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Current When you realise a very good actor from an adult series is the same guy that played the character you were in love with in a musical you watched as a child !
11 days ago
It was always hot in Belgium like spring or summer, but the day I come home it's cold wind and rain... Welcome to Belgium: the land that can have four seasons in a week or even a day
13 days ago
When you get a serious kick in your stumach in the pool and people don't even bother to turn around and say that they are sorry... That's just rude...
19 days ago
After today I am leaving on a vacation for 8 days, so for all my RP-partners: "I am very sorry if I reply late, I hope you can wait that long for me..."
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I am Squirrel98, a 19 year old girl from Europe (Belgium to be precise - it's timezone UTC +1).
I am a college student, so don't take me wrong if I don't respond to your posts immediatly.

I don't write detailed fighting scenes or the like, just because I'm horribly bad at writing it. I would be open though for learning to write it.

Normally I write at least one-two paragraphs (the only exception is when you don't write one paragraph yourself). The maximum I write depends a lot of how much your post inspires me and if a reaction from your character is needed or not (like when we are in a dialogue: don't expect me to write several pages if we are in a conversation).

Romance is something I almost always do (male x female is the only one I have much experience with, but I am open to the other two). I can do a RP without romance if you really motivate me.

For the other genres I am open to almost anything (horror, slice of life, school, ...), but I don't have a lot of experience with medieval, historical or sciencefiction. If you can put up with me, I don't have anything against it ;)

Currently cravings for a RP:
- tv show
- something similar as "FC De Kampioenen" (very popular in Belgium) => ask me if you want to know what this series is about, it would probably be a large group, romance, slice of life RP

Message me if you are interested to do a RP or to just talk :)

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@jakeb1993 I am sorry if you think that it's short, I was a bit unsure about what to write as it's the first post ;)

Weeks did she have to hear Ellen's screaming about the upcoming graduation, her husband saying straight in Aubree's face that he didn't care a bit about it and their children who were saying that they would probably have grades that are a lot better then hers when they graduate. She had a hard time convincing them to stay home, so she could stay alone. Ellen probably would be the only one doing it out of love anyways. Though she felt a little bit bad about her decision when she arrived at the gate and saw a lot of her classmates and people whose faces she recognized with their loving parents. She didn't feel that connection to anyone, didn't think she needed anyone to be happy and so she soon prohibited herself from feeling that bad feeling and went inside the building to get rid of it.

She wore a short, red dress that almost reached out to her knees, long, black heels and a black purse. However, she didn't take the effort for putting up make-up or doing something with her hair and on that moment the only thing she cared about was if there were any drinks. It didn't take her long to find the place she could buy herself a drink, but sadly enough there wasn't as much alcohol as she had hoped for before. She just decided to order the strongest thing that they had and simply drink a lot of it. Sometimes her head turned around to see what everyone was doing, but she hated how everyone was acting so she didn't want to socialize. The only thing she did, was smiling politely to the ones that had already come to the party and sometimes congratulating them as they did the same to her.
@jakeb1993 So they are entering a graduation party with their families?
@King Cosmos I already like him ;) I think only the history then and when other characters get posted a partner can be chosen :)
In Goodbye Earth 12 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
@King Cosmos sounds good ;)
@Marko Ramius Character Sheet Code is available ;)
@Reflection It's alright ;) I am just bumping so that the page wouldn't be too far away between all the casual RP's :)
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