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Current No consistent power for 24 hours. No power now and I’m on my phone. So, replies will be limited. Sorry, friends!
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Motherclucker! Broke a fricken fingernail! Why does such pain hurt the worst of all?
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Going to be busy today. If you see me online, I'm just checking up on RPs. Hopefully, I'll reply tonight.
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Will be surviving with coffee today, it’s going to be a long day. 😅
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The feminist in me is extremely proud of the fact that I figured out my breaker box without needing help. 🤣


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@Pandolin The Great Gus is making an appearance this weekend. ;)

@jasbraq Thank you for clarifying your status. Gus is always a pleasure to read about. :)
Sacrifical Chamber

Sabrina was quickly reminded of the sickly sweet scent of dark matter-energy. Otherwise known as MAGIC- Matter of Antagonistic Gravity In Conduits. She had deciphered the acronym for ancient Greek scrolls she had found in the field before Aurelie had come into the picture. She believed the scroll had been written by Plato, although his source, like most of his work, had not been accredited. She heard the disembodied voice and remembered that the girls would get sick if they breathed in MAGIC for too long. MAGIC was hard on young bodies, and it hadn’t been studied enough to learn various outcomes. Not many knew of its existence except those on the Council, Thierry, and the agents chosen for assignments such as these.

Realization hit the mother of three like a train. That’s why the higher-ups encouraged Thierry to take her and the children along. Sabrina, like Thierry, knew of the existence of MAGIC and had been exposed to it multiple times, and chances were, the children had some sort of immunity to pass down from them.

What almost made Sabrina think this was all a dream was Thierry admitting she was right. Her honey eyes blinked in a shocked manner. She watched as Thierry made amendments with Cosette. Then Sabrina heard the whispered voice encouraging her to take the children to the Afterlife. She looked up at the symbols above the hallways as she heard Auri ask what was happening.

She sighed softly, the children were a part of this game now whether she and Thierry liked it or not. The kids deserved the truth.

“That scent you are smelling is a form of dark energy, known as MAGIC. Your father and I have been studying cultures that used said energy for the last two decades before you came into the picture. The scent means that we are close to a source of MAGIC that could be an artifact, a tomb, or whatever the ancient culture decided to use as a containment vessel,” Sabrina explained to her eldest and her youngest, although she knew most of this would go over Cosette’s head.

“We need to leave before you two girls succumb to the side effects, however, I’m not so inclined to listen to the voice that attempted to coerce me in my ear,” Sabrina admitted as her gaze flicked to the symbols.

“The Egyptians revered the Afterlife, even going as far as to create tombs such as these to protect themselves through the cycle of Rebirth. If the person going through the Afterlife was judged well on their deeds and how they lived their life, they were rewarded with a better position in the next life,” Sabrina spoke loud, mostly to herself, but to also explain her thoughts on what was in front of her.

Sabrina pinched the bridge of her nose in thought as she was placing the puzzle pieces in her mind together. Chances were the voice was right in suggesting the Afterlife, however, one had to be prepared to leave their former life behind. They had to sacrifice what would be considered a high pierce.

Sabrina sat her pack on the ground and fished through until she found her chisel for tapping away the dirt. She sliced her hand open before grabbing the artifact that Cosette had swiped earlier. Sabrina used her blood to draw the symbol for Isis, followed by ‘life’ and ‘birth’. Isis pieced Osiris back together which ultimately created the Afterlife. A woman ‘sacrificing’ her life source to obtain guidance for her husband and children.

She held the bloodied statue in her hands and took a deep breath as she began to walk towards the Afterlife chamber. She paused just before the stairs and looked at Auri and Cosette. “Stay behind me, whatever figure may be in this chamber, don’t look them in the eyes. Keep your gaze locked on the floor or your feet. Your father will keep you safe,” Sabrina explained as she edged up the stairs to find a throne room. She sighed softly in relief when the room was empty. Bioluminescent designs decorated the walls and floors as if one had kept the lights on all this time. Gold trims and hieroglyphs indicated that this was no mere pharaoh. They were dealing with Amun-Re, the chief god of the Theban Triad. There was still a presence though, as if something was watching.

Carefully, Sabrina acted as though she were greeting royalty. Keeping her head bowed, bowing before the throne before placing the artifact statue on the throne. She slowly backed up and began to speak in Arabic, the closest modern language to Ancient Egyptian.

“Almuaqar amwn rae, min fadlik 'arshadani waeayilati 'iilaa biri al'amani. nahn la naqsid al'adhaa, nurid faqat aleawdat alamint 'iilaa alwatan. laqad dae aibni, min fadlik qum biqiadatih 'iilaa biri al'aman aydan. 'arju 'an taqbaluu dam hayaati muqabil eawdat eayilati salimatin.”

I am working on a post. Real life has been busy. Sorry for the lack of updates. I'll be honest friends, inspiration is low but still flowing. It's just taking a bit longer. :)
All I could think while reading was…

“*gasp* poor Theo!”

“Oh, geez!”

“Fricking Vonny!”

@Play MistyThank you for letting us know! I am working on the next post but I’m waiting for others to respond first if they want. :)
@DaysMy point exactly! ;) And thank you!

@EstylwenThank you! I remembered what we had discussed and I thought it was the perfect opportunity. :) it’s okay with me if you make a post, I suppose that’s on Lexi to decide. Lol :D

@Lexisheeps I did think about Nick but I figured that he was still wrapped up in Thierry’s arms. 😉

@DaysThank you! Poor Theo, his greatest achievement in his young adult life ruined by Stella.

Part 2 is up! I hope you enjoy! If I cross a line or need to change anything, let me know! Thank you for being patient. :)

You all are the best!
@Days I hope you don't mind but I borrowed Theo just a hair. Just one small action. :)
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