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I've RP'd for the best part of over ten years now here on the Guild, and particularly like military settings, both contemporary, past and near future. I have even dabbled in a little more experimental RPs, as well as created a plethora of 1x1s over my time in the guild. I've like creating RPs with a distinct flavor, but love classic settings too.

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It happened too fast. Both Sean and Bethan didn't have the time, nor response to fully understand what had happened. Sean knocked into the floor meant he was unconcious for the second time today, and Bethan, well, she got a full gut punch, gagged, and thrown in before Yekatarina got thrown into her in the back of a car, and from that point on things went black.

Not a great afternoon in a wartorn slum, but well, here they were. About to die and get put on meathooks, Bethan reasoned, as the hoods came off, and the sight of the well-trodden hotel floor and the spotlights making it feel like they were about to get put on a bad bit of the internet. But the tone felt odd. Seven people, and the cold floor felt a little more civilized, if not a little more terrifying, with the zip ties and bound down, a situation Bethan knew they couldn't run away from.

RTT training was something both Sean and Bethan had experienced, and Bethan knew it was never anything you wanted to think about. In any given situation, if you were about to get tortured, it was probably best to talk, but stall, play give and take, and not talk when you could stretch it out. Don't ever bullshit, ever - or that was you dead. Wait it out, hold on, and find a way out. That was all that could be done for now, because if they wanted to play games, they weren't just going to put loud music on, pour cold water on them or force them into a stress position. Bethan knew it could be so much worse, and that would be even with giving them the truth. Life might become horrid, and she knew it as much as Sean did, the anger coming back into sway again as she remembered- oh yeah- it was that asshole was the reason she was here about to die.

The captors did seem less brutal than expected, Sean reasoned. Melani wasn't telling the whole truth, it seemed from what was going on so far. Unless he was a real classy cannibal, this guy looked too sane. Too screwed on. And his men definitely seemed to believe some crazy shit, but whatever they thought of Hayden, they must have really had it in for him. Katarina's comment gave Sean a wry chuckle, as he nodded, looking over, knowing he could take some steam out of the moment.
"Seems like they're saving the best for last." Sean joked to him, knowing he wouldn't be able to see, but the comment would ring out, as Yekatarina replied to Edgar's line of questioning, the Russian more pissed than anything, more annoyed, frustrated than before. Bethan couldn't help but agree, and nodded to Sean, who seemed keener than the others. He might have been a scumbag, and she fucking hated his guts, but in this moment, the Northern Irishman seemed unusually like he might be able to play onto Yekatarina. Plus....he was the one who had the stupid fucking idea from earlier. It may as well be him to get killed first, Bethan reasoned as she looked at her former spouse.

"Name's Sean, she's Bethan, and the Russian is Yekatarina. Bunch of mercs working for SAMC, I think, it all doesn't make sense to me. We got told to go around the neighborhood and take a look at what's going on, then get out." Sean started, knowing it'd make sense, it would add up, and it would at least start the rapport.

"So that's us. A bunch of Westerners with no idea what the fuck is going on. Like she said, we heard your rep wasn't great so this is quite a surprise for us. Can't say I'm complaining." Sean wasn't exactly lying, but then again, he didn't need to say more, the charm trickling in, yet the elephant in the room was Hayden, still tied, still bound, and whatever the fuck was going on, he'd been marked for a reason. Sean did not want to think about why that was, but he had an awful feeling Hayden hadn't been entirely honest either. Something had happened and all he knew was that them living or dying might depend on what they knew of him so far.
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“Being bullshitted? Since I was about eight. Also known as ‘Tuesday’ in Russia. Why, thinking of Sean, or something about this place?” She joked.

Bethan's wry look seemed to suggest it was all of it, the Welshwoman realising Kat was as cynical as she was, although perhaps the direction of travel was a little different. Bethan remembered what a decent life looked like, shit, one even outside of Sean looked a million times better than this. Getting the fuck away and moving on, that would have been the plan. Hell, she had something about her, the circles she was in, it would have gotten her to a better place. But now here she was, dragged into this pile of mess, unsure of what the hell she was even being offered. If SIS's offer was legitimate, then Bethan knew that this would take her to the very depths of hell. Despite the fact that whatever was in store for her after could involve working against Kat's people, she couldn't help but feel some level of solidarity here.

"Fucking try my luck to ask a Russian what it's like...some bits Sean, some bits that he might be right. We stick out like sore thumbs. This is a fucking stitch-up, no matter what we do. I don't know about you, but we're in a neighborhood nicer than the one we were in run by a guy supposedly more psychotic. It doesn't stack up, Kat." Bethan simply retorted, watching as across the road a car appeared on the other side as Yekatarina spoke, Bethan keeping an eye out.

“I may have just thought of a way of learning more about this place though. On my way here, the official line of bullshit I fed to customs along the way was that I was a humanitarian worker going to Matanbai to see how all this is affecting the locals. If I leave my gear with you, I might be able to ask how life is in this part of town without raising too much suspicion while we wait.” She offered a suggestion, “Unless curiosity kills the cat, this is all a very elaborate ruse and Edik tries to turn me into a hat for my trouble.”

Bethan nodded to the suggestion, looking underneath her own veil at the garb she had on, very clearly not being able to pull that line of reasoning.
"Agreed....but I think there's someone watching us before you can do that. What's our play? If this guy is as psychotic as she says...I'm not sure I want to get crucified. But something tells me we might be able to take a chance to play dumb." Bethan replied, watching the men, staying by the wall and allowing her to have eyes laid on, but return the favour in due course.


Sean in the meanwhile hadn't clocked any of this- and driving down the road was trying to look for Hayden, aware he was more likely than not still trying to keep half a trail while on the road.
"Guys, what are we waiting for?" Sean asked, spotting the Canuck, but not spotting the rickshaws, other vehicles or other people following. It was innocous, Sean not realising what was coming but nonetheless sticking to the plan to grab Hayden. At a crawling speed given the traffic, he had the chance to pull in onto the kerb by the Canadian's side, a stern look across to him but a certain cheshire cat's grin on his face to actually have a motor to drive now.
"Tangayi Taxi, special rate of fuck you, how can I help?" Sean called to Hayden, still unaware of the situation, and more likely than not, in a position where they could be caught.
The car pulsated lap after lap, turn after turn, holding a position against rivals that felt like it was nothing like F2, yet everything he had craved. Hugo was in his dreamland, and it was going to have to be something to hold. The race was almost boring, well, apart from going 200mph on the straights and barely even having the ability to blink through corners.

The stop that came was inevitable, dropping Hugo back further into the pack. A relatively smooth operation, but one Hugo knew they had they didn't have perfect- no team starting in F1 would. But still, medium stint over, it was onto the hards, and now, onto the long slog at getting back at it. He wondered where Kasumi was, and she appeared right in front of him, holding position, and tempting as it was, he wanted to go after her. Time would tell if he would, but for now, he held position, aware they had to work together to get forwards and get into this race.
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Sean nodded to Hayden, the switch-blade enough to reinforce that had it have come to it, the knives would be out the other way, but the rubies being a nice catch. In local currency, how much were these? Maybe half a diamond, maybe a quarter, maybe nothing at all. Who knew, but hey, it was a precious gem and something that would trade. Shit, Gold was probably going to be the real standard of things...he'd hope.

"Got it. You keep looking, I'll call." Sean replied, keys in hand, knowing that while Hayden was feeling conflicted, Sean understood the grit of this situation a bit further. Perhaps his own troubled mind was playing into it, but he saw it earlier on, that chaos, that violence, what they were willing to do. It was better he did that to them before they did it to him, and he felt no humanity in this place at all. He wished he could have a strong drink, because in a day he'd dropped out of the sky and straight into a fucking slum, and he felt like after they were done today, he'd pass out proper. It was worse than a day in Helmand, and that was something.

Finding the Toyota eventually came, as he dialled for Hayden's number, looking around inside the filthy Hilux, the 80s model of pickup truck one that would start first time. That was the thing about the Hilux, it was unkillable. It did stick out, but then again, it was now probably one of the few not carrying a DShK or M2 on the back of it now, a practical, reliable and useful tool for mobility and getting around. Even the absolutely agricultural diesel engine responded in turn, torquey and like a trophy truck in the corners, zero fucks given to actually handling well but just soaking up hard kerbs and bumps like it rolled across it. A true insergent's treasure.

"Hayden, it's Sean. Got the motor. Gonna head down the street, don't be too conspicuous but get yourself in. If it ain't you, I'll put a nine through whoever gets an idea. You got no lead?" Sean asked, the phone on the passenger seat, right next to where his Sig was sitting.


The atmosphere even Bethan had to admit was calm, and calmer than what she was expecting. Yekatarina and her had stalked succesfully into the lion's den, and the drop they had now was impressive. She was almost under the premonition to call Sean, but for the moment wanted to keep observing, finding a pallet to sit on, still veiled up and still looking like she was innocent enough. She knew that ruse wouldn't last long, but it would for them to get what they needed, and if the boys had their end covered, get out of here.
"Ever get the feeling we're being bullshitted, Yekatarina? This is too nice."
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Bethan couldn't help but agree with Yekatarina, but at the least was glad the team was going their seperate ways. It had to be said, Sean's idea was fucking crazy, and she didn't like the fact Hayden saw something in it. They had to play it by the rules for now, stick to some order in this chaos, or they'd join the wolves. She had nothing to add, well, aside from agreeing with Yekatarina and following her lead. With that, they were split, and well on their way to get moving through.

Moving through the streets, she knew they were women in an African slum, hardly the look she wanted to keep, and worse still, wearing camo. Not ideal, but hey, she knew they had to get themselves sorted. Yekatarina's comment was prompt, but one Bethan was already thinking about as they made their way in.

"Give me five minutes. I'll have us sorted for a covering. I won't tell your mam if you don't tell mine. Those fellas following us, keep moving, and they'll make a decision who they follow."

With that, Bethan vanished, and by the time she came back, had what she needed- two veils, traded for a diamond, but done unscrupulously and quickly. The diamond had done the talking, although it left her poorer than she liked. The men hadn't followed her- more likely than not, they were on Yekatarina. She wasn't a hard spot when she came back around, and moving through to an alley, they had a chance to at least cover up, out of sight and of the two goons following Yekatarina and Bethan.

Throwing her partner the grey veil, she put her own on, a black one, making her look awfully like a nun. She had to feel for Yekatarina, years of killing Chechens and now here she was, veiled up. It had to be killing her more than it was Bethan, but hey, it was what it was.

"Let's not piss around, we need to get in closer. Keep your head down best as you can. The alley will buy us a little time, and if they're not smart, they won't know us." The streets felt chaotic, strange, but they'd faded into the crowd, hiding the packs and all as best as they could.

Making their way closer in, the neighborhood felt flooded with people, nonetheless the two that had been stalking the two lads now off her and Yekatarina's trail. She couldn't tell one goon with an AK from another, but it was good enough as a starting position to try and understand things. She felt comfortable with the Russian, oddly enough, despite the fact she knew in an ordinary situation she was taught to mistrust the Ruskies, she felt Yekatarina felt genuine, honest, flawed perhaps but someone capable. Someone who had grown up in the shit of Russia, and no doubt found Chechnya a trial by fire. But there was this unbroken nature to her, like she was straight in a situation that demanded it. Something Bethan respected, that had to be said. And with veils on, they had the opportunity to get in closer, giving them a chance to at least understand what was going on. A lot of goons, and around the majority of the area there were technicals with gangsters in the back, dotted with the occasional sight of gangs in the streets themselves.

"Looks like they have seriously wanted to bulk up this area. Weapons are all Eastern Bloc. Less South-African, more ex-Soviet. Bought from COGS, or whoever COGS normally buy from. Not sure. But that could be something. Well, Melani would know that, surely...." Bethan spoke under the veil to Yekatarina, moving past a group of traders, keeping an eye out. And eventually, that it did, noticing something else on the bustling roads, something that felt as out of place as they did in that moment.

"Wait, hold on. That car there, the Mercedes. In a place like this, can't be someone unimportant, can it?" Bethan mused, nodding as she began to keep her eye on it, and while aware following would be impossible, at the least they could copy it's directions on the busy streets, mingling with the crowd that slowed traffic down to the pace of a strong jog.


Sean in the meantime saw those two goons approaching, and with a wry nod to Hayden, knew they had to find some transport, and lose their tail. Perhaps some curious locals, who had seen them coming into Malkia's turf, and wanted to find out why two western mercs were on their front door. Keeping an eye over his shoulder, they looked like the two that had been looking for the girls, and now had diverted their attention to him and Hayden,

"Follow my lead then. Let's not do this in the open. They'll keep coming, mate....we drop them, and we get moving quickly before we get spotted again." Sean knew that while in this turf they'd have eyes all over, only those two were beaming at them right now, and they had a chance to stop this before it escalated it. It was a chance to break whoever was coming, and rather than getting shot, getting them close in would work better. In an alley they'd follow, and finding a blindspot, they could make that work, and that is what Sean did, knowing that the gangsters would be chasing them in now they'd broken line of sight.

Moving around the corner of a shack, Sean drew his machete and holding back in a dark corner, waited, patient as ever, hearing the men barking and fanning out. One of them turned directly to Sean's position in cover, and was greeted with a hard headbutt, throwing a punch Sean could take and flank with a machete straight to the side. The man's croak was that- a hit to the lungs between the ribcage made it quick for Sean to draw the machete out and slit his throat with the sharp edge, exhaling hard as he watched Hayden move on his man. The Northern Irishman wasn't a stranger to fighting, and this machete, as brutal as it was, was just a bigger tool in his hand, sharp and blunt at the same time, able to just do the job when swung. It wasn't fun, but dragging the two bodies out of the way, he knew they'd be left in the open and more likely than not, left to rot. Not a great idea to be killing already, but then again, they hadn't been left much else as a choice. Running would make them look even more exposed, and given the brief moment they had in the alley, it was enough. Strange how Sean felt comfortable with this, but then again, he'd seen the reality earlier on. They'd do the same to him if he didn't first, and he'd seen enough people getting stabbed to understand you didn't come back from it.

Searching the guy's pockets, he found a set of keys, what looked like a Toyota badge.
"Well, that might sort us out. Now we just gotta find a Toyota around here....tell you what, Hayden, I'll go find whatever the hell it is, if it's parked close. Give me a call when you're closer in, or about to get stabbed. I'll come grab ya." Sean threw the keys into the air and caught them, dragging the poor bastard's corpse back as far as he could into a small ditch in the alley, unlikely to be the first body that had been dumped in there, Sean guessed. With that, Sean went on the hunt and knew he was looking for a Hilux, or something of that description- some wheels to get them moving while he knew Hayden could take a look around.
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