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Elthrael Vol'Kerno

Time: Morning
Location: The sky->The haven (The hut)

The kiss on his cheek given by Elsea caused his attention to turn to her, looking her over. Such boldness...

"Hell? What's that? Fear itself is not necessarily a bad thing, it keeps you from doing foolish things. But I see." He gave a soft smile, his golden eyes looking over Elsea in a curious manner, then setting his sight ahead again.

"Possibility that you may die? I will not let you die. Good to hear you be willing to bring this world to the future it deserves..." The fairy gave a confident smirk, then noticed a flying construct ahead. An Amora. About the same time that Elsea pointed it out and asked what it were.

"That is an Amora. A flying transport for those unwilling or unable to soar the skies. It be giving you ill feelings? Then we've certainly ought to go by your intuition, for such things are most often correct. And down there? let us do so then." He gave a glance over towards the Amora, he too had felt something about it. A stench in the air. A stench of evil.

He decided to take Elsea up on her suggestion, so he began descending slowly. He didn't want to make any fancy air dashes or manuevers which could draw the Amora passengers attention, or had they've already seen them. Their interest. Elthrael held unto Elsea steadily as he began to descend, his wings acting almost like a parachute as he allowed himself to float midair on the way down towards the hut, his wings would begin to flap the closer it got to the ground, he stretched the dark wings widely, making his presence known to those by the hut.

Thus he descended, looking indeed like a demon with golden eyes, horns, sharp cornerteeth and mothlike wings. He landed softly, and immediately let go of Elsea, momentarily letting his left hand index finger caress her lips, then point up towards the sky, reminding her that there could be possible trouble so they had to not make a scene. So fire displays were obviously not wanted. Elthrael's golden eyes began to search the surrounding area, he stood still however, his blade sheathed. His arms now crossed over his chest.
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Elthrael Vol'Kerno

Time: Dawn -> Morning
Location: Heart of the forest -> River Kingdoms

As Elsea had accepted his proposal of flying to their destination, they've took off up into the air, the rise was always the trickiest part when you were carrying an extra weight. While Elsea was surely not the heaviest, Elthrael decided it was best not to make any mention on her weight while mid-flight. Such could have very negative consequences for both. Instead he focused on the questions she had asked him, regarding the two female fairies, the large fox and the other human. There was no absolute certainty that all four of them had made it, their adversary was not just your average dark elf soldier or scout. Not to mention all the beasts he had in his company. Despite this, Elthrael had acted on taking Elsea away from that scene. Believing they would have been able to handle it.

He still stood by his decision, he still believed that they indeed were able to make it out of that alive. So once himself and Elsea were decently high up into the air, where flying would take less strain and focus he decided to answer her.

"I do think they did indeed make it out of there alive. Not that I would have considered it an easy battle, the two girls did not make use of their biggest advantage. Their ability to fly. How can one get bitten by sword or beast while one be in the air? There are only a few dangerous kind of beasts which can take flight after all..." Elthrael said calmly, looking ahead to their destination, and occasionally to the trees, small streams of water and fields under them.

"The River Kingdom is most surely their home, and when one encounters threats like that it is not uncommon to retreat to ones home. Providing you'd have one to return to ofcourse. I too wish to find them, the other human is with them no doubt." He said in a serious tone, before his mouth turned into a slight smile as he seemed to think of something.

"The place we are heading to is a place where I too once lived, before I was exiled due to my appearance and my parents lacking the intention of simply... throwing me away." The dark winged fairy threw a glace to Elsea and then set his eyes ahead to what would eventually show up in the distance, past the forests and rivers.

"It's been many years however, my appearance has since then changed quite the bit. Whereof I simply looked demonic as a child, now I look like neither demon nor fairy. Within that River Kingdom, they would certainly be uncertain of what to make of me. While not completely oblivious to how my appearance may now be a beneficial matter, rather than a detrimental one. They've still would regard me as an anomaly, rather than just an outcast among their kind." Elthrael seemed to almost bit his teeth together for a moment, then giving off a slight snort.

"My parents deaths are on their hands, them and the orcs are equally to blame. Should I wish vengeance upon their entire kind? No. That would not be just and fair now would it? I however do think I have some... matter to pick with their leaders, would I happen to have the fortune of encountering them. Even so, they are very little compared to the evil which the tyrant king represents." The fairy took a few moments to be silent, before he resumed talking.

"The tyrant. Aklenroth. He desires to rule and has been, but he lacks any form of emotion any form of passion. He's just a shell, an evil shell whose sole reason for existance is to urge someone who has the ambition, the vision and the support to dethrone him. Avalia deserves a ruler who will not allow the chaos to continue, where the evil ones inflict endless torture and pain to others with no other reason than finding enjoyment in doing so. Sadistic urges ought to be controlled or they must be put down. For they not only destroy the target but yourself too. Those whom seek to wield the dark power to battle the dark power, is doomed to be consumed by the dark power. You always should make certain to wield the power, not let it wield you. No matter what kind of power it may be." He spoke, taking further consideration before speaking again.

"You humans possess power over the elements unlike any other in this world, apart from certain demons. Such as having the ability to create and manipulate water. But water does not only serve to bear a ship, it can also sink it. The same goes for magical powers. People often forgets the most powerful weapon is neither might nor magic, it is ones own mind. It is ones own wit. If you can master it, you will someday rule above all. Take my word for that, Elsea. When it comes to the more martial matters, when words will no longer do. It is not the strongest or toughest which wins, it is the most crafty and the one whose the quickest. It is the perfect defense and offense. No matter how strong your physical might may be, it won't mean a thing if you cannot land a hit." The fairy explained, in an almost preachy manner. His views formed from a combination of his parents and his mentor, but also from his own experience by himself. Leaving much time to ponder in the silent nights in the heart of a forest.

"There will come a day when the tyrant is no more, it is then where the true choices will be done. For what kind of world that Avalia truly desire. What it's options would be, theres never only one path to go but several. If we both are alive at that point, let us make certain that past mistakes are not repeated anew?" The fairy offered a soft smile, his sharp corner-teeth revealing, then he set his sight ahead to the River Kingdom coming in sight gradually.

'Soon the day of reckoning will be here...'
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Terneus Andros

Time: Dawn -> Morning
Location: Sun elf village -> Forest of the peninsula of the Sun Elf Village
Interaction: @Potter@Tae@Inertia@princess

Terneus watched how Halma began running about to gather four of his knights, as he gazed downwards from his tower. It was at that time that the lich lord made his entrance in the sky, the elf widened his eyes in surprise, his mouth opening for a moment. Before he began to recomposing himself, reminding himself of just who he were. Aklenroth's visage in the sky began to mention what Terneus had expected when he first got word of the undead dragon being sighted. DROM's and humans.

The elf swallowed and as soon as the face of the lich king faded from the sky, the elf rushed down the stairs of his tower in a hurry, how he hated to walk quickly. He accidentally mistepped on the stairs and was close to fall forwards, this cause him to slow down his pace. Eventually he reached the bottom floor and went out the main entrance of the building, the two men guarding the entrance would salute. Further ahead stood Halma, his advisor and two other knights. Halma came running towards Terneus, panting slightly as he did with a surprised expression on his face.

"My lord! My lord Andros! Just a moment ago-" The blonde elf began, as he felt a hand grab around his jaw and mouth. Terneus took a firm grip around his advisor's jaw, silencing him.

"Be quiet you fool, I am already aware!" He pushed his advisor back abit, letting go of his jaw, then slipping his hand into one of his pockets to take out a napkin to clean his hand.

"Change of plans, Halma. You will inform commander Feldrin, that he is to leave two knights here with you." The silver haired elf said, stroking the collar of his own shirt.

"How come my lord? I will not be going with you?" Halma asked, abit confused and possibly feeling slightly left-out.

"I will leave you in charge of matters here temporarily, if I find out that ANYTHING is in disorder upon my return, I will be very displeased. Have I made myself clear, Halma?" Terneus raised his head, giving the shorter elf a slightly condescending look, his left hand now neatly placed at his waist to give him a more imposing stance.

"Yes, yes ofcourse my lord. Whatever you wish for. I will keep things in order. I'll be sure to let the militia know that there will be a reward for anyone who brings a human or DROM to you my lord." The blonde elf bowed deeply, sweat dripping from the side of his head. It was both a relief to not be going with Terneus, but at the same time a big task to manage things in his absence in case something would go wrong.

"Good. Harleyn, Farkail, Varandrian and... what was your name again?" Terneus asked as he looked over the knights as they gathered up.

"It's Mirr, my lord." A brown haired elf replied, saluting with a hand on his chest.

"Yes... you four are to come with me now, fetch my carriage. We are going to the River Kingdom of the fairies. Load the carriage with food, drinks and clothes for a week. What are you standing around for? Move! Now!" The elf barked out his orders and looked at Halma, before completely turning around, walking towards where his carriage was located.

After awhile the carriage was prepared and it set out towards the River Kingdom. Terneus looked out of the windows of his highly decorated and fancy carriage, which he had aqquired by indebting a minor elf noble. To the point he had to give everything he owned to the silverhaired lord, before being sent to work at the mine. Looking out of the windows of the carriage, the elf could see the fields in which many of the more poor elves worked. He wrinkled his nose abit, disgusted slightly by seeing their dirty hands and faces, all muddy and bad skin.

"How revolting. Thank the elder elves that there are some who make up for these ill suited looks." He said softly, as he leaned his head into his hand as he watched the landscape.

'Perhaps another exile? Now that could remove some filth which would try drag down us down'

The elf pondered as the carriage travelled forth, and as it turned to proper morning, he travelled through the forest just outside of the elven village. Looking out of the window as he was sipping a drink, complaining occasionally over the bumps on the road. That's when he saw it, someone was out there by a cave.

"What?" He said to himself, his eyes narrowing as he looked on into the forest atrea. 'Did someone just?'

"Stop the damned carriage!" The elf barked and it came to a halt very quickly, causing the elf to almost lose his balance. "Not that rough you fools!" He added, opening the door out of the carriage, he kicked the movable stairs on it so they fell down. The elf shortly after began to walk down from it.

"What is it my lord? Do you require aid my lord?" One of the knights, with a fancy looking helmet asked as he got off the front seat of the carriage, looking to the silverhaired elf lord.

"There is someone over there. I do not recall giving anyone permit to camp out here. Time to make some more Amas, you two come with me. The rest stay here for my return." Terneus instructed and beckoned to the helmeted elf called Farkail and the newest recruit Mirr, whose name he had not yet memorized.

"Hm. There might even be someone harboring humans.. well don't just stand there, get moving. Up up." He motioned for the two elves to take the front with him right after them.
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Elthrael Vol'Kerno

Time: Dawn
Location: Heart of the forest

The golden eyed fairy turned his gaze over to Elsea, his face not displaying worry nor stress. For a few moments he thought of the reasons for his family's exile and all that involved, yet that story would not be fitting for a time such as this. Thus the fairy decided to cut it as short as possible. He calmly answered the question to which Elsea had asked him.

"I exist. Whereof the full story is for another point in time." He said in a dramatic tone of voice, his arms spreading and his wings stretching out, before his face changed into him smirking. "We are alike you and I. People fear that which they cannot understand and those who are different from the rest. Not all dance after the faun and his tones, some refuse to allow such melodies to lead them astray." Elthrael said in a tone of voice which would imply that he considered Elsea to be an exception, as he went up and placed his left hand under her chin.

"Like the brands of sweet poison served in many inns, music and stories can also inflict harm to the mind. Especially during a time of grief and hopelessness, where people would rather hear a lie and believe in it. Why change the real world, when you can drown your worries and fears in an illusion?" The fairy began to softly laugh and allowed his hand to withdraw, as he looked up to the sky.

"Though I do think there will be an awakening. Question is how many are going to snap out of their dreams and do what is needed... well you won't settle for scraps when you can have so much more, isn't that right, Elsea?" The fairy offered a more friendly smile, holding out his hand towards her, indicating that he was about to lift off and fly. Hoping that she would indeed join him.

"On swift wings, to the kingdom of the rivers we've ought to go..." He said softly, waiting for Elsea.

There were safety in numbers, the exiled fairy was not arguing against it, despite his own way of living in seclusion. Especially if you were a human chased by the lich king and his minions, there were ofcourse always those around who would oppose his rule, albeit finding them was usually the trickiest part. For those whom openly opposed him were sought out and executed or put away, or fates worse than both of those. Elthrael had felt not as much of the lich king's rule as he was in an area where his servants seldom paid visit.

And ofcourse there was also the thrill in fighting the creature which was threatening the balance of the world and nature itself with his dark magic and tainted soul, he was an abomination meant to be destroyed. While Elthrael was not fond of dark elves, demons and orcs, he saw no reason for killing them all off. For they were equally to blame for what happened with his family and himself, as much as the fairies which saw them exiled. The other races were guilty of inaction, a crime on equal grounds as the former.

What Avalia needed was a change in power, Elthrael had long considered an attempt to seize the throne himself. But it requires more than raw skill and power to rule, it requires followers and means to support them. Much like how nature support all beings with food and water. Regardless if they were good or evil. Elthrael had spent a long time pondering on the concepts of good and evil. He came to the conclusion that each being may deem the other as evil from it's point of view. But ultimately those who'd thrive and enjoy causing others overly much suffering, were indeed doing evil acts.

Such as killing without a purpose other than a lust for wanting to do it. To torture beings to satisfy ones own wickedness. Now this were evils meant to be exterminated when met. On the other hand Elthrael did approve of slavery, it was how nature itself were. That some would rule over the other, that is was in fact a way to keep order. But Aklenroth's order was just an illusion, it was a farce. For chaos were all around.

Some beings would find comfort in being domineered over, as long as it did not cause them unnecessary suffering, other than the suffering they would go through whilst serving their master. In that sense he did not oppose everything about the dark elven way of living, or that of the orcs. It was the fact they had more or less caused a big inbalance in the world, and plunge it into chaos by supporting the tyrant king. Now that was the issue. An issue which would have to be straightened out. Immediately.
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Elthrael Vol'Kerno

Time: Dawn
Location: Heart of the forest

The darkwinged fairy had made sure that Elsea had been taken care of for the night, with a bath, food and drink and a place to sleep. Among other things. Her questions answered, but Elthrael knew that more would come. He didn't mind it at all. He had planned for setting out at early morning, but that plan was cut short as he had woken up from his rest on hearing the unmistakable voice of the lich king. Aklenroth.

Elthrael had quickly grabbed hold of his sword, and stormed out of his hut where Elsea were still resting. Ready to fend off any attacker, even if it would be the lich lord himself. His wings carefully folded in to begin with, but flashed completely wide on exiting his hut.

'Have you finally chosen to reveal yourself you wretched immortal fool! Come and get me if you can! The earth is screaming for me to kill you. The spirits demand your demise.' He pointed his sword up at the sky, his hair blowing in the wind all around him, his wings fluttering slightly aswell.

'The only thing forbidden is your existance, you royal pretender. No coin in the world will be able to buy my heart.' He thought as the dark magics filling the sky began to fade, he sheathed his sword moments later, after making certain that there were indeed no foe nearby. He sighed slightly then chuckled as he began to grin, walking back towards his hut to get himself fully dressed and armored in his light carapace armor. "Elsea, We are going on a hunt, get dressed and arm yourself as you wish with these weapons and armoring over there." He pointed to his collection of stolen goods, from those unlucky to have come too close to the forest or dared venture into it.

"Do not bring any food or water unless it makes you feel better, nature will be able to provide us with both. But we've ought to be swift, thus we'll have to take a little flight to an area where we may find allies. The river kingdom of the fairies. It has been a long time..." He said, looking thoughtful, until he reached eye-contact with Elsea. "I do hope they've be the forget and forgive kind." He smirked slightly.

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Terneus Andros

Time: Dawn
Location: Sun elf village

A man came running up towards the gates leading to the large official elven building, it's mighty tower reaching up far and giving an imposing impression to those beneath them. As to say that they were being watched and judged by some form of divinity. The elven man was panicked and carrying a sack with something round inside of it, he pleaded to the two guards by the gate to grant him access, to which they shortly obliged. Up in the tower, at the outmost top floor a window was being opened and the morning sun was shining into it's reflection.

A silvery haired elf gazed out of the window, his arms behind his back as he watched the many elven buildings that was surrounding the tower. A plateau for those which prefered extravagance view and a feeling of superiority. The doors to the top floor was hastily opened after awhile, two of the white and blue coloured guards stopped a panicky looking elven man with the same outfit as they wore.

"My lord Andros, I beseech you to please hear me out!" The elven man said in a loud tone of voice, desperation making itself visible but also heard.

The silvery haired elven man by the window turned around and raised an eyebrow in a questioning manner, his garment blowing slightly from the wind entering from the window. His red and white garments, being of the finest elven fabrics available, decorated with many fine patterns worthy of royals.

"Speak in a more soothing tone... allow him passage." The silvery haired elven man motioned with one of his hands that he took out from behind his back. Before he proceeded over towards a highly decorated chair, which was more like a throne than anything else. He sat down upon it and softly breathed out.

"You may speak. But be swift about it... my time is precious." He mused softly, looking at his fingernails to make sure each one of them were on par with each other. The panicked elf with the sack then threw himself to the floor, dropping the sack in front of himself.

"M-my lord Andros! One of the dark elves which were stationed outside of the Green Arrow Inn was slandering you and calling you untrue things. He even dared me to cut off his head! So I lopped his head off for his transgression!" The elf explained. The silvery haired elf on the throne stopped watching his fingers and narrowed his eyes, standing up swiftly, too swiftly to display any other emotion than raw anger.

"You did what?! These dark elves serve our king! What do you think his majesty will think of me if his troops are executed in a land where I govern?! He would deem me responsible, and -this- I will -not- allow!" Terneus Andros flipped a small nearby table with refreshments to the side, breaking glass and porcelain, but in a way it's contents wouldn't spill on him. He walked over towards the kneeling other elf, descending down three steps from his throne area.

"F-forgive m-me my lord! Please make use of my life in his stead! I can-" The panicked elf said in fear, raising his hands in some attempt to explain or defend his actions.

"Well said! Guards! Take him out and chop his head off at the town square! Forge a letter of appology to the dark elf he killed! Let it be known that I, Terneus Andros be a merciful governor and upholder of justice." The silvery haired elf yelled out loud to his guards.

"M-my lord! Please! I-I- My lord! I can still be of use to you! Noooooo!" The elf struggled as he was being dragged out of the room by the two guards holding unto both his arms, his feet hanging behind him sliding against the sleek floor.
Terneus sighed and adjusted his posture and ceased tightening his hands into fists, he walked over and took hold of his specially made mirror, which also was his weapon of choice. He looked into it, seeing something he truly appreciated. Himself. He had to make certain his minor outburst had not given his perfect face any bursted blood vessels.

'It isn't that I don't agree with you. In fact I agree that all of them should be wiped out, but when you dare to do things without my approval and threaten my plans, how could I possibly forgive you?' The elf thought as he began to walk over to his window, looking out of it and seeing the panicked elf being dragged to the town square to be beheaded.

"That will appease the bloodthirsty barbarians for the time being." He said softly, watching his guards execute their former fellow knight. Terneus allowed a soft sigh of relief out of his mouth, tossing a glance over to the dirty looking sack on his floor. It was then that his most favored advisor entered the chamber, accompanied by another knight.

"Lord Andros, I have a report for you." The knight said, offering a salute to Terneus.

"What is it now? Speak!" He demanded, rather than approved. His left hand placing itself at his waist, the morning light from the window illuminating the room and the white and red clad Terneus well.

"We have reports of his royal majesty's dragon being seen flying around the area." The elven knight said in a matter of fact tone of voice, keeping his stance firm and orderly.

"Soruklithbaal..." Terneus said out loud, his right hand reaching up to his chin in thought. "Tell me, what could possibly bring the king's dragon to fly all the way down here? What could possibly be important enough to warrant such attention?" The elf asked in a manner which would imply that he already knew the answer, and wanted to take delight in enlightening the less thoughtful or so he may have believed.

"Uhm.." The knight was about to reply, before his reply was cut short. "Because there has been either a DROM being found or even a human appearing. That's the only explanation. Am I wrong?" Terneus turned on his heel for a moment, looking over his shoulder to the knight.

"N-no.. no ofcourse not my lord." The knight replied, swallowing slightly his stance showing signs of weariness.

"No. I thought so. Since when have I ever been wrong? Haha... that would be the day." The silvery haired elf did a swift turn on his heel, waving with his hand in a nonchalant and dimissive manner. "You are dismissed, inform commander Feldrin that I expect good results. You are to search the nearby regions for any anomalies and bring them directly to me!" The elf demanded, pointing his index finger straight at the knight. "Succeed and you will be rewarded. Fail and I will be most displeased. Do you wish to see me displeased?" He added, not giving any further explanation than that.

"Ofcourse not my lord, I will inform him at once!" The knight bowed his head and began to walk towards the door with quick steps.

"Hold on. Pick that sack up and throw it in the trash where it belongs, I cannot tolerate it in here any longer." Terneus explained and waved his right hand in front of his nose. The knight complied and on hurried steps picked up the sack containing the head of a dark elf, before resuming his quick steps towards the door.

"My lord Andros, did knight Ashland have to die because of a dark elf? He did right in killing it." The blonde advisor, by the name of Halma said in a comfortable tone.

"Halma. Come here." The silvery haired elf beckoned for Halma to approach him, as he walked closer towards the window. "Look down there. What do you see?" Terneus asked once the blonde elf had gotten close enough.

"Our town my lord. Is there something in particular you want me to look at?" The blonde asked in a assertive manner, before he was grabbed by the collar of his shirt and slightly pressed out from the window.

"No. It's -my- town. -My- people. Everything here. This day. Tomorrow and forever. All of this exists solely because of my exploits. As long as I can keep the king pleased and not have his filthy minions slain. This place will see the dawn once again someday. Have you forgotten already? Tell me? Have I changed at all? Am I not as beautiful and determined as I were during the throne war?" The silverhaired elf asked, demanding an answer, shaking the collar of the much meeker blonde elf. Turning the blonde's face away from the city below, to Terneus own face.

"N-no.. my lord Andros, you haven't changed at all! You are still as graceful as you were during the throne wars. In fact your exploits from that time has been far greater than the books and tales have made justice of..." Halma added, breathing heavily but gradually calming down from his near death encounter. A fall from the tower would certainly kill him.

"Ahhh! They do me no justice at all, such ungratefulness are to be expected from those who are unable to comprehend the burden of ruling. You do understand me so well, Halma. Now I do think it is due time to visit the River Kingdom. I believe we should start our search there, have four of the knights go with us there. Tell Feldrin to take his men to Roshmi." Terneus carefully explained, his hand losening around Halma's collar and finally letting go. After which he took out a napkin to wipe his hand clean of any dirt that Halma may or may not have spilt on his attire. The silverhaired elf wouldn't take such a risk.

"As you wish my lord, I will gather the men and we shall set off once you are ready." Halma bowed deeply and excused himself.

"I am always ready... to do what is needed." Terneus looked out from his window, his mouth forming a wide smirk of satisfaction.
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Elthrael Vol'Kerno

Time: Midnight (later)
Location: Near the River Kingdom-> Heart of the forest.

Elthrael allowed his healing magic to do the trick, not speaking until it was over. Her wounds were minor, so even his efforts at healing would suffice. While not as strong as his manipulation of plantlife, his healing magic was mainly used for minor wounds and cuts, and in rare cases stab wounds or bigger cuts. They were much more tiresome to mend. Once the healing magic had mended Elsea's wounds, the darkwinged fairy finally spoke again, with a warm smile on his lips.

"Why I decide to help you? There are many reasons. You are a human, a rare thing in this world. You are a beauty to behold, that too is a valid reason. You are also like me, flung into a world which is trying to kill you. So I do think theres plenty of reasons of why I would aid you. What is the best way to infuriate those trying to kill you? It is to live." He gave a soft smirk, as he inspected her over, this time more closely. Those iron shackles would have to be removed, not only for her safety but also his own. His kind was vulnerable to iron.

"A witch? As in a user of magic? Well seeing those flames you called forth, are you saying you are not? Not that it gives them any right to put such a blazing marvel like yourself to the torch. And they do say that dessert is best served cold, I think that is a lie. Don't you? I think the same can be said for revenge." He mused softly, moving closer as one of his hands still held unto hers, the other reaching up to touch her firelike hair. "Elsea? Such a fine name for a gem unlike any other. My name is Elthrael Vol'Kerno, and I am not only going to offer to teach you how to survive in this world, but also how to thrive in it. Although first we have to get these... shackles away from you." He said in a troubled manner, and then let go of Elsea.

He looked over at the ground and then pointed one of his hands down towards it, calling forth a few vines from the ground. "Do not fret. These shall open that which has you trapped." He said reassuringly, as he attempted to slide the vines and some smaller roots into the lock mechanism of the shackles, or in the lack thereoff, tear the parts holding it together apart. Without causing harm to Elsea herself.

"I think a bath, some new clothing and food would do wonders for you. There is a spring over yonder, the water may be abit cool for the hour, but it will aid in removing some of the scent you humans carry. So that various vile beasts will not be able to track you down."

The fairy explained as he went into his hut briefly to fetch a soft looking green blanket, before coming back out again. His steps graceful, as if he was light as a feather. "This way..." He nodded towards a shimmering thing in the distance, which could have been the forementioned spring. "Worry not. I shall keep watch to make certain nothing will bother you."
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Elthrael Vol'Kerno

Time: Midnight
Location: Near the River Kingdom-> Heart of the forest.

The human girl had accepted his embrace, his form which would whisk her to a safe haven, deeper within that forest of wilderness.

Elthrael was slightly surprised over how little it took to convince her to go along with him. Not only that but she had begun to bury her head in his chest, and and squeak as he lift himself and her from the ground, his dark fairy wings spreading wide. He could hear the sound of something. Metal? Not to mention that she held the ability to summon flame, an idea which both intrigued him but also made him wonder if the forest was the best idea to take her.

He turned his eyes down to the chains which were now hanging below, he moved his sword and lifted them up to the girl's arms.

"Hold unto them." Elthrael said in a soft but serious tone of voice, then with a burst of speed flapped his wings and darted off, deeper into the forest with Elsea. To her, he may have been seen as a saviour, a god descending to whisk her away from all harm. In his eyes however, he saw a rare beauty, a rare and powerful beauty which he could potentially form into a weapon. A more powerful weapon.

The girl was bleeding, tired, slightly clad in iron and also full of questions. Elthrael memorized her questions as they flew past the first thirty or so trees, he didn't asnwer them right away, he made sure to keep himself and Elsea under the crown of each tree. High enough to provide safety from grounded foes, and low enough to hide his presence from things such as avians. Which he knew many hunters used. Such as falcons and hawks. Or crows and ravens, which were the prefered choice of scouts and mages. Then ofcourse there were the occassional owl and dove, which was a more common choice amongst fairies and elves.

The dark winged fairy set his eyes at Elsea briefly, opening his mouth and magically causing some flowery pollen to be blown out over her, originating from his mouth. The dustlike pollen would spread slightly as his wings would flap, and become more spreadout through the area.

"That will cover your scent... temporarily." Elthrael said in a soft tone, as he air-dashed around the next tree, holding unto his newly captured human, making sure not to drop her. His sword still in hand, for he could not be too certain who else could be watching.

Though once he had gotten deeper into the forest he finally decided to answer Elsea's questions. "Amongst the fae folk, I would be a god. This is my domain, my kingdom. I protect this forest from those which would seek to ruin it." He said in a soft tone to Elsea's ear, then softly blew some air at it mid-flight.

"You are in Avalia, dear human. The world of elves, fairies, beastfolk and more... wretched things. You were sent here by one of my kind, to aid Avalia against a tyrant... a tyrant which seeks to kill you, and any other human which may have been sent here." He said calmly, the foilage around was getting more dense as they came into distance to the core of the forest. That was were Elthrael himself made his home, in a hut, closely located to a spring. The area surrounded by dense foilage, vines, trees and roots. Poisonous flowers and thorns would decorate the outer borders of it, to ward off and warn any animal or would be explorer to turn back.

"But I will not allow it. I will not let you die." He said in a determined manner, finally landing in the vicinity of his hut. Then loosened his grip on her, and instead reached up his hand to Elsea's chin. "This is my castle. If the tyrants minions dare set foot in here, we shall have to enlighten them of their folly to challenge the natural order. You have earnt the protection of a god of nature." He smiled warmly, sheathing his sword and moving both of his hands to hers. "Now we have to take care of your injury and your... shackles? A prisoner of your world?" He asked as he began to channel his healing magic into Elsea's hands, the magic taking form of a green glow.

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Elthrael Vol'Kerno

Time: Midnight
Location: Near the River Kingdom

The loud noise from the side made Elthrael's entire body twitch, if there was something he really disliked it was loud noises. Loud high pitched noises. He grit his teeth as he tried to keep his focus from being disrupted by the screaming woman, his efforts were paid off well as one of the many roots flung the dark elf into a nearby tree.

This is the natural order of things, dark elf. Hm? Oh? Still alive?

Elthrael thought and raised an eyebrow as he removed his hand from the tree, the dark elf had endured the slam surprisingly well, not only that but countering with dark magic, causing the plants and roots near him to wither and become distorted. Elthrael decided to cease manipulating the nearby plantlife, as it would mean unecessary loss of plants for just a single dark elf life.

The dark elf had also issued a challenge to him, calling him out to fight in the open. A honorable one. How intriguing. I must find him later. Seems you are indeed stronger than the common rabble, but you are still a thousand years to early to best me. The dark winged fairy then set his eyes on the woman whose voice had caught his attention, accompanied by the scent of blood and... A human? A female human. Such sweet fortune.

Elthrael quickly made up his mind, he was going to seize the moment to grab the human woman. Believing that the large fox and the human with the earth powers should be capable enough to provide the two fairy women with aid against the dark elf and his beasts. The dark elf had used his magics but also taken a slam into a tree, it would surely only be a matter of time before his resources and allies would run out. The fox was likely able to dispatch one of the beasts easily, the human if he truly were a threat to Aklenroth should be able to fend off his attackers aswell, if he would die in the progress it was fine. As he would still have a human in his grasp. The two fairies were what concerned him the most, whilst they could certainly fly and possibly assist with magic of their own. The idea of leaving them behind was a difficult one.

But the chance of having a human captive of his own was priceless, since they were so rare. Even more so if he was able to find out how their powers worked, he could possibly use said power to overthrow even the lich king himself. At least in the worst case, he could assist the human in becoming stronger. While he had briefly considered to stay and fight with the others, the idea of the others meddling in his human forming plans would be a nuisance. He could potentially forge her into a better weapon. With the right guidance. Thus the others interference could become a hinderance and make her rely on them rather than herself.

With that in mind, he wished his kin the best of luck. Hoping they would indeed claim victory, the two fairies had certainly caught his eye with their beauty. Elthrael jumped down from the tree, falling smoothly through the air and landing softly as his wings, even when folded were lessening the fall quite the bit. He landed right next to Elsea, and set his golden eyed gaze on her.

"Come with me, fair flower. On swift wings to safety. Don't despair, hold on tight." He said in a soft tone of voice, leaning gradually closer to her ear, a slight smile on his lips as he formed the words, and then tried to wrap his free arm around her waist. Planning to lift her up with him into the air, so he could take her elsewhere. His wings would spread out, revealing it's dark interior, two large red orbs with yellow cores in them. Making his presence known fully to the others nearby, had they not heard his words.

"You're far from home, dark elf! Serving a king whose only true companion is his folly, a trait you seem to share, how about you save your sorry hide and step down before you get put down?!"

He smirked mockingly after attempting to temporary draw the attention of the dark elf, before trying to fly off at high speed with Elsea, deeper into the forest. Into what he considered to be his domain. The most tree populated part, being an ideal defensive forest... no a fortress against any attacker willing to give chase or wander into the deep forest unwaringly.

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