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Current Because if it was easy then minecraft would have heavy duty anti air balista with multiple bolt magazines ringing my lands.
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You can. But we in ours have always given a warning regardless as we stared, and bad form to break what we established.
17 days ago
Best way to avoid edge lord, tortured angels etc. Maybe some humans where raised by thr chaotic magic, but are being courted by both spheres as extra troops etc. Yet not fully trusted or welcomed.
17 days ago
Watxh or check out the plots for supernatural TV serris, they get creative and a have a few strange bad guys to inspire.
19 days ago
Harry potter. The Villan normaly needs to dedicate his summers to undo the damage Harry did at his annual kill Harry month. Voldemort must be the master of finding silver lined clouds.


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If but a 3rd post I could being balence to the reaction force. :)
*was about to report*

*takes finger off the bog red button*
I think key here is, some use heavy weight tomes. Other quick and easy, or in between but definitely useful.

They help to keep all the ducks in a row and so, updated to keey track of facts, things like jewrally or just little stuff you might forget.

Now though, definitely somthing that needs to know your audience, know what you want, and know how you gonna achieve because a bad CS sheet is a real intrest killer. It's a concept you need to adjust as you go, what works for one will not work for all. Though definitely favour keep it simple, even if heavy you do not want to have to spend 10minutes just working iur what goes where. Easy to use does not have to mean short.

If you need a full appendix guide and supporting documents to fill it out and just to translate the CS. That is bad. Supporting is fine, but the CS should be able to be filled out without needed multiple sources just to make sense.

The CS needs to be able to stand on its own and be understood. A complicated RP will need supporting info, but that info should not be used to prop up you failing to design the CS correctly.

Basically like a logo. A good CS should be simplely laid out , easy to identify the companants and you should be able to fill it out without tricks or trap sections.
Oops, wrong tab!

But did the RP like it lol
Victoria Darya Romus "Vika"

A restaurant that should not be open! . Finale day!

Victoria had a rather intresting day, and it was barely the afternoon by the time she headed out to her waiting car spotting the fun little red and black striped convertible mini. Thankfully it was easy to park, her car she hoped to have od it came on time, well that might be a alittle less. Not as bad as the discovery though the white land rover was clearly marlin to a utter tee!

Resting her cane on the passenger side and heading into the traffic, it would be a typical Sol like crawl down for some of it until she hit the main road to park view. The fires and emergency services where not helping. One glance back to where the smoke was ever reducing from the club. If it had happened at night and not quite stopped, that was a enermous amount of heat. Did Leo hide a illegal dystillary down there or somthing!

Back at the Manor finally, Victoria head upstairs to find somthing comfy to wear and relax. Pulling over a laptop she checked the worst news and found that the story was still doing its thing. Urghm. The tabloids really loved there ilitiratuon and bad puns.


<Milady>C. OK. Right now before I have a bunch of things to reset. This is secure and scrambled though. Someone definitely had a grudge vs that club. The doors where heavy duty metal and like tinfoil vs the fire.

<Cardinal>damn. OK. Let's not poke any bears, OK.. Not bears, tigers. Stay safe over there... Oh. And remind me later about the other stuff.

<Milady>certain Bears. That Bear makes me quite a little earner. Maybe more seeing as Black sheild is not gonna be a option soon. OK, talk later C.

<Cardinal>Yep, little. Little is more than most jobs V. Little my ass... Your cute ass maybe. Talk later. Gotta go meet someone who wnats a mercades for price of a push bike.

<Milady>Hey, il take cute... But still hey! Urgh, hate working for cheap skates. If you want a job done, pay the propper prices.


A few hours work later, Victoria least had a message saying Marlin made her whole flight safely. No gunflights, explosions, trolls, godzilla or invasions by aliens. Several cravings for caffine later... Wow it was quite the realisation how much she relied on it to keep awake at times. Like... 8, no 12+ months of no caffine. Urgh. Lieing back down putting the laptop aside on the bedside table and Lieing back for a nap. The mess she could create was quite the legend it seemed.

Closing her eyes and glancing to check the doors where closed, not a warm day plus recent events had upped her paranoia thoughts up a few levels. A email had her intrested earlier crossed her mind, Arcady wnated to meet her in England and that definitely was a intresting situation. He always paid well and was not exactly a small fry. Well he was there for the wedding, might as well mix business and pleasure. Of it worked out she have a nice work from home opertunity and the encryption tech for thr ships radio had already made 6 figures.

If it helped out her dad, she was all for it, he spent a fortune to save her life when she was a teanager and did his best even after Darya was gone. There was a reason they where so loyal to family. Family always came for them, eventually somehow. They always managed to find some way. The work was... Legal. Maybe not exactly what you would call the most moral boss in the world, Military types never where white and shiny. Greys and dark greys. But he paid well, her family had a history with him and his going on over 20-30 years. If it took going a alittle grey, well she could go grey.

One arm curling round her belly, not be obvious for a while but she still was becoming rather protective. Unplanned or not, she would do right by the future little human. scarily her future little human, but also quite amazing.

Victoria decided it was a good time to rest now, it would be a busy week later on and headed off to sleep for abit. To do list... Nap, test somthong similar to bridesmaid dress, Mirror twirl, check things to pack ahead of time, pack. Mirror twirl to annoy Pilatus, chexk air tickets, burnt anti freeze coffee, maybe a mirror twirl and selfie on way home as Pilatus might not have read the first 2 lol.

Working on the first IC post now, sorry it's later than expected just been a bit busy with real life stuff. :)

@Mataus will give it a read now and let you know.

@PrinceAlexus mainly going off oblivion but if you want something from a different game that still fits into the lore and that's not too overpowered then that's fine.

Il see if I can work up a idea that fits.... My typical games charceter basiing would way OP for a RP.
I know skyrim way better, so il probbly just rely on it for gear choices and so. Also level myself abit!
Maybe intrested... Been on abit of skyrim kick.

What you using for refrence on wepaons, armour, gear and skill trees?

Marinalia Romus Olympus "Mali"

Finale day . Luna Sports Temporary Helicopter Pad to airborn

Finale Day


Marinalia,s day was turning out alot easier than she expected, firstly Paige was not running from a angry mob, explosions or godzilla attacks. . Though thr flight over she was not counting her chickens before they hatched, leayed eggs and where a roast dinner with gravy.

Once they broke the clouds and smoke Paige was rather quiet bar directing her to a landing site, cool, calm and professional she was a very diffrent person flying than Marinalia was on the ground. Glancing over she saw her load a pistol as Marlin had to adjust the power and fuel mix for coastal flight, luckily the led computer read outs made it like a smart phone, a very very expensive one. Least as a federal agent she did not have to remind there where very few or no non essential parts on a helicopter and holes meant very bad things.

As they came in a lower her instructor had been a real hard ass at times on precession all those years ago and that had stuck with her. Safety and if he said that you missed Mark by a inch or a metre it was a fail in his book. Though that lesson learned paid off dropping Paige odd precisely in the spot suggested, with little fuss and a gentle increase of power soon as they where clear, well that had been far less dramatic than her reputation had it potentially being. "Good luck, if your flying back. Sea planes gonna be roughest option with winds today."

A sharp turn away with a small kick opposite to test the speeds over island and also throw off anyone aiming her way on ultra rare odds, Milo and Paige where dropped off, safely. Her part done Marinalia was making a more relaxed flight back over the water radioing back abit taking a detour over the mountains, pretty route, clear of smoke and so then a flight back, and maybe a smoothie with her girlfriend if they had someone to watxh the helicopter.

As she hit the mountains climb, a quick adjustment to the power and fuel mix before the engines resumed the ideal engine note and all the systems lit ideal could conditions. Passing a stable block, and a slightly lower pass as she broke a ridge line onto a flater section of firrests and so. A large number of cars and so gathered by a cabin as she buzzed by and redirected a careful gentle curve to the sports field. Was not unusual though the tents, and what looked like in passing, liveried cars maybe. That was unusual though not worth turning round to take a look.

The flight "home" was easy, with a gentle touch down back onto the sports field, the main runway was closed temporarily as they where redirecting planes round the reminwnts of the smoke and debries needing the extra runways to reorganise everyone where they needed to be. It only took a minor disruption to throw a spanner in works. A few dozen switches later the engines where spinning down and swapped out the black armour she neber needed, but Paranoia had taught her to be prepared for anything and everything, then your never caught out.

Swapping to her neat uniform she jumped the small step down the cockpit to ground and headed inside to see if anything left at the smoothie bar not expecting to be flying until it was time to head back to the cargo airport. The gold stripes she worked so hard to earn on her jacket under the coat where hidden but her wings and badges still clearly where a pilot.

Grabbing a smoothie, sadly not as much mango left as Marinalia liked, no one used ernough mango though. It was abit hit and miss but they made a good smoothie for what was essentially left overs, and the left overs of there left overs. Still no power, though somehow everyone seemed to be getting along somehow... People seemed to be making the most of whatever happened.

Shame the coffee machine needed power... A long day needed coffee.

Her phone bleeped with updates on the current flight situation, the fires where getting under control so that should not be forever to wait. Maybe it was excesive but no one wnated to risk a aircraft losing a engine over a dense city, better safe than sorry. Plus she partly suspected, who ever ordered so had alternative reasons... Perhaps limiting mobility maybe. Who knew, the goverment types made no sense.

Sat back, she just hoped Paige and Milo got back safe from there adventure. She did not have anything against them, just a loyalty to her sister to a fault when it came down to it. If a marshal was flying somewhere, it was pribbly not a job for the peace corps.

Minor tags in passing.
@King Tai


Victoria Darya Romus "Vika"

A restaurant that should not be open! . Finale day!

Victoria was glad, that awkward little momment could have gone massively far worse than it did. She had no real plans to make her life more complicated, however cute. Passionate and a excellent cook. Between her personal life and job she had several plates and those where piled high. "Vy understand. Don t ask my sister about flying or Disney, she can go for hours. She vorks as a flight instructor. Disney, vi route for thr dark queen at times. Better style.

Better safe, I have more zan me to worry about. Kinda terrifying in a way. Kinda... Still not used to this. "
a little more comfortable finding her balence again and leaning against her cane for comfort, she could manage with out it, ish... But right now. Not as easily as Victoria liked or wanted to. "food vas excellent. Best... Brunch? Luakfast? I've had in a good while. Plus tea.... How I miss real tea.

Oh, Thankyou, affair, no. Ve do not need any more drama. We already have a cousin on the way, a scandal... Meet the parents and more... Ve crazy, but blood is always thicker than water."
the family was crazy, but at end of the day, family stuck together and that was a unbreakable line. Oh, yes not tell the manager. That might be a very good idea of she wanted good service when they returned in a few weeks. Well 2 to 3, hopefully. Victoria was pretty curious what the real food was like of that was just a taster. [color=6ecff6][/color] His flirting made things a alittle more tricky and tried not to make herself too, well too flirty, just friendly. Urgh, how did she get into these messes, the damisl in distress and all. Though the long raven black hair highlighted in purples and blues carefully, pale skin with dark slate grey eyes did have a certain striking look.

Pulling her coat back on, hiding slightly how thin she really was. Victoria really should probbly be underweight if you where looking at things in medical details. OK she had been flirting slightly. But passively damn it... Why did she have to do that and make things complicated. In her head, she had a mental duel that could not be seen from outside. Her eyes hid things fairly well, the slate grey having a almost cool protective layer hiding her thoughts slightly. "Vell. If he finds out... Remind his future customer is Lady Romus, and she is very grateful for your kind sample of your menu, and most interested to try more. And if that not work... Vy am not poor myself." Smiling, she liked her little trick of it came to it. His meal could easily be repackaged as tempting in a prospective fancy customer saying he abit of a snob earlier. A pass go, collect 200 pounds. Least it would protect him from some of thr trouble. "vou have my card if zere is a problem. Zou be careful if I'm in England. I always check my email.

Vy will finish my tea and leave you be. I have lawyers to call, naps to nap, and sister to tell of what delightful food to expect. Thankyou for everything. The food was as good as the company."
OK she did not mean to flirt, just well she was the cooler sister but also the somewhat darker one. It all kinda went hand in hand, parts of a whole.

Going home sounded a good plan, the mansion despite the hacking still had fairly good physical security, cameras and alarms installed. Plus she could curl up in front of a fireplace if weather turned cold. Least she could think in peace.

Marinalia Romus Olympus "Mali"

Finale day . Luna Sports Temporary Helicopter Pad to airborn

Finale Day


Marinalia leaned back into her rather comfortable seat, damn she loved the good helicopters perks. So much better than wat passed for one in a DC7 but the upcoming LM 100J had some nice features, smooth ride thanks to the latest generation of turbo prop engines. Still the one she was in would hardly be a shabby ride, twin engines, controls sharp and new with no slack and real wear. Pretty much perfect, though a alittle twitchy in a few places and could do some with hours to refine things and get them into a propper sweet spot.

If they had these on training side she might never of applied for flying the big civilian C130 model. It was a pretty good job, even if she had to do quite abit of training and be a Co pilot for a while. Cargo flights again but This time she swapped the grand old lady for the latest fashion model in comparison.

Unprofessional or not, Marinalia still was a good, rather experienced helicopter pilot whom had flown in pretty much all conditions and had a hefty amount of flight hours total across single, twin, qaud aircraft and single and twin helicopters. With engines hot and ready, a careful increase slowly on the power bringing them off the ground without even as much as a jolt before they got above the shelter of the stands and the wind began to makw itself known, making a small twist into the direction for a smooth flight much as possible. Same route, just more comfortable. Who liked a rough one?

Increasing the power and finally getting a chance to see what the more modern helicopter could do, reaching her planned height and route began a rapid and fluid serris of turns barely stopping one before beginning another as they weaved through h the citiws high rise district where the main highway and widest part lay. By the time the buildings lowered and sped over the Crona park area letting her open up the power and speed direct to Catalina. Well the idea Bob was hiding out in a fancy fucking hotel was suprising, and more.... Wow, hiding where everyone looked and all the paparazzi watched stars come and go was wither genius sideways thinking, utter overconfidence or sheer in ability to do anything with any subtly.... Which one was it.... All of them probbly... There where 3 brwains, some more drug addled than others. "one of the most stalked by press Hotels in the city... Wow. That's either genius or ego beyond measure. Not sure... Both perhaps.

You do not know how glad I am to hear that news. I half expected the bastads to come out there holes after a few months, and continue there reign of.... Depravity. Whatever keeps those rats in there sewers is fine by me."

Though smiling to herself thanks partly to the fancier aircraft in her hands, you probbly could still drink a cup of tea, not spill it and wear and pure white suit thoughout the slalam. Fast was smooth, smooth was fast and smooth you never relised what speeds you where doing. The news did genuinely lighten a weight on her mind, they where gone, finally truely gone and was free from them. No more little ghost haunting thr back of her mind even after the counseling and rather welcome distctions of a relationship. Swapping the mic back to whole comms, back to business, she could see a few sections on a computer screen in Central panels displaying the flight plan where would make a nice landing and exit route mapped out with minimal time on the ground or caught on the straight. A large short term restricted zone was also present limiting things a little. Much as Paige had said it was safe. Marinalia was taking exactly zero cnahces and treating this as so. "OK. Catalina side. When I land, go right. My exit is left and up. Paige you know the drill, Milo safety drill as your a nugget. keep low till your clear. Count to 5 at least and go till you stand up. Stay away from the rear 90-180 degrees zone. That's a quick way to be human salsa or have a great pirate costume for next haloween. I have never hurt a passenger in 9 years and I am not starting now, regardless of anything.

Give me a spot. And il get you there Paige.

Theres a emergency radio at base of tower. Should old man Murphy strike you."

Bringing the helicopter lower as they reached the coastline was not a show off stunt or anything, a simple calculated move to allow her to land on the island almost straight in without a turn, hover or corkscrew to lose altitude. It would not save much time but it would be direct in and out with little fuss or time wasted, and back over open water vey shortly after take off. Lower flight was not always trained. Not quite like that but it was a very useful skill especially in Alaska to hug the valleys and other features to protect rapidly changing weather and minimize swinging cargo that was a very bad idea. Not so professional but useful skills where useful skills and if they saved your life. It was better off dealing with paperwork hell than hurt or killed.

The grey form a warship far ernough off thr coast but still worthy of notification. Maybe foreign or not... Those guys where always jumpy, and a little paranoid, but deserved so. A quick radio message would sort that. Swapping channels, better safe than sorry. "Unidentified warship. Flight plan filed to Catalina, straight and low on current course, return to Sol direct. Over." Suprised to greeted by a professional Scottish voice with a clipped tone and a hint of break in monotony. "Copy. Flight plan listed. Stay on course. Keep 5.0 miles out. Safe flight deadalus. Sharp gust North North West. Defender out." it always was polite and wise to warn those higher up the food chain, especially the ones with spines and teeth. "Deadalus copies Defender. Thanks for the wind data. Good hunting defender. Over and out."

Watching the controls, she kept a careful eye on instruments, her height and course keeping a close eye on traffic and the island quickly closed, lower and faster. The engine tone changed slightly as they hungered for more fuel, it was a alittle more stressful but Paige would be on the island and kicking dust fast as possible.

Concentrating heavily. She gave a simple gesture that it was soon, and to be ready to jump off. "30 seconds to landing. If your going. Nows the time. Happy with the landing site?" she had no idea of there plans, but ernough to know being in the middle was a awful idea.

Checking quickly with Paige exactly where she wnated to be dropped off, there where a fair number of sites that worked for both Paige and her exit route. It would be fairly easy to switch from low incoming to a hover about a foot or under off, them to exit and take off inside 5-10 seconds. Knowing the trouble Paige could attract, Marlin had no desire to sit on the ground for very long and it was fastest way to drop Paige and Milo off. A sharp turn on exit would have her safe, miles from the restricted bit of airspace and clear of Catalina with no fuss and wasted time. All in all. Her slightly dramatic plan was not quite as when you took down to the basics. Just a alittle less orpthadox but fast, and paige asked for fast.

Everything made sense in the end, even if it required a alittle show and tell.

Milo brought her a few questions but also he was quiet in the back, honestly she had not been sure what to expect from him given past history with Victoria. However this made the flight alot easier, even of her natural bias always swung to her family blood or otherwise regardless if in the wrong or right. Flying came a close second to that, she had a bug, and a bug never let her even consider quiting. Her slate grey eyes clearly in there elament from the edge of the vintage aviators.


Finally posted :)
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