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Name: Reverio Galand

Nickname: Peasant prince (He doesn't like this one), Regalia (An alias he uses)
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Eyes: Piercing blue
Hair: Long blonde, with some natural locks.
Nationality: Vauquelin (Formerly), Rhea (Current)
Grade: St. Laurels, 1st year

Clothing: Wears a highly decorated black and gold coat which also has a small cape attached, a red, gold and white frilled shirt, a pair of smooth white gloves, white pants, black and gold buckled boots and various jewelry. He also carries a sword and sheath by his hip attached neatly at his belt.


The prince of peasants was born in the lands of Vauquelin alongside his older twin brother, who was thus destined to sit on the throne. To avoid unrest and possible power struggle, the younger brother was made to relinquish any and all claims to the throne. The younger brother, who came to be known as the peasant prince throughout the land was often the joke of the court, yet the common folks saw him more favorably than the king. The young king had many supporters behind him, all eager to gain more power and wealth for themselves, and thus it didn't take long for the young king to become bethrothed to a princess when both were only fourteen years of age. The land was however quickly growing weary of the court and the nobles flaunting their wealth, while the people starved and thus a rebellion rose up against the royals. Which ultimately led to the capture of the royals and their supporters.

Nobles were taken out and executed at the guilliotine in droves, and soon to follow were the young princess and finally the young king. The peasant prince was labeled as not part of the established rule and was free to leave. Vauquelin soon after became a republic, but due to external threats fell into the hands of a powerhungry general which soon crowned himself emperor. The twin to the executed king had no place longer in the country and thus came to leave it with the belongings he could carry with him.

Three years has passed since then, and now the foreigner known as Reverio Galand is a student at St.Laurels. While occassionally still hearing the name "Peasant prince." being hurled in his direction. A mocking reminder of his origin.


Core: Throne de Lux

Throne being the name of a rank of angel, Reverio's power has bestowed him with powers and the body of a celestial being. He is stronger, faster and tougher than many others as a result. His mind is also reinforced to resist various mental attacks.
His core power also allows him to sprout wings of light which he may use to fly with. There's also a halo behind his head glowing when he activates his powers, which offers nothing but a more radiant visage of the young man.

1: Purifict Anatomia: Restoration magic, allows him to cleanse himself or allies he touch of poisons, diseases, curses, hexes and other conditions. Physical and mental alike. He can also heal himself and allies wounds.
2: Lux Energia: Light magic. Ability to create orbs, beams and blasts of light energy of various potency. When Reverio activates his powers, six small glowing orbs hover around him, until he choses to attack with light magic which causes them to shape into beams, turn bigger or combine.
3: Damoclaiomh Solais: The legend says it's a sword capable of harming even the gods, it beams with light energy and may amplify any light powers channeled through it. May only be carried/used by someone of royal blood.


None as of yet.

"Hnn hnn ahahaha! Fate is on my side! I am glad you know it's name! It shall tell your bedtime story!" Charmaine replied to the first sentence Naoki had shouted out to him, that Seo and Hachiyama had been cut off to follow him in his pursuit of Naoki had indeed been fate.

"Let go?! I'll never let it go!" The masked youngling had replied swifly as he had been knocked back by Naoki's gunpla's shields, as expected from the one he had looked up to those years ago. His gunpla was well built and equipped to handle most situation. 'A barrier..? Is it able to absorb my beam attacks or deflect them? Tch.. I'll make a single shot with one and see what happens.' He narrowed his eyes, he decided on having to rely more on his physical weaponry for this.

"Domino Masque! You are the only Zeon weapon here! I didn't join this fight for the money! After all... you are the reason of this! We've met once before... many years ago!" Charmaine called out, hurling his Mjolnir hammer towards Naoki's gunpla, aiming for his physical shields. Whereof it would hit or not, the masked young man would open fire using his wrist-mounted 110mm Machine Cannons and then follow up with a single tap of his 115mm Ram Cannon to see if the beam itself would be absorbed or deflect off his enemy. Providing it would hit.

Charmaine allowed a smirk to form on his lips on seeing Naoki's funnels starting to surround them. 'Go ahead! Shoot me with your beams! This machine was made to defeat you! I'll gladly return all the beams back at you!' Charmaine thought as his mouth opened to form a fight-hungry expression only someone like Ali Al Sacheez could otherwise pull off.

"We'll see about that! Acknowledge my existance! Gundam!" The Creusherazade's main hand GN beamclaw ignited, much like how it looked like on the original Garazzo, it formed five beams one per finger before forming unto a single stronger one, it was just in case Naoki would lunge in he would be ready to block his beamsaber with his own. Charmaine had not pondered on what he would do after his fight with Naoki, providing it would all go in his favor. There was however an uneasy feeling, there was someone or something else nearby. He could feel it. Yet amidst the fight with Naoki it would have to wait. It was almost like that space-lightning bolt. A connection?

Charmaine pinched the bridge of his nose the moment Seo had addressed Hachiyama, it wasn't that Charmaine was concerned with what either Seo or Hachiyama felt, nor did he care about the plan which Seo had made up. That Ryoichi had placed his hand on the young man's shoulder had almost become a tradition by now and there seemed to be little use in telling him that he was not allowed to place his hands on, what Charmaine considered. A higher ranking officer.

"Hmph. I'll win. Be sure of that." Charmaine snorted and crossed his arms.

'This team winning or losing doesn't matter... The only victory I need is one where I defeat -him-. If we lose it's not because of them being strong... but of them being cowards.' He thought, his lips curling into a sign of disgust when he thought about the possibility of seeing a two against one from either side. This was the one chance he needed to face Naoki, he was going to take it and defeat him or the ghosts of his past would never vanish.

Flashback to three years ago...

Three years ago, at the great tournament Naoki had been the one who wore a mask. Naoki had both been a national champion and a runner-up with Team Domino, Charmaine knew both of these things, as it was due to Naoki that he had begun to watch and build gunpla.

Having watched the tournaments and right before their last fight three years ago, Charmaine had just finished his first gunpla and wanted to show it off to the former national champion.

Whilst it had been a busy time for all contestants, Charmaine had nontheless pushed his way past the crowd of people to approach Naoki in order to have his gunpla-box autographed. At this time, Charmaine still had his legs. Yet when the moment had come, the young man's voice had vanished amidst the screams of the various fans gathered and his masked idol had to his knowledge ignored him. There had been bumpings in the crowd by many fans trying to get in closer to have a look and take pictures of the former champ. It was one of these bumps that knocked Charmaine's box out of his hands and unto the ground, crumpling it from some people coming into contact with it.

The young man had been devestated and had managed to recover the dropped box, yet it had been too damaged, even if the gunpla within had gotten away unscatched. Naoki was gone and so were his team. The sound had gradually faded out and he was no longer smiling, the crowds cheering and jumping. Yet amidst it all he stood quiet and silent. Charmaine had soon after left the crowd and the building, he didn't feel like watching the tournament anymore. He wanted nothing more than to go home, where he would stuff the gunpla box into a shelf and let it be forgotten.

The young man walked in the rain, having forgotten to bring with him an umbrella, he made his way towards the nearest substation. His gaze at the box he carried in both his hands. The street-signals were glowing red, like the eyes of a zaku before turning yellow. Yet he couldn't see them, he couldn't hear anything and then as they turned green. A sound came through. A loud horn, two lights glowing into his eyes and then darkness took him. Next thing he knew he woke up in a white room, laying in a bed, the crumpled box sat on a small table next to him. His body was aching, his mind was slightly dullened yet it didn't take him long to rip the blanket away that laid on top of him.

His legs. His legs were gone by the knee-cap. It took a few moments to realize and then sorrow, but it came to gradually fade and give way to a new feeling. Anger. Unspeakable anger. And such anger could only grow so far until it would need to be unleashed. He had allowed his eyes to fall upon the crumpled up gunpla box.

'It's all because of you. I... I'll make the greatest gunpla ever and defeat you. I'll defeat them all... I will make you acknowledge my existance!'

The flashback faded away...

"I will get back everything..." Charmaine gritted his teeth and set his Creusherazade gunpla down.

"Charmaine Creusherenada, Creusherazade exterminating the target!" He spoke up, his eyes narrowing, his gaze setting on Naoki on the other side before the scene came into view.

"Space? Damnable spacenoids!" He grunted to himself on hearing Seo praise Zeon, it made his stomach almost turn in disgust. 'I wanted to be earth federation....' There was a slight irritation, but it was soon overpowered by his desire to fight Naoki. Whilst Seo was reminding everyone about the plan and giving advice on how to easier manuever in space, his voice was gradually being faded out by Charmaine. There was excitement in the air. Fighting to be had and an enemy to defeat.

'This is my reason for being here! This is my reason to live! NAOKIIIIII!!!' His eyes flared open and he took off alongside Seo and Hachiyama.

While Seo no doubt had his own reasons to seek revenge on Naoki, it would have to wait or perhaps by taking Naoki down Seo would be pleased enough. One thing was clear however, if Seo would try to engage Naoki before him. He would have to shoot him down right there. Nothing was going to get inbetween him and his target. Not Seo. Not Hachiyama... and not the old guy! If it would not be for his belief of now being nearly divine on the battlefield, Charmaine would have looked over the recordings of his opponents, yet to him there was only one real threat as far as he knew. Naoki.

"Coward! You are a shameful warrior!" Charmaine yelled over the coms towards Hachiyama.

"Hmph! You cheapen the old man's victory and went against Seo's orders, isn't he your commander? Isn't he your leader? Do you not respect him ehh?! The old man might let you off the hook, but if you interfere in my duels and I will shoot you down myself!" Charmaine snarled over the coms, making his displeasure of seeing a two against one unfold briefly and then beholding trans-am, one of the few things he really didn't like. While he could understand and respect the desire to fight in a battle, he couldn't help but feel like his team had stained itself to the point they might aswell had been on the opponents team.

'How dare you put us on the same level as these people. Damnable background character!' Charmaine thought in irritation about Hachiyama, watching how Ryoichi was making short work of the enemy in the red gunpla. Painting it red was surely giving it at least a 100% boost in performance, or so it was likely believed. 'The metal devil? More like mental weevil. Hm. That gunpla of his is fast, but the exterior seems worn out. What builder would allow his gunpla to enter looking like that? No doubt about it, someone else made that thing for him. Someone quite skilled too.' The masked young man pondered as he beheld the Gundam Baelstrom, all things considered it was a potent gunpla by the looks of it.

Charmaine had flinched on hearing Seo's screaming into the voice-channel. "Tch." He allowed his teeth to grind together, his face looking anything but pleased. What was it now?

'Useless federation pilots...' The young man thought as the Creusherazade was approaching it's teammembers. "Understood!" He yelled back after having grunted to himself sufficiently. What if Ryoichi were to arrive on scene before him? He had swiftly replied to Seo after all, had he disposed of the other force so quickly?

'Interesting. Perhaps I was too fast in judging the old man? No matter. He is a lifetime away from my power...' The masked young man smirked as he came closer to his destination, but it soon faded as two clear visible flying objects came into view.

One were Ryoichi's machine. How had it been able to get there before him? Had he'd been slacking too much on the withdraw or was it the performance of Ryoichi's gunpla. 'Not bad. For a lowly second rate coordinator. Hm?' His view changed to the red gunpla ahead. 'Is that a virgo? No. It's something else.' He quickly realized this was something he had no recollection of, was it a kitbash? The uncertainty filled him with irritation, how dared the enemy use something he was unfamiliar with. But even worse were that Ryoichi had gotten there first and were now engaging it in battle.

It angered him that Ryoichi might get more gunpla destroyed than him, the very idea made him almost feel physically ill. But it was too late now, the fight had already begun and if he were to join in on it he would be regarded as a coward that would team up on this enemy gunpla. His pride as a warrior couldn't allow that to happen.

"I... I will let you handle this one, old man! If you get shot down don't expect me to pick up the pieces!" Charmaine said in the open channel out towards Ryoichi, while allowing his Creusherazade to land a distance away from the two battling gunpla, placing itself on top of a tall tower-like building.

"Seo! Let gramps handle this one, If you engage in this fight you might hit the wrong target. Let's keep our energy for the next fight. You do want to win don't you?" Charmaine offered a satisfied grin.

'When it comes down to it though. I don't need you or your useless friends Seo. Nor your money. I'm afraid you will not be the one to shoot down Naoki. That will be me... I'll settle things once and for all. Anything that guy can do... I can do just as well.' Charmaine momentarily spaced out, his mind barraged by flashbacks of another masked boy years past.
Charmaine had grit his teeth together on hearing Ryoichi's words, whilst at first it had been the call-name he had been given that had caused the most irritation. But now he was attacking on a more personal level. "Shut your mouth! You damn civilian! Threaten to change sides all you like! I never said I was on yours to begin with!" Charmaine yelled back to Ryoichi before the two parted, moving off towards different destinations. 'Does he really think he can take me on? Creusherazade let's begin the new chapter of the story! Destiny is smiling upon me!' He thought as he flew southwards, it didn't take long before the enemy made their presence known. Had they been static and waiting on him to approach?

That's when a volley of airborne missiles flew to his direction, fired by a duo of Pisces type machines. Charmaine rose up into the air further, gritting his teeth slightly. As he did a voice called out to him, it was the third member of their squad which donned a different coloured Pisces unit. Calling out to him to fight him, the offer intrigued him.A warrior who was willing to face him head-on in seemingly a one-on-one duel, but his two allies were near and already firing on him. Something was up with it.

The Creusherazade began to twirl and spin it's Mjolnir hammer with his left main hand, the large morningstar like ball reaching out quite the distance and the wire to which it were attached. He spun the extendable wire and the spiked ball in front of him, causing the incoming missiles to slam into it and explode, causing big fiery blasts and smoke to fill the air until every last missile had connected with it.

"Sounds amusing!" Charmaine yelled out in reply to the leader, before his machine plunged out of the smoke. The Creusherazade dashed out fiercely towards the incoming leader of the trio. The machine had made it through the missile volley unscathed, and now it used it's thrusters and forward momentum to hurl the spiked ball of the Mjolnir hammer towards his target.

Charmaine knew that it would likely be possible to behead the enemy machine with a direct hit to it's head, but to the young man's surprise the unit before him tilted it's body to the side as a counter-reaction to his attack, causing him to miss. The custom painted yellow Pisces machine had a skilled pilot. The pilot and his custom Pisces was closing in fast, and Charmaine raised both his main arms in preparation to strike, but the opposing machine had a distinct advantage. The Pisces arms had more reach and now they latched unto the main arms of the Creusherazade.

"Do not touch me!" Charmaine barked out towards the leader, the Creusherazade secondary arms began to reach out and igniting their built in legilis beam sabers. The four-armed machine made a double cut using it's secondary arms in a cross-shaped manner, aiming for the extended arms of the pisces. Yet once again the pilot of that machine proved his skills by withdrawing the long arms of the pisces fully and letting go of his grip, thus evading the incoming beam slashes. The other two pisces machines were now providing their leader with some ranged support, shooting a new volley of missiles towards the four-armed monster before them.

"Tch!" Charmaine grit his teeth together as the Mjolnir hammer retracted and the main arms were now free to move again. Yet he couldn't push his attack due to his foe having support, forcing him on the defensive. Charmaine pushed the thrusters into full reverse and then raised all four arms, this time opening fire with all of his ranged weaponry. The 110mm machine cannons began to spray the area, shooting down the incoming missiles one after the other, but also suppressing the three enemy machines ahead. The shield-mounted 115mm beam cannons carved small tunnels of light through the smoke. The secondary hands which had it's beamsabers lit turned off and instead were replaced with beam vulcans which added even more small arms fire to suppress and barrage the missiles and foes ahead.

To hover in the air at one place was a bad idea, Charmaine began to gradually circle around the smoking field inbetween the four combatants, holding his firing momentarily until he spotted one of the enemy machines. It wasn't the leader, but one of the ones that had shot missiles at him.

'I got you now you coward!' Charmaine thought, and he could feel a grin forming on his lips. Moments later the Creusherazade was right in front of it, igniting it's both beamsabers in it's secondary arms, swinging them down in an overhanded manner down against the shoulders of the pisces, quickly cutting it's way through the armor and cutting it's arms clean off. The right main hand of the Creusherazade reaching out as if it were to uppercut the pisces in the chest, then it activated it's GN beam claw. A weapon which had orginally been used by the Garazzo, a machine from Gundam 00. It formed beamsabers in a manner it would look like it would have a saber for every finger on it's hand. In this case five of them, whilst it could be used as such or combined into a thicker beamsaber if one would so desire. But for this moment, Charmaine had not the time to think of such esthetics.

The five beamsabers found their way into the pisces torso in a forceful manner, piercing it fully. The Creusherazade began to lift up the pisces in the process. It had become far lighter without it's large arms and now were at his complete mercy. There were no mercy for the weak. The second supportive pisces made it's presence known soon after the first had been pierced and lifted up slightly, the pilot took a moment to take in the scene in indecisiveness on seeing it's partner unit being mauled. Charmaine's mouth opened wide, his eyes glimmering with something akin to how a berserker would as he laughed and hurled the badly crippled machine towards it's companion. Then taking a charge forwards after it, hurling it's Mjolnir hammer into it's back causing it to explode in the other pisces face.

When the explosion cleared the pisces gaze turned to the sides, searching for it's enemy, it's armor having been badly scorched and battered by the explosion of it's sister unit. Then the pisces gaze fell upwards, and that's where it found it's foe, it had gone airborne again. "Look upon me and tremble! Hahaha!" Charmaine's voice came over the public voice channel in the vicinity, so that the opposing pilots could hear him.

Then he unleashed his barrage of ranged weaponry at the pisces, it had nowhere to go, no shield to cover behind. The barrage of beams and machinegunfire ripped into it, shredding pieces off it with every hit, first the outer layers and then piercing the inner layers, making it look like a pierce of swiss cheese until finally the shield mounted cannon would fire once at it's chest. Causing it to explode. Charmaine couldn't stop himself to smirk. After all he had disposed of the dishonorable cowards as he saw it.

It was at that moment that their leader reappeared out of the smoke, having opened a few hatches on it's leg armor to give it some hidden extra thrusters, the yellow machine's arms stretched out anew in attempt to grab unto Charmaine's machine again.

"It won't work!" Charmaine yelled out towards the opposing pilot, there was a slight bit of disappointment in seeing his opponent undertake the same manuever again just like that. But having been able to avoid two of his attacks so well was impressive. Was this how it was going to end?

The pisces grappling arms latched unto the main arms again, but not only that, out of it's upper arms and back there were compartments opening up revealing two build in beam rifles. Just looking at the barrels, Charmaine knew these were packing quite the firepower. The enemy pilot had been smart to hide away some of his weaponry, all in order to be able to catch an unsuspecting foe unaware. He had latched on and the beam rifles quickly opened fire towards the chestof the Creusherazade. It was there where the second surprise came, but this time from Charmaine's machine. Two big beam blasts from the pisces rifles slammed into the chest of the Creusherazade but as quickly as they landed they bounced away from it, reflecting back at the pisces, hitting it in the chest and shoulder area. The pilot of the yellow machine screamed out in what some could describe as anger and annoyance. Letting go once again from the Creusherazade to avoid being attacked by it's beam sabers which had almost instinctively lit up in it's secondary hands.

"Submit to me!" Charmaine yelled out and pushed his machine forwards, it's waistmounted grappling piercers shooting out towards the custom pisces, latching into it's lower chest area. Then the Creusherazade would pull itself closer quickly through the wires, it's both secondary arms with their beamsabers cutting off the yellow machine's arms with a single swing, albeit upon cutting it took longer to get through. The machine had seemingly tougher armor than the rest. The young man didn't stop in his cutting however and proceeded to slice open the pisces chest and even it's legs, tearing into it in a manner of overkill to completely shred it to pieces until there was only a pile of scrapmetal left falling from the sky.

'Ahah? Ahahaha! Creusherazade... you are truly beautiful. My precious flawless diamond. That pilot with the yellow machine had some skill, too bad he relied on other people to back him up. Companionship. Friendship. Why would one need that? All you need is enemies, they are the ones which motivate you to be stronger. To be the strongest... to go the farthest... to climb the highest... I will become a gunpla god and you will be my goddess. My greatest of all the ugly things asunder.' The young man thought as all three opponents finally lay defeated before him, he allowed himself a soft smirk before flying off towards where Seo and the snipers would be waiting.

"I don't feel fullfilled yet... more... I want to fight more." The young man murmured on his way back, looking around for any possible threat.
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Kishimoto arcade, local tournament.

Having seen Ryoichi's reaction to one of the opposing teams member, had csused Charmaine to snicker. Whilst he attempted to conceal it by placing his tightened fist in front of his lips, it was easily noticable that the masked young man were amused. But then came the time to get to the matter at hand, and as such Charmaine made his way over with his wheelchair, picking up his briefcsse from it upon approaching the place where he would place his gunpla.

It was with the most gentle caution that he took his masterpiece from it's restingplaxe. The gunpla was a heavily kitbashed thing, black, orange and yellow in colour, yet it also seemed to shimmer. Like a fish with it's scales when subject to sunlight. In the young man's eyes, this were perfection. As he had yet to taste defeat with it.

The young man placed the gunpla down, after he had adjusted his seating, raising how high up he sat in his rolling throne.

"Charmaine Creusherenada, Creusherazade going!" The masked young man said aloud, offering a slightly sinister grin as he did.

'Naoki Yukihiro... your gunpla must not be allowed... to win.' He thought as he envisioned his future opponent if they would defeat their eespective opponent

'I want to meet you...GUNPLA!' The young man thought, as his mind became barraged with images of his past. And the one who set him on the path.

'As long as I wear this mask, you and I shall be enemies...' He smurked to himself.

But such thoughts he decided to shake away for now, there were some minor tasks to complete first. He wasn't in it for the money though, and when Seo revealed their team's tactica he wasn't impressed, while the plan was no soubt effective, it was lacking in what Charmaine deemesbimportant. Honor. Glory. And the opportunity to become stronger through personal one on one battle. Up close and personal.

Though it was xlear that Seo would have none of it.

"Hmph. I only fight the supreme of opponents,to dispose of the unworthy is nothing akin to a fight. It's as natural as breathing." Charmaine relayed to Seo on his team's voice channel. "And ypu better stay out of my way, Silverback." He added, nodding his head towards Ryoichi.

"I'll head south, because I cannot afford anything going south here. Rest assured Seo, I always come out the victor, Charmaine out!" He backhanded all the small visual feed of the team aside once the battle began, as they were in the way as far as he was concerned. The young man took off towards the south with his weapons drawn and his thrusters igniting with speed

'Come and face Creusherazade and let me end this masquerade by demasking you frauds!' He thought as his eyes darted around for any sign of the enemy.

' You.may try to innovade, coordinate or quantum brainwave as much as you wish. My victory shall nontheless be the natural result.'
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