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Galahad Quaid

"Just as well, some of us could do with a shower." Galahad chuckled with little mirth as he stood next to the young, blue haired alchemist, "That carriage was not big enough for the lot of us."

Galahad stood by the majority of their small congregation of outcasts and oddities. Strange that he might've considered himself one, but these were strange circumstances regardless. The rain beaded on the exposed metal plates of his armor not covered by the luxurious blue cloak and dripped off the locks that framed his face. Draped casually over a shoulder and held in place with a lazy gauntlet was a large polearm, fully covered, sheathed in a wrapping of linens and leather to protect it from the elements. Galahad was used to rainy seasons, back home the rain never seemed to stop- gray and overcast were the norm. The southlands had been much warmer and sunnier in general, but rains like this reminded him of home.

Their little gathering was a motley one to be sure, all sorts of freaks and oddities abound. Galahad rarely had the pleasure- or ill luck of working in groups, but on the few occasions he had, they were much like this. Especially in the south, mercenaries, adventurers, wanderers and merchants alike were a strange bunch. While most cities were a generally homogenous of their race and background, on the road the people were as varied as their stories, though most were only fit to addle your brain with their constant droning. People always thought they were more interesting than they actually were- there were exceptions of course, himself being one of them. He hadn't yet deigned to find out the stories of the others with him, but he was sure at least one of them wouldn't bore him out of his mind.

Already they had hit a snag. The goblin named Rooster seemed to have an issue with them passing through the gates and into the city itself. Perhaps there was a door tax? Either way, it was surprising that their guide- and 'employers'- were unable to open such doors for them, literally in this case. Some of the others were already on edge. Unfortunately, things could never go as simply as one hoped it seemed.

"Are they not expecting us, Farfa?" Galahad called out, his tone amused, but his face blank and bored. A free hand lightly brushed a wet lock of hair out of his face. He took a few steps forward to the relative front of the group, though not as close up as their diminutive fae knight had gone. His gaze rested lazily on the two armored guards in front of them. "If I had known there were going to be complications, I would have asked the carriage to stay a moment longer."
@Haha haha I'm glad you remember ๐Ÿ˜… this one isn't too dissimilar from Spiritum Galahad, at least as far as his family background goes. He's just snarkier and more of an asshole. He's still a tsundere

I was going to message you about it if it got the okay, I had a thought of the Quaid family being nominally related to the royal family of the Stormlands. I'll send you a pm about it later

Hopefully we get someone in the party that understands money ๐Ÿ˜…

First draft of my character is done, I'll do another pass in a bit. I liked the way @Shard wrote out his stats so I might do that too.

Let me know if the minor acana is too much. Idk if we were allowed to have one but the sheet made me think we could
Think I'm gonna settle on Strength afterall, I have an idea for a somewhat snooty nobleman, or disgraced scion type

@Haha in regards to the stats on the sheet, I know the min is 1 and max is 10, what would you consider 'average'?
Maybe I'll try my hand at the strength arcana, flying is cool. I'll browse and peruse a bit more
Haha I was about to say that I'd go for magician if you were dead set on sun! Take your pick and I'll write a character for the other @Shard

Edit: oh, apparently magician has not been seen in a thousand years, maybe I'll have to adjust
Are you trying to avoid repeats for arcana? I was interested in the sun arcana but I think someone else wants it
Paying attention to this

Location ยท |@vietmyke] Desert Rest Stop ยท Everyone Nearby
Jin Wei twitched uncomfortably as the man started going on about Synergy. Unsurprisingly he was one of them. To be honest, Jin wasn't used to talking with these sorts of people, usually it was just a warning shot and an order to shove off before the actual shooting began. Jin rarely ever got this close to them. In fact, had they been in any other situation, Jin would've already shot his warning shot and would be pointing the barrel of his gun at the man- but they were in a bit more delicate of a situation than being on the pipe, and shooting one of the drivers only spelled bad fortune for the caravan's survival.

Unfortunately for him, the man seemingly didn't give a fuck what the situation was, his greed obviously valuing the potential haul of valuable Synergy over the lives of the benders in his 'care'. Obviously the man wasn't having it, leveling not so subtle threats at him. As the man placed his hand on his hip, so too, did Jin's stance shift from 'casual' to 'ready' with his levergun.

However, before anything could happen, they became made aware of something coming in the distance- followed by the chaos of an attack. Had they been sold out? Jin barely had the time to formulate the thoughts in his head before he realized he was distracted. Whipping his head back to face the man in front of them, things were devolving rapidly. Jin started to move his rifle up, but Sumire stepped in the way- trying to protect him (ignoring the fact that he was in the process of trying to protect her) and as the explosion threw them to the ground, Jin heard the man's gun bark once- and felt his face get thrown back a split second later.

Jin hit the ground hard, dazed, ears ringing, his mouth tasting of copper and grit. His eyes struggled to focus, and he saw things in panes- repeated images playing across his view. Sunlight filtered through a large, spiderwebbing crack in the center of his faceplate. He heard voices yelling, and he felt someone grab his shoulders and pull him half up. He heard Reman talking to him, telling him to get up as well.

"Easy for you to say," Jin grunted as he struggled to his feet, "You didn't just get shot in the head."

Jin heard an 'Eep!' from Sumire and turned to find the dazed man struggling to get up, grabbing at Sumire's foot as he tried to stop them from getting away from him. Jin saw one of Sumire's bunny ears ripped from the ricochet of a bullet as she tried to pull herself away from him. Staggering out of Reman's grasp Jin put a pair of arms around Sumire and unceremoniously ripped her away from the man. Stumbling forward, the man swung a fist at Jin, bones cracking against the side of Jin's armored helmet as he cried out in pain. In response, Jin merely took a step forward and slugged the gunless gunman in the face with a steel plated glove, breaking his nose and sending him to the ground.

Pulling himself back up to his full height, he was now aware of the sound of a woman yelling at him to get in the car and drive. He shot a look over in the voice's direction, a shattered faceplate distorting the image so he couldn't quite see who it was yelling at him.

"You're more than welcome to get in another fucking car if I'm taking too long." He retorted sarcastically, the lights of the Kyoshi already blinking as they unlocked "Maybe hitch a ride with them?" He spat, pointing at the smoking, disabled junker of a car next to them. Jin yanked the driver side door open, the woman was right, they were running out of time, but Jin was never one to take a mouthing off without replying in kind. "Shut up and get in the car. Mire, shotgun, the rest of you figure it out yourselves."

Sumire slid over the hood as Jin grabbed the bar by the driver side door. As one foot placed itself in the car, Jin felt something grabbing at his ankle. Looking down, he saw the driver that tried to rob him, now weaponless and defenseless.

"W-wait!" The man spluttered through a bloody, broken nose, "You can't just leave me here!"

Jin regarded the broken man for a short moment before he nodded. "Fair enough." He leveled the barrel of his gun at the man's skull.


The rifle cracked once, and the driver-side door of the Kyoshi slammed shut.

Pulling his helmet off his face, Jin pushed the start button on the Kyoshi and flicked a half dozen switches. Steel windows went blank for a moment before displays began to blink on, automatically filtering out the haze of the sand billowing around them. Fingers impatiently fidgeting with the control panel of his vehicle as he waited for everyone to finish throwing themselves into the vehicle. Hell, at this point in time Jin didn't particularly care about who was in his car or who he left behind. As long as Reman and Sumire were in the car, that's all that mattered. Reman had a direction to go, Sumire was Sumire. The rest of them could get in line and come along for the ride or pound sand. Chances are the rest of the caravan was fucked anyhow.

So long as they could load up fast enough, the only thing really standing in their way now was the big... guy...? Person...? Thing...? Jin wasn't entirely sure who or what it was, but he figured it wasn't faster than a car. It was standing in between them and the rest of the Si Wong Desert, but they were on open sand, he could just swing the car in a wide berth around the thing, and pray that the rest of the RSF were too busy cleaning up the rest of the caravan to pay attention to a single vehicle booking it into the wastes.
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