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Current It was designed to view a world unseen
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Danny Phantom was the character that made me realize I like boys...
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@Lamb of Goth That was me. xD
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I’m gonna give you up I’m gonna let you down I’m gonna run around and desert you I’m gonna make you cry I’m gonna say goodbye I’m gonna tell a lie and hurt you
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I either write like Anne Rice, or Stephen King. Depending on the post the I write like site analyzes


ideas: Introduce yourself, keep a list of roleplays you're involved in, describe what kind of roleplays/partners you're looking for, provide off-site contact info, share some hilarious jokes, share art, share dank memes, etc.


Must be no more than 3000 chars

How am I supposed to do that with 3000 chars?!

I need more characters! I have way too much going on to cram it into 3000 chars?!

Edit: Apparently they changed it. Now I need something new to put here.

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Location: Apollo Cafe
Interacting with: Dallas @Plank Sinatra Marciella @Write

"I heard Kate Spade killed herself. And Michael Kors bought Versace. That must be hard for you. We can go burn a couple Kohls to the ground if you want to cheer up later."

Beau raised an eyebrow. He had only just gotten here today and asked an innocent question. Why was he being so aggressive? After that, there was an explanation of some weird things that happened yesterday. He really shouldn’t have expected anything less from Olympus Academy. Weird things always seemed to happen here.

A girl then came in latching on to Dalla’s arm. "Oh zut alors! Pouvez vous m'aider, Ma voiture est tombée en panne. Je ne c'est pas quoi faire!" Beau hadn’t seen her before, but like a lot of the girls at this school she was pretty. She spoke French too, which was a plus. She was begging Dallas to help with her broken down car.

For some reason, Dallas blew up."Marcy." Dallas' voice was shaking like a car with a slipped timing belt. "This is the Apollo Cafe. I will fucking kill everyone here with my fists, with a table, with egg whisks fucking akimbo, before I let myself get driven out of the Apollo Cafe. Sit down. And bon appetit." he dropped the rest of his croissant on the plate, which had been smashed. What a waste of a perfectly good Croissant.

At this point, Beau stood up. He had enough of this unnecessary rudeness. Dallas, tu dois te calmer.” He then cleared his throat and used his Charmspeak ability. ”Sit down, and eat your Croissant quietly, S'il vous plaît!”

Next, he turned his attention to the girl, with a smile on his face. ”Marcy? Parlez-vous français? Moi aussi! Je m’appelle Beau DeRose. I am sure, you knew that though. Everyone knows who I am.” He laughed haughtily.

Location: Dorm > Apollo Cafe
Interacting with: Felix @jetipster Dallas@Plank Sinatra

Beau DeRose woke up bright and early that morning to get ready for the school day. It took him hours to get ready every morning. It took time to pick out an outfit, style his hair just so, maybe put on a little make up, it took time to make himself look good. Even though he did not need to do this every morning, as thanks to his mother, he looks flawless no matter what he did.

After settling on all pink ensemble, and spending a long time in front of the mirror making himself look pretty, Beau was finally happy with his appearance. Now he was ready to go out and seize the day. He really had to make a good impression too. He missed the first day of school due to having a modeling job, and being busy the entire day. He didn’t return to school until that night. He missed everything. Now he had so much work to get caught up on, friends to catch up with, and new people to meet. He had heard he had a roommate! While he was excited to meet them, that would have to wait a bit. He wanted to grab a bite to eat at Apollo Cafe, and get reacquainted with his adoring fans.

It didn’t take long for Beau to draw a crowd as he walked to the cafe. Soon he was followed by a crowd of his adoring fans, Male and female alike. “Oh, Beau! We missed you so much!” Beau smiled and winked causing his fans to squeal excitedly. This was his favorite part of the school. He loved all the attention from people. Now, he wasn’t sure if these people loved him because he was the son of Aphrodite and the abilities that came with them, or if they genuinely liked him as a person. To be honest, he didn’t much care. He loved them, and they loved him, that was all that mattered.

After posing for selfies with people, Beau finally made it to the cafe. “Au revoir mesdames et messieurs, you have been a wonderful audience!” with that, he blew the crowd a kiss, and walked inside the cafe, while the crowd behind him screamed excitedly.

After ordering a Pumpkin Spice Latte and a Banana nut muffin, he strolled to a table where two familiar faces were sitting. "Bonjour, Felix. Dallas.” He then greeted the other two boys the same way he greeted everyone, with a kiss on the cheek. Then he took a seat at their table.

Felix blushed, and mumbled "Hey" Beau thought it was cute, and giggled.

"I apologize for not being here yesterday. I was busy. Did anything interesting happen while I was away?"

"That's exactly what we're about to find out" Felix nodded pointedly at Dallas.

I’m going to spend today catching up on RPs

And joining new ones
It looks like a child of Aphrodite hasn’t been taken yet...

Can I be a Son of Aphrodite?
Sorry that took so long. I blame ADHD.
Lillian had decided to take a break from her royal duties for a moment to explore her kingdom. Her father insisted she travel with her retainers to keep her safe. Her father meant well, but sometimes he could be a little overprotective. She couldn't exactly blame him. After her mother's death, he was probably scared to lose his only child too. Still, she was an adult now, and she wanted to do things for herself. That meant she had to ditch the bodyguards at the first available opportunity.

Somehow, she wound up in the forest. She had read that the old castle for the kingdomthat existed long before she was alive was here, and Lillian just had to see it for herself. Who knows what secrets the old palace. Eventually, her retainers would find her, so she knew she had to move quickly before they did and reported her to the king.

She soon realized how difficult it was navigating this forest in her princess dress. Pine needles got caught in her dress, her blonde hair quickly became a mess, and she found herself tripping on things. "Ugh, how unbecoming!"

Eventually, she came across a boy who couldn't have been much older than she was, just casually walking through the forest. Lilian wasn't expecting to find someone else here. Was he looking for the old castle too? Well, she figured now she had to be on her best behavior. The Princess dusted herself off and approached the boy. "Greetings good sir." She said in the most polite manner possible. "Excuse my disheveled appearance. I am not accustomed to walking through the forest like this. I beg your pardon, but what exactly are you doing here? Are you searching for the old castle as well?"
Yes, I’m still here sorry
Well, since she's a curious person, why not have her sneak out of the castle to go exploring in the forest? Especially after learning about myths, hybrids and the like?

That’s my plan. :D

Her father insists she travel with bodyguards, so naturally she has to ditch them.

Post should be up this weekend.
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