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Current She's walking slow in front of a large explosion... shes a hero!!!
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Never gonna catch up to my likes given. That's a good thing, right?
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Free hugs! I said free the hugs!
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If all my RP's hit me at once I'm so screwed.....


I am currently full of real life RP's I would love some Scifi.

I do not like arena, cannon, or nation, drama, that said I can work in most other areas. I am experienced and over 18+. If you have an RP idea please PM me. We all have lives outside this site I am no exception, any other questions please PM me.

Thanks for stopping by.

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@Vampiretwilight welcome. (=
I hope @Vampiretwilight feels better.
Banned for coincidental meetings.
Folding her mechanical arms she stood there knowing there was only one real option to her. Perhaps this Oraborom, could be persuaded to tow her to a orbital space station for repairs and safety. Leaning forward on the control panel Ali pressed the comm button. "I need repairs and new data for my navigational charts. Would you be willing to tow my vessel to a nearby space station?" She waited with baited breath. At least on a station there was a better chance of law enforcement. In the black there was only one law, survival. Dying in the black was no way for a person like her to go. Even if they refused to take her in tow then Ali may be forced to seek refuge aboard their vessel and abandon her own. She really wished she had spent the extra money for a visual communication array. It was just normally not worth it for her to look at some space jock in their underwear, or allowing them to see Ali was in hers. Also the extra equipment would have a slightly larger draw on the electrical system and on long journeys her speakers were more of a friend to her than another face.

She may be stranded but with so many unknowns the cyborg readied herself for whatever might be next. Suiting up in a space suit. Getting her energy rifle and a jagged knife. It was easy in space to kill someone with only a tear in their environmental suit. The knife made it simple. Alis suit was a bit different in that it had no sleeves to get caught on something and tear. Her arms were metal and a tough composite of carbonite half the weight of titanium and twice the tensile strength. It would take a diamond saw or a plasma torch working on them for a few minutes to damage them in any meaningful way. So far in her dimension they were literal life savers on more than one occasion.Looking out the front window Ali could see the red glow. She waited...
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Waves politely.
Waves in a friendly across the street manner.

Have a cookie!
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Care for a camomeal tea? Maybe? ^^


How can a partner contribute to a rp without knowing the limits of the other? As in a scifi trying to be creative with the transwarp drive repairs only to be told it's not right. Now you get dropped for not participating and you liked the story. I mean you want to contribute, but dont really know where/how.
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