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Current 13 month vacations are kinda nice lol
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That was some fine dragon queen ass. Long as you forget she is his Aunt.
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Happy new year folks :)
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Happy new year folks :)
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Merry Christmas and a happy new year!


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<Snipped quote by NuttsnBolts>

Yeah; I agree with your idea, although I wasn't necessarily implying the Mods/GMs should have to do it. It was more so me voicing an idea so that the setting could have something similar to the Wikia for Moon Guard, hence the "dedicated lorekeeper" comment. In the end, such an idea isn't truly needed as an integral component for the PW, but it would be nice to see something like that come to fruition.

Edit: Rereading what I said earlier, I can see why you came to that conclusion.

<Snipped quote by Ruby>

Where would one draw the cutoff between "Low level" and "High level"?

Simple... It would depend on the situation but if your charceter can beat everyones flat in combat, buy them all out. Or has a eclipse class personal ride, your high power.

If your in a high power RP of fleet leaders etc, its diffrent vs a back water planet where your moisture farmers.

All about the situation.

Victoria Darya Romus "Vika"

Luna sports to Club Eather ruins . Finale day!

In hindsight to say Victoria had a good day was a oxymoron of thr hours gheat order, a long day indeed for the daughter of Vesarian Romus.

Thr person who bumped into her, well he sounded polite erbough but she also noticed the fanailar thoughts some people had how they struggled to come up with a answer for her... Well her. Not always a bad one, but she was too used to things to avoid noticing people's little ticks, her dark grey yes giving little away. Yeah... Well the club got blew up... The fact it was what looked ernough to donso much damage was telling. She had no idea what exactly but whatever it was possessed ernough force to devestate a entire club, burn concrete black with heat and deform metal was big. "Yep. Since a teanager or zere about. Hospitals suck worse than exams..." laughing trying to break tension, she remembered a lot of boring hours kieing in bed being prodded... It really sucked. "Zorry, Tatu. Before zey came to America.

Yeah, only went twice... But memorable, sad, but zere is no undo button. . Explosion, see ze entrence, its all forced outwards, it always seeks weakest point. Be careful, I hav a bad feeling about today.

I'm Vika, if vou ever bump into me again... Or hopefully not litirally. "
her compassion was not the greatest, she felt for people who lost jobs and owner in a sense but from signs, well explosions. Part of her brain could only think whoever owned the now ashes, well had serious enemies.

She did not want to scare him, but it was ture things where... Not exactly looking like the best day in the cities history.

Giving a cheerful wave, well bus, yeah they waited for no one but with traffic, definitely be running a good few minutes late if took the main route past the club, she Turner back to her phone that was vibrating like crazy before it dawned and leant heavily on her came before sitting on a concrete baridcade and swearing multiple times in Russian reading exactly what was trending on various viral sites.

Several where of alarm, others like Drya part worry, part joking she living up to her ancestry as was a cold night. Seeing the viral footage it was clearly hacked from her own CCTV which was even worse.... She was on balcony. Fully going at it, wearing just her ring and necklace. She did not even kknow where to begin with this one. Leaning her came by her leg she just gave up and ordered a take out decaf before slumping back onto the concrete and watching the notification wall cycle by until a few that merited far greater warning.

Luckily for her. They had seemed to not breach the security systems and encryptions on Cerberous or her more private sections and merely hacked the houses systems inside what she would call the outer ring. But that had done ernough damage as it was to begin with. They might work out who she was talking to but the end to end system would take weeks of work to break down the messages themselves, and even then it cycled every time you set started a new message to some, or a new file was sent. And unless every single part of code was correct, all 1024 parts, every single time taking weeks. There was a reason Victoria had a rather higher than minimum wage salary. Maybe a very skilled hacker could do more damage faster, but that was time and effort for very little reward.

Sending a quick message or 10 off, urgh, her family where gonna be so very happy about this, Maria might take it two ways, she was not sure, Oh and there was Ethan, her dad, and others... This was going to be a long day.

Mali... You must have seen.

Be careful till I secure house.
FUCK! and yes I get the pun... Fucked up fucking... Least there's not Audio! Knocked up and fucked up... Great eh!

Gah, luckily no mention of you yet or Xia. Il keep it that way if I can.
Vika X
hitting send, it would be a little time to resceyre the systems, the hack damage was unknown, or what exactly was done. A quick text to Dira, tickets to Moscow, open just incase. It was not cheap but it paid to have a back up plan. She did not want to run, but if it got too hot, well it was better to be safe than sorry.

A last message to Ethan, well urgh... That one was eating her up what even to do about that situation. It was plain strange and she had no idea which way the cards would fall.


Gah, gonna be busy with this crap for a while, talk later. I have alot of mess to sort out. How did they even know!

Vika. X

Sighing, she glanced back round as her phone Cerberous was offline, the system was swapping and switching and would not be back online for a hour or so potentially.


closing the warnings rolling by, thankfully she included a limited capacity to work out the small stuff for her and programmed it to handle such situations by locking out the attacker soon as possible.

Victoria was unsure what to do. She could head home now but the vultures likely already had laid siege to the gates waiting for her to return, urgh, she would have to find a place they would least expect if she wnated a few hours peace. Maybe solasis
University if needed, she still had a libiary pass from when she met a few computer students, giving them advice on careers and few tips on who really not to work for.

First things first. Call lawyer... Call home, Call her Boss and Dad. Maybe not quite in same order perhaps, Dad always gave her good advice, though that was of he was in radio rnage of anywhere civilised avaord ship. Remembering a photo on her desk from there rather... Iregular trip he took both sisters on, well yes. He had the iregular advice she needed.


Meanwhile back in Cardinals lair as jokingly was called, checking time on news and on the live feed outside club eather and a article noting it ended... Well that was somthing. It ended several minutes before? No way... So disabled or accessed the systems before the attack itself?

Now that was intresting. The club owners profile was up, social media, bio and so... What kind of enemies did you have he mused to no one. This was not some petty dispute if true. Least he knew to tell Victoria to keep out the way and to keep a eye out over the next few months that nefarious folks might be in a fight for power or money. Well both. Power was money and money was power..

Whatever happened, this Leo had upset someone rather alot, especially when the photos came in before the systems cut out as expected to an attack. Whoever blew that place up was definitely worth keeping a arm, or miles lengh.

@Tenma Tendo@Almalthia@The Muse@CaptainSully
You Don, t need to have every detail but ernough to give a clear idea of your setting and so.

If people can understand your aims, your idea and so from the check and intrested. Short or short extensive, you ha a very short time to sell your idea. Make the most of it. . Your onto a good start..

Victoria Darya Romus "Vika"

Luna sports to Club Eather ruins . Finale day!

Victoria leant back against a wall for balence as she typed, Cardinal and Victoria where unsure, the whole situation did not add up. Especially when news of fire, art collections and so. Someone did not burn down buildings over a few paintings. Or did they. Between that, a building blowing up and all the rumours of somthing bad on horizon... Who knew if it was fraud, insurance scams or somthing genuinely more.


<Milady>OK. I agree. But you need to check the digital side. If I see Paige I'm bailing though. That woman definitely dangerous.

<Cardinal>OK, need to get a view. Even if from afar. The video is shitty news network stuff. Don't push it. In and out.

<Milady>easy for you to say C... Areas grid locked. Not my first peak at a place. I know. I owe ya. Plus my boss and Darya might be rather curious. City been weird of late. Any information is good. Even if only theory. Gotta protect allies.


Deciding a look was a good idea, least now it might be calming down and cordons closer than at first before thry thought Thete might be a secondary device or plan placed around the Run area. It was strange. She could not help shake the feeling that they really needed to know what was going on to keep out its way. It seemed like only rhe start of somthing bigger.

Heading out leaving the blacked out sports centre, dropping Marilania a quick message where she was, just incase. The drive over across the city however short was difficult thanks to traffic and only just found a spot in about a 5 minute walk for her away from the Run District. The smoke rising from the tower firther away was a alittle ominous, same with the low key smell of smoke... And almost burned... Fuel, exhaust... Somthing. Whatever had burned, it was not nice.

Getting closer the smell grew slightly, blackned concrete, the smell of burnt materals and whatever was in it when it burned. Leaning against her cane she spotted somthing on ground, charred metal, but also warped from heat. That was a strange find and puckered it on her way making to sort out her boot.

Suprised, she almost went into some young man pushing up with a white cane, sight problems right? Leaning on the intricate blue cane, and concealed snow flake patten steel within, she gave a apologetic look. The person she Suprised, well seemed to be half concentrating on somthing else. Giving a apologetic look and leant one arm on the snow flake cane as she took a quick picture or two pretending to be finding a signal that began to automaticly upload and get sent over. "Oh.. Zorry! Did not see vou there. You alright? Vy balence is a little uncompetitive at times. " adding in a English accent with a clear bleed in of Russain, a good 8 inches shorter, dark grey eyes, pale skin and raven black long hair dressed warmly in jeans, boots and a slightly skirted dark wool coat to try and look healthier weight at least. "Shame about ze night club, me and my sister did Tatu on stage to get unbanned."

Nothong someone else talking to Leo nearby? That was handy, he might pass a comment or so. Even the quick low key picture she grabbed showed this explosion was not small force, some had cooked off somthing big to get a fire that large and intense. Her father was a arms dealer, she had a strange childhood growing up, trips to strange places, stranger people and stranger times for Victoria Darya Romus.

Waving over, she double checked no certain southern marshals where about, after the art show and being a clear member of team Sio, well not a friend! Part of was curious, but remember they came from the same area, Sio joining them... That was a mystery. "Leo. Sorry about the club, banned, unbanned, still a nice place. You never do anything by half mesures. Me and Darya could of done a good Tatu cover.

Sorry, kinda was just passing by after a gym session."
Glancing round more, she spotted someone taking. Thanks to her father she could tell, well the news said security was disabled prior and lack of footage. But surely it was located away from the club... For sheer purpose of this... Hmmm.. Turning to other person talking with coffee, she seemed to have been equally curious about events though somthing strange about her. "Hi there, you look a alittle lost. Need any directions? News ish but I know the city centre. " Just being friendly, Victoria really could smell the burnt fuel small, though not quite identify it. No harm for a short time, but coffee shop staff might wnat to get a walk and some fresh air on break.The woman just made her a alittle curious, dark haired, taller, everywone on the planet seemed to share that statement, though somthing about her was... Curious.

Marilania fired off a quick message to Paige. She did offer to fly if need by and probbly help of she knew wheee she was as main pad in centre had been closed thanks to the fire ar some righbguys apartments. Meant to have a huge art collection though and worth a fortune. Maybe there was a few fakes in there and a isurence scam. Who knew with rich people?


Had to redirect thanks to fire at sky scraper. You probbly know but I'm at Luna sports currently. We hard to miss. Flight plans ready to go, but need you to flash a badge first. Airspace is restricted until they work out cause and smoke and debries clear.


The sports fields had gained a few more diffrent players than they normaly expected. A older Huey patten helicopter came into land that was in service of one of the smaller suppliers to the outer areas. A few places got a tad remote to drive to easily.

A quick text buzzed her phone, Victoria sent a message to her, the club... Sigh, Thry where trouble Magenets but they might as well know what was coming. It was safer to be able to get out of the speeding trouble trucks path.


You said to... But. Somthing iffy at Eather. Definitely strange events afoot. Somthing, strange. Things not adding up. Ashes. The club is clobbered.

Il be careful! Love you sis and safe flying!

Vika X

Mentions, refrences and reactions :)

@Pilatus@The Muse@Tenma Tendo@CaptainSully
@King Tai


Enjoy. The great adventure!
At luna sports... For now anyway. Who knows what might happen :)

Anyone free to join in the chaos :)

Marinalia Romus Olympus "Mali"

The Pit Night Club . Tuesday Evening . Sol city Happy Night .

Tuesday Evening


Having got a quick cab over earlier to her apartment and dropping a message to save them some ice cream, a rather cheerful Marlin greeted Xia, her cousin, and his girlfriend, add Victoria whom the small, yet also icer eyed raven haired sister with a cane was intresting. Well her cousin was not entirely sure how to take the younger Romus sister.

Her apartment was not small but 4 people, thr lack of room meant she ended up close to Xia and resting her legs over Xia's and took a little advantage of being so close to share a few kisses and little moments.

It was a fun evening, and her cousins girlfriend seemed, well she was not sure from a single meeting. At least Carlo had someone to keep him distracted from her. Not that Xia would let that ship even be thought of. Convincing her to retire early was easy ernough, especially to make the most of time and hoped Carlo did not mind a alittle noise, well too bad as they where happy to say the least and noise hapoend. Waking up was difficult, groaning and forcing herself away from her warm girlfriends arms and inviting body to get a somewhat indecent robe, cheeky... Planned she was sure and underwear on the side but she could find and quickly vanished into bathroom before grabbing a coffee and so before bidding her a heated goodbye to grab a cab home, change into uniform and then off to work, slightly tired... But worth it!

Not sure if she gave anyone a eye ful on she darted quickly in and out earlier as well, it definitely was not the kind of thing she wnated anyone but Xia in that particular company. It did make her laugh after though, and Xia found the funny side. Her work mates thought she was rather too cheerful, a alittle tired, and hair a tad out of place that morning, granted the hints where Acurate but she tried not to give that game away.


Victoria started back at work, well a slightly different role. She was too near the giant communications systems to be considered entirely recommended to have such a vuntable life form nearby. A adult was one thing, but not a unborn baby. Ending up working in satalite department on cryptotologey. It was fun though and everyone seemed pretty welcoming to the small raven haired woman.

She had chance to spread her skills abit. Learn new ones and work on a mix of departments for abit, that would keep her from Borden and also let her widen her abilities. All in all much as a little frustrated, it had options to gain.


The sisters lives where pretty less dramatic suprisingly for them, dates, lunches and little things. Marinalia wrote out thr flight plan for Paige sat in her saved items and printed. A few alternate planes to, she was anything but prepared for firday.




Firday began a normal day, pretty quiet and a day on standby hopefully. But Paige had asked and had the flight plans ready just incase. Tossing a bag into thr back section for small cargo and bits. Just incase... She hoped... But hey, her dad had said paranoid was sensible if you believed it might happen!

Smiling, she still remembered Tuesday night, short, too short especially having to leave that morning so early when she just wnated to cuddle and make most of breakfast in bed. Her revalry was thrown off when looking out over to see smoke rising from the city and the radio was going crazy, multiple reports, emergency codes and more. Reports of a explosion where far more concerning as that meant they could be locking down the airport and other locations. "Danger 31 Alpha to all aircraft. Downtown fire. Heliport centre to emergency redirect points Alpha. Danger of foreign object damage due to wind shift. Avoid city approach north east."

Marlin knew it. Of course. Piage was jinxed? Warming up and getting the engines running, all the Helicopters where moving quickly from the pads. The heliport was close ernough to be effected and smoothly navigated up, through the slightly twisting route thanks to the skyline. Her destination was the Luna sports centre and large fields. Thanks to the unknown cause the airport had closed off unessacery traffic until confirmed. She hours of fuel spare having just topped the tanks earlier. Dodging quickly between the buildings, the fire and winds made it a intresting exit with a fair bit of swearing thanks to the shitry air currents.


But, Flying over seeing colums of smoke tide from the tower... And the Run. A quick check on local radio detailed a unknown fire at club... Club... Frak, just tell. Club eather! That was plain strange to say thr least. The next oddity as brought thr helicopter lower, a few bars of hendrix where cut off by the ground radio chatter. The sports centre was dark, lights off and so... That... Was strange. Circling round a circuit or two before landing to check. This was... Strange. Part of her worried a alittle for her girlfriend if she was working, but that had to wait till she was safely on the ground.

Giving the helicopter a little kick and bringing it into a slightly more showy landing, "Laura" clearly painted on the nose in a flowing scrypt along its smooth design."Atchual. This is Valkirye. Safely at Alpha. Let the old man know Lee not far behind me.

Safely on the deck. Valkirye out. "

Jumping down from the helicopter, long blonde hair bouncing and her leather flight jacket over neat office uniform and riding boots to knee, vintage aviators glittering and closing the doors. She sent Xia a quick text, watching a second helicopter come into land, a little older but equally kicking up a loud dust clout on the grassy fields spinning its tail slightly to kick a wave of dust over the field over a empty area of field.
Hey Cutie...

Look to the fields. Emergency landing spot...
Certain blonde pilot whom likes a cuddle?

Mali x

Cheerfully watching the crowds, well there might be a few kids getting inquisitive. She enjoyed showing the kids in a way, it was fun seeing the enthusasam. Watching Lee land beside her, least the old man would be happy his son was one of thr birds safely to there spots.


Victoria was working out after a strange week, she still was unsure about her relationships, future and a great many things she was reconsidering. Thanks to her rather varied physical condition both historic and present or was a rather gentle one, going though things. Joking with her admitly rather cute trainer as she went though there routine, a while going over the changed needed it was nice to have somthing normal ish... Just a day at the gym... Even if thr personal trainer had to consult with a Dr how best to do there exercises.

The whole snow white esquire combination of pale skin and raven blaxk hair did earn her a few jokes when she was snacking on a apple part way. A half hour or so later as normal she got changed mentally noting to ask if a swimming was allowed, it might break up her routine. That's where normal seemed to end as leaving throwing on a skirted coat that helped hide how dramaticly thin she was partly. However much she tried, some things did not. Thinking about grabbing a smoothie suddonly the lights failed across the entire building and various machines shut down almost instantlwoth Suprised runners falling as treadmills failed.

Light of her phone shining out to try and not trip over and slipping her pepper spray into a spare hand. After her sisters experience and hers. Sol city was meaning taking no chances. Add her father's lesson s in Paranoia... Not paranoid if someone was out to get you! His job did not exactly make friends or was humanitarian work!

A quick check of her phone, the break news was a explosion... Unknown cause... Club eather! Smoke rising from afar in the city hogh rises and the loud noise of helicopters landing.... What the hell was going on in Sol city? Tapping away rapidly, Cardinal would take a while on cell phone speeds. The program was power hungry but extremely secure.


<Milady>C... Things are going to shit in the city... Check the vines. I need info. Fire, club just got turned into a crator, Towers are on fire and Helicopters going mad. Got anything? Ps... Umm forgot to tell you... Kinda bun in oven.

<Cardinal>V.. Keep low.... All I know is things only just starting. Take care. Will update you if know more. Its far larger than this! Just opening round.

Wow... Congrats. Stay safe.. BOTH of you!


Stood by a window, she watched a sadly familiar sight, smoke rising from afar was a all to regular thing off the coasts of Africa when her dad took them on a somewhat less safe than regular travel brochure but eye opening trip. Africa, Middle East. All manner of spots not on the travel guide. It truely was a experience! Maybe she should reconsider her father's offer?

@King Tai
The smaller the better!
Currently rejigging a idea and so.

I might yet be able to salvage my previous idea, finally :)
I was stuck on ideas to make a useful ability.
Some are way over done yes but that's the nature of it.

People refrence of what they know. If that's TV or books, they often use said trope so the role players feeds off x trope and absorbs it into own writing.

What comes in, comes out.

Also... Edge mc edge, edge edge!
Please... Your so edgey I get cut looking at it!

Please no!
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