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Let's go fill Moomin Valley with crime, c'mon!
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Well, there's one. Now where's @AzureKnight?
Where'd everybody go?
Was this kid serious? He was just gonna pick up and probably build a house in the middle of nowhere? For his Pokemon, basically. Well, wanting to give them a comfortable life was admirable, at least. "I see... Well, yeah, like I said. Probably check out the business district in in the city. Maybe you'll find something that isn't in any city limits, who knows? But, ah, good luck, anyway. Keep track of your Pokemon."

It was then that she spotted that red roof of a Pokemon Center. "Ah, if you'll excuse me. I need to get back to it." She gave the kid a nod and then left on her way, heading toward the Center. A thought struck her, and she stopped at a nearby bench, taking off her backpack. She rummaged through it, finding the folder she'd been given before being sent here. Ah, they gave her a map, after all.

It was then she heard a trainer lamenting something about his Pokemon's move choice. She twisted her body around to peer over her shoulder, spotting the boy with his Pokemon in the hotel yard. Rapier would enjoy a high perch on top of that building. She gave a light hearted laugh, turning partway on the bench to better face the lad, "is that a new Pokemon? A little bit ornery, is he?"

"No way, kid, you're asking the wrong ranger. I'm new around here. Maybe ask, ah..." Hmm. Now that she thought about it, her life as a trainer made real estate a non-issue. She'd never thought about it before. "Real estate, huh?" Well, anyone that owned a home might know. Or a business. "Ask at a business, or look in a business district for an office. That's the best I've got for ya, kid. What're you looking to buy, anyway?"
I was just thinking they'd probably work more with the rangers, seeing as they're both part of the Association.
How did I forget about Pokemon centers?
Regan smiled at the reunion, though she couldn't help but wonder if it wouldn't just happen again. The Umbreon seemed genuinely sorry, so perhaps it learned a lesson out of all this. "Just doin' my job, kid. If there's nothing else you need, I better go. I've got to report in to the local Ranger team." If nothing else, I'll just head over to HQ. Gotta take a ferry to Evoru, huh? I should have asked for a map...

Rapier landed on the edge of a nearby building, overlooking his trainer and this other speaking. He fluttered his wings as he settled onto his perch, scanning the nearby crowds as well. There were a few trainers looking at him, but he wasn't exactly a common sight, either. Of course they'd look.
Rapier gave a whistle as he found his mark and began circling overhead. He'd lower his altitude and get ready to intercept the Pokemon, should it try to flee.

"Lucian? I'm Regan." She motioned him along, glancing at her bird occasionally. "I'm a Ranger, though I'm not exactly in uniform right now. Ah- and there he is. Is that your Umbreon?" She looked back at Lucian. How'd he lose his Pokemon, anyway? Isn't that what pokeballs were supposed to be for...?
I figured the pacing would go better if I assumed a yes from the princess.
Lumina Lusteria, the Lustrous
With The Rising Crown, in the place of Scholars and Warriors

How very efficient, she liked it. This girl was good at her craft. Was this school full of such capable people? Hm, she needed to stay on her A game, then. It wouldn't do to lose to a child, not in that manner. She looked to the princess, "I am to consider these people your trusted hands, then?"

Presumably, one "yes" later, "very well. Let me start at the beginning. I got involved in the case about as soon as I arrived in Zauberheim. I found myself outside a warehouse, host to a fight on it's front step. Some cute young thing was about to get an axe, so I stepped in and stopped the axe. Then someone started the warehouse to go up, I busted in, secured some illicit substances, fought with Keith a bit while I was at it, and my involvement in the case was solidified."

"The next day," she glanced at the door to see it was still closed, "say, your spell needs the whole room to be sealed? Windows 'n such, too, yeah? Just makin' sure..."

"Ah, the next day, we're to go arrest Juan de la Cruz for questioning, but it didn't go well. You may have heard. Someone was put there to take him out, meaning that he was definitely involved. Then, just today, we busted up a gym that was a front for their organization, and I fought alongside Sir Vitalion, against Annabelle Orlov. She's the drug user I fought. It made her strong. It took the two of us to bring her down. She managed to get me good on the head, which brings us here."

"Now, this all seems like it might be tied up in the business that brings me to your kingdom in the first place. What do you know of all this, if I may be so bold."
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