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Count me curious.

Bastelian? Vast hunting grounds? Wait, she wasn't the only catgirl in this world? In some part it was a brief moment of relief, and yet at the same time those words brought on a lot more questions than they gave answers. Plus otherwise they'd gotten confirmation they weren't the only possible reincarnates that had arrived in this place, and that in and of itself was something that she wanted to investigate. Yet before she even had a chance to ask more about anything, the man seemed to jog off to help his companions move the dead beast. Regardless, she was still welcome here as long as she didn't cause trouble, so unless their resident embarrassment attempted to court a harem here on the spot or drew the ire of a giant monster living on this land's mountains then they were probably safe. Probably. Hopefully.

Regardless, this primitive village was something that as a scholar she was interested in seeing the nature of more if or when she got the chance. That aside, however, survival and information about their situation and potential 'fellows' was more notable in her eyes. For one thing, they'd either know for certain they were even more abnormal or were among familiar enough company.

Thus without a moment of hesitation, Leannah walked over to Narkissa before giving a glance between the other girl and Malphas for a moment before speaking.

"Well, on one hand at least we're welcome here. It seems I am not an alien sort of being to this world for one thing, but more than that we aren't the first ones to get here at least. Want to stay and see if we can talk to them, maybe gather some info?"

The catgirl then leaned in closer to the only other female of the (at least temporary) group, lowering her voice to where only herself and Narkissa could hear what she would say next.

"Also, if we somehow find board around here for the night...can we room together? You seem more the scholarly and sane type to me."

Leannah in her former life was eccentric in her scholarly pursuits, and it could be said even back on Earth she wasn't standard by any means for her superhuman martial arts talents. At the same time, however, she wasn't a weirdo who called herself and god and could potentially get them crucified by more zealous local 'races' from the sound of it. Of course Malphas had proven himself some to her in her eyes, that she couldn't deny and wouldn't ignore, but all the same it felt safer to attempt rooming or allying for the night with Narkissa for her own reasons.

On a side note, though, her outfit was starting to get to become more and more comfortable. Well-vented, flexible, cute, and useful for martial arts. Better situation than she could have potentially had otherwise at least.
Charlotte Wardwell

Time: Afternoon
Location: Apartment #405, Northern Residential Area (East of the University)
Interaction: Dante @FunnyGuy

(Edit Note 11/24: Got rid of a semicolon that should not have been there and one or two letters from a spelling mistake.)

The four seemed to look at each other for a few silent moments, as if quiet communication was running between them, before turning to look at Charlotte herself. She seemed to only stare back at them silently in turn briefly, though after the silence let out a sigh and turned once again back to Dante. What had been said? It was hard to tell, this was a mindscape after all, though it all seemed to be centered on Charlotte herself. The dark-haired girl looked in the man's eyes as if the panic and anxiety of it all was still there, still with a jacket pulled tight over her pajama-clad spiritual form, though for a glimmer of a moment her now-somber eyes seemed to reflect a thousand stares all at once. It was as if an immeasurably large chorus was looking at Dante in that instant, similar to when the mindscape first took notice of him, though in this case it all originated from Charlotte's spiritual form. It was something potentially rather unnerving to some individuals in the world, though as to how Dante would react...none but him would know. It wasn't Charlotte or the others' placed to decide for him.

"If you want the shortest answer, we are all the same person." the throne-bound woman said dismissively, taking a sip from her glass of blood-red wine before speaking bluntly to Dante as he was a pauper before her, swirling the rest in the glass as she finally looked over to him again, "Untold lives linked in the chain of reincarnation, but in the end we are all the very same soul and simply exist as facets of it."

"Over four thousand years ago, the first of our lives and very bloodline began this process of reincarnation using her own magical research. Ever since we have reincarnated into a new time, extended our lifetime to study and learn of magic and the world around, lived out our lives in full, and passed away to begin again once more after sharing our knowledge in full with the generation to come."

"Vee have learned zee knowledge of untold lifetimes, done both good and evil and more, and zeen untold things zis world haz gone through manyfold over every other generations."

"Yet to each hath always been their own will and force of it thereof, their very life to live and act as they hath seen so fit to do. Only a few of us each of these odd generations stand out to speak most directly to them throughout their lives, and through thus hath our guidance and protection and might stood abreast with them to teach and to temper."

"Of course some generations are more or less helpful than others, like Frenchie here being the latter, but long ago we stopped hearing from the 'first' and she has kept silent ever since. Well, aside from one line today."

"Speaking of 'helpful', joining zee Soviets and getting zee actual Tzar Bomba dropped on your location vehn your 'covert zuper-zecret vitch battalion' eez targeted for rebellion-"

"Hmm? Do not speak of my end and life as if you are so very innocent, you white-flag-waving bitch. I seem to recall you having once having a hand in the very bloody-"

"Enough! Cease thine snide remarks this instant, or else I might gathereth up here that selfsame spear I once forged from the Currid's very bones to silence thine tongues forever in this scape of our very soul. Mine own guides in life were much less uncouth than this!

Thus let us not speak of the past and ourselves much as I hath loathing and far more for this worm and his master, the young maiden hath need to speak for herself in turn as well."

The warrior's eyes turned onto Charlotte's visage, though she didn't look back as she kept her gaze on Dante. Even so, a few beads of sweat were visible as the younger girl attempted to conjure up something (anything at this point) to say. Yet after another moment, she took a deep breath before finally beginning to speak to Dante herself once more.

" what they said is true. about the reincarnation and all of that I mean. They are me, and I am them. We are all the same soul, tied back untold generations to who knows when," Charlotte said, attempting to choose words carefully as she spoke in as much of a calm, constrained, and precise manner as she could muster, "So earlier today I ran into a werewolf that happens to hate witches, when he was asking for direction around the place, aaaaand he decided that killing me was his first best bet once he realized what I was somehow.

So cue me being chased into an alley, trying to trip up a bloodlusted guy willing to transform in an abandoned alley, and these four and others are all shouting at me with ideas trying to help and get something figured out. Wasn't too much help until, umm, 'she' spoke up and offered help. The first witch of our line. For the first time in I don't know how long. I mean it was one line, but that's the first I've even heard of her. Apparently it was her anyways.

So anyways she shared a teeny tiny bit of her power and knowledge with me for a moment, which is draining as all hell usually but way more so in this case, and it was enough it almost made me black out as she basically lent me some Electricity spell that plastered my soon-to-be killer all over the alley...and walls...and buildings...ah...I didn't stay to look at it. Just thinking on it makes me queasy..."

The visage of Charlotte held her stomach briefly and stiffened a little at the end, as if the nausea rose up forcefully, though after a little time of 'holding it in' she seemed to calm back down. Well, calm back down enough to just be what she was like before the apparent nausea.

"So yeah basically I'm a reincarnated witch with past life issues, aaaand the first past life spoke up for the first time in waaaay too long and helped me plaster a werewolf all over an alley with lightning Star-Wars-style in what was 100% just self defense."

This last sentence, however, was muttered out in a nearly-incomprehensible run-on mumbling as Charlotte's visage quickly covered her rapidly reddening face.

@Hero I do want to ask real fast, if you are still on: Do you have a list of examples for Crest abilities? Just to ask at the very least. If I don't get anything done by the end of tonight then imma just back out, don't wanna overthink it all or make too much trouble, but i do want to ask to be sure! :D

Aight, so I am running into some bad writer's block. So in an effort to avoid burning myself out tonight on this I'll just back out. Hope this RP goes well though! Apologies I didn't get here in time earlier though. Haha.
@Hero Is there a list of the 'lesser known' crest effect like you were talking about before? Just to be sure. Looking over the linked wiki page, but struggling to find those little tidbits in particular.

Long day. I misread. Apologies. XD
Well, should be worth a try at the very least! Win a slot or lose, still will be fun to make an app this evening! XD
What's the balance of classes so far? :O

Well, both in regards to the respective Houses and individual classes i mean. XD
<Snipped quote by Crusader Lord>

Looking is always free

*chooses to stare at Mercedes' fluffy hair pre-timeskip*


I am so tempted by this it isn't even funny, lol. Curse my love of fire emblem! Curse it! XD

But for now, will head to bed. Been a long week, and got another long one coming.

Leannah mulled over the odd glances they were getting, though it seemed something had already happened here in the village itself. Giant beast was dead and accounted for, and the chances others like them had come through seemed to be existent at least. Maybe. It was a nervous lot of people, and they were preparing to carve up or drag off whatever this thing was. All of it, including these humans, brought up more questions than answering others she'd had earlier. Sure there were people on this island, and they were alive and living here, so that was maybe a good thing in her case. But none like herself were here either, and it made her more curious than anything.

Was she the only catgirl here? Was she the first one anyone had seen? Were Malphas and this other girl going to stab her and/or each other in the back sooner or later? Blargh.

Leannah sighed to herself, before trying to approach any armed man or person nearby that'less' nervous at the very least. Preferably someone calmest around here she could attempt to conversate with.

"Ah, hello! What happened here? And, ah, did some others similar to us pass through here too? Or...ah..."

What should she have said? Not much to go on, and any introduction or question-asking would be awkward at this point. Might as well start with something simple. At least if she could be understood at all. That was actually a good question. She had no idea if she could communicate with these people, or if being seemingly the only non-human around made her speak some differing tongue? That would be a nightmare.

Either way she had to try something at the very least.
*sees familiar people from that one magic academy RP here*

*sees fire emblem three houses on the table*


@Hero Yo! How goes things in this part of the guild? Do you mind a curious and tempted RP'er poking around here and taking a look at least?
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