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11 days ago
Current Modern slice of life, 25+ locations, active players and GM team. Sol City welcomes all to be the Soul of the city ;)…
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25 days ago
Want a slice of life. Then I have the RP for you!…
1 mo ago
See there's reasons why Don, t always ask why and just apcept jelly fish and pee are a thing.
2 mos ago
We shall be as mercifull as the great lord Conan the Barbarian.
2 mos ago
Unless that books 50 shades of grey then turn up the heat!


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In C R A W L 7 hrs ago Forum: Spam Forum
@Mae What if I try to hack at Pastor Jimmy with my hatchet? Still no friendly fire?

>Aaron moves to D11, and takes aim with the carbine. For some reason, he doesn't shoot.

Hey.. I'm only here to preach and kill monsters. Ans I've already been a preaching.
Well unless you wear boob plate, with fitted custom breastplate...

You got your own...

Plus I kinda Don, t have any other clothes...
In C R A W L 8 hrs ago Forum: Spam Forum
@Mae Question 1: What is the minimum square Aaron needs to be on to use his carbine?

Question 2: Can we shoot past other people? I don't want to hit someone in the head.

Aye good question. Why I kinda moved so when I shot I not miss and hit a freindly trying to shoot the bar at first.
In C R A W L 9 hrs ago Forum: Spam Forum
>>back up two paces to D21

If it bleeds... We can kill it.
In C R A W L 11 hrs ago Forum: Spam Forum
>> Go to D19

>>aim and open fire night terror.

>>sermon loudly as possible because it must be done properly
Its boring not to take a few risks.
In C R A W L 11 hrs ago Forum: Spam Forum
>> move to D23

>>fire on hell bat.

>>preach loudly about smiting deamons.
Popping in to say I am cautiously interested. I 'member how suddenly I had to shift priorities last time you guys saw me.

But I am interested. Maybe after this upcoming holiday weekend I will try to toss together a CS and see where that takes me.

In other news, I am glad you guys managed to get this together, it looks great!

Thankss.your welcome to join our great game.

Well if you change your mind, and get new ideas, feel free to join. Keep us in mind we always welcome new players.
Ugh. I'm sorry, but I've been working on this all morning and can't get anything to work out. I'm going to abstain from joining.

What's the problem. Anything we can help with?
Oh hey, this is where you guys ended up, neat-o!

Yep. This where we ended up. :)

The link for OOC is in the top post or PM me and il give it ya if that one not work for some silly reason.
No time skip yet.

I just like to wrap my posts and skips up neatly so try to include intro and exit. @Rabidporcupine
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