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1 May 2017 21:07
When you feel like an almost worthless, gutless piece of ****, you know what has come back to you.
22 Apr 2017 16:46
@Garland: It's not only Canada. Over here in the middle of Europe temperatures dropped far below freezing a few days ago, snow included.
19 Apr 2017 19:35
If there's negative mass, could there theoretically also be chocolate and hamburgers with negative calories ? I need to patent this before anyone else does!
17 Apr 2017 13:31
Me: "Time! Go f****** slower! I don't want my free time to end!" Time:"I've already denied your first request. I can't go slower than one second per second, ya know ? And now STFU!"
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11 Apr 2017 19:13
Me: "Time! Go f****** faster! I want my free time!" Time: "You're asking the impossible. I can't go faster than one second per second, ya know ? And now STFU while I continue consuming your life!"


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@Fetzen As per the rules that's up to you. Though since it is a higher 'level' foe, you'd need to beat it in a realistic fashion where you would likely take damage. Or, you can post a few moves and I'll control his reactions.

The latter one sounds like an interesting idea. Would you like to collab or shall I post straightforwardly in the normal cycle ?
Gonna try to get something out tomorrow. I have to think about how to deal with that Rog though. Is my character supposed to kill him on his own ? @POOHEAD189
A large Rog with a wicked halberd ?

Does anyone know the cows out of the Diablo series 'secret' cow levels ? That's what was my spontaneous association.
I'm wondering what's so hilarious about my post ? xD @POOHEAD189
Sorry Fetzen, the thief was talking to Jollan's character. I've been screwing up everyone's races in this RP for some reason. I hadn't had a chance to fix it

The only character I hadn't screwed up, I think, was Lin... whom I've been referring to as a Half-n-Half. Though I swear to god at some point I might end up just making her even shorter by calling her a halfling.

*imagines Othiosiya accidentally being called a halfling*

I sentence you to life by not-hanging!
<Snipped quote by Fetzen>

I'll get the noose ready for you.

*jumps off the pedestal*
Othiosiya could feel discomfort rise inside him as he could do nothing but watch his spear disappear into the depths of a blacksmith's shop he had no idea about the competence of its owner. Even with using nothing but Valdium and other metals of the finest quality one could do a very horrible job and this weapon would probably be very hard to replace quickly in these lands... What if it would turn out to be out of balance or maybe even less sharp than it used to be ? He certainly didn't want to have to fight with such a thing...

On their way to the temple, the Drabarian spent most of his time onto two different things: Looking around and checking out his new companions, and inspecting himself. After all they were headed for some kind of temple and not knowing much of a detail about the deity and rites involved was hardly an excuse for entering such a place with heaps of mud clinging to one's huge feet. People were watching them and him in particular, but the Drabarian didn't care much about that. He was used to it and didn't expect anything else to happen really. While they were going there to get some blessings for their equipment, he secretly was afraid of becoming a curse for the good humans in there. At his size and in full armor accidents of various kinds were prone to happen, so hopefully the interior would be well designed and not be too delicate...

"What ?" was his immediate reaction towards the thief once he suddenly addressed him. Frankly he found his mind unable to come to any kind of reasonable conclusion upon the confrontation with 'escorts' giving 'discounts'. What Othiosiya did subsequently was -- from his point of view, of course -- go for the default option. A calmly expressed "I always try to perform as well as I can." reply towards the small man he could only wonder about what his role was. "May I ask what you're doing ? I'm new and would like to know my companions."
I'll post tomorrow. If not feel free to hang me.

Vaughtar sniffed. "Hmm... I think that's called 'food'." He tried to hide his amusement. How couldn't one know what food was and how it smelled ? On the other hand he actually failed to remember that just because Munimis and this world appeared to have strange, but great similarities when it came to humans (though certainly not their technology), this didn't need to be the case with everyone and his respective homeworld.

"You do know what eating is, do you ?" He feld quite a bit silly asking this, but given Rockin's question he had felt the urge to ask this while approaching the cafeteria himself. People looked up once he entered. Had this oasis of food encountered him ever before ? Well... his stomach was empty enough to probably make sure that it wouldn't from now!
Will post tomorrow morning. Otherwise I feel good for a shift and am wondering what it might be @Eyeris

TRIDENT sub starts leaking and they sink to the ground ?
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