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7 days ago
Current Free hugs! I said free the hugs!
24 days ago
If all my RP's hit me at once I'm so screwed.....


I do not like arena, cannon, or nation, drama, that said I can work in most other areas. I am experienced and over 18+. If you have an RP idea please PM me. We all have lives outside this site I am no exception, any other questions please PM me.

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Last! Drops mic.
Granted, however my yandere keeps me away from sharing it.
I wish I was a twin.
"You gotta do what you gotta do."
Misses@Shadow Dragon!!
Banned for keeping me from @Shadow Dragon.
"Ooga chaka. Ooga ooga. Ooga chaka!
I cant stop this feeling
Deep inside of me.
Girls you just dont realize
What you do to me."
Banned for joining forces with ninja turtles.
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"It's all about the benjamins baby."
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