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Current That time of the month to dump dead posts.
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Free hugs! I said free the hugs!
3 mos ago
If all my RP's hit me at once I'm so screwed.....


I am currently full of real life RP's I would love some Scifi.

I do not like arena, cannon, or nation, drama, that said I can work in most other areas. I am experienced and over 18+. If you have an RP idea please PM me. We all have lives outside this site I am no exception, any other questions please PM me.

Thanks for stopping by.

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In Fight Club 24 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Hanzo actually got ahead for the first time in years. Turning on the office computer and start with the mornings corespondance. Able to read up on last nights situation report, memos, emails, and phone messages. Nothing from home made Hanzo a little sad but having spare time was new. Maybe she was just too use to not calling because of his normal work schedual. Giving a shrug Hanzo got busy on replies and solutions to distribution problems. Cutting through over half of the morning corespondance before Miss Ejin came walking in and turned on her computer.

A little surprised to see Hanzo sitting at his desk. "Good morning Mr. Hanzo. I'll start..." she looked at the half full coffee pot. ((TBC)
Granted you were never caught. However all that evasion left your waffles unguarded. Where I sneak in behind you and snack on those waffles!

I wish @Shadow Dragonhad a endless supply of syrup!
Sneaky surprise ban! @Raptra
@Balthazar007 I'm not sure when a battle is in a character territory that I control or should I just keep making daily posts until such time?
Granted in an alternate universe where wishes are flowers you have a small garden.

I wish @shadow dragon had a laser cannon to shot a Phoenix and watch it explode into a new pretty bird. @raptra then eat waffles with me afterwards. ^^
Banned for not letting me pet you. Xp
Ninja, bump!
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