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Current one night shift left. then **me** time. mostly maintenance and editing stuff. instead of writing on 14 hrs of being awake!
14 days ago
Coming back from night shifts! And running on some bad sleep. Hope all is well with everyone.
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Bread Boy poetry
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sure you did. "bread"


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“You know I rarely ask, and almost never tell Rizz. But seems like you may have really banked a lot of concern on this one. Guess you’ve picked me out for more than just gathering some blackmail material this time. Would exciting if it was encrypted bank bits. If I was a younger model may have spent that if I was greedy.”
He joked toward Mr. Rizzo. Wanting to shift their attitude or their heightened concern just a bit. As a playful grin spread across Kit’s face. His engines racing with excitement as to what exactly Mr.Rizzo had brought themselves into this time. At least the mobster offered Kit jobs to enjoy, unlike plenty of others who considered the android in ‘retirement’.

“Try not to get your blood pressure to high, and buckle in. Better to be safer than sorry should we crash. Especially with the joy ride I’m going to take this thing on. It’ll probably be rough and bumpy. But those ones tend to give the more, satisfying payouts in the end.”
Kit joked.

He knew all too well if they let the car auto-pilot on this get away, they’d be caught. Maybe if they were trying to blend in with other vehicles they’d have a better chance. But-, with sudden large congestion around to slow them down. He doubt they’d get the chance. Which was only reaffirmed by the hover-bikes starting to pursue. They already had someone’s attention.

“Grab your gun, or whatever thick thing is in your pants and get ready to unload when they try to ride our side, right next to the windows!”
Kit would try to jump up front and into the driver’s seat. Engaging the manual controls to shoot right toward a higher sky lane. Aiming to weave upward, and through. Wanting pump more speed into the sky car, before the hover-bikes got the chance to match the acceleration. He was going to warm up with acceleration and some swaying weaves to draw in their pursuers.
If he was lucky, maybe he’d manage to lose them through that alone. No one he knew, was that lucky.

Action: Speed & Weave Baby | FP: 0 | Stress: 0 | Consequences: 0
Scene:The Conga Exchange Nightclub SCENE | Tag:@MrSkimobile

Siloh would feel a mixture of both relief & slight frustration at the situation. He was relieved that Kaylan & Beau were able to assist with getting André's attention. It seemed Kaylan was going for the direct charge to pull their mutual friend out from the crowd. While he was grateful that Beau helped with the sign. Unfortunately from his height, and more of his awkwardness he hadn't been quite as effective. At least he was rather prepared, and did setup a fairly well placed idea to aid in the escape.

Siloh would practically whisper to Beau. His eyes glancing downward.

His brief moment of self-pity had been distracted and snatched away at Gabriel's reaction all the more. It left more of a grin back on his face to here them shout about the ghostly routine. Which, sometimes became accidental habit when he first started to wake up. Mober seemed comfortable floating or resting on top of Siloh's head for some reason.

"Can't stop with the fake head trick. It's a lovable classic."
He would chuckled back at Gabriel. "Practically became a staple in its own way. Especially when you were on stream. May need to use it for a new audience here too."

"Unless of course, you have other spooky routines you've been holding out on me, Gabby~."

Mober would seem to match with the Klefki. Although it never strayed far away from Siloh's side. Its eyes would blink at the floating Klefki and glide alongside it. Seemingly just to get comfy around it and practically reintroduce itself, with a light brush at the klefki's side.
Before slowly drifting to meet the other nearby pokemon, such as Beau's Espurr.

Once Beau & Kaylan dragged André from the crowd.
Siloh had turned around to get ready to get out of the airport before the crowd had a chance to follow.
Only to have to swing right back around as André did greetings!
Siloh had forgotten about such. He had been used to walking and talking, or recording and talking anyways.

He did briefly roll his eyes, but had a wide grin on his face as André started to greet him as well.
There was definitely felt... childish? Perhaps nostalgic was the right word. It did feel like a call back to early school days.
Siloh of course would return the greeting back with only the slight hesitation of a giggle. Kissing Andre's left cheek, while his right was kissed and vice versa. Giving a familiar hug

"Coucou, I've changed a little, I've gotten taller."
"je ne suis pas être haut comme trois pommes~."

He slipped in an old saying of being not just as tall as three apples. Basically trying to claim that he wasn't short anymore. His face did light up and blush a tad. It was like visiting and being teased by distant family!
The flower was new, and kept in a pocket rather quickly.

"Oh! Shouldn't we get Nikola's and everyone's bags together. I did ask a cart driver to help transport us off airport grounds if they could. Didn't think everyone wanted to walk the distance after long flights..."

Forgot to post this up here.
But it was improved in PM's a couple days ago, glad for the assistance. Going to be pretty new to.. everything to be fair.
Siloh had been sleeping a while at the airport. He had arrived prior in the night on a cheaper economic flight. The original private jet to fly him made him feel nervous for the possibility of getting caught up in a crowd should they be near Andre's landing hangar. He didn't want to get directly caught up in that when first landing. Besides, the cost of first class tickets were valuable! And, given the nature of the ticket through a third party, exchangeable. He made quite a pretty penny exchanging the ticket in. Half it was in airline miles, but the other half was cash into the checking account~.
Even airline miles could be useful, he was able to pay for some food at the airport for it, and could make several small flights with it! And stays at certain selected hotels, among a few other quirks.
The last bit was advice from home before he left. Since his dad, and soon to be step-mom did a lot of short range flights and travels themselves.

Siloh & Tazen, had also discussed a bit of an idea the night before. Seeing as they've dealt or at least seen a crowd or two around the Bellamy family before. They ended up writing a sign in large sharpie to help, guide Andre & hopefully stave off the crowd a bit. It likely wouldn't scare them off, but in hopes let the crowd part a bit for André to get moving.

Seemed between Tazen, was right. A crowd of paparazzi and fans passing through the airport earlier had awoken Siloh from his previous sleep! It was time to put the plan into action. Most of which was Tazen's and probably Rummel's foresight.
He'd try to slip a tip to one of the airport luggage cart driver's to follow after, and pick up the group of arriving friends!

Having to mess with Gabriel, Nikola.. and maybe whomever else was in view along the way as he'd attempted to free André!

"This way. Part of the cast, part of the crew."
Siloh's voice would speak quietly toward Gabriel & Nikola but in a disturbing, off-key manner.

Siloh did have such a fiendish grin on his face that it spread nearly around his whole head! Rather, where Siloh's eyes always yellow & purple, under the cartoonish hoodie he was wearing?
A pair of large blue eye's with yellow pupil's began moving about every which direction in place of where Siloh's face should be!
A ghostly shuppet would pop free from around Siloh's head to stick its tongue out playfully at Nikola, but especially Gabriel!
Wanting to tease Gabriel especially, as it may, or may not have done in the past~.
As Siloh would walk past in a plain black, and baggy hoodie, and a camcorder wrapped around his left wrist.

But most importantly the key to the mission.
The sign, the sign! Which Siloh, would vaguely gesture at and try to bring Gabriel & Nikola into the fold of the operation as the sign was hefted high in the air! Siloh was only 5'6" so couldn't be that high, he was in need of assistance there.
Slowly trying to approach the crowd of fans and honing on André's attention. Holding up and waving the sign from an closing distance to try and get And

The Sign Read:
Calling Cast & Crew for André's Private Shoot at Château de Bien-aimée

It was an old trick Tazen used.
It wouldn't disperse a crowd, but would help part the 'seas' as it were, so that fans could follow... or check the location later. Lending a credible excuse to get away, and at least a majority of fans would rather join a shoot than get in the way of it. Even more so when it was said to be 'private'. Might help since Siloh did have a camera, but not by much.
He just hoped the cart driver, or any cart driver really would help with the get away.

"This way.... Uh... This way, please."
Siloh's voice was practically a hush. But he bobbed the sign about as if it spoke louder than his words.
He couldn't really push himself to shout over or talk through the crowd however-.
Might make things faster if someone else who was louder, spoke up.
But even among a crowd, it was pretty easy to see André's pink!
Just an update so people know.
Am here.
Just been drafting for a while. Was afraid my early draft may have been too similar to someone else's since didn't know what type of character persons were going for until after, so was PM'ing DM to get some help with it. Especially stunt stuff since... no idea how it works.

Might just do some light editing instead for sake of time in the next couple days or so.
I'd be down with developing a fantasy western with ya, perhaps as bounty hunters or marshals?
hm, how often would your ideal posting speed be?
Thank you for having me, best wishes.
Looks like all aboard discord then
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