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Going to Italy for a week, should be able to post albeit not as often.
Going to Italy for a week, should be able to post but not as often.

Regardless of the rest of the group now, Taraah made her way into the Inn and started looking for the menu. I'll have two number nines, a number nine large, two number forty fives, one with the weird eggs, and lare- Her train of slobber inducing thoughts was derailed when some loudmouth entered and loudly proclaimed something that hit a little bit too close to home.

What she did not expect was for a random sap to take the offense personally (In honesty though, what was he?!) Which seemed to somewhat defuse the situation. Still, Taraah could not help but think she herself was actually the target of the outburst. After all, her disguise was an amulet with a simple polymorph spell. Perhaps this lady could see it?

Oh what the hell, let's have some fun, shall we? she thought, a grin spreading on her face and hunger momentarily forgotten. She snuck upon the... Wait a minute, lass, what right do you have to call anyone a creature? What are you even supposed to be?! the dragoness thought bitterly as she saw the girl's ears and tail. "Hello there!" She announced herself loudly, "Is this seat free?"
@Sep you could just have ranger command have send a message that priorities changed and have us go there.

Margaret/Taraah - Outskirts of town

Shaking the offered hand - hoof - What ever! Taraah looked at the new arrival. Now a horse has entered into the picture, and she had to gulp down lest she started slobbering all over the place. Must they tease her so? Oh how she longed to just fly over a pen and snag a cow or two! Bone-in, slightly charred on the surface, the blood still warm - what a meal! Alas, something served on a plate would have to do. Somethings, perhaps. And sooner rather than later. She had no idea what croogal eggs were, but their lives were forfeit the second she stepped into town. Now she was deciding whether the generation that spawned the eggs would live to see the light of the next morning.

Looking over the woman that arrived latest, she was intrigued by the style of clothing. The blue accents shaking about were catching her eyes like a cat fixated on a feather tied to a piece of string being jerked about by a laughing youth. She shook her head a bit to clear her thoughts. Focus! Stomach first, chase around some poor sap because shiny later! You are a most noble of creatures, for gods' sake, not a dumb animal!

Turning to the mayor, she gave a polite bow of the head. "I am pleased to make you an acquaintance, Your Worship. I have come from far north seeking new home where I could practice my crafts in peace. I can not wait to see what this town has to offer. After I am done eating everything and then the larder itself. Let us go, first course is on me!" She offered to the group. Just as long as the proceeding moved towards the Inn. She was done waiting, and started heading in the direction.

"I have to admit, while I approve of the speed, I never liked the YT series with the off-center cockpits. I like to have the same amount of ship to either side of me, whether I'm in command or at the helm." Lakras grinned, before displaying the deck plan of the Milky way on the briefing display in the shuttle. "I am happy to serve on a Marauder class. She suffers a bit from only having large weaponry, I would like to add a couple of laser turrets to deal with fighters, but this can has got me and the crew out of dodgy situations before and we wouldn't trade her for anything. I may have still accepted a ranger commission if I had to transfer to a cruiser, but this mission worked rather happily for us in that regard." she smiled.

Moving to a more professional topic. "Is this your first posting? What training do you have? I need to know where to put you." she asked, "Also I am not sure for how much decisionmaking the Jedi will push, but I've studied my history and I am not too keen on the idea of 'Jedi generals'. In space what I say goes, but we may have to rely on them on the ground." she mused out loud.
Margaret/Taraah - Outskirts of town

Taraah had to do a double take as a local landed from the sky and came to greet her. Four arms, and wings. No creature such as she has ever seen, how interesting! She wondered briefly whether the individual could produce fairy glitter from collected pollen, and if it would have different properties than the one produced by an actual fairy. It was a commodity one didn't come to possess too often or in large quantities.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the brass orchestra that was her stomach. She smiled at the kind greeting. "A fair morning to you, Learie. It is very nice to meet you. I am Margaret von Eisenberg. Or just Margaret. Just don't call me Maggie or Marge." Taraah introduced herself, and shook the offered hand as gently as she could. Looking in the direction Learie was pointing, she believed she saw the mentioned establishment. Curse these human eyes! So broad vision, but next to no details at range. She felt like she was alking around in the dark. However did humans become hunters?

"Oh that is wonderful! Lodging for the night would be lovely. You see I have travelled from the northernmost part of the country. I've had it up to here," she indicated her neck, "with sleeping in the countryside. Could I interest you in breakfast perhaps?" she offered with a head nod towards the place, hoping to get the lay of the land from the local, preferably over a mug of steaming hot beverage.

The waking forest was disturbed by the sound of studded boots clapping on the pavement. Paved road! In the armpit of the country like this! Truly this king knew how to pick his dukes. They got more done in a decade than the previous ones in a lifetime. No wonder the last time she tried to grab a beloved daughter and a chest of gold, she got a ballista bolt shot through her wing membrane. That one was a wench and a half to heal.

Hence why the dragoness found herself in this humiliating state. Flying under the cover of the night, and stealing through towns in a human disguise. Father would have laughed her out of the den. Well, until he saw the treasure she gathered before now...

She yawned, stretching her arms. She consulted her map - she should reach a town anytime now. If only she could just fly in...

It took a good half an hour to reach the town, and by that time Taraah's stomach was in a knot from hunger. The signpost read 'Lorenstad' and it seemed like a well dressed serving of bacon was just beckoning her in. She shook her head, and the bacon turned into a live and rather important looking pigman. She better find an inn, before she caused an incident.

"Greetings!" She called out to the first live person she founds, "Pray tell, where might a starving traveller find a hearty meal in this town?"
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