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It was the next day and Joker had woken up to the blaring of his alarm. He was slowly getting up from his bed and towards the bathroom. His hair was in a mess but nothing he couldn’t fix by brushing his hair and performing his morning routine which included washing and moisturizing his face. After he finished up his morning routine he went to his kitchen to get something to eat. Unfortunately being a comedian and hero didn’t seem to put food on the table. The breakfast he made for himself was very meagre. His breakfast consisted of butter on toast and a glass of water. While he was having his breakfast he was watching the news, hoping his stopping the robber’s from last night would show up. It did however Bullock didn’t mention he was the one that stopped the robbery. Instead, he insisted that his police force was responsible. “Imbecile. I was the one that stopped the robbery last night not your battalion of baffoons.” He blurted out while pieces of chewed up toast flew onto the table. Taking a few deep breaths to try and calm himself down.

This will not do at all, I need to show them I am harmless as a fly. And also show them I am Gotham's one true protector.” Speaking loudly to himself he made his neighbour downstairs bang on his ceiling.

“SHUT THE HELL UP I’M TRYING TO SLEEP!!!” His neighbour a sourpuss named Mr.Enyaw hated Jack living above him. From what Jack could observe it seemed Mr.Enyaw hated everyone. Jack just ignored his neighbour and finished up with his morning routine. He had a meeting with his manager about perhaps getting a role in a low budget comedy movie. Jack hoped he would get the role, as he assumed it could lead to him getting a bigger role. But he had a feeling that this stinker of a film would not add anything to his career. But he was optimistic about doing this movie, and how it would affect his career.

A long car ride later he was at a local burger shop where his manager wanted to meet him. Since his agent wasn’t here yet he seated himself in one of the booths. His agent was a fat black woman named Amanda Walters who had been quite good being his agent. He ordered a drink for himself while he waited for Amanda to arrive. Looking outside he could see couples, old people, and the occasional child walking past. So deep in thought he didn’t notice Amanda sitting before him. She coughed loudly to make her presence known, which made Jack almost spill his drink. “Oh sorry I didn’t see you there.” Jack smiled while setting his drink down. “So what was this new gig you had in mind for me?” His hands were folded together in front of him.

“Sorry to had scared you. Anyway, the movie is about two complete opposites who slowly fall in love with each other. You will be playing the eccentric friend. Of the male lead.” She spoke but Jack didn’t seem to be paying attention. His eyes went back to staring outside the window and watching all of the people walking past. Thinking perhaps he should quit being a comedian and stick to being a hero full time.

Well, how much would this job pay?” He asked now turning his head to face Amanda. Amanda seemed to cringe at his question, Sipping her glass of water.

“It’s 2800 dollars for 4 weeks of filming.” This didn’t seem like the film would be worth it. It seemed like the better choice to keep doing the comedy clubs and save up a good amount of money for his goal. But he did need the money so he’d have to accept the deal.

Let me think about it Amanda. Four weeks for twenty eight thousand dollars is something i have to think about.” Jack smiled as he sipped his glass of water. He hoped by saying that he didn’t offend Amanda. “Is there another project that you think I would be a good fit for?” He then asked as the waitress came back with their food. While he was shovelling food in his mouth he was listening to Amanda mentioning a sci-fi movie that was looking for a charming charismatic lead. That sounded something that could be up his alley.

Now that sounds like more like it. Can you send them my headshot and resume I’d love to get in for an audition.” Jack spoke with bits of food flying out of his mouth. Amanda smiled and nodded her head.

“I can do that for you. Fingers crossed you’ll get the audition and the role.” Amanda moved away from the spit that Jack was flinging while talking. After his meeting, he emailed Amanda his headshot and his resume. Going back to his apartment making some phone calls to book some gigs at a few local comedy clubs. But while he was on the phone he noticed there was someone else calling him. Quickly switching to the other line he could hear billionaire Lex Luthor on the other line.

“Hello, Jack. It’s nice that you finally answer your phone.” The voice on the other line was monotone and sounded quite bored to be speaking. Jack coughed loudly before speaking.

“Well, I’ve been very busy with you know fighting crime, something you have been lacking. But perhaps you can be my sidekick and I can teach you a thing or two.” This made Lex grunt and Jack could imagine the billionaire rubbing the bridge of his big nose.

“A nice gesture but no thank you. But I am calling you because I want you to come by Lexcorp HQ so we can have a chat.” Jack now seemed to be curious about what the purpose of the meeting could be.

And why do I need to go to Metropolis when you can just tell me over the phone?” His question was quickly answered by Lex’s curt response.

“Because it is a very important manner that needs to be discussed in person. I do not want anyone to be able to hear our conversation over the phone.” Jack raised a brow as he heard Lex say this. He thought that Lex was being paranoid something that didn’t surprise him. The bald man was usually very paranoid about practically everything. He sometimes wondered how much he trusted the other leaguers.

Okay, will the other members of our rag tag group gonna be there?” He asked to which Lex said they would. And they would be in their civilian outfit so he didn’t need to dress up. This was good to hear since he got along with the other leaguers. He was particularly close with Professor Zoom. After discussing some other subjects Jack put the phone back onto the receiver.

Getting into his car and starting to drive to Lexcorp HQ. During the drive, he was listening to his favourite album. A few moments later he was parked in the parking lot of the tall building looming over the city. “Looks like someone is competing for something.” Joker mused while giggling to himself. As he walked in he noticed a frail looking man with glasses reading a magazine. “Hello, is Lexy home? He called me in for a meeting.” The man seemed to jump in his chair as Joker spoke to him.

“Yes sir he is here in the building, but who are you?” He asked to which Jack pulled out his business card from his jacket pocket. The scared man took it looking at it for a moment before looking over at Jack. “You are a comedian?” The man didn’t know why a comedian was seeing Lex Luthor. He just assumed Jack was being hired for some fundraiser. Motioning for Jack to wait while he phoned Lex’s secretary that Jack Napier wanted to see him. The conversation seemed one sided, with the man sounding scared speaking to Lex Luthor. After a few moments, Jack was allowed upstairs through the elevator.

Thanks, and here’s something for your troubles.” Jack handed the man a pack of cigarettes. These cigarettes were explosive cigarettes that would blow up and get soot on the victim’s face. Jack laughed to himself as he got into the elevator.

As he entered the conference room, he noticed Professor Zoom and Black Manta were the first to arrive. Although surprisingly enough he noticed Lex was not here. “Must’ve gone to the john for an excessive number two.” Thinking to himself as he approached the two seated. “Eobard Manta nice to see you two again.” He walked over putting his hand out for a handshake. Shaking Eobard’s hand but when he shook Manta’s it gave him a good shock. Revealing that he had slipped a joy buzzer from his sleeve. Joker burst out laughing as Manta curled his hand into a fist, but before he could punch Jack he noticed the others coming in. Everyone took a seat while Eobard told him how funny it was he got Manta with the joy buzzer.

Joker knew that Lex was sitting beside him so he placed a whoopie cushion underneath his seat. As Lex came into the room he addressed the others thanking them for coming. Sitting on the cushion letting out a loud fart. There was a silence that was broken by Joker again laughing loudly. Holding his side while cackling like a madman.

Lex glared at Jack before continuing to speak. “The reason for this meeting is to discuss a plan to deal with our rogue gallery. I have recently found some information that shows our adversaries had created a team of their own. Their leaders are Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Arrow, and The Green Lantern.” All of the other leaguers were talking in hushed whispers. “From what I and Sinestro could find they are planning to attack S.T.A.R. Labs. And they have their eye on a deadly weapon that is being created there.” Luthor spoke and noticed that Jack was listening intensely. The name Batman caught his attention, he wondered why that smelly sourpuss was with the Injustice League.

Sounds like we need to shock them with a sneak attack, especially that fishy fella Aquaman.” He said elbowing an annoyed Black Manta.

“Yes I agree, we also know they will be attacking the lab in a few days. So we need to discuss what our adversary's weaknesses are and how we can outthink them.” Lex spoke as the group started discussing how to beat them, and how they could ambush them before they could get near the labs.

Gonna start work on a post.

I'm game for that.

I would be fine doing this 1x1 in PMS if you like, or if you want to we can do a three way dance. I am easy with whatever.
@Baphomini @j0llyranch3rs

I didn't know this was supposed to be a 1x1, I can back off and let you two play if you like.

Thanks boss. I'll think up a list of characters i wanna play as.

I will also think of some other characters i could play, if you want to of course.
@Eviledd1984: Problem with Kuma is that he, uh... Can't speak... Normally?
Comedy gold given how Tekken has everyone be natural polyglots, but still.
I am also unsure how well he matches up to, uh... Everyone else in the cast. Even if he can throw out electrics (and is—and let's be honest here—Heihachi's actual favorite child), I'm not sure if he has the combat power or a "vibe" that meshes with all the PCs currently in play.

Okay, I would be okay with playing as Siegfried or if you will allow me I could play as Ivy from Soul Calibur. Or since there are a few Touhou characters I wouldn't mind playing DIO Sakuya Izayoi if you will allow it.

I am very much intersted in joining this RP. I have a character in mind that could be a rival of sorts to BJ or his @Baphomini successor.
@Eviledd1984: Well, putting aside how placing the onus on the GM to study twelve characters from twelve franchises is a bit rough (to put things lightly)...

I think that the only ones workable off that list are Siegfried and Jotaro (maybe?), as a majority of that list otherwise is either "normal person with guns", "normal person", or "too insane/insanely strong to function in context of the world without heavily altering their powerset".

Even then, Jotaro's iffy because Star Platinum the World is... Not something I will ever willingly consider. Then there's all the other crazy stuff that Star Platinum can do normally, and well... Problems can arise if he isn't pulled in line.

You make a fair point boss. How do you feel about number 11? A bear that is skilled in martial arts? It's much different from normal guy, guy with gun, and guys who are OP.
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