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Current I like 7.1379 PHz. It's a really nice color, not as aggressive as red but not as passive as black.
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Posts / replies will happen tomorrow / in a couple of hours. I've been too busy otherwise :/
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Maybe people will reconsider dumping antibiotics into animals solely for the purpose of making them bigger faster for eating after this? It's not like we might breed the next pandemic... *coughs*
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Honestly I'd prefer Noone dominating. History has proven that domination is prone to invoke the ugly side in humans. In fact, the very desire to dominate might be an expression of it.
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Previous day: Let's be warm! Previous night: I agree! This day: Let's be warm again! This night: Raining and seeing one's breath in the air is cool! My circulation: I give up. Just please stay in bed!


Welcome to my profile page!

Who the hell is this person behind those many miles of fiber optics and copper cable ?

  • I'm a 30 year old guy.
  • ... who's working as an embedded system's engineer.

And into which hell will I descend with you participating in one of my roleplays?

  • I'm a fantasy addict: medieval high and low!
  • I'd consider myself to be a low casual roleplayer, 3 paragraphs per post on average.
  • My schedule varies. It might happen that I won't be able to post at all for a week, but then again it might happen that I'll reach a sweet spot inside which I can go on a posting rampage. I'd say one can expect 1-2 posts a week from me, depending on the lengths involved.
  • English is not my native language, but so far I've not encountered anyone who had had trouble with me over that :)

Want to RP with me ? Shoot me a PM, but don't shoot me!

Thanks for visiting!

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<Snipped quote by Penny>
FBI director James Comey?

Seen here not standing out :P

Literally every single man in this photo is thinking to himself 'Look how freakishly tall this dude is!'

James Comey, at least according to quite a bunch of internet sources, is 6'8 and not 6'4. If 6' are more of an average height than he's as far away from my character's height than my character's height away from the average. We're talking about a +100% deviation of the measurand here that's just flat-out ignored by both of you. Don't tell me this is not a quite significant difference.

And now some nitpicking from my side. Sorry, but having participated in this entire debate the way you did makes your character the prime target for a more close inspection @Jarl Coolgruuf :)

>> "There's really nothing of note about him appearance wise and that's exactly how he prefers to look."
>> Just spent the previous two sentences on pointing oout how not normal his eyes are: "A prominent brow ridge frames tired, yet piercing eyes that seem to read your thoughts when you make eye contact for too long. Other than that, he appears like any other guy and would easily melt into any crowd were it not for his eyes."

So to sum things up: If you want to ridicule either me, or my character, then please have the decency to do so without using false facts and do so for everybody else equally where it is due!

Wait... You notice that now @Penny?

If I had known earlier that this game is run using an approve first, read later strategy...

Aside from that I'm confident that the statement in the character sheet holds true at least for the part of the world I live in (western Europe). It doesn't make people turn their heads often in the public. And this is a paranormal world with computers capable of some magic and horrible nightmares from distant space times.
One could interpret this as a not so subtle hint to let him switch over to his second ego as often as possible, because then he's at least the least frenchmen-like?
Name: Maël DuClair

Age: 31

Appearance: More on the inconspicuous side of things might describe it best. He's 6'4", of average muscularity and slightly overweight. His face features blue eyes, a pointed nose, thin lips and a beard trimmed half-heartedly. Jeans, a black leather jacket and a hoodie for the more rainy days are his best friends. Aside from the cigs, of course.

Concept: Rookie with hard to explain talents, unless...

Powers/skills: The DuClairs are a family of nobles which can be tracked back deep into medieval France, but much of their fame and money has disappeared over the countless turmoils and societal changes of past centuries. Still they maintain a quite significant fortune and economic influence, but only in Europe. The American branch, dating back to the heyday of steamship-powered migration at the end of the 19th century, has never made much progress past the average in their new environment and isn't paid much attention to by family headquarters.

A record in the family register states that Beaumont DuClair, one of Maël's grand-grand-grand-grand-(...)-fathers, once had a joyful night with a woman later accused to be a witch. While she found a fiery death at the stake he subsequently was regarded as a victim having been seduced. A disproportionate fraction of his children and their children in turn either showed signs of mental illnesses, were physically crippled or generally rather frail and short-lived. What was deemed to be an 'evil curse' acted upon him by said witch seemed to fade away over time though and there is no lack of more strictly scientific explanations in present day.

Maël's situation is an entirely different nut to chew on though. He's the first down the bloodline who both inherited enough of the demonic seed planted by the succubus and whose human nature exhibits enough compatibility not for him to end up like his unfortunate predecessors. It's a component rather diluted given the many centuries that have passed since its origin, but it's there and -- that's the actual problem -- never considered explaining itself towards its owner.

Maël can tap into some demonic prowess, temporarily enhancing attributes such as strength, speed and (maybe most important for an investigator) conventional/magical perception to levels that would otherwise be undue not only for someone of his lifestyle, stature and overall background. However, in this state, he also suffers from a bunch of drawbacks such as an alteration of his skin and eyes that might attract or frighten the public to a disadvantageous degree. He becomes generally more prone to violence with bare hands, teeth and blood in particular and overreacts more easily with a certain disregard of his own well-being. It's not like there would be a simple on/off switch, instead it's more like a ritual during which he pushes himself to the borders of his humanity. It also takes time of forced calmness to get himself back to normal again.

Things your character wants to happen (probably wont):
  • Maël joined the group of paranormal investigators because he himself is, partly, paranormal. He hopes to discover more of his own nature and how to control it properly. This simply can't be done in the ordinary public environment.
  • Find out if there is any way to predict or even influence what will happen to his own childs, should he ever found a family. Too many of those have died in the past.
  • Not get dragged into the abyss by some full-blooded demon or get captured by crazy exorcists who might show interest in him when he is blazing like a star for those who can see it.

Things you as a writer wants to happen (maybe will):
  • Cry 'Havoc!,' and let slip the personal frenzy! Once more unto the warp core breach!
  • A good manhunt, maybe ? Be it him being the hunter or the hunted.
  • Some comedy is always good, be it ordinary or of a sarcastic subtype
Talic's sleep went on surprisingly well, but that only was until something seemed to cause general alarm to those still awake and watching. It probably was more the disturbance in the night's remaining ambient light, caused by Mort's movements, then Ardonne's humble attempt to drag the man into some kind of conversation that triggered Talic's attention. With a groan that he let go while his consciousness still lacked the power to prevent him from doing so, he woke up.

The first thing he saw were the stars, then the thin and black line between him and them that was the shaft of an arrow. As he was still lying on the ground, Talic's eyes rotated sideways in order to see more of its owner. It was Mort, but assuming that he wasn't the kind of guy to exercise his archery in the middle of the night the immediate question was obvious even to a drowsy mind: What was the threat ? He backtracked the arrow to its intented target which seemed to be some kind of animal at the rim of the forest. However it took several acts of blinking in order to get enough of the blurriness out of Talic's view to actually recognize it: a stag.

"You aren't trying to hunt a stag while everyone's asleep, are you ?" Talic asked, sounding a little disgruntled. Only then he detected the webs between the stag's antlers and the general fact that something seemed quite strange about it. Could that be the beast ? Maybe, but even if it wasn't and there was only the potential that it could be it... wasn't it a little foolish to engage it while most of the party wasn't even conscious ?

"Do you really think that's a clever move ?"
(Sorry... my life's in quite a bit of chaos right these times. I will try to post more consistently now.)


A look at the tiefling's face was enough to tell a story about a reply not having dissipated serious concerns. Still Vadymc took a few moments in order to compile a response he thought to be adequate, given that he deemed Miles' attitude to be odd to say the least.

"The trap might kill you the instant you trigger it, but it would not be able to do so if you knew about its existence beforehand. Therefore your argument is invalid. The trap kills you after you believed that the place was safe to enter in the first place. So... where did your 'honesty' go now ? Or, in other words: You already signed the contract, so you're already in the boat no matter what you do about it. Maybe you should try to make the best out of it and not pile up even more odds against us than there already are ?"

The tiefling did not let Miles disappear out of his view. The man made him both curious and a little annoyed at the same time. A small mental note about always letting this guy go in front of him might be due... With that kind of approach Miles hopefully would dispose of any traps with certainty.
I'm still interested in this, but just surrendered my progress so far to garbage collection due to various concerns. If I don't manage to get an application ready within the next 24 hours I guess it's simply bad luck on my side.
Juggling between being an old wizard or a young guy with a temper who sees ghosts

The world needs more Gandalfs. Go for it! :)

Still thinking about mine.
You can play a human (or near human) with some minor edge over the rest of the herd.

I'd like to ask for a bit of a clarification on what's in the brackets. I'd spontaneously say that 'near human' means that he/she has to be humanoid and of standard human intellect, but what else ?
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