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Current Won't respond to any posts from tomorrow to Monday, be gone until then
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2 days ago
Memes, the DNA of the soul.
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3 days ago
You said tea and biscuits and then gave me bourbon and a piece of dry wall
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4 days ago
Go give your mom a hug and your dad a high five right now
4 days ago
music.youtube.com/watch?v=L… this theme is a banger btw


Greetings, I am known to absolutely no one as Roadkil the Banana.
I have the genes of a Microwave and my favorite shape is purple.

I am also a walking shitpost and have a pinch of ADHD in my system.

(My Nintendo Switch friend code is SW-7195-3299-7696, I usually occupy my time with fighting games.)

"aw fuck you RoadkilBanana" -POOHEAD189, 5/28/2024

My name is Steve Minecraft, yo.

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<Snipped quote by RoadkilBanana>

*Nods expectantly*
*With a spin, twists back onto my feet, opening up a lava pit below me and cauterizing the severed hand by dipping my wrist into the smoldering magma*

*Delta'a system crashes, leaving the letters "ths hppns alot" on her eyes.*

((see you guys Monday))
<Snipped quote by RoadkilBanana>

*The glee of reckless abandon fills my face, and I twist my body into a triple spiral onto my good hand, kicking the severed appendage upside down, the bones of which rocket out of the flesh and shoot into you like needles*
*The chants grow more expectant, now squealing "pain, broken, more, fighting, death"*

*She tries to cover herself with her arm, but the bone goes through it.*

∆: You need some help, man...
<Snipped quote by RoadkilBanana>

*Looks at my wrist, curious, and bends backwards with surprising flexibility to meet your eyes upside down, face-to-face*

*Delta sheathes her sword, and Misty's hand starts to slip off from her wrist.*

∆: Might wanna catch that...
<Snipped quote by RoadkilBanana>

*Shakes my head earnestly in agreement and slams my fingers into your side, my nails sharpened like blades*

∆: That's not gonna do much against metal...

*Delta disappears in a static smoke, appearing behind Misty with her blade in a strike position, a red light emits from Misty's wrist.*
<Snipped quote by RoadkilBanana>

*Grins and flashes two thumbs up, one ringed with the pin of a grenade, the body of which is falling toward my foot, and I punt it at you*

*She glitches towards Misty, now being right in front of her.*

∆: You don't mind if I cut off a limb or two, right?
*This time, she can react, cutting it in half with her blade.*

∆: Dude, your girlfriend's cool.

*She coughs a bit and brushes off some rubble out of her hair*
<Snipped quote by RoadkilBanana>

*Slams my foot on the ground when I near you and rips out a massive, triangular chunk of concrete that I slam onto your position*

*The chunk hits her square in the face, as she was a bit distracted, it sends her backwards across the ground.*
<Snipped quote by RoadkilBanana>

I'm shocked you're this calm about it!

∆: I'm calm about a lot of things.
<Snipped quote by RoadkilBanana>

*My jaw drops*
I—um, I don't remember, to be honest with you. But...

∆: Yeah?
<Snipped quote by RoadkilBanana>

*Rushes through the center of the building's halves and shifts into a sliding motion, as if approaching you on ice skates*

*As she waits for Misty, she begins talking to Prism again.*

∆: So, how'd you meet in the first place?
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