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Current A rp about a dark circus, do you choose to stay or escape?…
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When you are actually sick and it's so bad that you can't go to your student job, but no one believes that you are...
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When someone says the exact words that you needed, like the perfect words...
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Feeling a bit sick, but answers will be up tonight or tomorrow (it's now morning here)
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Every partner that I haven't answered to, you can expect an answer Monday at the latest
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I am Squirrel98, a 19 year old girl from Europe (Belgium to be precise - it's timezone UTC +1).
I am a college student, so don't take me wrong if I don't respond to your posts immediatly! I also don't have a lot of time in weekends.

I don't write detailed fighting scenes or the like, just because I'm horribly bad at writing it. I would be open though for learning to write it.

Normally I write at least one-two paragraphs (the only exception is when you don't write one paragraph yourself). The maximum I write depends a lot of how much your post inspires me and if a reaction from your character is needed or not (like when we are in a dialogue: don't expect me to write several pages if we are in a conversation).

I really don't like one-liners and short paragraphs at the moment, I currently like the rp's with longer posts.

Romance is something I almost always do (male x female is the only one I have much experience with, but I am open to the other two). I can do a RP without romance if you really motivate me.

For the other genres I am open to almost anything (horror, slice of life, school, ...), but I don't have a lot of experience with medieval, historical or sciencefiction. If you can put up with me, I don't have anything against it ;)

Currently cravings for a RP:
- tv show
- The Next Step (tv series about dance)
- Pretty Little Liars (inspired)

Message me if you are interested to do a RP (do please tell me what kind) or to just talk :)

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The fact that they were out if they got ink on them made her think of their first mission as some kind of game, it made her grow even more enthusiastic. She stood up and walked to Suzue. As Suzue was the leader of the mission, she wanted to stay close so she could hear everything that anyone said. When she heard that they were asked about their abilities, she immediatly raised her hand with a bright smile on her face. "I am able to control the weather based on contracts with the spirits! But currently, I can only make some wind... if it is going to listen to me... But I am sure that it's going to be alright!"

She thought about what they could do, but it wouldn't be something easy. "We should trap it, so it can't go anywhere! The only problem is that we don't know if and how it can attack us... that means that we can't just corner it. Above that all we can't just sacrifice someone to get to know its powers, there should be another way", she said in a way that sounded smarter then anyone would expect from her, but then she herself ruined it by adding a 'right?' that sounded a little childish like usual.
Bump ~ added some details
@Athol Oh that's sad to hear, but I understand
I hope that everything will be alright for you soon!

The 76 years old 'Merry Circus' hadn't changed much since it was built. The walls, originally as red as a ruby, had lost its color with every year that went by and looked more like something brown at the moment. Several old coffee stains that couldn't be washed out were visible on the soft floor and the ceiling that was supposed to be white had been gray for a long time already, because of the spider webs. With every step one took it made a cracking sound, so sneaking up on people was not very simple. The performers would stay in a very long hallway with rooms that, without the personal stuff, all looked exactly the same with one small window that had a view over the nearby park of which the trees, flowers and other plants were well taken care of. But the places inside of the circus where the audience was allowed looked a lot better, cleaner and more modern, so that they wouldn't want to leave before the show had even begun. Those places had to be able to attract people to them.

That day the sun didn't come out in the morning like usual. The sky looked very dark with some raindrops that had already fallen down. Most of the people that lived in the city stayed inside their homes and wished that they didn't need to leave. The circus would probably not have many customers that day. The owner - a very old man who looked even older then he actually was, had a black mustache, not much black hair anymore and who always wore a very decent costume - had given a speech to the performers at 6am that they would have to go outside at 7am to spread the word that there was a show the same day at 1pm. Some had come to say to him that no one would be awake that early in the morning to hear about what they had to say, but the owner wouldn't listen and also wouldn't give out orders for how they would advertise the circus, so everyone had to decide themselves how they would do it. But the owner would check if everyone would be outside of the building at 7h30 and everyone who wasn't, would be punished.

Most of the performers were preparing themselves: choosing out nice clothes, checking their hair and how they looked in the mirror. Others were talking to each other about what they would do as advertisement, but it was very clear that everyone was still tired and annoyed that they were awake at that hour of the day. Suddenly a very soft voice, clearly a woman, was whispering something not understandable. It sounded like someone nice, but it wasn't loud enough so one could understand the words and stopped after some short minutes. Most of the performers seemed to ignore it and go further with what they had been doing before they heared the unknown woman.

I will soon be posting the intro, that way the characters that are ready can already think for a post and maybe inspire others that are still making characters ;)

When she arrived at the park, she felt both the excitement of the new people, environment and powers and the fear if she would be able to control her powers and be useful to anybody. Quickly she shove that fear away though and became her happy, usual self. Looking around she noticed that the president was sitting on a bench and immediatly she decided to go and talk to him, so she walked up to where he was and went to sit beside him.

"Sooooo... How old are you that you know all that stuff? I mean.. How long have you known? You're pretty smart you know, or you look smart because you are good with your powers. Where is that animal we have to catch? Catching it would be a nice first task for someone with control over some wind! I mean... If I can control it at least... But I'm pretty excited for all of this! Am I talking too much?"

@Raging Fenrir
@RavensMuse it is !
You can make a character

~ waiting excited for other characters to be posted ~

It made her feel quite comfortable that several others decided to join their group and walk together to the park. At first she was just listening to what the others were saying with a happy smile on her face, but then she decided to say something too. "I was very surprised when I heard about this! The relation I have with my family isn't good at all, so that's probably why I haven't heard anything about this before. It's pretty exciting though that I can become someone important and also that my love for nature can be quite handy!" She was telling slowly to see how everyone would react on what she told about herself.

After looking around to where they were walking, she asked the others: "Does anyone know where our destination is? Even though I love nature, I have never been there before and wouldn't even know where I should look to find it!"
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