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RP hunting is like finding the rare toy in the cereal box. Doable, but the time and effort is nearly more than I can bare!
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That amazing high when you realized how far you've come in improving your writing. It's impossible to describe, but drowns you in a positive glow.
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I love being a terrible person by making my PCs' lives miserable, it's art form that never gets old or boring.


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Week 7, Day 2, Early Morning
Location: Twi'lek underground village

Lo relaxed as she watched him take the bowl, eating the simple breakfast. She was thankful the Twi'lek had learned how to make their fires smokeless. However, they still needed to be careful. Any fires could easily lead the Sith and the Slavers back to their door. It wouldn't help anyone.

The younger bothan sipped her tea as she considered the future for a single moment. Her master's question interrupted her thoughts causing her to look at him. It left her scrambling for a reply which she had none. Her fur bristled a bit then settled down once more.

"Speaking bluntly, Master. Ever since we came to Ryloth, have I ever been ready for the day? From slavers to sith, the time spent here has taught me one thing. Readiness is an illusion for life. No one is truly prepared for whatever a day will bring." Lo paused for a moment, a bit surprised by the words she spoke. They were truthful, but sounded weird coming from her.

She sighed. "Sorry, the short answer is no. I am not."

Her hand began to rip a piece off the bead then folded it, scooping some yellow mush onto it. She popped it into her mouth and chewed. A thick and grainy texture, but a strong favor. The padawan rather enjoyed it.

"How are the herbs working? I decided to experiment and alter the herbs, substituting one for another. One that was a bit easier to get around the village."
Collaboration Mahree & Dashara

Dash frowned. Her eyes tried to penetrate into the shadows, difficult due to the poor lighting. She inhaled to sooth her frustration as she began to examine the hallway's sides. Clinging to the wall, Dash extended her foot to test for a small ledge. Nothing. The stone had been worn smooth, and she leaned back into the platform's safety.

"That idea is pointless." She muttered under her breath.

Mahree glanced up as her friend tried to look at all their options for crossing the pit. The cave’s ceiling was high enough… perhaps.

“We can try to jump.” Mahree said, looking back at Dash. She figured her friend wouldn’t like this idea very much given Dash’s hesitation with the Force, but it was worth suggesting. Mahree was confident she could do it, and was confident that she could encourage Dash as well; but she didn't want to force her friend.

“You sure?” Dash asked again, now hearing Mahree. Her eyes turned to face her friend and looked her over for any hesitation or hidden worry.

Seeing nothing, the older woman sighed in relief.

“You can go first, I’ll follow. It’s not the first time I’ve jumped across a gap.”

Mahree shrugged and stepped forward, holding the stage in one hand tightly as she glanced down into the pit. The younger girl turned suddenly, using the momentum and throwing the staff across the pit and to the other side.

She took a few steps backward, taking in a deep breath and getting low before pushing off the ground. She ran fast, lowering and pushing off into a jump at the very edge of the pit. She used the Force to strengthen her jump and push her further, allowing her to land one foot on the other side at the very edge. She moved forward, making sure she was safely over before glancing back over to Dash.


Dash silently stood back. Her attention shifted to follow the girl's rush across the gap and hoped for the best. For the short time she had known Mahree, the girl hadn't shown much athletic or acrobatic talent. The time it took for the younger girl to get across felt like an eternity to her. A dreadful one.

The spell broke when the girl's feet landed safely on the other side. Dash let out a heavy sigh of relief. Her figure bent and her hands found her knees, the lock muscles loosening. It took everything to fight the urge to simply collapse at that moment.

Her head perked up at Mahree's question. A sharp, confident grin spread across her lips.

"This is a piece of cake. Better make room."

Her hips swayed as she moved from the end, giving herself a running start. She flipped about then lowered her arms to the ground, her foot braced against the ground. She inhaled then exhaled. Without warning, her figure bolted forward. When she drew close to the wall, her foot extended, and she tilted her balance.

In a well practiced move, Dashara managed to wall run over the gap. At the last bit, she kicked off and landed on her feet.

"Hopefully all our challenges will be that easy, but I doubt it." She flashed her friend a smirk.

"You just had to show off, didn't you." Mahree teased as Dash landed her run across the wall. She smiled to her friend before kneeling down and picking up the staff she had thrown across.

"They probably won't be… but as long as we take them together, we can make it."

Dash chuckled. “Comes with living in ‘Little Slugland’.”

Her lithe figure moved past her friend and into the chamber beyond. About four pillars surrounded the center with a room to the left and right. So far, no presence appeared to be in sight. This put Dash at ease as she considered which direction to head.

"You learn quickly or you die. I wasn’t going to end up being another dead kid left for the rats on the ramparts. I was going to survive to see somewhere better. “

Her eyes glanced at Mahree to indicate if she had an idea of where to go next.

Mahree hesitantly examined their path ahead. She watched Dash for a moment before the grip on her staff tightened as she started to follow her friend.

Across the gap, something shifted in the pale light and paused. Light reflected off a pair of eyes following the pair before it vanished.

Room 1 to 2
Week 7, Day 2, Early Morning

Lo smiled and took the bowl from the camp fire. Numerous vegetables and meat floated in a rich, dark broth. Most the food on Ryloth had been stews, mush, or simple meat and bread arrangements. Not that she complained. The cooks were surprisingly good at making whatever they had smell and taste acceptable.

Thanking the young blue skinned Twi’lek, the young bothan made her back to her master’s quarters. She carefully balanced a tray with two bowls of stew, bread, and yellow mush. Her nose twitched with each step, but she managed to keep it steady in her hands. Carefully she navigated through the others waiting in line for their portions.

Her eyes caught sight of her master sitting by the rock pile, deep in mediation. Her head cocked to the side in confusion. Choosing not to question the reason endlessly, she moved closer. She stopped in front of him then set the tray down between them. Her legs folded up to pad her rump from the hard, packed floor.

“You should eat,” Lo stated as she held out a bowl for him, with some bread.

A heavy, mirth filled chuckle escaped Cria's lips. His head turned and sized up the new arrival. Already the Zabrak reversed in his mistake, ordering a drink to pacify the woman. It was a good thing too. No successful business person enjoyed a warm body that wasn't a paying customer.

The Exchange representative brought his ale to his lips, half draining the mug. A nice buzz grew at the back of his skull, but not enough to hinder his work ability. Taking the back of his hand, he wiped his beard and lips clean. His blue eyes turned to the alien before he offered a generous piece of advice.

" Usually best to order a drink, no matter how long you're going to be here. Puts credit into their pocket."

Cria slid closer as he continued. "I'm glad you could make it. So, how much did they tell you about the job?"

The blond man expected Daklero to know very little or nothing, but he had been surprised before. He watched the Zabrak then glanced to the door occasionally, waiting for the smugglers to arrive.

Welcome onboard. ^-^
Week 7, Day 1, Late Evening

"No disrespect Master, but I disagree." Lo's face turned to face her master. A familiar hardness etched into her muzzle and eyes. She let her frustration yield to her determination as she leaned her back against the table. In her hands, the mortar and grind already had been turning the herbs into a paste.

"I might not be able to heal it, but I can give you a painkiller. I do this for a few good reasons." Her voice remained firm and resisting her master's protest. She shifted the grind into the bowl as she lifted her fingers and counted the reasons.

"First," her first finger lifted.

"If anyone sees you in that condition, it will affect the Twi'lek's faith in you. Especially since it's a persisting injury that they knew nothing about until now. While Sar and a few others understand, others will not."

She lifted her second finger.

"I need to be able to focus. Through our link, I get faint sensations and those are distracting. This is to give us time to teach me how to block it out."

Lo inhaled, revealing her last and final reason.

"Finally, before you deny the painkiller with the excuse that others need it... I'm only using local herbs. Ones we can easily replenish and have plenty in stock. I also need the practice to familiarize myself with how they work and strength. You're going to help with that."

Once more, the padawan inhaled.

"Now, stop being unreasonable. Else, I will show you exactly how H'Ratth healers tend to stubborn patients." Lo appeared to prepare herself to deal with additional issues as she looked at her master.

Dominik listened to his Padawan’s words as she spoke, giving him no time to interject with an argument as she countered every single one he was preparing to throw at her. By the end of it, Dominik was obviously peeved at his Padawan’s ability to argue with him at that moment, but he also admired her determination and stubbornness.

He pulled back a glare that had formed; she knew how to argue and how to do it well. The older Jedi huffed in frustration before his eyes closed as he accepted his defeat. He shifted his legs slightly as he felt the sharp pain threatening to dig deeper into his hip.

“You’ve learned well.” He muttered in defeat, wincing at the pain he felt but attempting to distract his mind by talking to his Padawn.
“Well, I have spent about two months with you. If I haven’t learned anything during that time, I consider myself a terrible padawan.” Lo stated bluntly as she finished grinding the herbs then shaking the paste into a cup. She passed it to him.

“It needs to be digested. Beware, the herbs are bitter. I suggest taking some water with them to ease the taste.” After she passed it off, Lo looked to her master.

“We need to get you off the floor before the chill makes it worse.”

Dominik reached out slowly, accepting the cup from his Padawan. He brought it to his nose, smelling its bitter scent before pulling it to his lips. Closing his eyes, he sat up slightly, using his other arm to hold him up before he threw his head back, swallowing the paste in one go. He could help the face he made moments later before he coughed a couple times, swallowing in an attempt to get the taste to disappear faster. He held the cup back out towards Lo, allowing her to take it before that arm returned to help prop his body to fully.

Without waiting for Lo's help, he slowly turned his body so that he was in a sort of kneeling position, gathering his strength before he slowly started to help himself stand.

Lo stood there, watching her master swallow the herbs. She reached for the bowl then quickly turned away. Not seeing the pain or struggle helped her to squash down the urge to help him. His pride and stubbornness would fight her on that.

"So how do you feel? Are the herbs dealing with the pain at least? Don't lie because I'll know." Her voice retained a firm, but softer tone this time.

Dominik slowly found his footing as he stood, keeping most of the weight off of his sore hip, though he could tell the herb paste was already working. He winced as he felt a dull pain surge from his hip and down his leg, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as it had been before. He looked to a nearby crude wooden table, one hand reaching out towards it. On it, his lightsaber and wooden walking stick started to tremble. He pulled both of them quickly towards him, both landing in either hand. Dominik mounted the lightsaber on his waistbelt while the other hand took the walking stick firmly and held it down next to his right leg. The walking stick came up to his waist, a finely made cane of carved wood and leather. Dominik adjusted his clothing on his form, noting how they were starting to wear, before looking over towards his Padawan.

“Come Lo…” He said, pausing and showing his Padawan a weak but confident smile, “we should try to find out what happened, and see if Sar needs any help.”

“Lead the way.” She snatched her own lightsaber and quickly followed him out of the hut.
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Week 7, Day 1, Evening

Lo frowned as Dominik's hand tried to push her away. Her eyes snapped up, filled with frustration and anger. Immediately the emotions faded when he explained why. She gritted her teeth, but didn't say a word. Instead, her hands pulled back from Dominik's side and back into her lap. She remained sitting on her knees. All the healing energy dissipated.

Silently she watched in helplessness as her master waited for the pain to pass. Through their link, she could easily tell how much he suffered, but she bore none of the pain herself.

At Aren's words, the padawan looked into her direction. A simple nodded revealed she had heard everything. Her following words confirmed it.

"Thank you, Knight Bec. It's appreciated and I will try to remember it." Her voice took on a soft, but quiet tone.

Several silent moments passed before Lo began to raise to her feet. During the unexpected tremor, several things had toppled from the shelving. Including her healing herbs. With a careful and delicate touch, Lo began to pick them up. She paused with a small root in her hand. An idea formed in her head as she moved to her mortar and grind.

"Where's the pain originating from? Nerves, muscles, what? What is it like? Stabbing or continue throbbing?" Lo asked her master, listening carefully to his description.
Week 7, Day 1, in the darkness of evening

It was going to be all right.

Lo repeated to herself and moved to the wall near the foot of the bed. As much as she tried, her over protectiveness refused to let her go farther. Giving into that instinct, she allowed her this weakness but no more. To prevent her from fretting, she leaned against the wall and crossed her arms over her chest. The young Bothan carefully observed her master's progress. As Aren helped him upright, she pressed her lips together to silence the worried words.

This was unavoidable. Being a Healer, she knew the importance of these exercises. Bones and muscles were important. During her master's coma, he had lost both muscle mass and bone strength. They couldn't help properly without some work.

When Aren managed to get him fully up on his feet, Lo's breath stilled in her lungs. Her fur flattened out with a nervousness against her will. On instinct, her upper jaw bit the lower lip. A slight sting to distract her from her master's poor condition.

She never sensed the aftershock's approach until it hit.

An violent and sudden force knocked her balance from her. Her arm snapped out to catch herself. IT managed to snag the bed, stopping her from face planting into the stone floor. Darkness washed over them when the few candles in the hut toppled from their perch. Snuffled out by the impact.

As Lo righted herself, only the few crystals illuminated inside. She froze when she heard Master Rothul plead for Aren to lay himself. The padawan's heart stalled from fear. Half risen, her eyes met Aren's. That eye connection broke her spell as she pushed upright then moved toward her master.

Instinctively, she dropped to her knees. Her palms touched to his side and wordlessly she began to focus her spirit into healing him. Her eyes closed and her mind turned inwardly, using the force to guide her skills.
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