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Just to let you know it might take me until the weekend, but I hope I can get it done earlier.

Cool, i'm gonna start work on my professor.

Sure we can do that.

I could make a teacher character if you like.

Benjamin Marcus Zebrowski

Black Sun Neurostim Den, June 12th 2177, 20:08

Benjamin walked down the corridor, wondering why he had said what he had said. He had a bad feeling that something terrible was going to happen. He hoped he wouldn’t get into a fight, but it could happen if he didn’t play his cards right. He was led into a side room from the furthest end of the corridor.

Watching a woman approaching him, he had to say that even with her cybernetics, she was quite beautiful. “Yeah, you can say that.” He said, shoving his hands into the pockets of his jacket. “The P.I. business isn’t paying the bills as I thought. My friend told me that mercenary work is where I can make the big bucks. And I heard your group was looking for an extra pair of hands.” He could tell she was a soldier like him. However, he felt she was quite different from the others. He couldn’t put his finger on it, but felt like he had seen her somewhere.

Ben shook her hand with a smile on his face. “Name’s Ben.” Cringing when he felt the prick of the needle. “Ow, I usually like someone to buy me a drink before asking me for blood.” Ben was rubbing his palm. “You’d probably find some military records, maybe some arrest for public drunkness, but nothing too special.” Shrugging his shoulders. He was playing it cool since he was kinda telling the truth. And being cool as a cucumber would help save his ass.

Actions: N/A | FP: 4| Stress: 0| Consequences: 0
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Do you think we have enough people to start up the RP?
@Dyelli Beybi

Helmut Peter Spielzeugmann

Helmut stood beside Harper, feeling a wave of uncertainty engulf him. The prospect of playing beer pong was a source of anxiety, as he was unsure of his skills. Being teamed up with Harper, whom he felt somewhat apprehensive around, only added to his unease. His heart raced as he contemplated the game ahead, his mind filled with doubt.

He watched the other students coming towards the table. His gaze was intense, but his now-looking broke it at the table. While waiting his turn, he observed how to play the game and what techniques to use to fling the ping-pong ball. Helmut took the ping-pong ball in his hand, carefully looking at the plastic cups bunched up together. Focusing for a second before throwing the ball. Being silent for a moment before cursing in German as the ball bounced off the lid of the cups. Cursing once more when his opponent got a ball into one of his cups. Drinking from the cup made him look disgusted. Missing almost every shot when throwing the ping-pong ball, causing him to drink a copious amount of alcohol and become equally as drunk as the others. Wobbling and struggling to stand up straight. He held onto the table so he wouldn’t fall over. “Warum habe ich zugestimmt, dieses Spiel zu spielen?” (Translation- Why did I agree to play this game?) He muttered under his breath, feeling quite queasy. He felt like he would need a lot of water to try and recover. “I need to sit down.” Whispering to no one in particular. He slowly turned so he could sit down on the nearby couch.

Mmm okay i can work with that.
@Bonesaw McGraw

I'm a sucker for wrasslin RPs, so I'm going to throw my hat into the ring. I'd also be down for the promotion to being a mix of WWE and WCW, with a lot of backstage politics to make things more dramatic. I have an idea of a character who is a mix of Kevin Sullivan, Sting, and Mic Foley.
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