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4 mos ago
Current I will be going on vacation this weekend and will have little time to reply.
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4 mos ago
Have been adulting lately, apologizes for those I'm RPing with, still no job and I'm searching for them during the day.
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4 mos ago
Apologizes to my partners, I've had to adult lately. I'll try to reply as soon as possible.
5 mos ago
When your job lays you off and you suddenly have time to RP...*slightly depressed sighs*
6 mos ago
It is summer time! I'm on from 8 am to 10 pm Central Time! :)
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@Migyudonsend me a pm and we can discuss it! :)
@Tyler Night I'm interested in the Dragon RP. :)
@YourHeart I have plot ideas for these Royalty * servant/other royal/engagement; Neko * Owner; and a few others.
Crumbling buildings lay amongst what was once a great civilization. Mother Nature taking over like she always does, like she always will. Her vegetation growing up the steel and stone towers, letting gravity pull them down. Animals roam freely, without monitoring or intervention from an outsider. There among the ruins of normalcy for most is a 100-foot tall Metal Wall that has been designed to sustain life on Earth.

Inside that iron circle is the Concrete Wall, between the two, are farms and small mining villages that provide food for the City with food and supplies. On the other side of the stone wall is the Fort, but one that resembles what the beginning of society looked like before the Ruins outside the Metal Wall.

The Fort houses what is really important to the people, the Temple. A building that is nothing like the rest of the Circles. Carvings of a forgotten language are inscribed on what seems to be a metal altar of sorts. On a day like any other, the Sacerdotises (the priests), watch in horror as the metal altar lights up, the Temple rumbles with life, and behold this human emerges.

The leader of the Sacerdotises, the Princeps, calls upon the ruler of the City and the Circles, the Soluto Regem (the Warlord King). The Princeps believes this to be the reincarnation of Dea, their god’s, Rexdei’s, wife. In the same time, the Metal Wall is starting to break down from years of exposure and the people are starting to experience things from the outside world like wild animals.


Need someone to play the Warlord King! :) The 'people' in the current society are actually supernatural creatures. The Warlord King can be anything demon, dragon, werewolf, vampire, the only thing is that the thought process for the current society is primal so think of the first human settlements or Fry Cry Primal if you will. Warlord King currently has all the power despite that he took the power from two rival 'tribes' and brought everyone together.

The girl is a superhuman created and preserved to restart humanity once the time was right. Her quest is to find her male counterpart that is on the outside of the Circles.

If you do comment here, please mention me in the post so I know that you are interested. Otherwise PM me.
@SterlingPM me! I have a few ideas. :)
@Mitheral I'm game for this RP. PM me?
@OverAndOut Hello! I'm interested if you would like to PM me. :)
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