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Current England! Penalties. What kind of England are you!
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We never have up on our RP even after 3 weeks of total fail guild lag around New year. Guess what. We even managed to post then. We finished said RP.
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Not sorry lol. 6-1 England :)
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People do finish RP :) we are on our second now. Sol city. Slice of life done right.…
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Tactical victory wins you the battle, stratagic victory wins you the war or larger goals.


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Marinalia Romus Olympus "Mali"

Luna Sports . Later Monday morning

Marinalia laughed slightly and then internally cringed as she joked about murder next to a cop, and a rather intense one with a glare. Little miss deathstar Vika named her was rather the amp name. Yeah though a good lawyer could get you away with pretty much anything and everything. Just ask the we three asshole whose 4th muskuteer was sat in a cell hopefully dropping soap or so.

She was a kinder personality than her sister but even Marinalia had no real mercy for him, well none. When she wanted to be put her boot firmly in balls, multiple times until he would never be able to use his lower organs.

Not that kinda girl!

I prefer to watch them relise there life is over as they spend the best years in a cell with bubba and big Mike.

She had seen one person go to jail for a long time after the mugging, attempted murder had mostly stuck and weapons offences. Thanks to a very pissed off grandfather with a very good lawyer. They where doing the next 30+ years at her majesties pleasure. Though she still carried the scars she wished she had not gained.

Barbados was intresting, and rather sunny and warm. Definitely alot more chances for a tan than thr South of England, that was one part of world she had not been, Europe, America and Alaska. Not South or Tropical. Italy was definitely more fun and the people where alot more handsome and fashions better than other places she works. The food also was unbeatable.

Never been south. Furthest was Italy near Naples. Iloved waking up to sound of the sea.

Peace... I'm not sure the universe likes me... Not sure what I ever did to it.
Why I never went for jets. There like flying but it's all disconnected. Not... "Real".

Smiling and relaxing a a little with the accent beginning to warm up more and lose its edge that picked up before, the mention of flying somthing she loved warmed easily and softened. Xia gave a... Right vibe. Nothing was flagging, and pauge despite being careful what she said, seemed alot different than her description.

oh my... You make me remember tying to keep up with my uncles... Both Marines. Royal vaieity.. That was a intense workout. Was aching for what felt like days.

It keeps me in shape, office Uniform is not exactly forgiving.

Laughing slightly, thr fitted uniform did require you to keep in shape somewhat to pull it off, but in gernal Marinalia enjoyed the slightly vintage look vs some of the more modern airlines. Though captains hat she hated despite every right to wear one. Mike and Milo. Oh yeah that was extremely difficult one to keep up with the two of them, despite being retired they still kept a rather good level of fitness and training.

With a small laugh and a more relaxed before the storm, Marinalia was rather not used to being hit on my the female gender, which was suprising given her looks and figure. Marlin normaly was confident with that kinda thing but this threw her into a a little loop. Her aunt was slightly more experimental and had her... Adventures before she settled down, met Milo and well despite the challenges the two where almost soul mates... They fall for each other hook line and sinker when they rather quickly vanished off and where not seen till morning disheveled and so. Few years later, a Son and so. Her softer accent jumped slightly at the thought once she relised and calmed it down, given her previous record, well it could not hurt to try... Once, she seemed rather nice which was not helping thr no argument.

Confident. Of course. This is gonna sound silly, I fell in love with swimming, and never stopped.

Defenitely, sure. ... It's a. I can find time later week, maybe weekend. Loser buys lunch or smoothies? It would be fun to have someone to swim with.

Not quite realising what she said, her mind just filled in blanks and joined all the dots, a little strange but it was not saying no which was more scary than it walling it off. After all her troubles in Sol, this could not be any worse...

Banna Buzz, 5.2km swim, I needed a perk up before I carried on my day, and a chance to rest a little.

A smile and a foreign accent earned me extra mango... I like mango.

Remembering Paige who seems abit more quiet and intrested in Xia and her caribian nature, well it was ture you not meet people from the sunny southern parts everyday. Paige definitely was a... Intresting person, scary and very intense but she was rather intresting. A blank wall, a intense glare, a rather powerful aura.. She seemed rattled by nothing and like... She reminded Marinalia abit of her military uncles nature. They have away little, except what they wanted.

Marlin blankes utterly at the drunk refrence, she hated the refrence but Basic white girl" and wine was her thing, unlike Victoria and her love of Vodka, well that was natural from how they grew up and Ivan.

Paige was from Florida, OK, that was definitely intresting, her accent was clearly not a local, but to put a name to a face was diffrent, to put a location exactly. Southern culture had it quirks, it helped to know to not stop on a cultural minefield.

Long as it has alcohol, grapes and comes in a glass bottle. I'm easier to please. After well, safer than spirits.

Paige, Xia, strange as it sounds. If you ever need a pilot, we'll let me know. I'd say it's work, but I feel strange not flying for a while...

@Pilatus@King Tai
Hey there. Never done slice of life before but I am interested to give it a go. Room for more?

Theres room at the inn.

I never did once, and now I love it so never know if you Don t give it a try.

Any questions, we friendly so just asks in OOC or pm and Youl definitely get help. Just ask us!

CS requirements in CS nth post. City details, locations etc all in the OOC.

<Snipped quote by Lady Selune>

Pfft! It's clearly known in the Warhammer community that the Orks are inspired by British football hooligans as an in joke.

There are no "myths" of Chaos being vikings or of High Elves being British as well, also technically the Skaven are English too. Oh, and vampires are NOT just Romanian, the Von Carstein family are actually German and are technically legal Elector Counts by region as well. Anyone can be a vampire, it just so happens that they're situated in Romania, but have Von Carsteins have German heritage in that is what they were in their previous lives.

Seriously, now you're still jumping to conclusions. I made these races all based on what would be most fitting, I really wanted to make my "southern white race" of vampires where white people up north would be normal humans. However, my friend from Italy simply suggested I do dark elves instead. I merely choose these races out of pure historical context.

Just seen this pop by and so.

Your missing one key point here, espechily on your Ork / IN RP comparison. I have read both latest and original Warhammer books like inquisition war serris.

Orks, are close to the cultural negetive atrabutes and strotypes of the time. Your same ill educated, more durable and so argument is a historical view point of the tome long proved wrong.

Warhammer. And its core nature is dark joke, the ork race especially has a joke nature to soften things, and the sheer brutality, of a race that is basically fungal omnicide.

I fact many races, often have a small aspect that counters the darker, or potential negetive refrence used. You it seemed relised a link but not used somthing to soften that link or make it less direct. Dark eldar are sadistic as hell, but they also troollish. Orks are viola t with humour. Mankind facepalm in stupidity, while also casually making Nazi Germanny or a gulag holiday camps espechily whwn grey knights kill just for knowing somthing. Again, chaos as some form of releof, for a group who have the darkest in the experiments of honsou and fabius bile.

There lies a uncomfortable refrence. I would just suggest you think about it, and while no one been majorly offended, just be careful that the ground your on is a a little thinner than you probbly want be on comfortablely.

So please just consider the points, as it seems you have a good idea but may want to consider your use of refrence and contexts.
@King Tai

Il let Pilatus post first.

Then reply :)

Text message tool.

Thanks to @misscapncrunch
Victoria Darya Romus "Vika"

Monday Morning . Coffee Pot . Home at Noon (Park view) . "Daughter of Persephone"

Victoria smiled and gave Ethen a slight smirk, important information, that was strange unless he was just being some strange kind of flirty nature that seemed to be making very little sense or reason. Unless he meant the firday night fight night situation. That would make more sense.

A time sure, they could work somthing out, she worked but he also had his bad stuff and whatever else he did but hey, where there was a will there's a way round the situation. Returning barely a whisper with her normal accent of English with Russian tinge.

Then its a date Ethen.

Sure, I've got a reroute and all set up. Don, t make me wait too long.

Adding with a small smile, she did kind of enjoy thr novalty of being somewhat considered worth chasing after and to the trollop, somewhat a object of jealously. That was definitely very diffrent to her previous life being seen as some weak or disabled victim. Flushing a little pink but her eyes glittered at his response. She definitely could have fun with this one and she was not quite as innocent as her skin tone seemed to display. Her darkside had a slightly more healthier release than anger, and one that would be alot more fun to boot. Playing with her long highlighted black hair, she twisted a strand round her finger with its glittering diamond acompiment. It was not deliberate as it seemed and was just a a little almost tick she had depevloped.

Never judge a book by its cover. I might suprise you.

I may want to know more...

Laughing quietly with a slightly teasing edge to her voice and seemed rather happy with herself about how things where going. She could break out her shell somewhat and be herself. Not hidden behind the mask of ice and snow, the Raven haired woman was much closer to her true nature.

Noticing a slightly uncomfortable Thomas with her who she seemed to have got caught up in her flirtatious response to Ethen, who was rather intresting. He was nice though and it was good to know someone whom you had a shared intrest and so. His look told her, wait... He had intrest in that situation a a little more than he let on. Well they where still friends, or the start of it more accurately.

of course. I'd not let someones bacon go cold.

Not so sorry. Its first time in years I've been able to be myself. It's nice to be free again.

I might take you up on that. Plus Im intrigued by your AI defense research programme. Personly and professional, your work

Seeming genuinely more happy as she was open about who she was, the ice princess was not her, sue had been a fun Raven haired and sporty teanager before she became a slight ghost of the old Victoria, weaker and was glad to be able to be true to her nature again as she was regaining her strengh and balence slowly. Even if she be forever slight, pale and remain 4'9 and alot smaller than everyone else unless you Marlas son! She could be taller! And he would be taller in a few years no doubt.

Relaxing as he went back, she texted her sister a rather excited message about things. She was excited by things and would have to gauage he response and caution but she wanted to enjoy life, and you had to takw some calculated risks.

Finishing off her drink and heading out paying the bill and putting down a tip, why did they always have to tip? Could they not just pay the bill as the bill in US. Like sensible people.

With a blip she unlocked the mini convertible parked outside and climbed in with a a little care as she was still not quite fully fit or balenced, well by a fair margin compared to some people. Checking the GPS and headed back via a round about road home, stopping by a shop for some make up, another for a few things for the fridge and a quick stop to fill up.

Turning onto the Old Harbour Road about lunch time and headed up to home, the traffic jam was fairly busy switching to a local rock station playing some Beyond Temptation whole she waited for traffic to begin to move again so she could sit back with a mug of tea in and a maybe finish watching what left of the trashy movie she started the previous night.

As she waited, she looked across to see a tall person working on a vacant lot to be building dome kind of cottage and caught a view of a taller figure hammering away at some timber. Glancing across she saw the place was odd for park view, smaller and not grand like the nearby homes. It was cute though, and the grass was wild and the gates and walls needed some care and repairs.

Her thoughts where soon brought back to the present as she hered cars moving again and turned a minute or so later Into Hesphestus Manor.

@Almalthia@Conscripts@Silver Fox

... BREAK ...

Marinalia Romus Olympus "Mali"

Luna Sports . Later Monday morning

Marinalia calmed slightly to her rather direct response, she definitely was a Cop, but of a kind she was not sure of what or so, rather not like anything she had met before, most where not as intense and also "Bring you in" was not quite a reponse like the police she chatted to at the airport. They where definitely Deadicated but of a diffrent shade.

Remind me not have you after me. Might not end well.

Sounds pleasant, I know from experience about idiots and assumptions. Learned to shoot, not my thing despite my dad's best efforts. I always enjoyed fencing back at school, though we could use full swords in final years. Was fun, if a little dangerous.

Admiting abit about herself, that was a strange perk to going to a full private academy, they where rather good for the perks, sports facilities. It was located on a large country estate that had been converted centuries before and it was joked you inherited a place there not got one. The family tradition was to go there, alot of family had been educated there. She had swam for the team there, and taken her first helicopter lesson as part of there little extra programmes that where possible if you wanted to engage in extra curriculum things. Sometimes having a rich family did have perks.

Reacting to her, well Paige was strange she gave little away but then she gave out what she wanted. Her whole personality and demeanor was definitely rather prickly and defensively layered. Her eyes where a diffrent story, she definitely was little miss deathstar as Victoria had referred. Realising she made a slightly nervous reaction to things and so but they had rather difficult subjects behind those. They where very definitely going to takw along time to fully heal. She still was slightly conchous of her scar she had from 9 years ago, Marinalia was not one who could easily let somthing go, especially the hurts, well the ones that ran deeply anyway.

Sorry. Just a bad memory. Sol shining reputation has a few shadows.

Trying to brush it off as nothing more than a bad date or somthing., her accent a more forced neutral English that kicked into a more cut glass queen's English than before. She was not very good at hiding her issues from sneaking through. They always managed to to, even when she tried to keep them more suproessed than normal. She could bottle the up totally but she had tried that one and ended up a worse emotional wreck than before.

Thrn Xia replied and her accent calmed a a little going softer than the more strictly English she had used before, forcing a calm and a softer side back. Breathe Marlin. Its over, the jerks in jail and will be for a very long time. Keeping the fact from a cop she may have used pepperpray and a rather forceful elbow strike to keep them off, sadly that Ashton caught the bulk of what she was using. But 16-2 or so odds. Cheating was mandatory.

We where OK. Lucky for us, with had a a little advantage to play in the bar. Our lawyer had us out by morning. Good lawyer worth weight in gold... Cost that much to.

Purpose... Not sure I'm quite important ernough for divine purpose!

Oh. That's why. I Don, t always like the machines. Mums a doctor, aunts a trauma surgeon, I prefer lower impact exercises anyway. Lectures got detailed...

More relaxed. She got a... Posetive vibe from Xia, paige was a wall... Not quite cold but it gave away little, it was harsher. Xia was more open for sure. But somthing deeper about her more than being aprachable. Competive? Well yeah she definitely was in pool and... What the cut off... Questions... Sipping her smoothie and moving her long blonde hair out the way of one of her eyes, it was pretty but had disadvantages. She loved it, but she could bear the disadvantages quite happily.

oh, I'm definitely Competive, im a fish to water.

Help out at university a few times on there swim programme as I used to be Competive... Long story.... I had to quit early.

Oh, Paige. How can you say my sister ringed your car and gouged it up, and so. That's not awkward at all...

Oh, we kinda... Yeah, we know each other through someone. Somehow never met despite everything that happened..

London. Nothing as exotic. Sunshine was a luxury!

Adding with a small laugh. Growing up near London sun, warmth and beeches would hardly describe the weather that they had as bikini ready. Well the private times she wore one, not public pools.

She had a good feeling about things at the momment and so, a few. Laps and a challenge, Xia might make her have to work hard to beat her, she was rather fit and definitely looked athletic. Taller, she had a runners build more than a swimmer perhaps so advantage might be hard to calculate.

It would be a rather even compation of they did..

@Pilatus@King Tai

Welcome to the guild, fellow heretic.

Repent to the god Emparor!
@Oof Palooza

Expanding horizons is dead, its not seen activity of any real note in quite a while.

Theres plenty of life and opertunity in the other forum sections though, the intrest checks are a plenty in everything from free to 1x1 of all kinds and colours. Always a new idea or RP coming up :)

I think this section has a planned replacement, however it would be easier to go in other sections to find your RP fix.

Marinalia Romus Olympus "Mali"

Luna Sports . Later Monday morning

Marinalia noticed Paige turn and her mind was running through various events she could have met her and people this woman Could be. Wait... Blonde hair, rather too intense expression maybe it was the cop Victoria claimed to have met when the nigh broke up with Milo. Though she had given a rather one sided argument, believing her sister about her however she was definitely going to be extremly prone to bias.

Drinking from her smoothie, Marinalia thought about the situation and decided to make her own judgement. Despite her emotional wreck status lately she was one of the more level headed of the sisters, much more like Maria was to Marla of her aunt and mother. It seemed a family trait that certain dynamics seemed to repeat. Her grandmother she was named after was meant to be the slightly intense one and wore her ring, that Maria had worn. Victoria had her sisters and then Marla. The pair where always worn by sisters I. A a little family tradition.

Then Paige revealed she was at the bar on Friday night, yeah that definitely was this Paige Victoria had seen but somehow she did not match up to the rather infamous figure of her description. Keeping her jacket close as breeze was a little cold for her liking. She had worked in Alaska, was abit used to it but by no way did she have to like it.

Mesuring her accent, not quite soft but not quite her full clipped and somewhat exaggerated tone she used on people who where annoying her or situations she disliked. Noting her rather intense green eyes and general demeanor, yeah somehow she could tell she was not some street cop. There eqas somthong alot more dangerous behind the green eyes as Marlins cool grey eyes remained calm though a small icey layer hid her feelings slightly.

oh that night. That was not exactly my best impression was it. I was trying to enjoy one quiet night. Trouble seems to keep catching me up, probbly should of stayed in Anchorage at this rate.

Marinalia Romus Olympus, should I be calling my lawyer about now? Unless your not on duty right now.

Her accent was definitely strong and she had to take a fraction of a second to translate the words Into English, most accents she could do but it took her a tiny delay to process them into words she understood. The woman definitely made as not quite matching her expectations but also she was giving very little away. She knew there some pretty intense cop types from living in US for 5 months, though they definitely where not beat cops. She knew Marshall had captured Bob, no real details but they had reported that he was still sat in a jail cell waiting for a trial and a nice long stay in a concrete box.

I must say, your description and in the flesh may not be a exactly true account of things. Though the words intense and super laser seem to be accurate.

Marinalia held off judgement hiding a neutral tone that gave away fairly little of her feeling, truth be told she was curious if she was the same as Vika described and how much bias and anger was mixed in with the facts of the matter. Maybe she would be offended maybe not. To be honest she did seem as worried as she thought. The sisters had met a few rather intense individuals over the years, though somthong about her eyes seemed to show she had metal to back up words.

While she was mid thought she hered someone approach and saw Coa approach In work out gear, with a rather dramatic tone to grab her attention. The woman certainly was not shy but hiding would of been rather impossible for the tall and athletic dark haired woman who must be 5 inches or more taller than Marlin. More sat down in her neat and rather well fitted office uniform, skirt and jacket. a leather flight jacket with wings and patches keeping her warm from the chill.

Well being her size and rather attractive, hiding was definitely not her option. Tall, statue esque and a rather bold sense in fashion. Raising a smoothie and giving a cheerful look, the endorfins of a 5.2km swim and natural buzz of smoothie kicking In.

Rather the suprise Xia. I'm glad the woman got home safe, though you probbly slept alot more comfortablely than me firday night!

We keep bumping Into each other, I probbly should say hello. And well, maybe easier than proving how tiny the woeld is.

Remembering she had a card from work, "Marinalia Romus Olympus" Deadalus airkines flight training programme. Helicopter instructor. With a airline logo on it mixed with a pilots wings. The cards all had different designs based o. Your role, from tools to wings, Sheilds and more besides. Handing over a spare she had in her pocket from earlier, they had only just arrived that Monday, most of time so students could let her know if they hit bad traffic.

I swim here regularly, but somehow we never met. Maybe do a few laps together onw day?

Her accent somewhat softer than she was with Paige, though still fairly crisp and still remarkablely English despite years of traveling. Never hurt to makw a freind, might make trouble less of a thing of someone not cursed was there to be lance it out to a 50-50 percent chance! Laughing to her own thoughts internally as she dark from a rather vibrant smoothie to recharge her slightly aching muscles.

@King Tai@Pilatus

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