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@Paradoxial I'm interested, would you be accepting of a character who basically sees the writing on the wall and, either secretly or openly, advocates for things like workers rights etc, with the end goal of getting into a position to ride out the upcoming changes with a minimum of personal loss. Perhaps they also come from a family who was/is particularly harsh or overbearing, so they have to contend with image, family, and other complications?

EDIT: Basically, they'd be trying to better the lot of the workers, with the intent of using that goodwill to stay in power after the (in their eyes) inevitable uprisings/unionizations/etc, while also funding and encouraging strikes against their own enemies
I am still here and about I just don't have much to add to the situation and don't like posting a few lines when I do post. I like to have a little beef to my posts. But I am still about.

I'm in the same boat here
I'm still interested @Smiter19

@DoomFlavored I'm assuming other Make-type magics have the same limitations as Ice-Make?
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- Diana Brighte v2
- Fairy Tail OC
personally I'd love a discord server! My character is in-progress right now, a young human woman
@kersel Just put your heart into, that's all I ask! Usually a decent post in my experience (and I've been roleplaying some 20 years) is around at the very least 3 paragraphs to get across everything in the scene. That's what it's all about afterall, crafting a story together!

I tend to post between 2 & 3 paragraphs, depending on scene, situation, etc. Is that ok?
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I did see that and read it, but....I'm not so sure if this is my cup of tea or not, hence another reason to wait on other posts ☺

Fair enough. I'll probably be putting up a post in the next few days.
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