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Current 6 hours ago: Wants to exercise but can't because of a spontaneous, pointless meeting. 2 hours ago: Want's to exercise but can't due to weather. Now: Does constantly being enrage count as exercise ?
23 hrs ago
My cat almost killed my front teeth when she wanted to ram her head against my chin, but couldn't because I was drinking and she then decided to ram her head against the bottle instead.
4 days ago
@Ozzy Cross: Alright. Where's the debugger or the secret command line options ? I need to fix some things in my set of personal variables... erm.. I mean... my life, of course.
6 days ago
Got a cold, probably because I had to sit in a meeting room with the A/C set to a freaking 60°F. Does my company attempt to push power consumption so they get it cheaper or what idiotism is this ?
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9 days ago
Even single nuking Westminster will end in nobody being left to be voted for by anyone. Maybe rethink your plan? :)


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<Snipped quote by Fetzen>

I think its just been a hectic month for a lot of people.

I think I'm also just frustrated over so many different things in so many different aspects of my whole existence this year, lol.
I hate living in a different time zone than like 80% of the other players.
And the second gets nothing
I'll take the feat then. I trust you to find something An-Hasst Skayleigh/Lorcan-ish
Awesome post!

Two quick questions:
- Is it possible to try a rejuvenation roll on the sore feet?
- The feat is an assigned and not a chosen thing as well, am I correct?
How about dual wielding ? A rock on a stick in one hand, a saw in the other ?

So we could suit all our preferences without conflict :)
"Seriously, does no one here have even a branch as a weapon? I literally gave a few out. Bunch of savages."

If I should ever qualify myself for a boon I am going to pray for a magical saw! Simply because... Sawing into somebody's neck from behind is even more savage than both a spear and iron manacles, it might count as an exotic weapon and it adds quite the irony to the whole affair if, in Lorcan's case, it's seemingly a tree who can cut down humans instead of vice versa!
I like how every time I make a roleplay in this setting, you make a Skayleigh that ends up in a blood feud with someone.

I'm afraid that's my fault :(
Or you could save Emmaline from herself (if anyone can!)

First of all we need to save the party from Emmaline. Maybe and absolutely non-egoistically we should start with saving Lorcan who more and more appears to be Faeril's enemy of the state No. 1 while he actually is just trying to save Emmaline and likely would not have embarked on his very makeshift plan to begin with if she hadn't decided to... take off... her very own way.
Lorcan saw, but he did not like what he saw: From the perspective of the opposing leader it probably was perfectly reasonable to send not one, but two of his men to investigate the turmoil the Skayleigh had created. From the latter's perspective however comitting two individuals was very borderline to what he felt could be handled. On the plus side it meant that the others would have to deal with less.

Lorcan's view focused on the men as they were approaching, the corner of the halfway ruined building they had just come around still behind their backs. His grip tightened around his shackles as if that would make them a more proper weapon, but of course they remained exactly the cold lump of metal they were. He'd have to press them into service as a tool for skull bashing anyway. Tension inside him only increased, but still the oddity of him just standing there and watching the two men while they still were completely oblivious of his presence was palpable. Had he ever used the tree shape for this kind of move before ?

The two men were thugs who, judging by their visual appearance, might not have been the most clever ones. Unfortunately they didn't seem to be the most visually interested beings either for they didn't keep looking at Emmaline's curves, but started their search instead and so even with haste. Lorcan could hear complaints about prisoners being executed with them being unable to watch. What a miserable bunch of petty idiots!

The Skayleigh had to pick a target without even having the possibility to silently exchange some glances with Rey as no matter how intensively he stared at the man, Rey would only see a tree! So without any exchange of information and coordination he decided to go for the bigger looking individual, caring little whether it was actually muscle or just fat hiding beneath the thug's clothes. As the latter's search pattern finally lead him close to the fake tree, Lorcan wound up to make use of the chain that connected the two heavy parts of his manacles.

He aimed at the bandit's head from behind without warning, but also with a very makeshift weapon he had not used before.

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