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Current Misread time. Turn up a hour early to work. Think I'm 5 minutes early. Never gonna be forgotten...
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It also reminds you which station your tuned into, especially if your like me and never bother to change it.
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SOL City The Finest Modern Slice of life. Now with pie...…
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All part of the healthy engerised nuka cola glow :)
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2077... Nuka cola will dominate the market and make spiffy glowing nuclear enriched rinks to propell your day onward.


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Marinalia Romus Olympus "Mali" & Victoria Darya Romus "Vika"

Sunday snooze day - free skip - mixed locations

Flying, Fencing and random encounters

Victoria (Sol City Airport)
Victoria's Sunday began earlier that she would have liked however the reasons where a fairly good one. The food festival had been a fun trip plus the chef she knew had won so that made things better. Dropping a congratulations onto the restaurants page she knew it would probably be never seen but hey, it was a well earned victory and she appreciated the hard work it took to get somewhere, well at times. She was by no means perfect. @KillBox

"So glad when I can have real coffee again... Yay for being a numpty" grumbling to self, Victoria mornings where not exactly ideal at times right now nibbling on some crackers to calm her stomach and a bit of toast. Marlin was still asleep after Saturday she saw her vanish upstairs, say something about a bath and not wanting to escape people after dealing with public for hours on end. The bottle of wine she grabbed from fridge was not a bad one though, urgh she had wanted that one, Italian white... Really smooth. Eventually...

A beep of a phone told her she would need to find proper clothes and not just an old t shirt she chucked on and some worn in to point of being unsuitable outside UGG boots to walk down to the kitchen to keep feet warm. Comfey. Nope. Possessing no real drive to dress up too much that morning finding some simple black leggings, T shirt with "Best things come in small packages" combined with a shorter tartan skirt in pink, pale blue and white tartan randomly acquired and a hoodie from the St Petersburg ice hockey team, a little worn but warm, comfey and no one would look twice at her at the airport. Isosef was off on some other business for the house so she just grabbed her trainers, though losing her folding cane she had to take the royal blue snowflake one this morning. She did not want someone to question her choice of taking a sword cane to an airport but she was only going to be greeting and picking up.

A quick message on whats app to confirm they where on time, Victoria quickly as she could in present state grabbed her handbag and made her way down to the garage and headed out before the city traffic got really really bad for the Sol City International just on the outside of the city. The long flat and mostly clear freeway meant Victoria could finally put the 6 litre engine to use cruising past the lorries and slower trucks headed to collect or unload their cargo among the regular fuel trucks that helped feed the airport's ceaseless demands to keep its planes in the air.

Reaching the airport was surprising easy at this time of day though the parking seemed to be aimed at gouging your bank account like you where the king of a middle East oil rich nation. She only was there to collect and go in less than an hour to get there was very little change from a 20 dollar bill. Paying begrudgingly as she had no intention of parking her new Gleaming Bentley on the curb or on a side road. No way this side of declaring her love for Paige and Siobhan publicly in centre point. Fuck no.

Reaching the exit terminal leaning on her cane as there was very little seating, the Raven haired woman played with her phone abit on a silly app making herself look like an elf not quite noticing the taller blonde haired man approaching with a suitcase before a familiar voice tore her from her limit up some ears. "Milady De winter, I hope you are here for his eminence. Hey Vika, told you on time" British, though she had a more complicated relationship with her friend and former on off lover while she lived in Russia and abit in England though they remained strong friends despite it all somehow. They did not even know. "Of course your eminence, our carriage awaits. Charles! Im impatient. No buts. We have a spare at the manor. Friends do not make friends pay to visit" giving him a careful hug, despite being quite abit taller than her by a foot or so, the rather petite and light form of Victoria could also be rather strong as she held on while being lifted up abit. "I know. Your look so much happier and healthier than when we last met. Well the two of you now. Ok, I give. I know that look. But alas I must greet you properly." Victoria really could be stubborn to a fault, loyal but stubborn. Teasing her a bit as letting her down gently and kissing her hand before looping an arm to give her some protection from the flowing crowds who where streaming out of the airport. Charles she trusted, of all the people outside her family. She did not trust many, he was one of them.

Reaching the rather samey concerete car park, it did not take long to find the dark purple Bentley parked in a marked bay. It was not exactly a Prius, it was a rather expensive and hard to miss bit of internal combustion powered metal. "Told you. Plenty of room in the boot, we can go by drive through if you want coffee. Parking here is an utter rip off. And no, no own takes the Cluthu Cultists too seriously. But they are meant to serve great seafood..."

Marinalia (Luna Sports Centre)
Marinalia breathed harder as she deflected the opponent and rapidly moved before countering and narrowly missing as her opponent who made a small side step out of her thrusts path before countering as she over extended and felt the sabre hit her upper arm and shoulder. "Point and match to Mr Constantine" Came the call from the who was overseeing the class, he had been taller and had more reach though the quick and fitter Marinalia had managed to hold him to least respectable loss. She had really missed this as she pulled off her mask and loosened the pony tail that she had tied her hair into while she fencing and gave it a shake to free it up. "Good match, thankyou. I'm definitely coming again" The older man had a wedding ring even of she was after that, he just was a good opponent and rather polite, greeted by a rather attractive younger red head about her age with bright green eyes. "You too Marinalia, excuse me, I owe Holly here lunch"

The woman did give her a minor glare, wearing a rather tight mix of yoga pants, sports top and trainers though she had all the padding and protective gear on as per the norm. So not really see anything too interesting very easily until the class was ending watching people filed past the glass walls of the rather modern sports centre.

Sat in the changing room after a quick shower and touching up her make-up, Saturday evening had been rather empty, a long soak to rest her weary feet and a glass of wine and a book that did not last long as planned, a rather sleepy Marlin never really got dressed and just climbed into bed before calling Xia goodnight and falling asleep almost instantly.

Victoria left early to pick up her friend so it was a quiet morning before her fencing class, having done it last a good while ago Marlin was rusty but happy with the exercise and fact not entirely lost uselessly. Pulling on a light track jacket with "Olympus Heavy Industries" and a large white logo of a man and a cog on the pale blue and custom lettering "M.R.O" below in silver flowing script. Her desire not to wear anything uniformly and with the warmer almost spring weather had caused her to drag out something a little different and more comfortable than the rather tailored uniforms all the time. It was random for her but Marlin just wanted to escape her norm a little and it seemed a way to do it.

Putting the small and mirror and lipstick away in her hand bag, dredging her phone out the bottom where it always ended up when she needed it finding a pic on whatsapp from her sister. A selfie of her and Charles with Sol bucks coffees. Cute, she really needed support with everything going on and by all accounts he had been good to her before. The following message made her sigh, Victoria had taken to teasing her about photoshopping her name badge Lady Marinalia R O Alexander. She had only known her 3 months or so! She never had formerly taken up said titles, just because Maria married finally did not mean she had to take it.

Leaving the stadium Marinalia made her regular stop at the smoothie bar, it had become a firm favourite of hers, queuing up she did not notice the pink haired lady while Marinalia was smoothing out a crumple in her skirt she got the hem caught on a passing chair so used to wearing figure hugging items recently it took a little adaption to fully get used to the looser style. Hey, umm. One energising smoothie with extra Mango and pineapple and ... One starburst breakfast bar please. Yes I have a loyalty card, no I don't want the special and yes I'm already a member. I've been here a few times. Though Cluthu Cultests are a new thing, this is a really strange city... coming across rather happy after her successful mornings workout with a small chime like tone to her upper class British accent.

In other words, through sheer will and WD-40, we break the time space continuum.

That or use sacrafices to the gods of under deep :)
<Snipped quote by KillBox>

Also I forgot to ask~ what month are we in? What season is it?

No real exact month or date.

We are in early spring time season wise approximately.
Oops... I did not see that rule. I apologise.
That puts a damper on a lot of concepts I had in mind...
I'm not sure then.

I have two sisters as charceters. To context, you can interact with your second charecter and visa versa. Sometimes same place, sometimes different locations in my case for example.

However that is not the detriment of interacting with others and engaging with the wider story. You cannot solely interact with yourself, if your interacting with others and they happen to be at same event and interacting with there twin at same time, that's fine.

The problem only comes if they are only interacting internally and not externally. The rule is there to prevent charceters existing in there own created bubbles. You got to venture outside and take a few risks.

To sum it up.
Your fine long as your willing and interacting with others when possible and taking advantage of external opertunities that come your way. You can internally, just remember your part of a wider world too.
Is it alright if I apply?

Your more than welcome to join. We are going to be starting anew skip too so never a better time to join in fact.

If you have any questions feel free to ask, pm or send a raven to Winterfell. (Ravens may get a slower reply. The maester is busy cleaning the Wright's out the tower)

CS sheet is on the OOC page, feel free to customize long as you cover the required and we can read it. We have a city map atop the IC section and a full list of locations on a OOC if you want to refrence any or use of inspiration.

Just tag us when your done and get two to approve your application, and join the party.

Welcome to Sol City
Marinalia Romus Olympus "Mali"

Monday evening to Saturday - Sol City food Festival - special event

Diets, Dilemas and Deep fried twinkies.

Marinalia was surprised a alittle but he seemed rather happy to have customers, why was food service always so cheery in America? That made no sense at times, even the people who just served your coffee wished you a good day. It just was strange at times for a European. "Thankyou, cheerful service.

Oh, just a off chance, it was with some Afrikaner's my dad knew, we got invited to a post hunting trip. Meat was amazing, the folks where a alittle rougher round the edges though. Least to me at the time"
while waiting, it was a little delay to collect to her food though as it was cooked fresh. It did smell rather good and swiped her card to pay. It was rather expensive but they where definitely hard to come by and abit more exotic. Expenses... Expenses where brilliant today. Her experience of Africa was definitely interesting coming from upper class England to the dark continent was definitely a eye opening experience at times. Definitely one to remember.

The other lady with glasses and Brunnete hair, well she was in for a experience, you either liked the more exotic choices or did not. Not much middle ground but the fun part was finding the type you liked. Varsity was the spice of life and South Africa really had variety by the bucket load.

Thanking him as he handed over a trio of bowls and sampling a little bit from from every one, they where rather nice, the spice was fairly spicey but no bones as advertised. Snake was more boney than fish done wrong. Kangaroo she had a little more experience of. Tasty. Diversions to escape awkwardness. Check. Delicious food check. Really seemed like a good idea. "Il let the boys at work know, they always love challenges and new things to brag about. I know there's lots of moose in Canada. It's not very exotic though.

Marinalia Romus Olympus, flattery won't get you everywhere Jerormy but Rattlesnake was excellent. I fly for Deadalus International Cargo runs up North, working tent side on my day off so escaping while I can. Even though I did snag a really soft hoody so not the worst outcome."
a little more cheerful and a smile, flirting was not overly, just more freindly than flirt. Well hopefully! Coming across upper class English, hiding her background was rather difficult to say the least.

Making the most of her break from work, the food was excellent, she had not managed to walk into another couple in a date. She did not need any more awkward, really between coffee and bumping into the same pink haired lady, it definitely was ernough for a day. Bath, feet up, book and wine... Urgh. Now she just wanted to go home... She could see home. That really sucked.


Marinalia Romus Olympus "Mali"

Monday evening to Saturday - Sol City food Festival - special event

Diets, Dilemas and Deep fried twinkies.

Marinalia finally brought her mini awkward panic momment to controlled stop, though given it started with a awkward momment and such often set the tone, she had a bad habit of letting things shake her recently though thanks to recent changes those had been growing less and getting her old self back.

While waiting for her order, a Brunnete with glasses and a fairly casual spring look places her order too. She was a little more adventurous in her orders than many of the festival. Marinalia was really wanting to wear something more casual, she so was dressing in something not uniformly tommorow, hopefully make the fencing class, maybe some more personal fun or a quick visit to the massage area at Luna sports... She never had seen what they where capable of... something not work related!

Stood full airlines captains uniform, she really wanted to be more comfortable now, however attractive in the rather fetching skirt, fitted jacket and gold bars combo with all the trimmings. So was gonna find something much more comfortable later on or not much at all. A long bath sounded heavenly and to put her feet up and just soak with a good book, or company... Either worked rather well.

"Not tried it before? Rattlesnake is a alittle more bland than you expect it to be, its intresting but it's not as extreme as you think.

I'm Marlin, feel free to swing by Deadalus tent if you want any freebies, plushy planes or a free flight lesson. just look for the big blue banners just across from Umbrella Corp set up."

Trying to be polite while waiting, there was a little wait at the stand. There always was the waiting. So much waiting for food, her poor feet. They really deserved a rest later. Working weekends sucked. @KatKook

The PA was announcing updates on the Iron Chef contest, Germanic Bass and updates delivered by a slightly less bombastic sub host. The show she has seen being from Europe though the chain had not really crossed the channel and lasted in UK. It tried for about 5 years but the foothold never really was made across the channel.

She remembered the Asian Chef who was one who looked after Victoria that one side, he definitely got her vote out of shear fact he helped her family. There loyalty in that regard was pretty much blind for good or bad. Loyal, Loyal to a fault, even though that fault had managed to do quite abit of damage directly or colatoral.

<Snipped quote by NuttsnBolts>
After awhile, you figure out how to un-ghost a person and revive an RP...even if it has been dormant for half a decade.

Fun times. And yes, that quote in the sig is real.

@PrinceAlexus It's Luigi's mansion

You beat me there.
[18+] Harry Potter Roleplay Looking for OC [M/F] For Ronald Weasley Graduating Year Slow Burn Erotic Drama [DM ME!]

Your depravity is get to be mastered Padawin of the guild lol

Oh, right.. 1x1s ghost constantly. Regardless of age.

If ghosting wasn't a problem then there wouldn't be a need for almost every int-check to mention them.

So many ghosts.
Finding a good 1x1 is like venturing though Lugo's mansion.

The tide will turn.
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