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Current i am sick of this. if one is tired of an rp, or is annoyed with pretty infrequent posting, just tell me! Don't just delete the rp without a word! :'(
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I joined 5 years ago now.

I enjoy pm rps, if anyone is interested. but I will do thread rps too.

I am into otome games. I enjoy rock music. I like reading.

My time zone is: EST

My fav. colors are: red, blue, pink, white, and black.

I am open for any rps.
However, I am not into rps that are strictly nation, horror, apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic, superhero, military, or sci-fi.
But I MAY give them a shot if they are mixed with another genre, like romance for example.

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The main plot:

A long time ago, there was a small land where humans lived in peace. But, one day, that peace was disturbed, and in a very dark way. A group of shifters (wolf, horse, lion, and so on) passed through the area, an entire tribes worth, and....they stuck around. They attacked the humans, that land. The humans fought back... only to lose the fight. They and their land were enslaved, and they were kept under the thumb(s) of those shifters, especially their leader... a mighty dragon. The land would be this way for the following years, and many decades would pass.

Since then, the land had essentially become a 'farm' of sorts. Some humans, especially males, were selected to be farm animals, pulling plows and wagons and such, day and night. Other humans were selected to act as livestock of sorts, doing things like cows and pigs once did, and bred to continue on with that, and replace the ones that died out over time. The lucky ones were sold off and taken to who knows where, and would not have to deal with the shifters anymore. This cycle, those cycles, would continue on and on, and would not, did not, seem to end.

Fast forward......

One day, a person, a unique human, one wielding a special sword, one only they themselves could wield for one reason or another, came into town. (This person will be male or female depending on the type of pairing decided on). They were passing through, hoping to see their homeland once more, only to stumble across.... this place. With anger, pity, among other things, in their eyes, they ventured deeper into the lands. Seeing what they would see, it would make them feel worse, and they would feel a great determination to exterminate these...beasts...them and their leader, and free these poor people, these poor humans. As they begin their mission, with no reason, yet, to hesitate, they would eventually have an encounter with the great leader themselves. They would meet face to face for the very first time, and the possibility of a confrontation was truly there.


There would be a strange look to the leaders' eyes as they approached the so-called hero. The person in question would take a step back as they did so, trying to create some distance. But, the leader would quickly fill in that gap in distance between them, and they would lean in, trying to meet their eyes. As the so-called hero attempted to lift their sword up to attack them.....

"You're mine."

The leader made that one, firm, declaration. The words were...unusually calm, as if he were confident in them, that they would be truth. However, it was more than how calm those words were that would confuse this 'hero'. These words suggested something....more to them. Before anything could even be questioned though, the dragon shifter would grab them by the arm and take off for the castle that had been built since the shifters arrival there. They had arrived in what seemed like a flash, due to the speed of how the leader flew through the skies. They would open their eyes just in time to see gates opening, and servants, mainly hybrids born since the shifters took over, welcoming the leader back, and watching with wide eyes as they dragged this strange person inside. This person would begin to struggle soon after that, once they caught their breath.

"Let go of me! I said let go of me!"

Those words would fall on deaf ears. They would be tossed into a room, a random elegant room. Their sword had been taken from them, while sheathed so no direct contact was made, and hidden away somewhere before anything could be done about this predicament. The door would be locked, and the windows enchanted so that they could not be opened nor broken in order to escape. Words would be heard from the other side, those of that leader once more.

"You shall stay in there until the ceremony.....dearest."

With that everything would go silent. This was certainly quite the predicament, to put it mildly. More than anger was in this hero's hear now. Fear could be felt as well. What ceremony? What did the leader truly want with them? How were they to escape this place? What was going to happen to them if they could not? Their mind was awhirl with such questions.

This is where the story began.......

Only time would tell......
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