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Suzakura Plagerzes

The slightly blurred vision soon became clear again for the overambitious bully, and he found himself looking at the world from a new perspective. Had the world suddenly warped around him, everything was upside down. No wait. As his senses readjusted themselves alongside his various organs, bone and flesh he realized. He was upside down and imbedded into the building wall. Thankfully his bone armor had absorbed much of the impact, not to mention his pain receivers were turned off. If they wouldn't have been, then this would no doubt have hurt quite the bit.

"Allright... where the frecking holy hells am I? Aha. Just across the street. You punch like a nerd fat-for-brains! Eh... screw it. I've made my point to the weaklings, that no matter how much they try. They just ain't Suza." He grinned as he popped himself out from the building wall allowing him to fall down and faceplant against the ground. It was too much of a bother to actually try to land on ones feet. Then when he finally found the will he pushed himself up in a lazy manner.

"Oi! Mina! I am returning to Kibuririririri! Be back by morning! I need milk for my cereal!" He yelled at no one in particular, as he doubted Mina could hear him unless he manipulated his vocal cords. But it was such a bother...

Thus the bully returned home and the next day came knocking.

The next day...

"Oooh yeah, Kurararara- Suzazazaza-cool-a! Allright, which one of you first years brought lunch for me? Ahh did you? Ah?" Suzakura opened the lid leading into the lunchhall of the St Laurel's school. A place he was NOT invited to. But with his ability to change his appearance into just about anyone, how could they possibly keep track of where or who he was?

Sadly the bully realized too late that today was the St Laurel's schools day off. Celebrating Laurel-day of all things.

"Friggin' goodshoes good for nothing geekmeeks! Argh! Fine. I can find other ways to get what I want..." He lowered his voice as he quickly exited the school grounds and transformed back to his usual appearance. He couldn't afford to be mistaken for someone less favorable. At least not while he was out letting the weakminded and the holy knight types look upon him in all his glory. Well. For now the clothes remained on.

"Marketplace-marketplace. Gotta snatch my daily batch of beefy stew! An apple a day keeps whatever the hells the rest of that line says. Ohoo! It smells friggin' good here, almost like they are producing some Suzapheromones and making everyone into foodfreaks. Just like the ladies can't have enough of Suza, I can't have enough frecks to care whose lunch I take. But if you cannot keep it, it's all fair..." The bully began whistling as he strolled down the street past the various marketstands.

How useful it was to be able to create extra limbs to snatch food with. The bully made sure to distract so many of the goodnatured sellers, talking about things with them and just saying yes or no. Nothing like abit of random chit-chat to work up an appetite. The chicken was tasty. So was the hotdogs, the apple, the lollipop he too from the kid and even the burger he snatched out from the two breads of the person trying to eat it. He could feel it in his body. This was indeed going to be the day when Chinami would propose to him. He just knew that couldn't be far away.

"Oh Suza~ You are such a manly man-man. I am a hot sunshine hating girl with a fetish for men who are top dog. Grrr! Rawr! You are even more smexy than Kiburi-sama! Oh hold me Suza! Hold me with your strong multiple arms..." Suza said as he altered his vocal cords to sound like Chinami, a smile on his face as he said the lines, his two hands behind his neck. While the other temporary ones carried his food.

"Ooh.. babe... behave~ I am so much of a man it might be hard to keep me all for yourself. I should let the whole female world have their piece of this muscular manly miracle of man. But ofcourse you are number one. I know you have unvocalized feelings for me. You know me, I cannot take the first step. I may lose my man-aura... so go ahead and tell me how much you are obbsessed with me?" Suzakura replied in his own voice as he reached out with one of his main hands to gently take hold of one of his extra ones. Before the arms would begin to fondle his own chest in a hugging manner.

The bully created an artificial blush on his cheeks to go along with it before he was rudely interupted by a young man on a mailman bike driving past him and hitting a puddle of water, causing it to splash on him. The extra hand that had been formed into a fist, had been torn off from his arm and hurled after the biker and hitting him in the helmet, causing him to crash into a nearby alleyway.

"Freggin' nerve of some people... I am WALKING here. Idiot." The bully soon proceeded to twist his entire body like how someone would wrench water out of a towel until he was all dry again.

"Allright." Suzakura said in a satisfied manner, as he allowed his extra arms to vanish and he took a few final bites of his food before hurling the remains and the papers over his shoulder. Despite there being a trashcan closeby.

"Well ain't that a ghastly looking building? Well you ain't scaring me..." The bully whistled as he passed by a building.
Reverio Galand

The landing had been smooth enough, and the little flight over the city had been a refreshing change to momentarily push away his troubles.

But where one problem was temporary put on hold, a seemingly new one came knocking. A young man was hurled through the air and landed in a nearby dumpster. Rev blinked quickly to process what he had just seen. His gaze wandered from the dumpster and up towards the one which had launched him. A large... machine. As the dots connected, Reverio realized that he had miscalculated on something. While he had expected to meet the librarians within and possibly get into trouble while searching for the knowledge he wanted. In the shape of traps and wardings, he had been unprepared to deal with this problem.


His cousin. While she were partly of Albion blood, she was still one of very few living relatives of his. He never found the whole matter of blood an important thing. After all, what mattered more to him was how they were as a person. While he considered her a good aligned person, he couldn't help but feel worried in her presence. It was almost as if he was floating on a surfing board, and below him was a great shark. A feeling of being observed and an underlying sense of danger.

In his worries, he realized that perhaps Darla could actually help him out with his current predicament. Maybe she could distract the librarians long enough for him to sneak into the vaults. There was danger involved, this was trespassing if he would be caught. And potentially Darla could become involved into such aswell. He knew he didn't want that. So she would have to remain oblivious to his plan, that way even if they interrogate her or mindread her or something like that. They wouldn't find enough to punish her for his crime. This was if he would be caught ofcourse. While there were a high amount of risk involved, he knew he had to try find some information of the great evil. To see if it could actually be the solution to his dilemma or something which could make it even worse.

Reverio offered a polite bow to Darla's robot servant once his mind had processed all the swirling thoughts in his head. For some reason he felt good about it all. As if this was going to change the day for the better.

"You have my thanks, I will head in to meet Lady Darla in just a few moments. You may return to inform her of my arrival." Reverio offered a deep nod towards the robot. Perhaps to most people he would look weird, showing such respects to a machine. But in his mind, this robot was just an extension of Darla. Like how a king would use a diplomat to broker peace and unions.

But Darla didn't know that part about him, that he was in fact the former king of Vauquelin. To let her know would be a disaster, not because he didn't trust her. He knew she was a good person and all that. But her mother and father would see a world of money and some scheme to somehow get themselves involved with the crown. Well, or rather have Albion gain a claim on the lands of Vauquelin. Reverio mentally frowned on the idea. If Albion and Vauquelin would go to war, alot of people would die all because of him. The greedy nobles of Albion would put their warmachine into full gear and Vauquelin would fight to the death with their militaristic young emperor.

Who knows how many other nations would become involved in such a scenario. He definitely couldn't tell Darla about the truth. As painful as it felt to keep such secrets from her. He had to. Not for himself, but for the sake of his brother who died to save him and the other people of the world. After having excused himself from Darla's servant, Reverio hurried over to check on the guy which had been flung to the dumpster. Grabbing hold of his one leg that would be sticking out of the dumpster and then he channeled his healing power to restore the man's vitality.

"Try stay out of trouble from now on... don't mess with my cousin you hear?" Reverio glanced into the dumpster to give the guy one look before he walked over towards the entrance again. Two others were standing there, perhaps they were already standing there when he was being courteous to the machine and mentally prepping. Before he had the chance to address them both, one of them decided to head into the building. He had some strange ears on his head. Just how fluffy were they?

"A.. cat...person?" Reverio blinked as he spoke aloud to himself his jaw dropping slightly, while watching Kurogane walking into the library. But soon his attention was turned towards the other individual which was now approaching him.

'This person knows me?' The blonde thought as he looked Lambda over from top to toe. Was this young man a noble? It wouldn't be too far fetched after hearing he was attending to St Laurels.

"Excelsior! You are not bothering me at all, young sir. You are also correct, I am Reverio Galand. I hope these classmates have not been speaking too ill of me? To whom do I owe the pleasure of speaking with? Are you here to... lend a few books aswell, or is it the architechture that peeks your interest?" Reverio assumed his usual pose for greeting people, which involved a formal but polite bowing motion, with one hand over his heart.

'This person seems to be quite tranquil in the peaceful meaning of the word. Have I met him before? Seems like the type I may have known... is he someone from Vauquelin? I met so many nobles and their heirs during my time on the throne to the point I lost track...' The former king pondered as he looked over Lambda a second time.

"Was that cat man with you?" Reverio asked. He had to ask.

Alrune Ihadugram Al-Zardun Dimekshia nu Karzanoon

The night had passed and he felt energy course through him again. It was his day free of any practice or work, but even that couldn't stop his stroll down the streets of Rhea, a hotdog in one hand and a cone icecream in the other, a soda bottle in his one pocket and an energy bar in the other. He was all set for what the day would bring, the magical music of his own mind would play around him causing some people to turn their heads as he passed by. Most regular citizens of Rhea had no clue of his underground fame, that was just a specific type of crowd. Which had indeed it's benefits that he could go up to the surface and live his life more like anybody else.

While that feeling did feel good, he couldn't help but feel as if he was special in some way. Gifted. That he wasn't just one in the crowd. But another side of him was strongly denying these feelings, his logical mind was shaking wildly at the presumption that he would somehow be greater than others. He was just another ordinary human being, all he had was his powers, his performing skills, his family and being a foreigner. He didn't have the southern dialect of El-Undura, perhaps he had been too influenced by the people of Rhea that he quickly adapted to their dialect.

As long as he had his family he knew that no matter what would come at him in life he would be able to enjoy it. Challenges and struggle was after all a part of living, even if he would have prefered to just have a life of relaxing and doing what he likes. Al began strolling through an open marketplace, greeting the various people there which he had met several times before when he bought fruits, vegetables and various streetfood. There were so many things to do in life, but even he had to chose to exclude some. Food wasn't one of them. Unless he somehow felt sad about a poor animal dying for him.

The sun was shining brightly this day, from what he could tell it was a perfect day to be out walking, breathing the fresh air, watch people walking by. Or flying. He thought he saw someone fly past a few buildings on his way down the street. He couldn't help but wonder how it would actually feel like flying through the skies like a bird. The sights must be really great from up there.

'Well, no one can have everything. Just gotta make do with what you've got. And I got plenty!' He grinned with a mix of hotdog and icecream in his mouth.

'The benefits of having a job that pays well. I should soon be able to send some money home to mother and father and my siblings... it feels like it's been so long.' He couldn't give them a call however as the family didn't have a device for that, not even one of those Vaquelian bird-things. They were far too expensive, both to buy one but also feeding it.

As the young man finished his icecream and hotdog, he came upon a streetcrossing and an old lady waiting at one end. "Oh.." The boy said to himself as he walked up next to her and then looked at the walk-over signal. It was broken. How typical. But that wasn't going to ruin his or this old lady's day. Not while he had something to say about it.

"Wanna cross over? Let me help ya." Al smiled widely and walked up to offer the old lady his arm to help her cross over the street, he cane making the trip almost feel like he aged another year. Well. Maybe that was abit too extreme of a comparison.

"Be careful on your way home!" Al waved his hand to the old woman who had thanked him. It did feel good helping others, but he didn't do it because he wanted to just feel good. Because the way he saw it, the people in the world needed to help each other more. Something as simple as befriending someone who has not a single friend in the entire world could change that persons very life. Or perhaps even yours. Every little action had a reaction.

And the next reaction that struck the boy was to open up his soda bottle and take a bite out of the energy bar as he now travelled down a street he had not walked on before, at least not one he could remember. It was always exciting to explore new places and meet new people. Perhaps he could find a friend or some inspiration for a new song even?

There was a big variety of buildings on the street, and he looked over each and everyone of them just up to one place where he sighted an alleyway next to a large industrial looking building with boarded up windows. He stopped in his tracks. Something about the place gave him the creeps. He felt a lump in his stomach and he dropped his energy bar and soda. His hands reaching up to hold his head and face. He was sweating and his head was hurting. Had he unwittingly been poisoned? Had the old woman been sick? Was he having some illness come over him?

He took a few deep breaths and then fell down on his rear, luckily avoiding any soda on the ground and the energy bar.

"Oh man... why now of all times? This was just starting like such a good day." He lamented and collected himself, reaching for the soda and then picking up the half-eaten energy bar. At least half the liquid was left in the bottle, he could still enjoy it. He wouldn't let some sudden feeling of nausea and headpain to get the better of him. He was going to enjoy his day. His perfectly unplanned free day of doing what he liked. Maybe the local library had something fun? But he couldn't bring in the soda with him surely. It would be risky with all the books understandably. He couldn't play his music neither. That was the biggest minus. Well it wouldn't hurt checking out the building at least.

Reverio Galand

Once both Chinami and Ken had left his apartment, the young blonde closed the door behind them. Well. That had gone alot worse than he expected it to. He felt disappointed as he would have liked to keep Ken and Chinami around. But fate had not been kind to the former king, it was almost as if the gods themselves were slowly guiding him down a road he doesn't want to go. But nontheless feeling like he has to.

What possible good could he do in the world that would weigh up for his brother's sacrifice? What possible good could outshine the evil that seemingly was drowning the world? Ken had been hopeful about the world, especially Rhea, noting it was the place of heroes and villains alike. But how could good permit evil to exist? Wouldn't that also make those good people evil themselves? To think about it all was causing his head to hurt. He knew there was beauty in the world, things to see and enjoy. Yet there were always those who were prepared to bring all that joy into ruin.

'I would have liked nothing more than have been the one to have died back then. Why did you do it my brother? All I needed to have was my duty, my princess and you being well... and I couldn't even hold unto any of the three.' He mentally lamented as his fingers rose up to the bridge of his nose.

Had he'd been wrong in telling his past to Ken and Chinami? He didn't feel like it was the wrong thing. He wanted to be clear with them, but also have someone walking beside him. And everything was pulling at him down towards a darker path, he could feel how wrong the thoughts were, how he wanted nothing more than someone to strike him down before he could do it. But then... what would his brother have died for? The world hasn't changed one bit by his death. Not for the better.

His homeland was now under the rule of Emperor Valois, who had turned the entire nation into a war factory. It would surely only be a matter of time before a great war would break out between the various nations of the world. All the suffering and loss caused by wars. Just how many people would have to die for the world to be peaceful and where people could understand oneanother?

Perhaps the dream was just a dream. Something unobtainable. Or was it? What options were there? To mount a symbol of fear above the head of everyone and threaten the world itself like some god of fear? Release the great evil itself to unify all under one banner against a common foe? But if the great evil would be defeated... how long would it take for the world to repeat the same mistakes again? His head sunk down and he sat down in his armchair. What if the great evil would end all life? Wouldn't that mean peace? But then... none would live to experience it.

'What manner of sin must I commit for the sake of the world? All of these are... the same as letting evil exist. Because it results in the same. I would become evil myself. Perhaps I am evil? Would an evil person ask themselves this? Doubt. How it follows me like a shadow...' He momentarily closed his eyes.

'If you were still alive my brother, what would you have told me?' He thought before his mouth opened.

"Live your life, free with joy. Such was the prince's final ploy..." He said in a solemn manner with his head sunk, his blonde hair falling over his eyes obscuring them.

"How can I do what you ask, when there is no joy left for me? I was blind when I sat on the throne, I was letting my joy blind me and that's how I failed you all. I don't deserve to be happy. But the world deserves better. But how will I be able to do it? Where is the key needed to open the door to a better world? Does it even exist? Is this my punishment then? To live on? Like this? Unable to do anything? No. I've been inactive for most of my life. Never again. I must move on..." He breathed in and out heavily as he considered all the thoughts swirling around in his head like a whirlwind.

'Someone. Somewhere. Hurry up and kill me before I do it. Someone end this pain forever. Let me go to my brother while I am still myself.' He closed his eyes as hard as he could and gritted his teeth together, before finally relaxing his entire face.
'No... this is selfish. I don't deserve to... I need to find out more about the great evil. Could perhaps someone control it? A mortal vessel? It would consume me completely. I am not strong enough. But perhaps there's someone else who could become the symbol of evil and through that unify the world? A being or perhaps an artifact capable of storing the great evil itself? But how is this any different from becoming a tyrant? Become a tyrant but bring peace to the world? Is this what I must become? The very thing they labeled me in my homeland? Become the tyrant they all saw? I need to learn more of the great evil before I decide. Still on with the doubt? Will I ever be free of it?' Rev furrowed his eyebrows before opening his eyes and stood up from his armchair, he knew where he had to go. To the Rhean grand library. To search for knowledge of the darker beings of the world. There were books, tomes and old scrolls locked away deep within the grand library no doubt. But to enter such a place was no easy task, not to mention the librarian, but traps and wards to prevent those of evil intent from easily obtaining it. But what about people who wanted to do good? What about those? There were many who hunted the beings of the dark and sought information on how to battle them. Surely they had access. Perhaps he would find a way once there, if nothing else perhaps some fresh air could help to clear the swirling thoughts in his head.

The blonde then opened the door leading out of his apartment, then he locked it behind him. But not before giving his bird companion some food and water, and leaving the window open for fresh air and a way to escape if there was accidental fire or if he wouldn't be able to return. The former king considered his travelling options, he could fly over to the place, it would give a more scenic route too. Thus he manifested his powers of light and spectral looking wings spread out as he took up into the air and watched the city of Rhea from above, soaring higher and higher up. He could see the parks, the lakes, the unique architechture of the buildings below, of people wandering about in their daily lives.

"It's beautiful..." He smiled but shortly afterwards had it turn into a frown and he shook his head. "But evil can hide in the light too... hnn... I cannot afford to be blinded again." He gave a disgusted grunt as he sped up his flight abit, aiming to land outside of the Rhean grand library.

Orpheuz Paladice

The peace, if there was such a thing had been disturbed by a hulking brute which had decided to take on everyone within his reach. The loud noise caused by said combatant was causing people to stumble, to grab their ears in pain or flee the scene. The girl which he had spoken with prior, Andras had even tumbled into the pinkhaired one which he had momentarily spoken with. It may have been an odd sight, but Orpheuz didn't raise his hands to his ears like most others, and once he pinned down the source he merely shook his head in reply.

'That will sadly not work on me anymore. I have changed. The rules have changed. This brute however... those who cannot control the power do not deserve the power. A strong body without a strong will is doomed to crumble. I suppose he may still fill the role of a training dummy to the rest... If this world will turn in the same manner mine did then every little bit will help.' Orpheuz mused in his head, as he watched Vera tending to some other girl. Andras had already dashed away or so it would seem.

'A premonition of what is to come. I'll find the source and destroy it this time for certain, rest assured my comerades lost in time...' Orpheuz stood still watching the scene, a part of him felt that he should help them. But what then would they learn if he just went in and took care of things in their stead? That would be counter-productive. Another figure, a masked individual had entered the fray aswell, hurling out numbers. It reminded him of these boardgames that some library visiting students had been overly fond of. Those things were far too geeky for someone like him, even if he was fond of things involving strategy and tactics. 'Some unfamiliar faces, even some who cover it alltogether. Perhaps some of them will be of use in the coming battle...' As the scenery played out before him, he just stood there and watched the battle play out. Yet ready to lunge in if someone was about to be outright slain.

'Can you feel it at our core? The familiarity. We are home, yet away. I know you cannot answer me anymore, even if we are now one and the same. Just you wait. I will save you. I will save all of you. I will turn our dream into reality...' Orpheuz raised his right hand and turned it into a fist, as if he was grasping another's hand. Another whose hand was no longer there.
Alrune Ihadugram Al-Zardun Dimekshia nu Karzanoon

Somewhere in an underground complex near Mephisto school... a music concert is being held.

"Burning fire inside of us! They cannot freeze our cries!

Flaming blaze inside of our core! They cannot see our wings as we soar!

When our smiles decay, laugh or it will die in vain! Such cold eyes seek to make the world crumble! Lost in their dream they cannot help but stumble!

Nowhere to go! Nowhere to hide! Put all of your doubt aside!

Raise up your courage! Your fire! Your spirit! Up the the sky! Let us all dance together now!

The memories, which I had given up comes back to haunt me! I cannot help to go along even if it's out to hurt me!

Nothing too fear! But danger somehow! It's like the... falling of the snow!

Nothing to see! Nothing to hear! Our chosen destiny draws near!

It's time to rise up! Raise your hands high! Spread your arms and let your fiery spirit fly!

Know that you'll reach that distant light somedaaaaay! Let's not keep the fight too far awaaaaaaaaaay!

AAaaaaaahhaaaaahaa aaaaahaaa haaah aaaa....."

As the highly illegal underground concert came to it's end there were plenty of people seeking autographs from the members of the band for the evening and night. Often it was the singer that ended up having to write the most, and the singer of the band was Alrune.

"I love you R.C!" A grown woman in the gathering crowd screamed out at the top of her lungs, before there was a swarm, almost like a wave of young girls swarming up to Alrune. The four guards ended up being unable to hold back the tide and soon enough they were swarming over the young singer like bees at a hive.

"I love you so much~!" One blonde girl screamed as another fainted, a young man was also up there wanting his cap signed amidst all the chaos. While the sound all around was overpowering, more so than it had been when they were on stage playing. The boy simply took the coloured pencil from his pocket, putting the lid between his lips and then with a plop let the pencil do it's magic by signing caps, papers, shirts, merchandise or not.

"I am never going to wash my arm ever again!" A pinkhaired woman in her twenties said in a cheery tone, as another brunette fainted. Again. Forcing more of the guards to dash and help the fainted ones, which left the young singer more hard pressed to say the least.

"Ahah.. did you like it?" Alrune asked one of the fans as he was getting hugged by three and pulled in his arms in at least four different directions.

"Please go on a date with me!" A younger girl with glasses blurted out amidst the gasps and shrieks, followed by another proposal. "I am going to marry you when I grow up!" A twin-tailed girl around his own age screamed out.

"Ahah...hah... ehe... uh missus-es! Ahem!" Alrune raised both his hands and the crowd went more silent to hear what he had to say.

"I highly appreciate your kind offers! But I am not ready for that kind of thing just yet." Alrune said in the most grown up manner he could project, before the crowd went back to screaming bloody murder.

"He's soo cool!" One girl yelled with a squeak, followed by a woman who looked to be in her thirties. "He's soo CUTE~! I am dying!" Amidst all the screaming and pushing, Alrune could notice a familiar face wading through the crowd, it was his manager. It took him awhile to force his way through, almost loosing his round glasses in the process.

"We highly appreciate your attendance to tonights event! Your contribution to our coff- collegeues will allow us to keep up playing for you wonderfully rich, rich in character folks!" The manager said in a manner that seemed way too cheery and energic for someone of his age. The guy was basically ancient. He was balding after all. The appearance of the manager and the signing of autographs by Alrune and the rest of the band seems to have sated the thirsty mob for now. Thus the young man once again found himself travelling down the long underground corridor to his artist room with his manager right next to him. A hand like always on his shoulder.

"You did great out there Al! We made a great profit today, the best one so far! If we keep this up we are going to be filthy rich in notime. You be amazed just how much we can charge the tickets for. You saw how wildly those girls were throwing themselves at you? They would pay ANY price we put for the tickets. Or their parents would. Either way is fine. Speaking of parents, I am sure yours are mighty proud by now." The manager said in a jovial tone, with an underlying sense of greed.

"Ahh? Well... I am happy they liked it." Alrune said in a low voice, as he was gradually guided to his room which the manager quickly opened for his singing goldmine.

"I think we may have to replace Duggo, he is not keeping up with the rest, I heard him slip on the strings. We can't allow that kind of screw-up in this branch. So he's gotta go and we find someone better. Perhaps someone whose even cheaper. The little rascal has the nerve to demand more pay. That's what I like about you Al. You are happy with what you get." The manager took out a cigar from his cigar-box that he always carried in his coat, lighting it in the room and taking a whiff.

"Duggo tried his hardest. I am sure he won't do it again. Uh... would you mind not smoking in here." Alrune said as he soon after threw himself at the bed. He was exhausted. The manager made a grunt, but soon enough put his cigar out. "Ofcourse. Anything for the second coming of Shal-Akkun. Boy that guy must have brought in millions... I wouldn't want you to feel too ill to perform. That would be disastrous." The man gave himself a mental reprimand, he had to make sure his money-making machine was performing at top quality. At least until he felt it needed to replace him. Alrune sighed deeply and blew some air through his mouth. "Again with this Shal-Akkun. I am tired of being compared with him. I am not him! Please leave me alone now! I am tired..." Alrune said in a irritated manner, his expression going slightly sour if not abit pouty.

"Listen here you lit- Fine. I will brief you soon about the next gig." The manager rose up from the seat he had hogged for himself, and exited the room. The purple haired boy gave out another sigh, reaching up with his arm to feel his forehead. The talks with the manager usually was a good source of getting a headache. But he wasn't planning on getting anymore of that for the day, thus he went up to the door and locked it, before hurling himself on the bed and burrowing his face into the pillow.

'Shal-Akkun...' He thought as his eyes began to glimmer in anger. If there was one name he didn't like to hear it was that one. Being constantly compared with an old and dead, although good musician of the past. Rumor has it he lived to see a hundred years too. Al couldn't help but think back to his home. His mother and father. All his siblings. He hoped they were all safe and well. While he held a fear to fall asleep, due to nightmares, he couldn't hold back it anymore due to how tired he was. He drifted off peacefully.
@MagusDream I wouldn't worry about any of your characters, from what I can tell they are all good to go. But I am not one of the GM's. Hope you will come to enjoy your stay in the RP, we do have a discord channel aswell which you can join.

Suzakura Plagerzes

'What a friggin day, frecking unbelievable. First that foureyes having a decent damn punch, and then the guy has the gall to hog my Mina. Then I have to fight in some stupid arena with it's stupid rules against who was it again? Who gives a damn. Then friggin Claus von Witless shows up in his military getup and acts all protection-mama with that pinkhaired hottie. What a fregging day.' Suzakura rolled his eyes as he went out of the Midnight tournament building and out into the fresh air.

On his way up the stone stairs he spotted someone had left their soda can there at the top of the stairs. The bully was in a more foul mood than usual, thus this was a godsend. He heel-kicked it back down the stairs and he could hear it falling down and it's contents spilling. It was like having drank a cool drink himself, or a glass of cool milk.

"Ah shit... I am bored. Hm?" Just when he had gotten to the top of the stairs he heard a commotion from inside. What in the holy hells had he just missed? He rushed back down the stairs and back inside. There was suddenly a larger amount of chaos. Wonderful.

'I can't see shit with all these noname-background characters running all over the damn place.' He thought in an annoyed manner, that he was gonna have to use his powers to solve it. What a bother. Suzakura allowed his gift to flow through him and began to increase his height momentarily so he could see over the panicked crowd.

'Allright time to clear a pathway. All you royal bastards ain't got nothing on this.' The bully thought to himself as he came up with his plan, and allowed his vocal cords to become altered abit and his ability to scream.

"OH MY GOODNESS! THE LOCAL YOUTH OFFICERS ARE COMING! EVERYONE IS GETTING ARRESTED! HURRY TO THE EXIT! GO GO GO!" He screamed in an alarmed manner and watched plenty of people run past him in a stampede towards one of the exits.

'Freggin pansies. Suza. You are a friggin genius. Allright, now who pissed off that big muscle-without-brains guy? Hey isn't that the guy who cheated himself to a win against me? Nah. Must be another of those bland average guys. Well, he does look like hes pretty pissed and at this rate Mina could get into that big mess. While that backstabbing-Mikey-chugging cow did me bad, it is my backstabbing chugging milkmachine. No one messes with my buddies or my stuff. Unless it's Chinami-chan... huhuhu...' Suzakura shook his head quickly from side to side to focus on the task at hand, he had to catch the big guy's attention and if he could make his entrance cool. It would seal the deal on his girl-magnetism powerset. Assuming his normal height, Suzakura made a few kickboxing steps forwards into an area that made him clearly visible to those engaging the big muscular thing.

"Holy hells! That's a big gun-rifletech-pipe teachy peachy! Not as big as mine, but we can talk more about that later! Ahh you are here too foureyes? Then where is MY MINA?! Allright that does it! Transformation time!" Suzakura assumed a pose with his left foot in front of his right one, and his arms outstretched to the left and right.

Then be begun to spin on his feet slowly, as his arms reached up above his head and bone armor began to form on his arms and hands. Then he bent his shape backwards abit, still slowly spinning in place as a bone chestplate formed over his chest, along with some fitting shoulderparts. Then Suza stopped spinning and made a shaolin like kick into the air as bone began to form along his feet and legs, then he landed again, pointing with one of his hands towards Erisse, giving her a wink with his right eye, right before a bone helmet covered his head, only leaving enough room for him to see.

The bully made a few air-jabs with his bone enforced hands, and then made a pelvic thrust forwards, creating some further armor around his pelvic area. "Oooooh yeah~!" Suza said in a pleased manner, then inspected himself. Something was missing. Ah. Spikes. Thus he spent an extra couple of seconds to grow some bone spikes out of his armor in a select few places, such as his bracers and shoulderpads. But more importantly made sure to create a large one on the pelvic armor.

"Suzakura Plagerzes! Bonebaddy mark thirty-four! Here we go! I got a bone to pick with you musclemofo!" Suzakura stepped up to assume a pose with one of his hands at his hip, as he manipulated his musculature to better support him.

It was time to shine.

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Reverio Galand

It was with a soft sigh that Reverio turned to face Ken, who had implored both him and Chinami to hear him out. The Izumo heir's words about them all having assumed things wrongly, about negativity and the flower garden. All these things did reach the blonde's ears.

Negativity. That very word could be used to summerize his feelings for humankind as a whole, with some exceptions. It were those exceptions that were at fault for holding him back, from letting him to travel down the path he both dreaded to tread, but also deep within felt more drawn towards. It was as if the forces of the world, the gods themselves was slowly pulling him towards doing something which could change the world forever. He knew he didn't have the power alone, no mortal had enough power to change the world on their own. It was a group effort, or the effort by a being far above them. Even above the gods.

The blonde knew what was pulling at him, he knew what manner of being his thoughts were drawn to. But he shook them away again. There was a time for deep thinking, but that was not now, not here. Reverio straightened himself up slightly, holding out his hand towards one of the potted plants in his apartment.

"No matter how beautiful and vast a garden is, there will be people seeking to blow it all away. I've seen it all before, I've felt it all before. We may eat and drink, rest and take in the view. But it won't change anything. The world out there remain as rotten. While your offer is indeed a kind one, and while I agree that such scenery is pleasing to behold and I would want nothing more than drift away in such a place. I've been trapped far too long in my life, by things that only came to serve as an illusion to how things truly were. Much like a masquerade ball, once the masks are dropped the music also does. My brother who gave me this life, I cannot allow myself such joy. I cannot even end myself for the guilt I feel. I must live, but if I must live, I must live doing something of worth... or it will all have been for nothing. I cannot go back to being a kid, Ken. But I think that applies to everyone. None can go back in time, except in ones memories..."

Reverio gently slammed his fist into a nearby table, not enough to startle anyone or break something, but enough to make a point. Then he turned to Chinami as she had spoken up again.

"That sounds good to me. We shall dine another time then, miss Chinami. Thank you again for bringing back my coat." It was with a show of appreciation that the blonde offered a deep bow to both Chinami and Ken.

"Perhaps we can talk again someday, Ken. I wouldn't necessarily say either one of us is fully wrong or right, we are simply what we are. Shaped by our surroundings and experiences. If people would fully understand each other, perhaps this world would have been a different place alltogether. But would that have been a world people would desire. Is there truly such a perfect world that people can live in? And would that even be called living? I have no answer for that..." Rev offered a final soft smile.

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