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Current As soon as I stop worrying about or fearing one thing, the world gives me 2, 3, more to worry about or fear over.....thanks universe. -sighs-
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Paul grey....the world lost a great musician. Slipknot now has one fewer star and one more is now in the skies above. :'(
3 days ago
yeah, it was bad. I had both a sore throat and coughing fits back then so THAT was fun....not. lol
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3 days ago
I had a day like that once. step one i was fine. step two i suddenly felt like i had a cold. step three....i was so sick i could barely keep my eyes open and was bed ridden for two weeks straight.
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4 days ago
Anyone else re-watch repo the genetic opera at times?


I joined 4 years ago now.

I enjoy pm rps, if anyone is interested. but I will do thread rps too.

I am into otome games. I enjoy rock music. I like reading.

My time zone is: EST

My fav. colors are: red, blue, pink, white, and black.

I am open for any rps.
However, I am not into rps that are strictly nation, horror, apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic, superhero, military, or sci-fi.
But I MAY give them a shot if they are mixed with another genre, like romance for example.


I try to discuss further plot additions with potential rp partners.

I am focusing on 1x1's mainly at this time.

May consider group rps again, depending on the plot or if I, myself, can come up with a good one

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I could easily play either one though. lol
They are available for ANY 1x1, so they can be played in multiple rps. :)
They can vary each time in personality though, at least sometimes. lol

Was there one between the two you were leaning towards most?
Alexander James Francis Maximillion Nightingale frowned.

"If you do not allow yourself to care, it becomes fairly easy. I can assure you of that, milady."

He tried to make sure he sounded as kind as he possible could. The king continued to listen to her as she spoke. He started to frown when she said she was unsure why they were envious of her. Alexander had assumed that it was obvious, and he thought that it should have been pretty obvious. He turned towards her so he was completely facing her now, as he had been turned away for a little bit. He took a breath before he spoke again.

"They are envious because you are the only one who has truly caught my attention. You shall see why soon enough."

He meant that. Alexander was quite sincere, not to mention he was continuing to be honest with her. Not a single lie had been spoken the entire time he had been talking to her. He would soon notice how his shadow now seemed to be trying to embrace hers, a comforting gesture or so that was what it appeared to be. Anyway, the king cleared his throat.

"Trust me, you are worthy of my attention, milady."

He gave her hand a gentle squeeze. The king meant for it to be a gesture of comfort, reassurance, and a kind action and such. He blinked when he heard her say what he asked was rather personal. He frowned, yet again.

"Then it is I who should be apologizing."

Alexander meant that. Then, he nodded a few times as she spoke.

"You should not have been made to come here if you did not wish for it. I cannot stand being forced into anything uncomfortable myself. It is one of many reasons why I have remained unwed up until this day."

The king paused for a moment before he continued.

"Yes, there are others. However, they were willing to attend a ball or be wed to a powerful ruler. The only thing they were made to do was come HERE of all kingdoms, of all lands, to pursue ME of a rulers."

Alexander continued to be honest with her. He did not wish to lie to her. He had something to prove after all, on top of other things.

"I hate liars and so I am glad you are being truthful, honest, to me. "

The king smiled a bit wider than before. It wasn't as faint as the previous one. Alexanders' sincerity could easily continue to be heard. This was a man who valued honesty, among other things.
welcome @dfletch
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