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It is certainly not 'optimal', but it *is* doable, depending on what you want to do with it. You could go swords or valor bard and play them more like a warrior with some magical ability
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One might say your villain arc has begun. Embrace it.
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Man do I love watching the circus


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I'll be getting a OOC thread up soon! Thinking I'll have some time tomorrow, if not this weekend
@Vertigo glad to have ya on board!
Galahad Caradoc

While there was always an honor guard stationed around the dining, they were never meant to fight- they were more of an Edrenian Lord's set dressing than an actual bodyguard force. That did not however stop them from leveling their ornamental lances towards the party at the perceived threat. Artorias' grimace deepened, seemingly ready to escalate things, even if he himself stood unarmed at the moment. Galahad's mother not accustomed to confrontation or violence, for her part finally realized that things were not nearly as calm as she had anticipated and was white as a sheet.

Galahad stood, staring at his father, his ears registering the quips of his companions. Had he been in a more rational state of mind, he might have reprimanded them for frank words towards one of Edrenian's highest lords, but the shock of his father's words still rang throughout him. His eyes flitted over to Izayoi, his hand subconsciously reaching for a halberd that wasn't there, his mind repeating their words to him as his brain raced. His father was forcing upon him a choice, Galahad realized, or at least his twisted version of one. Would he choose his family, or the world at large. Galahad and his father often butted heads, especially since his brother died, but even this, was not something he could've expected.

"I didn't choose with whom I ride with." Galahad said quietly, "And perhaps I know less about them than I should." Artorias opened his mouth to speak, but Galahad cut him off. "But I am carrying out the direct orders of my king- your king. If there is an issue with that, I suggest you send a messenger."

Galahad turned to look at his companions, though his gaze stayed on Izayoi for a moment longer than the others. "I believe we've overstayed our welcome. Let us be off."

With that, Galahad turned abruptly on his feet, and walked out, pausing as he passed by Izayoi. "I require a word with you. Later."
Okay, but gonna roll out a different character for this, to keep it from being stale.

Good to have ya back! I'll probably be changing it up as well lol

▲ Modern/Futuristic Fantasy setting
▲ Action, adventure, drama, romance, and mystery.
▲ Magic, airships, magitek, eldritch abominations and one hell of a road trip.
▲ World-building highly encouraged.


And cometh the swallowing darkness.
A blighted destiny by sinners south,
leaving only tragedy by powers wrought.
By hands of Lyssa and the touch of her lips,
those brought pure will face the tide.
Despair not for those lost in the darkness
but look towards the peace of the new dawn.
Canticle of Fajjar 17:1

The story of Spiritum is about a world known as Yerin, a world where magic and technology have mixed and flowed together for centuries. Long before man had conquered the world, creating massive metropolises, machines that could soar among the very heavens, and highways that stretched seemingly endless across the horizon; before it all, a pact was made with the Gods. In exchange for our eternal reverence they taught us the secrets of magic, the ability to draw from the Astral Mist to bend and shape reality in ways thought to be unimaginable. The Gods gave them the gifts of powerful and magical minerals descending from the heavens in floating islands, and embedding themselves over and around the lands of Yerin. Large concentrations of these minerals would become that which fueled the industrialization of the world, and would form the centers upon which great civilizations would form around. Referred to as Levistone, when refined into Etherium fuel, these magical minerals served as power sources, mechanisms to enable flight, and the backbone of which modern technology would be built on.

It would be these valuable minerals which would nearly plunge the world into ruin due to greed and malice in equal parts. One of the kingdoms that had formed around massive deposit of Levistone would one day become the sprawling Vangar Empire. Over time the Vangar evolved into a strong military and industrial powerhouse. They used the Levistone to fuel their army and industry and over time the large deposits across their lands began to run empty. To ensure their continued prosperity, Vangar began to invade the many lesser kingdoms around them to secure their Levistone supplies for their own use.

This cycle has lead to the current state affairs with the Vangar-Rassvet conflict. The small Kingdom of Rassvet is a small but influential land with a storied history dating back to when the Pact was made. Rassvet followed a policy of strict isolation and neutrality for most of its existence, preferring to keep out of major conflicts whenever they could. Careful guarding and use of their own Levistone deposits have preserved them to state of potential power unmatched in all of Yerin. Seeing an opportunity to secure a massive boon to their Empire, the Vangar marched into Rassvet with the intent to annex the kingdom and secure their prosperity for the near future.

Leading the charge against the Vangar invasion is a special branch of the Rassvet military known as WARDEN. Selected from a very young age based upon their aptitude to draw upon the Mist, these warriors possessing both martial and magical skill far above the standard soldier. With the help of these warriors, the Rassvet army has managed to hold the much larger Vangar Excursionary Force at bay for a little over six months now. Though day by day the Vangar continue to gain ground and casualties mount in the thousands on both sides.

All the while the coming darkness as foretold by the Oracles themselves approaches. Many believe it is a product of the war and the dead. The corpses and the smell of blood driving the monsters from their hiding places mad with a ravenous lust for blood. Many also theorize that the rapid mining and usage of Levistone is disrupting the dens of monsters, and bringing them out into the forefront.

Among all of this, the story of Spiritum focus upon a group of freshly graduated WARDENs intent on going on one last road trip as a sort of collective 'family' before they are shipped out to the front lines. Par for the course things don't go as planned. One series of unforeseen events later eventually leads to this group coming to meet an unfortunate soul connected to the coming darkness, and find themselves hunted by both Rassvet and Vangar on a world spanning journey to save it all.

O O C I N F O / P I T C H

Welcome one and all to Spiritum, a reboot of a reboot of @Hexaflexagon's Spiritum RP. two parts Final Fantasy, and one part Lord of the Rings, Spiritum is a story about nations and nationalism, moral quandaries, plucky adventurers and the lengths at which individuals will go to preserve their power.

We the players will take on the role of a group of fresh faced WARDENs. Our training squad has just recently graduated from the Citadel military academy in the Capitol city of Orestia. With war on the horizon, we've decided to take one last trip together across the country to see all the sights before we are inevitably split up and sent to serve where our talents need us most. A bunch of young supersoldiers in a beat up car with a trunk full of alcohol and a sudden influx of freedom, what could possibly go wrong?

The world of Yerin is not unlike our own. A world with its own convoluted and sometimes purely idiotic history spanning backwards thousands of years. It's a world with its own backstabbing aristocrats, religions, cultures, heroes, and prophecies. Yet at the same time much of this background has been intentionally left as vague snippets. Allowing players to add to the lore as little or as much as they please.

The story itself will focused on character interaction and the bonds of the party, but there will be plenty of room for action and suspense. More than anything I want the RP to be about telling a good and fun story. It's a strange tale about friendship, war, the burden of fate, and the choices we make. But hey if it sounds like your thing well then why don't you come and say hi?


General world-building stuff for your reading pleasure. More will be added as we go on.


I'll go ahead and leave a template here for those that want to get an early start, but this thread is mostly for gauging interest!

Sounds rad, I'm in

It had been a while since the platform had been in such a pitched battle, it's time in the Envenomed had thus far consisted of mostly short lived skirmishes. It was heavy drawn out fights like this that Echo was originally oriented for, and found itself right at home despite the chaos. In fact, the platform's constituents registered a series of feelings and synapses that could roughly be translated to the human equivalent of enjoyment, or perhaps excitement.

The Endoform quickly dipped into cover as the gunship's nose mounted cannons turned on it. At this distance Echo wasn't too worried about being hit, but the suppressive fire from the cannons were likely doing exactly what they were meant to be doing. Keep its head down and prevent it from firing. Luckily for the Endoform, it didn't need to use it's own eyes to fire back. Interfacing with the rest of the squad's HUDs, including its parent Warform, Echo was able to peak the barrel out of cover to return fire, though the awkward angle hampered the humanoid form's ability to reduce recoil.

The Warform on the other hand was having a bit more trouble. It was hard for something so large to just take cover, so larger units like the Warform used mobility to protect itself along with hefty armor instead of bunkers and cover. Mobility that was currently hampered. Even as Echo's short range beam cannons shot down missile after missile, one got through its defensive net. An HE missile exploded nearby, scattering heat and dirt as the concussive force buffetted the heavy walker.

Minor damage report: .50 caliber crew mounted machine gun damaged. Ocular sensor 2 operating at 82% efficiency. Intrasegience paint damaged. Armor integrity holding.

Not everything was going well. Of course, not everything was going poorly either. Over the comms, Salvatore reported that he was preparing to fire a procured rail gun, seizing the opportunity, the Warform also leveled it's heavy beam cannon- now fully charged. As Salvatore fired, Echo fired a split second later, adding a high intensity energy beam to form a one-two combo.

Fire report: Main cannon recharging.
Interesting idea!

Report: Warform damage sustained. Damage to Anti-grav generator 3. Mobility compromised. Mobility at 60%. Overall integrity 85%. Beginning repairs.

Repairs was a slow process. Given the materials on hand, Echo could restore all of its sustained damage, but not in a time frame suitable to the mission. Instead, its Endoform began chucking hunks of metal and electronics suitable for repair material into its main hold for fixing later, as the Warform shifted to its legs for movement. Pausing, Echo lifted up the hefty gun and carbine the power armor trooper had been using- just as well, the trooper was practically the same size as the Endoform, meaning little adjustments had to be used in order to utilize the two new toys. The Endoform slid the weapons onto its back, kneeling down to appropriate the rest of the corpse's ammo before moving on.

There wasn't enough time to do much more however, as the enemy regrouped and began a counter assault, this time moving in with a gunship. Rasch commanded the squad to commandeer weapons to take out the flying craft, not wanting to risk the Warform to further damage- undoubtedly the mobility it provided the squad was too important to risk in what was ultimately a minor skirmish on the way to the objective.

Command acknowledged. Warform beginning defensive maneuvers.

The Warform, while now without the enhanced mobility of its anti-grav drives, was still mobile, at least enough to keep it out of the direct line of fire. It's legs began propelling it out of the immediate area, it's short range beam cannons stopped firing, retasking to shoot incoming explosives out of the sky instead of engaging ground targets. The relative low caliber of the gunship minigun was less of a threat to an armored target, but the Warform kept moving regardless to prevent significant damage. It's heavy beam cannon began to cycle it's charge once again, waiting for an opportune time to strike.

The Endoform was significantly smaller and quicker and thus sprang into action to commit to bringing down the gunship. As the rest of the squad brought repurposed rockets to bear, Echo placed the grav maul behind its back, changing out for its new acquisition. The platform had not fully analyzed the weapon just yet, but whatever it was, if it could put a dent in the Warform's heavy armor, it would certainly be able to deal with the comparatively lighter armor of the air frame.

Leveling the heavy carbine at the gunship, Echo aimed for its weapon racks, firing a series of quick bursts before relocating to another piece of cover and firing again.
Galahad Caradoc

Perhaps Galahad should not have been surprised that his party's goals fell in line with one another so much. Granted, the reasonings changed from person to person, but more or less they all agreed that the blight needed stopping. Such was likely the reason they'd been gathered by Leonhart in the first place, but still, it was good they at least agreed on that much. It was about as much as could've been asked of an adventuring party cobbled together in the last minute by the king.

"We are united in our goal, father." Galahad stated plainly, "Reasons differ, but in the end the goal is what matters."

The older Caradoc snorted. "All I see are sellswords and cutthroats. Unorganized. Unfocused."

"Are you upset that I'm not at the head of a column of Edren Knights? Most that fight are not soldiers, father." Galahad reminded him. As it stood, Galahad was one of a handful of Edrenians he recalled seeing at the dinner at Balmung. "You can't expect them all to serve out of a sense of duty."

"And what of your sense of duty, boy? Have you no shame? No sense of honor?" the patriarch's voice began to grow increasingly hostile as dinner went on, spurring Galahad's mother, ever the more even toned to speak up on their behalf, whispering into his ear as she patted his hand in attempt to placate him. It had little effect, and as the spittle increasingly flew from his father's mouth, Galahad found himself growing increasingly agitated.

"I'm the only one in this family doing something about the trouble our people face." Galahad growled harshly. "Our people are starving, our homes are being razed. Yet I'm the only one looking to stop the problem. You sit here on your ivory throne-"

"Insolent welp!" Artorias spat, hands slamming on the table as he stood up. Almost to match him, Galahad too stood up from his seat, electricity from his materia subconsciously crackling in his palm. "You dare to lecture me? You who sits next to, breaking bread with my son- your brother's murderer?

Galahad felt himself grow cold, as though all of the light and life in the room had suddenly disappeared. His eyes turned granting Izayoi a confused glance. "... What..?"

His father snarled at him, pointing an accusatory finger. "Your companion that you so staunchly support butchered your kin, butchered my son. And until you return to me with that Demon's head on a platter, you are no son of mine."

"Out of my sight. Or I'll see you all hang come the morning."
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