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Lumina Lusteria, the Lustrous
Southern Gate

Ecthel diversified his magic with rigorous training to expand his basic capabilities. He also applied some other magics to help him obtain the necessary speed for close quarters with a bow. Interesting. Aah, but the conversation turned to her, in turn. He inquired of her magic, just as she had of his. "Drawing a bow is no mean feat, indeed. As for my own magic? Hmm..." She thought for a moment, wondering how to explain it properly. Without getting weird.

"Well, it's nothing as formal as spell casting. More like a sort of... spell, or enchantment was put on me, to give me extra power. When my will and the enchantment align, the power increases. When they do not, usually if I'm being selfish or something, or if I'm unsure, it decreases. Conviction and compassion guide my power, like when things resonate with each other."

"Aah, was that sufficient? It's kind of not very straightforward."
First season only season.

I miss the first James.
I was talking mostly about the show. The first season has James talking about eating Magikarp, which I thought was great.
So, I just looked it up. Staraptor, the Predator Pokemon. That's something Pokemon totally likes to gloss over, too. Food chain.
Ah, this one was straight to the point. And brave, being so calm in front of a much larger bird. No use dancing around the subject, then. "Oh, I suppose I am a little startled about something. I just saw a rather rough fight over a meal. Fighting is one thing, but I dunno if that one would have made it on his own. Do fights often get that intense?" The Staraptor knew he was lucky, having someone that would feed him if he couldn't get food for himself. Not like that was going to happen, though.
Lumina Lusteria, the Lustrous
Southern Gate

"Ah, so you're here for magic tutelage. ... Archery? Oh, I think that could be useful. You could pin a rope in most places that way, yeah? Certain constructions would be a lot easier. If you're creative enough, you'll figure something out. Hunting comes to mind, as well." Magic archery, huh? Why didn't she think of that?

"Do you think... do you think we can save Varjan?"

"That's what I intend to find out. If, somewhere in his soul, he wants to be saved, it will be possible. We just have to reach that part of him." It wouldn't be easy, likely, but she'd sure try. And she wasn't going to be alone.

"So, you would magic archery? How does it work? Do you enchant an arrow as you fire them, or do you manifest them? I'm curious."
Trinity Stratos
Tenrou Island

@Crimson Raven@t2wave

She had been wondering what she was going to do. If she had the magic power for it, she could have wrapped herself in her energy make, but her power had been fading the last couple of months. She couldn't get a grip on why, but she had the feeling it has something to do with the technique she'd been using in the magic games. A pool of magic she had to cheat her way into. Thinking back on it, of course it was a bad idea. Should have done more research.

But that was neither here nor there. She felt something wrap around her, which was alarming enough. Shadows? They pulled her toward the shore, and not into the depths, so that was good. Ariel was being pulled too, even better. She let it take her ashore.

Once in the shallows, she pulled herself to her feet and located the source, a mage. Well, of course it was. The woman? brought Ariel over to her and started doing... Something to her. It didn't seem like she was trying to harm her, and she had to be grateful for the assistance, so she approached slowly. "That was you, then? Thank you." She looked at Ariel obviously, "what, ah... Whatcha doin' there? Miss, er..." this wasn't anyone she could remember seeing before, "Miss shadow magic."
Rapier landed on the roof of the center first. Information, huh? There was a Wingull nearby on the roof, that was as good a place as any to start. "Excuse me, hello. Beautiful plumage, you must take good care. I'm new in the area, do you mind talking for a minute?" He settled himself down on his perch, getting comfy. "Lots of humans seem to pass through here. You must see a lot of different things from them."
Lumina Lusteria, the Lustrous
Southern Side

"It's my pleasure, Ecthel. Travel is better with good food." No, food wasn't free here, not even rations. Another reason for her to wish she was home. At the same time, however, it gave her more reason to stay here. To effect change, however subtle... But that was neither here nor there.

"No, I'm quite the foreigner. I come from an island nation. Out, aaah..." She took a moment to get her bearings, before pointing out toward the ocean. "[color=bbeeff]That way."

He asked more about her mission. "Yes, the seers of my land have foreseen... Certain major events we could not ignore. In the name of Sacred Life, I am here to influence them."

"So, ah, any luck?"

"Hmmmnnnn define luck. I have a lead that I'm here following. Ah, but, no. The prophecy was, as prophecies go, vague or non-descript about certain things but clear to a point of others. I can only do what I think is right." A pause. "And how about you? What brings a country bumpkin into all this business, Ecthel?"

Regan led the way to the nearby pokecenter, stopping at the automatic sliding doors and turning to face her bird. "Rapier, I want you to look into this incident. Fighting over food is one thing, but to take it this far is abnormal. Was it just that one Wingull, being ornery, or is there something upsetting the Pokemon around here? I don't have enough information, go check it out."

Rapier took flight as Regan disappeared into the building, getting some height to get a look around. Maybe he'd find a Wingull to talk to, see if it would say anything interesting. Or, perhaps there was a disturbance he'd be able to see from above.
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