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9 yrs ago
Current Welcome to Wonderland! Its just down the nearest Rabbit Hole! Come on down and visit.
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9 yrs ago
Brand new to the site...still an amazing role-player :) dont be afraid to give me a chance.
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I am a weird person and can be a bit random at times but don't let that scare you away from role-playing with me. I find myself to be very creative as far as coming up with different story lines and creating new posts :) PM me if you ever want to rp and I can come up with something.

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Texas is up. Do we need some mutated fauna and flora? I can start working on it.

I can throw Texas in the mix to help lay out some more of the states.

Flora and Fauna are right up my alleyway. Are we basing it off the world post-WWIII?
I can make a dog character if need be :)
Which characters are you playing I can make more if we need.

I will reply soon just wanted to wait for more people to join before I reply too often.

Well you cant have the end of the world with out getting your hands dirty so I think a bit of darkness is totally fine with me.

Same this is getting pretty interesting.

The man looked at Silver and was shocked at his response. "Not everyone makes good choices but no one deserves to be betrayed trust." Silver would say as if he was reciting some sort of old-world wisdom. "now are you going go try and arrest her or will we have to call in the big guns from outside?" He said chuckling, everyone who frequented the bar knew that meant his eldest barbarian son.
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