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O'Ner Faister

O'Ner was tending to his garden, He noticed today that his roses were starting to bloom which he was quite pleased with. Carrying with him a watering can with him as he walked around his garden which had many variety of flowers and other flora, For the time being he was content with his current activity as he did not have to deal with Aklenroth and the others. But the small window of tranquility was disrupted by his servant Fillip.

"Boss boss i got some news for ya" A short lanky skeleton busted into the room making the undead general drop the watering can, "And what kind of news is so important that you have to interrupt me?" O'Ner turned around to face his servant. "It's very important boss, Lord Aklenroth is summoning the warriors, He's gonna kill some humans and fairies" The skeleton spoke with excitement in his voice. O'Ner was rubbing the hole where his nose would be.

"I do no think that would be so important, Even though i am the general to his army. I am sure he can manage" The tall skeletal figure picked up his watering can placing it on the table beside him. "But he may need me to help him be on the front lines of his assault" O'Ner started walking pasted Fillip picking up his staff that was resting beside the doorway of the garden.

Making his way out of the room and to where Aklenroth was, "Master Aklenroth, Will you need my help with your assault on the humans?" He asked standing behind his master. "And if i may ask why are have you summoned your warrior's to attack the humans? Is their something i need to know?" He held his staff tightly in his boney grip.
In Avalia 1 day ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

In Avalia 2 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

I deeply apologies but i will have to bow out of this rp, I am sorry for wasting your time.
Would their be room for one more?
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Would their be room for one more?

Ah I see, Do you need me to change my post?


Bururi smiled at the wolfman letting out a laugh that sounded like he was trying to clear his nose, "I'll be waiting, And next time i wouldn't go easy on you" Watching the group of thugs leaving as a new threat arrived. Looking up at the new threat being little green men that were shooting acid deviating the city and killing innocent people. "Hurry back as quick as you can, I will need help dealing with them" He said to the human woman before turning his attention to the small creatures.

With his attention turned to the little green men flying up in the air and towards the green creatures, He was not going to let these aliens to attack and cause chaos in his city. Including hurting or killing innocent people, Scanning the area and seeing if their was any more of them attacking any other civilians. Noticing their was some of these creatures that were chasing what he thought was human male, Chasing after them deciding to fire a few energy blast at them. With this action he would try to either divert their attention to him and or help get these creature off the man's back.
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The alien helped the human woman onto her feet, Making sure she was was okay and had no dirt on her clothing. "No i did not dye my skin, I was born like this, I am Brench-seijin but i guess not alot of people know about my people" His hand rubbing underneath his chin. He thought that at least most people on earth would know about Brench-Seijin, But that didn't not seem to be the case. Noticing the menacing looking men approaching them staring them down as they approached.

Listening to wanting the human woman to follow them, He didn't like the look of them and honestly he didn't like the idea of the woman going alone with these men. "I don't think i need to go anywhere, And i don't think she wants to go with you to see your boss" He spoke standing in front of her staring down the human man that spoke first. "I am very much capable of fighting, And these men should not be a problem" His voice was filled with confidence as he got into a fighting stance.

Looking over at the werewolf a bit surprised since he has not seen one before, Suddenly he saw a energy attack hitting one of the goons. Looking up seeing the figure who shoot it. Nodding and smiling his way as he took that distraction as a chance to attack, Trying to get in the first strike by trying to slam his fist full force at the werewolf.

Welcome to the USS Chandler, A galaxy class ship that is to explore the galaxy and to make contact with other species and gather knowledge of the known universe.This roleplay will take place during TNG (Taking place between 2364-2370), The crew of the USS Chandler will explore the universe and planets in "Episodes". These episodes will contain a adventure that has a cold open and a epilogue, A list will be provided of roles that you could be in the roleplay.

Roles like Lead Medical Officer, Commander, Head Of Security, Scientist, Engineer etc. Please ask any questions you have, And i will do my best to answer them.

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