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Baraian Paladice

The dark elf had watched with both intrigue and worry at the display that had appeared before the people in the great hall. Whilst listening to her plea and words of rebellion, he knew that it was of outmost importance he found the others. While Kuroi had aided him against that self-important governor, he was also surely not fully into the whole rebel thing. When it came to 'the little miss' as he liked to think of her, she was doing good work on leading the group. She would certainly lead better than he ever did, and doing so it would leave him with more freedom himself so he could undertake some covert operations.

It was important to drag as many as possible into the coming wars, not only drag people to rebel but to drag people into a massive war to seize the throne after the lich would be dealt with. People which had to be eliminated after the rebellion would have to include this Risa Millinia, Terneus Andros and also the little miss who currently leads the Golden Death. Only then could there be usurpers and infighting and true chaos, which would draw Avalia towards the end it deserved. They were all equally guilty in pushing the world towards it's self-destruction, and thus had to all vanish.

'Destroy each other, and keep on until nothing remains. Drown in the pit you've dug for yourselves, you ever greedy and wretched fools. I've seen the darkness of this world, it is time it consumed everything once and for all. Put an end to it all.' He slowly turned around and began to walk towards the entrance of the large hall, going along the walls to avoid the possible stampede of people in the middle. He wasn't intending on dying just yet. The appearance of Dionaea's body was further proof to him that the world was deserving what it would be getting.


"Whoa, that's what I like to call an entrance..." Zelginn said in a mumbling manner to himself, looking at the display that Risa had put forth before all present. The fox-eared figure blinked a few times and then smiled.

'Oh boy! Things are going to get really fun really soon isn't it?' He thought in a childish manner, his entire form squirming in joy.

'I am going to have so much fun! Finally!' He grinned, and continued to watch with a highly satisfied look on his face, even more so when he beheld what had happened to Dionaea.

'Someone has played with their food... speaking of food...' He thought in a darker way, as his eyes glanced over towards Myra. The small figure then began to scurry and press his way past people on his way closer to Myra so he could easily stalk her as soon as she began to move.

Terneus Andros

The noble elf raised an eyebrow aloft on seeing in the corner of his eye into the great hall as there was a slight commotion. There was no time to wait for the elven woman and her seemingly beastial servant to acknowledge his grandeur. What was going on in there? Terneus began to turn fully and move indoors, looking over the railing into the hall. It sure was high up but it gave quite the view. It was the fairy girl in the fancy dress, or rather fancy for a fairy. It wasn't elvenmade after all and not really on a competetive level with his own fine apparel, at least to himself.

'A rebellion? At this place? How untactful.' He thought, thinking he would -never- act without some manner of tact. After all, he was as wise as he was clever, of this there was no doubt in the ever growing mind of the governor.

'Dark elves evil? Ofcourse they are... wait what? Encountered evil? No no that's wrong. Live alongside dark elves? Is she an idiot? How I hate these would be idealists. The ideal world is one without the unclean. How is that so difficult to understand? Ahh, I expect far too much for the inferior.' The governor grimaced as he leaned over the railing, this was putting him in a difficult seat. He wanted nothing more than get rid of that lich king, but he didn't want to possibly endanger his own beautiful existance. It wasn't the liberation of the land, the death of a king or the rebellion overall which was concerning him the most. It was himself, and what he could get out of it. The elf felt physically ill on looking at the display of Dionaea's body, even if it were a pathetic creature compared to himself it still was overly sadistic and lacking in style. Typically dark elven no doubt.

At least people could look up to him from his vantage point, as it should be according to him. But they were distracted by the display, that wouldn't do. He had to put on an image which could benefit his own ascension. Thus he gathered his voice and pointed with one of his arms. "Guards! Close the gates! Don't let the rebels escape! Capture them for his majesty!" Terneus yelled across the ballroom as high as he could, this was such a great moment to earn more wealth and be the subject of noble gossip for times to come, and display his high virtues, leadership and decisiveness. He felt prideful after his own words, he felt so overwhelmed by his own performance that he felt like kissing himself, but alas such would have to wait. He didn't want people to think him to be self-centred, narcissistic or anything but humble.

At times he felt like he could compare himself with the wind, forceful and strong when he had to be, and gentle and cool when such was required. But now was a time of action, the governor turned around to begin to move down the stairs to 'take control' of the guards or to make them look sloppy. This opportunity must not be missed.

Elthrael Vol'Kerno

The moth fairy had spent abit of time relaxing on top of a rooftop, overlooking the large building which the ball was held within, after his little encounter with that arrogant governor. Watching various people from the rooftops were at least a way to pass time, someone in particular did catch his interest however. He could easily recognize a pair which was now located near a tree, whereof the female were now up into it. It was Risa and Kyran. 'Oh? What's this then? What are you doing, princess?' He thought to himself as he focused his golden gaze ahead, Risa seemed to hold unto something. The darkwinged fairy began to softly smile. "So that's it.. eh?" He said softly before pushing himself off the building, taking flight.

If Risa and Kyran were outside, they were certainly being watched from the darkness. Elthrael knew that many dark elves knew magic to camoflague themselves in shadows. They were surely going to be captured unless...

The fairy darted behind a few houses and rooftops until he got closer to the location, and that's when he saw the girl sink down on her knees on the large branch she had been standing on. Elthrael quickly fluttered his wings and flew forth, from a higher elevation, diving down and attempting to grab hold of Risa in order to lift her up into the air. This moment were too good to pass up on, the foxboy was below and Elsea were nowhere in sight.

"Time to fly!" He said quickly, his cornerteeth visible and he threw a mocking glance over his shoulder towards Kyran as he attempted to snatch the princess.
In Avalia 13 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Terneus Andros

"I can recognize one of my kind from a far distance, to mistake you for being anything else would be folly if not outright unfitting." The governor said in a satisfied tone, it was more a indication to his own vast skills of perception and deduction rather than the woman herself. After all, he was the one who truly mattered in the end, at least to his gracious self.

"Former lady-in-waiting to a queen?" Terneus raised an eyebrow aloft, as he said it in a surprised manner. What were this woman on about? There were no queens as far as he knew, them royals had been dealt with way back, either by abdication or... misplacement. This elven woman, which was now being graced with his impressive presence. She was behaving in a suspicious way. Not only did she have the gall to mention the attack on his person, but also having the audacity to remind him of it. He gritted his teeth slightly before replying.

"As for the humans, they fetch a fine price on being captured and brought to his majesty, Aklenroth Grimuth. And rivaling my power? Obviously it would have to involve trickery and other forms of sneaky and underhanded things, I mean how else could they possibly pose a threat to me or the king? You worries are noted, but I can assure you that your benevolent benefactor is quite safe. I mean, it took thirty-seven assassins to even lay a hand of me. I am sure you didn't hear all about it as most of them died or scattered before my brilliant radiance. Despite all this a human does bring out curiousity, even in one so highly humble as myself."

Terneus began to stroke his own attire in a satisfied manner, it felt great hearing his own voice at times. It always seemed to bring him out of thinking of more damned things. "Dear Caius? Have you given it a name? Next it might eveN try speak properly. Oh and I do know how so many can be arrogant, I mean those would-be-assassins certainly were arrogant beyond belief. Aha-hah." He gave an amused chuckle, which some seemed like mock laugh. Then the creature, whatever species it was decided it was time to practice manners, which made the ever watchful protector of the elves raise his other eyebrow.

"So it can make sentences, not only receive them. How quaint. Oh and for certain your... people if you can call them that are indeed plagued." The elf said in softer tone as he stroked his ego, making him feel like this was indeed a good time to display his fairness in a different light. The elf spread his arms and manifested a very bright light to surround him, like the shine of the sun. "Am I not truly stunning to you, beastman? Am I not as radiant as the stars?" He said in a higher tone, surfing on his own magnificence as if it were a wave out at the sea, but even the seas could surely not compare with his grand visage.

Though as the elf was beaming with light he came back to the thought. 'Queen. Avalia has no queen... this woman is attempting to deceive me. I am not certain if I should be impressed of her bravery or folly. I will pry it from her, all elves fall under -my- governance.' The elf smiled as the light began to fade. "I think we should speak more after this here ball." He looked to Elsea, his eyes travelling over Umber on it's way there, but his eyes wouldn't linger on him. Who knews what illness of the eyes which he could attain by watching something so inferior and ugly compared to his grandeur.
In Avalia 17 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Terneus Andros

It had gone a few moments since the fairy had vanished outside of the building, the governor found himself glaring all around in an attempt to spot it again but to little avail, thus he turned around and was about to head back indoors. He saw an elven woman approach the balcony seemingly enjoying the breeze outdoors. 'Such a simple elven woman. Most likely moon elven, judging by her less noble features.' The governor considered, before settling on to not greet or converse with her at all. After all people could possibly gossip that he is interested in moon elves, which itself made him feel ill.

Speaking of things which were ill, he began to wonder if there were indeed any humans hidden amongst the crowd. There could be a high possibility of it, but to what he was concerned, there was no way a human would be able to remain hidden for long in his presence. Once more he allowed himself to delve into his memories of his younger years, of just how keen his eyes and ears were, and how much grander his race were than all other. He had at the time felt pity for anyone non-elven in his younger years, for they would never know how great it truly was to be amongst the pure and wise elves. To never be able to look down on your lessers and have others look up towards you as a demigod. The very memory made the governor smile softly, as he felt that tickling feeling inside again. 'Curse your existance, you of lesser birth.'. The woman had left when he had been too busy with himself, but such a thing was inevitable, she was most certainly moon elven and he knew how those were.

Then he noticed the man next to him, who at his arrival had escaped the governor's notice. After all, he couldn't possibly memorize or make note of every lesser creature who happened to be graced with his presence. Though it were also times such as this where it was interesting to see a lesser creature in it's full glory, which according to the governor were not impressive at all. This one looked simply... distasteful. Terneus reached for his napkin to place it before his nose, as the very thought of sharing the same air as that creature was making him feel the urge to throw up.

'What is it doing here? Go away.. shoo you filthy creature. Crawl back to your badger hole.' He thought and set his eyes on a woman which had arrived shortly after said man. The woman was humming on some tune, it caused Terneus ears to perk up. What manner of elven tune was this? It wasn't one he had heard before, could it be moon elven? No. It didn't sound -that- bad. Which must mean she was a fellow noble. One of his kin. He threw a glance to the man next to her, now when he thought about it. A human could possibly disguise themselves as a beast and be able to sneak about in there. They were possibly crafty and capable, otherwise Aklenroth wouldn't be looking for them.

Terneus allowed himself to ponder of what he would name a human if he would catch one. What possible tricks could it learn, and more importantly could it's magic be harvested? Perhaps this elven woman had heard anything, and since she were kin and being close, why not ask her? But before he had the chance to formulate his epic introduction and titles, that underhanded beast had the audacity to address a kin of his and attempt some crude flattery. But in it's inferiority, how could it not? Then he proceeded to flatter her more and introducing himself.

"Ahem! Madam. There is no need for you to speak with a creature of his standing, whatever you call yourself beast, it isn't worth to remember for us of fairer life and fortune than yourself. Do yourself the favor and scram. I am certain you have peasant things to do? I am Lord Terneus Andros, governor of the light elves. I am certain you've heard of my exploits, beauty and power, fair miss?" He placed one of his hands at his waist whilst the other he attempted to wave away Umber as if he were a fly.

"Tell me have you heard anything about these humans? Afraid in my strainful way of work, I have had so very little time to converse with others in regards to recent happenings. And I won't take gossip from..." He took a moment and glanced to Umber, holding his breath momentarily before resuming. "...lesser things."
In Avalia 17 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

To navigate through all the tall folks at the ball was no easy feat for one so short, Zelginn found himself however determined to get back to the food table. His sniffing skills were however of little use here with all the rich perfume, sweat and other various scents got in the way. Then he saw him. A man who carried himself with such grace, his movements so smooth and his attire really formal. But more importantly he carried food with him. It was a waiter. Zelginn quickly licked his lips and began to advance, there was nothing that could stop him from ambushing this walking feast. Or so he thought. From above came a hand, and then another hand and the fingers latched unto his face. The fur clad little boy gasped and struggled, looking up to what manner of lout was getting in his way. It was a woman, an older one. No.. there were a couple. But this one had grabbed unto his cheek and was squeezing it.

"Aww! What a cute little boy! How did you get in here?" The woman said while pinching his cheek with her fingers, and soon enough her associates, which were three other women all placed their hands on him, one lifted him by the back of his collar, another one grabbed his other cheek and the last was toying with his ears.

"Hey! Let go off- Stop that! Let me dow- That's my ear, keep your overgrown greasy fingers off my-" His voice was muffled as one of them was hugging his smaller frame.

'I will devour you, I will feast on your souls!' The boy thought in a much darker tone, before he finally saw a glimse of hope when a pigfaced man and his duck-looking dancepartner tried to speak to one of the women.

"Here's my chance!" He said aloud and did a brief jump, leaping out of the grasp of the women and into the crowd, but he did spot the waiter in the distance.

'Where is he? I can smell it! He's over there!' The small figure chased after the scent of meat, and such a sweet smell it was, it was getting closer and his mouth was beginning to water and then he saw the waiter. The man had put the food down close to some kind of odd looking big woman with white fur.

"No way! Sto-" Zelginn gathered his voice and was about to yell when someone bumped into him and he lost his voice, taking a moment to catch himself he then laid his eyes on something horrible. The creature, whatever it was was feasting on HIS food! It was eating the meat which he had hunted, the realization that he had lost his food to this woman made him so angry he had to breathe in and out really quickly. 'What a big thief...' He was feeling all warm and almost boiling, this was unbearable. He had to get some of that meat, it had to be liberated from her greedy claws. But then the woman had even given parts of it away to another overgrown figure, to add salt to the injury which the small figure was feeling.

'Well, If I cannot eat that meat, I am going to eat you later.' The fox-boy looked on with a stern and annoyed glance, trying his best to contain his temper.

May I still create a character and add it to ooc whilst being on waitinglist?

Just to give a glimse of what I would bring would there be enough space later or it being up for consideration.
I would have prefered to be in it from the start. But if thats not an option, I guess I will sit on the waitinglist. Thank you.
I would like to show my interest in this.
I do not know what has happened with Blu, but it could be related to Covid-19. There could ofcourse be all manner of reasons why he hasn't been online lately. Not much we can really do aside from waiting for him, or seizing control of the RP in his absence.

Train - 5th car

Mandi had tilted the head to the left and right as Misaya began to address the mage from out of nowhere, the words spoken were met with a blank facial expression before Mandi's hands began to clap. "Oh! That kind of rhymed, I think. What did you say again?" The hydromancer had tapped it's chin with a single finger, looking Misaya over momentarily as Alberta didn't seem willing to answer the questions posed.

"Oh nevermind~." The hydromancer waved one of it's hands in a dismissive manner before having gotten seated at one of the remaining spots, remaining quiet for the remainder of the train-trip.

Genelogia - Outskirts

Mandi had chosen to remain silent even as the class and the professor got off the train. But the young mage was making good use of it's eyes and ears, making sure to hear out what the professor was saying and secondly the other students. When it came to sights, there were the strange autumn coloured trees, a desolate looking village and lastly a villager which seemed to be afflicted by something. Mandi had some suspiciouns of what it possibly could be, but what use would there be in telling the others about it all? The trip through the forest had been just like any other stroll for Mandi who happened to do plenty of wandering about. Whereof it were indoors, in a forest or a road didn't matter much. There were after all plenty of things to think about while walking, while at the same time looking for things of interest. As it were now however, Mandi's classmates were delving into such matters.

'If they need something they will ask, though the likelihood of that is far lower now...' The mage thought, with a slight exhale, blowing some strands of hair away from it's face.

Will post tonight, just got home from 48 hour shift.
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