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Current Ebbs and Flows, Highs and Lows
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Sometimes you get it, sometimes you get got.
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6 mos ago
"Every man has his secret sorrows which the world knows not; and often times we call a man cold when he is only sad."
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7 mos ago
Started secretly playing a card game my friend and rival plays in the hopes of revealing myself and winning in a dramatic showdown Yu-Gi-Oh! style.
7 mos ago
I actually just got a B in my personality science class were we studied behavioral genetics. Don't worry, I'm low on agreeableness too.


I am a man in my mid twenties who has been role playing since I was 10. I just recently moved to a new town to attend university, and I'm attempting to open up to new people, both in-person and online. I'm part of the official guild discord, so feel free to add me if you want. I love reading and writing, science fiction, and fantasy. In my off time if I feel like using my brain I enjoy reading classical literature. I recently finished Anna Karenina and have started Tale of Two Cities. I have also been slowly studying and learning French. Don't mind the low post count I normally do my RPing through private messaging.

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Welcome to the Guild, Wounded Cow!
Welcome to the Guild!
You know what it is
In Power Play! 7 mos ago Forum: Spam Forum
You've just acquired a random superpower. What's the most you can accomplish with it?

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Enjoy getting back into the swing of writing, and welcome to the guild!
Welcome to the Guild!

DnD is a classic you can never go wrong with. Good luck and have fun!

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