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Micah Aarseth

Micah looked over towards Nieth; rising a eyebrow underneath his mask. Being cursed was a understatement; the creatures in the forest were quite dangerous. Something made him anxious about the prospect about venturing inside of the forest. He thought that before they were going to go into the forest; that he should meditate and see what kind of issues they will face. But before he could do that he should tell the others what they could expect.

"We have seen brief images of what lurks inside of the forest; twisted creatures made out humans and animals. Creatures made out arms and eyes eating the flesh of ambitious adventurers" He said with a noticeable sense of fear in his voice. "And the great eye watching us at all times; you may not see it but the eye is watching us every night...disguising itself as the moon" He blurted out the last part sounding damn sure that the moon was watching them.

"We believe that before we explore the forest; we should prepare ourselves for what we see" Nodding his head. Thinking that they should mostly keep to a group; and he would have to make sure they do not go insane seeing these creatures.
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O'Ner Faister

TIME: Late Afternoon

LOCATION: The Grand Ball, Roshmi City

INTERACTIONS: @13org Myra @FunnyGuy Darius

O'Ner felt bad for giving Myra the glass of wine; even though she took one sip form the cup. “Have some water, it will help with getting you sober” He said hoping she would take his advice. Thinking to himself that it was a bad idea to give her that glass of wine. “Do you know what we could do to help her?” He asked the man that recently sat beside them.

Helping Myra but taking a lone unused fork on the table; rolling some of the pasta around the fork and moving it towards her mouth. In a effort to help her eat the pasta. “If you are full or not feeling well; we can help you outside to get some fresh air” Looking over at Darius; His look was of concern for the strange girl. Needing the other man's assistants since he looked like he was friends with Myra.

Doom Slayer

Level 1 Doom Slayer

Location: Dead Zone

Word Count: 447

The Slayer jumped out of the way of the large creature's slamming fist; trying to dodge it and retaliating by firing his pistol at the eyes of the large creature. Being told to finish the large creature by Nero; nodding his head running towards the six eyed creature. Jogging towards him making sure to dodge the attacks; protecting the other's by focusing the creature's attacks solely on himself. Moving himself closer towards him and to end this quickly. Once he was c lose enough he kept firing his shotgun to try and blind him.

Of course to blind him he would have to move close enough to be in range of it's melee attacks; Once the large creature was blinded the Slayer made his way up it's body. Standing on it's head pulling out his shotgun and shooting on the top of it's head. Wanting to blow it's brains out and focus his efforts on the judge demon. With King Mino's death the demon slayer jumped off of it's corpse; Turning to face the summoner ignoring the cat demon and the lazy demon women. Grabbing him by the neck; Easily snapping his neck with one hand.

Walking with the group; finding certain members of the group to be quite annoying. Especially the cat and lazy demon. The contains cat puns made him rub the visor of his helmet; as if he was trying to pinch the bridge of his nose. Hearing about a wish that could be granted caught his attention; however this wish being only granted to woman. Unless he could change his gender right away he could not wish to reverse the invasion of hell.

Scanning the area he noticed the many store fronts; Noticing that one of the store fronts was of a game store. His eye caught a torn up game stand of a game called “MOOD”; A large armored character holding a shotgun and in his other hand was the severed head of a strange alien like creature. Shaking his head thinking how ridiculous this game looked to him. Noticing a small figure of the armored man which he found quite “Cute”. Picking up the figure and fist bumping the figure's tiny hand; Putting it away some place safe on his person.

Seeing the large vehicle coming towards them; wondering who the hell this woman was. Although it seemed she knew Nero and V; Which worried him a little. If this woman could get them quickly towards the root. Not going to complain and was just going to use these people as a tool to complete his goal.
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O'Ner Faister

TIME: Late Afternoon

LOCATION: The Grand Ball, Roshmi City


O'Ner chuckled when Myra was tasting the wine much like a cat; finding it quite amusing that he had to scuffle his laughter. “I am sorry for laughing” Waving his hand as he took a moment to gain his composure. Taking the wine glass and taking a few sips form it; faking the starting effects of being drunk. His body swaying back and forth; while his speech was starting to slur. Wanting to keep the illusion of being a demi human. Watching her eating the pasta; he felt a little bit jealous that she could taste food. Something he has not felt in a very long time. “Well that would be a good replacement for utensils” He smiled watching her eat with her claws.

Moving the utensils away form the plate; calling over the waiter ordering two glasses of water to help sober her up. Finding her motions and her drunken mindset to be sort of adorable. Taping his hand once again on the table; “I can tell you are enjoying the meal; have you had something like this before? What do you usually eat?” He asked curious about what she eats. Wondering if she was feral before being found and taught how to act like a normal person. “What was is your occupation?” He asked curiously; not wanting to sound specious.


Micah Aarseth

Micah did the secret handshake he was taught; but adding a few more hand motions that was taught to him by the ancient ones. “We are interested in accompanying you inside of the forest; however we feel that we should be careful while venturing” Suggested the strange man as he made his way into the inn. Once inside he walked over towards one of the empty tables in the room; Ordering a glass of water which the inn-keeper who brought it to him and was paid. Waiting for the other's to join him before discussing the plan.
Watching the half orc wondering if he would be able to defend the group form what moves inside of the forest.

Physical attacks he would think would not do a lot of damage; Some of these creatures were corporal or hard to put down. So in his mind he thought that the knowledge of ancient magic he had learned could be useful to combating the creatures. He thought that Dion and perhaps the other magic users in the group would far better. But he thought he would be perfect for the job because the comprehensible knowledge he learned.

Would you like me to edit my post again so Sergio? I had him walk over towards where Finney was. But I can edit it in case I fucked everything up.
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O'Ner Faister

TIME: Late Afternoon

LOCATION: The Grand Ball, Roshmi City

INTERACTIONS: @13org Myra @FunnyGuy Umber (Mentioned)

O'Ner watched Myra getting out of the chair; positioning herself so she was crouched showing off her fangs and claws. He wondered if she was some sort of feral child in the past; hunting for food and being raised by wild animals. Not minding she was doing this; scolding the other guest that were staring at Myra as she did this. He wondered if he should have gone with her to hunt for food; another thought was if he should have gotten her some meat instead of pasta. But with her starting to eat the food in front of her; he was content with her enjoying the food being placed in front of her. “Are you enjoying the food?” He asked her with a big smile on his face. He wondered if her friends had not taught her how to use utensils; “I could teach you how to use the fork and knife if you like” He pointed to the utensils beside the plate.

Watching the girl's face when she took a sip form the wine glass; “If you do not like it; I can drink it for you” He said waiting for her answer. Looking over towards Umber who was scolding him for some reason; thinking that he was scolding because he was hanging around with Myra. But he could huff and puff all he wants; he could do nothing to O'Ner.


Oh okay, so let me edit my post so that he just wants Finn out of the fight. And the 1984 part of my name is a reference to the book 1984 by George Orwell.
Sorry about the fuck up, i hope my post is good to go.

Shit sorry i forgot, let me change my post then.
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