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plasma. You know they issue them to guardsmen they dislike as they explode and melt you...

Nice gun though.
*Pews with bolt pistol whatever there pewing at to join the party*

It makes a slightly louder pew pew....
Killed by Draigo with a powered tea spoon.
In The Room 10 hrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
*Two Barbarians finaly stop there exercises and sounds stop there entertainments *

*there ain't no tv, or such in the Barbarian lands*
*make your own entertainment*

*door has a small sigil carved into it marking out as there's and there clan*
In The Room 20 hrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
*Furia looks over to Xan*
Going to rest. There rooms here. They do not charge.

*Nonac nods and follows the Barbarians vanishing off to room and engaging actively in expected activity with Barbarians with great amount amounts vigour*


I only play sisters of battle....
And inquisition.

Your codex is also bleeding and growing fangs trying to eat your arm for a list with Magnus allied in.


Yeah it was correct. 1 million monkeys, one Shakespeare.

*shrugs at books toasting away nicely and grabs a metal rod and heats on fire*
Well they might as well be good for something...

Got any marshmallows. We can make this a alleyway party!
I'm sure someone dumped a crate of booze about here somewhere:)
*looks round the alley and shrugs*

Guess we are starting a book club at this rate. Is there a million, a ton of crappy romance fiction and one copy of Shakespeare.

Grab a stack of 50 shades of grey.
There not books but they make alright chairs.

Someone dumped them down here for a reason.
In The Room 1 day ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
*Furia looks over at tribeswoman equally bemused*

I do not know... It seemed non hostile. See if true.

*looks at crossbow*
I doubt this would stop it even with a solid hit quickly ernough. A clans worth yes, not just two.

*Nonac nods*
Strange beasts seem to attract to place like wolves to carcass.

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