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I love being a terrible person by making my PCs' lives miserable, it's art form that never gets old or boring.


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Elsa dissected the scene before her.

The rogue’s disdain for being denied surfaced in her toxic beauty. Elsa pegged the bitch as someone that hated being told no, and the aftermath showed it. She deeply hoped one of the boys might have a solid plan to escape.

If not, Elsa’s eyes turned back to her friend. Bella’s overprotective nature risked overwhelming her common sense. The worst part, she wasn’t alone. Elsa had trouble keeping the ice over her heart just to stay anchored in place. It was clear the rogue held no moral standards unlike those aligned with the Bloodline families, alchemist royalty who kept those below AMRO’s standards in line. This reason alone allowed them to coexist underneath the organization’s supervision.

Elsa’s distracted thoughts shattered when the boy yelled his surrender. She watched Bella’s alchemy drive spring to life. It surged within her colleague as the dark haired woman summoned technology from her backpack and into the air. They fused into four disk shaped bot who launched themselves at the rogue. Bella followed while a glaive formed into her hand.

A soft sigh escaped underneath Elsa’s breath. She immediately sent a message to Samad through their link. While the rogue was notably weaker than Bella, the ice mother worried the conflict might attract more trouble than they could handle. Numbers still made a difference in a fight.

Samad, I’ve located Bella and we’re currently engaging a rogue. One of the students forfeited. The woman saw little reason to elaborate with her partner, he already knew she wouldn’t break the protocol.

Her hands reached for her belt, jerking it free and pressed a button. The magnetic energy immediately hummed to life. The buckles flew from her pants and stretched out in midair, the string taut between them. A curved bow riser snapped out its limbs as everything fell into place. Her hand snatched it up before gravity pulled it to the ground. In the same smooth motion, her arm reached behind and tugged a grey shafted arrow loose from her quiver.

She loosely notched it then carefully shifted from her original position. Her steps silently moved through the ferns as she made her way to the rogue’s blind side. Deep down, Elsa hoped the rogue might suspect that Bella was alone and could be taken off guard. However, she didn’t count on it.


Samad remained near the thinner edge of the branch while Zane continued to talk. The man’s less than serious attitude and volume indicated he cared very little about their position being betrayed. A small irritation flickered across Samad’s patience, but it didn’t snap. It took a lot more than that to make Samad lose his temper. He also didn’t believe any smart rogue would be stupid enough to attack two well trained Asylums.

His figure turned about to face Zane when he debated on undergoing the Oasis version of this trail. He voiced his thoughts with a calm and serious tone.

“I doubt you did. The main danger here is the rogues and where they could be hiding. The Oasis had sandstorms, heat, and lack of water. I remember a few students dehydrated during my trial.”

He let the unknown fate of those students linger in the air for a moment. The trials determined a student knew their limits or perished from their ignorance. At the next question, Samad inwardly reflected for a few moments. He finally turned back to observe the ground below their perch as he answered.

“I passed just within the twelve hour threshold. Failure wasn’t an option and I already had prior exposure to harsh survival training before AMRO found me.” Samad recalled the tall sandstone surrounding his ‘training’ ground.

At the age of eight, he was too ignorant to realize his family prepared their children at a very young age. It benefited him in the following years at AMRO. The things that could’ve been weren’t something he dwelled on for very long.

When the mention of Yin came up and Zane offered for him to join, Samad considered it for a moment. Before he could answer, Elsa’s message slapped him in the face. The man frowned heavily at the turn of events.

“I have a different direction in mind. Elsa just sent me a message. It appears the girls found each other and decided to engage a rogue. Rather than follow the troublemaker, it's more productive to meet our partners. Don’t you think so?”

Without wasting time waiting for an answer, Samad walked to the edge then leaped off. He bent his knees when he impacted onto the ground nearest the tree. His eyes turned back to Zane to deliver one message.

“If you want to come, keep up. If not, I can tell Bella where you went.” The words left hanging in the air as he rushed toward the direction Elsa had given him.

Once they were out of hearing range, Elsa’s eyes shot back to Bella. Naturally her friend was the first to break the silence and share the same hatred over the situation. She assessed her ally’s state of mind through her fragmented statements. They had known each other long enough to at least properly assume the other’s emotional state. The blond woman took a deep breath, her mind cleared and focused on their options.

“We can’t interfere until the students ask for it. Then we have full permission to do whatever it takes to save them, even if it’s excessive force.” Elsa’s voice indicated she didn’t mind doing the latter even if it wasn’t required.

The rogue’s games had left a bitter taste on her tongue. A type not washed out with a thorough brushing or mouthwash. Her eyes had returned to the scene, the individuals smaller and blurred by distance.

“I’m sad to say, that doesn’t include torture. I’m not fond of it myself, but if we get involved too soon… Terra won’t be happy.” Elsa said through gritted teeth.

Her fingers had started to clench into fists as her vision refused to leave the small, unfortunate group. The rogue laughed at the refusal. She snapped her fingers and a new vine erupted upward, the thorns slithered along the girl’s surface. A fresh rip of clothes became drenched in blood when new scratches formed.

“If I get a chance, I’m putting an icicle through that bitch’s face.” She growled low enough that only Bella could hear.


Samad didn’t move when Zane abruptly appeared beside him. Their weight sagged down the branch’s main anchor, but it held firm and silently stopped creaking. The Iranian’s eyes continued to monitor the woman until she vanished into some shrubbery. He hated this test as he didn’t want to engage the students, especially the pompous student below. The destruction in the cafeteria still lingered in his memory after Elsa nearly killed both her and himself.

At Zane’s chit-chat, he leaned back and gave Zane a questioning look. Elsa was usually the most social one of the pair. Unfortunately, his partner was somewhere else in this gardener’s paradise gone wild.

“From what I’ve seen, yes. It fits you. Unlike you, I didn’t. I was actually actively trying to avoid the rogues. It was in an oasis setting rather than a jungle.” Samad answered calmly as he scanned the scenery for signs of Elsa. He didn't answer the last question.

The damp, earthy scent snaked into her nostrils. Greenery half shrouded her vision as it hid her from sight, the scene unfolded before the pair. She pressed her arms into the soft ground just enough to proper herself to watch the scene unfold. The woman’s vision sent a shiver down the blond’s spine. Every living, breathing cell within her nature screamed to interrupt the sadistic event. The rogue toyed with her prey like a predatory cat with an appetite for malice.

Despite her training, Elsa hated the exams. She saw them as a barbaric practice. One long overdue to be culled from AMRO’s educational programs and faded into the history books. Samad was confident it would never happen, but she held hope.

Elsa gritted her teeth to silence her protest when the vine lashed across the female student’s back. It retracted, a bloodied and torn aftermath left in its wake. The uniform barely hung off her form now. Impulsively, Elsa’s eyes shifted to the right and noticed Bella’s reaction. She carefully placed her hand on her ally’s in a comforting gesture.

The blond asylum turned back to watch the widened eyed students track the rogue’s smirking form. She circled closer, her mockery filled the thick jungle air. While the rogue twisted an innocent child’s game into something dark, Elsa tapped Bella’s arm. She pointed to another location just outside the immediate area. Somewhere safer to talk than where they were. With a cautious movement, Elsa began to lead the way toward it.

Meanwhile, the boy trapped earlier glanced at the girl and gave into his fate. He pressed his thumb to his mouth. The nail edge pinched the nail edge between, a firm grip. A tug began to peel the nail away. Blood trickled from lips onto the boy’s chin as it muffled his groans. With a rough tug, it came off in his teeth in a jagged strip. He fought back a gag before he passed it to the girl. She stepped back, her hand covered her mouth, as she glanced at him in total horror. It was clear she wasn’t willing to carry out her part of the game.

Elsa hated teleportation alchemy. Out of all her options in alchemy, it still gave her dread and anxiety. Her breath fixed in her lungs as it settled down, her body was frozen in place until the experience ended. A tingling raced down her limbs with the sensation of pins and needles. It faded into the air to signal its completion causing her eyes to open. The foilage curled around her legs and grew into a thick jungle setting.

She was glad she brought proper attire rather than her casual uniform. The thick humidity blanketed her as she absorbed her position.

Terra never gave hints to the location specs when she designed them for the trials. The Chrono felt it risked giving some students unfair advantages from their favorite teachers. Elsa couldn't argue against it since the teachers enjoyed pitting their favorites against each other. Something to chase away the boredom she assumed.

The sounds of water rushing along drew Elsa's attention. With a small smirk, she began to carve out a path to the source. Tall trunks began to thin out as a clearing came into view. It didn't take her long to recognize Bella's dark hair and quirky glasses. The words started in Elsa's throat when someone's screams broke the silence.

Her head snapped to the side. A dark-haired student, Italian in descent, bolt into the clearing. The girl continued to shout behind her.

"Run, you idiots. NOW!"

As the student rushed over fallen trees and bushes, Elsa rushed forward. Her arms tossed about Bella's shoulders and immediately pulled themselves down onto the ground. Their figures vanished out of sight as two more boys burst into a small clearing.

Elsa's finger pressed against her lips in a universal hush signal.


Samad frowned as they were teleported into the trial grounds. A thick, humid blanketed the Iranian while his eyes scanned the stage for the student's trials. He should've assumed Terra would've picked something green. A sigh slipped from his lips as he began to look toward the trees, a quick judgment over their high ground. With only a bit of help from Alchemy, he managed to scale it to the highest branch.

When he finally found purchase on its surface, a scene began to unfurl beneath him. His dark eyes narrowed on someone below. A woman with long, dark hair stood in the open. She appeared to be scanning her whereabouts for other students.

Day 1

After Samad took Elsa to get checked out, they returned to their quarters. Elsa had been put on bed rest for the next three days. Needless to say, she wasn’t pleased about it and forced to endure it. No alchemy had put her at risk in his mind causing him to request aid from the other Asylums. Cici appeared enthusiastic to be creative and actively encouraged to set traps for brazen students. While they needed an asylum’s permission or one to bear witness, Samad didn’t put it past some smart individual to find loopholes in the system. Especially with the numerous teacher favorites. Not long after things were properly set up, Samad and Cici settle down to chat about Elsa’s reckless behavior.

It was an exhausting affair, but the point was clear: never do it again.

Day 2

Samad returned to his classes. First day back to a routine, a fight broke out among the students. Several tossed alchemy and tested the merit of their peers leaving several minor injuries. While he rather let them sort out, he didn’t let them kill one another. It didn’t help an alarm went off in Elsa’s room causing him to be rougher than he intended.

Upon investigation, it appeared a few students were testing limits and only a few found out how bad of an idea that was. It took Samad a while to release them from the trap. Frustrated and angry, he didn’t spare releasing on their asses when he booted them out into the hallway.

Day 3

Samad gave into Elsa’s plea for something to distract her. After hauling a few books back into their quarters from the archives, Elsa starts to research and collect information. The subject ranged from the prisoner to causes for the dead zone. When Terra arrives to check in on Elsa, Samad realized he was late and rushed to the classroom. Later that day, Zane approaches him with information on the deal with Kanon then insists he focuses on Elsa. With heavy gratitude, he thanks the Asylum for his help.

Day 4

Early that morning, Samad woke in his bed to find a few students frozen solid in a block of ice. Elsa was already up and dressed. A small smile on her expression that warmed her whole face up. She greeted him then request he transport the idiots to medical so they could thaw over time. With that, she hopped out to speak with their teachers and arrive at her classroom in time.

Samad sighs then starts the task, including it on his list. He had been observing the Isle routines and norms, then organizing them into notes. The dead zone still bothered him, but the information over it was lacking. Like someone went to great efforts to either not record it or erase all traces of it. Whatever it was, he hated to be in the dark about it.

To make teaching easier for all of them, the wrecking team helped to set up traps, sigil protections, and more to create a more orderly teaching environment. Anything to make their day easier in the end.

Day 5-6

The days blend a bit with Samad and Elsa teaching their classes, renewing sigil traps, and retrieving students from Cici’s traps. One student, Cade Markell, appeared to have repetitive bad luck. He had been caught numerous times by several different traps. Needless to say, Samad didn’t see the student living beyond his Jungle finals in the future. Elsa noted down all the traps that Cici reset and their location as if she suspected something to happen.

Day 7

When Cici came to them, stating she lost her map… Samad mentally groaned. Elsa smiled and passed Cici a copy of the traps she knew the whereabouts of. When Cici suggested that Samad zip through the hallways and various rooms, his partner shot it down. Elsa was firm on the point causing Samad to chuckle.
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Tags:@Damo021| Sunday, after 5 pm | Heading out of the Girls Dorms

“If I had known it was a team activity, I would’ve opted out. I’m not much of a team player. I’m not upset with the shock since I think I had an episode. If I have known she would shove this, ” Ronnie pointed to the container of food in her roommate’s hands, “down my throat I would’ve left class early.”

She didn’t admit it out loud, but working with others was difficult. A big reason she avoided it. Unlike Matthew, Sparks, Numbers, or Brains, she couldn’t contribute to the danger room. Her eyes glared at the paper that barely reacted to her.

It didn’t matter.

Her jaw tightened as she exhaled through her nose to clear her head. By this time, she had finally noticed Oriana’s hair had shifted colors. Obvious it had something to do with Oriana’s powers, but it was none of her business to why. If her roommate wanted to spill the beans, she would listen. With her mind made up, she turned to the other comments.

“Cleo’s… not so bad. At least when compared to that one. I can at least handle her type of crazy even if it is overwhelming and the girl needs to take a sedative.” Ronnie popped off, her hands placed on her leg. It curled against her hip as the other dangled off the bed.

She continued to eye the door and half expected Sparks to come rushing in. When Oriana set the ‘offerings’ down, Ronnie shook her head. Her roommate was right. When her roommate passed her the piece of paper, Ronnie’s right eyebrow rose slightly. She reached out her hand and took it, unsure what to do next. Her dark eyes watched the girl open the door then leave. The room silent as Ronnie’s thoughts surfaced.

Another frustrated sigh escaped her lips. She pulled out her cell and quickly typed in Oriana’s number, labeling it O for short. Her attention drifted to the container left on her bed end. With a stretch from her position, Ronnie grabbed the food and tugged open the lid. A peppery, biscuit scent entered her nose.

She scrunched her face up at it. No point in giving into weakness. Unable to refrigerate it or give it back, she simply left it on her desk. Ronnie moved toward the door. In a smooth motion, she grabbed her swimsuit and her jacket along the way. Her hand reached out to cautiously twisted the door open a crack. A glance down the right and left indicate what Oriana said. Uncertain if the sound would draw the crazy student back or not, Ronnie softly shut it behind her. She darted down the hallway toward the nearest exit.

A few laps in the pool always cleared her head when she managed time for it. She just hoped no one would send her skirting back to her dorms for violating any curfew.
ᴠᴇʀᴏɴɪᴄᴀ "ʀᴏɴɴɪᴇ" ᴍᴀʟᴄᴏʟᴍ

Tags:@chev@Damo021| Sunday, 5 pm | Girls Dorms

Ronnie stiffened against the wall and held her breath.

The very dorm room’s walls vibrated with Spark’s booming shouts. A deep loathing at the term ‘Zappy Nap’ rippled through her core. She held no energy to please the lunatic girl. Her breath expelled in a heavy sigh at her predicament. She gritted her teeth to keep the screams at bay when the threats and knocks continued, the student oblivious to the hints to get lost. Ronnie questioned what she did to warrant the crazy’s unwanted attention.

When Oriana mouthed her question, Ronnie naturally answered.

Get rid of her first. The explanation would take too long and it risked unveiling her ruse.

At the threat of banging down the door, Ronnie’s head snapped to the window. She mentally measured and compared it to her own size, the fit tighter than she liked. The last option if she had to escape. Usually, she faced her problems, but Daniela’s words rattled in her brain. It wasn’t worth the risk.

Her eyes looked to the door. She imaged Spark’s eyes trying to drill holes into it, thanking the heavens the girl didn’t have laser vision. Else it would’ve been burnt in a matter of minutes.

The phrase also appeared to have triggered her roommate. Oriana marched over and ripped open the door. Relief washed over Ronnie when she heard the venom erupt from Oriana’s mouth, completing her side of the deal. She made a small note to treat her roommate for it later. It didn’t end there, much to Ronnie’s cringe. She sank lower to remain out of sight when she heard the foot in the door. Sparks continued to force-feed the kindness on her even in her absence. Above, a streak of lightning hit the room light and it flickered brightly.

Ronnie yelped. Her hands clamped over her mouth to muffle it, but it happened too late. Her heart thumped in her head, her eyes darted around. She expected to see Daniela sneering in front of her like some sort of serial killer. Nothing. Either Sparks didn’t hear Ronnie or chose to ignore it. At this point, it didn’t matter to her.

New muffled voices indicated someone else had engaged Sparks. Ronnie exhaled a breath she had been holding and slowly crawled back up onto the bed. At the sounds of retreating footsteps, all the tension fell from her figure.

“That bitch is the one who zapped me back in the danger room. One of the people in that small group I kept avoiding and didn’t bother with. I didn’t realize she was crazier than the first girl I met the first day here, started with a C or something. Cleo, I think?” Ronnie pulled her fingers and thumb to pinch the bridge of her nose.

She gave a small groan. “Is it a side-effect that everyone at this school becomes unhinged?”

Location: Cafeteria

When the prisoner ejected the Asylums from the channel, everyone jerked into the present. The experience left Samad weary and drained as the prisoner’s arrogant speech faded into the background. He only took note of the important detail about the dead zone, intended to research it later. At this point, he cared little for lectures to perfection or bigger pictures. The production of the afternoon had been poisoned by the man’s self-centered attitude and lack of manners.

His attention shifted to Elsa’s condition. Through their link, her icy temper crackled through and threatened to consume her. A rare thing when she usually kept her emotions in check. He let the concern distract him much to his cringe later.

A man’s voice bellowed out as he marched over to the table.

Samad leaned back into his seat and observed the scene deteriorate between the prisoner and the newcomer. The asylum’s eyes absorbed the image, noted the armor and similarities to knights of old. It drew a soft scoff of amusement in the Iranian. On occasion, his eyes shifted from Bella to Elsa while the exchange of insults continued.

You all right? Samad’s thoughts poked into Elsa’s head.

I’m trying to be. She answered in a soft, unease way to his question.

A loud crash followed by screams ripped them out of their own world. A red-haired woman hit an empty table, her body skirted along the length and ground to a stop. Her cursing cut through the student’s panicked sounds.

Meanwhile, what appeared to be her partner twisted about and landed far more gracefully.

“What the hell is with this child.”

She huffed, before looking over at the others.

“Oh! Hello! You must be the other teachers. Well, temporary teachers. Like Maeve and I. Could we gend? The girl seems to have lost her mind and is surprisingly powerful. Her drive is, quite frankly, scary.”

Samad’s and Elsa’s peripheral vision caught the Gaelic woman jerk up then toss a table at the attacking student. The young girl rushed forward, her fist punched it and wood scattered into pieces. The splinters flew across the room before the two clashed again.

A curse uttered underneath the Iranian’s breathe.

Of course, things merely went downhill faster when Angel’s claims of ‘minions’ dragged them all into the Knight’s attention. Before Elsa could reply, the man unsheathed his blade. Energy rushed from it and plowed into all the asylums at the table. Zane acted fast. He shoved Bella out of the way and took the blunt force of the impact, the Knight continually struck out at it. Thankfully he had a shield through it didn’t appear to help much.

Everything felt like it happened in a matter of seconds.

As Zane stood against the rapid strikes of the asshole, Elsa glanced around. Students cradled various wounds had started to scramble for safety or engage in fights. Chaos rolled through the cafeteria increased by the screams, protests, and spells flying everywhere.

Elsa turned to both Samad and Cici.

“I’m going to need your help, Cici. We need to get the students out. The Knight might be considerate enough to not kill them, but I doubt the stupid powerful student is. I need room to place the sigil to trap him. It’s going to have to be a big one to hold this guy.”

“I assume we’re helping the other two while he’s trapped?” Samad asked, airing his partner’s intentions to Cici in the conversation.

“Yes. We’ll gang up on her together, then deal with the Knight afterward.”

A slender body hunched over crossed legs, giving a better view of the striped leggings stretched across both knees. The owner swayed to and fro not bothered by the burst of wind whipping her hair nor the stray rubble clattering her way. Cici's focus was absolute; details of the various combatants filtered through her mind - their speed, the type of attacks and most importantly, their physical condition.

She tried her best to find as many potential weaknesses as possible since that would determine their level of success. Thankfully, for the students, she managed to find plenty simply by observing them - old injuries and new being the most glaringly obvious ones from her point of view. Her rose-kissed lips split upwards into a lopsided smile as she leaned her head back as far as her neck allowed.

"I can roll with that," she assented.

‘Good,” Elsa stated then projected her idea to Zane.

’Zane, can you and Bella keep the asshole distracted? If we don’t get the students out, they will get in the way and be slaughtered. I also need the room for a powerful sigil trap to encase him. Then we can gang up on the student, take her out, and return to the ass. I just need time to set it up!’ Elsa’s words appeared in Zane’s mind.

"The prey is setting a trap, how intriguing." The prisoner's thoughts echoed for Elsa alone, his location however, still uncertain. The man appeared and disappeared from varying points of interest at the Cafeteria.

The woman fought the rolling of her eyes then glanced to her allies.

Cici’s mind calculated the most efficient way to clear the room - as per Elsa's request - and she recalled that there was a lake near the cafeteria. Just beyond the tree line, in fact. A metaphoric stone's throw away. Speaking of, she had a good feeling about the plan forming in her head.

As far as she could tell, few students were badly injured or dead. This meant that plunging them into those chilly waters shouldn't rake up unnecessary fatalities. Absol-spiffing-tastic! We could totally do that then. She exclaimed. Not quite caring if the Wrecking Crew caught on; she was simply too excited to slow down.

Stretching out one leg then the other, she rose like an unfurling ballerina. Her arms finding their way towards the sky and dipping past her head towards her shoulder blades. There was an audible sigh as her knots loosened.

"There's a lake not far past the trees behind that wall. Samad, could you help me level it? A dip will work wonders on these hot heads." Straightening up and cracking her knuckles, Cici crouched low, ready to start sprinting. A necessity if she wished to gather enough energy for the motem cast. "As you do that, I'll teleport the injured students to the sick bay."

Samad smirked. “Of course and I agree.”

His eyes narrowed on a small group of students that had started to beat the crap out of each other. A few words flowed from his lips as he activated his specialty. Immediately their attacks began to slow. Their eyes widened in surprise, but they couldn’t locate the source. Samad then touched Cici before she sprung into and with some quick gestures surged the speed into her.

“That should help, but you’ll need to come back for a recharge. I’m going to see if I can slow down the flying alchemy attacks.”

"No, I need the wall down. I doubt my body can hold so much for so long. T-minus 40, please."

“All right, I’ll focus on taking it down. Elsa needs to focus on the sigil, so keep an eye on her. With all the attacks flying around, one risks hitting her and ruining the rune. We don’t know how long Zane and Bella can hold out.” His dark eyes looked to Cici to see if she agreed.

Elsa, I'll be leaving two bottles of customised ink on the floor. They have a tiny snowflake on their label meaning they should spread easily when you use your alch-spec. I hope it'll hasten the process.

Elsa nodded with gratitude then gestured out her hand. The two vials she spotted floated to her and she popped the first one open. Its liquid immediately bonded itself to her finger. The blond-haired woman rushed to the farthest point of the room where she bent down. She began to paint it across the surface of the floor. Her alchemy stretched it into intricate designs, but the process took time. Her attention absorbed into her given task as she climbed to her alchemy limits.

Those hurried thoughts barely registered before Cici cut the channel. Her hazy after image fizzing to nothing as a blur of red, black and chestnut wove around the skirmishes. Her hand, black-gloved and barely noticed, would tap shoulders at random and those students vanished with a gentle pop. Sometimes, their combat partners would be sent along as well.

Sparks tickled her dewy skin, they ran along her limbs, gathering nowhere in particular. Not yet, at least. Cici could feel the fire growing in her lungs but she continued pushing herself. The energy collected hadn't reached the optimal level. She needed more, she had to speed even more, cover more ground, push these limits. Her mind couldn't decide what was best given the frailty of her outer flesh.

Samad focused on the wall Cici indicated. His hands moved and hit set points, his alchemy pushed into the solid mass. It cracked along invisible weak points as it became to fall down. From the corner of his eyes, he spotted the Knight charge at Bella and turned away. He couldn’t let that distract him now. A faint hope pulled at the back of his mind that Zane would protect his partner. Unfortunately, that wasn’t easy. A small group of students locked in the riot began to move toward Elsa.

For a moment, his heart stopped in his chest until a blur of chestnut, crimson, and black caused him to relax.

Cici solidified in front of an advancing group before they got too close to Elsa. Sweat painted her blushing cheeks but she showed no signs of fatigue. A leap assemblé towards the stunned students made them retreat a half-step and no more. Cici landed on both feet, they flexed en pointe on the cracked cement floor, and she pirouetted with her arms outstretched. The palm-strikes swiftly diminished the crowd of eight to o, leaving the dancer with no calls for an encore despite her giddy bow.

Switching gears -- from agility to might -- the asylum stood like a solid wall with her arms tucked to the side, fisted hands turned ceiling wards, and her diaphragm engaged. Stepping back, her body curved in the same direction, gathering energy along her lower back and arms. She crouched low and punched forward yelling.

Chestnut hair, uncharacteristically messy, whipped wildly in the brink of the storm unleashed. Angry winds fanned east to west, an inescapable front that swept the students away in an Ozian manner; their bodies tumbling endlessly over the steepled-tops of the conifers. Cici would have ended up one of the many Dorothies in the air if Samad's firm arms hadn't anchored her to the ground.

“Easy with your alchemy,” Samad had managed to speed up his feet. He reached his arms out and snapped onto Cici’s, her outfit whipped by the indifferent winds. With a few quick words, his alchemy fastened him firmly into the floor and stopped him from being taken along. Gradually, the wind died down letting her fall back to earth.

Their respite ended with skipped heartbeat. Energy thrumming from the prisoner wormed deep into their bones, a foreshadow that didn't prepare them adequately. Cici watched as the room groaned in almost surrender, begging the question if the supports would hold much longer. Samad did a little too thorough a job, it seemed.

"We need to reinforce the shell," she yelled.

He spotted the Knight charge at Bella, her partner desperate to save her, before the prisoner appeared in front. With the summoning of a coffin, he dispersed the kinetic wave. The aftershocks rippled out to catch anyone nearby. Including Cici, Elsa, and himself. Samad acted quickly. He shouted intangible words then followed up with gestures. Cici’s tossed body jerked back into his direction and he braced for her. Meanwhile, another spell redirected the rest to flow around Elsa’s workspace. In the background, it appeared one student had rushed to assist the redheaded woman with Yin’s pesky behavior.

Cici flagged into the warmth finally consenting to a breather. Every student - save the dead - was out of harm's way. Her attention shifted towards Bella and Zane's fight, which she watched semi-distractedly. Elsa would remain their primary concern until the sigil was fired.

"They get more impatient every year. I swear we didn't feel the need to toss a perfectly good dinner all over the floor." She commented snarkily as her stomach rumbled. "I could have done with their share of chips and gravy."

Samad didn’t answer. His head hurt as he pressed his fingers into his temple. His body hunched over a bit and his breath became harder, Elsa’s mind frantic. He glanced to her location to see her attention fixed on scribbling the rune on the floor.

Eyes the colour of summer seas surveyed the hall with trepidation as she realised the last tremors weren't caused by the latest alchemic barrage. It was a split second call - a risk - she had to take since the others appeared oblivious to their predicament.

"Elsa! Switch to strengthening the pillars and remaining walls. We'll be buried if no one does anything."

Elsa looked up to note the cracks in the wall.

They raced up and spider-webbed across the walls then the roof. Small chunks fell down then crashed into the growing piles. She had to stop it, her overdrive kicked in. Her hands made some exaggerated and quick gestures. Her palms then slammed into the nearest pillar. Ice formed on contact, the ends developed and shaped into dragon heads. They crackled as they spiraled upward. Their paths erratically alongside the stone and wood, little spikes reached into the air. The frozen air fueled its stretch across the surface. In the general start, the temperature dropped drastically.

Even the asylum’s breath frosted out into the usually warm room. Faster, faster! She screamed at her alchemy as she poured more fear into the spell. Now half the room had started displaying the cold results. Wall and roof chunks began to topple down, only to be sealed back up by her ice. Elsa’s eyes began to coat over with pure white. Her fingers covered in the frigid evidence and dart out of her control. She heard Samad holler in the backdrop, but her attention fixed on the task she dedicated herself to.

Samad’s eyes widened at Elsa’s behavior. He cursed then rushed toward her, only for the agony to drop him to his knee. A sharp ice-cold nail drove into his temple. It needled there then spread rapidly within his brain. Millions of tiny points stabbed into his nerves and stalled his higher functions while his hand clenched his head.

"No more of this foolishness!"

Through the blurry vision, he caught the sight of a middle-aged woman with red hair lingered near the entrance.

Before he could respond, a few seeds scattered near his legs. The vines shot up and weave around him, the branches and leaves condensed into a semi barrier. Any attacks that tried to escape or debris that crashed down were batted away.

He needed to get out. Elsa still climbed and surged into her overdrive, her body started to break like the ice her alchemy made. Every time he tried, his body just crumbled from his efforts. He spied through the vines to see Terra approach Elsa and Cici. The Chrono spoke then struck Elsa’s temple, the woman crumbled instantly. All the ice shattered. The frosty crystals danced in the air as the vines caught her. With a small pat on the blond asylum’s head. Terra turned and escorted the trouble makers out. Leaving the Aslyms to recover from their experience.

"Tend to Elsa. I'll check on the rest, see if anyone needs immediate medical attention, if not we should get her to the sick bay." Cici explained hurriedly.

After leaping up to her feet and offering Samad a hand up, she patted him reassuringly on the shoulder and threaded her way around thawing debris that spilled out the demolished cafeteria. Occasionally, Cici would stop when the ground rumbled under her feet, checking to see if the damage had spread further from the epicenter.

Other than earth peeking between the cracks and brief dumps of crumbling paint from above, the rest of the building held together, a true testament of AMRO engineering. They claimed to have planned for all sorts of disasters. And, the list included a full student riot it seemed. She couldn't help smiling wryly at that realisation. Perhaps a little more care to student survival would have been nice even if most of them ended up as cannon fodder out in the fields before they retired at a ripe young age.

They were, honestly, no better than white armoured clones. Those helmed soldiers, she had watched, trooping across the big screen on rare movie nights. Satisfied with that analogy, she hummed the opening theme of the Clone Wars and went her merry way.

"Hey Belladonna! How are you and Zane faring?" she asked, leaning forward so that she appeared upside down in her friend's eyes. Her cursory gaze towards Maeve and Kiara indicated that she included them in her concern. What stopped her from addressing them directly was the lack of a name, and thus familiarity.

It had become a learned reflex to approach unknown Asylums with caution. You could never tell who the crazies are from a single glance; everyone under the AMRO banner were a bunch of eccentrics, most of them anyway. Save nudists, those fell into a category of their own, forever exiled to the darkest parts of her memory. She hoped there would be less of them at headquarters in the near future.

Still she felt compelled to be a bit friendlier after such an action-packed introduction. "Are you and your partner in need of goop or bandages? I have some to spare." She offered Maeve with her sweetest smile and a slow bat of her eyelashes.

An act, she prayed, that would entice the woman to let her guard down. Not that Cici would ever admit subconsciously stereotyping a red head. Maeve had lived to type more or less from the spurts she saw during the fight. Basically, loud and angry - fiery, if anyone wished to be more poetic.

Slow or fast, time ticked on at that ambiguous pace. Cici swimming along with what was necessary, talking at a minimum, until she ended back at Samad's side. "Need help moving her? I don't know if we should teleport her in her current state."

Samad looked over Elsa as Cici departed to check the others. Anxiety filled him, the thoughts of loss, and how close he came swam in his head. He gritted his teeth then focused on the present. She was not gone, he reminded himself. When Cici circled back around, his head lifted and he spoke.

"I will carry her. It is better not to risk it. Thank you for your help." With those departed words, he lifted Elsa into his arms and briskly left the cafeteria.

ᴠᴇʀᴏɴɪᴄᴀ "ʀᴏɴɴɪᴇ" ᴍᴀʟᴄᴏʟᴍ

Sunday, 5 pm | Girls Dorms

Ronnie’s chest rose then fell. The pace drifted into a rhythmic then meditative state. She closed her eyes while she focused on her pulse. A steady and loud sound echoed in her thoughts as it drowned out everything. All the students chatter in the hallways and outside her window settled into the background. Gradually, it faded until she didn’t notice it. Not easy for her mind which preferred to stay alert to her surroundings. Despite the added distraction, classes were closed on the weekend and extra circular activities ceased after four am. A distant holler from the football field broke her concentration. to prove her wrong. She gritted her teeth as she cursed football season.

One, two, three.

The girl counted to start again and her mental numbers faded into beats. With another deep breath, she reached out to touch where she left the paper. An image of it materialized in her head. She pictured her corner folded into half once.

Her eyes opened, but she found disappointment again. The paper remained unfazed by her efforts. Ronnie's teeth clenched hard enough to hurt her jaw. A small tch sound escaped her lips when she tasted the bitter failure. She turned her hips to the bed's edge and lowered her feet onto the floor. With minimal effort, she pushed upright. Ronnie strode to the calender hung by her dorm window and reached out to snatch a pen from the dresser. She scratched out yesterday. Her hand pulled it against her palm while her forefinger silently counted the days. It flicked by the week, then the month, and finally landed on a date exactly three months from her arrival. The number circled in thick, bright red marker.

Eighty-four days left.

Ronnie rotated the number in the back of her mind. It appeared to be a lot, but she knew every moment counted. Her head turned back over to her paper as a lump of emotions nestled into her chest. At the rate she was going, she doubted would not take it all. Thankfully Oriana didn’t have powers based on empathy. A speech over her emotions was the last thing she wanted right now. The pressure to succeed returned to hound her insecurities.

With all the weight on her shoulders, she plopped back down onto her bed. Despite her anxiety and bitterness, she reflected on the last few days. Naturally, she replayed the most recent drama in her life: the danger room. She kept her icy, indifferent distance from them all. The task was easier than she expected since no one approached her.

A headache started to blossom in the center of her attention. Ronnie rose up a hand and rubbed the fingers of one hand on her temple, a brief relief for her pain. Ronnie didn't know what caused it, but it would pass. It always did. She reached down to get her water bottle from the floor. With a quick movement, she popped open the cap and down a quick mouthful. She hoped the electrolytes would help. All her expectations for a peaceful day shattered in a heartbeat when a familiar, obnoxious voice practically shouted through the thin door. Ronnie’s head turned to Oriana then mouthed a phrase.

I’m not here.

Obvious permission to lie about her whereabouts. With that said, she shifted over the side of her bed and onto the floor. Ronnie remained out of sight from the door. Sparks picked the worse time to force a visit down her throat as she had no patience or strength to deal with her or her group of misfits today. Especially to avoid a ‘zappy’ nap.
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