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Current Spider plants are far easier to keep alive though :)
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Kim Jong Uns sister is probbly up there with Putins daughters and Chinese President Daughter on the danger scales.
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That PM was definitely somthing... Not a good somthing..
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Animal crossing has become everyone's escape from reality and billion are on enforced gaming and homwntime
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Un popular opinions. DS9 and Sisco was downright boring at times... Bajor... Zzzz


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Marinalia Romus Olympus "Mali" & Victoria Darya Romus "Vika"

Tuesday - Sol City Hospital - Hephaestus Manor -

Taco Tuesday - Keyla Chaos

Marinalia knew she needed to rest but did not want to let down her girlfriend, especially when she was in a bad way though she would sleep much easier and far more happily knowing Xia was next to her and not hooked up to a ton of machines even if some recreational activities would have to wait a while. Of course she was right... But that did not help her brain entirely from derailing off course, sailing in an entirely new direction and hitting worry City harder than a free Irish bar. "Il try. Just the last few days, intense... If mum calls... I promise i'll rest, my mum will tell me off like I'm a teenager who borrowed her car if she finds out.. Knowing her she would turn up in person to do it!

Just Don't blame me when I'm crying into your shoulder during lion King honey. Or out of tune Frozen... Its catchy... Im a grown up when I have to.. "`
Laughing slightly, Scar killing Mustafa, in Full HD? It was just ninjas and onions to Marlin and Xia might have a wet shoulder, hopefully Keyla not mind Victoria being about though honestly maybe the older woman might be a good thing? She had been there done that and might help reduce some of her sister's worries. Leaving her phone with Xia, it gave her some way to communicate and her smart watch would vibrate if she texted her own number. It was a little far for 5 minutes but Marlin was taking exactly zero chances with her wellbeing.

Yep it was her home, namesake Grandmother's originally though it was slowly starting to really feel like her home now. It had taken a while to get the place more homely and bring life to the old place but worth it.

The woman could hug, one more thing shared between mother and daughter, like their abilities to get through to answers and get people to open up and the rather bubbly infectious optimism. "Thankyou, It's your home while you're here. It was my grandmother's, I'm sure she happy with our use, if a bit Surprised by my relationship.

3rd floor... Go to front after stairs, right to 3rd. Guest room and your ensuite is far left on the corridor overlooking the park. Me and Xia are suite in Left, Vika my sister is right, she a bit queasy in mornings, so don't worry if you hear odd sounds."
Smiling, she liked Keyla and trusted her intentions. If she meant to help, she was a good egg. Marlin really did not hide how close they were and what their relationship was like from her, honestly was better than her finding anything out not told by herself. Marlin was not exactly sure how much she had been informed about them and Victoria's situation.

Waiting as Keyla started upstairs, directions would help, the tour could wait till everyone settled in. Unflinching at his look up and down in a casual top and a mid to longer length loose skirt for the heat and comfort, slate grey eyes not giving him an inch though obviously tired and over taxed. "At least you're not competing for the girls now snow bunny has hers.

Oh, Intend to stay as long as she have me, hopefully one day with a different surname. I promised. I keep those. A little... Not much, she tired alot, the pain meds help but knock her out. I know you probably salty I was made temporary next of kin.

It was not a stranger... Someone she knew, somehow. They knew too damn much, and too little gain for it. Work maybe? I get her phone back tomorrow. Repair shop. May learn something. The time we talked... No mention of ex's, arguments or such. Time together... Nothing. She kind and helps anyone, only some looks given how we where not hiding it.

I have to consult my dad. He knows a banker here who trustworthy from his more grey jobs. You took my last cash, and I do not exactly think you take paypal. Give me a day or two."
Marlin decided to confront an elephant or so in the room and also give him an honest update on her condition, given how hard she got hurt, information was still coming back together probably. Any other time she did not trust him and money but this was blood and family, a dick and an asshole at times but he would be on the right side when it came to this, even though she felt she had to justify her position a bit. In his words the lock was locked and hopefully remaining so.

Ok She was a little confrontational but Carlo, Xia recommended taking a strong hand otherwise he never respects you. Making their way to the upper floor roughly explaining some of the layout just in case anyone needed to know where the basics like bathroom were. The surname comment was a bit far, but she had to confirm she was serious about Xia, he would never accept the English woman if she did not fight for it.

"OK, if I do not rest, your daughter and my mother will be on my case. Again, or both working together! list on the fridge, just let me know if you allergic or got any favourites. I gotta do a run to shops tomorrow. It's no extra on my part, I planned to get some Caribbean with Xia originally before all this.

I'm gonna rest love, plus I think your mum might join the club if I'm not careful. Anyway, Need to find out if the mermaid truly loves the Royal navy captain or the pirate... Though swords and corsets... Pain to fix every time. That stuff expensive and annoying to get to fit."`
Giving Xia a rather careful kiss and cuddle and her mum some time and privacy plus or minus Carlo as a family, Marlin decided to curl up in a comfy arm chair in far corner with a trashy romance paperback novel that was 50% cliche and remainder pointless love triangles. She was used to being teased about it and borrowed Victoria's ipod left on the side. Xia already knew what she had hidden in wardrobe corners, and insisted they show some off.

Chair good. Book good... Depending on perspective. Victoria's music tastes... At times questionable.

If they called her over, she would join but after all this Marlin was sure Xia and her mum, maybe Carlo had some catching up to do least for a bit. She could make up on cuddles in the evening if they did not want her about.

@King Tai
@PrinceAlexus I'll post soon :)

Great :)
Minor error corrected.
Though game had been running longer and a misread.

Now fixed. Mostly.
Give it a a go :)

Dragon energy!
Like any ship it should have a female name.

It's just traditional and somehow fitting :)
Seems a fun idea, il bite and see what happens.

Never tried before, so never know :)
why modern warfare so big

Bloating. There's lots of HD stuff and all but no one has any reason keep things small now unlike old games. Technically and the ability to download has blown the limits of game sizes wide open.
Marinalia Romus Olympus "Mali" & Victoria Darya Romus "Vika"

Tuesday - Luna Sports Centre - Sol City

Taco Tuesday

Victoria, Milo she felt bad for, he loses his phone, Reel stick and then drama runs into the situation like the kool aid man slamming through a wall and demolishing half the building in the process. Why was her life so full of drama... Why? Why did drama have to follow a simple drive...

"Thankyou kindly Milo, I try my best. Enjoy your date. It's a lovely day for a barbecue." Being polite, Vika? She was Victoria earlier, now Vika? Was that just him being overly formal or a small friendly gesture?

Milo had one thing right. Hurt her family especially she was not exactly a nice person to have on the wrong side of. Years of computer skills, advanced technology experience and her former hacking background that while... Unused. She kept up to date with the latest attack methods in order to defend against them. You had to understand the weakness before you could patch it. "The fairer sex is anything but harmless when scorned." Adding with a icey glint to her dark grey eyes and small smile. The light glittering off her diamond ring that had so now famously certainly put the cats among the pigeons.

Once Milo had left, Victoria turned to face Ethan and paused for a minute or two dealing with a sudden queasy feeling and breathing slowly and closing her eyes to centre self and let it pass. Thankfully it passed and she has not eaten much in the past few hours.

Facing Ethan, his politeness that seemed rather not to impress Milo, all he needed was to shout get off my lawn like... Bruce Willas, no, Liam Neilson? She had been too busy to completely keep up on films of late. "You never said how you found me.

I don't demand to know where someone is 24/7. Stalking really is not a turn on for many people. So you can hurt him, me or use information to my disadvantage. Leave him out of our problems.

Not exactly recall chaining you in a basement and having my way with you like a smutty novel... Already have mermaids who sit on chairs. I'll see if we have guests arrived yet."

Climbing into her car carefully and leaving handbag in front footwell, a quick check confirmed that Keyla was there or on way, she did not need dragged into this when her own issues where pressing. Urgh, so neutral ground, his ground? Mount Atlas near the old hunting lodge ruins, beach... Somewhere not busy, really not wanting press to get hands on everything. His ground would mean she is vulnerable and her trust right now based on how he seems to find her was... Careful to say the least.

Oh Ryan... "OK, hope you found your answers. You never know what can happen tomorrow :) you too, stay safe Ryan. I met Ethan... This is gonna be a fun day.
Hitting send and dropping the folding hard top as she looked over her shoulder seeing Ethan having backed away to let her off the drive. Race bike vs Bentley, that would have been one sided. "Your place, I might redecorate my dash if I drive up Atlas ridge right now. I assume you only have one property here right now oh Prince Charming?" not much point hiding her condition from the father of the child, much as not wanting to, somewhere with a bathroom and a sofa could be nice.

Replacing her sunglasses and backing out as the engine rumbled gently over the cracked pavement and through a pothole she barely felt with a gentle bump before checking he still was behind her. Pushing on the gas heading back through the pothole before driving off. His building was well known from the media, not the exact floor or so but the building was publicly known and hardly a secret.

Turning down a side road to avoid a lorry and forklift that was unloading or loading pallets from one of the small warehouse come factories in the area she passed a blue BMW Coupe fairly closely though some double parking that seems familiar. Nare... Could not be. That would be just too much of a coincidence right?

Slowing to pass the car and pulling away with a louder growl as the engine welcomed using more of the power, she was not a bad driver, what exactly was Ethan on about? No major scratches or dents, accidents driving since she turned 20.


Pulling up at Ethans building, Victoria parked up glancing over waiting for him to let her know where the parking was, street or let her into the underground area. Glancing around in her dark sunglasses trying to make sense of things, the sound still playing and hard top down. The Raven haired Brunette was definitely a little less inconspicuous in the dark purple grand tourer sports car. OK the sound system was being too accurate today on shuffle.

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