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When you have several ideas for group roleplays, but don't want to be the GM...
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Trying to get back from an unannounced hiatus... I'm very sorry to my old partners and thank you for the ones who waited for me!
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A rp about a dark circus, do you choose to stay or escape?…
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When you are actually sick and it's so bad that you can't go to your student job, but no one believes that you are...
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My name is Squirrel98.
I won't tell you my real name, but I will tell you that I am a 20 year old girl from Europe.
Belgium is the country I live in and according to the internet, the timezone here is UTC / GMT + 1.

Things to know about me:

- I can play both genders and I can double, especially if we both play a brother and his sister in a slice of life and romance roleplay in which the brothers are best friends (I know it's cliche, but I can't stop liking this)

- Genres:

- Romance (like it a lot, but it isn't necessary) ~ no smut (I don't feel comfortable with it, since I have a boyfriend)
- Slice of life
- Dark (no limits)
- Fantasy (elements of it, but I don't want it as a major theme, since I am not very good at it)
- Drama
- Post apocalyptic, especially when it's about survival (but not together with science fiction, politics or military)

I know it's boring, here are the rules.

- Frequency: As you have probably read, I am a first year university student. I will probably be able to answer once a week, but don't expect that I post every minute.

- Posting length: The length that I post depends a lot on how much your post inspires me. I don't do oneliners and prefer that you don't either. Sometimes I do four very long paragraphs and sometimes I do one. It depends a lot on how much there is to tell in the situation.

- Maturity: I prefer my partners to be at least 18 years old, since I don't want to have too much limits when dark themes are added.

- Romance: Since I have a boyfriend, I don't feel comfortable with smut in the roleplay. However, I like romance in my roleplays.

- Contact me: Mention the following things in your post:
- Which roleplay
- Which gender you want to play
- Which pairing (M x F, M x M, F x F)
- Do you want romance in the roleplay (if yes: do you want it to be a major element or a minor element) or not
- What subject you can't deal with (I have had partners who asked for a dark roleplay, but afterwards complained because I added dark elements that they can't deal with... So tell me BEFORE we begin, please!)

Those are the most important rules, contact me (what to put in your message is mentioned above) if you are interested in doing a roleplay with me!

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@Hey Im Jordan@Fabricant451 My character sheet (Keira Bell) is ready, I hope that it is long enough (otherwise just say so) :)
@Hey Im Jordan

I put it in a hider ;)
Thank you ! :D
A gentle expression appeared on her face when she heard his words. That is why he liked having him around, in some way he could always make her smile. Of course he wouldn't go without her, it would feel so wrong. She chuckled before looking at him and saying: "Are you sure that you can go on a job with that eye?" while lifting one eyebrow. But she didn't even wait on his answer before standing up and going on a job. She knew what he was about to say, so she didn't have to wait for him to say it out loud. Of course they would go. She tried to take a look at the board, but it was pretty busy. A lot of mages were trying to choose a job. The ones chosen wanted a good training and the ones who didn't get picked wanted to train to get better and be chosen for the next selections.

She had a hard time pushing everyone aside to even be able to reach the board. Eventually she gave up to take a good look and just took one that she could reach. She didn't even dare to look at the one that she chose. She went to take a seat again next to Dexter and handed him the flyer. "Please tell me that it's good enough and I don't have to go back there again!" After she had handed over the paper, she covered her eyes with one hand and crossed her fingers with the other.
I am interested in this!

I just have three questions:

- Are the pictures expected to be real life or anime?
- Are only C-ranked mages accepted or also D-ranked mages?
- What is the expected frequency of posting?
In a small town, far away from the busy cities and the tourists, there has never been any big problems or criminaliteit activities. But recently, many of the people are disappearing and all of them are in the age range of 16-20. Why are they aiming for someone who is almost an adult or just became an adult? Is the kidnapper someone from the some age who is looking for revenge for some reason? Or is it someone else?

The (almost) adults from that age range decided to leave the town out of safety and go live in an abandoned house close to a beautiful river without telling anypne in the town where they are. But how long will the 'sollution' last until they get tired of each other and people start to disappear again?
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