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Current I’m gonna give you up I’m gonna let you down I’m gonna run around and desert you I’m gonna make you cry I’m gonna say goodbye I’m gonna tell a lie and hurt you
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I either write like Anne Rice, or Stephen King. Depending on the post the I write like site analyzes
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I need a new status, but my life is not that exciting.
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Happy Birthday to me!
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Beep Beep I'm a sheep! I said beep beep I'm a sheep!


ideas: Introduce yourself, keep a list of roleplays you're involved in, describe what kind of roleplays/partners you're looking for, provide off-site contact info, share some hilarious jokes, share art, share dank memes, etc.


Must be no more than 3000 chars

How am I supposed to do that with 3000 chars?!

I need more characters! I have way too much going on to cram it into 3000 chars?!

Edit: Apparently they changed it. Now I need something new to put here.

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Currently watching Digimon Adventure TRI because they have it in English on Demand. Unfortunately they only have the first movie in English. Crunchyroll only has them in Japanese with English subtitles.

I know a lot of people like watching subbed anime, but sometimes I do other things while watching TV. I don’t want to have to be glued to the screen reading the subtitles
I did it!

Let me know if I messed something up.

The two weeks at Camp Red Rock had been surprisingly enjoyable. Granted, she wasn’t exactly used to spending time in the “great outdoors” but it was nice to spend time with other kids her own age. Camp was a nice distraction from the passing of her brother, and how much she missed him.

Now, Bianca and the rest of her cabin had decided to spend the afternoon by lake. Bianca, currently dressed in a purple swimsuit, took the time to splash around in the water with several of the other kids. One of the nice things about this camp was that there were several cute boys at this camp. There was that Conrad boy who sat by the lake by himself, away from others. Bianca couldn’t help but feel bad for the boy. He seemed shy. He looked like he could use someone to talk to. Bianca had to admit, he was adorable, and the shyness added to it. That Link boy was also rather handsome. Even if he did seem laser focused on sports from what she had seen. Still, she had spent quite a bit of time ogling Link as he kicked that ball up and down.

At some point, she noticed everyone getting out of the water. The weather was starting to get less pleasant, so Bianca followed suit, and dried off and got dressed. On her way back to the camp, Bianca felt something magically materialize in her hand. She looked to see that it was an unfamiliar mechanical device. Bianca wondered how it got into her hand in the first place. She did notice that others had a similar device in their hands.

Before Bianca could question what these strange devices were, they started to glow. Then she along with the other kids started to float up in the air, and the sky was rainbow colored all of a sudden. ”What?! What’s happening?!” Bianca panicked. She flailed around wildly trying to get back on the ground, but to no avail.

Once they had gotten high enough, everyone was tossed into a bright light. Then, everything went blank for a moment before the scenery suddenly changed. Now, they were in some sort of forest. Bianca sat up, and looked around. Trying to get adjusted to her surroundings. All sorts of emotions were going through Bianca's head; Confusion, nervousness, and quite honestly even a tinge of excitement. Potentially, something magical was happening here, and that made this situation slightly less scary. But only slightly. "Oh my goodness! Have we just been abducted? What on earth is going on?" She asked to no one in particular.
Intro posts are hard man.
The issue being this is a 3DS, which has the habit of failing to load guild completely and forcing a reload.

Having tried to post here on a 3DS before, I get it.
Probably on mobile.

I’m typing on mobile right now. I will probably make my post from said mobile. :P

I have 5 days off from school, so yay!
I'll try to get a post up when I have access to a keyboard.

How did you type that if you don’t have access to a keyboard?
OMG it actually started! :O
So... Is this still happening?
<Snipped quote by tobiax>
Just felt like each character in the cast should be unique in the anime sense. Maybe I'm being arbitrary but my impulses were hot and bothered with two blondes in the cast. This was her original (pre-thread) FC, anyway.

I don’t think anyone would have had problems telling Bianca and Cheryl apart because they’re both blonde. :/
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