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Londo Xad

Londo finished with his saluting before placing his hands on his sides. He was satisfied with his introduction, assuming that his human superiors would be pleased by this. Looking around the room he noticed a few of the other crewmembers heading towards The Duke. He noticed a Pakled that was standing near the shuttle. He remembered one of his past hosts had met a Pakled a long time ago, although the encounter was not a very positive one. He turned towards the Pakled with a friendly smile.

Hello, my name is Londo I will be the head medical officer on the USS Tucker, what position were you assigned on the Tucker?” He wondered if this Pakled had the mental capabilities to do even the simplest task. But disgraded this thought since he would have gone through and completed the necessary tests to acquire this position. “I am quite excited to be assigned to a Federation starship.” Londo looked around in case anyone else had arrived at The Duke.

He looked over and saw a Vulcan woman Smiling in her direction and doing a Vulcan salute, “Hello miss my name is Londo Xad I will be the chief medical officer on the USS Tucker. What position were you assigned on the Tucker?” He asked in the native Vulcan language
Kolvar Stilmyst


Arancini Barberio

Kolvar had been avoiding Esedel and her guards. He was worried that the incident from yesterday had severely disturbed the trust between him and the humans. He had turned himself into a fauna that could borrow deep in the ground. Medicating and trying to regain his senses and purge the alcohol from his system. Early in the morning as the sun was starting to rise Kolvar borrowed back up and turned back to his original form. Kolvar hoped that he would not be in a lot of trouble with the others for his deception.

The shapeshifter made his way toward the human’s ship. He wants to speak to the humans about whether he would be able to help the humans by healing their injured crew. Of course, he knew that he would need permission from Zey their captain. So he would need to try and convince her to do so.

Standing in front of the human’s ship noticing their captain coming out from the ship. “Captian Zey if you have the time I wish to speak to you. Firstly I want to apologize for my deception earlier. I wanted to speak to you about helping you by healing your injured crewmates. I will be keeping my end of the bargain by not shapeshifting into one of your crewmembers. I assume you have made an agreement with those associated with the Mythadia to help protect your ship?” Kolvar looked around wondering if the others had arrived to the ship to speak to the humans.


Arancini meanwhile was working on getting both the ship’s security online as well as power back into the main reactor. All night he was working being only helped by the copious amount of coffee he consumed. He was extremely tired from not getting any sleep, so he went outside to get some fresh “air” so to speak. While he was outside he was thinking of what he could do to help. The situation with the Ascendancy was starting to get quite out of control. He was worried they were going to be enslaved as Kolvar had mentioned before.

He noticed the captain and Kolvar speaking to each other, he pondered if Kolvar was still hiding some ulterior motives from the group. “Umm good morning captain, I have gotten some of our security up and running. However, it will be only at twenty percent power and I will need more power for the main reactor. Perhaps there are some materials here I can use.” He said while looking over at Kolvar.

Hello.” He said plainly while nodding his head towards the life mage.


Hi is your character going on the Duke or Athena?

I would be interested in joining. Is a magic user okay to use here?

Okay sounds good.

Hows work on the OOC going?

Londo Xad

Londo woke up from his bed feeling excited about working on the USS Tucker. Although he had to admit that he was quite nervous. He did not know if he would be an effective doctor and not be able to help his fellow crewmembers. He took a few deep breaths before finally calming down and getting ready for the ceremony. Grabbing his things before walking off conversing with a few ensigns and officers he had befriended. Mostly says his goodbyes and that he will contact them whenever available.

Londo quickly made his way towards the conference room, taking a seat someplace in the middle of the room. Listening intensely to Admiral April’s speech. Reminding himself to not make any mistakes while stationed on the USS Tucker. But he once again took a deep breath to calm himself down. Saying to himself that he would be an effective doctor and a valued member of the crew.

Quickly standing up and lining up with the other cadets. Listening to his name being called and what ship he was assisted to. Nodding his head in acknowledgement he went to his quarters to pack everything he would need. Two hours later he would arrive at the shuttle bay in front of The Duke. “Londo Xad chief medical officer reporting for duty sir.” He said with a heel click and a salute.


I'm sorry for the late response, if you do have a slot open please let me know. I have a neutral aligned character i had in mind.


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