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It had been a mix of "Oh!" and a feeling of enlightenment the moment in which Darla had explained that Kurogane was in fact a wild animal. A wolf. Or some humanoid gifted with some powers that made him look like one. Darla did mention something about shooting at animals and making trophies out of them, and it being a fun thing. Al wasn't fully convinced, it did seem like a mean thing to do. Then again he did like to eat meat. To Al it all sounded fascinating, seeing all these different people interact, but he was too preoccupied in smiling and jumping with his very being on being handed an expensive looking card.

"T-t-thank you? Thank y-you! THANK YOU! I am going to m-make a s-s-s-song about you! In memorial of your generousity!" Al proclaimed before he allowed himself to shut up so he could calmly assess the situation.

'One million?! One million rhean- I am rich! Rich rich rich! I can buy so much food! Oh my gods, oh my gods! I need to calm down before I start to choke!' The young boy began to breathe quickly, as if he was having a panic attack, but managing to avert it in the last second. He finished the almost-seizure with a deep inhale. Did the wolf-guy say something while he was preoccupied not passing out from joy? It must have been something important. Because Kurogane's paws... hands... found themselves grabbing Al's neck in a not so friendly manner. The wolf boy then began to threaten the young artist who could do nothing but try to not get choked out at the spot, grabbing unto Kurogane's arms momentarily.

So this was it huh? This was how he was going to die? Like all famous artists he would end up dying so young. Like hell he would! He had so much to live for. There were fun parties to go to, great food to eat and nice beats to listen to. Before he could make up his mind if he was going to have to electrocute the now seemingly feral wolf, Lambda had managed to slip in to calm the ferocious wolf-person down. Odd. Al couldn't help but feel calmer all of a sudden himself. Was it the air slowly being sucked out of him? Perhaps dying wasn't so scary after all, just like a really long nap. He felt calm. Relaxed. And then he had been let down back to the ground.

Had he died? No. He pinched his own arm to test. He was still alive. Not to mention he could hear both Kurogane and Lambda talking. He felt really sleepy all of a sudden, but happy. To such a degree he had trouble following the conversation up until the point Lambda was introducing himself, right after Kurogane had left for the upper floors of the library.

"Uhh..ahahah..." Al laughed in an uncertain manner, he wasn't as nervous as before, but he still felt awkward about the whole situation. Still he felt good now. With the money he had gotten from the generous AND RICH young lady. He could send help to his family and finally get them to Rhea so they could all live peacefully with a ton of food. He knew for certain that doing the good and right thing was also apparently the most profitable.

Now nothing could get into his way of having a chill-life. He already knew what he was going to do with the money today. Food! Drinks! Sweets! Test EVERYTHING. He pondered for a moment if he was going to share some of the money with his manager who had helped him so much. But that was thoughts meant for later. His far-distance gaze went back to the present and to Lambda. "Don't mention it! I was glad to help! That'll teach that pervert to respect the ladies! Pleased to make your aqq- accui?" Al begun to speak to the slightly older boy, but he was stopped by not finding the right word. So much for trying to sound elegant.

"I mean, pleased to meet you! My name is Alrune Ihadugram Al-Zardun Dimekshia nu Karzanoon. But you can just call me Al. I.. uhm... I am not part of any school yet. But I do intend to join Mephisto's School for the Wickedly Inclined. Because it's wicked! And I am totally inclined to believe it! Cool names like that are.. uh.. cool? Besides alot of people I meet speak fondly of it." Al beamed a broad smile and then began to ponder on just what people had said about it.

"If you want something you can just take it!" Al said in a mimicked voice of an older student. "That sort of thing. I mean who doesn't like free stuff? Imagine the parties with all the free-food samples! Does St Laurel's have some benefits?" He asked Lambda in a ponderous manner, his chin neatly cupped by his own hand.


She had managed to avoid being hit by his first attack, even if only by a small margin, this was enough a reason to impress the military clad young man. Would his attention not had been focused on subduing his opponent swiftly, his old self may have even complimented her. But there was a time for everything, and the girl in question had not been slacking in replying with an attack of her own as soon as she relocated herself behind a container of trash. A spear of dark energies was flying right towards him at high speed, confirming that she was indeed one of his kind. Someone with the gift of the gods. Even if she was seemingly on the wrong side of things, perhaps even she could be turned to the light? His guiding light.

Orpheuz didn't waste any time in retaliating against the incoming attack, hurling his newly formed sword towards it to intercept it, but the spear seemed to go right through it. The sword notched itself into a nearby wooden crate that someone had placed in the alleyway, while the spear slammed right into his shoulder, his attempts to dodge it had been unsuccessful, but at least it was not going to hit his heart. A familiar tingle could then be felt, like a million butterflies would fill his entire chest and tickle his brain. It was a pleasant feeling. Like seeing the ripples on the water, the smoothness of streams, the sound of waves hitting the beach. He allowed himself a quick grin.

'PHANTOM REFLECTION!' Echoed inside of his own mind.

The dark spear suddenly flung back towards Alyona at the same speed and effect it had been hurled towards him. The path between the worlds had warped him in so many ways, that some laws of the world would no longer affect him. His power had bestowed him with the ability to passively deny and reflect back conditions of the body and mind back at whomever used it. Whilst the girl's attack had been thwarted, there was no time to celebrate just yet. He could hear his old father in the back of his head. 'Don't lower your guard!'. He wouldn't. He couldn't allow himself to. The fate of the world was on his shoulders, if his benefactor was to be believed. He had no choice but to believe in it.

Quickly his eyes darted towards his recently discarded sword, before he reached out with his hand and telekinetically hurled it towards the area behind the dumpster, he knew he was firing in the blind. But with abit of luck, he might hit her. If nothing else, the sword would serve it's initial purpose as a distraction. As soon as he had hurled it, the girl was following up her original spear attack with some smaller projectiles. Visually they were different, and there were more than one. He didn't know if they would carry the same kind of effect as the spear, and he couldn't allow himself to risk finding out.

"Tch!" He gritted his teeth quickly, as he appeared to vanish into thin air at the nick of time, before the smaller projectiles would start to fill up that side of the alleyway. With so little room to normally attempt to dodge, he had to rely on his temporary plane-slipping power to get him out of harms way. This girl was proving to be a resourceful -thief-. While getting out of harms way might have seemed like an ideal thing to do, he was also not going to let this would-be-robber to even believe for a second she had the upper hand on him. The amount of boost to her ego would spell disaster for innocent people who happened to just get into her way. No. This villainess had to be put in her place and then he could question her properly.

The young man had reappeared at the other end of the alleyway, on the same side as Alyona was hiding on, albeit a distance away from her. His both hands held out, he allowed both his thumbs to touch and his other fingers to line up to form a triangle sign, before it filled up with his dark watery power, spinning quickly like a vortex before it hurled itself out towards Alyona. Like a miniature horizontal water tornado. He was going to suck her into it, like a pair of socks going into a washing machine at the highest speed. He was going to have to clean up. If the tumbling within the watery vortex wouldn't do it, perhaps the pitch black water would blind her. If nothing else, she might get drenched or swallow alot of the liquid. All of the various scenarios would be beneficial to him. It wasn't about fighting fair, it never were. It was about fighting smart. Victory was to be had, as long as he could hold unto his own humanity. What else mattered?

Lynnwell Tourmaline

It didn't take her long to take the situation into consideration, in respect of Laurel-day. Thus she was only going to render the teacher uncouncious. She tapped into her fervorous heat, channeling heat itself through her clawed hands, causing the teacher to gradually pass out after a brief struggle. Once his body felt limp did the feline girl jump off him, landing on her feet a few feet away from the desk. Like how the fourlegged cats were able to always land on their feet and as if they weighed nothing. Lynnwell slowly walked over to the old portrait on the wall, and with the outmost gentle and care allowed her clawed fingers to take hold of the frame. Lifting the small portrait from the wall and looking at it.

"Thee planted thine seeds, thou done grand deeds. Thou sacrificed me for thine dream.... mine future set into stone, mine existance reborn. Thee conquered the hearts of gods and men. Rhea, that dream in thine mind, thine companion left behind. Laurel. To fight alongside thee is mine desire, the demon world seeks to wreak hell upon the world... Mine bodies have decayed, mine mind hast gone insane. Mine dreams are made of fragments of thee. The angel, saint Laurel. Where art thine spirit and sawol?" She hymned to herself as she went out of the office with her new memento.

To once again be able to look into the eyes of the man who killed her. It filled her with nostalgia, the mix of joy and longing, but also sorrow and disappointment. Who would have known living as long as she had would end up being so lonely? Immortality was not a gift alone, but also a curse which would pry away all things which made you human. The more ill you saw, the more it would warp your faith and hope. Some would find themselves become monsters, others would believe themselves to be akin to the gods. Many would no doubt go insane, seeing lifetimes pass by each other, and watch how death claimed everything else.

Death. It was truly her only constant follower, to those which opposed her, to those who she called allies and even herself. She knew that time had warped her mind, how she had strayed from how she had used to be. So long ago. Yet were she truly insane if she knew what effects it had on her? Like an incurable illness. The time before she had even met Laurel, she had been the one to have been labeled as a saviour. In the land which later came to be known as Rhea. But a hero on the battlefield earns many enemies, the dagger which struck her came from an ally. To most other people, this would have been the end. But not for her. For the gods themselves may have had plans for her. Thus she came back with a vengeance and struck down those which had brought her original fall.

Throughout the many following years she had fought many adversaries and ultimately passed away from old age, yet like the first death, she once again was reincarnated. Again and again. And to the battlefields. Always to the battlefields. And that's where she met Laurel. She could never had imagined, that in time they would become mortal enemies. The title of savior or hero, long forgotten and cast aside. It had been replaced with simply being a warrior, one of many, whereof now Laurel alone bore that title as he was praised all over the lands.

It was not that he bore the title which she had once held that casted shadows on her heart, nor was it the fame, the respect or the praise he received from others. She had never cared for any of that, except from one person. Laurel himself. He was changing, and she couldn't keep up, she couldn't follow him down the path he had chosen for himself, his followers and the land. She needed to act and destroy all those things which was disrupting him, to bring him back to her side as a fellow warrior. Who they would fight against wouldn't matter, it never did to her. All that mattered was that they were together, like a sword and shield or a pair of gauntlets.

Soon she became the enemy of all that Laurel wanted, the enemy of the newly founded Rhea, it's school... it's people. Against those odds, what can one do but to try fight? She fell. Again and again. How many times had it been Laurel who'd struck her down? Few are alive to tell. But to her, dying by his hand was still something to be treasured. To have his gaze fall upon her again. Even if it was a gaze of disappointment, it was met with a gaze of similar emotion. All that she ever wanted, all that she ever craved was to fight alongside him forever.

Laurel was gone, the land she knew... gone. Her former companions. All gone. The world had changed soo much, and the most fighting to be had in the land were caused by the various schools. Perhaps one of them would let her experience that feeling again, to feel alive. Take her to the very limit and strike her down like he did so long ago. To finally grant her the final warrior's death she'd wanted. But even then, she couldn't help but feel there was something missing, there was a reason why she had lived all this time. If it had not been to fight alongside Laurel to the end of time. Then what? What were she missing?

Lynnwell began her walk down the corridors of the saint laurel school, her destination the double-doors leading out of the building. Perhaps one of the other schools would hold the answers she would seek...

The audacity. The girl had the nerve to think he was following her, the mere pattern of thought would had made his old self nauseated. Why on earth would he follow this damn foreigner into an alleyway, he wasn't some lowlife scum.

"You are just the someone who pretended to not understand what I was saying earlier. I think that's far more suspicious than someone merely chosing to take a shortcut. What are you? A spy? It doesn't matter..." Orpheuz pointed his crystal-like sword out towards Alyona.

'This girl is definitely intending on letting me pass just so she can stab me in the back. I am not going to be so easily give up my advantageous situation like some no-name face in the crowd.' He analyzed the situation, he could feel the tension in the very air around them. He didn't want to have to fight in a place such as this, someone not involved in this situation could get harmed. He had to limit his use of powers down abit. His sword was mostly a distraction, he wasn't really the best swordfighter, and even if he were... this sword wouldn't hold up well against other weapons anyways.

Getting up close with an adversary were to be avoided unless it was highly necessary. He also didn't know if the girl in question were one of the chosen ones, or if she was one of the giftless. Until he knew for certain, he would have to rely on non-lethal moves. Perhaps he could subdue her and make her admit to whatever unlawful buisness she clearly was up to. The military clad young man allowed his free hand to rest at his waist momentarily before he gradually moved it behind his back in a slow manner. Once obscured he channeled his powers to form an orb of liquid black water into it.

"Hmph. Good try. You've attempted to deceive me once, and now you try to do so again. I am not so easily duped. Your luck just ran out..." Orpheuz said in a very arrogant tone of voice, then he reached out with his left hand, holding up the watery orb of dark water. Soon it began to twirl and stretch out, like a snake, the very end forming what first appeared to look like the maws of a dragon. It's target was Alyona's chest. He was going to hose her down like a fireman would to a burning inferno, allowing the water pressure to glue her to the nearby wall. Safety always were a first priority. That way he could avoid damaging any unsuspecting innocent unlooker and not ruin any of the buildings, and possibly end this encounter without shedding any blood. And get her ill-gotten gains. A win-win.

The watery snake-like jet hurled itself towards Alyona, it's wielders intent to nail her to the wall.


How irksome. The foreigner girl had managed to pay for herself. Such poor luck. Unbelievable. Orpheuz shook his head softly to himself as Alyona left the store. It did remind him, that it wasn't such a bad idea at all to do just that. So he headed outdoors. Once outside he allowed himself a deep breath, he had been unsuccessful so far in locating the important people in his former life. A sense of worry did momentarily cross his mind, what if they didn't exist and he had to settle with second-rate background type people.

At least he knew Vera and Andras were around, with some luck he could possibly find some of the others who would be crucial for the battle of the world. After all, he had been told by his benefactor that this battle would decide all battles. He couldn't allow himself to fail, even if it meant being completely destroyed himself in the process. This wasn't about him, it was about her. All version of her and that of those who shared the dream. No doubt his other selves felt the same way.

But where were they, his other self and the fairest of all maidens? No doubt when he would find one, he would find the other. For how could they ever part? Unfathomable. He knew fully well he would travel through the very hells themselves for her sake and the sake of their dream. The superhuman greater world, where the giftless in their jealousy would one day take up arms against the chosen of the gods. He wouldn't just sit idly by to allow their envious dream crush the dream of the chosen ones. No, the giftless had to be qwelled and order had to be supreme. Even if he had to become a mortal god to protect that future, so would it be. For the sake of the dream and the empress of shadows, he would fight any foe. Anytime. Anywhere. But for this single day, he would have to be patient, gather what he could, find allies where he could. Even draw enemies into joining his quest. For the more they would have, the bigger the hope for victory.

Orpheuz decided that a shortcut might however be in order, as walking down the large streets were tiresome. Especially seeing couples who were unaware of the looming danger, of people who were happy. Were he jealous? In a way. The shortcut he had decided upon were an alleyway, the kind where one would find the less fortunate making their home or were thugs and other scum would hang out. How unfortunate his luck had been. For ahead in his path stood the girl from the candy-store.

'Surely you must jest? Why is this girl reappearing here? Why in the world would she take the route through this alleyway? Could it be she's up to no good.' He pondered as he moved his hands out of his jacket-pockets, he looked defensive in his posture.

'She's either a mugger or a drugdealer. Damn foreigners ruining Rhea. If she wants a fight, I got the right kind of medicine right here for you. Let's see what you've got...' Orpheuz prepped himself mentally, he wasn't overly fond of fighting girls, but he knew he had to sometimes make exceptions. Like in tournaments or when there are no options. Perhaps he could take her drugmoney and use it for good? The idea started to become appealing.

"If you plan on robbing me, know that I have no card anymore. But what I do have be powers that make me a nightmare for people like you. So get out of my way, or I will make you stay out of my way." Orpheuz quickly summoned forth a stream of black liquid into his right hand, before it seemed to solidify into what almost seemed to be crystal. Taking the shape of a sword.

Lynnwell Tourmaline

'A blight afore mine eyne. Two weake wights. Nay matter, I shalt find the ones which bear thine legacy.' The sly feline woman thought to herself whilst the teacher came closer.

"A new student? Well didn't you pick the right day to join up with the school! Come over this way and I'll help you fill out the forms. It will be O-K-A-Y." The math teacher explained in a jovial manner before restraining himself and motioning with both his hands in a reassuring manner that Lynnwell indeed were in good company.

The pinkhaired young woman rolled her eyes, unbeknownst to the other three. But then offered a formal bow towards the math teacher.

"Please do so." She worded in a soft, smooth manner. Like verbal honey. As the math teacher motioned for her to walk into the building towards one of the offices.

"Saint Laurels has been the place of many great heroes through the ages, ever since it's founder, Saint Laurel himself. You saw the statue out there? It depicts him in his young years. He was truly an amazing person, a person which we all can only see as a shining example of how we should be. He brought an end to the great war and solved many issues of our world, much like we today try to keep up his legacy by doing what good we can." The math teacher explained as he unlocked a door leading to an office.

The slightly shorter young woman stepped inside right after him. Not uttering a word. The math teacher began to lean with his lower back against the desk in the room, while crossing his arms. Allowing the young woman to take in the decorations of the room.

"How do you like the decor? I had these arranged myself with some help from the history teacher. We are all here at the same rank, aside from the headmaster. So we can all apply new students or dismiss troublemakers." The math teacher said in a more calm voice than before.

It was with doubt that Lynnwell observed the various decoration in the room. Modern things most of it. Aside from one small portrait of a young man. Without barely making any sound, the feline woman made her way over to it and seemed to be almost as if enthralled by it. She reached out to touch it with her clawed hand. "Ahh, some male student from ages ago. It has no signature so not sure who it is supposed to be. But please don't touch it." The teacher said in a pleading tone, as he turned around to take out the proper forms needed for students to go through.

The young woman didn't heed the teacher's words and allowed her fingers to softly caress the drawing, allowing each of her fingers carefully slide over the facial form of the young man. Her other hand however reached for the broché she had attached to her shirt. She felt over it with her fingers, the broché which had the silhuette of Saint Laurel himself carved into it. It was him. She knew his face. That was Laurel the saint- no. It was Laurel the warrior. Her kindred spirit. Not only were he, one in a million days and nights, he was one in a million lifetimes. There had never been anyone like Laurel before, and none after who could compare to him.

"Hey! No touching! I was pretty clear with- Are you listening?!" The math teacher spoke up in a raised voice, abit annoyed that his decoration was being defiled as far as he saw it.

Lynnwell turned her head and face towards the teacher, before her head slowly raised up to give him a stare with her yellow eyes. It was a look that could kill. Then she proceeded to feel at the drawing. Was it fear that drew him to use his powers? Was it his pedantic care of his office? Who'd knew. The math teacher held out his right hand as five chains seemingly came out of portals all around Lynnwell, latching unto her arms, legs and neck.

"That's enough! Did you not hear me? This is not how you show respect to the teachers here, neither to our founder St Laurel." The teacher quickly blurted out, he had been abit unnerved and panicked. To use powers on a new applicant was not something that was good, but there was something very off with the girl that he couldn't explain. It was almost as if she was some kind of demon? Impossible.

"Tis thee who art lacking in respect. To thine elder, to thine founder, to thine position, to thine... life." The voice of the young woman was chillingly calm, as the chains seemed to wrap around her. There was a cracking sound, and then the chains seemed to shatter into pieces, their magic holding them together crumbling.

"What?! What's going on? How could you- What are you? Who are you?!" The math teacher fell back against the desk again, stunned that this student had seemingly effortlessly broken out of his power.

There were no verbal answer to begin, as the girl lunged right for him, her both feet seemed almost to cling to the teacher's arms as he flung them up to protect himself. He landed with his back on top of the desk, the young woman's feet pinning his arms on it and soon enough he felt his face being grabbed with two clawed hands. One hand over his mouth, the other sliding his hair out of his face so he could clearly see his assailant as he opened his eyes in horror. What were she going to do to him?

"Qwell thine cries, meager pawn. I shall have none o' it. Thou hast uttered vile lies, the one enstatuated outdoors be not Laurel. The one upon said painting thee have here however is. I shalt be taking it." Lynnwell worded in a calm manner, but her voice was ridden with some withheld anger. Almost as if she was holding back the urge to murder him on the spot.

"Mghhmhmmm!" The teacher replied through the hand held before his mouth.

"I ought to shred thee into pieces... for thine grave error." Her intense catlike gaze meeting the terrified eyes of the teacher. Suddenly the teacher could feel something warm along his legs. Had she gutted him? Oh no. He had just been that scared.

"Do thee dread thine end, child? Thou art to pay more heed to tales o' old, weake wight. Fret not, I shalt not slay thee. Not now. Thine apostles art lacking, correct it. Lest thee shalt disappear... do thee understand?" Lynnwell allowed one of her clawed hands slide across the teacher's face, not in a loving manner, but how a cat would toy with a mouse. Her claws sliding over his cheek, he could feel just how sharp they were. Like knives.

Reverio Galand

A path of escape had revealed itself, hidden behind a bookcase, which the grimoire had guided him towards. It filled him with relief, he had not given much thoughts on how he would take his leave of the library. Perhaps he had planned to be caught? Perhaps it was just folly to worry about it, because no matter where he would be, the same thoughts would come back to remind him of his uselessness. He had to live a life of worth in some manner of way to make it up to his brother, even if it meant going down a dark path in order to get to the light that was always just out of reach. While to others he seemed to wield the light itself, yet as much as one is blind in the dark, so can one be blinded in the light. Perhaps there would be no salvation for him. Perhaps he was forever doomed to feel miserable and helpless to change the world around him. No. He had to try.

"Good. Now make haste and let us get out of here..." The grimoire worded in a satisfied manner, but upon noticing that his wielder didn't move it begged the question as to why?

"What is the matter boy?!" The book asked in a hurried manner.

"Someone else is here... Oh! It's a pretty young lady.." Reverio blinked as he first heard footsteps, and then spotted a whitehaired girl, who also seemed to notice him. But she didn't let her gaze linger long on him, thus Reverio felt at ease. She was definitely not part of the library staff or were here to stop him.

"Uhm.. greetings? I did not expect to see anyone else down here. You really should be careful down here, it isn't safe. Are you lost?" Reverio strode back towards the centre of the chamber, still holding unto the grimoire which was now swearing and cursing at him. Reverio gently pressed the book's covers together to shut it up.

'She's not part of the library staff. She must have gotten in here thinking it was the bathroom?' The male thought. Or did the young woman accidently think this was a part of the library too, seeing him enter the place but missing his tinkering with the wardings? That meant she was his responsibility. He couldn't let her fall into harms way, especially not if the library staff would be far off, they would possibly think it was her. No, that just wouldn't have to do. She was coming with them.

'This is like that story my brother used to tell me about saving damsels.. this is definitely a helpless and clueless damsel. Maybe abit too much... did some trap affect her mind?' The blonde readied himself up to deal with the situation, swallowing deeply before he walked up and tried to quickly hold her hand. "We need to leave this place, it's dangerous- This way!" He said with a pleading voice that urged action.

"If you don't get moving we are all going to hell! Grab the misplaced harlot and get a move on!" The book said in a worried voice which only an old grimoire could utter. "Language!" Reverio protested.

Lynnwell Tourmaline

The pinkhaired catwoman slowly moved closer, like how a cat would along a person's leg or a wall. Smoothly and on steps that were so silent she almost seemed to be weighing nothing. How Michael looked at her did amuse her to a minor degree, she could likely guess where his mind were at. Alexandria's words however did get a rise out of her, how could she not understand the olden tongue? Had the world truly fallen into complete disarray.

"Little maidling, I speak in the olden tongue. I am not foreign to the land o' Laurel. Have you learnt nothing despite being so old? To think that people have forsaken the past to such a degree. You are both weak. A male groveling before a female, like a dog whose whimpering for a bone. And you rely on him to bring you nourishment, rather than hunting it down yourself. Shameful. You do not bear the right to bear his mark." Lynnwell's eyes set firmly on Alexandria, even if they were hard to see under the pink hair. Her clawed hand stretching out to point towards the St Laurel insignia that all members of the school bore.

"Were this not the day of his memory, I would strike you down right here. But I have respect for him, even if you do not. Thus I shall grant you until tommorrow to find your spirits and cast aside your weakness..." The woman explained as she approached even closer to Michael, now stepping up to stand face to face with him. She took a moment to blow some warm air from her mouth to his ear when she finally slid past him and went closer to Alexandria. The pinkhaired catwoman lowered her voice and spoke in a soft tone of voice.

"Show me thine right to exist... disciple o' Laurel. Prove fit o' his crown." Lynnwell whispered to Alexandria's ear. It wasn't that the rest of the students were stronger than Michael or Alexandria, but they had been the unfortunate ones to be seen by the feline-warrior's gaze.

"Is there a problem here?" A St Laurel teacher suddenly walked into the scene, the math teacher specifically. He was currently trying to put one and one together.


It dawned upon him too late that this girl couldn't be the one he was looking for, her haircolour was not the same. How had he mistaken it before? Perhaps the void had warped not only his form and powers but his way of seeing the world itself. The girl which he had approached was also not as gifted physically as the one he had imprinted in his memories. Not to mention when she spoke up, it was some form of gibberish as far as he could tell.

'How typical. I approach the wrong person and it's a foreigner of all things. Such poor luck.' He mentally sighed to himself before looking the greenhaired girl over more closely. 'This girl looks awfully dull... I'd best find a smooth way to simply leave. Hmm. Perhaps some of these confections could offer such a transition.'

"My. A-p-p-o-l-o-g-i-e-s. Mis-taken for another."
He spoke slowly, because he knew that otherwise this clueless looking foreigner wouldn't be able to understand him at all. He couldn't waste time with someone who couldn't even understand the Rhean language.

"Baker. I would like to have ten of these." Orpheuz motioned with his hand towards some hard candy on display, it were the kind of sweets she had favored.. at least in his memories. As the baker walked up, he seemed to slip on something behind it. Orpheuz could only hear his thick head faceplanting into the floor. There were no expression suitable for such a display of un-grace. To even fail in walking, which even some toddlers could do was only to be met with a deadpan expression. It took the baker a few moments to get back to his feet, laughing slightly while being bruised but he sure enough soon put said candy into a paper bag. Orpheuz brought out his card with money, but once he slid it into the payment device, it didn't register properly.

'What? Are you defying me aswell?' His judgemental gaze narrowed at the card and yet again a negative beeping sound emerged. 'Invalid? Is that so? Your usefulness is invalid. I do not take kindly to failure...' "Eyy!" He yelled out and telekinetically hurled said card out of the open door, making it fly over a few houses in the process. After that was done, the military clad young man took a deep breath, briefly removing his hat, pulling his hair back abit with his right hand before putting the cap back on, this time with the front-flap shading more of his face.

"On a second thought. Sweets make you fat. I shall have to pass. Perhaps another time." He addressed the baker before throwing a glance to the foreigner girl. She's better not be having fun at his expense. She had given him a certain kind of smile before, he knew the kind. The kind which try ensnare young men and bring ruin upon them. Such attempts were however futile, as far as he knew. For his mind was warded in many ways, one of which were the sweet memory of the greatest goddess. How could anyone else compare with her? Her unique and beautiful laughter... Like the sweetest of melodies on fields of gold, like the grandest of diamonds surrounded by coal.


Vera's words uttered in irritation had done nothing to unsettle the military clad young man, he merely had left the Midnight area around the same time the rest did.

'Hmph. What an insolent girl. No matter, I will do what I must. No matter what anyone else thinks. I don't have time to bicker needlessly no more.' It were with determined thoughts that he passed the night. Though it were not to a warm cozy home he had spent the night. He found himself staying the night in the tower of an old church, rumor had it that it were the base of some sort of vigilante type of group. But these rumors were of no concern to him, not when he had spent the night in the tower, not in the morning that greeted him. His mind was set elsewhere, there were people he needed to find. That Vera, Andras and Michael had parted on decent terms with each other was at least some good news.

There were still others which had to be brought into the scene, yet who knew where to find them all. This Rhea was different, the people too may have experienced things that shaped them to become different from how he would recall them. Perhaps some would not exist at all. There had been that obnoxious bully aswell, someone he had never seen before. While he was surely not as important as the others, perhaps he too could be brought into the plan in time. Either willingly, or by force. There were after all more at stake here than most people knew, out of all within the city, perhaps there were only two who knew of the looming danger. One of those was he, the other were his benefactor. The one which had made the traversal from the dark possible. The day had been uneventful so far, a nice change of scenery from the night before. Yet it was at the same time disappointing, there were none about which he would recognize.

'Where are you. Where are you now? My lady of shadows...' The passionate eyes wandered around at any blonde girl which happened to pass by. None of them matched what he sought. That were the case until he passed by some windows to a candy store. In there stood someone browsing the various sweets and pastries. She were a potential match. It was with determined steps that the young man opened the door and stepped inside, giving one of the confectionists a nod, before he approached the blonde girl.

"I've been looking all over for you. Listen. I need you to come with me my lady, Rhea is is danger- you are in danger and I need your help." It was with sheer and utter confidence and dedication in which the young man addressed the girl, even before she had even turned to look at him.

Amidst his traversal over to Alyona, he felt a sensation. Almost as if something had bounced at him, something barely noticable in weight, yet there was nothing there. Nothing he could see anyways.

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