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semi-new to the site. I am currently into pm rps if anyone is interested. but i am open to thread rps.
have a job where you have both co-workers you get along with, and those you wish would get fired because of how they treat you.
looking forward to roleplaying on here, and i hope to get along with everyone.

i am into otome games. i enjoy rock music. i like reading.
i am open for any rps. i love vampires/vampire romance.

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Elizabeth frowned.
"I have not seen too many wildflowers back home."
She shrugged.
"My parents are not here. That is what matters to me."

James gasped.
He tried to follow after her, wondering what he did wrong.
Elizabeth shook her head.
"no...I am not."
She sighed a bit. She blinked when he put his jacket around her shoulders like that. She looked at him and frowned when he asked about her town. She hesitated.
"It's mostly my own species. It's a pretty...isolated place. There isn't too many places for me to hide out. It is an island town. The only thing that I ever enjoyed there was seeing the dolphins as they passed by. Sure, roses grow along the houses, but they aren't that pretty."

James blinked. He frowned with worry. He stepped closer.
"Are you alright, Kali?"

Elizabeth sighed. She shook her head.
"something about...finding a suitor...."
She trailed off. She fought a tear.

James sighed.
"Do not think badly of yourself. It's just...been a long a long time since anyone asked about where I came from. most have not cared enough to ask."
He hugged her for a moment.
Elizabeth sighed.
"They do not care. They have their son. I'm just someone they can marry off."
She looked away again.

James stopped her.
"You're not boring. Do not ever say that."
He had grabbed her hand, holding it in his, to keep her from leaving.
Elizabeth sighed. She closed her eyes for a moment.
"I don't like talking about my parents much. They are the ones that made me come here in the first place...alone."
She took a breath.
"They originally did not marry for love, but for power. He was the head of his family. She was a wealthy family friend."
She did not say much more than that.

James sighed.
"A place like in the paintings of unicorns."
He shrugged.
"pretty far away."
Elizabeth sighed. 'stop calling me that'she muttered. She blinked when he placed his finger under her chin like that and made her look at him. She frowned. She ended up making eye contact.

"You have to pass through a valley full of sunflowers and cross past the unicorn groves to get there. Don't worry, the unicorn grove thing is mainly a nickname due to appearance."
James did his best to tell her about it.
Elizabeth sighed. She sat down. She looked away.
"I have turned into...other things. some are alright but others are....dangerous."
She kept a quiet tone of voice.

James shook his head.
"only half."
He smirked for a very brief moment. He took a breath and continued.
"It's a rather....elegant looking city. Only those of the upper crusts could live there, but that does not mean we are greedy and selfish. It's well known as the 'city of diamond houses'."

Eric nodded. then, he shrugged.
"I am the host. I have to be among the guests until it is time to retire for the night. But, more than anything, it is mental. I fear party crashers and such."
Elizabeth blinked. Mouse? She narrowed her eyes for a moment. During that, her eyes had started to turn dragon but she managed to change them back.
"You don't want to know about me."
She sighed. She simply would end up repeating what she told his sister.

James raised an eyebrow.
"If you are asking what I am, I am mixed blood. I am half human and half vampire. My mother was the vampire. My father is long dead."
He sighed at that last part.

Elizabeth hesitated. She took his arm after a moment or so. She glanced towards him and nodded. She followed him outside. She didn't notice what else he could have been doing.

Eric watched the girl leave. He sighed a bit. He looked at Ari again.

James shook his head.
"I do not think so. I do not recall meeting her before this."
He looked at Kali.

Elizabeth blinked. She blushed and looked away. She barely nodded, biting her lip for a moment. She blinked again when asked if she would like to go for a walk. She shrugged a bit and stood up.

James shrugged a bit.
"I suppose it is."
He nodded. He looked at her after noticing Elizabeth standing up and such.

Eric shrugged.
"I suppose."
He blinked he saw how sad she looked.
"Well... you're here now."
He was about to say something else when a young girl distracted him, saying thanks. He blinked and looked at her.
He simply nodded in the end.
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