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Current It was designed to view a world unseen
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Danny Phantom was the character that made me realize I like boys...
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@Lamb of Goth That was me. xD
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I’m gonna give you up I’m gonna let you down I’m gonna run around and desert you I’m gonna make you cry I’m gonna say goodbye I’m gonna tell a lie and hurt you
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I either write like Anne Rice, or Stephen King. Depending on the post the I write like site analyzes


ideas: Introduce yourself, keep a list of roleplays you're involved in, describe what kind of roleplays/partners you're looking for, provide off-site contact info, share some hilarious jokes, share art, share dank memes, etc.


Must be no more than 3000 chars

How am I supposed to do that with 3000 chars?!

I need more characters! I have way too much going on to cram it into 3000 chars?!

Edit: Apparently they changed it. Now I need something new to put here.

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Sorry that took so long. I blame ADHD.
Lillian had decided to take a break from her royal duties for a moment to explore her kingdom. Her father insisted she travel with her retainers to keep her safe. Her father meant well, but sometimes he could be a little overprotective. She couldn't exactly blame him. After her mother's death, he was probably scared to lose his only child too. Still, she was an adult now, and she wanted to do things for herself. That meant she had to ditch the bodyguards at the first available opportunity.

Somehow, she wound up in the forest. She had read that the old castle for the kingdomthat existed long before she was alive was here, and Lillian just had to see it for herself. Who knows what secrets the old palace. Eventually, her retainers would find her, so she knew she had to move quickly before they did and reported her to the king.

She soon realized how difficult it was navigating this forest in her princess dress. Pine needles got caught in her dress, her blonde hair quickly became a mess, and she found herself tripping on things. "Ugh, how unbecoming!"

Eventually, she came across a boy who couldn't have been much older than she was, just casually walking through the forest. Lilian wasn't expecting to find someone else here. Was he looking for the old castle too? Well, she figured now she had to be on her best behavior. The Princess dusted herself off and approached the boy. "Greetings good sir." She said in the most polite manner possible. "Excuse my disheveled appearance. I am not accustomed to walking through the forest like this. I beg your pardon, but what exactly are you doing here? Are you searching for the old castle as well?"
Yes, I’m still here sorry
Well, since she's a curious person, why not have her sneak out of the castle to go exploring in the forest? Especially after learning about myths, hybrids and the like?

That’s my plan. :D

Her father insists she travel with bodyguards, so naturally she has to ditch them.

Post should be up this weekend.
So now I need a reason for my character to be in the forest around the old castle.
This will be interesting...
Granted, but they are terrible toxic friends, but you don’t care because your desperate for companionship.

I wish for a good RP to join.
Let me know if something is missing. Also, that dress is impractical. :P

Name: Princess Lillian Atwood
Gender: Female
Age: 18

Personality: Lilian is a true princess, and carries herself as such. Since birth, she was taught to be elegant and graceful at all times, and still holds herself to those standards. She's a cool, calm, and collected young woman, who can keep a level-head when going into stressful situations. Her calmness also means she doesn't openly show her emotions too often. She is very slow to anger, and if she finds something funny the most you'll get is a smirk. When she talks to someone, she'll be blunt and get straight to the point. Lilian is not shy and submissive in the slightest. She was trained to be a queen one day, which means she can't allow people to walk all over her. She will not hesitate to correct someone she deems is being rude.

Lilian spends most of her time on her family's estate. She was homeschooled her entire life, and doesn't have much experience dealing with people who don't work for her. She expects to be treated like a Princess at all times, and as such often doesn't know how to respond when she isn't. She also can be a spoiled brat at times. She enjoys living the glamorous princess lifestyle, being given lavish gifts, and having wealth to spend on whatever she likes.

Her calm nature sometime makes her come off as cold to others, but that assessment couldn't be further from the truth. She's actually quite friendly around people she actually does know. She does have emotions, it's just that one has to try very hard to get her to show them. In conversation, she is a great listener, who will quietly and politely take in and absorb what others have to say. She pays attention, and offers advice if it's wanted. She's also very good at calming people during bad situations.

She has a fascination with myths and legends, and has read a bunch of books about them.

History: The Royal Atwood family of the Amity Kingdom had been in power for countless generations. The next child born would inherit the family estate and be in charge once their parents passed away. This was a great responsibility because along with it came the privilege to make large decisions for the Amity kingdom and it's relationship with the other kingdoms. There was just one small problem, the king and queen had a difficult time conceiving a child. Not only did they want a child of their own, It also was their responsibility to conceive an heir, and continue the royal bloodline. They tried everything they could, but the queen either could not conceive or would miscarry.

Eventually, the queen would finally give birth to a Princess named they named Lillian. Then promptly died afterwards. Thus, she was left in the care of her father, who made her his Princess had the best care. She was spoiled and given every luxury a young girl could want. Not only did he take care of her, but he also made sure that she would be equipped to be queen someday. She was taught all the rules that came with a royal title. She was spoiled and given every luxury a young girl could want. She was homeschooled her entire life by scholars and tutors that were handpicked by her parents. She was educated in a variety of subjects that were important for a future queen to know such as history and etiquette.

Her favorite subject has always been myths and legends. She has read a bunch of books about Hybrids, and would love to learn more about them.
Yeah, I'm still here. Just been busy.
I have a few ideas for a prince or princess character, but I haven't settled on anything.

So, uh what happens now? Do I make a CS or something else?

Also, I'm going on a trip for a few days starting tomorrow...
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