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O'Ner Faister

TIME: Afternoon

LOCATION: Forest outside Roshmi

INTERACTIONS: @13org Myra, Malachi @princess, Belladonna @Potter

He thought that the group would run into Darius, Artemis, and Skar sooner or later. Faith seemed to bound them together; or so he thought from what he saw thus far. The only he could do at the moment was gain the trust of the others; which now seemed to be harder than he thought. Their suspicions of everyone was quite frustrating. He stopped for a moment staring at Belladonna. Her questions were quite annoying; he would need to think about how he could answer. One wrong answer could put him in the hot seat; and the group could be weary of his presence. “Firstly I do not know if you people had caught my name; but it’s Mathis. To answer your second question I got his staff from my late wife. And finally to answer your third question; this staff can do lots of things. This staff is a tool for me to perform my magical spells.”

Most of what he said was true; when he was alive his late wife gave him his staff. And the staff itself he had to use to perform his spells. But since his death he did not feel it was necessary to use a staff. He hoped that his answers were clear enough that he was a ally.
Henry Biafra

When the undead gunslinger arrived at work he was greeted by his co-worker named Randy. "Hi man; how are ya? You better watch out for the boss man he looks pissed about something"; Randy walked along with Henry into the back room of the convenience store. "I can't really avoid him since I plan on asking for a raise" Randy put on his outfit. This outfit was the bane of his existence, But since it was mandatory he had to wear it.

"I fuckin hate this place" He muttered as he got to the front counter of the store. As the customer came in he helped with their purchases. Most of the customers that came in were either teenagers trying to buy beer; or yuppies trying to buy some energy drinks after their tennis lessons.

Ocassionally he would stare at the clock; hoping that this day would be over and done with.

Sorry about the delay, i am dealing with a big leak in my kitchen ceiling. i may get something posted for Henry soonish.

Creepy, you can put her in the character tab.

Looking over my post; I feel like I shoot myself in the foot since Henry has no one to interact with.
In Avalia 7 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

O'Ner Faister

TIME: Afternoon

LOCATION: Forest outside Roshmi

INTERACTIONS: @13org Myra, Malachi @princess, Belladonna @Potter

He was sure that his answer would relieve some of the tension that could be felt in the group. However he had the feeling that he would need to somehow gain their trust further; the word of Myra he thought would not be enough to save himself. The best idea he could think of was helping the rebels without exposing that he is a general for Aklenroth. He turned to Myra; he felt that she was not going to see her friends whatever their name was. “Do not worry; i am sure they are with the other rebels” He tried to reassure her. He was sure that they would run into her friends sooner or later. Turning to face Malachi and Belladonna; Finding them to be a nuisance and would be to be ruined quickly and painfully. Especially Malachi who would need to be decayed slowly; O’Ner was thinking about starting with his mouth first. “Do you know where the others are; perhaps you could lead us?” He was sure that Malachi could play the leader and take them to where the other rebels were.

Once they started walking; he stayed closed towards Myra. His eyes watching the others in case they try to attack him or Myra. Although it would be strange for them to attack civilians; he believed it was possible. He kept his staff close to him; He looked over once again at Myra with a smile. The undead general once again found himself being strangely protective of the feral woman; perhaps he thought of her much like an innocent child that needs to be cared for. Or perhaps he was reminded of his daughter and grandson; and felt the human emotion of empathy. Empathy and opening up towards her was going to be the second death of him. He does not want to get close to anyone and be hurt like before.

Alright your good to join in then.

Sounds good bud, i can't wait to see what his sheet will look like.

Henry Biafra

Henry had seen a lot of messed up things, but he still disliked anything involving eyeballs and or eyesockets. Finishing up his breakfast and putting it in the sink. "They look great" He turned around to face the undead girl; He was not very good with small talk. "Let me know if you need anything while I am at work" He was usually quite helpful to his roommate when they need assistance. He said one last goodbye to her before leaving the house.

Getting on his Harley and riding towards his work. He always liked to get there early; because the people at his workplace were lazy good for nothing.

@Raptra @Dark Cloud

Micah Aarseth

Micah thought for a moment how he could answer the question; "We see things others cannot; we can see the seems underneath the fabric of reality" His words were cryptic but it was the best explanation he could give to her. Although now he was becoming more curious about the kind of knowledge he could learn. He turned to the man who wanted to give them their quest; "We are curious what the details of our quest would be?".

Perhaps not Sephiroth himself; but someone like Sephiroth could work.
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