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Current Talk to him about it.
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Because you need money to afford the computer, the internet, the spotify subscription, and food for the cats.
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I like Nakushita‘s jokes on the status bar.
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I watch Youtube with an adblocker.
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It’s always Be Yourself, as long as yourself is acceptable to society…


Gay, he/him, Autistic

I’m Crimson Flame and I’m addicted to RPing. But sometimes ADHD kicks in, and it takes me longer to reply to things than it should. If I’m taking too long to respond, feel free to say something. Just don’t be rude about it.

There are a bunch of RPs I like. Pokémon, Digimon, Fantasy, Superhero, it would take too long to list them all. I’m not a fan of Horror or Apocalypse settings though.

I have a particular type of character I like making. Look through my Character Sheet thread, and see if you notice what a lot of my characters have in common.…

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What's the crappiest job you've ever done?

Kenji Yamamoto: Disgruntled customer service representative.

I don’t want to say it’s the crappiest job I’ve ever had but… um… Look you’re not gonna report this to my boss are you?

I hate this stupid job! I hate talking to these Karens and hearing their petty complaints. I’m tired of being yelled at by stupid people for stupid things I have no control over. I wasn’t supposed to be in this job for very long. I was supposed to be a star! Buuut nooo… My big break hasn’t come yet. So I’m stuck here dealing with idiots. And these dumbasses that try to make me feel better have no idea what they’re talking about. What do you mean don’t take it personally? You try listening to these people complain for 40 hours a week and then have someone who isn’t in the same field as you tell you’re taking it too personal, and tell me how you feel afterwards!


What was the best job you’ve ever had?

Interactions: Pete @Tangy Jean @Yasha Jordan @Skill

Adam enthusiastically shook Jean’s hand. “Mucho gusto Guapo! I know who are you. We go to the same school for cryin’ out loud! I’ve seen you in the pool. You’re an Elite Four Member’s kid right? You’re probably good at battling. You also use water types. You know what that means don’t you? We’re rivals!”

Before he had the chance to challenge Jean to battle, he was knocked to the ground. A person had landed on top of him. A cute person at that. “No problemo chica linda.” He said with a big toothy grin as he took her hand to get back up. “I’m hot. People throw themselves at me all the time. Usually not literally though…” He laughed and rubbed the back of his head. “Name’s Adam Hayes btw. You can bet I’m callin’ ya later.” He winked and gave a finger gun gesture…”

He then turned his attention back to his two traveling companions, and put his arms around both his shoulders. “As for the two of you, let the Pokémon Bros Adventure begin! Either of you know where we’re supposed to go? Probably the first Gym. Hell if I know that is.”

I dont think I’m going to join after all. I have a lot on my plate, and need to purge some RPs. Good luck with everything!
I know I haven’t posted yet, but I’m going to have to drop out. I have a lot on my plate, and need to purge some RPs.

Good luck with everything!
I know nothing about ghostbusters, and only knowledge of ghost hunting is Danny Phantom. xD
I’ll post as soon as I figure where to put Ryan in this.

Fyi, Ryan lives in a mansion too. :P
Ariel wants to explore other worlds before her wedding to Eric.

I might use the Halle Bailey version of Ariel for the faceclaim.…

The Little Mermaid soundtrack
I love OUAT.

I kind of want to be Ariel from The Little Mermaid.
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