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Current I hope you know whatever hard time you are having, you are not alone. <3
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I am trying to kick my tictok habbit.


I dont feel like posting this in 1x1 though it is a 1x1 concept. I crave a rp where someone unstable stalks MC. A hard core obsession! I want it dark and mature themed. It can be any pairing.
A second idea is shy vulnerable MC is bullied YC in any setting or pairing. Maybe this could be a Stockholm situation, or taboo. I would prefer this to turn into a slow burn, love/hate relationship where YC like MC for some reason but due to social norms or maybe public opinion you cant out right admit to the attraction.
I am experienced and over 18+. If you have an RP idea please PM me. We all have lives outside this site I am no exception, any other questions please PM me.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Max load: 4500kg
The next two days were not very productive as the temperature was raised internally and the equipment set up in the main control room for the station. Kristi sat idle as the teams brought the station back to a stable orbit. The other power cores were also brought online after passing safety inspection protocols. Their combined thermal output was sent throughout the station systems to heat the interior. A few of the sub systems were in need of neglected routine maintenance so the engineering team still in vac-suits began the repairs to the bay doors and sub systems. Crawling around in the sub junction corridors and floor panel access points to conduct the repairs, patch sub junction points, and grease bearings.

By the third day primary life support with the two redundant backup systems were on line and functioning at optimal levels. Kristi watched as the teams arrived through the bay doors without their suits.

"Man that feels so much better! I cant wait to start training in the ring level instead of the ships gym." -McHolms

"I know what you mean. That bay is cramped! I am so glad for a change of scenery!" -Alex

"Can it. We got the mission to do. Everyone get your stuff stowed away and report to the 7th maintenance bay for debrief and assignments in one hour. Move it people." -Sarge

The team broke up into sets of 2 each heading to their own rooms in the outer ring. stowing their gear and checking out their rooms and the view of the massive asteroid the station orbited.

After an hour in the seventh maintenance bay, "All right.." Lee began to hand out hand terminals to each person. "We are short staffed so I have been given permission to assign additional taskers to you all according to your specializations. In these terminals I have broken down the systems check lists and mapped out the stations sub systems. For additional pay you will be instructed to do these checks daily at the end of your shifts starting now we are three shift rotation until the main party arrives. They will be here in six months. In three months is the threshold where we must inform them of any issues that are mission critical. Where the main party first wave will turn around and head back. First we have to off load the supplies from the main ship to the central storage bay here on level seven. From there supplies will be rationed out with a resupply already in rout not just for us but the first main party arrival. We have two heave loaders to help with the moving of equipment. The resupply will bring four additional heavy loaders and approximately 2.5 tons of material. At the six month window the main parties teams will be replacing us to move to the next mission. Until then there will be a chain where you all report to the Sargent and he reports to us then if need be we can report to the corporation. Any mission failure will result in contract cancelations. To conserve ship life support we will be shutting down the Orion for the duration once the equipment is off loaded that means no entry without a vac-suit. I will post a sign and program warnings. Any questions see the Sargent. Sargent, I turn it over to you."

"All right I think Mr. Lee said it all now lets get to work people the sooner we get this done the sooner we can start the patrol shift and schedule implementation. Lets move like we gotta mission! McHolms, Alex you're on loader detail. Brooks you have the first twelve in the control room and we switch. PJ and Li, you have the first shift, you're welcome. Tom, Nuniez you have second shift. The graveyard will be just a over watch by the control room and the AI will monitor team life supports and system parameters." -Sarge

Lee stopped by the docking bay to catch the others disembarking. Waiting by the large bay doors with the hand terminals to pass out to the off loading crew. "Dr. Tambal, Thank you for agree to come with us. I know it was last minute. I hope the companies compensation demonstrates your reputation and our gratitude for accepting this assignment."

"Yes well it was last minute. I am glad we could agree on the contract terms." She smiled falsely at him. Never a fan of corporation mouth pieces.

"I got you a nice.." -Lee

"I'll be stationing at the med bay they have beds and an office so there will be no need for additional accommodations as my contract states I am twenty four hour rotation on call. I will be assigning shifts with Mrs. Moore to allow decompression. Without the ship AI will I be allow to use the stations? I may need to update the files with medical backups, assuming there is room?"

Lee smirked. "I am repurposing the AI of the station to be more accommodating but it is an older system so it's proving difficult. It is online so you may access it at your station. It might be more welcoming to you."

"I will see. I do have a minor in computer programming science." Taking the terminal she walked off with her two bags in tow.

Cathy stepped of and took a deep breath of the new air. Then she coughed for a moment. "Whew this ol' gal has some miles to her. The air smells of hydraulic grease and... nope just that." She smiled at Mr. Lee.

"Here is your terminal, Dr. Tambal requested your room be on the outer ring so I have marked it here." He handed over the terminal to the ships cook.

"Thanks pal! I'ma check it out then wander down to the kitchen and see what's there is ta make with. Might be a while, dont wait up." Her accent was thick, something she heard in a history reel as a child, and it just sounded so fancy she watched it over and over until it stuck. They called it country talk.

Jones stepped into the bay and with his crew looked about to see the corporate guy standing by. "Sup. Something broken?" He smirked.

"No, just handing out hand terminals. This place is rather bigger then the Orion. Here is your birthing assignments. The AI is online and seems to be operational for now. Keep your crew in check we dont need any accidents like the last time."

"Hey Ki was just doing what he was told and that dock worker was drunk. The case was closed with him being the liable one for trying to mess with Ki. These ol girls are hard workers and not to be messed with during operation. Not my fault he was so drunk he thought it was a person." -Jones

"Mhmm. Well just dont let them wonder off. Its a small crew and we need everyone." -Lee

"Will do." He took the terminal and started to walk. "lets go fellas." The three each carried a large crate as they followed their leader.

Kristi began to analyze the Androids meticulously. Their storage was very limited. She had no way of changing that. Linking wouldnt be an issue but she decided it would be to limiting to try and download. The best candidate would still be the ship.

Monica Tambal
Orion Chief medic
AI crew labor
Max load:350kg in 1g
John Jones
Orions Chief engineer
Cathy "Cookie" Moore
Orion Chef /nurse
Advance party ship

Intersolar class
Mission: on assignment
i am bored and underemployed.
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