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She paused as she came into the hangar, "whoa. That's not much bigger than my builder, kid," she waved a hand and parts of the hangars started to move, "you fought in this?" A small cargo drone, usually used for deliveries, came into the bay, carrying a toolbox and bringing it to the woman as she approached the mech. "Thank you, Vortex."

This kid just got hotter and hotter. And she most certainly did not mean the attractive kind. She was taking all kinds of risks, sheltering this boy. But, If she turned him out, he'd just end up caught, most likely. And she knew about him, so they might even trace him back here. Her best course of action was to hide the kid and his mech as best she could.

But that would be very selfish of her. The kid knew what he wanted... She couldn't deny him the justice he sought. In a way, it was the same thing that brought her all the way out here. They each wanted what was rightfully theirs. She couldn't just turn him out to fate.

"Ah, of course," she complained from under the outer chassis is the torso. "Can't even get in without specialized tools. So much for a tune up. I'll just have to check everything besides the engine. Tiny thing..." She shook her head, going over the rest of the mech and studying it's parts closely. They were very worn, from all the stress of combat over a whole year, don't parts would need to be replaced. She figured as much... You need a miracle material to get both performance and durability. Maybe it was made from just that, but that wouldn't make them unbreakable, either.

After a little while of inspecting this crevice and that nook, she comes down from the lift, wiping her hands off with a rag. Drones have been assisting her the whole time, and she passes her hand towel off when she's done with it. The little automation, this one spherical and cute, bobbed and chirped and flew off with it. "Not gonna lie, kid, the mechanical parts look pretty rough. Why don't you bring her to my private dockyard, we can let Vortex handle the maintenance. Don't worry, she'll handle it. It's hard to make a computer forget something accidentally, she won't forget how it goes together. Vortex will upload the docking coordinates to your nav computer."
Wow, this kid was an open book if you pushed the right buttons. He should definitely be a little more suspicious of her, even if she is the- WHOA! Psionics?! "Kid, gods, don't do that!" She spoke hushed, looking around quickly to make sure nobody was looking. "Do you know what the feds would do if they found out I have-" she stopped herself, shaking her head, "Vortex, I need you to stay on top of this one. Nothing about this kid leaves my station. Ascot, right? Do not do that on my station. Not where anyone could possibly see you."

A circular holographic panel appeared in front of her face with a green checkmark and disappeared. Some small solace, there was only so much her AI could do about it from here without attracting attention, herself. Damn, this was going to be more trouble than she thought, she'd have to figure out how she could have caught this sooner.

The mech brought out his potential? Does that mean it was some kind of psionic mech? She should look for strange materials. She'd have to have him bring the mech around to her private workshop so she could look at it more thoroughly. "A year, fighting? I'm surprised she's held up this long, if you're only now looking for maintenance. I wouldn't be surprised if you need parts, too. Don't worry, I can have them made for you, I can manufacture just about anything. I'll even do the work." Can't trust anyone else to work on it, anyway...

They stepped out of the residential area into the security hallway between the space port and residential. It was spacious and branched off to where she would be building the residential section. She was automatically identified and let through with Ascot into the public area of her station, the spaceport. She checked for her self defense measures, but knew that the intense presense of her drones would deter most criminals from open aggression. "Feds could be here, you never know. Remember that. We'll talk more about your mech somewhere private." She let the kid lead the way to wherever his hangar bay was. She didn't have too many mech hangars, but there were a few. Most pilots came in ships, and usually larger ones.

@Letter Bee
She hadn't seen a picture. Vortex hadn't included it in the report because it wasn't a security report, just a notification of interest. Security was automated, with Vortex managing things until something required Serenity's attention. That's why she got the report about a boy with a mech that morning. It wasn't urgent, but it was interesting. "No need to trouble yourself, I had coffee this morning already," too much caffeine would make her jittery, not a great feeling. Courteous.

"Ah, haha, you got me." He'd guessed correctly, sharp kid. "It's about your mech," she paused, "but about you, too. I don't often get lone kids on my station and certainly not with hardware like that," she hadn't come in like he offered, and stood in the doorway. "I'll be frank, I want to take a look at your mech. I won't take anything apart, I promise. Unless you don't mind? I'll throw in a free tune-up, if you'll let me!" Contrarily, she suggested they leave and go to the hangar. She was more used to making space ships than mechs, but she had that old constructor model... Maybe she'd learn some things and be able to modify it in some cool way.

"While we go over there, why don't you talk to me a little? Kids your age shouldn't be on their own, it's rough. We can talk while we go to your mech, If that's alright. When's the last time you had a mechanic look at her, anyway?" He might be hesitant to just trust her like that, but Serenity was a professional. Besides, she could just design her own, if she really wanted a mech.

This kid had a totally different air about him than any other kid she'd met. Well, maybe not any other, but most. You meet serious kids kind this one occasionally, even in a place like hers, where you only get there by going in a ship. Or a mech.

@Letter Bee
Regan Hadou
Silverbranch Glade, The Archstones --> Wolves Pyre guild hall


Pacts and contacts, huh? And devotion. Something about it didn't quite sit right with her, but she put it out of her mind for now. If they'd been around for centuries, they had to be doing something right, right? Right. Entities from different planes, though, that was wild. She supposed she'd heard of things like that before. Celestial Spirit magic was something like that, wasn't it? There was that spirit that was catching on as a pet, even for non-magic users. Some kind of dog, wasn't it? What was it called? Plow? Ploue? Hmm.

Anyway. "Mm, so it's a coven within the guild. I see." Must make for a unique guild experience. She'd ask Bullet about it, if he weren't so reserved. Maybe later. Zhulie nestled in and Regan found herself with an arm around her, hand lightly on her shoulder. "I'm sure you'll make a fine witch, Zhulie."

The squeal caught Regan just a bit off guard, her hand lifting as Zhulie went ahead. Excitable lass. She followed her at pace, looking over the old carvings in the stone. Compelled, she let her fingers trace along the stone surface. It felt a little bit like Green Earth was interacting with something, but she couldn't be certain. "Your guild mistress is quite the lady. I bet she's also very busy." She glanced at Bullet with a soft smile. The cautious type, there wasn't anything wrong with that.

As the young man said, it wasn't much farther. The martial artist mage looked up into the branches, taking a moment to admire the great strength and vitality of the tree before her. The mighty branches and trunk that supported bridges and homes, the gracious trunk that made room for caverns within. If she didn't know any better, she'd say this was the life tree. "Wow, this is your guild hall?" As Zhulie took her arm, Regan put her hand over the little lady's without thinking. "I must say, the tree alone is amazing. You'll have to give me a tour, Zhulie." She offered a sweet smile as she opened the door to the guild hall and stepped in.

The smell was amazing. The incredible wood smell you'd expect, but also very sappy and sweet, and a little bit like paper, too. She inhaled if it deeply, "ooh, the smell is amazing. The food must be delicious if the place just smells good like this." She wondered if they ever smoked any of their food. "Mmm, hey," she looked back at Bullet, "I bet you're hungry," he certainly looked like he'd been working hard, "let's get that food put together before we go on that tour." She looked back to Zhulie, letting her lead to the kitchen, "show me how to make your favorite dish?"

Trinity Stratos
Phoenix Wing Guild Hall

@Lunarlord34@Silver Fox

Damian and Karn both gave her hugs, which she returned. Damian was busy with something, as ever, but he stopped long enough to respond to her. He had an announcement, which... Wasn't something that completely surprised her. She'd been a little bit involved in the construction, herself, actually, so she knew something was going on. This made sense, and though she was having a pretty good day, she found it a little difficult to put together the energy to cheer. She couldn't help but feel a little left out on some level, and she could only really blame herself.

A guitar caught her attention and kept her from tumbling down into those depths. She put a hand idly on Karn and looked around. Damian mentioned that ridiculous masked band that'd been going around for the past year and a half. They weren't bad, but why masks? "Oh, you're kidding..." Sure enough, it was guildmates. That masked band was from her Guild. There they were. "And who's that on piano? What I am, liver?"

Seeing Rajah get punted lifted her spirits a little. Sassy, arrogant thing. Trinity jumped up and caught the flying cat, getting her in a secure hold. "Gotcha. Now... Hold, please." She gave the Exceed to Karn for just a moment, dug in her pocket and found that collar she'd been keeping for just such an opportunity. It was complete with a tag saying 'Please return to Jasmine Lockwood at [blah blah blah address]'. With some deft hand movements, she'd fastened it on Rajah's neck. "Thanks, Karn." Rajah was picked up from Karn's arms and Trinity started scanning, "now, where's Jasmine..." There were never far from each other. Just her luck, the slayer had just come in, and promptly started to cry over Penny. Before getting scared by Nolan.

What's so scary about Nolan, anyway?

"Jasmine~" she cooed, before holding Rajah out to her, "I got you a cute pet! Make sure you train her properly."
My sassy boy wants that thing you're holding.
Serenity sipped her cup of coffee as she gazed at her station beneath her feet. She watched each construction bay assemble it's current project. Some were idle, many were engaged in repair operations, some few were building new for a client. She turned slowly, gazing across the security and defense platforms dotted here and there, eventually making her way around to the other end, with the residential section and the port. Vaguely busy, as usually. The way she liked it; it meant federal security wouldn't care as much about this area. The rotation of the residential area seemed fine. She'd been salvaging components for another artificial gravity core, to build a more compact residential area, but she just had to finalize a few things in the blueprints before construction could begin.
Satisfied with her inspection from the observation deck, she entered the elevator in the center and descended to the privacy of her home, the only open walking space attached to the manufacturing & processing block. She'd had one of the utility drones minding her breakfast. She wore pajamas. As she sat down to her meal, she started some music over her sound system and reviewed notes of the things they'd recovered from the ship graveyard since she went to bed. There had been some interesting finds over the few years she'd been here. If she were a better archeologist, maybe she could make more meaning out of it, but... She'd just have to let the information simmer in her brain.
After breakfast, she decided she'd check out an interesting report from the spaceport, something about an ancient mech? One jaunt down some moving sidewalks, through residential, would take her to the spaceport, but finding the mech in that maze was going to be a hassle, too. She'd read some interesting things about the machine in question, and she wanted to speak to the owner about it.
Heck, she should just find the owner. She remembered being surprised by his age when she reviewed the datawork. She disembarked into the residential archon of the station, following the listed address. The residential section was done up to resemble an actual town, and not just be a series of rooms on some lonely station. There were a few parks, as well.
It didn't take her too long to find the place, but was the kid even in? If he wasn't asleep, would he be busy? Whatever. She knocked at the door, stepping back then and turning to gaze out over residential. If she was going to build that new section and have folks move over, she should really be sure to improve on the design.
I mean, this is a space RP, right?
Expanded the description of Serendipity

It is a unique space station. Designed to be run automatically, by built-in machines and a fleet of drones, much of the station's volume is machinery, with no space for humans to exist inside. Exceptions are Serenity's private quarters, attached to the main body of the station, a small commercial/residential wing, and the space port section of the station. Her private quarters are separated from the rest of the foot traffic areas by a security hallway, and is placed next to the bulk of station's processing and manufacturing. Attached to the security hallway, at an inconspicuous place, is the mixed commercial/residential wing. On the other side of that is the spaceport, where most of the foot traffic is kept. It is possible for merchant transports to forgo docking and receive bulk goods by drone.
If you need something built, the station can probably build it for you, charging for materials and power consumed. There's a hydroponics farm, and even a small ranch for meat, though meat is sold to certain customers first based on a revolving schedule. The space port is large, if only because she made it spacious and left further construction to whoever wanted to move their shop in. Security drones patrol the space thoroughly, a promise kept for the protection money she collects. They're not dressed to be intimidating, but they're certainly identifiable. One can be seen occasionally in residential.

Regan Hadou
Silverbranch Glade

Regan raised an eyebrow at Bullet as he came out, her lips curling just slightly, "You don't hunt or anything, do you? You reek of sweat and smoke and-" the tang of iron? Now that he's closer, "blood?" He was certainly presentable, for someone speaking like he belonged here. Maybe he did. No matter. The delightful young lady approached to inspect her ever so curiously. Herself, she checked the security strap on her katana's sheath was done and secure.

She shook her head at the girl's question, indeed unaware that she was anywhere in particular. Master Hadou was learning a lot today, and not least of which is that she found an old witch's coven! Zhulie's companion snapped her back up, cutting her lesson short and Regan held up her hands. "Whoa, there, don't worry. Even if you were still a witch's coven, it wouldn't concern me. Not anymore, and I dunno if the Electrician's Guild would pay for witches anyway. I'm not a bounty hunter anymore, though, so you can relax. I'm just a cook." A mage-cook, but a cook.

Zhulie was quick to override any suggestion or implication Bullet made of Regan being sent away. Just as well, this would help them make a good impression on her. If it were someone else, they might get the idea to report this 'Coven with a flimsy cover', they might call it. She was more than willing to put in a good word for good folk.

At the mention of food, however, Regan's interest was piqued, "ah, I would love the chance to learn about new cuisine!" The previous thing took her arm and started to lead the way back to her Guild... Hall? She didn't know what to expect, she looked forward to learning about them.

She chose to take Zhulie's lead and ignore Bullet.

The girl had mentioned the necessity of taking a break, and she couldn't help but think of her recent stop in Magnolia. That pervy sword... Why did telepaths always have to be such a bother? "Aren't you just a darling girl, Zhulie. I'm sure ol' Bullet over there is just trying to look out for ya, too.

"So, Zhulie, are you officially a member of your guild yet? I know some guilds don't let you in officially until you're so old or whatnot, though others don't really care." As well, she took a look around for those lanterns that Bullet had mentioned. She'd seen a lot of different lantern styles in her travels, so she wondered what they'd look like here.

"So, your guild. If it used to be a witch's coven, what's it like now? Is it… not a Coven anymore?" She was simply curious. Even if they were a guild, it could just be a front. She wasn't about to tell these fine people their business, however. If the girl was the example to take, these folks were welcoming and kind, and that's about as hard as she'd look at them. She glanced at Bullet, "I suppose you have reason to be... Weary. But, please. I mean no trouble."

Trinity Stratos
Into Phoenix Wing Guild Hall

"Hey, I was going to take time off on my own, this time." It was true, she usually just buried herself in her work. It made her plenty of money, but it wasn't exactly healthy. She knew, but, just the same.

"Looking forward to seeing them again?"

"Yeah. Damian's a real reliable sort, and Penny's the sweetest thing." There were others in the guild she was closer to, certainly, but it was hard to dislike such prominent faces. It felt like a much older sibling, perhaps. Not that she knew what siblings were like.

"That's right, you didn't join until after the Magic Games, two years ago." Everything since then was something of a blur. She remembered going to the island, but besides that, she'd mostly devoted herself to running her shop. All by herself, too, she was a little bit proud. It wasn't an easy thing, necessarily, but once she got the hang of it, it wasn't too hard, either. "Everything usually happens all at once, so you're probably right. Come and get on, let's go save Markovis." She'd finished putting the bike together. The wheels seemed to be completely independent of the body, yet they maintained formation with it. She climbed onto the front seat and peddled up next to Neil.

With her teammate aboard, they'd make it to the guild in no time. Once they fell into a rhythm, they really started to pick up speed, and it wasn't long before the came upon the guild hall. Trinity stood on one peg and swung her other leg over (careful not to kick Niel, try not to stare too hard). She nodded him to hop off before she stepped off herself, letting the bike disintegrate into the air as she made contact with the ground. There was a commotion at the door already. She fully expected Markovis to be at the bar, so maybe they weren't bothering him too much.

With a quick glance to confirm Neil's presence, she entered the guild, stepping almost immediately into the gathering. She considered encouraging them to move inward, but that would put them closer to her teammate. "Damian, Penny," she caught sight of them past the rest of the crowd, "been a while. Hope you two had at least a little fun while you were gone. This is Neil Yoska, one of my team members, and a new member since you were here last. It's great to see you guys again, you look great."

She spied Karn next to Penny, and reached over to tug on his dress. "Karn~, gimme a hug, sweetie." He was such a darling, she couldn't help but regret the fact she couldn't even protect him from water anymore. She looked back to Penny. "My other teammate wouldn't appreciate the crowd, so I'll introduce him later. Niel, though, he helped me buy my shop, instead of renting. I even found a basement garage the landlord didn't know about, it's pretty cool."
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