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Isabella Daphne Belle

location = Baseball Stadium Golden ticket Box

Isabella was a little out of her comfort zone. For one she was about as good at Spanish as could handle gators. If they spoke robot for sure, computer languages were easy in comparison with fixed unbending rules and no problematic human complexities. Two she liked music but talking about it, now dance yes, musically talented... No, never. The ears of animals 100 miles away would fear her musically.

Swaying to the music watching the Delta City team, well she thought it was taking the lead. The close up of exactly what sports blessed human anatomy could be rather distracting. Especially in tight uniforms. Easy on the eyes...

Least she was comfortable, glad she chose not to wear the dress she could have planned, feeling the wind pick up a little on exposed legs was blissful in the southern humidity. Why did she move to this sweltering state where the humidity was higher than tbe homeless man saying moon Nazis where among them. "I only speak robot and English. Multiple languages of robot admitly." Noticing her glance at the a unsure burst of foreign languages and not being only one lost in the situation.

The change to music was obvious however it also took her into n different territory. "Irregular but good, it certainly was compelling and rather memorable" . Their whole band matched that description really, they all where a mismatched lot but they were successful nonetheless. Commenting on the music.

The chaos was... Impossible to turn away as one of the women was picked up by an larger man and made rather the spectacle. Rather the dramatic drama but what else did a band with rebellion in their name do? Did she play?

"Not unless you want to replace all this lovely glass... Move to it, not play it. Better for everyone's ears." Her musical ability was almost the exact opposite of her dancing and coding skills... Their existence was mythical and as less documented than reliable proof of bigfoot or the loch ness monster.

Drinking her fruity cocktail nibbling on pineapple slice contently. It was a strange party, not knowing anyone here made it quite strange. A little awkward but life was for living and embracing it. "So, Cheers?" Trying to fit in, to be honest she was a little socially off balance. Give her nerds, overly amorous dance partners or so... This however... Was tricky. Not mind a twirl with a few here in fact…

The blonde woman had joined the group, dressed casually but nicely with a easy relaxed style giving a polite wave, bar being part of their group it seemed she had yet to give away clues and did not far as she recalled to be a band memeber. Honesty she was a little bit jealous how well she pulled off casual. Isabella always was abit more on the showy or dressy side. Casual was not so natural.


Combined Post

Isabella glanced at the door as the crazy started waiting for the bar man to make her drink using a smile, a tip and so to keep her slot ahead of the man who was tall and rather well built, served or serving by the salute. However he looked like he could be both. She wanted to try that fruity pineapple sliced concoction and all was fair in alcohol and bars.

The tickets. All she planned was to attend a game for fun and a bit of a break in routine and ended up in a top lounge with a party, band and everything. Her accent betrayed rather obviously she was not a local, a mix of Northern USA, New york and Massachusetts. "I got one too, I'm a post grad student so a little beyond my regular spot, always wondered what the views were like too. It's fun, I have to admit." Sure Isabella tended to get a slightly better seat under cover or where you got more shade but that was limit of her

"Thank You kindly." Batting an eyelash at the bartender to ensure good service, was not cheating to use any advantage you had available at the time. Thr cigarette did not bother her too much, only in enclosed rooms did it become a problem for her, the wide open box and everything was fine. Now smoking in the tight, internal and rather stuffy computer labs and such was extremly frustrating.

The surprise came in, well one looked like the slightly shorter blondes cigarette missed it could start a fire, he was so oiled up someone might try and put an oil rig on him. Might get enough to pay her rent! His companion was in team colours and more smartly dressed but the Aztec warrior definitely had abs... Distracted by the rather oily man, she noticed the two women complement her, model... She had the height anyway. "Model Thankyou, i just like to dress nicely, just a humble grad student." Smiling as she balanced her rather fruity drink. "I was always more into dance, more fun. Of course you need no introduction." Isabella enjoyed surprising people when they made their assumptions about a computer grad student, she had to hold back laughing at them the time in the computer lab asking if she was lost when they clicked.

"Definitely glad not me, ive been in front of a crowd but thats on a whole different level of pressure." The music was an acquired taste, interesting sure, was it her cup of tea. Unsure. But she could respect going out there alone and doing that without bottling it. Only the whole stadium is quiet waiting on you.

Jackson was having an strange day for sure shaking his head slightly at the shwer drama going on, the fly past was impressive though unlike many in the stands he did not flinch at the sudden howl of the jet aircraft. You got used to it living right on the bay before he ever even joined up. Living near the bay you got used to aircraft at all hours. "The secret is half probably not know rules so you're good, they're here to enjoy sunshine and have fun. The Japanese crowd is rather different though." Baseball was a good sport but for many it was a day out more than a serious sporting event.

The shouts grew louder including some Spanish that hurt his soul, a romantic language tortured and beaten to death in a gutter before being made to watch daytime tv drama... "Not only one curious about the club seats here, i grew up near the bay on the coast. Lots a games, first time up here." The woman was direct, but she really said what you thought. The Club level well... He had more sensible things to spend money on, being a responsible business owner took some getting used to. Whod thought a complete wild teanager now had a boardroom table. He would have laughed about 2 years ago at the idea.

"tu español es bueno como mi golf" He was impressively bad at golf, especially in a state where the things were everywhere. Replying jokingly to tipping the waiter generously who brought over his beer, Napoli gave him a somewhat soft spot for the brand, not only soft spot he had then. They just made them nice in Italy...

"Nice show especially the timing on fly by, Hello Ladies. Looking rather nice today. Jackson Rodriquez at your service." Giving it some charm and a little cheese, he could pull it off. He could easily see a certain sweepers hand in all. This, the event, the band, the everything. The band certainly was interesting any other group of misfits would have failed but somehow they were successful. Most people anyone where dressed nicely least by base ball standards anyway, Japan did not count as Baseball however popular was very different. They even had women who came directly with a keg of beer on back and refilled as you watched. They should bring that over. Sushi could be a mid game snack.

The other question was did Danny own anything other than a suit. Seriously, it was like a full sunny day... Was he a reptile who needed to keep warm... Might explain his cool reputation being cold blooded...


Combined Post

A quiet beer and overly fancy branded fast food was interrupted by the arrival of a few more lively guests. Granted baseball he had turned up pretty not sober before, as long as you did not cause trouble no one really cared too hard. He did not even remember getting home from that particular baseball game just waking up with the abilities of a zombie. Never try to out drink a bunch of Germans whose smallest was 6'4 and built like a tank on steroids.

Hearing a voice and seeing a man as he looked over shoulder, Danny, he definitely recognized the man and that probably meant the band or some other hotel event. If you saw him he was in a place for a reason. He had a reputation and that reputation usually was accurate. The women who came in, well he had a clue who they might be. Though it was bad form to bother people just because they may be famous.

"Please stand for the national Anthem of the United States of America" Came over the speakers as the US flag was walked out held by the honour guard marching across to centre of field. The quiet fell before the first sound of the anthem began to play on guitar? Well that was new. Falling into a crisp Salute, years of practice made it muscle memory and no real thought required.

Thankyou for your service hoping no one wanted to, that line still felt odd a few times he heard it when his entire time for most part the closest he came to an enemy was seeing a map of a country they meant to be in. That or arresting drunks and the disorderly.

Their final chords soon rang out across the stadium and finally he relaxed, that certainly was a new one. Looking over he realized he was out of beer too, that had to be remedied as he got up and walked through the seating to the bar.

"ice cold beer please?, got anything Italian?" glancing round as the tall Platinum blonde from seating came up behind with a click of heels.

"That was my order, whatever the ladies have, it looks fun and fruity." Noticing the fruity drink the two women had, complete with fruit slices. The two women close to the bar certainly knew what to drink. "Sorry, they just looked delicious." Giving them a polite smile. "not mind that... " Jokingly commenting to herself on a zoom into a particularly tight uniform that really showed benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Tapping her foot to music in habit, before turning on the spot without pausing leaning forward on her front foot as she balanced on heels, the only part of ballet she picked up on, very good balance yes, Ballet hated her. Catching the action as something was replayed across the massive jumbotrons to a rising wave of noise. This was awesome being up here, you could be near seats, bar, food and more all without taking eyes off the game.


Jackson "Jack" Maxwell Rodriquez

locationBaseball Stadium Golden ticket Box

"Right. So everyone knows their jobs, go out and do it. Any questions?" Jackson looked around the large table where the staff meeting was gathered overlooking the beach front, getting no questions left alone as they filed out leaving him alone. Resting his head on the cool glass top it was a vanity but impressive nonetheless for guests, the glass covered worn aluminium wingtip of an B29 Superfortress bomber with a huge faded air force symbol painted on its centre and hollow structure exposed at the end of circular cut out metal bulkheads. The old table was his father's, new era, new table.

The rest of the day was business as usual, signing cheques for suppliers and collecting, a job interview and some strange woman complaining that her sea view room was being kept awake by the waves. After that a baseball game was a relief.

Jackson headed up to change into something more suitable than business wear in jeans, polished brown boots and an off white t-shirt with wire frame graphic of a F4 phantom. It was cool and comfortable given the Delta City heat. Finding his wallet, cash and a pair of sunglasses. Job done, it would stay warm so no jacket plus the golden ticket so sunburn would not be a problem and he hardly had a physique to be ashamed of and he had long got used to the cold anyway after years of guard duty, winters in Japan and Europe could be unforgiving.

Glancing over at options, he discarded the shirt idea and was not cold enough to need a jacket being summer, though deciding to swap the rubber and plastic digital watch for a nicer mechanical one having been collecting a delivery earlier in day as a regular driver was off ill.
"Please can you arrange a Cab to Diamond Stadium please in 10 minutes." Ringing down to the reception desk life had its oddities but living in a hotel had its perks. Once he got a place more steady he could consider it but the place needed too much of his time and attention right now with a close hand to the wheel to keep things on track. He had attended the old stadium many times before but not the new one so much so the whole trip would be interesting. "Si señor Rodriquez" Came Maria's warm tone, even after a year it was strange to be called so and be here in charge.

Delta City Traffic was busy but to be a cab driver in Delta City was to be creative in the face of anything from a closed bridge, rogue gator or a city street falling into a sinkhole. Isabella and Jackaon soon found their way across town to the bustling and gleaming glass-clad Diamond City Stadium.

Stepping out, the old place was in some ways remembered others entirely different and new, the building gleamed in glass and steel, state of art technology and features. "Il head up in a few minutes , want to find my old spot." Taking directions to the level he needed to be and walked out into the blinding light across and emerald green pitch laid out below ice cold beer in hand.

Not much more American. Least for base ball fans.


Several minutes later he found the spot roughly near the soda bar, life was simple as a kid for sure.

Heading on up flashing his ticket and entering the lounge was a new experience, he never had been in the nice seats at a baseball game so it was going to be a new and fun experience. Far from first a pair of blonde women already noticing the bright flash of the tall platinum blonde in sunlight first then the other nearby. "Diamond double Deluxe , with extra salad please." While it was a childish fun, the whole idea of ordering the fancy premium burger, well you only got this chance very rarely get a full golden ticket normally. While he was hardly poor to say, he was not also so liquidly wealthy free to spend completely without thought or consideration in day to day life.

Sitting down leaning back to test the seat finding them rather comfortable, it was certainly a good experience so far. "Hello ladies, Glad i'm not too early. Now I see why people pay so much for the seats up here." The view was pretty good, comfortable seats and comped. Its pretty nice to have the ability to enjoy the bonus perks in life.

Isabella Daphne Belle

location = Baseball Stadium Golden ticket Box

Isabella was in a minor moment of panic having received a golden ticket for the baseball game. What you wore for a sports game was pretty easy but when in the top box with the VIP', it was a very different thing entirely. "You got a minute Natalie, you said you've been to a few fancy things and not so accepted ones too, can I borrow your brain for a second." ringing up someone she got to know for a second opinion and some ideas with a promise of cocktails another time.

Life had a certain sense of humour turning a simple trip to a local game and joining a few people to relax with a few drinks into a full blown event. Things had been pretty normal so far however life seemed to be picking up a bit more, maybe the city crazy was infectious and the longer you stayed the more Delta you became.

Dressing casually but with little effort to look nice as a baseball game but good seats in a pleated short white skirt, a slightly faded but very comfortable old NYU T shirt with strappy black 2 inch chunky heeled sandals that wrapped partly up her lower legs. Aviator sunglasses and a light pale blue jacket with white patterns in ones and zeros along the back. Isabella had a nice new dress however the whole event would be too much for the game. The outfit showed rather a bit of leg but for one she might get some tan and help keep cool in the hellish humidity. Still casual and comfortable, the skirt was a bit of a step up from denim shorts, not too far but it seemed a better choice for a golden ticket.

Bright chunky jewellery completed it and even by luck in home team colors with a matching hair in bag tie if things got windy later on. A mirror twirl later to check things were all in place Isabella was ready to go.

Getting a cab over after reading another chapter in her book, making an AI that could think not only in one probabilities but a serris required some brushing up on maths and formulas for the calculations. They would have to be more complicated due to the number of interrelated parts. "Diamond stadium… gate 4 please. South gate i think?" directing the cab driver who just nodded as the sound of local radio went on about a spate of suspicious fires and wild claims of everything from Diamond Hotels to an experimental Soviet laser satellite.

Past few days had been normal for most part working on things, reading up, general life stuff. Nothing too dramatic then Isabella received a golden ticket, she had planned to go to a game with a few people she met but life threw different things her way.


Exiting the rather purple cab outside the bay marked with a huge 4 and various signage. The place was pretty well laid out and easy to get about. It was about as obvious as her very purple cab that she caught to the stadium.

Thankfully for Isabella the staff lead her where she needed to be reaching the upper levels where soon was drinking a cocktail as who chose free soft drinks over cocktails? "Excuse me, Just slipping by. Everything is comped if you do not know. Not double D full specials, but good. Nice for a treat mind.

Miss anything major?"
slipping by and sitting down while the music was playing lightly tapping her heels to the rhythm of music in the box. Another woman was already haven taken a seat, blonde short haired woman slightly shorter and swearing at the players. Normal baseball? Pretty much baseball. Beer? The whole range was open, so might as well make most of it. Diamond drinks prices were usually not on the cheap side. Curious if Isabella missed any drama.

Margarita check. Everything was better with Margarita's and sunshine. Double D had a great cocktail bar, abit expensive for a grad student to drink regularly at.

24 Hour Time Skip Warning

Temporal Transit to Saturday (k)night?

Consider what your characters have been doing for the last couple of days and come prepared for a ball game bonanza.

Any questions please let us know.

As always, if you feel that you are not ready to skip. PLEASE speak up!
Hey guys, sorry to break it to yah but with the fact I've gotten the super cold here atm and my uni schedule absolutely dogpiling up now, I might have to take a break and return to the RP at a later date, if that's okay?

Thats 100% ok. People have left and rejoined before.

We make it easy to join back in, life gets crazy sometimes. Most of us have had somthing throw spanners at us casually when least expect it.

Isabella Daphne Belle

location = Sushi Place (Team Sushi)

Isabella spotted Henry come in and was ordering with what seemed like a lot more confidence and speed than some of the customers she had watched. Sushi probably would be different to Massachusetts however she was interested and happy to try new things. The man had an ego the size of a room, his tea? He really was so stuck up he might be a flagpole.

"Doodles, it's a coding notebook. His reaction and gesture made her gold eyes narrow and infuriated her, it was a public restaurant not his private property. "I think I'll stay here. I got quite the liking for Sushi at MIT." Seeing Henry arive bring herself to full height being a fraction taller than the jerk before softening and waving over to join her sitting down.moving her bag and bits and pieces out way. Every college she went to was in a state or City by the coast so Sushi and seafood was an easy option to get. .

Least he was acting like a gentleman and determined not to let one jerk ruin her lunch, the waiter she hered make an.. Well yeah it probably did. She was a little more showy today and dressed up a bit. "Separate cheques please." She added confirming his not date answer, given limited time in Delta, dating had not been a major priority still trying to settle in.

Her train of thought was interrupted as someone called out about tips , bar mitzvah and such events, it certainly was a lively lunch vennue and a busy one. "Sit down before you dare to interrupt his light or some grievous slight I'm guilty of." lightning her mood abit, humour got you through many things. Unsure what to say, she barely Knew Henry and had offered an healthier lunch, but it seemed a start anyways. "Brunettes your type then." Joking at the assumption and implications, it got any awkward out the way early on or the ones who were stuck up.

Casting a glance round to see if food might be early. The photographer was still about. Maybe there was some event or big thing happening? Turning her gold eyes to Henry thankfully having escaped wearing glasses so far, one more thing to worry about."Well, if Professor jones told you as much as me. Il introduce properly. I went NYU undergrad , MIT masters, Dancer since i was a kid, Latins my favourite, but i can do most least pretty well bar ballet and tap we never got on. Also, i like sweet coffee, so i will end up borrowing from your undergrad lab." Isabella trying to break the ice. "I also am a little crazy moving here as I'm scared of gators..."

"Thankyou." Noticing a slightly rushed person brought over chopsticks and the other items needed so ready for food to arrive on various tables for popular lunch service.


Jackson "Jack" Maxwell Rodriquez

location = Chef's Drive-In

The rather well dressed woman was rather quick to wait at the table, barely having time to put the menu back before he had been approached by the rather extroverted woman. "Gracias señorita, my morning is better now thank you." Giving her a confident smile and a bit of charm, his father had disagreed on many things with Jackson but confidence and a little charm where never a bad thing.

"Black coffee, stack of pancakes with syrup please, I just escaped the Delta times labyrinth this morning and find self in need of your excellent Coffee." A little much yes however this was Delta City and little or lot much was order of the day and the norm. The city was lively, vibrant and plain crazy half the time but boring it was not.

Casting a glance over at the rest of the place, the blonde seemed to be serving, nothing of note beyond that and a normal day in Delta City. Then things where less normal, abnormal... No insanity berg had struck. Seemed the waitress and man had a past and a showdown. Certainly not a dull morning for sure!

A shout of Danny shook his thoughts, wait Danny.. Diamond hotels. He met him when they were putting out feelers, the man was calm, professional and respectful. Far better than some who were frankly like vultures on a carcass who probably left a trail of slime as they moved around.

Hopefully this drama did not impact his breakfast, then he heard some commotion and his breakfast was paid for, he never asked but who turned down a free breakfast? An idiot.

Getting up leaving his jacket to save a seat, he always had been confident and in good shape though he still could scrape a physical fitness test, pride had him wanting to regain old form and excel. After a year or more of different priorities, endurance was his strength not benching hundreds of pounds though. "Thankyou Danny, no hard feelings before, Business is Business after all and you paid for breakfast.

That Helicopter for breakfast run though, you'll be a local legend for weeks."

Offering to shake his hand, they had met before and things were definitely a little tough, professional, polite and respectful but he could drive a point home and had a good eye for business realities. A rival yes, an respectable one though.

There seemed to be some business going on and he waited for a gap not wanting to pry, things that "Did not exist" he was used to ignoring instead waiting for the right moment to intervene to thank him. Whatever the women had going on, or Danny and the waitress had going was their problems not his. "Good morning señorita's. Sorry for intruding, I'll leave you to this lovely morning."

A man was hungry. He just wanted breakfast but he could be polite too.


Isabella Daphne Belle

location = Sushi Place (Team Sushi)

Isabella left the study building, winding her way through the brightly lit lobby and its various shaded walkways that linked to other parts of the technology campus at Delta University. It was one of most modern and newest areas as a large plaque proclaimed the man who donated the land and money for its construction. Least rich person using money for a mostly good cause.

Henry was an interesting character though he might need the patience of a few hundred saints if he thought she might learn to play chess at a more complicated level than a beginner. She could make a computer think, react and even learn from mistakes and adapt its own probability calculations just not play the game personally very well.

The project seemed to have a lot of potential and Professor Jones, while somewhat wizzardy would never put her into a bad situation that did not benefit her and and PHD work. Henry could be interesting to get to know, rather... Carefully chosen in his words and actions potentially but he seemed polite and raised no red flags.

Reaching her little suzuki samurai it was a fairly short drive to the sushi place. Just the lunch time traffic was rather busy and finding a place to park was somewhat more challenging nervously parallel parking on a street close by. "Come on... Only once more." finally getting into line on the 6th try easing off the clutch that all the city driving had been heavier on.

Glancing in the mirror before leaving with a quick touch up on lipstick, Isabella liked to look least presentable and dress nicely as first impressions counted for alot and never know who you bump into. Chucking some coins in the meter before heading to sushi place, not the only person to decide it was qn favourite for lunch. A taller more pale looking man was eating inside with a camera and various additional kit with him. Another customer seemed to match his extra eye with a missing eye and black eye patch though the pirate look ended their well dressed sharp outfit and was unlikely to raid and rip bodices of duchess's in steamy ship board forbidden romances. Both were about her height so maybe people were just taller here and fit in rather well.

"Number 1, 12, 17, extra rice... Oh and one of those please" Finding a Japanese probably not imported drink by the front counter placing her order with a harried and flustered looking young man who may be fairly new. "Of..of course miss, Chef is preparing a fresh salmon batch so your order be around 10-15 minutes." The teanager? Maybe finding some more confidence.

"I can wait. Thank You." Directed to a table and ending up near the photographer and the city's smartest dressed pirate. It certainly was a strange gathering through the city... Well not shy about being different, the man with a camera was more in his own world like she got when working on a problem. Finding her note book in hand bag, Isabella started doodling out an idea she had in the car heading over, rolling the fountain pen between her fingers trying to make sense of it.

Careful not to drip ink on the table or her dress, ever try getting ink out... Its painful. Her best ideas always came at strangest moments taking a drink from. Whatever Japanese drink it was choosing it based on the berries on label. Rather nice in fact for a random choice made on a label and what looked interesting.

"Oops... Sorry. Got caught up in my work." Accidently tapping one of them while picking up a dropped coloured pen she was using to sort and link her ideas together while waiting for lunch.


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