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Current Yes, I'm an oversize child. Deal with it. :P
6 yrs ago
That moment you've got too many rp ideas floating in your head, but you don't want to overwhelm yourself? Yeah... I'm right there, suffering in silence.
6 yrs ago
RP hunting is like finding the rare toy in the cereal box. Doable, but the time and effort is nearly more than I can bare!
6 yrs ago
That amazing high when you realized how far you've come in improving your writing. It's impossible to describe, but drowns you in a positive glow.
7 yrs ago
I love being a terrible person by making my PCs' lives miserable, it's art form that never gets old or boring.


Personal details I've got enough room to share.

Nicknames....Fallen (preferred), Reaper, Devour of lost souls, etc.
Sign...............Libra (true to sign surprisingly)
Occupation....Wandering and exploring the caves of my insane mind
Location.........USA (Lost in the Cornfields!)



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Advance RP

Accepting: GM/Co-GM Nitemare Shape, Hound55, & Dedonus

Formaroth Part 2: Throne of Lies
Still Accepting: GM TheDuncanMorgan

Casual RP

X-Men: The New Era - Issue II: Avalon Rising
Accepting: GM Almalthia, Co GM Pilatus

Legacy of Heroes: The New Age
Accepting: GM Jessie Targaryen, Co GMs Alfhedil and Apollosarcher

Nation RP


Arena RP

None yet.

Extra Stuff Featuring: Flight Rising.

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Roslyn Wicke
"Truth be told, I don't like it."

Off To The Ports
Date: 17th of Velles, Orredes
Time: daytime
Location: Morrento in Zengali, Mezegol

After introductions finished, Roslyn weighed the information. She seemed distracted when the sounds of someone talking pulled her from her thoughts. With a deep inhale, she addressed any of her group that remained.

"I'm not very elegant with words. It is better I head out to the docks rather than deal with the Marquis. I want some idea of what to expect before we rush into battling this Thresher..." She secured her invitation and rest of her things before adding, hoping it wouldn't be snitched later. "I'm guessing we're all meeting up at the festive later? Do we meet back here or somewhere else?"

Leon's voice came from behind her as he chimed in. "I, for one, intend to enjoy the festival to the fullest." He flashed a smile. "We fight tomorrow, so why not enjoy today. But you can find me if you need me, I don't exactly blend into a crowd." He departed with those words as he moved once more toward the encampment.

"Yeah, I'm the opposite. I blend way too well into the crowds." Roslyn countered with a small chuckle. She some times envied those that didn't simply disappear, but knew her 'talent' had its own perks.

Upon hearing that Ciro was heading toward the port proper, she chimed in. "I guess we'll be accompanying each other for a bit then. "

Putting All The Cards On The Table Roslyn joins in with the others over sharing their letters.
Off to the Ports Once they get a debriefing at the Baker's Dozen, the group divide and pick their own places of interest. Roslyn, alongside Ciro, heads down to the port to see what information she can find out about the attacks.
Items of note on her person: Smoking Bandit (per-loaded with Rosy Wick- x2 charges), Four-Dimensional Compass of the Seafaring Tribe, Bottle of Whine, Band of the Beggar King, Tusk Bandages x2, Snowpepper sniffing power x2, Skinglue x2
Tags: Leon @Jumbus, Alya @Ti, Trypano @A Lowly Wretch, Ciro @Force and Fury
Mahal Agha
"Move, now!"

Mahal's patience began to wane as she popped something white into her mouth. The hot, spicy seasoning hit her taste first. Gently her tongue rolled it about, weighing the texture and noting the size. She was confident it was a pork knuckle with some cartilage still attached. Drawing in the slightest hint of mana from the sunlight, she strengthened her teeth and cracked it. She had just swallowed it down when Raffie's voice caught her attention.

She lowered her gaze to size up the petite, pink girl, "I'm surprised you're here too."

Any additional conversation was cut short when students were instructed to jump into the lake.

Straight From The Stone And Into The Fire.
Date: 19th of Velles, Victendes
Time: Dusk
Location: Moatu Suva, Kiluaho

Mahal bobbed in the waves as her arms held tightly onto a nearby crate. Her eyes did a quick scan around her, seeking out any shapes of her fellow students close by. Identification was near impossible due to the dying light. Suddenly a loud sound of whistling came from behind her. She turned to spot a towering ship. Several dark rounded shapes sailed from its board side and flew across the fading twilight sky.

"Move, now!" Mahal shouted then pulled her body higher onto the crate. Driven by instinct and fear, she drew in mana then kicked her legs. Her eyes fixed on the nearest land mass.

Past the choppy waves, Mahal spotted one of the students splitting off from the rest. The small green one. He swam for the Blue Adam while the others scrambled for safety. She wasn't sure if she should be impressed by his bravery or take a lesson from his foolishness. They would find out later when or if he returned.

Something with bright red hair shot past her and narrowly missed her. Mahal jerked back to see a helegan toss himself through the water like a skipping stone toward shore. Every few meters, he tilted up then dove beneath the surface. Finally, he landed face first into the shoreline where the wheelchair bound girl and the Eeaiko already were.

Feeling the edges of the shoreline press against her toes, Mahal dug in and pushed the crate onto the sand. She caught the small shapes of both Raffie and Baykara on the Virangish flagship. Maybe they will get them to stop firing while the others made it to shore. Securing her crate with the others, her eyes counted the remaining students. Her teeth gritted as her count was off by two repeatedly.

"We're missing two, where's Tku and Fiske?" Mahal asked, her eyes fixed on the water and ready to dive back in.

Mahal races to the shore with the remain students, save Ren, Raffie, and Zast. Doing a brief head count, she notices two are missing: Tku and Fiske.
Items of note on her person: Diyablos, x2 Virangish black steel dagger
Purchases this Cycle None
Tags: Maura @Ti, Fiske @jasbraq, Tku @dragonpiece, Marz @Th3King0fChaos, Raffie @Emeth, Kaureerah @Force and Fury, Zast@Jumbus, and Ren @Suicharte
Roslyn Wicke
"I'm going to need a beer after this."

The Hunt
Date: 19th of Velles, Victendes
Time: Daytime
Location: Departure Point, Ersand'Enise

Roslyn finished packing her things as she recounted the list in her head. Even though she knew she had prepared the best she could be, she still bit her lip. What if it wasn't enough? Her fingers pinched down on her nose as she took a deep breath and pushed out the negativity. No point in delaying anymore. She hoisted the satchel onto her shoulder, slipping on her ring and grabbed her hand cannon on her way out. Last thing she grabbed were the boiled dozen of puffchicken eggs for a quick meal on the run.

Feeling a bit lost, she worried she had misread the directions. Her braid swayed behind her as she turned in place, her eyes scanning her surroundings. She spotted Ciro's dark, curly head near a collection of students. Her boots hastened across the flagstones as her eyes caught a familiar, pale Revidian. Trypano. Roslyn cursed underneath her breath while her pace slowed and she fell in next to Ciro.

One's Own Worst Enemy- After receiving criticism from her Zeno, Roslyn attempts to improve her aim at the Mage Hunters society range during her spare period. A small conversation occurs with Morritz Stiglitz, the society's head and Mendenhoffer's teaching assistant. He encourages her to seek out a task that does some good to improve her mood before leaving her to her thoughts.
Preparations- After stalling at The Groove's bounty boards, she is approached by Ciro who suggested to take on the White Thresher mission. Roslyn accepted and spent a bit of time purchasing supplies and preparing for the trip the next day.
Then the Hunt- Roslyn meets up with the others for the hunt only to discover that Trypano is among them.
Items of note on her person: Smoking Bandit (per-loaded with Rosy Wick- x2 charges), Four-Dimensional Compass of the Seafaring Tribe, Bottle of Whine, Band of the Beggar King, Tusk Bandages x2, Snowpepper sniffing power x2, Skinglue x2
Purchases this Cycle
Groove/Yuri Receipt- x2 Skinglue (20), x1 Snowpepper sniffing powder (10), and x1 dozen pufferchicken eggs (10) Total: 40 (budget was 50 left from last auction)
Tags: Leon @Jumbus, Alya @Ti, Trypano @A Lowly Wretch, Ciro @Force and Fury

Mahal Agha
"Something about this doesn't feel right..."

When Reality and Skepticism Collide
Date: 19th of Velles, Victendes
Time: 2nd hour of Shune.
Location: gazebo on Hedda’s Island, Ersand'Enise

Mahal's mind kept returning to the meeting yesterday. She lingered on the High Zeno's words in her head as she tried to make sense of it all. Her foot dangled over the edge of her bed as she rocked herself. Unable to deal with the hounding suspicion, she gave up fighting and brushed Puno off her. The updog cocked her head then obeyed. Ignoring her companion's disgruntled looks, Mahal moved with purpose.

She retrieved her small bag and began filling it up with essentials. Finding the daggers, she wrapped them in cloth and placed them in. She grabbed her waterskin and filled it with the pitcher of fresh water left on her side table.

Pushing her room door open, Mahal hollered in Palparese down the stairs. Behind her, Lunara briefly stirred before flipping over and returning to sleep. A spark of guilt crossed her expression before she caught the sounds of a pair of feet rushing up the stairs. As Mahal got dress, two servants entered. Pua and Kalani, the two indentured servants her father sent. She gave them quick instructions over how to tend to the animals during her absence.

They were too small to accompany her and this made them liabilities. Risking their lives was rather pointless at this stage. Hopefully by the time of the next mission, they would be ready.

During the conversation, she caught the sound of water being sprayed. Mahal had no doubt Diyablos had heard his name and came to investigate, but she had wasted enough time. Finishing up, Mahal straightened out her clothes then collected her bag. While the servants kept the hounds from following her outside, she rushed for Hedda's Island.


It didn't take long to spot the crowd as Mahal spotted the gazebo's roof ahead. Already a few students had arrived and waited for the portal to be summoned. Her eyes flicked through the crowd, some faces she knew and other were new. The most familiar were Fiske and Ren from her apprentice group. Her teeth gritted at the image of the later as she moved to avoid him.

She would not let him poke her temper today. Her form stood beside the Eeaiko as she prayed for the delay to be brief. Unknown to her, a small, reddish tentacle stretched out from underneath the cover.

When Reality and Skepticism Collide -Mahal instructs to servants to care for her pets as she prepares for the mission. While she waits for the portal to activate, she didn't spot Diyablos managed to hide away in her bag.
Items of note on her person: Diyablos, x2 Virangish black steel dagger
Purchases this Cycle None
Tags: Maura @Ti, Fiske @jasbraq, Tku @dragonpiece, Marz @Th3King0fChaos, Raffie @Emeth, Kaureerah @Force and Fury, Zast@Jumbus, and Ren @Suicharte


Time/Date: After the Thin Air event, Velles on Orredes the 7th.


Time/Date:After the Thin Air event, Velles on Orredes the 7th.

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