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The girl he had previously engaged with swords with dared to look down on him in his predicament. The audacity!

Menomaru was still slightly shocked how he had been put into this situation. To think these people would have the power necessary to stand against him, even winning and leaving him in such a humiliating way. The great dog demon that had sealed him away with his father's remains was one thing. He was a powerful great demon. But these people they were not emitting anything. Yet they had the power to subdue him. It irked him to no end.

The girl with the sword spoke to him in a very unproper way to a demon of his standing. But not only that she was being rude. She was concerned about his poisonous moths and that any innocent would come in harms way. Menomaru was about to reply to her words when the girl has raised her sword and tried to kill him. Once again he couldn't believe it. That he would be beaten by a human! Strange humans with the power to rival demons. It was infathomable.

At least he would not have to suffer the humiliation of being displayed and made a laughing stock of. But the blade never landed the killing blow, it was knocked aside by an iron fan belonging to the girl who had used the ice magic to kill his moths.

She seemingly had other plans for him. How much humiliation would he be able to take? Still it gave him a chance to come back and devour their souls later. And did he hunger for their souls.

Villain? She refered to him as a villain? He was no villain. He was not a hero either. He was a conqueror and future ruler of this world. That was his destiny. The girl spoke to him as if they were in some story but she did state what Menomaru thought. That they were indeed not in their home world. Perhaps these humans were not even from his world or this one. The idea troubled him as he finally seemed to ponder abit after having gotten out of the shocklike state.

"You will need my power indeed. More than you realize." He said with narrowed eyes and then tossing a glance to the knight woman and the finely dressed boy she had saved.

"I simply desire to absorb my fathers power. Don't you seek the same? Don't you desire the power of your father? No matter what little pests get in the way." Menomaru would say, obviously hinting to the innocent people the knight had mentioned before.

The priestess, or what he thought she were had also spoken out to him. Further confirming that he was right in his previous statement of where he was. Where they all were. He could not help but feel abit of pride returning to him. Even if he were a prisoner now.
How long would her magic keep him immobilized. He remembered something that he had on his person. The sacred jewel shard. He had previously discarded it as nothing that he had any need of. But as things were going he might had to resort to something like that.

He didn't know what were more humiliating, Relying on a thing like that or be their prisoner. Either he would expand his demonic aura, taint the jewel shard and put it inside of his body to try break the seal holding him captive. Or he would bide his time and wait for a more opportune moment. Right now they were on high alert and they were outnumbering him. He had to for now hold back the urge to devour them where they stood and wait until he was alone with one of them.

Menomaru knew there were others in the city fighting. So he might be able to find a suitable servant or at least an ally.


That fourth person had drawn the attention of two of the girls. The girl who had flung that powerful orb towards him and the girl with the flaming sword.

Wait what? One of them was courting Syd? What in the world was going on?

Alberich felt annoyed. He was interfering with his plans. The girl in red was talking to someone else though. Did she have an ally nearby? Mages? He could hear the girl moving closer as she spoke to someone who was not present. Some form of distance communication no doubt. But it gave Alberich a better estimate at how close she was. Realizing now that the levitating guy was actually aiding in his plan by keeping two of them busy. His annoyance turned into evil joy.

Listening to her coming closer and closer before he finally lunged out with his arm outstretched, the acid spraying from it towards where he thought her face was. He aimed abit too high. The girl was really short. The acid had caused her hat to get burnt away though.

Alberich quickly got up on his feet with a bloodied smirk on his lips, his legs spread to the sides as he took a hunched down sort of stance trying to stay on his feet. The girl's face had survived the spray of acid but it was mainly meant to be a distraction, a last effort to seal one of them in an amethyst.

He gasped abit in surprise, as he saw just how angry the little girl was over just losing her hat and how her hammer was transforming as his own arms spread wide to launch his own attack, his hair blowing upwards as he gathered his energy. Before unleashing the Amethyst sealed attack again. Sending those jagged shards the size of a forearm, towards the redclad girl who was now right in his line of fire.

But she was quick. Alberich knew that. And being hit by that hammer would hurt alot. Even moreso now with it's changed appearance. It could possibly cut down a couple of the shards he would send her way, but her weapon wasn't a shield. She would surely not be able to reach him and be sealed midway through it. He didn't have his flaming sword now, but it didn't matter. He had not been able to hold unto it against her powerful weapon. His last chance was in this attack. He had to seal her quickly before the others would have noticed what was going on and sprung into action.

Then he could play on their goodnatured spirit to get what he wanted. Have them swear allegiance to him in return for freeing the redclad girl. They were surely the types to always keep a promise. And he was the type to always exploit other peoples weaknesses. Victory by any means necessary. No matter how cheap the tactic would be.

Alberich was heavily outnumbered but if he could just get this attack to seal her away then he could win the battle by bargaining with the rest.


"Aha? Emilio Michaelov, of the army's psychiccer squad. Heh. Do you know of me big sister?"

Emilio's eyes assumed a sleepy narrowed eye look to them as he floated midair watching the various people around after having spoken to Tenshi.

"I don't have any order to capture neither of you. So what to do?" He lifted his right arm in a shrug-like motion and the palm of his gloved hand facing the sky above. His attention went from Tenshi to Tohka. "Why are you close to crying? I cannot bear to watch it. Shidou huh?"

Emilio hovered calmly midair. "I am looking for someone too. A girl. Patricia. Let us go look together shall we sister?" While waiting for her reply he threw a glance to Vita who was approaching the seemingly knocked out guy.

"Mages? So you are human. I see, I see." His ghostly violet eyes followed Vita with interest.

"Red... is such a beautiful color." His facial expression looked pleased but as soon as he saw her hat and overall design of clothing his eyes twitched.

"My head... hurts.. where have I seen this... hat... braid...skirt..." Emilio grabbed unto his head with both his hands.

He snaps out of his thoughts as he sees a spray of acid coming directly towards Vita. The guy on the ground had shot it from one of his bracers and was now trying some attack against the girl who reminded him of Wendy.

A girl whom had acted as a big sister to him 2 years ago. But after his brainwashing by Wong had been made to forget about.
A sense of uncertainty washed over him. Uncertain how to handle this odd feeling. There was someone important who looked like that. If he only could remember. Some part of him was screaming out to attack the man who attacked her but another was telling him to ignore the feeling alltogether. He decided to look away to Tenshi and Tohka.


The boy was out of his reach, tackled to the ground by the heavily armored girl. The boy had stood there holding unto some device. Another weapon? Were he too slow? He did not ponder on it for long for something was under him, reaching out and enveloping his form. Forcing him out as if nullifying his magic. Menomaru tried to uphold the magic but it was as if it was sucked out of him. What in the great demons hell was going on?

He hit the ground with some pink colored ribbons around him. Still clinging to his sword in hand but he was restricted. He tried to teleport but it didn't work.

What?! Impossible! How could I be beaten by these?!

The surprise of having been restrained by these people bothered him. They were not even great demons.

"My name... is Menomaru. I am trying to see what kind of demon that girl is, she destroyed my spies with that magic of hers. In other words she attacked a part of me. These moths you see. I can see everything they see. These toxins is just a defense to render the weak unable to resist." Menomaru was devising a plan to try make it out of his situation before the hotheaded knight woman would try chop his head off.

"I could for example tell you about the group fighting each other away from here. Likely by now putting things on fire with their powerful swords. Who knows how many 'civilians' that will be affected." Menomaru was narrowing his eyes to Mordred.

"That woman there is being empowered by something aswell. There is just no way a mere human would be able to stand against someone as great as I. What dark power did you submit to for that power? Bold one? I could offer you more power if you serve me." He turned his head to Nanoha as good as he could. "As for you priestess. You possess quite the potent sacred power. It is as if you were from a different world. All of you."

Menomaru did a cruel laugh, perhaps aimed at his situation or all of them. "Ah it makes sense now. That must be it. We are in a different world. That's why my father's remains are nowhere to be found. Who knows what else has slipped to this place! And how will you find them? I have the key! Release me. Undo this seal and I shall find them for you. Little priestess. Surely your not going to let your pride and murderous intent blind you from saving those humans from death?"

If he could sway the priestess then perhaps she would end up into a conflict with the others. Then he could possibly make for his escape and find allies.


Alberich kept his focus as Vita cut through the outstretched branches from the trees. One of the large roots had taken hold Tohka, Alberich was pleased. She was now unable to- He felt something. The girl was breaking free. Not only her. The red clad girl was lunging for him at the same time.

Alberich had to move. He had to do something. He ceased using his technique. Then he lunged with his crystal sword fully lightening the fire around it, he made a slashing motion from the top of his shoulder downwards to the smaller girl's arms.

His blade hit her weapon and was flung out of his hands, flying up into the air before landing on the ground causing several lines of fire to spread outwards towards the various vegetation, lighting it on fire.

He had slided past her during his lunge and was now right behind her looking over his shoulder, with his hands slightly trembling from having lost his weapon. That's when the large roots and branches that still were about, now firm and not moving were torn apart as an orb came flying towards him.

"Why you-" He was hit by the blast itself. He didn't know if the red clad girl was hit aswell, but Alberich was flung towards a nearby tree, slamming against it with his back as the tree broke in half and he flew several metres further, landing on the ground facedown with his arms stretched out in front of his head.

The ground had knocked the air out of him. He could feel how his body was sore and battered by the blast. With a taste of blood in his mouth and aching pain throughout his body. He was still alive however. He had not sustained a fatal wound, despite the power of that blast. The roots and branches that had come inbetween had taken some of the force, not to mention his god robe armor.

Alberich had failed in beating the three of them with the technique. Those larger blasts were a problem for it. But against those relying on swords alone or overall melee or smaller projectiles. His technique was a deathtrap.

Alberich did not know if they would try to kill him. But for now. The best thing he could do was to lie down and still. As if he was dead. Sooner or later one of them would come up to check on him. He knew their type. The stupid and naive kind. Or so he thought. And that's when he would take his chance.

He would patiently wait there. Waiting to reach out his arm and shoot that spray of acid from his right bracer towards the first ones face when gotten close enough. It would surely catch them offguard and give him enough time to possibly seal that one in the Amethyst sealed. Then he would be holding all the cards.

The final gamble.


Emilio had moved closer, hovering midair still without his spectral wings. One of his hands by his waist and the other arm hanging down in a relaxed way. He was however highly aware of his surroundings and watching the various people present with curiousity.

"Aha? You've stopped moving?" He said out loud making no attempt to hide from the girls or the seemingly knocked out man whom he was refering to. "What is going on here? You are not psychiccers or humans. I don't get it at all. This is all strange."

He lowered his mouth inside of his collared vest. "Are you idiots? The army will be here soon. Heh heh. Now what will you do? Destroy them or each other? He is still alive isn't he? What will they do if they catch you? Haah...?"

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You could always try with another character? If you want to :)
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He finally came to stop in the middle of a small clearing surrounded by all those trees. This place would suit him well to use as a last defense. Alberich didn't know how many of them would follow him or how quickly it would take them to get here. But he knew that at least two of them were the types to not stop and give chase after a target.

This wasn't good however. He would have preferably had bargained with them or using them in some way. As things had proceeded now however, having been unable to seal Tenshi away in an amethyst prison because of the meddling of that other girl.The girl with the flaming sword had resorted to using smaller projectile attacks. They had been able to tear at his body, but they were not fatal. Not to him. These kind of things would prove worthless against his family technique for certain.

The other girl with the larger sword had however been able to create those massive blasts of energy. These however did worry him. If such would come towards him he would have to break his concentration and get out of the way. But if he would then he would certainly be lunged at by the other two.

Alberich knew he had to somehow entangle her if possible to stop her from doing just that. The third girl, the one he had refered to as a chibi. He knew she was able to maintain midair flight and carried some weapon with her. Other than that he had nothing on her.

Melee attacks were also worthless against his family technique, the saints of Athena had tried to push their way through to try get to Alberich when he was using his power but without success, ending up being knocked down towards the ground, grappled or forced to dodge incoming wooden stakes.

Without further ado, Alberich raised his sword before him closing his eyes for a moment, the very air around him, the earth, the trees. Everything began to emit ghostly sounds and change in colors before he stretched out his sword just when the first of the girls arrived on the scene.

It was the girl with the hammer-like weapon. Two orbs shot out from Alberich outwards, but they didn't aim for the girl but the trees around him.

"Don't take Alberich lightly! Behold my family technique! Nature Unity!"

Suddenly the trees all around began to change in color completely turning into a hue of pink. And moving. The trees were moving on their own.

Their roots reaching out of the ground below in the middle of the clearing, the larger branches of the trees reaching outwards stretching. And horrible white eyes would become visible from the surrounding trees as the area itself seemed to have gotten darker. The earth began to rumble and split, chasms would form up and make the ground quite unsteady.

That's when the other two girls arrived on the scene, abit after the first one had shown up. The girl whom he had tried to engage first. Tenshi was the first to attack.

She flung bullet-like projectiles towards him.Alberich had no intention of being hit by them. A large number of enourmous roots came out of the ground before him and blocked the incoming projectiles. Even though some of the roots were being destroyed in the process as the bullets tore through them, more sprung out of the ground to bolster his defenses, he wouldn't let himself be interupted. Not yet. If only he could keep the girl with the large energy blast from using her power, they surely wouldn't be able to reach him.
"Spirits of nature! Have your fun with them! I'll offer you them as a sacrifice!"

An enourmous root lept out of the ground itself trying to grab hold of Tohka's entire form to keep her stuck, while four large branches the size of lamp-posts, stretched across the clearing tried to slam into Vita. Then lastly there would come wooden stakes from all around the clearing, with the size of a forearm, all of them would fly towards Tenshi in bursts.

Alberich himself was not doing any attack himself. He stood there with his eyes opened, his sword raised high up into the air whilst his family technique did the work for him. He was concentrating and making sure it would do short work of them. Or at least provide him with an opening he needed to land his amethyst sealed attack.

If he could seal one of them into it. Then he could turn the tide by using their feelings and compassion.

For once he felt abit of confidence. Even if they were three. No... there was a fourth aswell who stood further away in midair. The idea of yet another being near unsettled him. But he couldn't lose focus now or he would lose for certain and who knows what these girls would do to him.


He had followed the red clad girl for quite some bit, without his spectral wings activated, watching her fly over an area with trees and then she darted off as if chasing someone or something. Emilio looked closer and saw two others darting off behind her.

Heh. Are those really Psychiccers? Not human. He pondered and then quickly darted after them at full speed. Following the trio to what seemed to be a clearing of some kind with a fourth person standing in it, wielding a crystal-like sword in his hand and donning some odd looking armor.

Haah. That is a strange get-up. He looked them over from abit of a safe distance. The young man they were fighting was clearly trying to take them all on. The trees they were moving, their branches and roots were stretching out, they were grabbing and attempting to slam the three girls. And some wooden projectiles were hurled all over the place towards one in particular.

The man in question just stood there with his arm raised up holding unto that sword of his. He did look quite silly doing that Emilio thought. It was clear to him now that these people were neither psychiccers nor humans. What was going on?

Oddly enough he felt like he wanted to join in on the chaos, but watching them he could learn abit more of what they were actually capable of. That's when he noticed a small moth coming flying past him. Instinctively he slashed with his hand in its direction, letting the moth split in two.

"You poor thing... I've released you from your suffering... heh...heh" He would say. Watching the split remains of the moth fall downwards through the air towards the scenery that unfolded just a little bit away from where he floated midair.

It's allright. It happens. I can be aggressive too, especially during the early mornings, and generally add more wood to a fire when I feel defensive about something. So on that regard I will not be very helpful to cool things down for quite the bit. PKMNBOY said that discord would serve well as a place where we could discuss things beforehand to avoid misunderstandings and such things from repeating so may be good for us to talk more there than here to not cluster up OOC chat too much.
I have edited the post now. I'd rather not have it become a habit. And now it's worth as a post has been made less epic, but so be it. Non-lethal it is.

And I hate having to edit because of your lack of information on your character's abilities and effect. It does not state anything about them being non-lethal, nor does it state anything about any effect other than they were not intending on hitting him unless he would try to tank them. Which he decided to do since the numbers.

1. These Axel shooters. It does not state anywhere in the post of their effects, neither does it state it is fired in tandem with the beam. And as you stated it is fired as artillery these ones, salvo meaning fired at once at the same time. He moved backwards since even if some things were coming from behind him, propell yourself back far enough and things will eventually be in front of you.

2. See 1. Once again if this would have been stated in the post of the abilities effects then it would had been replied to in the 'proper' way as you would have it. But if there is no such information and no visual available on youtube then how do you suppose one would go about it? Watch the entire anime series for it?

3 and 4. It does not state it was fired as a tandem attack. It does not state so. It only states it was fired. Oh not to mention the beam itself being described as a pink beam of destruction, which implies that one would in fact try to destroy something. Not incapasitate it. The very defination of destruction is that something is to be grinded into dust. And yes, I did read your post. But you seem to forget that not everyone is familiar with the series that Nanoha is from, and thus might expect everyone to know what you mean when you post these things.

"," Nanoha said as she commanded the bullets to attack their assailant from several angles at once. Her intention wasn't hitting him —unless he was someone like Vita, who prefers to tank hit, instead of dodging— but to force him away from Mordred so that she could get a clean shot with her bombardment magic. If he refused to dodge to the direction Nanoha wanted him to, he would most certainly be hit by a salvo of Axel Shooters. Dodging cleanly would require something like Fate's level of speed and reflexes, which Nanoha doubted that anyone else could have.

"Mordred, take care," Nanoha shouted as the dry clicks of four cartridges being loaded in rapid succession —because Nanoha knows no restraint— rang in the air as she raised Raising Heart toward her target area and began to charge her signature attack, "Excellion... BUSTER!" she shot the pink beam of destruction, as soon as the Red Knight was out of harm's way."

It doesn't state here that it was fired in tandem so it was not treated as such by me. I have not changed anything, I have acted on what I do know about your attacks from what you have posted. So don't go about and say that I somehow 'changed the actions' when a detailed description of each individual power is what is lacking. Their movement, their shape, their effect, their timing with other abilities and so on. If you cannot provide these how in the living hells will another person be able to know what those things would be other from what you have currently provided which doesn't tell effect nor that it was fired in tandem?
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