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11 days ago
Current I'm sure my native tongue was invented by elves. Only a species with elongated ears would think of "Halt die Ohren steif!" (literally 'keep your ears erect!' ) as a farewell expression.
3 mos ago
Fried of mine, commenting on November: "...very high depression risk!" Me thinks: Nah, not me again! Me, two days later: Okay it got me.
3 mos ago
Screw the Ocampa, I wanna go home!
4 mos ago
"In case of a fire the smoking ban is lifted!"
5 mos ago
Can anyone give me the precise suicide burn time for a KSP2 landing ? I need to save fuel for this!


Welcome to my profile page!

Who the hell is this person behind those many miles of fiber optics and copper cable ?

  • I'm a 30 year old guy.
  • ... who's working as an embedded system's engineer.

And into which hell will I descend with you participating in one of my roleplays?

  • I'm a fantasy addict: medieval high and low!
  • I'd consider myself to be a low casual roleplayer, 3 paragraphs per post on average.
  • My schedule varies. It might happen that I won't be able to post at all for a week, but then again it might happen that I'll reach a sweet spot inside which I can go on a posting rampage. I'd say one can expect 1-2 posts a week from me, depending on the lengths involved.
  • English is not my native language, but so far I've not encountered anyone who had had trouble with me over that :)

Want to RP with me ? Shoot me a PM, but don't shoot me!

Thanks for visiting!

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So as a heads up it seems I have fallen at least partly ill and might not attend to my daily routine as I am used to. Combined with the last weekend this likely implies that I won't be able to get my starter up until friday evening, which, I know, breaks the weekly posting precept.

Sorry :(
*le poof* a mage appears!

Apparently the collab disappeared with a *poof* as well :/

Now I can set up my post in a hurry in order to meet the weekly deadline since I've been waiting for said PM instead of doing anything.

If anyone would like to collab hit me up :)

I'd like to if it's allowed :)


This is exactly the kind of character sheet I wanted when I envisioned the RP. You stick that mother fucker in the accepted tab you son of a bitch.

Yes, my great mighty Poo!

I'm just gonna fix up some minor typos and missing conjunctions. When I wrote down the equipment section it already was kinda late for me and it seems I missed quite a few grammatical issues in my frenzy.
*frantically runs into his nuke-proof bunker and locks a ridiculously massive, incredibly thick and seemingly indestructible door that doesn't read 'Welcome!' on it*

The question is... Will it be POO-proof ?


@POOHEAD189 Excuse the probably silly question, sir, but I'd like to ask to which degree (very) profound fighting capabilities are a requirement for any character. Both purely in terms of keeping a character within interaction and in terms or pure survival. The reason for this question is that an unstable solar system of various ideas has formed in my head, but they all have a bit in common that the resulting character would not have that grand offensive capability anyone of the cast seems to have so far. More of... an in development one.
Alrighty! :)

So I have read into the original interest check to obtain information I might have missed. Given that we already have an Aen Seidhe on the way I am seriously considering the idea of a human archer, either implemented as a mercenary or as a more silent disposer-of-problems. Hell, I could even build upon the albino idea of one of my previous characters if anybody thinks that might be a viable idea @Stormflyx @Kassarock
@Kassarock If you'd like I can back out. Don't want others to feel uncomfortable because of me.
@POOHEAD189 It appears I completely missed any kind of interest check on this, but... is there still a spot open for that kind of rusty screwhead I am to become loose the moment you need it the least ?
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