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Update: for my birthday I got into a car accident. Starting to think staying in was a better idea after all.
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"hey how did you want to spend your birthday?" - I guess sitting in front of my computer playing games isn't an acceptable answer...?
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Raindrop, drop top.


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The door of the Campus Cafe opened up, a small bell above the door chiming and letting those that cared to know that someone else had entered the quaint little eatery. The contemporary and classy wood and marble decor was largely lost on Sara as she entered the building, her arms wrapped around a large encylopedia of GEARs, and her eyes scanning the screen of a tablet that sat on top of it.

The morning for Sara had come and gone in what felt like the blink of an eye- she rarely had so much free time- with her classwork generally taking the lion's share of her time. Now that she was a competitive pilot to boot, her time was even more strained than usual, which was why she was happy for the brief reprieve of lunch, where she could prepare herself for classwork before she got too behind on her studies. Looking away from her tablet from a moment, Sara was surprised to see Rio sitting at a table, her eyes glued to her phone. Sara cocked her head to the side, not expecting to see her team-mate, despite the fact that this was a fairly high traffic area. It was probably because of her status and stature- Sara expected her to spend her time at more high end places.

"Hamasaki!" Sara called out in a soft voice, as she approached Rio's table. "I didn't expect to find you here."

Sara offered the tall girl a smile. "Mind if I sit?"
@Dynamo Frokane kind of hard for snipers to function if damage has to trade for accuracy though
Sara Hawkins

A quarter mile from 'Land's End', a small, but fairly prosperous town in the Dunelands, sat a Therux Rellis-class supply truck. Its clean grey and black steel chassis rusted in places and covered in a fine layer of tan grit- sand that never seemed to leave the cracks and crevices no matter how hard one scrubbed. A wide, olive-drab tarp stretched over the main body of truck and attached to its back were a pair of mech trailers, also covered with tarps. From a distance, one would wonder if the truck had moved at all in the past year- and from the way the tarps were set up- propped up by tent poles and pegged in by large steel spikes, this truck looked like it had more or less been locked down.

Despite its almost abandoned appearance, abandoned the truck definitely was not. The main cabin of the truck had most of its innards ripped out and replaced- a gun turret had been ripped out, sold, and replaced with a skylight, half the crew bunks torn out and replaced with a bench and table, and most of the main storage space had been replaced with furniture for a pair of pilots living in the freelands.

Lounging on one of the bunks, Sara was vaguely aware of her data-pad buzzing. A set of potential jobs had come in. She didn't bother looking through them- that was Robin's job. Knowing Robin, she'd be aware of a job as soon as it came in, and if the job was worth doing, chances were-

"Hey Sara, wake up, I got us a job. " Robin sounded as eager as ever. If Sara felt like getting into a fight, she'd call her an eager puppy. Just as well, she'd have a hard time finding a job in time without her, so he couldn't really fault her. "That T. guy just opened transmissions and offered a tag along, you wanna contact him or do we need the money, it's up to you; I just wanna get up and do something, we've been here for a few days without anything to do but work on The White Hare and Thrasher."

Sara rolled over and stretched lazily, her spine making satisfying popping sounds as she stretched out. She swung herself out of bed and started pulling her flightsuit on before the yelling continued.

"Hey Rabbit! What's the verdict, are we doing this for ourselves or are we gonna tell the guy we're comming?"

"I'd rather not get shot out of the sky if its all the same to you." Sara replied, raising her voice enough to be heard through the door. Oughta let him know we're letting him come along for the ride."

Laser Tank? Oh boy bring me back to my Command and Conquer days. Laser Crusader spam anyone? No? Just me? Maybe my dad?
Rifling, Lands and Grooves, same thing really. However, a lot of modern day tank cannons are smoothbore now. The point of rifling is to stabilize the projectile in the air by making it spin (sort of like how a football spirals to stay straight). Modern day tank rounds have fin stabilizers so they don't need the rifling.

Most of the mechs I (try to) compare to real life counterparts- giving room for advancements because they're mechs with super generators.

The Bulwark is actually a pretty easy comparison for me, as I looked at it and thought to myself "That's an Abrams Tank." Which means thick armor and a big ole 120mm cannon. Though honestly, the scale on that picture is ridiculous, as the cannon's bore looks to be about the size of a man's torso.
Also @Pathfinder, my inner weapons/numbers nut coming out to play, but judging by the picture of the bannerlord, I think your gun is more in line with a +105mm cannon instead of a 60mm cannon.

Not too certain, as I don't know of many ~60mm cannons- except maybe some WWII tank guns- most 60mm shells tend to fall in the line of mortar style weapons as opposed to cannons, which tend to fall into either less than 40mm (rapid firing autocannons) or more than 100mm (heavy tank cannons)

-shit, sorry for doublepost-
Jesus, I guess everyone and their mother is taking that mission... I hope the bad guys have enough hardware to keep us entertained.

Just to reiterate, myself and @Liotrent plan on taking the convoy mission as well
Wow a lot of Ukanuq applicants, considering mine is planned on being one as well- almost done by the by, just finishing up history now
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