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Current I have been through hell and back trying to get Windows 7 to upgrade to Windows 10. After some steps involving Linux, I think I'm finally there...
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Do the elderly just feel like this all the time, all over...? Oww...
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A good writer hears the story with their soul, plots the story with their mind, and writes the story with their heart.
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Ten pats on the head if you can guess my gender at this very moment.
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Adulting sucks. Why do we have to do so much of it?


Guess I should write this thing, huh?

It's me, Citrus Arms. I'm 30(noooo), married, an aspiring indie game dev, as well as a hobbyist writer. Well, who here isn't. I've been meaning to write a book, but that's a big project and I've yet to finish one. Plotting a whole book is hard work, man.

I'm open to 1x1s and group RPs, feel free to invite me to something. I'm also part of a discord RP server of an old friend.

My favorite genres are fantasy and space, and I've got an original Universe that blends the two together. It's a post-apocalypse place, so there's everything from straight fantasy worlds to post-apocalypse survival available within the setting. Don't expect things to get too bleak, however. The universe recovers and grows stronger in unity, is the theme.

Discord: Citrus Arms#0136

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In Avalia 23 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Aiko Yume

Time: Mid-Day
Location: River Fairy Kingdom
Inventory: Lightly-ornate robes, pouch of amas, parasol, peacock fan
Interactions: Yuka @princess, Orias @Helo, Xavier @Potter

"Ooh, I excite you that much? You're such a sweetheart." They wrapped an arm around the feline woman as she nestled into the pets, but she caught the scent of someone and pushed out of their arms. Xavier, just the one they had a question for.

"You'll do all the hunting, love? Ooh, that won't do. What's your favorite meat, darling? I'll be sure to find something good for you."

"Xavier, have you been using the fan I got for you? I've been training a little with mine, but it wants for another... If you haven't, I'd take it off your hands. Of course, I can show you how to use it, as well." They did get the impression that Xavier had not taken to the fan. He seemed more focused on his sword, but you could theoretically use both...

Now, the other question was, would Orias get her a bell?
In Avalia 1 mo ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Aiko Yume

Time: Mid-Day
Location: River Fairy Kingdom
Inventory: Lightly-ornate robes, pouch of amas, parasol, peacock fan
Interactions: Yuka @princess, Orias @Helo

This kingdom was like a massive dream, unto itself. A lively place, almost festive, with a certain ethereal quality in the air. The days were actually rather pleasant here, perhaps due in part to all the foliage. Something about the vitality of this place made it easier, though that same energy about the place made the nights fantastic. They'd spent their time here in a way not unlike Yuka. The culture here tended to throw inhibition to the wind, and nobody bat an eye at their transformations. Perhaps out of habit, they didn't tend to shift in front of anyone. Maybe they thought it was just a glamour, or didn't even really care what it was? Or maybe it was cool.

At any rate, it made for a wonderful home for a drifter. Their recent adventure had been like taking a short but very clouded and mysterious fall onto a bed of flowers. Nevermind the fell wind. It was easy to forget the trouble on their heels, but Orias was sure to remember. The fallen royalty had something to prove, but to whom? Aiko wasn't in the habit of prying or pestering, only peeping. It was only their nature.

What wasn't their nature was training. Yuka was powerful in a confrontation, somehow. Orias had martial skill, and probably magical skill buried in there somewhere. Doubt could be a powerful thing, but it was hard to believe it was only that. The point was, they could actually be the weak link in a confrontation. Relying on raw magical power might work at night, but no way they could rely on that during the day.

That peacock fan was a nice magic focus. When it was open, it would form a sort of blade, over the edge of the fan. The magic could be shot out by closing it, or you could point it around and shoot. They should have gotten a few of them, it felt like you'd want two. Maybe they should ask Yuka to spar or something?

On this particular day, Aiko was doing nothing in particular; enjoying the peace of this place and soaking in the energies. They had caught sight of Yuka and followed her in to find Orias. The poor fellow, having to manage this cat. Aiko would attempt to calm her down by playing with her hair or scritching her head. Behind her ear, perhaps? Too much and we'd be doing something else, but a little in the not wrong spot might do it. "My, you do get excited. Not exactly who I would expect in a royal hunting party, but neither am I."

Time: Morning
Location: Castle town
Interactions: Lyra Carris, Ashe
Mentions: @Blizz @Timemaster

Captain Stratya had melded in with the common folk. She worked odd jobs for spending money, and stayed in a room at the tavern. She'd worked with a local bank to hold her more precious belongings, like her armor. With a bit of exchanged currency, the bank was the only one that knew she was a foreigner, though she didn't try particularly hard to hide it. She only really wanted to conceal her status, at least for a little bit.

While it was fun to be a commoner again for a while, she did have work to do. Between hearing of the appearance of a high-ranking military officer and a rumor about nobles having some kind of warehouse party (oh dear), Stratya knew it was time to go back to work. She retrieved her armor, heralding, and other sensitive belongings from the bank.

Now dressed recognizably, Stratya had a choice. For once, she didn't have to make the choice, however. She was making her way toward the castle when she saw that high-ranking officer she heard about leaving an eatery with a woman. Including her own, that made for an awful lot of foreign swords in one place. It was the kind of thing that might make a new guard nervous, but more veteran guards should be used to it.

The officer bore colors she didn't recognize, and the other woman had a strange sword, long and curved back and narrow. "Here I thought all foreign dignitaries would be in the castle. Well, I guess that makes three of us," as though she wasn't already aware that she would find this particular officer in the town. "Captain Durmand, of Caesonia."
Stella Lumite

"Infestation?" Not a move she'd heard of before. She didn't normally get into bug types, but the two she had were pretty neat. She identified a little bit with Ocul, as a nerd. Short of an explanation from the move tutor, she'd look it up in her Pokedex. "Sounds useful, I'll take Infestation for my Blipbug."

Time to hit up the Pokemart. 4 pokeballs, 5 potions, 5 antidotes, an escape rope and a repel later, she stepped out from the Pokemart and breathed deeply of the wonderful floral scent throughout the town. Again, her eyes fell on the decrepit building nearby. It stood out far too much... Was it abandoned? She wanted to investigate.

She approached the old building, letting Ocul out onto one shoulder and Niblet onto the other. She'd give a few knocks. Without an answer, she'd try the door and take a cursory look around.
Stella Lumite

As she sat around, Stella browsed through the Center's brochures, picking a few out and stuffing them in her backpack. If there was any information on that house, she'd want it. It seemed mysterious, but also like it could have been on purpose? For a town so invested

What time was it, anyway?

As she picked up her Pokemon, Stella looked to her right, curiously. Move tutor? She'd heard mention of them from trainers. She gave Joy her thanks and approached the tutor. "Hello. You're a Move Tutor? Anything... you can teach a Blipbug?" Having something more than Struggle Bug would be nice, but maybe it just wasn't possible. Surely, a Pokemon like that must evolve... How else would it survive?

"I've got some others. How about a Tyrunt? Or a Joltic?" She was certainly interested in expanding the movesets her Pokemon knew. She wondered if any of the kids around here knew about rare or uncommon pokemon in town. She had an extra electric type that might make a good pet, she could trade for information.
Stella Lumite

Academia could be competitive, and Thora already felt like a friend. She didn't want to poison that by digging where she wasn't appreciated. But, Thora was only joking. Whew. "Ah, yes, such family history would be most informative for my counter-strategy."

"There's a specific test for the Elite Four? Makes sense... It must be really hard. I wonder who has it worse, the applicant or the facilitators? I suppose that would depend on if the applicant makes the cut or not."

As they entered the town, Stella was greeted by pleasant scents and beautiful flowers everywhere. The town was called Florasong, after all. "Wow. It's like the whole town is a park. So different from Edda. I've heard about this place (Starbor, too), but seeing it yourself is worth it." She found herself sniffing some nearby flowers, giving a contented sigh before turning back to Thora, "I think I can see the Center from here. I won't turn down the company if you're not doing anything, though."

She'd want to rest her Pokemon at the center and restock on her supplies. Get some more potions, pokeballs, see what else they had. She also had a lot of new Pokemon that hadn't been looked over by Nurse Joy yet.
In Avalia 3 mos ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Aiko Yume

Time: Night
Location: River Fairy Kingdom
Inventory: Lightly-ornate robes, pouch of amas, parasol, peacock fan
Interactions: Yuka @princess, Orias @Helo

Yuka directed then in to a tavern, The Pretty Flower, and Orias decided to come with them. "Hah, can't pin me down." Aiko slid an arm around Yuka and entered the tavern with her. Orias was busy convincing himself this was ok, the poor stressed, anxious thing.

"You'll get your rest. Later." The rest would be important, as well. Aiko would manage his sleep, tonight. But for now, it was time to relax with these lovely people. Perhaps Aiko should have come here sooner.

They did party and drink, and when Orias seemed to be fading out Aiko encouraged them to find rest for the rest of the night. It would be while they all rested that Aiko would come to Orias. They would manage his sleep that night, while they talked.
Stella Lumite

Trying to figure out her team? "Oh! Ah, n-no, just... Wondering how he fit into your teams. He would be as much of a puzzle to fight, as he is a strong contender, I imagine. Ground-types will get put right back in the dirt, if they come in too cocky. You have more? Uwaaah, lucky," Stella stared with a certain envy, though she reminded herself that she'd just have to find her own rare Pokemon. And that she already has a shiny Tyrunt. Speakin' of.

"Ya tired, boy?" Kaebe seemed a little slow. Stella held up his ball and lasered him, "go on and rest in your ball, then. Put your feet up." She holstered it and held her hand up for her Joltic to climb into. She brought Niblet down to about chest level and held her there so she could pet the fuzzy thing. "Niblet, I know you ate Kaebe's paralysis earlier, but are you hungry?"

She saw Florasong ahead of them, relieved for the safety of a town. She had Thora with her, granted, but it wasn't a complete guarantee, after all. She'd want to get to the PokéCenter right away, and also see what's in stock at the market. Her Pokedex told her she had money to spend. If she caught enough rare Pokemon, she could buy a house.

"I guess it makes sense, you have more of those Electrode. As gym leader, are you involved in raising them? Wait, you're my age, aren't you? You're a gym leader?!"
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