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4 days ago
Current This debate reminds me of when I visited the oral surgeon and while waiting for the local anaesthetic to kick in the doctor's assistance talked about switching jobs from dentistry to pathology...
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5 days ago
Replies coming in tomorrow. Too many appointments and other duties. Sorry folks :/
6 days ago
Get well soon, Dewey!
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9 days ago
Tried to start typing replies and failed utterly. This weather kills me. It feels like my body just wants to shut down.
10 days ago
Life can't be a computer program cuz otherwise I could just jump to better parts of it. On the other hand I'm feeling like being in an infinite recursion of ugliness right now.
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Me too.
In 24 hours, post fall MELONS.

I have a very bad feeling for the RP
(Imagines Dorcha raining from the sky and not bursting into splatter from the sudden deceleration. Just like those melons...)
So I've finally managed to get something out. Probably not the best at all, but at least now you don't have to wait until my body finally decides to return to what could be called... erm... normal.
The moment the fireball impacted upon Ursaren's shield An-Hasst, just having started to enjoy the blessings of the old man's healing, let go off the Rog captain's halberd. A loud, reverberating bang followed suit as the metal made contact with the rocky ground. It probably would have been a lot louder if it hadn't been for the soft, spongy and highly absorbing surfaces of the giant fungi around here. Eating something ? Skipped, definitely.

What the Skayleigh didn't tell the party was that he didn't encounter any immediate angry feelings against the Dorcha. Sure, these were humanoids which had no trouble at all with doing evil things, but still there wasn't true hatred right now. How could one hate something one had so puny bits of information about, if any ? There were certain, small people around here who had already managed to make clear that they were mean, obnoxious, deceptive individuals, but those dorcha, at least for a quite noticeable bunch of seconds, had earned his desire for their deaths by the mere fact that they had started the attack.

With so many people already rushing forward An-Hasst decided to stay behind and not try to rush over the flowing water and find some decent space for wielding that halberd. There were other means available that could do a decent job and, while being slower and seemingly much more clumsy than a bow, could be prepared and then kept ready without expending one's stamina until the moment was right.

The Skayleigh jumped for the nearest cover and used his foot to tension his crossbow. The non armor-piercing bolt would suffice, wouldn't it ? At least for a female dorcha's underbelly -- no need to even try and aim for her heart or even head. Much too risky to aim with such precision in a situation that could include a fireball being hurled at oneself at any moment. Another bunch of seconds later and with Alice's spell already taking effect the weapon was ready. An-Hasst moved out of cover aimed for what already was becoming a darker and darker shade in the cavern, seemingly running away or at least pretending so.

The projectile zipped by his companions at uncomfortable speed with equally unnerving sounds emanating from it. A soft noise of impact followed, not the hard one would expect from a miss and subsequent destruction at a random point of the cavern's massive walls. The bolt had punched right through and dumped most of its kinetic energy into her body, ripping through her guts and ejecting bloody debris in front of her eyes. Maybe she'd survive long enough for questions being asked, but that had not been An-Hasst's intention.

@POOHEAD189@Gardevoiran@BCTheEntity@The Fated Fallen@Stormflyx
I will try, but I can't guarantee. I've been plagued with headache for the last days and with lots and lots and lots of overtime hours for the last two weeks and am struggling to get to the usual level of RPing at this point. Sorry. @POOHEAD189
No, it's everyone. I probably won't have a chance to check if this reply will actually reach the thread.
I don't mind the wait, however I can also see the concerns of @The Fated Fallen. I guess that depends on the actual implementation of character introduction :) @POOHEAD189
Ferthyr had sought refuge in a densely populated treetop, moving in the wind as was the entire plant. Not without a considerable amount of anxiety and inner tension he watched the scenario unfold far beneath him. It seemed that his companion had the intend to roll up the little caravan from behind -- admittingly probably the best thing he could do given the situation. In his eyes he was doing so quite efficiently, quickly assassinating two of the men before the other could even start paying attention to him.

It was at this point that Ferthyr started charging the spell. Magic was piling up in his more human looking hand and what had started as a three-dimensional spot of swirling air had developed into a fireball scorching the leaves above it once Bardeck started moving backwards, ready to defend himself. Hopefully he wouldn't be too distracted by what came next, and hopefully he himself would aim sufficiently well. His own rapid movements due to his post high up in the tree, the airflow between him and his target, gravity... all factors that had to be taken into account.

Bardeck would feel his hair move in an unexpected way and a massive surge of thermal radiation move rapidly well over his head. The blast splat onto the ground about a dozen yards away from him, tossing up dust and gravel and turning green grass into blackened remnants. One couldn't say the same for the two much more massive and more protective men it was intended to hurt, but there were severe burns in their faces that caused intense pain along with the fact that the blast wave had disrupted their rapid walk towards Bardeck, bringing them into not so comfortable contact with the ground below. Noses were bleeding and heads shaken in disorientation. The billowing cloud of dust and smoke brought with it the smell of burnt hair and skin as well as a loud scream from the one that had been closest to the epicentre.

Ferthyr could foresee that this most likely had been the first and last opportunity for him to do what he had just done. Those who could still fight, followed by those who could do so after some recovery, would be much closer to his companion the next time. There was no need to keep silence anymore, so he wasn't hesitant to dig his claws into the trees bark in order to slow his vertical descent. He started running towards Bardeck's position as fast as he could, although that wasn't very fast at all.
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I'm very intrigued by this. Are there any other constraints on characters apart from -- of course -- the usual rules and that they have to originate from the fantasy world and be humans? @Mokley
I find it very nice how you constantly invent new names for An-Hasst, folks! Skewloy, half-ogre...

Maybe next time I should make a half-ogre XD

Keep up the good job! :)
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