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2 mos ago
Current I remember when this place was fun. Those were good times.
2 mos ago
Has anyone else noticed how if you shorten it to an acronym, it's just "S.A.D."?
2 mos ago
Hello, Darkness, my old friend
3 mos ago
@wheels I dunno, that sounds more like a "you" problem
3 mos ago
well, when it rains, it pours- apparently I have Covid AND the flu
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Wolf's Rain? interesting idea for a mash-up.
Well, if nobody else has anything to say about it, I guess I'll call it here-

Sorry this wasn't better, everybody, and for wasting y'alls time.
Ok, I feel like I've hit a wall here, and I'm debating whether or not to even continue. The quality of my posts is noticeably declining, and I just almost posted 4 sentences, barely.

If you all want to keep going, I'll do my best, but if you're starting to feel like y'all are picking up too much of my slack, now's as good a time as any to say you aren't having fun anymore.
ooohhh shit, I still need to write something...
I've been sick this weekend, but I'll have another post up tomorrow.@Duthguy@Forsythe@Stern Algorithm
The title says it all, really.

Here's a link to my reddit post, sufficient interest will prompt creating a discord server.

I'll be delayed somewhat in my next post, everybody, expect it early next week.

At present, my position has gone from "Absolutely Not" to "I'll Think About It".
One of the other crew stepped forward, "Sir, I'll join them!"



The scene outside the ship was pleasant enough. The crash scared away a lot of wildlife, so none could be seen, at the moment. Scans indicated it was a large island, but the coastline itself wasn't very wide; one end of the ship was in the water, and the other was in the jungle! in the distance, some kind of rock formation was visible- some cliffsides, a plataeu, and something else, like an obelisk?


Wingwraith scowled at Blitzwing, "Obviously are scanners have been damaged... Probably picking up objects moving in the breeze, for all we can tell... We have no choice but to have a look around, ourselves!"

Bushwhack stepped up, "I will scout the area, sir!"

Strife chimed in, "I'll go with him!"

"Good! Blitzwing, you lead them, the rest of us will hold down the 'fort', and await an accurate report on our surroundings! Capture any stasis pods, if you find them!"


The mountainside where the Predacons landed was rather bleak... Craggy, rough. Not much in the way of trees, the weather was overcast, making it seem dark.
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