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That moment you've got too many rp ideas floating in your head, but you don't want to overwhelm yourself? Yeah... I'm right there, suffering in silence.
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RP hunting is like finding the rare toy in the cereal box. Doable, but the time and effort is nearly more than I can bare!
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That amazing high when you realized how far you've come in improving your writing. It's impossible to describe, but drowns you in a positive glow.
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I love being a terrible person by making my PCs' lives miserable, it's art form that never gets old or boring.


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Tuesday, Sept 3. | The Assembly

During the assembly, Emily decided to sit near Myles. She quietly watched everyone file in either in groups or individuals, filling up the bleachers. When it seemed everyone was here, the assembly began. Emily fixed her eyes on her aid, Ms. Krauss. The woman had neatly trimmed golden brown hair with curled ends. She kept it straight to match her professional aura, but her eyes reflected something else. When Emily looked into them, she saw much more depth in the aid. Warmth and kindness were there, but pity too. The latter was something she didn’t want. It made her feel weak and a burden to others. Someone better left dead. Emily paused in her negative thoughts as she felt a familiar, icy fear journeyed up her spine.

It must’ve shown on her face because Ms. Krauss looked concerned then signed. Are you all right?

Taking the escape route out of her own mind, Emily’s hands replied back. Yes, I am. Just bored.

The woman continued to look at her a moment longer then moved on. She quickly picked up where she left off, translating what the Principle was saying. When he introduced the newest addition to the school faculty, Emily’s eyes shifted from Ms. Krauss to spot Mr. Lehrer stepping up to the podium. She wasn’t sure what to think of him based on looks. Her attention returned to Ms. Krauss, reading the signs for the gist of his welcome. She shook her head at his corny joke about spreading wings.

At the mention of his Social Conscience Program, her hands pulled out her bag and checked her schedule.

Computer Lab.
Fashion and Retailer.
Fashion Construction.
Social Conscience.

Emily frowned at the last period, confused at why she was chosen. While it sounded like it might help her insight on popular fashion, it sounded too experimental. Something that straight-A students would have no issue joining. Something she failed at being. In fact, according to her last year's progress report, she barely managed to float on a D average.

She went to ask Ms. Krauss about it, but the woman gestured for her to pay attention. Her questions were pushed aside for the time being and she focused on the rest of the assembly. She would have to check with Charlie and Myles at lunch to see if either of them had it too.

Tuesday, Sept 3. | The ‘Loft’

Emily gradually climbed the stairs up to the loft. The atmosphere of the school seemed to change from modern and high tech to something older. It left her pondering the change with awe and timidness. Her self-preservation instinct voted for a retreat, but her curiosity spurred her onward. It didn’t help her aid remained downstairs, informing her that she wasn’t necessary for the last class period. Fear about communication issues began to plague Emily’s courage. Despite that, she kept moving. Eventually, she managed to reach the classroom’s entrance and walk-in.

She stopped in her tracks for a moment. What she expected was several lines of aged desks and boring charts or decor fitting to the teaching subject. Instead, there were large couches facing the teacher’s desk. It gave it an old, musty den feel. Not the classic classroom at all. Realizing she might’ve been holding up any late students, she moved toward Myles.

Her best friend listened to his earphones, enjoying the beats. Emily scooped up the syllabus and pass card before she sat down. She gave the second item a quick look over. The card made her a bit excited to be included in something other than a special needs class. She tapped Myles on the shoulder then signed a greeting. A genuine smile crossed her face at seeing one of the two familiar faces here. When she spotted Charlie, she signed for him to sit beside them and moved over a bit. All her earlier anxiety appeared to have faded in the company of friends.

After chatting with Myles and Charlie for a bit, she caught signing from the corner of her vision. Abruptly her head turned to the front of the classroom. Surprise crossed her expression at seeing the fluid movements that introduced him to everyone. Emily couldn’t help but lean in, engaging in the fact he involved her. A rarity for her, even at Mather Memorial.

Her body leaned back into her seat when he mentioned using his first name rather than Mr. Lehrer. She turned to Myles then Charlie, signing a single word. Weird. She wondered if the other two agreed with her. When his signing turned to the subject of the syllabus, it explained why it needed a signature. Since Charlie and Myles were both in the class, she didn’t think her parents would deny her going on the trips.

The question on the board was not one she looked forward to. Introductions and communications were difficult enough when it came to receiving them, but making them? That was a nightmare she still struggled to overcome. She crossed her arms over her chest as she considered a possible solution. Thankfully, a dark-haired student rose to the challenge and attacked the question with gusto. If it wasn’t for Mr. Lehrer signing, Emily would’ve only caught one in about six words if she was lucky. Lip reading failed miserable for a number of reasons. Accents and terrible pronunciation were a few big ones on that list.

While she wanted to go up there and get her intro done, Emily hasn't finished figuring out what to say. To lighten her nerves, she turned to her friends with a question.

One of you two want to go next? Or should we draw straws? The last bit was meant to be a joke, her lips curled into a smile to make it obvious.

@The Elvenqueen Now, get in the discord. :P
Emily's Morning

A black and red-colored alarm hit 6 am on the dot. Strobe lights flashed on and off, filling the darkened room with pulses of blinding light. It peeked through Emily’s closed eyes causing her to roll over in defiance and try to continue sleeping. The sound drew her mom to open the door, her head peeked. Mrs. Sawyer just sighed at the sight of Emily curled into a ball and invited herself inside. She turned off the alarm before she took a seat on the bed. Her arm shook her daughter’s shoulder.

Emily just flipped around. She narrowed her anger and annoyance on the source, waiting for her mom’s reply. Mrs. Sawyer put her fingers together around her mouth and closed her eyes. After a moment, she opened her eyes and pulling her hands apart into two L shapes next to her face.

Wake up.

Emily sat up, folding her covers down. She lifted her hands up, making clawed fingers then turned them upside down. She shook them away from her like she was brushing something away.

I don’t want to. Emily signed back.
First day of school. Don’t be nervous, it will all work out.
I’m not nervous. Emily lied in her reply back, her butterflies swarmed in her middle. She wasn’t even sure if she could manage eating today.

Her mom’s posture fell into disappointment causing Emily to look away. She didn’t like making her mom feel this way, but she was determined to stick to her lie. Her mom once more touched her to redirect her attention.

Then why do you want to go back to bed? Her mom asked the hardest question in Emily’s opinion.
The teenager sighed then began to explain.

I’m scared and worried. What if no one wants to talk to me? What if they ignore me? Her sign language became quicker and sloppy. Immediately her mom reached to stop Emily’s hands, silencing her in order to speak.

Too fast. Take a breath and repeat that. Slower.

Emily nodded in understanding. She inhaled then exhaled, releasing the earlier butterflies for the moment. She signed again, this time at a better speed.

Better. Her mom paused to consider her daughter’s concerns. The answer came in a simple word.

Myles. He talks to you and doesn’t ignore you. That’s one cute boy down.

Mom. Emily gave her mom a look that screamed she was being ridiculous.

He reminds me of your father at that age, but I’ll drop it. Her mom gave her a warm smile. She leaned in and kissed Emily on the head, pulling up from her seat on the bed. Her figure turned back one last time.

Wake up. Get dressed. There are some chocolate waffles waiting for you in the kitchen. Myles will be here soon, so get them before he eats them all.

There was a bit of playfulness in the signing causing Emily to snort in laughter. Feeling slightly more positive about the day, she tossed the blankets to the side and rose onto her feet. Her oversized tee shirt draped over her boxers as she went to her closet. It took what could’ve half an hour deciding on her outfit, but she settled on one of her favorites. A pair of form-fitting light blue jeans with black floral stencils on the sides, a light tan spaghetti strap tee shirt with a studded purple heart on the right breast, and laced up canvas shoes.

Emily looked herself over in the mirror. She didn’t feel like make-up so she went all-natural, her hand snatching her phone on the way out. It was set to vibration and flash rather than sound. Her thumb flicked through the messages as she passed the utility closet and bathroom. When she reached the kitchen, she noticed a text from Myles.

"Good morning, I should be there for breakfast so long as I don’t, you know die or something. Hope we have Waffles!" This was accompanied by a smiling emoji.

Emily shook her head, texting him back. “Only if I don’t eat them all as revenge. Dad’s making both chocolate and blueberry ones so they will be nice and hot when you get here.

She put her phone away as she entered the dining room. The table had been set with butter, store-bought syrup, few bowls of fruit and whipped cream. Her mother wasn’t much of a traditional syrup and butter type of gal. Emily took a moment to inhale the warm cinnamon scent while she took a seat by the window.

A few minutes later, her mother bumped their kitchen door open then strolled out with a plate piled high in each hand. One was blueberries and the other was chocolate chip. She signed for Emily to dig in, but leave a plate for Myles. With a nod, her mother went back into the kitchen to help clean up the mess.

Myle’s Morning

“There is a House, in New Orleans. They call the rising sun!” The lyrics to Bob Dylan’s version of the classic song were suddenly stopped by a fist slamming down upon an old alarm clock which shone the current time in bright red lights. For many, Four o’clock in the morning was earlier than they’d even consider waking up, especially for the first day of school. But it was a normal routine for fifteen-year-old Myles Pershing, who after a moment of groaning, snaked his way out of the blankets that covered his bed and stood drowsily beside it. He rubbed his eyes for a moment and then gave a large stretch of his body, shaking his limbs and fully waking up.

After a few more moments the boy padded out of his room and into the hallway, the colder air forming goosebumps all over his skin. He rubbed his arms a bit and opened the hallway closet, frowning as he noticed that there were no clean towels and resigned himself to using the one from the previous morning. He made his way into the bathroom and undressed out of his boxers while turning on the water for the shower. He started brushing his teeth as the water got warm and soon the everyday motions were in full swing.

Forty-five minutes later brought Myles back into his room. He was wearing a towel and already had his hair parted to the left as was usual. He dressed quickly, throwing on another pair of boxers and then pulling on a pair of jeans that had a hole in the knee. Unlike so kids, his jeans weren’t bought with such a hole. He had to work for that honor, wear them down until the fabric started protesting. Much like in life, said protests fell on deaf ears and as a final act of resistance decided to just come apart. To match the jeans, the now Sophomore wore a plain white t-shirt that went underneath a dark blue button-up shirt. Upon finishing, Myles gave himself a glance over in the mirror and shrugged.

It wasn’t going to get any better, and if he looked too bad he was sure that Emily would say something. He gave a smile as he thought about it, standing in her room and having her tsk while trying to iron out any wrinkles she saw. With that thought in his mind, he pulled on his Patriots hoodie and then started getting his school supplies all sorted. They were spread around his room as he had sorted each location to a specific subject. He still didn’t know why he did such a thing, but it did make it easier to move from subject to subject. He was still embarrassed at being so behind in his Freshman year, and thankful he had been given a second chance by his teachers, who passed him even though he toed the line. Even if one condition was that he had to get a tutor in math.

At first, Myles had been hesitant, not knowing how he was going to get along with his tutor, he wasn’t very good in social situations but hoped that since it was a small scale interaction he could work himself through it. He had managed to do such with Rosalyn after all. Luckily for him, Marie was not only really good at Math, but she was also easy to get along with. He wouldn’t truly consider her a ‘friend’ so to speak, but it was someone that he could say he didn’t just ignore.

He finished organizing his backpack and then stood at his door. His mind started racing, making sure he wasn’t forgetting anything and after nodding about six times at the mental checklist he gave a small smirk and grabbed his iconic powder blue earphones which covered his ears. He pulled his hoodie up over his head and clicked a button on his phone which began blaring an orchestral piece that he had recently loaded into his playlist the night prior. Just as he left his foster parents' house he glanced at the microwave and did fully smirk then. Five on the dot, perfect timing.

He made his way over to his bike and unlocked it from the fence. The lock was a recent addition to his routine, seeing as the local gangs seemed to enjoy stealing them and using them in drug deliveries. It made it harder on Law Enforcement because nine times out of ten none of the bikes the mules rode were their own which meant those descriptions couldn’t ever be trusted. And the last thing Myles wanted was trouble with gangs OR Police. He took off our of his drive-way and pointed himself South. He knew the route by heart so he didn’t have to worry about getting lost or making a wrong turn, but as he neared the end of his road which was thick with trees, he had to double-take as he saw a Wolf sitting on his haunches staring at him. Myles skidded to a stop and started turning, but the Wolf instantly stood and disappeared into the forest beyond.

With heart racing, the boy slowed his breathing and made a mental note to call in the wolf sighting to the New Hampshire wildlife officials and started back on his route. His eyes, however, continued to travel to his left, at the treeline. Soon enough he made it to one of the many bridges which separated the Northside from the South. He rode across it and stopped in his usual spot to text Emily, who was no doubt still snoozing.

"Good morning, I should be there for breakfast so long as I don’t, you know die or something. Hope we have Waffles!"

This was accompanied by a smiling emoji and Myles himself gave a half-smirk. As he went to put his phone away his eye caught on one of his contacts. Aiden (Da QB). Myles’ smirk left him and he wondered what Aidan had been up to during the summer break. He hoped it had been at least decent and Myles made another mental note to check in with him before practice. He was just about to move on when another contact made him frown. ‘Addy Spletzer’. His eyes narrowed and the last interaction he had with the self-styled reporter sprung to his mind.

With a groan that matched the one, he gave that day he clicked his phone back to his music and clicked play before he tucked it into his hoodie pocket and pedaled off towards Emily’s house. His mind was filled with thoughts once again on what Addy was going to end up doing, or whether she had done any digging during the summer months.

He ended up making decent timing, pulling into Emily’s driveway at six-fifteen. He would have been there before but had stopped and helped Mrs. Berns with some shop supplies she was bringing in. He propped his bike against the garage, not bothering to lock it now that he was safely in the Southside of the town. He placed his helmet on the handle-bars and then removed the hood from his head, sending his hair into a tousled mess. He didn’t seem to care however and made his way to the door. He gave two knocks, waited, and then a third. It was ‘his’ usual knock so the family would know it was him. For good measure, he also rang the doorbell.

From the corner of her eyes, Emily had caught her father walking out of the kitchen. He disappeared into the small hallway leading into the foyer. She scrunched up her expression until she spotted the strobe lights flashing that indicates someone was at the door. Curious to see if Myles arrived or someone else, she pushed her chair out. She left her one-third eaten waffles behind as she followed her dad. Her form stopped just short and leaned against the wall adjacent to the den’s entrance. She stood there watching the two converse until someone noticed her.

“Myles, you’re later than usual. Everything all right?” Her father asked without sign language. His hand gestured the younger boy in while he stepped to the side, closing the door behind Myles.

” Oh yes Sir, Mr. Sawyer. I was helping Mrs. Bern with some boxes and got distracted by the sunrise. It was quite a sight today.”

He found himself smiling past the man and spotted Emily watching from the wall and his half-smirk grew to a full one. It was strange, he didn’t like to smile and for the most part never did, sticking to sideways and half-smiles that never reaches his eyes. But Emily was an exception, though others were growing on him at the school.

As the door closed behind him Myles couldn’t help but feel truly welcomed to the home. It had taken a while but he was starting to feel like part of the family, or at least, not a stranger. He followed along behind the man who was leading them towards the kitchen and gently nudged Emily as he passed. He brought his hands up and signed over to her.

Morning, everything ok?

Emily’s father accepted his answer and began to pull back to the dining room, leaving the two to talk. She nodded then spoke with her hands.

I’m just happy to see you. Come on, or I’m going to finish the waffles myself.

She increased her smile as she gestured for him to follow her.

And follow along Myles did, the familiar hallway leading into the kitchen where he could smell the residual cooking. He kept moving until they came to the dining room and Myles gave a half-smile to Mrs. Sawyer, inclining his head respectfully.

” Good morning Mrs. Sawyer, thank you for inviting me for breakfast, and for the ride to school.”

He didn’t hover too long in a standing position as his eyes had gone straight to the waffles that sat upon the table. He slid into his regular spot and tried not to look like a starving child.

He waited until Emily sat and got situated and then hesitated, the old familiar ‘should I just grab a waffle?’ hitting his brain. He didn’t want to assume and didn’t want to seem too familiar to the family so they took offense. He shot a ‘help me’ look to Emily and shifted in his chair.

Emily had started to dig in until she felt Myles look at her. She paused and glanced at him, her lips frowned. She quickly signed.

Really? You’ve been here long enough, you might as well be family. Grab a few waffles and toppings.

She shook her head as she returned to finish her four waffles.

Myles gave a nod, accepting the words with a shrug. He started digging in happily, filling his plate with quite a good many waffles before starting to pour syrup on top. He didn’t use too much however, not wanting to drown the flavour of the well-made breakfast. He started eating voraciously, yet still politely, keeping track of any conversations and nodding when applicable. After the fifth? Sixth? Hard to count, he stopped and leaned back with a grateful nod.

Amazing as always, thank you! He wasn’t sure which parent had cooked this time, and as such looked to either of them.

Emily’s mom looked pleased as she began to clean the platters which held the food earlier. She signed with one hand.

At least we don’t need to make room in the fridge.

Emily snorted again with her odd laugh. It made her mother happy as she added, Get your bag, I’ll be out shortly. Father is going to pick you two up after school.

Even after her mom mentioned it, her father had already started to head to his bedroom for a long-overdue nap. Emily pushed out from the table to rush over to him and sign him a good night. It was enough to make his tired expression curl into a warming one.

You have a good day at school. He signed back then disappeared into the hallway.

Emily turned to Myles then signed a question, Did you put your bike into the garage?

Myles felt his cheeks burning just a bit at the jest, catching the tail end of it, but decided to take it as a compliment. He watched as Mr. Sawyer headed off for his room and was reminded that the man would likely be napping for most of the morning. He felt his lips tug upwards as Emily and her father interacted and then had it disappear before darker thoughts clouded the wholesome moment.

As such, his face was neutral when she turned to him and he shook his head.

Was way to hungry, I figured I’d do it before we left.

He was getting quite good at sign language, though he was far from an expert. He kept his motions slow and consistent while still mouthing the words as well.

She nodded.

I’ll grab my bag and necklace, then meet you outside. Emily moved for her bedroom.

Myles returned the nod and headed outside, snagging his own backpack which he had deposited beside the door when he entered. He walked the ‘vehicle’ into the garage and leaned it against the wall before slipping the lock around the body. He gave a nod and waited beside the car for Emily and her mom. He would occasionally kick at the ground a bit, and resisted the urge to turn his music on.

Emily came through the door and stepped down the porch steps onto the sidewalk. Her fingers fiddled with a senior ring dangling about her neck for a moment. A habit to assure her it was there. Her bag was a common, plain backpack with patches on the front and keyrings hanging off the sides. The car was sitting out in the driveway waiting for them. She signed for him to head into the left side while she went into the right.

When they situated into their seats, her mom opened the door and popped into the driver’s side. She glanced into the rearview mirror then signed.

Everyone buckled up?

Emily Exggerated her eye roll so Myles could easily see it. She reached for her own seat belt and secured it in place. Mrs. Sawyer glanced at Myles, seeing him already buckled in, then turned on the ignition. The car began to pull out.

It was a habit by that point for Myles to simple buckle in the second he was in his seat, he gave a genuine wide grin as he caught Emily rolling her eyes at him and just shrugged. He nodded into the rearview mirror as he noticed Mrs. Sawyer asking if they were belted in and then removed his phone. He started a simple playlist, something peppy to prepare him for the day to come, and he placed the phone on the seat right beside him in case Emily wanted to feel the vibrations from it.

Other than the music, the thirty-some minute ride went quickly and before Myles knew it they were pulling into the schools drop off zone. He glanced over to Emily to make sure she knew they were here and then signed to Mrs. Sawyer. Thanks for the ride again. I’ll make sure Emily gets to class ok. And if anything happens I have your number. He was sure he had messed up at least part of that but was sure that Mrs. Sawyer knew what he was saying.

Mrs. Sawyer nodded and signed for them to have a good day. When they finally exited, she drove off and headed to work.

I think discord could be good to get relations down easier and to just chill with everyone!

I agree, especially with immediate replies to posts. Emily will be rather observant, so I'll likely be asking a lot of questions for posts. However for longer term plans or stuff I want to see, I'll likely use the OOC.
<Snipped quote by Lionhearted>

Could always keep him as a back up character in the event anything happens to your current one but otherwise with our cast size I think it's best to stick to one character per player for the time being.

That was actually something I was thinking of too. Cause the way it sounds... characters can die. XD I'm considering coming up with another character in the event Emily dies, but I'm going to do my best to prevent it.

PS: If you don't hear from Daydreamz, they might be clawing out of the mountain of story crumbles I gave them. >_>
I spotted that, lol! Yay!
Oof, yes let's get some cute boys in here. Myles needs some boys to stare at dreamily while warring with himself mentally about his desires@

And Myles is cute! In a younger brother, still coming into his own way!


I am sure Em and him would get along well. Could even be in some classes together or happened to come across each other after school.
<Snipped quote by Fallenreaper>

Implying all GMs work the same, psh!

Only the good ones make a character's life hell. :P
<Snipped quote by Fallenreaper>

What the hell kind of GMs do you play with? Aiden for all intents and purposes is a player character. Jonas on the other hand...

I was one once. :P So I know what goes into plots and planning, but I've never had complaints.
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