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Gwendolyn Dexter Barrett

Location: Diamond Staduim

When Gwen stood up for the anthem, she found the guitar work to be too flashy, it was not raw and with emotion like another guitarist, Or comparably to herself. And she found the band members to be douchy and without subsistence like Van Halen.

Focusing on watching the game, she failed to notice the other winners coming into the booth. A few times she suddenly jumped out of her seat screaming at the top of her lungs. Got visibly angry every time the home team missed a hit or caught a ball. “Come on get your head out of your ass!” Sitting down in her seat after her outbursts, taking a sip of her beer. Taking a few deep breaths and taking a cigarette out of her pocket. Lighting up the cigarette in her hand and took a long drag. Finally noticing the other people filling the seats in the booth, she slinked into her chair. She felt bad for screaming at the players, feeling like a freak once again.

All I got is a Budweiser, it’s not really good but it’ll get you drunk quick.” Taking another puff of her cigarette, wondering if what she was doing was offensive to the other people. “So you guys win these tickets to eh? I’m glad I got em, I’ve always wanted to see a game in one of these fancy-ass booths.” Feeling dumb for saying that, she told herself how stupid she was for saying that.

Watching the door open as two of the band members from before entered the booth. One word came into her mind and that was “Greasy.”Taking another sip of her drink before walking over towards the both of them, “That was pretty awesome opener guys.” She said smiling while finishing her cigarette.”I really liked your solo in the middle of the song.” She said pointing to the guitarist. Not feeling bad for lying, she wanted to see if she could get on their good side and get a music deal. Or at the very least be the drug dealer for a known band.

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Gwendolyn Dexter Barrett

Location: Diamond Staduim

Gwen sat at one of the premium seats waiting for the game to begin. She found herself to be very lucky that she won these tickets, last night was not the best day for her, while her band was playing the last song they got into a huge fight with some drunkards. They were kicked out of the bar and told to pay for damages leaving them with no pay. She was close to smashing one of the drunkard’s heads in with her guitar, but luckily she was stopped by one of her bandmates. Although the only good thing that happened yesterday was getting that Aussie guy’s phone number.

Holding a bottle of beer in her hand watching as the game begin, “Come on don’t fuck this up, I got a lot of money riding on ya.” Yelling out before taking a sip of her beer. She usually wasn’t into baseball, she was more into other sports like basketball or football. However, she had a bit of gambling addiction and baseball games usually pay out very well. She wondered if that bodybuilder also won those tickets, part of her hoped that he would come just so she wouldn’t be alone.

Mention: @Pilatus

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Gwendolyn Dexter Barrett

Location: Mandrian Park

Gwen watched a bodybuilder riding his bike towards the park, in the back of her mind she thought it was another meathead wanting to build up their body for vapid reasons. “Fuckin retard…” She muttered underneath her breath. Her eyes looking over to a mother playing with her son, biting her lower lip trying to hold back the anger she was feeling. Cursing her parents for not caring and loving her as a child. Her negative train of thought was disturbed by someone speaking to her. Her eyes turning to the bodybuilder from before, Her mouth turning into a sneer. She was thinking of something rude to say but decided against it. “I got your medicine, sorry it took so long.” Scooting over so the bodybuilder could sit beside her, she didn’t find him to be quite attractive. He was not really her type, she much preferred nerdy guys. Most of them however are quite put off by her attitude.

Of course, what she meant by medicine was the steroids that she had in a vial. If he knew that the code for the roids was medicine, then she knew that he was her buyer.

Mentioned: @Pilatus
I would be interested in joining, if their is still room.

Gwendolyn Dexter Barrett

Location: Shogun Sushi/ Mandrian Park

While Gwen was driving to Shogun Sushi she was listening to the radio, a song she had not listened to in a long time started up ( This song reminded her of a friend of hers in high school, she would go with him to smoke dope underneath the staircase. He was much like her, both of his parents hated him for being gay, they had a lot in common besides their parents hating them, but she felt he was the only person that could listen to him. She wondered what happened to him if he was able to get out of Boston and live happily ever after. Parking her car in one of the parking spots, she took a moment to compose herself. Taking deep breaths and telling herself that she was going to not going to fuck up the deal.

Getting out of her car a few moments later walking towards the front door of the Sushi place. She was not there to order anything, she was there to meet her guy who was going to give her the vials to sell. Opening the door she was greeted by a Japanese man saying something in her foreign language, he had a big smile on his face while chopping away at the slab of salmon in front of him. “Uhh Yo.” Gwen just waved her hand and took a seat at a booth. Ordering a glass of water since she was not planning on staying there for long. While waiting for her guys she scanned the room of the other patrons in the restaurant. Sitting in the booth so she had her legs in front of her. A scold was on her face watching the other patrons talking to each other, still feeling like an outsider. Watching the door open noticing a Latino man walking over towards her booth. Sitting properly the man took a seat across from her, he was dressed like any other Chicano she sees on the streets. “You look good chica, how ya been?” He said as Gwen stared at him like he was trash. “I’ve been fine, been practicing a new song with my crew. And we got something going for a music deal.” She placed her hands onto the table, suddenly feeling the Latinos on her’s. “You know i worry about ya cariño (Sweetheart).” She could feel the vial being handed to her as he moved his hands away. ‘I appreciate the concern but I’m doin okay, besides I don’t think your girl would be okay with you flirting with me.” Showing him a smile before finishing her glass of water. Being told where to meet his friend. She gave the waitress a tip before heading out towards her car. Once in her car, she headed towards her client.

From what she was told by the Latino her client was a bodybuilder that was going to meet her at Mandarin Park. Changing the radio to something more her speed (…), Driving towards the park and finding a tight parking spot between two mom vans. Making her way to a park bench sitting down and waiting for her buyer to come. Ignoring the sounds of happy children and parents playing with them. Trying not to remember her shitty childhood.

Mentioned: @Pilatus
Gwendolyn Dexter Barrett

Location: Gwen’s Apartment/ BandMate’s Garage.

Walking up to the sound of her alarm clock blaring in her ear, Gwen sat up on her bed reaching over towards the pack of cigarettes on the nightstand. Lighting up one of the cancer sticks, hearing rustling on the bed behind her. “That was amazing last night, did you like what I did with my tongue?” A male’s voice could be heard behind her, she felt his arms wrapped around her shoulders. “Yeah, it was fine.” She gave him a curt response as she took a drag of her cigarette. “Your gonna have to leave, I got people coming over soon and I don’t want them seeing you.” Taking another drag of her cigarette, blowing a couple of small clouds of smoke in the air. The man looked quite disappointed he couldn’t stay longer with Gwen, Never the less he soon got dressed and left her apartment. When she heard the door close, she got out of bed and started to get dressed. Checking her answering machine to see if anyone left any messages. There were two messages, the first was from his paternal uncle a priest named Father Harold Callahan. Urging her to contact him so she could reconcile with her parents. “Fat chance.” Sneering and deleting the message. The second one was from her acquaintance named Tony, wanting to meet in the evening to discuss an upcoming deal. Writing down the date and location of the meeting, Gwen deleted that message as well. After eating her breakfast consisting of eggs, bacon and coffee she headed towards the apartment parking lot.

Getting into her Toyota AE86, driving towards her bandmate’s apartment while listening to her mixtape. (The song she is listening to while driving- ). Stopping in the driveway of her bandmate’s house, noticing the garage door was open with the other band members getting ready to practice. A man with a large blue mohawk walked over towards the driver’s side of her car, “Hi stranger, sorry we ain’t planning on being Mormons. So you better try someone else.” This got a chuckle out of Gwen, getting out of her car and walking with the bird-haired man towards the garage. “Very funny, you guys looked over the sheets I wrote yesterday?” taking out another cigarette from her pocket. Lighting it up while discussing the song they had practiced yesterday. After discussing how the song should sound, and what changes that needed to be made Gwen started singing the song. “Man I think we’re gonna kill it tomorrow.” The bassist said cheerfully. The drummer was nodding his head, mentioning how much better they had gotten since last year.

After the group had finished practicing, Gwen told the rest of the band that they would meet tonight to practice once again to make sure their set is perfect. Getting into her car and heading towards Shogun Sushi to meet with Tony. Driving pasted the Diamon Stadium, she fantasized about singing there with her band. Millions of people cheering for her, a dream she wanted to work for. But she had other business that was also quite important to her as well.




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