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I will then try to get my intro post done today or tomorrow, And i will do that straight away.
Mmm i could have Edward speaking with Hobbs on the phone, Or arriving at the building to where her agency is.

Quick question when and how can i post my first post?



Verd was thinking for a moment and the thought of a cybernetic leg, The idea was actually quite pleasing to him. "Fair point, So where are we doing this?" He asked East with a big grin underneath his mask, He was now getting more excited to get the prostituted leg because he was imagining if it could bullets or what not. Listening to Shadewalker's speech he gave him a thumbs up, "Here here, I learned that mistake of being honor bound and looked what happened" He said pointing to his bullet ridden leg. Although he still believed in being honorable and mortal, It seems this group was more like those African thugs he hears about in the news raping woman and shooting children.

And since he killed a teenage girl he guessed he was now one of them. A ironic thing since he still held some mentality of being a hero, Doing the right thing and in this cause not killing children or innocents.

If you like i can change him to be around 42, I still want him to be apart of WW1. And sure i can change it so he is a former FBI Agent and perhaps had helped Hobbs before?


Verd was feeling a bit woozie from the blood lose form being shot and the battle before that, "If that cybernetic cannot contort with my body then i'm useless, So can the cyber stuff a last resort" He said being lead towards a booth to get the bullets out of his leg. Verd was not feeling so hot right and he was jonesing for a little payback to White Skull, However he knew this could happen again so he would have to suck up to him and the big wigs for the time being. He was also thinking he would have to find a away to join another villain group that was looking out for the members, Although he didn't think their would be such a thing and it was wishful thinking on his part.

Waiting for his leg to be worked on singing "La vie en rose" by Édith Piaf, His voice was soft and filled with sadness thinking about Aya and that teenage girl he killed.

Finished editing my character sheet, Can you look him over thanks.
Hi do you guys have room for one more?
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