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”Well its a good thing I’m arranging for my ashes to be spread across the lakes of Mars, and not Savonia.” Ingram grumbled as he led Aleks back over to the part of the hangar where the princess was. Timing was good, the medical crew called to the hangar had just finished going through a quick checkup for the princess to ensure she was in good health. Initial results seemed promising: No broken bones, fractures, or internal bleeding, just a minor concussion, some bruising, and mild dehydration. Ingram quickly sent the report to his holopad and put it away, grabbing a water bottle off the little gurney the medical team had brought out with them.

”Princess Aurelia, I had been informed you’d be joining us, and taking over command of a task force within the 5th.” Ingram greeted her simply with a casual half nod, half bow, offering her the bottle as he did. ”Obviously, this wasn’t the way we intended to bring you aboard, but nevertheless, welcome aboard the INS Roanoke. My apologies for the rather… abrupt welcome, but things are a bit of a mess right now, if you couldn’t tell.”

Aurelia nodded and shook her head repeatedly as the medics were asking her a series of questions. Despite being in relative safety now, Aurelia didn’t appear to look relieved or happy to be out of the fire. How could she be? It was obvious that the Coalition attack was an attempt at her life… Or at least an attempt to capture her. Despite the failed attempt, how many people died for it? How many UEE lives on that space station, let alone the fleet?! Even the Coalition… The bloodshed for her was immense, and it made her stomach twist when she thought about it. It took her a moment to realize she was being spoken to, but her mind quickly played back the information she didn’t quite catch and pieced things together. ”Thank you, Commander, for the welcome… Though I wish it was under better circumstances… I understand this battlegroup was on the verge of rotating off of the front before I arrived. I’m sorry this had to happen.”

”My name is Commander Ingram Shaw,” Ingram introduced himself, with a short clearing of his throat, ”I command the 7th Direwolves, the Roanoke’s attached MAS Squadron, and was the one flying the Sparrowhawk,” he gestured to the machine in its hangar bay.

”This is Commander Aleks Danielsson, our resident ace, and my second.” Ingram gestured to Aleks standing beside him, and the lanky Savolax bowed about as formally as Ingram imagined was even possible for him. ”the Roanoke isn’t a big ship, so I have no doubt you’ll get familiar with the rest of the crew soon, but for now you can feel free to reach out to us if you have any particular questions moving forward.”

The princess looked between Ingram and Aleks. She was surprised by the informality, but she didn’t find that to be a bad thing either. Like she had told Dearil, she wasn’t big on the formalities anyways. Ingram’s introduction and lack of wordiness set her at ease a little bit. ”I owe you both- no… I owe the 7th my gratitude. Being alone and hunted on that planet was…” she trailed off for a moment, ”Anyways… I give the 7th and the crew of the Roanoke my word that you will all be home and resting with your loved ones as quickly as possible.”

”Ah, one last topic of discussion before we get you settled in, your highness.”

Aurelia blinked, but nodded quietly. She had an idea what he was about to get at.

Ingram’s brow furrowed slightly, obviously a bit hesitant to continue, but he finally broached the subject- it’d come up sooner or later anyway, so he might as well pull the bandage now. He sucked at his teeth, and waved the remaining medical crew away, beckoning for Aleks and the princess to follow him to a small side office in the hangar- it was the engineering crew chief’s office, but they’d be able to use it for their purposes. It felt weird enough that he was more or less gearing up to give a member of royalty a dressing down- just the thought of it was a career ending prospect for many- but it’d probably be better off on all of them if it didn’t happen in the open for everyone else to see.

”Princess,” Ingram began, after ensuring the door was shut and no one else was around them, ”This isn’t a debriefing, but I’d like to talk to you regarding what happened during the extraction.”

“I certainly appreciate the sentiment- protecting a damaged wingman, and if you were anyone else, I probably would’ve rewarded the initiative.”
Ingram sighed, a hand running against the side of his head somewhat awkwardly. It was true, if any other recruit had done something like that, Ingram would’ve rewarded them: the willingness to risk life and limb for another was a rare find, and soldiers like that typically possessed other qualities that Ingram was also looking for.

”Unfortunately,” Ingram continued, now speaking his thoughts aloud, ”You’re not just any other recruit- you’re a leader, and royalty to boot. I don’t doubt your ability to fight, I know you’ve been trained in the academies just like we have, and I saw the way you handled piloting a Coalition MAS. But we have the field experience, and whether you like it or not, some lives are just more expendable than others. Ours are, yours isn’t.”

”Injured or not, my squadron is the best of the best. They’re capable, and more importantly, aware of their limitations. In the future, I’d prefer if you followed our lead when it comes to tactical decisions: You can tell us what you want done, but don’t tell us how-”

As he continued his half speech-half lecture, Ingram seemingly remembered that he was in fact speaking to royalty and not just another officer. He cleared his throat and quickly lowered his head a bit, in a short respectful manner.

”- that is… all, Princess.”

Aurelia looked down at the floor and listened intently as Ingram spoke. She wasn’t averting her gaze out of shame- well… Not entirely… Rather, Aurelia was mulling over the details of what he was saying. The commander spoke a lot of truths that Aurelia hadn’t considered. These pilots were all experienced, talented veterans. And despite the elite training she had received in the Royal Academy, she was about as green as they came. Still, the candid words were hitting Aurelia like a train. There were few times in her life where she was, in essence, scolded for her actions. She grew up being pandered to, so this was all quite the gut punch to her. And if it were any of her older siblings, the commander would have likely been punished for speaking up against them.

But Aurelia understood the intent behind it. It wasn’t malicious or insulting. It was a lesson that she had best learn quick if she wanted the 7th to trust her. It was a two way street after all. Aurelia looked back to the door, and she was glad that it had been closed behind them. It wouldn’t have looked good for neither her nor Ingram and Aleks if somebody had seen or overheard this exchange. She took a deep breath and let it out in a long sigh as she brought her eyes back up to meet the commander’s, ”Commander… Would it… Be right for me to apologize to you and your squadron? You are right… And I don’t want your pilots thinking I am anything like my rather… Overbearing siblings.”

Aurelia was having trouble trying to find the right words for anything. She was exhausted and still in shock over the events. ”Ahh I don’t know what I’m getting at…”

Aurelia knew that it was unseemly for any officer to apologize to their troops. It showed weakness and uncertainty in their position. And she knew that her command echelon, wherever they were now, had already seen her that way given her distaste for conflict. She felt a spike of anxiety, worrying that the 7th would think she would be incompetent if she stood before them to say sorry. The only person she had ever apologized to was her father when she couldn’t shoot a wild boar or discipline her palace staff for not seeing to her comforts. She was entirely in unknown waters now… And the setting she was in was very much one where her decisions could lead to every single one of them dead in the vacuum of space. ”Err… Can we restart?” she said, her voice timid, ”Where and how can I help? It isn’t fair of me to demand more from you when you have all sacrificed so much in this awful war because my family wills it…”

"Your highness," Aleks began, inclining his head as he spoke, "we are volunteers. We choose to live the unfair life a soldier does, meeting the demands of our commanding officers, fighting the war for the Empire, for your family. In this way, if not in all ways, we knew what we signed up for."

Aleks licked the front of his teeth behind closed lips. He'd not anticipated speaking at all, much less before being spoken to - and certainly he hadn't expected to be reassuring the princess.

He chose his words carefully, but he used them nonetheless.

"It is your job to make those demands, fair and unfair. The commander and I will support your decision making with our experience and knowledge, we will be present to offer advice when it is needed, and we will be available for delegation of duties where it is necessary."

He nodded, and relaxed, exhaling softly and glancing away for a moment.

"Yes, we can restart."

Aurelia took in a deep breath and let it out in a long sigh. She closed her eyes and mulled things over for a moment. ”Okay… Ah… Perhaps I should speak to the captain and get some awareness of the situation…” Aurelia nodded to her decision and huffed again. She seemed to have spruced herself up now that she had a goal in mind.

”Oh, and please… I’m not very big on the formalities. If we’re just talking, you don’t need to call me princess or your highness or anything. Just Aurelia is fine. It’s not like there are any ISS around to enforce it... “ the thought of not having any bodyguards around made her feel somewhat vulnerable, even if she was sharing a ship with some of the most veteran pilots in the Empire. Perhaps it was a vulnerability spawned by witnessing Dearil’s death.

”As you wish your highness- er I mean… Princess..." Ingram coughed- whether or not she allowed it, it was hard calling a member of nobility by anything other than their title. He winced and sighed awkwardly, not sure what else to say.

Aurelia cleared her throat awkwardly, ”Anyways… Off to the bridge then.” she turned to leave, but she stopped herself when she reached for the door. Aurelia frowned a bit and looked back over her shoulder, ”Erm… Where is the bridge?”

Ingram nodded, and he touched a button on his holopad. ”Ah right, I’m sending Sgt. Hark from our security detachment over to the hangar, he’ll escort you to wherever you need around the ship. He’ll meet you at the Helheimer-” Ingram added, as he approached the door and held it open, gesturing for the princess to leave first.

”We should get back to the rest of the squad,” Ingram said aloud, half to Aleks, half to himself to get them out of their current situation, effectively dismissing themselves. ”After you, Dannielsson.”
Elena Adarlan

Kalla, a small oasis trading town by the edge of the Killiman desert. Small, square buildings of hardened sandstone, marble temples, and a busy, bustling marketplace anointed with brilliant, bright colored flags. Despite its rather the town's relatively small size, it was still fairly well known and well travelled, and was the primary stopping point for trade caravans headed in and out of Varuk territory. As such, there was also plenty of room for strife, chaos and cutthroats. Not a lawless town, but not an entirely peaceful one either, be it infighting or marauder raids. All in all, a pretty average town in Hitala. It wasn't nearly as nice as Portea, but at the same time, it had its own quaint little rustic charms.

These rustic charms were more or less lost on Elena, as she rode into town. The sun was bright, it was hot, and had she not worn her traveling cloak, her fair skin probably would've been burnt a long time ago. The Isoli people were resistant to the cold, not so much the heat. Thankfully, she had traded out her heavy travelling cloak, for a lighter one- this red and white hood draping to just past her shoulders as opposed to her whole body, its light fabric and colors reflecting away the light and heat, without weighing her down too much. The cloak billowed in the breeze as the staff Elena sat upon carried her in.

The Red Saints had a small presence in the town of Kalla, currently only her friends Neev and Vog had been assigned there. The town was small enough that the two of them should've been enough to take care of it, but there must've have been some trouble on the winds, as Cinclaire had sent Elena there directly. Reluctantly, but obediently, Elena was now in Kalla, bearing the desert heat for her dearest sister. Elena caught some strange glances as she arrived in town. Her hands quickly shot to her hood, afraid that it had somehow fallen off, but it hadn't. The stares were probably at the fact that she was riding a staff instead of a horse.

Sliding off her staff, and taking it back into her hands, Elena took stock of her surroundings. She'd just arrived, so she'd best check in at the temple- or at the tavern where Neev and Vog were. Though, if she had some free time, perhaps the marketplace would be a nice place to check out- she could buy some gifts or supplies there. The marketplace would also be a decent place for her to start gathering information as well.

Deciding she'd at least drop her stuff off and secure lodgings for the near future, Elena approached the inn. It was one of the larger buildings in town- fitting as Kalla had a decent amount of travelers coming though. Reaching for the door, Elena had placed her hand on the door before it suddenly swung out, knocking her off her feet.

"Ah!" Was all Elena got out as she hit the ground. Her hands went for her head instead of trying to brace her fall, grabbing at the edges of her hood as she landed. Coughing from the dust and sand that picked up as she landed, Elena looked up to see a rather tall man standing over her. He apologized for knocking her over and reached out to help her up.

"No its okay, I just wasn't expecting the door to swing open so suddenly," Elena replied quietly, taking the man's hand as he helped her up. "Thank you." she replied softly as she dusted herself off the ground, finally looking up to get a better look at the man.

He was a taller man- taller than she was, broad shouldered and dressed in bright red, with the look of a fighter about him. Cocking her head, Elena noticed that he also had a few companions following behind him- one of which she recognized as an isoli woman, not unlike Elena, their manner of dress and look were fairly different when compared to other cultures. Behind the isoli woman was another human man, slightly older, and also surprisingly recognizable. Elena had to study him for a moment before recognition fully clicked: the narrow face, greying hair,

"Oh, Sir Allanon!" Elena called out to the older man in surprise, her melodic voice picking up as she waved to him. "I wasn't expecting to find you in Kalla!"

To be fair, Elena wasn't expecting to find Allanon anywhere. While very kind and helpful to the members of the Red Saints around Portea, Allanon came and went fairly regularly, and never really said too much where he was going.
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Ingram cursed, as he brought the Sparrowhawk closer to the ground, ducking out of the way of a volley of autocannon shells. The Coalition mechs weren't within visual range, but just as it didn't stop the 7th from shooting at them, the foliage didn't stop the enemy from shooting back. Coalition cannon shells flew through the treeline, sending spear-sized chunks of wood and splinters flying as they slammed into and exploded against the massive trees surrounding them. Shards of wood and shrapnel buffeted the Sparrowhawk as it juked and weaved through the treeline. The recovery team as well were showered by wood shards as they pushed their way through the treeline, though most of the pieces were ineffectual and bothersome at worst.

All the while the squadron was harried endlessly by stray riverdrakes. Most of the pack at this point had thinned out, and were contending with both Coalition forces as well as the 7th, but the occasional drake still jumped out of the forest to take a nip at the smaller mechs in the pack. Ingram dropped the Sparrowhawk out of the sky, allowing the weight of his machine to land fully on a riverdrake that strayed too close to the Princess’ commandeered MAS. The rest of the 7th was already forming around the princess’ MAS as the two elements linked up. Pips had been the point of contact for the princess and the 7th thus far, and had been instructing her to stay safe within their unit and to get on the Roanoke as soon as it came within sight. The princess however must have had other ideas.

"Negative, Kolibri! This MAS is still healthy and able to fight! You're in less of a position to cover the retreat. You will make the first bound to the ship, I will use the AAT-9's shields to cover your advance. Please don't argue this..."

Ingram scowled, not entirely surprising- the Royals were all given an extensive military education as a part of their upbringing, and being so young, Ingram might’ve understood how gung ho the princess was- but not when their lives were the ones at risk. This wasn’t a fantasy and they weren’t heroes, this was real and they were currently running for their lives. Still, Ingram managed to keep his voice composed and even as he keyed the comm.

”Sorry Sunray, it doesn’t work like that.” Ingram’s voice crackled through, a small wash of static carrying through his clipped voice. ”The rest of the 7th is covering us- the faster we get you on the ship, the faster we all get out of this jungle. ”

The princess might well have been a capable fighter- if they were in a more desperate position, Ingram probably would’ve welcomed the fighting spirit. But as it were, they weren’t here to fight. The 7th didn’t know the princess, they didn’t know how to fight with her, it didn’t do anyone any good to have the princess out on the fighting line. As if to punctuate his point, the Sparrowhawk stomped down on the writhing riverdrake underneath it, its arm cannon spinning up to fire a burst of shells into its head as its armored helmet turned to look at the Helheimr.

”Sunray goes in first, followed by Pips and Grizz. No arguing.” Ingram directed, an armored hand pointing them in the direction of the ship.

The last few miles to the ship was a rush, the 7th pulled back as rapidly as their heavier units would allow. Ingram flew above, directing fire as they fell back- Coalition patrols were outside of visual range, but still deigned to return fire as autocannon shells and missiles crashed around them. A steel plated beacon in the storm, the Roanoke itself was already firing its weapons by the time the squadron got into visual range of the vessel, mass drivers and plasma cannons flashing as they fired into the woods around them, scorching stone, wood and metal alike. The Roanoke’s hangar doors were already open and waiting as the 7th and their charges splashed through the sapphire lake.

Drakes and Coalition patrols be damned, the 7th broke for the open hangar doors as the Roanoke delivered withering volleys of fire around them. The water around the ship was already rippling and forming into waves as the engines of the Roanoke began spooling up, ready to take the ship into the sky and back into orbit. Technical crews were already waiting for them as they quickly waved and directed mechs into bays.

The Sparrowhawk, being flight-capable, was one of the last ones into the hangar. In the event that the ship needed to take off before everyone was loaded in, the Sparrowhawk could still fly into the hangar as the Roanoke flew. Stomping the last few steps into the remaining hangar bay, Ingram spooled the mech down and pushed open his cockpit as he keyed his comm.

”Medical to the hangar,” Ingram said, his voice echoing across the ship as he grabbed the edge of his cockpit, steadying himself as the Roanoke took off into the sky- harried by enemy fire all the while. Rumbling from a combination of stray enemy fire and turbulence, the Roanoke propelled itself from the surface of the planet into low orbit. Ingram swapped his comms to the command channel. He spoke for a moment before abruptly switching back to the crew channels.

”Medical team belay that, all hands brace!”

Ingram threw himself back into the seat of his cockpit and grabbed the seat’s roll bars. The Roanoke had barely reached low orbit when it activated its Kearnsky-Fuchida Warp drive and propelled itself and its unwitting crew into FTL space. Time seemed to slow to a crawl, a second felt like a minute, and Ingram felt his stomach dropping- not unlike the sensation of being inside an elevator- the entire time. Moments later, everything snapped back to real time and Ingram jerked forward, almost falling out of his cockpit. He shook his head and shuddered, they were now in FTL space- the familiar rocking and rattling of space ‘turbulence’ against the hull filling his ears.

”Okay, now medical to the hangar.” Ingram sighed through the crew comms as he pulled himself out of the cockpit. They were in the clear- for now.
Gabriel Rivera

First impressions were everything: Gabriel was once told during his childhood, as he trained and was molded for his current station. Though it occurred to Gabriel just now that when he was told that, he didn't realize at the time that first impressions were a two way street. His first impressions of the humans aboard the Xuanzang were... less than stellar to say the least. The ship was a mess- unlike the clean and regulated corridors of the Confederacy's vessels. The Captain was polite and pandering on one hand and passive aggressive in the other, neither quality Gabriel was too fond of, better to be decisive and direct when in a position of leadership.

The two star marines- Ashton and Flame however, were the worst by far. Without so much as even telling him their names, they let him know that they were participated in the destruction and bombing of House Salakar. While Gabriel's face remained ever calm and impassive, he felt a twinge in a vein on his head, and his eyes narrowed. The ship's first mate tried to smooth things out as best he could, apologizing for their lack of tact. Gabriel looked at Doruva, muttering a pre-emptive apology in Kanasurii before turned back to them, and merely shrugged.

"I speak for myself in this:" He clarified coldly, his thick accent clouding his words slightly, "There is no need to apologize to me, for the burning of bridges that were never there in the first place. I'm sure your 'redemption' will do nothing for the billions of innocent lives lost on Salakar."

Gabe turned to a taller Star Marine- she was older than the other two, closer to his age. She had made a joke about it being rude to whisper in foreign languages. She at the very least seemed more mature and collected. While Gabriel wasn't too fond of the other two 'first mates', he forced himself to reconcile with the fact that the Star Marines weren't really given a choice in what they did, and that they all probably weren't that bad. He offered the red-headed Star Marine a small, wry smile.

"Its also considered impolite to eavesdrop on personal conversations." He countered, though the hard edge his voice had taken when talking to the other two had softened and was replaced with a more even tone. Gabriel raised an interested eyebrow as the redhead then went to explain why they- the diplomat, Master Doruva and himself were allowed access to the ship's kitchen, thanks to the Captain and her other two 'first mates'. The entire ship's rations were being cut due to the actions of a few of them apparently.

Another Star Marine appeared seemingly out of the woodwork to complain as well. Gabriel's face remained even and still, hiding some measure of surprise- one moment there was nothing, and then he seemingly appeared out of nowhere. At the very least an impressive display of smoke and mirror. It merely reinforced that the Star Marines were dangerous. At least some of them seemed to have their head on straight. Though the new Marine's comments on the first mate also brought some concerns to light as well.

"Correct me if I am misunderstanding the language," Gabriel murmured, "A member of leadership committed a mistake, and as a result the crew at large is punished?" Gabriel shot a look at the shuttle and sighed- it was already leaving and returning to its Kanasurii mothership. Too late for them to jump ship now. Gabriel resisted an urge to scoff. Such a thing would've never happened in a House Aoshen unit. House Aoshen knew how to inspire loyalty in their subordinates, the Second Fangs- inspiring loyalty was a basic lesson in leadership, and somehow it wasn't present on the Xuanzang. The crew were arguing, disrespecting authority, and contradicting each other all within the first 30 minutes they'd even boarded the ship.

"A failure in leadership weakens the organization as a whole. To punish the subordinate for the failings of their superior only inspires a lack of trust and loyalty." Gabriel stated bluntly before walking back over to Master Doruva.

Rolling his shoulders in his armor, Puurcival quickly made his way down to the geological research department to find Dr. Paeris Daelen. There wasn't a whole lot of people down here- most were busy eating and viewing the comet. Only a precious few were still stuck down here doing real work. Not that Purrcival could blame the others for wanting to take it easy- the comet came around once in a lifetime, for Felynes typically once in a few lifetimes, so it was expected that people would be excited.

Still, excitement didn't mean that he could shrug off work- in his paws, Purrcival was going over a supplies checklist for the Tailraiders, and what they'd need in order to support a blind foray past the Guiding Lands: Provisions, supplies, materials for field repairs, plenty of vigorwasp spray, materials to set up Tailraider survey points and forward bases, stuff like that. Most of the materials had already been located and pulled aside, they mainly just needed the good doctor to sign off on. Not to mention Dr. Paeris also wanted direct support from the Tailraiders for this one too- having one on the mission instead of just having a team on standby.

Purrcival pushed past the door into the Doctor's office, almost knocking into what appeared to be a small throng of hunters already gathered. "Woah, busy." Purrcival noted, as he pushed his way past the hunters, and towards where Dr. Paeris' desk sat.

"Right. Of course they're not here yet." Purrcival said with a sigh.

Looking behind and up for the first time since he'd entered the room, he found that the good doctor's office had filled with its fair share of hunters. It seemed at least four of them had registered for the mission. That meant at least four people he'd have to keep an eye on. Purrcival shrugged, shouldn't be too bad, at least a few of them looked like they could handle themselves.

Gabriel Rivera

Gabriel wasn't entirely what to expect as the shuttle landed. He'd been given scant information on what exactly it was he was doing. Not that he needed much instruction- The Second Fangs acted largely independently. Their Aoshen Lords trusted that all of the Second Fangs' actions were taken to further the safety and prosperity of the House, and the Second Fangs never gave House Aoshen any reason to doubt their loyalty. Their exhange was a simple one, House Aoshen protected and provided for the village of Vera, ensured that all of its members were given proper education and a peaceful life, free from the stress of galactic conflict. In return, the humans of Vera trained the warriors of the Second Fangs to return the favor, ready to give their lives in the defense of House Aoshen, just as House Aoshen had done for them generations ago.

Gabriel had long distanced himself from the term 'human' ages ago. He might not have been a dragon, but he considered himself Kanarusii before he considered himself human. Humans were destructive, callous supremacists- or at least the Ascendancy was. Interesting, almost ironic, that if Gabriel had completed his training just a few years earlier, he might've been fighting these 'Star Marines', not helping them. More than one Second Fang had died when Master Doruva's team had been ambushed during the war. Though Gabriel's personal feelings towards them were not the lightest, Master Doruva had reminded Gabriel more than once that the children were victims of the Ascendancy as well. They were deadly, dangerous tools of war, but ultimately, they were just unfortunate tools- it was the Ascendancy that was pulling the trigger.

Still, Gabriel couldn't help but feel some measure of apprehension, unease, as they prepared to board a freighter that contained what would've been a ship full of deadly enemies a few years prior. Master Doruva didn't seem to share any such misgivings though, no, he seemed as cheerful as could be, as he almost always was. Exuberance was a perk of the Kanarusii's longevity, he recalled another Aoshen Lord telling him, unlike humans, Kanarusii lifespans exceeded theirs practically threefold. They literally had time to 'stop and smell the roses', as the human idiom went.

Gabriel perked up immediately as the shuttle shuddered to a stop. They'd landed. He snapped himself out of his thoughts immediately and stood. Time to meet these 'Star Marines' he'd heard so much about. Master Doruva stepped out of the airlock and onboard the Xuangzang, Gabriel trailing little more than a few feet behind him, an ash gray head of hair bobbing slightly, quickly stepping out from behind Doruva and taking a position a few feet off to his left and ahead of him. Even as Master Doruva met with the Xuangzang's representatives and introduced himself, Gabriel was scanning that area of the ship for potential threats, hidden corners that might hide a blade or rifle scope. Technically, everyone on board that ship was a potential threat- he had little knowledge on any of them save for their names and faces. Not everyone on the ship was a Star Marine, there were several older folk as well, likely crew of the freighter itself.

No one jumped at them, weapon in hand, no shots were fired, obvious attempts noted, so Gabriel reluctantly shifted to a more casual stance, allowing himself to stand up to his full height, and loosened his grip on the sheath of his weapon, allowing his hand to return to its resting place at his side. He didn't relax fully, but if this was all an elaborate trap, it hadn't been sprung.

"You might feel the temptation to be very formal, but no need! I think we should all be friends. Right, Gabriel?" Master Doruva said, finishing up his greeting- seemingly already aware of what Gabriel was doing as he called out to him. Gabriel grimaced slightly.

"Yes milord." Gabriel replied curtly, bowing his head slightly in Doruva's direction before turning to the rest of the welcoming party. He offered them a shorter, marginally less stiff bow."My name is Gabriel Rivera Aoshen. Thank you for welcoming us onto your ship."

Gabriel spoke with a thick Kanarusii accent, thicker than even Doruva's who at least had experience travelling to different cultures and observing different languages. Gabriel had no such luxury, and spent most of his life until this point well within Kanarusii space. His eyes flitted from one face to another constantly, his face was blank, but his eyes conveyed a combination of curiosity and suspicion at his surroundings.

"((I detect no immediate threats, Master Doruva.))" Gabriel reported quietly in Kanarusii, it seemed they were, for the moment, safe.

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