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That's fine. I was waiting for smoken, but... Dude hasn't even been online.
Where'd he go?
Lumina, the Shining Demon
Den of the Lion Consumed by Power

Whoa, this lady got strong! That drink must really be something, maybe she should keep one in her back pocket for emwrgencies? Who knew what the drawback was, though. The shield was wrested from her hand, but the woman wouldn't be able to use it for too long, anyway. Without a flow of power, the shape would dissolve... But what does that drug do?

And then she got clicked in the face. She tried to roll with it, and perhaps it was good she did, but damn that punch was too heavy to be legal! Her body landed among some equipment, and she could hear metal clashing. "Ooh..." She propped up, in time to see the final exchange. Vitalion disarms, only to get a nutshot.

That's a low blow, lady.

She started getting up, rolling herself to her knees. The woman continued, kicking Vitalion across the head to knock him out.

And then she went for the sword. This greedy bitch was gonna stop just to kill him?

"Stop!" The power pack on her back burst to life, sending jets of burnt magic energy or behind her. Lumina sailed through the air like a missile, fury and power coursing through her entire body. She'd slam the woman with a shoulder check, the jets stopping and letting her fall to the ground nearby, on her feet. She wanted to get the woman away from Vitalion. If her impression of him stood, that man deserved life. She would sooner let this woman rot in a pit than let her kill him.

She'd stand over the man's body, gathering another beam of light into what had been her shield hand. The shape of a curved broadsword Rose from the crystal hilt still in her hand. The aura she gathered into her left hand glowed with a certain menace as she aimed at the woman's heart. She didn't need to bust through a building, so she used a little less power this time. "Surrender now." Her target was a bluff, but she absolutely would shoot. She'd just aim for the shoulder of her sword arm instead, to begin destroying the woman's ability to fight.
Lumina Lusteria, the Lustrous
Den of the Lion Consumed by Power

It turned out Vitalion had everything else well in hand. The man seemed to be as a ray of sunshine, breaking a cloudy day. She'd have to keep an eye on him, but her hopes were high. They moved upstairs.

The situation above was not as well as she'd hoped. There was blood everywhere, and likely many of these bodies were dead. Damn. The woman was the last one left, but it seemed she wouldn't go down without taking more with her. Another vial of that strange liquid, and now they would see it's effects. She should have grabbed one, maybe, but she would make do without such shortcuts.

It seemed like the power was driving the woman mad already. She charged at them with gym weights in her hands for weapons. A normal person would be greatly slowed by such a thing, but this woman just amped up on a yet unknown substance with yet unknown effects. She'd have to be careful, but this woman had to be stopped.

"Don't let her hit you." Lumina charged her legs and jumped herself over the woman with help of propulsion from the crystal object strapped to her back. She drove power into her weapon to extend her baton. It was more likely to break and require her to form another weapon, but it would be worth it. She tried to get hits in around her head while above the woman, and readied for a retaliatory weight to come her way once she landed. Her shield would be ready to block, but she'd have to deflect or move along with any of this woman's blows to come away clean, even if it meant taking a tumble or toss.
I'm just gonna put this here.
Lumina Lusteria, the Lustrous
Taco Time - Special Guy's Dungeon

"Nah, I don't think I could possibly like someone who would use a vile weapon like this. I'd kick 'er ass on sight." It really got under her skin. Something intended for entertainment, or at least gambling, turned into an instrument of death. Something made for the course of Life, perverted to end lives.

"You think distance will save you, Kieth? If my isolated island nation is not safe, then how far will you have to go? I'm not sure anywhere in this world would yield safety to you, not from this. The pieces of this puzzle that I do have tell me that. We might be better off joining forces, y'know."

Den of Vagrants - "Kill Moves" Gym

Vitalion called out to her, and none too soon. One of the combatants had chased her, in lieu of the other two opponents he had to choose from. Instead of going for her shield first, she made a baton from her crystal hilt, using that to intercept the incoming strike. With a swift kick, she'd buy herself some space, and power on her shield. Coming back down the stairs she'd partially ascended, she eyeballed her foe and gathered the situation.

Sir Vitalion had watched her back, despite also having to fight two, himself. Such noble action was a breath of fresh air, and capability to match. She didn't have that usual oomph back just yet, but that didn't mean she was out. She just had to rely more on her natural balance and agility. She opened an attack on her current adversary, feinting at his head and then thrusting for his gut. She just had to knock him over, knock him out, then relieve Vitalion of one opponent.
Gotcha. Maybe I'll make another post sooner than later, then.

Or maybe... I can make an inventor bro... Hmmmm.

If Lumina had some drug, would she be All Might with laser beams?
Oh right. There's also the matter of taco Time.
Lumina Lusteria, the Lustrous
Taco Time - County Jail Dungeon

Lumina smiled and nodded a little, yeah, "yeah, maybe I shouldn't have taken you so seriously before, but this is... Different, maybe." She cleared her throat. "You require varying degrees of salt, but.. well, my purpose in being here is too stop this catastrophy, and I will succeed."

She let Keith speak, getting one important confirmation out of him. She was in the right city, and this on the right track. "Thank you, Kieth. That's all I've got for you, though... No, there's one other thing. This card. It's one of the ones that was thrown at you, brother to the ones that killed Juan. Do you know about who used it?"

Wierd Gym

Hm. When she said rear entrance, she was hoping for something behind, not something below. That said, this was the worst scenario. Her rear entrance dumped them out into the middle of their preparations, completely exposing their presence. That said, at least they all knew where the other was. No getting away in secrecy like they were hoping.

Men ran off up the stairs. Maybe they had a third way out upstairs, maybe they didn't. She had to give her signal, but her friends were sorely outnumbered. If she could even the odds just a little, she wouldn't feel as bad about a short time away. She just needed to see the roof. That guy, rummaging around in a box in the middle of a fight. Perfect.

She knew what she had to do. Forging allies in her fight against an unknown catastrophy, presently, this was her task. Now she just had to do it! Power flooded her legs, and reinforced her fist. Mustering as much speed as she could, she burst forward, on a beeline toward the guy at the chest. She'd trip someone on the way, given the opportunity. She'd go for one, swift knockout punch before then beelining it to the stairs. She'd climb partway up before stopping and gathering her power into her hands. It took a second to focus it, but then she'd unleash it in a beam, upward and toward the front. Her signal to the guards out front.

That job done, she'd draw her weapons, powering on her shield first and regathering her strength.
Trinity Stratos
Tenrou Island

The dragons were "gone", but something else started happening almost immediately. A mass of fire fell from the sky, just as she dragged Karn far enough to find Mithera. She set him down and was about to go investigate when that same fireball seemed to bound from the jungle to the sea. She's heard of this, in another old song. A streak of light in the night; several, bouncing crashes; a person where a meteor should be.

Lots of old songs, today.

And then it exploded! That was different. Couldn't have been good. So, ocean. Swimming. She had a staff. She looked at the white beam she held, wondering where, exactly, she got it from, and what she could do with it. By compulsion, she broke it in two over her knee and started to flatten out the ends with her hands. Without magic power to form it, she had to do it by hand.

She made flippers! Being relatively uninjured, she then sprang down the beach backwards (as one does in flippers), sloshing into the water while having shed her outer clothes along the way. "Alright, now where's the-" shelf. Sploosh.

Suddenly finding herself submerged, Trinity kicked around to scan for the person she suspected was out here. She spotted a figure and began to approach, but was stopped by the heat. Was this person giving off this heat? She couldn't get any closer...! Without other options (and short on breath), she surfaced to call for help.

She took a deep breath and gave a good, loud call, "heeeey! I need someone heat resistant! Hurry!"

Was there enough time? She dove back down, and this time, she managed to recognize Ariel. She seemed disoriented... Unable to approach or speak, she wondered about tossing that light spear in front of her face to grab her attention. The problem was that was now her flippers. How did she do it before? Held her hand out like this, and then she closed her hands, as though around a Make. A much smaller white stick appeared in her hand this time. It flew very straight when thrown, passing by Ariel and continuing into the deep blue. Trinity would point upward, toward the surface.

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