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Current Posts/replies might be delayed until tomorrow. Sorry to all my partners.
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Contrary to my avatar I am not... *sighs*.... Where to start ?
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1 May 2017 21:07
When you feel like an almost worthless, gutless piece of ****, you know what has come back to you.
22 Apr 2017 16:46
@Garland: It's not only Canada. Over here in the middle of Europe temperatures dropped far below freezing a few days ago, snow included.
19 Apr 2017 19:35
If there's negative mass, could there theoretically also be chocolate and hamburgers with negative calories ? I need to patent this before anyone else does!


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In New Beginnings 27 May 2017 14:37 Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Vodrahin was one of the major towns in the region. While -- as it was rather typical for the small human kingdom of Hadral -- the outer circles primarily consisted of poorer people's wooden housings which turned more and more into farmer's buildings separated from each other by bigger and bigger fields the further one went away from the town's center, the latter one had already fallen victim to what in modern times probably would be called 'gentrification'. Times were peaceful, at least in this part of the world. Along the eastern borders however things were about as tense as the weather after a day-long sweltering summer heat. War had not yet started with Ythrim, but rumors had it that preparations for it were already underway while envoys were still at least pretending to try and avoid the worst.

Not that this would have been of any significant relevance for the local inn. One could say that the Nail In The Coffin was doing quite well at putting some real meaning behind its strange name. At least not few of the patrons had already reached a considerable level of drunkenness despite the fact that it had not been that long ago that the sun had sunk below the horizon and the tavern had opened. Its scattered, reddish light was still illuminating the wide roads sufficiently for the more wise of men to make an escape, even though it was a lurching one.

The inside was filled with warmth from guests and an open fire in the middle of the room. It served primarily the purpose of heating, light and entertainment, the cooking was done at a separate place not accessible for the common visitor. Due to its central position, shadows of furniture and people were dancing on the decently decorated wooden panels all around the large room. A large, rather chubby looking man was waiting behind the high and broad counter for someone else who had not arrived yet. It was the tavern's owner who at this time also was responsible for accepting any orders from his guests.
@The Fated Fallen

It's 10 years since school, so I probably wouldn't be able to translate an original text to any modern language right off the bat. However Latin is very interesting in some aspects which it doesn't share with other languages I know about, especially ordering of words. It's far less relevant because the syntacical function of a word in most cases can be identified by the way it's modified from its base form. And as far as I can remember there are far less flat-out stupid and ridiculous exceptions of exceptions of exceptions that most modern languages plague their speakers with.
I'm not clever. At least I don't consider myself to be. I only had Latin in my late stages of school because it appealed to me more than any of the alternatives.
@The Fated Fallen If it helps remember that the original word for 'bear' in Latin language is ursus. I find that quite helpful in case of Ursaren :)
In New Beginnings 25 May 2017 18:49 Forum: 1x1 Roleplay

  • Strength: 17
  • Agility: 9
  • Intelligence: 12
  • Height: 7.8 feet
  • Weight: 400

Current Gear:
  • Dark leather clothes that can protect him from bad weather.
  • Thick linen clothing. Not exactly very nice looking or even expensive, but it offers good warmth and comfort.
  • A short but very sturdy sword (can also be used as a lever), a small crossbow he can use to shoot a climbing rope with a hook, a garrotte, a set of lockpicks and some minor other tools required for his kind of work
  • a draft horse for those occasions when he needs to get out of town. Going on a real long journey would require additional preparation though.
  • A lot of pockets, but one won't find many coins in them. He is very far from being rich.

Batharyn is a thief. He has descended into killing before, but these had been sad emergencies. He takes jobs from his involvement into the local criminal network, but on most occassions works for his own good. He usually stays in one town until the local 'resources' so to speak have been sufficiently exhausted or until he feels that he has drawn unfortunate suspicion. Usually any of these conditions only comes true after a time long enough for him to have rented a more or less small, humble room or even a small hut or house for him to live in.

He doesn't know anything about magic, nor does he know much about what the usual frontline soldier would call fighting. He can be considered quite successful with what he does though, even though one might add that he sticks to a more conservative approach and only seldomly want to engage in stealing tours which obviously are much more risky than average. One probably doesn't want to start a bar fight with him though. In fact a tavern is where he often works when he either currently is out of jobs or wants to put up a deceptive facade for a while.
@BCTheEntity I read your last post and thought it might be a good idea to give you a hook where you can get Settionne in since he has already positioned himself. If Settionne doesn't want to attack it's @POOHEAD189's turn I'd say since he's the one ultimately controlling the Rog and making the decision who he's going after next. If Settionne wants to attack he'll be recognized anyway.

edit: An-Hasst, if undisturbed, probably will require a bit of time to get his crossbow ready to fire. He's not exactly in peak condition anymore.
So far things had been going on relatively well, at least as far as An-Hasst could survey the overall situation. He had taken a major bruise which was easily visible by the reddish stain than started at one point on his back and went down in a broadening line to his legs, but he also was surrounded by several slain rogs. Settionne had gone out of his sight or rather the other way round, but before the Skayleigh could try and regain knowledge about that strange and small man's position, something else happened...

Or rather: It stomped towards him. Hopefully this was the largest one of the bunch -- not because otherwise he'd have to share the honor of having dealt with such one, but because otherwise they'd probably all share the unfortunate misery of death by... being already halfway split in one half by one single hit of this halberd ? Obviously the situation would have been so insanely much better with him havings his hands at that weapon and the Rog having to deal with his petty bajonets, but before An-Hasst could even dare to think about trying that wicked thing out he'd have to get rid of its owner first somehow.

Some inner feeling told the Skayleigh that the simple application of brute force, despite its successes so far, was in grave danger of being insufficient against that kind of foe. This thought truly was the case once the Rog suddenly swung his weapon for the first time. An-Hasst, having underestimated its vast range at first, had to throw himself and his so far clean looking face into the trampled and blood-stained mud beneath his feet. Luckily he merely looked like being a behemoth who'd be massively impeded by his own bulk, so he found himself able to get back up into a crouched position and rush sideways before the Rog could deply his disgusting, but heavily armored foot against his stomach.

The Rog experienced some delay with tracking that strange enemy with the golden-colored hair, but the concept of faster-than-he-looks-like probably wouldn't take indefinitely to gain a foothold in the ugly creature's mind. An-Hasst recognized the opportunity and approached the Rog's left armpit from below, ramming one of his blades into where one could, for technical reasons, hardly apply solid metal plating. With the additonal support of his other hand the blade pushed the rings apart like a wedge and sunk into the Rog's flesh.

The Skayleigh couldn't tell if the action had been a deliberate one or a reflex response in order to protect the injured armpit, but the Rog's left arm immediately moved in in order to close the gap between them and his torso, the effect being that An-Hasst's left hip was impacted by the Rog's elbow. The much greater flexibility of his scale armor didn't exactly help to block the path of the black, solid armor of the Rog. Had An-Hasst been Argon or Ursaren he probably would only have been thrown to the ground again, but, while he looked heavier than the lizardman, the opposite was the case and he was actually tossed away by several feet.

It only helped to amplify the amount of pain emanating from his left flank. Lying in the mud again and trying to get up as quickly as possible, the Skayleigh's efforts were hampered by the feeling of blood seeping into his stomach and at least one of his ribs being broken. He wasn't out of the Rog's immediate range and despite hating it, the wisest course of action at the moment probably was to get further away. After all and from his different point of view now he could see Settionne again. Hopefully that bloody bastard would finally start doing something and buy him enough time to stabilize and get his crossbow ready! That was... if the man would be actually willing to attract the Rog's attention and the latter one would actually be willing to buy it. Otherwise he'd have to do somehow with the one blade remaining and despite his injuries.

On the good side of things one could add however that the Rog was hemorrhaging blood at a rapid rate. The creature angrily ripped out the blade from its deep wound and tossed it away. The amount of power behind the halberd's moves hopefully would have greatly decreased. Still... getting hit by it ? Better not. At least if you were only very lightly armored.

@POOHEAD189@The Fated Fallen@Sypherkhode822@Banana@BCTheEntity
@FetzenPost straight forwardly, sir.

Aye aye, sir!

*secretly procrastinates execution of orders until after sleep*
"No, I would give a donation regardless. Though if your holy workings do not work, I might perhaps be too deceased to give any donations. I'd rather not be." Kayden replied.

Kayden can still donate his dead body! For... err... non-scientific, clerical purposes.
@Fetzen As per the rules that's up to you. Though since it is a higher 'level' foe, you'd need to beat it in a realistic fashion where you would likely take damage. Or, you can post a few moves and I'll control his reactions.

The latter one sounds like an interesting idea. Would you like to collab or shall I post straightforwardly in the normal cycle ?
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