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Current Feeling burnt out, I feel like i fuck up with rping and being apart of this site. I'm thinking about deleting this profile or just abandoning this site all together.
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Gibe Me Miluk!


I like tacos.

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@Shadow Dragon

20-CF was thrown off form the dragon tumbling downwards until he fell onto a apartment roof, Crashing though the roof and landing on a stairway. Luckily he didn't tumble down the stairs, And he knew that his employers would not be happy with his poor performance. So he would have to head back to HQ because by the time he walked their it would be all over and the police would have gotten most of the job done.
@Shadow Dragon

20-CF did not know what he could do to escape this AI, A idea came into his mechanical head and thought of using his stun baton to help his escape. Trying to pull out his stun baton and if successful in that would try to jam the baton into the dragon's jaw to try and release him.
@Shadow Dragon

Sorry changed my post.
@Shadow Dragon

20-CF let out some more Morse code sounds, The damage being done to his body with a wound in his body. Trying to reach over to where his tear gas was, His plan was to pop open a grenade and shove it into the dragon's mouth to disorientate him.
@Shadow Dragon @Sharidi37495

20-CF was not expecting the dragon to carrying him off into the sky, Making some sounds that sounded like Morse code. The two of them were high in the air with 20-CF reaching for his shotgun or at the very least trying to. So he could shot the claws off of his metallic body.
@Sharidi37495@Shadow Dragon

20-CF was expecting their would be more of the rebels that were willing to fight him, No matter as he was made for such occasions. Turning to face the person that jumped right in front of him, Swinging his baton at the person's head hoping to disorientate the person so he could deal with the woman.

20-CF stopped firing his shotgun into the crowd now he would focus on dispersing them elsewhere, Putting away his shotgun into the holster he was given. Pulling out his stun baton and was going to herd the rest of them away, Once he was close enough towards them he started to stun as many people as he could around him. Moving closer toward the woman with the bullhorn.

20-CF looked over at Nightshade staring at her for a few moments, He thought she was quite resilient thinking she maybe a cyborg. When he was first awakened he had done a lot of research about cybernetics and cyborgs. The bean bag hit his metallic chest with a loud thud, Walking forward still firing more bean bag ammunition at the crowd.

20-CF turned his attention to the person with the blow horn, Logically she was top priority since she could rally the rebels to fight back. Aiming his shotgun towards her and firing a shot hoping it would hit her in the stomach to wind her, If he missed then he would move closer and would throw another tear gas grenade.
I apologies after thinking about this thread, I have decided to withdraw form this rp. I am sorry if i wasted your time.
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