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@Shard Finally, it is done

I just wish we knew a little bit more about offensive technology, because its kind of hard to make mutants, if we don't know what we're dealing with. I mean, ideally our character's abilities and the enemies should be close(r) to even grounds

That's why I'm waiting for the OOC to be ready before I commit to a character idea... Got a few kicking around in my head, though
@Silverwind Blade Things are taking me a bit long cause I'm working on two school projects rn, but would any of our characters potentially know each other, personally or by reputation?
I'm also interested
@Smarty Jones Yeah, OOC & IC PMs sound good to me
@Smarty Jones I'm interested in giving this a try. Posting this right before I sleep, so I'll see your reply in a few hours.
@Inedible Here is my submission to the competition, hope you like her!

My sheet is almost ready, using the Metal element. Just got a couple things to polish up.
Awesome! In that case, I'll try to have a character up within the next few days.
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