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Current I'm back after my writer's block!
2 yrs ago
Apologises to my RP partners! I've officially joined the work force and work +8 hours a day. I will try to post ASAP.
2 yrs ago
To my partners, my email for RPs is Talk to me there so we can continue if the site goes down.
2 yrs ago
To my partners, my email for RPs is Talk to me there so we can continue if the site goes down.
2 yrs ago
New semester started, will be late to replying, sorry friends!
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@Asebi Hello! I’ll PM you soon!
@SovietRobot I would be interested in RPing with you. I have a character already drawn up that would fit well.
I want something that is mature (18+) partner and MxF, my partner will have to play the male character as I am female, and I suck at main male character development. I have tried it and I’m not very good at it. I don’t care what your real life gender is.

I’m a strong casual writer anywhere between two detailed paragraphs to five, sometimes ten if the mood strikes me. If my partner chooses to post more than fine just keep in mind that I will only be posting two to five most of the time.

PLEASE have decent spelling and grammar, I'm not a grammar-Nazis and I'm for sure as hell not the best speller in the world, but try to make some sense when writing.

Please don't just drop me off into a vat of cyber-darkness. If I don't reply to you within five days message me, heck! Message me in two. I, like most people, am human and have the attention span of a squirrel. I will do the same for you.

I'm thinking no fading romance scenes, so if you are a "fade to black" type of writer, sorry. I like to think as my RPs of some sort of reality, in which people have sex as well as slicing off limbs and jugulars. Graphic definitely! So that is the reason for +18.

Plot idea #1:

“You promised! You promised me everything! If I ever get out of here, you’ll have hell to pay!”

YourCharacter (YC) has been forced into the world’s strictest prison guarded by

MyCharacter (MC), YC’s mate/beloved, put YC in prison but she didn’t have a choice. She was set up against her will.

400 years later, YC is released as YC’s crazy king father (that forced MC to have YC imprisoned) passed away, giving the throne to YC. Thus, begins YC’s quest of vengeance.

You decide what YC is but preferably something of supernatural origins.

Plot idea #2:

YC is adopted at a very young age by a person that is the head of a secret program. As YC grows up, they begin to help protect/work on a secret program. The secret program is essentially one of the wealthiest and most influential families in the world by being the best agents and mercenaries.

YC has only been in the best academies to put them on a path to be an agent. One day the academy decides that YC’s class is ready to do some field work, this is the first time YC has truly had time in the civilian world and runs into MC.

In one night MC, flirts her way to leave a lasting impression on YC and YC just has to meet her again.

This one will eventually get bloody, just a heads up.

Plot idea #3

Can the beast seduce a beauty and make her love him. . . .?

A promise of pleasure . . . from a brutal warrior determined to protect her.

Never far from her bow, the Huntress is as mysterious as she is beautiful. But the secrets she harbors could destroy her and those she loves-and every day brings more danger. It isn't safe for her to be with him, yet whenever she sees the fierce werewolf with his smoldering eyes, she finds herself yearning to surrender to him.

An uncontrollable need . . . that can only be sated with her touch.

From the shadows, he, prince of the Lykae, has long watched over her, the lovely little Valkyrie who alternately maddens him and inflames his lust. He aches to claim the seductive creature as his own and keep her safe from harm, but first, he must convince her to accept him as her guardian. To do that he'll exploit her greatest weakness-her desire for him.

I’m also willing to do pairings or if you have an idea or plot ready.

PM me please! I’ll respond faster there!
@KnightsTemplar PM me and we can discuss the plot.
Hello! Welcome! Bump!

I have many RPs open so don’t be afraid. :)
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