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Excellent. The human girl was still around. She sat in the metal wagon they had arrived in.

Menomaru didn't waste any time and made his way over to the van, landing on the roof of it.

"Go ahead and attack me then human! If you can! Hah!" He summoned forth more moths and readied himself to jump off the van if Mordred would get close, he was goading her to attack him and possibly damage the van which Minami was inside of..

If she did not attack him the moths would render Minami uncouncious in a few moments and then he could drag her off with him. It was so easy. Too easy. The foolish girl had proven more hotheaded than Inuyasha she was springing all the traps and now it would pay off. If she jumped for him he could surely get off the roof, if she used a ranged attack she could destroy the van and the innocent human inside.

It was just in this manner he had tricked Inuyasha. She and the human boy with the flaming sword were coming for him. He knew in that instant that victory would soon be at hand.


She wasn't listening. That meant there was only one way to do this. Alberich ran after Mordred. The mothman was going to pay for trying to deceive him. The mothman had placed himself on the van, he wanted them to attack. Alberich spotted the woman from before still in the van. So that was his plan?

Nontheless he had to get closer so he could use his Amethyst sealed attack or use his sword. Nature unity would not be ideal here. Mordred would surely attack him up close with that sword of hers. He would prepare himself to follow Mordred's attack with one of his own. But first they needed to get that damn mothman off the van. While Alberich didn't care much for the woman inside of it, if she died it would likely anger the knight even further and thus compromise his position.

Besides the girl was providing them with some intel and she had told Mordred off when she had tried to pick a fight with him. Thus she was useful to have around. Menomaru however was running out of time.

"Do you really think you can fight both of us?!" Alberich yelled as he ran.

Madness? This is war!


He grinned widely when he heard the familiar voice of Desious, a voice he had not heard in a long time but he would recognize that voice anywhere.

"Yo! Desious! Thanks for that great exile! Had alot of fun wars thanks to you! But you really ought to ask first!" Golkai collected himself as best as he could while his army was fighting all around him, even throwing one of his soldiers out of the way as he commanded the chariot he was in to move closer to Desious.

"Oh yeah and I'm working on solving this.. uh.. madness."
He pointed casually to the sky being lit on fire by all the fighting going around. "Oh and by the-" Golkai would not finish the sentence as he was interupted.

Nothing will ever be the same again...


The voice of Desious. A voice not forgotten. An act not forgiven. Upon hearing it Delthrael looked to Cyl before flinging himself out of the earth and stone made bubble he had formed for them. He flew upwards and spread his demonic looking wings wide before he took quick flight towards Desious. He had to get to him fast. Before Amos would do what Delthrael suspected he would do.

Delthrael landed with a shadowy-like a distance away from the god of death before he took his sword out of it's wrappings and gripped it.

"It has been a long time, Desious. It is however time for you to rest for a change. The world has spun on the same spot long enough with your meddling. The one which brought on this madness was none other than you. But you alone be not enough to stop it now."
The steps the lord of change took forwards were steady and filled with determination.

"I am here to relieve you of duty before you are exiled the same way we were. Hand over the Shepard's hook and your domain over the mortal lives to me." Delthrael reached out his free hand towards Desious.

"If you refuse then you shall doom the people of this world, living or dead. But also bring great change to our pantheon."

The god of death was powerful certainly, he was experienced and capable. But the world needed change. It was already changing. It was inevitable and unavoidable. If Delthrael would not strip Desious of his domain over the dead then Amos might just end his existance alltogether. Dooming every mortal life in the process and spark a war of the gods unlike any other where the only real winner would be those seeking an empty void for existance.

"Either you'll hand it all over willingly or I will hew it from your flesh..."

Flight or fight?


The trip on the plane was long and worrisome. Galviere was uneasy and pondering if she would arrive too late. She felt as if something terrible was about to happen. She could only hope that the gods would be reasonable, but knowing quite a few of them that may be too much wishful thinking. Looking outside of the airplane window she could see the land below, how it had changed during the time of their exile.

How it had go forwards, but all the terrible wars and horrors the humans could do, they were also doing much good. New things were created, something she found impressive. That these mortals who lacked their powers were able to do all this during their short lifetimes.

She pondered for a moment on her own existance, how many human lifetimes had she really lived and now experienced? She had met so many different people most of which had been dead for very long. She had tried to keep a distance but ultimately found it difficult, she wanted to aid people but feeling them relying too much on her or thinking she could solve everyhthing had worn her out.

All that mattered now was to get to Desious and then go back to their home. They could all return home. It had been such a long time since she had seen it. She wondered if she would ever see it again. Home. A thing she had sought a long time on the earth. There was one time she could remember she felt at home for a brief time with the mortal man Verdock whom she had a child with.

But fate works in mysterious ways, even more so with the one having command over it had been exiled aswell. She felt bad about leaving the mortal man those years ago and those attachments she had on earth. But it was for the better of them both, the child and also the others of the world. Two healers in one place was not optimal.

Verdock was no longer alive though. She knew that. Word spreads quicker than some might believe. Galviere pondered where her son would be now? Had he followed in the tracks of his father? If so he was going to be a good man indeed. Then came the thought. If she could speak with Desious. Maybe he could bring Verdock back alive. It was a selfish demand though, and one which would be odd for her to ask. She who gave aid to others but never asked for anything herself.

Had this exile made her more or less of a goddess? Were she becoming more mortal than she had first thought?

She crossed her arms and looked out of the window. Soon she would arrive to the place where the bell had been heard.

"Aid is on the way."


That damn girl. She had somehow avoided being stabbed. Does she have eyes in her back or something? He did not have enough time to ponder on that idea. She was coming. He gritted his teeth.

He quickly on featherlight steps made his way out of the manhole as fast as he could, jumping forwards every now and then in a zig zag pattern to get more of a distance from the lightning crackling knight chasing him. Dashing at high speed out of the manhole with the knight still close behind him. She was fast. He could almost feel her breathing down his neck. The moths that had been placed between them had been easily destroyed aswell. Only some remained in the room with the slug like creature.

Menomaru's eyes quickly darted and looked for Minami, as he jumped up into the air and overviewed the situation. Private Minami. She would make a fine hostage while he would make his withdrawal. That fool Mordred would surely not swing her sword recklessly with an innocent such as that girl being in the way. Then it came to his realization that his plan may still work, but not in the sense he may have first thought.


Alberich swung his flaming crystal blade before him to clear the moths out of his face and way. Mordred had rushed after that other person. Menomaru. Both of them were loud enough to surely trigger that monster in here to move for them. His decision came quickly. There was absolutely nothing to be gained fighting that monster on his own. Secondly that moth man had tried to fool him. That was to be paid back for.

Alberich ran after Mordred as fast as he could. "Wait! Mordred!"

Was this a part of that moth man's plan? To lure them- No. To lure it. He wanted them to pick who to fight and no matter which one he would come out on top of it with people dying. By his hand to boot. He was playing them. Normally Alberich would be the one to use his intellect to battle his foes, and in a sense he could respect someone using ones brain. But this guy had picked on the wrong person.

Alberich Delta Megrez, the sixteenth in the noble line. The brain of Asgard. This was unacceptable.

"He is trying to lure it to the surface! Mordred! Forget him for now! We have to stop this thing or it will tear up the city! We deal with him after!"
Alberich was not comfortable in leaving his back against the manhole. That thing was surely coming. Fighting from two sides at once would not be favorable.

He gripped his sword with both hands and held it to his side. Waiting to see what Mordred would do. If she decided to chase after the mothman he would join the pursuit or if she would stay so would he. Splitting up was not a good idea. No matter how hotheaded the knight were.


After abit of looking around her found Vita standing about with ash all around her.

"Aha? Finished already? What a shame..." He rested his left hand at his waist still hovering mid-air.

"What's with that hat? How did you get it? Do I... know you?" Emilio tilted his head, looking Vita over with his ghostly purple eyes.

Something was gnawing at him. That hat. The skirt. The braided hair. It was someone he knew who looked just like that. Someone very close. Why couldn't he remember? The more he tried to think about it the more painful it got.

What are you doing? Don't get in my way or I have to deal with you. A voice in his head said to him.

"Who goes there?" Emilio said out to seemingly no one with a serious tone in his voice before he shook his head. There was an uneasy feeling. What was going on?

I'll join the fray. Here is my contribution.

I've had the time of my life...


Golkai was enjoying the mayhem. His army was actually taking some casualities.

"Well that's interesting. Maybe I should-" A bullet hit Golkai in his left shoulder. "Hey!" He threw a look to the wound on his shoulder. This was no ordinary bullet.

It actually was causing him harm. "What in the void? That does it! You want war? You'll get war!" Golkai raised his banner as he stood in the flying chariot and the sky above became filled with another nine-thousand ninehundred soldiers aswell as the army champion, Garvus. All winged and now descending on the human army.

"And get that guy who did this wound to me. I hate the damn heroes who think they can win wars on their own. No offense your allmightyness." Golkai looked around for Amos.

"Where did he go? Ahh who cares! Garvus destroy that chopper and get whose leading these humans to me. I'd like to congratulate him on his loss!" Golkai gripped his horn and blew a loud ear piercing noise which seemed to spark the 'spirit' of the soldiers he had summoned but also the gods nearby would remember it and get more resolve.

A change of plan...


Delthrael was not interested in fighting against some humans which had noticed them. He raised a barrier of earth around himself, Cyl and David, incasing them in a bubble of stone and Earth unless they decided to jump away. His goals were elsewhere after all. Golkai and Amos were both capable in battles. They could do this on their own.

"Cyl, we must go to Desious right now. Amos and Golkai can handle things here. If we don't seize the moment now, then we shall later have to regret it with death slipping out of our hands."
He would have prefered to have had Golkai and Amos there as a support. But there had been a change of plans.

"Those who do not adapt to a new enviroment are doomed to die out. As sad as dear sister Hiraga would be hearing it. The world is in constant motion."
Delthrael waited for Cyl to answer him or to send them both to Desious. It was the main objective after all. Making sure he could not exile them again.

@Dealdric@Lord Zee@SpawnMeme

"Heeh?" He placed one hand by his waist and then looked around for a moment before quickly dashing off midair searching for a device such as the one Tenshi had thrown away. At least it was better searching for the device than standing or hovering idly by. The odd creatures they had destroyed had provided some fun. But they were far from fighting against his own kind.

You couldn't exactly play with these creatures either. They gave no pleasant reactions at all. So he decided he needed to find one of those devices quickly so they could get assigned another mission. He put out another of those octagonal prisms as soon as he spotted one of those devices about and more of those creatures. He then shot another ray of light into the prism, causing multiple rays to shoot out from the prism itself and hit many of the creatures.

Emilio continued attacking, this time flinging smaller projectiles who were still capable of destroying these creatures, he flung them at reasonable speed. They weren't as quick as the rays nor as powerful, but they were homing in on their targets. Then when he had a good sight of the device he flung one of the projectiles towards it. Destroying it in the process.

The nearby buildings would take damage and smoke would pour out from a few of them from the ray attacks. There was collateral damage indeed. But it did not bother him. It wasn't his mission to care about some buildings. Finding these devices, destroying the creatures and proceeding forwards however was.

Where would forwards really be? Without Wong there wasn't really anyone keeping him from leaving the army. Gudeath and Setsuna wasn't around either. Or any other Psychiccer for that matter.

He could leave the army. The thought occurred to him but wasn't overly appealing. They had provided him with a place to stay and entertaining people to play around with. They also provided him with missions so he wouldn't sit idle in a room like he had done before many time during his time with Wong.

Now when he thought about it. How long had he'd been with Wong? Where were he before that? His head started to hurt, a spray of pain. "Hnnghn..."

He shook his head from side to side while searching for hostiles. He needed to go elsewhere now. Perhaps to that girl with the red outfit. There was something about her. He darted off at high speed looking for Vita. Perhaps she hadn't finished up with all the fun just yet.


He narrowed his eyes yet again. Mordred seemingly wanted him to shut up and was yet again making threats. Perhaps the subject was too close to her heart. Alberich was still somewhat pleased. He had gathered valuable information about her now. She was hotheaded and seemingly indeed the Mordred from the stories. But a woman? Alberich couldn't imagine the books could have been wrong about that part. He could use her past against her.

Mordred. What are you after? He wanted to ask her though he was certain that her answer would be very fierce.

The woman also seemed to think she had spared his life just now. Such misplaced confidence. She had no clue who she was talking to. He was part of a noble family, not that far from a royal family alltogether. But she lacked manners. She had met Siegfried however? Yet claiming he appologizes too much? What could he possibly have appologized about. It did not make sense to him.

Moreso how could she be alive with this attitude? Siegfried must have beaten her to a pulp. It was the only explanation Alberich could think of. Still she could be of some use. Just had to have the right offer. What did the knights of Arthur desire the most? Excalibur? No. The holy grail. Alberich smirked, revealing his teeth a slight bit before letting his face assume the previous cold look to it.

"Mordred. Do you want to find the holy grail? I know how you could get it."
Alberich stopped moving as he saw Menomaru moving aside to make way for them to move. Why was he letting them pass by him? He entered first only to give up the front now?

"Mordred. Hold up. Something is not right." Alberich said and kept his eyes to Menomaru. "What are you up to?" Alberich stared at the mothman who in turn replied in an arrogant manner.

"Move." Alberich said with a dead stare at Menomaru who finally decided to move, placing him in the middle. He was seemingly not very happy about it. Upon moving on ahead, Alberich widened his eyes to the big blob moving about. He had not heard or seen such a creature before. Even with all his studies this creature was new to him.

"After you. Knight." Alberich said in a low tone as he relocated himself to the side of Mordred. Passing by Menomaru in the process.

The creature had not yet spotted them or so it appeared. Alberich was coming up with a plan on how to best approach it when it happened...


He gave Mordred and Alberich a not too friendly look as they came up to him, the former passing him by. The latter however didn't want to pass him. This was getting in his way. He needed to be behind them, but if he resisted his plan would be foiled. "Wouldn't you want to know? Human."

Menomaru was unable to create as many moths as he wanted to behind them. He would have to wait and unleash everything in one go. They had all gotten to the root of the problem however. Menomaru's moths were scouting ahead, some getting caught in the sticky ceiling. Some green sludgelike creature.

Some lower rank of demon. He couldn't even detect any demonic aura from it, that is how weak it was. Or so he thought. Menomaru quietly drew his sword. A natural thing to do before an upcoming battle, Alberich already had his drawn and wielded.

With his free hand he took out the sacred jewel shard he had been carrying with him for quite some time. This was a good moment to use it. He discreetly threw it over Mordred and Alberich towards the sludge. The shard itself would in turn empower whatever being that consumes it, inserts it into a weapon or into ones flesh.

"Prepare yourselves..."

To the others it may just have seemed to be a scouting thing, one of his own attacks or something which could work in their favor.

Menomaru had another battle in mind however. He began to call forth moths, quietly letting them cover the walls and passage behind them before he finally took a swift featherlight step up and in a stabbing motion with his sword aimed for Mordred's lower back, close to where her kidneys would be located.

It was not the way he would have preferred to finish her off. But it would surely at least be by his hand, and she was not a demon nor deserved the honor of dying face to face with him. He could leave the rest to this sludge thing to devour her and the boy alive. Regardless if the stab would have landed or not, he was swiftly stepping backwards past the cloud of moths now behind the group which in turn moved forth and some of them attacked Alberich seeking to impair his vision.

"To die! This place will be a suitable grave for you both! I shall tell the private goodbye from you when I run her through! Hah hahah!"
Interested in joining the Rebellion. Possibly having a second character in Another faction aswell.

Ps. Is there any specific character sheet form you would like the characters to be in?
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