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Current So bored :p anyone want to do an RP?
4 days ago
When your boyfriend is mad at his younger sister, because she stayed up too late and you're thinking at yourself: "but I stay up even longer then she did when I'm alone" :p
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5 days ago
It's so funny how people can be so surprised that I'm 18+ when they see me



I am Squirrel98, a 19 year old from Europe.
You may ALWAYS ask me for an RP!
However I don't write fighting scenes or the Mike, just because I'm horribly bad at scenes with fighting and war.
I write casual, not advanced but I also don't use oneliners. If I don't make my paragraphs long, it's because I see a reaction from your character fits into the story. That's how I decide the length of my posts.
Romance is something I really, really like in a RP.

Also I really like watching anime, but have no experience in roleplaying an existing anime.

You can always message me to talk :)

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In the near future the world is conquered by monsters send by Satan. The human race tried fighting it, but failed and became their slaves. That untill something unnatural began happening with the youth.
Several of them had some kind of power stores in their body: fire, water, nature, ... All that you can think of, but they couldn't use it themselves. They needed a partner.
When someone with the power made a deal with someone without it, a tattoo appeared somewhere on their body. The one that had no power in the past, was able to use power, magic, that was powerfull enough to fight with the monsters.
At the same time the other collapsed until their partner stopper the fight.
The war has begun.
A school to search for a partner and practice fighting opened.

A brother and his younger siblings have been living together for a long time. That untill he got killed by someone. Nobody knows how it was done, by who or why. The siblings are now to take over the household that the older brother did all by himself in the past.
They ask a team of detectives to search for the killer. Those are happily to help - even outside of their case.
The siblings learn step by step who the killer was and while that is going on, they have to learn to do the household. The detectives try to solve the case together and spend their time with the siblings to see if one of them had something to do with it.


My character will be the youngest sister.
You can be another brother/sister or someone from the team of detectives.
The oldest brother cannot be chosen, because he will be already dead when the story starts.
It will have both sad/disturbing parts about the mysterieus crime and an 18+ romance part.

Let me know if you're interested!
In a poor town hidden from the real world, they live with what nature can provide them. One of the girls (me) lives together with her mom, who lost her husband to a certain sickness that plagues the people in the town.
After a some time the mother herself gets the sickness and dies because of it. The girl cannot provide food, because her mother always did the job. Her previous hobbies were mostly enjoying herself with friends, but now she is all alone and can't take care of herself. Her "friends" are not willing to help her.
Untill a friend of her mother tells about an arranged marriage with one of the richer guys that the mother made for her daughter before she died.


I was thinking you could play the male role. If your character likes the arranged marriage or is totally against it, that's up to you.
The story will be about having no money, drama and romance between the male and female and the male teaching her how to survive.

PM me if you're interested.
Anyone interested in doing an RP in which we play self created characters in the universe of 'Soul Eater'?
I prefer to play the weapon and not the meister.

Let me know if you want to take part.
I don't have any experience with a medieval story, but I'm willing to try it if you want me.
Some students were behaving so badly at school that they had to think of a sollution. So everyone is forced into a summer camp that takes away their usual vacation.
At that camp they have to follow the orders and sleep in the open air instead of their soft beds at home.

You can play a female, a male or one of both.

Let me know if you're interested.
Is the female angel x devil's son still free? :)
I would be open to play the Brother x sister concept :)
Hey everyone

I am new to this site, but I have thought about this plot for a long time. So it would be nice if someone would want to play it with me.
It would be nice if you could post daily.

I mostly use 1 paragraph for each character.

The story is about people who go to college.
I play a female or a male and a female, but not only male.
They stay at a creepy house - that is in a bad condition - where they could stay while they were studying away from home for a cheap price.
But a weird, dark force keeps letting stuff of them disappear en reappear in the room of the other.

Message me if you want to taken part!
In Hello! 5 days ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
Hey everyone

Nice to meet you all. When I was a child I roleplayed very often on another site and in my motherlanguage, but it's kinda dead now and I haven't tried doing it on another site since.
Now I enjoy writing stories in my motherlanguage (it's not English, so forgive me if I type mistakes), but I wanted to try roleplaying again!
I mostly did the romantic kind of roleplays in the past, almost only romantic ones. But I'm willing to try the others.
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