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@Theyra as I technically set the cap to 6, my conscience has to say yes despite the last post. so welcome aboard. I'm going to close admissions now for real.
@Expendable sure thing. and then we'll cap it at that for now.
@Eviledd1984 Looking good. Format looks nice. Accepted :)
@Red Wizard Aww too bad, but priorities are priorities. Take good care of yourself and your family! :)
@Eviledd1984 Looks good to me. It definitely fits the setting. If you see anything you like or need help translating it to the system, let me know. What problem do you have with your formatting?

@Izurich Looking good! We can definitely do some cool things with that (evilgrin).
Two tips:
1. your Relationship and Want aspect seem quite close. This is OK, but you get the most bang for your buck if all Aspects are somewhat distinct. So I'd collapse them both into one Want, and then you have one more Relationship Aspect to play with. Does Lenneth know anyone from her past? Does she want to?
2. I'm not sure how you intended the HALo Stunt to work, as you technically use Stunts either as bonuses with, or as actions (and they cost 1 Fate Point to use, remember!). Normally you will know all the enemies that are in play anyway too, so though the HALo system could still be used as flavoring in RP, the gameplay effect would be minimal if any. Maybe you could mechanize it more like "in the first round of conflict, I can create a situational aspect 'weak spot detected' with 2 free invokes", or something.

Feel free to @ or PM me to brainstorm. (this counts for everyone)
@Izurich Great! Then it sounds like this could be a better fit, yes. It's a Noir setting, after all, about the down-to-earthness of life, and flawed characters. So no outright superheroes here, though I'm sure we'll have plenty of exceptional and cool characters to work with later ;)

Also, I want to make it clear to everyone once again: Do not focus too much on the Fate rules! Narrative first! As long as the story's engaging, that's all that matters. Fate's just a system that can facilitate that. Again, I'll make sure to 'tutorial' the rules when we start. Discord's being spun up as well, so if anything's unclear during play later we can go back and forth more easily on that, and if you want a brief mini-lecture, we can arrange that too. Thumbs up all around.
[@all] I created an example character sheet in the main post. (and yes, I know, the Fate stuff can be finicky at first, but you'll see why it's awesome when we start playing)

@Eviledd1984 A bit of re-arranging and looks good to me, nice and classic.

The Aspects have a bit too much information (that you don't have to chuck out, but could better go in the Description section or the writing sample, for example). Aspects are seriously short distillations of a character to their very core. They describe what they are, what they can do and what makes them tick. In-game, they explain how you get bonuses on rolls, or how your character can be moved into action. Think of them as mini-plot hooks that we can tempt your character with later. This is why it's important to really think about how you want to actually play the character. And it's why they often strike a balance between being quite specific and meaningful, but also generic enough that it can be applied to many situations. So for your character, for example they could maybe even be made into "Disgruntled Private Eye, For Hire", "I want to make up with my ex-wife and children", "I'm Weak For The Bottle, The Cigar, And The Female Charm", or whatever you think would fit well. Further details can be put into the description, the writing sample, or left open to be filled in through role-play. I mean, save some for the good stuff later eh? ;).

As for the augmentations for stunts: that depends. Again, it's all about how you want to play the character. I put in glossary that most people are augmented in basic ways, so I won't require you to write down everything. A lot of that is going to be flavoring to the RP and the setting, so just let that be implied and sprinkle it in whenever. But if there are augmentations that you really want your character to be defined by, and really want to impact the story (an overclocked hacking module, a robotic hot-swappable strong-arm, a pheromone dispenser for seductive persuasion, etc.), that's what you put as Stunts. Alternatively, if you don't want to play focusing on augmentations at all, you can do things like 'Because I Think Out Of The Box, I get a +2 bonus on Cleverly Creating Advantages when I'm in a restrictive situation', for example. So think about: what can your character do that is truly exceptional for them? Could be augs, could be something else. Stunts are the most difficult to get right on the first go, so feel free to reply or PM me also if you have an idea, but don't know how to put it into these fate-y terms yet.
@Izurich Then feel free to join once more, as you can see there are no CS yet. What kind of RP experience are you looking for, out of curiosity?

@AwesomeZero5 Up to you, it really depends on how it's RP'ed. I'd say if it's (mostly) done by sheer force of performance (seductiveness, Wolf of Wall Street) it's Flashy, if it's done via logical reasoning or problem solving (Sherlock Holmes) it's Clever, thuggish intimidation (Godfather) is Forceful, (ab)using cognitive patterns/biases or hypnosis (Dune's Bene Gesserit) could even be Sneaky. But again, note that as we play and reach 'milestones' in the story, you will have the opportunity to swap approaches if you want. Nothing's set in stone in the Fate system, if during play you discover you like another playstyle more or want to develop the character in some other way, you can.

@Eviledd1984 Glad to have you aboard! Looking forward to it.

@KazAlkemi Feel free to join. We're all going to be creating a story together, and nothing's on rails, so don't worry about your freshness. :) Also, in terms of the Fate system, I'll try to incorporate a small 'tutorial' when we start so we can get comfortable with the ideas of compels, rolling, etc. I'll setup a Discord for rolling and ooc discussions in due time as well.
Brorin Foul

Brorin had spent his time behind the giant's frame, praying it would all be over soon... And then it was. Blink, and you'd have missed it. One moment, the thundering riders of Sulfrey clamoring their war cries. The next, a wyvern with a flattened skull, horses and riders gasping their last breaths, and whatever remained disappeared into the earth. The poison miasma, dirt, and burnt flakes of their once-enemies, all slowly settled onto the ground, and silence dawned upon the scene once more. In the distant forest, the birds sang again. And that was that.

Drawing the holy 'X' into the dead with his thumbs, Brorin went to work. First, the wyvern. A quick drain of its stinger of potent venom, perfect for bomb-making. Then, the soldiers of Sulfrey. Not much of value to be gained from them, human matter never did work well for mutagens, but at least they were redeemed now. They may have followed their king bravely, but there was only One God, and this Ael-Gol was not it.

Looking upon their leader, he remembered. The strange shining amulet...! Brorin turned to find it was held by the hulk who had shaken him from his unconsciousness, and his eye widened in his realization. "No, Ogre! Stay away from that thing!" He called out as he hastened back as fast as he could, trying to hook the amulet from her massive hands with his cane, the empty eyes of Ael-Gol's likeness staring into his soul. "Temper your greed! This unholy relic was not meant for us. It will bring us nothing but trouble!"

His mind flashed to the lightning on the ridgetop when the Sulfreyans began their charge. Yes, it could've meant only one thing. "That flash! It was a signal! They must know we are here now! We must make haste, friends! We must leave, prepare for... whatever we will find, or comes for us next!"

@Eviledd1984 @Drifting Pollen @BigPapaBelial @Abstract Proxy @Vertigo @Chrys @Lurking Shadow @Thunder999999
For relationships, should we just put TBD?
It seems you want it for character connection, but that may take a bit-.

You put whatever you want to actively RP. ;)

Usually, the Relationship aspect is used to connect you to another player character right at the start of the game like you said, so you immediately have a connection to RP with. But it's really not a hard rule. If you have another kind of relationship you want to explore for your character, feel free! Else, you can leave it 'TBD', and then later if we have enough people, we can match up.

Also, do note that this doesn't need to be romantic, or even a positive relationship. It could also be about a friend, rival, family, your favorite barmaid, whatever.

And don't forget that Aspects can change in Fate during play, so don't feel like you have to get it perfect immediately, or even be bound to it for the long run.

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