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Current A loud pneumatic bang came from the locomotive just before I entered the train. After ten minutes without moving I'm thinking this train is gonna nowhere. Again. Deutsche Bahn sucks so hard.
2 days ago
Soon stranded in nowhere. Tänk iu for träwelling witzh Deutsche Bahn AG. I hereby declare their 'DB Tower' corporate HQ in Berlin to a military test site. The local personnel of my region is innocent!
12 days ago
I need a walk-in fridge. Would be my new headquarters for the remainder of this summer. Or is there any free spot left on some kind of arctic expedition ? But beware, I'm completely inexperienced!
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13 days ago
Warning - not really serious opinion: G20 = 20 airheads, each one talking and complaining about some 19 other airheads. None of them capable of grasping the concept of a secured IP video conference.
14 days ago
To all my RP partners: Please bear with me for another 24 hours. I'm currently facing both a lot of overtime and some health issues.


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As already mentioned I'm somewhat interested in the Dragoniods (or is it Dragonoids ?), but before I step into creating a CS blindly I'd like to ask some additional questions beforehand:

  • Is there any preference in their magic ? Like fire, for example ? Or is the choice of which kind of magic halfway evenly distributed among their kind ?
  • Is there any preference in weapons and armor ? It is said that they make up for their flaws with strength (its an aspect that's not said to be greatly inferior to some other species).
  • Are there any other hints to their appearance in general ? For humans, dwarves and elves/drow I can pretty much imagine how one could look like, but except for the fact that a Dragoniod obviously has wings since he can glide for a small bit it's difficult to imagine. I don't want to risk picking some picture/written discription which is so far away from your intentions that it's an inacceptable mismatch.
The tavern's owner's face had turned into a kinda ambiguous mixture of a gentle smile towards his new guest and a fair share of unhappyness about his new guest praising his auxiliary. He didn't like to hear that -- he wanted to be able to continue to thrive in his own world of prejudice. Or was it because his auxiliary threatened to sit down onto one of his chairs and have a brief pause, watching his master having to cook a meal for his guest now ?

Batharyn indeed sat down, the wooden thing beneath him protested so loudly that Selina could easily hear it. He was kinda bored -- his mind had already completed its preparative thoughts about the little raid he was going to commit tonight. She was strange, yes, so he'd have to be careful. In every other aspect though it was nothing he hadn't done many times before though. Routine whereever he mentally looked at. For now however he still was on duty, even though that meant that he'd have to idle around for a while until someone else would come or she'd have completed her meal.

It took a few minutes to prepare the meal. Given that her request had not been all too simple this time could be considered quite short, implying that the tavern's owner had a firm grasp of the concept of preparing thigns in advance and trying to keep them warm and edible as long as he could. How far he actually went with this idea and how much it impacted the quality of the original product ? Batharyn couldn't really tell. He preferred to eat his meals elsewhere where he didn't have to pay his own master for them.

There was no more need to tell anyone that something was really wrong with Hirsch, however there was a very desperate need to find out if the effects could be reverted or if the man he had trained with only days ago was completely lost. And maybe someone should also find out how to beat him if it should be necessary. So far violence had merely helped to slow the marine down, but to his own surprise the gargoyle found himself halfway pinned against the transparent wall which continued to accumulate cracks. Most of them were hidden beneath his wings though, so he had no clue about the real condition of the glass.

Even without this knowledge Vaughtar couldn't really get the point of Shannon's charge at him. Wasn't such a charge which, given how much strength the strange creature had already proven to posess, supposed to put even a lot more stress on the window ? He couldn't allow that to happen, so what Vaughtar did was to press his feet halfway against the wall and ram his claws into the floor as much as he could. He leaned forward, transferring his weight onto Hirsch. With such preparations made he was far too massive to be rammed against the wall easily again, however it also meant that the marine would be literally compacted between him and Shannon who collided from behind.

Now Shannon was busy fisting the marine, so there wasn't much space left for him to do anything except for maybe to try and hold firm onto the marine's arms so he couldn't strike back at her.
The gargoyle's hands reached for the strange kind of armor that looked far more similar to what one usually saw on Munimis than this strange, 'modern', 'high-tech' stuff that appeared to be so widespread on this world. He would have tried to dig beneath it with his claws at the seams to injure something beneath it, but they were too tight. Now he briefly had enough idle time to have a glimpse at the transparent thing behind him: It was almost broken! Better to stand guard there and try to soften any accidental impacts than to allow either Hirsch or Shannon to hit it again...
I noticed I lied in retrospective :/

*writes it down on a paper and sticks it to the screen this time for tomorrow*
I'm very tempted to join this ( *secretly peeks at the Dragoniods* ).
*drops in a bunch of loosely packed 1000$-notes through the air duct to watch for any people suddenly raising their heads and running around in panic with their hands randomly reaching into the air like frenzied zombies*

Anybody still there ? I'm somewhat worried... :/
Will try to get something up tomorrow :)
*has watched his index finger impact the left mouse button while the cursor was over a piece of string saying 'Subscribe'*

Can't promise to join though yet, depends on how other things are going.
Would you be interested in trying to create a fantasy-based world / plot / 1x1 roleplay with me ?
In New Beginnings 17 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Batharyn could feel her arm touch his. It was an entirely unexpected thing, so even though he couldn't feel the magic flowing like her, he pulled his arm back until its muscles were tightly pressed against his massive torso. It was a quick move, but not quick enough for him to prevent what he had no idea of.

What the yet, at least from his own perspective, undiscovered thief could see though was the very strange and quite horrifying behaviour of his female guest. Normally if one's eyes twisted to hard that there was only white to be seen that person was in serious health trouble, so Batharyn instinctively prepared for grabbing her in case she'd collapse. His mind was flooded with thoughts about what to do if the worst would happen. What would his employer think ? It could only be a horrible thing, maybe even more horrible than one of the guests dying in his hands.

Luckily Selina's weird state proved to be a very transient one. Only moments later she seemed to be back to normal, at least seen from outside. "Are you sure you're alright ?" Batharyn's voice had significantly increased in volume as if to make sure that he'd reach her even if she'd still be halfway unconscious -- at this point he had instantaneously stopped caring about his master being able to listen or not. This was more important and one could tell from his facial expression that her answer had a very hard time to convince him.

He had no idea what had happened. How could he ? So far he had believed her to be some kind of phony who's primary discipline was to pull one's money out of one's coin purse without stealing it (like he did). The strange image of the items she appeared to be carrying in her back had only helped to fortify this impression. For some moment he considered abandoning his plans of paying her room another late night visit, however he could also observe her while eating to check if she'd really be alright. In that case he could continue without his conscience putting up a rebellion...

"Okay, let's go down. Shall I support you ?" That would probably difficult to explain to his employer, but what kind of auxiliary he'd be if he'd let a guest go downstairs knowing that she'd collapse at any time and hit her head on some hard and nasty edge ?
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