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The Struggle is Real
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I’m Crimson Flame and I’m addicted to RPing. But sometimes ADHD kicks in, and it takes me longer to reply to things than it should. If I’m taking too long to respond, feel free to say something. Just don’t be rude about it.

There are a bunch of RPs I like. Pokémon, Digimon, Fantasy, Superhero, it would take too long to list them all. I’m not a fan of Horror or Apocalypse settings though.

I have a particular type of character I like making. Look through my Character Sheet thread, and see if you notice what a lot of my characters have in common.…

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Hosting it on imgur this time.

It’s Pink and Purple Spider-Man basically.
This was a pain in the butt to do, but I got Danny’s Spider Man costume. :D

Ugh, and I still notice mistakes. You get the point.

Rose rolled her eyes as the boy had the audacity to lecture her before running off.”Hmph, the nerve of some people.” She muttered to herself. What was wrong with expecting some manner of politeness from people? Was it so difficult to say sorry? Then this would have been over, and no harm would have been done. Clearly, Rose had been raised much better than this child.

The other boy was still here. He offered to escort her to university. Rose smirked. Although, she wasn’t at all enthused by the remark, she definitely appreciated the offer. It helped that this boy was kind of cute. Not that she was one to lose her wits over a man. ”As a matter of fact, I do attend Thanes Edge. I accept your offer. It can be so difficult to meet new people in University, it would be nice to have some company.” The young woman offered her hand for him to shake if he wanted to. ”My name is Rose Hadley, by the way. You look familiar. Do we share a class by any chance?”

@Scribe of Thoth
Let’s not put too much stock in how long the posts are. Quality matters more. ^^
<Snipped quote by RenegadeRunaway>

Caty may find her worth the wait. But yeah I made her bi too or closer leaning to pansexual. She loves herself some pans. And some Hulks.

Danny ships her with David tbh. :P
<Snipped quote by Crimson Flame>

That's not necessarily true. I would have no problem making Donny pansexual. Personally, I shift between heterosexual and asexual depending on my mood, but I have never shied away from playing characters with other sexualities.

Lol. xD

It’s not just that though. Danny did very well in school. Donny did not. What kind of stimulating conversations would these two have?
Danny is going to quietly ogle Donny at times, but he’s smart enough to know it won’t go anywhere.
This type of music is not Danny’s style. He’s more into Pop music tbh.
@Crimson Flame

I swear I didn’t know he was a thing.
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