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Ayel Rozenfeldt

His withdrawal had not been met with a firefight as he had expected, had Heidi taken out all those on the floor below or were the sound of that... motorbike drawing attention away from what had happened upstairs? Suffice to say he was surprised on seeing the water sprinklers beginning to spray water and the lights remaining being taken out. The waterdrops fell down against his raised shield, while it wasn't strainful to ward off unlike the more unrelenting speed and impact of bullets, it was slightly distracting.

"Tch.. " The blonde grit his teeth together and gave the sprinklers a look which told he was not amused. His appreciation of it was very much the same of how most cats would react on having a bucket of water poured over them. His thought process was cut short by the scent and noise coming from downstairs, aswell as fire starting to decorate the walls leading up to the stairwell.

Someone was coming, and blazing fire it's companion. An ally of Heidi or a collaborator with that Frost individual? Could it be that Demo person perhaps? Ayel decided to not ponder upon it further and go about with his plan, which meant backing out of the place. His attention turned to the window which he had previously propelled one of the guards through some time earlier, the artificial lights outside was illuminating it well enough, or was it the moon? It would have to do for an exit as the stairwell window would not longer do, it would be less troublesome than going by the stairs and encountering whomever was coming.

He didn't know all of Heidi's friends, and they did not know about him unless she would have told them. Such a thing could not be relied upon, and thus he floated back and over towards the window. Moving out of it and giving a glance down the corridor to catch a glimse of whomever it was that was coming. If it were an ally of Frost, perhaps he could lure him or her outdoors where he felt more at ease, where Ayel was confident he had more of an advantage.

Ayel quickly flew out of the window with a slight upturn at the corner of his mouth, waiting just to catch a glimse of whomever was moving up the stairwell, though with the lights out it might be tricky to see from where he found himself. Unless the person were on fire or something like that.

Nay matter what happens now, I've won… He assured himself, whilst things had not gone exactly to plan, you had to be able to adapt in order to thrive. Evolution demanded it. As weaker species became extinct. So having secondary and even tertiary plans would help to avoid that fate.

Ayel Rozenfeldt

Ayel shook his head slowly after hearing Una's answer to not only reject his aid, but strongly reject it due to her not knowing whom he was. She did however provide him with a name however for the pale skinned man. "Frost". A codename or perhaps just a nickname she'd given to him. Was the young man bestowed with the power over cold or ice?

The blonde man considered his options, whilst it may have been possible to forcefully attack 'Frost' and attempt to drag Una out of the place. What Ayel believed in, which was freedom, freedom of choice and right to decide your own fate. Even if some peoples wishes would come to clash against oneanother, the decision, the choice was to be respected. No matter what side of a struggle you would be in, if you were mutant or human. The girl would had to be taught a lesson, a hard lesson but a lesson nontheless. That actions does bear consequences, even little things.

Would the girl be destined to die in a shoot-out between mutants and humans and become a martyr, something which could be used to gather more under his call. Or were she to live with the knowledge of having indirectly led her friends to injury or death. Either way Ayel would end up winning, despite not feeling overly happy having to leave a chosen kin behind with a traitor.

In order to win the game, you must sometimes sacrifice some pieces in order to advance. If you think too long then you'll run out of time and you will be checked before you know it. Such folly. The girl is picky about who'd liberate her, this knight coming to her rescue... Demo.

Ayel raised both his hands as if he held unto two gouts of fire in them. "Then take your chances Una, in the path you've chosen for yourself, but also for your friends. Let us hope Heidi does not fall ill for it." The blonde said in a matter of fact manner of tone, as he eyed the pale man whom Una had aptly named Frost. Ayel made note of his wandering gaze towards something in the room. He was waiting for something, perhaps buying time for himself or someone? Something was off. He then began to rearrange his previous statements and call him an unexpected guest. Well, in that they could certainly agree.

"That you may do. Albeit you are a terrible host. I'd dismissed your servants by the way, they are now on permanent vacation." The blonde offered a slight scoff to Lex. Then the pale man had gone about to describe him as a shepherd but also as a hound of the young mutants which had first told him about Una. Ayel did deduce that the man was actually trying to recruit him for his nerfarious plans. Just how lost had this kin become? Trying to recruit the one which would do all in his power to save the world from the demons which be choking it.

"Nay. You are wrong. It is you whom be a shepherd and the sheep has already been butchered, and as we speak a pack of wolves are on the way. And if there are not enough sheep to swallow, then you'll be next. You try to offer me things which I do not need or already possess. Do not try putting me on the same level as lowly human trash, you whom walk with demons, a traitor be destined to be betrayed. Your offer is worthless. I cannot be bribed into corruption nor evil. My heart is a bastion. My mind is a fortress."

While Una did indeed seem to not be harmed in any manner from what Ayel could tell. There had to be a change in plans as Una had no intention of leaving with him, so he had to make use of this in the best way that he could.

"It was not because of the children's plea I went here, it was for the good of all. My choices are simple though, you are correct. However you are also dead wrong. You will be of use to me when you are dead. Rest assured. You'll even be of some use to me... alive. Now that things have turned this way. I shall bid my leave, we've shall likely not meet again, Frost." Ayel gave a slight chuckle followed by a grin, before he began to float towards the doorway in a manner to still keep sight of Lex and his destination. The blonde then fully raised his telekinetic barrier and propelled himself out of the room from the same way he came in. Would there be any humans caught in his path they would get to know the mistake of doing so.

So all he had to do now was to get out, possibly fetching Heidi along the way. If not then he'd had to do without her, whatever was going to now happen in the building was going to become bloody. And the girl Una would most surely be guiltridden for it all happening because of her, how would she react once she realizes just how easily it all could have been avoided had she'd left with Ayel. The blonde had made this his plan. No matter how the coming fight in the building would end, he alone would stand as the one to gain the most. Would Una die or be wounded, then the children's hatred for traitors and humankind would drive them away from their teachers and into Ayel's kind embrace. Would Heidi or any of the other which would arrive be harmed, then Una would surely come to see things his way. Whichever scenario. He would come out on top.

The blonde was aware that at any moment however, he could run into humans or have that Frost individual give chase. That or run into other people. For now he wanted to just get out and then he could watch it all play out.
Ayel Rozenfeldt

"Just like this door, you seem quite unhinged. This place? Nocturne. I am a hunter, and you are the hart of the operation. Jumping all the day to your deer den, thinking it will keep you safe from the purging fire raging outside." Ayel gave a slight smirk, as he gradually moved into the room, floating forwards slowly through the air. He attempted to circle his way around the room, to put one of the walls to his back to put himself in what he determined an advantageous position. Sight to both his target, the doorway with it's missing door and the window with sight down to the floor below.

"I think you do know what I am doing here. And we are talking, I just prefer standing. Or floating if that's more appropriate. If Una here is nay a prisoner, then you are surely not to stop her from accompanying me are you?" He was not intending on sitting down by the table with someone who'd could easily shoot him under the table or use other underhanded means of gaining an upper hand. He had to keep his eyes on the man's hands.

Ayel began to quickly try figure the man and his possible plan out. This man had picked up his telepathic message, meaning indeed that he was not human. Allthough he had humans working under him, well armed humans. Meaning either he or whom he served had alot of money, and enough intel to find these people. Even more so have them obey without question, knowing fully well what they've gotten themselves into. So they had little trouble opening fire on those of his ilk and even children.

Yet despite that, relying on humans rather than mutant allies told Ayel enough. It meant that he was most likely the only mutant working for this particular cause, as he fully knew that there were a ton of mutants albeit young heading to try rescue their comerade. The man, despite his fine clothing seems to not be the one pulling the strings, these fully grown men would have trouble following a man without any form of backup. Even more so if they know of what he was. The one pulling the strings were likely a human. A wealthy human. With connections in the underground.

The target. The girl Una was seemingly not taken because of a desire to claim only her, neither would all these humans be able to handle a group of young angry mutants. No, this was an attempt to drive someone in particular here. A young mutant? A teacher? There has to be a connection to this girl. Likely someone to where revenge were to be delivered. But for a revenge there had to be a wrongdoing. What was that wrongdoing? Something to the puppeteer, whom would have no trouble at all in taking a mutant under his wing? No. There had to be a stronger reason.

The blonde began to realize the possibility of the origin and plan of the pale man. He was no mutant, neither were he human. For what mutant would so willingly ally themselves with humans to attack their own kind in such a manner? No. He was possibly one of the disgusting results of humanitys great desire to claim stars that were never theirs to begin with. This man's hatred is likely for someone he never knew, or knew too much. His father. In a matter of looking at it most likely, this man curses his own existance and the blood in his veins, being a hound to the man who'd loosened his shackles. The puppeteer. The creator.

He or she would have to be found later. For now...

This pale skinned man.

"Your odd skin and appearance, ever questioned it? You... you were not born, you were in fact created. A clone. A weapon for humankind. Perhaps even a defect one, in their insane dream of progress they didn't care if they should, only that they've could. With memories that are not even your own. Your sole purpose in this world is following the path someone else have set you upon. Do you even know whom? Does it anger you? It should. But your anger is misplaced." Ayel said in a matter of fact kind of voice.

"A man without past nor future, at least if you are going to continue about that way. There will ultimately be nay bridges left for you to burn, and nay revenge nor truth which can ease your suffering. But even you desire the truth, don't you? Nay matter how grim it be."

He didn't know if he was right in his assumption, in the worst case the man could presume that Ayel was able to pry into the minds of others to take their precious hidden compartments and reveal them. The man did know that Ayel could indeed sent telepathic messages, being able to read minds was another talent. Not one which Ayel possessed himself, nor ever would be able to do. Sometimes perhaps you didn't have to, just chose the right approach and couple it with deception or truth. Depending on which you'd chose to believe in. If the man would break down, then Ayel would not only have rescued a fellow kin but found another weapon of humanity to turn against them.

Allthough he did realize that this situation had become much more dangerous than he had first thought, he had expected only foolish humans but had come into something which were not human. This man was surely dangerous and was not to be taken lightly, thus he had to do all in his power to turn the area to his advantage and the other conditions. The man knew he was capable of telepathy, but Ayel did not know a thing about the man's powers. They could be just about anything.

"As to whom I am. I am Beacon. I offered my body and soul to the cause of the oppressed, I'd hate to add yours to the offering, but if you'd try stop me leaving with Una, then I have little choice in the matter. Come here will you, Una?"

Ayel asked and at that point the static interuption came. Something was happening. Something was coming. No. Someone. Friend or foe? The telepath was prepared for the worst, Heidi was still downstairs and many of the men would soon enough likely make their way upstairs due to all the shooting or run back down to the sound of... a motorbike?

Ayel Rozenfeldt

Heidi was quick to gesture to him to follow her, such an initiative for one so young, he imagined she already had seen something which had eluded his detection. This was very much the case, she had laid her eyes on the fire escape of the building. Normally Ayel would have considered going in through the ceiling itself, breaking it in. Though in this particular case, there was a captive somewhere in the building, so he couldn't go about that path with the risk of harming a fellow mutant. Ayel nodded softly as he listened to Heidi's entry plan.

Won't be able to hear? Does her concentration render her hearing null or is she by default deaf perhaps?

"Very well, I shall make certain nothing will leave by the stairs down. Your plan is good, they will likely not expect this entrance to be the main one, mostly due to young peoples eagerness and common inability to contain themselves long enough to think on just how to proceed..."

He held out his arm again to Heidi before he began to levitate up towards the fire escape window, looking it over briefly before slamming his leather gloved fist into the side of the glass, to give a big enough hole to reach in to unlock the window. Which he did. If any of those inside would be able to hear abit of glass breaking, then it would save him the trouble of finding them, if they would come running straight into his arms. The blonde raised the window up and then slid inside, standing guard for a brief moment while waiting for Heidi to get inside aswell, before he finally began to hover again, making his way up the stairs. Giving Heidi one last glance followed with a slight upturn at the corner of his mouth.

Once he came up to the second floor, he was met with a corridor, with a few doors and another few corridors arching from it. It was at such a crossing where he encountered the first of the guards on watch, he could hear the man's footsteps coming closer, the polished black shoes clicking against the ground. When the man finally reached the crossing of the corridor, he turned to his right and went over to look through one of the second floor windows. The blonde man sprung into action, he floated forwards, his boots just a few feet from the ground. The man by the window seemed at ease at not seeing anything outside and turned around, that's when he came face to face with the blonde who stood within his personal space and stared right into his eyes.

"Your flight has arrived." The blonde said in a hushed manner, a finger before his lips, then Ayel used his telekinetic thrusting power to hurl the man straight out of the glass window and back first unto a nearby parked black car's roof. Ayel glanced out of the window for a moment at the devastation, before turning around to walk towards the corridor the man came from, which at this point was getting more crowded. A door flung open close to Ayel, the dark clothed blonde man didn't waste time so he used his telekinetic thrust yet again, tearing the door from it's hinges, and the man just midway out of the room was hurled along the corridor with the door, slamming into another man further down the long corridor.

These humans would pay dearly for kidnapping one of his kind. He levitated forwards abit further, and out of the room whose door he had sent flying came a bald muscular man who had his gun drawn. Ayel flung the gun out of the man's hand, but was grabbed by the arms and shoulders and slammed into the wall, the bald man reached for a kabar knife at his belt which he gripped into his right hand, Ayel took up both his arms in defense and tried to hold back the more physically strong man whom was pressing against him with the knife, aimed for his neck. It was getting closer and closer, the bald man gritting his teeth.

Ayel gritted his teeth aswell and narrowed his eyes, focusing on the knife before telekinetically pushing it up towards the man, it slipped out of the man's strong grip and the pommel of the knife hit the man's throat and he appeared to have trouble breathing.

"Drawing breath is more important than drawing weapons or blood." Ayel decided to solve the man's troublesome dilemma by adding a gloved punch to said throat. The man's body slipped to the floor and Ayel began to walk forwards towards the two men just pushing the door off themselves. They held unto their pistols, raising them up and at the sight of this the blonde manifested his telekinetic barrier around himself. The bullets slamming into it before being deflected to the walls and floor, the men ran out of bullets soon and reached for their spare magazines.

Another door flung open and a man with a shotgun came running and targetted Ayel with it, squeezing the trigger and the shrapnel deflected from the barrier right back at the man, most of which ended up in his own legs causing him to fall over and roll on his back. Ayel levitated forwards landing on the floor, removing his barrier briefly to stomp down with his right black boot on the man's neck, the cracking sound becoming the wounded man's melody of freedom. The blonde young man quickly reactivated his barrier as the other men was now getting ready to fire again. "You fools... don't you know that mind triumph over matter? ...and you do not even matter at all." The mutant lifted himself slightly from the ground again, hovering slightly above the ground before propelling himself forwards, slamming into both of the men as their firing intensified. Both men were pressed against the nearby wall, the impact and pressure causing them to pass out.

The blonde young man took a few deep inhales as he deactivated his barrier, then he bent down to pick up one of the men's pistol, setting aim on the two downed men, before squeezing the trigger. A few shots being fired. There was no doubt nor hesitation, it had to be done. Heidi was downstairs and he couldn't afford any of these humans to slip past him and sneak up on her. Your continued existance will not be forgiven. You will never harm any of my kin ever again. He casually threw away the gun to the side, as it's ammunition was depleted and he didn't want to stain his hands longer than he had to with a human weapon.

Death by their own weapon, a fitting end for them. He thought to himself.

Taking a few breaths to collect himself and gather his focus, he proceeded to traverse the second floor, telekinetically hurling doors off their hinges to get a look inside of the room with his telekinetic barrier raised long enough to confirm the rooms were indeed clear. Making sure no human would be left alive, aswell as keeping a look over his shoulder. Not knowing if Heidi could prevent those on the first floor from getting up to the second.

Then until he finally was before what seemed to be an office of some kind, he did the same as he had done to the previous doors, he hurled it off it's hinges and then with a raised barrier, made his presence known to whomever was in the room.

"I've come for the girl Una, her friends want her back. Release her or I shall release you from your wretched excuse of a vessel. Either you step down, or I will put you down..." Ayel said in a serious tone of voice, his gaze fierce and his right hand gesturing just how someone would quench a handheld flame.
Ayel Rozenfeldt

"Indeed, there are billions of humans out there whom does not carry the gift. That why they are human, and we are not. I see not the use of insulting something which I already deem to be as low as it can get. You claim there are good and moral ones? Where are they when our kind suffers? If the vast majority of them would indeed be kind as you say, why must our kind hide? Those among us which are caught in the open are captured, killed or... harvested. For whatever desire humankind has for them. To exploit their power or perhaps wipe their memories clean and make them into weapons to use at their beck and call."

"Good people, as you refer them, whom happens to watch evil do it's thing on a daily basis, as it is not their buisness... are not good people at all. You desire to treat them as witnesses to murder, I wish to call them accomplices which allowed things to happen. The system you speak about is like a lamp. When one lightbulb grows weak, you pick up a new one and toss the old away. It won't descend into chaos as long as one has a lightbulb to put in it's place, chosing between that or utter darkness. I think some would welcome the light compared to a world of darkness."

Ayel blew some more air through his nose, in a softly sighing manner. Having finally landed and released his hold on Heidi. The blonde man shortly afterwards walked up next to Heidi and took a look around, to get an idea of their surroundings. He carefully slid his hands into his hoodie-pocket, the talk with Heidi was enjoyable to say the least to him. Nothing like a discussion of their predicament to lighten up the mood, though he did take note of her stand on it.

"You are correct. It is on them, their demise was by their own hand in a manner of looking at it. I shall deal with them swiftly, as swiftly as their kind puts down animals. While they may not offer our kind the same treatment, it is our way to show that we are not like them at all. Life is precious, because you only have one life. No creature, good or evil deserves to die painfully. Albeit it sometimes cannot be avoided, as tragic as that may be. Stay behind me at all times, also I have not used any power within a club this day. Come to think of it, I do not like bars. Both kinds. I do not drink brands of sweet poison either, it only dullen the body and mind, and prevent a more clear and true vision. Although, I can understand why some do. To forget horrible things from the past, such as dear ones nay longer here with you. Or the general feeling of hopelessness. Though looking to the past long enough will get you lost in it, you'll lose both the present and future in doing so. I prefer to look on ahead, to a bright new future. And if I were the one who sent that message? Was there something in it that were not true?"

Ayel gave an amused grin, tilting his head to the side. Heidi's belief in humankind was much like those of the X-men, and from Ayel's point of view. As if it was a poison or disease of the mind, just how many of their people had been lost to the naive dream of something which could never be. It troubled the blonde man, as every fellow kind which chose to side with the humans would have to be cleansed, and if that wouldn't be possible they would have to vanish along with the humans. He recalled back to his own awakening, and how those he cared for died. Not in the physical sense, but dead in a different sense.

There was little use to dwell on the past, that much he knew, nothing would change what had happened. Much like how there was no way for humans and their kind to co-exist on an equal standing, just how many... mutants had the X-men dragged to certain death because of their dangerous mindset. It pained him to think of the likely numbers, yet at the same time strengthened him for the task at hand. Yet it intrigued him to see how far Heidi could press her belief, to see if she could prove him wrong. On hearing a familiar name, Ayel had a ponderous expression decorate his face.

"Magneto hm? There are those with power enough to destroy mountains, then there are those with power to move them... and lastly there are those whom can move the hearts of others... to direct them towards the promised land. Which they all wish for, where they can live in peace and without worry. Where they nay longer have to fear going outside. This to many of them be a dream, but I am convinced that this is nay a dream but a desire and one which will come true. All wish for what the tomorrow will bring. The dawn of a new era perhaps."

He nodded slightly as he offered his arm to Heidi, seeking to levitate himself down to the ground so that they could begin their move on the location where Una was being kept. "Let us descend and let them know of our arrival."

@Silver Carrot

The scream had alerted him of the incoming third cultist, just how much interference would get in their way? Andreim raised both his hands in preparation to interupt the incoming cultist.

No matter. These cultists have in their twisted schemes made us stronger, this will further aid in supporting my dream.

As Lise's voice was heard, he couldn't help but agree. "They cannot scream very loud underwater." He attuned to cold and began to shoot jagged ice shards out of the watery area around himself and Lise to prevent anyone from getting near, such as any of the remaining copies. Then came the shadowed figure after the cultist, it was a creature of flesh, bone and tentacles. That was surely not allied with the cultists. The creature had been on team with the ninja and the ghostly boy, so it was possible he was also in on the attack on Katherine. The new monster's judgement however would have to wait, the ninja would not be as lucky would he come in their path now. These cultists were seemingly not aligned with Clara and her goons however, meaning there would be someone else about pulling strings.

"We're leaving, Lise. Let these monsters duke it out, we have more pressing matters to attend to. We cannot waste them here." The boy went closer to Lise and attempted to place his arm around her waist before creating a large vortex of water for them to travel upon, towards the direction to where Katherine had gone.

Ayel Rozenfeldt

"I bear nay doubt nor hesitation. If you cannot be certain of yourself, how can you expect others to put their faith in you? There is no need to grieve for those whom does not deserve it, If you are unable to pull the trigger, then I shall do it for you and everyone else whom be at their mercy will their continued existance be assured. Could you live knowing it was your choice that they got to live and then escape to harm others? Which could have been avoided. Be it a result of your inaction or not, everything has consequences. As for laws, there are many laws of the world. The law of countries, the law of this city and the law of nature to name a few. Yet the most important law is the law of your heart, how do you know something is right or wrong? Ask your very core. That's how you know. So in a manner of speaking... all take laws into their own hands, be it to hide behind some other law or not." The blond man added, as he began to gradually descend as they flew forth towards the location which Heidi had pointed out.

"Try incapacitate or restrain a tick, it doesn't stop it from doing what in it's nature to do. It will still be a tick. To consume blood and crawl about. These humans are very much like that, how long have they've killed oneanother? How long would it continue? I wouldn't kill without mercy, I am nay a monster, I would kill out of mercy. Relieving them of their ever-hungry existance, while at the same time protecting those, whom these humans are trying to leech to death with their insationable greed and lust for power out of their reach. What is more kind? Lock the leeches up and prevent them from their nature and dreams, elevating their suffering to an artform, or liberating them of their painful urges, while at the same time making the world a better place?" Ayel raised his head and looked away to the distance while still talking to Heidi.

"The future you want is the same as mine. I too want one where there is no more cries. I want nothing more than a swift end to all of this... chaos. My parents, and so called friends, those whom I knew many years ago were human. Yet in the end all that mattered was if you were a human or if you were not. Nothing else meant a thing, as both they and the rest of the human world has shown. They judged a book upon learning of it's cover and contents, while at the same time I passed my own judgement with what I knew of human nature firsthand. There are humans whom evolved from monkeys, and there are beings like us whom evolved from humans. There can be nay crossing between them, no equal co-existance. Look at those whom have tried. Has it worked? Nay. Look what humankind did to monkeys and apes, they caged and experimented on them. All for the sake of progress, but now with us emerging they might think they can also do the same to us." Ayel straightened himself abit as they levitated closer towards the ground, a distance away from where the location was. Seeking to land on a roof of a building, providing a clear view of the target location ahead.

"We are expected, or rather you are. While you are capable, I couldn't live with allowing a child of the chosen to walk into the den of evil alone, while I would stand back and simply watch things unfold. Like some spectator of a horrid play. Nay. I will go in there alone or with you. It would be a great burden for you to chose whom lives or dies, a burden which could destroy you if you spare someone which in turn leads to more suffering. For someone with your kind of abilities and kind nature, that would be agonizing to bear and also to behold. Let me undo these mistakes of life, you can tell yourself that you bear nay guilt nor blame for my actions in taking care of these pests. As you would not be able to stop me would you?" The man gave Heidi an inspecting look, with a slight upturn at the corner of his mouth.
Ayel Rozenfeldt

As soon as Heidi had told Ayel in which direction to go, he began to fly in that direction. Being able to get there by air would save alot of effort having to follow the various streets. "Nay need to feel embarassed." The blonde said in a low manner to Heidi, trying to get eye-contact with her. Whomever had taken this Una, were likely humans. Humans kidnapping his fellow kind, this was not new to him. Though upon hearing Heidi's words of not killing anyone, Ayel opened his mouth to reply to her.

"Do you want to rescue your friend? If so, you've ought to purge your mind of any doubt and hesitation. These people have taken your friend, and whom knows what they've done with her. She is still alive however, I know that much. Otherwise they would not wait for more to come." Ayel said in a soft, reassuring tone of voice. One which Heidi wouldn't be able to hear. He set his sight ahead towards the direction they were flying towards, and continued speaking.

"If you hesitate to destroy an evil, if you do not seize the moment when it presents itself. Then perhaps you will be the one dying instead, or one of your friends. Actions have consequences, nay matter how much someone might wish to solve things peacefully. The real world isn't as kind as the world in the fairytales. What will stop these people from doing what they've done anew? If not us, what will? Could you live knowing you could have ended a future disaster if only you would had been able to pull the trigger? Though by such a time, it would be useless to look back. You cannot go back in time to fix things. That's why you must make the right choice, take the right path to begin with. With no hesitation." Ayel exhaled softly as they were flying, the wind not as violent as he had thought. "Sometimes we are left with cruel choices, yet even so we've have to chose. My advice is to make up your mind before the scenario present itself before you. One may not be able to foresee the future, but one may indeed prepare for it. So what kind of future do you want Heidi? One where these thugs roam free to continue their wicked work? Or a safe future without them as a threat."

The blonde man gave a soft smile to Heidi, looking at her while they were getting closer to their destination.

"They will expect you. They want to capture you and your friends, that is why they have taken this Una. It is as plain as day. For what purpose? To weaponize you most likely, or outright gather you in order to kill you. How much blood do these captors have on their hands now, or could have on their hands if they are not stopped? Do you really want to know? Once we arrive on the scene, I want you to stay hidden. Watch and memorize their looks and weaponry. When the rest arrive, you will give them the intel they need to proceed, lest they dash into the darkness. Knowledge is power after all, I am certain you should know this better than anyone, Heidi?" Ayel had a slight upturn form at the corner of his mouth.

"However... they do not expect..." The blonde said, his smirk forming into a grin. "Me." The dark clothed man took a better hold of Heidi to make sure she would not fall, as they were quite the distance up into the air. Strands of his long blond hair flickered in the wind and his hood fell back from the wind blowing.

"I'll make them run out of bullets to fire. You'll make it your priority to guide the rest into whatever place we'd be to enter. Your goal is getting Una out of there. Leave the captors to me, I shall draw their undivided attention, perhaps a lesson in nature science would do them well. Aswell as whomever is pulling their strings, if you pull a doll hard enough the puppeteer might appear. As the curtains are closing, some would do anything necessary to extend their act and time upon the stage. Yet what is a play without some drama and tragedy, let's make certain this very lethal play will not have a tragic ending shall we? Rescue Una and the coming applause shall drown the wicked."

The flight had been a somewhat calm, the demondragon had watched over the scene and could see some accident on a road leading up towards the scene of whatever made the big boom. That explains why there are no law enforcers or medical personell on the scene. They have been delayed by some traffic accident. That's unfortunate. Surely they must have Heard it though. The teachers of the school not leaving to find out make sense though, as it would make them leave the schoolgrounds on their working hours. Perhaps they mistook it for one of the geocaching blasts in the mining area.The demondragon was popped out his own thoughts as he was hit by something in the chest, he felt it land on him but it did him no harm, it harmlessly slammed against his chest. He also heard a scream below, coming from whomever was located below.

"Hmm?" He reached out with large clawed hand to grab what it had been, as it had already begun falling. What's this? Nidgardt thought as he looked at the stone heart then to the ground where he saw Kakra quickly leaving the landing zone, where Alexei stood.

"A student? This heart-shaped stone?" Nidgardt looked puzzled and that's when Alexei informed him of what had happened.

"A helicopter crash? Where are the wounded?" The demondragon asked as he landed, taking a few steps before pulling his wings to him, turning to look directly at Alexei. "Also what altercation? I will assist in whatever way is possible, lead the way..." Nidgardt nodded towards Alexei, if there were wounded in need of air they had to be found soon and then taken to medical staff or someone who could heal them.

Feeling and also seeing one of the copy-man's bodies try run out of the water made the young man grin as he shot up a couple of jagged ice peaks out of the watery field before the man and then homed in on the centre where he stood. Lise had wanted to deal with the by her own, but time was important and they could not be wasting their time fighting these pests. Then came the explosion, and how the clones appearantly came to detonate on losing their masks. Andreim set his sight on the fireball using enemy, and quickly made up his mind on how to defeat his opponent.

He shot up several peaks of ice around the fireball user, seeking to fully envelop him in a coffin of ice, the ice pillars tilted in a manner to also prevent the man from jumping out. With just enough air and space for his fireball to detonate right on himself, and being in such a tight space he wouldn't be able to dodge his own power.

To be destroyed by the power you have sought to wield against us, is quite the fitting end for unpure things like you.

Though it was always good to have a backup, as he had seen how the enemy seemingly were exploding upon having their masks destroyed. The young man quickly gathered a small orb of water in his right hand, ready to attune it to ice and fling a ice dagger, using the tip of his finger in a flicking manner at the fire user's mask would he somehow survive, or sling it on one of the other remaining targets.
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