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Marinalia Romus Olympus "Mali" & Victoria Darya Romus "Vika"

Thursday - Sol Mates (Light lane) - mixed locations

Runways, Race cars and the Rumba

marinalia was a little worried underneath, and cold, the Xia Situation was out of her control and that just felt like waiting for trouble to strike. Her offer of stopping over was standing, if she turned up tomorrow wanting a break, break it was.

Marinalia was not quite the evil monster that she had been made out to be, really the fact she did not want to see someone die was a surprise? What did he think her family where up to? Forging evil empires, killing kittens and hating meerkats? Her grandfathers comment carried no hostility, more just a joke to if the time. He just knew the one from years ago was being married to his car or his wife. "You not want to miss section 19A. You beat it, the car is yours. It's a racing car needs a young driver and reflexes not an old man past his prime." Max did not mind, he wanted the record and he doubted his family would be able to make use of such a high-end race car. Sure Maria had a rather nice Bentley but that was a rather comfrey tourer not a purebred, fire-spitting monster that would throw itself out hard at the slightest mistake. No, better off with Joel. He knew how to drive them, and they needed a firm hand.

Marinalia gave him a bit of a glare, but only minorly. Did he really think she wanted to see him die? Not exactly like his partner but blimey, she was hardly the harpy that some made her out to be. Only to those who threatened her family anyway."Much as we have a few run-ins directly or indirectly. I'd rather not see you wrapped around a tree or pulverised into a rock. I'm not quite the ice queen of the North." Maybe a bit too snarky but really, she was not the bitch queen of hell. Maybe her aunt on a bad pregnancy day in last few months... Being in America had advantages for that.

Lucile took the file with a nod and checked before ticking off the sections on a list-making sure she had everything completed. "Thankyou Monsieur Nicolosi, please let me know if you require assistance in future, il have copies sent over in next few days and all the financials" Concluding her part, there was some work to do after but the hard part was over. Just a few copies, filing etc. Paperwork would wait for no woman or man. "Well that was easy. Wish Defender Class was this efficient. Months to sign off. Had to choose the Germans, I quite like seeing Union Jacks above race winner coverage." Joking a bit, any sport had a fair amount of national pride in it. Max did not like to boast about money, but his car claiming the record would be one he enjoys to freely admit. That was something that mattered to him anyway. "Its Max, you can drop the Sir, it's not my father's era. There good routes, Argentina not bad for the wine too."

Markin in decided not to go into bitchville and remembered something that might help. Main hangers where busy, the old DC6 hanger was never busy after the new 100J was taking over northern routes from the veteran aircraft with eye to retain more a historical aircraft than practical. Gesturing to the large civilian C130 parked in engine maintenance. "Mayor, looks like your a uptown man now. The old far hanger with DC6 Anne Marie, mostly storage now. The new Anne Marie II over there taken most of her work and we retraining on her. If you need a place to work, its probably least active of the hangers right now." Joel did deliveries here but Marlin worked there, she knew it well including the nice quiet lunch spot at the old traffic control tower. Well, he got Marlin to agree, not cause an argument even though she was a bit prickly. The families female population was rather volatile at times. "Excellent. My shipment team will want the alcohol offered that they could ship it without a scratch.

Once I get the mapping data on the route, you can test to the last segment and sector if you so desire. Wales, il be watching. I have 5 decades of contacts round London and Europe if you want an evening to remember for your red-headed lady friend and know a private bar that has some rather fine spirits if you want your most expensive hangover ever on me."
Who you know really mattered, the high life of London needed a few select keys to unlock some doors. Max had those and he liked the younger man. He deserved a evening living it up like the high life in society, done wine, fine food and solid gold service. It was a unique experience even of you only got a few chances to enjoy it.

Max did not find sharing the wealth, he had contracts or sales of nearly 20 Defender class alone over the next few years, each one costing over 200 million pounds. In part enough to ensure the family business would survive into the next generation and hoped his grandchildren's care. His legacy and family would survive and prosper into the future if he had anything to do with it. The Aisle of man was a personal one though. This was him wanting the record and with Joel's help and mechanical expertise as a partner it would be a better than fair chance of success.

If only Marlin could shake her bad feeling something was wrong in world.


Marinalia Romus Olympus "Mali" & Victoria Darya Romus "Vika"

Thursday - Sol Mates (Light lane) - mixed locations

Runways, Race cars and the Rumba

Victoria"s confusion only grew. Did she admit what was really going on behind the slate-grey eyes that cool "mask" slipped revealing a rather confused woman who was doing her best to hide weaknesses? Yep, he was right, she held a fair few secrets personal, family and work-related. The words caught her off guard, he was utterly pissed? Surely... Who was that eloquent pissed? And the Kiss? Where did she even begin to unravel that one?

He was nice, she was pregnant with someone else kid? Why was he after her? What did she want and why where her hormones deciding to go silly and want to pin him against a wall there and then after that? The damn body was just pushing her with random hormones for fun. "Talk when your Sober Ok? And have a safe trip home." trying not to sound like she was threatening him, that really needed explaining and more context than a drunk chat and a stolen kiss.

Waiting till Ryan left, she would decide how to even handle that situation later and laid head on arms at the counter with a noticeable sigh. "That was me inheriting a drama Llama herd following me to America." ok her Russain English mix could deliver a pretty solid deadpan.

Knowing she could not leave her friend on that answer, she did deserve some context though maybe not everything with too many ears and eyes about as she gestured to Isosef with a Yawn and gesture to confirm she was ready to leave soon, and he would have to drive tonight confirmed by a small nod. He had worked with Victoria enough to know her cues over the years and body language. "I owe you that much.

Short answer. Ryan is not the father, umm. I got caught in the moment, he was really hot... Passions running high. Blizzard, power cut... Found a way to keep warm, that should be rather obvious. We both never planned for it. Well. Oops. Oven time. Not sure how everything stands.

Sadly not my boyfriend either! He seems to have a thing for short brunettes though "
giving the rather shorthand, she had a choice to make, though would Ethan hurt Ryan? friend, boyfriend or any other descriptor she did not want him hurt. He had looked after a stranger on a cold morning closed, that stuck with her. Giggling at Ryans potential type and two of them sat there both filling the requirements rather well. She had to admit they both where pretty attractive women with no lack of funds or confidence at times.

"Text me, or pop over over, we can sort something out. One for the girls it is. Let me know which place as I need to book ahead. Still a little envious of your skin. See you soon Manami." Giving bet a hug before she could leave, Victoria was very thankful for the few good friends she had gained in Sol City. Ending on an upbeat comment, it was too flawless. Eating well and good skincare aside, she had to least be a part witch to achieve it.

Once Manami had left, Victoria paid her bill and whatever Ryan added leaning on the cane looking at the busy people, happy couples and so all about. Would be nice... Charles was off enjoying self, she could always annoy him in the morning by being happy, chipper and generally not hungover!

Making her way slowly down the lane back to her Bentley, spotting the pretty guy, yeah. Well, 90% sure. You never could be 100% certain these days. Modern life could throw a few surprises about, she knew we'll as anyone to not judge books by covers, half the family was definitely a surprise in some way or the other. He was with some woman, wait the same woman. That was interesting, the woman who helped him, now talking. Add a little romance, the evening. It could be fun. Ok, fine...the mayor's silly event was addictive in its own way.

@Otterpop@Infinite Cosmos@KatKook

Marinalia Romus Olympus "Mali" & Victoria Darya Romus "Vika"

Thursday - Sol Mates (Light lane) - mixed locations

Runways, Race cars and the Rumba

Marinalia watched as Lucile handed over the relevant documents, finding a second much lighter folio for later. The woman was a miracle worker when it came to making sense of chaos. She had impressed most of the family. "Please sign when your ready Monsieur" The French woman checking she had not missed anything, they could and documents to sign but that would hurt her professional pride about getting things right the first time around.

Marlin watched Joel greet her grandfather and the wink. His self-confidence could have been used to self propel and launch an oil tanker into orbit. "Good to see you're doing well, Americas up and coming Rally prospect I hear. And dating a rather attractive red head artist, cars don't keep you warm at night.

Have fun while you can, I'm sure they hated handing this beauty over. Got 3 children, in-laws, grandchildren and 2 more including a 4th generation on the way making sure I'm sensible."
Max was old, he was a bit slower and sure he needed to be careful but he was not letting that stop him doing what he wanted long as mind and body kept working. The family was rather protective of him, though that had eaten into his fun hobbies of youth around fast cars. He had to tease Joel a bit about and a bit of advise. Fun as racing was, it was not a woman.

Her coffee did not smell quite right, wondering if it was just less syrup in there she had ignored it, though his reaction, that definitely was not Joel bears porridge. Why people made such faces at her coffee choices was, why? Just a little sweet. Chicky, of all the names to stick for her. Chicky? Seriously?"It's just a little sweeter. You might even like it one day. Don't know if you try. We just concerned Grampa, we don't want to lose you.

Yet, I'm more concerned what the next one is. This one is dangerous already"
she really had no idea white how you could top a speed record on a track where the safety barrier was a solid stone wall. Le men were probably one of the most currently in use potentially lethal racing events about. Maybe a Paris to Dakkar? Or a rally though the Congo? While not a fan, it was impossible not to grow up with such a grandfather and not know something about racing. Ok, the car surprised her, a battleship grey Astin, race trim? Custom paintwork, this really was not some flight of fancy. Joel, British racing car? Why did that just feel strange? Shaking the thought she watched Joel admire the car and go over it. That moment she recognised, Marlin could be the same about flight checks and ensuring her Aircraft was perfect. "Ok... That is a nice car... Sorry, Anne Marie 2, your still my favourite cargo plane" Glancing over to the 100J sat in Daedalus colours dominating the corner of the hanger.

"Delivery Mistake, Enjoy Valkyrie, least it's not more of that Japanese stuff last time"Max had to smile at Marinalia's reaction when tossed a large bag of cereal marshmallows. She had always had a sweet tooth since she had teeth and perhaps before. Maria had craved sweet stuff heavily when pregnant. "People have different meanings of sweet to you Mali, you been same since you had teeth. You lot are over-cautious, You all take after my Marinalia like that, she always saw the risks first. Your as bad as Maria when it comes to being protective.

Should be perfect, Told you id find something nice, Just need you to sign something too Mali"
Joel had challenged him to find a winning car, well he had delivered. There were a few foreign manufacturers who he had contacts at but this was a British record. It would have a British car holding it even if driven by an American.

Marinalia jumped a little from when Joel swapped from the whole zen car budda monk mode to her. The rear wing did look a little strange then included a split-wing and a feature she did not quite understand fully but worked out it would be fast. Put that feature on an aircraft and it would be plain, or even plane terrifying to not have tall controls. "Grampa always was a bit of a racing nerd. Preflight managed to meet your standards?

That's an interesting way to get extra speed, least that one that makes sense to me. Your gonna handle like on black ice on anything but a straight line I'm sure though. Be careful, it's rather dangerous to track.

I'm stick to my Land Rover, bit safer."
Marinalia only had a basic understanding but fast object + no downforce = very little steering. "Excuse me, Mademoiselle, we need a shareholder signature alongside your grandfathers." Handing her a much lighter document, Marinalia sighed and signed a little shakily. Much as she enjoyed a nice income to supplement her lifestyle it would have been nicer to have met her grandmother. "Il sign Lucile. I inherited off my grandmother, I hold shares and few other things." glancing over to her diamond ring, the ice blue glittering in the brightly lit hanger. "Few others Joel, but that definitely the big one. I'm proud of that one. Does she needs much work before you ready for testing?

Thank you Mali, I'm sure she happy with you and what you done."


Marinalia Romus Olympus "Mali" & Victoria Darya Romus "Vika"

Thursday - Sol Mates (Light lane) - mixed locations

Runways, Race cars and the Rumba

Victoria noted the reaction, yeah Peas went to cold way too fast and sprouts, thankfully American's seemed not to have taken the abomination of winter vegetables to heart and soul. Though their idea of portions was crazy. Victoria was tiny and yet so many places served enough to feed her happily twice over. Even kids potions would be fine for her at some diners. "Ok, il take adorable. Could explain things. If I copied my family of sorts if be hunting for tall, handsome, dark haired and in a service uniform" it easily was a pattern, Marla, Maria both had a type, a clear type. Mike was in one, the attraction seemed to be universal across the generation.

Manami really seemed to be tearing into Ryan, granted most of it was well deserved and assuming she was Japanese and spoke the language. Victoria did not she did not but not everyone was taught second languages like she was growing up fully fluent in Russain. The fact she was protecting Victoria made her smile, she definitely was a friend worth having. Staying softer, Victoria tried to keep him calm, and emotions in check. This situation did not need any more piling in."Ryan, I'm not going to let you make a really stupid drunk mistake and say who." Ignoring the comment, nope. Was it a compliment or not? She was tiny, slim built though her clothing and jewellery kept her not looking like a perpetual teenager. Embarrassingly she had been given a reduced under 16 ticket before when she really was in her 20's.

Not as drunk? That would be a surprise, he seemed utterly hammered and not very much sober. "Your not as Sober as you think either. I'm... I'm managing, whatever happens, il manage. I have to. The clock will keep ticking regardless of my situation or what i want." a little bit of her rather confused emotions escaping but she would follow through regardless, Letting her child down was never going to be an option. Alone, supported she would manage however the future fell. "Scared of me? Friendly, if I wanted more than that tonight, you would not be confusing the meaning. I'm not shy about expressing feelings. Nore would I play with yours, you're a decent guy, there pretty rare to break one." Adding with a small smirk and a slightly flirty smile. Ok, Manami was right, Victoria was cute in her own way, Deep raven black hair, pale skin and striking dark grey eyes. It worked for her anyway. Was she entirely convincing? The last thing she wanted to do was play with his feelings like a fiddle. Ok she teased him a bit but he was timid round a woman getting on for half his weight, and over a foot shorter. Seriously, standing up she barely reached his shoulder if she was lucky.

Once she had tried to calm and deflect Ryan as gently as possible from subjects she did not want to truly face herself. Careful as it went, she would make all this up to her friend. Nodding she was alright and not scared, just a little emotional hinting in her dark grey eyes. Giving her a hug through a little care in regard to her own situation."Thanks, Manami, you where here first, so you decide if you want to go, i don't want to hold you up if you gotta be places?

Afternoon tea at Continental? Or we can drive up to Atlas resort on a good day? Girls afternoon a free day? I can drive us."
a day out would be a nice distraction for them both. A spa day was out question however much heavenly, she had go be careful but she could find ways to enjoy self plus she wanted to help her friend, not sure how. Victoria could least offer Manami a day out that should be free from dramas and disasters. "Don't worry Miss, I am keeping an eye on Miss Romus, she only going where she wants to." Isosef has not missed anything but saw that the softer approach of Victoria was the answer to defuse conflicts. He could have intervened but some called for a heavy hand, others a gentle one. He was well-meaning, just drunk and concerned. All in all, a fairly know risk at present and easily so far gently brought to heal.

@Otterpop Top shelf mystery team
@Infinite Cosmos Drinky Chef of Sol
Astrid Peterson
Tora Peterson

First day of spring - Year one - Mayoral Moaning part 2

Red bridge - Peterson's Cottage - Mayors House

Tora Peterson
Tora or Tori to her friends and family was busy in the kitchen of the cottage mixing up the last of the Key lime pie ingredients before settings the final stage to bake and an old fashioned egg timer with her. The first-ever be years celebration was not a time for a burnt desert and indelible gift. Singing along to an old radio playing cheesy pop hits.

Life had not been this easy at the start, days had been long, a lot of work to turn the cottage and hall back to a place humans could call home. Extensive work needed doing and the building had even had them questioning if it could have been achieved at times. Yes, she was a shameless flirt and not one to deny it, however, the "Vacuous" woman drove a hard bargain and a sharp eye for details and ways to save money and materials. Oliver, the priest did not seem to quite like her as much as her rock chick sister but he was a good customer and a regular.

Not even hearing but feeling, something about the hall, it was not a danger though. There was no cloying dark feeling that had tried to take the building. No this was positive. Whatever it was this presence or feeling was not going to harm or hurt her leaving the knife on the side table. She was told this place had monsters, maybe but until more solid proof came no need to be armed in a small village. They were already pagans, looking like a raiding party not help the cause. Heading back to the wardrobe and throwing open the doors, it was a little full... Ok, a lot full. Mayors party, might as well look nice and make q good impression. Gold, chain mail, barely there and no underwear...nope. Hopefully, find a use for it eventually though.

Digging something less proactive out, a metallic cocktail dress though still enough oomph to make her feel confident. She was not a wallflower and never would try to hide her personality. It was snug but it fitted well and years of working her feet left her legs well-toned and attractive. Fumbling a little but zipping it up and am getting her long wavy Raven black hair into some form to a suitable order, matching Thor's hammer to Astrids proudly on show round her neck and glittering in the light. Luckily the egg timer beeped as she just finished her makeup and ran over pulling out the desert and plating it onto a decorative platter more appropriate than her slightly battered but perfectly serviceable bakeware. "Phew. Not quite mums but close enough. Munin... No. This one's not for you. It's for that slightly eccentric mayor. Go, behave you. Foods on your perch."

Making sure her unconverted and familiar knew. The Raven was a strange one form a bond with but Munin had soon become her rather an intelligent friend. Letting it fly off her arm feeling the sharp cold talons on her skin reminding her Munin was not fully "Tamed" or "docile". Though she seemed to follow commands when she wanted to anyway.

Astrid Peterson
Leaving the red bridge and making the walk home, she felt a little confused meeting Ollie at times, he was... Layered,when you think he had it down the answer was just more questions. She did like Oliver in his own way, he was abit tough round edges but interesting. Fluffy was playful though she would need a bit of clean before they went to the party, where you allowed to take dogs? Because Fluffy was hard to separate from Astrid. Not that she minded, her dog was a loyal friend and companion.

Spotting Tora on the way in sat dressed up doing of all things placing an order from the city for a few supplies that were hard to acquire locally. "Hey Tori. Add on some more bits on the list in pink, got to get ready, the mayor is a strange one" Grabbing a list, Tora agreed mayor was a strange one. Who else had a full beard and nothing on top?"Got Ya Asti, already done. Sky blue? You look good in sky blue. Mayor. Eccentric definitely is his picture next to meaning" Laughing, he meant well but by the many gods, he was a strange character and hard to get a solid gauge of if it was real or a clever mask and ruse.

Astrid found her dress, little short but it was cute and would be fun to get out and meet some of the locals in a none working capacity. They met many but often they were customers. Finding some heals, light makeup and a matching clutch bag. She did not do the whole thing as well as Tora, Twins yes, but get to know them they were rather different under the surface.

A small twirl in the mirror and check everything was working out from the back as well as the front. Be a rather embarrassing moment to find the dress did not cover up properly! "Ready Asti. See... I can do dressy, don't act so surprised Asti, I have legs you know. Pass me a glass, white one by the milk"

Grabbing the pie, some light coats as leaving. They were not exactly dressed in practical options for the weather by most standards but they would get a little cold to look good. It was a short walk to the mayor's place, Fluffy trailed next to Astrid with some meandering smelling the shops and things along the way. Reaching the rather large property and courtyard. "Mr Mayor, why hello, thank-you for inviting us hon" Smiling, her typical flirty self and placing down the Key Lime pie. "Oh Tori, don't get us kicked out before we arrived. Thank you, its a shared gift from us. Your always welcome at Freyas" obviously joking, the two sisters were pretty relaxed, especially after they had cracked open a bottle from the local vineyard before leaving. "Im not that bad Asti, Fluffy... Asti can you calm her, Munin...stop bothering her..." Calling back her Raven who was teasing the rather large dog giving a minor dog glare to Munin. The two animals did not exactly see eye to eye.

The Mayor and spirits @MissCapnCrunch
Oliver "Onion" Reed @Shinobu
A rhino so you got something cooler than a horse to ride.


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