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Current Just heard my grandpa has cancer. This is really not my month... Not looking forward to seeing my grades on Sunday. Again: responses will be late...
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By some miracle and an incredible vet, our dog survived !! Now he just needs a lot of rest and attention.
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The dog is very sick and we don't know if he'll survive. So all replies will have to wait a little longer!



I am Squirrel98 (21 years old), a woman from Belgium (Europe).
One can always message me to chat or start a roleplay.
These are the things you should know about me.

I am a university student (second year), so I don't have a lot of time. However, I always inform my partners when I am not interested anymore or when I want to stop the roleplay because of another reason. That means: if I don't answer you, then I don't have the time yet. By the way, I rarely forget a roleplay, so you don't have to worry about that.

Even though I can be pretty busy, I love to chat and often check the site on my phone. If you do worry about me not answering or you just want to chat, send me a pm and you'll get a fast answer in normal circumstances.

I am able to write as both male and female. In addition, I can play several characters at a time.

I absolutely love romance in my roleplays (although it is not necessary), but I don't write out smut. The reason for that is that it easily takes over the whole plot and that becomes very boring very quickly. I have experience with both MxF and MxM. I have never done a FxF pairing, but I am open to try!

I prefer to avoid roleplays which are situated in the past or in existing countries. I probably haven't been there, so I don't know the rules good enough to roleplay it.

I have a hard time writing fighting scenes. That means that I prefer the role of human in roleplays where magic is involved and that I prefer the innocent roles in violent roleplays. I have made exceptions though, so don't be afraid to pitch your ideas.

I have no limits with dark themes. All that you have in mind, I can handle it (just make sure that it doesn't contain smut).

I can work with long character sheets, short character sheets and no character sheets. I don't have a preference.

You will do the intro post. It happened too often that I put in a lot of effort in the intro post, made it quite long even and the partner never gave me an answer.

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@Zardoric Yes, it is okay. I really like your idea!
Hope Hopkins

She chuckled when Blake called Anya stubborn. She really was. She wasn't surprised to hear that the guards were looking for Blake too. It wasn't unusual for the crew members to get noticed by the guards. "Oh, I'm sure she would like to see it. It would take her mind of the captain for a bit." She said still looking at the sea. @Blade17
Hope Hopkins

She chuckled at Blake's comment about Anya. "Well, I guess it's her way of saying that she likes our little family and doesn't want any one of us to get hurt." She looked at the guy and continued. "I understand the feeling, but I admire our captain so much that I simply can't imagine him getting hurt in any way." After she said those last words, she looked back at the sea. @Blade17
Jack Pearson

He sighed relieved when Anya took the scarf, but didn't really started a conversation with him. He simply nodded at her comment with a soft, thankful smile on his face. Then, he walked back to the kitchen as if to catch his breath after being near Anya so much during that single morning. @AnyAlex
Hope Hopkins

She smiled back at Anya. "Alright, if you're sure." She said as she retraced her wings and got back to the ground. With a confident look on her face, she walked up to the edge of the deck and leaned on it to look at the water and listen to the relaxing sounds of it. The captain was alright and should be back in a bit, she just knew it. A smile grew on her face. @AnyAlex @Blade17
@EurmalEye I changed my post :)
@EurmalEye Oh, I completely forgot about that! I'll change my post :)
Alex Pearson

The moment he woke up, Alex jumped out of bed - he was used to waking up early because of his career in the entertainment industry - and put on some of his best clothes. It was his first day, so he wanted to look good. He chose a black shirt, white jacket and dark blue pants, which he combined with his black shoes. After he was done putting on his shoes, he went to the cafetaria to eat breakfast. However, since he usually didn't eat breakfast, he had a hard time digesting the food. After eating, he took a slow walk around the campus before arriving at his class ten minutes beforehand.

After all the classes had ended, he went towards the main courtyard where he sat on the grass with his back leaning against a tree. While sitting in the shadow of the tree with his eyes closed, he thinks back to the classes he did that day.

Firstly, there was math. He probably should have prepared a bit as the test wasn't as easy as he hoped for. Luckily, he was intelligent enough to manage. And luckily, he at least didn't have to do homework for that subject.

Secondly, there was English. Normally, he wasn't very interested in the courses school had to offer, but as he was a creative person, anything that had to with literature seemed interesting to him. Of course, he wasn't too interested in doing the homework, but at least he didn't fall asleep during class. That's why he decided that he could sit with Erik. With math or science, chances were high that he would fall asleep during those two classes and that wouldn't be a great sight for someone as eager to learn as Erik. With English and Drama, he could stay awake and even be very interested in what the teacher had to say, so sitting with Erik would be quite nice. It was good to have someone to talk to, who wanted to talk to him and not only the idol Alex Pearson. He also took the chance to give the guy back his bottle. "Thanks dude, it really helped a lot. I made sure to wash it out last night." He whispered right before English started.

Thirdly, there was science, during which he did fall asleep and that's why he doesn't remember much from what happened out there.

Then, there was drama, which is one of the moments where he could shine. Everything the teacher was trying to teach them came very easily to him as he was active in the entertainment industry, so he already did the homework right after the teacher announced it, which only took him about a couple of minutes.

Lastly, there was religion. Although many people wouldn't believe it when they saw him, Alex was a very religious person. He truly believed that there was some kind of god in this world that took care of everyone and everything that was alive on the planet. As he often daydreams, he also thinks about religion almost daily. Even though he thought that talking about death was an odd way to start the course, he found it a very fascinating topic. While sitting against that tree, he summarised some of the beliefs that he could think off in his head and decided that in his opinion, reincarnation was the most likely belief to be true. After making that decision, he fell asleep.
Jack Pearson

As he heard Anya's announcement about the laundry and immediately looked up. He hesitated to go near her, but he did eventually walked slowly in her direction. "If my scarf could get washed, it would be nice..." He whispered, taking of his scarf and handing it to her with a shaky grasp. @AnyAlex
Hope Hopkins

She looked back at the town and thinks about Anya's hesitation. "I can take a quick look at the city from the sky, nobody will notice me in the middle of the night. They'll just assume that I'm a bird or something." She said as she already spread out her wings and lifted her body a bit from the ground. @AnyAlex @Blade17
@AnyAlex I like the overview you made.
So now we just post the morning routine and going to homeroom or?
Jack Pearson

He looked around in the kitchen, but noticed that he didn't have anything to do anymore, so he went to the deck to see if the captain had finally arrived. He hadn't. He was about to step towards the edge of the ship to get a better look at the town, but the noises of the waves clashing stopped him.

"He'll come. He always does."

He said, not having heard the conversation the others were having. Of course was Jack strong enough to save the captain if he really was in trouble, but his promise to not fight ever again anymore forbade him from interfering. @AnyAlex @Blade17
Hope Hopkins

She looked at Anya and tried to find the words that could form a decent reply to her comments, but couldn't. "I don't think there is anything to do for now." She finally said with her eyes focused on the town where their captain had disappeared to. @AnyAlex @Blade17
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