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RP hunting is like finding the rare toy in the cereal box. Doable, but the time and effort is nearly more than I can bare!
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That amazing high when you realized how far you've come in improving your writing. It's impossible to describe, but drowns you in a positive glow.
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I love being a terrible person by making my PCs' lives miserable, it's art form that never gets old or boring.


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Into the Wild

Date (M/D/Y)/Time: 7/1/2014, Early Morning
Location: Morrigan’s castle, Feywild

Benjamin laid in his own guestroom, wide awake. The unfamiliar roof of the Morrigan castle stood above him and drew his attention. A strong scent of magic mingled with the mortar, betraying the truth of its unnatural beauty. Devil ivy pushed itself through the cracks and circled his bed in a veil. Such formations were strange by human standards, but common among the fey.

The young werewolf questioned the information’s authenticity. Their host was fey after all and according to the stories, they lacked the same morals.

A heavy sigh rumbled through the teenager's chest.

No matter how hard Benjamin tried, he couldn't sleep. Yesterday's events spiraled within his thoughts, forcing him to face his chaotic emotions.

During their research on the house, they discovered a tragic history. According to the news of the time, a young boy had been sacrificed by a cult and a fire broke out in the house. All inside had been reported dead. In the wake of their ignorance, the cultists left behind a confused and hurt poltergeist. His pain etched scars across the immaterial body for all to see. The idea of suffering all the pain, lost and alone, made Benjamin’s stomach curl.

Thankfully, they put the boy’s spirit to rest without casualties.
His body sat upright suddenly. He flipped his legs over the edge of the bed and rose to his feet.

During his contemplation, dawn floated through the window panes. It pushed the shadows back to their corners where they lay in wait for nightfall again.

His thoughts turned to their current host, the Morrigan. An age weathered woman with long, wispy hair and dressed in outdated clothing. It was something he had seen in movies rather than the history books. When he asked Athena what Morrigan was, Athena simply said a witch.

That answer didn’t satisfy him.

Something darted just outside of his sight. The light flew right past the veil of ivy and disappeared behind the head board. Benjamin tensed, his eyes staring at the point. Instinctively, his nostrils inhaled. A‌n earthy sweet scent entered his nose causing his surprise to melt into anger. As if sensing the ruse was up, several dots of lights floated out and phased through the roof.

“Good riddance,” Benjamin snapped as he freshened up, expecting Athena to arrive any moment.

Samad's eyes narrowed on the small section that refused to hold snow.

He lowered to one knee then reached out his hand. His fingers traced the outline of a gap, revealing a hidden hatch. Carefully he continued to trace the outside until something gave underneath his touch.

A loud hiss escaped as a panel jerked up, popping open to reveal a ladder leading down. The Asylum rose onto his feet and began to climb down. His thoughts rippled across Elsa's with a complaint.

Slimy bastard must've hoped to outlast us like a rat hiding in a sewer. I'm heading down.

She flashed the twins a praising smile, her form following her partner. Her hand remained poised and ready at her side. Elsa paused long enough to issue the twins new orders, ensuring the two didn't follow them down.

"Okay, twins you're staying here and guarding the surface. When the others arrive, send Bella and Zane down."

Again the snow globe appeared to show the pair their given task. Elsa wanted no misunderstandings to be an excuse for bad behavior. Bella's message interrupted Elsa's focus, followed by a response from her partner.

I found the hatch the President slithered in. We'll keep you updated on our progress. Elsa told the twins to remain on the surface.

Elsa confirmed it. After dealing with the twins, She lowered herself into the hatch and slid down the ladder. A hard concrete floor greeted her on landing. Before Samad used his alchemy, she smacked his arm side. Held in her hand was one of the specialized goggles she brought.

"Use that," she demanded.

Using Alchemy had an additive effect which over time drove the Asylum insane. Despite the inconvenience, he knew Elsa wanted to prolong the inevitable. Samad tensed in irritation, but he took them and shoved them over his eyes.

The pair continued in silence until the faint footsteps echoed ahead of them. Samad stopped to adjust the goggles. His finger pressed a button at its side. With a whirl, it zoomed in on four human shapes radiating heat.

Elsa immediately alerted Bella with the update.

We located him. He's with two human guards and the rogue-

Elsa's message cut off when a light-flooded her vision. Gunfire erupted immediately after, intending to kill her. Samad's alchemy activated. The bullet's speeds decreased when they hit his range.

The hunter's hand jerked out his scimitar. Its plasma blade ignited and flooded the darkness with new light. Filled with his alchemy, the man rushed forward with inhuman speed.

More shots bore down on Samad's incoming form, severed into pieces by his weapon. The rogue gestured and sent a roaring flame in Samad's direction. Not waiting to see the result, the man seized the President's arm and jerked him down the tunnel.

When Elsa ducked out of the bullet's path, she uttered a curse. Samad had redirected the spell, but a stray bullet caught his arm. Blood sprayed from the wound before he managed to disarm the culprit's weapon. The man screamed when his arm bent at an odd angle.

Not wasting time to chid Samad's harsh methods, Elsa ripped up her pant leg. She tugged off the bow staff hidden on her calf. In another fluid movement, she retrieved the string from her waist. They instantly snapped together into her bow.

While Samad began to cut down the gun of the reminding guard, Elsa focused on stopping the other two. The woman notched an arrow then released it.

The rogue twisted about only to watch the arrow lodge into his face. He slacked then toppled into a heap, lifeless on the ground. Shocked at witnessing such a swift death, the President tore his hand from the corpse's grip then stared at the Wrecking Crew.

"I suggest you stop running... It is not going to help you and forces us to work." Samad warned, his figure moving toward the President.

Bella, we have the President. His two escorts are out cold and the rogue is dead. Elsa sent the message as she checked on the mens' condition.

Elsa frowned when she sensed Samad's impatience flood their shared link. Her eyes closed as she inhaled, filtering the negativity out. In its absence, her awareness slacked and finally relaxed. Samad immediately stiffened when he sensed the wall formed between them. His gaze avoided hers while he turned away, knowing he overstepped his boundary.

The woman didn't blame him for it. It was in his nature. A hunter thrived on the hunt, and often the addiction overwhelmed their common sense.

There was no reason to linger on it.

She pushed the thought aside when she spotted Nana hovering over a specific spot. In the young girl's hands, Elsa immediately recognized the structure of a gun due to its coloring and design. Her hand jerked upward and shot forward a cold blast. Ice solidified across the metal surface until it was useless.

With a firm tone in her voice, Elsa scolded the children.

"Put that down before you get hurt. That isn't a toy."

Wasting no time, she formed a small ball of floating snow in her palm. Her arm stretched out for the gathering twins to see. In the snow globe, figures began to materialize out of the white. Two small ones, Nana and Rikkie, had their eyes to the ground and sought out something. Meanwhile, Elsa moved about while causing a small flurry of snow to cover the ground.

"Here's the plan. I will cast a light flurry of snow across the area. Nana and Rikkie, you look for any spots that the snow doesn't affect. When you find it, tell Samad and he'll handle the rest. Do you understand?" She waited briefly.

Both of the children nodded their understanding.

Her firm expression softened into a satisfied smile as she dismissed the spell. Elsa inhaled deeply then moved her arms about. She performed calm and well-practiced gestures, each movement had a purpose.

First, the temperature dropped. Water began to form into small, shapeless flakes that drifted down. The range was only in the immediate area, but their quarry hadn't gotten far. The flurries increased with time as the ground collected snow piles. She watched the twins start to search for flaws in the spell's effects.

It didn't take long before they noticed a small place where snow refused to wander. One of them pointed to the location and drew Samad's attention. He pulled out of his relaxed composure, his katar out and ready on approach.

Samad's stood complete still among the ruins of the white house. A light drizzle fell across the landscape and dampened the surroundings, the darken clouds still menacing them above. His arms had folded across his while a sharp exhale passed through his nostrils. An intense and hot aura seethed through his skin, reflecting his brooding mood underneath.

He's not here.

Elsa's words caught his attention and his eyes snapped to her. She was equally serious and silent, her blue eyes hopped from one fallen form to another. None of the men surrounding them fit the description given to her and her confusion grew. The keepers had secured the location. This meant no individual could escape without ARMO knowing it and they hadn't been informed of such occurrence. The plan hadn't gone according to their expectations since Samad had been denied his prey. It was a sour moment for the man who preferred things to go smoothly and without complications, a fact that happened more often when the Asylum pair worked independently of others. Her hand reached up to touch his arm as a form to silently comfort him. His flesh shuddered underneath her palm and quickly his aura cooled.

Their moment was interrupted when Angel joined them on the lawn.

"I doubt he got past the keepers or we would've been notified of a breach. He has to be hiding here, possibly in an underground bunker. We just have to flush him out and I'll take it from there." Samad stated.

While Samad got down to the point, Elsa rose to get a coffee. She brushed by the options, which were very few and decided on coffee. Though bitterness wasn’t her usual taste, she needed something more in her hands than nothing at all. To temper the strong favor, she put in a few sugar packets and stirred it with a disposable stick. On the way back to her seat, she dropped it into the trash.

Her lips pressed the hot liquid causing her to cringe. Definitely not sweet enough, she noted as she took her seat. During her brief escape, Elsa had been keeping tabs on the situation expanding before her eyes. The most pressing matter was Bella’s reaction to the fact the twins would be joining them. It wasn’t usual that AMRO put its own interest above the safety or desires of their Asylums. In the end, the corporation was a wide spread authority over the world of magic no matter the price.

Elsa considered saying something until Bella shifted and gripped Zane’s sleeve, followed by the man’s laughter. It didn’t take a genius to realize what happened. Her lips clamped shut, letting him quell Bella’s anxiety.

At Zane’s words, Elsa nodded. “It can’t hurt. If things go wrong, we can ensure the mission’s outcome.”

Samad snorted in her head, an agreement despite it being laced with annoyance at the task.
Considering the circumstances when they first met Angel, Elsa didn’t trust the little girl’s words. She promptly pulled out her smartphone then tried to find any validation over the mission. A.M.R.O being its usual shitty organization gave her no absolute answers and told her to merely to check with the Chrono left in charge. She sighed then flipped the phone off, shoving it back into her pants pocket. Samad had shifted up and glanced at her, questioning if the mission was legit. She simply nodded. No words, physically or mentally, were needed for her to understand. As far as they knew, the mission goal was accurate.

She could already feel his annoyance rise. It wasn’t a new type of mission for them, but they rarely required eight individuals to acquire a single human. Even if it was a highly guarded target. The more pressing matter was the overkill factor when two of those individuals were rumored to be extremely powerful. In their prior encounter, Angel proved himself capable and dangerous. It only made sense that his partner was on equal grounds with him creating a far more complicated situation than either Elsa and her partner cared for.

The part that gnawed at her the most as the amount of power gathered in one mission, but she kept silent about it. Voicing the concern was pointless until she had additional evidence to support them. For now, she simply leaned back and politely observed the conversation between Zane and Rena. Of course, the twins joined in. When Nana immediately recognized her, Elsa quickly realized how much she hated the movie ‘Frozen’. Being compared to a Disney princess was far more annoying than most people realize when they rarely had to deal with the issue themselves.

Did she just compare you to Elsa from ‘Frozen’? She could hear the snicker in Samad’s head.

Don’t make me give you blue balls. Elsa retorted as he smirked, feeling successful in his tease despite the threat.

Though the comparison irked her, she still waved at Nana and gave the twins a gentle smile. It was a small confirmation that she knew the pair and let her motherly nature shine through. Both Samad and her attention turned to Angel deciding to explain the mission parameters in the vaguest sense, but it didn’t take her long to conclude with her own answer. AMRO wanted to remind the world powers they were still a force to be aware of. She fought the urge to roll her eyes.

So pretty much a display of power like a peacock showing off he’s better than his competitors to a ‘hen’. Elsa put in the lamest terms for Samad who had already figured that was the case.

Only the strong survive, Elsa. Cruel as you think it is, it’s the truth.

She could only frown at the fact, saying nothing more. Her head continued to gaze on the little dramatic act the four put on. It made her think of a Saturday cartoon until small hints of seriousness peered through. Neither of the Wrecking Team reacted, their forms remained seated and still. The only change was their eyes shifting from Angel’s whispered words to Rin’s ice cold eyes. The little girl’s expression bothered Elsa most due to how unnatural it was for someone so young. It made her shiver on the inside, like a mouse trembling in the presence of an uninterested tiger.

Samad’s hand reached out of sight to grasp hers underneath the table. His thumb rubbed the palm side to sooth her. It was a small gesture, but did the trick causing her to relax. By now, Angel’s nature relapsed to his usual one and the atmosphere began to lighten.

“What Intel do we have access to or are we supposed to collect it? It’s easier to acquire a target when we understand their patterns of behavior and location at any time. This includes their defense measures.” Samad said in his crisp and to the point tone. Mission details were easier for him to take the lead in, but his comments were often brief. He didn't see why they bothered meeting when it was clear A.R.M.O intended on them just walking in and take their target, making a scene that screamed a warning to the world.

Whoever is closest to the center of where all the shit is going on should be able to see Ruyn’s massive tank sized bone dragon form (if not hear him) soooo… I’m hoping the rest of his group will be able to actually have some interaction with the other fighters who are defending the earth rn

Never did ask this, but where is he? Yes, it's month over due but better late than never.

‘You keep staring at me like that, people will think I’m dying.’ Samad irritatedly commented when he felt Elsa’s concerned eyes roam across his healing skin.

His eyelids fluttered open to greet hers, the left one strained against the scarring on his face. A good chunk of his bangs had failed to regrow until the skin finished regenerating. At least he didn’t need to shave that side of his face now, he mused to himself. Samad leaned his head against the cold concrete of the bunker.

Through his peripheral vision, he caught Elsa’s sheepish smirk after he caught her staring. They both knew being wounded was better than dead.

’Does it still hurt?’

’Oh yes, like the sun decided to kiss my face.’

Without warning him, her hand reached up then gently touched his healing burn. A gradual coolness sucked out the heat and numbed the pain. His body tensed for him against his will. As he relaxed, his breath exhaled. The tender moment didn’t last when a young girl, Rena, bursted in with a voice loud enough to rupture eardrums. Both Elsa and Samad flinched. Their eyes snapped to the location where the girl continued to ruin the rare moment of peace the teams had in the wake of Innocense’s loss.

When the girl asked if there were any questions about the mission to kidnap the president, Samad pushed his head back farther. His grumbling voice shot into Elsa’s mind.

‘Should’ve let the Rogue burn my ears off…’


The tires on her Mercedes-Benz screeched as Alison Sparks raced through the streets of Lost Haven, the pristine pearl white exterior covered in a slight layer of dirt and grime as debris rained down from above.

“Shit.” She said as she swerved to avoid a burnt out car that was sitting in the middle of the street, one that she almost didn't see until it was too late. In her time in Midas' employ, Sparks had seen a lot. She saw a man catch a falling space station. She was in Lost Haven to witness a demonic insurrection, and she saw a terrorist organization level entire cities with a weaponized satellite.
But never in her wildest dreams did she ever dream that she would see this. An actual alien invasion. This was the stuff of comic books and bad science fiction movies. Yet this was not a bad movie, this was really happening, and she was in the thick of it.

“You know Midas, when we get back we're going to have a serious discussion about how much you're paying me.” She said as she saw an alien fighter craft explode overhead. “-because it's not nearly enough.” She stepped on the gas and accelerated toward her destination. She pressed a button on her steering wheel, which activated the screen on the dashboard. The screen showed a 3-D layout of Lost Haven, and on the map she was able to see a small dot.

“There you are.” She said as she noted the dot's location, just a short distance from Racheli's apartment. Without hesitation, she pressed the gas pedal to the floor and made her way towards to dot on her screen.

Air whipped about her form. It tugged at her clothes and ruffled her short hair, her eyes narrowed on the landing point. She bent her legs when she impacted on the street below. It buckled underneath her. The concrete spiderwebbed from her contact as she straightened herself back up. She had felt her bones shatter then repair themselves shortly. A small black stream of nanites oozed from her nose, eyes, and ears onto her skin. A skull-like vision replaced her face when the dust cleared.

Screams of people echoed in the background. Some noted her strange appearance and others merely fled in panic, their focus set on survival. The leather didn't bother her since she couldn't produce heat.

You might want to be mindful of your surroundings... The virus hissed in her mind as the sound of tires screeching echoed in the air.

Racheli's eyes widened as her head whipped about, her body twisted midway to shoot out her arm. A magnetic force rippled through the air and the car thumped against it. She slapped the dented hood with a shout.

"Watch where the hell you're going, fucker!"

Sparks’ car came to a sudden stop. At first, she thought she had hit someone, or something, yet she realized that the only person that she could have hit was standing too far away for her to have possibly hit them. She sat behind the wheel staring at the woman in the skull mask. She didn’t recognize this woman, and assumed that it was yet another super that had been forced into action by the current apocalypse.

Then she heard the woman speak.

"Watch where the hell you're going, fucker!"

It was then that she knew exactly who this person was. It was the only person that she had ever heard speak to her with that much animosity and venom, and oddly, she suddenly felt better about their chances.

“Racheli?” She said, still questioning the woman’s sudden change in appearance.

“Of all the people to try and run me over…” The costumed woman snapped under her breath.
She narrowed her eyes and crossed her arms over her front. Sparks… that only meant one thing. The asshole wanted her for something. A deep sigh escaped her lungs as she walked over to the passenger’s side and jerked the door open, her figure plopped onto the seat. She slammed the door shut.

Immediately her mask began to skitter off her face in a big reveal.

“I’m not stupid enough to run around without protecting my personal life. Do you know how many freaks in this city have a fetish for superheroes? Icon literally has his own dedicated fan club.” She smartmouthed then leaned back.

“I doubt you’re here for a casual visit. Invasions don’t really encourage stuff like that. Does it have something to do with our asshole of a boss?” Getting to the point was better than beating around the bush.

“Yeah,” Sparks started. “He sent me to bring you back to Midas Industries. He wants you to help protect the tower.” Sparks finally said before a smile crossed her face as if a better idea had struck her.

“But fuck him. We can do more good here. Midas has plenty of assets to protect the company. There’s a big battle going on between here and would be a shame if we got caught up in that and weren’t able to make it back, wouldn’t it?” Sparks said with a grin.

“Choose another turn of phrase. I rather not even have that image stuck in my head.” Racheli shot back and shuddered.

She took a moment to digest what Sparks had encouraged. A smirk creased across her lips as her mask began to stretch across her face, her image hidden underneath the demonic scold.

“I like your line of thought. I was aiming at blowing off some frustration anyways. So, where do we start?”

“There’s a big fight brewing not too far from Sherman Square. All the big guns are assembling over there. We could go there…” Sparks began as she saw one of the troop transports streak across the sky, then slow its descent and disappear behind the skyscrapers just south of their position. “Or we could kick a little ass closer to home.” She said as a slight smirk creased her lips.

Racheli glanced outside the windshield. The crowds outside grew more chaotic and larger, their desperation clear in their actions. She glanced upward toward the apartment she jumped down from. A few frightened individuals recoiled back inside their curtains. She wetted down her tongue then spoke.

“I think closer to home is better. I’m not sure I can handle any superegos today.”

“Oh, I hear that.” Sparks said with a slight laugh as she put the car into drive. “According to my intel, there’s some trouble over in Chinatown. Let’s head there, I think those folks have had enough to deal with recently, don’t you?”

Racheli frowned at the mention of Chinatown, her eyes threatened to roll in her skull. It was the first part of Lost Haven she ended up turning into rubble when she clashed with some bizarre guy intent on capturing her. If only the asshole had backed off and left her, she wouldn’t be Midas’ lapdog now. A small sigh exited her lungs before she replied to Sparks’ attempt to be funny.

“Hahaa, very funny. Let’s just hope half of them don’t go running and screaming from the sight of me. If you recall right, I did turn main street into rubble the last time I visited.” Racheli’s sarcasm thickened her comments.

“Yeah, I mean...that wasn’t totally your fault. That was as much on War-Pulse as it was on you.” Sparks said.

Then she drove in silence for several moments toward Chinatown before she spoke up again. “I’m serious, you have to let that go, it wasn’t your fault. Hell, as far as I’m concerned Midas was just as responsible as either of you. But none of that will matter if these alien bastards burn the entire world down.”

Racheli didn’t answer as she let their conversation fade into silence. Punching something might help her mood right now. Her arms just leaned against the window still and watched the buildings dart past. People continued to flee or hide in what they suspected was safety. After a few moments passed, she answered.

“Yeah, it doesn’t change anything.” She accepted the fact, making a mental note to once again lay another flower at the gravesite.

“I know.-” Sparks said with a pause as she jerked the wheel hard to avoid debris in the road.

Racheli let fly another curse as her arms snapped out and braced herself within her seat. She doubted she would suffer any brain damage, but the pain was an annoyance to deal with. Her eyes flickered back to Sparks alongside her scorn.

“-And on the off chance that you ever need to talk about it, I’m here for you. But let’s get through this first.”Sparks said while keeping her eyes on the road as she drove as fast as she could through the streets toward Chinatown. Avoiding abandoned cars and the occasional fleeing civilian, they reached their destination in relatively good time, and as they entered Chinatown, Sparks realized that her sources were indeed spot on, as she saw squads of alien troops going door to door, leaving nothing but charred corpses in their wake.

Racheli flinched at the screech of rubber ground over the pavement as Sparks avoided another vehicle. Farther ahead they cluttered tightly together to form a small barrier that people flooded around to continue their escape. Her head turned to Sparks and she demanded one thing.

“Keep driving.” She popped open the door.

A loud screech erupted into her ears. The outside left a bright red smear on a black truck, the impact threatened to take it off. Ignoring the painful ringing in her ears, Racheli’s arm fought the whirlwind of air racing past. Her hand immediately magnetized itself onto the metal surface.

“About fucking time something went my way!” Racheli snapped as she raised her other arm, both her hands fastened to the roof. Using her unnatural strength, she pulled herself on top of the car.

Her nanites immediately formed her mask on her exit. Rach held up her arms to balance herself while her nanites began to weigh down her structure. She focused on the nearest car then whipped her arm to the right. It slid to the side. The front smashed into another parked vehicle and crumpled. Not thinking about the destruction she would be leaving behind, she motioned the various obstructions out of her way. Some flipped into stacks while others slid to the side, the twisting mental fill the air. Any alien in the way suddenly found themselves either pinned or crushed underneath the flying debris.

“Midas won’t be happy about that.” Sparks said under her breath as her car made contact with a parked truck. Then, she pushed the gas pedal to the floor when Racheli told her to keep driving. The car’s speed increased, even as Racheli climbed from the passenger seat to the roof. Sparks held her breath as debris flew past her car, crushing the invading aliens even as they scattered to get out of the way.

She swerved to the left, and back to the right as pieces of vehicles, street signs, and even pedestrians seemingly jumped out in front of her speeding car. Then, just up ahead, she saw several of the aliens standing together, standing over a group of teenagers with their weapons drawn.

“Oh no you don’t.” Sparks said as she turned the wheel in the aliens’ direction, sending the car speeding toward them. The screeching of the tires got their attention, as the four invaders turned their attention from the teens, who took advantage of the sudden distraction and took off running from the aliens to the approaching vehicle. There was a thud, as the front of the car made contact with the first alien, then another, and another, and another as sparks drove through the murderous extraterrestrials.

That’s what you get, motherf-!!” she was cut off as a crimson-white laser blast struck the car, sending it careening out of control, where it hit a parked minivan, the impact causing the car to flip on its side, where it then rolled over half a dozen times, before finally coming to a stop fifty yards down the street.

Sparks opened her eyes, her head was ringing as she tried to free herself from the driver’s seat. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, she was able to pull herself from the wreckage, and to her simultaneous relief and horror, she didn’t see Racheli anywhere. However, what she did see, was a group of angry, teal-skinned aliens making their way toward her.

When Sparks kicked the car into overdrive, Racheli’s hands lifted and shielded her mask. Its durable metal protected her skin from being ripped off by the ferocity as the wind continued to slash past her. Her eyes widened when her foot began to slip, the magnetism struggled to fasten into the roof. Humanoid bodies hit the car front then flowed over it. Their mass nearly hit Rach with each new target that met the speed demon known as Sparks.

“God damn it, watch where-” Rach didn’t get a chance to finish her cursing.

The car veered to avoid the white ray of energy from an alien weapon. Her knee crumbled into the roof. She lifted up her head in time to spot the minivan. It rushed close as she prepared to brace herself. Too late, she thought with a curse. Her magnetism failed and her feet lifted from the roof. She went flying past the van then through a string of paper lanterns. The string snapped before she crashed into a cheap table in front of a market. It crumbled into the sideway leaving her breathless. With a heaving breath, Rach jerked upright and bit back a scream.

Every bone in her body had fractured or broke on impact then began to heal. It would take some time until they were back to their original condition. For now, she had to grit through the pain and used it to fuel her fury.

“Fuck… fuck…You’re all going to regret that.” She spat out a few droplets of black blood onto the sideway while she proceeded to crawl
back onto her feet.

With the back of her hand, she wiped it from her mask’s lips.

“Sparks, I told you…” The name caused her to immediately whirl about, her eyes spotted the mangled car a way down the street.

Racheli’s heart stopped for a moment. An ice-cold fury buried into her chest and spread across her form. The metal around her began to vibrate, dent, and threatened to crash into the ground. A few aliens began to advance on her. Racheli’s right hand rose to her side, her magnetism extended to the large street lamp nearby. With a slicing hand gesture forward, it ripped from the concrete then splintered into pieces. Each one-shot forward into the center of the group.

Several of the Arlaaekan warriors fell like shards of the street light struck them in the chest. However, no sooner than they fell, did another take their place. Surprised by the human’s attack, but not deterred, they marched forward with their weapons drawn, ready for anything that the Earth woman could throw at them. There was a sudden movement on the left side of the street, perhaps it was the humans readying an attack, or someone trying to run for cover...but whatever it was, it didn’t matter. One of the Arlaaekans leveled his weapon in the direction of the commotion and fired, disintegrating the small Earthling where she stood, leaving nothing but a child’s shoe where she had been.

Once the distraction had been dealt with, the Arlaaekans continued their march toward the armored Earthling. Though she had proven to be a formidable threat, she would soon learn that she was no match for the Sons of Arlaaek, who would soon make the Autocrat proud by delivering to this woman a swift death. They made their way toward the woman, stopping short just in front of her...and raised their weapons.

Racheli’s lips curled into a cocky smirk. Her powers began to reach down underneath the concrete and street, to the metal pipe maze lurking there. They vibrated as they snaked their way to the surface. Adrenaline-like energy pulsed through her very veins, each muscle ready for the fight’s build-up. Suddenly one of the aliens shot into an alleyway causing a woman to scream out and realization slapped Racheli in the face.

It echoed in her mind, her wicked grin fell into horror then twisted into pure wrath. Her gloved hands tightened into fists. The fury of what she witnessed rooted into her heart and rolled off into power, the magnetism started to shove deep into the fissures underneath her feet.

“That was a mistake.” Before the words fully left her mouth, Rach’s powers reacted.

Sections of the ground heaved and metal shot out of the ground. Like snakes, they curled and crushed any slow victims leaving bloody pulp smeared across their surfaces. Bloodlust started to fill her as she rushed the nearest victim. Her fingers molded into blades, the edges sliced the flesh then cleaved through the bone. Blood spattered across her black jacket, but it didn’t slow her. Her other hand encased the alien’s head before she crushed it. She tossed the limp body away to move onto the next one.

Juri, the head of the elite Royal Guard who had been tasked with subduing any resistance in this section of the city watched as the madwoman ripped through his men like a crazed T’kurra Hound. Man after man fell, men that he had served with for years. Men who had stood at his side as they razed countless worlds together.

And this woman simply slaughtered them where they stood.

She ran through his unit, cutting down each man as she came to them, and as he watched this he found a strange sense of respect for the Earthlings. Never before had the Grand Army of Arlaaek faced an opponent who had been able to put up such a fight, and as he looked at the corpses of his brothers in arms Juri felt burning anger in the pit of his soul. However, as he saw the wild woman rushing straight towards him, he felt something that up to that point had been completely foreign to him:
He felt fear.

There were only a few times in her life that her love of violence ever fully consumed her. For someone looking in, she looked less than human as she ripped through the aliens. Her mind justified it as self-defense, but deep down she knew it was more than that. She missed the rush. The blades on her fingers grew long and wickedly sharp. It flashed through flesh turning it into thick confetti.

Alien blood splattered across her leather jacket, staining it green.

A wild grin widened across her lips as her legs moved, her arms whipped out at any of the aliens standing still. Their weapons fell from crushed hands or severed stubs. The only warning came in the form of a steely glint from her knives.

The last alien, wearing a distinct uniform, had turned to face her. Before his weapon came up, she got in close and punched into his chest. Green made a new splash upon the crushed hood of a car. Racheli's fingers stretched into eagle spread after it exited out the alien's back.

His body shuddered then went slack, dangling from her forearm. Asshole was heavy, she noted, then tried to shake him off. It didn’t work so she lowered it against the hood. Her knee pulled up to pin the pelvis area against the car and pushed. With a little effort, it came off with a squelched sound. Strange organs and fluids flowed from the gaping hole just under what she guessed to be the ribcage.

“Fucking gross…” While she watched the body slump down in front of it.

Racheli shook her arm clean as she turned back to the last place she saw Sparks.

"Sparks, where the hell are you?" Her boot smashed something thick and wet. She dared not glance down, uninterested to discover the cause. A ropy string of organs stuck to her boot heel and trailed after as she navigated through the field of corpses.

Alison Sparks’ body slammed hard into the side of what had once been Mercedes, leaving a perfect impression of her frame in the door. She staggered away from the wrecked vehicle and wiped a trickle of blood from her chin and raised her right hand to the three aliens as they approached her, then she motioned with her fingers for her attackers to “bring it.”

The first of the aliens was met with a hard right hand which shattered the bones in his face, followed by a swift kick which sent him tumbling backwards, landing in a heap on the ground. The second alien rushed her, only to be met with a spinning backhand which snapped the invader’s neck back violently, the sound of the attacker’s vertebrae breaking filled the air just as the last of the invaders moved in on her. The dead alien’s body had barely hit the ground when Sparks spun around and grabbed the door to what had been her car. The metal screeched as she pulled the door from its hinges, and spun around again, caving in the rushing alien’s head with it.

"Sparks, where the hell are you?" came Racheli’s voice sounding more annoyed than usual.

Sparks turned in the direction of her frenemy’s voice and saw Racheli coming toward her, dragging alien entrails behind her. Racheli was wearing an expression of equal parts disgust and surprise when she saw the scene that had unfolded before her.

“What? You didn’t think I was some sort of damsel in distress, did you?” Sparks said with a grin.

Racheli raised her head a bit, her expression hidden underneath her mask. “I was hoping not, but I couldn’t find you. I’m pessimistic by nature. We should consider getting out of here. I rather not test my limits unless I have to.”

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