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Pokémon Showdown at Sunset

Word Count: 2385 (+3)
Primrose @Yankee Level 7 total EXP: 134/70
Bede @Crimson Flame Level 1 total EXP: 9/10
Location: Twilight Town Streets

Primrose waved back to Tora as he sped off in the back of the weird car with Poppi. A few other Seekers went after them, Therion being one of them surprisingly, but the dancer did not. Racing wasn't really her idea of fun, and even if it was she wasn't looking for another adventure quite so soon. Standing in the dim twilight just outside of the train station, Primrose stretched her arms high above her head and then settled into a neutral pose with a hand on her hip, regarding the other people in their group that hadn't tagged along after the racers.

"Well then. I suppose the rest of us can find something else to do while we wait," she said. It seemed to be a large town, and with the twilight cast on the brick and cobblestone it was quite beautiful too. "I wouldn't mind just getting a look around."

Bede was less interested in going racing than some of the other members of the group. If he needed fast travel, he could probably find a Rapidash or something somewhere. This sunset colored town must have something else interesting to do. “Hm, this town is certainly an improvement from the last place I was at… I wouldn’t mind having a look around either.”

Primrose's gaze slid over to Bede. Her soft-spot for children hadn't faded even after taking in three spirits, so she wouldn't mind his company while seeing what the town had to offer. She did note that he was still under Galeem's influence - his eyes shaded in red, glowing ever so slightly in the dim sunlight. That was something they should take care of sooner rather than later if they could help it - she recalled on the mountaintop how the gleaming Therion had nearly thrown himself from the summit to try and get at that sky serpent, saved only by Big Band's quick thinking. Primrose found herself thinking now, and after a moment and a twinkle of an idea she turned to Bede and smiled at him.

"Sounds like a plan then," the dancer said. "We'll explore a little. By the way… you said you were a Pokémon trainer, didn't you?"

Bede smirked, and proudly flipped his bangs. “Of course! I’m not just a mere Pokémon Trainer though. I’m the best there ever was! I’m a Gym Leader trained by Opal herself! I was on the verge of becoming Champion until… you know what that’s not important. What matters is that your little group is lucky to have a Pokémon Trainer like me!”

Ah... I think I'm getting a bit of déjà vu, Primrose thought to herself as she listened to the boy hype himself up. She was glad to hear it though, as she expected that his pride would prevent him from turning down her next suggestion.

"I see. I happen to have a Pokémon myself, but I don't know much about them. If you don't mind, could you teach me a thing or two? I do know that they seem to enjoy battling. We can find a quiet place for that if you're interested."

Of course she didn't bother mentioning that her Pokémon had already been reduced to a spirit, but so long Bede took her up on her battle offer then he'd find out soon enough - and Primrose could take the opportunity to free him from the light.

Bede grinned. “Gladly. You’ve come to the right trainer. I’d be happy to teach you.”

"Wonderful," Primrose said, returning his smile. It had been mentioned that the town stays in perpetual twilight, which gave off the feeling that the sun would go down soon and darkness would fall. There was a vague sense of hurry because of that, but even if they weren't really in danger of losing the dim light Primrose followed up with, "We may as well get going."

The other Seekers that hadn't followed after the racers had all decided to do their own thing, and so at the moment Bede and Primrose were on their own. They strolled through the city's center, taking in the sights. The town's atmosphere was subdued for a settlement of its size, but there was no lack of charm - from the warm glow of lamplight, to the shimmer of the twilight reflecting off of water fountains, to the ivy vines crawling up the brick walls of many buildings. There were establishments built close together on either side of the cobblestone road, and it felt cozy to walk through.

For the most part, Bede stayed quiet as he took in all the scenery. He thought this town was pretty. Definitely a step up from the last town he was in. No strange creatures wandering around, it had normal buildings and people, and all in a pretty sunset hue. It still couldn’t compare to Galar, but this wasn’t bad.

The silence between the two was to be expected, strangers to each other as they were. Over the last couple of days Primrose herself had grown more talkative, so after more than a few minutes of companionable quiet she eventually turned to Bede as they walked and spoke up.

“So. My Pokémon’s name is Hippowdon. Have you heard of it?”

Bede scrunched his face. “Yes I have. It’s a hippo that summons sandstorms. Not my kind of Pokémon. I specialize in Fairy types… And Psychic types sometimes. Although I like any cute Pokémon, and no offense, Hippowdon is not what I would call cute.”

“Oh?” Primrose chuckled. “No, I suppose it’s not cute. It does have a certain charm though… or maybe I’ve just gotten used to the way it looks.” Not that she ever saw it for very long, as its nature of being a Striker meant it only manifested for seconds at a time.

They continued on like that. Market Street wasn't far from where they wandered, and since the citizens were well used to the twilight they were just as enthusiastic about chatting, selling, and buying as though it were midday - which technically it was. Primrose steered them away from the more populated parts of town for now, keeping an eye out for a good battle spot and anything else interesting that might catch her eye. There were a couple of cute cafes that she noted, though she wasn't sure if any were large enough to feed all of the Yellow Team, let alone the other Seekers that were making their way here as well. Maybe I'll suggest a picnic instead of dining in to Tora after this, she mused to herself.

The town got more populated as they walked. Bede found some vendors selling stuff. Bede made a note to go shopping here later. He wondered if any of them took Pokedollars. They went away from the crowded parts of Market Street. If Primrose was going to send out a Hipowdon, they were going to need all the space they could get.

Eventually the road they'd taken grew wider. The businesses and residences were a little less packed together, and alleyways between them opened new paths to other areas of the city. The Back Alleys were as good a place as any for a fight - spacious enough to move, secluded enough not to draw much attention, but not too far out of the way. Primrose stopped and motioned her head towards one of the more alleys. It featured the same brick and cobblestone as the rest of the city, with more sprawling plant life that extended up to balconies stretched out above them.

"What do you think about here for our battle?" she asked.

Bede looked around. “It’s as good as any other area.” Bede grabbed Hatenna’s Pokeballs. “Are you ready?”

Primrose took up a spot opposite of Bede, putting a decent amount of space between them. She did not take out any equipment, Pokéballs or otherwise, but she did look prepared. “Yes,” she said.

Bede grinned, and threw his pokeball. Hatenna appeared in front of Bede in a flash of light. It was only then that he noticed something odd. “Wait a minute… Where’s your pokeball?”

“That’s the item that your Pokémon came out of?” Primrose guessed. “I do not have one, but not to worry. Hippowdon!”

With its master’s call, Hippowdon manifested in front of the dancer. The Heavyweight Pokémon blinked, sized up the Hatenna in front of it and then let out a long ‘Pooooooow!’ Primrose considered her strategy, and decided that though it may be a bit crude, the faster that Bede could be freed the better. With a flourish she held her hand out towards the trainer.

“Hippowdon, use your Dig attack!” she commanded. The Pokémon obeyed, breaking through the ground and submerging itself. As it traveled underground it left a trail of overturned earth heading straight for Hatenna… and then underneath her, instead surfacing at Bede’s location. Hippowdon burst out of the ground, tossing Bede up into the air.

Bede was shocked to see the Hippowdon appear out of nowhere. Where was she keeping that thing? He didn’t have much time to be impressed. She immediately commanded Hippowdon to use Dig, which sent Bede flying. He landed back on the ground on his feet, and was completely unharmed. Hatenna on the other hand was hurt. She let out a pained cry.

Bede didn’t even notice he went flying, and acted like Primrose had attacked Hatenna directly. “Hm, good move, but my sweet Hatenna is still standing. My turn! Hatenna darling, use Disarming Voice!”

Hatenna opened her mouth and cried cutely. Releasing pink heart shaped sound waves, and musical notes in the Hippowdon’s direction. The attack struck Hippowdon, as its “trainer” was too surprised to give it an order to move.

The damage filtered through the striker and to Primrose, the opposite of what had just happened with Bede. Though confused at what had just happened, Primrose gave her Pokémon another command in order to make the most of its time before it disappeared. “Use Crunch!” she called, and once more Hippowdon’s target was not the small Psychic-type in front of it but Bede himself.

Even though the Hippowdon crunched on Bede, the young Pokémon Trainer was unfazed. Hatenna took the fall for it. Literally, the Super Effective move caused the small Pokémon to faint. Bede was more upset about that, than being bitten by a giant hippo. “Ugh, whatever. It’s beginner's luck! I still have one more Pokémon!” He threw out Elgyem’s Pokeball. “Elgyem, Psybeam!”

The cerebral Pokémon appeared, and released a multicolored beam at Hippowdon.

Once more the attack struck Hippowdon. It disappeared completely from the field right after, it’s time running out. Primrose narrowed her eyes, considering the situation. Hippowdon had definitely managed to land its own attacks on Bede, and yet he appeared perfectly fine while his minion suffered the damage. So that was his ability, then? Some kind of connection that transferred pain and damage? So at the very least she would have to get through his Pokémon to get to him. How interesting.

“My apologies in advance Bede, but though I am out of Pokémon I do have a few more tricks up my sleeve,” Primrose said. “Now… Makami!”

Where Hippowdon had been there now appeared a long and paper thin wolf spirit. It floated and swirled in the air before lunging straight for Elgyem with its master’s order to use its Dream Needle skill.

Bede was impressed. He had never seen that Pokémon before. Was that even a Pokémon? Regardless, it attacked Elgyem, and he fell asleep. “Oh come on Elgyem! Wake up, and hit it with Confusion!” But it was no use. Elgyem was snoozing. The Makami vanished from sight soon after, and Primrose found herself smirking. She was in a good position now, and though so far the battle had been pretty low stakes as it had been between minions, it was a battle all the same - which meant her battle boost could be used. Primrose's body began to glow as she charged a spell, her dark magic gathering in both hands. Beneath Elgyem a magic circle appeared, and then grew larger to encompass trainer and Pokémon both. It roiled with power, and then all at once the Night Ode spell erupted. Given the Pokémon's weaknesses it would be more than enough to take it out, but would enough damage spill over to affect Bede himself?

The dark magic easily took out the sleeping Elgyem with ease. Without a Pokémon out to protect him, the excess dark magic damaged Bede. “AHHH!” The young Pokémon Trainer screamed out in pain before falling unconscious. Without his Pokémon, he was just an ordinary human.

When the magic and dust cleared and Primrose saw Bede lying on the ground, she went right over to him and knelt by his side. A twinge of remorse ran through her, her expression softening, but ultimately this was for his own good. Hopefully he didn't hold this against her.

She produced a friend heart from her chest and pressed it gently into the unconscious Bede. Its effect was immediate, healing all of his wounds and clearing the light from his person.


Bede’s eyes fluttered open, and he sat up. He rubbed his pounding head. “Ugh, what just happened?”

“I had to knock you out in order to stop the… mind control spell put on you,” Primrose began. Somehow it never got any easier trying to explain exactly what lunacy had happened to the newly freed. “You might notice things seem a little more confusing to you now, but it will be clearer soon… after the shock of realizing you’re not in your own world anymore wears off.”

She gave him some space, then offered a hand to pull him up.

“Basically, a lot of worlds got mixed together by some… cosmic entity that they’ve called Galeem. Our group, the one you’ve been traveling with today, is actually trying to put things right.”

“Ugh… that would explain a lot… Um… thank you I suppose…” Bede still found this whole mess strange.

”I know it seems crazy. I’ll do my best to explain everything on the way back,” Primrose said. She smiled at the boy. ”I think you’ll be able to appreciate our colorful crew even more now.”

@Crimson Flame the player character looks solid, but maybe focus up on his Rift Warriors experience a bit more? As for The Spartan, I like your foundation, but I think you can clean up the powers section a bit. Maybe… his weapons are imbued with elemental attacks pertaining to the Greek gods? (Lighting sword=Zeus, Invisibility Helmet=Hades, Water-based shield (knock back)=Poseidon?)

It is done. Hope he is not too OP.

I really wanted to have all the major Greek Gods represented, but some of them I just could not come up with abilities/weaons for…
It looks like his shield already has a link to the Gorgons vis a vis Perseus' mirror, so that should work in place of Poseidon. It looks like The Spartan is shaping up to be a status effect focused fighter. I think the real outlier is the hammer. It would make sense if its use was doing more damage against enemies inflicted with effects from the other weapons.

The Shield was originally going to turn enemies to stone for a short period of time. Then I realized this is a Fighting game, meaning we’d probably be fighting each other not NPCs, and thought that was OP.
@Crimson Flame the player character looks solid, but maybe focus up on his Rift Warriors experience a bit more? As for The Spartan, I like your foundation, but I think you can clean up the powers section a bit. Maybe… his weapons are imbued with elemental attacks pertaining to the Greek gods? (Lighting sword=Zeus, Invisibility Helmet=Hades, Water-based shield (knock back)=Poseidon?)

Will definitely do that.

What do you mean focus on his Rift Warriors experience though?
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