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Appearance: Hey, a picture

Name: Lumina Lusteria

Race: Furred Beastkin

Magic/Abilities: Lumina has a rather raw form of magic, the ability to transform her willpower into power, and actively channel that energy. By channeling her energy, she can unleash blasts of energy or lift herself off the ground. However, such displays of power often take her a moment to gather the energy and concentrate. A focus made of the special crystal her people utilize helps to eliminate the concentration requirement, as the crystal can channel and contain the power. If a charged crystal is left alone, it will grow. With a certain technique, magics can be imprinted into the crystal, allowing her to use a form of that magic by putting energy through the imprinted crystal.

With her power, she can do a few things. She can enhance any physical part of her body, though certain more sensitive organs should be left alone. She can gather energy in one place and release it, steadily or in a blast, for propulsion or a ranged attack, respectively. She can also maintain a field of energy nearby or around herself. This field might push objects away or draw them in, or spin them around a focal point, but without a crystal focus she has a hard time forming something like a hard shield larger than a buckler.

Crystal charged with her energy will respond to her will, as an extension of her body. She can release energy blasts and such from the crystal, just like she can from her body, though doing so depletes the energy stored in the crystal.

The power of her magic comes from her strength of will. Her willpower is sensitive to others, and gives her some measure of empathy to whoever she's speaking to or touching. She can also offer some of her energy to another.

Personality: She's a very friendly, kind person. Violence and fighting aren't really her thing, but Justice and compassion dictate that, at times, she must. She finds her other abilities much more useful, helping others to heal, physically and emotionally.

Background: Lumina comes from a land far away, across the sea. A strange crystal grows in this land. Deep in the forests, certain trees grow very special gems, feeding off of underground deposits. These gems, when worn, will store vital energy until the point that it blooms into a fairy, bonded to the creature that hatched it. The fairy draws from the creature's vital power to live, and will continually guide whoever it is to be a better, more complete person. The number one lesson is compassion. Though Lumina has no apparent fairy, the power the fairies offer is hers.

While she would normally be content to just wander around and help the people of her land, the seers of her people have told of some great event in a far off land, that they would be remiss to ignore. With a lack of others willing, Lumina volunteered. A ship, suitable for a long journey, was made for her, with amenities to help her on her travels. She was also given a sleekly shaped crystal, a little smaller than her torso, wrapped in a white metal frame with straps for wearing on the back, and a similar quarterstaff framed in wood.

So she sailed for many days. When at last she found land, she was happy to also shortly find civilization. While her initial integration into this new culture was… rocky… she adapted, as one must. Money was a foreign concept to her, but she was able to sell some food from her ship's garden to take care if it. She managed to find one trustworthy sort, a bum off the streets, who was kind enough to teach her some things about this new place. The garden on her ship needed tending, and this poor soul needed shelter, so she struck a deal. Tend the garden to live on the ship, for now.

It had been the sounds of something being struck that had drawn her attention, coming from down an alleyway. After haggling a day out of the pier master, she needed a way to come up with some cash. He'd recommended selling something from her cargo hold in the warehouse district... But these customs were strange to her. She felt rather odd about it. But that was neither here nor there, nor whatever that noise was. Everyone else seemed to just ignore it, but... this was a strange place. Into the alley she went, her wits about her.

Here, around this corner. She sidled up to the corner of the building, a bad feeling looming in the air. Frustration, dominance. Humiliation and regret. She peeked out, to witness a fight. Only it wasn't a fight... the man in rags wasn't fighting back. She could only watch so much before she found herself jumping out and shouting. "What the hell is going on here?"

The well-dressed man turned with a rather unsavory glare, clearly not wanting to deal with an interruption. "Go away, lady. We're busy."

"Not anymore, you're not. Break it up." She began to approach.

The man in rags coughed and spoke from the ground, "it's alright, he paid me."

"P-paid you?"

"Please, I need the money..." He coughed into his hand, she saw blood.

"No, this ends now." She shot the 'customer' a glare of her own before she knelt beside the man, beginning to check him for broken ribs.

"Look, bitch. I payed good money, and I intend to get my beating. Are you volunteering?"

"I'm sure whatever you payed wasn't worth this man's health. Scram."

"I paid hundreds!"

"Joke's on you, guy. I have no concept of your money's value." He didn't like that and came at her. The homeless man warned her and she rose to meet the challenger. He was taller, and took two swings for her face. She simply leaned out of the way, and ducked under a third shot before delivering a punch to the gut. She really wasn't in the mood for dealing with a fight right now. The assailant doubled, clutching his gut. After a few hesitant steps back, clearly rethinking things, he decided to bail. She had to hit him, in the end. Good thing the man wasn't really looking for an actual fight.

She brought the homeless man back to her ship and gave him a strange apple, from the single tree at the center of the garden on board. It would help him heal. Over the next few days, he taught her about their culture, and she taught him gardening.

The man used to be a sailor on a merchant vessel. Once he was well, they struck a deal. He was homeless. If he took care of the garden and the ship, he could live aboard, for now. It would be moored here for a while, while she was on the continent. Could be a while, and the garden would need care, and the ship's docking had to be paid for. The man agreed, and Lumina was free to leave the port. Which was good, because it sounded like something interesting was happening inland.

She left the port city, a new friend caring for her ship. The city of Zauberheim was holding a tournament. Such things usually attracted a lot of attention, so it would probably be worth investigating. She hitched a ride with a merchant caravan as hired muscle, on her way to the capital city.
Trinity Stratos
Tenrou Island

"Okay, I'm ready." Trinity had just climbed aboard Karn's back, ready to be carried. She was really hoping that Karn wouldn't freak out, she'd been having some weird issues with her magic regenration... she would prefer to not have to expend any energy unless absolutely necessary.

There's no way there's actually a dragon, right? Totally. Probably dead of old age or moved somewhere else.

They landed, she dismounted readily, turning to look at the sea. "Karn, you did it! Turn around and look at it. Know that you can-" and the rest of her words were lost.

Fuck! There is a dragon! Oh, I really stepped in it this time! Okay... okay, you walked into this. You're with the guild. Just stay with the-

Goddamnit Karn! Trinity took off after Karn, sprinting with everything. Karn slowed down for some reason and she took her opportunity, tackling them. "Don't be daft! Does that roar really sound good to you? N-now, c'mon, appreciate what you've accomplished for a second... oh, it's Karn. Hi Karn," she gave a smile and a wave, and then rested her head on Karn's back, relieved, "oooh, you have sense... <3". And the she realized what she was doing and she jumped to her feet; offered a hand. "A-anyway, you alright? Sorry, I had to tackle him."
Hey! So I've got... An idea. I'd be making an outsider, but it might be a little beyond the scope of the RP. I'm alright if we don't get to my character arc resolution, too, I suppose. I thought I'd just put it out there before I write up a small wall to explain my character.

A small wall.

Edit: or maybe it's not beyond the scope after all? Just re read the interest check, it seems you have more in store after the tournament. Naturally, naturally.
This sounds pretty interesting. What kind of group did you have in mind?
Yo. I have a weapon character tucked away, what's happening?

I see. The classic "OP opens and then is never heard from again." Has anyone PM'd him?
Oh, whoops. I know I hit the quote button by accident, but I didn't think I posted that...
Probably post here if you're talking about posting or the RP itself? And then use the discord for chit chat?

Probably post here if you're talking about posting or the RP? And then use the discord for chit chat?
Trinity Stratos
Boat to Tenrou

"There we go. Easy peasy over to the island like that, isn't it?" Trinity ankles softly, approaching and patting Karn's side. She pet him a little bit as he mentioned Mithera. She was with them back at the guild, she remembered Mithera came and spoke to Karn just before they left.

"Well, if she's here, I assume she wanted to come with. Do you know where she went? We can at least ask her what she wants to do, right?

Someone was missing, right? Where'd that cat man get to... Ah. There he is, snuggling up on some poor man. Heh, sure.
Trinity Stratos
Ship to Tenrou

"We're gonna have to go in boats?" They'd come to the deck just in find to catch important news. And Karn wasn't pleased, it was no surprise. She put her arms around him as he clung to her. "Oh, there there, sweety. It's alright. I've got you..."

He really was like a little kid... It was worrying sometimes. But, well... She just had to look out for him, then, right?

"You can fly us, can't you? I'll catch you if you fall. It's just a quick little skip over there, isn't it? I'll catch you. We've come this far, you shouldn't turn back now. Chin up, steel yourself. Can you do that for me?" Right now, watching out for Karn involved helping him with a certain soul problem. Her best lead was vague, sure, but it was better than nothing. If nothing else, maybe they'd get another lead. She could only hope.

But in the mean time, they had the last leg of a sea journey to make. Just a little farther, buddy.
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