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Maria had to think for a moment thinking of what she can do in this situation, "Will i be alone if i do take this quest?" She asked the guild master. Two fingers rubbing up against her plump lips feeling nervous doing something by herself, Thinking to herself of the other quests that were on the board she could take.

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"My name is..Henry, And that is all you need to know. And i guess you or this man will be my partner?" The undead male said looking over at the lady. His eyes strained at the elder handing him a phone and gun, "I am sure i can improvise" The young male said rising a dark brow at the two of them.


The pale looking male turned to the other male with a blank sort of look, "As long as i leave this place, I will do anything" He said softly taking a deep breath. Luckily for him his handcuffs were taken off his wrists. However their was a big question on his mind if he is going to help, "I will need a weapon to defend myself" He said looking at the male.

GSW - Global Star Wrestling

In 1968 Philip James O'Brien created the Global Star Wrestling after leaving Hammerhead Wrestling after thirteen years, During the early years of the company Philip was working with newer wrestlers and other wrestlers form other promotions. Mr. O'Brien was making his promotion into a nationwide promotion, Later in 1981 Mr. O'Brien's son Nathaniel Wendell O'Brien took over as the president after James O'Brien had a stroke and later a heart attack.

During the 1980's and onward Nathan O'Brien helped GSW become a worldwide promotion, And during the 2018 the GSW has became the biggest and most famous of wrestling promotions. However the company has had many controversy and low points, Nathan O'Brien during the present day has been wanting to rise the viewer count and money for the promotion.

Character Sheet


Ring Name:



Billing Height:

Billing Weight:

Billed From: (The location of where your wrestling persona is form)

Ring Attire:

Debut: (What year your character joined the GSW)



Finishing Move: (One or two moves can be put here)

Signature Moves: (Three or Five moves can be put here)

Mangers: (People who managed your wrestler in the ring)

Wrestlers Managed: (If your character has managed a wrestler put them here)

Nickname: (Nicknames your wrestler has during their career)

Entrance Theme: (Youtube link of the song you want for their entrance can be out here)

Maria was nervously making her way towards the guild's building, Walking pasted the dwarves working on the decaying building keeping to herself for the most part. She was too shy talking to the short people finding them to be loud and honest which meant their was a chance of her feelings getting hurt, Her eyes looking at the ground not wanting any attention form them. Her head peeking up when she heard the voice of a familiar person.

"Hello...Mr.Bart, How are you today?" Maria said looking up at the human shyly rubbing her mouth with a finger, Wearing a white frilly looking dress that was tightly fitted around her curvy body. Her hair long and flowing the length being up against her lower back. "Dragon's Dressmaker?...Sounds interesting..what is that about?" She asked him rising a fluffy brow at him.
My apologizes good sir but i will have to back out of this rp.

"Oh this?It was my grandmother she and i use to go to church all the time, But as i got older she got sicker and we could spend alot of time together" He said with sadness in his voice, Putting the rosary back into his pocket and sipping his beer already missing the actual beer and the friends he hung out with while drinking.

The young pale man could only nod his head as he sat down on the bar stool, Keeping his rosary out and close to him looking around at the other patrons with fear. "Can i have another drink please" He said to the bartender wanting to get hammered before he went.

"Is their someway to help my chances to get into heaven? Like working here and doing good things?" He said looking over at the reaper, A desperate look in his eyes as he pulled out his rosary. Softly chanting the lords prayer in the meantime thinking to himself that he did not want to spread a eternity in hell.

Feeling sick from just hearing her words, His hand placed firmly on the the bar table. "I don't wanna go,Thanks all a dream wake up." Was something he was chanting softly to himself. Feeling like this was all a sick nightmare he was having.
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