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Current That amazing high when you realized how far you've come in improving your writing. It's impossible to describe, but drowns you in a positive glow.
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I love being a terrible person by making my PCs' lives miserable, it's art form that never gets old or boring.
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In the end, one man's hell could be another's paradise. Never underestimate the power of perspective.
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Nightmares fuel my muse, keeping her nice and satisfy...
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Stupidity can be the most dangerous thing to a person...but damn, does it feel good laughing at it when it's not you.


Personal details I've got enough room to share.

Nicknames....Fallen (preferred), Reaper, Devour of lost souls, etc.
Sign...............Libra (true to sign surprisingly)
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Status............Stable.I'm currently staying with my Aunt at her house and looking for a new home, so if I vanish unexpectedly it's because I'm busying moving and found a new place to live.


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Coruscant Sacked: Aftermath
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~Chrono Asylum: The Tainted Crest
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⊰Manifest Anima: Planes Divided⊱
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Samhain Intrigues
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Blood Act: Ghosts of the Past
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Noah Griffin

Noah’s right eyebrow arched in question. His lips frowned, pressing tightly and observed her reaction. The mixture of English and native tongue didn’t help much. He decided to apply his school education into translating their meanings. His brows tightened in thought as he analyzed her words one by one. He used clues to determine their meaning.

Neniwa… a dirty name or his gender. Considering how much he was angering her, he learned to some dirty name. He wouldn’t put it past her.

Nepi… a drink name or glass? The way she used it indicated fragile or lacking in strength, but he wasn’t confident in his assumption.

Ki·šeswa… Could've been an animal or a bird? She used the world fly after all.

Ihkwêwa… he assumed that likely meant woman or female. Noah doubted she would ever call herself anything dirty or insulting. She was too confident.

Anemôha… last one on the list. The sentence gave little to no clue about its meaning so he didn’t even really try.

“If I could trust you not to steal my tools, I’d let you walk behind me. After your little stunt, I don’t trust you…” Noah scoffed under his breath.

His palm continued to gently nudge her toward the group. He was mindful not to get too rough because he didn’t want to hurt her, just make a point she stayed in front.

Meanwhile, Noah continued to march in silence. Stiffness developed in his neck thanks to extreme efforts to avoid eye contact. The less attention he gained, the better. At least, that’s what he kept telling himself.

Things seemed to be tolerable until their ‘shepherd’ had decided to maim one of his flock.

Though gaps in the collected bodies, Noah caught sight of Yin snatching a woman from the group. The creature held her jaw open as his claw raked across her tongue. Coloring it red. Muffled screams could be heard while she failed to get free, struggling a bit in his grasp.

The whole display disgusted Noah. His fingers tightened into a fist. He had no way of knowing the woman had been emotionally torturing another. If he had, his reaction would’ve different. At least less angry. Deep down, some instinct cautioned him against acting stupid.

It forced him to relax. His hands rested at his sides, his posture once more submissive. For how long, it depended on when things escalated again. He wasn’t sure how much longer he could just stand and watch individuals become victims. From behind him, a shout broke the air.

Noah’s head whipped about for the source.

His eyes recognized the hot-headed woman as she sifted through the ‘flock’. She then vanished toward the front. While he wouldn’t likely be able to hear the exchange from his position in the back, his gut had a raw, black feeling in it. Things went bad fast.

These…things were easily provoked. Even one wrong look and someone might end up tossed across the bridge and disappear into the pits.

‘What made her decide to…’ Noah’s thoughts trailed off.

Bodil’s words hit him like a sledgehammer to the gut.

His eyes shifted from one human to another, his lips mouthed numbers as he counted heads. The woman was right, someone was missing. He thought for a moment and tried to determine who it was. Erin's face rose to his attention when he couldn't find her in the group.

“Where… did she go?” Noah whispered to himself.

He was ignorant of the rising tensions ahead between Bodil and Yin. The mistake would shortly be resolved.

The sound of a body bashed against stonework caught his attention. His head to turned back to the present. He was nearing his tolerance’s breaking point now and his caution seemed to flirt away. Without thinking, his arm reached out and pushed Vae to the side. He began to walk to the front.

He didn’t know the fox wouldn’t kill the woman or that she would’ve been whisked away to elsewhere.

All those happened beyond his sight as he felt someone’s hand grip his arm. Noah tensed and paused. His facial expression scrunched up in confusion as he turned to face the individual.
Uncovering Shadows
Hysteria (Djarkel) @Konan375, @Demonic Angel, @13org and @EliteCommander


The Esyire’s vision was blurred. Edges darkened about indicated signs of failure as he bolted onward. His feet trampled all that lay in his path.

Why hadn’t they warned him about the psychomancer?

The question was quickly forgotten in a blaze of pain along his skin. Burnt scales wafted into his nostrils and churned his stomach at knowing the source. Adrenaline poured through his veins deeply and fed his fear.

He barely noticed Ssarak’s attempts to steer him clear of the lantern oil. His mass shifted around a few objects that suddenly appeared. He barely noticed he missed and ran through a few, focused on escape.

As the Esyire ran blindly toward her, the Elf decided it was time to go. Her features crunched up into a snarl then glared at Leith a moment before she turned to the nearest exit. A window. She felt the liquid rush off her form but continued forward. The mage would’ve been too weighed down by his own folly to interfere.

While her wounded leg slowed her down, she ignored the wound. Blood trickled down her muscles and dripped a trail in her wake. She pushed past the horror-struck sharpshooter.

She tugged on her companion to move quickly. Still, in shock, he closed his gaping mouth and nodded. Promptly they slipped through the nearest window to escape. Being the last one out, the Elf dropped something hard and small. A rune… smoke, thick and blinding, began to flood the area.

The assassins were making their getaway before the Elf paused, then hollered up to the roof.

“Time to go! NOW!”


Lyn fought the impulse to pass out. Her eyes blinked to clear her blurry and swaying vision. It made her sick just watching it as she struggled to get back upright. The vines immediately slacked in her distraction.

Ssarak... we have a problem. We're in serious trouble up here!

Air failed to enter and fed the orc woman’s lungs, her machete aimed to slice off the pest from her neck. His hand managed to hold her at bay. She gave a frustrated snort. Time was ticking down. Using what little strength she had, her other hand jerked at the vines causing them to strain.


They gave surprisingly at her final attempt much to the orc’s shock. Her eyes turned to Lyn, suffering from mageblood sickness. The orc woman’s smile sharpened.

Just when Henri jerked her arm to the side and shifted his weight, she threw herself backward. His body immediately impacted with the ground hard. Added more force than what he had been planning likely might’ve knocked the breath out of him. She didn’t even give him a chance to wrench her head and snap it as she tried to peel him off of her with new vigor.

In the sudden move, much to Henri’s good luck, she had lost her grip on her weapons. She pulled and tugged at his legs, finally peeling one off. Gripping it tightly, she tried to break the bone until a voice reached her.

“Time to go! NOW!”

The orc woman hissed in disapproval. Bouncing up then back down, she peeled Henri off herself. Before he could recover, she was up and rushing toward the edge of the roof to escape.

“We will meet again… and next time, you will die.” She bellowed behind her before vanishing out of sight toward the ground.

College Troubles

Val and Zaad, Twilight College
@Vesuvius00@Landaus Five-One@BlackPanther@Luna

Val nodded toward Veretu, showing approval at his attempts. Encouragement was better somethings, especially for the meek. At Salem’s words about being nothing like Zaad, she scoffed.

“T’at be somet’ing ‘e would say too about you.”

She noted Elise tense as her eyes squinted at the woman. She debated on something in her head than inhaled, thoughtfully placing something away. Her tone took on a mixture of distaste and irritation over the subject matter.

“Aye, lassie. Best to tread cautiously about ‘im. Tey usually belongs in t'e inferno but many come to Tiien. Summoned or discarded by careless mages.”

She made a point to glance at Salem as if accusing him of being one.

When Elise mentioned her fear, the stout woman frowned. She had never heard of such a thing so the reveal was… odd. Pressing her fingers against her chin, she began to think about a solution. She came up blank until Summer approached them.

Val stepped up beside the young woman. She rested her hand on Elise’s shoulder in a comforting manner.

“Deep breat’s little one. Avert your eyes to ‘er nose or eyes, and focus t’ere.” Advised Val.

She bit her lip to avoid commenting on the demon.

—Kitchen Shenanigans—

Arius, the plump head cook, gingerly stepped from his companions. He approached the smaller student with a sizing eye. After a moment, he twisted his thick mustache and sorted his words.

“Oi, that would greatly be appreciated, ma’am. However, I don’t think it will be as easy as you think. That little pest has been cornered twice… and still manages to get away. We haven’t figured out how just yet!”

He tossed his hands up into the air with a huff.

Cade had just begun to calm down when things went from alright to terrible. Any control over his emotions shattered when he heard about management was dead. He rose from his reclined posture and eyes fixed on Angel, the messenger. A tinge of fear edged into them.

Even with his limited knowledge about Ouros, any blood spilled was not going to end well.

“I wonder what gave them that idea?” Cade couldn’t help but ask. He started to feel that perhaps some of Ante Mortem’s rumors were actually true.

As if reading his mind, Cade’s ears caught a shout ring out.

"Stop right there!"

His head snapped to the source and watched several men part from the crowd. They marched in their direction, a determination in each step, as they surrounded the small group. Impulsively Cade’s hand already started to spark with electrical energy while the man spoke.

"You have shed blood on the neutral ground, you Mr. Legna and your guests are Anathema!" When the words finished, palms shot out and glowed red. The fire erupted then formed into heated balls before being hurled at them.

"I bring shape to the void."

Angel’s voice broke the heat of battle. The scene broke apart like a shattered mirror’s reflection, leaving them all in white space. The shards faded into dust which drifted away.

Rin’s voice broke the silence first. “This is beyond a simple retrieval mission now.”

"Beyond simple? This is a haunting mess." Angel answered, his steps echoed as the surroundings fell into something more familiar. It appeared to be a library.

"Ah, I see you have all managed to give shape to your psyches, excellent."

At Angel’s words, Cade looked down at himself. His ‘psyche’ physical form was similar to his original with a few minor changes. The tiredness had faded. His skin seemed perfectly clean and even his aura had the glow to it. Small electrical wings folded upon his back, sparking occasionally.

As Rena/Rin warned Angel about his limited time, Cade looked around for Samad. He found his partner lurking in a nearby corner. The older Asylum looked nothing like he had expected.

The Iranian’s outline was hazy like his momentum alchemy was in full activation. It was enough to cause Cade’s eyes to hurt by simply looking at it. Red covered the fingers tips, fresh from the look of it. A hole seemed to have been created in his chest where approximately his heart should’ve been.

Angel began to explain their location and what had happened. He passed his glance from Asylum to another. The imagery was little hard to swallow for Cade. He had seen the inside of a living skull and the patch seemed to hollow out Angel’s one eye, giving a ghastly appearance.

Rin started on their duties, mainly with their priorities. The least pleasant fact was that a Chrono would soon be hunting them.

[color=7ccd7]Could…any worse?[/color]

Cade asked Samad. The Iranian didn’t answer, his focus purely on the meeting at hand. Now things rested on Cade solely finding Anya before everyone got killed.

When the world came together upon exiting the void… time reset to the exact moment they left. The last words from Angel’s lips were Cade’s least favorite.

"Ah, I forgot about them...."

Cade’s attention shifted back to the crackling energy in his palm. He needed more time as he gritted his teeth. Where was Samad?

Thankfully, both Maeve and Kiara stepped up and activated their overdrive. The gruesome scene left Cade’s stomach to churn inside. At the end of it, it seemed the two girls were exhausted.


Looking… her.

Silence… Cade fought the instinct to merely rush blindly into the crowd. It wouldn’t help anyone. His alchemy died on his palm into a condensed ball caged by his fingers in a simple gesture. The energy packed inside was meant to act like a flash bomb but seemed unneeded now.

Found… Eastside, nearest the club’s bar… be careful of… Samad’s voice broke up in Cade’s skull.

“Damn this blasted link. She’s in the east area of the club,” Cade uttered as he rushed off toward the east direction.
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Location: Smithy's drug and grocery store, Las Vegas

Time: Evening

Ben heard Ji’s cry, but he ignored it.

His muscles rippled under his fur as his paws hit the tile floor. Each lunge propelled him forward, cutting down the distance fairly quickly. Like track shoes, his claws prevented him from tumbling muzzle over tail.

Benjamin’s attention narrowed on the item underneath Mandate’s foot. It was the only thing that mattered. The instinct to protect his pack mate drove him onward. His nostrils flared, drawing in more breath with each inhale. His inner wolf demanded he go faster.

When Yeong went for his neck, Benjamin twitched. He had been ready for this.

Impulsively, his neck jerked out what little fur she could grasp away. The scruff snapped back like a rubber band. His black lip curled, exposing the white fangs, followed by a rumbling growl. It vibrated his whole throat. Ears pinned back against his skull and eyes widened in anger. Benjamin’s scent washed over Yeong, increasing his intimidation.

A magical scent hit him.

It appeared right in front of him causing Benjamin to abruptly come to a halt, he tried to turn on a dime. His paws skidded across the floor as he darted to the right, following the cup-shaped gush’s edge. The wind brushed his fur, tossing sections wildly. He slammed into the open coolers. Immediately his mass toppled over the barrier and landed in the fresh meat section. His head hit the railing, becoming dazed by the impact. Benjamin rattled his head trying to regain his awareness.

His ears caught the sounds of struggles between Yeong and Mandate. Immediately he struggled to get up. His paws slipped among the various plastic packages. They squished and slid whenever he tried to push upright. Each time he fell, he gave an irritated snarl.


The feminine voice echoed through his skull.

Energy exploded glass and mirror all around the pup. The shards showered over him, salted into his thick fur and lacerated the skin underneath. His eyes stung most notably from a shard deep in the right eye's edge. Blood trickled down his cheek, staining the blond fur slightly red.

As Benjamin finally managed to step out of the open cooler, he cautiously moved toward Mandate. He didn’t care he was bleeding at the eye or he couldn’t see straight. All that mattered was protecting his pack.

When Marie stepped between them, Benjamin paused. He stiffened in confusion at her actions. A small, weak growl started before it ceased at her words.

”You promised to help me if I helped you in return. I know it must seem like I’m digging a bigger hole for myself, choosing to trust someone who has threatened people you care about, who’s killed someone I once cared for. It doesn’t make much sense, but I need this. I have to know about my past and as it stands, you two are the only ones who can help with that. We can make this work, I promise.”

Benjamin didn’t flinch when she placed her hand upon his matted fur. Her emotions caused him to whimper. His paws shifted uncomfortably as he leaned into her face, applying gentle pressure. A large tongue darted over Marie’s cheek.


Protect you. Pack is life… all that matters.

Benjamin’s words rippled into Marie’s mind. His sense of responsibility poured into her core. It came from a creature that thrived on a social existence. Dependent on others as they were on him. They lived, died and protected each other because it was their nature.

Anything else felt… wrong.

The mindset of a wolf was difficult to express in human terms. For Marie, the sensation would be overwhelming. A complete and absolute devotion to his pack mate. There was no question about why the item was important to her, only that without it she was incomplete. Just like him. It was a rare loyalty that only a werewolf, or their kin, could ever show.

It would also be very clear her carelessness could kill him.

“Trust is quite fragile and difficult to come by, as Gwyneth was sure to make a point of when I spoke to her. If it eases your mind we can shake hands on it?”

Benjamin growled softly.

His fur stood on end as his nose caught the whiff of Odette, ignoring the allure to it. He snorted then stared at the woman lingering beside Marie. An irritated and tolerant voice edged into Odette’s head.

No closer…

“You all are only at the beginning of a quest. Several pieces of your soul are scattered, all carrying peculiar properties. Never in one spot for long.” Odette’s voice continued to grate on Benjamin’s patience.

If it wasn’t for the fact Marie was touching him, the wolf might’ve forgotten her disapproval about his attacking. When Bach passed, another low warning growl vibrated through Benjamin’s throat. However, he remained close to Marie and aimed to not upset her more.

He twisted about to stand at Marie’s side. The werewolf’s body half curled about the witch as his side pressed to hers, much like he would to another werewolf. He watched the Ambassador and her unseen companion converse with the Dover Twins.

When Freya’s questions poured out, Benjamin snorted. His eyes shifted to Marie as his deep voice rattled in her head.

Too long…

Marie would get the impression he was referring to how long it took for someone else to notice Bach. A slight annoyance because he noticed the Fey the moment Odette and Mandate revealed themselves.
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