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Verd was getting a little pissed off, Mostly because most of the thugs were knocked or ran away. Looking behind for a moment wondering if the other villains were giving him some support, "Fuckin cowards" He thought thinking he was going to kick the asses of the ones that ran away. Picking up a sub machine gun form one of the fallen thugs, Starting to fire at the three of them making sure to put more pressure one the boy shielding them.

Having fell on his ass form the earth shaking letting out a grunt of pain, "Damn it to hell" He cursed and quickly standing back up continuing his assault. He was fast and hoped that his speed would be to his advantage to try and get to them before he was knocked back. However he did not want to tired himself out and lose the opportunity to grab one of them. Hopefully he could tired out the nerdy boy so he could either injury or get close enough to the three of them.
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David was glad the door was closed and secured for now, However he was going to be mindful of whatever threat is out there or in here. Escorting them to the computer room but turning to face Cas, "Perhaps their is a secondary junction box or a main power generator that we can switch on since this one is fubar? If someone wants to come with me i think that would be for the best" He suggested thinking they should get some sort of security going on for the less combat trained in their group.

If they could not get any security up and running, Then they would have to use their own weapons and wit against whatever is out there. However he also factored in that their might be something that could power on the security here with the main computer, But he would have to see if that assumption is true.
Maybe their is always the thought of a second Midnight like in comics and what not.


He had thought they would not find anyone, But it seemed he was wrong as one of the thugs was thrown against a near by building. "Keeping firing, And someone cover me while i try and get closer towards them" He yelled out pulling out his dagger, It seemed he was going to have his fun after all. "And don't kill the kids or i'll have your head on a palter" He added yelling out and rushing at he group of children.

His plan was to try and exhaust the kid with the barrier and try to grab or maim one of the girls, Verd wondered what the other two girl's abilities where. So that is why he asked to be covered as well because she did not know the extend of the two girl's powers. Running towards them and hopefully trying to burn out the nerdy boy so he could get close to them to hold one of them hostage.

Of course it was again just a silly idea I had, After reading though The Watchman I thought it would be interested what everyone lives would be like 10 years in the future.
I am starting to write up a story for this rp taking place 10 years in the future. I hope you guys don't mind.
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David was set down form Kaze and was quickly wiping his shoulders, Moving backwards into the door but giving the others cover fire with his laser rifle. Getting inside with everyone else with what the aftermath of whatever happened here frightened him greatly, Although no one was going to see that with his helmet on. He wondered what had happened here, Did the Serris get to them or did the X get here first, Or another theory was something else came and killed everyone off.

Scanning the area quickly he turned to face Amber and Kat "I will escort the both of you and we can see if we can get power to the facility, I want to see if we can check the computers for logs of what happened here. Perhaps their is something about Samus here" He said thinking of they can get some of the security measures up to protect them in the meantime.

The young villain was also getting quite frustrated, So any sort of help would be greatly appreciated. "Good thinking, Let's split into groups of three and go in a circle. Like what this bug chick said" He said starting to move around the many houses, Making sure to stay close to the crazy eyed lady. "See anything?" He asked her once in a while, While walking around the house and moving slowly. Peeking around every nook and cranny he could seeing if he finds anything or anyone. He was really hoping he would find someone so something exciting would happen, The boredom was going to kill him but perhaps the other villains might, If anything he hoped their time was not being wasted. If so then he was going to be very angry with White Skull and East.

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"It sounds like you need a back rub. Do you want me to give you one?" He asked her wanting to help her relax.
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