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Current Sometimes you want to tell a event from diffrent, time, view points and so. Younc9uld be both in the present, and for another looking back.
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Happy new year humans of 2022! May it be better than rhe last!
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Making stuff by hand is very satisfying.
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Happy new year for the year that shall not be named is over.
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Died laughing maybe :)


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Lord and lady Coswain

About Dawn Haven

“Il be fine” Persephone said waving off an worry and returned down tightening up fur lined boots, durable leather to suit the Lunarian terrain, rocky, thick soles with metal studs. Lacking her saddle bags she only had uniform and what she was carrying, hopefully she could locate that stable master before this speech. She doubted the town Would be anything but crazy after the event.

It was warm by Lunarian standards so she had left her fur coat behind in the room, not a foot of snow or walls of sleet and ice in your face. It was a good day. “Il see what about, there has to be something to keep busy.” He was rather feeling… odd, no Major orders, this down had barely anything… The guards all answered to the Prince, his own men, so did the squires and so. Coswain did not know how many but suspected he had more than he was smart and knew exactly what he intended. He was sure their was much to learn about this place. Adonis was smart in his own way, he was not alive for being stupid, he felt this town had something about it worth paying attention to.

She left the Inn, its door was rather broken and did not open as easily as it should. The dent in the middle was massive, blight born where considered a major threat for a reason, this one has dented thick hard wood door, not pretty but very much solid. Everything about this place was less refined but more solid and durable against the frontier. It was refreshing though, more honest…least on the surface.

He leant back and thought he would make a plan first. First he had to work on finding this Sunni perhaps, maybe the blacksmith, he least ws said to be. Well normal? Yes. That was his plan.

Taking a roundabout path Persephone walked past the lake shore, boots crunching on rocky gravel and saw. She was not sure what she saw, movement but then soon gone and vanished, there were many strange things and aquatic ones where stranger still. She had not got time to wonder when she followed a hooded figure, a woman by her shape to the marketplace and where the stables should be off that central point. The woman seemed intent on her business so left her be and ran a hand through her red hair, it was growing longer and wondered if she should bother cutting it shorter, given how she might have to merge with a more civilian lifestyle this winter.

The hooded woman did make her a little curious, she was very much one who seemed to have a dangerous grace or some kind of small thing that alerted her mind. She was different, she was someone of note rather than a non threat. Her instinct was pretty good for this kind of thing especially since the endless night had uncomfortably magnified her abilities.

There… He was not at the stable but saw a similar looking figure dart past to a another way, another building, perhaps they had a seperate home of some kind or other duties to durfull alongside the one she knew. Persephone was used to tracking people and had a fast eye as she moved purposefully following his most likely trail from signs and 20 some years experience.

Another glimpse she kept her distance but confirmed he likely was her mark. She knocked raptly on the wooden door, waiting as she waited, buffing some missed dirt off a metal plate on her shoulder. waiting was boring but something she entirely used to. Persephone could definitely wait.

“Hello. I'm looking for a stable master. Tarooo? Taru?” She called out and enquired politely and waited.

Coswain would wait a little; he left a note that he would be out and headed out, trusting his comrades to sort out thr border fort issue and went looking thr smithy or the construction site.

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Lord and lady Coswain

Eye of Beholder

“Come on lazy bones, before pwople take good stuff Seph” Coswain laughed as he helped Persephone up, they had woken up and had never changed, the woman was not a morning person, her … abilities meant that ever since the endless night Persephone had dreams that where.. rather vivid and very much unbecoming to a good night's sleep. She always had abilities but the endless night had maximised the Lunarian powers dramatically. For some it was more disturbing than helpful.

They were dressed in their standard wear having left the armour elements sat in a neat Stack, though coswain could not help but wear his sword. He did not feel right without it. They had things to do, including what was left on her horse. Her other kit, clothes and so on were left on her mount's saddle bags.

“Fine Adon. let's go, I do get hangry” She said with a smile. The room they had was not great but it was better than soldiers had been billeted before and they had managed then, separate and together. Heading down they found the innkeeper was not about but breakfast was not hard to find and the kitchen was pretty clean.. especially the oven and its metal door. There was cold meat, cheese, some older bread and more than enough to make a good breakfast for a Lunarian. They were well used to making do with what they had and what selene chose to give you. You just made the best of it.

“Prince is looking to make an announcement, must be big news for someone to leave these over town” Persephone read the document that was left at the Inn and reread if she missed a context or between the lines details. There was none, it was pretty much a benign note all considered. No hidden court trickery, plots or evidence of manipulations… boring really for Persephone who was used to the capital's rather labarathyine nature. “Nothing spicey. Listen to a Prince, no seeming plots” Coswain agreed as he read the note he was passed, it was far less intrigue than the life they lead before this.

“Pregnant?” Persephone mused maybe the marriage had paid off or it was something entirely dull like a new clock or so. The town really did need a clock thinking about the fact. It was morning but what morning? How did people even arrange to meet when they not even know the time?

“Who knows. well done, I had sex, we had much sex and made a baby. Its not hard, rather fun, but still.” Adonis said about the whole announcement subtext and found it pretty odd, however important the child Is.

“That's…” Persephone could not help but burst out laughing at the whole comment, the announcement meant exactly that if you really dug down. It might not be the most polite but the inn was quiet and they were at a private spot near the counter. “Moon measurements. very accurate.” She said with a logical point that had Adonis just nodding, someone better tell him to buy a clock before winter.

“Stable man, we need to find. I hope he knows his horses, mines…” Her horse was not the most tame and took rather firm hands to keep under your control, half the battle of such a horse was earning its respect so it accepted you. They were fickle too, you Had to find a horse you could work with. A skilled stable master could do the job, but she hoped he was.

“Able to be a pain in the purse, ass and I also love you despite it” Adonis said with a lazy grin as she slapped his arm not walling doing much to the leather padding. “I claim the concussion that I said yes, and said you where handsome.” She replied back with good nature.

“Aye, I think I know him by sight and where it is. We can go find him Seph. About 20 years too late love. You used Lady Coswain already.” It was strange getting being reunited, a good strange as duty had kept them parted for years of their not marriage when they added it up, duty had come first and they had served. Maybe being send here was not as much a exile as it could be. "I think priest would drown us than marry us. The old clan ceremony, only need a lunarian noble." They talked for a while, wandering topics, from banter to more serious and practical including asking Sya if she allow Persephone to use the oven to bake at times, even Throne Agents needed hobbys.

Syraeia Leela “Sy-a” Inn Keeper

Dawn Haven _ “The eye of the Beholder.”

Early Morning

Sya eye crept open, the "morning” was dark, same as every other morning and this had caused great distress and confusion at first until people found a rhythm of a sort, people went to bed, there was a morning though everyone had their own perception and version of the perceived time. This morning was different to others as she was entangled in another person, no, woman as they felt too light and curved to be male. Olivia, Oliva had joined her in the night and she smiled, waking up to another person next to you willingly was not a pleasure she had in over a year.

sleep came at her again… Sya fell back to sleep and snuggled back up deciding to get a few more minutes rest, she closed her eye and pressed herself into Olivia drawing comfort.

She finally woke up properly the next time she found wakefulness moving on her, unsure how much time had passed and looked around realising it was not a dream with somewhat of a giggle and content sigh. She had no desire to disentangle herself and did with regret and without hurry, placing slow lingering kiss on her bed partner's lips as a good morning before she pulled away regretfully looking around for where her clothes were kept and the comforting weight of her long dagger on the bed side table.

Stretching as she sat, she was a little sore from the prior day and an idea came to mind. “I'm gonna go to the hot springs, I can be open for late morning to lunch, one day I can hire someone, Becky. I need to talk about a potential job. I'll see you tonight if not before.” Sya said softly with a smile at the end, even if they were busy it seemed they would have time at least at night.

“No rest for the emberkin” She said with more humour than it deserved, her local Birth term for a blightborn, two she knew out of…how many ... .and she was the only one of those two alive she knew existed.

Sya moved to get dressed, first braiding her hair into a French style deliberately choosing the one that showed her more as a woman than a worker. she had more to her life now, more to show the world that she was more than the one who kept them fed and drunk.

Clothes she had less choice, her wardrobe was somewhat limited but of good quality for her place, if a bit boring and dull. Bright beautiful colours and styles and material others wore she was yet to be able to afford. One day, just not today.

She paused in the bedroom. door, her more sensitive hearing picked up the signs that people were beginning to wake up and start their day, people were moving and she would have to too. She had to put a note on the door, check on Becky, the kitchen before she could go to the hot springs …

Sya however left her hooded robe behind, she felt not the cold and had no need of its warmth, but its concealment and she decided that she no longer wanted to do that all the time. Her hair ran down her back in looser branded curls and eye glittered a bright blue with her pale ear tips poking visible against the brown.

She paused at the door handle in her small pale hand and took 30 seconds to compose herself before she faced the outside world.

Welcome. We Don,t bite. Except thr vampire charceter :)

...or maybe a carpenter on his way to town can get together with the blacksmith and make some sort of central town clock? ^^

Otherwise a 24/12hour sand hour glass is gonna be 'big'. hehe pun intended.

Yeah, time to invest in a large central clock! With chimes so we can know the time..
<Snipped quote by The Muse>

"... and how would we know without the sun?" The heavens asked amused in a jestful and light hearted manner. XD

Umm..well being as sundial makers are kinda redundant.
The water clock maker should be busy with sales.
Hey all! We'll be time skipping to the next day soon. If you haven't already, please wrap up your characters for the night :)

Almost completed one day, woohoo!! Lol

Sya can finally spend some time in the spa :)

Syraeia Leela “Sy-a” Inn Keeper

Dawn Haven _ “The eye of the Beholder.”

Closed for Business

Sya had enough as she looked over and did the maths a 3rd time… it took 3 attempts to total it up meaning she had enough. Her eye was hurting a little and she was tired. It has been a day of…well a crazy day. She reached her hand back feeling the French braid and smiled. She might not even be alone tonight, it was stupidly fast but when it felt right…it was right.

Purring the book away under the counter to work on in the morning, maybe lunch and capped her ink carefully with a small stopper. “I'm closing up, anything else?” She called out to no requests so walked her way over and flipped the wooden board next to the door to “Closed for business” and barred the back door with a thick wooden bar. She felt safer and Sunni if he returned could use the main door still.

“Goodnight” She said with a small yawn making way up the stairs, it got darker and cooler the higher she climbed till she found her sanctuary. The knight gave her a nod but barely replied too intent on his drawings, she did not expect Lunarians to be overly fond of her anyway.

Ahh.. she thought embracing the low light, only the moon's light came in and she had a window propped open to let the cool night air in. The cold never bothered her, the darkness felt homely, her eye ached but she felt better here. Her room had a lack of things, she did not arrive with much but it was hers, a trinket or so that caught her eye in market, a small pile of books, and such. her status at Mistress did mean she had a rather large bed at the end of the room, a pair of surfaces either side, heavy iron candle holders and such. She rarely used those or needed to. The coals Basin for heat she never needed.

“Ahh” dipping her face partly into water felt good as her eye soothed into the cool liquid, long dagger forged by her father dropped onto the side table, she just dropped her clothing neatly into the drawer and climbed into her bed, the warm covers not needed but kept the soft materials and the luxury of it all. Sya smiled and closed her big eye, shutting out the light, the noise, the chaos and having her own safe spot where she could sleep in peace was priceless. A quick tug and her brown hair was loose all over the pillow massaging her scalp and enjoying letting it free. It did not take her long to be content and I'd anyone wanted to bother her for no important reason they would find themselves thrown down the stairs.

That was not a hollow threat either with how her eye started to feel later on. Flashes of colours, pain and so. Sya just needed a rest, perhaps a cuddle and a good “night's” sleep. She traced one of her scars, an old wound near her heart, an attempt to kill her thinking she was a vampire of all things. Vampire no, it would have probably worked though. Above that though was a rather more pleasantly gained mark on her skin.

Her singing to self died away as sleep took her and she lay half covered, breathing slowly letting the cool night air help her forget and soothe her body lit only by the slice of moonlight making her seem even paler than she was.

Sya was at peace.


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