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Hayato Nijimura

Hayato was moving at inhuman speed being right behind them but was not fast enough to be beside them, He was jumping form building to building keeping his pace in chasing Evren and Aava. He was not going to stop until he caught them, Quickly picking up a stone form the cobble stone street. Although he would need precise precision for him throwing the large stone at the were creature's head.

He hoped the stone would land, So he could get close enough to attack him and the female. The anger he was feeling was rising up inside of his body. He was going to rip these two a new asshole for killing his young friend. If he could reach them before they go into the forest then that would be best. However if they go into the forest then that would also be a pro,Since they would be alone and he could transform into a werewolf.
@Master Crim

Sorry i will edit my intro post accordingly.
Johan meanwhile was preaching in the streets of how the prophet can help them, A small crowd of people circled around him.He was preaching the mantra of the cult with the people around him listening intensely, Advocating how beneficial it would be to join the cult with some people just giving him ugly looks. Most of the people were starting to mutter which made Johan a bit nervous since he thought things were going to get ugly, Not wanting to risk his safety he bid farwell to the one interested telling them where to meet him if they wanted to know more.

Making his leave heading towards the cult's HQ, Once finally there he took a seat in one of the many large chairs in the room. Lighting up a cigarette and waiting for the prophet to come and start the meeting.

Okay sorry I will try to get something going tonight.

Hayato Nijimura

The older man was staring at the bloodied figure with intense anger in his face, Although his sunglasses was blocking the glare of his eyes. Gripping the broken bottle in his hand tightening his grip on the handle of the bottle, He was moving closer towards the figure watching his movement and getting ready to attack if he made any sudden moves. He was going to make the figure wish he wasn't born or fucked with the Yazuka.

Watching the figure transform into a strange lion like creature, Hayato wondered if this person was a werewolf or at the very least some sort of were animal. Seeing the strange creature running away thinking about his options of if he should follow him or tend to the young man's body. Throwing away the broken bottle onto the ground and running after the one that killed Josuke.
I am sorry to everyone but i will have to leave this rp.
I am sorry to everyone but i will have to leave this rp.

Good point, I can perhaps any in other details into the report before moving on with her to the extraction point.
I am sorry for not posting, I am having a brain fart on if i should have Maria report what she sees of the wrecked mech and the dead body, Or have her do something with the person that found the body.
Just gonna wait for people to post before i post something.
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