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RP hunting is like finding the rare toy in the cereal box. Doable, but the time and effort is nearly more than I can bare!
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That amazing high when you realized how far you've come in improving your writing. It's impossible to describe, but drowns you in a positive glow.
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I love being a terrible person by making my PCs' lives miserable, it's art form that never gets old or boring.


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I think we're waiting for the GM to get this started.
Zane mulled over Samad’s offer as the other took off without waiting for a response. Although strength wasn't Bella’s forte, the two Asylums verses a Rouge was something the two ladies could handle. Four seemed a bit excessive. Zane was about to head towards the girl when a loud noise echoed through the jungle followed by two words through his telepathic link.

He’s here.

Zane’s lazy, uncaring demeanor dropped as he bolted towards Samad. No further explanation was needed to know who Bella was referring to.

Are you hurt or at immediate risk of danger? Zane responded as he pulled out his coin.

No. I’m opening communication with others.

Zane could feel the growing concern from the woman and picked up his speed. It was rare for Bella to initiate telepathic communication with others. Huh, it’s that bad.


Elsa’s voice broke into Samad’s immediately following his rush to her side. The dread in his chest grew when she revealed the events transpiring in their area of the island. Already, his alchemy sensed the clash of Angel and Tabion though he didn’t know the owners at first.

Samad, we have an issue. Get your ass over here NOW! Tabion and Angel are fighting, there’s a chimera in the jungle and evacuations are underway. Recall the dead zone, it was a prison and whatever was in it… is out.

Already on it, Samad huffed back as he cursed. His feet immediately picked up speed, his feet moved rapidly through the jungle foliage and toward the girls.


Bella froze in place when the prisoner appeared. The lingering fear was still present from their previous interaction. She reached out to Zane as the man explained the situation but before Bella could ask any questions, the man was taken away nearly as quickly as he appeared.

How far away are you two? Bella asked as she opened up a telepathic channel and jumped immediately to a question with the other three without giving an explanation to Samad or Zane of the current situation. As she waited for a response the woman ran towards the kids to gauge the severity of their injuries.

We need to focus on the students while those two are fighting. Elsa relayed to the group as she ripped off her sleeve and quickly applied a wrap to the bleeding student.

Samad bursted through the foliage as his eyes caught the sight of two highly powerful asylums clashing. The fact the prisoner could hold his own confirmed Elsa and his theory the man was more than he appeared. At this point, Tabion didn’t appear to be reasonable and trying was foolish.

Let those two handle their own squabble. Zane mentioned spotting our favorite student heading toward the spire and I doubt she’s the only one. We have two options: locate the students and transport them to a new location or locate the chimera and lure it away from the jungle.

Elsa could sense Samad didn’t like either of those options, but they were limited on other ideas.

We should head the source of the problem. Zane said, arriving a few moments after Samad’s arrival and walked towards Bella as she worked on patching up the boy’s face. With over two hundred students scattered throughout the jungle casualties will be unavoidable regardless of what we choose but more will die if we focus on searching for the students while the monster has a chance to run rampant. There would be fewer chances for the chimera to attack the students if we can keep it busy.

Bella’s face fell when Zane mentioned the likelihood of casualties. She knew realistically that this would be the case but this thought didn’t sit well with her. What about a hybrid? I can send a bot with these students and scatter a few more out and lead any students they come across away.

As long as you keep enough with you. If you send too many out you will be weaker with the lack of firepower which wouldn’t benefit you or the students. Zane said as activated his shield.

Bella gave a nod and turned to the students. “...Be strong…” Bella said as she recalled her bots from her earlier attack. Most returned to her back and shaped into her backpack. Two baseball sized bots hovered besides her while a third rested between her and the students. “...Follow bot...lead to safety…”

“If you find any other students tell them to come with you. If you find any other mentors or invigilators tell them what is happening. We’re going to need as many Asylums helping in any possible way.” Zane said as he added to Bella’s instructions before continuing the telepathic conversation. Do either of you have a game plan on how to deal with the chimera or shall we wing it and see what we come across ?

Elsa and Samad were quiet as the conversation between Zane and Bella continued, each one of the observers noted the pair’s reaction. They both kept an eye on the fight that slowly dragged the prisoner and the chrono away from their location. A good thing because neither asylum dared to interrupt in favor of self preservation. When the subject turned over to them, Elsa was the first to break the silence.

It’s easier to weave a game plan when we know something about it. Right now, no plan is better than creating a failing one. I suggest we stick close to each other, especially to Samad who can slow and speed things up. Well, most things. Elsa let the inside joke slip through the cracks as she continued onward.

Samad just rolled his eyes and remained quietly in the background. His attention continued to observe the clashing alchemists gradually disappearing.

Our best bet is heading to where all the students are supposed to head to. We can save most of them then search the jungle if the chimera doesn’t show up. We’ll need all our energy for what’s coming so anything you got to help boost your alchemy, heal, or any advantage should be on hand and ready to use.
I will pop in here and say, it might be easier for all the characters to interact if we've all known each other to some extent. Either through passing, doing jobs for each other, etc. It also opens stuff up for most story and stuff. Like hidden affairs, conflict, drama, etc that is always fun writing out storywise.
<Snipped quote by Fallenreaper>

I was planning on rehashing an older character of mine that was around a high school age so if you want to work something out I'd be up for it.

Sure, why not. I'm a little busy this week, but give me a day or two to get my RL in order and I will pitch you a basic idea of the character.
I'm interested. I loved outbreak files and wish they had done more with it as a game, especially with the lore. I do have a sort of idea for a divorced mother or aunt who was supposed to meet her family at the restaurant, but unfortunately... fate had other plans. >3
So working on a new post :P

You sure? :P

Elsa dissected the scene before her.

The rogue’s disdain for being denied surfaced in her toxic beauty. Elsa pegged the bitch as someone that hated being told no, and the aftermath showed it. She deeply hoped one of the boys might have a solid plan to escape.

If not, Elsa’s eyes turned back to her friend. Bella’s overprotective nature risked overwhelming her common sense. The worst part, she wasn’t alone. Elsa had trouble keeping the ice over her heart just to stay anchored in place. It was clear the rogue held no moral standards unlike those aligned with the Bloodline families, alchemist royalty who kept those below AMRO’s standards in line. This reason alone allowed them to coexist underneath the organization’s supervision.

Elsa’s distracted thoughts shattered when the boy yelled his surrender. She watched Bella’s alchemy drive spring to life. It surged within her colleague as the dark haired woman summoned technology from her backpack and into the air. They fused into four disk shaped bot who launched themselves at the rogue. Bella followed while a glaive formed into her hand.

A soft sigh escaped underneath Elsa’s breath. She immediately sent a message to Samad through their link. While the rogue was notably weaker than Bella, the ice mother worried the conflict might attract more trouble than they could handle. Numbers still made a difference in a fight.

Samad, I’ve located Bella and we’re currently engaging a rogue. One of the students forfeited. The woman saw little reason to elaborate with her partner, he already knew she wouldn’t break the protocol.

Her hands reached for her belt, jerking it free and pressed a button. The magnetic energy immediately hummed to life. The buckles flew from her pants and stretched out in midair, the string taut between them. A curved bow riser snapped out its limbs as everything fell into place. Her hand snatched it up before gravity pulled it to the ground. In the same smooth motion, her arm reached behind and tugged a grey shafted arrow loose from her quiver.

She loosely notched it then carefully shifted from her original position. Her steps silently moved through the ferns as she made her way to the rogue’s blind side. Deep down, Elsa hoped the rogue might suspect that Bella was alone and could be taken off guard. However, she didn’t count on it.


Samad remained near the thinner edge of the branch while Zane continued to talk. The man’s less than serious attitude and volume indicated he cared very little about their position being betrayed. A small irritation flickered across Samad’s patience, but it didn’t snap. It took a lot more than that to make Samad lose his temper. He also didn’t believe any smart rogue would be stupid enough to attack two well trained Asylums.

His figure turned about to face Zane when he debated on undergoing the Oasis version of this trail. He voiced his thoughts with a calm and serious tone.

“I doubt you did. The main danger here is the rogues and where they could be hiding. The Oasis had sandstorms, heat, and lack of water. I remember a few students dehydrated during my trial.”

He let the unknown fate of those students linger in the air for a moment. The trials determined a student knew their limits or perished from their ignorance. At the next question, Samad inwardly reflected for a few moments. He finally turned back to observe the ground below their perch as he answered.

“I passed just within the twelve hour threshold. Failure wasn’t an option and I already had prior exposure to harsh survival training before AMRO found me.” Samad recalled the tall sandstone surrounding his ‘training’ ground.

At the age of eight, he was too ignorant to realize his family prepared their children at a very young age. It benefited him in the following years at AMRO. The things that could’ve been weren’t something he dwelled on for very long.

When the mention of Yin came up and Zane offered for him to join, Samad considered it for a moment. Before he could answer, Elsa’s message slapped him in the face. The man frowned heavily at the turn of events.

“I have a different direction in mind. Elsa just sent me a message. It appears the girls found each other and decided to engage a rogue. Rather than follow the troublemaker, it's more productive to meet our partners. Don’t you think so?”

Without wasting time waiting for an answer, Samad walked to the edge then leaped off. He bent his knees when he impacted onto the ground nearest the tree. His eyes turned back to Zane to deliver one message.

“If you want to come, keep up. If not, I can tell Bella where you went.” The words left hanging in the air as he rushed toward the direction Elsa had given him.

Once they were out of hearing range, Elsa’s eyes shot back to Bella. Naturally her friend was the first to break the silence and share the same hatred over the situation. She assessed her ally’s state of mind through her fragmented statements. They had known each other long enough to at least properly assume the other’s emotional state. The blond woman took a deep breath, her mind cleared and focused on their options.

“We can’t interfere until the students ask for it. Then we have full permission to do whatever it takes to save them, even if it’s excessive force.” Elsa’s voice indicated she didn’t mind doing the latter even if it wasn’t required.

The rogue’s games had left a bitter taste on her tongue. A type not washed out with a thorough brushing or mouthwash. Her eyes had returned to the scene, the individuals smaller and blurred by distance.

“I’m sad to say, that doesn’t include torture. I’m not fond of it myself, but if we get involved too soon… Terra won’t be happy.” Elsa said through gritted teeth.

Her fingers had started to clench into fists as her vision refused to leave the small, unfortunate group. The rogue laughed at the refusal. She snapped her fingers and a new vine erupted upward, the thorns slithered along the girl’s surface. A fresh rip of clothes became drenched in blood when new scratches formed.

“If I get a chance, I’m putting an icicle through that bitch’s face.” She growled low enough that only Bella could hear.


Samad didn’t move when Zane abruptly appeared beside him. Their weight sagged down the branch’s main anchor, but it held firm and silently stopped creaking. The Iranian’s eyes continued to monitor the woman until she vanished into some shrubbery. He hated this test as he didn’t want to engage the students, especially the pompous student below. The destruction in the cafeteria still lingered in his memory after Elsa nearly killed both her and himself.

At Zane’s chit-chat, he leaned back and gave Zane a questioning look. Elsa was usually the most social one of the pair. Unfortunately, his partner was somewhere else in this gardener’s paradise gone wild.

“From what I’ve seen, yes. It fits you. Unlike you, I didn’t. I was actually actively trying to avoid the rogues. It was in an oasis setting rather than a jungle.” Samad answered calmly as he scanned the scenery for signs of Elsa. He didn't answer the last question.

The damp, earthy scent snaked into her nostrils. Greenery half shrouded her vision as it hid her from sight, the scene unfolded before the pair. She pressed her arms into the soft ground just enough to proper herself to watch the scene unfold. The woman’s vision sent a shiver down the blond’s spine. Every living, breathing cell within her nature screamed to interrupt the sadistic event. The rogue toyed with her prey like a predatory cat with an appetite for malice.

Despite her training, Elsa hated the exams. She saw them as a barbaric practice. One long overdue to be culled from AMRO’s educational programs and faded into the history books. Samad was confident it would never happen, but she held hope.

Elsa gritted her teeth to silence her protest when the vine lashed across the female student’s back. It retracted, a bloodied and torn aftermath left in its wake. The uniform barely hung off her form now. Impulsively, Elsa’s eyes shifted to the right and noticed Bella’s reaction. She carefully placed her hand on her ally’s in a comforting gesture.

The blond asylum turned back to watch the widened eyed students track the rogue’s smirking form. She circled closer, her mockery filled the thick jungle air. While the rogue twisted an innocent child’s game into something dark, Elsa tapped Bella’s arm. She pointed to another location just outside the immediate area. Somewhere safer to talk than where they were. With a cautious movement, Elsa began to lead the way toward it.

Meanwhile, the boy trapped earlier glanced at the girl and gave into his fate. He pressed his thumb to his mouth. The nail edge pinched the nail edge between, a firm grip. A tug began to peel the nail away. Blood trickled from lips onto the boy’s chin as it muffled his groans. With a rough tug, it came off in his teeth in a jagged strip. He fought back a gag before he passed it to the girl. She stepped back, her hand covered her mouth, as she glanced at him in total horror. It was clear she wasn’t willing to carry out her part of the game.

Elsa hated teleportation alchemy. Out of all her options in alchemy, it still gave her dread and anxiety. Her breath fixed in her lungs as it settled down, her body was frozen in place until the experience ended. A tingling raced down her limbs with the sensation of pins and needles. It faded into the air to signal its completion causing her eyes to open. The foilage curled around her legs and grew into a thick jungle setting.

She was glad she brought proper attire rather than her casual uniform. The thick humidity blanketed her as she absorbed her position.

Terra never gave hints to the location specs when she designed them for the trials. The Chrono felt it risked giving some students unfair advantages from their favorite teachers. Elsa couldn't argue against it since the teachers enjoyed pitting their favorites against each other. Something to chase away the boredom she assumed.

The sounds of water rushing along drew Elsa's attention. With a small smirk, she began to carve out a path to the source. Tall trunks began to thin out as a clearing came into view. It didn't take her long to recognize Bella's dark hair and quirky glasses. The words started in Elsa's throat when someone's screams broke the silence.

Her head snapped to the side. A dark-haired student, Italian in descent, bolt into the clearing. The girl continued to shout behind her.

"Run, you idiots. NOW!"

As the student rushed over fallen trees and bushes, Elsa rushed forward. Her arms tossed about Bella's shoulders and immediately pulled themselves down onto the ground. Their figures vanished out of sight as two more boys burst into a small clearing.

Elsa's finger pressed against her lips in a universal hush signal.


Samad frowned as they were teleported into the trial grounds. A thick, humid blanketed the Iranian while his eyes scanned the stage for the student's trials. He should've assumed Terra would've picked something green. A sigh slipped from his lips as he began to look toward the trees, a quick judgment over their high ground. With only a bit of help from Alchemy, he managed to scale it to the highest branch.

When he finally found purchase on its surface, a scene began to unfurl beneath him. His dark eyes narrowed on someone below. A woman with long, dark hair stood in the open. She appeared to be scanning her whereabouts for other students.

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