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My name is Squirrel98.
I won't tell you my real name, but I will tell you that I am a 20 year old girl from Europe.
Belgium is the country I live in and according to the internet, the timezone here is UTC / GMT + 1.

Things to know about me:

- I can play both genders and I can double.

- Genres:

- Romance (like it a lot, but it isn't necessary) ~ no smut (I don't feel comfortable with it)
- Slice of life
- Dark (no limits)
- Fantasy (elements of it, but I don't want it as a major theme) ~ no fighting scenes (I am horrible at writing them)
- Drama
- Post apocalyptic

I know it's boring, here are the rules.

- Frequency: I am a first year university student. I will probably be able to answer once a week, but don't expect that I post every minute.

- Posting length: The length that I post depends a lot on how much your post inspires me. I don't do oneliners and prefer that you don't either. Sometimes I do four very long paragraphs and sometimes I do one. It depends a lot on how much there is to tell in the situation.

- Maturity: I prefer my partners to be at least 18 years old, since I don't want to have too much limits when dark themes are added.

- Roleplay settings: I never do roleplays which are situated in the past or in existing countries.

- Contact me: Mention the following things in your post:
- Which roleplay
- Which gender you want to play
- Which pairing (M x F, M x M, F x F)
- Do you want romance in the roleplay (if yes: do you want it to be a major element or a minor element) or not
- What subject you can't deal with (I have had partners who asked for a dark roleplay, but afterwards complained because I added dark elements that they can't deal with... So tell me BEFORE we begin, please!)

Those are the most important rules, contact me (what to put in your message is mentioned above) if you are interested in doing a roleplay with me!

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@Juvvie Can you give us an idea about when the roleplay will start? :)
Maybe you need some time to think about the arcs?
Welcome fans of 'House of Anubis'!

I want to have a group roleplay about this amazing tv series.

However, I noticed that the story of the English version is slightly different from the story of the Dutch version I watched.

That's why I want to create our own version with original character and our own story, so that everyone is on the same page.

I am going to write out a plot and the rules after I see that people are interested.

Anyone interested?

I am looking for players that are at least 18 years old in real life (due to the dark themes, smut is not allowed) and who are able to write at least two thick paragraphs with good grammar.
@Juvvie My Character Sheet is done, so I hope you like it :)

@Aviaire What is the difference between your Plant-Make magic and the already existing Green Magic from Warrod? (just curious) :)

@Juvvie I have some kind of Spatial Magic in mind, it is a combination of Pict Magic and Celestial Spirit Magic

The user of the magic that I have in mind can create it's own beings like the Celestial Spirits. However, the stronger the beings are, the more magic it consumes from the user to be able to create it. After it is created, the user can summon it like the Celestial Spirits.

It won't be too strong of a magic as you can't create beings that are stronger than yourself or even as strong as yourself, because it will consume too much magic to create it. It's like how Gemini can only copy beings that are as strong as their Celestial Spirit mage or weaker.
@Juvvie I read that you still have two spots open. I am interested, but I am not sure if I want to use a female or a male wizard, so I guess I am going to see what the other characters are to keep everything balanced ;)
The Outcasts Of Freya's Home

It was in the year of 1954 that Freya adopted her first child. It was a boy with dark blue eyes and hair as black as his heart. He was fifteen years old, but was as short as a ten year old was supposed to be. There were many moments of complete silence, and not the comfortable kind. That is why Freya adopted a second child many years later. Afterwards, she adopted a third one for the same reason... and a fourth one... and a fifth. All of her childs shared the same characteristics: they rarely talked to anyone, were outcasts of the society and behaved... in a weird way. One would almost call them cursed with magic. They had a supernatural power that they couldn't control and use for good.

Freya died in 1976 and since there was no one left to bring in the money, many of her childs died soon after she did. They were not able to survive on their own as they had not learned how to do that. No one dared to set one step inside of the house. Rumours said that her ghost was still wandering inside the building looking for the children that had died already. Rumours said that she would kill anyone who even tried to go inside without being an outcast of society.

Nowadays, a new generation of social outcasts with uncontrolable magic found their home inside of the building. They never knew Freya or one of her adopted children, so they don't realise that the story carries some truth. Some truly believe it, others think that it is just a story. However, they decided together to call the building 'Freya's Home'. There is an almost broken, wooden board outside that carries the name.

The new generation knows how the world works. They go to school or work and earn enough money to be able to let all the inhabitants survive. The ones who work donate parts of their money to the ones who go to school. They are a small community of their own. Everything is going well as it is now. However, sometimes weird things do happen. Sometimes it feels like Freya's soul might indeed be wandering inside of the building. Would she accept them or reject them?



- Everyone is allowed one or two characters.
- Every character lives inside of Freya's home.
- Don't control other people's characters.
- Be able to post once a week at least.
- Your post should at least two long enough paragraphs that are grammatically correct (others must to be able to understand it, but everyone can make mistakes).
- Romance is allowed, but smut is not.
- Respect someone else's limits (but you have to warn others beforehand if you have limits in dark themes, we can't predict that you have them).
- Be nice to other players, etc.


Character Sheet:

- real life picture
- full name
- gender
- age (at least 18 years is prefered)
- school, work (and your experiences) or not able to do either of them and why?
- personality in general
- behaviour towards other people
- what does he or she do most of the time
- mental flaws
- physical flaws
- talents that aren't supernatural
- supernatural power (you can also be a supernatural being)
- family members and friends (just anyone that is important enough to mention)
- extra (if you want to add something)


I am looking forward to your characters!
@Royaletutor59 Thank you for the interest! I hope more people will show up 😉

The interest check is updated!
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