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In Re:Unison 3 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Sorry for the wait, I am working on a character sheet right now.
Core: Holy Aerial: Increased movement speed, flight, ability to create large gusts of wind, windwalls and whirlwinds. The wind created by this is generally partially decorated with white-golden glowing feathers.

1: Lightning (May be used to call forth lightning, generally it is only a big powerful golden bolt of lightning. Often fired from his sword or cast at a distance to come from above his target.)
2: Heavenly arsenal (A blade that cuts down, or temporary negates magical effects such as illusionary scenes, barriers, glyphs, traps and enhancements, a shield which deflects magical projectiles and direct magic such as gaze attacks or beams)
3: Angelic radiance (Passively heals himself and chosen nearby allies of harmful physical or mental effects and wounds. The more grave the wound, the longer time it may take.) The effect will have the reverse effect on those with evil, malevolent or demonic nature, in which it causes their skin to burn with holy fire.

An example of what powers I would have chosen for the angelic Knight. (He's not actually an angel though…)

The Samurai type would be using a combination of summons and martial prowess. Pretty much summoning various troop types like spearmen, cavalry, Archers etc. Where they would be magical in nature, like golems in a sense. Just war puppets which he can order around. His martial skills would be swordfighting and archery, these things would be using special attacks. Think of him as something like a Dynasty warriors type of character.

The sense manipulator would act as a party scout/aide. In that he can increase his hearing and sight (perception), reduce how much someone feels pain by touching them (though won't do anything about damage or wounds). Also change ones ability to smell and taste up and down the scale to actually being able to track scents or completely remove the sense to not pass out to a stinking mass or being forced to eat something very spicy by using the taste manipulation. He could also use his sight manipulation to get eyecontact with others to gradually reduce their ability to see, from a blurred view and lastly to total blindness for a period of time if the target doesn't avert their gaze. And when it comes to feeling things, if touching/hitting an enemy he could manipulate just how much pain they feel from his hits. To the point it feels like their arm just broke or something really painful.

Then the final one would be the type who'd fullheartedly joins the others to defeat the threat to the Worlds, but I would hate spoiling what he would be about. Takes away alot of the joy you know.
I've been part of a few RP's with battles, as to what I had in mind. Well I have alot of various character ideas. Trying to ferret the ideas down to just one, and making sure it is something different from what the rest have done.

Some of the characters I am considering on:

1: Angelic knight type of character, whose powers and centred under the theme of "Holy aeromancy".

2: Samurai/Strategist type of character who wants to become a living god of warfare and tactics.

3: A character with utopian dreams of grandeur, what purpose is there in destroying a world you wish to govern over... even better if theres more than one world.

4: A five-senses manipulating character whose suffering from split personalities. When in his good side he uses his powers to enhance senses or lessen other peoples pain mostly, while in his bad side uses them for the opposite effect.

This is very confusing, theres two roleplays with the same name, one being full and the other is apply. So is this RP open for joining or not? :S
Is this RP still open for more characters?

Edit: Nevermind saw the full status.
Vittorio Twinveil

Vittorio's eyes flung open, his gaze was met by the overly familiar room where he had spent most of his time the last two years. He was lying on the floor, his body in pain. He began to try gather his thoughts.

I.. was fighting in the tournament... then Yuuto... He stopped in his thought process, Yuuto had lunged out for Katherine in a manner that seemed off-limit for arena protocol. I interfered... and then... Alto. Vittorio's hands began to shake, as he reached out to feel the floor. I... got him.. and he.. wounded me... He reached up to feel where he had been struck by Alto.

Heh...heh.. I got him? Finally... at last? Tears would stream down his face in relief, and his hands would tighten into fists. It's good this way? Right? He reached his hand up towards the ceiling. I've avenged you... but how am I still alive? Someone took me away? Bak? Rurik? Celestine? His sight became blank, he could not remember who had brought him out of there.

Still... I cannot stay here. Good people will be harmed. They already have been harmed. Both from St.Laurel and here. The source of all this evil. I have found it. Alto and Clara. I have to destroy Clara to stop all of this. Bak will never forgive me. But... if I can save her and the others... I'll do it. There would be no reason for her to stay in this dark place. To think I would feel this way towards someone else after that time... never would I have imagined.

Vittorio began to manifest his astral form, it's ghostly appearance and tentacle wings picking up his physical form from the floor with ease and began to carry it after. He violently took hold of the door leading out into the corridor, using his remaining tentacle like wings and flung it away.

I cannot defeat her alone in her base without dragging the others into it. I must find he who stands in the middle. The leader of the vigilantes. King. Only he has the manpower, and can confirm if I did get Alto... Vittorio's tentaclelike wings were in attack formation, would anyone come into his path on the way out it would perhaps deter them. He was leaving, if it would be smoothly or a path of destruction time would tell.
Allright, thank you for the clarification.
I am interested, from what I've read so far. I still would love seeing a character/machine sheet to get an idea of what "level" they are to be at.
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