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Current That moment you've got too many rp ideas floating in your head, but you don't want to overwhelm yourself? Yeah... I'm right there, suffering in silence.
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RP hunting is like finding the rare toy in the cereal box. Doable, but the time and effort is nearly more than I can bare!
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That amazing high when you realized how far you've come in improving your writing. It's impossible to describe, but drowns you in a positive glow.
2 yrs ago
I love being a terrible person by making my PCs' lives miserable, it's art form that never gets old or boring.
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In the end, one man's hell could be another's paradise. Never underestimate the power of perspective.


Personal details I've got enough room to share.

Nicknames....Fallen (preferred), Reaper, Devour of lost souls, etc.
Sign...............Libra (true to sign surprisingly)
Occupation....Wandering and exploring the caves of my insane mind
Location.........USA (Lost in the Cornfields!)



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Advance RP

Accepting: GM/Co-GM Nitemare Shape, Hound55, & Dedonus

Essence of the World: Flesh Reborn
Still Accepting: GM/Co-GMs Synthorian, Fallenreaper, and Themerlinhawk

Casual RP

Full: GM Burger

Chrono Asylum
Accepting: GM xodus

Nation RP

Formaroth Part 2: Throne of Lies
Still Accepting: GM TheDuncanMorgan

Arena RP

None yet.

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Experimental Team

Location: Briefing Room A23
Time: Morning

“…” Samad’s answer came in utter silence.

His trapped his words behind sealed lips, his eyes narrowed in Lawrence’s direction. His arms crossed over in front. He had to remind himself he had to be less of a ‘jerk’ as Cade once put it, but Lawrence’s outburst screamed stress and irritation. The behavior didn’t match the one from their first mission.

Thankfully Lawrence’s partner stepped in then smoothed over the issue. Like Cade had done for him numerous times, he watched the exchange careful then nodded. He was aiming to let the matter rest. His arms released their grip before they dropped to his side and he turned toward the hallway.

𝔸𝕝𝕚𝕤𝕥𝕒𝕚𝕣 ℝ𝕙𝕠𝕟𝕖𝕤

Location: Undisclosed
Time: 2 weeks before the present.

A sober Alistair sat in a chair within a conference room. The interior was shrouded in darkness except for a single spotlight, the illumination bearing down on him in the small room. It appeared to be an interrogation, but it was not. In fact it was far from it. Alistair had been struggling to get Zak reassigned from Ante Mortem with little success. The only thing the mentor’s stubbornness had accomplished was delaying Zak actually taking on his newly assigned responsibility and sparing the boy’s potential being completely ruined.

Now he wondered about his own ability remain neutral in regards to his student. Pushing the thought away, his attention returned to the deal being woven together by his hand and another’s.

The figure was shrouded in the darker part of the room beyond the light. An attempt to hide the individual’s identity and intimidate him, but Alistair merely let his mask slip into place. He wouldn’t let fear spoil this conversation. Taking a moment, Alistair sipped on his recently warmed tea in thoughtful silence.

With this small favor someone higher up would be looking into the file while freeing Zak from his obligations. During the ‘process’ they had removed his mentee from watching or even contacting the Experimental Team. They still needed watched, much to Alistair’s irritation, but it wouldn’t be Zak that would do it. The higher ups felt he risked attachment which made Alistair scoff in amusement.

The tone reflected that with each word, his aim was clarification and absolution in the terms.

“So, I take this mission and you will release Zak of all obligations concerning both Ante Mortem and the Experimental Team? No unpleasantries will follow his career into other… areas?”


“And the file?”

“It’s a curious thing, but it will take time and resources to discover what you are asking for. You’ll be under quite a bit of ‘debt’ to pay for the information brought into light,” mused a feminine voice as the figure’s silhouette shifted into a more comfortable position.

“Story of my life,” Alistair answered.

Immediately he pulled up from his seat, taking his mug into one hand. He reached out the other to offer a handshake then hold it for several moments. As he suspected, she didn’t bother to reach for it. There was no intention to return the friendly gesture. Instead her eyes stared him up and down, absorbing his appearance into memory.

“I believe that’s your way to say you agree?” Her voice purred to confirm.

“One of many.”

Leaving the cryptic answer in the air, Alistair nodded.

“Good, I’ll inform the people I work with. We’ll inform you of anything we find, until then good luck on your mission,” the woman commented as she stood up, her heels clicked across the wooden floor toward the exit.

She paused at the door then flipped her head back toward him with the last word.

“Try not to die before you deliver on your end of the bargain.”


Alistair idly engaged into a brief, but boring staring contest with his fellow Overseer, Malcome Raine. It was obvious something he had said provoked his peer. Not that he cared as he let his eyelids shift into a half attentive glance. Underneath his calm and easy going mask, Alistair relish the expression of anger growing on Malcome’s face. The redness in the squarish features had already made his day much better.

“Do not test me, Mr. Rhones. I tolerate you for now,” Malcome warned.

It only widened Alistair’s smile.

When it came down to their personalities, the two were extreme opposites. Alistair improvised most his plans and hide the true self from sight. He was known as the Multi-Faced Asylum for that little talent. On the other hand, Raine kept firmly to the rule book and was straight forward with everyone. Even if the truth would kill most individuals.

Between these differences, the biggest miracle had been the fact the pair hadn’t killed each other yet. Not that the notion hadn’t crossed Alistair’s mind once or twice.

“If I was testing you, you’ve been aware of it by now. I assure you.”

Alistair raised his hands in a surrendering posture, his figure leaned away and settled into the chair. He folded them into each other when he spotted signs Malcome’s anger had began to dissipate.

“I’m simply asking if anyone knows why Ante Mortem went temporary AWOL. Did anyone attempt to debrief them or the other members of that assignment?”

“No, it was deemed best to leave them to their own devices.”

“Then you have no idea what their mental state might’ve been-”

“They weren’t classified as a danger or self-harming.”

“That doesn’t explain why you have several retrieval teams coming back injured or why you’re sending the Asylums from his last mission to bring the pair back. We have no idea how Ante Mortem will react, unless you’re using them to get rid of the chaff from the wheat,” Alistair podded, suspecting that wasn’t the real reason.

“OF course NOT!” Malcome hands slammed down on the table along with the rest of his patience.

“Whatever you say, I’ll go get our ‘team’…” Alistair rose upright then walked to the door, leaving the other Overseer frustrated and angry.

His red head peeked through the door to note nearly everyone had arrived. After looking at the collection, he frowned then raised a hand closer to his chest. He pressed his first, then second fingers against his thumb as he counted off the individuals waiting there. He stopped at Samad realizing that Cade was missing. Though his expression showed nothing, he inwardly sighed. No wonder Zak had such difficulty with them.

‘So I’m babysitting those two. At least the others appear to be adults,“ Alistair’s cynical thought disappeared as he put on a smile.

He opened his mouth to inform the others to head on in before he paused mid-sentence. His vision caught movement heading toward them, Cade looking pale and more sickly than usual. Dark rings circled underneath his eyes giving them a hollowed out look in the shitty light.

“I’m sorry for keeping you waiting. Why don’t you all head in and we’ll get started.”

His head ducked back in, expecting the more powerful members to arrive whenever. They already had been briefed over the missions expectations and giving their assignments, so the only reason to meet here was to make things go faster.

Hunting with Wolves: Part 1

Location: Zion National Park, Utah. Nearly 2 hours and a half outside of Nevada.
Time: Evening, month after the HoH attack.

Ben bounced in the old pickup truck’s seat. Each bump jousted his figure in the cab as he fought to remain still, getting bruises on his side when he failed. It was obvious the suspension needed to be worked on. However, the owner hadn’t the money or the time. As Duff put it, training a pup was a full-time job.

Thinking of this, Ben’s eyes drifted over toward his mentor.

Duff Muir. The gruff, elderly man sat in the driver’s seat where he stared ahead. His weathered hand lazily sat on the wheel’s top while he guided the rusty thing through the narrow path. In the rearview mirror, a red dust billowed behind and obscured its view. The old werewolf didn’t seem to notice as he kept driving forward. Greasy, salt and pepper hair hid underneath an ivy cap sitting lopsided on his skull. His free hand took out the hand-rolled cigarette wedged between his teeth then flicked the amber tip through the cracked window. Duff’s fingers lazily scratched his scraggly, thin beard before noticing Ben’s eyes looking at him.

“Wot?” His heavy Scottish accent wove through the escaping smoke.

The elder man’s eyes crinkled causing the crows feet to deepen, aging his appearance for the moment. Though he didn’t look it, Duff was well over a hundred years old.

The truck’s gears grinded and popped drawing a frown from Duff. He grumbled as he leaned forward, his arm jerked the gear shift down. His eyes attempted to check the gage before flopping backward. Benjamin had learned to read his expression, both by instinct and common logic. The guy wasn’t exactly hiding his frustration.

The door handle clicked when he stepped out, his boots crunched across the gravel to the hood. He popped it up to look inside. Dark smoke escaped into the air causing the old man to hack and cough. Benjamin sighed. His eyes turned to the window, ignoring the suffocating heat wafting in to replace the earlier breeze.

Barron had introduced Duff to him shortly after the deal in the hospital. At first, their meeting had been fully soured by the fact the werewolf knew the vampire on a friendly level. It brought Benjamin’s suspicion and anger to the surface. Gave him a will to continue to live. There was more than one occasion they clashed in violent ways and Duff always came out on top. Joseph only stepped into the fray once.

As days turned into nearly a week, the aggression toward each other faded until Ben finally imprinted properly with his fellow werewolf. After that, he couldn’t bring himself to bare a fang at the old wolf.

“You piece o’ shat,” Duff grumbled, his hands reached to examine the guts.

Curious, Ben cranked down his window then shouted to him.

“What broke on it now?”


“Bullshit, I know that look,” Ben countered.

Duff’s face peered around the upraised hood, a frown and squinted eyes plastered on it. A reddish tone even colored it. The man appeared ready to scold the daylights out of Benjamin but instead held his breath. For several moments, Benjamin wondered if Duff forgot how to breathe naturally before he gestured for Ben to hop out of the truck.

Exhaling, he walked into Duff’s wake. The sun gradually dipped down past the hazy blue horizon. The dying light cast everything in a blood red light then faded into a deep purple, shrouded it in shadows. Duff just kept on walking. Neither of them needed the sun’s light to navigate the landscape as they trotted deeper into the park’s shallow brush.

“What are we doing here Duff?” Benjamin asked in a hushed voice.

“Hunting small prey, Pup,” the old man replied.

He then added, his figure a little hunched over, “Git ready to change skins.”


Ben watched Duff’s flesh and clothing tear, their seams unable to contain the extra bulk anymore. Greyish black fur spilled out through the tears. Bones snapped then cracked, the joints readjusted to something digitigrade. A tail extended from the spine to lash at the air. Shreds of flesh fell into the ground. Upon touch, it turned to dust as the evidence vanished into the breeze. When Duff tossed his head back a loud howl escaped his throat. It died in the night.

His wolfish head turned behind him with the demand he is not alone. The command gnawed at him causing Ben to sigh then strip naked. Unlike Duff who had no issue walking around naked, the teenager had replaced enough clothes to last him a lifetime.

Again, the painful transformation had begun. Over the weeks he had done enough the pain quickly dulled into a faint memory. He no longer screamed or grunted, instead, he growled in impatience. There was obvious hatred in doing this. When the last of the bloodied skin dried then flaked off, he shook himself.

In the darkness, they both appeared like oversized wolves. Bizzare natives almost. Benjamin lifted his nose into the air and took a deep inhale. Series of scents wafted all over his attention, coating it with information and direction. He settled on a rip young ram. Thick and healthy. His tongue licked his chops before he bolted into the direction with Duff hot on his heels.

Due to lack of activity and gradual loss of interest, I'm afraid I'm going to have to back out. Sorry if me leaving screws anything up for you guys, i just don't think i'll have the motivation to start writing again if/when things get moving again.

I feel ya. I've been waiting nearly 2-3 months to actually intro Tracy and I was hoping it would only take a month for the scene to wrap up. I haven't heard from the GM since. I hope we meet again and it was fun reading your posts. ^-^
Back! Looks like Roxana's gonna be the odd one out. Does either case require an extra hand?

I'm biased, but I would say the cats. Especially if they are just running loose. :P
Took me a bit of time, had trouble getting a start. I hope it's acceptable. Figured we could meet at a set location then travel to the woman's house to interview her, sound alright with you @Darth Shadow? Allows Harry and Robert to interact a bit.

Location: Ravenport Central Square

Mission: Cat Herding

Harry gripped the small bottle tied about his neck. It contained several ingredients including herbs and a tiny tuft of his fur. A service provided by a witch for a price. For the mundanes, the bottle necklace appeared to be a plain trinket. No worth or significance to its purpose, other than his personal attachment. The actual truth was that it was the only thing allowing him to walk around without a lynching mob hot on his white cottontail.

He had been worried all day about his glamour failing. When he originally bought the thing, he felt the price was far too cheap for the quality. Even for the bare minimum requirements, the more you had to change then the pricier it got.

Most the time he could make do. A bit of his voice behind a corner, dash underneath the furniture or out of sight had saved him lots on needing a glamour. However, he couldn't interact directly without one.

At the thought, Harry ran his fingers through his light brown hair. The locks unfurled then fell to frame his face’s soft curves. This glamour failed to hide everything from his original form though. His figure was still considered rather short for a human and pretty lanky. The face was cleanly shaven for a youthful appearance, but his two front teeth stuck too far past his lip. He tried not to look at anyone for too long because he knew his eyes were a bit too golden causing his anxiety to rise. He couldn't risk Basil and Rolfe deciding he was too much of a liability to their business before deciding to let him go.

Idly he continued to hold the trinket for a few more moments before he shoved it underneath his shirt, hiding it from sight. Harry swallowed a tightness at the back of his throat as his right foot thumped the dirt. A bunch of time had passed now, but no sign of any fellow co-workers. His ears swayed about alongside his eyes, both sight and hearing were surveying the scenery.

When he received the case, Harry thought it was some sort of cruel joke. A hare chasing cats was not likely to go over well.

He doubted the glamour would cover his scent and the feline fiends might start chasing him instead. That’s when all bets were off. Cats liked to play with their prey and that fact disgusted him, his lip curled up with a twitch.

"Where the hell are you?" Harry muttered.
@Fallenreaper no problem, I need someone fast enough to chase after them anyway.

Well, Hare is among one of the faster Fables so he'll be able to do it... or result in getting chased instead. XD

Since you're going with Horst, I'll take the cats mission.

@Darth Shadow

I hope you don't mind a Hare complaining about chasing cats, lol.
@Double I assume we all pick one of the two missions presented in the ic? Or we all going to do the same mission together since there's only 5 of us?

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