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Ash Williams

Location: Paradox Engine, Control Centre/ Medical Bay

Mentions: @CHammer- Rarity, @CHammer- Doom Slayer, @Dead Cruiser- Data.

No idea who brought us here chief, but I guess we could find out if we have a look around.” He answered Data. There was something off about him that Ash could not put his finger on, he was something out of a bad science fiction show. But he could be helpful in figuring out what the hell is going on. “Best we stay as a group, the demons know can possess people so best to keep your eyes peeled.” Ash took a moment to explain who the demons were, just so the gang knew what they were up against.The demons I fight are called Deadites, there nasty little buggers that were made by a nasty bastard named the Kandarian Demon. They can possess most people by touching you, and the best way to kill em is to chop em up into little pieces.” The older man turned around and headed towards the teleporters, he assumed that the teleporters would let him explore the ship. “Maybe heading to the command centre can give us more information about what’s goin on.

He was sure that Data or the talking car would be able to figure out how to use the ship’s computer. But knowing him he would try to figure out himself in a vain effort to impress them. Ash was sure glad to have the scary guy in the armour with him, he had a feeling he knew how to dispatch demons. His eyes noticing the shotgun he was pulled out of the coffin, “Nice boomstick, what kinda model is it?” It looked a little futuristic but there was something old school about it that interested Ash.

@ZephyrHope @Restalaan @Blazion

Abigail “Atom Bomb” Zebrowski

The young woman took a moment to scan her surroundings, letting out a sigh of relief. Being far away from Novis was like a great weight lifted off her shoulders. However now she was weary of Mr.Q. Slowly standing up looking over towards Katana, “Are you, okay boss?” Her particular concern for the swordsmen was quite evident. Her steps were stagged as she was still severely wounded from battling Novis. Stumbling a little before falling down on her knees, “Does anyone know first aid…I’m not feeling so hot.” From the corner of her eye, she could see Mr.Q approaching her. “Miss Zebrowski, I know I a doctor that would be able to heal your wounds. Unfortunately, we will have to go through another portal to his home in California.” Abby bit her lip not wanting to take a detour and go straight to her father. Weighing her options finding that going with Mr.Q would minimize her recapture by the police. Her previous question was not answered as the Ameliya’s group disappeared into the shadows.

She was not sure if she should ask the others to join her, who in the right mind would want to go to Boston. Slowly turning her head towards Mr.Q to answer his question, “Just as long as we see my dad afterwards, and I assume you can manifest some new duds for me to wear?” Her response made Mr.Q smile with glee, Showing off his crooked yellow teeth. Her attention turned towards Korbl throwing a broken sword at her. Trying her best not to get cut trying to catch it, she was not sure if she should be thankful or not. Taking in his words thinking that she might need his help. “Thanks, I’ll keep this in case I need to give ya a call.” Bowing her head in a respectful manner. A dark presence could be felt by Mr.Q, he didn’t like the idea that Korbl could ruin his plan. So he would have to find a way to get rid of the broken sword.

Mr.Q muttered some words flicking his wrist back and forth, a small portal appeared in front of the two. Abby turned toward Kailani feeling bad if she ditched her in the middle of the amusement park. Although she would have a ball eating all of these people, that would only mean she would be recaptured again. Not wanting her to suffer under Novis again she spoke up, “Hi Kail do you wanna go with me to California? I’m sure we can get you a bunch of food to eat. And somewhere you can be safe for those people that wanna hurt you?” Again asking for people to join them made Mr.Q furrow his brow in annoyance. After finishing creating the portal, noticing a small crowd of people coming toward them. They would need to leave soon before the police are called.

@Tyler Night

I wonder if their is some way to advertise this thread on the site? Maybe try Reddit, I could look for some subreddits that deals with written roleplaying.

Maybe try what i suggested in the quote above?

I am having a hard time coming up with a character sheet, so I will, unfortunately, have to back out of this RP. I am sorry for wasting your time, and I hope this rp caught on.

Thanks boss, I will hopefully get my sheet down by today.
I wonder if their is some way to advertise this thread on the site? Maybe try Reddit, I could look for some subreddits that deals with written roleplaying.

Your character is accepted, would you like for me to DM you a link to the rp thread and discord server?
Hello, love the character you made btw. So to let you know that the group in the rp are currently out of Thornwood, but we could explain that away by your character escaping somehow.

Quick question, is the character sheet the same as the old rp you linked?
@Tyler Night

How does it look now boss?
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