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How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?


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Cleome smiled softly and nodded as an answer to Cait's question about sensing the wildlife. "Everything is connected, whether we realize it or not," she spoke as the heat could be a factor with the insects and other creatures as Victor said. Cleo couldn't help but get a weird feeling of it all all. The fae woman kept her eyes and ears open for anything the creatures could be nervous about. After gazing around the area for a bit, Cleome decided that food was probably a good option. One never knew when they would get the chance to eat again.

Cleo tilted her head as she figured she would likely need shoes. Humans were picky with such rules, so she reached for her sandals where she had been sitting in the back of the truck. She slipped on the tan leather corded flats, grabbed her matching leather parcel, and crossed the parking lot to the diner. Upon opening the door, it jingled, causing Cleome to glance up at the bell with curiosity. Such interesting thoughts humans had to warn one another of their presence.

Cleo glanced around until she found Vincent and smiled softly. "Is it alright to share a meal space with you, Vincent, or would you prefer to be by yourself? I understand the need for solitude," she said as she adjusted the strap of the parcel over her head to rest on her shoulder, cross-body-wise, and pulled her long, dark hair out from being stuck.

@Lexisheeps I guess we’ll just have to wait and see? ^_^
@Days Thank you! :) I figured it would be a good way to connect the flow, plus I needed more material to write. Lol XD

Going East...

Anna's wide hazel eyes locked with her guardian's, nodding in understanding as she not only grabbed the axe, quickly strapping it to her backpack but also two small daggers. She followed Nova in.

Annalise splashed into the water but was able to stand perfectly fine. The water level hit halfway up her calf as she stood up and looked around. Her eyebrows furrowed as the water was dark as night but the area was at dusk. "Nova?!" Anna called out for her guardian. She began walking to the bank but then felt a familiar tingle in her hands. Anna took a deep breath to reign in the sensation.

'At least my hands haven't started sparkling yet,' she thought as she glanced around the area. Her eyes widened seeing a body bobbing further out into the water. Annalise quickly recognized the figure and ran as fast as she could. "Nova! Nova!" She shouted as she paused to grab some long reed leaves before finally getting to deeper water and swam out to her protector. Her heart was pounding in her chest as she propped Nova's face out of the water.

"N-Nova? Be okay, please be okay," Annalise begged as she placed her fingers on Nova's pulse. She sighed in relief as she felt a pulse, then quickly took the reed leaves, wrapping them under Nova's arms, and began to swim as fast as she could to the nearest bank. Anna managed to get about halfway but the current continued to push them out. She cursed softly in Egyptian under her breath as she spotted a figure of white on the bank. The figure had a mask over their face, long flowing hair rippled behind the mask as they tilted their head in observation.

'Everything will be okay. Trust her,' a warm voice echoed in Annalise's head and that was when she knew she had no choice now.

"Please don't be mad at me, Nova, but I'm going to have to do this," Anna murmured as she wrapped her left arm around Nova and pointed her right hand at the bank. She bit her lip and focused on the bank, taking a deep breath as her hand began to sparkle, then glow. Suddenly the researcher and her ward were enveloped in a warmth of lavender before they appeared on land. Anne snapped her head in the direction of the white figure but saw the figure had disappeared.

Annalise scrambled back to Nova and listened to her chest. Heart rate was slow but there. She tilted her guardian on her side and pounded Nova's back until the sound of coughing up water could be heard. "Oh! Thank heavens!" Anna sighed in relief as she heard Nova's breathing return to normal.

Secret HiveMind Facility

Unknown to the researcher, the twitch of a familiar fair hand occurred as did the crack of an icy blue eye. The figure glanced around briefly as they recognized the caramel-colored skin of the figure in the pod next to them. Consciousness didn't last long as the figure, who had been dormant for so long was exhausted from the mental support she just sent.
Cleome kept herself from humming or singing softly to herself by tapping her fingers on her left hand against the metal edge of the truck. Funny enough, her rhythm was harmonizing with Vincent's thumping against the driver's door of the pickup. Her golden orbs closed for the moment as she let the wind of the moving vehicle carry her constant thoughts away. She tended to sit in the back of the truck to avoid the lull of the radio, it made her lose focus on her control of her voice. Something she didn't want to expose her comrades to.

Today, Cleo was simply dressed in jeans and a baggy green t-shirt, hiding her frame. Her antlers and wings were also concealed within her form to prevent drawing too much attention, unwanted or otherwise. Her long dark tresses were twisted back into a braid secured with a bit of string she found at their last stop.

Cleo blinked her eyes open as the vehicle stopped and she heard Vincent's voice followed by Anita's. She sat up to properly see where they were. It was a diner/gas station of sorts. 'Humans have interesting building combinations. Their ingenuity never ceases to confound me,' she thought as she stood up, stretched, and hopped out of the bed of the truck effortlessly, her bare feet landed on the hot sand.

Cleome tilted her head."Strange, this earth has an energy to it," she spoke and turned to her companions. "We should be careful here. The wild life has been hiding, even the insects are nervous for crumbs," Cleo added as she had yet to see even an ant crawl along the ground.
I'm so excited for this RP you guys don't even know! :D

@CaptainManbeard When can we expect a base CS? I mean I have the basics but I would like to flush out my character. :)
I transferred my CS over as well. :)

@Lexisheeps Most definitely the bag. XD The dark energy had already sent them to the puzzle area. And I get it.

I'm Central time btw! I'll post it in the character section, but it's been humid all day today. Even though its like 76F it feels like 95F. Lol

@DaysFricken Brenda...>_> XD
Part 2 is up! Isn't much but it will get the job done. :)
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