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Niallus Saberhagen

Event: Moving Forward.
Location: Ersand'Enise.

The evening sky was upon the streets of Ersand'Enise. Niallus walked these cold streets, his breath being seen in the air. with Albion walking shortly behind him. Her head was nuzzling up to his right arm. He smiled, giving her a little rub on her head. From how she was behaving, it seemed that she enjoyed being part of the Animal show event that was being held at the festival. "Did you enjoy yourself girl?" he asked her. She gave a musical chirp. He smiled once again, giving her a little scratch on her white scales on her head. Then continued walking in the cold air.

Opening the door to his dorm, Albion rushed past Niallus inside the room, to her bed. She must be tired. he thought to himself before closing the door. He hung up his cloak. Going to his desk, it seemed he had some letters sent by his family. Suitors, check-ups or just wanting to talk. It was one of them, possibly all three. Rubbing his brow with a couple of fingers, he went to his bedroom to check on Albion, she was fast asleep, just not in her bed. Her body sprawled across his bed. "Why did I bother buying you a bed." he mumbles under his breath with a faint smile.

Some time passes, A lone candle lit from his desk, complemented by the dim, warm heat from the fireplace that was also lit. Sipping on a cup of coffee. Leaning back into his chair, thinking about the last few weeks that have happened. The time of the Faire was fun. He didn't do too badly during the three legged race. Only problem was he wasn't really too fond of his partner, since she almost killed his girlfriend. But now, that's kinda irrelevant now since she's now his ex-girlfriend. He just shook his head. The hopping race, he wasn't too good at during that so he was glad that disastrous event was over.

After was the tug of war. Niallus was put with a few people he knew. There was the obvious one, Esmii. A new friend he's been talking to recently, Roslyn. Penny who looked really different with her having two legs now that completely caught him by surprise. Lastly was Penny's boyfriend Jamboi. Their team was off to a bad start, really bad. Then something happened, it was hard for him to describe. Ayla cast something, then everyone just seemed interested in other things. Miret adjusted herself in her top to flash her cleavage at me, that definitely caught him off guard. Esmii dived into to water running to Sven, then he just picked her up and took her into the bushes. Penny jumped at Jamboi and started making out. No idea what was going through Roslyn's head but from her crimson face it was perverted.

The fourth event was rather fun. Teaming up with Marlijn was something interesting, but it was fun. They didn't win, but the two Eskand managed to still enjoy themselves, by drinking their weight on booze. Then they took part again in the drinking contest. They did a little bit better than the last time, they lost again. Luckily they found a way to ease with the loss and began to drink some more. The downside is, they have no idea what happened the night after their drinking session. Both of them had to go to a binder to help recover from their hangovers. It was fun.

The Talent show was next on the list, once again he found himself pairing with Marlijn. It was a great performance that they managed to create with their act. Both of them did really well, even if they were almost bottom. Still it was good fun. Taking a sip of coffee, he leaned back in his chair, thinking about the live shows performed by the Soul Sisters, another by Leon. "That was fun."

These weeks have been difficult for him to adjust to, break up is never a good thing to come. Maura, Esmii, and Sven have made it easier to help. Even new people like Roslyn. Not to mention he started to talk to Marlijn more. He cupped his chin with his fingers wondering the last time he spent time with Marlijn. "Was it when she and her brother were attacked by a Sang?"

There was an odd feeling in the air, slightly different from normal. It came from somewhere. Niallus's room faded away leaving his body suspended in the air as if he was sitting on something. But he couldn't see it. As he looked around he saw Albion break from the darkness and slowly crept towards him. Each step she got bigger and bigger. Until she towered over the Eskand, he tried to speak but couldn't find the words. He thought it was an illusion of sorts, but it felt too real to him to think that. Then the giant Albion stepped back from him, it started to smile with a toothy grin, then stuck its tongue out. Niallus was even more confused by this display, but it felt familiar somehow. A voice came from where Albion was standing.
"I almost got you there." Niallus recognised it slightly. The atmosphere warped once more, his belongings became transparent, then physical, the Albion in front of him began to fade away, in its place, a young female Eskandish started to materialise. She stuck her tongue out playfully to him.

"Marlijn," he signed with relief, "Thanks god's, I almost thought it was real at first." he smiled, a light chuckle escaped his lips. Marlijn smiled at his complement to her skills. "Thanks." she looked him up and down, "Good, that effect on that hat wore off you. It would be kinda embarrassing having a few drinks with a child." she explained with a little giggle. Niallus smirked at her response, he would have felt the same if it happened to someone else. He finished off the rest of his coffee, standing up ready to go. "I'm ready when you are." he asked her, opening the front door of his dorm room. Marlijn walks past him outside into the hallway. "I am, while we're hanging out tonight, after a few bottles each you can tell me about ReTan." she asked curiously.
"Sure." he simply said, walking with her down the hallway. "Do you think we'll be able to remember after this night?" asking with a little smirk.
"Probably not." she said, sticking her tongue at him. Then the two of them laughed, then the two decided what Tavern to visit first.


Niallus Saberhagen

Day 1 Time: Evening Weather: Light rain. Location: Inside the ballroom Participants: Aurora @blackrosesiren Beatrix @Mckennaj71

As the ball got underway with the casual meet and greet. The two young women had two very different times there. They both stayed close to each other, well mostly for Beatrix's sake, since she attempted a few times to slip away from the ballroom. Aurora however was very resourceful at reeling in her lighting using acquaintance. A vast array of people from different standings all together for this one moment involving regal attire. People greeted them as they walked past, from subtle bows, to elegant curtsies.
Aurora seemed to fit in with these lively event, pulling out her trusty tambourine, and tapping it a few times, people cheered at her, making her perform more, giving little twirls in her lovely dress.

A brave boy approached the two, people assumed that he wanted to dance with Aurora, It was a bigger shock that he looked at Beatrix, with bravery and pride, extended his hand out to her. "Young lady." He said, "May I have a dance with you?"
"Me!?" Beatrix exclaimed.
Aurora was giddy with delight. "Go on, accept." she mumbled to Beatrix.

However Beatrix stood there, staring at this boy, her cheeks, crimson with embarrassment. "I…I" struggle to find the words. Her voice trapped inside her throat, trying her hardest to speak some words. But she couldn't. She had to do something, she was embarrassing the poor guy and herself. Trembling, she raises her hand to touch his extended arm. Beatrix started to emit a small aura of light around her. Aurora seemed to notice it, Beatrix's silver hair started to bristle at the back of her head. Is she building up electricity? a look of worry passed over Aurora's face thinking that Beatrix was going to electrocute him. She wanted to intervene but couldn't respond to it.

Stay calm, stay calm. Beatrix screamed her head taking a deep breath, trying to compose herself, it only worked a little bit. Beatrix's hand mere inches away from his, the area around them was drowned out by Beatrix's anxiety. Just before their hands touched, a surge of electricity jumped from her hand to his, giving him a static shock. "Ow…What is wrong with you, you loser." He shouted at Beatrix.
"I'm sorry, it's just when I get nervous" Beatrix tried to explain, but the boy was already walking away from her.
"I'm sorry Beatrix." placing a hand on her friends shoulder to comfort her.
"No, it's ok, I'm use to this happening." Beatrix explained, a little sad in her tone. Wanting to cheer her up she had an idea.
"I know how about this, we have some food, hopefully that'll help you relax a bit." A smile beaming from her tanned face. After a few seconds, Beatrix nodded
"Sure, I'm actually kinda hungry."

After some time having something to eat. They say together. Aurora with a nice drink, while Beatrix was eating a strawberry cake. The latter seemed to be really enjoying eating the cake, even having a bit of cream on her pale cheek. "Beatrix I don't get it how can you still be eating? You've had two servings of food, and that's your third slice of cake." Aurora looks Beatrix up and down before speaking again. "Where do you put it all?" Beatrix chewed and swallowed the bit of cake in her mouth. "I don't know." then went back to taking another bit from her cake. Aurora just laughed at her friend.

Chaos struck as strange eruptions happened, the two girls stood up. Responding to the panic, Beatrix tried to speak but it just came out as muffles, with her mouth full of cake. "What was that!?" Aurora stated before Beatrix could finish her mouthful of cake. Seeing a few students taking action Aurora wanted to help too "Please, remain calm and one who don't want to get hurt, please leave out the emergency doors and down the corridors." Almost the panic from the students. A student bumped into Beatrix knocking her, causing her cake to land in front of her. "My…cake" she said with such depression and sadness
"Will you knock it off, we have more pressing matters I'll buy you another one." Aurora shouted to Beatrix. Looking through the crowd they see a group of students taking action. One they both knew as Anastasia she seemed to be injured, "She looks like she's in trouble, come on let's go help her." Beatrix stated, both girls went up to Anastasia to see if she was alright and what was happening.

Osiris Pendragon

The activities of the fair were in full effect. The aroma of freshly baked pastries getting caught on the breezes "Fresh buns. Get yourself a nice, hot cinnamon bun." A baker shouted to the people walking past. A few people bought themselves a bun. In the queue was a young man named Osiris Pendragon. The baker handed him a cinnamon roll, with a smile. In return for the tasty food, Osiris gave the baker enough money to pay for it. "Thank you." he says. "Enjoy your roll and come again." The baker said with a smile. Osiris weaved his way through the crowd, he tore a piece of the cinnamon roll to eat. It was tasty, really tasty. He was almost tempted to go back for a second one, but refrained from doing so.

While walking, finishing his roll. He rubbed his hands to get the cinnamon and powdered sugar off his hands. He went past a series of dancers and performers who seem to be part of this festive event. They were graceful, happy and pleasant. Giving Osiris little smiles as well as a flirtatious wave. Around him a fine of nobles, commoners and performers blended together. To him this was the best time to have fun and mingle.

Stepping out of the crowd for a moment to sit for a moment. He looks on at the people going by, listening to the sounds, looking at the sights. All the banners and colourful wonders here. Everyone was happy and smiling. He broke into a smile himself, remembering the times that his family went to these fairs all the time when he was a small boy. I haven't seen my family in so long. Perhaps I should visit them one time. To surprise them. Not wanting to feel too sad he jumped back to his feet again, wanting to explore more of what this fair had to offer.

Niallus Saberhagen

Event: Metropolis

With both sides splitting off to face each other. Found himself standing in a vast, wild garden. With was His lover, Ingrid. The person from the School that he met on the Mountain, Vel. Lastly was a member of the Black That Niallus fought against the night before, Golden Monkey. Standing against the students. A Towering Dragon whose name was similar to their Black Guard ally. The Golden Dragon. With the Dragon was someone who Niallus or Vel didn't want to fight. Their Ogauraq friend, Dragon Smirk.

Dragon Smirk wanted to try to talk to Niallus and Vel, performing simple words in the air, such as; No! And Friends. Niallus wanted to try to convince Dragon Smirk to leave, he didn't want to fight him. Vel didn't either. However they didn't get time to discuss anything. Golden Dragon drew in Manas for a big attack. Launching tendrils towards the group. Niallus tried to cancel the attack of tendrils speeding towards him. Using Arcane with a bit of Atomic to create a variation of the Razor of Light spell he knew. He knew this combination worked because he used the other day in the caves to save himself from Golden Monkey's attack.

He managed to stop nearly all of them. One managed to slip by, striking him into the side. He stumbled backwards, falling to his knees. Coughing hard, with drops of blood coming out of his mouth mixed with saliva. Holding the side of where he was hit. Feeling like a couple of his ribs might be broken, even the one he broke previously might be broken again. The best outcome is they would be cracked if he was lucky. Even in pain, he wiped the blood dripping from his mouth, standing back up. He needed to buff himself, so he tried to relax and tried to draw from the Void with Dark Magic. He started to feel the Void energy build up. His body however couldn't maintain it and the Void energy faded. Damnit! he cursed, it seemed that his body was in too much pain for him to concentrate, to build up Void energy. So he just left it for now.

The back and forth of attacks had begun, Niallus tried to not attack Dragon Smirk, it seemed that he was doing the same, perhaps there was some chance that he would leave. That soon changed. The Dragon launched at Golden Monkey, its jaws ready to tear the Yasoi to pieces. No idea what made him do this, was it just instinct. His nature is to defend people. Without thinking properly about it, Niallus used Kinetic to boost his movement, reaching The Jamboi Knock-off just before The Dragon's mouth did. Both Niallus and the Yasoi tumbled to the side to safety. As the two got back up, Golden Monkey smiled at Niallus, as a gesture for helping him. Across the way Dragon Smirk stood, eyes widened in shock that Niallus helped him. There were no words, no hand gestures, not even in thought pictures. Now Dragon Smirk charged at the Eskandr and the Yasoi. Niallus felt himself being thrown away by an unknown entity, away from Golden Monkey. it was Dragon Smirk, he reached out with Telekinesis, moving Niallus to safety while They attacked Golden Monkey.

The landing was a bit rough for Niallus but he was out of the way for Dragon Smirk to attack Golden Monkey, without the fear of Niallus being collateral. Their clash happened, Dragon Smirk was severely injured. They got back up, still wanting to fight Golden Monkey. Niallus watched him get back up "Stay down Dragon Smirk! There's no need to throw your life away." he shouted to him, Dragon Smirk, just smirked at him. Niallus didn't even have time to react, Golden Monkey was already in Dragon Smirk and killed them without a second thought.

Not having time to process the death of Dragon Smirk. The dragon began, this time summoning pillars of Lightning onto everyone that was around the area. Niallus had to defend Vel not once but twice, from the Dragons relentless assault on the students.

Then the Dragon once again, on the attack. This time using beams from its mouth, a scything motion to shred the students to pieces. As the beams sliced the ground making the way to Niallus, he managed to dodge one after the other, each one was extremely close to him, so close his skin got burned from the heat of them missing him, the last one was really close as it cut into the sleeve of his outfit.

Niallus Saberhagen
Cold Soup.

Characters:Cold Soup@Yummyyummy Niallus Saberhagen. @McKennaJ71

“You are lucky, Eskandr.” spoke the bulky woman to Niallus as they walked side to side by the stream of clear water. “We recognize your strength, and see Eskand as a friend to be made.” she kept it simple and to the point, her eyes trained forward as she continued her march toward the bigger body of water. “As a sign of good faith, we offer to you the Wailing Leviathan, Niallus Saberhagen.” she stopped and turned to face the tall young man, although she was taller. “A formidable weapon from your people, wielded by Ivar the Red, long lost but recovered by the Twins themselves. A blade I had long respected and yearned to wield, but I understand that its place is among the best of Eskand.” she bowed her head slightly. “And in turn, you will show an act of good faith and agree to cooperate with the Rettanese Empire. Yes?”

Niallus eyes widen from the offer that Cold Soup said. Thinking about it, looking at the clear water. "That is a very old Eskandr weapon. I've read most of the stories that involved it." pondering the other things that she also said, he couldn't help to ask this. "Can I ask you. If you have this much interest in it could you have asked the emperor's for it?" looking at her with a curious look.

Cold Soup crossed her arms. “I have found many trinkets and named weapons in my lifetime. I've had my eyes on many artifacts, this is one of them.” he began, a hint of pride in her not-so-womanly voice. “The legend behind Ivar the Red's battle against Arcel, Talit and Saint Camille reached even ReTan, and the darkness he conjured. It was more of a fantasy than a true want.” she looked to Niallus eyes, chin raised. “The lost Eskandr blade belongs to a worthy Eskandr. House Saberhagen would elevate itself as the successor to the will of Ivar, a will that sought to elevate Eskand to its highest peaks. And along with this, could usher in the greatest country-to-country relationship this world has ever seen.” her thin lips formed a tight and calculated grin. “Do you believe yourself to be that man to usher in a new age for both the Empire of ReTan and Eskand, Niallus Saberhagen?”

Niallus raises an eyebrow, and it seems that she's trying to butter him up to take this offer. If Niallus didn't spend time with the Ogauraq and learnt the Emperor's cannot be trusted. He was also worried about his love, he couldn't sense her mana. He hoped that she was ok. Trying not to let his concern for Ingrid, distract him, he continued to think about the offer given to him. "Hmm, It's tempting...But how do I know you have it. You could just be saying this to rope me along in all of this." he asksThe strong woman's gaze lingered for a moment, sizing up Niallus. “As the Emperors said, we could have simply killed you. What would be the point of deceit at this point?” she sighed and whistled a call. Two of the servants then appeared, carrying a long and rectangular coffer and placed it by the two. It unlocked with a simple flick of Cold Soup's finger, opening slowly with a subtle creaking sound. Inside was a great sword, maintained and oozing with void-touched energies. The red ruby at the hilt looked exactly like what the tales had said, and the dark carvings on the blade were genuine old Eskandr runes. This was either an incredibly convincing replica, or the real deal.

Staring at this amazing looking greatsword, every bit of detail is exactly the same from what he remembered from the stories he heard as a child. "Wow...it's amazing that is still in such excellent condition." A part of him wanted to touch it, but he refrained from, not wanting to push his luck any more. The only thing thats running through his mind is how the others are fairing. With a shake of his head, he was confident that they'd be ok. This is probably the best choice if they still want to overthrow the twin emperors. Looking at Cold Soup, "I...accept the offer."

Soup smiled. “That is a very good thing to hear, and a wise choice, Saberhagen.” she gestured to the blade, inviting him to seize it. “It is about time the Wailing Leviathan meets the hands of an Eskandr once more.” she even took a step back while the two servants stood perfectly still behind the box. “It is concluded, then. You will cooperate with the Emperors of ReTan, and to conclude this transaction, a gesture of good will is expected of you.”Niallus reached out to grab the handle of the Wailing Leviathan. Once gripped, he lifted it up with both hands. It felt lighter than what he thought. Niallus has never seen a void-touched sword before, let alone hold one. He looks towards Cold Soup and lightly nods to her request.Soup returned the curt nod. “Now, for the sign of good faith.” she unfolded her arms and set them to her hips. “You will be expected to take out enemies of the Empire. Enemies that we have captured, and you may have noticed. Is this understood?”

Niallus let out a light sigh, he expected something like this would happen. He wonders what she wants him to do, only one way to find out. "Where did they come from?" he asks.Cold Soup smirked, and then reached out for the sword's hilt. “From the city. And they were dining with us.” she was intent on reclaiming the sword. “Once you do the job, the sword will be yours, as you will prove to be a true friend to the Empire.”

With a look of confusion, Niallus wonders who they were talking about. "The city, and they were dining?" Niallus felt sick, wondering who could it be. Was it someone close to him. A cold shiver ran down his spine just thinking about it. He reminded himself why he's doing it to help the group if they need it. "Lead the way...."The sword was reclaimed, the box sealed and the servants carried the goods away, now that the authenticity was confirmed. “Yes. Traitors to the Empire.” she nodded as she guided Niallus to the agreed meeting spot. “You have met them, yes.”Walking to the meeting spot, anxiety slowly started to build up for Niallus. He wondered who it could be. Taking some deep breaths, he wanted to ask her for more about this person, but didn't want to. But he needed to know. "What are we waiting for?" he asks.

Niallus Saberhagen

Event: Metropolis caves.

The portal that Niallus and the others went through ended up face to face with quite a few white guards. Without warning the White immediately started attacking the students. The students took up defensive positions. Niallus began to draw from the Void. Others also wanted to charge their spells. The white guards wanted to push on this and target them. Meanwhile Yalen wanted to charge for a big spell, however three white guards targeted him, in an attempt to stop him. Niallus immediately began drawing in Manas for something to stop the three attackers. Using Arcane, he summoned some Arcane Lances, throwing them he was aiming to injure them, but just by throwing them it managed to stop them in their tracks.

More and more white guards attacked the students, some were subdued by Yalen, but some were still standing strong. Niallus held up against them using his Arcane and Kinetic as best he could. Something however caught Niallus off guard, he was hit in the side of his midsection by an unusual force. Whatever it was, in hurt Niallus quite significant enough to drop him to a knee. A kidney must have been ruptured from that hard hit he took, maybe even a broken rib. He started coughing hard from that hit, it caused him to lose focus of his magic, which stopped him drawing. "What was that?" he tried sensing it, but only got small traces of Manas of the mysterious person.

Not long after he attacked him it seemed some of the other students were hit too, not as bad as Niallus."Could this be another black guards ability?" he mumbled to himself. Anticipating another attempt for a sneak attack, Niallus and the others thought of baiting the attacker in, then countering. Niallus decided on a crazy idea. He summoned an arcane sword, once it manifested, he thought about adding Atomic school to it to increase its power. He never tried anything like this, honestly, he wasn't sure if this wasn't going to work. When he started to add the second school to his Arcane, there was a lot of resistance, as well as power. All of his attention was into controlling this stunt so it doesn't explode on him. Even though his sword of light had no density, with atomic being added, it started to feel heavy. "Come on…" the combination managed to sustain itself. Then almost immediately, another attack was upon him. With a full swing, Niallus used Razor of Light. It was enough to stall the attack for a moment, he felt a hard kick to his chest.

Niallus stumbled backwards from the hit, falling to one knee. The other students managed to pull the counter attack. Wiping the blood from his mouth, then spitting some out. Even that wasn't enough to stop this person now revealed to be a Yasoi. Niallus wasn't sure what else to do, but he knew he was hurt, bad. Anymore and it might kill him, wanting to play it safe he wanted to cast a defensive dark spell, Hungering Shield. he hasn't had a lot of practice with using, but it was now or never. He took a deep breath, placing a hand up in front of him. Void energies started to build. There were times that it felt like it was getting weaker. "Come on, work." putting more and more power, digging his heels into the ground. The shield of Void started to take form, then expand in size.

It was quite the struggle but though determination he managed to finish the Hungering Shield. He smiled at his accomplishment in making it. It had a strange feeling to it, Strands of the void energy form outward from the the centre of the shield. it was big enough to block off a tunnel in the cave. There was some strength to it, Niallus wished he put more power into it but he was able to pull it off since a group of white guards started attacking it with kinetic and arcane in an attempt to destroy it. Looking back to the others the black guard spotted Ingrid charging her nuke, then began walking towards her with a wicked grin. He heard Ingrid's plea to try to stall him, but he was more concerned about this black guard getting to her. He used another combination of Arcane and Atomic, in an attempt to stop him while Trypano helped secure herself and Ingrid.

Once the nuke was ready, just on time too. Niallus and the others tried to hold back Golden Monkey as much as they could, Ingrid threw the nuke towards Golden Monkey. Vel made a crucial error and resulted in Golden Monkey retreating through a portal, leaving the nuke with them. Everyone thought that this was the end, they were going to die. It would have taken a miracle to save the group from this. Thankfully in the little time that was left portals opened up, this was everyone's chance to escape from this. Niallus ran as fast as he could, ignoring the pain he was in and jumped through.

Everyone made it through the portal, Niallus sighed with relief that everyone got out from an impossible situation. Watching Ingrid run up to him to hug him, she hugged him tightly, he hugged her back. When Ingrid healed him he see the look on her face that she was blaming herself for not helping him. He wiped the tears from her eyes."I'm sorry for making you worry. I'm ok now." he kisses her forehead, then lets her heal him, with the joke that Ingrid made he smiled at her. It seemed that the group needs to think about a more solid strategy against these, but they'll need to work as a team.

Day 1 Time: Evening Weather: Light rain. Location: A corridor that's near the ballroom. Participants: Aurora @blackrosesiren Beatrix @Mckennaj71

On this Afternoon before the ball began for the students. A young girl walked the hallway, the other students were nowhere to be seen, no doubt getting ready to attend the ceremony that the school was having. "I wonder what sort of dress should I wear?" seemed that she was talking to the Cait that she was holding in her sunkissed arms. The Cait just meowed at its owner, then curled up for a nap. "Lazy Cait." the lady says with a smile, she continues walking along to her room to get herself ready, and to let her furry friend sleep.

Once again Aurora is back into the hallway, with no Cait in hand she makes her way, the sound of her heels on the floor is the only sound that echoes through the hallway. She catches herself in a reflection of a paine of glass. She makes sure that she is dressed right for this special occasion. After the check up, she stares at the rain. Without thinking, she lets out a small smile.

A thud is made behind her, echoing the hallway, frightening Aurora. "Hello? she looks around, "Is somebody there?" still there was no reply to her response. There was something that wasn't there before, a book on the floor. The girl slowly walked over to the book. Inspection over the cover, it was a fantasy book, with a picture of phoenix on the cover. Not sure what to make of this she spoke again "Who dropped this? looking through the pages to see if it had the owner's name inside."That's my book" A voice said to the tanned girl. Looking around, it seems that now one was around. This confused her. Then another girl dropped from the ceiling landing in front of her, scaring Aurora. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare you like that, I was reading my book, then I dropped it." this girl had long white with a braid, Aurora had seen her around but didn't know her name. Once she regained her composition she handed the book back to her. "Here is your book back, err. I'm sorry I don't know your name. she admitted to her. "Beatrix, Beatrix Gyre. Wait, I know you, you're the one that causes explosions Aurora." Aurora nods at Beatrix.

Aurora remembered who she was. She knew she had Lightning magic "So wait, you were reading your book on the ceiling? she asked. Beatrix nodded, with a smile. "I was using my electricity powers to stick myself to the ceiling with static electricity. Wanting to see how long I lasted like that I started reading then I dropped it." looking Aurora up and down, in her fancy dress. "You're dressed a little early, for the party I mean." Aurora raises an eyebrow. Looking Beatrix up and down, she wasn't ready for the party. "What do you mean? The party starts in about 15 minutes An awkward silence fills the room then, "Oh No!" Beatrix screamed, "I must have lost track of time while reading." "Don't worry about it, Let me let you. I don't mind being a bit late." So Beatrix makes her way to her room to find something to wear with the help of Aurora.

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