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Current Customer service sucks
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I know. I’ve played with someone who basically RPed as himself. But there are idiots in the world.
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People accuse me of doing that already. A lot of my characters have similar traits in common.
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You ran into my knife. You ran into my knife ten times
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Life is one anxiety attack after another


I’m Crimson Flame and I’m addicted to RPing. But sometimes ADHD kicks in, and it takes me longer to reply to things than it should. If I’m taking too long to respond, feel free to say something. Just don’t be rude about it.

There are a bunch of RPs I like. Pokémon, Digimon, Fantasy, Superhero, it would take too long to list them all. I’m not a fan of Horror or Apocalypse settings though.

I have a particular type of character I like making. Look through my Character Sheet thread, and see if you notice what a lot of my characters have in common.…

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Is anyone willing to do a collaborative post? Just to keep things moving?

I know we brainstormed together, but I’d be down for this!

How well do Kara and Dick know each other?

Liam arrived in Motosoke the day before. Leaving him plenty of time to go shopping in the boutique, dine at the battle cafe, take a few pictures with fans that recognized him, and still have a good nights sleep at a hotel. The next day would be a big day. It was the start of the Gym Challenge season. That meant all the other gym leaders showed up at the stadium, and put on a grand display for all their adoring fans. He couldn’t speak for the other Gym Leaders, but Liam loved the pomp and circumstance of it all.

The next day, Liam got dressed, and was ready to head off to the stadium. He wore his signature pink Fairy costume. The one he wore when he battled challengers at the gym. After the exiting the hotel, he flew on the back of Gabriel, and had Boo sitting on his shoulder. Upon reaching the crowd, he did a few twirls and flips in the air, ending with Gabriel pulling off a shining Dazzling Gleam. Hey, the fans wanted a show, and Liam had to give them something.

Liam and his Togekiss landed gracefully right in front of the Gym, to the sound of screaming fans. A few of the other leaders had also arrived before him. The sight of Hestia’s Charizard scared the crap out of the small Mimikyu, “Mimi! Mimi!” He hid his face behind his trainers neck and shivered.

Liam patted the Ghost Fairy on his head. ”It’s ok little guy. No need to be scared. You can definitely take em!” He then sauntered over to the other Gym Leaders, and waved to all of them. “Hello everyone. You all looking forward to the big show?” Liam asked with a laugh. “Oh my gosh Malik! You look as fabulous as me!” He suddenly exclaimed as he gave his fellow Gym Leader a hug for seemingly no reason whatsoever. “Well almost. There are few that can quite keep up with me in the fabulous department!” He then turned his attention to the other boys that had arrived. Which was Zeke and Ezran. “Although you guys don’t look bad either.” He winked and blew them a kiss.

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I don't know if I'm still around. I have trouble figuring out what to post.
Liam’s opinions

Ezran: Ok so, I’m supposed to be his rival or whatever because I train Fairies and he trains Poison types but like, there’s something really attractive about a musician. Even if many of his Pokémon are far from cute, and his style of music isn’t exactly my taste, he is handsome. I hope he doesn’t hate me!

Eden/Joseph: Another guy that uses my opposite type. He’s really handsome too! But why oh why must he hide all that beauty beneath all that armor? I mean I get Steel type I guess, but all the armor is just silly. Take off the helmet at least.

Malik: This man has the potential to be as fabulous as me! He really downplays his skills. Maybe he needs a guy like me to bring him out of his shell? We shall see.

Nordin: I love a handsome man who can make me all the desserts I want. And he has an Alcremie!

Zeke: Have you seen him? The man doesn’t wear a shirt! Joseph should take a cue from him!

Thomas: He’s as attractive as the other male Gym Leaders, but if I’m being honest, I can’t get a good read on him. I may just have to get to know him better.

Elijah: Can we say hot for teacher? Honestly, I don’t know how anyone can focus in his class? He’s so handsome it’s distracting!

Hestia: I love her! She’s so much fun!

Moira: Why so serious? Live a little! You don’t need to be the knight in shining armor all the time...

Fiona: She seems like a good time too. Although honestly, she’s another of those I need to get to know better.

Henirietta: I got to admit, this girl actually has a sense of style! As an aspiring fashion designer myself, I can respect that.

The obvious solution, pick everyone. :P
Zeke can go wherever, but ideally his gym is later in the order.

I don’t think the order matters. Not every newbie starts their journey in Stow-on-Side
Liam wants Ballonlea. He’s a Fairy Gym Leader, of course he does
Why are the same people from the Mystery Dungeon RP coming here?
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