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Current Toasted vanilla latte for the win! I feel very powerful. I shall complete my tasks then post replies! 😊
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I’ve been with friends and family over the last couple of days. RP partners I haven’t forgotten about you! ☺️
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Just watched the new Indiana Jones movie! I’m super inspired to write a Indy Jones/Tomb Raider/Uncharted 1x1 RP.
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I’m out golfing, will reply later
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It is finally raining here! It hasn’t rained this well since beginning of April! ☺️🌧️


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I’m working on a post but I can always adapt it if you want to post. :)
I would say it would be a special connection to their mentor at least one item. I can’t remember if everyone had a weapon per se. If your characters did have a weapon, I would also put those in the chest but otherwise you’re free to have whatever works best.@Red Wizard
Just as the white car left, a black Sudan stopped in front of Wayne Enterprise. Cassie stepped out with her Aviators shielding the glare from the sunlight reflecting off of the giant building. She wore dark blue skinny jeans, a cream-colored tank top, with a jean jacket tied around her waist. Cassie adjusted the strap of her Earthrunner sandals that matched her tank top before she smiled and thanked the driver as he handed her her bag from the back of the vehicle.

The young woman made her way into the building, just catching the end of Wally's failure at flirting and the receptionist instructing Dick, Conner, Rachel, and Jon to sit in a waiting area. Cassie lifted the sunglasses up to rest on top of her head and walked over to the receptionist's desk.

"Hi, I'm Cassandra Sandsmark. I'm here to check in," she said with a polite smile. The receptionist looked up at her and then checked Cassie off her list before dismissing her to go sit with the others. Cassie sat next to Rachel and smirked at Wally.

"Struck out again? That's got to be tough," Cassie said as she pressed the handle down on her suitcase and then crossed her arms.

Faline blinked her eyes open, finding her uncle's notebook in her hand, and realized that what happened yesterday wasn't a dream. Five individuals who seemed completely opposite of one another were recruited into a secret guild by their predecessors. The young woman with the fiery locks quietly sat up and sighed. She softly rubbed the back of her neck then walked over to the fireplace that seemed to have been burning all night. The fire's light flickered against the five chests on the hearth's edges. She knelt in front of the chest with the symbol that was on her token. She gently ran her fingers over the engraving before she opened the trunk to see what her uncle had left her.

The two dark green sheths first took Faline's attention. She carefully opened the sheths to find two obsidian steel double-ended daggers with a rich brown leather handle connected the blades together. There was also a beautiful bow that Faline had remembered seeing somewhere but couldn't quite place where exactly. The bow was made of oak and was light but sturdy. The quiver with arrows matched the leather of the daggers. She ran her fingers along the stitching of the quiver and stopped when she reached the engraving on the bottom seam. Faline's jaw dropped open as she couldn't believe that her uncle was even giving this to her.

Faline reached in to find a more well-made traveling bag that appeared to fit everything she would need. She began to quietly pack the new bag with the supplies from her old one. Soon, the sound of Cook burst through the door with her kitchen cart, it had startled Faline, causing her to curse in Elvian with surprise.

"Ya all needin' to get a move on. The mornin' light is breakin' the horizon," Cook said as she placed some breakfast buns on the table. Dough balls about the size of a man's fist stuffed full of eggs, cheese, rice, and mutton. The old dwarven woman also placed bowls of fruit on the table before heading out.

Faline finished packing her bag and adjusting her attire before she grabbed a breakfast bun, an apple, and a pear. She remembered a bit last night and grabbed another apple and pear. Simbel hadn't had anything to eat last night. Although Faline was fairly confident that the Elvian woman could find food on her own, it wouldn't hurt to bring her a little something. Once she was finished getting ready, Faline looked at the others.

"Are you all ready to head out?" Faline asked with a gentle smile.
Yes! I apologize, things got busier than I expected. I plan on them gathering their stuff and heading out to the woods.
I will post for the next day hopefully tomorrow night if everything works out well. :)
I’m interested!
"Five-bed rolls and a crate of supplies for the trip, or so it appears. It says that each mentor has placed appropriate weapons in the chest with their symbol on it," Faline replied to Torsten's question about the list. She turned to hear Simbel shift and fly out the window. "Interesting, I hadn't seen a druid change shape in front of others so willingly before," she commented after the white eagle had flown away.

"Unfortunately, Dorothea is correct, we can't leave the cure to Duskrot in the air if the amulet is part of the cure. Plus, Dragonians can withstand fire long enough to cure the Duskrot from the body. Humans and Elvians aren't unless they are born with an affinity for fire magic," Faline said as she grabbed a bowl of Cook's stew, not one to pass up a free meal.

"The boss says that ya kids will need to be up early in the morn," Cook said before she placed the rest of the food on the table. "Best be gettin' to bed after eating." The dwarven woman rolled her cart out of the room. The silence is filled with the squeakiness of the wheels on the cart.

After finishing her bowl of stew and biscuit, Faline took one of the bottom bunks placing her pack on the bag before she went back over to the table to read her uncle's notes. She frowned as there was nothing left to decipher except the location of the ruins. "I have a feeling that there is more going on than just Duskrot. With our mentors being separated on various missions, it almost feels like a deliberate action," she said as she pulled out her uncle's journal to see if there was anything that she could find that would help them tomorrow on their journey.
I’m going to be busy today so tomorrow I will post and advance to the morning. :)
One look at Amandine and Faline could tell that she was less than happy to hear that they were to retrieve a lost artifact from ancient Dragonians. She listened to the petite woman and took another look at the legend in the book, she noticed the markings in the margins of the book while she began to write notes on a blank paper.

Sir Dorian gave a sympathetic smile to Amandine as she explained one of the many legends of her people. "While I understand your sarcasm, Amandine. This disease has been proven to affect all races throughout Vradia, not just humans and Elvian. This is much bigger than protecting an ancient trinket with magical properties," he explained as there was a look in Dorian's eye that Faline didn't like. Faline paused to listen to Torsten and Simbel give a show of support for Amandine's connection to the Dragonian culture and support for the quest at hand.

Dorian was about to speak when Faline stopped him. "Our mentors have already found the ruins," Faline said as she crossed her arms while showing Amandine the code she had broken. "My uncle wouldn't suggest taking something from an ancient culture unless it was agreed upon. He's a negotiator at heart. He could probably convince a tree to give up its leaves if necessary. The ruins they found were void of life, not including forest animals and vegetation. That's my uncle's handwriting and marks in the margins of the book. It was his mission to locate the ruins," she said as Dorian nodded in agreement to Faline's conclusion.

"Sir Nikolai didn't have time to retrieve the Amulet by himself, not with the increase of Duskrot cases. He thought that it would be best to test you younger members," Sir Dorian explained as he placed a different piece of paper on the table. "This is your supply list. I would suggest you rest here tonight and take off in the morning. I'll have the cook bring in a meal for all of you," he instructed before leaving the room.

"Well, isn't that just fantastic? This night is just full of surprises," Faline muttered as she looked at Amandine. "I hope we don't have to use the Amulet, my uncle noted in the legend that the side effects of the magic aren't great," she explained as a very short, round old woman trotted in. The pot-bellied woman was definitely of dwarven descent with a long, grayed braid rolled up into two buns on her head. She rolled in a cart with a large stew pot on top, then a basket of biscuits and a few desserts on the tray below with the bowls and silverware.

"Y'll needin' to eat up now, gots to have yas strength. Or so says the boss," the old woman said as she passed out the bowls and soup spoons.
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