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I've never bought a system specifically for Pokemon. By the time Pokemon comes out, I've already got the system, or I'm more interested in something else and I'll pick it up later. Maybe used.
I don't plan to spend more money on Pokemon, honestly. I feel it's gotten too lazy, and that's not gamefreak's fault. Probably. I've felt sketchy about it every since Black and White 2.
I almost feel bad, putting up big walls like that one in casual? And normally, I don't write that much, either...
"Yeah. I feel kind of like I'm teasing him, with all this water around, but none for him. Lots of salt water on this trip. It'd be nice to run into Umi, actually." Regan watched Sarah climb up behind her, watching for her to lose her balance or something.

"Yes, it's a trail alright. I've seen an Onix or two before, so I knew what to look for." Rapier looked down the trail, unsure of which direction to go from here. The trail disappeared at either end, too. "I just hope this is enough."

"Something big and heavy definitely came through here. Is it big enough? I don't think I've seen an Onix in person before, just pictures." She followed the student down from the hill, into the trail. "Big enough to walk in. It'd be helpful if I knew more about them..." She stood in the dug-out path, thoughtful for a moment before looking closer at the ground beneath her feet. Because the shape tapered down, huh? "Yeah, you're right. It's going... That way?" She had to look at the trail a few times to really get a sense for it, before picking a direction. Sarah seemed to have gotten the same reading from the trail, so things looked good.

"Shuckle?" Regan looked back for direction, before scanning for the Pokemon in question. "Oh, yeah. Gathering their berries. Cute things, aren't they? But, we can't get side tracked yet. I think I've got..." Regan searched her pockets before producing both a lantern and a flashlight, "ah. We'll split the equipment. Which would you prefer?" As they walked, Regan would let the student inspect the items. The LED flashlight had different settings it cycled through. There was a narrow inspection beam, a broader area beam, and the first setting in the cycle was both together. The lantern had a top, middle, and bottom row of 3 LED units. The lantern had three buttons, one for each row. Each row had two settings, all on and forward only on.

The student warned her about the ground being unstable. The Ranger thought about it for a moment, considering what she's learned about their mark. "Are there a lot of other burrowing Pokemon around here? That would certainly make the ground a bit-" she stopped when she felt her body drop about 5 centimeters. The ground around her foot had caved in. There was more to go, she could feel it, but it hadn't given just yet. She had managed to catch herself on something going across, maybe a root. She couldn't tell, she just knew it might break. "Hey, Rapier." She slowly raised her arm. "Come pull on me. You don't have to lift me, just..." She looked back, sensing something amiss.

He wasn't there. He'd gone to track the Shuckle.

"He-..." She looked around, cautious of her movements, "Of all the times to disappear, duuuude! Come on! Uhg. Uh, alright. Well." She took a sharp breath as she felt something shift under her feet, having shifted her weight, "Sarah, any tricks up your sleeve? There's more to this hole and I'm not sure I can move any without falling the rest of the way in." Her breathing was yet very measured.

"Since it's a large Onix, he could be even bolder than normal. Isn't that how that usually goes? I think it also usually goes that they get more clever, too. Probably good we didn't go for a vehicle..." Vehicles weren't typically suited to Ranger work. Not anything with a motor, anyway. Pedal bikes were fine, but they could be a pain to lug around or keep secured, and they could be way more tiring, depending on the terrain. Going on foot was always best, if you had the time. "The clue? Well, he's waiting just ahead. It's probably across the crest of that hill behind him. He'll move when we get closer."

"Kawaken's an energetic little dude. Makes me wonder what he likes about his pokeball so much." Probably just that he doesn't have to worry about dehydrating in there. "He's used to me calling him out so he can enjoy whatever freshwater bodies I come across. Spoiled brat..." She chuckled softly to herself. It was her own fault, after all.

"Hoppip? Hmm... Yes, I think I know what they look like." He could look for one, maybe even corral it toward the others. "Ah, it's time for me to move up. The trail starts just ahead. You'll see it." Rapier turned over on the branch and took flight, flying over the next hill and finding a boulder to land on, near a large Onix trail. Large enough to be the one they're looking for, probably. It was a little old, but still distinguishable.

"Ah, he moved." Just over the crest of a small hill in front of them. "Maybe it's close." She started climbing, careful of her footing now that she knew it could be treacherous. As she crested the rise, she looked down to find Rapier perched on a rock. "It must be- oh, oh, yes, there it is, I think I see what he's got. A neat little trench, isn't it." She turned to see Sarah. "This look like it?"

The thing about being larger was that it also made you heavier. Usually. Especially with Rock-type Pokemon. That meant that tracks left behind would be deeper and wider. Because of the great, grinding weight of the Onix, a lane of dirt was formed at the deepest points of the trench. Tracks like this would take a long time to blend into the environment.

Right? It's so useful.

And Ash is dumb for not being able to come up with a way to combine being Aura sensitive and Pokemon training. Not that that's anything new.

I have a theory, in fact. Any given Pokemon uses Aura, it's how they power their moves, or at least some of them. Aura Ball is a good example, I think. It's just another Pokemon move, but it explicitly uses Aura in a raw form
*scours Bulbapedia for a physical psychic move Regan might actually be able to teach Gira later*

There's one.
Y'know, I have composer software. If I spend enough time listening to cool Pokemon battle themes, maybe I can make my own...
"Do Onyx scare easily?" They didn't, as far as she was aware. She didn't know too much about them, though, only what that encyclopedia had told her. She had tried to keep her attention on pokemon that were known to appear on these islands, though she may have gotten. "I suppose this one could be skittish."

"Rapier's been my eyes and ears in the sky hundreds of times." The ranger smiled fondly. The idea of calling on Rapier in battle took her back. "Hmm. It's been a long time since I asked him to fight. I'm sure he's kept his talons sharp. I wouldn't call on him for just anything, though." Something would have to make her quite serious. Thinking about it, such a fight could be very influential in Sarah's research. She couldn't help but think of a specific person, from back home. Regan believed in the philosophy she held as a trainer, that Pokemon were not tools. The respect formed by treating them as living equals furthered their potential, as only by respecting them could you so truly maximize the effectiveness of their training. And besides that, you should be so kind to them, as they are just as alive as anyone else. "Perhaps that fight will be more educational than you realize."

"Or maybe not. Until then, you'll have to settle for watching Kawaken and I." Her Poliwhirl popped out from the single ball kept on her belt. He jumped up with a hand raised and Regan met him with a high-five. He landed, looked around, got disappointed, and sent himself back into his ball. Regan gave a chuckle, "sorry, buddy. No water here, I'm only talking about you."

"I've been her eyes and ears in the sky many, many times. We've searched deserts, mountains, forests, plains, even the ocean. I was surprised how different it is flying over a desert, or the ocean. Moisture makes a big difference." Rapier brought his attention in from Regan and the horizon, to see Gira searching. "And what is it you seek, Gira? Maybe I can help."
Seems that way.

Man, I'm fussing with Rapier's last line. I think that's a better one.
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