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Current Note to myself: Don't lift something heavy like a dumbbell and then immediately after something light like a cup of coffee. However... on a second thought: Could one make an exercise out of this ?
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Blind like a mole I dig my hole. Six feet beneath soil I find some Standard Oil. Now money's my Chevron and I got a hard Shell. I'm not British, Petrol's my fetish. My greed is Total, who needs morals
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You don't have as many new status as you have chat responses, and de facto the status bar is more of a chat at times and has been for a long time. What 'flooding' is depends on the context.
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Because from a new member's perspective I'd find it quite confusing to see purpose A and rules for purpose A officially, yet what actually happens is purpose B with gives the rule a different meaning.
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'Please don't flood the homepage sidebar'... Can somebody delete that ? It's not like this section of the page would serve any of the purpose stated on its label.


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Rothros couldn't help but feel a surge of disgust rise from somewhere beneath the lower end of his fin. Not just the smell, but also the taste of blood touched his senses even though it was merely a psychosomatic reaction, but to the memory of very real events. Having been a soldier, he had had to bathe in other people's blood quite literally. Undine, humans, elves, ... even his own at times. The ocean watered down everything for everybody, but also exposed everybody to everything. The liquid of life had many nuances to its taste not only among different species, but also among different individuals. There were those in the Undine navy who claimed that they could even taste whether somebody had already been sick before his or her violent death, but Rothros had never believed those stories.

There was no need to speculate about either of the two combatants' physical condition though either. Both of them appeared to be formidable fighters, but Rothros silently cast severe shadows onto what of Trevor's attitude had become visible as the man stepped forward. He did not agree with it, but honestly he did not agree with the monk's decision making either. Weren't the dragons supposed to make a choice ? So Dula either had some sort of otherworldly connection to the dragons in spite of them not even having hatched yet, or she had taken things very much into her own hand. The imaginative thought of the dragons, once grown up, lambasting her for eliminating contestants even before any of them had had any chance to make a judgement almost caused Rothros to smirk.

The only good thing about this fight was that the prospect of two individuals constantly bickering at each other while trying to overcome decades of hostility was effectively ruled out. The Undine soldier watched with a scowl and with his arms crossed in front of his breast. Somewhat inadvertently, the gesture also helped to make his giant muscles even more blatantly visible.

Now do me a favor and call in someone to clean this up with dignity!

Rothros had seen too much action to feel much pity for the elf, but the question whether Cova would have started this fight on her own had Dula not called her in still lingered in his mind. Hopefully they would take proper care of her body. What kind of omen would it be if the one adventure to save the world from this war would start with one of its worst traditions, leaving the dead to the crows ?
Boats... When had been the last time Rothros had been on board of one of them ? He honestly could not remember. When he had seen a ship or other naval vessel in his past, it had most often been from a perspective no other seaman of the land would have liked to ever witness: keel first. And more often than not this had happened with the firm intention of letting the decks on top of that keel plunge into the sea below indeed. Of all the persons on board, he and another Undine he had spotted previously had all reason to have the least fear of things sinking, but one could never know...

He didn't even know what all of this was for yet. He personally had not even heard of this island before -- which in itself was a bit of a remarkable oddity already. His kind preferred building cities in coral reefs and not just on the bare sea floor for various reasons, the most important ones being ease of construction and finding more food. In times of growing population, scouts were usually sent out to find new reefs or other places of interest and this had happened in the past often enough so they would have stumbled upon any island long ago already, wouldn't they ?

It almost felt a bit like a conspiracy...


At least it was no Phospholite conspiracy it seemed, so much Rothros could tell rather quickly after their arrival on shore. The thought of jumping back into the ocean and making a run for it should things turn out of for the worse had crossed his mind, too. It could only be pulled off reasonably well while not having ventured further inland however, so the Undine male remained extra cautious for the time being. At which point his mind actually transitioned from distrust and caution to believing the words of those welcoming them -- he couldn't tell himself after the fact anymore. Maybe the revelation of humans having royally screwed up and quite literally so had shaken his thoughts to their foundations enough for them to just topple over onto the other side ?

And somewhere deep inside, Rothros felt angry. So there had been dragon eggs around all the time. A power that could have been used for all kinds of things like, for example, eliminating those in the ruling class that wanted this pointless war to drag on and on. Or just to give everyone back that tiny bit of humbleness that they might not actually be the pinnacle of beings on this world ? Oh what a foolish set of thoughts that was! By now the trenches between the various factions were far too deep and it would need many more bodies to fill them. It wouldn't work that easy way he imagined and, last but not least, it was the dragons chosing them and not the other way round...

But just what had King Rosmund done exactly ? Rothros would have really liked to hammer just about everyone that hadn't been on board the ship about this, but at the same time he felt like already not liking any of the potential answers. It had to be something powerful, something rather unknown or others before him would have done it already ? Or something that had become possible just recently ? Like dragons suddenly willing to bond with more mortal beings, for example -- an eerie similarity between their situation and that of the king, wasn't it ?

Did at least somebody here have any real idea about what they were fiddling with ? Or did everybody just want to keep going, but not being the one accidentally pulling the plug ? *

A little busy the next two days. I will have my fist post up on Saturday.

I heard there's a Discord ? :)
Oops, I'm sorry to have forgotten that! I edited the Special skill and hope it is ok now :)

I'd like to ask whether this roleplay is still open for an application ?
Axe ? Gone!
Spear ? Gone!
Fists ? Out of range!

Yet there was something both still available and in range: debris!

As the bandit leader sought his way out of the now quite demolished main hall, Fyr's family heirloom firmly in the bastard's hands, he probably hardly witnessed how Fyr pressed one of the larger parts of a splintered table into service as a makeshift projectile.

Only when the wooden object was stopped dead in its trajectory by the doorframe it firmly got wedged into, the man hastily took a look over his shoulder and then hurried onwards. Fyr rushed after him quickly, but had to dislodge the part in question again first in order to make room for his overly large (though still malnourished!) body. It consumed enough of a timespan so when Fyr was finally done and able to take a look outside, the hostile was gone.

In his mind, Fyr could not even start to describe the magnitude of this failure. What would his family say once he was back home ? All he had left now was his shield! He needed something new, but how to pay for it ? He still owned some coin to Lapis in the first place...

There were a few too many things going on simultaneously for Fyr to keep track off, but the one thing he was pretty aware of was that one hostile individual, probably the leader of this whole attack, was still standing. Having decided not to throw the spear but to stab the other person with it in his last attack, Fyr still had it available for launch now.

His estimate got the unknown weapon's properties completely wrong through. Without having trained with this particular weapon yet, Fyr only managed a trajectory quite different from the one he had actually intended. The spear flew right past the enemy's body and buried itself firmly in the wall behind him.

Great! Could anything else go wrong right now that both his axe and the spear were located somewhere there ?
To say that Harald had been happy to get off this ill-equipped morgue with VTOL capabilities would have been an understatement as well. As soon as the intruder had gotten out of his gear and taken a shower, the next stop was the coffee machine. A very long stop one might add. The order had been to get some R&R, not to go to bed early. He knew he would not be able to sleep so soon after a mission anyway, let alone this mission.

There was an email to write, one about the benefit of having body bags on board of vehicles already if sent on a mission that could potentially yield samples.

The fact that he even had to consider writing this kind of message felt quite disappointing, not to say even outright sad. These aliens had not made first contact with humans, just with Earth's lead. Yes, they had opened fire first and probably also killed the ship's crew so this course of action had been completely justified, but still it felt like such a waste of an opportunity they all were somewhat responsible for. And then there was the fact that these grays, out of all of the world's countless organisations, had happened to run straight into Minerva Force. Minerva Force was about as alien, separate and clandestine in relation to the rest of human society as aliens were to Earth. Quite the irony, wasn't it ?

While indeed trying to find some relaxation, Creep also spent some significant amount of his free time the next days on trying to dig into the story of the cargo vessel this had all been about. Online ship tracking websites were the first, completely harmless but also rather superficial source of information. Some let's say inofficial excavations in other people's databases were another, but of course he had to be very careful with that or he would at least invoke the commander's ire. Probably ?

Speaking of their boss, there was this rumor about this being some kind of 'probing attack' in the hallways and the cantine, but Harald found this to be complete bullshit. A probing attack on a cargo vessel to check how humanity would react to this ? Where should he even start to point out how idiotic this idea was...

First of all, in order to figure out how humans would react to one of their precious little ships being boarded by hostiles, one just had to sit back and watch the media. There were naval hostage situations, assaults, abductions and even good-old piracy on more than a weekly basis in these more unstable times, so why take the risk and stage anything oneself ? Then, when staging an attack, why stay on site with too few individuals to defend against the human forces expected to arrive in this kind of 'experiment' ? Either this had been a really bad organisational mistake on the alien side or this just had not been a probing attack with enemy forces expected to respond in the first place. And last but not least, why on Earth a cargo vessel ? There would have been so many less risky targets like remote research stations, villages, airplanes... Or didn't these guys have some sort of ship-mounted weapons on their flying saucers ? At least some makeshift ones so they didn't have to send people down for such an attack right away ? Hardly imagineable after having seen this impressive propulsion system.

Sure, this was pretty speculative as well, but unfortunately an essential piece of the puzzle was now situated firmly on the ocean floor. GPS coordinates revealed that this was far too deep to go without some advanced submarine and their boss wouldn't happen to have one of these around, would he ? At least Creep had not seen such a vehicle in any of the hangars yet.

This didn't stop Harald from sending another email straight towards Damirón’s account while he happened to have some free time though. It contained all of the intruder's thoughts about this attack not being some stupid probing shit and that it would be really handy if there was any way to investigate that freighter and its cargo down on the ocean floor. What if the aliens had been after something on that ship or at least had wanted to prevent it from reaching its destination ? Minerva Force should make use of its time instead of waiting for the next incident to happen.
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