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The half-demon was disguised as a wandering vendor in the audience, wearing some binoculars around his neck. Clad in a white and blue attire, with a white and blue cap closely to his eyes, making sure his enemies wouldn't spot his regal looks from a distance. With this he could easy make his way towards the vigilante team. Once that Wolf guy were on the field he could sneakily move up and hypnotize the pink haired girl to follow him.

The plan was so simple, but the simplicity of it made Galbrek fill with joy. How humiliating for them to fall to such a basic plan. But they were humans, and humans were beneath him. On his way to the vigilantes side of the audience he had almost bumped into someone wearing a sun bleached and worn out white hoodie.

These wretched humans. Filthy. Simply filthy.

Galbrek couldn't help but mutter under his breath and snarl when people kept ordering nuts and drinks from him.

I hope you choke on the nuts you conceited idiots. Intoxicated mongrels.

That's when he felt a tug at his shirt and he stared down at a young boy who pointed a finger at him. "Haha!" He said and made a facial expression, sticking his tongue at Galbrek. Galbrek's eyebrows furrowed before he leaned down and pointed to the Mephisto team. "Have you seen that fool over there?" The boy in curiousity, or simply as a reaction turned to look where the half-demon pointed.

Galbrek took one of the cold drink glasses and then grabbed hold of the boy's pants, pulling and leaving a big enough gap so he could pour the ice cold drink down his trousers before standing up. The boy squirmed, before he began to cry and move away, likely towards his parents located somewhere.

"Oh my bad. That fool was you." Galbrek said in a gloating tone and looked down towards the Vigilante's team.

Time to find that pink haired bitch... Galbrek also spotted Andras in his binoculars. There you are my brand new toy. I will have your power. Then when I do I shall dispose of both William and the idiotic snugglebitch half-traitor. Let see who else is hereā€¦ Some idiots with William looking all cheery and as if they've won the entire thing. Bleh! Makes me sick just looking at them. Hm. That one actually dresses well for a human. He adjusted his zoom at Lise, whom shared a similar style of fashion as himself. But he didn't waste more time than necessary, he turned to look at the Mephisto team.

There's the entire group of useless minions, completely fucking useless every last one but Yuuto and Thobias. Vittorio and Celestine were about as useful as half of Adam. Where the fuck is Adam? I need him here right about now. Fegin better get him from where he is or I will have to do it myself. He turned the binoculars back to the Vigilantes. Andras, my little puppet. You will unleash all manner of evil into the world, and I shall make you pull the trigger...

"Hmm?" He changed his sights to the others present.

What a bunch of nobodies apart from her. No wonder my useless sister is with them. Fucking sad...

The RP is still open to new players, if you are worried about the pages currently written there may be like a short recap in which people can learn of what has happened in the story so far.

I am interested in joining. My character will be a telepath. Will see to make a sheet tom

Having aqquired some clothes from a cetre where they gave free clothes to the homeless, some which had previously been owned, Vittorio ended up with some regular clothing. Such as a sun bleached white and blue hoodie, along a pair of pants, a brown jacket and some other clothing items. Such as a pair of sunglasses. Among the items were a black long raincoat reaching from top to toe.

He had his astral form don the raincoat, to give him a slightly less dubious look to avoid too many eyes his way. He first got up on the audience stands where he found a good seat for his physical form, he made sure that his physical form would remain in place, putting his feet together and placing his body so he wouldn't fall. This was his backup plan after all, would they somehow not reach the podium. He could easily move to his physical form and find Alto that way. One way or the other, there was no going back. There never were any way to go back to in any case as far as Vittorio saw it.

After having dumped his physical form at the audience stands he made his way down to his team which had gathered.

I am an angel of vengeance, come forth Alto and I will end your legend. This day you'll realize these wings on my back are not a dream. Bak... you cannot save everyone. I couldn't even save anyone at all...

He sat down on the Mephisto team bench in his black raincoat with hood, hiding as much as he could of his astral form. His wings tightly packed along the arms of the coat, and his arms being crossed hiding most of them. The ghostly young man threw glances to his teammates. He could see Celestine already preparing for the entire thing, telling them all to have fun.

Vittorio sighed, which echoed slightly out of his hood. "Fun.. yes.. It will be fun to get it overwith." Vittorio glanced over to what some might suspect to be the podium, but it wasn't that he was looking at. It was the sky in the background. He broke off his gaze of the sky and his gaze went through his fellow students until he got to Bak where he stopped at.

Bak. You who have struggled through life, who has that body causing you trouble. You are here fighting for everyone still. That makes you really beautiful. In another age, time and world. Maybe you would have been my... But it is useless to play such tricks on the mind. I am nothing but a spectre, I don't really have much of a future. I won't drag you down with me. I live in the real world, the real cruel world where there can be no happy ending for everyone.

This is what I've lived for. To end him. But even so I would have wanted to learn of your story Bak, to hear your tale before I leave this world. But I guess I won't be able to do that... what a shame.
Vittorio looked up at the sky again.

I hate this world... but at the same time this is where I met all dear to me. And it is my love for them that has gotten me this far. Watch over me everyone, I will avenge you soon and then be with you. One way or the other this is were my story's ending will be. At long last I will be able to let go...

"I hope you win Bak. Don't give up." He said out loud so all in the Mephisto team could hear it. It was unusual to hear Vittorio trying to cheer up anymore, but it would have appeared Bak had caught something in him.
((collab between Dezuel and Gentlemanvaultboy, pre tournament matter.))


"Are you sure about this? Fighting them with these weapons?"

"They are not humans. They are monsters."

"Aren't we creating the same here?"

"No. These do not possess the superhuman powers. This is science and human achievements, through gene manipulation and correction."

"So.. was Faerzen- I mean subject nine a success?"

"No. The results came back negative, the strain on the body and the brain turned that one into a bloody mess."

"But that means we'll have to create more of them?"

"Yes, unless..."



"Are you insane?! We cannot let that thing pilot it! Rozenfeldt is too unstable, it will be beyond our reach if that one is doing the piloting. Remember what happened last time?"

"I know that! But we are running out of funds and our sponsors want some results right now. If this keeps up we'll have to start applying for work elsewhere or go pick up dinner from trash bins."

"I hear you... I still don't like the idea of letting that thing pilot it."

"Rozenfeldt has been the only one of them able to survive an entire simulation and past it. We'll just have to make sure we can control what happens."

The scientists conversation was swiftly cut short by a alarm going off.

"Problems!" A man came running into the room the two scientists stood discussing, sweat dripping down his face. "We are under attack! Enemy is unknown! Possibly government agents. Multiple hostiles spotted by main entrance."

"Get the blast doors closed! Activate all the sentries not yet activated! Deploy the mobile drones now!" He screamed into a nearby microphone connected throughout the laboratory.

"Oh.. we are not going to make it. I knew I should have stayed at home."

"Pull yourself together! We are going to blow up the damn facility and make for our escape, our sponsors will understand the worth of secrecy. That way we can get new funding for more test subjects, and without any proof of what we've done here we cannot be sued."

A security guard came running into the room now aswell with a gun drawn. "Sir! Rozenfeldt has escaped from the containment cell block!"

"What?! Capture him at all costs! And get the prototype out of here now!" The guard nodded and ran out a door.

A walkie talkie at the security chief's belt beeped with incoming transmission. "Chief! Come in chief!" followed by some static sounds.

"Report!" The security guard yelled into the walkie talkie with a voice of authority.

"It's Rozenfeldt! Tzzzzzt... in.... the hangar....we cannot..." Alot of screaming in the background made the incoming transmission hard to hear, followed by gunfire from large machineguns and grenade shells. "...tzzz We need reinforcement- GAAAAH!" The signal ended as the security chief looked up at the three scientists present.

"Pack up all you can and take the hidden exit tunnel out, there will be an armored transport there! Hurry up people we are pulling out now!"

The walkie talkie at the belt of the chief began to signal something again which stopped the men in their tracks.

"Hn hn... I remember you told us that we should hate the supernaturals because they act all high and mighty with their accursed power... how is that any different from how you have treated us? It's not... "

The security chief and those present in the room heard the walkie talkie on the other end being dropped before cutting out. The chief yelled quickly to the scientists. "Get down now!" He had just managed to finish his order as a beam of pure energy sliced it's way through the entire complex, slicing it up from the side as one would simply slice a piece of bread. The men threw themselves to the ground, feeling the immense heat of the beam just a little bit above them slicing through the walls as if they were made of paper. Cutting out the electricity and lights in a single go, explosions could be heard throughout the entire complex. The main generator exploding, the computer systems in control of the drones and sentries getting shredded into bits.

The once thick and massive hangar main door crashed down to the ravine below as the mechanical suit propelled itself forwards, like a reaper of the dead, a creation of nightmares. Flames surrounding it's pilot looked out through the large hole the hangar door had been.

The black and grey mechanical suit began to lift from the ground, by means of two large jet thrusters on it's back. Making it appear like a demon or a fallen angel. The pilot, a blonde with shoulderlong hair with bangs hanging out slightly over the black visor with a red line across it.

"Fight or flight, why not both. Rozenfeldt... Rhean Armanent Variable, Taking off!" The pilot gave a pleased grin before taking flight at high speed to whom knows where. Leaving the blazing inferno behind. Knocking some equipment over by the raw force of the thrusters.


Having changed his attire at his home, the young man gave himself a last look in the large mirror placed in the room. There he stood with his black and red training attire, it was time to train fiercely for the upcoming tournament. He had practiced much in preparation for the day it would begin.

The entire rank thing wasn't what really interested him or getting a prize which he could show around or gloat at others with. It was the fame, the respect he would attain by winning it, from his allies, enemies and most importantly lady Lise.

Having pondered on the possible teams, he had thought Katherine to be a powerful ally to have at the side, but she was fond of her fire using friend Cassius. Meaning they were likely to team up, he couldn't team up with them because that would leave Lise without a team or forced to team up with weaklings.

That was something he would hate, seeing Lise struggle in the tournament against sadistic mephisto bastards. No, he had decided that Lise was an obvious choice for him to team up with, both to show her his ability to protect her, but also having her near would raise his own awareness and motivation. She was however also a weakness, that he would have to ward off from attacks.

He considered who was going to be the third member of their team. Foxboy? No. He was too unreliable. William? Yes, there was also William. He had seen the broadcast about him on the TV which had all his powers. Andreim had quickly made notes about it, not mainly as something to use would he ever have to fight him but also find ways to make use of it.

William had a fine gathering of abilities, Andreim admitted. More than he had first considered, his powers would however be not very useful with someone like Samoth. Well or Lady Lise who Andreim didn't consider a close range fighter type. Thinking about it however, he had never seen Lise fight physically. Well, he had seen her physically. That was close enough for now.

William was likely best put to use with both the fire users, to give them a solid support and empowerment. It would make them a wellrounded and powerful team able to challenge anything the Mephisto school would be able to send against them. There was also Meredith, who he had never actually spoken with. She usually hang around people like foxboy. Andreim shook his head.

No.. she's likely too unreliant like foxboy. We need someone reliable and strong. Samoth.

He was both physically adept and a good thinker, a threat to his own ascension would Samoth have had more charisma than a stone that is. Despite his flaws, like most people have more or less. He was a reliable and valid choice. Even for the upcoming renewal of the world, Samoth could likely be a good bodyguard.

If nothing else his anti-magic properties could be salvaged to forge anti-magic weaponry and armoring. His mind was set up. His teammates was going to be Lady Liselotte de Castellan Valois-Saint-Remy and Samoth. He headed out of his place, locking the door and went to his training grounds.

Some time later... in the outskirts of the city.

The training grounds were empty as usual, he stood there in the open dry terrain, a plain field with the occasional rock formations. He closed his eyes to himself, taking a few breaths. He was reminded of his training under his parents tutoring, they were relentless up until the point he would bleed in a major way where they would stop.

Mostly for their own concern as his blood was poisonous, it had first began to manifest when he was young. His control of water also came early, from it he began to learn to control the particles within it, turning his own body heat up and down the scale was one thing, doing it on the water another, but he was able to do it.

His parents yelling and pushing him to try harder was always there, they were unforgiving to any sign of physicaly weakness. Fight until you are on the verge of becoming weaker then you would stop. How he despised them and their egoistical ambitions to have him be their 'savior' due to their own failure to wring the school from Mephisto's hands and it later falling into his daughter's hands.

Their dream of attaining grandeur through him beating up Clara and seizing the school from Mephisto. Now he could do little but to pity them for their small scale ambitions. Opening his eyes he began to manifest a spinning vortex of water in his left hand, a much larger one appearing just around his feet, causing him to be lifted up abit by it. Any dust, sand or dirt caught up by the vortexes would could be flung out of it if he so wished, but right now it was fine.

The vortex under his feet began to move forwards at his call, before gradually beginning to speed up at a high speed, travelling on the surface under it violently, causing various debris to get thrown up into it and spinning around and around. He smirked and caused three spinning slices of water, the size of frisbees to losen from his vortex in his hand, he held out his other hand to cause them to turn into ice as they flew away. Like sawblades they sliced into the tree in the distance.

Andreim reached out with both his hands causing the vortex to form into a wall around him, he turned it into ice then shot himself up over it's somewhat obscuring shape, using one hand to create a strong jet of water to lift him up, then with his other hand shoot a spear of water turning into ice midflight towards a nearby stump of a tree. Then he reshaped the jet pushing him up, causing it to take a spiral shape, turning it into an ice slide down to the middle of the icy cage he previously made.

He'd suddenly attuned to heat instead, causing the ice to instantly melt and produce a nice mist around him, he quickly attuned to cold to turn it into fog. Before activating his thermal vision to see through it. There was obviously no heat signals of anyone near. He called forth water in his left hand, then drew a large portion of it out with his right, turning it into a blade of ice, he dashed out of the fog now with his thermal vision, the water in his left hand, held like a fireball, he aimed it towards a nearby stone. Before turning the water into ice and then heatening it up in an instant causing it to shatter violently, sending shards of ice towards the rock. He swung his sword towards some of the shards ricochetting back at him. Then targetting another rock with his free hand, shooting a powerful jet of water at it to make him fly towards the right, then midflight he targetted another rock to shoot himself slightly forwards to the left. Until he got close enough to give a slice across a nearby tree using his ice sword, he flung it over his shoulder after the cut, causing it to get nailed into the bark. He swiftly finalized his movement by holdin out both his hands towards the ground below, pressing down at it with jets of water from both his hands.

Letting him land softly.

He panted heavily. "Haah... hah... ehhh...Nnn...haah..." He rolled up his sleeve to look at the watch. "Still can improve on the time..."

The young man took his both hands to his legs and stretched them abit, then his back and arms.

There are so many different opponents I will come to face, I should have a tool ready for just about anyone. Even if I have to use underhanded fighting methods to win, a win is still a win. If I can use my cunning to win over another person then the victory is rightfully mine. Ice swords aren't as strong as regular metal swords or magical ones, but it can do in a pinch against raw flesh. That or handing all of Lise's shadows swords like that will likely make them alot better at causing damage to the enemy team.

Mobility is important. It doesn't matter how strong a beam or ball of fire is if it cannot hit you. I'm sure Alto aswell as Cassius knows about this well, I may not be as quick as them, but I make it up with my own little tricks. Water can help me just flow with it, saving my body the strain of running or dodging, when I can just control my vortex of water to evade it for me.

Hmm... as for melee combatants. Staying clear of them I can do quite well, be it using jet pressure to make me jump or dodge in rare occassions, but more commonly I'll use it to just press myself at a higher elevation where they cannot really reach me physically. Would they walk close enough to my water shields, I have a nasty surprise for them. Ice shards moving inside of the quick current of water is going to tear them to shreds unless armored.

Ranged? Creating mist which they cannot see me standing in or using walls, or barriers of ice is my best option for defense, but for attack. I can throw spear like projectiles towards any enemy.

I can also shoot out large amounts of water and turn it into ice to make it rain shards of ice. Lastly, but very effectively. I like to create water to fill an entire field, much like this one. Just a little bit up to the heels, that will allow me to sense where anyone is walking, but I can also create jagged spikes of ice from where I feel it or encase someone in a tomb of ice.

Only ones who can get away from that one is those who fly. Gives me a perfect board where I can guide my enemies into a trap or location I'd like. Preferably into Samoth's arms.

But it is still not enough... I have to become stronger and stronger still.

Andreim went out in the middle of the field and spread his arms apart summoning water on each side of him, placing himself inside of the water itself, he separated a small bubble of air inside of it for him to breathe as he attempted to build up a tall wall of water.

He then sneezed which caused him to partly lose concentration, causing the water to come crashing down. "Ah.. damn.." He gathered some of the water around him in a ball like shape before causing it to shoot out large jagged spikes of ice in all directions, still attached to it's shape. The young man finalized it by placing both his hands on either side of the ball of ice he was now within, sending shards flying all over the field. I need to get this right in the tournament if I have to use it. My final card when all other things fail. My tidal wave.

I need to get it high enough so none can jump over it, forcing them to take it head-on. This move is going to be exhausting but if it will allow me victory. I shall have this wave wash away the competition. There are some it just won't work against though. People like King, Christine and Brutus. Who can interupt me easily enough, hinder or avoid being hit by it.

But anyone else will be in for a rough surprise.

On the tournament grounds at the day of the tournament...

Andreim had waited until all participants of St.Laurel's had gathered before he made his move. Stepping up in front of all of them.

"Fellow students of St.Laurels, I know I am just a 1st year, but I have some words for each and everyone of you! I want all of you to give your all in this tournament. For your school, for your families, your friends, the future that is on the horizon and for your own sakes in that future! Give it all you've got! Fight with all ounce of might in your body and soul, fight with all of your skill empowered by your will! Put faith in your comerades, but more so in yourselves! We of St.Laurels must fight, we shall compete and we will win! In honor of champions of the past, the champions with us at the present and the ones that will be in the future! Vic-tor-y! Vic-tor-y!"

He raised his right arm with a tightened fist in a cheering manner, while holding out his left for the others to place theirs on as a team gesture. This will be remembered in the storybooks as that fateful day. When we took the first steps on the stairway up to the stars. This is a good moment to also look for potential allies within the Mephisto school. Surely not everyone among them are vile and wicked, I shall find the oppressed and guide them to the brand new world that is to come.
((Andreim and Lise collab))

The day was good. At least that was what he hoped. It was raining. Damn. Thankfully he had brought an umbrella, not like he really needed it. It was only rain after all, he could control it as he saw fit. But it would have been a shame to use his grand power in such a mundane manner. It was like spitting the gods in the face for their gift unless it was used for something worthwhile. Besides he had to look his best in front of Lise. Having taken on his short black leather jacket, some puffy military like pants and tall black boots. A few people passed by in a hurry in the park where he stood, some on their phones and others in the company of dear ones. Andreim hoped that Lise would be allright in all this rain. He located himself near a lamp post over by a fountain.

Lise was luckily able to figure out where the park was by the time the date had come around. She wasn't exactly sure what to expect from the meeting, but she couldn't help but feel nervous. Adding to her nerves was the constant looks that she got from passers-by as she walked past.

Maybe not looks at her, actually, but instead the shadow maid that carried her umbrella. But of course, it wasn't like Lise would be the one to carry her own umbrella. Let the commoners gawk at her, at least she had her dignity as a royal. Wandering around the park, however, hurt her dignity a little. She wasn't exactly sure where to look for Andreim. She managed to walk right past him without noticing, searching too hard in the wrong direction.

"Uhh... Lady Val- Uh... Lady Liselotte? It's me...Andreim." He stepped out holding out his hand in a greeting to her as he wasn't sure a kiss would be proper in the middle of the park so openly, he couldn't put Lise and her family through the rumor mill like that. "So.. want to go take a look at the latest fashion imported from Yekatrina? I'm sure there's some good dresses for a Tsar's princess... they do have princesses right?" He scratched his cheek with his gloved hands, he didn't have his vial of temporarily halting his poisonous blood, so he had to be wary of physical contact. They also were expensive. Right now he wanted to make sure he had enough money to buy some nice clothes for Lise and possibly also something for himself, she really did outclass him in terms of formal attire. "You are as beautiful now as you were last I saw you, my eternal queen." He spoke out to her in a soft, but confident manner now. He was no longer stuttering as much as when they first began to converse properly.

Lise jumped a little when Andreim spoke up. She wasn't expecting to hear him from that angle, but she recovered from her shock quickly. Halting her maid, she turned to Andreim. "Ah..." Lise wasn't exactly sure how to respond to Andreim's last statement. "W-Well, I suppose looking at the latest fashion may prove useful..."

Lise was reminded of the looks she got when she first arrived in Rhea in her afternoon manor dresses. It was after that debacle when she opted for her more modern outfit of a skirt and dress shirt. 'Well, this is new a opportunity to see what these people consider fashion!' Deep down, Lise felt a little excited.

"Right! Let's get going then, milady." Andreim walked up abit closer giving the shadow maid a stare which some could determine to be 'back off'. Trying to offer his arm to Lise while gracefully holding the umbrella in the hand of the same arm, to give her perfect cover from the rain. He pondered for a moment, that maybe one little usage of his powers would not be too bad. It was for her after all. He began to manifest a small vortex of water in his hand and after awhile it began to take the form of a heart, then Andreim swiftly attuned his powers to cold and froze it. Grabbing it with a few of his fingers before offering it to Lise. "You have my heart, even if my heart normally may be considered to be of ice. You melt it with your magificence." The leather clad young man tried to guide his empress to be towards the clothing store which were supposed to have some interesting new designs.

Lise was surprised by Andreim's gift. "I don't have anything to give you, though..." She felt a little bad that she didn't think of it. This was, after all, a da- rendezvous. Rendezvous. That was the word Lise decided on.

Taking Andreim's arm, she walked with him to his destination.
Upon arriving they would be met by a well lit store with all manner of clothes, they were however not empty. There were many girls in this particular shop, with the occassional guy appearing semi-interested in being there. One girl in pigtails threw a glance towards Andreim and Lise, before leaning in to whisper with her companions. Andreim couldn't help but mumble. "The local gossip headquarters..." He shook his head briefly and led Lise deeper into the store to take a look over the new clothes, Andreim got his sights set on a military uniform for girls, he looked Lise over for comparison only using his eyes. Not sure she would have approved. "Uhm... well there sure is alot of choices, ever worn anything like this before? With alot of buttons, boots... pants?" He froze for a moment as he realized that might give her flashbacks to having borrowed his. "Erhm.. I mean like these ones. I think you would look great as a military princess." He smiled a genuine smile. It was after all a part of his own taste in clothing, looking very unifrom like and orderly. With the occassional leather ofcourse.

Lise looked up and down the uniforms. 'Ah, is this what is popular with commoners? I suppose if they are so excited to fight for the royalty that they wear their uniforms at all time, it could be considered a good thing.' She wasn't sure exactly if she'd be a good fit in them, but she had to know...

"Andreim, is this something you want me to try on?" Lise asked as she inspected the clothing.

"Ahh.. err.." Andreim snapped out of his thoughts, he couldn't let her know he wanted her to try on the military attire she would never agree to such a thing most surely. He looked for something to save him, he turned around and pointed at the first thing he could see. Too bad it was black lace undergarments for girls with garterbelt and with a choker for the neck. Shit. Why did I chose that direction?! Who put that thing there to begin with.... "Uh.. I... you don't have to listen to me... Lady Liselotte." But damn she would look great in that for certain. No what am I thinking? She is my bastion of purity, my virtuous goddess who lighten my way. I must not imagine her in such a... Andreim stopped in his thoughts to look her over.

"Hmmm... Well, I suppose it might be interesting to try it on. Seeing as you are the expert, which one of these should I try...?" Lise luckily did not look back towards the lingerie section that Andreim was facing. Instead, she continued to look up and down the selection of clothing.

'I don't know what to pick... It all looks strange to me. Plus my wardrobes were always pre-selected at home...' She scratched her head a little.

"How about this one?" He pointed to a brown safari-looking outfit, consisting of a shirt, a jacket, a pair of boots and some nice brown wide shorts. "This is what rich people use while looking around at animals in warmer climates. Uhm.. well you know... while looking at savage things." He pondered for a moment. "Like Katherine for example. She's pretty savage." He looked over Lise again. "Anything you would like me to try out?" He asked mostly out of politeness, then he realized just what he had asked and it dawned on him. Oh shit... I hope she won't take anything with cuddly animals on it.

Lise looked at the safari outfit. "I think I've heard about this before! I remember it was popular in my family to hunt exotic creatures-"

Lise briefly had a flashback of a much younger self, turning a corner in her manor during a stormy night and encountering the snarl of a long dead, stuffed and preserved panther, punctuated by the flash of lightning reflecting the still light in the creature's eyes/

"-M-Maybe we should try something else..." Lise quickly changed the subject away from childhood trauma. "Maybe something formal for you! If I ever plan on throwing a ball, you would definitely need to dress for the occasion! And don't think I'd make an exception because we're- Well, because it's you!" Lise walked to the men's formal wear section and pointed out a sharp black suit. "Something like this! It's strange that the tails of the coat are so short, but maybe commoners were tired of dealing with them... How lazy."

Andreim took a few moments to collect himself as he was following Lise along to the men's formal wear section. Was she about to say out loud that we are... together? She's so risky! Dangerous my love, most dangerous! "Ahh.. yes.. maybe... ah? For me? A ball?" He came face to face with the black attire. It made him think of assassins, bald assassins dualwielding guns. That and Samoth. He was about as good as them at killing, well in his case it was killing fun. Even if Andreim himself seldom did indulge himself in overly fun things, being with Lise was a refreshing way of having fun. But he also did enjoy reading books and thinking of the future, how he could go about to form it to his own desire. "I shall go and try this out then milady." He offered Lise a wink and then looked around. "But you should then try out that red dress with golden decoration on it? It looks regal enough to fit on a goddess like yourself." He blinked a few times realizing he said that out loud, he pondered on the idea of any of the girls hearing about it or worse. Katherine. The enemy. She would never let go of it and try irritate him for being with Lise to the days end if she knew. Though maybe it was an overreaction, it would be far worse for his enemies to know of his weakness for her. But she too gave him power and determination to ward them off he believed.
He reached up to take down the suit and then saw the price-tag and felt like his money just grew wings and flew away. So much for my parents ill gotten gains, at this rate it will run out.

"A red dress? I suppose..." Lise had already agreed before she had seen it, which she realized all too late.

'W-What is this?! The shoulders are exposed! And such a bright color, is there no shame in this world?!' Lise was taken aback. All of her dresses had never strayed past a certain color range, and this red dress was far beyond what she would have expected. 'He suggested it, though. Maybe such dazzling clothing is considered normal?'

Lise briefly thought of everyone she had seen and encountered recently. "I guess it wouldn't hurt..." Taking it off the rack, Lise summoned her servants to her side. Following where she had seen Andreim, she eventually found the dressing rooms. Ignoring the complaints of the clerk nearby, she walked in with her shadow maids and let them dress her.

Lise stepped out of the dressing room tentatively. She felt like she might die of embarrassment, but nobody seemed to mind her that much - except for the clerk, who was looking at her with bewilderment, considering Lise walked in with two maids and then left an empty room on her own. She waited for Andreim to show up and comment on her outfit.

Andreim, in his lack of shadow maids were not as quick at changing and the tie was challenging him for rulership of the neck region. I will have you sit, the way I want you to sit. There. That's good. He adjusted the tie as he had already took on the shirt and pants that came with it. He looked in the mirror that were in the dressing room. I do look like an assassin. But this is the clothing Lise wanted me to wear. If this makes her happy, I shall wear it better than any assassin could. He straightened his back, forming a small vortex of water in his hand before forming it into a globe. He leaned in close and drank directly from it, before taking his other hand to just get some water on it to style his hair in a backslicked way. When he was done with the water he froze it instantly, and left the frozen ball in one of the neatly placed trashbins in the room. My bad. He thought to himself as he hid it there, some poor bastard would have to pick it up later. He took on the coat and gave himself a look in the mirror. Is that really me? I look... fierce. As if I am going to walk of and rob WREVL bank or something. With nothing more to change he stepped out to see if Lise was done and she was waiting for him, she had her maids to help her. Damn it. He couldn't compete with them for speed... this time. He swallowed abit. "Oh... you are radiant like pure light through a flawless diamond in that attire, milady." He stepped up and tried to lift up her hand. "May I steal you?" He gave a brief pause. "For the endless waltz?"

Lise blushed. "W-We can't dance in here... People are looking..." She didn't mind the compliments, even though she was unsure of the dress she was wearing. But since Andreim liked it... She figured it may be all right to wear.

She looked at Andreim up and down. "You look... almost like a prince. It's..." Lise looked down. "...You look very handsome like that. If this were a ball, our dance would be the most brilliant of them all. Don't you agree?"

Damn. Yes there were people there and bad gossip about Lise wouldnt be good Andreim thought to himself before replying. "Not in here no... but... err.. a prince? I?" He blinked. Her ideal prince is an assassin! He felt like screaming within but restrained himself and gave her a smile. "Thank you.. and we would certainly be the most brilliant of them all, you and I as a team be destined for the stars. Which is why you and I should be on the same team in the upcoming school tournament. We should train for it and win it, the fame, glory and respect we would get would be the dawning of a new era. Our era." He tried to keep a fine hold on her hands, clasping his around hers.

He offered her a smile before leading them both to the checkout desk, where he paid for it. He saw his money fly away as if they had taken flight on wings, but he really insisted on paying for Lise's dress as much as his own assassin. No. Gentleman attire. If this was how Lise wanted him to be dressed it was not a problem, besides after the school he would have to look very formal aswell as official for what he had in mind.

Andreim had much planned for their day together but Lise had a busy day, thus he had to go to the practice himself. He however waited for the limosine to pick up Lise and drive her away safely.

He noticed a few girls in the corner of his eyes whispering and watching and he set a narrowed eyed stare at them to frighten them off but some of them instead began to blush and giggle amongst each other.

The young assassin clad man shook his head briefly before making his way towards his home, to change attire to something he could use in training. The fight to change the World was about to begin.
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