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@mattmanganon That actually works, just replacing "totem" with "egg" (Heck, canonically some even look similar).

I'll edit the sheet when I get off work, tho I have a long day today
heavy emphasis on the kids relationship with their Digimon

Is that a kid's or kids' relationship? If you mean the relationship betwee Yuki and her digimon, that is pretty much unaffected - The digimon sealed in the totem still have full personality which rides shotgun in Yuki's brain all the time. They just don't have their own physical body.

If you inted for the focus to be the relationship between the entire group of kids and the group of digimon, then yeah, the only way for others to talk to Yuki's spirits would be for Yuki to play the middle man, or alternatively maybe she could temporarily give control to the spirit, in a sort of Tok'Ra way.

As far as the digi egg goes, I'm not quite certain how you intend to use it, so i can't make many suggestions. If it is in some sort of a power limiter function (e.g. until your relationship reaches certain level of maturity, you can't digivolve to ultimate etc.), it could influence which level of spirits Yuki can bond with.
@mattmanganonIf you recall I mentioned in IntChk i'd be submitting Frontier type character. Yuki has partner digimon, but they are sealed inside totems as spirits and they communicate telepathically.

I want to play this as multiple personalities (Yuki and her two main spirits) kinda fighting for control of their shared form, with all of them having different ideologies and opinions on how to do things.

There's also the added bonus that Yuki will have to first Get Agunimon's and Megadramon's spirit totems, which should make for a fun character arc.

Hence I don't really have a place for armor digivolutions, unless we go with the 'kids can use the armor digivolution on themselves', then I'd replace Cutemon with Yuki's armored form.

If not, perhaps Yuki could chose to bestow that digivolution on other people, sort of lend the power to the other kids at the expense of not being able to fight herself? Would make for a good tactical option for the squad.
It's a replicator virus.
another question: should we limit ourselves to existing digimon, or can we create originals?@mattmanganon

Most of mine are original and they are approved, so that xD
<Snipped quote by Sep>

sounds like a good time to drop the shooting and get to looting. What's the biggest and most intact ship in the debris field?

The Warspite
@Sep I came down with some annoying virus, gimme a mention if I am holding up the game and i'll whip something up, otherwise i'll take a break at least till myhead stips throbbing.
@mattmanganon That actually kinda works with what I have in mind, which is for the spirit totems yo actually vontain the data of the digimon their represent, allowing them to talk to MC in their head. I'll give it a shot.
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