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I'll get the next plot piece up tomorrow
@Zero Hex I was hoping for an ethnic version of the john cena song
Speaking of party- the current party is pretty massive, are we all gonna travel around as one group? Because that sounds rather unwieldy.
yeah mang, my res stat is at like 18.

Or its just the sheer strength of willpower and friendship that allows us to power through fira after fira spell.
Viera Summonerrrrrr - takes me back to my FF Tactics Advance days. Viera were so good. I always had at least one summoner and one assassin in my party.
"Alright Crystal, which noble paladins shall we select to hear the call of the crystal?"

How about that bloke with a habit of stealing everything that isn't nailed down? That sounds like a good idea to me.

"But Crystal, we have an entire order of powerful, capable, loyal Paladins willing to serve-

Oh, and the untrustworthy, self serving, ninja assassin cat. Ninjas are cool.

"But that sounds highly irresponsible, I do believe our best-"

Lets throw in a Kimuran prince while we're at it.

"Well, at least that sounds somewhat reasonable-"

He's an easily misguided overtrusting teen.


Oh, and that red mage that thinks every woman and their mother wants to get into his pants.
h-hates chocobos....? D:

So what happens to Warriors of Light- or what do they get- that denotes them as a Hero of Light as opposed to one of us other non chosen randos?

edit: Nvm, read the OP like a good player.
I think they meant the wannabe hero is the one that wants to get in everyone's pants.

Also, the 4 heroes of light are an interesting setup- A samurai and a ninja, and two red mages.
Think I'm gonna have Moggo go with the knightly looking sword for now. Perhaps he'll lose it and find a big buster sword during their travels. - and also since the lohengrin is an actual 1h sword in final Fantasy games
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