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In the end, one man's hell could be another's paradise. Never underestimate the power of perspective.
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Nightmares fuel my muse, keeping her nice and satisfy...
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Stupidity can be the most dangerous thing to a person...but damn, does it feel good laughing at it when it's not you.
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Mass Effect: Borealis
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Coruscant Sacked: Aftermath
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⊰Manifest Anima: Planes Divided⊱
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Casual RP

Blood Act: Ghosts of the Past
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Formaroth: Battle for the Throne
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College Troubles

Val, Twilight College

Augustus, as usual, was on patrol upon the College ramparts. He had been with the college since his early years and chose to remain a novice. Despite this, his ability with magic earned him a position as a guard and he proudly served within the place that had helped him. Free of war corruption, the college brought a sense of peace he hadn’t had in years. At the sound of two individuals approaching, his head popped over the rampart’s wall. His eyes narrowed, silently judging the pair, before his figure pulled back and gestured for the gates to open. Several volunteer soldiers began to push small, primitive cranks causing the rope to jerk taunt before the doors rumbled wide to allow the two students in.

His head turned to the youngest man near him and newest to the guard, “Jonny, git down thar and git Val, now.”

The thin, twig like individual saluted then darted down the ladders and stairs onto solid ground. He bolted toward the fires within the black smithing area just as Val managed to wrap up her last lesson for the day. Covered in soot and frowning, her eyes turned to Jonny. The boy was clearly winded by his quick trip, his figure half bent and huffing for breath, he finally straightened up at her words.

“Oi! Wat ye want?”

“Now arrivals…,”Jonny took a moment to pant then continued, “At the gate…”

“Aye, wat important about it?”

Jonny stared at her, shocked. Did she not understand his own reason to rush over here? The question bore into his skull as he tried to think what else to say, namely without being rude or getting a sound cuff over the ear by a thick hand. “I-I… ummm…. Aren’t you going to greet them?”

For a moment, the stout, dwarven woman glared annoyingly at him. It seemed she was about to cuff him for his arrogant words before she broke down into a chuckle, her face cracking into a warmer expression. Carefully she set the last of the scrap steel into the fire’s coals and gestured for her student to take over. She pulled off the gloves, the hammer placed down and began to walk out of the forge. Still covered in black soot, she casually began to approach the newest additions to the College.

Uncovering Shadows

Lyn, Hysteria (Djarkel)
@Ryonara, @Konan375, @Demonic Angel, and @EliteCommander

~| Ssarak |~

When the weight on the back of the kusarigama bounced off Ssarak’s shield, the Esyire snarled in irritation and pulled his weapon back against his leg. He had positioned himself perfectly to get a jump on the larger creature as he predicted either him or the vampire would’ve risked coming into their lair. The place around them was too low to fly to their full capabilities and even their movement was limited by the close clusters of materials stored here. Taking this in account, the older Esyire didn’t toss his weapon a second time. Instead he readied himself to go on the offensive.

As the ‘flame’ erupted from Ssarak’s hand, an amulet that hung by the Esyire’s neck glowed a deep purple. Upon it was several runes that Ssarak, due to his time with Val, could easily tell were connected to Rune Magic and possibly to his illusion magic. However, it was difficult to tell until he could examined the item at a closer range. A smirk spread across the opposing Esyire’s muzzle. His figure straightened up just when the fire passed through him, failing to faze him at all.

“You’re going to have to learn some new tricks, mage,” he snarled then inhaled, a thick, green smog pushed from his snout into the direction of Ssarak. The breath was impossible to see through while it filled a quarter of the small warehouse (19 ft estimate). If it made contact, Ssarak would feel queasiness wash over him and an intense urge to vomit would overwhelm him.

~| Leith & Meirin |~

A female with a petite figure had heard Leith’s tumble onto the floor. As his feet tripped, the rope tangled about his legs and ensnared him further than he might’ve originally expected. They tightened to prevent him from moving about easily like ropes often did. The thief grinned then smirked. She rose to her feet from her crouched down position with her trident in hand and casually walked toward the downed student. She hefted the weapon upward, the end pointed directly at his throat and head, before she slashed downward.

Behind her, the sniper with the crossbow was already notching another bolt into his weapon then jerked it upward. His eyes narrowed and finger pulled to aim it directly at Meirin. The bolt promptly left the weapon as he scrambled to find some appropriate cover.

~| Keri |~

When Keri went to pop the individual she found, her hand didn’t hit exactly as she planned. Somehow, the man knew she was there. Either by her own actions or the alarm within the warehouse, his figure shifted to the side causing her sword handle to pop upon the meaty section of his shoulder rather than the head. As her arm pulled it back, he lowered himself and swung the chest. Its side clipped at the nearest side of her knees unless she moved back against the door. Not wasting any time or seeing if the attack hit, the man’s hood dropped in his movement to face her. A bald head literally tattoos caught the sunlight for a brief moment.

She would immediately remember him as the thief that took off with the chest in the first place. His expression folded into a smirk and his hands plopped the chest down in front of him, his arms now free of any burden. His left foot pulled back into a ready stance while his right arm pulled forward and became a fist. His other readied at his side really to react to any aggression.

“You and your friends,” his tone held a smug and cocky tone in each word, “should never have followed. Now you will not live to see another day!”

~| Lyn |~

“Shit, that hurt,” Lyn groaned.

Her figure sat up, rubbing her rump’s sore spot, as she looked at the hatch. It had fallen close and seemed to have snapped shut. She frowned in irritation and began to pull herself upon her knees. Reaching out her arms, she used her hands to examine the frame. Once more she felt for the small catches along the sides in order to jerk it up and help her allies. Her fingers dug into the wooden. Just when she jerked upward, several small splinters caught underneath her scales and dug into her hands. She jerked back with a painful hiss causing her to examine her palms. Several wooden pieces had found purchase within her flesh and drew a frown at them. Picking a few out, she muttered one or two of her father’s favorite curse words then readied herself for another round.


She froze in place. The thump happened again causing her eyes to drift to the side and notice the source. A heavy breathing followed by another loud thump held Lyn’s attention to the side.

A large, orcish woman had finally made her way upon the roof. She smiled in a toothy grin, her hands pulled her two machetes from her belt and bolted forward. Lyn’s eyes widened at seeing the height nearly match her own godfather's as the thief’s granite voice rang out in amusement, “Lookie wat Ah found! Come ‘ere and let me split ye down te middle!”

“Oh no...” Lyn said as she rolled to the side, the machete’s blade hitting where she had been moments ago.

Diplomacy at Yarosmere

Mar, Sansar (Yarsomere): Underground Cave~Unknown Location
@cqbexpt, @Luna, @Vesuvius00, @Konan375

While the others asked questions and faked being friendly, Mar quietly sat at the table. Her eyes narrowed on her food and barely touched it while the conversation happened around her. Even if she was hungry, it was very unlikely she would’ve brought herself to feast at the same table as someone who had nearly brought her race into extinction. The food seemed to lose it appeal at the thought. Quietly she scanned the room at the various guards stood around, alert and ready, her tension unable to ease itself. She had been like it since the medical examination. Thankfully, no one seemed to have noted her oddities but it was only a matter of time.

At the mention of monsters, Mar’s head jerked about to face the self entitled King of the New Yarsomere lands. Her eyes narrowed in obvious disgust at his statement as the Naga had made the desert their home far longer than any of the Yarsomere people had. If any race had a right to live here more than anyone, it was hers.

Mar heard Aramir but didn’t listen to her continual shouting. Her skin bubbled in tension causing her scales to ruffle and her figure to straighten upright, her expression twisted slightly into apprehension. Every instinct within her was coiled like a spring trap ready to break with the scene’s progression. Heat from her rage burned within her, the sensation raced along her insides and boiled her patience away. Their little diplomatic attempts had completely failed and now their lives had been threatened. It was the last straw for Marya. Her lips parted as fang shot out, erupting from the back and gave her a feral appearance. A long hiss rattled from the back of her throat in warning. Mar already jerked to her feet, the chair toppled to the floor in a loud clatter, while she stared down the false ‘King’.

His face, for a brief moment, matched her own. A monster against a monster. Deep inside, her Naga instinct wanted to lunge at him and coil her tail about, gradually crushing him into a corpse. She knew the desire was pure suicide, but it didn’t stop it from burning away inside. When the King dropped his arms, blood sprayed across the room. Several specks dripped upon her white skin but Mar refused to react. It all she could do to prevent herself from attempting to kill the King or dying trying.

Movement from the corner of her eyes distracted Mar, her eyes flicked to the side and noticed Aramir’s bow holding Yolin at bay. For a powerful man, it was odd how a trained weapon had caused him to rethink his earlier actions. Not that it mattered.

Darius’ words broke the spell of violence that had spread across each of them. Despite his words, she didn’t move at first. It was hard enough to resist the desire to rip the King apart and movement only made it more difficult. Her eyes continued to glare until the man touched her causing the Naga to hiss and flinch at his touch. Even after two years at the college, the unexpected connection still drew her defensive side out. Her heart still pounded adrenaline through her veins while she followed him and the others out. However, no words could accurately describe the pain or anger that filled her very core.

Upon the doors being closed and barricaded, Mar felt whatever strength she had begin to wade from her. Her back pressed against the wall she felt herself slide down it into a sitting position. Her legs pulled closely and her arms wrapped about them, her body fighting not to tremble at the frustration within her. At Darius’ comment over the stones, she spoke.

“There’s one in my pouch. Use it, I can’t use it at this moment.”

Experimental Team

Location: Ouroboros within Venice (Club)

Cade had considered coming up with a quip, but knew Samad would’ve been steps ahead. He was also mentally exhausted between the prior experience and finding Anaya, so he didn’t want to waste more energy on a pointless bickering. Trying to calm his mind, Cade cleared whatever frustrating he was feeling as he left the statement commented upon. It was better this way.

Reminded of his original task, the younger Asylum’s hazel eyes drifted among the crowd that had collected within the more accessible levels in the club. Each time he spotted a dark skinned woman with black hair, his heart jumped and his vision narrowed. However, the closer he looked then the realization came it wasn’t her. Disappointment sank into his middle causing the worry to build up. His attention was distracted when Olivia spoke, her voice made his head snapped toward and acknowledge her presence.

Olivia had her own beauty in itself. An attractive, young woman whose aura gave off a subtle carefree sense and her smile would’ve made any men melt in her hand palm. Samad’s eyes couldn’t help but flicker over the woman and something she was likely use to at her age. As his partner finished his subtle look over, Cade decided to be the first to break the silence and pressed a fake smile of his own on his lips.

“First thing, we need to locate Anaya and see if she’s been there. It’s logical she has, but it’s also obvious,” Cade began.

“We won’t know for sure unless we spread out and begin searching, through we need to likely split up. If you find her, then contact me immediately.”

Samad scoffed then began to limp into the crowd. His weight pressed into the cane and pushed him forward, his eyes peeled for any sight of their target. Immediately he was swallowed up by the mass of bodies causing Cade to sigh. While Samad was usually patient, he was pressed to get Cade out of there. Mainly for his own protection causing the older Asylum to make the first move.

“I hate when he does that,” Cade grumbled as he moved to follow him.

Location: Smithy's drug and grocery store, Las Vegas (lobby)
Time: About 9-10 pm in the Evening

Ben was about to ask a few questions, his hands quickly tossed in a few steaks, before his nose caught something familiar. His nostrils twitched and flickered, trying to place the source. Instinctively his posture became ridge as his eyes panned the store’s scene. Several shoppers stiffened then collapsed, their figures dropped one by one for seemingly no reason at all. Unaware of his edginess, Ben’s lips pulled back to reveal his teeth.

A soft growl that rippled from his throat into the air. A warning to stay back to any knew a werewolf well. The hairs on the nape of his neck stood erect as his eyes widened, appearing to be angry. Inside his inner beast began to rise to the surface and for a dreadful moment, Benjamin thought he would be transforming right here and now.

“Friends of yours?” the teenager snarled toward the White Witch, his tone tensed and uncomfortable thanks to the scene quickly turning into trouble.

So much magic in one area that it was hard to tell which belonged to who as his mind tried to process it all. His fingers wrapped about the cart’s handle bar until the knuckles were pure white. Already his skin was tingling causing more alarm to swell in his breast at not knowing if it linked to his fear or transformation. Things became worse when the lights fizzled then popped, the room grew dark until only light came from the exit signs. It doused everything in a faint, crimson light. More fear poured into him the sensation flipped his stomach and twisted his insides. A nauseous waved over him. It pounded upon him relentlessly as he tried to calm himself, a feat that was much more difficult than originally he presumed it might be.

Benjamin met the golem’s eyes when she focused upon his little ‘group’. Already he was sweating and trying to keep himself human, a challenge that set him on fire inside. ‘Why the hell does this always happen when I want a normal day?’ In his mind’s eye, his wolf peered from the darkest corner and glared at him. It’s teeth bared in a low, warning growl to allow it out.

In a feeble attempt to remain in control, Benjamin turned his attention toward the newly arriving human. He was silent toward her subtle jab filled with self importance. The comment only farther pissed off his inner wolf. At any moment, he knew his strength in holding back the wolf would fail and all hell would break loose.

Benjamin’s eyes narrowed on Freya when she requested more time, his words spoken through gritted teeth, “Easier said than done. If you haven’t noticed, I’m not doing too well… shit.”

When Benjamin finished, heat swelled in his chest then exploded outward. Veins felt like they were set on fire as his figure crumbled, curling into a miserable ball. First the bone cracked and shifted, joints repositioned into more canine features. His muzzle extended forward causing the skin and clothing to rip, revealing blond fur underneath. Marie and others would notice there was less blood than in previous transformations, but it was still messy.
Nox Alignment Ceremony

@Rtron,@Lucius Cypher, @May, & @Luna

Darell closed his eyes, bracing for the pain that would follow and tried to scramble back before he lost his grip. The beast’s tentacles reached for him just when two fireballs shoot out at the creature’s side. It screamed inhumanly while smoke flew off its hide, searing many dark tentacles and catching the beast’s attention. Taking the chance presented, Darell pushed himself upward. His foot reached and tried to find purchase, only to slip back down and nearly caused him to lose his footing.

“Shit!” He cursed again.

The Uth that Helena hit wasn’t quite down as it turned its attention onto her. Jaws snarled and snapped, drool dripped from its maw at the treat nearby. Thump! The beast felt the decay magic spread rapidly from its wounds as it snaked through its system. It screamed and tried to claw out the blade only to topple then die.

Drake’s, however, was a bit more durable. It took the hit and shook itself, before dropping the man’s foot as he back peddled away. Baring teeth, its hooves clattered across the floor and charged toward Althalus.


Athalus’ Uth growled then lounged. Its tentacles smacked across the front of itself to shield its body and its maw clamped down on Athalus’ hand with his remaining dagger.

Uncovering Shadows

Lyn, Hysteria (Djarkel)

Lyn bit her lip. She thought a moment, considering the request and her own abilities limits. Her arms wrapped about herself as she thought back to her lessons. In theory it was possible that she could protect him by using her plants. Mostly if she focused on it solely and wasn’t interrupted, but she worried her skill level was far lower than she had hoped. In addition, the window above would have to remain open in order for her to be of any use at all. If Ssarak got hurt, not only would Mei kill her, but she would be responsible for it. Lyn inhaled as she shrugged the worry off.

The fight was likely to be most difficult. Especially since she doubted they would simply surround and allow themselves to be arrested, at least if they were good thieves. She had a hard enough time in sparring matches with her god father, could she actually take a life in cold blood let alone in self defense? A childish, naive part of her didn’t want to learn. Not speaking for several more moments, she let the others speak in her silence.

She flinched at Keri’s irritation as the vampire snapped at Ssarak, insisting it wasn’t preplanned. When Keri turned to her then asked if she could make some plant dummies and place them around the door, Lyn nodded that she could.

“I can, and also I can support from up here. Through the main issue is the hatch because leaving it open will expose me and if any of them have any long distance weapons, that could an issue,” she admitted and voiced her worry. Instinctively she pulled her seeds, what was left of them, from her belt. She took a single seed then pulsed her magic through it. The seedling began to sprout before it formed a Y shape and strung a small, rubbery vine between the two top points. It was a crude slingshot for the moment but it would do for her purposes.

Lyn frowned at Ssarak when he stated he could create enough distraction for all of them causing her eyebrow to raise. Not figuring this was the time to argue, she moved into position near the hatch. She readied her weapon as she looked to the Esyire to lead the assault. When his count hit go, Lyn pulled back her first seed then readied her aim.

-Within the Warehouse-

Everything was silent. Boxes piled on top of each other creating haphazardly towers about the stone floors, providing excellent cover for those within. Light poured in from the overhead hatch and illuminated the Esyire to all those present. Everything seemed bizarrely silent for the warehouse which one might question of the students actually were correct in their assumptions that the thief had come here.

Several things happened at once.

A weight on chain came flying out of the nearest shadow to Ssarak’s back. It was aimed at the Esyire’s joint where the wing and back connected, intending to cripple him. Any attempts to grab would be retaliated on for certain. A inkling, if the assault’s mind was being read, would reveal another Esyire who was older, faster and had a knack for Nox magic at the novice level. Through it was unlikely his magic could reach the same level as the other students, it was still likely to be crippling should he use his breath.

Meanwhile, Lyn leaned out to shot the seed from her sling-shot. Her eyes narrowed and focused on the Esyire whose movement revealed himself, only to hear the twang of a crossbow release. It came from the far side of the room where the deepest shadows were. A place where Meirin had likely hidden herself upon entering the building.

“Shit!” Lyn cursed out loud, her figure jerked back to attempt to avoid the arrow. The seed, on instinct, bursted in her hand and immediately hardened into bark causing the arrow to embed into the surface. Frightened and surprised, the hybrid landed back on her ass end with a heavy thump right when the hatch slammed shut. It would take her several moments to get it back open, but at least she would be safe from attacks for the time.

When the hatch slammed shut, there was shuffling in the shadows where the arrow came from and already the man was busying reloading a new shot. It was unlikely he would remain where he was when he fired again so the students better move fast.
Sish and Jayda
~| Prisoner Cells, 13th hour |~

Sish walked through the compound, examining it and muttering to himself. It was sloppier than he’d like. Not enough veteran troops to actually guard the walls. The veterans scattered farther out than he’d like, and the truly elite ones left to constantly face the jungle, lest it overcome the walls. Couldn’t even get some of the veterans without having to wait for them to carefully land on the planet’s surface so they didn’t crack it and fill the surrounding area with lava. He sighed as he stared at the green troops doing their patrols along the walls. He had little to work with here, but he’d make it work. The Jedi would find out that some of their members were both alive and missing. Then they would come for them.

Sish bared his teeth in a grin. “What fun that will be.”

Setting off, the Sith Lord began to look for his apprentice. It was time she learned how to torture the enemy and show no weakness while doing it.

Jayda stood in the apprentice quarters.

Gradually, her grey purple eyes darted from end to the other as she absorbed her surroundings. Each detail was fixed into her memory making it difficult to not notice any displacement among the belongings unless she did it herself. Unlike any of the others, those who valued security of self designed purposes, she didn’t see the point in altering anything beyond the given basics. Mainly because she assumed her master and herself wouldn’t be here for any longer than was necessary. Sish wasn’t known for settling down for long periods of time for the period she had known him.

When the holoprojector flicked on in the main room, her attention shifted to it and listened carefully to the announcements made by the Darth. It revealed much about the reasons other sith and herself were allowed to remain within the compound and their goals in order to gain favor. One particular ruling stuck out to the Zabrak however: no death would be investigated. A small smirk crossed her lips before her mood was soured by Sish’s image walking into the sector and immediately intending to toss her into the deep end of this whole mess.

Sish grinned at Jayda, enjoying her discomfort.“Come along, apprentice of mine. We’re going to go find a prisoner and torture them.” He gestured, indicating that she should start leading the way.

The apprentice’s figure tightened just slightly as she forced herself to walk, her boots clicked along the metal floor and into the lead. She had been fortunate enough to literally memorize the primary paths from the apprentices quarters to the prisoners, knowing fully Sish would force her to visit them soon. With a clever plan forming in her head, Jayda would ensure this would be the final resting place of the oversize lizard.

“I hope you’re able to control yourself better than you did with me,” Jayda popped off in a distasteful tone at the mention. Her right hand hung close to her lightsaber and ready to pull it if her question encouraged the Trandoshan to abuse his position. They had just reached the turbolift that would take them upon the outside and open walkway. Despite her intended shortcut, Jayda wanted to make the trip a short as possible one.

“Of course. I’m not testing them, I’m breaking them. And to properly break someone, you show restraint.” Sish replied. “Besides, Nyiss would be very upset if I tested them. Most of them wouldn’t survive it.” He strolled along the wall, examining the forest outside. “Quite a lot of monsters out there. Nyiss has been using this area as a dumping ground for failed experiments for years.” He looked at a passing guard squad, snorting. “The garrison is too green. Any strong push from the fauna or whoever comes to save the prisoners will sweep through them like a Rancor through Mynocks.”

“How would you know if anyone’s going to notice they were even taken? Last I saw, while the ship was departing, was the Jedi Temple destroyed. It will take them years to learn exactly how many Jedi died or if any were missing.”

“They’re more organized than we like to admit. They’ll find out members are missing in days. Weeks at most to find where we are. We’ll need to be ready.” He turned to Jayda, his eye flashing. “What’s your plan to convert the Jedi.”

Jayda fell quiet at the request, her eyes still stared straight and didn’t seem to indicate she heard him. In truth, she didn’t feel like revealing she hadn’t determined that herself. Her pace picked up notably to place a bit of distance between as she broke the quiet, “Research over the individuals would be a better approach than merely just leaping in with your methods. Finding weaknesses and other flaws could help in breaking into their defenses.”

He nodded. “Good enough. You don’t have the personality for it. Can’t fake that you enjoy it, can’t make them hate you.” His teeth bared as he thought for a moment. “We raided their files. There should be some information there for you. If not, you’ll spend a lot of time watching prisoner cameras.”

“Files of course will only tell so much. Observation in real time, from their reactions to their body language, will tell so much more,” Jayda sourly pointed out through she still hadn’t Sish’s question to the degree she assumed he wanted.

Sish grinned. “I guess you’ll be spending a lot of time interacting with the prisoners then, won’t you. Can’t get much observation from simply chatting to them. What are you going to put them in to see how they react?” He waved a hand towards the jungle. “We have quite the resources to do it.”

“And risk them getting eaten by the wildlife and having the Darth severe my head from my shoulders, I think not. My limbs don’t grow back. I’m not in any hurry to get this done and personally, I doubt gaining the Darth’s favor is going to do me much good in killing you one day.”

“You’ll have to figure out something. Either torture them or their friends, or put them in stressful, controlled, situations. Otherwise your plan isn’t going to work.” They walked down into another lift, the dense jungle disappearing. Sish grinned, seeing a squad of imperial troopers enter the cells. “Looks like someone has beat us to it.”

Jayda let the conversation die as they drew nearer to the lifts, wordlessly yielding to the true. She was going to have to get her hands dirty. When Sish commented on the mention of someone beating them, she directed her attention to the Red Sith female who was currently addressing the prisoners. Naturally the first she spotted of the Jedi was a thin, blond haired human, a small Amaran, and another human who lacked her hand.

The blond glared at the arriving Sith, his figure moved protectively in front of the others as if instinctively, as he spoke to the Red Sith first, “Pardon for us finding that hard to believe… I’m pretty sure no one wants to go with you willingly.”

Yeah wouldn't be so bad if it was skirting the coast like forecasted previously but with it possibly going up the peninsula and maybe hitting Orlando directly, I'm battening up all the hatches.

Just don't be like this guy:

Experimental Team

Location: Ouroboros within Venice (Club)

Cade was not expecting what greeted him within Ouroboros. When he stepped through the portal, his skin rose from the alchemy and immediately heat flowed over him. In moments his eyes adjusted to the darkness of the room now highlighted with neon purple, blue and pink colors scattered through the crowd of people. Individuals bounced to the DJ’s electrical beat while it seemed to pulse through the atmosphere. The beat rapid and erotic, it was hard to focus through the haze in the air. Casually, Cade lifted his hand over his eyes to shield them from the intense light.

The scene exploded around him and the others. So many people flocked together within the room that a sense of impossibly washed over the younger Asylum and his teeth clenched together to fight it off. A nervousness and longing crept into his middle causing butterflies to flutter in his stomach. Almost immediately his attention turned to his attire.

It was a simple combination of navy blue cotton shirt with long, folded v shaped sleeves and black slacks. The collar was propped up and each button was in place. It was enough to give him an almost unnatural crisp appearance to his outfit. Fighting the urge to adjust his buttons for the tenth time, Cade inhaled then panned the scenery. From the corner of his vision he couldn’t help but note Samad in a bit more form wear compared to himself: A cotton dress shirt under a swallow tail and sleeveless vest, his slacks tailored to fit his form well. His hand still held cane to support his ‘limp’ despite there being nothing wrong with his leg.

The sooner they find Anaya, the better. With that thought in his mind, he panned deeper into the crowd before he noticed Angel and his partner walk toward a table.

“She’s not likely to be here on the first level,” Samad spoke, his voice near enough to make Cade jerk and nearly drop his medical bag. Most places would’ve had him check at the door but considering they went through a portal, he was slightly surprised they weren’t confiscated. The Iranian’s tone indicated he was still bitter at what happened earlier.

Cade mentally sigh again.

“I wanted to be sure. I was honestly hoping this could be an easy in and out mission,” Disappointment in his voice, Cade relaxed and his bag stayed at his side.

“It would be if I didn’t have to play babysitter to you,” Samad retorted.

It was obvious hint that he expected Cade to be as useful in this place as any other, nothing changing even after the whole shop affair. In fact, Cade suspected the only reason the man allowed him to tag along this time had to do with the fact he was connected to the target.

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Most Unexpected Team-up Lyger and the Raptor Pack

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Best Comedic Post: When Ben tossed Yeong into the pool then vanished.
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~| Prisoner Cells Feena, day 2 ATC, 13th hour |~

“ head,” Xid mumbled under his breath. His tongue stuck to his mouth roof like cotton, the organ slowly pulled away and formed his words with difficulty. Vision wasn’t much better. A hazy film clouded his eyes enough that his surroundings were nothing but blobs and disjointed shapes. Seeing it gave him a headache on top of what he already had, forcing his eyes to shut tighter.

Gradually the last memory he had surfaced. It was the Sith Lord delivering a brutal kick to his face before his world went black. Upon recalling it, his temple gave a harsh throb again causing his right hand to slid up and tenderly touch the sorest spot. He brushed a scabbed wound. Xid frowned, upon further exploration through touch, to discover his bangs were also crusted with dry blood to it. This motivated him enough to attempt to rise. He almost immediately regretted it.

First the vertigo hit him hard and threatened to topple him. Impulsively his legs spread to catch his wobbly balance and his arm snapped out, the hand pressed down on the table. Every inch of him screamed from the strain it took to rise. The muscles had become stiff due to the long comatose state as the joints creaked and popped from the overdue movement. It was enough to make Xid raise his hand to his mouth and muffle his imagination at the ache.

Still struggling to keep upright, he gradually wiped away the last of the grit and sand from his eyes. When his vision cleared, he took stock of his surroundings. It was a simple set up. To his left was a table, the right held about four cubbies, and behind him were two bunks for sleeping. Neither looked appealing or comfortable to him.

Cautiously he made his way to the exit causing the door to hiss open, revealing more of the prison he found himself within. He could sense others there as well, but the pain made it difficult to be sure.

“Anyone there?” Xid’s voice cried out while he made his way to the center of the room.

~|Strike Team Base of Operations, Feena|~

Eli was quiet. He had been that way since the capture and release of Zora Nox into Republic custody, his thoughts drifted back to Eyes and the whole chase. The woman had a severe reaction to the alchemy smoke that even the Sith could not have predicted. Despite the threats, there was little Nox could do or she claimed.

This caused a small bud of hatred to blossom within his core. Rather than risk being jerked from the mission, Eli kept his thoughts to himself and held his tongue for most of the trip. When they arrived upon Feena, he quickly volunteered for the scouting party for the area. As expected and mentioned by the Sith, the planet was teeming with dangerous wildlife. Even the nerf, harmless creatures on most planets, were not to be trusted. One teammate had a serious encounter that left him with some minorly injuries. So orders were that no critter, big or small, were tolerated in camp anymore.

As Eli strapped on his gear and prepared to head out, delayed by the earlier pest control, when the shuttle arrived. His head snapped into its direction as he cursed under his breath. His figure moved with the other men, called back by the head Jedi. Muttering under his breath, he jerked back to assist the other men in both rapidly directing the shuttle and then hiding it. When the last of the tarp was flopped over and secure, the gruff man spat his chewing tobacco upon the ground in the arriving Jedi’s direction.

“Passive idiots, are they trying to alert the Sith that we’re here?” Eli grumbled.

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