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Maria Falena / Lily Falena

Maria was still wiping the tears form her eyes looking over at Yang, "I can help you..and i will need help cleaning the blood and other blemish on her" She said looking at the woman. "Umm i am sure we can find trees that will sacrifice themselves to make a coffin to let her rest..." She added walking over towards the woman kneeling beside her.

Looking around towards the trees around them starting to speak in her language, Talking to the trees and discuss if she and Yang could remove them form their roots to make the old woman her coffin. Nodding her head and turning her head to speak with Yang, "They said we can cut them down to make the coffin...although do you know how to make one?" She asked Yang. "I wonder as well if their a river around...or a mortician that may help us" She said mostly to herself.


Lily meanwhile was flying away when the nun caught up to speak with her, Stopping and landing on the ground thinking about her question. "Well usually i would dismiss this whole situation, However the further information we are given i am trying to piece together what is going on. I would like to solve the clues but i do not have a lead, All of our leads are dead or insane" She said running her small hand though her hair.

"I would like to solve this mystery to get one over my "Precious" sister but i don't know where to start" She said seeming like she didn't care about the old woman but boosting her ego.

"Well I do not think your affairs will not be a issue, As long as our land is invaded or violated" She said thinking to a indicate where humans had tried to chop down her trees. "There has been many attempts at ending my life, Dracon,Humans and even Fey. But of course they failed, I only bring it up because I have acquired many enemies and I do not want my enemies to be my son's or his kin" She added looking at him with a blank sort of look.

"She would be his queen and have political power, however my son would be the next to rule. Your daughter would have absolute power if my son dies, They will be well off as I have my own source of income saved for my son and his elk. On the matter of alliance I can secure a alliance with Dracon, However my people and the council will be highly displeased by this alliance" She said thinking she would have to do some good convincing to accept the Dracon/Fey alliance.
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The young villain was tapping his fingers against the bar table thinking about what Zion was saying, The whole finding out about someone's character when death is involved. This in itself was a bit frightening to him, He didn't want to seem weak or be killed because he did not have the guts to kill someone. "Well i don't mind getting my hands dirty Zion" He said smiling and feeling a bit thirsty Asking the bartender for some milk, Being given a carton and a glass for him to drink form. Checking the carton seeing it was fresh he poured himself a glass. Lifting his mask up letting his mouth only be revealed.

"Although i think sneaking, stealing and being chased by the heroes is alot more fun" He said for a moment putting his mask back over his mouth. Pouring some more milk for himself to drink. Listening to what her quirk was finding her to be suddenly fascinating to him, "Ah so we have a somewhat similar quirk, See i can contort my body and i can fit into tight space. And i can say myself that i'm also a exceptional escape artist" He said bragging a little smiling behind his mask once again.

"Oh and my name is Verdrehte" He said properly introducing himself, Not wanting to give out his full name just yet to these strangers. And he did not want to mention that he was a former hero, As he thought it would make them more suspicious of himself. Lifting his mask above his mouth to drink his milk, Looking around at the other villains and wondering how he should properly introduce himself to the others.
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Maria Falena / Lily Falena

Lilly looking quite annoyed at the human turning around and walking a few steps away, "Tsk like i care about the sentimentally of you hairless apes, I will take my leave to get my gold it is what i deserve at least" She said starting to fly away. Hoping that Rebecca would follow her, She personally just wanted her money and leave she did not have the patience nor the time.

Maria meanwhile was was kneeling beside the old woman's body, Her hands covering her face as she was sobbing loudly. She felt guilty and regretted not help the old woman with her request. "I will...stay with you to bury her" She said between her sorrowful crying, Looking over at Yang wiping some tears form her eyes. "I'm sorry i just feel terrible on what transpired" She said standing up and saying her own prayer in her own language. "Do you need help carrying her or placing some sort of fabric to wrap her in?" She said softly, As she kept rubbing her eyes wiping away the tears form her eyes.

She unlike her sister was sympathetic towards humans and in fact others, She wanted to at least give the old woman a proper burial to be with her beloved. "Should we purchase a coffin or try to organise the funeral?" She asked Yang.

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"Okay sounds good i can make some pleasant conversation in the meantime before our mission" He said smiling behind his mask, Looking around and spotting the other new recruit or so he thought. The one called Lord Zion that was speaking with a woman whom he did not know, Looking him and the woman over pondering on what their quirks were. It was obvious what the lions was but the woman's was something he was dying to figure out.

Walking over and siting on a stool sitting beside the woman as he didn't want to get too close to Zion, "So miss can i ask what your quirk is?" He asked trying to be friendly. His hand moving to chin supporting his head, His eyes wondering to the one named Zion. "And hello to you too Mister Zion" He said bowing his head a little before going back to his normal position.


The young man looked quite surprised seeing the rather small hole blown though the boy's head, Thankfully his mask was hiding his expression of horror on his mask. He was use to stealing and thief but not killing, But it seemed if he wanted to survive then he would have to get use to it. But still it would take sometime for him to get use to death, Rubbing his neck and following the others to wherever they were going. Looking and hearing the words Shade Walker was saying making him want to impress and keep him form having a hole though his head, Looking towards the one named East a smile on his face although again hidden.

"Well if we are introducing ourselves then my name is Verdrehte and well my quirk is i can contort my like so" He said demonstrate his powers, Leaning backwards and holding onto his legs with his head peeking though his legs. Lowering himself a bit and lifting his left leg over his head and his other leg underneath him which peeked out a little. "I can also squeeze my body though tight spaces which makes it easy for me steal" He said straightening himself up.

"So do we wait for our next missions? What do we do while we wait?" He asked East wondering if their was any books to read or toys to play with.
No problem Res, I wonder then where that leaves Maria and Lily?

Leonore was looking over at Adykon who looked quite serious, "Of course we can talk about our children's mating rituals" She said bluntly following Kara's father. Following him to the other room and stopping in the middle of the room and turning to face him, "So what do you need to speak with me about?" She asked Adykon placing her hands on her sides.
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Maria Falena / Lily Falena

Lilly looked perturbed when she was called "Young Moth" by the human, Glaring at her wanting to say something but didn't. Turning to face the group of knights, "And you didn't try to clam her down or speak with her on what she was looking for" She said feeling annoyed by knights. "Ecce non curo pro senes, non haec miserae homines Quid putas, cara soror?" She said in her native language to her sister with a smile on her face, She didn't think much of human's before. And this was another situation was another case of human's killing each other for no reason.

"Well you got us into that mess with the soldiers you shouldn't talk" She said to Yang smirking smugly, "Their is no point in being here and you three should know that, The old hag is dead and her "beloved" is also dead. We don't have any more business here, Unless we get paid which is unlikely" She said softly.


Maria meanwhile was glaring at Lily feeling like her behavior was unacceptable, "Ut non dicam tibi, quod habere plures homines misericordia quam ad vos nunc hæc." Maria responded back to Lily looking quite angry at her. Then turning to the knight and the other girls, "Perhaps..we should try and figure out this..whole mystery with the old woman and her...ghost husband" Maria suggested to the others. Although she felt tired from all of this running around and with no clues for them.

"Perhaps we can find some clues..." She asked the group wondering if they could figure out what the hell is going on.
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