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Smith was nodding his head making a mental note not to mess with Kara and her family, "Should we see your mother or father? To see if they need any help?"He asked even though he was in no condition to do heavy work.

Henry "Hank" Dauterive / Michelle "Micheal" Jones

Henry was the first to show his badge and then Micheal showed his afterwards, "We are Division 5, My name is Henry and this is Micheal" The Lich said pointing to the older gentlemen. "I heard their was other agents coming but i didn't think you guys would come so quickly" Henry said quickly telling Micheal to protect the kids if any demons comes.

"Well we we're assigned to work out this mess, We could use some of the drama club stuff to make a stair case or something" Micheal suggested to Henry who was thinking about what the two of them could do.

Sorry that is what i meant a staircase of sorts.

Yeah but isn't it broken? So Hank and Micheal would help them collect items in the room to make a wonky bridge for them to cross.

Well the plan was once they calmed down, Henry would organize them to build that bridge of the materials in the basement.
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Maria Falena

"Well it is a Insectum like i cannot kill my own kin, I want to keep him safe form others who may harm him.." Maria said still in the mindset of being in her forest, She was the protector of her forest and the inhabitants there. The mothwoman was quickly moving to get a bucket to try and capture the roach, Maria was thinking perhaps if she could use magic she could get it inside the bucket. However the whole being paralyzed thing didn't sound like fun.

"Will it hurt if you use...your mist on me?" She asked the dragoness, She looked a bit scared but was wanting to capture and not kill her less then intellectual cousin. Not knowing that the dragoness was quite afraid of the insect, She would keep him safe in a cage form her roomate.

Smith was nodding his head thinking he needed to rest, He did wonder if his mother would fulfil her side of deal.

Smith was looking back at the portal and at the area where the portal was, Thinking back perhaps he could have said goodbye to his mother. But he was still angry at her mother and would need some time to properly forgive her, "Goodbye...mister Vespion..." Smith said softly leaning onto Kara.

"What..should now?" He said to his Dracon lover resting his head on her shoulder, He could still feel a bit of pain in his torso.
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Maria Falena

Maria yelped cutely when she felt the cockroach crawling up her leg, She could feel it moving around across her stomach and chest. Using just two of her fingers to try and caught the roach, She did not want to crush and kill the insect and actually thought she could capture it and keep it as a pet.

She was trying carefully to grab the roach by sides and not trying to squeeze it's guts out, "Please stop Mr.Cockaroach..." She said softly feeling it moving around in her hair and fluff. "Should..we..perhaps using some sort of wind blow the creature into..a bucket or..a container to..capture him" She suggested trying to frantically get the insect.

Smith was nodding his head not looking back at his mother, Lenore looked quite sad that Smith had not spoken to her. Although she knew why he would be angry at her.
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