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Current Mahz is on schrodingers vacation?
22 days ago
Also relates to a unknown identity, John Doe, Jane Doe in a case where a victim or suspect is yet to be named.
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23 days ago
you can remove a bad player, its alot harder to remove a bad GM and keep a RP going.
24 days ago
The Political thread was kinda a more trolly spot than some other corners of the guild.
25 days ago
You would think general sense and reason apply... But no.


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<Snipped quote by PrinceAlexus>

I think our newest Kim might be throwing around the country and is looking to maintain his dictatorship position through diplomacy rather than threats. US barriers aren't the only ones being dropped, if you look at the countries TV shows for example, they are showing a progression towards family and other types of entertainment rather than the straight-up propaganda (ofcourse, the shows we have even now are still propaganda, but it's a move in a more... western standard). Things are changing but I feel it is hard to predict what they are changing to.

<Snipped quote by PrinceAlexus>

Isn't that basically dragon energy?

True. Kim had changed things a bit. He is a odd one. He has brought things forward but been hard line as hell and far more aggressive than dad.

Kim and Trump... For some very strange reason I think they may atchually meet... There both wild cards who very diffrent to nations norms.

And lpl.

Kanye is a giant meme at times. But the guys entitled to belive what he wants. His clothes though... Abit... Strange to say the least!
Can't speak for that dude, but I never disliked Kanye. Wasn't a massive fan of his music, but I liked a few songs here and there.

Kanye is a giant ego, full of himself and so.

But is he any worse than the rest of a Hollywood and so... Or different. No.he just has a different opinion and he loves drama!
<Snipped quote by mdk>

I am skeptical that they never got that working - NK is sort of known for having connections to all kinds of shady people and 'miniaturized nuke' theory has been around for, well, a while so it's possible someone told them how for a lotta money or other stuff. But again, it's possible. The lack of real knowledge on our end (you and me) makes it really hard to estimate what they do and don't know, what is a facade and what isn't, etcetera. NK has surprised us in the past before - I would not be surprised in the slightest if they had an ace up their sleeve.

Possible but they also seem to have exhausted there test site.

Probbly not see new tests there.

Ans yes, NK are not fools, there silly but dangerous none the less. All Kim wants to do is keep power at end of day. Maybe it can calm of he feels more stable in return for not threatening nuclear war every 5 minutes.

They even dropped a barrier to talks with US potentially recently.
Reminds me of the Mr promethium nursey rhyme the battle sisters sang about burning down a corupted orphanage... My universe is messed up....

I Don, t remember who I was before I I ascended... Maybe i sang it..

*Returns hug making everything glow pinkish at multiple metres and causing spontaneous forming of pink cushions on random people's heads*

Umm... Wings or no wings... My worshippers seems to be confused...

You must of disliked some one... Unless its zombies because... They Don, t die easily...

*Floats remembering her previous hand holding thing. Not quite fully linking the emotional meaning and symbolic meanings but knowing ernough to go pink*

So... Anyone else feeling strange about cannibal floating torso people? Or just me?

It had a human eye ball in it....

It was staring at me... It was creepy...

*Justified with awful reasons but Saints Don, t have a normal mind set and lack experience in alot of things. *
That's.. Atleast use humans as a nutritious ration paste...

We can be civilised about all this...

*signs and summons a floating plate of ships shaped like puffer fish*

I'm a embodiment of a idea... So.. I'm not food...
*Has a bad feeling... Because living Saint and despite being about a emotional and relationship complete noon, has finely honed senses for "wrong"


*destroys plate with a quick motion of a sword wreathed with gold flames*

Trust me... When I have. A bad feeling... It's probbly accurate. That eye looked too.... Human.
Victoria Romus. City mixed locations

Victoria. Monday Lunch. Mixed Harbour

The Chapter one Epilogue

So... That went well... Until he admitted being shot, and what... How did he end up shot over a weekend and now is not even in a hospital fishing... What kind of medical care did they have in Sol City? Surely have some kind of thing that happened. Did they let you out this quickly here?

Leaning against her stick and wondering that it be like to be less, or even not reliant on it day to day... What would she do with her hand.... It had become... A permanent thing.

Shot... Shouldn't you be in a hospital? That's not exactly a minor wound...

Yes... The cargo was... Diffrent. I got taught how to strip and fire a Ak47.. OK 103.. Technically, and fired a 40mm defense system.. ... not Trap a cord.

Though i did get to see some amazing places, most will never visit..

She kind of had a strange upbringing, Father away 6 months a year, losing her mother when she was young and more. He had taken her to see Africa, maybe not the safest bit of Africa but it had been fun and she had sren things, been able to do things that many people never would get to do.

Victoria had to admit she was not exactly normal...

Then came the whole explanation... Jackie, Paige, blackmail, illegal fire arms and more besides... She had come to try and find a answer to her question about if to go for the treatment or not and now only had yet more questions... His thinking, was he even thinking... How could she say she needed time to process all this without offending him or that she had too much on her own mind as it was.

OK... So you thought... That hiding all that and expecting me to understand all that from a few words on a doorstep? Your a strange egg...

Umm... That's alot to take in...

Im kinda gonna be away for a week or so anyway. I have a medical appointment in Austin. Either way... It will change things...

She paused a second, might as well. If it was gonna sink, or be a over.. Maybe they could at least remain civil or talk... She probbly could not judge him quite as harshly as she had. Plus being shot...

Well.. I might end up different.. Good or bad different. Iif it goes wrong... Well I won,t be needing my Mini..

So.. I'm. Can we talk when I have less on my mind? Il bring you back some sweet tea or so. I Don, t even know what to think right now.

Maybe lunch when we get back and I'm less confused, worried, scared and thinking straight about things...

Confused somewhat where anyone even stood at this point, they both had so much on there minds, she could not even think straight about important issues. A week or so in Texas probbly was a good idea. Good or bad. She may return as she was or stuck as before... Either way there would be no more stuck in the middle. She probbly sounded crazy... But hey, right now she was a bit crazy. She had been asking fish for opinions. The coffee had sank and not sure how fish liked coffee... Hopefully sweet.

Il see you in a week or so... Come as things do... Good luck trapping some fish.

Also well... In spirit of... I may have hurt a Blue BMW that night... Walking in I may have fell against it, on your drive and caught it with my ring... Diamond might leave a mark...

Oh and hope the fish like... White Choclate mocha, extra shot, vanilla, cream and mini marshemmlows topped with some Choclate sprinkles. There goes my Sol bucks... Might wake the fish up abit and Youl snare some more!

Giving a wave she headed away with more questions than she had begun with... Well she could visit Milo after either in a wheelchair or she could... Could be cured. A medical treatment that could lead to a cure. She had been a few times to have set up procedures in Sol and London. With this one... It was the decider.

Climbing into her car, she dropped the roof and drove past in a red convertible mini, stripes on the hood and everything. It was stereotype maybe... She had one previously in UK but it had been crashed into and written off... Shame she loved her little pink and white mini... Though she cringed now at her colour choices at 17-18...

Tuesday she was headed to Sol International for a deadaus internal to Texas, let the dice fall as they may.

Also she might have caused the combination Ed fisherman of world to cry out in pain and so...


*Blushes by glowing pinkish*.

*is not best at understanding feelings*

I Don t know how you keep doing this to me... Only you... Strange... Most strange...

*feels strange and Floats over next to him for some subconscious reason still keeping thr abomination in sword direction*

You stay put... Your worse than literal hell...

*finaly gives in to whatever human emotion she not reconise and somewhat clumsily tried to hold hands, only had no real Knolage how as warp manifestations tend not to be omnipatent*
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