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Hello me.


I like tacos.

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Roy was looking at Shawn confused and wondered what he meant by his comment. Shrugging his shoulders and letting the hands do most of the work. This was around the time when he pulled out a human head out of his jacket placing it on his desk. Using his powers to make the head come alive. This was the head that belonged to the hands writing on the piece of paper. "Aldo Lindsay...awaken" Roy said in a soft sort of whisper with the the head moving. Said head looked about 7 months in the decaying process opening both of it's eyes letting out a long soft yawn.

"What do you need now, I was having such a amazing dream" The human head said now looking around now letting out a frustrated sigh. "Didn't i tell you not to wake me in front of these children" He said looking towards the other students. "Sorry..but i need your help with understanding this" Roy said pointing to the mathematics on the paper.

"If you give me a moment i can..ah go with your fellows and help him out" Smith said softly looking towards Ophion. Wrapping his arms around Kara wanting to feel her embrace like when he use to hug her mother for comfort.

Roy was using his powers and could see a group of undead people ranging form freshly deceased and some decaying. Most of them making their way beside Roy. "Now go kill" He said to his undead comrades who all charging at the attackers while Roy was behind them readying his whip. His other hand holding his baton getting ready.

He had the plan of having the undead being cannon fodder doing as much damage as possible. He would be disarming and helping out the other students.


Roy kept writing a few more graphs and numbers on the paper in front of him. Putting down his pencil on the desk and looking around towards the other students. He wondered if anyone would mind what would happen next. Grabbing the piece of paper in front of him crumbling it. Placing the crumbled piece of paper beside him.

His slender gloved hand moving towards his black trench coat. Pulling out a pair of decaying hands that was placed on the table. Using his powers the hands started to move grabbing another piece of paper and pencil. Writing in a strangely eloquent writing. Unknown to the other students Roy had with him the hands of famous Mathematician named Aldo Lindsay.

Roy is in the sim.

Okay then sorry about that too.

Oh okay sorry about that.

Smith wanted to protest this but he felt he could not do much. Although being healed perhaps he could try to convince him that he would be okay to go out and save Adkyon. He really wanted to save Kara's father and make both him and her proud of the young man. Looking over at Kara now blushing as bright as a peach.

"Thank you" Smith said curtly grunting from the pain of the arrow being removed. "So what is the plan now?" He asked Ophion but his eyes were looking at Kara.

He wanted to speak to her privately but felt that he should wait a bit.

Smith kept as close as he could not wanting to get hit by one of the incoming arrows. Looking behind him for a moment at Adykon feeling sadden that he could not do much to protect him.

Once the group was brought into Adkyon's house he looked at Kara and then down at his feet."I am sorry..." He said on a sort of hushed muttered feeling guilt in his somewhat human heart.
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