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Baraian Paladice

The battle with their unknown attacker had further drained the four sewer warriors of their strength. As if things had not been bad enough to begin with travelling through the reeking place they found themselves in. Kuroi had pushed himself hardest of them all, and now he seemed unable to lead them. The dark elf quickly considered the options and decided they indeed couldn't afford to stop. Their attacker was not alone for certain, they had to continue onwards.

After all the success of the rebellion lied with these humans, and they had to be brought to Belle and the others. That was surely the only way to defeat the lich.

"We have to keep moving... help me pick him up." Baraian said in his monotone voice, but with a hint of urgency. "We cannot stay. We have to continue..." The dark elf stumbled over towards Kuroi and Ayita and reached down to try lift Kuroi by his arm, placing it around his shoulder.

"If we stay here we will not last long. We will become afflicted by illness, our wounds will fester and ultimately more foes will show up... We must seek refuge in the forests, only there will they lose trace of us." He explained in a hurried manner, looking over towards Torvi. "Best dress the wound as soon as we can." He gritted his teeth as the pain of his still weakened arm made it's presence known. His eyes soon afterwards darted to Ayita. "You lead the way...I cannot defend you alone. We need him." The dark elf nodded towards Kuroi.

Carneylus Creznek

Carneylus looked as if he had been struck by an arrow of accusation when Valaeon addressed the fact that there had been a gambling thing going on.

"I.. well... when you put it that way..." Carneylus began to rub the back of his neck slightly. "I think it was more she betting with me than the other way around... uh.. beating people up? You make it sound alot worse than it is. It was just a spur of the moment." Carneylus looked at his draconic friend, and he attempted to look sincere despite the fact that he had beaten up those dark elves pretty badly. The duo's conversation was soon interupted by the young girl which was moving back to them at quick and angry steps.

"What a load of crap! You meant to do them in from the start you sleazy flying dog! And I am no child! I am fourteen years old! Also did I hear something about my horns?!" She pouted, pointed and stared at Valaeon as if his next words were a matter of life and death, that or being bullrushed by a raging bull in pint size.

Carneylus felt a slight drop of sweat fall down his neck as the conversation proceeded forwards. "Ahaha... oh that's right. I think I kind of did beat them up. Sorry for not letting you know about it, but I didn't want to beat them up that badly. They just happened to be harrassing the merchants. And if what you are saying is indeed so, we should prepare some room for them to rest at and provide food." The winged man said in a thoughtful manner, as he reached one of his hands up to his chin, looking Valaeon over.

"For who? Don't tell me you are with the reb-!" The young girl began to speak, but was soon silenced by the winged man, which had reached down and placed a hand before her mouth, just managing to keep it close for a brief moment before she bit his hand, causing him to losen the grip.

"Hands off! Old creep!" She snarled and cussed, but seemed to calm down quickly. "I knew you were dumb, but that dumb? Wow! But I get it! I won't tell anyone unless they pay me a big fat sack of amas... And you better buy me dinner later just to be sure!" Minothea gave a smug and sly grin to the duo, there was a big hint of playfulness on her face but also signs of understanding.

Elthrael Vol'Kerno

Kenia and Bowyn's comments on his return had been less than joyful, it didn't take an expert to see or hear that. But despite that, the moth fairy prefered this company before what the other seemed to offer. He didn't know who it were that Elsea travelled with, but the possibility of her lighting things on fire was making lingering with such a group a less appealing thing. While he felt he could still deal with her, there was absolutely no gain in fighting her. She was the kind of person which didn't submit unless you broke her spirit alltogether, which in itself would make her less effective for killing thch.

Elthrael set his attention on Bowyn after having given Kenia a soft snorting sound in greeting. He landed next to Zephyrin, while still keeping his eyes on Bowyn.

"You could say that. I simply do not prefer to keep company with humans which cannot control their powers. What was causing the fire was a reckless human girl, which I've met before, and seemingly she had three new companions after her former had their individual misfortunes. The girl in question while possessing a power capable of harming the lich, she cannot kill him. Those who aren't controlling the power are in turn controlled by the power. This flamehaired girl, Elsea is the kind which burn all the bridges, ultimately leaving her with nowhere left to go." While he had noticed the newly arrived girl about the same time as the rest did, he chose to not focus on her until he had addressed Bowyn, but now as that was over he scanned the new arrival with his golden eyes as he stood next to Zephyrin.

'A travelling trader through this forest all by herself and without anything to trade with? Hmph.. just how dimwitted do you take us for girl? You are here for another reason. I wonder what that is...' He thought as he silently observed the girl as Zephyrin was introducing herself to the newcomer. The golden-eyed fairy knew well enough to never approach anyone asking for directions while holding a map. It was a commonly used ruse of tricksters to pickpocket or sneakattack others, he wouldn't fall prey to such a thing. If this girl was foolish enough to attempt such a thing in this company however was doubtful at best.

"Ahh... a trader on a little stroll through the forest of bewilderment all by herself hm? I am Elthrael. Afraid I cannot help you with that map issue however... but you are free to join this forest parade of the jolly she-elf. Ever heard of it? They say it was invented by the most sourest of elven women." The moth fairy added in a smug manner as he threw a side-glance towards Kenia's direction.

'Getting lost despite having a map? Thinking she can fool us into believing she's some kind of trader without goods? Either she is a great deceiver or the biggest fool yet. Good grief...' The moth fairy thought and smirked, while keeping his eyes in the direction of Kenia. "But do let us get a move on, there are things which need to be confirmed. Also..." Elthrael smirked as he took out two apples from his robe, throwing one each towards Zephyrin and Clara. "Eat to live, or live to be eaten. I guess either one works, one is more prefered than the other though."

Arriving in Magnolia

The airship was approaching Magnolia, steady in it's advance, as it seemed to caress the very skies it flew upon. While the airship had a dining area and various other travellers on board, Galdin found himself on the roof of the thing, just under the massive baloon that kept it afloat. There was railings up there to make sure those needing some fresh air or take in the sights wouldn't accidentally slip off.

'It certainly looks far different from above.' The uniformed man thought to himself, as he laid eyes on the city below, it was bigger than he had thought. It had been something he only had seen from his home in the distance, a place where there were supposed to be alot of people. Carrying on with their daily lives, like rodents running in a wheel as far as he understood it. Much like his own life had been until his father's passing.

'If a bird cannot spread it's wings and soar it might aswell be dead or a rat. Is there a difference even?' He liked the comparison of himself as a bird, who finally could spread it's wings and soar the skies and perceive all there would be under them. Even while fully aware that not all things he would likely see would be appealing.

When the time finally came to get off the airship, the man simply went down from the top of the airship to the stairs leading down into the dining area and then further down to the ramp that was sending the passengers off. There had been a few others onboard the ship with him, but not enough to make him have to squeeze past them. He really did not like that idea at all. What was it with people not leaving space for others? The gentle breeze meeting him as he finally exited the airborne transport was pleasant, it caught hold of his hair, forcing the nobleman to put his locks behind his ear so that they wouldn't obscure his face to any unlookers. His white and red cloak however was blowing in the wind unhindered as he descended the final ramp towards the ground below. There was something appealing in descending from a higher ground.

'Like a swan landing in a pond with ugly ducklings. As long as they don't touch me.' He thought to himself on the comparison if it was a fair one, if nothing else at least he was fair and honest. The slight trip towards the city had, despite the distance made him desire to test out some cake and tea. Galdin attuned to his magic, and allowed his sight to increase by just a slight bit as he gazed around for anything that would resemble a café. The uniformed nobleman had to walk for quite a distance however before he managed to find what he was looking for.

The small café which he had found did have various cakes and confectories on display and did offer tea, it didn't take long before he found himself ordering two different pieces of cake and the best tea available. He placed the required payment unto the counter, before taking his cake and tea to sit down outside of the café itself, finding a bench under a neat looking tree. He sat down. The mage's magic began to once again alter his senses, he amplified his scent just a little bit so that he could feel just how the tea itself smelled of. It passed his noble judgement, so he decided to take a sip. It was what he considered a mediocre kind, not overly rich in flavour nor completely lacking in it. It would have to do.

The nobleman placed the tea-cup on the armrest of the bench itself and then he held the small plate with the cakes in his hand. The spoon which he had received was not of silver, which in itself was more of a sin than having mediocre tea, but likewise it would have to do in a pinch. He allowed the spoon to slide into the first of the cakes, revealing it's raspberry filling, the cream and chocolate chips within it. He reached the spoon to his lips and into his mouth, carefully analyzing the taste itself of the cake. It was not a bad cake, despite coming from a commoner's bakery. 'Not bad for common commoners. But it could use some cinnamon... more cream... and a topping.' It was perhaps abit harsh, but at least it was honest. And honesty was a good trait according to most. The mage took a deep breath and took in the air surrounding the area. It had certainly a different smell than what he was used to at the mansion, with various elements he couldn't quite identify. Was it the perfume commoners were using? Was it someone who couldn't bake bread properly? Or perhaps it was one of those strange fur ridden creatures with the fluffy ears? He wasn't certain, and that itself was a new experience.

Galdin allowed himself to take a soft sigh, then he took hold of the cup of tea again and brought it to his lips for a sip. The noise around him was getting momentarily louder as a group of travellers began to walk by and point at the various buildings, as if it was the first time they've saw a structure. One in particular, a woman guiding the group had a very high pitched voice and that itself was disturbing the young noble's moment of solitude. He wasn't one to hold back on using his magic where necessary, and this was certainly such a moment, he did a soft whistle to himself and his own hearing went down a notch to the point the woman's voice became but a distant muffled sound. As if he had a pair of headphones on his head.

'Why can't they talk in a more soothing tone?' The man shook his head softly, setting the cup of tea down and taking the spoon to the second piece of cake. This one was looking rich in chocolate with berries of various kind on the top.'You look rich. Like me. Irresistable.' He almost allowed himself to smile as he addressed the cake, before slowly bringing a spoonful to his mouth.

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Terneus Andros

It was with a shaky vision that the governor found himself going in and out of conciousness, the sight blurry. What had happened to him? Oh that's right. The last thing he had done was to eat those godsforsakened apples. Some unsavorable forest scoundrel had unfairly done this to him. How dared they do this. Terneus felt his focus slowly returning, and when it did he remembered he was on the ground. How non-graceful for one such as he, to be crawling amidst the maggots and the peasants down there. He knew not what was worse, the experience itself or that someone would see him in this state. The humiliation enough could be potent enough to even harm him.

Speaking of harm, it was then he realized that his body was aching and stinging, not only in his own face but everywhere. But at least he had managed to get some rest. But what were those red dots that were all over his arms, had the poison caused some kind of skin affliction to him? There were so many of them. But that didn't add up, since he had long sleeves there was no skin to be afflicted there. It was then he noticed that the dots were moving, and it wasn't his blurry vision making it so. Ants! Red ants! An ant army was fully away at biting and making his body into their next thing to bring to their hive.

"AHHHHHHH!" The governor exclaimed as high as his vocal cords allowed him as he realized his dilemma, thinking quickly and remembering what to do when on fire. To lie down and roll, and luckily for him he was already one step ahead as he was already lying down. The elf quickly rolled over from side to side, kicking up dirt and leaves along his path. Even going so far as to roll right into the soft and gentle foilage that were the nettles. The numbing and stinging sensation of the nettles mixed with the ant stinging as if they were tag partners in a fight. Or how his face got along so well with a mirror.

The elven governor cursed aloud and threw himself up on his feet, shaking and touching his attire to rid himself off any ants, to such a degree the once so finely dressed man didn't see the soft and smooth stone in front of him, causing him to fall into the nearby spring. In some stroke of fortune, the elf found himself in a spring to relieve himself of his temporary setbacks. He coughed as water fell down his body as he ended up on all his fours in the spring.

"Ughhnnn..." He groaned, but he was disappointed as he wanted to curse, to blame someone for this misfortune but he was too weary and at this rate the only person he could blame was himself. And that was certainly not an option. With a stinging, and now drenched attire the elf got out of the spring and made his way towards the hut. There had to be something to eat in there. The doorway was blocked by some form of vines, it took the governor abit of strength to conjure light to cut away the branches and roots blocking his path, and then he allowed abit of light to shine on him to lighten the interior.

It was a small hut. Very unlike his own mighty tower of oppression, but surely it must have something the elf could eat. He began to throw away various furniture, or at least he thought they were. Until he found a storage room and within it the elf's eyes lightened up, first in a sense of joy but soon followed by anger. There were at least thirty different brands of alcohol and various dried elven food within it, but worst of all he recognized them. These were -HIS- brands! His missing shipments that was coming from the cheap work labor the fairies provided. Some thief had raided his caravan and now the gods had delivered him justice.

"Hah! Take that you lowly thief, you steal from me and now I am taking back what's duly mine!" He had forgotten how sore his throat had gotten, but the mixture of joy, anger and a feeling of revenge was too much to contain. The elf grabbed a bottle of his favorite wine and bit into the cork with his teeth, pulling it lose and sweeping a third of the bottle in a single go, while pocketing his mouth and pockets with the dried meat and fruit. Never had the 'emergency' supplies tasted so good to him. This was truly a sign from the old elven gods that the unworthy were to be delivered to him, and he would cast due judgement on everything under his magnificence.

Once the silverhaired elf had filled himself on food and drinks, he grabbed a sack and filled it with as much supplies as he could. After all this wasn't stealing, it was divine retribution. The only thing he wishes was that he had some fire with him so he could light up the hut, if it wouldn't damage the forests. The dilemma. Long have the fairies and others considered them their own, but Terneus knew deep inside that all forests, more or less belonged rightfully to the elves. Those of his kind. The best ones.

While consuming the drinks, which alleviated his thirst and the stinging pain in his body, it also added an extra -push- to his leg movements as he searched the hut about who the culprit could be. That's when he saw a drawing on one of the walls. It depicted a kind of fairies which not even Terneus recognized, or at least he thought so on first glance. On each side of the oddly drawn fairies were more familiar kinds, the forest fairies and the winter fairies to name two. He knew those well enough. They made decent servants, even if they were both physically and mentally weak. At least they knew their place under his normally prisine boots.

The lightly buzzed elf looked abit closer at the odd drawing, why had someone made such a odd drawing of fairies killing each other. Those weird fairies in the middle being the focus. It was then he recognized some characteristics, they weren't completely identical to something he had seen not too long ago. But it did make him realize.

"That creature which shamelessly attacked me on the balcony were one of these things?! This is it's home?! That does it! I am tearing it to pieces! AHAHAHAHA! Isn't justice SWEET! This is payback for what you did to my carriage!" The elf screamed out inside of the hut, shooting his beams of light in all manner of directions, severing much of the plant furniture within. Even the plantlike pillars. And it wasn't until he heard the creaking sound that he realized his error. He cut off the supports of the hut. "Oh.."

The hut crumbled in unto itself, but more importantly and unfortunately on himself.
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Carneylus Creznek

Some time had passed since the dark elves had been taught a valuable lesson, some of the locals had saw to dragging them to the healers for aid. Keeping them alive would be far more beneficial for all involved, as they would no doubt have a newfound respect for the locals. And if they did not like the treatment they receieved they could always report their failure to their superiors who in turn would punish them even further. Surely they knew better to cause more trouble from now on.

Carneylus found himself standing and leaning against a wooded fence, looking through the darkly tinted glass of his visors at all the different people walking around. How long could there be relative peace in the port town which he had spent so much of his time? Surely the days of peace was nearing an end, or was it actually beginning? It was hard to tell, and the breeze in the air didn't answer any of his questions. The winged man was brought out of his thoughts as he felt something being hurled in his direction, and he tilted his head to the side to dodge the projectile flung in his direction. The pebble flew past and with a plopping sound landed in a waterbarrel slightly behind the winged man.

"Carney! Ya stupid seasnake!" A loud yet high pitched voice reached the keen ears of the bat-man, who couldn't help but stick a finger into his ear to momentarily give relief to it, before he turned fully towards the direction of the voice.

"Hnn... ya bastard! Ya think I didn't see what ya did?!" A short demihuman with bovine ears, a pair of horns and a tail spoke out to him. This was however no stranger, but someone he knew well enough for the last few years. An opportunistic, yet resourceful youngster with a temper.

"Good day, Minothea. Afraid you've caught me at a bad time, I have no idea what you are refering to..." He explained, a soft smile on his lips and his arms folded over his chest.

"Don't play games with me ya stupid dingbat! I saw what ya did to those dark elves!" The youngster retorted fiercely, her eyes glimmering as if on fire, nose slightly fuming and the ears twitching just a slight bit.

"Oh.. you mean that." Carneylus said while closing his eyes, his right hand reaching up to scratch his neck. "That was just a misunderstanding... it wasn't a fight. You'll get it when you grow up." The winged man explained calmly, yet with a slight sweatdrop at his neck.

"Don't play innocent! Ya probably just beat them up because ya were bored! Have ya forgotten our bet?!" The girl reached out and pointed to his face accusingly, her face fierce despite her barely reaching up to his waist.

"Oh right.. that bet. I must have forgotten..." Carneylus said as if there had been a sudden revelation from the very sky itself, and he was bathed in the enlightenment.

"Ya couldn't even stay away from meddling for a single day! Ya are hopeless! Ya suck! Easiest hundred amas I've ever made, and an extra fifteen for having to look for ya dumbass! Ya better cough it up or I am going to bullrush ya! I'll also bite when I am hungry." The girl barked out in a demanding manner, holding out her right palm facing the sky. It was in that moment of need and realization, that aid came in the form of another voice in the distance. A loud voice which could only belong to one man.

"I think I can hear Valaeon. It sounds very urgent. Do excuse me!" Carneylus took flight with his wings, lifting from the air and flying towards Valaeon.

"Get back here with my amas ya swindling swampbat! Grrrrr!" The girl yelled out and rushed after him through the various people wandering the port town marketplace. Once the bat-man landed he had his old friend, Valaeon in sight he landed close to him. "Valaeon! What's the matter?" He asked as if the matter was one of life and death, and it might aswell had been. Speaking of possibility of death, the sound and footsteps coming closer had the bat-man slightly turn to the side to reach up a single hand to block the horned rush of the short girl that had charged into him. Minothea was cussing, and being held from plunging her horns into the man, by a placed palm at the middle of her forehead keeping her at bay.

"Grrr! Tell this flying leech to pay me for his lost bet, Vally! The bun & shrimp are only going to be open for a couple more hours and I am a growing girl! Ya better pay or I will make ya pay!" The girl said in a manner of promised pain to come, whereof the bat-man began to reach for his sword- no... it was his pouch with amas.

"Ofcourse, I always pay what is due, Minothea. Thank you for understanding..." The man had barely finished his sentence before the pouch had been snatched from his hands, and hidden on the girl's person.

"Pleasure doing buisness with ya." The girl took a few steps back, and twirled around, placing both her hands at the back of her neck. "Try keep this idiot out of trouble, Vally."
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Elthrael Vol'Kerno

None had attacked nor followed him by the looks of it, in his investigation of the scent in the air. Yet the closer he came to the source, the less pleased he became. Perked up into a tree a clear distance away he stopped, taking cover behind a tree, the various branches and leaves the tree was offering and extra layer of camoflague. His eyes soon enough searched the area ahead to confirm if what he had thought was true. And indeed there she was. Elsea

'So she's still alive? I guess she is more lucky than most, but that alone will not suffice. These companions likely share her views.' He thought as he observed Cade and Corvina, and also Ezeri.

'Another human? A pity the company has no doubt destroyed any chance of making that one into a potent weapon. A weapon which do not heed it's wielders command cannot be truly called a weapon.' He shook his head softly to himself, before letting go of the tree and dashing into the forestation again, flying back towards the direction that Bowyn, Kenia and Zepherin had wandered off towards. He would have to catch up to them, yet adandoning all sense of reason in a forest was not wise. Even if he was most certainly the most dangerous thing in it. After all the forest itself was his area of expertise, unlike the plains or the many towns and cities. After he had travelled quite the bit by air, although under the tree crowns to avoid being seen from above, he allowed himself to briefly ponder.

Does the key even exist? The male human who controlled the earth proved unwise and unreasonable and died for it. Elsea failed too as far as he saw it, yet she still lived. The other man human, Darius was behaving oddly compared to the rest. He was more withdrawn. Something was not right with that one. Why had the elven man told him to stay behind with him, when the humans were the key to defeating the lich. The elf was most likely using the human for his own design, perhaps having paid him or made promises. This other girl which had just been seen alongside Elsea, it was too late to mold her into a weapon most surely. How many more humans were remaining in Avalia?

What if there would be none capable of defeating the lich? He had considered that possibility, what would he do if the rebellion itself would fail and the humans perish. There was no point in keeping up a struggle against the lich without them, while the moth fairy didn't doubt his own power, there had been many who had defied the lich. They all were slain or made into his servants or worse. When the rebel force would amass, if there would be no sight of a key. Then he felt the best cause of action would be to return to the forest he called home. It wouldn't even matter if he was able to seize the fairy throne, when the lich would hold all the other cards.

It took him awhile to track the others down, and when he did he announced his presence while standing on a branch up into a nearby tree, still aware that at any moment one of them might be startled by his sudden appearance. "What a pity, I found nothing of interest over yonder..."

The blonde young man had truly given a longer answer than what Mandi had expected, but it had been just what the red-eyed mage had hoped for. Someone to verbally explain things for those which appeared to be completely clueless. If this had been all, it would had been enough to make him a valuable friend to have, but he also seemed capable of altering his appearance to match that of someone else.

"Oh! I understand now, thank you for explaining that part. That's a neat trick you have there too~ I wish I was able to alter my appearance like that too. But I am not a powerful mage at all... not like you." Mandi tilted the head slightly, while leaning forwards just a tiny bit, looking straight into Karn's eyes smiling widely, while the blonde young man began to talk of a harvest festival. 'A festival of harvests? Those which plant seeds, eventually will have things grow from them. Add enough time and water and it may prove fruitful.' The young mage mused in the solitude of it's own head, or so it had thought as a voice reached out to Mandi's head. It took the voice of a young woman, pleasing to hear but with some form of irritation in it. Where was this voice coming from? A mindreader? A telepath?

'Who are you? Reveal yourself! Why are you inside of my head?' Mandi asked in a defensive manner, sounding far more serious in the head than how the mage had appeared to those around. As the voice continued talking it became clearer what was going on. Some kind of item, a trinket or a weapon was communicating with the hydromancer. It seemed to desire to protect it's wielder, someone by the name of Brianna. Mandi's voice, even in the young mage's head became more like how it was to those around it. "Oh and I am not all that interesting really~ Brianna huh? I don't know this one. Oh and I've got nothing up my sleeves but more sleeves~ Honest~ But it's abit rude to invade someone else's head don't you think?' Mandi mentally asked before being approached by the beautiful young woman which Mandi had smiled to before. She introduced herself as Brianna.

'So this is Brianna?' Mandi thought, looking the woman over from top to toe, spotting the blade carried by her side before settling on the woman's face, where Mandi smoothly grabbed hold of the yellow robe it wore and courtesied. "I am pleased to meet you, fair lady Lyffobelt~ But... " The yellow clothed mage began to raise both of it's sleeves to it's face and then proceeded to sniff into them. "I am sorry... I am not allowed to talk with you. Your friend, the talking sword... " Mandi pointed to the sword by Brianna's belt. "...told me to stay away from you. It thinks.. *sniffs* I'm a horrible person which would shatter you. I...I should just leave..." The ponytailed mage moved both it's sleeves up to cover it's face from the nose and down, turning around momentarily, yet under all the sleeves the mage allowed it's lips to form into a wide grin.

'Intriguing enough for you, swordie~? Must get pretty dull in that sheath. Maybe she'll replace you with an axe if you keep being such a meanie to an innocent bystander... like little old me~? Is it just me or does it smell like a hot spring in here~?' Mandi thought as if trying to communicate back to what item the mage thought was doing the talking. A talking sword, was this truly what was doing the talking? One could only wonder what other magical trinkets were kept within the halls of the most prominent guild of light. The dark may hold many secrets of it's own, yet the light can also be blinding and hide things.

Phoenix Wing guild hall

After the redhaired man had seemingly ignored Mandi's words, that or something more pressing was on that ones mind. The red-eyed hydromancer instead found a few others gazing in it's direction. 'How is she able to tell what magic I possess? Mind prying or is she truly able to discern a person's magical affinity?' The yellow dressed mage thought while studying Penny and the young man which had decided to seemingly hide behind her.

"No worries~ It's fine, It's fine." Mandi quickly replied to Penny, waving one hand in a dismissive manner.

"Thank you~ Oh and I see! It sure is massive this hall!" Mandi said in a cheery manner, whilst tilting the head slightly to the side, a smile decorating the young mage's face and eyes momentarily closed. Though the darkhaired mage's eyes did not remain shut for long, and once they opened the hydromancer stepped forwards to try and slowly take hold of Penny's right hand using both it's hands.

"I'm Mandi~ Nice to meet you Penny~ Oh and help me? I don't know. I am just having a little look around. Getting to know the area. I am not sure what this S-class means though, is it like which study class you belong to?" Mandi smiled with calm looking eyes, looking Penny over carefully before tilting the head from side to side, the black ponytail flapping from side to side.

'S-class mage huh. What does that even mean? What makes one an S-class mage? Raw magical power? Skill? Knowledge? Or is it just a simple official title? We'll see soon enough.' Mandi couldn't help but ponder, while being reminded that when it came to raw magical power the young mage's father had alot of it. Yet despite that he was ultimately slain by a less powerful mage who knew how to pick it's battles. No matter how strong someones ties to magic would be, even the most powerful could be brought down with the right approach and tactic. How many had relied on sheer brute force to overcome their obstacles, how many more had fallen because of that reliance? There was also another woman which had noticed the red-eyed hydromancer, who Mandi in turn smiled to with closed eyes and a slight tilt of the head.

'Such beauties.' The mage thought to itself, further interactions would be highly intriguing. These people were no doubt all capable mages on their own, all with their respective views on the world, life and magic itself. Time would surely tell what those views were. Would they be much different from Mandi's own views? The chances were high, after all not everyone had the same upbringing, training and other factors which would gradually form a person. Much like such could form what manner of magic one would wield, for what purpose and how.

'If you gaze upwards too steeply, you won't see the strike that comes from below.' Mandi thought for a brief moment on a sentence the mage had once heard from someone no longer amongst the living. But even if that person was no longer around, the sentence nontheless rang true in the mage's ears.

Mandi El-Alzaru

After having walked for awhile and taken in the various views that Magnolia was providing, a peculiar building drew the attention of the young mage. A guild hall to be precise. What manner of things would be kept within such a place? There was only one way to truly find out. Mandi's eyes began to wander over the architechture of the building itself and the pathway leading into it. Just how many people had walked here with the hopes of seeing the inside of the place, and how many had been truly able to explore all of it. Such questions would surely yield answers in dear time, and time was a thing of importance. The mage walked in a somewhat jolly manner up to the doorway, whose doors had previously been opened by someone else. The mage tilted slightly to the side, peeking inside before moving inside. Mandi's ponytail bouncing up and down in rhytm with each jolly step.

'Well would you look at that...' The darkhaired mage thought to itself as it's eyes wandered along the floors, the walls and ultimately the ceiling itself. Soon after looking over the various decoration, it was time to look at the various people scattered about.

'Guild mages hm? No surprise seeing them in a guild hall. They were more rare in mountains after all...' The mage bit it's lower lip slightly, before adjusting it's backpack slightly to make sure it was neatly in it's place. That things remained orderly like that was important, even if everything else would be chaotic.

'Time to not draw unnecessary attention to myself... calm like water.' The red-eyed mage thought before coughing into it's hand, before taking a slight jolly stride forwards towards a gathering of people. It was time to select one of them, the young mage settled on one with very fierce red hair. Bellus.

"Whoa~! You must be a guild mage! You look really strong~ Are these guys your fans? Bet you have some really impressive spells!" Mandi assumed a ponderous facial expression while tapping the chin with a single finger, the mage's eyes looking at Bellus and then over at the others gathered. The head tilting from one side to the other, and the ponytail flapping about in conjunction with said movement. Mandi adopted a smiling face soon after, with eyes momentarily closed.

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