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Lumina Lusteria, the Lustrous

"I'm fine, thank you." Lumina looked behind with a wary smile, at the words of concern.

"He's dead. We can't do anything for him now."

"... Yeah. I know." She knew Juan was lost. There were certain rites she wanted to perform, but it seemed as though he had moved on without confusion. Good. Someone came and gave her summons to the citadel. She would be along in a moment, but first she wanted one of those cards. She spoke some words for Juan softly before rising and moving to the cards today had embedded themselves in the ground. She carefully drew her power out of her arm and crunched down to retrieve one of the cards. The aura of whatever person threw this was probably still on it. She carefully tucked it away before responding to the summons.


This whole thing left a bad taste in her mouth. A million things she could have done even just slightly differently, but she shouldn't get caught up in that. Beating herself up isn't going to change anything. Their newest associate gave an introduction, and she learned good ol' Kieth North was in the building. She'd definitely have to visit him.

She turned to Rimilian, curious, "are you from around here? I come from a land out at sea, myself." Especially now that he took the mask off, his scent was different from most of the things she found around here.
Trinity Stratos
Tenrou Island

Though she predictably failed to pierce the red dragon's hide, she seemed successful in her strike. She pushed off the dragon and bound hey way across the sand, she took up a defensive position in front of Karn. She was ready to hold her line, but the dragons had stopped.

She felt it, first. The magic that was part of her felt it for her. Some she'd never felt before and hoped never to feel again. A foul kind of magic that she couldn't find the words to describe. And then she saw him. She heard his name, a name on par with the devil for his place in music culture. Only, somehow, he was worse. His very presence was death and destruction.

Karn let out a final burst of power before collapsing. "Dammit...!" She did her best to help him up, prop him on her shoulder. "We've got to find Mithera, where did she go? We need to stay together." With the white beam of light to help support them like a staff, she might just manage dragging Karn off to the sidelines.
Lumina Lusteria, the Lustrous

What-? No! The first thing she felt was the slightest tension on her hair. Her attempts to secure their target were thwarted so soundly and decisively as a dead man. At first, she couldn't believe this man has just been snuffed out so quickly and quietly, right in front of her. But there it was. It took her just a moment to compose herself, shaken though she was.

She needed to focus. Juan was murdered... and Kieth? They were gone, but... There were cards lodged in the ground, there. Had there been an attempt on one of them, too? But, for right now... Juan.

She wavered as she looked at him. It disturbed her, that someone could do this to another. And with something as plain as playing cards, it was vile. "... Lay him on the ground a moment. Let me look at him." She hoped he was able to move on peacefully, at least. It had been painless, but dying unconscious... you wouldn't even know what happened.

Was he still there?
Aaahg, why'd I have her put away the buckler? It's small enough she could just keep it on...

Can I retcon that little detail? xP although... Ah, no. It goes on her hip, nevermind. Just turn it on and crouch.
Lumina Lusteria, the Lustrous

They managed to capture the man. Her ally used ice magic to freeze Keith in place. Keith forfeited his weapon and surrendered, a wise move at this point. She put away her short crystal handle and buckler. The other combatant approached and started asking questions. "What, you didn't hear him introduce himself? Keith North. Ah, we should handle interrogation later. Right now, I need you to make sure he's kept safe while he's defenseless. I need to talk to him, but right now, my party and I are here... to-" she'd been looking around, aware that they were here for another objective. The carriage was ajar. She spotted the unconscious figure being carried, put two and two together, and away she went.

The guy carrying whom she assume was Juan was a big guy. He has Juan on his shoulder. She just had to grab him and get away. She ran on approach, hoping to catch the pair off-guard. Maybe if she jumped from far enough away, she could get the drop in them. She'd jump, try to land on the big guy's shoulder (the unoccupied shoulder, naturally), grab Juan, and launch off his shoulder to get away again, this time with a man in her arms. Now, where did those knights come from? She should warp out with Juan and come back for Keith.
Oh, yeah. Me. Righteo.
Trinity Stratos
Tenrou Island

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"You're just gonna go toe-to-toe?" That didn't seem like a good idea. She couldn't leave the Karns at a time like this, though, so she climbed into his back properly. "This is incredibly reckless, just so you know." Like she really had to tell him.
Karn charged the dragon while Trinity scoured her mind for anything she knew about dragons. It was mostly from old folk songs. It was said only Dragon Slayer magic could win this fight. If Karn could transform into a dragon, was that good enough? They'd find out, she supposed.
Karn's assault was vicious, but not enough. He was knocked off his feet and Trinity leapt from his back to avoid being crushed. With the others pitching in, their assault against the dragon was going... well?
She felt her strength surge, just the boost she needed to defend Karn against any further retaliation from this dragon. "Energy Make: Spiked Mallet; Boost Pad." A long-handled mallet formed in her hand and she crouched, putting a hand to the ground to make a pad. But she was forgetting herself.
She jumped off the pad at high speed and spun, bringing the hammer for an overhead smash. The mallet head exploded in impact, and she let her momentum change upward, the change in weight and the force carrying her into the air. She went to reform her mallet head, but... The jump pad had taken too much. Her make dissintigrated in her hand, and just in time for her to see the dragons arrive.
She was dead if she didn't do something. Where she was, without magic to defend herself...
But there was something there. She could feel... Energy, in her palm. Not her own. As she closed her hand around it, it condensed into a single, white shaft. Not the usual gold. But there were no time for questions. The minstrel grabbed her spear? and poised herself for a plunging strike onto the dragon below her. She could only hope to stun it and make an opening for Karn or a Dragon Slayer.
Lumina Lusteria, the Lustrous

There he went, being ominous again. "Belly up? Elaborate." And did he do a cartwheel just then? "And what's with your armor, you're really- flexi-! boof!" He'd been flexible enough to get a kick on her! She stumbled back, clutching where she'd been kicked briefly. "You're damn nimble in that suit!" Was he just really buff or something?

Whatever the case, Keith was more interested in the other person he was attacking. It left him open to attack from the side, but after taking the time to catch her balance, she was behind. She took a few steps to close the distance before extending the other end of her quarter staff and sliding her hand along it with a quick half-toss to herself. She used the extra reach to swing for Keith's legs, trying to trip him. "You can't just leave me with an omen like that and expect me not to bite. C'mon, now, you gotta tell me."
CDO, CFO, CEO, who cares.
Lumina Lusteria, the Lustrous

"Well excuse me for being earnest! Besides, we don't have... Vials of weird liquid back home. Just plants." Lumina huffed at the armored thug that paused their fight to make fun of her. It was a little embarrassing, and perhaps a lesson. She needed to relax a little, like this guy. A little too relaxed, maybe, she should punish-

A fireball?! That's not neighborly! Her senses spiked and she rushed forward, toward Keith. A fireball wasn't exactly a non-lethal kind of attack, unlike her own approach. Sending power throughout her body, she took hold of whatever kind of handhold she could find in Keith. Depending on the handholds, she would then execute some kind of suplex or slam.

"There are people here, you fool. You're endangering lives." She glared a dagger or two at this other person, before looking back at the man in armor. Had to keep her eyes on this one. Wiley. "And you. What's even your name? If you're gonna be so rude to stop and make fun of me, you might as well give me that much before I kick your ass." Despite her words, it would be a real fight. He acted like an oaf, but this man was capable.

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