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Ernough darkness and argument. The true question. Milk first or last... The universes most important decsion.
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Not had a issue with Disney Plus personally. Smart TV. could just be internet being annoying.


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@King Tai

Posted, ending a alittle sillier but it was fun to write.
Marinalia Romus Olympus "Mali" & Victoria Darya Romus "Vika"

Thursday - Festival site - Corona Park- Sol City


Marinalia leaned back out waiting for the messages to feed the hungry hoards maybe a fraction out of place if she was 100% honest but it was food that her guest and girlfriend would love and something like Keyla enjoyed at home. Besides she could blame Carlo if wrong. He suggested the place.

Thr bit about Victoria might not be as understood but explained she was more volatile and impulsive than Marlin, and told her basics of predicament without breaking anything Victoria had meant for family only. She had wormed a fair bit out her over holiday anyway, must remember to show her the pic from England stop over if not seen, she looked like a princess in some loaned jewellery for a few minutes after getting all worried about breaking the heirloom items and needing a fair bit of encouragement it was fine to do it.

Musing interrupted by Carlo’s reply and in part chuckling to herself how he was right yet she was only like that to a very few people saw that side of her and he definitely would not make that very short list. She had placed a lot of trust in Xia but it had been returned with interest. "Sure. I'm off all week and into the start of next so no rush. I'm not as Vanilla as my skin colour ;) But only Xia gets to find out exactly how. Find a girlfriend, it's fun.

Keyla, maybe still watching Disney plus classics lol. same as over here, Xia is still sleepy but sleepy means peaceful and not hurting. She is well cared for, i'll keep you updated but there's not much to tell.

Ok, definitely safe to say Xia had slowly made her more extroverted and confident again, slowly but surely somehow it all worked. Teasing Carlo, well he was a strange egg, you had to show you could bite back or he never respected you.

Seeing the second message buzz in, Mulan, Keyla had taste, placing their orders and choosing a safe pick of a chicken based curry with some sides and rice for herself unsure exactly what everything was without Xia like in Jamaica who acted as a handy food guide. "Order... Olympus Romus... Sure. Got a credit card. I'll wait, only 20 minutes, plus my feet need a rest... Thanks." Order done and dropping onto a bench with a content sigh.

"Order... 132, Olympus Romus, Lara croft accent, blonde hair and the fancy Leather jacket in corner." over hearing talking and someone came over with the food already packed in boxes marked with what they contained. Thanking the person and giving them a tip, if she ended up here again, always be kind to those making your food.
"Got food, be 5-10 minutes walk. They only had spicy Oxtails available, but she had them in Jamaica. Nice to have someone miss you <3. Be home soon Keyla.

Marlin x"

Pressing send and heading home with a smile, even if was just someone asking after you, it was a nice feeling and one she had missed. Marlin really enjoyed the little stuff, ok she was a softy when it came to some stuff.

Heading in through the outer gate, grabbing a package left in the hall and going upstairs dropping her bags on the kitchen counter. "I'm home, i bring food and cute mugs among other things." Sitting next to Xia with a glass of wine, and food before kissing her cheek gently and holding her good hand without really thinking how far she changed since that fateful snow storm. "Hey my spicy egg. Missed you too. Phone, photos including those that survived, and a fun one in blue toothed over. Think Xena as a blonde... Your sim broke but new one is on order. Know how you like your curry.

Your foods on side Keyla, I got a bunch of sides and sauces as I do not know what you like, they're labeled."
Ok, she may have overdone a little and 4 kinds of rice etc, but it could be breakfast and however much they told her, Marlin was just trying to be kind. Heart right... Plan not always.

Waiting for Mulan to come on, Victoria and her Bodyguard.had gone somewhere for food and would be back soon, seeming to be enjoying a longer walk and some fresh air. She needed to clear her head so that was a good thing. Not wanting to make Keyla uncomfortable she just learnt into Xias side to be close and enjoyed her company. Marlin would much rather she be healthy and not be hurt like this but fate had played its hand and cemented something also.

"Ok... I may like singing along, it's Disney... I might have watched this a few times" smiling slightly awkwardly at how she had got into song having known words off by heart, not that she ever admitted that to many people. The fact she was relaxed, not overdoing things out of worry, happy and though little tired did not seem lost on others though. Looking over a little concerned and quietly asking, Xia was... Something. She knew enough to know something but not long enough to narrow it down. "Sure you ok? You know i sticking by you regardless what happens, if you let me?'' Seriously, you're not alone Xia. We get through this together." too tired to really mask her concerns, slate grey eyes telling a 1000 words and gently putting pressure on her non hurt hand. The rather large glass of wine also side effects of making her saying exactly how she felt.

Surprised her phone started buzzing singing a song, seeing mum, she answered and transferred the video call to the TV. "Sorry... Mums calling, plus she asked to check up on everything." Before she could even hey mum her 5 year cousin came on screen chased by a woman who looked like an older version of Marlin but with Gold eyes and a view of a lake behind in the windows. "Aunt Mali! And zi... Xia. When you get Married so i can have cake and stay up late?" While Marlin blushed and Maria finally got her phone back sitting Magnus on her lap, with a crisp English accent but warm. "Magnus, behave. Or I tell Mummy. Sorry Marlin, you must be Keyla. I got frantic calls about, Dr Maria Romus, nee Olympus, Maria really just fine and nice to meet you. Hope you're recovering Xia, I liked you at the art show not seen Marlin like this happy in a while, let me know if you need help getting my daughter to stop overdoing it." Marlin was abit pink, her cousin was laughing at finally getting one up on her, Magnus was growing so fast. "Magnus, it's more... It's not that simple, you cheeky monkey, i'll get you a cake when i'm home. And tickle monster you for that. Mummmm... I'm not that bad. I'll be off till mid next week, Magnus looks like he needs a nap."

Spotting Magnus was part napping on her lap, cute little cheeky monkey. Maria could not resist teasing her daughter abit first though. "Nice save Marlin, you used to fall asleep like that too you know. Magnus is my sister Marla and Milo's son. I was a younger mum. Let Victoria know me and Marla will call her later and work out a plan. Mikes Selene won her contest by the way. My brother is... Annoying proud dadding. Call you later and love you, Xia, Keyla, when you feel up to it, open invite to England some time, don’t be strangers. Feel free to call me." M Names, they could not explain why it just happened, it always was funny seeing how they reacted to the whole pattern.

Marlin waved , though still pink hiding a little into Xias shoulder and laughing happily that had Magnus and Maria teasing before waving goodbye. "Love you, even though your both cheeky monekys. Magnus, even you cheeky.

My family is crazy, but i love them and they always have my back when needed. "
did they evet do normal?

@King Tai
Planning. Good planning is very much a key stage to any success. It savws massive headaches and lets you get off the ground whilw you have sustained intrest.

Having your plans orgonized and knowing what you intend to do, plot wise, though you need to be able to adapt somewhat to the players who join you. Square pegs do not fit im round holes.

Briefings and Bridge


Setting up the department on the Vigilance was a bitch of a task and she could feel the discontent of her staff rather strongly. The ship was old, the systems new, Engineering was still ironing out the kinks, snags and outright just plain not working. They had been working long shifts, not much breaks and too many people who were in too few square metres of space. "Lt . I expect your department ready to regs by 20:00 tonight. It's entirely possible. I did it before."

She could feel the wave of discontent and annoyed response bitten back and kept in check by ranks, though she was doing this for their good. when the shit hit the fan they would thank her how she had busted them to be prepared and have the department ready and able to respond. "Yes Mam. We will be ready for inspection." Taking the cue to leave, slave driving bitch. They knew she knew what they thought about her, granted compared to his previous ship the Doctor had a solid medical reputation beyond reproach and not just friends in Starfleet HQ. Still he had not been worked to the bone like this since the first year as a academy cadet.

She had not spent too much time in the Wardroom and mostly been too busy to really get a good read on most officers and the crew as a whole. The captain time she had reported to him when presenting her credentials was a real surprise. silent. Sure and Ferengi and others were unreadable but he was so. a Blank wall of nothing. It had thrown the Betazed whom despite her indifference and reputation for such was capable and far from planets best but a little above the curve in regard to ability.

Heading out of the busy medical bay feeling the wall of mental noise reduce, being a telepath had its downsides regardless what others thought of it to her quarters to change into a more presentable one than her work detail one that was dusty, dirty and crumpled. The previous station had somewhat been behind the curve and an older skirt and below knee boot variation remained in regular use after others had swapped and somehow got forgotten about among the sheer scale of the fleet. Changing into her general uniform and previous postings boots. She had been too busy corralling the mess that the USS Vigilance Medical Section into shape to have fully got fitted for all the new gear, especially with the rush to outfit the USS Vigilance no one had time to issue her with everything. Rexa Avurem held tightly to regulations but with all going on has far higher priorities to see to first than footwear. Besides that she had to admit they were more comfortable and supported the ankle better. Why did they change them again?

Ensuring her Uniform was correctly neatened up and general appearance to her high standards. She was an Officer and looking like she just ran to duty 5 minutes after getting up would be rather unprofessional. Plus remind the Male dominated Command she was still a woman, and could rise to join them regardless of Gender. Busy as ever, passing a few crewmen whose minds were on their amorous attentions and not their work detail. Some things were nicer not to know. "Bridge deck." Commanding the Turbo lift as a few others got in headed on up.

Reaching the bridge, and following the normal pomp and ceremony of the bridge having only been up a few times too busy with her own decks and section, but this situation required a personal visit rather than checking the computer for new orders. She respected the others, friends maybe not, especially those who had faced the Dominion knowing full well their brutality and costing her an eye in the process. One thing did come to mind from the short briefing by Command, refugees meant a lot of work for Medical.


"Bridge wants me, make it quick SGT, what exactly went wrong with the training exercise?" The large muscular Major was not quite in the same stage as some of the ship's other departments. He had already packed and loaded and just was a matter of stowage from crates to racks and cargo bays. The time spent planet side preparing was paying off dividends. "Sir. Three Marines injured, one Corporal. Minor. few sprains and such stress injuries. Medical put them on light duty for 2 days and some pain killers, overdid it trying to best Captains time on the assault course Major." Marines, love em or hate em they never did anything by half, it was everything or nothing. "That explains the memo from the lt commander Avurem. Carry on SGT, Tell your men to ease up in future and not to repeat it. Dismissed." Returning the Salute and heading to the bridge to find out what was so important a Marine had to attend the bridge, It was Fleet country.

Compared to most problems on his plate that day, the issue was minor and ending up with Lt commander Rexa Avurem treating? That was a lesson enough not to be idiots. The Betazed was not exactly easy to get on with but scuttlebutt had only confirmed her solid medical reputation and confirmed she was half his size but not one to tangle with if it could be avoided. The Security officer he had met a few times and could not find a more solid Officer in that regard. He was a consummate professional and driven hard. Joint security drills would be tough but a good challenge for his men and women needed to maintain the sharp edge he had worked hard to form.

He knew a Marine Veteran was among his Fellow Seniors, however he had taken a respectful wait and see position for most parts unsure as to how they would react. They had left the Corps due to injury and some were glad to spend time among their old comrades, others preferred to avoid and not remember what they lost. Let them come to them if they so choose. A Marine even in blue Fleet uniform would always be welcome among their own.

Reaching the Bridge as a single tower of green in the mass of blue marked by various stripes and rank markings, Navel always had their traditions and held them older than Starfleet, even older than an united Earth. Captain was quiet, normal for a Vulcan but solid. Medal of Honour, battle awards, burns. He was a real deal frontline captain with the knocks to prove it. Mission briefing, this he gave his full attention and noticed the Medical Officer gave a similar expression. Refugee crisis meant it would not be a quiet tour for his unit if things really went bad. Almost all the senior members of Crew knew what a war was like, quite a few were decorated for valour. These officers at least he could respect.


Lieutenant Commander O'Sullivan had probably spent more time consulting with Engineering in a short time than an entire tour in his previous duties. The Sensors had taken a small miracle to get everything to state it was in. The whole ship was new In her systems but laid down before the war. New but untested and the bugs were taking time to iron out. The Chief Engineer had his every sympathy having to get this vessel into fighting condition though. He already had spent several hours with his body in a Jeffries tube with an engineer getting the long range senor array to his satisfaction. His work uniform might be fit for burning not washing after having to go into a old part of the ship to find the master relay junction.

Keeping his views quiet, and mostly observing. He had learned it was better to get lay of the land before you stood out too much, a wise approach when he intended to keep a clean record and retirement. Besides the USS Vigilance and her quirks had kept him busy without needing to worry about that. It was clear why he was chosen in part for this group, his treatise on the entire mystery of the Vulcan divide, flight, founding of the Empire, timeline and the linked timelines of devastation of so many worlds all around a similar time frame. Now that it had made friends in some areas, no one wanted to be proven wrong and have to admit their greatest scholars were incorrect, by an outsider no less.

"Any updates Sensor Chief? The targeting sensors are adjusted, tell Tactical they pass, not perfect but we do not have the time to bring everything to peak, and I'd rather get all systems working and stable first." The crew here where a real jumble, a mix of old veterans, recruits straight out academy and a few volunteers, old hands from the reserves whom had more years in space than the newbies had alive.

"No change on most sir. bit of chatter out in space, regular traffic, nothing of any real note. The new recruits need some seasoning, we got eye on a few, but no issues so far. May I ask Sir, Is the situation bad as the news casts are saying?" The Sensor Chief had a good few years in the service though his posting had kept him out of the worst of the war, an early warning station near Earth system which was established to provide warning of a Dominion invasion. Thankfully bar a few deep space raiders and so, it was a quiet posting.

"Good, expect assignments to be fully confirmed in a few days once got a measure of them. Chief, that's a difficult question. There's a lot of Unknowns, we have a lot of educated guesses and not so many hard facts. Now with loss of the Home worlds, the structures are beheaded but its limbs remain, so full repercussions may not be felt for months or years.

I'd advise the Treatise by Sulan, Empire of the Twin Wolves, its one of the more respected and also much quicker and easier overviews to understand than the Vulcan texts, also less dry by light years. Should put everything in better context."
Thinking back he remembered how bad some of the Vulcan texts could be, bad even for there academia on the whole, if someone asked it was no problem to suggest some texts to help understand and reduce wild theory's going round then it was worth a few minutes now than mouth more later on.

"Lieutenant Commander O'Sullivan please report to the bridge. Comms Out" That was his cue, receiving a respectful response from the Chief, Senior enlisted where the backbone of Starfleet, that was drummed hard into him by his first tour in deep space. getting their respect and a bit of goodwill made your job a lot easier in the long run.

Reaching the Bridge after a few minutes to make uniform presentable for the Captain, it paid to make a decent impression, plus there was an old yet ever present expectation that Officers had to set the standards for those under them, They did not trust you with life, if you could not be bothered to look after something as small as your uniform. Following the expected traditions of the captain on bridge on auto pilot, it was drilled hard into you in the academy so much so, it was a reflex.

it was the first time he had really seen the whole staff gathered in one place in past few weeks, The imposing Marine had inches and pounds on almost everyone else, the Security chief was tough, knowing his species they had body to back it up, quad heart system and a range of atmosphere tolerance exceeding most of the crew. Captain was an enigma, even for a Vulcan, a war hero, though there was something about him, yet no one could ever put their finger on it. Doctor he had met years before, and the grumbles. Tight ship, but given lives rested on her so directly, you could appreciate somewhat how she came to be so. Tactical, Engineering, Xo looked like he might be able to match Major in gym, even with a size disadvantage. Solid as a dreadnought.

Then came what he had been expecting in some respects for a while, confirmation of the crisis and reading between the lines, they were headed to the border.


Hello. Welcome to the guild :)

Youl want to check out table top game section. Its a smaller section but still definitely an active one.
Ok.. Down to Marines. Or an adjustment of a doctor ordered to have a bed aide manner and be more sensitive to crew but also be a tad obviously not natural still be abrupt snd have tactt at times of a drunk klingon.

Because doctors in star fleet deal with so much crazy you just eye roll, carry on amd remove the livong tenacles that somehow became someone's hair or go mad.
Chars are in the lore link he posted, I'm versatile and can change if you like one that I like too

Maybe engineering, marines or medical.. One of those 3 seems to intrest.

A teleoath with no bed side manner lol.
Marines and engineering because they seem intresting.
Seems intresting. Depends on the pre Made charceters though. :)

Hopefully you find ernough folks to get it off the ground.
Ugh, I need to stop being lazy and neglectful.

@PrinceAlexus I'll get out a reply soon. possibly by the weekend. I'll make sure I drink 5 hour energy or Monster to put some pep in my step.

Its a strange time so don't be too hard on self. We living through a strange movie only they keep changing the plot like a bored kitten.

Late is better than never :)

Casual has grown somewhat but mostly this is more a symptom of traffic i think. more people used casual so more people used it and casual has grown from 1-3 paragraphs to complicated and detailed RP with long posts and all in-between. There are RP in Casual that detail matching advanced and the growth of "high casual" which kind of hybrids. Just simple evolution.

It allowed the best chance of success.
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