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It is certainly not 'optimal', but it *is* doable, depending on what you want to do with it. You could go swords or valor bard and play them more like a warrior with some magical ability
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One might say your villain arc has begun. Embrace it.
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Man do I love watching the circus


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Galahad Caradoc
Ciradyl Ianthyra

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At the very least introductions seemed to have been going well. Compared to Midgar things were going swimmingly. No attempts to demand party members kill each other nor poorly disguised animosity. Granted, everyone seemed to be putting their best foot forward, but this was something Galahad could work with.

The Faye looked down into her cup of tea, hands shifting to cup it on both sides "I do not have much information for you, unfortunately." Her gaze and attention shifted over to Rudolf "What I can tell you is that you are the first to reach Osprey. Our resources have been allocated to more important missions. The only reason I have been keep track of Team Kirin is Izayoi, of course." She said as matter of fact.

Ciradyl warmly smiled at Galahad as he got around to properly introducing himself, gently shaking her head as she sipped her tea. Her eyes closed for a moment to savor it before looking back at Galahad when they opened "You are quite welcome. It is my pleasure to host the companions of Izayoi." There was no signs of the hostility that Chisaki had demonstrated earlier. She finished that last of the tea in her cup and set it down "I am also quite concerned about the Blight. I do have something I need done but I shall explain when Renzo joins us." The Faye quietly assessed the forms of Eve, Miina, and Robin as they remained quiet amidst the party before returning to the conversation. She made no noticeable looks when she passed over Eve.

"With any luck, we may come to a mutually beneficial agreement then." Galahad noted with a nod, taking a figurative step back if not a literal one as Izayoi gave an abridged version of her story. He'd pieced together most of it from their interactions, what few tidbits she'd dropped here and there, the name she'd chosen in Midgar, and the like, though he'd yet to have heard her tale in its entirety.

"The mountain pass by Atsu was where Gerant's body was recovered." Galahad mused aloud, more to himself than in response to Izayoi's story. Izayoi's last stand had been at the same place his brother had died, his body almost too damaged to be recognizable. At the very least now he had a clear picture of where the rage came from, even if he already had an inkling before. In some ways, Galahad could begin to understand his father's rage towards Osprey and Izayoi in particular. In a way, Galahad felt as though he were intruding on a story that was not meant for his ears. Izayoi and he were allied by their cause, the Blight and the threat that Valheim posed. But had this been years ago- or even months ago, any exchange between the two of them would have likely been with steel and blood rather than words and tea. Even five years past, the scars of the war had not healed on either side. Galahad was curious what would happen after all of this- if they even survived. Would it end with only one of them returning home?

Galahad would find his musings interrupted by the appearance of one of Ciradyl's men, Renzo, bringing tidings of what was going on within the city. The news was grim, but he hadn't expected Izayoi's response. Desperation, panic at the news of Lord Hein's impending execution. Galahad was already familiar with the name Kaien. His father's rival, defeating him in their first meeting, only to have the back of his army broken by a charge from the demon herself. Fate really did act in strange ways. Galahad remained silent, listening to the counsel and pleas of his party members. Izayoi seemed set on taking the Lord back herself, Rudolf seemed set on not letting her go by herself. Esben sought information and advised caution. For their host, Ciradyl seemed not to be surprised, but rather frustrated.

"Even if I said no, I think you'd run off and go after Lord Hien anyway, and take some third or more of our party with you." Galahad replied with a frustrated sigh, a hand massaging his temples. His eyes flickered between Izayoi and Rudi before shifting over the rest of the party and landing on Eve. Even if she wasn't looking at him in particular, it was easy enough to deduce her intentions. "As Rudolf pointed out: This is likely a trap- Reisa knows we're marching through Osprey, and she knows what would draw at least one of us out."

"The reason this group is in Osprey is to root out the blight. Killing Valheimr is a secondary, if inevitable goal." Galahad paused, "But. I'm not in the habit of leaving innocents behind, and I'd rather not start now. Besides, we can't afford to split what fighting power we have. Once Valheim starts picking and pulling us apart, we're dead men."

"Esben is right. Before I'm comfortable accepting this, we need information and we need a plan. Preferably one that doesn't bring all the Valheimr in the city down on our heads at once and gets us killed. We need to be fast and precise. Unless your forces are keen on fighting in the open streets." Galahad said, glancing at Ciradyl. Well, he had just been telling Rudolf and Robin about how they needed to earn some goodwill with the people of Osprey before they began helping them or changing their opinion- this wasn't the worst first step on that path. "Preferably we'd hit the prison or house they're keeping him in. Out in front of the palace has too many sightlines for riflemen- unlike us, Hien neither has armor to stop bullets, nor the speed and mobility to dodge them, one unlucky shot would lead to failure. With our number and arms we'd have the best luck forcing them into close quarters."

"Anyone else? Options? Opinions?"


Acknowledged. Falling back. The Warform crackled as it began lumbering towards the rest of the squad. Small subarms within his carrying compartment began grabbing things and organizing them to the side, the walls of the compartment deploying a set of jump seats. The warform began stomping its way towards Ilshar's location, even as the Endoform made a sprint for the main body itself, leaping into the air and merging with the 'head' of the walker, its weapons reintegrating into the main body of the unztadtlige. Recommend. Boarding vehicle.

Their latest threat was out of sight, but not yet out of mind. The autocannons began to spin up but not yet firing, the head of the warform scanning for targets even as the body itself began to lift onto its anti-grav boosters, making its way towards the dismounted members of the squad. It'd be easier for them to evac if they were all relatively close so one or more of them were not scrambling for evac while the rest waited. Plus, even damaged, Echo's armor was hardier than most of the trees or boulders they'd be able to hide behind here.
"Van would be good. Or Box truck." Frost agreed, her eyes half-heartedly scanning the map that CAPTCHA had set up for them. "Between the drones and the guns, I'd rather not be arrested for domestic terrorism." She and Nadya hadn't been this far west in a while- and had never been to Lisbon either for that matter. The streets looked cramped, but crowded and rowdy suited Frost's needs better than quiet and clear. It was easier for someone of her size to blend into a crowd when there was a crowd to blend into. A van would at least allow them to stow gear without getting stopped by cops every few steps.

"We'll need to set up a safe house. I'm not sharing a truck bed with this one." Frost grunted as she jabbed a meaty thumb at her sister. "I'm not sure how long we plan on staying in Lisbon, but if we're looking for a needle in a haystack, chances are we'll be here a while."

Being on the plane for so long and with so little information was more irritating than it was relaxing, and short of pacing up and down the plane cabin, Frost's aggravation was subtle, if still noticeable. She wasn't a fan of sitting around idly, and without any further information from their Mr. Johnson, all they were doing was basically twiddling thumbs and shooting the shit until they landed.

Leaning over, Frost reached over towards the plane's bar cart sitting conveniently close by- the two sisters having already raided the minibar for all its worth and grabbed a bottle of their acquired whiskey and a handful of tumblers. Their hosts had told them to make themselves at home after all. With surprising deft, especially given the relative size difference of her hands versus the glass, Frost quickly poured out a set of drinks and gestured for everyone to take one.

"Drink." Frost commanded, picking up one of the tumblers and downing the amber liquid instantly. "There are two types of people- those I shoot at, and those I drink with. Decide."
Galahad Caradoc

Mentions: @Psyker Landshark, @Ithradine

Somehow they'd made it past the gates of Kugane without being carted off or recognized. It seemed at the very least the shinobi was a woman of her word. Galahad had never been to Kugane before, his father had oft spoken about how they were going to march into the city and raze it by the end of the war, but such a thing never happened, thankfully. Even under Valheim occupation, the city held a character and charm unlike any city in Edren he'd see before. The streets were smaller and more crampt, and Valheim soldiers stalked the street, but the city still held awe in Galahad's eyes.

However, they had not come to Kugane to sight see. Their guide had shown them to a rather discreet and nondescript abode. There, they were greeted by the Faye Ciradyl, or more specifically, Izayoi was, the two sharing an embrace before she acknowledged the rest of them. Old friends indeed, Galahad couldn't help but feel a pang of jealousy at how warm Izayoi's reception home was, at least compared to his own. His face remained still as he and the rest of the party filtered into the room. As he set leaned his covered halberd against the wall and gingerly set his helmet down on the table, Galahad caught Izayoi's eye, and the simple nod that followed. Best to get things started then.

"Lady Ciradyl, thank you for your hospitality." Galahad said softly as he took a seat and pulled back his cloak, his hair well maintained despite their dusty travel conditions. Getting us into Kugane alone was incredibly gracious. In time, hopefully we are able to be repay your kindness."

"As Miss Chisaki has said, we are Team Kirin, one of four groups tasked with putting a stop to the Blight." Galahad continued, his tone even and polite, pausing to take a sip of the tea that had been poured for them. Bergamot tea was not exactly a Edren drink of choice, but he supposed it tasted fine enough. "Though, if you knew of us, I suppose it's safe to assume that you were already aware of our objective as well."

Galahad was unsure why they were summoned here, though he had a sinking suspicion it wasn't just so Izayoi could have tea with an old friend. More likely than not, the Faye would have something for them, if she would give it to them by virtue of her relationship with Izayoi, or require a task of them in return remained to be seen.

"It seems you are already well acquainted with Izayoi." The dragoon said with a slight nod, "My name is Galahad." he said simply, with a formal dip of his head, opting to omit his family name as well this time. "How may we be of service?"
Galahad Caradoc

Mentions: @HereComesTheSnow, @VitaVitaAR

Galahad wasn't exactly thrilled to be stepping into an inn that saw most of its traffic as valheimr officials, but they didn't exactly have anywhere else to stay. As noted before, their group was hardly subtle. Camping outside of town was just asking to be investigated by a passing Valheim patrol. Plus, they were already in the inn, leaving now would just attract more attention.

It wasn't hard to miss the glares thrown their way, were they that obviously Edreni? Well, maybe a few of them more obvious than others. Robin for instance- while not technically dressed in the full regalia of an Edren Officer, was pretty darned close. Galahad noticed the exchange she had with the shinobi, given her demeanor, he perhaps shouldn't have been too surprised with the interaction, but it caught him off guard nonetheless. Luckily the monster hunter Rudolf was quicker on the draw than he.

"Edren and Osprey hadn't gotten along for a long time even before the war." Galahad noted quietly as he shifted in his seat next to the other Edreni. "The war was a product of some generations of bad blood between our countries, and, much like Edreni, Ospreans are a prideful people. If looks could kill, we'd have been dead long before we entered these doors. At the very least I would be. Ospreans think about as favorably of Dragoons as we do their Samurai."

Galahad shifted again, his armor creaking subtly beneath his cloak. Not unlike Izayoi in Midgar, it was perhaps in their best interests if he kept his identity on a need to know basis. The last thing they needed was an old Osprean warrior recognizing his name or face and either running to Valheim- or pulling together a mob. "The two of you have your heads in the right places. We have the opportunity to do some real good here. I'm unsure if it'll make a difference in the grand scheme of things, but perhaps we can change the minds of these people."

Galahad glanced about the room and sighed, "But for now, perhaps introductions are best left to those who won't be starting off on the wrong foot." He snorted lightly, gesturing towards Esben and Elaine chatting up their no-longer-as-cold shinobi guide. "At least she doesn't look at Elaine as though she wants to rip her guts out."
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Gerard Biserus

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" Gerard continued to repeat as he scrabbled out of the way of the incoming bots and pulled himself off the ground. Luckily, the rest of the squad was quicker to recover themselves. Splitting up into two ad-hoc groups to face down the two threats, Gerard quickly threw himself behind the relatively smaller form of Val as she began to open up on one of the robots with her weapon. Glowing mist projectiles streaked across the air like tracers, each shot making Gerard brace for a resulting explosion to turn them into dust, but thankfully nothing of the sort happened. "Mist pockets are still everywhere! Watch where you're moving!"

Valerie's projectiles left small, fist sized dents against the front plate of the mech's armor, ricocheting and streaking away as they bounced off its armor- though she at the very least seemed to have grabbed its attention. Short its cannon, the mech seemed to resort to its secondary weapons- a heavy fist, as it stomped towards the smaller WARDEN. It didn't notice until too late that Kalina was flanking it, turning as she jumped and struck at its optics. Housed inside the heavy blue-metal alloy and set into its shoulders, the mech was better protected than it would've otherwise been, Kali's strike ripping apart its outer armor and sinking into the head unit- two of the eyes flickered as the edge of her blade met vulnerable mechanics underneath, but before Kali's blade could get any deeper, a heavy metal hand grabbed her leg and haphazardly flung her out of the way.

Turning to face Kalina, the machine staggered as a heavy chunk of metal struck it in the back, followed by two more. Standing a short distance behind Val, Gerard's face was straining as he lifted chunk after chunk of debris and launched it at the enemy robot. While the impacts were heavy, the damage was seemingly minimal. Another shot from Val's gun dented its shoulder and drew its attention again, the damaged machine struggling to maintain focus on a target. As the machine refocused its attention on Val, Gerard reached behind the robot with his telekinesis, throwing Kali high up into the air towards it, chunks of metal flying up into the air with her to be used as handholds and places to kick off of.

"Hit it again! Same place!"

Collette Van Skymning

"W-what? He did?" Even without seeing her face, it was obvious how doubtful her tone was, but as Justice had bade, the princess in the dark did seem to listen quietly as the WARDEN laid out the situation. There was silence for a single, long moment, but eventually the glow within seemed to dim and then wink out, though her mist presence seemed to feel just as strong as before. In the dark, the shaky voice returned.

"A-alright, I'm coming out."

There was some struggling, and some grunting, but eventually, through the bent and battered doors of the escape shuttle, a thin, somewhat battered and disheveled woman clambered out. Perhaps not having been buckled in properly, the woman looked dazed and a bit injured, but capable of climbing and casting spells at the very least. Her long dark hair was a mess, but her eyes were a bright green, appearing to almost glow faintly in the mist filled dark. Anyone that had paid any amount of attention to intel sheets on the Vangar Royal Family could easily confirm this was indeed Princess Collette Van Skymning, youngest child of the Emperor.

As the Princess looked up and spotted Justice, she gasped and took a half step back towards the wrecked escape shuttle. "W-WARDENs? What are you doing here? Where's Albriech? How-"

A bow of light materialized in her hands again, though it was obvious at a glance that she wasn't looking at Justice, rather she was looking past her at her comrades behind them fighting in the distance, and another robot crawling out of the rubble, this one turning its attention to the lone WARDEN and princess. A blast of lightning flew towards them, narrowly missing the two women, and striking the door of the shuttle. Luckily, at this distance, they were more or less away from any of the large Mist Pockets. Large, fearful green eyes glanced at Justice for instruction, now seemingly fully onboard with the idea of leaving now and talking later.

Back with the Barghests

As Morden charged his target bot, it leveled its arm cannon at him in an attempt to gun him down. The barrel crackled and charged, but the large WARDEN was already on top of it, cannon firing harmlessly into the air as the heavyweight impacted with it. The blade sank hilt deep into its robotic skull, the light in its eyes instantly winking out as it staggered backwards. Hoping for a kill, Morden might have been surprised as he hit the ground, a wild swing from a heavy fist connected with his chest, his hefty defenses the only thing that stopped the robot from caving in his ribcage.

Seemingly blind, the robot now lurched forward, cannon arm stabbing into the ground harmlessly next to Morden as it continued to swing and strike wildly, looking to find Morden and then mulch him with repeated blows. Just behind the two of them, Silje had found a mist pocket, and instead of warning them to stay away from it, she seemed to be actively agitating it, all the while encouraging Morde to push the robot back just a bit. The mist pocket reacted strongly, flickering hungrily as it seemed to grow even more in intensity. Primed and ready to be set off- so long as the young WARDEN had a way of stopping it from spreading.
Galahad Caradoc

The newcomers had integrated into their group as smoothly as they could've hoped. They had yet to see combat together since their introduction, but at the very least no one had seemed to try to bite each other's heads off yet. In fact, for the most part it seemed as though everyone was getting along well enough. There hadn't been enough time to get to know everybody particularly well, but enough small talk and observations on the road and Galahad had a decent enough idea of everybody's general strengths. The journey was long, and there'd be plenty of time to learn about them on an individual level as time moved forward.

Perhaps wisely, Galahad had thrown a heavy traveling cloak over his more vibrant armor- better to not stand out when traveling through unknown territory, his helmet sat in a sack by his saddle, and his halberd was also wrapped in heavy leathers and cloths. It was hard to hide the fact that he was armed, but at the very least he didn't look like an Edreni Dragoon deep in Osprean land.

Osprey itself was in a sorry state, the village they had come upon could hardly be called a village. If anything it appeared more like a plantation, from the healthy state of the crops, and the opposite in its people. If Izayoi's anger was true, it seemed like this was the new norm of this land.

"How terrible." Galahad said softly, viewing the sad sight before them. With Osprey under its grip it was only natural that the neighboring land of Edren was next- if their attempted assassination of the king was anything to go by. "The sooner we cut the head off the snake, the better."

Galahad had noticed the Viera before she spoke, also noting the icy crack on her visage when seeing him- He wasn't surprised the Edreni weren't particularly welcome in these parts, though he didn't quite understand the exchange with Izayoi. It seemed that they were noticed not long after crossing the border though. A group their size wasn't easy to mask, and a party of disparate cultures and people was easy to notice, even if he wished otherwise.

"She's not wrong. Our group is hardly inconspicuous." Galahad sighed. "If we're to find information on the Blight and disrupt the Valheim leadership, we'll not do it by throwing ourselves headfirst at Kugane's walls. Trust her or not, we need to get into Kugane, and discreetly at that."

Galahad glanced back at the party, before returning Izayoi's gaze with a shrug. "We're still a night and day away from Kugane, so we needn't commit wholly just yet. But, unless any of our Garden friends knows a way to sneak an armed group into a foreign city undetected, I say we take the offered invitation. And if it is a trap, you'll get to cut your way through an entire city's worth of Valheim soldiers. Sounds like a win-win."
Jackie "Frost" Hara

Frost's eyes barely flickered up from behind her cards as Nadya introduced the two of them to the rest of the assembled runners. A shaman, another adept and a technomancer. A motley crew if she'd ever seen one- though then again most assembled runner crews were. At least they checked most of the necessary boxes of a crew. Frost preferred running jobs with just Nadya and herself, cleaner and less corners to watch, but such was the nature of freelance work outside of their usual circles. She was used to it, if still not somewhat grumpy about it.

"Da." Frost grunted in agreement, with Wildfire, her own way of an introduction. Her voice was a low, gravelly, but still feminine baritone. "Pretty as picture."

Frost shifted in her seat, her boot lifting to rest on an impressively large duffel bag of presumably gear. Beneath the fabric, untold pounds of metal, plastics and composites jingled and clacked against one another. "People seem to stay on my good side wherever I go. Guess I have a way with words."

Frost chuckled a bit to herself at the poorly disguised joke, the rumble quickly dulling as she took a look at her hand- or more specifically the tiny cards within it. She dipped her hand forward, a thick hand backstopping the flying chip and lightly dropping it into her own, quickly diminishing piles of caps and tchotchkes.

"I'd be doing a lot better if you hadn't dealt me the same hand four games in a row." The troll grumbled, setting the cards down and standing up, finally frustrated enough to give up on the game. Her horns almost scraped the top of the plane as she stood to her full height. "How much longer until we land?"

Frost looked back and forth, seemingly displeased with how little space there was to walk around in on the plane before sitting back down, this time next to her adoptive sister instead of across.

"You need to rest." She urged quietly. "Can't watch my back if you can't keep your eyes open."
Galahad Caradoc

The Valheim remnants fought hard, but somehow this disparate group of strangers and newcomers fought harder. While outnumbered, on an individual level, it was obvious that they each vastly outmatched the regular Valheim soldier. Be it the two men that came out of one of the huts, blades flashing as they waded their way through the enemies. One was light and fast, the other was larger and more deliberate, obviously trained in martial discipline despite their unorthodox fighting style, though the way he moved suggested he might've been better off with a larger weapon- like the one one his back. The mages that came to their aid with fire and ice, though both were small enough that they almost escaped Galahad's notice. To finish routing the enemy, yet another came to their aid, dashing in with all the gusto of cavalry came a well dressed woman with thrusting sword in hand. Galahad himself only needed to dispatch a few more soldiers with his halberd before the Valheim morale finally shattered and the soldiers began their retreat.

Though not one to chase down routing soldiers, Galahad nevertheless kept up the pressure until they were well and truly out of the vicinity, close enough to be nearby Izayoi as she pinned down the last remaining fusilier. He grimaced as Izayoi pulled off the man's helmet. Man. In truth the soldier was closer to a boy. Gerant's face flashed in place of the young soldier's. Galahad stood still for a moment as he watched Izayoi interrogate the Valheim soldier with his brother's face. He frowned, and the grip around the haft of his halberd tightened- perhaps she was a demon after all. At the very least the title of Limbtaker seemed apt. Perhaps he should've done as his father commanded and remove her head- while her back was turned to him was the easiest chance he'd get. Looking away didn't help- he even heard Gerant's voice in place of the Valheim soldier's. He opened his mouth to object, but the samurai finished her quick interrogation before he had the chance. At the very least his helmet hid the look on his face, though his pause was notable before he nodded to her.

"The heart of Valheim operations would be the place to find information." He replied somewhat stiffly, "Kurogane is the logical move."

Camp found them with some relative peace from the bloodshed. Galahad seemed to have relaxed more, his helmet sitting at his feet while he ate, glancing at the newcomers with interest. For all of his misgivings about the samurai, she was right. One was fortuitous enough a coincidence, five was well past bordering on suspicious. At the very least enough for him to keep the majority of his armor on until he knew their motives.

The first two were simple enough- one outright admitted he was from Skael's Garden. Incidentally heading the way they were. "Friend of yours?" He offered Elaine with a raised eyebrow. The other man, Rudolf, also looked young. Even moreso than the Valheim soldier from earlier, this one reminded him of Gerant. A bit on the thin side, but seemingly confident enough- if a bit skittish beneath- also like Gerant.

"Just Galahad is fine." he replied to shorter blonde, "I've heard of Sagramore, a few of our initiates go there to learn monster hunting before returning to Midgar. I learned many of my fundamentals there."

In contrast, the mages were considerably smaller, bordering on miniscule. The one that had assisted him was Eve, and looked like no more than a child, if set with some strange accents- mainly the horns and tail. Her explanation was simple, if sad, and all the more reinforced Galahad's theory that the Blight might have been a manufactured occurrence by Valheim. The mage that assisted Arton was a skittish little one, having come to Osprey in search of her brother. An admirable goal, though Galahad was surprised she'd travel alone.

The last to join their number struck him as the gallant type, and while Galahad did not recognize their face, he had heard vague tales about a Robin Fey, not much around Midgar itself, but in and out of some of the smaller townships in Northern Edren, within Midgar's sphere of influence. The sparkles were a nice touch as well, memorable.

"Well met, all of you." Galahad nodded to the newcomers, taking stock of each of them in turn. "I am Galahad Caradoc." he stated simply, omitting his titles again, much like when they first set off.

"I am nominally the leader of this small group." He continued, gestured to those on his side of the fire, "One of a few tasked by King Leonhart to search for the cause of the Blight, and hopefully put an end to it."

He glanced at the others in his party before continuing, gauging their response to the newcomers. "Our search takes us to Valheim controlled Osprey. It seems we're all heading in the same direction for one reason or another.
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Gerard Biserus

"Well, here's to hoping it wasn't us." Gerard drawled, nodding as Kalina returned with her own report. "Shooting the messenger isn't a great start for peace talks. Besides, I'd like to think we'd do a cleaner job of it."

"Don't wanna take anyone with you? Promise I won't talk your ear off. Gerard remarked as Justice gave them their general marching orders- it was starting to feel a lot like the simulations again. "At least take Kali with- actually nevermind, she's liable to shoot something if it jumps out at you."

As Justice headed off to go search for a princess in distress, the rest of them moved to join Morden and Silje. Val leaping off with her vestigial wings, while Gerard plodded along behind her, only pausing occasionally to throw the occasional pebble with simple light charms into any of the invisible mist-pockets he noticed. Most of them began to float as they hit the pockets- should they need to leave in a hurry, it'd make spotting the pockets easier at least.

"You weren't kidding when you said you found a 'bot." Gerard grimaced as they regrouped. Here, in the heart of the crash, the air felt even heavier. Gerard felt rather than saw mist, and often described his perception of mist to be like clay: Something simple and easy for him to mold precisely into whatever he needed, from his weapons to healing spells. In here, the air felt less like maleable clay and more like an amorphous sludge or putty. To make matters worse, one stream of putty that Silje was interacting with felt different from the rest.

"Hey Sil, I don't know if that's a good idea-" Gerard had managed to start, but it was too late.

As soon as Silje's being made contact with the weird mist, she immediately felt sick, as though her stomach had decided to do half a dozen somersaults in a single second. The feedback was visible, an inky black spark originating from the mist flew out and struck her in the forehead, knocking the small WARDEN clean off of her larger mount.

Justice's search ended not too far from the rest of the squad, just separated by a few dozen meters of mountainous metal rubble, fire and mist, near the edge of the crater. The presence she detected seemed to be coming from a dented and battered life boat. A fully enclosed escape-pod like device, meant to sit a few individuals, it seemed to have been launched a few seconds too late, its parachute apparently getting struck by and caught on the crashing ship. It's door had been knocked clean off by the impact and was warped and angled in a way that one would have to squeeze to get out. With her keen senses, Justice could make out what appeared to be a mixture of sobs and labored breathing.

Perhaps spotting a silhouette or somehow detecting her presence, as Justice approached the battered pod, from somewhere within she could see a flash of white-yellow light. Someone obviously skilled was preparing a spell- though perhaps unfamiliar with the dangers of firing spells off in such a volatile area.

"W-who's there?!" A shaky voice called out from within the dark pod. "A-albriech?"

"Jeez Silje, what were you thinking?" Gerard half complained as he began making his way over to the little battle mage. "Vacation's not over yet, can't have you keeling over before-"

Gerard blinked and paused, he could've sworn he heard the sound of metal shifting. Throwing his gauntlet into the air at the last moment, he managed a startled "Gah! Fuck!" across the squad communication spell as a blast of electricity cut through the air and slammed into his gauntlet, ricocheting high into the air and sending the gauntlet flying towards his face. The impact of his gauntlet caused his aegis to shatter like glass.

Climbing out of the rubble was another one of the robots that Morden had found, this one fully possessing all of its limbs, though it seemed to have taken just as much damage to its thick armor plating. The cannon on its arm smoked faintly as it's heavy fist pushed aside rubble to climb into the space proper. A Vangar sword-type gunblade stuck out of one of its four glowing eyes, only having sank in an inch. To make matters worse, Gerard felt the rubble behind him shifting as well, a second robot, this one considerably more damaged, missing its cannon arm, but still more than willing to use its remaining arm to attempt to bludgeon them into paste on the ground.
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