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Current Can we bring persisted worlds back?
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I would.
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Make the interesting roleplay...


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Hey all.

My name is EpicRoleplay also known as ERP, I've been here for some time but on RP for hella time. I'm looking for some peeps who are down to get smutty and join me in a mature roleplay in a variety of settings. All I really ask of you is you are literate and have good grammar and spelling, I really look for just 1-3 paragraphs in roleplay per response. When I kick off with people it's a good time, I have a variety of plots in mind and hooks to do and I'm open to ideas.

Please don't PM me about non-mature RP, or roleplay with children (guess I have to add this disclaimer now smh).

In General...

- MxF or Fxm
- I can play either role, but tend to side more to male but female isn't off the table.
- I'm cool with FxF but prefer the two above.
- I like to use face-claims.

For genres & fandoms

- Sci fi setting (Cyberpunk mostly) - Whatever pairings you can think up of, you win.
- Star Wars (Old Republic era) - Craving a Sith Inquisitor vs a Padawan, or Force Sensitive. Femdom vibes anyone?
- Superheroes (From cliche masked idiots to regular people with powers) - Stupid Latex Fun.
- Halo fandom - I like roleplaying as UNSC with other UNSC peeps, simple as.

Anyway you can reach out on PMs, if you reply here I'll probably miss you.

Cya round.
Hi mods,

Can my RP check here be closed?…

I plan to remake and consolidate this RP check shortly.


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