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I like tacos.

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Well don't rush it or anything, Take your time honestly creating the world you are making.
Sorry i was just wondering when we will be able to start?

Francesco Sperrazza


Gaspare Moltisanti

Gaspare was heading into the club greeting the bouncer, bartenders and the regular barflies that frequented the club. Taking a seat in one of the booths quickly ordering a "Jack&Coke" while he waited for Francesco and Chris, Having his drink and checking his phone seeing that Chris would be their soon. He didn't want to wait long as he didn't want to piss off the other gang leaders, Seeing Francesco coming though the front door of the club. "Eyh Frankie how are ya?" He said standing up and hanging the younger man as he came over, "I'm fine, Do you know why the Bustamante want a meeting?" He asked him in his thick Italian accent.

"Nah i don't know why that spics wanna talk to us, Must be about all em fuckin missing tacos eh" Gaspare said chuckling. But Francesco's face was not laughing at his rather inappropriate joke. Francesco now sitting beside Gaspare ordering a Italian beer while shooting the shit with his boss. The both of them waiting for Chris, Talking about things like Gaspare's family, the weather, what kind of business they will do today etc.


Thanks although I am not sure if I wanna make him a anti hero or a baddie.
Sorry i meant to write sexist.

I would be down to do that, Do you wanna do that via google doc?

Sorry to the GM, I am having a brain fart and not feeling it.

Okay thanks i will just copy the sheet template that @vertigh0st posted. Hopefully i will get my sheet done by tomorrow night.
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