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I am Squirrel98 (25 years old), a woman from Belgium (Europe).
One can always message me to chat or start a roleplay.
These are the things you should know about me.

I am a university student (last year) and already working, so I don't have a lot of time. However, I always inform my partners when I am not interested anymore or when I want to stop the roleplay because of another reason. That means: if I don't answer you, then I don't have the time yet. By the way, I rarely forget a roleplay, so you don't have to worry about that.

Even though I can be pretty busy, I love to chat and often check the site on my phone. If you do worry about me not answering or you just want to chat, send me a pm and you'll get a fast answer in normal circumstances.

I am able to write as both male and female. In addition, I can play several characters at a time.

I absolutely love romance in my roleplays (although it is not necessary), but I don't write out smut. The reason for that is that it easily takes over the whole plot and that becomes very boring very quickly. I have experience with both MxF and MxM. I have never done a FxF pairing, but I am open to try!

I prefer to avoid roleplays which are situated in the past or in existing countries. I probably haven't been there, so I don't know the rules well enough to roleplay it.

I have a hard time writing fighting scenes. That means that I prefer the role of human in roleplays where magic is involved and that I prefer the innocent roles in violent roleplays. I have made exceptions though, so don't be afraid to pitch your ideas.

I have no limits with dark themes. All that you have in mind, I can handle it (just make sure that it doesn't contain smut).

I can work with long character sheets, short character sheets and no character sheets. I don't have a preference.

You will do the intro post. It happened too often that I put in a lot of effort in the intro post, made it quite long even and the partner never gave me an answer.

Current cravings (using OC's, not canon's):
- Miraculous (tv-show)
- Mia and me / Unicorn academy (our own version; not necessarily with unicorns)
- Fairy Tail (anime)
- Shrek (movie)
- Tell The Machine Goodnight (book)

Most Recent Posts

I want to do a roleplay that is inspired by the Miraculous series. The reason that this roleplay is 18+ is (1) because I am 23 years old myself and prefer writing with someone who is 18 years or older and (2) not because of smut, but because dark themes may pop up (be sure to tell me BEFORE the roleplay starts what your limits are).

In our version, the supernatural abilities will be hidden in clothes (which cannot be destroyed) instead of in jewels (such as coats, gloves or scarves). When one wears the special clothing, an animal guarding that power will become visible for that one single person and other people who wear special clothing. They won't be small, floating creatures, such as in the series, but regular animals.

In order to transform into a superhero, one has to wear the special clothing and say the animal's name followed by the phrase 'wake up'. To return to their normal selves, they use again the animal's name, this time followed by 'go to sleep'.

After being transformed, the special clothing can have a different color, appearance or size, but it won't change into another piece of clothing. For example: a coat may look like a different coat, but it will still be a coat. It won't change into a hat.

The special clothing have been handed out by a very small, little girl with blond pigtails and a cute, white dress. However, no one sees the little girl more than once.

The superheroes don't know each other's real identities. They only see each other while being transformed. Years ago, they founded a secret organization. Luckily, one of the superheroes comes from a very rich family, so they pay for everything, including the little devices hiding in jewels that alert them when there is a danger and where that danger is.

The organization operates in many countries. We would act as two (or four if we decide to double) superheroes in the same city. Our characters would be older than 18 years (so either college/university students or just people who go to work when they don't have to fight crime).
Katsuki was honestly surprised that the other Commander decided to stop her from walking away after hesitating for a moment that seemed to go on for a century. On top of that, the girl used the word 'overwhelming' to describe her. Overwhelming. She was used to hearing words such as creepy, robotic, emotionless and monster. However, no one had described her as 'overwhelming' before. Because of that single word, Katsuki started to become interested in the girl in front of her. "Sure." She answered when the girl proposed going to a café. Wait... Talk about it? What was there to talk about? The only thing Katsuki wanted was battling, not talking about battling or about any of their lives. Although the café the girl chose was way too crowded, just as the library was. But if she only needed to stay there long enough to battle and win, it would be alright. That was what Katsuki thought, but then the girl started introducing herself. Why would she do that? It didn't matter at all. After one of them would win, they would disappear out of each other's lifes. That was what Katsuki hoped that would happen.

[color]"Katsuki is not interested in any of you. She just wants to fulfill her wish. Isn't that right, Katsuki? Katsuki?"[/color] Sunako said exactly what Katsuki was thinking. She really was the best friend Katsuki could wish for. She also was her only friend, which Katsuki was fine with. "Sunako is right. I'm fine with waiting in silence." Katsuki confirmed. Then the girl, who carried the name Rui, finally said that she was going to leave Katsuki alone... if Katsuki would win their battle. Now, she had to absolutely win the battle. "If I can get you to leave me alone by agreeing to the wager, then I'll agree to it." It wasn't a good idea to just walk up to any Commander close to her after all. This Rui seemed to be a pain. Although it was nice that for once, someone wasn't scared of her. "We have a deal. I just want to win this battle and get it over with." Katsuki continued.

At some point, they finally received their drinks. "Katsuki! Katsuki! This means that we can start the battle, right? Right, Katsuki?" Sunako yelled enthusiastically. She started jumping inside of her card and throwing fists in front of her. "We'll kill you two in an instant!" For the first time since meeting Rui, Katsuki forced a soft smile on her face. "That's right, Sunako. We'll beat them easily." Katsuki said to Sunako in the same robotic voice, while staring at Rui. "Let's open the battlefield." Katsuki said.
Sora felt so happy that he had a friend like Natsuko by his side. She seemed to be happy for him from the bottom of her heart that his relationship with his sister started to become better. That's how it seemed for Sora. But then she started talking about battling and fear started to rise within Sora. "Ow yeah! It must have a really calming effect that soon you will be done with Nexus and you won't have to worry about the consequences anymore. Although it must be quite scary as well." He said, forcing a smile on his face. She was acting weirder than normal. What did she have in mind? What did she want to tell him? He had absolutely no idea.

"Wait... What? You want to battle me? But... we are friends. Why would you want to battle me? I mean... What if I would make you lose Nexus? I wouldn't be able to carry that guilt with me for the rest of my life! And you have a lot more experience with the game than me, so it's much more likely that you are going to beat me... and I am finally back in the safe zone of two coins again. If you beat me, I'll be out of that safe zone again. I don't know if I feel comfortable with that. Why can't we just battle strangers and win Nexus together? That will be good for both of us, wouldn't it?" Sora said, trying to get out of having to battle Natsuko. He put a hand on Natsuko's shoulder and pulled the girl closer to him for a hug. "I'm scared of having to battle you, Natsuko. Because I don't think that I have enough experience to win against someone like you." He took a deep breath. No matter the reason, he didn't like having to refuse her. He didn't want to hurt her feelings. Should he say yes to the battle anyways?

"She thinks battling Sora will make her wish come true? It has something to do with Sora, doesn't it? For some reason, she HAS to battle Sora in order to get her wish fulfilled. Is it like that? If that's the case, then I have to warn Sora. He shouldn't battle her." Especially because Ema her reaction revealed that it wasn't a wish she would enjoy. So it couldn't have been a wish that Sora would enjoy either. He couldn't let her to that to Sora.
The library was fairly crowded that day both with students who needed a quiet place to study and with adults who were looking for a nice, relaxing book to read in their free time. A girl with long, dark hair was sitting at one of the tables, three books stacked at one side and two at the other side. One book was lying in front of her, open on page 263. However, it didn't look as if she was reading even a word on the pages. Her robotic look was glancing towards the people in the library. Some girls were trying hard not to annoy the librarian with their laughter. Some children were drawn to the colourful drawings in the children books. As hard as she was trying, she couldn't understand the joy of laughing over stupid jokes or the joy of spending an entire day with a toddler who drools on literally anything, especially on the clothes of their parents.

A Nexus card was leaning against the pile of three books on the left side of the girl's body. A girl with a creepy smile on her face was jumping within the card. "Katsuki! Katsuki! Katsuki!" The girl was yelling while jumping into the air. "Katsuki! Katsuki! Katsuki!" She continued repeatedly. No one else seemed to hear the little girl's yelling other than Katsuki herself... and it annoyed her to no end. "Sunako. Calm down. We'll leave soon." Katsuki said with a robotic voice. There was no emotion to be seen in Katsuki's movements or to be heard in Katsuki's voice. "Finally! It's soooo boring out here. Let's go! Katsuki!" Sunako, the girl in the card, answered immediately.

In a short amount of time and with amazing speed, Katsuki went through the book before her and the two books on her right. After the girl had put away the books, she took Sunako's card and walked towards the entrance of the library. On her way, she was stopped by a little child that lost his mother in the large crowd of people. Why was the library even so busy that day? Who even reads if they don't have to? Katsuki sighed and bended her knees in order to be able to talk to the child on eye level. "I don't care about you or your mother. Go away before I'll make sure you never see her again." Katsuki said in the same robotic voice as before. Tears were streaming down the cheeks of the child as it started crying loudly. The librarian quickly ran towards the child to console it. They wanted to tell Katsuki that what she had done was not okay, but Katsuki was out of sight before the librarian realised.

When Katsuki was only a couple of inches away from the door, Sunako started yelling. "Katsuki! Katsuki! There is a Commander, Katsuki!" The second Sunako started yelling, a girl came through the door. It was obvious that she was the other Commander that Sunako had sensed. The girl wanted to pass Katsuki, but Katsuki refused to step aside. Even when the girl stepped aside to pass Katsuki, Katsuki kept on blocking the way. "You're a Commander. Let's go find somewhere quiet." Katsuki said without emotion, holding up Sunako's card. "Let's go, Katsuki! Let's go! I'm pumped! Katsuki!" Sunako said, throwing her fists in front of her, pretending to be fighting.

"I don't care who you are. I don't care what your wish is. I don't care how many coins you are left. And I won't feel even a tiny drop of guilt destroying you in the process of getting my wish granted. If you don't feel the same way, you shouldn't even be battling. So... Wanna battle me?" Katsuki said as if she had told that speech a hundred times before. After only a couple of seconds, not having any patience, Katsuki already started walking away. "Okay. I guess not." She was used to being refused by Commanders. Most of them claimed that Katsuki creeped them out. Others claimed that it was Sunako who creeped them out. Even Commanders that did fight her ran away as fast as they could from her, even the times that Katsuki lost.

Sora laughed shyly while scratching his head as Natsuko asked him to let her stay that close to him. Although he usually didn't let girls get that close to himself before and it honestly made him feel a little bit embarrassed, he could handle it when it came to Natsuko. Then he suddenly turned his head around when he heard Rui's voice. He opened his mouth to say something, but Natsuko had already answered Rui before he could even think of something to say. Was Rui uncomfortable with Natsuko being in their house? He tried to read her body language, but couldn't read properly what she was thinking. Of course she was probably surprised as she didn't expect Natsuko, but it didn't seem like it bothered Rui much, which made Sora relax and focus on Natsuko again.

"Well, she lives here. It's not that surprising." Sora laughed. "But now we're completely alone, so you can relax. Nobody should come in anymore for the next couple of hours." He continued with a wink towards Natsuko. "Yeah, Rui is the other Commander. Sora bought both of their decks, so they became Commanders almost together." Wolf meanwhile answered Ema. Wolf felt like something was off about Natsuko and Ema. Natsuko was way too obsessed with Sora. Although it didn't seem like she would hurt Sora, since she seemed to care about him a lot, Wolf still couldn't relax with Natsuko and Ema being that close to Sora. His concerns only grew stronger when Ema mentionned that Natsuko really wanted to battle Sora. "She is? Why does she want to battle Sora so badly? They are friends, so there is the possibility that one will destroy the other's last coin. Why would she want to do that to someone she cares about?" Wolf asked curiously, assuming that Ema wouldn't answer such a question.

Sora's cheeks gained a red color as Natsuko touched his hair and as she wrapped his arm around hers. "W-Well... L-Luckily I have y-you..." He said before laughing shyly and scratching his head again. "Actually I did! Yesterday, Rui and I wented to the zoo again. It has been so long since we have done that. It was so much fun! We saw all kinds of animals and for once, she was having fun instead of reading books and ignoring me. I had forgotten how much fun it is to hang out with Rui. We even met another Commander. I didn't really want to battle her, since it was such a little, innocent girl, but Rui pushed me and now I have one of my coins back again! This means that for now, I am safe!" Sora said with a huge smile on his face. "Oh, and maybe you and I could go to the zoo sometimes? It has also been long since you and I hung out somewhere off school grounds and each others' homes." He continued, going through Natsuko's hair with his free hand.
Sora was deeply concerned with the fact that Rui did not seem to care about Sakura. The only thing she could think about was that Sora won, no matter what happened with the loser or who the loser even was. Although he did feel happy seeing his sister that proud and happy for him, he was not able to put his concerns aside. He hoped that Rui could not see the concerns in his facial expressions as he did not know how to explain them to her.

Sakura and Blaze left soon after, leaving the two siblings alone with their Avatars again. Sora noticed that Wolf was sleeping, but he also noticed the worried look on Lumia's face. She must have felt it too: Rui's weird behavior when it comes to Nexus. It made him regret buying Nexus for her and for himself, if the consequences of losing all of your coins had not already given him that feeling.

"Y-you are probably right. Although it does feel weird, you are probably right about this. I had to win and she still has the possibility to get that memory back." He did not believe a word of what he had just said, but he needed to agree with Rui in order to avoid a confrontation with his sister about Nexus. "Yeah, Wolf is sleeping and not thinking about the battles for a moment would in fact feel nice. Let's enjoy the rest of the day indeed!" Sora took a deep breath, freed himself from Rui's grasp and put his arm around her shoulders, pulling her closer to himself.

The rest of the day, they simply enjoyed the zoo like all the rest of the people there. They were acting like nothing had happened and Sora felt as if he was getting closer and closer with Rui. All the while, he started feeling more and more relaxed about defeating Sakura, mostly because of the happy memory with Rui that he got back because of that battle. It was such a good memory and he could not believe that he forgot all about it. He had almost forgotten how much his sister once had meant for him and how much she still did mean for him.

In the evening, when the two of them came home from the zoo, he knew that their parents would yell at Sora for keeping Rui away from the books. If she agreed with him or not, that simply did not matter for them. In their eyes, Sora had kidnapped their daughter and Sora sabotaged Rui's school career. How could they not see that they put way too much pressure on one girl? He hated the amount of pressure they put on Rui more than he hated the way his parents treated him. If they could just let her relax without giving her a guilty feeling...

While his parents were yelling at him for the millionth time, he closed his eyes and put his hands in the pockets of his pants. He lowered his head and almost looked like he was sleeping standing up, which made his parents even more mad. He was not asleep though, he was trying to find a way to ignore the loud voices and the fact that he felt like he had no one that was there for him other than his sister and... well... her.

At one point, he opened his eyes and turned his head towards Rui. Suddenly, a bright smile appeared on his face as he winked at Rui. "Don't worry about it." He said, reassuring her that it did not matter how they treated him. Reassuring her that she should not worry about Sora. After their parents were done yelling, he went upstairs and knocked on Rui's door. "Thanks for a great day!" He said before going to his room, not even waiting for Rui to react.

The next day, Sora was up extremely early. Well, it was extremely early for him, but he did not mind at all. In fact, he seemed like he was on cloud nine, running through the house and getting himself ready. Then the doorbell rang and Natsuko was standing in front of the door. He hugged her for quite some time before welcoming her in the house. They took a seat on the couch in the living room and Natsuko immediately started to touch him all over his body. The touching was quite innocent and she did not touch him inappropriately, but just like... a lot. Wolf was quite worried about Natsuko's neediness, but Ema (Natsuko's Avatar) did all she could to distract Wolf from Sora and Sora himself seemed to like the attention Natsuko gave him.
Sora sighed deeply out of relieve the moment the mysterious guy seemed to understand what Sora meant to say. However, he was rather suspicious of the fact that the guy knew Wolf's name. Sora turned Wolf's card back to himself and noticed that he had been covering Wolf's name with his finger. How did the guy knew that Sora's Avatar was named Wolf from just taking a look at his image? Sora opened his mouth in order to ask Wolf about it, but he seemed as confused as Sora was. "Who is that guy?" So Wolf didn't recognize him either.

"Only other Commanders could have owned you before, right?" Wolf nodded. "Yeah, I guess. But that guy didn't seem much of a Commander to me." Sora sighed again. Well, it didn't matter much. The guy was gone and without him, they wouldn't get any answers to their questions. "He does that every single time? Man, that guy is a pain in the ass." Sora said to Rui. "Maybe he has an ugly face and is just trying to hide. In that case, I prefer him with the mask, I don't want to be traumatised." Wolf joked.

Sora is very surprised by Rui's comment, but even more by her touch. "I guess they will." Sora answered Rui, scratching his head with his other hand nervously. Wolf focused his attention to Lumia in the meantime. "Yeah, i feel it too. I can still feel it. There is another Commander" Wolf said. The moment Wolf pronounced the word 'Commander', he noticed a little girl running towards Rui and Sora.

"Hey! You're Commanders too, right?!" She said with a huge smile on his face. 'Children are so damn innocent', Wolf thought, already feeling sorry for the child that it had been chosen as a Commander and also a little bit angry at the Avatar. "My name is Sakura and this is my Avatar Blaze!" She screamed of joy.

Sora scratched the back of his head and pushed Rui away from him, so he could squat down and talk to the little girl at eye level. "Yeah, we both are Sakura. But I am not exactly in the mood to battle. I am spending time with my big sister here." He said in his sweetest, most polite voice. However, Sakura didn't take 'no' for an answer. "But I need to battle and win to make my big sister very proud!" Sakura said with a huge smile. "And big sister will be very proud if you manage to win the battle, sweety!" Her Avatar added.

Although Sora didn't know the girl's exact wish, it obviously had something to do with her big sister and he didn't want to interfere with her family. However, Rui seemed to disagree with his decision to the refuse the little girl's proposal to a battle. "Yeah, I know this could save me, but I don't want... I couldn't... Not with such a young child." He whispered to his sister. However, both Rui and Sakura started to encourage him to a battle and finally... He felt like he had no choice but to accept. Sakura and Sora opened the battlefield, colored in red and green.

Although Sora had no confidence in his own capabilities when it came to Nexus, he had a pretty easy win over the child. It seemed like it was her first battle as a Commander, so she hadn't lost everything yet. However, at that moment he had put a little girl in the same dangerous situation as he himself was in. He switched places with such an innocent little child. "Sakura..." He began, trying to console the little child. "It's alright. Come on, Sakura. You're going to win the next battle for sure! And this battle was good training, right? Let's train some more on our own before the next battle." Blaze intervened. "You're right, Blaze! Thank you for the lesson, sir." Sakura said as she bowed thankfully to Sora.
Sora was dumbfounded that he didn't even seemed to remember his sister, even though Lumia said that the guy had seen and talked to his sister multiple times. What was up with that guy? He was so weird and mysterious that he even somewhat scared Sora. "You don't remember if you have seen or talked to us before? What's up with your memory, dude?" Sora almost screamed, possibly out of fear. He needed to get some answers. Who was that guy? What was he planning to do with them?

Although he had weird feelings considering the guy, he felt good when his sister commented on his actions. It felt good to be able to protect his sister, to be able to be there for her, to have her encourage him like that. Then however, he suddenly got one answer. He came over... because he noticed Lumia and Wolf? Just for those two cards? It felt weird and unbelievable that a random Nexus fan would approach strangers in a zoo to take a look at their cards. Something was up with that guy. "These... These cards aren't... We cannot trade them for anything else." Sora muttered.

He hesitated to say something further, but he knew that the guy wouldn't leave with just that one sentence. "The cards... They are... Euhm... More of emotional support... They won't be much good in your deck..." Sora continued, not even knowing if the cards would be of help to the guy. But the guy couldn't take either Lumia or Wolf away from them. Could he? "If you don't mind... I would rather spend some time alone with my sister... You know... Two siblings catching up... We only have the day and I would rather spend it with her than with... Well... A stranger like you." The last words escaped his mouth in almost a whispering tone.
Sora took the bear-themed cup from Rui and took a sip from it. The guy had a huge smile on his face while he was being dragged from one exhibit to the next. It felt really good to spend time with his sister again. It had been so long that it felt like... like returning home after a long and boring business trip. "Oh, yeah! You're right! I guess they are good at hiding themselves. That's pretty interesting to watch." Sora said as he held Wolf's card close to the glass in order for him to see the snakes as well.

Then suddenly, a guy that Sora didn't know walked towards him and his sister. "What does that guy want? Who the hell is that?" Sora whispered towards Wolf, who had an equally confused look onto his face. "I have no freaking idea. However, I don't like the way he looks." Sora whispered a 'me neither' before realizing that Rui had also recognized the guy's presence. A friend of Rui's? A BOYfriend of Rui's? She didn't look that happy to see the guy, so it couldn't be either of those two options.

Then why did she feel the need to make the guy understand that Sora was simply her brother and not her date? "So she runs into him a lot, huh?" Then the guy suddenly turned to Sora instead of Rui. "Yeah, I am. So... What are you doing with my sister? Are you stalking her or something? You should leave her alone." Sora took a couple of steps, so he stood between Rui and Nanashi.
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I am FINALLY starting to feel better again. I can breathe properly and don't fall asleep all the time anymore. Are you all willing to continue the roleplay? In that case, I will write up a post about the abnormal phenomena in the house.

I am asking you this now, so I will have your answers when I will reply to my roleplays. :)
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