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Current Vaccinated against COVID three times, but guess who has it for the fourth time ? And, as usual, over the weekend, not over the workweek.
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So it seems I share the same birthday with Tolkien, just... some years later and somewhat more humble.
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Replies will come in tomorrow. Been very busy - apologies.
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I'll just abduct some managers and politicians and use the hot air they produce to feed a good old boiler and steam turbine. Reliable, proven technology that works in every weather and daytime.
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My electricity provider's announced they will give their pricing a bump of up to +50% and we've even been very lucky so far. Guess I can't afford a few things anymore in the future.


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To say that Fyr was disappointed by the gang leader's statement would have been a serious understatement, but the more he thought about it, the more sense it made. Even when trying to forget about the unfortunate circumstances the man was currently in, he still looked far too humble and miserable to be the one actually in control of everything here. Whether torturing of any kind would be able to squeeze some information out of him still ? Fyr deemed they simply did not have the time for that.

He just ignored the gang leader, leaving the latter to his own devices. The trap would take care of him, he would not be able to interfere with their escape anymore. Just one more thing: A firm fist against the man's head knocked him out of action, thereby preventing any further screaming that could attract more unwanted attention.

"You want the man's dagger ? Could also hand it over to somebody else. I for myself will take this thing here." Fyr asked Cicero and pointed towards a pick axe laying nearby. With some imagination that thing could maybe feel relatively close to a real axe -- and it certainly had killing potential even if used without pinpoint precision.

Fyr looked at the trap, then back into the cavern behind them. There were plenty of stones and plenty of people around, they could fill up the trap maybe. That however would take time, too much time even given the workforce available. One of the liberated slaves had already paid attention to the situation without a word however and presented Fyr with a bunch of wooden boards long enough to cover the gap with the spikes underneath.

It was a bit of a dangerous looking operation though, at least in Fyr's case. The board was not really broad enough to cover his feet in their entirity, requiring a bit of balancing instead of casual walking, and it sagged a lot with his first step onto it already. He made it by avoiding to step right into the middle, but one thing was for sure: Cicero would have it significantly easier!
One might have thought that the death and destruction caused by whatever had decided to attack Bianwei had not been picky, but much to Bó's bewilderment this did not seem to be the case. Either that or the overall efforts of repairing and rebuilding were not evenly spread to say the least. Going from a commoner's district to one inhabited by the rich, even if only for the purpose of taking a shortcut, had caused that feeling of entering a different world ever since, but now it was on the level of transitioning to a different plane of existence. Even the smoke still wafting though the narrow, now rubble-filled streets appeared to vanish just a few yards behind that imaginary line.

Or was it simply because it couldn't compete against all the parfume residue already coming from the noble buildings here again ? Maybe it was even the scent of that precious looking and no less massive wooden door he was standing in front of ?

Massive doors asked for strong knocking! The speed at which some guard showed up from the other side and even more so the grim expression on the man's face told Bó that he had succeeded in his efforts and he could even make his answer collide with the question right away by stating loudly "I would like to speak with the lord of this house!" Putting inaudible emphasis to his words, he raised his hand and presented the golden ring resting on his fur. The guard's jaw dropped slightly as he recognized the precious trinket.

That's the ticket, laddie! was the equivalent of Bó's thoughts at this point. If you received anything like proper instructions then you'll...

Ah, there it was already! That not very appreciative, but still nodding gesture of the guard's head accompanied by the whole body moving aside to make room for the unusually large visitor.

One ring to rule them all... Bó grinned almost unnoticeably as he was let in without further ado. He was guided into a small antechamber that probably was even more decorated than the office behind the other door. A large, very well cushioned chair was there to accomodate those waiting for his lordship, Lian, and Bó found himself presented with a large cup of tea just barely after he had settled in.

"Lian should be here in the next half an hour. He is currently attending to a council meeting and very busy. I apologize for the inconvenience." the gentle voice of the female servant chirped towards him, not even mentioning the obvious elephant in the room that pretty much everyone in Bianwei was on red alert at this point. Really, this whole empire was weird, but Bó also felt as if starting to understand how things worked here at least a tiny bit.

Or, to put it more bluntly, he just was forced to do so. Now that it was pretty much impossible to do any business and a lot of the dirtiest, cheapest inns and dwelling places for rent had been destroyed, Bó was pretty much broke and needed a job. If he truly was one of Lian's new best friends, then the councilman surely wouldn't mind some very direct kind of approach, right ?
The gang leader's screams still echoed through the caverns as if trying to resist the silence that would inevitably set on now that the fighting was over and so many people were either injured, dead or just tired. Fyr's mind too took a noticeable while until noticing just how annoying that yelling in agony was. A short nod towards Cicero and the others later, Fyr was on his way to investigate.

What he found was a scene that would have invoked his utmost pity had it not also been such a striking case of retributive justice. The gang leader, pinned down by one of the spike traps and seriously bleeding by means of yet another hole -- this time in his foot. A bit of a more close scrutiny of the situation, much more relaxed than ever before for Fyr was absolutely certain the other man could not really move anymore, revealed however that there was no immediate threat to the man's life.


"Would you like me to break your ankle and amputate your foot using my bare hands and this shovel or do you prefer just telling me where to find my axe ?" Fyr gently bumped against the gang leaders injury with his foot, causing the screaming to intensify momentarily. "Just kidding. The amputation part, I mean. Not the axe part! I also want the rest of my stuff back and that very much includes my freedom, you know ? And perhaps something else to eat than those damn mushrooms!"

Oh just how much he would have liked to start force-feeding the man with those shrooms until his belly was bloated like a large cushion! Fyr, at this point, felt as if having to hunt down whatever wild animal this desert could offer once out just to dry its meat in the open sun and eat it raw! The lousiest lump of bread was more preferable than just one more mushroom meal!

"Do you really want to give up your life for this ? Your foot... that'll buff out, I can tell that. But only if you make me hesitate to just crush you to death! Where is my stuff and where's the way out of here ?"

Týfurkh, for the past few days, had felt somewhat besieged by feelings of guilt whenever he had looked at Chres and the man's obviously deteriorating state. He had had no real idea about the inner problems of their companion, so he had happily joined Chres on the first few drinking occasions.

From a purely objective point of view, the idea of even trying a race between them about who'd be lying under the table first was outright ridiculous given the sheer difference of their physique. Human's including himself however did not always act rationally and Týfurkh now felt like he should have known that very much beforehand. He, in a somewhat intoxicated state, had still been mentally present enough to watch how Chres had gone way beyond any reasonable limit, and he had done so even repeatedly. They all were suffering from the aftermath now.

Apart from Sil maybe... But Týfurkh also wondered at which point Chres' familiar would start to call Chres' increasingly frequent piles of vomit 'Puddles!' happily as well.

The first thing that Týfurkh managed to do in the Hangache was to get himself a headache as he crashed into one of the ceiling beams on the way in. Nothing really new per se, but the rate at which this happened had at least doubled since they had entered this town. People had built ramps instead of stairs, but nobody had thought about cushioning the pillars -- or just the whole damn ground they were walking on, preferably. Those individuals living here... once they left the area, they must have felt like the luckiest persons in the whole world just by no longer experiencing five mishaps a day. Would the divergence itself just cease to exist one day out of sheer 'bad luck' ?

Chres would find himself silently covered by Týfurkh as the latter placed himself on the same table, but not on the neighbouring seat. There was no more drinking spree going to happen, at least not here where such a thing could doom their mission. The giant 'just' needed to think about a good approach about how to stop Chres from ordering one ale after another. Wrestling the tankards out of his hands maybe ? Or 'accidentally' stomp on Chres foot so to draw his attention away from the alcohol ? If there was one good thing about the divergence, then it was that one could just blame it for pretty much everything. It was an accident!

Yet, as Týfurkh thought about it, he had what felt like a sudden inspiration. What if he spent his foot stomp on Lord Ru'Tev instead ? An 'unfortunate' accident that was just bound to make the man talk to him at least. Some others of their party could then offer assistance with whatever painful thing was going on afterwards and thus get a foot into the Lord's door.

A very daring plan, but to Týfurkh, it felt less odd than just trying to confront their target with some attempt of small talk directly. Should he talk to his companions first or just pull through with it, claiming to be a completely separate individual if things went wrong ? So far the Lord -- hopefully -- did not know they all belonged to the same bunch.
Lachlan had dared to take a glance at the map, but had handed it over the next person that had happened to be in line, Jacqueline, not much afterwards for he couldn't really read what was written on it, either. Judging one's position merely based on the shape of things drawn onto a map felt pretty pointless if one did not have at least as much as a little hint.

Now the Caelic wished he'd still have that sort of humble problems... Simply for they felt so much more relaxed than being concerned about one's very life. That beast's fangs could probably pierce through any of their heart's with ease, it only was a matter of the angle of attack. His eyes slowly wandered towards his companions, then towards the tree with the monkey on it.

Whether he would be able to climb it ? He considered himself to be a fit man despite his superficial looks maybe. But what if the predator in front of them could so, too ? On the other hand it was probably unwise to question the wisdom of monkeys who apparently felt rather safe high up in the trees, greedily watching the scenery unfolding far below. Lachlan ultimately dropped the idea. None of them would make it up fast enough anyway should the jaguar feel provoked... or just far too hungry.

Lachlan's lower jaw slowly dropped like the ramp of a large cargo vessel, but the verbal payload left the others waiting for it, and when it finally came, it was only with a very low tone, almost whispered tone to it: "No rush! I'll go first, slowly."

The Caelic man scanned the ground in front and to the right of him, then proceeded along a path that guided him forwards and sideways to the right. It was almost a circle with the obvious aim not to close in onto the animal while still making some sort of progress. His eyes kept switching back and forth between the predator and the area in front of him so he could try to dodge any broken branches his not so subtle weight might crack.

Hopefully none of the others would decide to attack the beast without provocation, but he honestly wasn't so sure whether or not the sweltering heat might already have claimed some of his companions' sanity. Going in with just one or two of them actually having weapons would just be doomed from the start!
Compared to Andredian soil or even just the soil of the Caelic isles he was most used to, the sand of this anonymous beach felt like lava. Not only was it scorchingly hot, but it also gave way in a manner perfectly suited to slow down things while making them more strenuous as well. Silently, Lachlan made a few small steps backward until his feet reached a spot that was regularly covered by the waves. Even more soft, but so nicely chill!

"Getting to Darkwater along this beach, even just assuming that there's no body of water between us and there ? Not with me! I vote for the jungle!"

Not that he did like that choice very much either as he could already imagine how the plantlife would turn the pure heat into a sweltering heat, but it would be less troublesome in other ways...

"We should try to stay close to the beach however, simply because if Darkwater is somewhere around this place, following the rough outline of the beach will guarantee us to find it." Having already navigated around some debris, the Caelic man was not hesitant to add: "It might also guarantee us to find more junk, some of which might be useful..."

Hadn't he just spotted something shiny glistening in the sun that was too large to be a grain of sand ? The red haired walked a few steps into said direction, pulling what turned out to be a carving knife out of the ditch. Some sort of leather bag seemed to be what it had fallen out of. Lacking any means to hide any items taken anyway, Lachlan just held it in his one hand while presenting the knapsack to the others.

[cllor=yellow]"If nobody else wants, I'll take this bag. Somebody should take the thing definitely unless we all want to walk around with our hands full! And we all should search this place thoroughly before leaving. If we made it here, a lot of other stuff might have made it, too."[/color]

Water would be nice... Lachlan started searching without stating specifically what else he was looking for while waiting for the others' reactions.

As Fyr kept working on the mushrooms, he thought of having spotted something in the far corner of his vision. The familiar sight of Dalious and someone else behind him, probably Cicero ? He didn't turn his head to take a closer look for losing focus of his actual work would only have had potential to trigger the guard's attention. If he could see his fellows, so the guards could too if given a hint and that was the last thing Fyr wanted to happen.

For him, it was pretty clear what was going to happen at some point: an attack. And it was also clear to him that he'd help once the time had come, but he didn't know whether it would happen now or anytime later. Somehow he'd have to communicate that he was ready...

For a couple of seconds he just kept digging and hacking through shrooms until there was a particularly shiny sample in his hands along with some others. Sorting through these weird plants also always meant throwing away those obviously unsuitable due to already being in a state of decay or the like, and pretending that he was just messing up something with his gross motor skills, Fyr tossed the shiny example away into the depths of the cavern. The depths pointing somewhat towards Dalious direction, that was. Not far enough for anyone observing it getting the man himself into view, but far enough for Fyr to have an excuse to rise to his full height and walk over to pick it up again. As he did, he blinked several times hoping that Dalious would both see and interpret it correctly.

Something hot made itself felt on Lachlan's back, and as it did he experienced blurry memories of having felt that before, just a bit less intense. For the last two hours or so, the Caelic had been passing in and out of consciousness, generating a very fragmented heap of memories of which each had the sun's rays coming in at a bit of a different angle and intensity. This was no longer below decks, was it ? There was no such thing as sun below decks and the waves sounded very differently, too.

Lachlan battled the resistance his eyelids offered as they had been firmly shut for quite a while and finally managed to open them. Was that sand ? His mind instructed his fingers to move and the feeling coming in return confirmed his visual suspicion, but the arm between these two had become so numb that his hand felt more like a remote part of his body that yet was detached from it.

What he didn't see was a ship, not even that many remains of a ship. Great. So they had indeed crashed... or been crashed ? The overall situation felt a little too sunny, sandy and dry to be situated in the inside of a giant whale's stomach, so to his bewilderment, Lachlan could only suppose that he had indeed survived. Turning his aching head and seeing the unforgiving treeline along with the mysterious statue, the 'yet'-word certainly came to his mind.

The next stupidest thing to do coming to his mind was to turn onto his back, and moments before he had to shut his eyes again due to the blinding sun he could see a familiar figure. "Kje... Kjetil ?" he groaned. He managed to sit up and now take the first real look around: bodies. Whatever kind of predator had haunted them, it had been a very inefficient one. It wouldn't have left so much food behind otherwise.

How sarcastic of him!

"Oh... I see a captain over there." Lachlan muttered more to himself, but still loud enough so anybody in his vicinity would be able to hear it clearly. He shifted his weight onto his feet and stood up, feeling that not only his arms had become numb due to having been static for too long. Lachlan started walking at a snail's pace, but still unstable enough that he might topple over any time again even before reaching the other person.
I still have to write down some background/lore stuff for my character, but I'm definitely excited for the next arc!
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