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Name: Hanako Sterner

Nicknames: “The Hot Chocolate Queen of Judgement”, “Protagonist-chan”

Gender: Female

Age: 13

Birthday: (14/02)

Height: 170.7 cm

Weight: 56.699 kg

Nationality: ½ Caucasian (American), ½ Japanese

Appearance: (see top hider)

Personality: A person with energy to spare when she gets worked up, excited even, over various things, though whom can be relaxed and even lazy in her personal time. She is the sort who would drag off a good friend on a “grand adventure” over buying a new cookbook or seeing some cute new swimsuits in a store window. Someone who would get bored and occasionally drop in on friends unexpectedly or out of the blue, even climbing fire escapes and scaling walls without blinking an eye at the craziness of it. Further, she is somewhat clueless of the true potency of her cooking skills, save that this originates from a sense of humility she maintains about this area of her skills.

This being said, she absolutely adores her favorite local place to get ice cream pizzas, set into a delicious chocolate chip or sugar cookie crust. The one time it was closed close to her birthday two years ago, she cried due to how emotionally attached she’d become to the place. She one day wants to get their recipes even, to make her own one day.

Her tenacity is such that she will pursue a “target” of her interest all over the place, should she remain interested or feel it is worth doing. Chunni tendencies are also a given for her at times. Yet whilst in all of this she comes off as a “pretty annoying but energetic person”, her intelligence is actually not bad. Actually, the opposite of what some people joke about her. Her grades are stellar, her mind like a whizzing machine when it comes to learning and acting and processing information overall. In fact, she can come up with plots and strategies and such, even go through with deceptions with shocking ease.

Biography: Born the daughter of Akari Takahashi and Jason Sterner, scientists who moved to Academy City, worked in the same lab, and eventually fell in love and married, Hanako was always around an educational and vividly bright environment. Her parents were always excited about their scientific passions, but were not always the best socially despite their skills. Hanako turned out similar in that she was awkward at times yet incredibly smart, though from “as young as possible” her parents had her get involved with the Power Curriculum Program. For years she went through school, always ahead of most peers but not wanting to “skip grades” for the sake of enjoying being around people her age.

She eventually joined Judgement when she could, fascinated by the idea of getting involved with a group of students to keep the city safer. In fact, upon joining she became one of the more “notable” faces in Judgement due to her hot chocolate and her at times unorthodox nature of parkour-ing about to get to suspects or pursue things. This being said, whilst many think her dumb and annoying, many others among Judgement members have become fond of “our little smart goofball” in a sense as if she was their beloved younger sister. Regardless of the various opinions about her, some she is aware of but hasn’t spoken about, Hanako has continued to pursue her desires and dream towards the horizon, not ceasing even in the face of adversity.

Question is, where will she ultimately end up in this city full of dark sides and threats unseen to the general public?

School: Tokiwadai Middle School

Grade: 7th Grade


Cooking – Skilled in matters of cookery, her abilities are only surpassed by the Great Demon Lord (her mom)! Truthfully, it is a hobby of hers that turned into some pretty high-tier skills over the years. She’s never put them to the test or fully realized how good she is at this, but unbeknownst to her the “gourmet hot chocolate” she can make is a sensation among many Judgement members. Some who have heard rumors of it have even traveled to taste it, somewhat to her welcome but sincere confusion.

Swimming – Her Middle School’s Star Swimmer on the Swim Team, or at least one of the top two, she can swim fast and skillfully when in the water. From this she has also built a very notable breath-holding capacity, in part from....stupid dares to hold her breath at the bottom of the pool for a long time. With the latter thing once almost causing her to drown when someone jumped into the pool and landed on her head as she was coming up to finally get air.

Parkour – She has spent many an evening moving about the city, doing her work as a member of Judgement. Albeit, in a manner that has led to her being rather lean yet very physically active. She boasts a high physical stamina for someone her age, and a level of robust-ness from...accidents she’s had over the years.

Faction(s): Judgement



Ability name: Breakdown Bomber (due to its conversion effects and resulting applications)

Level: 3

Premise: The fact that matter and energy are two sides of the same coin, essentially one and the same, with matter being able to be converted into energy.


When making physical contact with other things/objects, the user uses this power to destabilize the molecular structure of them, essentially alter the state of the matter to be "riding the line between matter and energy". This is basically priming the matter composing affected things to be transformed into and unleashed as energy in a heartbeat. This in effect generates an explosion, and results in the targeted thing's complete destruction due to it having been now fully converted into energy. Affected things do not visibly seem different or strange, even with physical contact, retaining enough of matter's solid state to not stand out oddly. This being said, these affected things essentially sit about as bombs, and scientific equipment used to detect energy can get strange readings from these affected things.

Then, at the user's will alone the affected things can be detonated manually, or alternately at the time of creation can be set on a "timer" after which the transformation occurs. Likewise the manner of detonation can vary as well.

This user at times has taken to closing their fingers in, and press their thumb down as if pressing the button of a small detonator in their hand in order to "detonate" affected objects. This has led to the rumor and general belief among peers of hers that this is required to make her power work. Of course simply willing to detonate affected things works equally as well and faster, and other actions could be used as an imagined catalyst for "detonation" to boot. Multiple objects can be affected at the same time, even, and detonated at different times at the user's will. The user can also blindly choose to "detonate" everything they've made into a bomb (which is dangerous).

This being said, mentally keeping track of the location of everything they've affected becomes...harder and harder the more things they use this power on. Simply put, affecting a few objects that are easily remembered by the user would be better than priming a lot of objects (unless one wants to mass detonate at once).

Making physical contact with an affected object allows the user to revert them back to normal again as well if they want to.
@Holy Soldier I thought you said the healing or the buff?

Regardless, changrd the ability entirely to a "can only use once every 24 hours on the dot" offensive effect.

Hope this works better! ^^;
@Holy Soldier ...This week has had my brain on the fritz, i swear. @_@

The song only goves the "regenerative healing" buff. 5 minutes bit changed to 5 turns.

Added talents, First Aid and Archery.

Did these edits in car. Still in middle of graduation celebrations, won't be back until tomorrow. Very tired ATM. XD
@Holy Soldier My sheet is up, with the added "instrument" and "song" sections.

Her song is...well, the one song i most associate with Hylia, ironically. XD

Its effect is a strong buff, but it has its notable drawbacks. Physical energy drain, and becoming diluted the more individuals it is being applied to. These work a bit paradoxically to each other for balancing purposes! :D

@Holy Soldier Considering Hylia is Hylia and rocks those great vocal chords, can the song be sung or played to work?
@Holy Soldier Edited the app as requested! Bow isn't her power, just an item. Dark magic is ability, but for good reasons and versatility.

Removed unneeded text bits I had forgotten to remove in my haste.

Did all this 3-4am my time because I was having sleep troubles. So if my edits have typos or wording goofs, editing at 4am would be the reasib ob my end. @_@
@Holy Soldier Eh? I thought we could have other magic, and were just limited to one magic ability tied to the OC's goddess?

Ah, whatever the case, i give my sincerest apologies for misreading. ^^;

Would taking off the bow, or the dark magic, be a proper fix then? Just to be sure. I do not want to overextend.
@Holy Soldier Here it is, my app! I knew we had a male character so far, and after cooling down from finals burnout i managed to get an idea together! :D

The idea was....a tad of an epic backstory, but that is what can be juicy about Zelda stories and characters at times! :3

So i give you a (hopefully) good idea! A Hylian girl, Hylia's Zelda-face reincarnation to help save her other reincarnation, but raised by the Gerudos! ;)

Plus plenty of backstory to be able to use for things as well, as you need as the GM! :D

Diana Firebrand

Diana had stood back, keeping an eye on things and watching for if anyone came onto her side of the smoke bomb. Seeing as how most the others had just charged in, she'd done the last task of keeping their backs watched in case someone tried to escape in this direction. Though amidst the clang and scraping of metal, and the dropping of bodies and splashing of blood, her ears were carefully picking out noises from amidst the entire mess of a battle. Dumb inmates with little time, and no weapons, couldn't be that good against fully-armed mercenaries and...whatever the last guy had been before being locked in here. As she heard the voices of others, and the thrum of magic of something having been conjured up prior, Diana began to make her way calmly into the smoke. There was no reason to worry hard about it, and if attacked she had...good means for pushing enemies back. Potentially hard enough to make indents in the stone walls.

Albeit, much like Kris had Diana nearly tripped over not one dead body, but three of the dead inmates on the floor as she made her way to the smoke-free side of the room. Her crossbow was in her hands, ready to fire at the slightest movement of her trigger finger...she only had to point the thing at a target at this point. Yet as she came onto the other side of the smoke and stood next to Kris, the dragon-blooded girl let out a small sigh at what was going on and held her crossbow at the ready just in case. Not much to say at the moment on her part, unless these 12 guys wanted to be force-flung into the back wall of this circular room and listen to the crunch of being slammed into stone.
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