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Lumina Lusteria, the Lustrous

Just when she thought she was starting to understand the strange customs of these lands, there was a new curve ball. The way Athos spoke, it wasn't unheard of or even uncommon. She was reminded of just how different this place was. Most everyone back home held life as sacred, even criminals. Maybe they'd never admit it, but the last recorded hit or execution was a few years ago, now.
That's what it was. This land was not at peace the way hers was. She should have noticed it sooner. It was hasty to assume that this place was her ultimate destination, but she understood now why she thought so.
All that aside, there was still a reason to remain here. That man said something very foreboding, and she meant to find out what he meant. Since no one else had anything to say about it, the best way to find that guy again would probably be to stick with these guys.
"You say these stones need to be fed Mana to function?" It sounded like the crystals that grew in her homeland. "If I could infiltrate their location alone while going unidentified, I can plant one stone in a good place, warp out, and bring someone back with me. Then we can proceed however. May I try to activate one?"

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Haha, 'did you and him ever smash?' Oh, goodness.
Lumina Lusteria, the Lustrous

Her omens and I'll tidings were put aside, and perhaps that was for the best for now. Prying further would yield nothing until she knew more, and could be pointless until she reaffirmed the guidance that brought her here. Until then, she would do well to make friends. She learned a few things, that they were after a man supposedly associated with this drug trafficking, and that there were more warehouses. It sounded like the bureaucracy involved in all this was thick and complicated, too.

"If you want to do something stealthily, your adversary only has one or, maybe, two men that will recognize me. The man with the axe and that guy in the armor with the staff. We can use that to our advantage. It sounds like our time frame is too short for me to infiltrate their ranks, but surely there's some other way we can use that to our advantage."

"Wait a minute, you said they're probably going to execute people?" Though there was crime in her homeland, murder was... rare, and always a crime of passion. Assault, battery, sure. To execute someone flew against her beliefs, their beliefs. She couldn't abide it, but what could she do, without knowing anything? Damn...!
I should write something, myself. Lemme see...
Lumina Lusteria, the Lustrous

"My apologies. I did not mean to cause you distress. But, I can see you understand the weight of my mission." The seers had made two crystals for her. One, containing their raw vision, should she ever need to see their fear for herself. The other contained their guidance, to lead her to the place she needed to be. "I will have to meditate on my instructions, but I believe that this place matches them without conflict." That would do little to put the man at ease, it would probably upset him more. Alas, she could not let such concerns stop her.

Or perhaps he knew something he wasn't letting on? Or maybe...

Not for mortal eyes...

"Perhaps our investigations aren't unrelated. I clashed with a man in armor, wielding some kind of fire staff. He was using it to launch fireballs at the wares. He said something... That the crates were full of things 'not for mortal eyes.' I believe that might count as an omen... So, pending my meditation, perhaps we can help each other in our investigations."

Well, "that, and, er... Perhaps you can help me with something else, too? We, er... Don't have currency in my country. I've managed so far, obviously. I had to pay to dock my ship at the harbor... But, it's so strange." It was something she'd have to get used to, but maybe, as a foreign dignitary, there was some way they could help her in this.
Lumina Lusteria, the Lustrous

Mortal eyes...? What a strange thing to say.

Her new friends expressed a need for her to go with them. Well, it made sense. She'd probably have to give a report to their coordinator, given her involvement in their operation. Hey, if money was something she needed here, maybe she should get paid. It felt weird to ask for payment for something she would have done anyway, though.

They led her to a grand cathedral, where they were to meet with their boss, another mage. She listened through the man's debriefing, which ended with the question of who she was. "I can answer your questions, sire. I can only guess that the people inside the warehouse started burning things in response to one of their companions, coming down through the roof, as the result of a fight outside. As for myself..."

"Lumina Lusteria." She offered a bow, "in my homeland, I hold the title of 'the Lustrous'. The seers of my homeland have sent me here on a mission. They have foreseen a terrible event in a far off land, one that inspired them with great fear. I have come here in search of the source of those fears, in hopes that I might allay them. Tell me, have the been any... omens, of late?"
Arg, I keep waffling over how I want my post to go. I had another idea for what Lumina does when I wrote it, and now I'm not sure if I wanna go back to that one. Arrrrrg
Lumina Lusteria, the Lustrous

"Aah!" Lumina had found a suitable crate, but shortly found it beat from her hands. She turned to find the culprit, and barely hand time to raise her guard before the offender kicked her away. She stumbled, fell, and rolled into a crouch, regaining her balance and retrieving a crystal buckle from her back, sliding it onto her left arm. "Can't kill me? Well, that's only fair, I'm hardly out for blood, either. Shall we make this a friendly contest?"

A fight that wasn't a fight, then. She grabbed her crystal buckler from her side, charging it as she made a dash for a pile of crates with a clear shot to the door. She'd watch for him to try and stop her, with his fireball or whatever. Her activated shield should be enough to block the brunt of the magic attacks, while she hooked her foot around a crate and kicked it toward the door or - *oh, look, a hole in the wall. The last one was light enough, if this one was about as dense, she should be able to get it to slide home. She'd kick a few crates at the door that way before grabbing a final one and sprinting for it. She'd have to be ready to guard against another attack, he'd surely be after her.

*is an edit
Lumina Lusteria, the Lustrous

"A crate or two? I think I should be able to have that well in hand. Maybe depends on what's in 'em, though." Finished with her stretches Lumina took a deep breath, straightening her posture and quieting her mind. With her breathing, she lowered her stance from standing straight to a martial stance. She was focusing on wrapping her aura up with the air around her, and then making her aura, and the air with it, spin around her body. "If there's anyone sticking around, still, I'll be sure to grab them, too."

It was for their own good at this point, even. They'd be in danger! However, with this bubble of air whipping around her, she should be fine for a little bit. Normally, running fast enough would give you a bubble of wind behind you, but she'd need to hold on to a bigger one for this, without proper equipment. She would have to remember, as well, it wouldn't last a long time.

Step one, protect self, complete. "Ready?" Step two, dynamic entry! "Go!" She charged her legs and broke for the door, leaping up and coming in with a powerful double kick, her aim was to flatten the doors to the ground and use them to generate a gust of wind and kick up dust, to smother the flames. And then she'd have to keep her momentum, to keep her bubble without focusing on it. Some kind if crate, right? Maybe even two, and whoever might have been dumb enough to still stick around.
I'm just waiting for dialog some before Lumina finished her turn.
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