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I am Squirrel98 (25 years old), a woman from Belgium (Europe).
One can always message me to chat or start a roleplay.
These are the things you should know about me.

I am a university student (last year) and already working, so I don't have a lot of time. However, I always inform my partners when I am not interested anymore or when I want to stop the roleplay because of another reason. That means: if I don't answer you, then I don't have the time yet. By the way, I rarely forget a roleplay, so you don't have to worry about that.

Even though I can be pretty busy, I love to chat and often check the site on my phone. If you do worry about me not answering or you just want to chat, send me a pm and you'll get a fast answer in normal circumstances.

I am able to write as both male and female. In addition, I can play several characters at a time.

I absolutely love romance in my roleplays (although it is not necessary), but I don't write out smut. The reason for that is that it easily takes over the whole plot and that becomes very boring very quickly. I have experience with both MxF and MxM. I have never done a FxF pairing, but I am open to try!

I prefer to avoid roleplays which are situated in the past or in existing countries. I probably haven't been there, so I don't know the rules well enough to roleplay it.

Bear with me during fighting scenes. I have more experience with romance, drama, horror, slice of life where there is a lot of describing and dialogue. I am still learning to write fighting scenes.

I have no limits with dark themes, so tell me BEFORE we make characters what your limits are. All that you have in mind, I can handle it (just make sure that it doesn't contain smut).

I can work with long character sheets, short character sheets and no character sheets. I don't have a preference.

Don't ghost me, especially right after an intro post. If you aren't sure that our styles are compatible, ask for a writing sample. If you want to quit, just let me know.

Current cravings (using OC's, not canons):
- Miraculous (tv-show) / Precure (anime) - an adult version
- Fairy Tail (anime) - the guild or just the universe in general
- Tell The Machine Goodnight (book)

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I'm certainly interested :)
(Mistake post)

@BunniesOfDoom This is a very interesting idea, I love it!
I have a couple of questions:

  • Is the snatching of human souls similar to ending their lives and having them reborn as demons or do the victims of the demons also willingly give up their bodies to a new demon?
  • How strong are the powers of the Nephilim? Are we talking about regular magic that they have to train or overpowered magic that they aren't able to control due to their physical limitations? Is it the same case for the demons?
  • Are the demons randomly ending lives as they see fit or have they gathered to find the Nephilim together?

Some people believe in reincarnation. Others think that people get sorted into heaven and hell. And then there are the people who think that the afterlife doesn't exist. None of them was completely correct. There was nothing that could have prepared you for what the afterlife was actually like.

You suddenly stood in front of a school entrance, waiting in line to get registrated as a student. When it was your turn, you asked the person behind the desk about the school, about the curriculum, about the benefits going to the school, about the ages of the students. None of your questions got answered. You were forced to fill in your information, but you still didn't know anything.

Weeks flew by and you learned that school mostly existed out of medical tests and both physical and mental exercise. It didn't seem as if they were planning to teach you anything particular. You turned out to genuinely like the afterlife. Of course you were suspicious that you only saw first years, people who arrived in the school around the same time as you did, but since not one of the staff answered critical questions it was useless to worry about.

However, one morning a third year sneaks into the shared bedroom. They tell you about the complot of Afterlife's Leaders. The plan is to completely take over life on Earth. Nowadays, Earth is left in its own control, but they wanted to make Afterlife the control room of Earth.

Do you think that the leaders of the Afterlife are right and are you craving for a position in power? Maybe you betray your fellow first years in order to get that power. Or maybe you want to join the third year and his friends who created a secret group of rebels. Another possibility is that you don't even believe his words to be true.

A selected first years get chosen by Afterlife's Leaders to join the others. What happened to the rejected first years, you don't know. You quickly learn that four large camps had been formed: The Rebels, The Power-Hungry and The Unbelievers and The Weak.

The Rebels wanted to do everything in their power to stop the complot. The Power-Hungry wanted to grab a powerful position, allowing them to be there and to be imporant when the Leaders' mission would be successful. The Unbelievers were still ignoring that something bad was going on, while The Weak believed in the complot but didn't feel like anything could be done about it.

In this story, you will be an accepted first year, trying to find their way in the Afterlife. Do you join one of the camps or do you prefer being alone? And how are the Leaders planning to take control of Earth? Will it have an impact on you? And will your choices change once the concept of magic suddenly makes an appearance? Your choices will decide if you are worthy of a magical ability.
Female characters

Male characters

Outside of this website I like to write Flemish stories. I hope to get one published someday, but in the 11-12 years I have been writing I have never been able to finish one due to being too much of a perfectionist. I feel extremely insecure when I read about writers publishing one book after the other at a pace of like one book a year or something. I roleplay to keep myself motivated to write and that helps.

Now I had the idea to write an English story together with a critique partner in the hope that it keeps me motivated for my current Flemish story. This would mean that while I write my novel, you write yours. We help each other to not give up basically.

We can decide together on the minimum amount of words we would write each time and what the deadlines are each time. We can read the parts we send each other, talk about what we think about it.

I am looking for an adult, since the English story I want to write is a dark and mature story inspired by the kid show Miraculous. Please tell me beforehand if there are dark themes that you can't handle and which they are.

Hopefully someone is interested. Let me know if you are :)

It was 5 May 2025. The morning didn't seem any different from normal, until you looked into your bedroom mirror. Your eyes gazed upon an unknown body. Your first thought was that it must be a dream, so you followed your morning routine assuming that at some point you have to wake up. Right before leaving your house to go to work, you turn on the morning news. It wasn't a dream. Several people woke up into different bodies that morning. You weren't the only one. Most people commented that the victims were delusional, but as one of the victims yourself you believed everything you heard.

People not only woke up as different people, but as people opposite from themselves. Athletes woke up in wheelchairs. Nurses woke up in jail as felons convicted for ending lifes. The rich celebrities woke up as people who couldn't even afford food. The most arrogant people who had never felt anxiety before suddenly couldn't feel anything else anymore. It was chaos.

It looked similar as reincarnation, but at the same time it didn't. You weren't reborn as babies, you as an adult woke up in the body of another adult, someone completely unfamiliar. In order to make yourself feel at ease, you tried to go to your old home. You were craving for something familiar, something you knew and liked. To your surprise, someone else was living at your house. Your neighbours had never even heard of you.

The first couple of days you spent in complete solitude. Hoping, wishing, praying that the dream, the nightmare, would end. It didn't. At some point you decided that returning to your old life wasn't an option anymore, so you might as well get to know your new life. You put all of your effort in getting to know your new family, friends, partners. You tried to hide that you were one of the victims, that you had no idea who they were, because you didn't want them to think you were crazy.

You thought that you would get the hang of it after a while, but the contrast between your old life and your new life was too high to simply get used of it. You reached such a low point that you thought about contacting the other victims. However, someone else seemed to have the same idea sooner, because a letter ended up in your mailbox, a letter without a return adress and without stamps. For a moment you wondered how they got your adress. It didn't have any stamps, so that lust mean that they came to your house.

You wanted to ignore the letter. It didn't seem trustworthy that another victim just happened to have your adress, because you hadn't told anything about your situation to the media. The letter was a red flag meant to be ignored. But how could you ignore a chance at talking to other victims who might be able to help you get out of that deep, dark pit you were in? You couldn't.

That's why you went to the meeting place at the specified time, hoping to talk to the other victims, kind of like an AA meeting. However, you were right to have doubts. In a matter of seconds, you get blindfolded and locked up.
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