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Current Seems the status bar become the let's bitch 3 refuge centre .
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Thanks il over take you when you need to stop for gas, and I have half a tank left :)
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While your circling the car park, I've already got my pumpkin lattee ;)
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Don, t worry. I have a Toyota Aygo. We got this lol
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Happy new year from the UK!


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a litte late but alas, a WIP getting close for a popper image for Victoria. thanks to @Mattchstick app recomendation

Astrid Peterson

The Mayor's Party with Fluffy

Dwarves, Dresses and Dancing

Astrid was slightly frustrated as they seemed to ignore her and bustle through with a heavy handed approach and was forced out the way somewhat electing a push back from her dog, forcing herself between Astrid and the others with a rather heavy handed nudge shunting several villagers put her path.

Calm down... I'm OK... I'm OK Fluffy... Calm down girl.

Loosened her coat while she could reach round the kid that she had given for warmth, she backed off and tried to calm down Fluffy, thr younger but rather large dog was getting agitated and pushing Astrid aside did not help the dogs reaction.

only trying to help here, and keep my lady calm... No need to ram me...

Backing up and keeping a controlling hand on her dog, Fluffy was still Lear in her own strengh, keeping a eye on her and crowd too, she relised somthing.

a few drivers thought they saw somthing on road to town... No one saw anything but a glimpse and gone. No one believed it...

If true.. It could have been days

Sighing, there had been no proof of anything they saw, people had stopped and looked but seen nothing, maybe there was a purpose in all this, maybe the goddess has looked after the kid. If you believed in that kind of thing. Astrid was unsure on the whole goddess question, there was strange things and this kid coming out of nowhere but there always was a sensible answer too.

Looking to Waconia slightly confused about the village. It seemed freindly and all but there defenitely was a few questions about the place she would have to ask when she next stopped by the bar for sure. She wanted to try and make a good go of the village.

Thrbbright flash was somewhat blinding and Suprised her seeing what looked like hope before vanishing. Too busy keeping Fluffy calm, she felt the large dog react before calming again. They both needed a claiming mug of tea after this back at Durins Cottage and maybe a few treats for her furry companion.

@Howilng Zinogre@Typhon@MissCapnCrunch@Joshua Tamashii@T Risket


Don't worry, the squirell was a-ok!

That's one expensive squirrel. Hope it relised how lucky it got.

The bird that was round a country bend as I was doing 30-40 mpg was less lucky... I'd just cleaned my car that day too!
Dragonic down under.
came with the job... cannot be in a HQ job without a mellee weapon...

hand book, glow, and armour, all standard. saints need a sword... because.. rules...

the cherubs are a optional extra..
Yep.... Clem cannot be explained...

We just apcept Clem...
ugh I really need to bring myself to do work but I'm way to stressed to fucking do anything without stopping to habe to take a break necause I got a head ache from thinking to hard

Don, t hurt yourself over stuff, take a break, grab a coffee or somthing and work out what you got to do, make a small plan, and break it down. small goals too, 8000 word essay looks alot more daunting than when your working to 500 word chunks for example.

Helped keep me sane doing my dissertation.
Sorry I was MIA yesterday guys, kinda..uh...forgot it was valentines day :P

Look out for the cheap candy and chocolates ;)
Cherubs.... They kinda a thing in my home... They even sing if built right!

New Orleans... Oh wait that place, it was in thr book worm sisters collection of bad fan fiction as a setting...

There where people in beeds riding giant reptiles as transports and everyone was called Ya'll... I think...
Hey... It's a normal human!

Welcome to the strangest place ever.
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