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Elthrael Vol'Kerno

Time: Night
Place: Tavern

The winter fairy had replied swiftly, claiming that his reason for being so far south was one of sightseeing and recuperation. While the need to rest ones body and mind was known to Elthrael, he found the winter fairy's words strange. The city would burn down? If this winter fairy had such foresight, then he was truly worth looking further into. Most would have expected that the dark elves would qwell any uprising and trouble without having to light the city on fire. But if the price for burning a single city could stop a possible rebellion during it early stages, then it would certainly be worth it to a particular lich king.

"Oh things have indeed gotten dangerous, more than usual at least. If you came here for aid, theres only one person here that can help you and you are talking with him. Oh if my words are enough to entice your company, be it truly worth to have them about? Hm? Sooner or later someones gonna snap." He said in an amused manner, his teeth showing as he looked over to Belle and Elleta.

"Cool off? Oh we'll all be getting there eventually. I always find interest in people of rare talents, providing they have the mind to go with it. Sadly there are also... disappointments." He smiled softly and nodded his head in Belle's and Elleta's direction, not putting his gaze on Torvi for even a moment.

"As for you girls, you hear my words plain and clear, but understand so little why I use them the way I do. An assessment if you are worthy or not, the moment you shown me your little temper was the moment I lost interest. So sorry to tell you, I don't want you." He chuckled softly in an amused manner, he allowed one of his hands to rest on his lap.

The other woman, the taller one had been about as hotheaded as the one with the light blue hair. "Handle you with amas? Oh you are a lady from -those- kind of districts. I see, I have no interest in a public towel. The only similarity of a cake and you is that you look sweet but also contain so much fat." He gave a wide grin, as he tilted his head to the side. His voice not aggressive, but rather amused mixed with a slight bit of disappointment.

"Oh my applogies, oh enlightened one~ I didn't realize they made elves of light in pint size." He made a bowing motion with his torso and arms, in the direction of Belle. The girl had proven to be as useless as Elsea, there was no aid to be gained from her, of that he was certain. The more silent of the three elves and the winter fairy on the other hand did peek his interest. Anyone who was not like Elsea and Kyran would suffice for company and enticing into joining the dethronement of the undead king. Belle had been staring at him with a look more befitting of the dark elves, one of obvious ill intent. Though the moth fairy met her gaze head on, much like how beasts of the wild would size each other up. In his part of the River fairy forest he was the apex, the highest in the food chain. Even in a territory like this one, the natural order would not be disrupted, at least that was his idea of it.

He felt it unnecessary to add further words to their conversation at that point, the winter fairy he would have to find later, providing his current company wouldn't get him killed that is. The bartender finally decided it was time to approach his table, the fairy gave him a sly look.

"Oh look at the time, looks like my friend didn't -make it-. Take a hint of that you four..." He tossed a glance to the other table as he rose up to his feet, giving the bartender a brief look. "Oh thank you for the reminder, I would have thought you too busy serving liquid poisons and gossiping yourself to some form of self-ascension to pay notice." The fairy chuckled and walked past the bartender, looking over his shoulder as he did towards both him and the table with the other people. Then he made it towards the doorway, to vanish out into the night.
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Baraian Paladice

Time: Night
Place: Roshmi slums

The dark elf had watched Kuroi, as the vulpine had gotten the clothing which they needed in order to remain undetected during the night. The vulpine had not disappointed him, and sure enough returned with a couple of sheets and blankets. Baraian offered a soft nod.

"That will do... well done." The voice that came out was dry, mixed with some weariness, coupled with the dark elf's usual monotone manner of speaking. Kuroi had offered to help him up, the dark elf took it. Not willing to spend more time where he was, the longer they would linger the bigger the odds of being found.

"Let's climb up on the roof on one of these buildings..." The dark elf looked up to a building with a flattened roof. This would most likely be a better choice than a tilted roof, where they could accidentally slide off during rest.

"We'll make camp there for the night and set off just before dawn... to Ra Monde. Get some rest for now..." The dark elf said in a suggesting manner as he began to reach up and try scale up the building, but it was tricky with just one functioning arm. The dark elf sighed softly, climbing down and placing himself in the dark then brought one finger up to his face. His form began to become one with the darkness around him, then is a flash of black smoke he popped up at the roof, at the darker side of it's chimney.
In Avalia 12 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Elthrael Vol'Kerno

Time: Evening
Place: Roshmi

"There be plenty of things people claim that they need, yet at the same time can do without. An apple seldom falls far from the tree, perhaps if you'll eat of the apple it will give you knowledge you'll need. Oh nothing would certainly evade such keen eyes as those of the elves. But you are correct, apples are not on the menu, neither be you. A pity, I would have considered you with a cherry on top. But it might be all too sweet." The fairy answered Elleta with a smirk on his lips, clearly amused by her reaction. He adjusted himself on the stool to be facing the other table, his hair swaying slightly below the front of his hood.

"Cat has so far not gotten my tongue, but you would wish for me to share it with you? You do appear too young though for that, but I shall memorize your eagerness for the years to come." Elthrael addressed the second elf, which had been appearantly choking on her drink.

"Allergic? Oh not at all..." He faked a sneeze and threw his cloak and hood off to the side using one of his arms, to reveal his full form. "My appologies! Do I look like a demon? Perhaps I do. Hahah... A moth dreads not the light as some believe, it is drawn to it." He grinned now as he provided a wink to Elleta, his legs crossing on the stool.

"Oh I sharpen my fangs every day. I prefer to use elf ears to sharpen it with, for very few things are as sharp as those..." He momentarily paused for a chuckle, before proceeding "Except the edgyness of a human ofcourse. A pity the one I met won't last for long. Bad company you see. And it's not even the king's men, but a mind afflicting foxboy. Awful luck hm?" The fairy had caught the apple being kicked back to him, using the tip of his boot, flipping it back up into his hand in a quick grabbing motion. He then proceeded to spin the apple on top of one of his fingers, pressing the other fingers nails against it to peel the shell. " what I want? Straight to the point hm? I want to know what brings a winter fairy so far south. And into such fine company no less." He formed a wide smile on his lips, his teeth showing as he did. The uneasiness was well written on their faces from what he could decipher, and it further drew his interest to have fun with them.

"Well, your physical aspects do you justice ladies, while your clothing does not, perhaps I've ought to peel you instead of this apple?" He said in an amused manner, no hint of wanting to take hostile action. His overall pose seemingly relaxed, but his eyes and facial expression showing that he is on high alert.
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Baraian Paladice

Time: Noon-Night
Place: Roshmi Slums

The elf had remained mostly silent as they had made their way further and further away from the scene where the fight with the governor had taken place. Aside from the occasional grunt as he felt the stinging pain in his shoulder from where Terneus magic had burst through. They could not return to Ra Monde, and they could not go to a place of healing, so the vulpine's choice to lead them to the shadier parts of the city was a good idea. Even if such areas were the hunting grounds for bountyhunters. But at their situation there were very few safe places to go to, it was only when Kuroi began to first speak, appearantly to himself at first, that Baraian found his voice again. While abit more raspy than before, yet still with the same monotone touch to it.

"To think about what you should have done or should not have done will not change anything. What is reputation anyways, when history is written by the victor. Once the lich dies you can rewrite it all to your liking. I for certain would want to... erase a few things myself from history." It didn't take the dark elf long before he coughed and he could feel how his arm had gotten slightly numb. It was troubling, but also a relief as constant pain would have been much worse.

"Suspicions? Well.. who can blame you. I am a dark elf... but remember.. a hero never wants to fight evil, he nontheless does it for no one else can, and for those who cannot. Fate is a curious thing, but I think it is fate that has driven you down this path. Not because you wanted to, but because you were meant to... as for your mother. They may already have taken her. I don't know how to set her free if that is the case. We cannot do it alone. Not in this condition..." Baraian was leaning up against the side of the bench to where Kuroi had moments before sat on, looking directly to his vulpine companion. The dark elf had suspected that the vulpine were not overly much interested in supporting the rebellion, yet when he had stabbed that dead human... Kuroi had been ready to fight. That had told the dark elf enough about him as a person. He would not sit idly by while others would try to do as they please.

"As you know I passed on leadership, because I am not a grand leader myself. Even If how I passed leadership to her was despicable, I had to do it. Hope is the last thing that leaves your body. I too have it, or I would have been dead long ago. As how we are to survive from here on out, I do not know. There may be corrupt officials willing to aid us, but if they are willing to betray others, what's to say they won't do the same to us? Fighting the governor whose a plague on this world, and saving a companion from death by said villain is that how you believe your reputation has been tarnished?" Baraian asked as he looked the vulpine over, his eyes tired and his hair more messy than normal.

"What I suggest is that we undertake some minor unlawful action tonight. We'll borrow some blankets or clothing from a clothingline then make our camp on top of one of the many houses in this district. It would keep up safe from most guards as they generally do not fly." The dark elf explained and pointed to one of the nearby roofs. "We'll use the cloth to bandage our wounds and cover us during the night. In early morning we should return to Ra Monde for some healing aid and attire for the upcoming Roshmi ball. It will be a good moment to gather more information, and after we have gotten what we may aid your mother..." He explained in a tired voice. It would be too risky to go for a healer tonight, or to find an inn to rest at. As they would be searched for rebels as possible hideouts for a night.
In Avalia 25 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Elthrael Vol'Kerno

Time: Evening
Place: Leaky Tap

The talk over by the table next to his had been brief, one of the voices which he determined must have belonged to the winter fairy did however catch his attention. He was cautious. To never trust strangers, to be wary of all. That was something which Elthrael could get behind aswell.

'Such a show of caution. Less prone to fall prey to daggers in the back or sweet poisons. Though that does not explain what has driven this one all the way to Roshmi. To prod him about it would surely give rise to his caution. I'd suppose it is best to wait for now, not always must you lunge in at the first given opportunity. Sometimes it earns you more to wait.' The fairy thought to himself as he tapped his fingers against the table, looking towards the doorway and any others entering the building.

Elthrael didn't drink alcoholic beverages, such were for those wishing to drown themselves in sorrow, false joy or take them someplace other than the present. Then again, there was surely plenty of reason for people desiring to do such. It was not uncommon to see elves indulging themselves in drinks, with all the dark elves afoot and Avalia being overseered by Aklenroth. To wanting to dullen ones senses completely was to a degree understandable.

'Someday you will be removed, but then comes the question who will seize your place?' He thought to himself, there was so many possibilities of what could potentially happen. There would no doubt be plenty of individuals with a desire to usurp the throne. Thus a massive war following the lich's defeat was inevitable. There would be death and suffering beyond what would no doubt be lost in the coming rebellion. Greed was certainly something he knew existed. People craved materialistic things and respect by any means necessary. Some desired fame and power just for the sake of it, not thinking for a moment why they sought it in the firsdt place. Often it is vanity or greed. Elthrael himself was taught by his mentor that greed was a dangerous thing that had led to the death of many powerful individuals. Much like how a ship remains afloat with it's cargo, if you overload it, then it will sink.

He was confident that among the choices in the world, he would be the best choice to replace the lich. For he would not let such power go to his head. How could he? History was a wonderful thing and you were meant to learn from it.

'He lacks the will and charisma to unite the world under him. All he has been able to do is temporary impose fear upon the world, which may momentarily daze people. But ultimately give rise to rebellion. Favoring one race over the other is not the way of nature. All exist together and form a circle which must be upheld. But the strong will always rule over the weak, thus all races must unite under a single banner.' The fairy breathed out of his nose softly, and watched as some by the table next to him decided to head outdoors.

'The fairy kingdom is the key to uniting the realm. The forest and flower kingdoms together could be enough to drive the inhabitants of Roshmi and the elves to join them. The elves fear for their own skins, more than any other. They wouldn't dare take up arms of their own for fear of the repercussions to the elven lands by Aklenroth's servants.' A brief chuckle escaped his lips as he threw a glance towards the nearby window which gave a slight view of the sky, and upon it he saw some of those who were now being hunted. One of them he didn't recognize however.

'Ah... to think so much potential lies in the hands of that young girl and she is too naive to understand that only with me as a co-regent can this world be brought back into it's natural order. A natural order which has long been defiled by that witless thickskulled knave. That demi-human seems to harbor some feelings for the girl and she seems oblivious to it. Why else would he get in my way? Would she end up with him then not only her dream but the dream of those in this rebellion will be turned to dust. The more traditional amongst the fairies could never accept a union between a fairy and a demi-human. It would be seen as a usurper to the fairy throne and not even a fairy. Such could only bring uprising and infighting among those narrowminded elders.' The smile that crawled unto his lips remained for a brief moment asd he dwelled more on the various paths that were now being laid in front of him, but also those who wanted to remove the king.

'That foolish fox-boy and Elsea is as good as dead. Both are fiery to the point it will lead them to their death. As for Risa and her female friend, the former will surely be taken alive in order to make an example of. Too bad for them that things will not go quite their way. My mind is a fortress, my heart is a diamond. Unrelenting and unbreachable. Of all those who could seize the throne, only I bear the will to resist the power of corruption that leadership will bring. For corruption is my weapon, I am not a slave to it's power, but it's master. Wield, don't be wielded.' The thoughts that came to him were like mantas, things which he could never forget and they gave him focus. But also the determination to see things to the end. The ones which was previously sitting by the table next to his in the room, returned. One of them spoke up, he wasn't sure of who it was as he didn't look at them.

'Hmm.. not overly interesting so far. Ahh, how about a little bit of initiative...' The winter fairy was curious, he had to at least take the opportunity to say something to him. Thus he put together a simple plan by moving both his hands inside of his cloak, making sure the cloak was closed off at his chest and stomach area. Then he closed his eyes and began to attune to his chlorokinesis to artificially form an apple within his two hands. Such a small display of magic would surely go by unnoticed. Then once the form of the red apple was complete he loosened his cloak abit and dropped it in such a manner it would roll over towards the other table.

"Oh?" He said in a slight gasp, as he turned his head towards the other table. "Such misfortune.." He said softly, his hood was still up and over his eyes, his mouth was however visible, showing the small narrow cornerteeth that protruded forth between his lips. Which were in a slight smile as he awaited for the reaction of the ones by the other table.

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Time: Noon
Place: Den of sin -> Alleyway

"Memory hm? That was pretty clever! Time for me to go make some new memorable moments. A pity you won't be joining me lady, oh well..." Zelginn shut his eyes almost fully, only having slight slits open as his lips formed a smug smile as his attention set on Jack.

"He does look kinda lost!" Zelginn snickered as he reached up his clawed hands up behind his own head. "Well, I'm going now. Oh and I will totally have fun with my dinner." The small tailed figure gave a smirk to Azriel before jumping down to the floor and walking over towards the doorway out of the brothel.

"Let's meet again someday, Azzie. I got a feeling that there will be lots of fun soon." He said in a jolly and soft tone, looking back to Azriel, still with his arms raised up behind his head. Then he proceeded to leave the building, where some of the people leaning up against the building wall were throwing him strange glances.

I wonder... did your meeting with the elves go well, Umber? The small figure pondered as he was suddenly snatched by something or someone as he entered an alleyway. Lifting him up into the air, holding unto the cloth at his neck. Zelginn's ears and tail fell down in a low manner as a dog expecting to get yelled at.

"Well, well well... what have we here then? The pesky little thief. Took some time to find you, but now that I have... you are going to regret ever being born." The anger in the dark elf's voice was as clear as day. This was the dark elf whom he had relieved of his pocket amas earlier that day, looks like he had finally caught up with him. What a bummer.

"Please.. I'm just a child... don't hurt me please.. I just want to eat. I'm starving..." Zelginn said in a trembling voice, his eyes going watery and his clawed hands were shaking.

"Hurt you? Oh that's just the beginning... I'm going to kill you. You little thieving shit." The dark elf chuckled and carried the small figure down an empty alleyway, his shadow being cast on the walls of the alleyway from the noon sun. A loud scream could be heard coming from the alley, a shriek of pain and panic in the air. The dark elf's face was filled with sweat as he began to make his way to the entrance of the alley, before a snap could be heard and he screamed in horror, he landed on the muddy cobblestones. His fingers dug into the mix of cobblestone and mud of the alley, as if bracing himself against something.

"A-ahh! N-no n-no no!" He frantically stuttered as he felt a strong tug at his lower body, pulling him in towards the alley again gradually. His fingers losing their grip on cobblestone after cobblestone. The dark elf was beginning to panic and wanted to run, but then he realized he couldn't feel his legs anymore, he couldn't run. He couldn't get away. "Help! Someone! A monst- Aaahhh-" The voice of the dark elf became null when the large fur clad claws attached to his back and head. Pulling him fully into the alley. He closed his eyes as wanted nothing more than this nightmare to be over. His wish was followed by a large splatter of blood on the building walls. Then a few moments passed and a new shadow began to take shape at the building wall. That of a large wolf head, momentarily opening to swallow something down it's mouth, a few crunches later and what was put in there was gone.

A black fur clad paw with razor sharp claws stepped into a muddy pool of water, blood would gradually begin to drip into it. The refelection of the pool was revealing a creature of nightmares. A hunter from a more primal time. The kind which were told to keep children scared of venturing out at night.

...and night was approaching slowly.
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Terneus Andros

Time: Noon
Place: Shack-> Elsewhere

Terneus Andros, he who shone brightest amongst the elves, the one who held beauty and power unlike any other. Had been viciously attacked in his moment of fetching some scapegoats. Not to mention that the half-beast had laid his dirty hands on his near royal form, that was unforgivable. The elf saw how the creature scurried off to pick up his disgusting dark elf companion from the floor and then duck behind a table for cover. How dared he to underestimate the power of this governor. The vulpine then took a leap out of the window with his companion, just when moments later Terneus would unleash all of his light magic at once in an area around himself.

They were getting away! He had to stop it! It was causing more rage to bubble up inside of him. His face had been struck! His form had been touched! Assassins had made an attempt on his life! And now they were escaping from his just hand?! The elf blew the shack apart with his beams of lights, parts of the shack would start decorating the nearby other buildings, some parts of the shack being completely disintigrated as a result of the magical energies.

When the elf finally stopped there was smoke and ashes about and he stood in the middle of it, panting as he did. His eye, face and chest was stinging, but also his thigh was aching. He felt dizzy for a slight moment as he took a step forwards, his gaze searching for his enemies. Where had they gone off to? He breathed heavily, his teeth grinding together his eyebrows narrow enough to create the shape of a "V". He had to find them, they must not get away. He would be made a fool of otherwise, the laughingstock for a day, no... a week.. a month? The elf's not stinging eye flared up as he was coordinating his thoughts as they came to him.

They had gotten away?!

"Raaaaghhh!" He screamed at the top of his lungs in a state of utter rage, how had this happened to him? Was this a cruel jest of a god at play? Whichever the case, he could not tell where the pair had gone off to as the shack was blown into bits the smoke and dust that came afterwards had concealed their departure.

Standing there in the rubble right after his scream of vengeance to come, he found people making their way towards him. People? PEOPLE! He couldn't be seen like -this-. He was a mess. His attire ruined, but even worse he was wounded. This would be terrible if they local gossip would begin spreading words of him not being near divinity and unmatched under the skies. He quickly turned the other way to ward his face and appearance to the incoming crowd.

"My lord Andros! What happened?" The familiar voice of Commander Feldrin could be heard in the elf's ear. His knight commander and two others had made their way towards him.

"What does it look like you idiot?! I was viciously attacked! Again!" He snarled as he looked over his shoulder.

"By the gods! My lord! Your face! Are you allright?!" One of the knights beside Feldrin asked in a state of surprise and shock as he pushed his way through to Terneus, unlike the commander who fully knew that itself was a very, very bad idea.

"I don't know.. how do I look?" Terneus bent down to pick up his mirror which had been disarmed during the battle, it laid next to one of the fans the creature had wielded against him.

"My lord, you are bleeding. Your face has been cut-" The knight began to utter, a clear stutter now appearing in his voice before the knight found a tight grip around his neck and he was lifted off the ground by his benefactor. His understanding, patient and graceful lord, Terneus. Terneus looked with a mixture of anger and mental breakdown at the knight, who he had now grabbed with both his hands around the neck area. Lifting the knight from the ground and choking him, and occassionally shaking him.

"Don't you think I know that?! Get me the wretched fairy healers right now!" He yelled in the knight's face, and to those present. Which by now was a gathering crowd of approximately twentyfive unlookers. The governor then took with the gentle care of an angry mother bear, and threw his knight violently towards a nearby trough, where people keep water for their animals. Abit of dirt on that knight could perhaps draw some of the ridicule towards him instead. The governor motioned soon after his commander forth, and didn't waste any time in tearing off his cloak to use as a thing to pressure against his face that was bleeding, but to also shield his visage from the unclean peasants which had now gathered about.

"Get out of my way you dirty peasants! Someone is going to burn for this!" He snarled and pressed his way past the crowd in the direction of the marketplace, and then towards the infirmary.

A few moments later...

"What do you mean there is no available healers?! Why not?!" The elf screamed at one of the demi-human workers at the infirmary. Terneus couldn't believe his ears, how could there not be any healers in a place of healing?! Now in a moment where he actually had use of a disgusting bug-person they weren't available.

"Good sir, the fairy healers have been attending some others of your kind. They had alot of bee stings and injuries on them which required instant attention." The woman said in a manner of fact type of voice.

It was as if his world was falling down. The healers had wasted their precious healing magic for his lousy second rate servants! How dared they?! How dare they, they were indirectly the cause of this. The elf felt a sudden urge to walk into the room where they were resting and choke the life out of them, not only for failing him in seizing the would-be-assassins, but for also stealing HIS healing aid after said failure. It was only when he was grabbed by the demi-human woman that he snapped out of his thoughts. This creature dared to lay her hands on him? He was about to raise his hand to backhand her across the face when she begun to speak.

"Oh dear, we have to take care of that wound right away. Come this way sir, I can help you with that. There is no one else available right now, please come this way." The woman said in a worrying tone, and then let go of the elf. Terneus eyes twitched and his teeth gritted together, his fists tightened together. 'Tch.. to have this beast as a healer.' He cursed inside of himself, but he needed to take care of his wound before it got any worse. He spit to the side as the woman had turned around to show him into one of the rooms. Commander Feldrin raised a slight smile, which completely died down as the governor was throwing him a glance. "Good luck my lord." He said in a straight face, the two other knights present, one dirtier than the other offered salutes.

Baraian Paladice

Time: Of his Life
Place: Alleyway (Roshmi)

Baraian didn't speak until they found themselves at a safe distance away from the shack, or rather from where the shack once stood. An alleyway further down the street would do. When he did he finally speak, he did in a tired and strained manner. He could also still stand on his feet, while abit wobbly from the wound in his shoulder. "We.. can't go to Ra Monde... He might still be following us. You should have left me. I will only slow you down..." The dark elf said in a solemn voice, looking to Kuroi. Baraian's white robe had been mostly spared from blood as the light magic had left a scorchmark rather than lots of blood.

"You should go and find our leader... tell her to use the governor's misfortune to spark an uprising... if he can be attacked in the city... whose safe?" Baraian coughed abit, as a feeling akin to a fever was getting to him, making him slightly lightheaded. Both he and Kuroi were wounded and needed healing aid, but that would surely have to wait. The dark elf still found it strange how the vulpine had instead of withdrawn, decided to fight the governor of all people. Baraian knew fully well of what the elf was capable of. Both from past and more present occurances. There was no redeeming factor to that man, aside possibly from his ego being used against him. Possibly making him easy to deceive. Though this was only what Baraian could make out of the weird elf.

"Thank you for saving me... I should have been more careful. I had no idea he would follow us, we weren't part of the attempt against him. Someone is going to have to talk with Regulus and who else was there.. we need to be more careful. At this rate Ra Monde could be uncovered..." He panted slightly and reached out to lean against the wall of the alleyway.


Time: Noon
Place: Den of sin

The small figure crossed his arms over his chest when Azriel spoke about torture. "I'd bet you just love keeping sweets from them hungry kids don't you?" He said with a sour expression on his face as he blew up his cheeks with air.

"Hey! That's rude!" Zelginn said in a pouty manner as Xenelith elequently refered to him. "But then again he might be as boring as Akky boy. Wouldn't put it past him being a dark elf you know..." Azriel seemed to be pretty chatty however, which was something that Zelginn could fully enjoy. Umber had been slightly disappointing in that department, perhaps he was taking on traits from his mother or something.

"Hmm.. In all my years I've never had a fully boring day though, and stuff has not gotten burnt up completely. So good I guess?" Zelginn gave a smug smile towards the winged woman, and nodded softly as she had told him her answer to his riddle.

"Stomach? Oh you were really close! It was HUNGER." Zelginn gave a slight smile, showing his sharp teeth in his upper and lower jaw, they looked like miniature wolf fangs. Or like more appropriately how he looked, fox fangs.

"Oh a riddle for me? Humm humm. Oh I think the answer is LIFE. Does make sense doesn't it?" Zelginn jumped up to his feet as if ready to hear if he was right or wrong.

"I really like life. You gotta take it... Seriously!" Zelginn said in a cheery manner, rolling over on his back holding unto his chest in giggles before he stopped and sat back up, his ears perked up and on high alert.

"Oh but since you were such a fun lady, I'll let you in on a little secret. Zelginn isn't my only name..." The small figure grew more quiet and looked around the room, walking up to Azriel while still being on the table. He tried to lean in to her ear before moving his lips.

"The elves used to call me Spellbane... but that was a really long time ago. But Akky and mother call me by my other name: Darkmane, one of the firstborn of the chaos mother. My mother, Lilith. Our two riddles fit nicely together, I live to hunger, I hunger to live. Living is for eating, and eating the living is my way of living." Zelginn said in a dark tone of voice, his mouth opened into a smile and his teeth almost glimmering from the light of the candles, his voice filled with amusement and an eerie sadistic side to it. He began to giggle softly as he drew his face away from Azriel.

"I think it's almost time for dinner, want to join me or will you wait for my little brother to return?" Zelginn tilted his head from side to side, gradually returning to the outward cheery mannerism which he carried previously. Just as if he was donning a mask.
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Elthrael Vol'Kerno

Time: Noon
Place: Roshmi City (The Bar)

Having surveyed the surrounding area, the fairy soon realized that he had been in that place for too long and had to move. The fairy jumped down to the cobblestone path on the outer side of the wall separating the old graveyard from the rest of the city, he landed softly on his feet, his cloak momentarily flowing upwards revealing his wings hidden underneath, before slowly falling over his form again.

Elthrael decided to take a stroll down one of the many streets of Roshmi, even if his forest senses was screaming at him not to. It was a deathtrap in the forests to follow paths, it meant ambushes and being watched by all manner of creatures being out hunting. Not that he was overly worried, as in the forest he used to dwell he was considering himself to be the apex predator in that place. The city was very different, it wasn't that he overly disliked the city. It was just noisy, and the overpowering smell of so many different things made it near impossible to track people properly. His mind wandered back on his choice of taking the streets, as jumping from building to building would no doubt draw some attention sooner or later.

A few demi-humans passed him by, some of them mumbling about some elven governor being openly attacked in the marketplace. Why would someone attack an elven governor? Not that he had ever met one, perhaps they were asking for it. What was an elven governor doing in Roshmi anyhow? This wasn't a place of elven buisness in general was it? Could it be this governor was looking for humans aswell or sheltering them? He shook his head softly from side to side. He could ponder on the possibilities but it would yield little use. Soon he found himself outside a place with a very distinct smell, one that he recognized. A local bar. Where people were no doubt trying to drown their worries and all that.

While he had never been to a bar in person, he knew of the brew they would serve in such a place from having liberated such items from travelling merchants passing through the forests near the River kingdom. He disliked the taste of it, and it seemed to intoxicate the ones using it. He would have none of that poison. His mind and body needed to be clear and in top form. But he did know that intoxicated people had the habit of talking too much, and being overall honest. Perhaps one of the locals had caught unto rumors about any humans, it could very well be possible. On the other hand, the place was not ideal for him. No building were. Without being able to fully utilize his flying, he would have to rely on other things would a fight break out. It was not unheard of that intoxicated people ended up fighting others.

Would any of them find themselves picking a fight with him, he would just have to let them try some new form of poison. But if he could avoid fighting, all the better.

'That dark elf was not a person who would give up. He must be here in the city somewhere. Alongside a large demon and a winged woman. I'd guess I'll keep my eyes and ears open.' He thought, before letting out a chuckle softly to himself, as he approached the door which was reeking of drinks. He would have liked to open the door in a dramatic fashion, but such at this time would draw too much attention. Thus he just pushed the door open and stepped inside, his hood still raised and with his long hair falling out of it. The fairy moved over to what seemed to be a serving woman.

"I am waiting for a friend... we'll get our things ordered once he arrives." Elthrael said in a soft tone to the woman, giving her a soft smile from under his hood. His favored choice for table spot in the room had however been taken, by three elves and what looked like a fairy. A strange looking fairy. The overall appearance of the man awoke some curiousity in him.

He tilted his head a slight bit. 'A winter fairy? This far south? What is it doing here?' He had never actually seen a winter fairy before, as they all were supposed to be living further north in Avalia. But his mother have told him about them when he was young, and the description of this fairy did seem to be quite much like what his mother have used to describe them. They also had the quite unique ability to manipulate cold, such as ice and snow.

A dangerous way of magic. Potent and powerful in the right hands, and not all too shabby in the wrong. Yet despite that he felt confident in his own style of magic. It would grant him more than a weapon, it would give him the ability to sustain himself. But not only himself but others. Perhaps it was due to the winter fairy's lack of knowledge in Chlorokinesis that drove their kind into near extinction. Ofcourse he knew that there were other ways to draw a species or a race to extinction. He if anyone should know that fear and greed be contributors too.

Ultimately Elthrael settled down on a stool by the table closest to the four, intent on fetching unto something they were saying. If there was an elven governor in the city, these elves might talk about that. Their kind did tend to babble on forever about their own things to the point that others would turn a deaf ear. As for the winter fairy, he wondered still what he was doing so far south. Was there something here he sought to obtain or was there something he was fleeing from... or with?
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Time: Noon
Location: Den of sin

Zelginn tilted his head to the side slightly as he inspected Azriel, his eyes blinking quickly as he listened to her speak. Looked also like she had some questions in store for him. "Torture? Oh, you are a really, really bad woman aren't you?" He said with a gasp, placing both his clawed hands by his mouth before lowering them again. "You are awful. You have to be nice to a child? Right?"

"Xeney, O'Ner and Jack? Not sure if I can remember all these names you know, I can get abit forgetful at times. Maybe it's an age thing." He gave an awkward smile as he scratched his own neck. "Oh food.. that reminds me I got to go get some of that soon. I'm basically starving. Maybe that dark elf from before will be there to give me some food." Zelginn reached his small hands down to his belly and rubbed it in a circular manner. "Umber does seem like he has lots of fun doesn't he?" He said in a giggling manner, his ears perking up as he heard Azriel refer to him as a little demon. What a curious way to refer to him, thankfully his pride wouldn't let that stop him.

"There are those who are born from elves, and there are those who are born from fairies. Then there be us, who come from something else." The small figure said with a smug look on his face as he crossed his legs on the table, sitting down as if preparing to stay for awhile.

"Know about me? I'm just a lost child, I've been lost for a very, very long time. How old I am? Hmm.. There are things that get born now, there has been things born years ago... like mister Umber." He said in a pondersome voice, tapping his chin with a finger before placing both his clawed hands down and leaning forwards slightly, close to one of the candles on the table, before continuing. "...and theres things that has always been." Zelginn said, poking the candle right in front of him on the table, until it tipped over and began to roll along the table, it's flame still lit. The small figure reached out to catch it, before it would have rolled off the edge of the table.

"Oh that was close. Candles can be fun. But best not let them burn too much. If everything goes up in flames there will be no more fun right? Mother really hates fun stuff. Oh oh, I know. How about a riddle?" He said in a cheery tone, putting the candle back into it's holder on the table and stared right into Azriel's eyes.

"I am always there, my presence sometimes heard. I can be void for some time, I can be full for some time. But cannot stay in either state. I am a lurker and you should know me. If you want nothing to do with me, you will most surely be dead. What am I?" Zelginn smiled widely, eagerly awaiting the reply. His tail would wiggle slightly from side to side, in a slow rhytmic manner. Like a cat playing with a mouse.

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Terneus Andros

Time: A bad time to be a governor
Place: Shack

It was at the end of his own wonderful words that the governor realized that the disgusting creature before him had no intent on dying quickly. The elf couldn't understand why creatures of seemingly lesser birth would try and struggle so much to little avail. Though their struggles were in comparison to his own hardships a spit in the vast ocean, when would the day come that the gods would award him for his service to the world? He dodged. Wait he dodged? The governor's mind got filled with surprise as his eyes widened in that short moment.

Then the strange humanoid creature before him had the gall to insult him, in a mannerism which brought back memories of a slave some fifty years ago who refused to fan him. Not only that, but said slave had thrown her fan in a similar manner towards his feet. The refusal of doing slave labor had been met with very sharp criticism. For fear of having his boots sullied any further, the elf took a step back, away from the dark elf which was prone. Watching the fan get stuck in the floor next to the dark elf, his attention on it briefly. Wait it's a decoy! The other fan flung into his grip, slamming against his armored bracer that extended to the top of his hand, the impact caused him to drop the mirror however. Ahh? What?! Terneus withdrew his both hands and assumed a pose resembling that of a hissing cat, his fingers slightly bent and raised above chest level. That's when his foe came up towards him. Why you unsavory little-

He stumbled back slightly in recoil as he felt something hit his armored belt, making a slight scratching noise and then he turned the other cheek towards his assailant, and that's when he all of a sudden felt a stinging pain in his right eye. Had the wretched creature spit at him? How disgusting. Terneus could feel how his entire body was getting warmer, especially his face as if all blood was gathering there.

His opponent had also the audacity to grab hold of his right hand, forcing it to point at his own chest and that's when he felt a slight stinging pain. Hnff! Not that rough! I'm nearly royal!

That's when he saw a red drop fall unto his white clothed arm, the one pointed in on his chest. Had he fatally wounded the annoying demi-human? No. This was.. He looked down to his chest, his attire from waist and up to his neck had been cut open and a slight red slice had made it into his skin. His chest had been scratched! But it wasn't deep, he had stepped back just in the right time and his belt had taken some of the impact itself. Then he saw another drop fall down on his arm, it didn't fall from his chest. His face was feeling warm and his right eye was beginning to sting badly.

He had been wounded? His face?! His wonderful face! He couldn't have?!

Terneus grinded his teeth together and began to channel his magical powers, he didn't need his right hand to cast magic. That was for novices and knaves! Like one-hundred and fifty year olds! Mere fiddlers of the magical art! This creature however had wounded him! The disgrace, if anyone would know it could ruin his social standing. No this creature had to be annihilated right where he stood along with the entire shack! The elf violently kicked with his right leg towards his assailant, as his left hand rose up to use his bracer to attempt to parry the attackers blade would he take a swing, his right hand trying to free itself. His magical powers was gathering around him quickly, he was going to blow the building into the skies above and this wretched fool along with it! The dark elf who held a low elevation would surely be safe down there. The shack window still looked like it could be used as an escape route.

"My face! My -beautiful- face! HOW DARE YOU?! YOU DEMON! I'LL SEND YOU TO YOUR GRAVE! RAAAAGHHH! GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME, YOU DIRTY PEASANT!" The elf screamed as his magical energy had gathered sufficiently, then he unleashed a barrage of beams of light in all directions emenating from him, targetting all around but the floor where he stood and where Baraian still laid, trying to recuperate.
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