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You can make whatever kind of character you like. I'm wondering if i should include Spin users as well. What do you guys think?

Lorenzo Cifaretto






Stand User


Lorenzo stands at 6’1 and weighs around one hundred and eighty-one pounds of muscle, Having dark brown hair that is styled into a devil lock haircut.Having blue eyes with a small mole on the left side on his bottom lip. Some other noticeable things about his features are his thin nose, sunken eyes, high cheekbones and prominent chin.

His casual clothing consists of a leather jacket with a green wife beater shirt underneath, Wearing blue jeans with many rips under the knees or a bit above. Black combat boots with leather gloves. As well as having piercings in his ears, nose and lips.


Lorenzo is a rough and tough kind of person, Not caring about what people think of him. Nor how tough a person thinks they are, Lorenzo is not one to back down from a fight, Especially when it is against someone he dislikes or being a bully. He has a tough guy personality, Breaking the rules when needed and not giving a crap about what people think of him. Also is friendly but he is mainly reserved for his friends and people he finds he can respect, He only respects people that he finds strong or resilient.

Lorenzo does have a softer side but he barely shows it, Mostly because he does not want to look weak. Mostly showing this side towards his family and especially towards his father. Having a strong sense of justice against people who are wronging others. He is also deeply religious and superstitious, Being a hardcore Roman Catholic.


Lorenzo was born to Maria Gualtieri and Dario Cifaretto. His mother worked as a nurse and his father was an archeologist. As a young boy, his mother was murdered by an unknown killer. Her murder has not been solved currently. At a young age, he worked in his father’s antique store to help it from going under. Lorenzo was into the greaser culture of the fifties, Ever since his father had shown him moves like Rebel Without A Cause or Wild Ones. As well as getting into punk music from his friends at school. Practicing how to sing and play guitar. Forming a small band with his friends, playing in local clubs

After graduating from high school while working at his father’s antique store, he is going to college for a bachelor's in music During this time Lorenzo got his motorcycle license. First using his stand to beat up some thieves trying to steal his bike.



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Awesome, thanks!! I have a character idea that might have Hierophant Green as the stand.

Also, is there a specific time period the RP is set in, or is it just generally modern-day NYC?

It would take place during 2023. So yes pretty modern.

Okay, then your good to make a sheet. Do not be afraid to ask questions.

Well there will be spoilers from the other parts, so idk if you okay with being spoiled.
Because i do not want this general check to die off, I had made a OOC which I will link here-…

Take your time with making your character sheet, and don't be afraid to DM me if you have any questions.

Also would you guys like for me to make a discord server for this rp?
Big Trouble In The Big Apple: A JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Roleplay.

RP's Theme-Frank Sinatra- New York, New York.

The year is 2023, all seems normal in the city that never sleeps. Cars blaring and people are performing their daily routes. Unaware of the madness that is happening all around them. A serial killer is running rampant in the big city. This killer is using their stand’s ability to commit the murders. The police are having a hard time trying to catch the suspect. None of them are able to find the suspect responsible for the crime. Only a small group of stand users will need to band together to find the culprit. Whether they need to bring them to justice or perform their own form of “justice.” is up to the player.

You the player will be playing a citizen of New York, or someone who is visiting New York. Whether they knew the person that was a victim of the murderer or are investigating the killings is up to you. What I was thinking of instead of creating your own stand, we will be picking legacy stands. So you can pick any stand from either parts 3-8. Of course, for the sake of balance, I will be banning people picking OP stands (i.e King Crimson, D4C, Mandom. Etc.) I am open to discussing and hashing out ideas for your character/stand. If you want to be a Hamon user that is something you could pick as your character’s ability. I am thinking of this rp having a small group of players. So I will be accepting at least three or four people. It is possible to have more than that depending on how many people are interested.

This will be an alternative version of the JOJO canon, so things will be very different from what happens in the series.

Information on Stands

Informations on Hamon


Kolvar Stilmyst



Kolvar sat down in front of the S’tor thought mage. He felt there should not be any more delay going back to the group. Anxiously he was tapping his clawed hand on his thigh, “No I am quite fine thank you. Although I am worried that those House Silbermine goons will cause a skirmish with those foreigners. I feel we should leave as soon as possible.” Kolvar felt troubled to be leaving the others alone with those soldiers.

Gar’Tan nodded. “Yes, I imagine so. But, I don’t need to be able to read minds to tell you what the Inquisitors are doing right now. They have strict protocols to follow. They must make a report to their superiors, outline the mission, declare who requested it, and explain why a Thought mage is needed. And since we are going to be flying there, they need to prepare equipment and supplies for the journey that can be carried by a group of large birds. Still, I wouldn’t expect it to take more than half an hour or so. Considering that, without invoking emergency powers, it usually takes weeks or months to secure the services of a Thought mage, I would say that you are enjoying some of the best service the guild offers at the moment.” He smiled.

Of course, Kolvar didn’t return the gesture, in fact, he looked annoyed that such a thing could take so long. Although thirty minutes was not really that long. Kolvar never was one to be very patient with bureaucracy. “Indeed, and I am very grateful for you lending us your services.” His eyes were darting back and forth, feeling more anxious as time went on. “Would it be too much to ask for a glass of water? I am feeling quite parched.

The S’tor tilted his head slightly. “Hmm, do you not enjoy tea? Well, it is no matter. I still have some of the water I used to make it.”

Gar’Tan seemed a bit slow to stand. He was not yet an elderly man, but he did look like he was becoming advanced in years. Between the finely decorated room and expensive clothing he wore, he did appear to be wealthy, certainly wealthy enough to be able to have a Life mage extend his own life. However, not everyone who could afford to pay for such a service ended up choosing to do so. For some, the allure of an indefinite lifespan did not outweigh the downsides.

Taking a glass pitcher from the other side of the room, Gar’Tan poured a cup of crystal clear water for Kercheck, as well as a cup of tea for the soldier Baraw, upon his request. “Since we have the time now, though, perhaps it would be productive to discuss what Castigator Nellara intends for us to do with these outsiders, and these Glen? Do you know if there is anything we need to keep in mind? Any precautions we need to take? I am sure the Castigator will explain herself, but I do not want us to make any mistakes before we can even speak to them.”

Kolvar took the glass of water and took a rather sizeable gulp. “Thank you very much.” Kolvar set the glass down on the table beside him before responding to Gar’tan’s question. “I am sure she would want to either compromise with the glenfolk, I am sure she does not want a bloody battle to occur from any miscommunications. She does not seem like the bloodthirsty type, although that Shirik does seem like a…volatile person.” He picked up the glass to take another sip.

And I do not think these foreigners are looking for a fight, but we should tread carefully and not cause any conflict with them. I have a feeling they have a vast amount of knowledge we could learn from them.

Gar’Tan nodded. “I see. Fortunately, I doubt we will be approaching heavily armed. We will not be able to carry heavy weapons and armor in the air. Of course, I am sure you can communicate with the Glen perfectly fine without me. It is these outsiders I am needed for. Once we arrive and I am given permission to unshackle my magic, I will serve as an intermediary between the Castigator and the outsiders.

Given the delicate nature of this situation, it seems like it would be most appropriate for the diplomacy to be handled by those qualified for such matters. My role shall strictly be in translation. Now, of course, to set expectations, these outsiders do not share a language with us, as you say. I too will not be able to understand the words they think just because I can hear them being thought. However, what I can convey is even deeper, more fundamental communication. I can impart intentions onto their minds, and understand theirs. I can share meanings, without necessarily the need for words.”

And that is all we ask of you. To help mediate their intentions, and whether they are stuck here or planning to invade the country. Although I would think the former would be the most likely case.” Kolvar finished his glass of water. “I do hope they are a peaceful race, It would sadden me if we were conquered by them.” He stared out of the window of Gar’tan’s office, not wanting to repeat history once again with his people.

Again, Kercheck’s words most certainly piqued Gar’Tan’s interest. “You say they are stranded here in our territory, yet you fear that they could conquer us? What wondrous and terrible capabilities must they have for you to have this worry? I believe I am understanding why Castigator Nellara invoked emergency powers for this mission.”

Their technology is something quite advanced to our own. I am afraid once they get their strength back, there is a possibility they could easily squish us like a bug.” Kolvar now looked quite perturbed by such a thought. “But I give them the benefit of the doubt, I am sure they are more scared of us than we are of them. Again we need to tread carefully on such a delicate matter.

All things considered, the Inquisitors’ preparations did not take too long. Within half an hour, the pair of Glen had returned. “The mission has been approved. Azaris has command. Supplies are prepared in the courtyard.” One of them announced, paying no mind to Gar’Tan or either of their guests. The Iriad Inquisitor stepped forward and addressed Kercheck and Baraw directly. “If you intend to return with us, then follow behind me.”

Although the Iriad’s words seemed to present a choice, they did not actually seem too keen on giving one. Opening the door, the Inquisitors ushered them all out into the hall. This time, Gar’Tan joined them as they walked behind the Iriad and Tekeri, with the two Glen following in the back. Rather than going back the way they came, the Inquisitors guided them out the back of the building to a closed-off courtyard. By any definition, it was an extravagant place. There were brilliantly colorful flower gardens that were clearly maintained through Life magic, as they were in full bloom despite it being well out of season. There were water features like artificial streams, and ponds, complete with large and colorful fish to inhabit them.

There were several others that seemed to be using the space, but without uniforms among all but the Inquisitor Guard, one could not know for sure if they were Inquisitors or Thought mages. Of course, the Inquisitors escorting them paid no attention to anything but their objective.

There was another pair of Inquisitor Guards there to meet them, though they simply stepped back as the others were readying themselves. Between them, there was a simple, flimsy-looking wooden box. While closed at the moment, it no doubt held the equipment and supplies they had been given for their mission. It had four handholds, one in each corner, which were the perfect size for a large bird to grab in its talons.

Regardless of what Kercheck did, the Inquisitors intended to handle their own shapeshifting. The Iriad Inquisitor, it seemed, was also a Life mage. When readying for the transformations, each of the Inquisitors removed everything except for, curiously, their masks. The Iriad went to each of them, one after another, to make the change into a Hiri: a particularly large, predatory bird native to these mountains. They had bright blue and green plumage on the tops of their heads and down their backs, though were camouflaged against the sky from below. For reasons known only to them, the Inquisitors preferred to have to awkwardly shake off a particularly oversized helmet as a bird rather than to allow anyone else to see their faces.Even the Iriad did the same when they transformed themselves last.

Kolvar was enamoured by the garden in the courtyard. He would need to remind himself to get the information on how to maintain a garden like that. He was glad that they would be able to get back to the group, he just hoped they would be able to make it in time. Using his magic to transform into a similar looking bird along with the soldier. “Let us not waste any more time, are we all ready to depart?” He looked around and felt stupid asking that question. Flying along with the others when they all took off into the air.

While Baraw’s voice was certainly different in this form, he did not seem at all uncomfortable with it. “I also need to give my report to Lenkik’s garrison. Now that the Inquisitors have the mission, though, there is no need to delay them. Go on ahead, I will catch up.”

Kolvar Stilmyst

Watching the S’tor carefully particularly staring at him while he was sipping his tea. “Kerchek.” He made a quick introduction before continuing to speak. “They seem obviously very scared, which is understandable since they do not know where they are. But they seem to want to try and communicate with us. Which shows they want to build some sort of relationship with us.” Kolvar felt awkward talking to a S’tor. The relationship between their races was quite strained, to say the least. But he was willing to play nice for the time being, to get the thought mage on his side.

They do not look like any Kanth-Aremek inhabitant that I know of. They appear to be without feathers and scales, being completely hairless. And their skin tone seems very strange.” He hoped that nothing had gone wrong while he was away from the group.
Interesting that we'll be using existing Stands. Color me intrigued; I'll definitely at least see about being a part of this!

Let me know if you are able to join in.

For now i will wait for one more person before i make the OOC.
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