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Current Are some of these interests "catfish" ?
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Will write trashy for the likes.
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Seriously, why haven't people caught onto the fact, the only thing diet soda is supposed to be used for is science experiments involving mentos?!
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In school I feel like Tai lung- "I want my scroll!"
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Never gonna catch up to my likes given. That's a good thing, right?


I am currently full of real life RP's I would love some Scifi.

I do not like arena, cannon, or nation, drama, that said I can work in most other areas. I am experienced and over 18+. If you have an RP idea please PM me. We all have lives outside this site I am no exception, any other questions please PM me.

Thanks for stopping by.

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A work of fiction spawned by creativity and no factual place ever existed.

The planet M there are multiple governments. All vying for control. The population must remain under a certain percentage to effectively govern. This was agreed upon by the dark leaders. Not the ones in the spot light, the ones that never compete in elections or make news conferences.

Most crimes have to be solved in 48 hours or the time will make it harder and harder to solve. A larger population will give rise to revolutions. A missile launched started a war and the corporations kept it going. However there not enough casualties to cull the poor. Those who are the front line fighters. Even with the covert help of sources to train combatants. Government aide programs to the poor draining the pockets of those who skim the top. More automation less jobs increase pressure to create a solution.

Nukes were to destructive all heads at the table agreed that destroying the only livable habitat was inadvisable. The two largest forces didnt want to fight because neither wanted to loose. The heads searched for a way to cull the mass leaving not a fingerprint of their involvement. War was a beacon of who to blame. No one at the table wanted to be the bad guy.

The solution was medical. Something not air born yet contagious that would reduce the mobs numbers indiscriminately. Note at this time no people on the hill were affected. It floated through the valleys and into homes. Killing the young and especially the old. Key words were constantly monitored. A name for this protocol had to be labeled for those at the table to reference. They agreed the movement would be, "optic rapture". No one could blame any single member directly yet all at the table had dirt under their nails.

With the curve of the baby boom in the decline and the lack of resources the quickest way to reduce a population of polluters was implemented. Too many machines too many poor, too few positions to fill. Other heads of the table had population issues as well so they let it spread. There were too many old not enough young. Where freedom of the press was limited it allowed for additional fatalities under the guise of a sickness. It would increase the pocket stuffing for table members.

Medical for all under the weight of a epidemic creates very fat pockets. kick backs would be substantial. all table heads nodded in agreement. At the cost of the poor.
Banned @Raptra for not sharing feathery goodness more often.
Ah, ok =)
I feel like theres a direction you would like this to go. If this isnt survival then im not sure what to do? Advice? Thoughts?
"We shall f*** on the beaches, we shall f*** on the landing grounds, we shall f*** in the fields and in the streets, we shall f*** in the hills; we shall never surrender..."

So.. is it another bear? Not really sure about why there are two bears of the same size in the same area. Normally one would force the other out to protect food sources. The smell of the town would also deter the normal wild life to keep away. Did you want your team to kill this one?
Banned because its you! @Raptra XD
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