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2 yrs ago
Current Can we bring persisted worlds back?
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3 yrs ago
I would.
4 yrs ago
Make the interesting roleplay...


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yeah, i check back every now and again. i might need to do some more... proactive recruiting. till then, i run dozens of games on other platforms so this site isnt exactly a priority lol

Invite me then brah...
yep, this is a continuation of a decades-long project, so as long as i am alive, i will be searching. i might send you two a questionnaire to get the ball rolling on this particular forum, as this is not the only place i am looking at.

Reach out whenever you can.
@The Infamous You still taking? I'd like to try this.
Update bros, returner DID NOT pm.
@Returner Depends on what we're feeling and what the idea is, feel free to PM.
Bump ~ lewd bump
Wow, it worked like a charm it always worked so well. Watching her jaw drop, Erik tried not to laugh as he closed up the book and put it away. It would serve a purpose another day as Jen diddly dallied off to rally the group to give her speech, he looked around and saw the weaponry some of these people totted. It was almost insane, shotguns and pistols, some serious time for these guys if the sheriff got their hands on any of them. Except Erik, sadly felons couldn't purchase the finest weapons in fact he was banned from possessing any weapon. So the rebar would have to do, but hopefully, this excursion wouldn't require any force. A quick in and out, like the port job if it had gone right. He huffed, exhaling a blast of hot air.

Upon hearing the plan, from the astute 'leader' Jen was he had some qualms with it. "So what's in the swamp, you say it's dangerous is there something we should be worrying about besides the crocs. Also what's on the road, the black path right? What's out there, I know it's longer but you need to give us more information than just two lines Jen."

@Punished GN
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