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Current That moment you've got too many rp ideas floating in your head, but you don't want to overwhelm yourself? Yeah... I'm right there, suffering in silence.
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RP hunting is like finding the rare toy in the cereal box. Doable, but the time and effort is nearly more than I can bare!
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That amazing high when you realized how far you've come in improving your writing. It's impossible to describe, but drowns you in a positive glow.
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I love being a terrible person by making my PCs' lives miserable, it's art form that never gets old or boring.
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In the end, one man's hell could be another's paradise. Never underestimate the power of perspective.


Personal details I've got enough room to share.

Nicknames....Fallen (preferred), Reaper, Devour of lost souls, etc.
Sign...............Libra (true to sign surprisingly)
Occupation....Wandering and exploring the caves of my insane mind
Location.........USA (Lost in the Cornfields!)



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Take your time, These guys are most active in the later hours of the day... if you're in EST that is...

I am, lol. Also night owls unit! XD

We defiantly have room, and no worries on the lack of knowledge... If you have any questions Im sure that multiple of us have seen every episode from beginning to end and/or read all the manga.

Fill out a character sheet and lets see where things go from there!

I have a stalker...

Kay, it might take me a bit to rewrite him.

Also, shhh... I'm harmless, I swear. I only lurk in the shadows, you'll never know I'm there.
I followed @Tsukai from their profile page and found this rp. I'm harmless, I promise I'm not a stalker...often, lol!

Anyways, I do have a character I've been revamping and kinda want to bring in here. One thing to note, I'm not a heavy expert on the series or its world. I'm also rusty since I've not rped this stuff for a while, is that alright? I've watched a few Naruto episodes here and there, and I even played in an alternative universe Naruto rp a friend made so I am not completely clueless. The sad part, it didn't get very far.

I'm also a bit worried any ideas I have, might not fit well with the world or be considered silly/cliche.

With that said, is there still room for another genin ninja?

*Also had a higher level ninja that was a pirate variety that might be fun to bring in for a mission*
Now I'm super curious as to what it is, because the image is broken, so all I have is your comment....

Let me find a better image.... I was afraid it might break.


Best to move on from this topic. I have my own personal thoughts, but I won't air them because I don't want to fuel the conversation. Any further discussion is best in the pm and away from forum eyes, but it's obvious one side wants it to be dropped and it should be.

Now, changing the topic once more:

Climb metal stick dude, climb. I thought this was adorable and pretty awesome, even for it's simple design. Also I'll have a post up for Ben and Duff, but I'm currently needing to have a second pair of eyes to look over it. I used dice to rp the encounter which I liked how it turned out and hope others will too.

I hope that picture shows... 😑
▀▄▀▄▀▄ Mαʅʅσɾყ ▄▀▄▀▄▀

Time, IC Day: Late Morning, Day 1
Location: Toran, within the city

Mallory reached for her shoes the organizer. She slipped off her meu slippers then placed her feet into her shoes, tapping the toes against the wooden floor twice to ensure they were secure. The girl smiled when she thought about the Toran’s age-old superstition about tracking ‘bad luck’ into the house from your shoes. For years, it was still a tradition in some homes to remove them and wear slippers inside. Others no longer practiced it.

She just figured her mom enjoyed she could limit the mud to one room without being weird, unlike back in Lifan. Depression washed over Mallory at remembering her old life. The move had brought a lot of changes in the last few years, from adjusting to a new culture and home to now her voyage ahead of her.

The fear of leaving her family behind while confronting the unknown left her chest tight with her anxiety.

Abruptly a huge white shape pressed its cold body against her. The chill raced up Mallory’s skin as her eyes glanced to the side. There stood her mother’s Fureishund named Pupsicle. It turned out her mother preferred cute names during her teenage years.

The dog-like Natrelmon was almost two foot shorter than herself, with see-through ice coating the head, belly, back, and legs like armor. He leaned against her with what he thought to be a comforting gesture while his droopy muzzle panted out an icy mist. Mallory had to admit he was adorable. She also was surprised he didn’t jab her with the long, sharp icicles protruding from the back of his legs.

Gently Mallory scratched Pupsicle underneath his right floppy ear. His tail gave a hard smack against her hip when it wagged, nearly knocking her down from his excitement.

“Owww,” She complained causing Pupsicle to whine in apology.

The girl knew her mother kept the natrelmon out of his relic purely because they were close, the Fureishund being her mother’s starter during her own Rites. There wasn’t a single memory Mallory didn’t have as a child which didn’t include this monster of a natrelmon being around. Though like some well trained Natrelmon, Pupsicle put his trainer’s desires first.

After few more scratches behind the ear, Mallory decided to bid him farewell, “I’m going to miss you too boy. Keep mom safe and company until I get back, deal?”

Pupsicle just gave her a doggish grin before he trotted off toward the kitchen. Her eyes followed him until he disappeared from sight, the clanking of dishes slowly stopped. Deep inside, Mallory knew her mother had been busy distracting herself. It gave the tamer enough time to leave without seeing her mother's sorrow being masked with false happiness.

She paused long enough to rub some warmth into her side, hip and leg where Pupsicle had pressed against her. Hoping outside wasn’t too cool, Mallory glanced to check she still had her bag. Another memory filled her as she let out a soft chuckle and headed out.


Mallory rushed down the stone steps and turned into the flowing crowds. Her unusual height allowed her to see over most of the people's heads. The activity was normal because she lived just outside one of the busiest areas in Toran: the marketplace. A few people, with the assistance of their various natrelmon, decorated the streets. Paper lanterns hung on strings and lucky tags were placed on the doors. Her peripheral vision spotted a small team of men practicing their routine. They used poles to wave a paper Seiryu, the legendary natrelmon, in the air as gracefully as they could.

She thought they did a fairly good job imitating a living breathing natrelmon, but it could never match the real thing.

Her eyes were peeled for Xander while her senses were immediately assaulted by the street vendors smells. They were busy preparing for tonight, from various spicy and rice noodles to skewered meat being charred. Her favorite was the deep-fried wheat snacks, coated with a light dusting of sugar. Her mouth began to water while she moved closer.

A clanking of a cart caused her to jerk to the side and turn down a semi-dark alleyway between two buildings, closing in on the busy scene at the other end. Behind her, the crowd parting for an old man and his Bovent.

Once in the alley, her finger tapped her bracelet and summoned out Gwisin. A dark, cloaked natrelmon with red stains oozed from the relic. A crown of spikes protruded from his shoulders to the back of his head, adding to his intimidating presence. Gwisin was only an inch taller than herself as he began to to follow her.

Unlike most people, she felt comfort in the darkness. When they exited out, Mallory’s eyes squinted and she raised a hand to shade them.

A voice caused her to stop abruptly.

“Yeah, kiddo. Heading to start your Rites?”

Her right leg literally stopped in midair, her head twisted toward the origins of voice. Her father, a fellow with the same height and willowy built stood behind a wooden stand. His pale blue eyes were warm in pride while his smile wrinkled his aged face, his front covered with an apron. Near the stand’s base laid Ajax, her father’s Panzer, basking in the few rays of direct sunlight. The panther-like natrelmon lazily glanced in Mallory’s direction before giving her the cold shoulder despite being a grass and light type.

“Actually,” Mallory started to form her thoughts into words, pausing a moment to calm her racing heart.

“I was heading to the wilds. I need to capture some natrelmon before I start, but I need to find Xander first. You haven’t seen him, have you?”

Though it sounded better in her head, her tongue tried to tangle itself and try to skip a few words. It forced her to slow down as she was speaking.

Her father nodded, then shrugged, “Nope, I’m sorry but I haven’t seen him. Have you eaten today or did you rush out of the house before your mom got you to wait another year?”

Mallory’s silence spoke louder than her words ever could. It screamed an obvious yes causing her father to sigh, then moved to a boiling stock pot. It shimmered over a small flame burning on top of cut stone. A small Emleaf sat nearby and watched it eagerly.

Mallory wasn’t surprised the little natrelmon might’ve been the source of the flames.

He stirred the chicken broth. She caught the scent of chicken, scallions, vegetables and various herbs she knew by heart after watching him for years. While both her parents could cook, Mallory’s only talent in cook was burning water. Not even her books could explain how that was possible.

After a few moments, her father scooped out two small bowls then placed them on the stand. He also passed her two sets of chopsticks to slurp the chicken and rice noodle soup. In addtion, he added two long strips of deep-fried dough.

“One of each is for you, the rest is for Xander. I’m pretty sure that boy will smell it and come right to you.”

“Thanks,” Mallory smiled as she hesitated in collecting her free meals.

“This is my way of wishing you good luck on your trip. While your mother might be overprotective, I’m pride you’re taking this first step.”

Careful not to spill the soup or the dough sticks, she leaned across the counter to hug her father. The old man tightly wrapped his arms about her and returned the embrace. Mallory retreated back as she juggled the food in her hands before seeking out Xander. In the back of her mind, she knew if he didn’t show up soon she had the okay eat it all herself. She couldn't let it go to waste after all.
I have no idea how this topic got started or honestly want to know, but I think it's time for a topic change.


Name: Mallory Starr
Age: 16
Gender: Female

HT: 5’11”
WT: 185 lbs.
Mallory is often described as nerdy and plain in appearance. The only notable trait that she did inherit was her unusual height, even if her figure is willowy. Her face is a soft oval with smokey blue eyes hidden under large, rounded glasses. She braids her sandy blond hair into a single ponytail, her bangs allowed to run in rampant wisps at the sides. It seems she rarely gets enough sun because her skin is rather pale.

Her outfits lean on the practical side. She doesn’t really see how anyone could move in a dress and prefers slightly baggy cargo pants with tons of pockets. This is held up by a green and brown camouflage belt. Her tops are solid tee-shirts that fit her measurements pretty well without constricting her blood veins. It doesn’t help she’s a bit top heavy in her chest area but hides it underneath her large hiking coat.

When traveling, she carries a medium size backpack across her shoulder. It holds her numerous books like a ‘Basic Tamer’s Guide to Natrelmons’ and ‘Mage Magic 101’. From these short instructions, she decided her profession on. She also has a spare set of glasses if her first pair ever gets broken.

Hometown: Toran

Mallory is responsible and mature for her age, usually using her head before she acts. Her nose is usually stuck in a book but doesn’t make her any less aware of her surroundings. She had trouble socially interaction since she prefers the security of her own head. Books bring her a special type of joy because she enjoys other people’s imaginations and ideas, feeling it easier to handle than social interactions. Camping and related activities are not her favorite past time.

Relic Description: Attached to her wrist is a pendulum bracelet with a gem for each Natrelmon, more become added as she needs them. Those that aren’t in use are placed in a safe place in her backpack. Each one is assigned a color to enable easy identification.

Starting Natrelmon: [Gwisin] Olena - Dark/Ghost Type
Starting Spell Schools: Abjuration and Invocation


Her parents moved to Toran from Lifan. That over two years ago, their reasoning was for a change of scenery and because she was a minor there little fighting it. Thankfully there was a magic school in Toran as she learned to adjust to the cultural differences. Due to her ignorance of Xander’s reputation, she didn’t really consider running the other way when they met on the first day at her new school. If she knew dealing with him would become a headache, she might’ve bolted to the other side of town.

She met her first Natrelmon after being curious about an abandoned alleyway in the city, a place that was rumored to be haunted. After being nearly scared to death, the culprit revealed itself to be nothing more than an Olena. She wasn’t sure if it approved of her fear or the fact she could see it, but it quickly took to following her around. This lead to a crazy idea. If she couldn’t bring out the best in herself, maybe as a tamer she could do that for the Natrelmon she caught.

Professions: Mage and Tamer
Noteworthy Skills:

+ [Mallory Starr] +

+ Party Natrelmon +
1) Gwisin [Elwis] - [M] - [15] - [3375] (Dark/Ghost type)
2) Bool [Flabara] - [F] - [10] - [1000] (Fire/Poison type)

Money: [17000] N
Spell Schools:
- Rank [III] [Abjuration] - [21600]
- Rank [III] [Invocation] - [21600]



Innate Abilities:

Splendid Conjury
As advanced practitioners of protective magic, an Abjurer's Walls are naturally stronger than those of their non-abjurer counterparts. The Abjurer's Wall and Encompassing Wall spells get an additional [Rank / 2] uses.

The Abjurer is able to channel for one exchange while within [Rank] feet of a barrier, absorbing it into themselves. Then, the Abjurer's magic will naturally repair the barrier over the course of five exchanges. Then, after it is repaired, the Abjurer may instantly redeploy the wall anywhere within [Rank] feet of themselves or their Natrelmon, following the usual wall rules.

The Abjurer can choose to deploy the wall before it is repaired, causing it to retain the number of hits taken before it was absorbed.

All Abjuration spells are invoked verbally and Wall spells require a somatic (movement) component to indicate where they will be placed.


Rank I- Chant of Mending

Rank II- Effulgent Burst

Rank III-Blinding Radiance


Innate Abilities:

Prismatic Seal

Whenever an enemy trainer or Natrelmon is affected by an Invocation spell, they gain a stack of Prismatic Seal.

Once per battle, the Invoker may consume [X] stacks of Prismatic Seal when they affect an enemy with an Invocation spell, where [X] is the Rank of a chosen School of Magic. For the next [X] exchanges, the individual is unable to use that School of magic.

When an enemy Natrelmon reaches five stacks of Prismatic Seal, the next time they are affected by an Invocation spell they are rooted for two exchanges. Receiving any damage will break this root.


At Rank I, the Invoker can use minor illusions out of combat for various purposes.

The illusions can be detected by mages of an equal or higher rank than the Invoker (in any school), except at Rank X in which case they must also be an Invoker.


Rank I - Shimmering Bolt

Rank II - Inundate

Rank III - Celestial Curtain

Medium- Can see ghosts, even when they are invisible.

6 F Relics
3 E Relics
3 D Relics
1 C Relics

- Rank [I] [Mage] - [0]
- Rank [I] [Tamer] - [0]


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