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Update: for my birthday I got into a car accident. Starting to think staying in was a better idea after all.
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"hey how did you want to spend your birthday?" - I guess sitting in front of my computer playing games isn't an acceptable answer...?
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Raindrop, drop top.


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@Sep Tbh, I completely skipped past the friend of the jedi part... Do I change it up..?
Look at me playing force sensitive characters, what growth amiright? @Sep
Keeping an eye out
Jericho 'Jaeger' Irons

"Yeah I could do with the mountain," Jericho replied with a puff of smoke, "Worse comes to worse I can just jump down through the ceiling of that hangar over there." he added, pointing to the north. Jericho waved her off when Holly offered to set up her barriers though, "Appreciate it boss- I've got my own though, you're better off using yours to make secure firing positions for the rest of the squad hunkering down in the killzone."

Jericho craned his neck upwards to get a look at the mountain above them, with any luck he'd find a large enough shelf for his mech to hunker down in. Pulling out his scope to take a look, Jericho eventually settled on a little shelf not far above the northern hangar. It was wide enough for him to put down his barriers, and if he needed, he could slide down the slope and into the northern hangar if thing's got too hairy. The colonists might not like the idea of a hole being punched through the roof of their hangars, but hey, when their lives were on the line, it didn't really seem like they had much of a choice.

After a quick trip back into the dropship, Jericho and his Desert Fox began stomping out onto the courtyard and up into the mountains above. Settling his barriers at his designated nook, Jericho would take the time to pile some more rocks, stone and dirt in front of his barriers, at an attempt to mask his presence as much as possible. If they had enough time, he'd be able to make his little corner look like little more than part of the mountain.
Hnnnnnnnggg I love the Zaku, but I also love the Astray.... and the Astray has a beam rifle
@Phoenix347 might as well roll and see what I get as well, though Tbh I'm leaning towards a Zaku, I've always liked those grunt suits
ooh can we be newtypes?? My current thought for a character is a member of a independent privateer salvage crew working closely with the one of the colonies
Popping in to say hullo
I'll keep an eye on this one!
Jericho 'Jaeger' Irons


Almost immediately as the shuttle ramp set down and the interior of the ship was exposed to real atmosphere, Jericho's hardsuit helmet was under the crook of his arm, and in its place a fat cigar sat between his lips. There was the click of a steel lighter, followed by a puff and satisfied sigh as Jericho took stock of his surroundings. The sight left something to be desired. The settlement was little more than a husk of a town, and had little more than a set of walls and a broken down door to protect them from the coming storm.

At the very least the townsfolk looked happy to see them. Happiness did little to pay the bills though, and from the looks of things, Jericho doubted the town had anywhere near the amount of capital needed to afford them. Though Holly did say the terms were decent enough for them, and she hadn't gotten him killed yet. So, Jericho had no reason to distrust the situation- though to say the situation was dire was an understatement.

"Jesus Holly, you sure know how to pick 'em" Jericho commented sarcastically as he popped a squat on a nearby crate, smoke casually pouring from his mouth. "I don't think I've seen as sorry a sight as this since Halden- you remember Halden right Kep'? he drawled idly to their resident super soldier.

Silas, Holly's newest hire had ran off to take a quick look at the surroundings and came back with a quick report. He also suggested an ambush plan, drawing the enemy into the center of the town's courtyard before opening up on them from all sides. Well, at the very least the kid seemed eager to earn his pay.

"Not the worst idea-" Jericho admitted before adding his own stipulations, "-If we're alright with risking collateral damage. Missing in here might mean putting a shell into someone's kitchen table, or worse."

"Still, there's still a good spot or two for me to hole up in with the long-gun." Jericho remarked, another puff of smoke releasing from his cigar. "Alternative is setting up a static defense along the walls and entrance. There's not many of us, but we can entrench ourselves in pretty well. They've got a whole lotta open ground to march across if they want to get to us. We can fall back and fight inside the courtyard if things get too hairy on the walls too."

Jericho looked down at the box he was sitting on- a crate of fusion cores provided to them by the small colony to keep their mechs up and running. Jericho whistled to himself. Fusion cores were common place enough that it wasn't too surprising to see them, but a lot of people forgot that these things were actually pretty dangerous if handled improperly.

"If we've got enough spare cores or munitions we could rig up a minefield to slow them down while we pick them off. Just my two cents."
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