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2 days ago
Current Earth is innocent. If you wish for an extinction event then go for a shower of 7 billion small meteors wiping out humanity with pinpoint precision and minimal collateral damage please.
4 days ago
Can someone please hit the emergency shutdown button of that fat ass fusion reactor we're all spinning around? I can't sleep at tropical nights :/
18 days ago
Humanity: We need to design more powerful and efficient rocket engines. Me: Tied himself down to earth due to vomiting-induced repulsion threatening to push him into orbit when thinking about work.
21 days ago
Roughly one year of the last three years of work is at stake due to utter idiocy on the side of our customer. To say that I'm disappointed about how the project is going would be an understatement.
24 days ago
First time in the office since over a month ago, fourth time since the end of March. My cat is having withdrawal symptoms! I definitely need to give her extra attention should she hop into my bed.


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I'd say it's time we give Clive a monster. Anyone else for it?
As the plane made a smooth landing passengers applauded for the pilots, but Maël was in the mood for much bigger celebration. He would have liked to light a few rockets for the regained freedom of his knees... while saving the rocket propelled grenades for use against his boss. From the moment he had stepped onto the gangway until right into the hall where passengers were supposed to get back their luggage his eyes tracked Eleanor like that of a giant bird of prey. He needed to vent some steam and, maybe quite unfortunate for Eleanor, Clive proved to be an excellent thief-catcher at least for the moment, allowing him to retrieve his bag in calmness before addressing her.

"Eleanor ? If a blood clot should decide to detach from one of my lower leg veins now that they can finally move again and if that blood clot should also decide to get stuck in one of my coronar arteries, my ghost will make sure that you'll be held responsible for murder! I don't dare to ask for a higher class ticket, but something like a row one seat in economy would have been nice while you and Val decided to separate from the rest of the team in order to have all of the luxury available! Given that she looks like a shipwreck on two legs she probably didn't benefit too much from it! What a shame!"

And now the sarcasm set in.

"Why not put her and me into the cargo bay the next time ? She won't notice it anyway and you have to spend even less budget on me while still improving my legroom dramatically! Doesn't that sound like an attractive option ?"

You forgot to mention the prospect of Edgar not being present. The man made a mock out of you...

Maël decided to ignore that comment from his alter ego for now, even though he was right in some way. Instead, he just stepped away from Eleanor, hoping to successfully deny her the opportunity to make a debate out of it, and turned his attention more towards Clive.

"Hey, erm... You are aware of the concept of too much self-defense, aren't you ? Just don't overcook it, okay ?" While saying this he still started an attempt to wrestle the handle of Clive's bag out of the other man's hand. It was enough to notice how heavy it was, raising the question just what kind of stuff their madman had decided to take with him on this journey. The good side was: The weight had slowed the thief down.

He should make a photo of his luggage and send it to the mayor, just stating that's what he thinks about his city.
Next question: Why does Clive need a large case full of underwear that's so heavy that everything creaks? I have a theory about this excessive clothing consumption, but Clive wouldn't like it :)
I can see the remainder of the Sunday Group chasing Clive who in turn is chasing thieves. Maybe we need a sniffer dog who can follow the trail of gunpowder and oil through the busy airport?
What I suspect might happen the next time the Sunday Group has any intentions of air travel:

Maël: "Eleanor ? Why are we not going by airplane but in some old, demilitarized tank instead ?"
Eleanor: "Because Clive insisted! He said his last piece of baggage wasn't heavy enough for it not to get stolen, so he upped the ante!"
Maël: "And why do I have to take the loaders's position ?"
Eleanor: "Because I insist! It's the most cramped of all positions and I want to see you suffer! Also, in a demilitarized tank without ammo, it's the most boring position and I think that suits you well!"
@Fetzen I've been wondering, did you get the idea of Mael from Etrigan the Demon?

I just had to google in order to find out what that is, so I guess no :)
The gun standard Maël would like to use on a shooting range:

The gun alter ego Maël would like to use on a shooting range:

For a brief moment Maël's eyes, normally open and anything but obstructed by low-hanging eyelids, turned into small and narrow vision slits. "Thanks for threatening me with death." the frenchman replied, as dryly as the desert his demon part really would have liked to maroon Edgar in. It didn't happen all too often, but right now both parts of Maël experienced a complete consensus. He was a born hybrid, not someone who happened to be 'just' possessed. Dispelling that other half of him was bound to have consequences he wouldn't like in the best case.

Thank you Edgar! Now I know that I can annoy you all the time without even saying a real word!

Maël managed to suppress the demonic thought of sweet revenge to surge up, but logic alone dictated that Edgar had just arranged for his life becoming a bit less pleasant once he no longer had a lanky, slightly overweight office worker like ordinary Maël around, but the latter's alter ego. On the plus side however that brief moment of upset had washed away the worries about his knee situation.

Next question: Why did Edgar first ask if his proposal was okay, but then started the actual game anyway ? And the fact that him starting gave him a significant advantage given the rule of the first wrong guesser being the loser didn't elude Maël's attention. Still: Better not to complain. He could probably be happy about the fact that the old wizard had agreed to play a game with him in the first place.

"Hmm... a statue of someone using a walking cane perhaps ?" the frenchman attempted to give an answer, already expecting it to be utterly wrong. While living in America he still had french origins and thus was more inclined to the metric system, so how could he come to think about feet and yards ? Also there was this riddle the Sphinx had asked and whose solution involved a walking cane counting as a third leg. The thought of its tip being interpreted as a foot wasn't that far away from that.

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