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I’m Crimson Flame and I’m addicted to RPing. But sometimes ADHD kicks in, and it takes me longer to reply to things than it should. If I’m taking too long to respond, feel free to say something. Just don’t be rude about it.

There are a bunch of RPs I like. Pokémon, Digimon, Fantasy, Superhero, it would take too long to list them all. I’m not a fan of Horror or Apocalypse settings though.

I have a particular type of character I like making. Look through my Character Sheet thread, and see if you notice what a lot of my characters have in common.…

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If anything, it can just be the three of us...
Zaria remained nervous and jumpy. She'd seen enough tv matches to know that getting a few hits in didn't mean winning a match. But if Magnet could keep this up, then... Images of the class applauding her and the shiny TM prize in her hands floated into her head. How exciting would that be? And that would surely prove her father wrong for doubting her. I could be a legend if I win this! Maybe then she would become as popular as the students they'd seen earlier. People would be begging her to battle them!

"You and Rocky are pretty tough, Tim, but we can't back down! Keep it up Magnet, and Thundershock again!" Perhaps she sounded like a broken record, but Magnet only had a few moves he knew so far, and they were lucky they had a single move that could actually damage a Rock type.

"Maaag." He charged up again once more, swiveling his single eye around a few times before settling on the target and letting loose a wave of electricity

Tim slapped his face with his hand. Of course the paralysis would come back to bite him. Essentially, giving Magnet a free hit. For a moment, Tim actually had hope that he could actually win this battle. That hope went out the window with that last attack. At this point, there really that many options left. “Oh.. um.. thanks... Tim mumbled while shuffling his feet. Not really knowing what else to say. Rocky only had one move that could deal damage. “Rocky go in for another Tackle!”

Rocky barked, and then charged ahead.
Billy Kaplan - Wiccan

Powers: Magic, same abilities as his mother Wanda.

Tommy Shepherd - Speed

Powers: Super Speed like his uncle Pietro.

Everyone’s favorite prettyboy twins. They’re Wandas biological children she gave up for adoption because she was unable to care for them at the time. They were adopted by two separate families, and prior to the roleplay don’t know they’re related.
Nah, the advanced section is just barren I think.
Billy Kaplan - Wiccan

Powers: Magic, same abilities as his mother Wanda.

Tommy Shepherd - Speed

Powers: Super Speed like his uncle Pietro.

Everyone’s favorite prettyboy twins. They’re Wandas biological children she gave up for adoption because she was unable to care for them at the time. They were adopted by two separate families, and prior to the roleplay don’t know they’re related.
What makes you uncertain, @Crimson Flame? This thing has yet to get off the ground, so the scenario is still very changeable. :) I'm new here and keen for some quality feedback.

It isn’t anything with the RP itself. I have a lot RPs I need to post in, and work, and Free RPs tend to move quickly and I’m worried I’ll fall behind.
I’m thinking about joining. Not sure yet though.
I love Ever After High, I collect the dolls. But, I’m not sure about this concept tbh...

Random question: Why do Prince Eric and Little Mermaid have separate kids? Are we going with the mermaid dying and Eric married (and had a child with) someone else like the original tale? Or has someone been less than faithful?
All right, let’s take it from the top, one more time…

What’s your name?
Daniel Davis. You can just call me Danny.

How old are you?

What do you look like?
(Description is preferable, picture is acceptable. Both is even better. Costume ideas optional; you can wait for IC for that part.)

I look like this I guess. I’m not really that good looking.

My future costume. I’d like something like this.

Since getting Spider Powers, I don’t actually need the glasses. I just feel naked without them, so I wear fake ones.

What did you do before the Recluse incident?

So my mom and dad always wanted kids, but had trouble uh... making one. Well after years of trying, they finally had us. My twin sister Caty and I. Life was good for us. Our parents loved us, and supported our interest. My sister and I loved science, and would perform science experiments together, and learned as much as we could about whatever interested us at the time.

I know I know, most kids don’t usually do science experiments for fun, but my sister and I definitely weren’t most kids. At least I wasn’t. When I wasn’t studying, I played with Barbie dolls while most boys played with Hot Wheels cars. Needless to say, I was bullied a lot by other kids. I didn’t have a bunch of friends. There was that one kid who stood up for me when I was younger, but I lost touch with them. I never even learned their name. My sister on the other hand was the popular twin. She had a ton of friends.

That continued into high school. My sister was the cheerleader, and I was the nerd that joined the science club. Before your mind goes where it’s going, I’m not bitter. Seriously I’m not. I could never deal with being popular. Having all those people begging for your attention, ugh I could never. My sister and the other science club members are all the companionship I need... Although... a boyfriend would be nice... maybe... If I can find anyone who could love me...

Anyway, I still got bullied a lot. By one guy in particular. A jerk named Skyler. He was a jock. I had a crush on him. On my mothers advice, I went to tell him how I felt. What’s the worst that could happen she said? You know what happened? He laughed at me, beat me up, shoved me into a locker, and outed me to the whole school. The bullying continued. My sister defended me sometimes, but that only made it worse. I can honestly say high school was hell for me.

Yet through it all, I managed to ace my SAT and ACT, and graduate with a 5.0 GPA. My sister and I also received a bunch of scholarships for different schools he applied to, but we decided to stay in New York, and attend Empire State University there. My sister and I also intern at a prestigious science lab. Everything was going well for us. At least until well... you know.

What happened after the incident?

Super Strength: 20
Agility: 20
Durability: 20
Regeneration: 20
Spider-Sense: 20
Mutation(s): 0

I’m stronger, faster, and can climb up walls. All the basic spider stuff.

I didn’t get any extra powers like some of the others here did, but I make up for it with smarts.

My sister and I make our own brand of spider silk that we can shoot out of web shooters worn on our wrists. The silk is a tough flexible fiber with adhesive qualities. It is strong enough to support our weight, and can use it to swing. The webs disolve into powder two hours after being exposed to air for easy clean up! We can make different variations of the web for different purposes. My normal webs are pink, but I also make them different colors. Including rainbow web for Pride!

Also, my unrelated to any powers, but my dad died in the incident. He was just coming to visit us. It isn’t fair. Can we talk about something else please?

Do you believe in aliens?
Absolutely! Could you imagine what we could from civilizations outside our own planet?

What are your goals for the future?
I’m going to college to study science. I want to be a scientist someday. Dr. Daniel Davis has a nice ring to it, wouldn’t you say? Now what field I’m going to specialize in? That I’m not so sure. I’m also going to try out the superhero thing with my sister. Though I’m still nervous about that.

You lived in New York for a while now, right? What do you think of the city?
I love New York. I was born and raised here. I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. It’s my city.

How much technology do you use on a daily basis?

All the time! I’m on my phone, iPad, or computer on a regular basis.

What do you like?
Science, Cute Things, Comic Books, Video Games, Cartoons, Sweets, my family, hot guys Um... i-ignore that last one.

What do you dislike?
Bullies, Sports, Homophobia, just mean/stupid people in general

Not really a dislike, but I have a fear of not being good enough. I mean my twin is this amazing cheerleader and the best human being ever, sooo what do I bring to the table?

Do you think true evil exists?
Yes. I see it everyday. They shove me into lockers, bully me for being gay. True evil does exist.

What’s your favorite color?

Favorite song?
I like Pop Music. Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Ariana Grande, the like. Haven’t found anything that says Danny Davis yet though.

Anything else to add?
I can speak Spanish, French, and Italian. I like romance languages. What of it?

What are your thoughts on these people?

Marcus Tanner This guy, I’ve seen him around campus. God why do I always fall for the bad boy? I’ve never spoken to him, and I think I’ll keep my mouth shut this time. I’ve already been burned once already.

Scott Yi He seems... oddly familiar to me. I don’t know why. Either way, he’s handsome and seems nice.

Alexandra Jones: We met at Science Camp. A girl who likes science as much as I do.

Caty Davis: My twin! She’s my twin and I love her to bits. I’ll be honest though I sometimes do feel a little inadequate next to her. I don’t hold it against her. I just wish I knew what I brought to the table.
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