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Current Welcome to Wonderland! Its just down the nearest Rabbit Hole! Come on down and visit.
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Brand new to the site...still an amazing role-player :) dont be afraid to give me a chance.
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I am a weird person and can be a bit random at times but don't let that scare you away from role-playing with me. I find myself to be very creative as far as coming up with different story lines and creating new posts :) PM me if you ever want to rp and I can come up with something.

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Itotia smiled as she finished her short Acapella song and then reaching behind her and grabbing her lute again. To be honest, she wanted to rest her voice. She was also getting hungry and still wanted to entertain. Itotia looks up seeing another new face walk into the bar and thinks about them missing out laughing in her head. She keeps playing a light song on the strings masterfully as she leaves the stages and begins walking around the bar. Her tail swaying from side to side and her falcon, Brave, does a quick jump to her shoulder from the stand next to her on stage and follows her to the bar.

She smiles at the bartender, and owner of the bar and smiles. "hello boss man. Anyway I could possibly order some food? If that's okay. I can keep playing while I snack." She said curiously but still playing masterfully not missing a single beat or even looking at her lute. @Dark Light

I have also considered bringing in a couple characters not related to the family but attending the party as suitors and possible brides of the family with trades of course haha
I would say b from reading it over.
Itotia would slowly finishing the one jazz routine before moving her drum out of the way but sitting in front of the mic on her long stool looking around at the various patrons of the tavern. "I wanted to thank everyone for coming to the tavern today. May this be the beginning of a great place to be merry and to maybe even find a new way." She says as she lifts up a small drink of water she got from her flask before taking a few seconds to breathe before lightly singing a song with no other instruments, just the beautiful sound of her voice she had perfected with years of performing.
@Bright_Ops @aia2022

Rose smiles at her brother thinking over what his question really entailed. He wanted to see where her alliance lied with the family as a hole. She knew she would say her twin in a heart beat but she also knows that he would be took....overwhelmed because she would be away from him for too long. He would be better off as a royal guard then in charge. She looked into his eyes again placing a hand on his shoulder. "To be honest. I only think there are a few of us who could even handle the title and responsibility, but I know who ever is picked will do whatever they can to keep everyone happy and the kingdom prosperous. " She said trying to sound very proper but its clear she didn't interact with other people very much in close quarters from all her time studying.

Dimitri would be the first to see the two figures walking around tapping the shoulders of a guard telling him to follow him as he tried to walk up to them as calmly and as naturally as they could, his hand on his sword under his cloak on his shoulder. "I think something terrible is about to unfold." he said to the guard as calmly as he could.
Alicia walked inside happy as can be. She loved this place and was 100% a regular. She would look around seeing a lot of newer faces and everyone was talking about the talk of the town. Anime. She couldnt help but laugh and sit near-ish by in one of the empty seats at the bar looking over the drink menu. She had a rough day at work and needed a pick me up of some sort. Maybe even meet a friend. She was shocked to see someone taking out a deck of Yu-Gi-Oh cards smiling. "Oh my gosh another Yu-Gi-Oh Player? FINALLY." She says laughing as she pulls out her deck showing him. "Would you care to duel. I will let you know my deck isnt exactly tournament legal."

Itotia smiled as she heard a clink hit the bottom of her jar, bowing her head as she kept singing and performing showing her dearest gratitude. A tip was a tip no matter how small or what the item may be. She would drum for a few beats to speak to the customer. "Thank you, do you have any requests." Everything on this world has its own value. As she keeps singing the song, she looks all around the room suddenly seeing a stranger almost appear out of nowhere.

@Zmija Sebastian

She saw that they were bobbing their head to the beat of her song which affirmed this would probably be the better type of music to preform for at least some of the customers in the Tavern. She knows the owner said she could do what she wanted but she didn't want to anger or upset anyone on her first day at least. Especially with a stage with no cage to protect her like some Taverns she had seen before.

Yeah i was thinking it had to either be many wives or many mistresses with different women of different races in order to try and find the best Heir, Thats what my thinking was at least.
I was waiting to be accepted so thats why I havent posted.
Was my character ever accepted?
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