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I see you slythin that picture in there... Lol

Marinalia Romus Olympus "Mali" & Victoria Darya Romus "Vika"

Swan songs to Hesphestus Manor Art show . Saturday Evening . Park View district .

Marinalia, Swan songs with Xia, Ethan, Reya, Marcus and more.

The rest of the swan songs evening went abit awkward after Marcus got turned down pretty brutally and cast a sympathetic eye to Marcus, though she toned herself a alittle down round Xia but discreetly kept a foot close or held her hand. She needed the reasurnece in swan songs, it was comforting and despite a peering realexed and social. Her eyes betrayed her vulnerability. As she was driving Marinalia refused everything but one shot, and was fairly easy going round Ethan whom she seemed to think might not be quite the stereotype she expected for a rock star.

The performance was... Pretty nerve racking but felt good for it in a strange way even if she might end up curled up that night with emotional overload. Some scars where too deep for Marinalia to force under for long. Though she would have her bad back to herself again that night, both good and bad. the goodbye kiss did leave her a rather happy lady though driving home.

Marinalia. Wensday to saturday

Marinalia had a busy few days, and the Manor had been alot busier than before the art show teams started to set up there things, luckily they had the upper floors to themselves and they where still calm and keeping the upper door locked was handy way to makesure no one wandered anywhere they where not Ment to be. The 3rd floor was so far away that would quiet even if they worked over night, somthing she had requested they only do if needed. It was a home first, not a vennues and they where protective about there sanctuary.

Xia had been a nice distraction from things, they kept up via text mostly but managed to meet up for lunch together and enjoyed her random conversations with the cheerful Island girl. That distraction had taken her mind off the meeting. She had agreed to a somewhat truce, but that was... Even that had caused a small disagreement that took time to relsove that night. Why could it not have been any other artist? Still, a propper "date" ish Saturday night and after Ethans little nugget, well why hide what made her happy? Joel might have a suprise if he attended, Sio too... She never mentioned Xia, or her well, after all her bad luck with guys lately, maybe this one would turn out alright?

Her work was one thing that she loved and once the airport was open again Marinalia was alert but normally could relax abit once they got a alittle further out on the loops. There was less traffic though the inner city flight lesson had resulted in a few times she needed to take the controls, however for a first lesson in the city centre they did not do too bad. That section of the test they definitely would need a few more lessons.

Friday afternoon was a off as the helicopter was in for maintenance, paperwork was up to date and most of the department had taken a early firday. Unlike normal airports they worked odd hours, but not constant. There never was ernough students and they alternated alot as many where in diffrent phases such a day, night, dawn, dusk and other aspects of the job. Now she had chance, well riding through the Atlas park, a gentle trot as the horse took a alittle easing out on the pathway before checking the map and with a quick change of pace began to pick up the pace, jumping a few logs as long blonde hair bounced behind her and quickly veered her mount through the woods and past a few Suprised hikers when a woman and horse bounded down a stream and jumped the bank before heading back. She loved doing abit more cross country and wild riding than just the trails...

Victoria, Thursday to saturday

Things where abit quieter for Victoria work was normal, but the meeting was certainly not Normal and why did it have to be Siobhan? Anyone but that damned red head. That after she had been abit annoyed at work, Maria had to talk with them later and it had taken her abit of wine that late afternoon to relax after. Still she was feeling... A alittle off, probbly just the cure. It happened alot as it was experimental. She kept a diary of things as part of what they asked though.

Ethan went well, that and a evening of rather active stress relase was definitely a good distraction to her problems in Thursday evening even though she really really was not feeling like work after that "entertainment". Someone did notice her slight smirk in the morning, her work mates teased her somewhat, but she never really revealed the name of her "boyfriend" so they claimed, they where more... Well not friends but definitely not quite a couple yet, just a vauge tall, blonde, handsome, and musical. She really did not want the shit from media, or fan girls. Though that did start a betting pool if it was someone in the company.

Victoria was leaning back on bed after trying to make sense of the strange facts she had found about. Now Marinalia had given her a Joel riddle with Siobhan and was trying to pick together the whole... Problem she seemed to think was there. Only it is as not really one, personally she did not quite exactly think the Ethan Story was perfect, but it did have a few parts that made sense. There is as a story there maybe but maybe not exactly that particular version... Least it distracted her from thr coming art event on tommrow evening.

Marinalia dress

Marinalia was rather apprehensive as the ground floor, now gallery was finished. Turning in a mirrored wardrobe, wearing the same white and gold gown from the gala, this dress needed a happy memory or she never wear it. A abit of help from Victoria to get it to look right, it was difficult but once on... Worth it. Full lengh and white and gold Greeken design, entirely backless with a high slit to her thigh on side, it was not conservative but it did look very nice, plus as she was not leaving home... No coats, taxis or so.

Finding a pair of lower metalic coloured heals and picking instead her more simple but stylish silver nicklace of linked Stars over a planet, Maria had say to dress up, and we'll this one made the most of hard earned athletic figure. Smiling a alittle, she did her blonde hair down but in a lose braid with a glittering bit of costume jewelry. Not expensive but a nice accessory.

Victoria Dress

Victoria had managed to aquire a new dress to fit, a task and a half, her old wardrobe did not suit her new dark hair and skin tone, instead a blood red Ruby necklace on a short silver chain and a modern deep Navy blue Cocktail dress, strapless at the top showing off her alabaster skin tone tucked in at the waist and a slightly lighter material skirt above the knee and flaring slightly. Flat but strapy matching shoes, well a tiny heal but barely worth mentioning. Her recent feelings and wobbles She really did not trust heals right now.

Finishing up with her hair fairly natural, still learning how make the deep Raven black work in multiple ways, a gold and red gemmed costume jewellery bracelet glittering on her wrist, though with her size and conditions, she did not mention it had to be in one of the the smallest size you could find for ladies jewellery. Her normal glittering ice blue diamond ring on her finger. She never took it off much, she had her mother's ring locked up in London, that one she was too scared to wear for fear of losing it among other personal effects of Darya,s.

Maria Thursday to Saturday , dress . Saturday evening with sisters

Maria parked her white Bentley by the side of the house, rented but she loved having a powerful car. The planning sessions with Alexandria had taken a while for them to agree. They both had some pretty strong ideas and eventually found a middle that worked perfectly. She knew the house better, Alexandra knew the art. Both women where pretty big on planning and knew the works. It did lead to a few clashes but they worked well ernough, Maria hoped Siobhan`s art was up there with her dress sense though, she had only seen a small sample of the works.

The house was set up, the ballroom had the art works placed, the order had been changed more times than she could count till perfect and the entry had been set up for arivials with fresh flowers and few areas to sit down and mingle. A larger area set up in the gardens was... Up extremely quickly and the bar come conservatory was being busied about preparing for the evening. Heading up the stairs, she glided up to have a final word with the two sisters.

Everything was ready, the house the garden and the various staff shiobhan and Alexandria had required. Not that the caters seemed as friendly to them as others for some reason. Now all they had to was wait for the ticketed guests and the two dates. Fluffy would be staying upstairs, curled in front of fire and sleepy, she had worn her dog out in a morning run round Corona Park though Fluffy always seemed to manage to find a way to get some fuss from her mistress or the sisters.

Deciding to make a impression, well Maria was not exactly on her first rodeo as she twirled in the mirror by the stairs for the exact puropee of checking before you headed downstairs. A long and flowing black dress with materals and very dark tones for depth. Glittering with crystals against the luxurious black. A few details in silver broke up the deep black with highlights. A strong contrast to her gold blonde hair but it worked, eyes glittering gold with her makeup to make the rare eye colour all more prominent.

Greeting Marinalia and Victoria, both least managed to look the part if happy to have there home back after this evening, a bottle of champagne popping open. "Cheers, to a quiet evening! And yes I know your a trouble magnet Mali..." she had a few things to discuss before there evening began. There choice in dates where definitely... Well Marinalia had admitted a tall caribian woman and Victoria a rockstar of sorts... No one in this fnaily seemed to do anything by halves.

@Almalthia@Zaxter996@Majoras End@King Tai

Be on the lookout for a formal slip warning coming up. We're looking at skipping to Saturday evening for the talked about Art Gallery.

Stay tuned,


Yep. Two airials met in a bar. They tuned in on the same channel
The wedding was not the best
The reception was great.


Yep much is in thr works.keep a eye out. Its gonna be great.

Marinalia Romus Olympus "Mali"

Park View, Xia's and Swan songs music event . Late afternoon Thorsday to Tuesday

Marinalia laughed but it was true, her younger cousins would be someone she always would be protective of, even if the two, well to be 3 where older and her age. They where a rathee close family, in there own strange ways. "Selene is 8, I'm going to enjoy riding with her when I go back for the wedding, Magnus is 5, and... So much like his parents...real handful" Laughing, Magnus was a charceter. Marla and Milo definitely where not short in personality. Smiling at her range of nicknames, they where cute but not many she could use, and laughed. Family where brilliant. "Xia is... Is a tricky one. There cute, but I Don, t feel right using them. Your names unique, least you Don, t have to spell yours every time! " Relaxed she was fairly comfortable round Xia, it was nice just to talk about family and and so, stuff not dark, or Sol city related.

Oh, that broke her streak a alittle, she was not quite how to explain things, or how she would as scared that on the stage, that Bob would return, the possee would. It would happen again. A tad more nervously, she reached and did gentley squeeze her hand. Oh fuck off world, you could think what you wanted, why did that bastad keep having to be haunting the shadows. With slate grey tuebint to steel. If you Help me... I have... A few problems I'm working out still. Giving ethan a so what look, she knew he was suspicious, because of course he seemed the a rare type she met with a ability to see beyond the obvious, and probbly keep up with Victoria perhaps too.

She did not quite entirely trust ethen, did Victoria even. Least he seemed smart, he must have ght be a vaguely useful allience of convince at least. She was not Marla, but she knew when a advantage came your way. "yeah, he is a handsome one, though I think my taste is not bad." Teasing Xia, a mix of personality was coming out, the more forceful side was just pissed off at the world, and especially at Bob in its own way making her more impulsive and doing things to spite the shell he forced her in.

Then Ethan. Well he liked to stir... She had tried to nudge that, he was ramming in with a c130 of spoons... Not that she minded, least when she was not the one being stirred. Despite being embarrising, though it was not like it was a lie in a sense lyet it was. That had never come up, but well, the snowy weekend was...l Rather... Not just friends."Princess in other castle remember Prince Charming. Well Manor.

OK, il. Do it. Hope you Don t mind us borrowing your guy miss, we bring him back just as we found him. Marcus... Umm you can do a middleish Ballard right? Nothing too heavy. I'm rusty but il try.

But you gotta perform too, and well, she been feeling a alittle off, so Cheer her up... Im sure Youl find a way"
It was a shameless, but we'll Victoria needed a alittle fun, especially after what Sol city been like, and what kinda friend would she be to her if she stopped her enjoying a few pleasures of life and living a alittle. Also teasing abit, her anger at well, alot of things was bringing out a aide a alittle more like Victoria and could see why her younger sister and he hit it off.

His next words. Well they hit hard, she was not sure as to the truth or not, she definitely did see the two together, and they did seem to vanish off together. Was she being played? He was utterly useless at working out she liked him though, she flirted. Heavily and nope... Maybe she should of broke out the mini skirt and rather... Intresting outfit. Though he was pretty oblivious... But the as he truly playing her...

That was a real difficult question, the steel melting away from her expression. And accent was somewhat torn between unfounded information, and alot of strange conocdences. Her previous anger was rather much driving her answer abit more than normal and making her reactions rather off the norm.

"What? Umm private... Bastad... ... Oh that article. Oh, we never dated. I made it bloody obvious but he was blind as landing in a whiteout. My dress was half taped on that night and he never Kissed me.

Her name.... Irish name I think, it was pretty emotinal that night. Im a alittle fuzzy on details, it got... Emotional. No idea, honestly, i remember she wore a short blue dress, red hair. She left with him, Victoria saw her briefly at the club a second, article. We met odd time... Just Joel.. He never mentioned her, so either they where, or not. Or new... I have no clue. Victoria loves logic challenges, maybe she work it out.

I might remember more another time. But Don, t hold me to it.. I'm not sure I want to. "

Shaking her head, half torn between he seemed decent. Ethan. Hurt. Why did past have to drag so much damn shit up... Maybe going here was not such a good idea. But the n. It kinda answered a doubt, she was torn a alittle between Joel and his rather... Unique way of driving her insane, and Xia, who had helped her out her shell so much. Looking forward was a good idea... Back seemed to only filled with hurt.. Giving Xia, a sorry my past is chasing me look with a squeeze of her hand. "We may be hosting a event soon, umm. Call it a date? " Her impulsive side finaly escaped, she might regret what she did later, or not, but hell with hit. Fuck you past. A hurt but determined expression and a rather public full kiss later slate grey eyes where looking rather pleased with themsleves.

Marinalia had crossed the Rubicon.

Marcus, Ethan, Xia, Reya
@Almalthia@King Tai@Zaxter996@Majoras End

In passing:

There's a extreme answer... But maybe not a popular one and a massive no go minus manz, you could gut and delete the entire contents, replace the pinned and top posts... It's been dead for months.

Reuse the old frame for star wars Persiant world.

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Sorry to say this is a dead zone in Expanding Horizons.

However there are many bountyful and active lands further down the page :) lots of new, established and intresting Role plays below.

Its due to be replaced at some point, so keep a eye out for a new persistand world at some point.


Mfer taking a long ass vacation...

We wish we took his vacations...
I'll have something up between today and Wednesday. :)

Great :)
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