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Current Tuesday.....ugh . -sighs-
13 hrs ago
15 hrs ago
if only i had three wishes....
16 hrs ago
-sighs x 2-
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18 hrs ago
i don't want my father to be going through all this bs.
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newish to the site. I joined a few months ago now, lol. However, I am still learning. I am still currently into pm rps if anyone is interested. but i will do thread rps too.
have a job where you have both co-workers you get along with, and those you wish would get fired because of how they treat you.
looking forward to roleplaying on here, and i hope to get along with everyone.

i am into otome games. i enjoy rock music. i like reading.
i am open for any rps. i love vampires/vampire romance.

current ideas:
vampires/demons kidnapping their desired mates to marry.

A tribe of centaurs searching for their long lost princess.

a beauty and the beast type of rp

an arranged marriage between a human princess and a vampire prince

an rp I currently have up:


I have a few different interest checks if anyone wishes for other ideas for rps. :)

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Doubles up from the last time and makes chocolate chip cookies.
Tyler Night 17 days ago
Gives Cookies
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I almost did not recognize your username with that new icon.
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Skunks > all -,-
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hello everyone
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