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Current Have been working like 70-80 hours last week. Trying to get responses out now...
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I usually grab some term from physics/chemistry and start flipping single characters until something good sounding comes out. Then I google it. No or only very few results ? Then it's accepted!
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Going through quite a bit of a mess in my life at the moment. Sorry for the delays!
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Just spent my entire evening troubleshooting and finding out what piece of hardware was destroyed the moment there was that grinding noise or in the hard power reset afterwards.
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I have the feeling that you're listening to exactly the same music I currently am... :)
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There were members of the school of hearing who would have possessed spells easily capable of pinpointing the soft steps of any pursuer that had attached himself to the party, but unfortunately Týfurkh could not count himself to those. The school of hearing possessed a spectrum far too broad for a single person to cover it entirely, so everyone just had power over a more or less large fraction of it. So the tail the three had gained remained a mystery.

"I'm Týfurkh, and I think we haven't met before indeed since I can't remember it either. I'm completely new to this place..." While starting to talk, Týfurkh couldn't help but let his eyes drift away from his conversational partner once in a while in order to check their surroundings. He expected everyone to feel that certain bit of tension he felt currently and that would have been all to understandable given their objective and overall situation. He felt obliged not to drop his level of awareness at any point in time.

"Basically this town has not been my goal, but merely an intermediate stop of a long journey I intended to make. I rented a room in a tavern that most likely doesn't exist anymore, went to bed... And when I woke up in the morning I could already smell and see smoke. I would have tried to escape as fast as possible if it had not been for this certain, mysterious guy. He gave me a hint that there were others in a similar situation like me and told me where to go in order to find them. He was convincing enough for me to believe his story and so I ended up meeting all of you. Since then we're sitting in the very same boat I guess."

Retelling the story reminded Týfurkh that it was kinda awkward to say the least. And it reminded him that, at some point and under the precondition that they'd be able to resolve the situation here, they should go after the identity of Mr. Mysterious. Who was he and what were his aims ? It would be very interesting to find out if possible. So far he had seemed to have nothing but gut intentions, but this only helped to open up the field of speculation even further.

"What about you ? Did you meet him as well ?"
So, how's everyone doing?

I've been going through a probably medium-sized depression for the last three weeks or so. I thought I'd maybe never see that kind of stuff ever again, but I'm confident I can continue posting :)

The plate with the piece of bread in front of Chres started to shift along the table's surface, almost falling over the edge and down into the man's lap, when the table started to sag under the burden of something that obviously was far too heavy. Sil would have sticked to the word 'it' while more normal persons called that something simply 'Týfurkh'. The man had sat down halfway in front of Chres, thereby virtually forcing his companion to direct his attention towards him. Also, while waiting for that to happen, Týfurkh used his index and middle finger to give Sil a slight poke into the middle section.

"Chres ?" he ultimately asked, an unstable mixture of a grin and a stern look expressed in his face. "Could you do me a favor and tell your flying cutie that I'm not an it ? I don't want to be seen as someone strictly enforcing every rule of human interaction, but that's just a bit... rude. You understand ? The fact that I'm a little, well, bigger, does not make me any less human than you or anyone else around here is. If I'm causing trouble you can free to tell me whenever you like, but I'm asking for that little bit of trust especially in our current situation. Your flying cutie appears to be more than intelligent enough to understand this I think."

As Týfurkh lifted himself again the piece of bread was almost catapulted off the plate, but at least he seemed not to have permanently damanged the piece of furniture. In response to the other man who had just entered the room he started speaking again: "I don't think that we're leaving the town behind by our current plan any more than we already do now. On the contrary: With help from outside our chances of success in this town can only increase. I think it would be foolish to put the chance of propagating all of the knowledge we gained to the outside world at risk by gambling on some other weak spot we haven't even identified yet. I think that, in fact, the plan we are going to follow now is the current weak spot available."

Having said this, Týfurkh made efforts to leave the room, but not without turning around once more briefly to look what Chres was doing. If the latter was eager to respond to the little 'rant' he'd simply have to move as well, but this really was not a priority. The task ahead was of far greater importance, so Týfurkh hurried to get himself ready -- even if that meant continuing to chew on his own piece of bread while gearing up.

"I'll be ready in a minute or so and wait outside then."
If @Pezz570 gives the okay I'll start the mission. According to my memory our characters have not really talked with each other before.
Alrighty, will post tomorrow!
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Name: Malloc Vadym

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Malloc has wavy, long and light hair which poses a rather strong contrast to his skin. The latter is tanned, clearly betraying his origin being the Tellon isle. His eyes are gray, but completely inconspicous otherwise while his jawline is covered in a well defined and regularly cut beard of mediocre length. Malloc never had to suffer from any lack of nutrition or many of those other issues less well situated people are often confronted with, something that resulted in him owning a very tall, strong and proud physique. It's not as if everything would be perfect as one can see when looking at his slightly emphasized waistline, but he is very fit definitely.

In terms of clothing he doesn't adhere to the standards of his class, but is quite happy with wearing whatever comforts him even if it's very casual. His current setup is a pair of thick, woolen trousers and a white shirt of similar fashion, held together by a black girdle. In case things get more dangerous though he also has a set of armor and blade, very expensive and custom-made for him. A 'small' gift of his family...

Malloc originates from the Tellon isle and was born into a family of nobles. His parents were not only nobles, but also embedded into the regional system of politics and military. As such Malloc found himself in a quite protected childhood relatively far away from the abyss of the street, but it also was a very demanding one: Schooling, military training and good manners in general were things that he was hammered with in sequence or even simultaneously -- and just like pretty much every other person Malloc failed to live up to each and every expectation.

One could say that he was a lucky boy when his magical talent was discovered. It was something he soon could not only excel at, but also something that actually filled him with joy (unlike many other activities forced upon him). Having barely scratched the threshold of adolescence, Malloc was sent to the institute of magic in the Amar region. This was a mere couple of months before the first occurrences of constructs, so it didn't take long for his studies to take a turn more focused on fighting techniques, even though students never were sent to any actual frontline.

One day Malloc was sent into the catacombs to retrieve some alchemistic equipment, but he found that mysterious mask instead that he had never seen before despite having been in the same cellar many times before. He learnt about the king's call and knew that this was a higher priority than any ongoing studies or the desires of his parents. Of course he hopes that they'll agree once they learn about his current location -- if they don't already have.

One of the guiding principles in Malloc's education has been noblesse oblige, however it's fair to say that his standards have degraded quite a bit since his departure from the Tellon isle. He is friendly, jovial, loyal and far from arrogant, but his natural spontaneity and impulsiveness have reconquered parts of himself over the past years of study. He doesn't like prolonged planning, but believes that random circumstances will spoil any such attempt quickly and it would not be the first time for him to maneuver himself into trouble due to that.
You're more than welcome to give her a good smack across the room lol

How about holding Chres responsible for her behavior instead ?

Can Týfurkh understand what Sil is saying ?

The night had not exactly been a delight. Being the large man he was, Týfurkh had been forced to sleep on the bare ground. In order to alleviate things he had taken off his cloak and used it as a pillow, hoping that the remainder of his clothes would provide enough warmth to replace any other kind of beddings. Still his sleep had not been very comfortable, but at least sufficient not to be as tired in the morning as he had been the evening before.

What ultimately awoke him was not the sun, but the faint hearing of somebody calling out for breakfast. Týfurkh was hungry indeed, given the fact that he had not eaten much the entire day before. However even before entering the main hall he could already imagine that he'd have to lower his expectations significantly. The situation in the city had turned to such a chaotic state that it simply was impossible for any tavern owner to get new supplies, at least in his mind.

"Mornin'..." he said towards those already present, hardly making any effort to hide his yawning. He sat down next to others and reached for the bread himself, taking off a carefully dimensioned chunk of it. He needed enough to stay strong as long as he could, but on the other hand so did the others so he had to eat sparingly.

"After I've eaten I'd be ready to leave. I suggest we get over this particular mission as soon as possible. Time can do nothing but work against us."

An-Hasst nearly instantly had that certain aspect of 'Uh-oh!' written right into his face, but what really gave him a bad gut feeling was that this oversized lizard had nothing else to do than to issue an Argon-style warning. To others, including the stone giant the Skayleigh was currently attached to, it could probably sound more like an aggression however. Now An-Hasst probably was not the best person in the party to ask about anger management, but this was something he, at least according to his own retrospective, would not have done. It really wasn't as if a stone giant roughly twice the size of himself would have required much of an audible warning to everyone around, was it ? Calanon would be able to hear this guy from very far away, let alone see.

"I apologize." were An-Hasst's last words before he decided to jump off the stone giant before the latter had much of a chance to grab him. Featuring a surprisingly fast sumersault the Skayleigh landed close to Argon, but without causing that much of a bang for his tremendous size.

"Don't you dare to do that again!" he addressed Argon in more of a whispering tone, but still a very decisive one. "I recognize what he is but I don't know if he recognizes that I am half of his kind, in some way..."
Having said this, An-Hasst stepped forward in as much of a calm motion as he could muster at this point. He craned his neck in order to look at the stone giant's face from below, then started speaking:

"It was not our intention to disturb you, neither would it have been mine to, well..., utilize you as an observation point if I had known about your true nature in advance. We are travelers on a journey that will lead us through here. Do you have any objections to this ?"

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