magical girl. But one thing she was happy Nina hadn't quite yet "adjusted to" was senseless killing scenes. It was disgusting, terrible, but not always something they could do things about. At least for today, conforming their potential target, tracking her, and most importantly: attempting to stop any possible other attempts to release spirits in this city today.

Sure it risked someone getting huffy, but some could maybe see it as a kindness wanting to try to hunt down a perpetrator and cut off their evil actions at the source. Some just saw it in a grey light, some got angry if the perpetrator was a comrade for some reason. Alice had seen it all, so many deaths, so many monsters, so many things gone right to hell that brought out the darkest sides of the world around them. Nina seemed to have adjusted to many things well so far, especially under her tutoring, and yet the truth was that she like herself still had growing and learning to do.

They all still had to learn and grow in this "profession", really, according to Alice's own thoughts on the matter. Otherwise, how could anyone survive in this kind of role for long if they never learned a thing or never continued to learn?

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Er, please pardon the length of it. Creative juices got running. ^^;

Night 5

Grabbing up her Poisoned Spear from right next to her, Nyma did the next thing that came to mind. She swiftly charged forward, spear held in both hands, and to the best of her ability she drove her spear at/into the back of the Alpha Ogre's remaining knee from the side. In essence, aiming to kneecap its last leg from the vulnerable side whilst...staying out of the line of fire. What was the line of fire though? The Alpha Ogre was right there, one leg cut off and limping on the other, and his body was swelled up in size. Further, the alpha had turned to attack the goblin with the sword who had slashed off that other leg. One could say, in terms of her idea, all she needed was a bit of...."leverage". Or perhaps, "gravity" to work for her in this instance.

What was bigger and more swelled up than before had to come down sometime, right? Preferably back onto the ground.

So yes, in fact the space that was now behind the Alpha Ogre was potentially dangerous.

"TIMBER!!!" Nyma shouted as loud as she could as she (hopefully) made contact with her target with her Poisoned Spear, right and true in her aim as much as she could and hoping beyond hope she wasn't in the path of where it fell.

Maybe someone would think to plant a spear or such behind its falling hulk of a body to kill it. Or at least hurt it more.

Preferably, to her, they perhaps all didn't want to die here.


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