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Nightmares fuel my muse, keeping her nice and satisfy...
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In Mahz's Dev Journal 24 May 2017 3:06 Forum: News
<Snipped quote by Mahz>
I'm wondering if this feature should be modified to avoid such an occurrence, or perhaps to remove the Ghost Mode friends from the front page altogether. Here's my reasoning:

I have ~20 friends on my list. Perhaps 4 of them are ghosted frequently. During peak hours, it's not impossible nor unlikely that 8 of my friends may be online at the same time. The other two may have been online in the past half hour or so. Now, assuming one of these is a ghosted friend, I now know with certainty that they have been online within the past half hour, or may currently be online, thus removing the point of ghost mode.

I'm trying to think from a security point of view, where an individual might be ghosted because they feel insecure for any reason about their safety or perhaps receiving harassing PMs. Hopefully this isn't the case, but Ghost Mode at least allows them some security if it is. These changes can make a stalker or other undesired individual aware of their online presence with relative ease, especially if they have a large number of friends on their list. The main page gets refreshed with a high frequency, so it's not unlikely that this individual would notice the moment someone came online (or at least within the last 15 minutes or so). Moving the Ghost Mode friends completely to the View All page would mean someone cannot accidentally / casually stalk an individual that wishes to be ghosted.

Another reason, which I use on occasion, is to avoid interaction but still be able to work on posts you feel like doing. No one is sociable all the time and we are able to get moody time to time (I know I am). If you know people will contact and bother you when they see you online, best way to solve that is by going ghost mode so they can't tell when or if you're online to shoot a pm at you. It doesn't need to be used for harassment as the main point for ghost mode, to me anyways, is to avoid direct interaction unless you provide it first.

Apologies if it feels like I'm butting in, but honestly thought I put that out there as another reason for keeping ghost mode invisible. Though there's actually a middle ground really to this from my point of view. What if you can make ghost mode view-able only to those individuals you're friends with (not that are friends with you, to be clear)? This would prevent stalkers as honestly, if someone is harassing you than you're not likely to have them as a friend and if you don't want them to know you're online then you can just unfriend them to eliminate that ability to see you online or not. Even for a limited time like when you're having a rough patch with your friend who's also on the site and just want to avoid each other until things cool off. You can even make that optional for the user to have only friends see them in ghost mode or not, like an additional feature on ghost mode.
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Art work belongs to the respective artist, not myself, and I’m only using for representation


Art work belongs to the respective artist, not myself, and I’m only using for representation

The Stage is Set
Jailbreak - Part 1

Zeki, Charles, Mairyell and Szayeis

Location: Ominar Private Priso
Time: Day 2, Evening

@Fallenreaper, @yoshua171, and @Ganryu

Charles’ eyes turned to Mr. Glaedwine, the eyebrow arched in question and frowned at the unexpected mention of an addition. He paused in following Mairyell, both by the door by now, as he turned to face the Licenti. He was still uneasy of the individual’s nature, and watched carefully over what the Licenti was about to do. When he witnessed one of their captured guards waltz out of the van, his body stiffened at the sight.

He had suspected Mr. Glaedwine was some sort of spiritual Licenti, though having little experience with them he couldn’t be sure, and now the evidence confirmed it to him, “I can’t say I’m pleased with the option you’ve chosen, despite how clever it is. If that man gets killed, I hold you responsible.”

Waiting until Zeki had caught up with them, he then added, “I also don’t have spells to erase memories in your host body on me… so I hope you have a plan to deal with that as well should he remember everything after this.”

Upon hearing the mention of neutralizing the bullets in the area, Charles immediately asked for details to assist his plan, “Is it subtle or obvious neutralizing magic? Because if it’s obvious, I have something that can assist in a bullet deflector. Any other abilities you’re willing, without a price, to share and could be useful?”

Zeki twirled his cane, accidentally dropping it.

"Bloody new body."

He turned to Charles.

"I somehow don't imagine him reporting any of this, he'll be wanted for sooo many crimes after this he probably should lay low. Geists are incredibly rare, even among Licenti. We're too easy to kill, and Torqueo is too cruel a place.

Anyways, the magic you felt at the shop was the same magic. I like to call it Motion Thief. I'll let you figure out how subtle that is. As far as other abilities, I have flames that extinguish Vis, and can cause quite a bit of knockback. Anything else comes with a price. Afterall, trade secrets and such. My kind ARE rather cowardly and secretive. Only reason I let you have that much is I've taken a liking."

Zeki picked the cane back up, twirling it again. That was a bit talkative. Not that anything was exactly damning, how many of them really knew what a Geist was? Even if they did, they probably could have figured it out.

While the vampire hadn't heard the term before, he was fairly sure he'd read it once somewhere, in passing, or encountered one once before. it was hard to say, after all, he'd hunted so many different species of licenti and done a fair bit of research for said hunts that the information, even with his hybrid brain and impeccable memory, was difficult to keep track of. Shaking it off he couldn't help but look away from Zeki's new body even as he addressed them, after all the very idea of another being possessing someone else's body and using it like a meat suit, a puppet, was disgusting to him. Nonetheless he understood the usefulness of the ability and so said nothing in regards to it. Instead he focused in on their objective.

"Alright, so what is the path we're taking in? We need to get things going so we can be in and out almost before they know what hit them," he'd done surveillance missions before, if only to stalk his marks and gather data, he still had a fair amount of experience infiltrating if he had to. Though he did prefer the 'bust down the door,' method, even if it wasn't what he usually used.

While the vampire waited for their response, the 'human' fidgeted a bit, betraying a certain amount of nervousness that the one possessing the man's body--Szayeis--did not actually feel. He had managed to equip himself with a gun--non-lethal ammo to his chagrin--and outfit the man with four enchanted accessories. One of them was a necklace he wore, which concealed both his own licenti vis far better, and the human's vis making him harder to detect and pay attention to; a ring, which applied a shield of vis that dissipated momentum of physical blows when something was about to strike his body; and two other rings, one of which enhanced his hearing, and the other which made the body more agile and quick, ingraining a certain measure of athletic and acrobatic ability into his host.

The combination was going to be useful. "That's a really useful ability Mr. Glaedwine," he said, smiling a bit nervously, as if both taken by the excitement and adrenaline, and also a bit scared of getting caught. Perhaps he was a thrill junkie?

"I, um, managed to get my hands on some VIDCs, or um, vis identification cards. They'll help us bypass any locked doors we meet with though their clearance is only level three. Getting any of the high priority prisoners out would be difficult if not impossible with these cards. So...eheh, yeah. Hope they help," he handed them out and then brought his hands back into his pockets, trying to conceal the fidgeting. He hoped they wouldn't force him to stay back....

Charles took one of the VIDCs as he clipped it to the badge cord on his breast pocket for safekeeping. He made the note about it being only as high as level three, “Block A and B are primarily recent prisoners, with low magic talents or easily containable ones. Anyone of true danger would be in Block C alongside the more hostile prisoners… which in my opinion would cause more life loss than needed.”

Not quite done with Mr. Glaedwine’s last statement, Charles then turned to the Geist to continue, “Geist might seem to be rare in Torqueo, but life finds a way as you’re evidence of that and in my long life I’ve learned extinction doesn’t always mean it is gone.”

The immortal paused to consider what Mairyell had spoken in regards to the current plan, his attention fell into focusing on the situation and silencing him from additional chit chat. He began to clarify with details over the plan, “Currently, we pass through the back areas where supply deliveries are made and... umm, please give me a moment to check something.”

He moved a little past Mairyell as his torso leaned around the corner they collected at, his eyes then swept over the large grounds and found them mostly empty. Only one or two guards caught his attention and both were standing at a set of industrial garage-like doors. Near the man on the far right was a smaller one that was likely locked. Charles hoped that Mr. Hager’s VIDCs would get them through. The odds were in their favor, but he worried they might have security measures for such a thing in the software. It was at this point that his mind mentally wished for the time when it was a simple matter of key and lock rather than a metal box filled with number crunching data. It was difficult to tell how advanced the security was from a mere glance of a prison on the outside or from the intel they had gotten earlier.

Ensuring the men weren’t glancing his way, Charles quickly pointed at that direction long enough for the others to see where it was then jerked back into cover. He waited for several dreadful moments before he began to speak again, “That’s our entrance. It should take us through the kitchens, into a hallway and finally allow us to edge into the hall leading to the prison blocks.”

He inhaled then decided to elaborate more over what he was considering doing, “I have an idea on how to get their attention and lure them away but it requires magic and we will have to move fast or risk being caught,” His eyes flickered back to the side of his vision in thought and recalled his memory, “I didn’t recall any security measures about construct magic, so logically creating a construct to lead them away shouldn’t register with the magical prevention or alarms. Unless someone would like to propose another route to try?”

Zeki finally managed to twirl his cane in a way that was acceptable to him. With a smile, he stored it away. The body was still stiff to him, but it was good enough. He was more an observer than anything. He wanted to see how Charles would do, protecting the immortal was his priority. Immortal or not, being thrown in one of these cells might prove... unpleasant. Still, it was more danger than Zeki normally permitted himself to travel through. He accepted the VIDC. He forced the human to give up some of his vis, just to check he could. The human buckled. Seems like he couldn't do it often. He'd be amazed if he held onto this body for 3 hours under a normal day. Stressed like this? Likely an hour. Zeki much preferred to be away from others when he 'molted'.

He had to laugh at Charles comment on life finding a way. He would have to introduce this professor to Torqueo, to Zeki's seas and lost islands. For a minute, Zeki briefly wandered how much the place had changed? In a millenia? Probably less than this human world had changed in 60 years.

Snapping out of it, Zeki raised an eyebrow at Charles. For a person who'd seemed so pessimistic, he was sure choosing the fiercest route. Zeki would have simply walked in. They did have disguises, cards, and the layout. Still, Charles plan would give them more time inside, just at a much, much riskier rate. For Zeki's purposes, it was more than he could have hoped for. He wasn't letting that slip away.

"Mr. Aeon, you embody everything I love about humans, so many contradictions. I might have an addon. It'd be a bit of a problem for our esteemed prison if no one reported such a construct. I believe I have a duty towards my minimum wage job to report such an incident. If you don't mind, I think I have a role to play then."

“I'm not sure if I should be upset or complimented by that statement. And by all means, take the lead," Charles said as he gestured his hand and watched, “This distort spell, when heavily examined up close and personal, has its flaws. I'm more trying to avoid being discovered before walking inside, as we can pass through casually ignored instead of cross examined. So unless we have a body, I suggest we avoid being stopped at the gates until the escape."

Zeki walked from the group, not letting an alternative be discussed. The important thing was unity. They had five minutes before they had to log in, they should probably act on it.

He approached the check in point, faking a yawn and giving a halfhearted wave to a passing guard. His voice became extremely nasally, and less cheery than normal.

"Hey, vato, don't these late night shifts ever get to you?"

He turned to the guard at the checkpoint, to report in the 'strange' things he'd seen on his way in.

Taking it all in, the hunter watched, and listened, but said nothing further, only nodding to show he was listening. When Zeki began to act, he watched, and then when the licenti was out of sight, listened to the back and forth, readying himself. He began debating which of his abilities he ought to focus on for this, and settled on using his brisn and a small amount of blood for defense, while using his physical prowess to fight. He was faster and stronger than almost anyone they'd come across, he figured, and he was durable enough to get shot plenty of times or tank magic and heal from it rather quickly.

Plus, he'd gone hunting earlier and gotten himself plenty of blood in his core so his regeneration wouldn't be slowing down any time soon. "Charles, do me a favor," he said, turning to the man. He held up one of his hands, holding his fingers together and touching their tips to his thumb. "Do this whenever you think I should break character and take out any opposition. Don't worry, I'll be doing so non-lethally. Probably just knock out whoever we come across and only if necessary. If we're to retreat, I want you to act like you're brushing dust off of your right or left shoulder. Brushing the dirt or dust forwards means we're going that way, backwards is back the way we came, and use right or left shoulder to indicate those directions. Shouldn't be difficult to remember."

He finished, letting his instructions sink in, they were relatively simple, but eminently useful. He'd had to do infiltration contracts a few times, even deep cover ones, where he had to integrate with a group for an extended period of time. So he knew how to signal with squads if necessary so as not to give information away to the opponent. He had just taught the group a few of the more simple signals. "You got all that?" He asked, meeting the man's eyes.

Upon hearing his name, Charles’ attention drifted from Zeki’s retreating figure to Mr. Kasio. His ears were primed for whatever words escaped the hunter’s lips, bad or good. He held strict doubts it would’ve been anything good because the situation they were in was far from anything resembling a good one.

At the display and description of the signs for basic tactical and subtle instructions, he nodded calmly. Though he was young, it was appearance only and his demeanor gave very little away when it came to his own thoughts over the use of his first name or whole display. Instead he merely just accepted them for the moment. In his mind, he made a small file which he set it in a desk drawer, a mental representation of him hiding it just under the surface of his thoughts. When asked if he got all that, Charles then spoke in a manner fitting a teacher, “Easily. Not my first time having to digest information rapidly. Let’s hope this goes well.”

His attention returned to watch Zeki attempt to fool the guards and gain them access into the prison.

Zeki tapped on the glass of the check-in. He saw the security guard's name tag, Dillan. It was time to report Charles' construct he'd promised. Zeki tried his best to make himself freakout and fidget. He really was copying a few cholos he'd seen in his shop. Humans were such fun creatures, thugs never changed. And a minimum wage job like this? He didn't have to guess Mr. Rodriguez's personality too hard. Vulgar, superstitious, and occasional spanglish thrown in. As long as he didn't go specifics, he'd be fine.

"Hey, ese, uh, you might wanna send some peeps to check something out I saw. It was some creepy shit, I thought I saw a giant man thing. I-I heard it, and ain't no way I checking it out without backup. I said messing with these demons or whatever they are was going to lead to crap like that. C-can I get my radio and equipment reeeal quick, hombre?"

The guard raised his head from the magazine he'd been looking, it said 'Bad Gurlz' on it. Looking the guy over with a smug frown, a small speck of frustration came into his expression as he replied. "C'mon man, how you gonna forget your gear like that,” he said, before pressing a button on the panel in front of him, allowing the man he thought was a friend, access. "Also, what's this about creepy shit? One of the stupid things get out somehow?"

"I guess? I dunno, I ain't paid enough to check it out on my own. And don't pretend you ain't ever forgotten your crap. Let me call in someone."

Zeki didn't actually know the man, but it was a good guess. The first rule of infiltration is look like you belonged. Humans were incredibly interesting, wild even, but they were seldom attentive. Zeki, entered, grabbing a radio, pressing the button on the side.

"Uh, backup by the front gate? Something's out there, need a guy or two with me. Think maybe one of them things is out."

Zeki stole the guard's word for the Licenti. It seemed he wasn't liked, what a pity. He hoped Charles got that construct up soon. Sooner people actually started panicking, sooner he'd fit in as just another scared security guard, and less attentive the rest would be. Alert the humans, they'd get tunnel vision. He turned to the guard gate.

"You going to help a brother out? I mean, scared the shit right out of me. Was this giant... thing. I don't know, big clunky, ain't human. Sounded really heavy. Wasn't really gunna look. Think we gotta change the codes or something? I'll go check it out soon as some help arrive."

Because if everyone forgot the code due to a sudden change, the less secure it would be. Zeki loved security, so contradictory.

Charles watched Zeki try to persuade the human to move away from his post. Though he couldn’t hear the conversation being carried out, he had been around long enough to both learn how to lip read and realize things weren’t working smoothly. At least, not in the sense the Poltergeist was hoping.

The professor sighed as he began to focus his Vis into his hand and then formed a shape just a foot from him. It started off wiry and thin, abnormally so when compared to Mairyell, Charles or Hager. Its faceless head shape grew thick, ram like horns about the sides giving it an intimidating appearance. Long fingers edged into claws though they weren’t intended to be functional because Charles had made the golem more for speed than aggression as it stood at attention.

It was see through but had enough Vis to give it a shape and mass in the darkness. From far away, no man could tell it was a construct rather than a living creature. After several seconds of forming and reshaping, Charles uttered a command, “Play the distraction and lead them away.”

Without needing additional encouragement, it took off across the grass into plain view of the guards.

Listening to his fellow guard, the man glanced at his 'co-worker' a moment before sighing, putting down his magazine, lowering his legs from the place they'd been kicked up on and stood exiting his post. "Goddamn, fine. I'm sure it's nothing and you're getting scared of fuckin' hallucinations just like the last guy." He said, nonetheless arming himself with a flashlight, a tazer, and a stun baton. Then, right as he was about to respond about the code, a monster burst out of nowhere, running right at them.

"What in the blood soaked fuck!" The guard yelled, swiping his walkie talkie up to make a call, "Get those men down here quick," he said, before dropping into a stance that was clearly one he'd trained. He looked like he knew what he was doing.

Meanwhile, Mairyell got an idea, but still had to wait a bit longer for the guards to be led away. He began reconsidering it as they waited.

"See, see, ese! That shit's real!"

Zeki started to panic, grabbing a tazer, but so 'frightened' he 'accidentally' shot the camera.

"S-sorry! Got the shakes from that thing!"

Zeki gave a smile, looked like everything was in place, enough vulgarities. He lightly pointed his arm at the security guard who'd turned toward the monster.

"So well trained."

A torrent of fire released from his hand, engulfing the guard. It wasn't hot, however. It was exactly the opposite, touching the fire would give one chills as the will-o-whisp burned away one's vis. Zeki reached out to grab the walkie talkie before it could be pressed, trying to throw it to the ground and stomp on it.

Zeki called out to the group.

"Clear, you have a moment or two over here, mind fetching my cane? Once they pour in, we keep the door open and break in. Think I'll have a quick snack before we get started. No, Charles, haven't violated your rules of engagement."

Zeki knelt over the guard after the fire, an odd smile over his face, despite his body reacting badly, as he reached towards the flames. Tasty.

Without thinking, Charles’ eyes widened in surprise as he watched the blue flames erupt from Zeki and hit the guard full on. His teeth gritted before he uttered a curse in old English then bolted toward the pair. He hoped Mairyell would’ve been smart enough to, mainly due to the younger hybrid being observant in nature, follow him without being told. Charles’ short legs covered the distance surprisingly quickly, his right hand jerked the requested cane into his grasp and seemed ready to give Zeki a few sound wacks with it. He reframed when he arrived next to Zeki.

Irritation laced his growling voice, Charles struggled to keep his rare flare of temper in check, “What did you do?”

Mairyell followed at a decent pace, arriving next to the guy. He glanced down at him and raised an eyebrow, before taking a sniff of the air. "Well, he didn't kill him, the guy's just unconscious. Plus, that's not mundane fire and I don't see any burns." He looked at Zeki as he had a 'snack' and shook his head, "You know, it's a bit demoralizing for a human unfamiliar with such things to watch a licentia feed. Hardly the time for this sort of thing. Course, if you need the vis for spells and it's not killing the guy, I ain't gonna complain." With that he turned away, glancing around, "Also, we don't want to be seen standing over an unconscious guard. Doesn't make for a good look."

That in mind he bent down, picked the guy up, Brisn wreathing his own body to protect him from the flames--as his own magic merely absorbed the effects of Zeki's vis, thus nullifying their intended effect--and then sprinted over out of sight. He stashed the guy by their truck, used some cloth from an extra uniform to gag him and bind him, and then headed back.

"Alright, what did you say we're waiting for exactly?"

"Nothing now. The Golem is doing the rest of the job and currently putting any guard that sights it on a merry little chase. When it's been destroyed or hit by a powerful enough spell, it will vanish without a trace and I will know when that happens," Charles said then began to walk through the door's security and enter the prison, "We're going to have to split up to both take out the security cameras and secure the prisoners. The group who takes out the cameras should note any less guarded route outside which we can secure after releasing a few prisoners and setting them to assist in releasing the rest."

He inhaled then added, "Who wants what task?"

Zeki was glad for Mairyell's explanation, it saved him time and effort. Charles complaining on every little thing seemed more like a Licenti or Prae than human. Eh, immortality was not a kind thing. Not that Zeki would ever give his up. As long as he could feed, and as long as his core was intact, he'd make it. Oh, and as long as he didn't do something stupid, such as charge a jail cell full of magic nullifying fields and the like. If his body died, he wouldn't, but it would leave him vulnerable to literally anything with a hint of knowledge about Vis.

Zeki finished his 'snack', the left over flames Mairyell didn't take. He needed his strength to maintain control over poor Mr. Gutierrez. That, and Zeki hadn't had to feed like a savage in forever, he'd grown significantly weaker.

"Well, let's see, security cameras. If anyone had a different appearance than normal, it would be a wonderful job for them, wouldn't it? Almost as if they couldn't be caught. Meanwhile, would you be a dear and free a few prisoners? I have a delivery girl it would be nice to not worry about. And a tax keeper I want back. Oh, and a few others. Case in point, I have a few friends who would be delighted to be rescued. Hut-hut, let's go."

Zeki marched off, immediately firing a shot from his cane at the first security camera he saw, a burst of air chilled by his flame then expanded. The air cannon seemed adept at its job.

Mairyell nodded, “Alright, let’s get going then, we’ve got people to let loose,” he smirked a bit, the idea of screwing over and oppressing force amusing him greatly. He then started forwards towards into the prison.

Szayeis in his guise caught up to Charles and the others, looking apologetic, “Sorry, I...just kind of froze up. I’m not used to this sort of thing. Also, I managed to get ahold of the contact I had here. In about...” he checked his watch, “...two minutes, the anti-magic fields will be going down.” Anyways, um I’ll go with Zeki. It’ll be better if we’re in two groups of two. That way we can back each other up,” he said, smiling, his hands a bit jittery. He was clearly fighting back a measure of fear. After an awkward moment, he saluted and then followed after Zeki at a jog.

“It’s a lot worse being on the receiving end than actually witnessing it,” Charles couldn’t help murmuring, unsure if Hager was referring to either the clash with the guard or Zeki’s sudden feeding. Within his mind, he couldn’t help trudge up a unpleasant memory and casually began to unlock the drawer. A feminine voice chuckled causing him to abruptly shut in surprise. A little jarred by the vividness of his past, the professor shook his attention from within himself and began to follow Mairyell in a rather quick step to catch up.

@Brithwyr Well I don't know about a wood elf (details about elves can be found here… ) But legon Forrest is a valid place if you wanted to make a woodland hermit or a forrest tribe. Also Soldier turned revolutionary could work, perhaps he could be someone stirring up trouble in Nyhem (what with the religious tension going on) or a soldier of House De Reimer or Blackwell who defects to the Manshrew Alliance.

Lol, you ninja-ed me! XD

If fae arent acceptable, maybe some kind of wood elf? Or maybe a disgruntled soldier turned revolutionary?

We have blue skinned elves actually. Dyril is a half one and has traits of both human and elf which in the right combination could likely produce something like what I consider a traditional wood elf (like Tolkien's version). Though it wouldn't be a nation and they tend to be sterile like mules and other hybrids, not to mention hard to produce since niether race find the other particularly attractive.

However it's not impossible and imo a bit more likely to happen in Formaroth than the Elven Imperium. Mainly as it's considered taboo and rather very negative in the later. The only reason Dyril came into existence was because of a bet and to blackmail the morals of the family. Otherwise she would've been aborted magically.

As for a disgruntled solider, I think a bit more details over the idea might be a good idea and maybe might work better. While Duncan might be crowned king, he still has a long way to go with that nickname of the "snake". Manshrew is currently fighting him with his own forces and trying to dethrone the serpent, which we can always use more allies since there's a low number as it is player wise. Your character could be having his own small band robbing or becoming a pain in the ass for local merchants, supply lines, etc.

Though this is fully up to you and the GM but I figure I toss a few ideas out. Namely as I can see how players could happen upon them later on.
Alright peeps, with @xodus permission, I'm going to try to move us along. Who's still around?
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