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RP hunting is like finding the rare toy in the cereal box. Doable, but the time and effort is nearly more than I can bare!
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That amazing high when you realized how far you've come in improving your writing. It's impossible to describe, but drowns you in a positive glow.
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I love being a terrible person by making my PCs' lives miserable, it's art form that never gets old or boring.


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ᴠᴇʀᴏɴɪᴄᴀ "ʀᴏɴɴɪᴇ" ᴍᴀʟᴄᴏʟᴍ

Saturday, October | Danger Room

When Ronnie entered the danger room, it didn't resemble any building she had ever been in. With a name like Danger Room, she should've figured it wouldn't. Yet it still surprised her at first.

Her eyes scanned the hard panels along the circular wall. Together with their near eerie perfection, they reminded her of a padded room tinted blue. All the small lights in the upper corners illuminated better than she imagined it would.

She shifted in place, feeling out of place. In a defensive habit, she crossed her arms over her chest and forced herself to remain still. Her head rotated about until her eyes rested on the adults in the center. Their uniforms indicated they were school staff.

Her eyebrow arched. She glanced around at the misfits when the Dean mentioned the incident and local LAPD. She realized she had gotten mixed up with not just misfits, but trouble makers. Her hand rose to rub her temple with her fingers. When the man's lecture fell onto the subject of why they were here, Ronnie fought not to roll her eyes.

To be cured.

If she had spoken, the words would've rolled off her tongue without a second thought. Ever since her powers manifested, her image and life suffered. She still hated the fact a video of her outburst reigned wild on public media. A perfect example of why mutants were dangerous.

From what little information she managed to access, there appeared to be no cure. Else her mother would've booked an appointment first chance she got. For now, this was the closest thing Ronnie had and she intended to see it through.

Her teeth tightened as she watched an Asian looking girl dart out the door. There was no doubt in Ronnie's mind the student had been chasing after the Dean for some reason.

When the man behind her screamed, her head jerked over her shoulder. Her expression fell into a glare at the wannabe biker's reaction over nothing. A snap, crackle, and pop followed shortly. She caught the small zap of electrical causing Ronnie to step back, staring at the culprit. Apologetic, Zappy girl promptly made her exit and followed by a dark-haired teenager.

Was everyone here crazy, or a ticking time bomb? Ronnie practically screamed in her head.

Not waiting for any more surprises, she spoke. “I don’t know about you all, but that was unsettling. I’m hoping this isn’t normal.”

Slow as heck


L O C A T I O N: Somewhere in New York City
T I M E: Present Day ( July ) Sometime Around 8 PM

The sun began to set over New York's skyline, drowning the restless city in growing darkness. Cars zoomed by as they flooded the streets with zooming lights and sounds. It was a backdrop that comforted any city dweller. Lamp posts illuminated the sidewalks with pale yellow light. In the area where Benjamin lived, only Athena and he was important. He tuned out the humming of night owls flocking into clubs, bars, and more to focus on her.

He could talk for hours with her, just because he missed her so much. These moments in their lives were fleeting, and he cherished them. Distracted by their conversation, the hair on his neck abruptly bristled. Benjamin's lips pursed then turned to the right, his eyes gazing upward.

A large, aged house towered over them. He recognized it as the old Jefferson's place. Abandoned for several years, rumors of haunting figures and strange suicides surfaced. When things were normal, he never really believed any of those tall tales. The wild imaginations of his fellow students.

As he tightened his vision on the third story, a curtain moved ever slightly. The hazy image of some small figure stared back at him. His breath stalled in his throat. Benjamin's feet grounded to a stop, unable to move. Something was off with that house.

Athena, in mid-conversation, stiffened much at the same time as Benjamin did, but she looked toward Benjamin rather than where he was focusing his attention. The hairs on the back of her neck lifted, prickling her skin as a shudder shook her, and her heart both raced and fell at the sensation of something cold washing over her.

Pale, she slowly lifted her gaze toward where he was looking at, sensing something was incredibly wrong with the house they were staring at.

"Benjamin?" she called out to him, in a soft voice. "What-What are you looking at?"

Benjamin watched the figure flow backward and fade into the darkness. The curtain falling back to shroud the interior. Athena's voice brought him out of his distracted focus. His attention shifted to her, his nostrils flared at the fear. He took a moment to calm himself.

"I thought I saw something in the window." He chided himself for scaring her more.

"I just never paid attention to the rumors about this old place until now. Thinking back... I'm now wondering if there was any truth to them.”

She shivered, as though cold, gooseflesh appearing on her skin as she regarded the building. Athena wrapped her arms around herself, trying to find where he was looking. Blue briefly flashed in her dark eyes, sensing energy much darker than she had ever experienced before entered her view. Copying Benjamin, she took her own breath to steady herself.

"That's—" Athena laughed nervously, "not scary, at all, nope." After a moment, she turned to Benjamin, when she couldn't see anything, the negative energy disappearing from view.

"What are the rumors?"

Instinctively, Benjamin curled his arm about her shoulders and pulled Athena closer. Letting her draw warmth from his elevated body heat. His hand rubbed her outer arm to give her comfort.

The gooseflesh stayed on Athena's bare arms for a moment, letting him rub her skin until the bumps faded to smooth skin once more. Athena sighed, sounding comforted by the touch.

"You're lying." He tried to sound teasing, but the effort failed. The teenage boy sighed then moved on.

"It's rumored that a really long time ago, a family moved in. They had a single kid who suffered from depression. During those days, they didn't understand how to treat a mental condition like that. The parents got fed up with the boy's moping and it drove him to commit suicide."

He paused for a breath.

"They say he still haunts the house and that any children who moved in, would suffer the same fate. Often driven to it by the ghost."

Dark grey eyes flitted to the house once more, shimmering to that faint luminescent blue again, bleeding in from the edges of her iris to her pupil. "There's something dark there, something dark and..." She trailed off, wrapping her arms around Benjamin's torso for reassurance.

She blinked, shaking her head. "We should get going—" She tugged on his arm, trying to move away from the building, giving the impression she was afraid of the house.

But her eyes remain focused on the building.

Benjamin had been about to say a thing when he felt her tug him. He frowned but didn't resist. Without much resistance, he started to move and follow her lead. His worry peaked at the back of his mind upon seeing Athena's reaction to the house. Her eyes were naturally strange to watch the shift from normal to blue.

"All right, no problem. It's giving me the creeps too." He easily caught up to her side then reassured her. "Duff and I will check it out later. He's got some experience with this stuff."

Athena nodded, but her hands released his wrist when they were away from the house far enough that she couldn't feel the negative energy reach her. Taking another breath, she relaxed. While she's not entirely happy with the circumstances that soured their outing, she cast one more glance in the direction of the house before they left.

~ x ~

T I M E: Present Day ( July ) Sometime Around 1 AM

Later that night, once she was certain that Benjamin had gone to sleep, she waited another twenty minutes to feel the energy in the mansion to make certain that all was still.
With a nod, she quickly assembled the necessary pieces and began the call.

"Hello?" she greeted, though keeping her voice quiet.

Morrigan's image appeared in the water's rippling surface. Her lips curled into a smile and eyes narrowed on someone outside the frame. From the corner of her eye, she noticed Athena's image appear on her side. Immediately, she shooed off whomever she chatted with and turned to her follower.

"Athena, it's so lovely to hear from you. I'm ready for your report and I hope it's good news." Her fingers intertwined in front of her lips, patiently waiting for the younger girl to speak.

Athena nodded, eager to get started with sharing the news. First, she quickly broke down the information regarding Baron and Benjamin's strange encounter with someone in Vegas that led to his trip back here. In their time together as they tried to piece together his missing time, she shared briefly information regarding his transformation and the meeting with Baron and Duff shortly after.

Summing up her news, she ended with the negative energy in the house that had ended their day together.

"There's a lot of negative energy there that I don't think it'll just stop with the people in that house," Athena said with a hum, frowning. "I think Ben and Duff are walking into something really—" She used a Chinese word, but it roughly translated to "evil."

"My dear, evil is subjective," Morrigan stated, indifferent to the term used. She never really cared for heavy morality. The elder woman quickly moved on as she addressed the root of the issue.

"Still... I don't like what you've told me about that house. Have you done any digging into the history of it?"

Athena nodded but said nothing else for a moment. "Not yet, not since Ben told me about it—I've only learned about it just a few hours ago. I know something's lingering there—a lot of negative…" she frowned, trying to find the right English word, "darkness?"

She shook her head. "I planned on doing some digging tonight before Ben and his packmate, Duff, go out tomorrow to investigate. I have a bad feeling about this, Morrigan—like Ben is walking into something dangerous."

Morrigan removed her fingers from the front of her mouth. She thumped her nails on the wooden desk as she slipped into thought. Her eyes glossed over in their usual fashion before she rose upright. Her voice continued to speak, though the distance muffled it slightly.

"Umm, I might have something that could help. Was it demonic or other? Did you get a heavy sense of ancient essence?" asked Morrigan, the sounds of her shuffling through her library.

Athena paled as she remembered the feeling of the energy there. "Ancient, like it's been there for a while," she said. "It's like a bunch of spirits got stuck together in the darkness and can't leave."

She shuddered.

Morrigan nodded. "Go on, anything else to note of it? It's not human at least so a simple banishment spell won't do."

Gooseflesh broke out across the surface of Athena's skin as she continued to remember. "It's like it was trying to take what isn't theirs, and make it theirs and didn't care about the repercussions. Malicious and filled with dark energy that made even Ben see something. I know it wasn't a spirit, but it's pretending to be one."

Morrigan finally pulled a book out of a slot in the bookcase. "Here it is. From what you've described, it's demonic or primal in nature. Something very dangerous."

Athena nodded, watching Morrigan move about the room, curious.

She moved toward a crow and set the book down, the creature hopped from one foot to another in its excitement. Her finger brushed the feathered head causing it to settle down.
"Once we're done here, I'll send a book over to help you identify what it is. After that, contact me again and I'll send you something to deal with it. For now, learn all you can over that house. It's important."

The woman sat down again as she faced the water bowl. "Do you understand me?"

Athena nodded again. "Understood." She tilted her head in question, thoughtful. Though she looked like she was about to ask a question, she paused, humming in thought. "I'll contact you as soon as I figure it out." A sense of determination glinted in her eyes.

“Anything else, my dear?” Morrigan asked, her eyes locked onto Athena’s.

Athena shook her head. Not until she got the book in her hands to study would she have any questions. Even then, the gooseflesh had yet to fade fully from her skin, still spooked from the memories.

"No, I think that's all," Athena managed to say with a small smile, paler than she had been at the start of the call.

“My dear, if you get any paler… I might have to suggest you take some baby goat’s blood, cinnamon, and mix it in some tea. For now, try to get some sleep. I know you mortals need it.”

Morrigan waved her hand then rose upright. Whether she was intending to send the book right away or later, was unknown.

Athena nodded and ended the call. She sat there for a moment before she stood up. A noise outside of the room startled her, and she couldn't seem to get warm. A little more than spooked, she grabbed her phone and charger and crept out of the guest bedroom toward Ben's bedroom.

She hesitated, biting her lower lip. And then she knocked before she could change her mind. "Ben?" she softly called out. "Can I sleep with you?" Her voice airy, wispy, and unlike the strength, she had earlier in the day.

Benjamin twitched, his eyes scrunched and his lips smacked. In a half-sleep state, he pushed himself upright. Propped against his elbow, he rubbed the grit from his half-lidded eyes.

"What's the matter? Still spooked?" he mumbled.

Athena padded quietly into the room at the foot of his bed. "Yeah, a bit," she admitted. Her energy was distorted since she hadn't expelled her stress yet. "I… can't get warm and I keep remembering…"

Benjamin inhaled then slid over. His hand patted the mattress, indicating where Athena could lay.

"Come on, let's see if we can change that."

Walking deeper into the room, she quickly plugged her phone charger in and set the phone in the bed before burrowing herself under the blankets. Even at the distance of how they were on the bed, she could feel his body heat spread through the blankets.

She sighed in contentment. However, it's a different story for Ben since she was ice cold.
Benjamin's arms wrapped about her. Tightly embracing her as he buried his nose into her shoulder, enjoying her scent. His body began to roar to life with a fresh wave of heat. An instinctive response to her ice-cold skin.

"Damn, you're cold." His warm breath washed over her skin.

Athena shuddered, a soft hum when she was pressed against her back against him. A different sort of gooseflesh broke out across her skin but settled quickly.

His slow, even breathing tickling the skin of her neck tingled down her spine. She tried not to be aware of how his arms wrapped around her waist and idly thought about wearing more clothes than just a t-shirt.

But, with her own personal heater as strong as Ben, she warmed up quickly and fell asleep soon after.

~ x ~

T I M E: Present Day ( July ) Sometime Around 7 AM

Benjamin's eyes opened slowly. His jaw extended and a long yawn escaped his lips. A small burn rippled across his muscles, leaving a pleasant ache. His arms began to peel themselves back from Athena's figure. It was then... he realized something.

She wore only a t-shirt and no pants. He blinked a moment then groaned at his stupidity. Why didn't he wear more than boxers last night? It was too late to regret now. With a gentle movement, he managed to push off the blankets and shift around her. Noting her cooler temperature, he quickly pulled them back over her.

He needed to get dressed and head downstairs to fix breakfast. Emma wouldn't arrive until around 8 am and it was only 7 am. Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, he moved to the bathroom to complete his morning routine. Secretly, he was lucky not to have 'poked' Athena in the middle of the night.

Fortunately, she wasn't bothered by Ben leaving the bed, but the departure of his warmth let her own body temperature drop again. Having yet to expel the surprising negative energy from the night before, Athena's brows furrowed, her body curling into a small ball.

Benjamin headed downstairs. His feet thumped as he hurried down, skirting into the nearby kitchen. He popped his head into the fridge to see what he had. Bacon and scrambled eggs sounded good, he thought.

His hand reached for the carton and snatched up the bacon. He shut the door with his foot. Setting the items on the counter, he began to prepare the eggs and bacon for breakfast. When he finished, he fixed Athena and himself a plate. His meal naturally had mainly raw bacon due to cravings.

After setting them on a tray, he began to haul it up the stairs.

Images flashed through her mind's eye, flitting to and fro with no certain path or reasoning. All Athena can think about was trying to wake up and hope this dream didn't turn into a real nightmare.

Benjamin smacked the door, hoping to get Athena's attention. He realized fairly quickly, he hadn't thought it fully through enough. He pressed his head against the door.

"Athena, can you hear me? I need you to open the door and I got breakfast," he stated loudly.

She jolted awake, sitting upright with her heart suddenly racing as though she had been running. Athena was ice cold again, but the sound of Ben being on the other side of the door had her run a hand through her hair, quickly combing it out. It took another second before her racing heart calmed to a more reasonable pace.

Quickly, she swung her legs over the side of the bed and ran to the door. Seeing the breakfast, she made a wane smile.

"Breakfast?" she murmured, hiding a yawn behind her hand. Her nails weren't painted this time around, revealing purple-tinted nails, indicating how cold she was. "Gimme a sec."

Scurrying off to where her things were set aside, she pulled on a pair of shorts, and then, after two minutes of washing her face and cleaning up, she was back in his bedroom for breakfast, looking refreshed.

Benjamin balanced his tray as he slid through the door. He gritted his teeth, wondering how Emma did this so easily, before setting it down on the bedside table.

"I hope you like scrambled eggs and bacon. I couldn't remember if you had special diet requirements or not." He passed her plate over then taking his own, the scent of raw bacon causing his mouth to water. His figure lowered to the bed, sitting close to Athena.

Realizing how it might look, he averted his gaze and explained, "Raw meat is better for me. Dig in, you look like you need it."

Athena nodded, sitting cross-legged as she tugged the tray over to her. Watching Benjamin for a moment more, she couldn't help the small smile again. "It's fine as long as I go for a run after this," she said, picking up a fork. Snickering, she nudged him with her elbow.

"Not like last night told me anything about the raw meat—" Another snicker as she popped some scrambled eggs into her mouth. "Thanks for the breakfast."

Benjamin chuckled as his hand gripped a strip of bacon in his fingers. He raised it then lowered it into his mouth. The raw texture of the meat and fat coated nicely against his teeth. It slid down his throat, drawing a small pleased growl.

Between bites, he smiled then spoke. "I figured you needed something after yesterday. You were cold as ice."

Athena shrugged between bites, already half of the meal near finished. She seemed hungrier than she looked. Lifting her hand and gaze to him, she pressed the back of her fingers to his arm, still ice-cold as she was late last night.

"I need more than a 'something,'" she said, seemingly amused. Withdrawing her hand, she resumed eating. "It's what I'm hoping my run will help me fix it."

Benjamin's skin rose and accelerated his heat into her skin. His fingers stopped half-way from picking up another strip of pork as he watched her. Eyes locked on her with concern and worry.

He opened his mouth to say something when a loud smack hit the window into the loft. Instinctively, Benjamin jumped and shot his head into the direction.

"What in the hell was that?" He set the plate down then rose onto his feet, moving to the loft’s only window.

A small crow pecked at the glass. It cawed and fluttered, eager to get inside.

Athena visibly flinched at the noise, glancing around to find the source. When she saw none, she tapped her fork to the plate for a moment before recollecting the conversation the night before.

Quickly, setting aside the food and utensil, she left the bedroom after Benjamin. Upon approach in the loft, she spotted the crow.

"Oh!" Athena reached forward, opening the window and let the crow in by gesturing for it to hop onto her outstretched hand. Tugging off the parchment and the small vial, she tucked those into the small little pocket of her shorts.

"Benjamin, this is a friend of mine, you could say," she said and turned to him. "I believe they got worried about me." She sounded sheepish.

Benjamin looked completely baffled. His eyes shifted from the bird to Athena, watching the creature. It cawed then gently pecked her hand seeming to want something.

At the peck, Athena shifted, moving to the bedroom to grab a few pieces of bacon and egg before walking back out to the loft to feed it from her hand.

"I was about to ask if it was a friend of yours—I guess I got my answer. Does this have anything to do with the house yesterday?" He stood there, waiting for an answer. Though he wasn't angry in the least.

"Yes, sort of." Athena furrowed her brow as she let the crow continue to snack. "I didn't like the energy that the house had and it left an impression on me. So, I consulted with Morrigan about what it might be. But, since I just had a vague feeling, it's not a lot to go on."

Benjamin exhaled, his crossed arms fell to his side. "I guess some help is better than going in blind. Is this why you're out of sorts?"

Athena nodded.

With a bit of rowdy playfulness, the crow nipped Athena's finger. Its sharp beak broke a bit of the skin causing her to bleed slightly. Another gleeful caw escaped its mouth as it darted side to side, like some feathery dog.

Despite the new cut, Athena seemed used to it and smiled at the crow. Her fingers rubbed on its form, giving it the affection and love it deserves for coming all this way.

"There's always a balance, something I noticed when my abilities came to me. With so much negative energy, it'd take all of my yang energy to compensate. Or positive, I suppose." Looking over at Benjamin, she tilted her head in thought.
"Just give me a bit and I should warm up soon," she said with a smile.

Benjamin took a sharp inhale before his body relaxed. His eyes still fixed on the crow, tensing a bit at the drawn blood and fighting down his primal urges. It was mainly to rip the thing's head off for hurting her. Thankfully, only her reaction gave him a reason for him to hold back. The teenager's discomfort faded.

"All right, do you need anything?"

Once the crow was satisfied with the affection, she let the crow go and shut the window. Sticking her cut finger into her mouth, she gestured for them to head back to the bedroom and finish their breakfast before going about the rest of the day.

In the next few hours, after some tea and asking Benjamin for a run, Athena was successfully balanced again. Now, they were hanging out in his gaming area, watching a movie.

~ x ~

Benjamin's arm began to tingle before he shifted off the couch back. He rubbed it a bit to get some feeling back into it. His eyes watched the conclusion of the action movie as he leaned over and reached for the remote. He clicked the DVD off and set it down.

He rose upright, stretching then looked at her. "I'll call Duff after the run. It gives me time to think and sort out how we should approach this. We might have to wolf out and explore the property at night."

His arm already reached out for his pair of shoes. With an easy heel hook and toe tap, they slipped on easily.

"You ready to go?" He asked.

Athena nodded, listening as she grabbed some clothes. "Sounds good—lemme get changed and we'll go," she said as she disappeared into the bathroom, only to quickly reappear sporting a black sports bra, accents lined in hot pink, and black-camo colored leggings. Slipping her phone into a small pocket lined into the leggings, Athena's lilac sports t-shirt slid over her chest to hide toned abs.

After slathering sunscreen on all of her exposed skin that had the scent of something faintly beachy, she grabbed her own sneakers to slip on.

"I'll be following your lead so lead the way, Benjamin," she said with a grin. Popping a wireless earbud in one ear and a black sweatband around her other wrist, she looked prepped. Coupled with her faded pink baseball cap and her long hair pulled into a braided ponytail, she looked ready to challenge whatever run he was going to take them on.

Benjamin just finished trying his shoes when he rose upright, catching sight of her. Surprise sparked in his eyes as he looked her over. He never recalled her looking so... appealing before. His heart rate quickened briefly before he shook away the thoughts. Coughing a bit, he cleared his throat enough to speak clearly.

"Right—I'll take us past the house so you should brace yourself. I want to make sure it's completely abandoned."

Athena nodded.

Gesturing for her to follow him, he took them downstairs and out the back door. They encountered Emma searching for lunch. She pulled out of the fridge and spotted them. Flashing the escaping pair a smile, she asked a question at their retreating backs.

"Before you two leave, how's chicken and avocado wraps and a side of fruit salad sound for lunch?"

Benjamin stopped then turned around.

"That sounds good to me, what about you Athena?"

Athena nodded with another smile at Emma. "Sounds fantastic." Moving to the fridge, she grabbed a water bottle and grabbed another to throw it in Benjamin's direction.

His arms raised, not expecting it. His fingertips managed to catch it and spare his foot a bit of pain. A brief look of annoyance had been spared in at Athena.

Closing the fridge behind her, she moved to Emma to give her a quick hug. Her eyes glinted with amusement when she caught Benjamin's look of annoyance. He'll live. "Morning and we'll see you later!"

And then quickly moved to Benjamin to follow after him.

Emma chuckled as she smiled, preparing the chicken for the meal. “Don’t be late coming home.”
@Fallenreaper I'm very tempted :D. @Almalthia took over the original version of this RP for me a while back when my life fell apart lol. She was my Co-GM and one of the best I've ever had the pleasure to work with. This RP was my baby, and she has done such an incredible job implementing my creations with ideas of her own and fostering a wonderful RP. She's a freaking badass...and I'd be honored to game with her again :).

Yiss, she's an amazing person when it comes to stories and such. <3
*waves* Hello @PapaOso@Vetis Hi. It's nice to meet you. Got any plans for characters or still figuring that out? Sorry if that feels too forward, it's usually a good icebreaker for conversations. >,<

For Vetis. *points to the quote from the OOC* It's hidden in the CS, but covers a few examples of what's not acceptable. Since we're all students and still learning about our powers, it makes sense our abilities wouldn't be something too crazy.

(Nothing crazy; i.e. no Wolverine healing factor, time manipulation, invincibility, telepaths/mind control.)

Cleo D'Nile

Heidi Williams

ᴠᴇʀᴏɴɪᴄᴀ "ʀᴏɴɴɪᴇ" ᴍᴀʟᴄᴏʟᴍ

Heidi, on her way to the Danger room, would today see the first of the other students who had been at Nocturne. It was Cleo, with a student by her side that Heidi didn't recognize. And Heidi had the entire student pool memorized. She must be a new student, and Cleo must be showing her around. As she had just heard the announcement too, the Danger Room was likely her next stop unless she was going to give the new student a school tour. That was a possibility, as it would mean she'd get there late and have to clean less, but would have a very good excuse for doing so and would be let off. Heidi thought back to last night. The impression Heidi had of Cleo, who had tripped over Heidi at one point in the evening, wasn't of one who seemed that calculating. So they were likely heading to the Danger Room.

Heidi couldn't just pass them, as they'd therefore be going in the same direction and that would seem rude. So she waved at them and offered a half-hearted smile. "Hi. You two going to the Danger Room too?" Heidi asked the pair.

Ronnie, not bothering to pull out her phone, walked behind the Crazy Cleo. Her arms remained folded over her chest while she managed to keep pace. Occasionally, her eyes observed the scenery. Taking in all the sights to create landmarks in her mind and map out the huge building. She didn't want to get lost later.

She caught sight of a mousy looking girl. Several inches smaller than herself or Cleo, Ronnie took note of the girl's fashion. It screamed nerd and over comfortable. An outfit that belonged in the back of a hoarder's closet instead of on anyone with a shred of self-respect. Ronnie's lip to twitch slightly.

"Yes, we are." She resisted the urge to ask if the girl had begged a thrift shop for handouts.

Cleo had been showing Ronnie around the school a little bit, she pointed out the cafeteria and student lounge area before leaving of down the corridor, she went to mention the dormitories but had not the chance as their short trip was interrupted when the two bumped into Heidi. It was the first person she had seen all day from the actual night before. mainly as Cleo kept to herself and didn't surprisingly cause some sort of chaos. "Oh my god! Heidi!" Cleo beamed as she ran over to her friend, well Cleo considered her one as it was epic to see the girl come out of her shell and join them last night, even if it went bad.

Cleo refrained at the last moment to hugging the girl to death and instead place a hand on her shoulder, being unusually more reserved. "I hope you're doing okay after last night? And yes, sort of." Cleo slotted in to the girl's question. "You see I am showing a new girl around as it would be impolite not to do so... So this is Veronica, and Veronica this is Heidi. Cleo paused before just coming our with it. "I mean I would rather show Veronica around than go to the danger room, I still got to show the outside recreational areas and this awesome big crater that Isaac made a couple of days ago I think." Cleo smiled.

Heidi had braced herself for a hug, but relaxed when it became apparent in Cleo's movements that she was holding off on such an outgoing greeting. Heidi appreciated this gesture. Reading Cleo's lips, Heidi had been wrong. Cleo was planning on showing Veronica round, even if she didn't see to have thought possible consequences through.

"I'm alright. I didn't have much to drink at the club and I didn't really fight anyone at Nocturne. What about you? And I don't think we're supposed to be skipping cleanup duty, but if you're showing a new student around, I can't see that as something they'd punish you too harshly for."

Ronnie's eyes shifted from crazy Cleo to nerd Heidi, noting their behavior. An instinct developed from birth and honed through social survival. It took a few short moments to recognize a fairly causal and new friendship between the two. When Cleo introduced her, Ronnie raised her hand to give a half-hearted wave.

"Hi, I guess." Her tone remained indifferent.

While Ronnie could've judged the girl on her looks alone, she held her judgement and decided to wait. Looks were among the easier stuff to fix.

"If they had someone delegated to showing new students around, this wouldn't be an issue. I wouldn't need Cleo to show me around. Getting lost in a school this size, doesn't seem fun at all." Ronnie resisted adding heavy snark to her words. That included tacking on Crazy to Cleo's name. With their friendliness toward each other, she didn't need any enemies... yet.

"Going back to that subject of a crater, do I need to be worried? Is it common for people to lose control of their powers?" While Ronnie tried to sound calm, concern crept into her tone. Her eyes looked to both girls while still keeping up with them.
Samantha Haynes/Hexfire
Firand'r/Scarlet ("The Crimson Comet")

January 1, 2020 | Keystone City
By: @Fallenreaper@Crusader Lord

Samantha blinked for a moment then glanced at the clock on her TV. Silently she cursed herself. She had forgotten that Scarlet still went to high school, and they didn’t normally release this early. Too late now, she thought. Her attention shifted back to the conversation.

"Oh, sh-crap Scarlet." Samantha immediately corrected her language midway.

"I forgot you were still in school. Hope I didn't get you into trouble. And yeah, I'm currently at home. I need your help with the props if you're able to make it here safely."

The young Tamaranian sat there on the toilet seat for a few moments, thinking over the somewhat pressing issue that Sam had just presented her with. With the robbery and all, and the odd stuff going on, it wasn’t like she could just walk down there entirely...right? Not like she was limited to walking though, as she’d been well aware of and made use of for some time (albeit not predominantly due to ‘reasons’). Indeed, as the idea came to mind she seemed to perk up as the gears in her mind clicked and whirled away.

”Oh! I can make it, just gotta’ get mah’ Ma’ to drop me off somewhere nearby safe an’ all. Don’t worry though, I’ll be there!”

As she spoke on the phone, Scarlet stood up and began making her way out of the stall and bathroom once more. Despite the positive tone in her voice, however, her mind was just hoping she could have plausible deniability for...denting a locker with beyond human stuff. Yes. Her mom would not like that, and it was probably good that she’d overheard the teachers noting that the school’s camera system was on the fritz and had been turned off since a couple of weeks ago.

She could likely make it to the door pretty fast if she booked it, and thus avoid suspicion, which was basically the plan at this point.

“You sure? I don’t want you two risking your lives. I don’t know how close your school is to downtown and the police and ambulances went by my apartment not long ago.” Sam stood up and skirted around her current project, once more heading for the kitchen. She needed to check her snack supply.

“It’s no trouble at all!” the teen rebutted as she gently pushed open the exit door, a small feeling of relief washing over her once more as she swiftly let the door slam shut and bolted for where she’d be meeting her mom, “Not like ah’ can leave ya’ to do it all alone, after all! It’ll take a while, if ah’ remember last time correctly.”

“All right. Stay safe and tell your mom hi for me. I appreciate the help. I think you'll like the current display theme. It’s about witches, demons, and stuff.” Samantha smiled, imagining Scarlet’s excitement.

“I’ll see ya’ there then, Sam. Don’t get yourself possessed by a demon before ah’ get there though!” Scarlet said jokingly in return, her legs pumping as she noticed her mother’s car in line to pick her up, “See ya later!”

With that, Scarlet would hang up on the call as she neared the passenger side door of her mother’s car. It wasn’t hard to identify the big yet old blue Ford truck they had been making use of by this point, but it still did its job well...especially after her mother had gotten her hands on it for some ‘upgrades’. It was also not hard to identify her mother in proper disguise, sitting there looking like the brown haired and glasses-wearing human woman she played herself off as.

Pulling open the door in a hurry, the teenager simply flopped into the seat and let her books fall into the seat space next to her with a long sigh. Her mother, however, seemed to let out a sigh of her own as well. Ah.

“With the bank robbery today, I came earlier to get you and have been waiting here a good while. Did something happen?”

Crap. Not like her mother didn’t worry about everything, but at the same time it wasn’t like she wanted to admit denting a locker in with her head.

“Ah...well Rachael was tellin’ me about tha’ bank robbery, and ah’ got a call from Sam to remind me ah’m coming to help paint some displays. She says ta’ tell you hi as well.”

“Ah. I had almost forgotten, but with traffic as it is I am not sure we can get down there to drop you off-”

“No worries! Ah’ can get there safe if ya’ just drop me off a few blocks away!”

Scarlet could feel her mother’s eyes looking at her, a somewhat knowing look on the disguised Tamaranian woman’s face as she opened her mouth once more.

“How so?”

“Umm...well, I was going to be walkin’ there. Sam told me bout’ an alternate path to get ta’ her place.”

Nailed it.

...She’d managed to get her mother to agree to dropping her a few blocks away from Sam’s, but even so Scarlet felt the pressure. She could already hear the words that hadn’t been said: “No flying in public”. It was something the teen had heard many times in the past, a warning repeated on and on and on like a broken record. Albeit, she did make use of it behind her parents’ backs sometimes. She could fly generally well at least, but it wasn’t as if it was her common mode of ‘transportation’ at all anyways.

But the way to get there was honestly a pain today.

Scarlet ultimately took a winding route through some alleys, and alongside little bursts of flight between rooftops and to get up higher the Tamaranian girl had eventually made her way over to where Sam’s house was. a block away, really, but it wasn’t like she was trying to be seen either. Or perhaps her mother’s and stepfather’s warnings were getting to her by the time she got that close. Either way, she had supposed, she was getting to Sam’s place without the added hassle at least.

Eventually Sam would hear a knock on her door, a somewhat familiar rap on the door followed with-

“Hey! Ya there Sam?”

Samantha promptly opened the door, checking the individual outside. Seeing Scarlet, she exhaled in relief then stepped to the side.

“I’m glad to see you’re safe and sound. Come on in, I think I got some hot chocolate and chips for a snack if you’re hungry. Careful of the stuff in the center of the room.” She turned on her heel as she closed the door behind Scarlet.

The teenager seemed to smile back softly at Sam, before giving a nod as she came inside. Albeit at the mention of the things in the center of the room, Scarlet could not help but somewhat pause and take a look at it as she stood there in her casual attire. A large ‘stone’ tablet that lay on a plastic tarp in the room, paint buckets and brushes, splatters and drips, and the usual assorted artistic arrangement (mess) beyond that which she’d come to associate with Sam’s work. Honestly speaking, it was far from the first time she’d been here to help as well in the last year’s worth of time.

“Lookin’ good today, Sam, and ah’ don’t just mean the art,” the teenager said with a cheeky tone and a friendly grin, before setting a small bag of her things down on the sofa casually.

Samantha chuckled, “All I got on is a shirt and jeans. Usually I only get dressed for company, otherwise I would be in my pjs. I got a nice set of comfortable pajama pants.”

She moved around the project mess and toward the kitchen. “So, interested in some hot chocolate or want to get started on this project first?”

Scarlet chuckled to herself as she followed Sam towards the kitchen, a light rumble of her stomach making the idea of warm hot chocolate and snacks tempting. Not that it hadn’t already been stupid cold around her though...not her favorite aspect about living this much farther north. A warm, mild winter was something she had been mostly used to, at least here on Earth.

“I can understand that, this mornin’ I was wishin’ ah’ had somethin’ to snuggle with due to how cold it’s been. Ma’ says she’s got some more blankets today though,” she said, unzipping her jacket in order to not over-insulate in the warmer apartment as she spoke, before walking over and lightly setting her jacket over the couch as well.

Samantha nodded, filling a mug up with the hot liquid. “I’ll get you a few blankets and grab the space heater. We need to make sure to keep it away from the project. It took me hours to get the right shape and for it to feel natural.”

“No problem Sam,” the younger Tamaranian said, letting out a small chuckle before walking over behind her friend and surprising her from behind with a hug.

Sam was a good person, that much Scarlet knew for sure, and the two had been bonding before over little art projects like these and such. That, and at least for the giggles it was too fun to tease her like a good friend should. It was not much of a surprise to the teen that Sam was ‘single’, as it were, though while the teasing was all in good fun she never held Sam’s relationship status or seeming obliviousness against her at all either. Frankly, it was just nice to have someone to relate to over some kind of artistic or such pursuit.

Samantha jumped in surprise. She didn’t expect the affection at first. The older woman gradually relaxed, letting the younger girl hug her. “If you want this, you’ll have to release me, so I can give it to you. I also still need to get those blankets and the heater.”

“Haha...ok, ok, I don’t wanna miss out on some hot chocolate.

“But for tonight I think what I want to work on first is some of those ‘rock’ textures, if you’d let me. Left side is looking pretty good, but if we can hit that right side I can get it to match better. Made a costume with some textures like that for KeyCon 2019.”

It was enough joking around for the moment anyways, so the teen felt, before letting out a small sigh and releasing Sam. Hot chocolate was a welcome source of warmth in these times, and frankly speaking she wasn’t worried about burning herself on it either. Being an alien had its perks...or...ah...alien princess with experimentation done on her? That had been an odd thing to learn a few years ago, among other things.

“I hate rock textures. I did well on the first side, but I doubt I can repeat that success and make it natural. So you’re welcome to it.” Samantha stated as she skirted around Scarlet and moved toward her room. She opened the closet and pulled out about three thick blankets, placing them on her bed. Her body moved around her bed to pull the space heater free, ensuring she unplugged it first, then placed it on the blankets. Collecting everything up in her hands, she walked into the living room once more.

“Need a little help. Can you grab the heater and set it over to the wall? I’ll toss the blankets on the couch and you can bundle up. Then I’ll set the heater up so it won’t catch the art on fire.”

Scarlet silently walked over and took the heater from Sam, before moving back over toward the spot near the wall. From there it was simple to plug it into the wall, though while her friend wasn’t looking the Tamaranian felt the heater to make sure it was going to warm up just fine. For a normal person that was asking to burn a hand, yet for her it was more like touching a comfortably warm cookie fresh out of the oven. From there she simply did her best to try to adjust the heater herself, noting the position of the art and using what little experience she had with this thing when she’d visited Sam before.

“Ah’ll let you get it fixed up the rest of tha’ way, but I think ah’ got it as close as ah’ can.”

Samantha looked to spot Scarlet checking the heater. Her expression fell into worry and concern as she spoke. “Don’t burn yourself. I don’t think I have any burn ointment. It’s on my shopping list.”

Already she had started to set the blankets down and spread them out, enabling Scarlet to wrap herself up in. Feeling satisfied with her efforts, she shooed the girl over to the couch.

“Let me see if I can get it positioned so it’s still blowing on you, and not the art. I don’t think we want a house fire. The insurance won’t cover it.” She moved toward the small upright rectangle heater.

“If ah’ fire happened, we’d be in some ‘hot water’ to say tha’ least. But if ya get cold at all ya’self, Sam, feel free to join me over here ta’ warm up too.”

The teen seemed to be concerned for a brief moment as she spoke, despite her attempt to interject some humor at first. Yet even with her own dislike of extreme cold, it wasn’t as if she didn’t extend the same courtesy to her host. Didn’t want a friend shivering cold while they worked after all.

“I’m pretty comfortable right now. But let me grab my laptop and I’ll show you what we’ll be working on.” Samantha once more walked back into her bedroom and retrieved her laptop. When she came back, she flopped on the sofa and gently shifted the device on her lap. Her finger touched the mouse pad and clicked on her notes. Immediately windows of ritual tables, witchcraft, and more in various browser tabs.

She offered the computer to the younger girl. “What do you think?”

Scooting over closer to Sam on the couch to get a better view, Scarlet took the laptop carefully and examined the designs and various browser tabs. Her face seemed to shift into a look of notable concentration, as if her eyes were caressing every detail of ideas lying before her eyes. Taking out her phone, the girl began to pull up some of the pictures as she could find them, even taking a look over the laptop and phone to make sure to pull up ones that her older friend had already started on.

“Hmm…,” the teenager said, giving off a light hum as she collected her thoughts and looked over to Sam right next to her, “All looks good ta’ me conceptually, but a couple ah’ these things are ah’ tad’ redundant.”

Scarlet turned off her phone and put it back in her pocket, before turning the laptop and pointing out what she was saying to Sam.

“Tha’ magic circle you’ve work on so far stand out more than this design from the Goetia, so ah’d say go fer’ this one over tha’ other ta’ avoid gettin’ too redundant visually. Ah’ can help finish it off and touch it up as well, along with those rock textures, if ya’ want..”

Samantha nodded, then explained. “Some of these will be for the display items. The whole exhibit is one on witchcraft and magic. These..”

She pointed to the runes and pendants. “... are all foci for the spell casting rituals. We need to be able to showcase as many as possible. Though we could break it up into three sections to make it less crowded.”

As two continued their conversation, they managed to wrap up the props and exhibit design plans. It took numerous hours as Samantha paused long enough to order a pizza. One large for Scarlet and a small for her. As they waited for the delivery guy to arrive, they began to shift the stuff to the side and haul it to the truck. Things were running smooth and half the work down when they broke for lunch.

After finishing the last of their meal, Samantha began to start up the truck, and they headed over to the museum. Upon pulling into the drive way in back, a short and well-dressed woman exited the loading doors. She looked at her clipboard then waved her hands. Her high heels clicked on the pavement as she walked briskly to the truck. She kept her dark hair cropped into a straight, pixie hair cut with the bangs stopped short above the eyebrows. The dress suit had a white and blue theme giving her a professional look.

“Ms. Haynes! Slow down. I need to tell you something!”

Sam did as she was told, gradually slowing then halting the truck out of traffic. She peered out of the window, her arm rested on the door frame. “Yes, Mrs. Garret? What is it?”

“Can you and Ms. Straussen take those to the storage room? You can set them up later tonight.” The director commented, looking up from her board.

Samantha nodded. “No problem.”

“I expect it done before midnight. I also need you to update the site and email copies of the pamphlets to Mr. Edison before tomorrow morning.”

The woman sighed as she settled back into the seat. “Yes. I will try.”

“No, it’s not try. It’s do. You will do it.” The director corrected her as she twisted on her right heel and walked away. Her eyes focused on the clipboard as she scratched off some things on a list and continued back into the museum itself.

“This is going to be a fun night. Goodbye sleep.” Samantha sighed, starting up the truck and pulling closer to the loading doors.

Samantha Haynes/Hexfire

January 1, 2020 | Keystone City
@Crusader Lord

Samantha locked herself in her own world. A daily ritual alongside her steaming cup of coffee. She sat at one half of her makeshift workstation, a small desk in the corner of her room. Papers, writing tools, and her computer littered the surface with a big mess. Deep in thought, she stuck the pencil end in her mouth. Her hand adjusted her glasses as she studied the sketch book more. Several low detailed images of a single exhibit littered the page. She lowered her pencil then tapped on the paper with the point.

Once...twice... thrice.

A small breath passed through her lips before she set the pencil down. Samantha glanced to her mug, noticing it was nearly empty. Time to get more. She pushed her chair out then stood up, taking her mug with her on the short walk from her room into the living room.

Despite degrees in Design and Art, Samantha's apartment remained simplistic and messy. She blamed her laziness and personal choice. Some days were so rough, she barely stopped herself from sleeping on the sofa some nights.

She skirted around the current project on her wooden floor. Plastic lined the middle with splatters of paint and plaster chunks, a stone as the focus. Its surface covered by a runic symbol from scattered pictures for references. It reminded her she had to call Scarlet soon to help finish the props for set up tonight.

As Samantha pulled over to the coffee maker, she glanced outside. In the streets below, flashes of police lights and ambulances caught her attention. She frowned as she turned her machine off then returned to the living room. Drawing close to the sofa, she bent down to retrieve the remote and clicked the television on. It took a moment or two to completely turn on.

With a soft plop, she took a seat. She sipped the bitter liquid warming her from the inside out. Her legs stretched out and settled on her coffee table nearby. She found her cell while the news flashed in the background.

She paused long enough to watch in awe horror as events of the bank robbery unfolded. Her thumb flicked through her contacts, finding Scarlet's number. Pressing it, Samantha held the phone to her ear. Anxiety filled her with each passing moment until she heard Scarlet answering.

Not waiting for a 'hello', Samantha spoke with a worried tone.

"Hey, Scarlet, are you all right? I just spotted the bank robbery on the news and got worried."
ᴠᴇʀᴏɴɪᴄᴀ "ʀᴏɴɴɪᴇ" ᴍᴀʟᴄᴏʟᴍ

Saturday, October | The Ashford Institute for the Gifted

Ronnie exited swiftly the room.

She walked with poise and purpose, gliding down the hallway to observe the place. Mutant. For every normal person the word brought either fear and curiosity, occasionally indifference. Often only the ignorant were indifferent.

Deciding to judge the school's inhabitants with her own eyes, she glanced around.

What she found, surprised her. Ronnie didn't expect the school to be so... normal and bland. She itched her eyebrow as she continued her brisk pace down the halls. Students of all walks of life appeared locked in their daily routine. A few crowded by their rooms, laughing or locked in conversation. She managed to draw a glance or two causing her to slow to saunter, enjoying the admiration of her figure. Others traveled in small packs through the narrow hallways. The sight of them pulled at her cold heartstrings before she pushed it away.

She didn't need the distraction.

After a few twists and turns, Ronnie’s direction lead her toward the cafeteria. A place she could sit, eat, and finally determine her next move. Her phone vibrated causing Ronnie to slip it out of her back pocket. She frowned then scrolled through the texts. She rested on a caller id labeled Father, her expression softened briefly and her thumb tapped it open. Just when she began to read it, her body collided with a smaller body of flesh. Four inches shorter than herself.

Ronnie stepped back as her fingers tightened around her phone, fixing it in her hand. Her teeth gritted and her mouth’s right corner curled up. She glared at the cause of the blockage. A bimbo with a dazed look found Ronnie’s wrath.

“Excuse you? Walk much?” She snapped, placing her phone into her pocket.
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