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Current Not in the UK though! We kept the original title. America changed it.
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*Harry Potter and Philosophers stone* original!
7 days ago
Narwhal... you mean uniseacorns
14 days ago
Between two chapters we been running for 10-11months. It's possible. 900+ plus posts.
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A good post says it in as many words needed. Shorter, or longer. Long as you get the message across. That's what matters.


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@The Harbinger of Ferocity Whilst this is a thread of opinion, I can't help but to feel your post equates to "ew, anime." Overlapping of tropes happens, regardless if you find it worthy of eye-rolling or not. I've seen standard western tropes in anime/manga just as well as you've seen eastern tropes in your tales and stories.

<Snipped quote by PrinceAlexus>

Seems to be common in Slice of Life stuff, to the point where the gay/lesbian, bisexual, etc. usually outnumber the hetero characters.

Not always. Some people just overly forget a charceters genders and sexuality is the sole factor.

In reality, its only a part of a greater whole. Its more about a rounded charceter than a 2D trope. You might have 5-10 main aspects not 1.
Overdone. Well not just one type but thr type that work a single cliche to the nth degree.
. Just because you have a bad past, does not require the full country song I lost ma pick up and so.

Or gay, being gay on every aspect. Everyone is shaded of greys and other transparency. Have abit of well... More. A cahrcetet is made of multiple values and interests not just one.
Yep. Always somthing hidden away on guild to peek the intrest.

Firstly and foremost :)

We are nearing the end of chapter 2 however a 3rd is planned, with a short break for us to update the city, plot our new plots and work out how to refine our RP before letting it free again.

Your more than welcome to join now however, find your feet and have fun in our sandbox we made at whichever point as we operate time skips to allow people to join seemelessy at any point.

Please ask us if you have any questions, and if you are intrested, CS is on the OOC page one.

Welcome citizen. Your adventure in Sol City awaits.

@PrinceAlexus Awesome would Mae make the character resemble the image

that yuo would have to ask mae, she could maybe draw influnces and ad dit into her deisgn. but again have to aks.

Mae draws the charecters so they show up on the board and in the team pictures etc. its kinda cool :)

takes a alittle time but everyone one has been made for the RP game, and customized to player add ons like special iotems they pick up along the way.
@PrinceAlexus my body has survived, my bank account not so much

Lol. Your liver might be in open rebellion!

Modern warfare, Two, Black Ops (original) still copies at times but things went far faster downhill after that point.

Yeah, it's gone miles off thr original idea. Not even a a campaign!

Does anyone make a game now without battleroyalle more lol
Its become like the the biggest thing ever...
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