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Current There's no greater love letter to a fandom than being able to lampoon it.
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What's on my mind? Not much, to be honest.


I'm a funny guy. I have interests and things. Let me talk your ear off, figuratively speaking, and you'll learn about them.

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No IC/OOC until the weekend. People can always float stuff out here first.
Well, if anyone has a CS or some ideas, feel free to start posting!
Hey all, just checking in here, since I noticed that it's been a little while since anyone's posted. If you're interested in actually doing this, then just give me a head's up or general progress update. I'll be posting some more setting and background info later tonight.
Okay, so are there anymore CSes underway yet? I figure a week should be enough time to get them in before selections are made and an OOC is up.
@DocRock Whoa, you got that up quick. Awesome!

Also,since you were pretty tired while writing it, don't feel 100% tied to it either. You can still edit and stuff :)
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CS has been added to the first post!

I've put a raw code version up there too to make it easier. In terms of pictures, I'm not especially picky. Just avoid anything that strays too far into cartoon territory.

That said, have at it, and I can't wait to see what you guys come up with. Feel free to bounce anything off of me or each other. I'll be a bit busy tomorrow, but question and comment away!

Liberty Corps, Assemble!
@The Angry Goat Loving the concept so far! He could definitely be a really interesting fish out of water!
@A Lowly Wretch Photos or drawn pictures as long as they're reasonably lifelike. A headshot or bust is alright if finding something with the hands is a PITA. We can imagine that bit, I'm sure.
Partially finished CS. Will finish it tomorrow. If there are any issues with running something unusual like this, let me know. Also... should they share an avatar or have separate avatars?

@DocRock Nah, I like the redecorating thing or some variation on it, personally. It treads that perfect line between being seemingly useless and sneaky pretty good if used right.

That's unless you wanna do something different. In any case, I'm sure it'll be good!
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