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Jill The gilded princess

The dragons in the forest.
bubble water fall

Davy Jones chest

The forest

The mermaids pearl

The castle

As the sun rose high into the sky she stirred from he bed. Deep within the castle she could feel the breeze on her skin as she stirred. Slowly making her way to the window to slowly look out of her gilded cage. She sighed quietly looking out over her kingdom she smiled sweetly at the peaceful serenity of it all. The soft wind blowing from above and through her room. The long gown of gold she had slept in billowed about her hips as she blew a kiss to the sky above.

Slowly she strolled out of her room and down the hall to the gates of he castle. The warm feeling of the sun above made her smile and gave her the bravery to face a new day in her kingdom. Whispering a magic spell she flew into the sky and hovered above her domain looking about the landscape see all that was hers. Jill was given her kingdom by the gods themselves. They were kind and loved to bless her every day with their love. Providing food and clear skies for Jill to want for nothing, or so she thought.

Like a golden leaf she drifted through the sky and encircled her domain. The soft sands pristinely white shined below her golden dress. The forest with all its mysteries was to the north west waiting to be explored. To the north was the magical waterfall of bubbles constantly floating to the sky in a never ending wall of pleasure. The east was the coast and the derelict wreckage of the mermaids pearl. A ship from an unknown land and dark mysteries that scared her soul. The dark hull full of shadows and secretes. just south of the vessel was the chest of Davy Jones, where he never gave up that what was lost to him. The heavy lock showing no signs of age as the special metal held the secretes of ancient times deep within.

She would fly like a cloud through the air south today to the unending horizon looking across the sea to the magic shimmer that held her captive. For all of Jill's blessings it was also a curse, a gilded cage just for her to dream of life beyond the realm of her gods to something... more. How she secretly longed for those to share in her blessings. To fill the hall of her empty castle with laughter, and love. Sometimes she would lay on the sand and squint at the horizon she could see past the shimmer of the magic that held her to the kingdom shores and glance into another realm full of wonder and sounds to spark her imagination.

Her mouth silently whispering words that the other side of the shimmer would never hear. Prays to her gods as she peeked into their world. Basking on the sandy beach she would daydream for a time until the thought of food filled her mind and she would fly back to the castle for her meal from the gods above.

There on the tallest tower of her kingdom she would find the banquet laid out in perfect fashion for her pleasure. Everything she loved to eat spread across the table a feast for her senses. Like a child she wound dine being alone there was simply no need for decorum or etiquette. Her full lips kissed every morsel as she rolled her eyes in the pleasure. Her gown of gold shimmered noting her excitement and praise to the gods above for their blessings. The long golden cuffs of her gown flitter as she scooped up her sweets to her moist lips. Her brass sequins in her gown glittered like dragon scales as she happily bounced a little while she ate.

Jill was happy as a girl could be Ruler of her domain and loved by her gods, yet after the meal she would retire for a time to her room. Tossing herself on her bed and glancing out her window to the world above wondering if there was more to this life then what she could see and hear. Slowly drifting off to dream, a dream of love and family.

Close to the evening, as the sky was becoming dark she heard a strange sound from the forests to the north west. Stirring from he bed she slowly crept to the bedroom window to gaze out across her domain and specifically to the north. The forest was already covered in dark shadows and the wind turned cool to her skin. There in the dark was something new, something that made her feel its eyes glaring back at her from beneath the canopy. Leaning out of her window she stare and then darted back quickly behind the stone walls and hid as their eyes met. The beast was real!

For within the dark dense forest there rested a pair of eyes red and glowing. The deep growl in the beasts chest to summon the second, a pair of spotted creatures showed their menacing faces to the kingdom for the first time their long whiskered faces peered out from the shadows only to retreat from the light. The pair sat waiting for night to come. The long whiskers squirmed on their faces feeling the air around them as their large mouths yawned silently.

Jill was scared, for the first time there were beast in her land she had never seen. Did this mean there were more from the dark forest? Would they over run her kingdom and ruin the land? Scared and alone she tossed herself on the bed and tired to hide. Why would the gods allow beasts into her kingdom? Had they truly forsaken her now? Had she not praised them enough for all they did to keep her lands safe from harm? Maybe it was a test or some illusion, hesitantly she glanced back out from her bedroom window to see the monsters still staring at her from their forest. She rushed back to the safety of her bed and covered her face with her hands praying for them to go away.

The last of the light faded from the sky as she lay in her bed fearing the night with only the stone walls of her castle to protect her from the beasts. She could hear them move across the beaches over the dunes from their forest home to her lands and getting closer. Their whiskers moving like whips as they tore across the countryside floating mere inches off of the ground they moved growling at the world like demons.

Jill peered out into the night as she watched them scour the land devouring all that crossed their path. the whiskers digging into the sand searching for something lost. Was it the souls of the dead? A lost artifact to release them from their cursed form? Whatever the reason they never stopped searching, not once during the night did their whip like whiskers cease their digging for the item that might offer them peace. Even as she leaned against the window and fell asleep in her castle did she stop hearing the whips cease. It haunted her dreams.

As the sun rose she turned to look out. Indeed as Jill had hoped the two retreated to the dark forest to hide from the lights rays. The girl in the golden dress felt her heart become light once more. Perhaps the gods were protecting her lands at night while she slept keeping the lands safe for her. Whispering her spell she flew from the window and over her kingdom. At times her golden dress would brush the ground as she looked at their works. The land hand changed slightly but nothing so sinister as she had dreaded. Breathing a sigh of relief Jill glanced at the forest and flew far away from the shadowy land.

Finding herself curious, if the forest had produced beasts maybe there was a chance the chest would provide an answer? Cautiously the golden girl flew a circle around the wooden crate. Her eyes examined the box with the large lock never daring to touch it for whatever curses it may hold within terrified her to fly far way back to her safe stone walls of her keep.


Olivia Eye of the beholder 7am-ish

Then of course Olivia had to make her heart practically stop when she came down dressed in red and black gown that was both fitted like a princess and floated out widely with skirts that softened and made it so very beautiful. Her brain decided to stop and blinked at the woman before it came back to thinking again. “One moment.” Sya said to Becky, an idiot could tell Sya liked this woman.

Her heart beat harder as she walked over unsure what to do or say but her kind made up before she could protest its own plans. Sya was plain and … she was not able to be this… this. To not ruin her makeup, Sya took Olivas hand and kissed it before holding it, a gesture that seemed to have started all this. Her big blue eye seemed to glow a little more with her stronger emotions and Could not hide surprise.

“You look, … wow“ Sya word had failed her and added. “I feel I should not be next to you so beautifully, but I good luck, you'd not be so unless it was important. We can talk more when we have time.” Sya gave her a short peck for good luck, deciding that if the town wanted to gossip they could do it for something good rather than if she was a monster… Her self control only went so far, blight born instincts made her impulsive at times.

Olivia felt her tiny bats all flutter when she saw Sya approach. The trappings made her feel like she was a prisoner tied to a role she never asked for yet never really questioned until now, until her. The corset she wore feeling like the hand of some giant slowly squeezing her making the tiny bats in her chest panic and flap harder. While outside she maintained the regal decorum she had been taught so long ago inside she was a screaming nervous mess. All she wanted to do was to go back to the simple brown garment she arrived in and pull her tavern love into her arms, encircling her waist. Instead the ruby eyes woman sat there like a marble statue with just the hint of a smile like that famous painting she never knew existing.

As Sya came closer it felt like the dress continued o shrink about the waist and the waist alone how deeply she wanted to leave the trappings behind her. To take the womans hand and rush back to their secrete place together up those stairs and forget the day. She could not, did not. Even as the lovely Sya took hold of her hand and pressed those full lips to the surface igniting all those bats into a chorus of fluttering wings she sat still. Oliva simply giving the hint of a smile. That massive gorgeous eye shining upon her threatening to expose her for the shy love starved creature she truly was under the mantel of regality, behind the demonic blood soaked nightmare. The woman she always wished she could be.

"I would like that." Her voice monotoned in its regal indifference. Seeing her love walk ways made the tavern room and even the entire world feel colder if only a little. The red eyes glancing about to see the others reaction and ensure her mask never slipped. People will use your relationships to hurt you, her father would say. How she hated him more when he was right...

"Where is Sy—" Flynn paused, his eyes landing on a woman in a stunning gown, her red eyes matching her dress but starkly contrasting against her pale skin. She stuck out from the rest of the crowd, clearly a woman of noble blood who sat among the commoners. He froze for a moment, locking eyes with her. She had to be the Lady of Durnatel, judging by her attire and the way she held herself, but … she was obviously blight-born. Had Lunaris' last large town fallen to the blight as well? And their baroness survived, reborn as something new? This would have been news to him.

When their eyes locked from across the room she rose and gave the expected meek curtsy. Holding the pose until he came closer. For who else could it be to dare approach her in this of all places but another royal. He was handsome yes and young, her eyes soaked in all he was and had to offer yet found her heart a barren tundra for his outwardly charms. Still she kept the mask and the feint smile it held to greet him. Waiting for him to speak first as he stepped closer her inner demon smirked behind the false trappings of an aluring woman. Images of his scared face beneath her predator brought the left eye brow to rise, slightly.

"Lady Olivia of Durnatel?" he asked, approaching her at the corner table. Suddenly, he was acutely aware of his disheveled appearance. This was not a Princely thing to do at all. Meeting a Lady in such a state would have earned him days of reprimand and lessons in etiquette from his mother.

"It is a pleasure to have you," he said, bowing to her out of respect before taking a seat opposite her. "I apologize for..." he gestured to his clothing with a sheepish smile, "Busy times in Dawnhaven, as I'm sure you're aware." He met her gaze, those piercing red eyes staring back at him. "How fared your journey?"

Hearing him address her, Olivia gave her head a slight bow of acknowledgement. "Prince Astaros..." As he sat The white haired woman was only a half second behind him taking her own seat. So young, she thought to herself. She presented the look of slight surprise at the mention of being busy. A look like so many others she had practiced in her youth to the girl in the mirror a thousand times before until it was flawless even to her father, the devil of deception himself.

Returning to her warm smile, "Yes it was a rather, arduous journey. You have quite the developing little hamlet here, charming. I would have preferred to speak to you in a more... limited venue, about matters that could favor Dawnhavens development. I have families in need of work in my domain. They could benifit your growing realm greatly with labor and trades, yet I am hesitant with the current state of things. My people are always in need of trade partners at the least and for the time being I would be willing to send Dawnhaven wagon trains of supplies. These goods would be sold to you for a reasonalbe price and hopefully encourage commerce. However, I would need a minor almost trivial assurance from you to the protection of these heavy laden trips from bandits and worse. If you could grant me aid in this matter, I think we could help one another in building this new Dawnhaven into a respectable kingdom. I am willing to even relocate myself to this part of the world to quickly resolve any issues with my part of the agreement that may come up for the duration." Olivia paused letting her words sink in and see what the price would say to her proposal. Olivia's back was strait in her court pose the ruby eyes glaring at him intently as she sat patiently in her web.

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Olivia Eye of the beholder 7am

John had moved from the floor to the chair in the room putting his feet on the small table near the window after removing his boots. Even with Alex's snoring he still managed to find some way to fall asleep. Though in his dreams the creature from the carriage would stare into his soul with those ruby eyes surrounded by an empty void slowly pulling him closer... He heard her knocking from inside echoing his heart beat in a way the closer he got the faster the beat and the white hands reached for his throat he woke in a slight panic to the rapping of the door to the room. Giving a quick glance about to find his brother still asleep John rolled his eyes while getting to his feet. The mans heart still beating fast. Was it her? Was she... hungry still? Opening the door to see a man in royal guard garb. The worker downstairs had said this was the room for the Lady of Durnatel, who apparently had guests in her room. Not one to openly judge the royalty to their face he simply handed the scroll of summons to the man and left without question.

John gave a long sigh and knew it wasnt for him. After the courier left he shut the door finding the message cut into the wooden door by the Lady of his domain, just a room number. It even smelled official, the parchment was soft, and the wax seal mean for her eyes only. He walked over and kicked his brother "Wake up." His voice a low grumble. Sitting back in the chair by the window he put on his boots and left the room. Walking down the hall he figured it was his turn to tempt fate. John hoped she would still be human or even better still, asleep. Stopping before the door he tried to think of a prayer but nothing came to mind in the moment. He knocked.

Olivia lay stretched out in the bed lounging in the scents left lingering in the room. All the while her mind ran scenario's of various situations. She wanted so badly for everything to go right yet with out some critical information of the prince or the local hierarchy she would have to tread lightly, for now. Her mind was paused by the unexpected knock at her door. Hoping it was her muse she pinned the sheets to her figure with one arm as she went to the door wearing just that and a half smile of hope. "Yes?" Her heart sank a little after opening the door and seeing it was John.

"Forgive me this came to the other room, I assumed for you my lady." He handed over the scroll. With a awkward silence he left before she could invite him in or worse.

She shut the door not wanting to traumatize him further. Softly she chewed on her own lower lip thinking on how this was going to read and her fingers slowly broke the seal and unrolled the parchment. "A summons... Finally." She walked down the hall in her sheet to their room and opened the door. It was technically hers since she was paying for it so she felt no issue on the matter. "Alex, John, I need my chest from the carriage brought to my room it is time. After which I will need you two to return with a note for Jaylen. I'll give you some coin and ensure you are provisioned before heading back home." Tearing herself from their room as she felt their eyes on the figure under the sheet and their emotions practically dripping from their pores Olivia left them before something more happened. The monster needed them to be rested and strong enough to travel more than food at the moment.

She waited a while before the next knock at the door the two looked a little sweaty as they walked away from the chest. It was heavy as she dragged it inside and shut the door like some predator dragging wounded prey into its cave. She rummaged through the options and picked out a dark crimson dress with a shoulderless look. Even in her cursed form the corset trapping was still snug about her slender figure. The whole transformation took no less then an hours time and a little extra for her hair and the perfectly positioned clips and pins. The jeweled trapping of her gilded cage marking her as a prisoner of high society. With a heavy heart she still needed pen and parchment before dismissing the two brothers. Stepping out of her room as just Octavia she walked down the stairs feeling all eyes were on her. The dress giving no quarter for those trying to go around her with plates of food.

The white haired woman descended the stairs in her dark red dress like some sort of aristocrat which she was of sorts. Her skin looked a little less pale as she forced herself to breathe bringing a flush of color to her cheeks. With her quick reflexes she gently gripped the arm of one of the servers, placing a few coins in her hand and whispering a simple instruction. Soon her was a corner table with only two chairs distanced from the rest of the regulars. If this prince was for whatever reason willing to have court proceedings in the local tavern there was no recourse to refuse. Octavia wondered if it was due to having no reception room build in this small boarder town. it was there back in a corner and facing the group in the morning rush she waited for him to come to her. Feeling like a spider in the center of a web, though hers or the princes only time would tell. For now with her perfume and makeup she felt more like a vase full of roses on display for the benefit of others just like every other time she was at court. Although the smell of food and the busy bustle and sound of all the people chewing was setting her nerves on edge. Looking at the white haired royal none would suspect as her demeanor was poised and calm like like a bird of prey surveying the landscape. The whole situation felt wrong from her years at court and knowing there was a certain expectation of decorum to these things. She was certain to find the reason which she suspected would be a simple one. It would play into her plans long term, Octavia hoped.

Alex and John descended the stairs with the large chest and couldnt help but glance at their Lady in her royal attire. They both caught the look she gave and would return after getting the carriage ready to travel home. They didint know of what Octavia had in mind but hoped it would be civil. Finding a seat in the crowd and ordering some breakfast as they watched whatever she had planed to unfold.

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