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Sorry to hear...
Oh! Hello. Was mostly just lurking although if you're still going for it. I'll look into such! Been a long time since I watched buso renkin..
@Rockin Strings
Bone-breaker, would start to charge in toward Bleached Barrows without missing a beat once Kapurimon explained were they were. After all, this was the place to find and fight other digimon to get stronger. It could also help to take down the bad guy of the area as well. Either way, they were already ecstatic to get into a rough and tumble situation to wrestle around. "See ya later guys, I'm going in!"

Golden-Eye, in a bit of panic would of course follow after Bone-breaker. It was also a new place to explore, so there could be some fun to be found. Although it was better to not let Bone-breaker get into trouble on their own in case something happened. They needed at least some kind of backup to get them out of trouble.

"You've got to be kidding me..." Peyton sighed. "Well a direct charge in it is!" Peyton figured it was better to charge after Bone-breaker. Since the little guy was already looking to pick a fight, it would be a terrible idea to leave them too it! She doubted that Golden-Eye was going to be much help either. If they trio were able to digivolve to rookie level at least it sounded like they would stand a chance in a fight. Well, maybe a fight with the three of them versus one but that was better odds than nothing. So a quick dive in, it is!

That did however leave Phantom-Pain with the main party of humans and other digimon. The little guy let out a quiet distressed whimper, and nothing more. Didn't seem like they trusted charging directly into this place. Although they looked at their siblings & Peyton with worry, and hesitance.
@Lord Orgasmo @Crimson Flame @DankDutch @KhKj
Going to post tomorrow. If not then, soon. Let's get this back to rolling a little bit.
Role-call, who's on board / still on board?
@Double welp, are ye ready? Wanna do an intro post now or wanna have your character catch up in a little bit?
Just if you're okay, seems you were quieter than before. Also have you seen the Double 's character sheet?
Wish you luck, goodbye.
@KhKj are you ok?
best of luck in the future, have fun~! ^^
Best of luck in the future
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