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I am Squirrel98 (22 years old), a woman from Belgium (Europe).
One can always message me to chat or start a roleplay.
These are the things you should know about me.

I am a university student (third year), so I don't have a lot of time. However, I always inform my partners when I am not interested anymore or when I want to stop the roleplay because of another reason. That means: if I don't answer you, then I don't have the time yet. By the way, I rarely forget a roleplay, so you don't have to worry about that.

Even though I can be pretty busy, I love to chat and often check the site on my phone. If you do worry about me not answering or you just want to chat, send me a pm and you'll get a fast answer in normal circumstances.

I am able to write as both male and female. In addition, I can play several characters at a time.

I absolutely love romance in my roleplays (although it is not necessary), but I don't write out smut. The reason for that is that it easily takes over the whole plot and that becomes very boring very quickly. I have experience with both MxF and MxM. I have never done a FxF pairing, but I am open to try!

I prefer to avoid roleplays which are situated in the past or in existing countries. I probably haven't been there, so I don't know the rules good enough to roleplay it.

I have a hard time writing fighting scenes. That means that I prefer the role of human in roleplays where magic is involved and that I prefer the innocent roles in violent roleplays. I have made exceptions though, so don't be afraid to pitch your ideas.

I have no limits with dark themes. All that you have in mind, I can handle it (just make sure that it doesn't contain smut).

I can work with long character sheets, short character sheets and no character sheets. I don't have a preference.

You will do the intro post. It happened too often that I put in a lot of effort in the intro post, made it quite long even and the partner never gave me an answer.

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@Liv You didn't go too far in my opinion. I thought it was perfect ;)
Sora scratched his head, a bit embarrassed, when Rui started teasing him. He wanted to react to her comment, but all that he could manage were a couple of sounds that didn't exactly form any words. "Mooh... Oneechan!" He said as his cheeks gained a red color and his lips curled into a soft smile. Wolf didn't say anything. He simply nodded in agreement with Lumia's comment. Sora stood up to take Wolf's card. As the game was done, the two Avatar's didn't need to be that far away anymore.

The next day, Sora and Rui did go to the zoo. Sora had Wolf in the pocket of his jacket, so that he would be able to see the environment too. Sora felt a bit awkwart being that close to his sister again. It had been a long time since they had gone out like that, just the two of them without family or friends with them. He didn't know how to behave or what to say to her. They even had the whole day together, so he couldn't exactly afford to say something wrong. Wolf chuckled. "Don't be so nervous. She's your sister, isn't she?" Wolf whispered, quiet enough so Rui and Lumia wouldn't hear him. Sora laughed a bit at Wolf's comment. "Yeah. I know you're right."

After they got into the zoo, Sora went to take a look at the map. "Do you have a preference as to what kind of animals you want to see first?" Sora said as he tried to sound like a common little brother talking to his big sister. "I myself am more of a fan of the aquatic animals, but they seem a little far from the entrance." Wolf also focused his eyes on the map. "Maybe we can visit my namesakes." Wolf chuckled again.

Just wanted to mention that your last posts where more than a week ago ;)
@Benzaiten I am not planning to kill the characters ;)
They get time to heal between challenges.
They cannot die as they should have been dead already, they only can feel the pain.
@Kale19 No problem. Just explain a bit more what his magic actually means and it's good :)
Canada - (name character) - @Dark Cloud
Ukraine - Viktor Zynovijovych Khyzhnyak - @Kale19
America - (name character) - @alexfangtalon
Italy - (name character) - @KatKook
Japan - Sho Tanaka - @HEAVY METAL

@HEAVY METAL He is accepted. As soon as I have the OOC ready, you can put him in the Characters section :)
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