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The catgirl would pause, taking a look down at her right arm before letting out a sigh. She probably had that coming for gunning at giant predatory birds with a taste for flesh and fog. Or probably stuck in the fog and had a taste for flesh. Mmm, those questions could come at a much later date. Leannah would allow Lazhira to patch up her arm, and at the very least she found that the pain was subsiding to at least being a bit less than it initially was as she'd begun to notice it and the pain began to kick in finally. Thanks the heavens for adrenaline being a thing. Perhaps she could see if magic could be used to heal herself as well though? Mmm, maybe not in the middle of the totally-not-suspicious temple though, especially if those birds were such a minor threat overall. In fact, perhaps they needed to get moving even more before something else came knocking. For all she knew some idiot was going to barge in with Malphas-style flair and challenge them to a duel or something.

However, the picture book she'd found was interesting, and she gently dusted off the cover before holstering it in her waistband on her left hip. It seemed similar to how the ancients would depict scenes of legend on walls, so it only made sense that this book could hold similar value from what she could see of it already. Maybe Lazhira or someone could translate? Only time and trying would tell.

"Thanks, Lazhira," the catgirl said, giving her compatriot a warm smile, before returning her own gaze to the floor and beginning to dig around the books one last time. It was worth a shot to see if she could find one more thing, one more book or tome in the best quality she could find it. It was knowledge, information of a long lost past, and maybe it would help 'illuminate' what had gone on and what was going on...or something of the sort. Anything useful would do frankly. If she found anything, she'd holster it in her waistband on her left hip as well with the old picture book.

Still, once she was done with the digging about for good, she would look back up at statue and orb on it ahead, and for a brief second pondered something. She then let out a drawn-out sigh, and glanced over at Novak, "Well, there's one way to find out for better or for worse if that orb goes in the slot...just be ready in case something falls from the ceiling or something in the process."

Imagining rolling up her sleeves, the catgirl moved forward with a small running start toward the idol. She tried to channel some magic in her legs, using the mental image of a river to focus some power to there. Just enough to leap up. Her plan was to get up onto the idol, grab onto the orb itself, and get down quickly. She'd seen one lumbering stone attack dog, and it had almost killed her. She didn't want to deal with another if she could. Still, her aim and effort were to to grab the orb swiftly and get back down to go stick it in the slot on the wall herself!

Maybe this would go well? She hoped. But chances were that something, anything would happen at this venture. Didn't want to waste the good daylight sitting about more though!

Still, some questions began to bubble up into her mind. How did Lazhira manage her trips here? Why was the symbol on her arm like that on the temple here? Did she have some connection to this place? Why was the Illuminator not worshipped by the people due a kyrinth (whatever that was) telling them to? It was all so odd, and it all brought on more and more questions that seemed to unnervingly go without answer. Yet for now, there was the exploration! The adventure! The looting! Telling people these things belonged in a museum! Seducing women and wielding a cool whip-...ok that one sounded a LOT worse in hindsight. To let it wander too long in her thoughts, being carefully shifted to the backburner as it were, without it being relevant enough at this very moment to pursue was foolish.

@Rune_Alchemist@Crimson Paladin@Click This

@Jangel13 Time to get all the odd skills along the way and carry them over into seemingly unfitting evolutions! It is the new meta XD

Day 0 || Morning || Forest

As she moved deeper into the forest, Kir began hunting for the supplies she needed to make her bow and arrows. She began pulling on and testing branches, very young trees popping out of the ground, wood on the forest floor, and so forth to look for a non-rotting piece of wood that 'felt right' and best for making a bow. Likewise she'd be looking out for those with which to make a couple of high-quality arrows, and plant fibers or such that would be fitting for fashioning a cloak of sorts or weaving it together or such. The arrows she would aim to make high quality enough that could still use recreations of them effectively on prey and such, and likewise craft the bow to make it to last as best as possible. The knowledge was in her, like it was second nature, and she wanted to make the best use of that she could. Besides, she'd been open when saying this was the first task she was going to do before properly hunting after all. Made the best sense to her to have something to use to kill the prey.

Still, Aya was at least said she was going to 'scout out' things. No idea what Argos was going to do though. If he took up her offer of help she'd get to him to fashion some glove-ish thing from his horn and pelt. Otherwise she'd be getting her weapon and such made right now before going hunting. Would be more advantageous than doing nothing, and then maybe she'd have a better chance to explore later once getting these basics taken care of. Even so the female goblin kept hard at work as she focused on her tasks and had gathered her supplies and was working to get it all done well. Now wasn't the time to slow down and do nothing.

As she worked, Kir cast her eyes over at Argos briefly before returning her eyes to the work she was doing.

"Want anything too?" Kir asked the male, tone not judgmental but more simply causally offering, "While I'm working at this I might as well, at least if you want while Aya is running around the place."

It was a simple offer, and Argos could accept or leave it as he wished. She was mostly doing her own thing, but having someone else at least armed on the hunt wouldn't be a bad thing either. Sheesh. Considering how few hobs there were, it made her wonder how stupid some of the prior generation was to just up and die off or something. Eh. It was a question that didn't really matter anyways, not as long as she didn't end up like them.

***Summary: Kir went deeper into the forest, going about gathering remaining materials for making her bow, two high-quality horned-rabbit-horn-tipped arrows, and cloak, and then has gone about working on crafting them. During the process of this she made a causal offer of making something for Argos, and only if he accepts she will also craft him something to fight with. If he doesn't accept she'll just finish up work on her own stuff.


@Darked13 I'd say it's less a growth and more a...'blossoming' symbiotic relationship of sorts. XD

"It's no problem, Lazhira, I just kinda acted without thinking-"

But as Leannah reacted to Lazhira's safety, having just breathed a sigh of releif to see her safe, reality came suddenly crashing back into her mind as the glint of that golden feather in her hand caught her eye.




B-But it, but she, but how, they, She was just some random from another world who got thrown into this one by some capricious catgirl-loving being! It was a good taste in catgirls admittedly...b-but they had a similar taste?! Or maybe she was just imposing her thoughts on the other party. Oh heavens above this was equal parts awkward, embarrassing as all hell and then some, and also the GREATEST COOL EVER!!! If she'd been back home she'd have shit herself on the spot after experiencing this, like THIS THING, at all in the first place. That or someone spiked one of her drinks or she was at one of 'those' parties, in which case it'd all still make sense but...ok, no, getting sidetracked there. Far too sidetracked. But the feather! Yes, the feather! It was a sign, plus she also wasn't dead! But still, the biggest thing she'd experienced in this world so far was that...

...There was a Cute Bird Sun Goddess in this world~!!!

Seriously. Sure she was excited to no end, but like at the same time she did begin to settle down as old college studies kicked in. Soon the visibly thrilled-to-no-end catgirl would stop herself, taking a few deep breaths as the others began to leave her behind. She had to be objective about this, and yeah the goddess has made it clear that she could incinerate her quite easily. Definitely deity behavior, and a big red flag that would require taking caution in the future yes. but the almost tsundere-sounding bit at the end was still utterly adorable and endearing. That or she was getting a bit heavy into the tropes. She was an Egyptologist, not a total weeb! Er, "Japanophile". Ugh. either way she was most versed in anime watching and video games and one mobile game on the side, really, so she wasn't an expert on the whole place by any stretch.

Wait. Oh hell. Oh hell. Oh hell. This meant she really had to kill one of those Elder Beasts that she'd been told about before by that other being...goddess...well, whoever they were beyond her current running theory anyhow. That had already been apparently a thing on the list of to-do's for getting sent here, but frankly until now it had been a somewhat more distant thought. More so she had been jolted and startled by the fact a deity answered her stupid prayer and then gave her a mission to do. Giant stone golem? It had been a fight for survival. Rocketing herself out of the compound like a flaming hot catgirl cheeto coated in nitro? Instinctive. Beating up a zombie-looking thing in that little tower? Honestly not as jarring to her.

For the most part she'd been riding the wave with things, taking it in and doing what she could and frankly not being as oddly shaken as the average person might be. It was a new life after all, so it was more interesting to think about all the things around her and explore them. But her inner Egyptologist screamed in pure delight at the fact she'd spoken to a literal goddess in a vision! It'd be like if she'd been talking to Ra himself or Thoth back home or something! It was a plot out of fiction, or anime, or ancient legend made truly manifest before her mind's eye! How would that not be either terrifying or cool or BOTH to someone?!

Looking up and noticing she was falling behind, however, Leannah lightly slapped her own face to 'snap out of it' before tucking the feather away somewhere 'safe' (considering her attire and situation). She then took a few more controlled breaths, stilled her nerves a bit, and then jotted along quickly to follow her compatriots. No, they still had some ancient temple exploring to do! Hopefully the tropes of traps and giant falling rocks and so forth didn't apply here as they had in Earth's own movie tropes, but at the same time such silly information was all she reasonably had to run with in terms of caution. Frankly the mysterious fog was already something of a red flag about potential things mulling about this place or set up within it.

It didn't even soak in yet that she'd used one bird to knock another one out into the fog like a pinball on steroids, but as she caught up and walked in with the others the scenery itself was something...beautiful. Beautiful in an archeological sense anyhow, between the plant-covered overgrown stone walls, to the odd symbols that she noticed Lazhira seemed to also have tattooed on her arm (that would be a question for soon or later depending), to other carvings and pillars and former braziers and iconography and more! But as she'd already gotten a bit too excited back there about something more, cause what were some ruins to a vision where one talked with a goddess after all, she held her cool. Even so a sense of awe washed over her, and such was the only natural response to something like this in her mind even with her trying to keep her cool.

The catgirl looked at the glassy-looking stone, which from here already seemed impossible for some ancients to make with older types of tools alone, but every bit of media knowledge she had from back home told her to 'not go and just grab it' outright. More so, she looked down and began reaching around their feet and the floor somewhat to look for a book that was as intact and best-quality. At least as far as one could hope in this place anyhow. Sure the writing was unintelligible on fast glances, but perhaps magic could fix that! Maybe. It was worth a shot in the dark to be frank, to satisfy that curiosity and hopefully not 'kill the cat' as the old adage said.

Though whether she found anything worth picking up or not, Leannah would stand back up properly and listen as the odd man who'd accompanied the three of them here spoke to Lazhira. Huh. Another Earth person perhaps? Maybe she could ask later. Either way his question seemed rather valid though.

"I'll second that question, actually, though after back there I also wonder how you get through that fog so often and so safely," Leannah said, giving a small nod to Novak inn agreement before turning her her toward and directing the rest of her words at Lazhira herself.


Day 0 || Morning || Forest

Well someone seemed to have anger issues. That was bothersome. Yet Kir simply shrugged as Argos tried to demean her by saying she 'simply ate up the leftovers the Hobs gave her', though, as frankly it didn't bother her either. Sure she had taken what others brought them, but so what? It was resources to use, and she'd capitalized on that opportunity to give herself a leg up of sorts. It didn't matter how she did it, as she wasn't trying to impress everyone. Admittedly she looked forward to whatever gift that pale Hob had promised her, but all the same she'd apparently made that kind of impact on him with her actions to be given such a thing. It was a simple matter. Sure just shrugging everyone off wasn't good either, that was something she got the impression of in the back of her mind amidst those fuzzy memories, but at the same time obsessing with pleasing them all was nothing to look at either.

But her own thoughts on things aside, she quietly let Argos walk away from her as she stood there, just stomp off into the woods before the one he'd tried to drag off seemed to go after him. Shortly thereafter the two seemed to come back, her brother just silent and there in general. At least Lexi seemed to want to get moving before they lost any more daylight at least. Even so Kir let out a quiet sigh as she looked up at the sun and then back at the forest ahead of them.

"Look, I know the two of you want to make traps, but I'm looking for good supplies and making myself a bow and stuff before doing a little hunting myself first. If you want help on traps after that then feel free to ask me, but until then I'm going to make sure I have something to fight with," she said, looking between Lexi and Aya directly as she spoke before continuing on, glancing back at Argos for the next part, "And look, I didn't mean to rile ya up before. But being stuck in that building for three days has made me my own kind of riled up. So I apologize for all that back there.

Still, if you want to go hunting rather than make a trap I'll be doing so after I get my weapon and such together while these other two start on trap work. You don't have to come if you don't want to, but the offer I made before also stands if you want."

This was a pain, but hopefully one that wouldn't stretch too long out in the end. Blargh. But at this point Kir simplyy gave a silent nod before going to walk deeper into the woods. Time to get to work...finally.

Summary: Kir stood there, stated her intentions to her two sisters after everyone came back to where she was (@TheMushroomLord and @SilverPaw), apologized to Argos to try to genuinely somewhat diffuse tensions (@Jangel13), and has now very blatantly and without hesitation walked out deeper into the forest to get started working.

Kir's intention is to go and make the best bow and the two best arrows she can and the best horned-rabbit-pelt cloak she can. This is so she can made good-enough quality recreations of the arrows to use them effectively, by making the original ones of a high quality. After this, she intends to go hunt a couple of rabbits in the woods with her finished bow and wearing her rabbit-pelt cloak if she can.

If Argos comes along, she'll let him hunt with her without saying a word. If Argos accepts her former offer, after making her stuff she'll help him fashion the horn and fur of his dead rabbit into something of a horned punching glove before she goes hunting.

@Jangel13 Posting tomorrow and such yes. Been a long week. @_@
@Jangel13 I don't have much I could respond with for a post, Kir would kinda just shrug silently as Argos walked off and motion for Aya to follow if she wants to. She just wants to get making her stuff and such as detailed in the post.

So no idea how to respond in another post later this week. XD
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