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Current A good writer hears the story with their soul, plots the story with their mind, and writes the story with their heart.
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Ten pats on the head if you can guess my gender at this very moment.
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Adulting sucks. Why do we have to do so much of it?
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I wasn't trying to kink shame anybody, though there are... But, more of my point was that it's half pairing searches, and only half of those have plots.
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I'd go look in the 1x1s, but that zone is so [I]thirsty [/I].


Guess I should write this thing, huh?

It's me, Citrus Arms. I'm 30(noooo), married, an aspiring indie game dev, as well as a hobbyist writer. Well, who here isn't. I've been meaning to write a book, but that's a big project and I've yet to finish one. Plotting a whole book is hard work, man.

I'm open to 1x1s and group RPs, feel free to invite me to something. I'm also part of a discord RP server of an old friend.

My favorite genres are fantasy and space, and I've got an original Universe that blends the two together. It's a post-apocalypse place, so there's everything from straight fantasy worlds to post-apocalypse survival available within the setting. Don't expect things to get too bleak, however. The universe recovers and grows stronger in unity, is the theme.

Discord: Citrus Arms#0136

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In Avalia 5 hrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Aiko Yume

Time: Morning
Location: River Fairy Kingdom
Interactions: Xavier @Omni5876, Yuka @princess, Orias @Helo

Ahh, what wonderful atmosphere. And after a lovely display on the ride over, too. Poor Xavier might have a heart attack. The dread that had become so heavy in the air seemed so distant, but they were sure it would catch up. Surely, these fairies wouldn't be impervious to the previous... "Announcements." But, somehow, the festive atmosphere remained. Perhaps that was owed to the lack of a brewing rebellion in the face of a cowardly king. It was interesting to consider what would become of that powder keg... If the dark elves moved into fortify their hold on the city, would the citizens be able to resist? It was hard to believe in that. Hopefully, the tavern owner would be ok. They should have told him to flee.

They felt invigorated already, but they also had to be careful. Magically to inclined beings might be able to sniff them out, but... Their diet isn't the usual feasting on the vital forces or mental energy of a prey target. They found a good balance of give and take, like the exchange of breath between plants and animals. Would it alter their "scent"? Does anyone even know what a demon would smell like? That... Was a very good question.

Perhaps the fairies might be more receptive to their presence than the general. It would still be a hard sell. But, they could offer valuable information.

"Rest? But the night has only just begun! Aaah, the air is so crisp and the melody of voices is as beautiful as the Tree of the World in the distance. I simply must mingle. Yuka, would you care to join me in prowling the city, after we locate our accomodations?"
In Avalia 17 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Aiko Yume

Time: Morning
Location: Avian City
Interactions: Xavier @Omni5876, Linus @FunnyGuy

"Terrestrial?" Aiko drew a slow breath and sighed heavily as they then turned to the shop keep. They held a couple of peacock fans, placing them on the counter along with 60 amas. "This city is such a beautiful place, it's a shame everyone seems to look down on us. It's so hard to bring myself to shop in a place like this, when I feel so unwelcomed. You'll let this cover the difference, won't you?" He reached out and touched the hand off the shop keep when the opportunity presented itself, shooting him up with pheromones. Just say yes, damnit.

Aiko would hand one of the fans over to Xavier, smiling softly. "This might help you with channeling your magic. We'll have to try it out later. Probably... Not inside the city. Maybe if they've got training grounds."
In Avalia 18 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
It's Blizz! Hi Blizz.
Stella Lumite

This girl was very observant, and she quickly learned why. Thora was a gym leader, not an easy position to win. "You'd escort me? You're so kind. I'd probably be fine, as long as I don't pick any more fights, but company is nice. Is it on your way? I wouldn't want to be a bother."

Her eyes drew to the young lady's Electrode and her eyes grew, "whoa, that's," she paused, checking the features over once, "definitely an Electrode, but it's... It's... Grass? Are you wooden, buddy?" Without even realizing, she'd knelt herself down in front of the Pokemon. She wanted look the Pokemon over, but was restraining herself. Electrode were known to be kind of volatile, right? And she shouldn't be rude. Niblet hopped off of Kaebe and climbed up on Stella's head to see, and Kaebe stepped up beside her to see what she was losing it over. "I've never seen this kind of Electrode before... Fire-types must be a pain. Ooh, but you can counter ground-types, can't you, Electrode?"
Stella Lumite

Things weren't going well. Her Pokemon were faring well, but she could tell they were getting overwhelmed. Electroweb was very effective here, but there were simply too many. As she holstered Scamp's ball, she reached for Kaebe's and Niblet's, as well. She would return them and run. Which way to the nearest town...?

Luckily, she didn't have to resolve that question. A sudden flash of light jolted the rest of the flock and took them from the sky. She turned to find a... Fashionable was the wrong word. Her outfit was too simple for that. Festive. Yes, festive. Bangles and feathers and comfortable clothing. Stella laughed a little nervously, eyeing the flock that just got knocked out in one go, "yeah, maybe a bit of trouble. I wanted one, though, and I got it. Uh," she took out her Pokedex and checked, "him. Oh, Kaebe learned... Ancient Power. Huh." Not a move she'd heard of before. "I'll have to test that out after we've had a rest. Ah!" Her attention snapped back to the girl, "thanks for the save. I'm Stella. This is Kaebe and Niblet," Kaebe came back to her side as she was talking with the new girl, eyeing her curiously. Niblet climbed onto his head.
In Avalia 24 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Aiko Yume

Time: Morning
Location: Avian City, General's Office
Interactions: Xavier @Omni5876, Linus @FunnyGuy

"Yes, I suppose it would only be proper to introduce myself to our guides." Aiko smiled at the kids, tail swaying gently. The General definitely rubbed them the wrong way, but it was time to let that go. Good dreams follow a peaceful mind. They looked up at the figure floating above. The younger of the two, no doubt. Carefree and young, if only things could stay that way.

"My name is Aiko." They glared a bit, hearing 'terrestirial' used. "I see the general has... given you his pride. Be careful with that, words can also be a weapon. You're like to take someone's eye out, if you're not."

For all the dreams of flying, these people have been given such a gift. To squander it with pride like this, and hold it over others' heads, was criminal. Oh well, children.

As they started toward the markets, Aiko turned to Xavier, "you've got a sword, haven't you? Looking for something with more reach, maybe? Or more defense?"

An odds and ends store. Old things seemed to sometimes have the 'space' within them to absorb magic. They could act as channels. With the right trinket, maybe they could help Xavier get a hold of their magic. A skilled artisan could make something with enough care to achieve the same effect, perhaps, but old things were best. Thrift shops were such a lovely thing. A nice amulet or pendant would do. A ring or bangle, perhaps? Or even just a little nick-nack. They'd be able to tell if it was good enough once they touched it.

This male form was becoming tiring...
Stella Lumite

Hmm. That didn't work. Running would have been better. Well, she got her bird, at any rate. Now, what to do... Niblet was uniquely small, and latchy. This was a good combination for a number of untility purposes. "Niblet. Climb on to Kaebe's back and use Electroweb whenever the birds get close to attack. Kaebe, Tackle to your heart's content, and don't let them surround you. Keep each other safe. Scamp, go now, run through to me!"

Kaebe let Niblet climb up onto his back before charging forward to tackle the closest bird. Scamp swallowed and charged ahead, hearing the command. Grab the ball and run back. Like she told him, he'd use Nuzzle as he charged through toward the ball, and then bee-line it toward Stella. She's be ready with his ball to return him and take her plunder.

Maybe she can catch some more of these birds.
In Avalia 1 mo ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Aiko Yume

Time: Morning
Location: Avian City, General's Office
Interactions: Yuka @princess, Orias @Helo, Xavier @Omni5876, Augus @FunnyGuy

The general really knew how to make his presence intense. The intensity here made the captain seem like a wafer-thin mint. Whew, it was tough not to wilt here. General Augus made a firm stance, but Aiko was not convinced. However, pushing the general too firmly wouldn't yield any positive results.

Though, maybe that was a better idea than trying to dig at the demon in disguise in front of the sword of judgement that is the general. Aiko had turned and caught the wink. They may have slipped up back at the tavern, but that was because drunks didn't tend to care and they usually only had drunks upstairs. Turns out, two sober people care a lot more about gender bending. No, they were much more on guard, now.

"Yuka, please. If we keep our heads on straight and our hearts in it, we'll do alright. As for teaming up..." Aiko had to think. Was there anyone else that had essentially defected? "There was an old man that used to come around the tavern. Had some neat gadgets to him. Had. Think the ol' fellow had to sell, damn shame. He used to talk about demons, sometimes. I'll try to sift through what I remember from him while we go shopping."

Orias clearly wanted to get out of there before anyone else said something dumb. Understandable. Speaking of which, Aiko turned to the General on the way out, stopping for a moment, "actions can be spurred - or stifled - with either the right or wrong words." They paused, put their hands to their mouth thoughtfully, and spoke carefully, "and that is often where the meaning of those actions comes from, regardless of the actor's intent. We paint the actions with our words. Please, paint with unity." And with that, they left.

Once outside, Aiko was on the lookout for the new escort. "Do you think the general will be pleased or disgruntled if I tell his youngsters my name?"
Stella Lumite

Stella stared at the birds for a second before walking casually aside with Kaebe. "That's... A lot of birds..." She had a seat with Kaebe off to the side, giving him some pets as she planned.

She let Yamper out. She dug into her bag and got a little snack for him from her bag. Maybe she should keep an eye out for berries, too. She's heard trainers will leave berries with their Pokemon, and they can eat them at will. "Scamp. Find a place nearby to hide. I'm going to throw a PokeBall at one of those birds, I want you to wait for the way to be clear before you grab the ball and bring it to me. Can you do that?"

"Yam?" The poor pooch tilted his head to the side. That was a complicated order.

"Too much at once, huh? Hmm." Stella thought for a moment. She needed to simplify the command. "Ok. Once the birds leave, fetch the ball. And you can use Nuzzle if you're in trouble."

Scamp looked at the birds and then back at Stella before giving a soft yip. This was the place he'd come from, after all. He knew to avoid the big crowds of birds like that. Angry things.

"Good. Now go hide nearby, where you can see. Kaebe, I'll have you pick out one of those birds and tackle it toward me. I'll hit it with a PokeBall and then we will... Run." Kaebe had liked the plan until then. Run? "Don't worry," she let the small Pokemon she was about to mention out, into her shoulder, "we've got Niblet to cover our escape with Electroweb. Stay hidden in my hair until you need to shoot, so they don't see you. Kaebe-" wait a minute, "ooh, you can Roar, can't you? That makes this much easier. Niblet, Kaebe, change of plan."

Stella picked an empty ball from her belt, "Niblet, Electroweb a few of them. I'll get one in a ball. Kaebe, you roar after the ball closes to send the rest away. We'll fight the remainder, or maybe I'll catch more."

Niblet nodded with determination and jumped down, throwing web at the nearest ones and then hiding behind Kaebe as Stella wound up her throw.
Stella Lumite

The Pokedex confirmed for her, Kaebe's paralysis was removed. "Excellent work. C'mon back into your ball, Niblet. I'm hunting for a bird, next." She returned the little bitty pokemon to it's ball and holstered it. It would be good to use Scamp, but he wasn't doing so well after his encounter with Kaebe.

Kaebe was busy shaking out his limbs. That paralysis had not been pleasant. When Stella called him to go tracking down a bird, though, he came bounding along. It sounded like it was something fun.

""I saw a dark colored bird while we were running around. A Rookidee. While we look around, we'll get you and Niblet some training in. Then we'll get to a town and get some rest and food and supplies aaaand we'll just have to see what time it is then." She gave her ancient reptile a pat on the head as he plodded next to her. She watched him flex his jaw idly, "you want something to crunch, buddy? We'll have to get you some kinda crunchy snack or toy while we're in town."
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