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Current Sometimes you want to tell a event from diffrent, time, view points and so. Younc9uld be both in the present, and for another looking back.
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Happy new year humans of 2022! May it be better than rhe last!
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Making stuff by hand is very satisfying.
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Happy new year for the year that shall not be named is over.
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Died laughing maybe :)


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Still working through ideas.

My current thought on the subject is: You have been told that this is a finishing school of sorts, shared by a handful of loosely allied kingdoms. It is held in a temple to a defunct god, in an ancient city that is widely credited as the "Birthplace of Royalty." You are tutored here by priestesses of aforementioned defunct god, but discipline and supervision are surprisingly lacking from them.

Students will quickly discover that escaping the school itself is relatively easy, but leaving the exotic(and rather quaint) city proves basically impossible. Nothing is compelling the students to attend to their lessons, and there has not been any mention of how long the curriculum will last.

In short, it seems you've just been sent here to get you out of the way.

Here's the thing, because my muse is fickle and I have another drastic about face in mind. I'm considering (almost) completely abandoning the structure of this, and instead running a game that focuses on a group of troublemaking royal siblings. I say almost completely, because it will still revolve around the royals receiving a new tutor that's there to try to get them back in line.

Do not mind either.

My character was sent their for being trouble and also being caught with both the chamber maids and gaurd captains intimately. Not that they cared they where doing it. Just that they where getting caught and causing problems.

She failed the whole you have to be discreet. So they shipped her put way to hppw she married, or whatever to get out their hair.
Alternatively, how do people feel about abandoning the sinister air(for the most part), and just doing a goofy RP about ill behaved fantasy royalty?

What I a little of both?. What starts out as shepherding these over titled brats and so, their may be more going on that might not be as dark but theirs like May w reason for them taking up school of Royal brats, troublesome Prince prince's and problamtic princess.

I'm interested
Talie "Friendly local rock nerd"

Happy, Curious and enjoying music.

The band had started to play and it was good, less polished than the professional bands with professional set up she had seen last. But it had a rather nice aspect to it, it was well rehearsed and they seem comfortable with each other. The man she had seen and his sister were rather animated and there was a great energy about the performance. It was older music, a cover of an older band but it seemed to suit the event, smaller and more local. "hmm, unsure. Maybe a cover, something popular for different groups?" They had a rather mixed crowd from teenagers and families, older groups, couples, people of many ages and backgrounds. It was a rather interesting and varied little town.

Candra was interesting, Reya, the interesting group they formed was a very strange mix of people and backgrounds. The professional woman in a smart suit was curious but would not pry into her business. It was not her problem. "It's nice" Talie spoke without thinking, relaxing. In the event, the town, the gathering of mixed people. It was nice to be away from her stress and her problems.

Talie had already blocked the number so she could not be called by them. Hopefully she could be left alone, Talie needed some peace.

Distracted nicely how long they had been performing, her mind moved back from the darker spot it had got stuck for a second. She came here to escape. Humming along to the music and feeling the beat that thumped through her feet, the thin heels sole passed them though easily.

The water gave her time to re-centre. Talie was not always as strong as she presented. "She really can sing." Talie was impressed by the singer, off stage she had been a little rude but she had talent.

"you reckon you will be here for a while Candra?" Talie asked, wondering if the woman was passing through or intended to say. Nothing too intrusive, just trying to get to know the smartly dressed woman in the rather lovely suit.

"Reya, any event for 4th of July? My brother, Jan, wants to visit. Though it's like feeding an army. I wish I could keep in shape like that." Talie laughed, her food bill had never been small when her brother came around, between being plain huge and working out, he could eat an entire steak for breakfast and consider more needed.

The band was building a good energy. Tonight was a good idea. Talie could deal with her emotions later.

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Talie "Friendly local rock nerd"

Happy, Cheeky and Flirty.

"USGS to introduce myself properly. I'm the Lead here, not that means much in a Two person Office. Just me and Manny." Talie Joked slightly. She had nothing against the fact she was here, the fact was there were influences larger than just the developers and building houses. Someone was looking to restart an old quarry, others were interested in the mining history and operations and more. Plus she may have to work with her as USGS had to check to make sure land was safe, too much mining history around this place to undertake major projects without checking what was under it first.

Talie could not help but laugh slightly at the whole rock thing. This very well put together woman in a smart business suit was into rock music. It was clear you could never judge people by what they wore and what they did for a job. People definitely surprised you. "It caused so many bad jokes, i'm into rock music. Metalic… ore.." Talie made a terrible pun pretending to be serious. "I prefer heavier stuff, Ramstein, and such but this band seems interesting personally." Talie spoke rather interested in discussing music. "I go for a pretty wide range though. I try to get to concerts when I can. I missed FFDF sadly…" Talie had to miss one due to work commitment moving here. She had not planned everything out perfectly.

Choosing her answer to Candra carefully about the whole thing. Her offer to help needed little explanation and context. Let her waffle feast and food buy her time to think. Savouring the sweet treats and food after a long day. "No, I have not met you before." Talie spoke nervously and was unsure of the whole situation. "Sorry. I only meant, "I was new here, it's not always easy being a newcomer." Talie spoke honestly, small towns could be the loneliest places even though they were friendly and people kind…but not always welcoming.

"Aww… ok, I cannot say I did not appreciate that either myself." Talie smiled softly watching the young couple and her boyfriend hand her a cuddly toy he won. Teanager, woman, she had a giant bear and it was cute, cuddly and plain adorable. Well it was not her boyfriend in Talies case but it was a friend, and one who was nice to her.


Peyton was dressed in jeans, dark cowboy boots and a flannel shirt thrown over a t- shirt with a simple framed Caterpillar logo on the front. His dark hair and beard was neat and tidied up. He knew the doc from a few chats when his Fiance had left, he was a good ear and had not judged or treated him badly. He seemed like a fair guy. "Whats up doc, want something stronger than leaf water and chips." He felt generous though had not been bidding, he did find it quite fun and the Sheriff had interest from an attractive Latina Brunette, and then..Well the others. There certainly were some interesting chats going round the office. Emily had 2 dates… not that he was badly paid, a 4th generation heavy kit tech round here was never a lacking trade.

"Mind if I sit down for a minute?" Popping a bottle of beer down, a glass and pulling a knife from his belt hidden by the flannel shirt popping the cap off with a blade without much attention and dropping the knife back to his side. Taking a drink and approving of the bottle before pouring a pint out.

"Always liked the festival, I remember watching them in a bar, about 20 people and a worn out sound system." Looking over to the band he had watched them early as honestly he had been bored that night. They were not bad, though they had improved quite a bit on technology. Their original kit looked like it had been cobbled together in a barn.

Peyton relaxed a little, it was a nice distraction from his empty home he had on the edges of the town.

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Talie "Friendly local rock nerd"


"Hurting people is a bad way to make friends…. Or good… we are strange. " Talie smiled at the change in mood and Reya seemed not to mind the situation that they met under, it was definitely hard to forget. "My personal is on the back, you seem fun. " Talie said hopefully, in a friendly way, Reya seemed someone who she could get on with.

"Zach? Red hair Rock guy … Yes, I was reminded of a bad situation with a college ex. Someone got me out of a bad spot as he turned out to be not so nice when we fell apart… and kind was paying it forward." Talie admitted honestly pausing to think how exactly to describe it. She did not want to dredge up all the grey details but the situation was not great and she had a good and honest reason for wanting to help Reya. He had turned out to be a rather rotting Yolk in a rather attractive egg, plus he really knew what to do with certain things. Only he turned out to be a creep after it broke up. "I read him wrong? He not a bad egg?" asking tentatively.

Talie bit into her chocolate quietly as the old memories hit her, she did not like to mention that but Reya was owed an answer why and she was now past that time in her life. Good things now, reminding herself she had loved, learned and moved on from her not so great college dating history.

Her skin turning a little more dusky at the sudden change in subject, glad of it Talie grabbed onto it like her morning coffee. "They are rather… another time, I kinda already have a rather public date of sorts." Talies eyes glanced around to check, she did not want to give herself a bad reputation.

Candrawati, OK Candra she could do without causing offence by first meeting her. Talie herself went by for own reasons but Natasza was a little tricky for some people. Reya had already welcomed her and did not mind, she looked rather smart yet still female in that suit. It caused her to raise a mental eyebrow at exactly how potentially wealthy she was. That was not a cheap suit by any means. Talie herself was in a rather nice date dress and coat so was glad almost she was not only who had dressed up though!

"Im Natasza, but Talie is easier and sounds less like a professional me. I'm very much off duty." Talie spoke lightly but was also kinda a difference. She was Talie, then she was also Dr Natasza Stepanova on official stuff, given how her work was variable it kept her two selves separate. "If it's local, ask Reya, I only got my posting here a few weeks ago Candra." Talie was honest, she did not want this woman to not get the help she needed. She had felt rather lost till she met Thomas who had told her where the local food shop was and how to find her house. GPS was not always 100% reliable here.

"Il do my best to help though." Talie added kindly. Newcomers had to look after each other in small towns. "Nice suit." She added, Talie had to admit Candra made that look really work for her and small compliments did help break the ice.

"My card, if i can help let me know" Digging a USGS card out of her bag, it had the office location, phone and a work mobile. It was not exactly what they were for but the woman reminded Talie of well. Herself.

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Zulu conditions.
The Cult of Shadows.

Dark hours .

"Prepare, everyone, you know it's coming. The storm is clearly showing signs, Janus get the streets barricades ready, You supplies, you get a watch set up, if the drums sound it means 4th ring will become a battlefield again. You, internal, you tend the fire." Callina spoke coldly, issuing orders to ensure they had what supplies they could muster, crude defences and so on. The narrow streets favoured easy barricades. Maybe they would be useless. But they have to try. To not try would be suicide. Would the underground protect from the beast….no. it might go after easier prey though.

They would try to survive the coming turmoil. Below the entry was narrow and was designed to defend. But even that would not hold back the storm.

"I know, we try, A narrow chance beats certain death."she purred later on laying back against a comfortable bed as could be made or scavenged running fingers down her fangs, drinking the blood of an animal. It was not the best but it satisfied her desires least for a time.

Janus lay next to her in what passed for a private sanctuary, a room, but a room with a scavenged door. More than many had, it was probably once some room linked to this old bath long abandoned by its former masters. "The storm will take us, or it will not, nothing we can do Callina. We lack materials and crafts to truly prepare. We do the best as able" Janus spoke honestly. He, well a he right now never hid the cold truth, there was no point, if you died you died. It might be a relief as he felt his body begin another cycle of shifting. The pain.. never went away but it became part of the background. Ever present and ever could overwhelm them. "Regina would leave us to die, the rebels only care for themselves. Their bad as Each other" Janus spat harshly as they tried to hold back an armageddon that had loomed over them all their lives.

"Your Truth is sharp as a dagger Janus." Callina replied but Janus. Janus just told it as it was. There was no lie. "But the signs, the shadows all haunt us.." leaning into a kiss, if death was coming. You embraced life. They would live. Funny belief for a Vampire but she was fucked in the head much as most of her band of misfits whom she considered kin.

"This is shit… even for this damned place." clothed in thickest garments the pressure changed, the rain ran harder, the moss seemed to grow under your feet almost. The storm…the storm grew ever more dangerous.

"No napping. No one wants to end up a blood slave" The woman spoke with a shudder, the traitor had been left, with no limbs, no eyes, only knowing he used and kept alive to supply blood.

"Watch is over soon, you're a cultist, not a coddled noble or wall wanker." The one with half a face looking bestiary with a visible tusk.

"Fucking soft skinned meat bags. Fuck em all for leaving us to scrape by on moss and rottern cheese." the other spat on the floor. They would happily abbadon them for another year's security. They would drink and dance and whatever else they did in their stone halls.

"Watch what ya say, they have spies about, got some rot gut, it's rough but it's strong. Need it after seeing the shadow beasts" The man offered the woman, they were all damned but damned if they did not try to live. Rot gut did exactly its name but we potent, easy to make and could be acquired pretty easily.
Talie "Friendly local rock nerd"

Happy, Cheeky and Flirty.

"We will look after each other, look for me, im tall!" Talie saw Stella leave at a rapid pace but did not know her so could not judge if it was an odd action. She was right, it had been a while since she even had a date, or anything else to that matter. Too busy, moving, her parents… she needed a fresh start. Stella was drunk but seemed a happy drunk and rather sociable.

Talie laughed as her cheeks turned a little more dusky about the quiet one's comment. The Geologist did not quite not expect to return the remark so easily. "Exactly, if its good you'll not be quiet anyway." Talie said quietly to Reya as they took their food and drinks. "I'm not that bad. I just want something nice for once ya know. The cute stuff, flowers, someone who holds your hand and helps you out of the car. I'm a sap, I admit it." Talie glanced over at a happy couple sitting close cuddling as they waited, she was independent and driven but hey, sometimes you wanted to be able to not have to he for a time.

"Find a spot she can see us, well me anyway" Talie laughed to her shorter friend. Following Reya they manages to get a decent table and one that had a good view of the stage. It was not the biggest convert she attended by far, Ramstein was loud, loud, and more fire than a volcano. But this was nice, chill and independent. The band was getting set up and things would be getting lively soon. "Newbie, remember, you're my first friend here who looks good in a dress, Manny just does not have the legs to pull it off." pretending to be thoughtful then with a silly smile and being a little childish.

Reminding Reya she had not been in town at all, this was in fact her first major social outing bar coffee and visiting town hall or the Sheriff for coffee and a chat. "I hope they live up to their confidence and their hair colour, I may have seen a few other bands in different places." Talie stretched a kink out her neck as she made self comfortable.

Pausing to enjoy her meal of sweet, delicious goods and the water she probably needed more than her last alcoholic drink! She was happy though, Reya felt safe and she had the feeling the woman was trustworthy. Her instinct tended to be good so she went with it.

Accessory… What was Reya talking about? Seeing her leg all torn up with cuts, marks and so, it would heal up soon. She had cut, bruised and caught herself on so many Rocks learning her trade by making mistakes. Rocks were shockingly sharp. Talie felt guilty but her failed save had also made a friend, even then she felt bad about hurting Reya plus it might ruin her date outfit plans… her new friend could easily attract a man or woman the old fashioned way.
"I… Im sorry, We can go out, or whatever you want, i probably can accompany me as an escort to get you into the restricted land, the newly discovered old Northern mining camp. Federal magic."

"I have a kit in my truck, i could have cleaned and found a light bandage if you asked. I'm trained." Talie said sadly, she felt guilty about it and looked like Reya had not had time to properly clean and so her Talie induced rescue wounds. "I hurt myself so many times in Training… like i even somehow got a cut where i was wearing a top and jacket! Completely covered. " Talie spoke as she drank her water gladly needing something non alcoholic. Rocks wherew sharp. Lesson learned very quickly.

"Shall we see if you can get a backstage date, those two look ruggedly handsome. If you like them that way. Older, little more rough round edges but also more experienced." Talie teased Reya abit with an entirely and deliberately bad attempt at sounding innocent. "Hope the band is good as you say, i like heavy metal. You gotta try this." Offering Reya some of her rather sweet and indulgent waffle bounty. Switching the subject to not be too hard on Reya, Talie still felt guilty. She bounced abit randomly, alcohol, sugar high and guilt was a real random mix.

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A Chance Meeting _ A Colab of Faylrie and Callina.

A Mistress Meets.

A Familiar Protects.

Hunger. But for what?

Callina made her way through the streets a scarf wrapped at her face and dressed to protect self from the endless rain that befallen the 4th ring. Everything was damp, the smell of rot and the constant sense of lingering doom hovering over the ring if you looked at the storm.

It was only madness to stare at the storm. To stare at the storm was to become it and to fall into the storm's embrace. Its embrace was impossible to escape. Callina moved with a purpose, trying not to think that she had to fight it. Defy it, and lead her cult away from it.

There was trade, well if you knew where to look and who to ask, things found their way into the 4th ring. Old things, worn things and recycled things. Everything ended up sinking into the 4th somehow eventually, people, things and more. "No. I wish not" Callina responded starkly to a peddler selling a number of items of Dubious nature.

"Leave this" Callina paused and her senses suddenly gave a hint or an inkling of iron amongst the rot and the damp. Something more. Iron like blood not a weapon or forges hammering. "Leave this place Pedler" She added letting the scarf fall away and the fangs revealed. A woman bearing the scent of blood came into her vision, skin that was exposed seemed to be moving almost, and a skin tone that was very much different to Callina."Interesting" Callina thought she was interesting in some way. Callina was not precisely sure why but she seemed to have…. Potential.

"I hope you're not a rival, it would be a shame as you seem interesting," Callina spoke as she walked up but kept a respectful distance. She eyed the woman carefully and calmly as if it was a casual meeting in a market. Making no effort to hide the fact she was touched by the storm, honesty was refreshing sometimes.

Faine’s tail started to quiver with intense interest. “My, my, Faye. What an interesting guest you’ve attracted.”

Faylrie paused and lowered her bread. Guest? She blinked and looked up. A slender woman with pale skin and white hair stood before her. Clearly she was stormtouched. Had she been talking to her?

The woman didn’t budge. Just stared at her as if expecting a response.

Damnation! She had been talking to her, hadn’t she? What had she accused Faylrie of? Being a rival???

Faine’s eyes almost seemed to twinkle with amusement. He raised his paw as if disinterested and began to groom it with his tongue.

Storm it all! Had she stumbled upon another beggar’s spot? She probably thought Faylrie’s food belonged to her.

Faylrie began packing up her food.

”Sorry. I’ll find another spot.” She muttered, head bowed.

”Or-” Faine started, ”-you could give her a stabby stabby.”

Faylrie shot Faine a look. Now was not the time or place for stabby stabbys. Last thing she needed was to draw more attention to herself. Especially after… after she…

Storms! She thought. I killed three people!

In Faylrie’s mind, Lin didn’t count… but the other three… they had not been on her list…

Her mind began reeling as she began processing everything that had happened. The anger, the beating, the desperation, the calm release, and then… and then the guilt…

Faylrie shut her eyes, blotting out the images of the corpses from her head. She had no other choice. They had seen what she could do.

She forced herself to her feet, all the while wincing at the pain coming from her bruised ribs.

”I’m sorry. Won’t happen again.” She said as she started to leave the alleyway in search of another resting spot.

"The touched are no foe of our own. If they are not our enemy." Callina would be quite odd to judge a touched when she was cursed herself. Her voice switched to a firmer tone, more like the mistress and the matriarch. A statement of fact made law as much as laws existed in this foul place.

Now she was closer the scent of blood grew in her senses with a deeper pull. Callina was a killer, she was trained to kill and to end life. It meant you had to know how people worked and how best to damage them. Her instinct said this woman was hurt, she winced visabley to anyone with the sense to tell.

What to do… she had no reason care, Callina was….broken and rather mentally well…fucked. However this woman had scented her interest and obvious lethal instinct was quite capable if the fact there was more than one bloody scent. "There's a healer 3 signs past the next left. You are. Curious bloody one."

Faylrie stopped in her place. Tensing up at the woman’s words.

”Oh, how fun.” Faine said, ”She knows what you did.”
How? She had only just done the deed.

"Tell the old man the Mistress sent you. If you trust me." Callina flicked out and tossed a small bone carved with a single rune of a dagger and a skull. Callina gave a dark laugh at the end.

Faylrie frowned. Old man? Mistress? What the hell kind of crazy had she just bumped into? She hesitantly picked up the bone so as to not seem rude.

Callina was unsure why she was so generous, no one was but the fact was this woman was a killer, someone she could respect. The healer was…well not a good healer by any other ring but they had no such luxury. No such advantage those upper ringed soft little whelps. Those who walled the 4th away and its people to die for them.

"If you ever get curious, well… the voids path is dangerous but so very satisfying." Callina Voice rose almost to a Purr, she was truely fucked up by any morality of good time but these where not good times. Callina was… by all standards split, broken, a killer, a hedonist, able to kill without remorse yet… there was loyalty and a Ruthless desire to protect her monsters she had gathered under her.

"Much as all try. you might want to lose the blood mark. The greater touched have no mind but that of feral Beasts" The touched came in many forms, so no one could guess how many and some had devolved to little more than the Beasts that stalked out the great storm. They were craven, monstrous by any other standard and had no desire but crazed. They were hunted and driven away but somehow always snuck back like a constant plague and reminder that they were fighting against the impossible and the all consuming.

”Ummm… Thaaanks…”

Faine seemed to chuckle. ”Are you trying to piss off the crazy, Faye?”

Damn it! He was right. That was probably not the best tone to take right now!

Faylrie shook her head. This woman spoke with an air of authority. Who was this person? ”I’m sorry but, should I know who you are?”

"Depends who you ask, or what you ask them." Callina replied in a cryptic tone. She was not local then, but she seemed to pick up on things quickly. Callina decided what to admit and what to not, normally she would have ignored this woman but this woman who seemed to have her own body move and live under her skin… she had killed and seemed to have more about her than the regular touched who sought-after survival.

"Let's just say I have interests locally. And a few loyal followers.
Callina spoke as a figure or two melted in and out of the rain soaked alleys purposefully. "We want to survive this place, Rebels, storm touched, Regina, it seems everyone is out to use us and throw us the scraps. Alone we are mere tools and pawns. " Callina made a sudden switch to be 100% sane and in control, logical and seeing the bigger picture.

Faylrie felt her hair stand on end as she became keenly aware that… this woman… these people… were not to be messed with. She took a hesitant step back.

"Nice Kitty" Callina switched, her sanity was…not sane. Her sanity was a further variable thing.

”Aaaawwww. She gave me a complement. How nice.”

Faylrie wasn’t so sure that was a compliment. Her hand instinctively moved towards her side where she kept her crude dagger hidden.

"Im Callina" She offered a hand with no fear of the strange movements below her flesh. Janus was no stranger to changing, his, hers, a mix of both. Their flesh was in a permanent state of change. Janus was loyal and when they chose a lover, their mental state was… what could be said as Janus. They simply chose who and what to define them as they had no fixed form or spirit.

”Callina.” Faylrie repeated as she committed the name to memory. ”Name’s Ella.” She lied.

Faylrie notably did not take Callina’s hand. Faine seemed to take delight at that. He stared at her with anticipation.

”Stabby stabby?” He asked.

No. This was not someone to go stabbing in any form or fashion.

”Callina, my cat friend seems to think that I shouldn’t trust you.” Faylrie said while nodding towards Faine. ”May I ask what you would say to that?”

Faylrie had to test the waters here. What would this woman do to her if she turned around and ran?

"Hello Ella, just because we ended up in this place does not make us barbarians." Callina commented, the 4th ring was pretty bad but they were not the monsters and so the other rings believed. Her sanity or lack of proven, suddenly talking like it was an upper ring establishment.

Callina did not miss her movement knowing her own crude forged dagger, nothing vs the ornate and enhanced weapons of the Regina but a simple cast off bar of iron, bent round and one end forged into a basic blade. Keeping the blade hidden, the cult had some items hidden but none were used without direct command. Crude means working perfectly well.

"Your cat is a smart one bloody one." Callina spoke almost like she enjoying this little interaction. "You should always be wary of who you trust, have I told you everything? Of course not. I am no fool." Callina switched back to being fully lucid in her cursed way of being. "But you don't need to draw your blade, it's unwise to draw when you don't know your foe. Never fight fair, it's just asking to die."

"Trust me. You'd be a fool. You look no fool. However, This day I mean no harm, I am fed up and it's a shame to kill interesting people. You meet so few." Callina raised her hand, of course she felt safe. The two cult members behind her she knew would protect her, Janus loitered to her right as he at present naturally found fit. The other was one of her faction and loyalists from the purge of the traditionalists. Callina could trust both to guard her back and not stab it.

Faylrie cursed under her breath, she hadn’t realized that her hand was reaching for her dagger. She lowered her hand but tightened her grip on her staff. Her true weapon. Despite the reassurances, Faylrie couldn’t be too careful. Afterall Callina could be lying.

She took another step back, all the while watching the woman and her killers to see if they made any sudden moves.

”Why do you keep calling me bloody one?” She asked.

”Didn’t I tell you?” Faine said. ”She knows, Faye”

Faylrie knew that much. What she didn’t know was how.

"Smart one you" Callina laughed as she backed up at Janus and companions ' approach. Sharing a rather inappropriate kiss with Janus, Callina was a deviant to say the least. Laughing as she turned away from her sometimes lover, sometimes not, right hand… person.

Forestalling any movement with a hand wave, did not react and merely remained at her side. If you had support, why operate alone? Callina flashed her fangs lacking the sharp tip with a tongue slowly. "Vamprye. The storm blessed me with its gifts as a teenager. I can smell blood, recently spilled. it's a compliment on your skill." Callina gave her an honest answer, her sense for blood was instinctual and curse was fused into her very bones, senses and soul.

People like this woman exist?!?!?! Damn!

Damn! She thought. Damn damn damn!

Faylrie always had heard that being stormtouched was supposed to be a curse. But this woman seemed to have gotten something out of it.

Callina held her pale palms open freely. "You are interesting. I do not harm those who intrigue me. You will not have harm from me and mine. Go freely Ella." Callina spoke with a Purr to her voice with a threat in her voice and a little bit of inundo creeping in.

”Are you just going to stand there, Faye, or do you want the nice lady to eat you?” Faine asked.

Faylrie took a hesitant step back, and then another. The woman didn’t move. Faylrie turned and ran.

Faine didn’t follow at first. He simply sat there watching Callina with intense interest. His tail wavering all the while. Then after a few seconds, he got up and walked away.

Callina laughed as the woman turned to leave at a pace, the sanity and moral compass was rather different to the norm. The part about protecting their interests and surviving was no lie though. That was her truest and most clear goal.

The cat left after, she gave it a raised eyebrow but took it at face value. There were stranger things that had happened.

Eat? Eat…or eat. Callina went in for all 3. It all depending on her mood, right now she had business to attend as she and her two followers vanished into the gloom, expertly though the maze of the 4th. She could run down this Ella, quite easily but that would be boring to harm such an interesting person.

A mistress rose.

The Cult of Shadows.

A Initiation.

"A matriarch shall rise" Callina plunged her dagger into the older man's heart, fangs latching on his neck sending blood spurting over her skin and dribbling down her chest as she drank deep dealing the last beats pulse though her mouth of his soon to be dead heart.

Elsewhere the old guard died as Janus looked on, his currently well his anyway watched with no emotions. They had won. Years of work, treason and plot. They ruled now. "Did you have to kill him practically naked?"Janus deadpanned as he guarded her while she fed.

"The old pervert did not see the dagger, besides I'd not ruin my rare nice clothes" Callina gave him a savage grin as she stood up dressed in mostly blood with fangs still dripping sated and now the Matriarch watching the crowd kneel before her. "He tasted sour anyway" Wiping the blood from her chin that dripped down.

Mistress we serve. Rang out in a disjointed, somewhat irregular but meaningful reply as she pushed the body from the chair placing it at her feet and resting her legs slowly and symbolically over his cooling corpse. "To survive we must expand. We must change. We must look inward. The storm is not stopping. We must find new lands. The truth is clear. We must survive."

Callina had her Victory.

Over the past few years little had changed but a lot had. The world changed slowly, the 4th ring was always damp, always doomed and always the dregs.

There was only one way to go. Inwards.

Callina walked through the cult's underground home, safer than being above ground. The old stone was not pretty nore was it refined and airy like the inner districts but it was home. A home for many who had no other place to call such. She was one of them, in a chamber youths trained in various arts, in another a couple. Or several as it turned out engaged in one of the only free pleasures the 4th had. But people could still do that, now matter the lack of this, that, or almost every luxury the inbred spire dwellers. That was one thing they could not take or restrict and ration.

The stone and earth sheltering their home least kept the temperature cool. But down here it never got really cold. This perhaps before the storm was one a place of beauty and luxury. Its walls had long faded and artwork was a shadow of its former form. Grand columns were now buttressed and bolstered in whatever stone work could be recycled.

But it was their home. They would make the best of it.

…Later on…

"Was it a success?" She enquired of one of her trusted hands who she had set to oversee the work. The trainee was sent to slay a debtor who had played one too many people against each other. Now the Void had come to collect.

"Yes Mistress" the man spoke for both of them, a man and a woman whose skin has almost a scaly shine. The storm touched many here. "A Beast's claw. Or that's what they will see" The woman spoke. It was better that way. Few cared about a death, a relative might, or a lover. The Cult had nor existed this far by being just some murderous thugs, unthinking and careless.

"Come, we shall initiate you. You have now passed your test" Callina stretched her hand out and lifted the younger woman's chin. "First we will clean you and then you will be risen" Callina spoke formally as she gestured to the woman to rise. "You have faced pain, now the reward is pleasure."

Fate was unstoppable.
So would their survival.

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