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Dzhon Piter Nabokov

Dzhon looked around being satisfied with her work, the dead bodies of the cultist pleased him greatly. Ending the life of the cultist that he threw the arm at, thrusting his sword into the heretic’s forehead. “A shame I thought you would be more of a challenge.” The priest seemed quite disappointed by the fighting skills of the cultists. His eyes quickly scanned the room of his comrades that were closest towards him. The person that was nearest towards him was the other priest. Even though he was sure that the other priest was a capable fighter, he did not want him to become swarmed by cultists. Quickly taking action he noticed the reminding cultist coming towards him. Making sure to stand between the priest and the cultist, “Do you mind if I join this dance?” He soon swung his sword towards one of the cultists closest to the priest, stabbing him in the leg before chopping off his head.

His attention turned towards another cultist surrounding the priest, “I think we are on even ground now, two against two.” Smiling and turning his attention towards the other cultist. Watching the heretic coming towards him with his sword, trying to stab the priest in the stomach. Dhzon however was quicker than he looks. Dodging out of the way of the thrusting sword, countering with a kick to the cultist’s arm disarming him. Caughting the sword in the air with a big grin on his face. “Sorry old boy, it looks like this is the end of your miserable life.” And with that he plunged both of his swords into the eye’s of the cultist.

Benjamin Marcus Zebrowski

While riding in the carriage with Doctor Green, Ben watched him not feeling the same distrust as the others. The good doctor seemed friendly enough, he did not sense any malice coming from him. Finding his answer to his question to be understandable, he had his own reasons for going to Wilde Hall. Shrugging his shoulders and looking out of the window for a moment.Looking over towards Miss White And Mr. Blue, feeling a little worried about their wellbeing.

But thinking that they should be okay by themselves. Looking out towards the sea of trees, watching the leaves and branches of the trees moving from the wind. Looking back towards Doctor Green with a friendly smile.

No, I don't really know them, just meet them tonight. But it seems that Miss White knows you. Have you two met before?” He asked curiously if he would try to dodge the question. It would be hard to read his face because he was wearing his mask, but he could tell his true intentions by the tone of his voice. Whether the Doctor was telling the truth or not, it was hard to tell, but his answer seemed genuine to Ben. After all, if doctor was indeed the man's profession, then he would surely see dozens of patients each day, and he would hardly remember a slight, pale-haired girl.

Hearing his answer he was uncertain about his intentions, he wondered if he was hiding something from Ben. "And what is your profession?" He asked raising a brow.

Zazar Palus The Fifth

Winterhold, 10th of Sun's Dusk, 4E 205

Zazar arrived back at his shop after a scavenging trip to find some alchemy materials. He was lucky that the only hostile animals he ran into were wolves and some boar. The Argonian starts to fiddle with the keys of his store, eventually getting the door open but not without dropping the key a couple of times. The store itself was quite small with various magical items or alchemy materials on shelves against the wall. A wooden counter in the room littered with magical knick knacks and some spell books. Zazar quickly tidied the counter and the drawers around the shop. Taking a couple of moments to complete the clean up of his shop, going outside and putting up the sign that his shop was open. He was proud of his store, he had put his blood sweat and tears into maintaining the Magical Emporium.

While waiting for some customers to come into his shop, Zazar was organizing some books when he heard the door opening. “Welcome stranger to Zazar’s Magical Emporium, is there anything of interest you would like to buy?” The Argonian walked over towards the counter, noticing that his first customer was a Khajiit female. “Oh hello, I was wondering if you have any hawk beak?” The woman was looking at the shelf behind Zazar. “I believe we have some in stock, is there anything you would like to purchase?” Zazar placed the hawk beak on the counter. “Yes, do you have any blue mountain flowers?” The Khajiit woman was searching through her gold purse. Zazar placed the flower on the counter as well, starting to negotiate the price with her, giving her a good price that would still benefit them both. After she had left there were a couple of customers that kept Zazar busy, and gave him a good amount of coin. While waiting for some more customers to come, he was reading his favorite book called “The Lusty Argonian Maid”. He noticed the door opening once again and two Winterhold guards came into the store. “Hello Zazar, how’s your business going?” The first guards said with a smarmy sounding voice. The second guard was moving towards one of the shelves. “It is going fine thanks, and please do not touch my merchandise.” Addressing the second guard who was touching the spell books.

“I think you can tell the reason why we are here, you need to pay your “taxes” to us.” The first guard said leaning closer towards Zazar. “But….but i already paid a couple of days ago. I will not pay extra to what i already paid.” The Argonian shook his head in disbelief. This caused the first guard to violently grab the collar of his robes, pulling him close so he was face to face with the guard. “You know if you don’t pay your taxes, then your store will be sold off and you hauled off to jail.” The second guard cheered and added into the conversation, “Yeah or perhaps we should send him back to his swamp with the rest of the lizards?” A notion that the first guard agreed on. “I think that would be for the best, all you beasts shouldn’t even be in Skyrim.” The first guards said as the second guard started knocking off some books from the shelves. “STOP THAT!!!” Zazar screamed loud enough that people outside the store could hear him.

I would be okay to continue if anyone else wants to.


I'm here.

That's great to hear, I will have my sheet done hopefully by tonight.
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