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Current Adulting sucks. Why do we have to do so much of it?
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I wasn't trying to kink shame anybody, though there are... But, more of my point was that it's half pairing searches, and only half of those have plots.
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I'd go look in the 1x1s, but that zone is so [I]thirsty [/I].
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Dear muse, please tell me about something I'm trying to write currently, thank you.
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Uber Eats works out for me. Minimal people contact, and I usually make a decent amount. Especially when they run promotions.


Guess I should write this thing, huh?

It's me, Citrus Arms. I'm 30(noooo), married, an aspiring indie game dev, as well as a hobbyist writer. Well, who here isn't. I've been meaning to write a book, but that's a big project and I've yet to finish one. Plotting a whole book is hard work, man.

I'm open to 1x1s and group RPs, feel free to invite me to something. I'm also part of a discord RP server of an old friend.

My favorite genres are fantasy and space, and I've got an original Universe that blends the two together. It's a post-apocalypse place, so there's everything from straight fantasy worlds to post-apocalypse survival available within the setting. Don't expect things to get too bleak, however. The universe recovers and grows stronger in unity, is the theme.

Discord: Citrus Arms#0136

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In Avalia 1 day ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Aiko Yume

Time: Evening
Location: Leaky Tap and Tavern
Interactions: Nabarra @nasty, Yuka @princess, Orias @Helo

The wound was dressed, but there was no immediate result. Not that she expected it. "And we'll just dress her back up before she has a fit..." No need to agitate the apparently wounded and slightly prudish dark elf. "Poor dear, should have said something." But, with tensions as high as they are now, not garnering attention may have been best. Still, though, just gonna sit there, poisoned?

"The shape shifting?" Right, she slipped up earlier. "No, not very common. I shift about to suit my mood. You both still recognized me immediately, so maybe maybe the mask is better for a disguise, after all? It does comes in handy, though." Had he caught on? What would his reaction be, to a demon? Would it be like the other's reaction to a dark elf? It didn't seem like he was overly suspicious of her, but that could mean anything.

"So, how did the two of you meet? Quite the odd pair, I must say. You might even call it two ends of a spectrum, the two of you. What kind of dreams brought you to this place and company?" Aiko found herself gently curling a lock of Nabarra's hair around her finger and stopped, settling their companion into the bed and letting her be, now that she was dressed and dressed and they were waiting on Yuka.

Do you mind if we change things up a little bit? The base idea is fine, but I think we could use a little more plot. As for tying things into a group RP, I have one this should fit into nicely. Shall we more Monster Hunter flavor for action with some additional large creatures that have been feeding on Aevon-enriched foods, and expand the ancient artifact into some ancient ruins to refurbish? Maybe throw in some "primitive" locals for manpower. Could have complementary roles for the two characters, as well. A soldier and an engineer or some such. Whatcha think?
There's lots of room for doing lots of different things.

Fantasy and magic, less sci fi? That's in there, but that will be in a particular time in a particular region of the Galaxy, possibly localized to one planet for a while.

Super sci-fi? That's there, too. We've got the remnants of the galactic community sporting that genre in the era immediately following the Black Year.

There's plenty of room, folks.
In Avalia 16 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Aiko Yume

Time: Evening
Location: Leaky Tap and Tavern
Interactions: Nabarra @nasty, Yuka @princess, Orias @Helo

Yuka was quick to jump on the suggestion of putting the potion down Nabarra's throat. Maybe too quick. "Careful you don't drown her, instead. Wouldn't that be ironic?" Drowned by a healing potion. And what was that joke about bodily fluids? "You are trying to get her to swallow and not gag, aren't you?"

Yuka offered to get a potion of antidote, which sounded like a good idea. "If there's poison, then that will be important. I don't much care to try and carry her anywhere else, so that's going to be the best idea. For a number of reasons. Hand me the rest of that potion, would you?" Best keep this under wraps.

The lioness, clearly a spark of initiative and, perhaps, too much daring, pause, and seemed to... this was interesting. Aiko, particularly, was keen whrn Yuka seemed to drift off... Into a dream of some sort. A trance, perhaps, not unlike a dream. Aiko got vague wafts from the dream, nothing solid but the idea of something lost. Another visit to be made throughout the night.

At the suggestion of Yuka being less-than-urgent in general, Aiko had an idea. In the brief time she's had to observe Yuka, she'd gotten an idea of how to appeal to her. "We can have ourselves a romp when you're done. I don't think I'll be in the mood if we lose her, though, so do hurry. I'll try my best while you're gone." Since Yuka had grabbed the potion quickly, Aiko had busied herself with cleaning the wound and preparing some dressing to be soaked in what was left of the potion, and would begin dressing the wound.
In Avalia 26 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Aiko Yume

Time: Evening
Location: Leaky Tap and Tavern
Interactions: Nabarra @nasty, Yuka @princess, Orias @Helo

Yeah, there was no chance this would go by unnoticed. Oh well. In for a penny, in for a pound, looks like it's the resistance for this one. Not that I'm very keen on the king's apparent loyalties anyway...

Aiko had, at least, brought themselves inside before her companions began to draw attention to the change. "Ah, yes, it's me. A very well hubba bubba to you, too," she mimicked the motions of the surprised lioness, moving her hands lightly over her changed curves before approaching Nabarra on the bed.

"You haven't given her the potion? Hmm... Well, let's start by redressing her wound. You smell it, too, don't you, Yuka? Dressing soaked in potion aught to do something? Makes sense to me, anyway. I don't think I have anything for poison, though... If she's really been poisoned, we may need to find help. I'm more accustomed to treating hangovers." Aiko looked the dark elf over once before moving elsewhere in the room, rifling through a few pieces of furniture before producing a small spool of cloth and a clean rag, "fresh bandages."

With that, she started to change the dressing on Nabarra's wound. Orias could probably locate it for her, or she'd just have to find it, but she wasn't shy about removing the necessary items of clothing, either. As if a succubus would be.
Ah, yes. I should include notes on the recent changes in the universe. I think I still need that in there... Ghosts and stuff.

Since the end of the Black Year, jump drives and gates have not functioned properly. Warp drives, that bend physics to allow FTL speed travel times, have become the main stay. Jump drives were adapted into various purposes, in the years immediately after the Black Year, before their secrets were lost to time.

Crew on board ships running what are now called Flux Drives often complain of ghosts and hauntings. Flux drives are used to operate very powerful systems, from ion cannons to shield walls, and symptoms are often blamed on radiation or exposure. Superstitious sailors will avoid regions of the Galaxy, for rumors of vicious ghost hauntings and specters.
Regan Hadou
Silverbranch Glade


The beast wasn't going to submit to her partial effort. She'd have to fight this seriously. The fact that the two heads seemed to communicate caused her concern, but she didn't have much time to dwell on it before Talos came at her for an attack. She stepped aside from the initial lunge, what turned out to be a feint, before she started to deflecting the snake strikes, striking the vicious fangs to keep the open mouth away from her.

She formed her shockwaves into a sword in her hand, using two blades to deflect against the two fangs repeatedly striking at her. She heard the crackle just in time, the snake head rearing back as the wolf head let out a howl and a magic blast. She was able to bring her ethereal sword to bear, the shockwaves of it forcing the blast to split and diverge around her.

Despite her efforts, the electric blast caught her arm. The shockwave sword dissipated as her arm now hung, shocked out of its strength. "Tch. If that's how you want it, here's your Hell Sentence." She held the Yawarakai-Te steady in her right hand, stilling herself for just a moment before launching into action.

With a shockwave to launch herself, she got herself into the air and with her feet on the side of a nearby tree. She needed the right angle, and here it was. With another shockwave, she launched herself down the length of Talos's body, delivering a long slice down the spine, to trigger every last pain receptor. That should stun the beast. The bounty hunter caught herself on a tree and went back for seconds, diving for the snake head and attempting to pin it to the ground with her sword through its head.

Not the way she wanted this fight to go, but this transformation really pushed things out of hand. "Might I suggest you not fight me."
Still interested in 1x1s, if that's your thing. Got a group RP you think I might be into? Hit me up, too.
In Avalia 1 mo ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Aiko Yume

Time: Evening
Location: Leaky Tap and Tavern
Interactions: Nabarra @nasty, Yuka @princess, Orias @Helo

In an impressive display, Yuka fended off a man who was able to resist his pheromone and remain hostile. Such ferocity and charisma, beauty and determination, all rolled into one. Aiko found himself wondering what her dreams were like.

But, back to the matter at hand. Through the now open door, and up onto the bed with Nabarra. A sigh of relief left their lips with the load relieved from their arms. "A healing potion... I might have one around. No telling how old it could be. Surely they expire eventually, right?" Aiko sat on the edge of the bed and started going through the nightstand. There were some light medicines in there. Not that Aiko often got sick or injured, but why make yourself get out of bed if you were?

"Ah, here's one. It's... Probably still good. Better than nothing? Sorry, I don't usually need healing potions, but I do try to have at least one around. Maybe the tavern master has one. If you'll excuse me." Time to flex.

Aiko left his two new companions in their room and went downstairs.

As soon as her foot hit the floorboards on the first floor, she let loose. She'd held back previously because it was very difficult to target individuals without touching them, but now that she didn't have to worry about companions being affected...

The tavern master was dealing with a few angry patrons, whom Aiko tenderly touched the shoulders and necks of, "oh, now, don't be mad. Go back to your seat and your meals, and we'll get you another drink, hmm? Don't yell at the tavern master for an issue with the king's decision making." The angry tone in the room had calmed gradually to a disquiet, a begrudging peace that was slowly settling in to satisfaction.

She turned to the tavern master. "Do you have a healing potion, dear? No? Too expensive to just carry, huh? Hehe, right..." Figured. Ah well. Aiko made a few rounds downstairs, acting as a waitress for a little bit and making sure all the patrons had been generously affected before retreating back upstairs. A lot of dreams to visit tonight.

They'd open the door to the realization that they were male when the left the room. Oops.
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