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Current Sol City. 2/2 completed. Now with added credits :) 100% success rate. Thankyou everyone who joined, helped run it and joined our adventure.
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How do you make the office watxh game of thrones.... They watch Doctors and soaps... It's like a alien world...
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Notre Dame. 200 years to build. 2 hours to destroy :( all that lost work... Centuries of history :(
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If your surname is Winchester. Feel free to triple cross, it's not like your first rodeo... Or death, or hell escape... Or anything really.
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You wnat a game of thrones wedding.... So a machavelion massacre with half the guests dead and the other half stabbing you in the back?


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We'll be wrapping up and rolling credits likely this weekend.

Nearly 2 for 2 started, and completed as planned.

Marinalia Romus Olympus "Mali" "English Muffin"

Epilogue part Three. Finding Marlin. The Travels of the drama Llama ladies . Mixed, Kingston Jamaica.

Kingston Jamicia. Caribian adventures and reflections with the "Caribbean Cutie"

Marinalia was Suprised when there trip wound up meeting Xia's mother, father and others. A rather nervous Marlin kept hold of Xia's hand and smiled meeting them though was rather fun and confirming in its own ways to. It was a happier, slowly more tanned but more confident Marinalia that met her family. Her dad seemed just glad Xia had met someone and was happy, though abit of Marlin was nervous at the reaction of her being a English upper class woman with a Xia.

Marlin kept things. Well family safe but somthing had changed for the better, she was more confident, and more open about things giving her a little kiss more openly and her dark grey eyes having lost the pained expression hidden way replaced by a small sparkle almost. It had taken a long time but things where getting better.

Her mother was a alittle different, but she also could tell where Xia got her ability to disarm and make people open up about things. Talking with a glass of wine while helping tidy up after a meal. Anya edged out a few things, Marinalia admited she had been badly shaken up and hurt before they met, a random smoothie later, grown closer and Xia helped in her own way. Blushing abit and missing out a few details on the whole Blizzard for obvious reasons, giving away she not sure how to repay Xia for all she did to help her subconsciously or not. It was hard to describe everything, she jusy knew she was happy and damn whatever anyone else thought about them to a volcano. For once in months Marinalia was on the up, even if a tiny bit guilty Xia seemed to be the one helping the slightly broken girl put the bits back together.

Somehow... Marinalia gave up trying to work it all out, her mums phone number and everyone seemed to be adopting Xia's version of her name, somthing she was used to as most her family called her Marlin or Mali. Crazy but somehow she found Xia's family a welcoming group even to someone whom only been dating Xia a short time.

Beeches, little trips ans places. The holiday was relaxed and no real rush to it all. Marinalia could see why her girlfriend was so wanting to go here. Even if the sun made sun protection a religious duty. Not that they minded helping each other.

The day she met her uncle was a tad different thiugh. One refusal told her all she needed to know about what was exactly in the baking. Her job did not exactly go hand in hand with special brownies.

That kind of forced a momment though when she retorted about being used to shades of grey and lead to a quiet spot overlooking the sea in a small park nervously playing with the hem of a patterned summer dress Xia had insisted she get that was showing off rather a fair amount of well toned leg and thigh. "Umm. You know I never was entirely verbose about my father's job. Well. No way about it. He is a arms dealer and supplier to states mostly in Africa and Middle East. The reason I was in Sol was he got some undue press attention. They listed where his daughters lived too." Resing her head into her side, sometimes being shorter one was a advantage though as a somewhat scared Marlin tried to hide the fact she hoped her family strange nature did not scare away someone whom she was growing close to. "Its. Well all legal. When dad lost Darya, Victoria's mum. Well he needed the funds. Especially when she was ill. So he shelved any plans to quit. He used majority of funds earned to save Victoria,s life when she was a teanager. Not everyone likes it but for the past 9 years I known my dad. He has always taken care of me, especially after you know the... Scar. He earned being my dad then. Umm.. A good man just in a grey job few want to think exists." A slightly emotional Marinalia told Xia the truth, not she wanted to lie to Xia just that it was not a easy topic and Marinalia had ernough on her plates with everything before to be able to handle that spwicey one. "Please Don t hate me. You,.. Us has been best thing happened to me in Sol for months. Its ended the odd relationship before." She has the odd rejection from admiring the truth about her family but at this stage. We she has no choice, and hoped Xia would understand her strange family given her own defenitely had a few quirks.

Her parents had suggested somthing also of a stop off on the way back. That was one to discuss later and got more details. It was just a penciled in sketch than a panting. The pacific coast did seem a nice place to spend a day or two and lay over on the way home.

A few places had made her uncomfortable but mostly because they tended not to be typical tourist spots and her accent drew attention, that her enviable figure in a short style skirt acquired the previous day that was hard to miss. Marlin just wnated to relax, enjoy good company, places and sunshine. She had hered a few comments but she could chalk quite a few to not all especially in later generations where so tolerant of two women in a relationship and let them slide not wanting to provoke the old Xia into causing trouble and her regretting ruining there vacation. The greater happyness being more valuable than a quick victory. Her uncle had made Marlin a on edge but even he she managed to handle with support, though that had opened a worm can on its own!

Though before that there Marinalia would end up taking a extra suitcase back for all they ended up aquiring at this rate. Quit a good few where somewhat more flirty than she normaly wear, others might have to wait for a heat wave or few weeks in Sol. A city named after a star was cold? Seriously? Though she dud blush a alittle a few suggestions on the insistence they where for strictly inside her suite back home. Not that she complained too much, she got to play dress up with Xia too, especially fun trying to get her into a rather stunning little gold number.

The photos she aclumulated, well a few got sent to her sister and mum, and received the odd one in return. Least her parents where finally happy, 27 years later. A few she might not share...ever... Though her favourite still remained of them together by the lake on the Olympus Estate overlooking the woods just after the wedding, Marinalia eyes glittering as much as her grandmothers diamond necklace and Xia who had borrowed Marla,s for the photo after her aunts insistence, a large fleuer delis cut blue gem making them both looking beuterful and tiraia short of a princess all dressed up. That was a close win though as there was a cute picture of them just normally and cuddling on the beech that conveyed everything they felt without any need for much else but them.

Both photos where going to end up with copies at home and at work framed.

Xia Alexander. "Carabian Cutie" @King Tai
Ya can always carry ya gran daddies duck hunting hat in your pack if you ever find a pond spare.


Agh. One to remember for next time then.

No real harm done, dig and enjoy some Sol city IC Ice-cream.
This is the epilogue time skip in effect now. We put up the 24 hour warning and posted. If you check pilatus warning 6 days ago it confirms it.

And our warning post detailing it. The 24 hours passed with no questions or so and it activated. See post below for your details you need for how to avoid temporal anomplies that require us to call in star fleet or thr doctor.

As always any questions just ask away!



I'll be posting again at least once for Joel, but planning to ckose up shop with a Milo/Paige post. Anyone that wants to get in an epilogue post should get it in sooner rather than later.





Yes ladies and gents this is it, we've made it all the way through Chapter Two for Sol City marking our SECOND CONSECUTIVE completed RP in this genre. With the aftermath of the Club explosion and downtown drama, the last time skip will encompass whatever you see your characters doing inside of the next week so keep that in mind for your posting and be clear what time you're in. We don't want to end with any spatial disruptions.

So the city is yours. There are no events this week. Everything is winding down from the finale. Life goes on in Sol for another Chapter.

@King Tai

OK. :)

If you need any help let me know. I can explain most of my great epilogue tome!

I tried not to pin anything down too hard and also stick with your charceters spirit best I could. Hope it's not too out of it.

One RP we run has 45,000 charceter OOC without a deep section of plot and supporting information.

Add a contextual, history etc and you could manage it quite easily!
Marinalia Romus Olympus "Mali" & Victoria Darya Romus "Vika"

Epilogue part two. Electric bugalo. The Travels of the drama Llama ladies . Mixed, Olympus Estate England, Jamaica.

Kingston Jamicia. Caribian adventures and reflections.

Marinalia was enjoying her routine of sorts, heading out while it was cooler and the sun less intense to enjoy the beach or starting a day trip early. Xia had teased her but for all her protests, she was having to be careful and her hair was slowly changing a alittle lighter, it suited though and a little help later tied the back of her bikini before getting up, grabbed a few bits from the nearby beach bag and wandered back to maybe grab some lunch hand in hand. "Just tie it already, you known what's underneath since the blizzard... Thanks. Fish. OK, jerk it is cutie." laughing, joking Marinalia had alot of weight finally lifted and her accent had regained a alittle of a chime like qaulity, clearly happy and also lighter almost. A light loose skirt and open top quickly partially hid the slightly darker and raised scar across her stomach, and protected her rather europeen skin tone.

Sporting rather attractive red head, dressed for beach with a fairly curvy figure in perephal vision, she gave a small curiosity of a thought before distracted by a rather talented street performer, was it Bob marley, maybe. Marinalia did not have the best musical knowledge at times. Melding into the crowds, Marinalia and Xia vanished in the masses.

It was a quiet day, Marinalia has kindly and gently inisted that Xia spend a alittle time with her family too, a alittle of her personal values coming through about blood being thicker than water. She had met them one afternoon but it was not the same as spending time alone with them and after a short but sweet kiss goodbye took a impromptu day trip to the Blue mountains and coffee growing region. Feeling silly, flirty and a alittle teasing twirl later letting her dress show a alittle more leg for a ernough of a second to tease Xia with a blown kiss, Short summer dress and shoulder bag with essentials like a light jacket incase it got cooler and a book or two, Marinalia watched the world go by as the coach took a meandering road, one very much like her own life. Fumbling off a embarising question or so from the older lady next to her whom had seen her little goodbye left a few thoughts bouncing around her brain about what she really mattered, and exactly how her Sol and other adventures had changed those goals.

A few hours later, delicious coffee, tour and the weather a cooler but still comfortable version of the one down in Kingston, it was nice to be away from the rush with time to think. A small bench in a quiet spot. Most of the tour had wandered there own ways and she had least a hour to be back at the entrence to catch the coach back to Kingston.

Thoughts turned to what ifs, not always goof teritory but if you where going to evaluate things, a quiet spot in blue mountains, overlooking a valley and the sea in far distences seemed difficult to beat. The coffee here really did live up to its reputation. But what if? A hand moved to her lap, tracing the scar that ended her chance at swimming on national team, very few knew that story, if Marla had not been around still made people's blood run cold and bones shiver. Bitch she was at times her aunt saved her life, harsher at times than Maria, least Maria had less generous gifts in backpain to inherit. Maria, what if dad never left. No Victoria? Different? They met as teanagers. A small change in life could make entire worlds shift. What would her grandmother make of Things? Marinalia who shared her name and other things. What would she makw of her choices?

Flying was a love more than a job, it had guided her to Sol city, the attack in music vennue had changed alot of things. Ren? He was cute and felt... Comfortable. She got on. Shame they never had a bad movie night. Who knew where that would have gone? Hopefully he managed to stand up to his father one day. Joel... Joel and the gala? Would they have worked. Who knew. What did lie under all that sarcasm and blatent disregard for social norms? Never know. Her sister had kinda taken a wrecking ball to things but as Siobhan had said. She would forgive her sister anything? Nearly... Probbly. Family was family and blood was blood. Those ideas never left, angry for a while but between the sisters it never really lasted long. Then Xia came into her life. Random as hell who would know how they story would have turned when they first met in random quick passing at the Jazz night. Who knew where it go?

Who knew anything. She had changed so much in a short time it was a hard to work things out. Good changes. Bad? Still change was change and her life she could not say was bad, her relationship was making her happy, posetive and kept her from slipping back somehow into her post attack state. Whatever happened, she would not regret the things and the road to recovery was visible.

Suprised by the time, she made it to the coach just feeling a alittle better for her improtu self counseling session. Her therapist had advised but we'll, it never had worked until now, cautioned about doing anything too suddon, but a few things felt right. The same older lady seemed to notice a diffrence, a few cryptic comments and so about mountian air good for clearing your head.

A few hours later Marinalia found a few ways to thank Xia for unknowing putting her on a path to finding a alittle peace least for a week or two after all the drama, storms, chaos and hurts that taken a while to start to heal.

A little advice to follow her heart in England? Maybe it made more sense now.

Southern England. Storms end, London, and lake side walks.

Victoria was having a very diffrent time as her sister was finding her coffee covered mountain of contemplation. Victoria had caught up with a few freinds in London, taken a wander out when she felt like it, visited the Tate Modern by some random desire for a walk, was quieter in the mornings.

A a few messages later she bumped into Dira on a errand to London and Moscow, the two women finding a litre cafe to chat, pretty basic, the tea was hot and strong decaf or otherwise. Breaking the news in person, she had left before they could meet in Sol and well, freinds deserved better than a phone call. "Vat... Your. Oh Vika. Vou do never take the easy way. You do fine. Let me know if Vou need help. I looked after vy cousins regularly." smiling, her friend was nervous but also happy for her. Victoria would manage, with a alittle help. "A suprise for ve too. Very much so. Vhankyou, I hope. Between Mali, Maria, Marla, and everyone else. I reckon il manage. Even rachel offered. So... You charm that guy at party... "

A hour or so later Victoria left feeling better she managed to tell Dira what was going on, talking, joking gossip and more. The whole drama llama. She had not judged her too badly for thr video, just warned to be more careful. Yeah. That one was really grinding her gears abit. Who had the right to steal her most personal moments? They would pay for that. A hug and a extra one for the passenger it seemed from Dira, the taller brutnnete left for her hotel. Dira was a strange one, but a good one none the less. A appointment later, collecting a few bits from a certain tailors, one or two items for Mali, mostly hers though as hard to find clothes to fit, items for next few months coming up, and so. Not cheap but being 4'9 made regular shops a intresting challenge at times.

Another evening on the Olympus Estate, it was quiet, a alittle cool but nothing a warm coat would not fend off. She felt stuck by things. There where options but huge what ifs? What was she to do about a a bunch of things?

Walking out the rear door into thr old carriage park behind the house out onto the grounds and past the satalite buildings she finally found a spot overlooking the lake and the birds landing on the water. A old tree stump made a place to stop. Her fitness was still recovering, the cane was a brilliant blue, if she felt guilty. Difficult choices had greatly distracted that train of thought, she had least worked some of it out. Though the larger issue remained, the far larger more confusing issue. Had she made a diffrent choice at that doorstep all those days ago?

Unlike Marinalia Victoria was the cooler of thr two, more practical out of sheer requirement. Losing her mum, losing herself almost, hospital, more. It built up barriers. She had appecpted her choice however much she used the cane, it was rather more a reminder to be more carful, a reminder also she was not as solid physically however much she liked, but mentally?

Heading back in before she got too cold, it was getting dark and the sun had set over the trees, the lake was dark where the yellows and faded into oranges and deep reds, shadows had grown longer then faded into thr greater darkness. Walking back and waving seeing headlights and Mike driving back with some craving for Marla. She politely refused a lift and preffered the walk back, talking a alittle while to enjoy the quiet and private estate. It would be too soon before she forced back into thr chaos of Sol city, too soon before she was back into the rush of appointments, work and personal drama. Lieing back in her suite, the estates grounds where almost pitch black with bright buildings sticking out. Reflecting the mirror like lake where the various flood lights and windows glowing into the night.

A long bath later she fell asleep easily, maybe differently to how Marlin got there but it was peaceful and enjoying thr calm before the storms came.

Refrences and mentions.

@Pilatus, Joel "Sol's fastest son"
@Almalthia Ethan "Rockstar" , Siobhan "The red priestess of drama"
@King Tai Xia "Caribbean Cutie"
I've reused a few charceters but they also a have grown, adapted and the previous tweaked into back story.

Eoaments, parts, remade, new ones added and tweaked.
Defenitely not a copy.

Name s often get reused. But some just stick and work so....
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