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2077... Nuka cola will dominate the market and make spiffy glowing nuclear enriched rinks to propell your day onward.
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The one good thing about being a adult is you can buy a entire tub of ice cream, or cake and eat it :)
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Marinalia Romus Olympus "Mali" & Victoria Darya Romus "Vika"

weekend to Monday evening. Sol City. Planned event

Baseball bamboozle meant and Cricket Confusions

Victoria never meant to be overly harsh in her comments, well this time though her blended accent had caused that to not always be as obvious as it was to her. Growing up her mother had mostly spoken Russian at home, and she had spent a while there between Moscow and St Petersburg. Plus Dira has drilled a near full catalogue of Tatui songs into her memory from that era in both languages. "It's fine, I meant nothing by it.

Yep, Two places well for me really. I grew up in the UK but my mum was from St Petersburg, I lived in London though she taught me Russian from birth. Not that exotic, and a lot colder."
Victoria could never hide the hint of sadness when she mentioned her mum, she had a few very personal mementos but was too afraid to lose them to take them with her to Sol. They were locked in a rather secure vault in England like her diary, rings and jewelry. The photos where just copies, the originals where safe at home. The womb dweller had her emotions closer to surface and her eyes told a 1000 words."Exotic...oh. Well I've worked in the med area, but I'm from the south of England. Nothing exotic. I grew up in the country, though not overly far from London" Marinalia was kinda playing down the country was an estate, with lake stable block and woods that ringed the whole property owned by her family since before her grandfather was born. Though horse riding was not an entirely cheap pursuit.

"oh, yes... Solid teams but they not quite back to its best. Lots of teams from professional to local level and games for fun. Very popular. There's a traditional version too. It's way centuries at least, it's still alive, just less well known to the world" it was hard to learn a bit of ice hockey, especially with her godfather being a fan, a tad too big to play properly but a fan. Her mum taught her so she would be able to fit in either country, her godfather and dad had honoured that wish, so however hidden, her own little sports nerd did pop out very rarely and a little pride, her half country had played it longer than they had. Silly but hey. "urgh, sports causes so many arguments at times, and which sport is best. Nope. I prefer headache free!

Well of course, well if your prepared for me to nerd out a little. I never fully specialised. I did mostly medium to longer distance, just did not have the power for sprint but I can keep a steady pace for 5k even now. 400,800 and 1500m but I preferred longer distance. There's no set style for those races. Your more pacing self and matching it to what strategy your rivals pace they are using. It's not all flat out, I tried to gain more in the early to middle to counter my weaker sprint over longer distances. Umm, I was pretty good, had a shot at nationals or higher. The rest of story I don't like talking about."
Marinalia said as much as she felt comfortable, some things were too close for comfort. In her love of the sport she indulged a little more than she did most time but her tone made it clear that whatever was beyond was a rather locked door. There were some things she just loved, even if they hurt, she still loves them.

"Il save you Mali. Days. Umm. They play multiple games, like back and forth over the days I was a little bit drunk the time we went, at 16 too. Mali kept me topped up, and we just enjoyed the sunshine and company for the day we went." Saving Marinalia from reliving her ex boyfriends love of the sport, she only had to face one day, the bar probably was not complaining. "He was nice, his taste in sports was not. Well of your offering. I doubt they have wine, diet coke with lime and ice please?" Deciding against a beer. Victoria was teetotal for now, it seemed unfair to push it with her too much. "Full Fat Coca Cola, not pepsi of possible, with ice, slice of lemon, and despite what they claim. I can tell, growing a little human is really strange that way. Like cravings for canned custard... " some things were just plain confusing but hey, pepsi just did not taste right about now, like diet, something was odd, and it changed. Her body just could not make its damned mind up what it liked!

The game as they watched, well it made a little more sense, and me team was opening a bit of a lead over the other it seemed, though it was all to play for. Honestly however confusing it was fun to get into the energy even if the sport made limited sense. There guide was fun in his own way. He liked to talk but it was nice just to relax, talk with normal people and evade the drama and chaos for a little while.

Marinalia would not be upset if she gained a certain someone to rest her head on shoulder and push a little closer to though on top. Good people and one whom had got surprisingly close to. Victoria was just enjoying a normal evening, between gossips cursed jazz events, Gala dramatics, bar fight and artistic antagonists. They really needed one evening off. Was it too much to ask? That and there... Interesting to say the least romantic entanglements... Interesting or plain cursed? Still her model aquaitnece was nice and someone easy to talk to, the chef was nice and Marinalia,s bumped into crazy diving guy, well he seemed decent, Victoria really did not know him directly just described his rather daring and nerve wracking job.

In passing.
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Marinalia Romus Olympus "Mali" & Victoria Darya Romus "Vika"

weekend to Monday evening. Sol City. Planned event

Baseball bamboozle meant and random convergences part 2

She shook her head at the opening statement. Even Victoria whom was probably least sporty person ever to exist at times knew least this sport anyway, sport was one where the more points on the board was better than less. Good natured but she had to tease back a little. He earned that much. "Foreign as I am. Sports are found outside America you know. We not live in caves.

Yeah. It's a little slower than hand egg. Well I came here because I was mostly curious, though I liked ice hockey... My friend took me to a game in St Petersburg."
Victoria really did not get on with sports, or sports people so easily, but ice hockey had been a fun evening, the action had kept her mind from wandering to darker spots, and alcohol had made it a rather happy if not hung over in the morning. Baseball was mostly curious, thanks to the somewhat cure. Her bad feelings from sports where lessened somewhat. Rehab was not the most pleasant though.

Ok. Once explained the basics of the aport seemed fairly simple. It was not overly complicated, well on the surface anyway. You hit, you miss too many your out. You have to get your player to a base. Cricket... Hopefully the games where not as long! 5 days at times! Days...not remember much of game, mostly just Drinking with Mali, a little underage admitly enjoying the sun and there boyfriends at time... Morgan had got them tickets. Mali would know! She dated him for a while. So..they set up... Rounders. I remember now. Some idiot thought I might manage sports at school... that was a disastrous turn to events. Remember rounders... Lost bat and broke someone's nose waiting to go up. urgh, that was definitely one day she never forget, her dad was both torn between sheer surprise, anger and just awe at how badly it went. Suffice to say they found her an alternate lesson plan. "oh. Rounders. Yes, that's closer. Bat, ball, run. They played it near the pool building when I trained. Oh. That was funny, I remember the weekend after, teasing you till you held my favourite pair of heels to Ransom.

Umm cricket. Two bat, wickets, run between. Knock down a little bit of wood. Lasts days at times. More. Well. abit more civilized crowd than football. Rounders more similar. Based, bat, though you bowl underarm and it's one handed bats etc."
Cricket. Well the details she knew but he did not, no point digging into details, innings, fast or other balls. Morgan was nice, and stop overs where fun but damn he loved sports too much. "I mostly went along, for fun than sport though. Long summer days, friends and a fair few drinks." happy memories and rambling a little yeah, that was a good summer. Marinalia had got her commercial license uprated, Victoria had turned 16, they got into a little trouble at times but it was fun.

"that's all for sports today, next up the celiopod carnage reports. Inky criminal or hero.

Thanks, Mali. Yep. She sports nerd, well if it's a swimming pool, or maybe a horse."
Marinalia had a slightly mixed relationship with sports, though she would not have volunteered to help tutor someone at daedalus daughter in college championships. She had a lot of potential just did not get on with her coach all the time so well. Even though it hurt a little to see someone who might manage her broken dreams of the Olympics, it was nice to see someone make it though and felt good to see her succeed.

Turning back to the game, things where building into a pattern, someone threw the bat aside as they got caught out for a third time. A few groans when the home team lost a big set up...well it seemed to be from the grown. The batsman was a tad upset to say it lightly.

The commentary could be confusing, rag arms, curve balls and many other phrases that were not beginner friendly. Hot, bases and so...they made sense. They really needed a beginner's guide in the programme. The picture did not exactly explain it very well. Least the fast food was still good, cheesy chips could never be underestimated. If situations were different they would have gotten a few pitchers and a cab...seemed unfair with Victoria being unable to.

Glancing back to their resident base ball dictionary, it was quite fun, even if confusing evening.

Mentions and meandering moments.

Marinalia Romus Olympus "Mali" & Victoria Darya Romus "Vika"

weekend to Monday evening. Sol City. Planned event

Baseball bamboozle meant and random convergences

A small wind blew through the stadium making Marinala pull her coat a little tighter for a second and regret her fun, little bit flirty and generally cute choice of skirt and some fashionable yet comfortable shoes for the evening vs her warmer taller boots. Much as it did look good, perhaps a little early in the year. Least her coat could keep her warmer in its soft white fur and lined for comfort.

Spotting Alexander on the way over, she had excellent eyesight thanks to her job and the sisters slightly increased sense of alert in recent weeks meant she did not miss him. Gesturing he was welcome to come over. Somewhat crazy, but pilots where a love, a dream not a job too. She could understand being a little unconventional. "Come over, Captain Mali remember. Jumping out of perfectly working aircraft still scares me though! Just getting confused and enjoying a night off." Captain Mali, ok how he talked her into letting him call her that she did not know. Still. He was a good egg, if his job gave her a few scary moments both flying and on his behalf!

Still, however cheerful she could not shake a feeling...well something was afoot.

Victoria was watching the game, the exact details where a mystery but she got now that someone hit, ran and ran till they got hit or someone threw a ball. Then they began again. It was like a strange version of cricket with more running and less tea... seriously. American tea... That was a memory to shudder at. Oh... GAH... Custard. Tea and fucking custard. Care package time. Maria and dad would knew what she liked... Thank God for Maria coming into her dad's life again. For one they deserved to be happy, for two the woman knew when not to ask questions and just send custard… note to self. If taking over the world as Empress, bring Custard and Tea to all known lands and for the love of all that's holy have 50 shades of grey and twilight stricken from existence.

Distracted by cravings and memories of the one sweet food that the hospital could get right, it was out a tin how could they get it wrong...scratch that. They very much could. Noticing a woman with dark hair, a bright yellow nerdy top and what looked like half an arm of bracelets... Wait. No. But wait... Could not be.. seriously of it was the world was Tiny.. granted she was dressed majorly down, but no one could live dressed up in full makeup and pretty coordinated outfits complete with accessories so. "umm, so who you think gonna win. They both look pretty good? The local fans seem pretty happy about things" Asking their resident sports nerd, it might be handy to learn about out the local sports, and try to integrate with the strange humans that inhabited the lands named America. The people seemed happy, usually a good sign the team was least not utterly disappointing but people where also optimistic about teams they loved too?

Turning her thoughts back to that shopping spree, her acquaintance had spotted a few things she never thought could pull off, who'd of thought what was tucked away in the corners of the Mall. The kids shop was definitely fun, kids shopping was way cuter than adults. Her kid was so gonna end up part nerd at the rate that trip went... "Hi..wait. Sushi place. Victoria.

Even dressed down you still manage to pull it off... Though Slytherin are misunderstood."
she was dressed similar, warm wool coat, jeans, boots and so on. It was not fancy but it was practical. Custom made wool coat, a few modifications and tailoring and fit her small stature and some flex when needed. Somehow that look worked for her, the nerdy comment she could not resist, Victoria had a abit of nerd in her, even if that nerdy part wore designer boots and tailor made coats.

Her sister stood out a little, white fur coat, cute, of about flirty patterned skirt. Not quite normal base ball wear but she was glad Marlin was not so broken and back to her older self. The sister she knew not the hurt broken shell. Even of she definitely was not quite blending in perfectly! "Manami, my sister, Marinalia, and a few kind gentlemen who explained a little baseball to a few rather confused ladies" Victoria and as glad to bump into her really. Oddly, for being pretty radically different they got on rather well. Victoria did detect an underlying something but without further information it seemed rather rude to ask of someone you barely knew. She definitely seemed... different they day they met. "Yep. Sisters on dad's side. Glad you got her in some brighter colours for once!" Victoria definitely had take a shine...or was it full for darker colours, though with the raven black she had, black was not as dark as her hair. A rather contrasting British accent to Victoria's mixed. The two shard a few traits, identical eyes, they looked close enough though Marlin took very much after Maria while Victoria was a strong mix of her dad and mother.

Victoria kept one hand on her cane, part for the crowds milling about. She might be able to navigate a few places without. Here. Definitely not. The hidden sword blade, well a last resort. The fan girl lunatics of Ethan's seemed willing to glass someone. Better safe than sorry and need a lawyer than in ambulance or worse. She already was hardly the model of health, not exactly wanting to make things worse!

Marinalia was distracted a second, a quick check saw a few minute old message from Xia with the picture ID flashing up from a beach on Jamaica. Simple told all really just from her expression, that flipped into one of them stood by the lake at Maria's wedding dresses to the nines in gleaming diamonds kindly loaned for the picture off Marla. Who could resist looking like a princess for a short few minutes. The message was well boring. The person behind it made her smile, soppy as she sounded she got used to having another human to be close to even id only a few weeks. "See you soon cutie. Section A16. Level one. Still clueless about baseball! Crowds fun though. :)" Her small smile at her phone was betrayed by a gut feeling though. Something was ... Something anyway. That her gut feeling was rarely in error when it mattered...that was scary. She almost put take care, or be careful but how would she explain oh. I just felt a gut feeling and thought something was wrong...crazy right... Scaring off Xia was really not on her to do list. She already knew she was a little broken. Best not seem 100 percent cracked, scrambled and ready to serve with breakfast!

She just hoped she was wrong for once.

Mentions, memories and machicolations (the over hanging bits on castles. You learn new things every day).

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Marinalia Romus Olympus "Mali" & Victoria Darya Romus "Vika"

weekend to Monday evening. Sol City. Planned event

Baseball bamboozle meant, when did the undertaker play baseball again?

Victoria and Marinalia definitely would not be called sports fans, though they knew junk food. Especially when it came to cheesy chips, stuffed crust pizza and Chocolate pancakes... Especially when Marinalia made Chocolate filled, Chocolate doughnuts. "I doubt you would of made cheesy chips. Though il pass on the beer. Chips though il not say no to.

Umm yeah. Nice uniforms though. Though a little misleading the ball was an egg, and they threw it mostly... Names always so... Contradictory?"
That definitely was a stranger sporting name for that one. Hand egg? Though that one offended a few, it definitely seemed more accurate. Soccer. Why could they not make sports easier by using accurate naming? "Umm. Yeah. My ex loved cricket. I was more swimming and equestrian kinda girl with some fencing on the side. Nearly made national team in the pool. If it's wet or on a horse I know it." Marinalia recognised a few things, bowling, batting, though the lack of wickets was definitely strange. "definitely, gargamella and I would love to. I'll let you pay Vika! After Northern run. Gotta fly into Canada. You do anything a carabian palette like?" Victoria shook her head, Marlin was not gonna forget that one for a few days at least. "Sure Smurfette. Maybe vi should invite red jeanie... You'd love zat. Like ve upset her... Zo. Rounders no? I think it was rounders... I missed a fair bit of school."

Victoria had relaxed a little. The whole fan girl incident had made her a fair bit more wary, especially when you had a extra worry. "Aww... Woah. Kiss cam definitely those two." smiling slightly though a surprise, a glittering diamond and gold band on that finger. The girl looked 18 ish in a college hoody. Talk about quick. Turning her attention from the young. Young but married couple. "Cricket oh raven magnetic mistress of trouble. Urgh, Siobhan... She was not a cop at least! Don't tempt fate!" Victoria, trouble. So much drama. There lives loved drama like they mortally offended or earned the love of the llama gods.

Watching. They did their best to work things out anyway, even then. This seemingly simple sport was rather more nuanced and complicated than hit the ball far as you could. Layers... Onions and layers. It was an analogy restaurant staff would love.


Marinalia Romus Olympus "Mali" & Victoria Darya Romus "Vika"

weekend to Monday evening. Sol City. Planned event

Baseball bamboozle meant part Deux

Soon as he turned round, Marinalia remembered the slightly crazy in her personal view man who had jumped out, into the water with full gear and defied her logical view of jumping out of perfectly good aircraft be they fixed, rotary or VTOL. A V22 would definitely of been fun to fly, shame they where insanely expensive and rediculously complicated. Captain Mali indeed, after a few flights Captain Olympus had changed a fair bit. After all it was a fairly long flight and no one else to talk to. He seemed a decent chap and long flights with no onw to talk to where a tad boring.

Victoria had hered that story, her dad ship had required repairs before but no one had jumped out of helicopters to do it. Levels of crazy indeed. Like leaving a perfectly good ship...

Hey, still stand by not jumping out of mechanically sound aircraft. You make me too close to hurting a passenger and I've never done that! Meet my computer nerd sister Vika." He knew her slight rebuke was all in good faith. She very much took her responsibility for getting people under her charge from point A to B safely, intact and unharmed seriously. Slightly joking or not, she never would intentanlly risk someone. "oh, so vou I hered of. Victoria, hey, il take prettier nerdy sister. Umm care to explain ze sport, it's the Von with the rock right?" Victoria's paired dark grey eyes to her sister lit up with a little mirth, granted she was clueless about baseball but not blonde bimbo clueless. Computer nerd jokes aside, it did hide the darker sides of her job. With the fall of a few crime bosses, a few in Russia had seen chance to make in roads, the consulate always knew what was going on. Her software while securing maratine traffic also helped hide there other dealings. All disguised as testing and updates of course. It was quite ingenious, why let a economic opertunity go by when the chaos made it easy to establish a foot hold should you ever need one? "See what I have to put up with from neredette here.

Fancy being a gentleman explaining this colonial mutation of cricket to a pair of English ladies?"
Joking, Marinalia was comfortable ernough after a few late night long flights, ships by Murphy law to break down in worse weather too, add a diver with a lack of self preservation and it was hard to forget. "Nerdette... For one smurfette was blonde, and white washes me put. Oh yes. Come on, we Don't mind ze Company." Upon Victoria's return. She was not leaving Marinalia Nerdette go without a alittle answer. Leaning on her cane for a sense of safety she negotiated her way back. Much as modern stadium, the busy venues always made her a alittle nervous. Apcepting a arm from her sister helping, needing the toilet more, emotions being a tad haywire, random food choices and more. urgh. If she had not known, she probbly would have been suspecting somthing was up. "Yeah, they not really have as much chance to play baseball in Alaskan snow. Smurfette. Good choice she has Gargelmella" The joking sisters aside. Marlij just had a feeling in her gut somthing was wrong, or somthing would happen... Much as she tried tonoush aside and ignore it.


Marinalia Romus Olympus "Mali" & Victoria Darya Romus "Vika"

weekend to Monday evening. Sol City. Planned event

Baseball bamboozle meant part Deux

Victoria definitely was not the most sports inclined person to walk the earth, though she had worked a few basics. So batting, running, it was a bit like cricket? Going with cricket as a basis to the sport. "OK. So there's the bowler I guess. No wicket, what's with the glove though..

Wonder if there good. The Dallas cowboys play baseball right?"
Marinalia just shrugged, Alakasa was hardly a sports capital of the globe. Especially when you were snowed in a good chunk of year and travel was not exactly cheap. "Your asking me Vika? They catch the ball in films anyway. Don't they play basketball?

I fly planes, your computer nerd. We hardly qualified Vika."

While Watching , Victoria had not much more clues, the batter had a good arse admitly, not serious about it, life was complicated wrnough as it currently was. The she spotted someone, he looked familiar and remembering a smell strongly tied to that day of burnt fuel, smoke and Ash. They were headed to the same zone of the stadium. Half price food was good especially with cheesy chips. Not sure if it was a big thing over here. They where a drunk 2am treat from heaven. What was the coincidences, scratch that this city was a village. Waving over she decided to be friendly as he had offered sanctuary on a cold winter's day. She might not have remembered him but for the intense memory of both betrayal and blown up night club that was cast into her memory."Nerd maybe... A pretty one though.

Hey. Don,t need ze tea today thankfully. Fancy explaining a little about Baseball. My sister here is hopeless as me. Same sport as Cowboys right?"

Marinalia had to admit for her all travel, sports was definitely not her strong point. She could land a helicopter one side of a line you wanted, in wind conditions and low visibility. Most of the race she managed on the bits picked up from her grandfather's rather more interest in fast cars. "You wanna start that one again sis?

So you the one who looked after Vika, Thankyou. It was a cold day, and not a safe one at that."
Unlike Victoria with her mixed accent, Marinalia was straight off the boat English, however much she traveled it had not changed much. Even with the very contrasting sisters, one alabaster skinned, Raven black brunette and the more tanned, fairly fit from swimming Marinalia being a natural blonde. The eyes still was almost eerily a perfect match in colour and both had clear signs if you looked of being blood relations.

With Victoria being, well Victoria they had managed to snag a reserved spot lower down that was more accessible as much as stronger it was probably better off avoiding a hundred or so steps up to one of the higher stands and the clinch points. There was one guy, throwing out a cup or so, he had a team colour on, and hat etc. Probably feeling his soul die a little in there description of the sport. From what she had worked out he definitely was a home fan and Sol City Wild was a fairly popular team even if it was not a full major sports event. Still a good crowd and from Marlins flights into Neo city she knew a hint that they had a fair sporting rivalry. Neo City did have a full international hub yet thanks to commercial agreements and general stuff that was rather boring. Some flights only landed at Sol City and had to shuttle cargo across from Sol to Neo to complete delivery.

Even though everything told her things were quiet, Victoria had a feeling that a storm was coming. Maybe far off but something was coming. Her gut normally was right. Well when it was not deciding that fish sticks and custard was a good idea. Scarily. It worked... It really did. Rather filling too. Not that her sister would not tease all it was worth out of it, though currently her pregnancy risk was definitely statistically lower so return teasing was not possible, and her family might not be able to face 3 pregnant women at once. Marla was enough on her own!

Pointing to the guy seeming to get a player to sign, somehow the odd trick worked... They were living proof stranger could happen though.

Mentions and tags.

Marinalia Romus Olympus "Mali" & Victoria Darya Romus "Vika"

weekend to Monday evening. Sol City. Planned event

Base Ball bamboozlement

Victoria was staring at her wardrobe, Saturday had added a few other items to her wardrobe thanks to Manami's unplanned but rather productive shopping trip the previous day. The woman definitely had more layers than her outward appearance could suggest and she had enjoyed the little excursion, especially just being able to let her guard down abit, buy a few nice things and appreciate a vaguely normal day for Sol City?

Sunday was quiet, though a long phone call from an old friend. Quite a few theories and several mugs of decaf tea she had set a hound lose among the clues and theories. Nothing was entirely untraceable, there was something, recorded, copied or listed somewhere. Just had to find it. Cardinal loved a good mystery to solve and Victoria was a good friend. How could he refuse to help. Deciding that serious matters could wait till Monday. Ethan was complicated. They had not communicated too much, it was difficult but between travel to other countries, work and keeping up regular hospital appointments it was not entirely easy on top the thick file that say on her desk about legal citizenships that had only just been clarified. Not to mention the bloody Rita article cost her job and had to sort out a new one in the past few weeks!

Gah. Money was useful, the job front could have waited but independent funds where definitely valuable. Being indebted or reliant on people would be a much weaker and easier to exploit position to be in.

Monday rang round though and with a glee of a small child she watched as lorry backed up the drive partly and the ramps swung down back down and the transport locked itself on pads to protect the stone. Finally. A dark purple shape of British built, 6 litres of engine and a fraction over 2 tons of well crafted automobile gleamed in the sunlight on the drive. Her mini was a run about. This was a real car. Signing on the line it was finally hers, a Bentley Continental folding hard top with 4 seats and loaded down with gadgets. Marla owned one, much as she disliked cars her step aunt? Aunt in law? Whatever. She loved that car. Turning the key, the engine sprinting to life with much more powerful roar. Yep. This definitely was what she wanted.


It only took a good cuddle from Xia to dispel any thoughts negatively Saturday had brought on. She was an energiser bunny of positive vibes that never seemed to give up. She had helped a somewhat broken Marlin heal and not even asked anything in return. What did she do to bump into such a person on a blizzard strewn weekend that had upset everything so quite spectacularly.

The rest of her weekend was pretty slow but having flown several thousand miles, weddings, flight training and absorbing the tome like brick of a manual for the 100J, a slow one was a relief. From the sunlounger on the patio with headphones pumping out a gentle beat and a trashy novel, "The mermaid and the marauding marquis of Tortuga" laughing how did that even work... Part fish and human biology aside it was a fun read. Thankfully her taste in trashy novels was not well known.

"Hey I was reading that Vika" covering herself and tying the top half back on, between her scar and the whole invasions of privacy, she mainly sunbathed in the walled and tree lines private garden."vather Surprised by someone more Caribian eh Mali... How does that even vork? And he cut away her bodice with his cutlass divesting her... Wait how she sitting... She a mermaid.

Oh. Dad called. There back in England after their Honeymoon. Seems they extended it and took a rather indirect route back via South America."
Victoria grabbed the book and found the book marked page. It was... Well creative. They had delayed there Honeymoon abit as they both had to tie things up before they left, though she was glad Maria and her dad where finally happy. He looked years younger since they got together. "maybe... Or just your my annoying younger sister. Yep... Check out chapter 5, biology is not the author's strong point. It does not even work that way!

Yep. Mum sent me a message. Dad, reckon we end up that happy... Those two basically are soul mates."
Several happier moments later, they never really meant the insults. Even after the Winter time ball they never heavily argued. Cold but they had little to rely on but each other at times. "Younger and prettier of course. Borrowing that one later. Need a laugh. Hope so, though Maria kissed a few frogs too, she was engaged before too." Borrowing. Or "Borrowing" anyway. "Sure, Vika. Belive it. Rest Don't. Lemme least read that bit... The Navy captain is about to try and capture her to lead him to Davy Jones tressure. Yep.frogs, maybe a princess more accurately about now. And why was there tin of custard and a fish stick box on side last night... "

Monday came along, Neither of them had ever been to a baseball game ans understood about as much about the sport as she knew Arabic. Still could be a fun night, it had a bat, ball and was very American. Then came Victoria's rather fancy new car. The fact a Tominy thing as Victoria was driving a 6 litre sports tourer. Still it was perfect, especially for long distance as built to casually Cross Europe without giving a sign of notice.


Pulling up they took Victoria's car, dropped the top and headed out to Christan it with a trip not round the park. With a loud rumble and a somewhat judder it took off chewing up the city miles and twin turbos wanting to surge forward but constrained by the traffic.

Pulling up in OK time. Luna sports was not too far a trek at least. The rush hour was over and thankfully the Americans had generous parking spaces. Victoria had a snug fit dark wool coat made in London on, jeans, low boots and a warmer top picked up on Saturday that was fun. It was not bad but still not exactly summer. Isosef could head over pretty quick but they doubted they needed it. Too many people, hiding in plain sight and been a while since had an evening out together. Marinalia was dressed a little more distinctly, playful patterned skirt above the knee, some comfy trainers though a white fur coat with polar bear ears on hood for warmth over a Barber T shirt if it got cooler but Alaska made her a little more Sol proof than Vika. It was a decent evening so she doubted it would get too cold. The coat just was fun, warm and quite comfy. Sure some said childish but eh, life was too short to be serious all the time.

Finding there seas, Victoria booked ahead online, players warmed up round a large diamond. Several... Pads and a large net. Oh. No wickets then... Bases? Yeah they said bases. The bat was more like softball but the bowlers speed and warm up reminded her of cricket. A tad boring but Marinalia made a few sacrifices for Victor when when she was younger. The guy was catching light throws with a large glove thing. Granted she knew gak all about the sport but the atmosphere was good, they had cheesy chips and drinks. A few happy photos later uploaded , just to prove to family they had been. The two sisters where not exactly known as sports fans and had mostly come out of curiosity as what was a widely mentioned past time in America.

A small nibble of worry just told Marlin, well something might happen. Things had gone well. Something always happened to one of them!

Talk distracted her, Inky was still launching a reign of terror, the food festival she hered mentioned but no confirmed rumours as to what they where doing at Deadalus there. Investments where... Well one area she was little more shakey. She knew ernough to manage her own inherited from grandmother but that was mostly just managed and kept at low risks. She did not want to make fortunes just a steady, safe reliable income. Turning her thoughts back to Inky, least the airport was miles inland. No Krakens raiding them!

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