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"You insolent old wench!" He watched as the woman had sent some chains going after him. I am the damn puppeteer running this show, don't take me lightly you damn spectator!

He flung himself up on the roof and then shot strings to grab unto the incoming chains that were aimed at him, using his strings he would twist and bend them to cause the chains to miss him. Instead causing them to crash into the building itself. Galbrek then ran across the roof and shoot his strings to another roof and kept running, throwing glances over his shoulder to make sure none was following him.

Someone is going to die for this.

In the car with the crossdresser...

Celine sat in silence as she listened to Celestine. This person surely talks alot, more than anyone she had ever met. An ally to -him-. While he doesn't seem to be fond of my creator, he does seem full of himself. Then the person had removed the mask, the face was not horrid nor was it decorated with the same smirk as her creator.

This guy wants me to switch sides to join him, but he is surely about as bad as lord Galbrek. The same arrogance. The same kind of words as far as she could tell. Right now however, it came at a good opportunity. She could play on both sides and whomever come out the winner in the end she could join.

Then the thought came to her. What if there was no winner? "If" is good. Just as she had begun to ponder on that the person told her to take a particular note which he handed over. A number for a phone. With it she could call for reinforcements?

It was a useful weapon to have. Would things go either way. Would her master try dispose of her she could call him for aid, and in the same sense she could use this knowledge and note as proof to her master would that choice seem a better one.

Celine looked to Celestine. "I will keep that in mind." She said in a reserved and somewhat prideful manner. She felt like she had to do her best to display strength, despite knowing fully well her powers had left her and she now only had one arm left to fight with. Then came the memory of Bertrand during their earliest days, when they had sparred and tested fighting each other.

"You only need legs and good boots to kick ass!" Was what he had said. Celine had a slight upturn form at the corner of her mouth. "Thank you."

Outside the hideout Charlie

"Tch... fucking mental bitch. Now I have to go get some dental treatment..." Galbrek grabbed and felt his cheek and poked the hole in the back of his mouth where one of his teeth had been before. He had lost one of his chewing type of teeth. The half-demon had kept running and moving from roof to roof, to try loose any potential pursuers. But now he had arrived to the hideout, he threw some narrowed eyed glances around before approaching the old wooden door and opening it with a key he carried in his pocket.

He slipped inside and looked around at the first room which was more like a cover for what was deeper into the building. He marsched into the room where two of his remaining dolls were waiting. Adam and Darla.

"Master Galbrek! What has happ-" Adam was the first to speak up while both he and Darla turned to look at their master, bruised and having a trail of blood along the corner of his mouth.

"What does it fucking look like?!" Galbrek raised his hand and backhanded Adam across the face, causing the tall doll to stumble back and against a wall. He didn't retaliate but he was surprised and knew that this was a good time to shut up.

Galbrek breathed heavily and then reached for an unopened wine bottle on the table. He didn't care about the legal drinking limit, he was a demon. They were chaotic in nature, ofcourse he would break laws where it suited him. He took a swig from the bottle and then spit the contents into an mug. He wanted to wash away the taste of blood in his mouth, it was something new to him. Something he didn't want to ever feel again. It was so humiliating.

To think a bunch of half-witted mortals wounded me like this. He tightened his hand into a fist and set his narrowed eyes on Darla.

"Darla!" Galbrek yelled out and stepped closer to the shorter doll who flinched and widened her eyes in shock and fear.

"Y-yes! Master Ga-" Darla was interupted before she could speak her full sentence, her master was impatient and angry. The half-demon took a few deep breaths and tried to collect himself. "Darla." He said sternly before continuing, now starting to speak very calmly but still with obvious anger in his voice.

"How come you three failed to do what I asked? How could it happen? What were the names of those involved? Answer me this..." He set his demonic eyes on the short doll who was trembling and her lips shaking, trying to speak back.

"T-th- there were others! They s-saw us!" Darla answered in a panicked way, fidgeting with her remaining hand at her shirt.

"Who saw you? Answer me!" Galbrek yelled out and took a step closer to eye her down.

"Some girl... that boy William... uhm.. the boy who protect him and Wolf. His name was Wolf! T-that's what s-she s-s-s-said..." Darla looked to Adam for a moment and then back to her creator.

Galbrek stepped back and adjusted his posture, placing one of his hands at his waist and the other under his chin. "Wolf? I will find out just who that is and make sure he will never meddle in my affairs ever again." The half-demon spoke out loud, both of his dolls following his movements within the room.

"M-master.. I..I tried to do it. We really tried to... you have to believe me. P-please forgive us master Galbrek!" Darla said in a loud but now confident tone. Galbrek raised an eyebrow in reply and walked up to Darla, lifting one hand under her chin to look into her eyes. "Yes... I believe you, Darla."

Darla's face began to lighten up. "Oh.. master.. I..." She began to think heavily on her next words, but her master continued to talk which snapped her out of it.

"You wanted to be set free didn't you? And with that arm you really are of no use to me anymore. So I am just going to go ahead and grant you your wish. I am a merciful god after all. Be sure to thank William and his friends for this gift."
The half-demon raised his both hands and then shot out ten strings which wrapped their way around Darla's body, pressing her up towards the ceiling but not quite touching it.

The short doll squeaked and tried to resist the strings which carried her up into the air. "M-master- why?! I-I don't want to die! P-please- I-" Her voice was cut off as the strings began to restrict around her, pressing her body tighter and tighter. Some crackling sounds could be heard coming from her as she tried to wriggle free.

"You failed me Darla. I also have no use for a broken toy. But you are not even a toy... you are trash. So I am going free you from your miserable existance right now."

"Noooo! Stop! H-help! Help me... Bertrand! Adam! Cel-" Darla's torso and waist began to give in to the strings which pressed forcefully against her, loud crackling noises could be heard and then her legs and arms shattered. Followed by her waist and chest. The strings which held her up fell down to the floor along the claylike rubble which was once her body, her clothes all dusty and torn amidst it.

Her head landed just before the pile, cracked and with an expression of sadness on it. Her mouth opened to say something very low. "M-my.. dream..." Before her voice was fully silenced, as her master's boot came crashing down on her head, smashing it into pieces. Galbrek began to move over to a mat near the fireplace where he began to wipe his boots from the claylike dust which had attached to it. "Oh pity. These pair of boots are ruined after tonight's event." He gave a disapproving look to them and then to Adam.

Adam had remained silent by the wall, something about seeing Darla ending up the way she did didn't sit right with him. Despite his harsh words to Darla. But she had failed their master, it was an expected punishment. One that he would do all in his power to avoid. He straightened his back. He could have tried to save her, but it would not have worked. His loyalty was to his master, no matter how much Darla may have cried for his help. No matter how much anyone would have cried. His allegiance was set in stone.

"Master Galbrek, what is your command?" Adam said after watching Galbrek for a moment, the latter then began to step up really close to him.

"Oh Adam... the others have failed me. But you are the only one who have not disappointed me. That's why I am going to give you more power, and two new allies. Stay here for now." Galbrek pressed his hand against Adam's chest and began to pour more dark energy into him, giving him 50% energy. Half the power output of a student of St.Lucifer's or St.Laurels. While a leap away from being devastating, his power output had now doubled.

"Master? I will not disappoint you." He replied to his master who at this point had begun to hug him and press his head against his chest. "I will make some new toys and tomorrow we shall try again. Tell me, do I still look as beautiful as I did last morning?" Galbrek let go and moved abit away from Adam, spinning on his boots in a dancing whirl to display his now dusty, and bloodied coat alongside his bruises.

"You haven't changed abit. Lord Galbrek. None among the gods have a grace comparable to yours." Adam replied, his expression was serious and firm. Not that Adam had ever seen any gods for that matter.

"I will rip them all to pieces... every last one of those who interfere with my plans for that girl. St.Lucifer's or St.Laurel's. It doesn't matter at all about any of those. If I can awaken some ancient evils there will be a new world order where I shall sit on the top of the food chain..."

Galbrek began to laugh uncontrollably spreading his arms wide as he looked up at a large painting depicting Rhea. His doll stood silent in the background, pondering just what he would have to walk through to serve his master.

The car had been flung towards Vernon, but he had managed to dodge out of the way. The half-demon himself grit his teeth together and was ready to attack Vernon against when he felt a tap on his shoulder. Who dared to lay a hand on his noble body. He spun around and shot out his wires towards what came towards him, a gauntlet belonging to the woman he had earlier called an old crone. It was she, the one who owned the car he had flung at Vernon. She also was angry.

Galbrek's wires had tried to stop her punch but she was too powerful, they only managed to slow the punch and impact down abit. The punch connected and caused Galbrek to stumble backwards, a bruise of his cheek and a small trail of blood from his mouth, he coughed and spit out a tooth. The rage boiling over in him, but he knew now that he had to retreat. "You bitch! You'll pay for this!"

The young half-demon raised his right hand and pointed his fingers fast at the woman, aiming the wires towards her eyes with the intention to inflict injury to her vision. Galbrek did not care would he make her blind, she was getting in his way. People who got in his way were worth nothing to him, he had to get out of there now however. The battle could not be won, but he would win the war. Of that he had no doubt.

Using his left hand almost at the same time he had used his right to attack the woman, he had shot wires up towards a nearby building. Pulling himself up towards the rooftop. He was making a run for it after giving his enemies a hateful glare.

I'm going to make all those bastards pay! No one messes with Lord Galbrek and gets away with it! Everything they have, everything they own, everyone they know... will belong to me.

Meanwhile Celine sat in the car with Celestine.

She narrowed her eyes slightly and spoke in a serious tone of voice. "If your creator. Your god is a cruel master. Would you do his bidding or face his wrath, knowing you have not enough power to stop him from turning you into junk?" Celine gave Celestine a questioning look, but with the same serious and no-nonsense look on her face.

At hideout Charlie.

Adam walked into the building after having carefully looked at his surroundings, he set his Eyes on the decoration which depicted his master. "Master Galbrek..." Adam stopped and looked at a large portrait of his master.

"The girl Andras. Her existance is leading you into harms way. If this keeps up I will have to disobey your command. I'll kill her with my own hands." Adam tightened his hands into fists Before turning around to walk further into the building where he met up with Darla.

"Darla? What happened to you? At this rate..." Adam began to speak out to the smaller sized doll sitting in front of a unlit fireplace.

"Adam! You are safe! Thank goodness! I-I..." She averted her eyes from Adam and looked down to the stump which was all that remained of her arm. "I.. am okay. Bertrand... he.. he... is gone." Darla said and tried to wipe her face with the arm which was now missing and instead lifted her remaining one to do it instead. "W-what should w-we do now? I am scared. I don't wanna die!" Darla raised out her hand towards Adam who in turn began to look away from Darla.

"Don't pity yourself, Darla. Don't dwell on Bertrand. He fell trying to fullfill master Galbrek's dream. Compared to our master's vision and dream, your selfish desires mean nothing at all. You even failed in capturing the girl. You failed Lord Galbrek!" Adam spoke in a very loud and serious manner, as a father would reprimand a child. Darla had begun to weep at this and held her remaining hand in front of her eyes.

"If you cannot play the role you were made for, why should you still be here, Darla?" Adam said in a cold tone.

"I...I just want to live! I want to be human... I-I want to go to school, eat lunch and all t-those other things! M-master Galbrek said he would-" Darla stuttered as she tried to provide a reply to the much taller doll.

"Master Galbrek have no use for a self-serving piece of junk. I will never fail my lord like you others have. I am certain our master in his grace will forgive you Darla. Forgive you for failing him when he needed you."
I am working on my character, just bear with me for abit longer. Just letting you know I haven't quit or lost interest.
I am highly interested in this. I,ve see about submitting a character tomorrow as early as I can.
Well, have fun. I'll probably will watch and see how this one goes.

Celine had her sights on William, but that left her vulnerable as she didn't take into consideration of the others present. The one who had flung ice towards her earlier had done something. A freezing cry, but it was more like a loud screech which was spine chilling. Would Celine have had a spine to begin with.

Her feet became hard to control, she couldn't keep balance and fell forwards. Faceplanting into the ground. She could be heard muttering something, using her remaining arm to try look up and raise her body up abit.

If only she were stronger. Strong enough to defeat these people, strong enough to resist and break free from her creator's grip. But she was not. There was ice on her feet making her get up on her feet a troublesome task, especially only with one arm to push the rest of her body up. A sense on panic, a sense of dread. Is this how she was going to end?

Don't give me that crap! I am not going to die... not in a place like this!

She finally managed to get up on her feet, there had been some further fighting around her. Her assailant had been flung out of the place, in the direction of her creator. But he had ordered her to get inside. Perhaps if her master would be no more then she could be free? It was a dark thought. But her desire for freedom was great. She knew what she had to do. Whomever that masked person was, perhaps she or he would be able to somehow assist her?

Right now she had to live. Even if it meant creating more trouble for later, her choices were limited. She ran over to Celestine. "Let's go now!" She gave Celestine a piercing stare, it was not very humanlike. She had the least humanlike eyes of all the dolls made by her creator. Celine tried to get into the car. She had only been in a car a few times, she knew the most important part however. Seatbelt. Better safe than sorry.

Galbrek on the other hand were in a troublesome situation yet again. He had the girl whom he had desired to kidnap, even if he would never admit to using a word like that. The interference of the driver of the car irked him, she had manifested or summoned those floating swords who were all over the place.

Against things like that, projectiles overall Galbrek did not have a very good way of dealing with. Especially not so many of them.

Mrs. Ascot? Sounds familiar. But it is of no concern. I have what I need, now it is time to go.

His thoughts were cut off by the woman in the car who had no intention of letting Andras go with him. Not to mention refering to him as a mere boy. He was a man. A young and powerful man. Alexander? Whose that? Another person to use as a toy later perhaps.

"You wouldn't force a girl against her will would you? That's very much illegal, you old crone." Galbrek replied to the woman in the car before looking to Andras, whispering to her as he began to use his hypnotic gaze on her yet again.

"Use any means necessary to allow us to escape from these troublemakers who would try to harm you..." The half-demon grinned but stopped as he heard a yell of some kind. It was the same boy who had paralyzed him earlier, and the sight of him caused Galbrek to grind his teeth against oneanother.

That bastard... useless puppets who are good for nothing. He couldn't tell if Celine was still 'alive' or not. As she had already been drained of her energy and it had returned to Galbrek himself. The half-demon considered his options, but the woman and the boy were getting in his way. And dropping his name like that, might trigger some response from the woman. He recalled what Vernon had sung to his ear earlier. 'Wanna build a snowman?' Some payback was due.

"Wanna be a flatman? I happen to know just what you need to straighten your spine out. This will drive you into another perspective. Insolent cur." Galbrek stretched out both his hands, sending his marionette wires to grab hold of Gilgamesha's car and then he flung it towards Vernon, having the car tumble around along the way, like a rolling wave of crashing metal. How could she use those swords of hers if her head was all dizzy and tumbled around. Better yet. How could that snowman pose a threat to him if he was flattened or left with the choice of helping the woman in the car or rescuing Andras from his infernal grasp.

This was truly demonic providence, with all the dark gods cheering for his victory. Of this he was certain.

They had gotten close to their destination, Adam had been forced to run faster than his body had been made for and it was wearing on him. Galbrek slapped him over the back of his head and told him to stop on the pair spotting Celine straight ahead.

"Get down! Let me down!" Galbrek commanded and Adam knelt down to let his master off his shoulders. Galbrek adjusted his attire and stroked his hair back abit before Celine came up to him, holding unto her removed arm. "What has happened?" Galbrek said in a tone which both the dolls recognized as him being disappointed and irritated.

"Master.. we tried to get the girl. But people interfered, more than we could handle. Bertrand is.. gone. Darla retreated to outpost Charlie I think."

Galbrek turned to Celine's missing arm. "How many?" The half-demon asked, not showing the doll any care for her wounded state. "The target, the two boys who troubled you master and two others. A boy and a girl. There is also a masked person with a car... an ally, my lord?"

"Masked person in a car hm? Means we can take the opportunity to get around them. Adam, go to outpost Charlie and prepare for my arrival. Would I not appear before the next morning, you will find me. Do I make myself clear?" Galbrek stroked the ruffles on his shirt as he circled around the area where his brand new toy were located within. Or so he believed.

Adam looked troubled but he obeyed. "Yes... Master." The doll began to run along the street on the way towards the destination his master had ordered him to move to. Though he was worried. What if his master would fail? What would happen then? Galbrek and Celine made their way around the tournament area, approaching the back entrance of the place.

"Throw that useless arm away. It will do you no use!" Galbrek slapped the arm which Celine held unto, sending it to the ground below. She watched as her cut off arm fell to the ground below. How dared he treat them like junk. She felt angry. She wanted to hit him right there. But if she did he would choke the very lifeforce out of her. She regained her posture and nodded.

"Yes... yes master" Celine answered in a resigned manner before her eyes set on something nearby. A yellow car with some odd blades floating around it in the shape of a ring. It didn't make much sense to Celine, but she afterwards had her eyes set on the people inside the car. A woman and... the girl... Andras? She was in that car!

"Now we are going to go in there and-" Galbrek was mercilessly interupted by his perceptive doll. "Master. The target is-" She could not finish her sentence before Galbrek snapped at her. "Don't you interupt me you insolent- Ahh! What have we over here..." Galbrek said with his spirit lightened by quite the bit and he rubbed his gloved hands together as a smirk formed on his lips.

"It's the girl. Andras. Master..." Celine said in case her master was unable to tell who it was.

"I can see that! I am not blind... you have been forgiven for your inability of capturing her. Now you are going to get inside of the tournament area and aid that masked person with the car. But under no circumstances tell him anything. Am I clear? Ofcourse I am." Galbrek waved Celine away in a dismissive motion. "Do what I command and I may restore you and more. You want to be set free don't you?" Galbrek said in a questioning manner, but he didn't care to hear her answer but made his way towards the yellow car. He casually approached the car, keeping his eyes on the floating swords until he got up really close where he looked into one of the windows, activating his hypnotic gaze.

"Hello there my friend, I've been looking for you. Dear William told me to get you home. Don't worry, the others will be here soon." Galbrek said as he tried to get eye-contact with Andras, then turning his sight to Gilgamesha for a moment to offer her his most charming smile. "Thank William for me will you?" He offered her a soft bowing motion as he waited to see if Andras could resist his hypnotic gaze. To think that pestersome boy would ultimately end up aiding me in my plans. Heh heh heh... there is justice after all. The allmighty dark gods have sent their unholy blessing to their most favored child!

The idea of sneaking off with the girl while that William likely thinking he had saved her filled Galbrek with so much dark joy it was almost causing his charade to be seen through. Now there was just a matter of time before he could begin the second part of the plan. Where Clara would play a big role. Or rather her grimoire.

As Galbrek had advanced on the yellow car, Celine had walked into the tournament area again and she knew that her odds were even worse than before. But she had a clear order, to aid that masked person with the car. She made her way forth quickly and set her eyes on Wolf and William. Wolf had caused Bertrand to push his power to the limit, while William had harmed Darla. She decided to go for who she assumed were the weaker of the two. William.

Celine ran forwards and tried to slam her fist into William's stomach. She only had one arm left to work with. The energy which her master had bestowed to her had long since faded. She had to incapasitate him quickl and then get near the masked person.

I am not overly familiar with fate, have only knowledge from an ps2 game, some clips from various anime of it. But yeah, I would like to join in as a saber as it still says it is open. If assassin or caster would open up that would fit even better but I am happy just joining if tbere is room. I intend in such a case to bring in the norse mythology character Alberich, king of the dwarves/elves. As for the master, It could work for either side. Will post tomorrow when I am by a computer and you can decide if you,ll want me in. Thanks, Dez.
Midnight tournament place...

Celine had narrowed her eyes, trying to keep her sight on both Wolf and Vernon. The chunk of ice which flew between her and Andras did cause Celine to adjust her pose and her eyes fell on Vernon as he began to walk closer. It was something about the way he spoke which annoyed her. The loss of a comerade, the whole situation or perhaps it was her own pride and inability of being able to do much about these people.

Vernon's words about Bertrand however did stir something in her. She had always been with Adam, Bertrand and Darla. Now Bertrand was no more. It made her feel hollow inside, despite the fact that she actually were.

"How dare you..." Celine said through gritted teeth, showing clear anger towards Vernon.

Before Celine could say something else the sound of a car with its tires screeching against the ground caught her attention. A masked person was driving it, not only that the person introduced themselves as the Fallen One. Before making the statement. "Come with me if you want to live."

It caught Celine offguard. Who was this masked person? Was it an ally? Was it someone trying to take Galbrek's target? Someone who wanted to use her knowledge to get to her creator, even if she was the least fond of her master. It meant trouble and doing something not according to plan was a death sentence or very close to it no doubt.

That's when something struck her in the shoulder, an arrow fired by Wolf had flown straight through her. It caused her arm attached to that shoulder to begin to slowly loosen and fall, in that moment Andras was freed and Celine instinctively grabbed her lost arm with her remaining one.

"Ungh! Damn it!" She sprouted as purple energy began to pour out of the hole in her shoulder and upper arm area. She looked at the car and it's driver and decided to not heed the masked persons words, she had lost the target, her allies and her arm. She gave the gathering of people one last look before she began to ran, using the remainder of her energy to project a purple and circular barrier around herself as she ran. It made her visible easily but right now he main concern was survival.

Had she not have lost her arm and her target, she would have likely gotten into that car and relieved it from the driver. But as it now was she had nothing to bring back to master Galbrek, perhaps Darla was out there somewhere and she could regroup with her. Or perhaps run into her master who she did not like but right now needed to appease or suffer his wrath. Things were not looking well.

Galbrek. Her creator had warned her not to go astray from the original plans, Bertrand had previously done plenty of that which he had suffered for greatly. Not only that but were any of them to be captured, they would be targetted and exterminated for certain. Their master had a particular policy about not having his plans spoiled or his whereabouts known to the common populace. Even among the Mephisto school, it was tricky to pinpoint his location at times.

She needed her creator's aid now however. Her arm was ruined. Her borrowed power seeping out of her. Would she go rogue or surrender she would likely die, either to them or to Galbrek's wrath. Would she return wounded and without the prey, there was a slight chance of survival. But likely was a big gamble. She could go into hiding, but in her state she would be found by either side and dealt with.

"Darn it all..."

Further away... close to an old ruckus of a building.

"Huuh...huuh...huh..." Darla was panting heavily Before she checked her chest and realized, she could not be fatigued or suffer from those kind of things. "I.. made it..." She said in a low voice, almost like a whisper. "To safety... to Master Galbrek..." She moved to the old door to the building and lifted on an old pot with a dead plant in it. Under it laid the key to said door, which she picked up after looking around with nervous Eyes. She put it into the keyhole and unlocked the door, stepping inside and closing the door behind.

Her master prefered to have a bad Visual outside but inside the building was well decorated and Clean, in the hall was a bust of Galbrek himself made in stone. On the nearby wall, a portrait of her master in a Royal attire with a rose in his mouth. Then further along the way to his Chambers were portraits of relatives, ofcourse in smaller size than the big welcoming portrait of her maker. She carefully turned the door handle and stepped in, looking as pathetic as she felt. She was met with silence. There was no one there but her.

"Not here? Master Galbrek... I need your help.. I am broken... I- Bertrand is..." She said in a low tone to none in particular.

She turned over to look at the table which Galbrek often sat down by. It had a few drawings of odd symbols and names of people. All she could do now was to wait, pray and hope that her benefactor would come and rescue her in her sadness. She hoped that Adam and Celine was allright. Bertrand had told her to run. But now who would tell her what to do?

"What should I do now? I am not a broken doll... I am not broken... I will become human... I must serve Master Galbrek. He will save me..." She sat down and pressed her hands together in a praying manner, she had seen people of religion do this when they wanted aid. Perhaps it would work for her? Some angel might come and rescue her?

Vittorio, Celestine and Galbrek

(Collab between myself and AtomicNut)

Furtive stares were exchanges as the young man began to collect some of his belongings. With a deft hand, he discarded the outfit he was wearing, the clothes messily scattered everywhere, down to his slips. He just sighed as he counted the things, and, pulling something out of a golf club case, weighed it in his hand. A katana. He carefully slid it out of the scabbard, before gently putting back again. "Sharp and unbent. Good." Meanwhile, he addressed both of the other men with rather taciturn silence, not even bothering to reply even once. When Galbrek left the room, he did not even answer back to his rude departure.

"I suppose." was his answer to Vittorio's quips about not being better than those who kept himself in a locker. The boy was really trying to dig hard and deep for sympathy, wasn't he? Just like Galbrek. Except that there was a wrongness in the demon's compelling attitude. That...was not what it should've happened. Had the boy tampered with his mind? Only one way to know. He grasped inside his own thoughts, and flushed out the haze out of his thoughts. Indeed, it had felt like mind control. He clenched his fist as he dressed, this time in the lovely female uniform of Mephisto's, which he had customized to include a couple of combat boots and tough leather gloves. Things could get really rough there.

"Well, that's about as ready one can get." He added, while slipping the straps of a porcelain mask beneath his head. Weapon at his hip, as well as a cornucopia of objects in a waistpack. Some first aid tools, as well as painkillers. It was then when his mind seemed to grasp for something, and slammed his fist against an open palm. "Oh! I was almost forgetting, gotta care of your body." Celestine added as he went to the bedside once more, and pulled the blankets over the battered real body of Vittorio with a caring expression.
Which he didn't drop as he injected a sedative jab in his arm, chock full of morphine. "The morphine shot so you can stop hurting yourself and be in top shape soon. Sorry to disappoint you, Vittorio. I am not as bad as the ones that did this to me. I am worse. And I've been told to secure this school's assets -whether they like it or not."

Vittorio sighed softly in his ghostly form. As he watched how Celestine gave his physical body a blanket and morphine. He almost phased out of his astral form as the needle pressed through his skin. "You are as much an asset to this place as I am... you are surely here for a reason much like myself."

He was waiting for Celestine to get ready if he was indeed going to join in the quest. "I've become a monster, I am fine with it. As long as I can kill that other monster and Alto. You may have been kept in a locker and treated unfairly indeed. Imagine being in that locker for two years straight. That's how I feel. Now I hunger to strike out on the ones who put me in it, but more so for the unforgivable act of ending those whom mattered more than my own existance to me."

The astral form of Vittorio was glowing up briefly and his tentacle like wings were twitching, some even slashing across the floor in a sense someone would expect from someone tapping their feet when waiting.

"This William person. I have no intention of killing him. A few questions is all. Do you wish to keep him? He could prove a useful asset to Clara and the others."

He spoke in a somewhat ponderous tone to Celestine, looking over his back still. "Someone who defiles the dead. I don't have any compassion for. If that is indeed the case. Bring a syringe with sedative with you. It may prove useful in restraining our target." Vittorio shrugged and began to walk out of the room on his own, unable to wait any longer.

"If things get too heated. Pull out. I gave my body to the gods already, you don't have to give them yours aswell. I'll be fine... don't worry."

"You're one stubborn self-pitying bastard." Celestine eyed the tirade of Vittorio, without lifting an eyebrow. "And trying to sympathize won't earn you any points. Oooh, look at me, the tragic hero of the tale!" Celestine added as he began to walk, his hand on his hip. "Except this is not a tale, and heroes only exist in tabloid newspapers. Let me tell you something. If she was alive, would she be happy that you're hurting yourself for it, or would she encourage you to clench your teeth and nurse your wounds? Damned masochist. Like I said, revenge is best served cold." He paused.

"As for that god apprentice, I don't really care. He will be struck by his own hubris." The effeminate man added as he kept walking, and then out of the blue, started to turn in a certain direction far from building.

The reason no other than the sports car that was neatly parked a few meters ahead, with its owner too busy trying to woo some younger college students. Perfect. Celestine said, as he withdrew a syringe, and with the precision of a dart thrower, buried it in the neck of the driver, before deftly picking up the keys from the poor bystander. "I'm taking this. Evening ladies." He said in a cheeky voice as he began to drive the car like a pro, in the direction Galbrek had indicated.

"Heroes do not exist at all... Celestine. Heroes save people from death. There was no hero then- Ah...hnn...gah..." Vittorio's form began to fade out as they walked, his hands grabbing his astral head, the morphine had taken effect and caused his concentration to waver and he fell into darkness. A deep slumber.

Well, one less worry. Now onto the other. He added as he spotted a couple of figures a mailbike He couldn't resist a chortle, before he flicked the lights of the luxurious jet-black sports car, before catching up to them. "Hop in here, juniors. You're an embarassment." Celestine said to both Galbrek and Adam, stopping a few meters ahead and opening the door. "I thought you wanted to get there as soon as possible?"

Galbrek raised an arrogant eyebrow in return. "Adam. Stop my carriage." To which his unlucky doll did just that.

"Yes master."

"It is Lord Ravenovich to you." Galbrek said as he got out of the mailman bike, brushing off his attire and motioned to Adam to get off it and approached the car.

Galbrek got into the car and waved for Adam to hurry up and get in aswell, to which the latter was finding to be a good thing for a change.

"Embarassment? Not all in Rhea can present themselves in the same kind of infernal noble nature like myself. It is nothing to be embarassed about at all..."

His hand found it's way to a lock in his hair which he began to twirl with. "Now where is Vittorio? I sincerely hope you have not done anything with him. There is more than just this foolish boy there. If they slip out of his and my hands then dear Clara is going to find herself in a difficult seat. Imagine if someone would try pry Vittorio from our school? How would they go about it? Threats or promises hm?" Galbrek gave Celestine a cunning grin, one which caused Adam to wrinkle his eyebrows in worry and uncertainty.

"Master, I promise you I will not fail." Adam reassured him.

"Good. I expect you not to. What-?!" Galbrek yelled out all of a sudden as he felt a tingling sensation of his magical energies returning to him.

"One of my servants is no more it would appear." He said in a grim tone. "Push that damn pedal harder!" Galbrek yelled out to Celestine.

"Vittorio is sleeping. Doctor's orders." Celestine gave a shrug to the sheer arrogance of this lord Ravenovich who presented himself. He simply held his tongue, urging the temptation to reach for his blade."And what will decided the factor will be neither. It will be...results. Which is why I am here for." He paused as he closed the door, looking at the half demon. "Oh, now you're yelling? Tut tut. We could've gotten along, you know. As long as you understood the pecking order, junior." He paused as he began to drive off. "You see, I have no actual incentive to aid you in particular. I am just here to see that Clara gets her fighters in top shape." It was then when he began to drive... real slowly. "Uh, I think my magic driving powers are waning. I would do well to get some more oomph in the form of a certain sort...of magic words. You know the ones." Celestine answered mirthfully, his eyes rolling.

Galbrek's expression changed for the worse. "Sleeping? Sleeping?!" Galbrek yelled from the backseat in a combination of unbelief and anger, this was not what he had wanted. Vittorio was needed in the place to distract the rest so he could sneak off with Andras.

If it weren't for those meddling kids I would have gotten away with her. And now Vittorio's fucking caretaker is going to take his place. Tch. What a shame, could have gotten rid of both Vittorio and the other problems at once.

Then came the word that made a vein almost burst at Galbrek's forehead. The slimy driver had the gall to call him junior.

"You don't seem to understand just who you are dealing with care- Don't touch me!" Galbrek slapped away Adam's hand as he was trying to comfort his master with a pat on the shoulder. "Master let's stay focused on the mi-"

Adam frowned as he was so fiercely rejected by his master, but his master looked nearly psychotic for a moment with his one of his eyes twitching. "If you don't get this damn vehicle over there theres not going to be much fighters left for Clara! I can assure you that!" His eyes darted to the side quickly to the vehicle slowing down. "Why are you slowing down? Get a damn move on! Fine! Take this you bloody leech it can buy more dresses for your infernal wardrobe!" Galbrek took out a bundle of cash from the inside of his coat and threw it in the vacant front seat of the car, since both he and Adam sat in the back.

This bastard... why must it be so difficult to simply obey my orders? These wretched mortals... Once I'll have the girl she shall use her powers to serve my interests. I'll relieve Clara of her dear grimoire and then use the girl Andras to open up who knows what doors which has been sealed. A gate to hell? An opening to the realm of the dead? Ressurect a few long dead servants of darkness? I'll become the most powerful half-demon alive. I can even find a way to become a pure demon lord. Galbrek sunk back in his seat after some thoughts. "All you have to do is to get me to the building and make certain none get in my way. Think you can do this?"

"Oh i understand perfectly, little lordling." Celestine said, his mirth fading all of a sudden showing an icy expression. "I understand how assets can become liabilities." The effeminate crossdresser said as the car halted to an stop, and carefully grabbing the lighter of the car... and burning the wad of money, before throwing it out of the window. "It burns well, I'll give you that. It burns very well. Just like your chances right now, half-demon." Celestine added, his eyes steeled as he caressed the sheath of his blade.

"First you do not cooperate. Second, you try to squander someone's else's power at your own benefit. Third, you try to mind control me. And fourth, you threaten the head of this whole operation." He coughed. "I take my assigments seriously, junior, but since you're a bit daft given the fact that you've been arrogantly strutting around surrounding yourself of sycophants, I will spell it clear." He sighed. "Man up, admit you chewed more than you could, and maybe I will consider you again an asset to support." He paused.

"If not...we will be in a rather uncomfortable situation, the both of us. And we don't want that, do we?" He added, now the grip on his sword firm.

He had watched Celestine burn the bunch of money before throwing i out the window, the car had also stopped. Not only that but the tone that came in reply to Galbrek was all but pleasing for his ears and he had enough of it.

"I've heard enough of your petty mortal speech, I, Lord Galbrek don't have time to waste with a buffoon who can't take orders!" He quickly grabbed the door and opened it, jumping out of the car and ordered his doll to do the same. Before slamming the door behind him.

"Then you go and take your damn assignment where the hell you want! You are a uncomfortable situation alltogether! You are clearly not up for this task! Adam! You are going to run there now!" Galbrek grabbed the shirt the taller doll was wearing, like a bully trying to make someone cough up their lunch money.

"M-me master Galbrek? What about you?" Adam blinked and asked with widened eyes.

"I am going to sit on your shoulders. Now kneel!" Galbrek yelled out like a tyrant king. Adam could do little but comply and knelt down on a leg to allow Galbrek to mount his shoulders.

"We let this idiot human be on his way with his useless driving skills... Now run. And if you drop me I'll kill you."
Galbrek said through gritted teeth and abit of spit flew from his mouth, he was obviously not in a very good mood now. Luckily Adam knew that the best way of approach was to not talk

Celestine just shook his head, as he begun to drive again, matching Galbrek's pace. "Look at you. You're not going to save anyone with this." He paused, as he rolled his eyes. Me, taking orders from such a jerk? Hell would freeze over thrice before that thing happened. He then licked his lips. "Adam." He called for the humilliated mount. "where are your peers, right now?"

Galbrek turned his sights on Celestine again, and with clear irritation in his face. "Save? Who said anything about saving? I don't intend to open up my plans to a human." Galbrek placed his gloved hand on Adam's head as the latter was turning to look at Celestine.

"Where they should be... they are...trying to... fulfilling master Galbrek's dream..." Adam said in a somewhat strained way while he was running with Galbrek on his shoulders.

"Be silent, Adam! You should not talk with him. Leave him be to toy with his ghostly and equally useless human friend. Once he'll wake up from his slumber all hell will break lose anyways, have fun with that fool!" Galbrek said in a taunting manner to the man in the car.

Celestine just raised and eyebrow, and swerved his car slightly, just skillfully enough to send the comical duo tumbling on the roadside. "Well, I tried, Clara. I did try." He sighed in resignation. "It's up to me alone. Should've tried not to sedate Vittorio if i knew this idiot would be so unreasonable. Well, hindsight is 20/20, anyway." He added, shifting gears and speeding up. I guess if i enhace my hearing just enough I will know because of the fighting sounds at the tournament

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