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Current If you wanna spend money, your money on your mobile game. Who right is it to tell you not to. Long as you warned it. It's yours to do with as you wish.
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Asking what a dozen is? What do they teach at school lol.
11 hrs ago
Asking what a dozen is?
11 hrs ago
Asking what a dozen is?
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Because adult content is reserved for 18 and above despite age of consent being lower.


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Close the door on the box fort when abs and snake lady get in...

It might be a good idea...
*throws in some oysters, a romance cd and goes sat by libiary reading a scroll on how to ship people*
*Keeps tying to give the cat catnip and looks round for a large cardboard box*

I'm enjoying it.
The bickering is about as useful high ranking imperial are lol.

They just need Gaint hats.

Il hold off posting abit and give room for our eldar player to get a word in :)
I'm on my moms mac and it won't let me open the last page of OOC.
I was going to create a Tempests Scion squad if that was cool? If not then my next choice was a Deathwatch marine or Inquisitor.

My personal opinion all sound cool :)
Not a gm but I think they all have potential
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*Dr walks in carefully seeing the massive damage to the kitchen and the signs of the battle*

What would be worth this... Somthing. Someone has a powerful enemy.

*she leans down and places a towel under the head of john 0 so he comfetable not likely able to lift him but tying to help and offer a careful amount of water *

This place needs a Dr... They not be short of patients.


*Major looks up seeing massive damage and sighs that this place is worse than the capital wasteland. *
Custodes throwing shade lol.

Maybe I should add more humour.
The custodes intently was faceplaming with the force of a warlords titans fist. How did these fools come to lead chapters and command such power. Weapon primed and able to bring to bear in a fraction of a second he watched looking for weak points in each member of the group.

Raising his voice calmly, and calming as the sentence begins to end.

I am not of any of you to command chapter master. Nore can you force me to leave. I work solely for the God emparor.

Looking round the room, fools.

A Xenos. This is most unorthodox. Maybe I should ask a oygan. I might get less of a headache, the amount of hot air here could heat a starship reactor.
Bickering might hurt negotiations somewhat.

Adding a cool tone to the end, judging they should know better and calmly standing on the edge of the room.

Asura nodded and followed the tech priest to the other imperial commanders who from sounds of things where bickering like children. Without humour, the custodes thought it might be the answer in the extreme.

"maybe I shall smash there heads together till they see sense or one of them needs replacing if it comes to it."

The custodian mag locked his shield to his back as he walked beneath the flowing purple clock of a light adamantium weave ernough to turn aside a unpowered blade strike by a mortal, it's protection against heavier weapons was Unreliable at the best.

"ommisiah. The zealots would try to take your head for even using that term. They are difficult to work with."

Keeping his thoughts to himself, thr emparor was not a god, he never wanted to be. Still it was prudent to humour the modern zealously that was so rampent in the impirum. He would guard his words.

Helmet held at the elbow and guardian spear held vertically he made quite the formal image as he entered the chamber with the two other figures. A human and the chapter master with there retinues.

"chapter master. Inquisitor. The Holy throne requires this crusades success.
I am. Sheild captain Asura. Talon of the Emparor.

Unity is required if victory is to be won from the forces on chaos."

*finds some catnip from nowhere*

better.... i like cats...
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