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1 yr ago
Update: for my birthday I got into a car accident. Starting to think staying in was a better idea after all.
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1 yr ago
"hey how did you want to spend your birthday?" - I guess sitting in front of my computer playing games isn't an acceptable answer...?
2 yrs ago
Raindrop, drop top.


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My computer is now the fixed, I can get back to writing soonish!
Moved Haccho over to the Character tab, I will find a suitable illustrated image in a bit and update it.
@Seirei No Hai I mean, detectives are police technically- more responsibilities, more work, about the same amount of pay. Though I guess private investigators pop up everywhere.
Oh, so is Haccho good to go?
@VitaVitaAR Alrighty, I scratched out the shotty- I think I'll keep him as a cop for now, give him something to do when he's not helping out with investigations. It'll also give him a couple extra resources if they need to look into stuff
@VitaVitaAR yeah I can scratch that off no problem. Though if the agency is more of a club, would you prefer a student character?
@VitaVitaAR I can switch to an illustrated image easily enough... Sorta, my computer is currently broken so I'm using whatever I can find on Google images with my phone.

The gun is more of a carry over from Haccho's police career- he's still a cop, just transferred to minizawa. I figured since he doesn't have the super speeds or sword skills of some of these characters, he'd pull out his gun when shit really hit the fan

It's a volunteer agency? Interesting. Private investigators are usually primarily interested in paying customers.
I guess I'll put up my own character- one of the few non yokai old enough to start up and front a business such as an investigation agency:

Oh yeah I was about to ask that. I went for surname, given name for my character.

It should be up sometime tonight. Formating and making CS's look pretty on phones is hard
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