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Wan Baw Mcgraw

Day 0, Morning, Church

Wan was glad that they would stop talking and get to do something useful. He found a couple of berries which could be enough to sustain the group, however he was hoping they would have found a small mammal to kill. “Fuckin hell boys i don’t think this will be enough.” He studied the berries in his small hands. “I guess this will do, keep an eye out boys for a rabbit or something.” He handed some berries to Zats, he felt that Zats would be responsible for the berries and other fruits they find. The crazed goblin was glad that they found some rocks, which would be good to use as a weapon. “Fuckin ey, finally we can get some meat.” He scanned his surroundings, making sure not to separate from the group. Looking around for any sticks and veins, so he could make some sort of club.

@Garn Solozari @Kenshi

Maximilian Sean MacDowell

Max was confused about what was going on in front of him, he was expecting a beating from these suis. However he saw another student mowing down the agents with their powers, he didn’t think there were others with superpowers. He felt a little jealous since this person’s power was very cool. With all the men writhing on the ground, Max slowly stood up wiping some dust off of his clothes. “Thanks for the help man, do you know why those dudes wanted to detain us?” Max was rubbing the side of his head, starting to feel a panic attack beginning to happen.

Before he could get his anwer from his savior he noticed a van speeding towards them. “What the? Who are you?” He was a little hesitant to just jump into this stranger’s van. But he thought he would have better luck with the guy in the van then the agents. “Should we go with this dude?” He asked the other powered individual.
Sorry for not posting guys, i was waiting for Arch to post before having Wan respond to everyone.

Benjamin Marcus Zebrowski

Ben had a bad feeling about the letter he had just read, it was quite ominous. It sounded to him that the writer of this letter was wanting to cut out his liver and wear it as a hat. However he had no other clue than this letter, so he would need to take a big bite out of the shit sandwich. Looking up at the clock, noticing that he could make it in time before sundown. Putting on his coat and jacket, he didn’t want him to look like a bum for this job. It sounded like it could be a good paycheck, enough for him to pay his rent for a couple of months. Walking out of his building, He was becoming increasingly anxious thinking about the letter, he had a bad feeling about this job. Like something terrible would happen to him if he went to Wilde Hall. His mind was racing of what the letter meant, something that came to mind was the bible verse Pslam 23:4 “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.”

He wondered if the letter meant but the best he could come up with, was that the letter was nonsensical. Or at the very less meant that things were not what they seem from what he assumed. While walking to Wilde Hall, he was starting to mutter a mixture of a Hail Mary and a Our Father.

@Garn Solozari

I'm waiting a bit more to see if anyone else is going to help you rescue Max.

Maximilian Sean MacDowell

When Max got back onto his feet, he looked around the parking lot seeing a couple of people noticing the commotion. He kept firing his “bullets” into the legs of the agents, He could see that he was lessening their numbers. “Hi can i get some help here?” He yelled out hoping that they would come rescue him. One of the agents pulled out a taser and was aiming to hit Max in the shoulder, Max trying dodging the taser, but it grazed him causing him to fall on the ground. “God damn it.” The punk screamed as another agent armed with a baton came over to try and hit him in the leg.

@Laser Kiwi @Kenshi

I can help you as well with the rp.

Thank you, I would posted something as well but I jumped ahead a little.
@Dark Cloud I see, then @Zanavy would you be able to respond to Cloud's post?

Okay so do you wanna wait to see if Dark is going to post?
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