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When I get back I may need some help thank you.
Okay so sorry for not posting. I will be on vacation for two weeks starting this Sunday. I may have a idea for Smith idk.

"I feel alot better then before thank you.." Smith said slowly standing up and cracking his back loudly. He was now bending down to touch his toes feeling like he could do such things then before. "So what shall we do now?" He asked looking over at Kara.

Sirga was smashing the rockface with the pickax looking over at the guards bullying the other prisoners. He was going to make a mental note of these guards for when the riot happens he was going to enjoy killing them. Looking over at his friend listening to what he was saying with a keen ear. "Sounds like a plan...i can help you figure the layout of this place" He said finding he was use to the part of new friends wanting him dead.

There was another part of his plan he wanted to tell but that would have to wait. "While we were talking i didn't get your name, Mine is Sirga what is yours?" He asked Orlas.

Smith groaned softly form her message closing his eyes and thinking to himself. "Well i am not exactly human if you have noticed" Smith said referring to his human father and nymph mother. The claws moving up and down his back felt amazing and felt like his back was untensing as she did her message.

"Well i already removed my robes so you may have access to my back, And laying the ground will suffice" Smith said in his loincloth now laying on the ground slowly so not to hurt his back.

Smith did as he was told walking and following Kara to the farmhouse doing as asked as well. "So is their a table someplace where i can lay or should i lay down face first on the ground?" Smith said in a somewhat joking manner.

"I need a message especially on my back area" Smith said now looking up at Kara with his blue eyes. His hand moving towards her cheek rubbing it gently with his somewhat smooth skin.

Smith looked over at Kara moving a bit closer towards her. Moving his head over towards Kara's ear wanting to speak to her. "Can you do me a favor Kara?" He said in a soft whisper wanting only her to hear.

"The plan is that we mind trick the guards and prisoners to start a riot, That would be a distraction for us to steal a ship. I can pilot the ship so if you mind me flying i can transport you" Sirga said looking around seeing something moving from the corner of his eye. "When we are up in the air i will be flying us out to Edrik II so i can contact the person that can help us out further" Sirga said now looking at the other human with a blank look on his face.
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