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Ayel Rozenfeldt

This boy. No. This young man whose ruby eyed gaze have fallen upon me, seems to possess the power to detect those like myself. Such a magnificent gift. A power which is irreplaceable, a weapon which could bring terrible effect on our kind, but at the same time find them and ferret out those whom be not. He seems to be quite the calculating mind too, ferreting out various things to come to the most likely conclusion. This young man must not fall into the wrong hands.

The young man had in his ponderous manner appearantly thrown a small stone in his own face.

He is capable of some form of telekinesis aswell? Just how gifted is he?

"A young man of incredible talent I can see... but let's not get too far ahead shall we?" That's when he felt how Aya started to move, and at that Ayel carefully let go of her by placing her down on the ground, on top of his jacket which he took off her head. To Ayel she appeared to be quite ill overall, as if suffering from a major headache and lack of air. Her coughs did sound quite intense, and her voice was very quiet yet with some obvious urgency. The hooded blonde looked her over as he knelt down.

Nocturn? Una? More students? He thought to himself, watching Jason approach his ill friend. But also telling the girl Aya about his name, stealing his chance of introducing himself. Though it mattered little, as time was obviously of the essence. Jason had however taken amusement in Ayel's choice of calling himself a gardener. Ayel decorated his face with a smug look.

"Indeed. A friendly gardener… I'm Ayel, pleased to meet you, despite the circumstances."

He will realize in time that holds true, more so than he might think. It's not an enjoyable profession, but it is one which is much needed. Heidi was ofcourse not disappointing, she knew of what Nocturn was. A place appearantly. And this Una was a person? Another student? If that was the case, it did sound like they needed aid.

"I take it this Una is a person?" The blonde man exhaled softly, he was going to lend them a hand with this. Not only because a fellow kin were possibly in danger, but also getting to know these two very, very capable young couple of students better. "You are a very resourceful group, perceptive and quick at making up your minds. That's a good thing. Let's however not waste time, there is someone in need of aid I do believe." Ayel said, as he stood up.

"Choices can be difficult at times, yet even so one must chose. You have friends inside the building close to here, and another whose at this... Nocturn place? Miss Heidi, if you would be so kind and tell us where this place is, we can make our way there swiftly. Jason and myself. That or we can wait for your other friends to show up, though we do not know how long that will take. And whom knows what will happen with this Una, If we do not seize the moment when it presents itself, it may slip through ones fingers. If we are to leave now, one of us ought to stay behind to let the rest know where the tracks have led no? Miss Aya, could you perhaps do this?" He said in an as calm as possible manner, although abit hastily uttered.

Jason, I will learn all there is to know about you, and make certain your incredible gift is put to the best use possible. If the others come to worship you as a hero, all the better. The blonde man looked down to his jacket, to see if Aya was still in need of it or not. Otherwise he would just have to liberate a human of theirs later.
Aye, that it is! We've got a discord channel up aswell.

The demondragon said nothing as Alicia decided to walk out on his offer to discuss tournament matters, she seemed to have no interest in it after all. Appearantly his accidental slip had likely given her an ample reason to refuse his offer. Perhaps she never were interested to begin with. He shook his head briefly, as he made it to his dorm room. He met no one on the way there, most were likely having something to eat or enjoying the outdoors.

The dark haired young man reached into his pockets, taking out the dorm room key. Wasting no time he put it into the keyhole and twisted it around, unlocking the door before stepping inside, he reached for the lever on the wall, causing many torches with red flames to light up the room.

His somewhat normal looking arm reached for the door and locked it after having taken out the key. The first thing people met by entering into his dorm room was a door to left leading into the bathroom, as unfitting it was calling it such. As the main room was covered up by a large red pair of covers which he slid apart and closed behind him. Entering his window-lacking room, it's decoration was mainly a couple of water proof paintings and tapestries, in the middle of the room was a bathrub, or rather a squared pool. As if made for four people. There was also a bookcase, a bed and a couch in the room.

This was specifically put in here as the regular one-person bathrooms were too small to hold such a thing. Then ofcourse there was the communal baths. Though he tended to avoid those, mainly as he recall some of the boys in the school have holy properties and would purify the water in an instant. Such would be a bad experience for someone like him.

Though his dorm room was fine, it was wide and tall to the ceiling, allowing him to spread out his massive wings. Though one thing at a time. First he went over to a desk by the end of the wall, opening a box and taking out his spare visor, quickly attaching it on his head. He breathed out in relief, now more relaxed. "This day, I am sure something good will come at the end of it to balance out this overall bad luck." The demondragon reached up and unbuttoned his shirt using his non-deformed hand, tossing it to the side before slipping out of his boots, kicking them to the side casually. "A bath would be good right about now..." He said aloud despite none being in the room.

He began to unhinge his belt, followed by unbuttoning his black pants and taking them off. Leaving him only with a pair of socks and dark underwear. Well, and his visor ofcourse. Which he wouldn't take off. Only when sleeping, but that was because it was a bother to sleep with it on. Sufficient enough that he had an oversized arm and wings that prevented him from ever lying on his back.

The demondragon sighed softly. "Maybe I should go speak with Rat King later... That might make this day a little bit better." He said in a humming manner, as he quickly tore off his socks, throwing them in the laundry bin in the room. Then lastly took the last piece of garment off, now wandering across the room in the nude. He walked over to pour up water into the tub, turning the valve before going swiftly to the bathroom door, opening it and going in to grab a piece of exotic demon friendly soap, imported and bearing the name 'Ravenovich Special' and a long brush so he could properly reach where he needed. Like his large deformed arm and his wings.

"Hmm..." He said after having watched the tub being filled with water. He leaned down to turn the valve again to stop the water flow, he remember he'd forgotten something. And thus went into the bathroom area again, taking hold of the yellow rubber duck which had become a traditional bathing partner for him.

Nidgardt casually threw it into the tub before taking a few careful steps to walk into the tub. "What a day..." He seated himself in the middle of the tub.

"Good grief..." The dark haired and paleskinned young man reached for the soap before placing it into his oversized clawed hand, then he tried to rub his both hands together, it only lasted for awhile before the soap flew out of his grasp and took a dive into the water. The demondragon just gave the water a bored stare, then to the yellow rubber duck, which had the same expression as it always had.

This is all a test. A test by the higher powers. Do not give into the state of reckless rage and anger. A good mind is a collected mind, think of the wellbeing of all the people around yourself. He blew some air through his nose, then reached for the long brush he had taken with him, applying some soap unto it aswell as water, then he began to clean himself. Brushing off his large wings one after the other.

Ahh, at least the water helps in making this day abit better. He thought to himself, then began to spread out both his wings out to their maximum, spreading across the room, water sliding all the way down to his body, which had been decorated by scars. Both from before his time joining the school and during his three years there. He treasured them, as they were all telling a story. Which lesson had to be learnt to avoid being scarred in the same manner again.

Nidgardt smiled softly, looking them over and remembering how they ended up on his body. How he had improved during his years at the school, and that there was surely much more he could accomplish. Amongst warriors a sign of scarring was a thing to be respected. At least among the majority, then there were those who'd were so good that they've never had been scarred ever or those mending themselves of them to look better. The young demondragon didn't think much about looks, other than when it came to his own eyes. In them he could see the nature of himself, his mixed nature and how it was screaming out at him to give into feelings of dominance, arrogance and lust.

His father while wanting him to be powerful had made certain that Nidgardt also learnt restraint in order to not become a mindless beast. As he wanted him alive. It was natural for a parent to not wanting their child to die. In his own father's case, he was certain his own father had some great design made out for him. His father was not the loving kind, unless it involved gold and riches. He even hoarded powerful objects which he never used, for the sake of just having them. Never actually making use of them.

Nidgardt didn't know if this was part of his father's greed or if he was being foolish. Though you wouldn't get away with calling a dragon a fool, especially not one like his father. It would be met by quite the backlash. The young demondragon set his sight on the yellow rubber duck, reaching out with his non-deformed hand, grabbing hold of it. He gave a slight smirk before he pressed it, causing it to let out a beep.
Ayel Rozenfeldt

The girl. Heidi had begun to speak about scientific matters, and what caused humankind to refer as their kind of abilities as mutations. Ayel had an upturn at the corner of his mouth as he listened to her, allowing the young girl to speak as much as she desired. After all, to listen was more important than to talk at times. And sure enough she did provide him with answers he desired. Information about her particular powers, knowing about them was something which Ayel found very important. Heidi's powers had manifested in the forms of photographic memory and a perfect recall, aswell as being a very fast thinker, her mind capable of memorizing things only once then being able to remember it forever.

Such particular a power could be utilized in many useful ways, to breach into places locked away. But more importantly, the words spoken would never be forgotten. How suceptable was this girl to the flow of information passing by her? How much of humanity's cruelty could she watch before she would despise all of them and consider their existance an abomination? That was questions which still had no answers. Though time would certainly reveal plenty.

You could be of much use to the world that is about to be born... Heidi. He thought to himself

"Alcohol? You seem a tad too young to drink. Though I won't tell anyone about that. Your gift is a great one, Heidi. But for whom and what do you intend to use it?" He offered a warm smile at that, tilting his head to the side abit.

"The X-men huh?" Ayel nodded slowly with his head, then turned his gaze to the figure that had appeared behind Heidi.

"My my, seems that I was not the only one being followed." He proclaimed softly, as he heard Heidi greet the boy. His eyes set on Jason, not in an hostile manner, but very calculating one.

Now what's this then? A friend of hers? Such a fierce gaze you have boy, I wonder what power you bear? Ruby Eye...

"That's quite the ruby eyed gaze you have there... Jason? You may call me Ayel, I am a simple gardener in the area who'd happened to come by the equally curious gazing Aya, standing out there in the open with that unmistakable look in her eyes." He offered a courteus bowing motion with his free arm, still holding unto Aya with the other. Having greeted the boy, the blonde haired man took a slight inhale before blowing the air out through his mouth.

"A message in your head? And for the havoc over yonder? What makes you come to such a conclusion? Do I seem to be the kind whose capable of doing such a thing? But it is certainly refreshing to see someone whom cares deeply for their dear friends. We could use alot more of that in our world." Ayel did not approach Jason, as he was still holding unto Aya he stayed put. But he did indeed make careful note of the boy's reactions and behaviour. This boy, Jason believed he was the one whom had sent the message out to him. That was true. Though telling them outright, in this moment and time would not benefit those whose voices yet had to be heard. In the worst case it could alert those whom would try to prevent those voices from being heard. Were he to leave these two pondering on the possiblity if it was him or not, they would surely try make it to the meeting spot to find out. Young people tend to be so very, very curious and would like himself seek out the truth.

The truth was often to be prefered than living a life in an illusion, a lie, a charade, like the fairytale of a storyteller or the poison which even Heidi herself had consumed. That which clouds most minds, take them to a place other than here, to a time other than now. Putting them into their own little dream world, where they make their escape to instead of stepping forth and tackling the real world before them. That is why such illusions must be shattered, even if the truth may be grim and hurtful. It is still the truth, and people do crave it. For no one want to wake up, realizing it was all just a dream. A sweet poisonous dream, which would repeat itself over and over again until they would run out of time.

Ayel was under the belief himself that the time of action was about to begin, it was enough of sitting around and not doing anything to make the world better. To make the world, into that very dream they've all wished for. That the new mankind wished for. That world without wars. The utopia. Yet all cannot get aboard the ark and thus must vanish along with the old tainted world. Fire was seen as a destroyer, but it also the tool of purification and renewal. Burning down the old withered things, so that new growth could take it's place.

The future would always be better than the past. Because people always strive to climb higher, to reach further ahead and go as far as possible. And those whom could do it the best was none other than them. The chosen ones.

Ayel Rozenfeldt

Her gaze is wandering, possibly taking in where we are and what is going on. Calmness. Unusual calmness.
Ayel thought, Before he readjusted his stance abit, making sure Aya's body would not be taxed by unnecessary pressure or be subject to bruising. If possible he would hold her up and let her lean against him, a tad too close perhaps than she may have wanted were her mind present, since he was a stranger holding unto her.

A fellow kin no doubt. She's very perceptive. Is that her gift? He pondered for a moment as his eyes followed Heidi til she explained abit what was going on. I suppose I won't have to deal with her then. How fortunate. Ah. So there are others afoot, fighting in the club over yonder. I'd hate to blow my cover right now, besides if my kin be in there they will no doubt become stronger after such an encounter.

"Oh? An institute for the gifted?" He said in a curious manner. "Mutants? That's just a word invented by those not understanding the gift bestowed upon the few, to make them feel like they carry some form of disease or illness. And a monster?" He allowed a reassuring look to decorate his face as he still tried to get eyecontact with Heidi.

"Ahh, a group of young gifted individuals undertaking work which would have been expected to be carried out by the so called law that is meant to protect the... people. You did the right thing though in caring for your friend, Aya. Whom knows what would have happened had neither of us been there to lead her to a more secluded and safe place. Let us stay back, your friends would only be distracted would we arrive to aid them. Concentration is a very important thing after all. Besides heroes battling and triumphing over monsters is a good tale don't you agree?" He blew out some air through his mouth and he got abit more of an upturn at the corner of his mouth.

"We all help in our own way, with what we've been given. You're quite calm regarding the situation nontheless, and also seem to possess a quick mind, apart from your apparant beauty and forementioned skills, is there any other gifts you've been given?"

Ayel threw a glance over Aya, looking her over. "I hope she returns from wherever she has gone to. Do not fret though, I shall watch over her til that time comes. Do you know any place where we can take her to?"

A very perceptive and calculating one aren't you? I am intrigued to learn more of your power, perhaps I can help you use it to the best of your capabilities. A little push in the right direction, doing the world a few favors in the process. That's good, wouldn't you agree...? He thought to himself while awaiting Heidi's replies.


The demondragon scratched his cheek for a moment as he walked into the arts room. "Well, whomever played that trick on us better have some good explaining to do." He said out loud, as much to himself as to Alicia.

He was relieved however, that Alicia could walk and she seemed to be fine. That meant he didn't have to drop by the nursery and could go directly for his dorm room to get his reserve visor.

"We should discuss some things in regards to the tournament matter, come with me will you?" The young man said in a very direct manner as he began to walk out into the corridor, he was on his way to his dorm room. It was located at the fourth floor, most third years were on the third floor. But some had gotten permission to get special rooms, due to how their powers worked or their size. In Nidgardt's case it was that he needed a larger room, where he could stretch out his massive wings.

The dorms on the fourth floor were not overly numerous but they were mixed with both male and female students sharing the same corridor. Unlike the rest of the building, it was kept apart in sections by other doors. Though that did not stop people from trying their luck to sneak over the border. At the risk of being caught by the night time security, and there were quite a few of those. There had to be, as this was a place where those with powers were both training and living. There had been attacks on the school in the past, long ago there had been rumors of a powerful magician hiding at the school that even the Tsar's personal guard and elite troops marsched into the place searching for this rumored magician but they never found him. Though this was mainly just old tales which went from mouth to ear through generations, there was no proof anywhere supporting the existance of the magician and none of the Tsar's past nor present family have ever admitted to it.

The demondragon however had little time to ponder on the security of the place, nor the absurd idea to sneak over to the girls side of the building. It was only something perverts did, or those whom were overly romantic by nature. Or just overall tricksters. Nidgardt turned to look over his shoulder, slightly obscured by his large wings, he tried to look at Alicia. "Sorry again for falling at you. This does not usually happen."

Then he took a moment to ponder. Maybe he was overdoing things? Perhaps he actually needed to wind down abit, could he perhaps be sick? It couldn't be the dragon flu again... I still remember sneezing on the principal's car which caught fire. Thank the gods for the janitor and his repairing powers.
Ayel Rozenfeldt

It had gone smoothly passing the street with the girl, but upon reaching the alley, he noticed that he had indeed been followed. He was prepared to use his telekinetic powers to incapacitate the witness, but at that point she was introducing herself. But not only that, she was providing the name for the girl whom he had casually relocated to the alley.

So she knows this girl? Another of my kind? Schoolgirls? He thought to himself.

He still held unto Aya, providing leaning support but also keeping the jacket in place so none would see her eyes. Aswell as making sure she would not catch a cold.

"Pleased to meet one such as yourself, young princess Heidi." He made a slight arm-bowing motion with his free hand before he took hold of her hand, raising it a slight bit before attempting to plant a kiss upon it. "I am Ayel, a gardener. I happened to come upon the scene over yonder and simply count not stand idle. Perhaps you could be so kind as to tell me what has happened over there and to Aya here?" He asked as he straightened himself, looking at Heidi from under his hood, long strands of blonde hair could be seen within it. He still would bear a soft smile upon his lips, his eyes attempting to keep eyecontact with hers.

"Nay need to thank me, the safety of two young ladies such as yourselves be of outmost importance. You said you are schoolmates? What are you doing out here at this time?"

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Ayel Rozenfeldt

After having recuperated from using his telepathic powers, Ayel stood back up on his feet. He exhaled through his nose and reached both his hands into his jacket pockets. Hooded and his hands stuffed away, he made it to the metal staircase which led up to the roof from the outside, it was likely meant to be an escape route would a fire occur, as the stairs were adjacent to a couple of windows for the building.

He slowly, yet steadily made his way down the stairs until he could feel the ground underneath his boots. He had come down to the entry of an alley and was just now stepping out from it when the sound of a speeding car and commotion drew his interest, not too far away from where he was located, across the street diagonally from where he was. Some woman had appearantly run out to probably get a lift with the car, but was left there standing, just watching it speed away.

The city is so much more lively than the forests, lively in the worst kind of way. Though if one of his kind was causing all this commotion it was something indeed worth inspecting. And whom was better to ask than the woman standing there just watching the street. He approached her from the front, albeit abit to the side as he was crossing the street after making sure no cars were homing in on him.

"Lost your ride home?" He said in a soothing tone, in a manner someone elderly would ask a child. His black hoodie up and his hands still in his pockets. But as he said that, he noticed her eyes. Shining in a silvery manner, like miniature discoballs. Upon not receiving any reaction from her he swiftly removed his long jacket and heaved it over her head like a makeshift cover from the rain, would there be any of that. Or warding off cold. At least that was what he hoped to give the impression of, whilst the real reason was to cover her eyes from unlookers.

This isn't good... He thought to himself.

Thankfully many people were panicked and did not pay attention too well. Either way, keeping her in such an open place was not ideal. Nor would it be taking a taxi, they could tell immediately upon seeing her what she was.

"One of the stores should still be open, let us borrow their phone. I've got you."

Ayel took hold of her right arm and then placed it over his shoulder, attempting to lead her across the street, carrying her if he had to, then further along the street to that very alley he had come from moments earlier. There somewhere in the alley, away from people's eyes he could use his telekinetic flight to get them both up unto the roof from where he earlier had stood. At least that was the plan. First he had to make sure no one were to interfere with the improvised rescue attempt. This woman's life would depend on it.

Thus if any human would find out it would have to be rooted out... permanently.

The demondragon had patiently waited to hear something from Alicia. She had made some sounds, which led the young demondragon it could only be one thing. She was injured. Then she spoke to him, stating that he was a pervert. That was uncalled for, but so was falling over people. Thank the gods he had managed to catch himself and managed to identify her, whom knows what would have happened had he searched the other pockets for the key. He shook his head briefly to get that thought out of the way, this was a time of great focus. There was a challenge ahead and challenges were meant to be tackled head-on.

"I'm sorry, I did not mean to harm you. Please allow me to help you." He reached out his hand in an swift manner and was met what appeared to be moist fabric. Were she suffering a bleeding wound? This wasn't good, he needed to make sure she was allright, panic and shock were generally bad when someone was wounded, so he did his best to calm her down. "Don't move." He withdrew his hand as carefully as he could, that's when he mentally tried to figure out where his bag was. He also put his hand to his face sniffing on it. It didn't smell of blood. Then again, some students had blood different from the norm.

He could swear he heard some large crashing sound earlier, perhaps someone else had slipped? But it sounded alot bigger. And now there was a male voice and someone saying making things better? A medic? Perfect timing! Then the sound of the person became muffled. Did he just walk away?

If only he could see where that medic was, he tried to look through the cracked glasslike material which his visor was made off, it seemed almost as if the walls were melting together with the door. Had he hit his head that hard? Hallucinations were not a good sign, perhaps they both were needed to go to the sick bay. All because he had to be clumsy, it wasn't something he was known for. But the school had taken precautions with that, well at least his dorm room which had been made bigger than the rest so he could stretch out his massive wings. He reached behind himself, finding a strap which he recognized. It was the bag, he pulled it to him, causing the chair which leg it was tied around to slam into the back of Nidgardt's head. Oops. He though to himself as he saw another crack in the visor. He hardly felt the impact though. But now he had his bag, he reached into the pocket and found the key to his visor. Reaching up with key in hand he tried to find the keyhole. The moist he had gotten on his finger caused his grip on the key to be very loose, and the overly familiar sound of a key hitting the floor could be heard.

Darn it. "Damn... Don't worry Alicia, I'll get you as soon as I get this off. I will take you all the way-" the med bay? He went silent and thought. Then it struck him. He had never been to the nurse before. Where was the med bay actually? Screw that for now. He had to get the key. He began searching on the floor. "Can you see it? I can't see or be seen without my visor." He said as a matter of fact, who knew how people would react if they did. He allowed his humanlike hand to search the floor, piece by piece until he came up to touch Alicia's thigh. "Sorry. It's hard." He excused himself and then through sheer luck at last he found the key! He put it next to his visor and managed to find the keyhole, he turned the key and his visor fell to the floor, his dark hair fell in unison before his eyes. Obscuring them from Alicia. His visor crashed against the floor, and he looked at Alicia. He was silent for abit before saying in a ponderous, but also a matter of fact tone. "Black lace..? erhm." Before turning his head around to look away from her.

"Sorry." He said in an slightly appologetic tone, before inspecting the wall. It seemed different than before, he poked it with his oversized draconic clawed hand. The door to the room was gone. What manner of magic was this? Who was that male voice? Someone had played a prank of them both. No matter, he had to get out of there. He gave a brief thought of what room was adjacent to the room, it was the artclass room. They were out on a field trip today. Nidgardt hated artclass. Filled with determination he pulled his oversized clawed hand back before ramming it into the wall at full force. It didn't bulge.

"Oh?" The demondragon said in a surprised manner. A challenge. This was a challenge for him. He was meant to test his might. He raised his humanlike arm. "Balor blade!" He yelled as a dark purple energy blade formed in his hand, then the young demondragon made a circular motion at the wall. It did nothing apart from leaving a mark. He furrowed his eyebrows. This was indeed a challenge. Throwing a glance to the ceiling, he could easily cut through that to get into the staff room. But that was escaping from the challenge and a way to get suspended. He reached out with his oversized clawed hand towards Alicia, before projecting a shield in front of her. Then he attuned to his demonic side, he let out a roar and a wave of energy shot out from without him, many of the desks flew into the other end of the room. Whilst Alicia were warded from the blast and the furniture by his shield. Now empowered he made the same kind of circular cut on the wall, this time cutting through it like a hot knife through the Tsar's best butter. He withdrew his oversized arm and slammed it into the middle of the circular part of the wall he had cut.

The disc shaped wall section flew forwards and slammed into the month long effort clay statue the blonde boy Charles had finished earlier in the day. Then the disc flew through the wall and out into the air and landed somewere far off into the distance. Hopefully there were none in it's path. The demondragon breathed heavily, and for a moment a purple light could be seen from under his dark hair but it slowly vanished as the demondragon exited his enraged state of being, whilst albeit breathing hard.

"Can you walk? I'll take you to a bed." He asked before looking at Alicia, hoping she had by now assumed a different pose.


It was now only him and Alicia left in the room, the rest had taken their leave. Some appearantly also were dragged off. Alicia asked how he could possibly know her measurements, to that the demondragon answered calmly. "Hm? Geometry."

He said in a half-truth sort of manner. It came naturally to him, he was part demon after all. Being able to answer truthfully but not entail everything into it. The young man had kept his stare from under his visor at the cat which had now lunged up and scratched his non-draconic formed hand. His skin was thick, so there was only a minor amount of blood.

"That's all then?" He asked questioningly before readying himself to leave, whatever ability she was doing had appearantly not worked. Though perhaps it was an effect which would take place later, he had to be ready, he tensed his body and stood up and turned around to walk and slipped on his strap that was attached to his bag, next to the desk by him.

He fell forwards, and a crackling sound was heard as something broke. Wooden by the sound of it, a desk fell over as his head collided with it, his visor getting cracked and difficult to see with. He felt his knees touch the floor, aswell as his oversized draconic arm preventing him from falling face-first into the floor. He breathed out deeply, with his eyes closed, he could feel the floor with his large claw but his other hand was not, he had managed to land on something soft. First he tried to move his legs, starting with his right. What? It was stuck as if something was holding unto it. He pressed it forwards abit but when he did he noticed he couldn't move it in that direction.

The demondragon tried to look but his visor had taken a big hit in the middle, obscuring his vision up close. It was an old pair of visors, he had to get something alot sturdier. Instinctively he grasped with his other hand to figure out exactly where he was. He felt a slight bump, he poked it with a finger. How did his bag end up way over here.

If only he could see. Oh that's right, he had the key to his visors in the bag. He generally kept it there to not lose it while fighting. His visor was always to be kept on him, so he had to do precautions to keep it there. He reached forwards abit and slid his hand down in what he thought was the outer pocket of the bag, that's where his key was, he searched around for it but didn't find what he was looking for, only finding something he didn't recall being in his bag before. Some weird button. He gave it a press but it didn't open anything. Oddly enough the bag was warm and alot smoother than he seemed to recall, even with the siden pockets. It was very smooth. Almost as if it was skin. He withdrew his hand and tried to figure out what to do next.

That's when he realized what had happened, he had fallen on Alicia. He felt a slight relief at knowing where he was, but now he had to figure out what to do next. He had to fix the situation, and knew just the way to do it. "B minus... Are you allright? I must have slipped."
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