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Shoot me a PM, if you wanna do something with Black Cat and Spiderman.
@Omega Man

Quick question, will their be a discord of some kind for us to communicate more frequently?

Yeah probably, i might play him more lighthearted. And less dark like I played him last time.
Call dibs on Spiderman.

Did you want me to join this rp? I won't mind joining. I guess it's a continuation of the last Marvel RP.
Mina vs. Haruko

Mina looked around as her surroundings were enveloped by darkness. Knowing she would not be able to escape from this one. It looked like she would need to duel Haruko. All of this was starting to get very tedious for the duelist. ”If I have to whoop your ass to get out of here, then bring it on.”

Haruko starts the duel off, but all she does is set her entire hand onto the field. Four face-downs and a set monster. It was slightly intimidating, to say the least. She ends her turn and Mina draws.

”I set two cards face-down on the field, and end my turn.” Mina set down Vampire Familiar and Vampire Domination. She had a feeling that Haruko had something up her sleeve. She hoped that this duel would be in her favor like the last one.

Haruko draws and simply passes.

Mina draws. ”I activate Vampire Domain, then sacrifice Vampire Familiar to summon Vampire Grimson. I then activate Vampire Familar’s effect, sending Vampire Lord from my hand to the graveyard to special summon him to the field. That’s not all; I can also add Vampire Duke to my hand thanks to the effect of Vampire Familiar. That’s not even the best part - with the effect of Vampire Domain, I can pay 500 LP and sacrifice Vampire Familiar to summon Vampire Duke. Not only can I do that, but I can also use his effect to special summon Vampire Lord from the grave.” She performed all these actions with immense grace.

[8000 LP > 7500 LP]

Vampire Grimson - 2000/1400
Vampire Duke - 2000/0
Vampire Lord - 2000/1500

“You better be afraid, because I'm going on the attack.” She smiled now, going into her battle phase.

Haruko simply waved her hand silently, activating Graveyard of Wandering Souls.

“Vampire Grimson, attack her face-down.” The scythe-wielding Vampire swiftly blinked across the field, and with a single swipe, destroyed her face-down Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring. In its place, a fiery blue wisp appeared.

Mina looked annoyed that a token had appeared, but Haruko was only delaying the inevitable. “Vampire Duke, get rid of that puny fireball.” The duke floated over and grabbed the fireball token, crushing it in its hands. With the death of Haruko’s token, she ends her battle phase and summons Ash Blossom to her side of the field via Vampire’s Grimson’s effect. She had a rather smug look on her face as she said, “I now end my turn.”

Haruko draws for her turn, but once more, all she does is add the card to her hand and end her turn. Kind of ironic for her to be dead drawing after acting all high and mighty a moment ago.

“Got nothing to draw? Aww, how disappointing.” She drew for her turn before continuing the onslaught. “I XYZ summon Crimson Knight Vampire Bram, using Vampire Duke and Vampire Lord as material. I also tribute Ash Blossom, so I can get Vampire Dragon onto the field. Now, go; attack her directly!”

Crimson Knight Vampire Bram - 2500/0
Vampire Dragon - 2400/0

“I activate Call of the Haunted.”

Mina bit her lip as her attack was interrupted, but she was glad she had placed Vampire Dominance beforehand. “Don’t even try to pull a fast one on me bitch.” She negates Call of the Haunted, with Vampire Dragon attacking directly, and points her finger out towards Haruko. “Okay, now attack!” Her remaining monsters went on to attack Haruko, and, quite nicely, she was able to gain massive amounts of life points thanks to Vampire Domain. “Now I end my turn, I hope you got something interesting in your deck.”

Mina’s life points: [7500 LP > 14400 LP]
Haruko’s life points: [8000 LP > 1100 LP]

Haruko draws a card, and it seems to finally be what she needs because instead of ending her turn as she did twice already, she looks directly into Mina’s eyes, staring at her coldly with her own glassy orbs.

“I summon Onmoraki and activate my other face-down Call of the Haunted to bring back Ash Blossom and Joyous Spring. With two zombie monsters on my field, I can now bring out Kasha. Come-”

She puts a card down on her weird spectral duel disk and a large cart with flaming wheels appears. Some kind of deformed flaming monster on the bottom of the cart cackles hideously as the doors to the cart open. Like a black hole, all other monsters on the field including Haruko’s are sucked into the cart before promptly closing shut as if going back to being an unremarkable cart door.

Half a second of silence passes before Kasha’s flaming wheels erupt. Haruko helpfully explains the situation. “Kasha is a yōkai that steals corpses. When he’s summoned, all monsters are shuffled back into the deck, and for every zombie monster - including yours, it gains 1000 attack.”

Mina cursed something underneath her breath. her plan of domination was totally ruined by this overglorified wheelbarrow.

Kasha - 5000/1000

“Go, Kasha. Attack her directly.”

And so it does. Its flaming wheels begin spinning rapidly, staying in place at first as the wheels lose traction from the sudden acceleration, only to take off at a rapid pace towards Mina, resulting in a devastating crash.

[14400 LP > 9400 LP]

Although it hurt losing five thousand LP at once, she still had more than she started with, so she wasn’t going to panic just yet. Haruko ends her turn, and as Mina draws, she finds she drew exactly what she needed. Without it, she would have likely been screwed.

“Alright, I summon Vampire Retainer onto the field, then use Vampire Domain, paying five hundred life points and tributing Vampire Retainer to summon Vampire Red Baron. Using Vampire Retainer’s effect, I can once again send a card to my graveyard to special summon Vampire Retainer in face-up attack position. But that’s not all baby cakes, I activate Vampire Red Baron’s ability. By paying a thousand life points, I can switch control of Vampire Retainer with Kasha.”

Vampire Retainer - 1200/0
Vampire Red Baron - 2400/1000

[9400 LP > 7900 LP]

Now she had the upper hand in this duel, and it felt like she was on cloud nine. ”I attack Vampire Retainer with Kasha. I’ll finish you off with your own monster!”

[1100 LP > 0 LP]

She celebrated by jumping up and down, pumping her fist in the air. “How do you like them apples!?”

Haruko simply shook her head as she faded out of existence.

I would be okay with them knowing each other, he could introduce her around the school. I was thinking of her being a new student to Angel Groove, like Tommy was when he was first introduced.

(Let me know if i need to change anything)
@Omega Man

I would be fine with making a female green ranger, i wonder how Tommy will react to seeing someone else wearing the green ranger suit lol.
I am interested in joining this rp, I am just curious what era of the rangers is this taking place? Would we be able to have a different power source like with Turbo, Wild Force, Dino Charge, or Beast Morpher?
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