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Update: for my birthday I got into a car accident. Starting to think staying in was a better idea after all.
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"hey how did you want to spend your birthday?" - I guess sitting in front of my computer playing games isn't an acceptable answer...?
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Raindrop, drop top.


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Plenty of things that can be fun to play, I just don't like stepping on people's toes is all!

Oh, btw I saw there was a discord or something, can I get a link to that too?
was waiting till I got back to make my character, might rethink the character idea now that we have an engineer
I'm thinking a ku engineer/saboteur with a human sized mech suit for boarding/combat
Interesting, short of time, but I'll give a look later tonight.
Short on time so idk if I'll be able to dedicate time to this, but thought I'd pop in anyway to say it's interesting
We don't have PR in general.

Logan Kensington

Now arriving at... FRIENDSHIP HEIGHTS... *DING* Stand back doors opening. When boarding, please move to the center of the car.

A wave of people pushed back and forth as a crowd exited the monorail car while an oncoming crowd tried to push into the car. There was the dull noise of working men and women shoving and the occasional 'excuse me', as the crowd filtered onto the bright and clean station and off into the surrounding neighborhood of the poorly lit Friendship Heights. A low end residential neighborhood filled to the brim with cheap apartments, shitty housing projects, small mom & pop shops, cheap chains, pawn shops, and the occasional office building. On the corners and porches groups sat in lawn chairs sipping on brown bags and smoking while blasting music on shitty speakers. Crowded as all hell- mostly with minorities and blue collar workers, and nearly devoid of regular police presence, it was a combination of a crime den and a safe haven- provided you knew who to turn to.

Quickly turning as he exited the station, one in the crowd disappeared into an alley, throwing his hood over his head as he did. Separating himself from the crowd, Logan hid himself in a corner in the alley, releasing a shaky breath. If it was fear, anticipation, or some combination of the two, Logan could never tell, but he always got them before he got into the shit. He unslung the nondescript backpack off his shoulders and pulled a black jacket out of it, which he threw over his hoodie. Logan pulled his mask out of his pocket and covered his face, and a pair of hard-knuckle gloves courtesy of the local military surplus store covered his hands. A pair of covered cans with different colored tape came out of the backpack and were set into the stretchy water bottle holders on the side of the pack, before the backpack was zipped up and thrown back over his shoulders. He hit his knuckles together, a small blue spark and the satisfying, familiar crackle of electricity made itself known for a moment.

Some twenty minutes later, Logan was on the roof of a convenience store, overlooking a small townhouse on 34th East- an Immortal’s trap house. At a glance, it would have been indistinguishable from its neighboring houses- had it not been for the rather bored looking enforcer standing at the porch. Grabbing the camera he had set up on the roof the weeks before, Logan shoved it roughly back into his backpack- he had seen enough of it to know that not many Immortals came to the den that often. There were a couple guys who lived in the house, and they occasionally had deals there, one such deal was going to be happening soon, as Logan had spotted moving truck and a box in the morning.

Sliding off the roof, Logan pulled the hood lower over his face, shoved his hands in his hoodie pocket, and began sulking over to the house, his head down and shoulders hunched. As he started climbing the steps up the porch, the enforcer perked up a bit, and held his hand out.

“Sup guy, dunno what you’re here about, but you’re at the wrong house. Turn around.”

Logan shrugged his shoulders and shook his head. The enforcer, a somewhat overweight white dude with beady, sunken eyes and a shaved head leaned in close to him, the fancy ‘I’ tattoo on his cheek easily visible. The Immortal lifted up his shirt and revealed a pistol in the center of his pants. The hammer was down, safety on- in short, ready for action.

“See this buddy?” the enforcer goaded, “You don’t wanna fuck with me, so back the fuck up.”

Like a flash of lightning, Logan had his hand firmly around the grip of the Immortal’s pistol, still in his pants but angled so the barrel pressed against the man’s inner thigh. There was a click as Logan switched off the safety of the pistol.

”Hey gangster,” Logan said with a grin- though his mask covered it. His offhand reached up and pressed a small button on the mask, the LED mouth coming to life. ”I think they’re expecting me.”

The color drained from the Immortal’s already pallid face, as Logan withdrew the gun from the man’s pants and slammed his hand into the Immortal’s chest. There was a stutter of a cry as electricity surged through the Immortal’s body, as he half fell- half flew backwards and crashed into the front door, before sliding to the ground, shuddering. Logan took a step back, aiming the appropriated pistol at the front door hinges and fired twice.


The door fell to the ground as Logan applied a powered kick to the now hingeless door. There were confused voices inside as Logan pulled one of the cans with gray tape out from his backpack and pulled a pin. Almost immediately a thick white smoke began pouring out of the canister, which he promptly lobbed into the townhouse. The confused cries and coughing grew in volume as Logan took a breath and dived into the smokey townhouse. Quickly moving through the smoke, Logan grunted in surprise as he bumped head first into a gangster who was making his way towards the front. The gangster was covering most of his face but was coughing up a storm, and held a gun in his hand as he waved it wildly back and forth, trying to disperse the smoke. The two made eye contact, and Logan moved in close before the Immortal could aim his gun and slammed both fists into the man’s torso, sending him flying backwards as electricity coursed through him, plaster spraying the side of Logan’s face as the gun discharged and took out a chunk of the wall next to him.

In the smoke, Logan ducked into what appeared to be a kitchen as the deafening crack of low caliber handguns began to fill the townhouse as the remaining enforcers fired at what was likely the front door- and the source of their apparent invader(s). There was the sounds of plaster showering the ground as bullets tore through drywall, as Logan made his way through the kitchen around to what appeared to be the living room- coffee table upturned, TV playing the current football game, and a pair of Immortals blindly firing at the other room. Logan waited until the two emptied their pistols, reaching into their pockets for spare magazines before he sprung at them.

The first fell almost immediately as Logan sprang out of the smoke and sucker punched him in the face. The second saw Logan in time, and backed out of the way of the second punch, his brow furrowing as recognition registered in his eyes. Grabbing the upturned coffee table, he lifted it and charged at Logan, taking the young vigilante off his feet and pinning him against a wall. Logan ducked his head to the right as a fist flew at it. After a second miss, the Immortal took his arm and instead used his forearm to push against Logan’s throat. Still pinned against the wall, Logan kicked at the man’s shins, as he grabbed at the pistol at his side.


The Immortal instinctively loosened up as he started to back up from the pistol, allowing Logan to push off of the wall and out from under the table. Logan attempted to point his pistol in the relative direction of the Immortal and managed to fire a few more times before the Immortal dived on top of him, one hand on the gun as he tried to wrestle it out of Logan’s hands while trying to beat the life out of Logan with his other hand. Wrestling under the weight of the much larger man, Logan managed to land a blow to the man’s temple, the following electric shock sending him spinning off of the top of him.

”Fuck.” Logan managed to groan as he pulled himself off the floor, collecting himself as he looked about the house, the smoke slowly clearing. The house was about what he’d expect, dirty and well lived in, crampt and crowded with now more than a few dozen bullet holes for decoration, alongside so overturned furniture and a particularly broken coffee table.

The crate wasn’t that difficult to find- the townhouse was small, and they didn’t really bother hiding it. Cracking it open, Logan pulled the top off the box to find what looked like a dozen AK-47s, neatly packed in racks surrounded by a bed of straw. Logan smirked underneath his mask.


He pulled one out of the box and inspected it. Not that he knew much about guns. It was heavy, with steel and wooden furniture and a folding metal wire stock. He debated keeping one for himself, but a quick look through the box concluded that there were no magazines inside the box, just the weapons. The Immortals were smart enough not to sell loaded weapons. Throwing the AK unceremoniously back into the box, Logan grabbed the other canister with red tape out of his backpack and pulled the pin, dropping it into the box with the AKs. Stepping back, there was a loud pop, and then the sounds of fire, as the canister began spewing flames and sparks, and straw inside the box began to burn.

Exiting the townhouse and back onto the streets of friendship heights, Logan turned off the LEDs on his mask, and drew his hood closer around him as he fled into the alleys, the sounds of sirens growing in the distance.
K - T O N

Logan Bartholomew Kensington
26 December '97 | 21 | African American
Single || Heterosexual
Kinesiology at UCSC | Student/Athlete
Physical Profile

Miscellaneous Items

Appearance Details
Standing in at 6 feet, Logan is taller than average, but not abnormally so. Athletic and sinewy, Logan has the chiseled triangle shape of a swimmer's body- broad shoulders and defined torso, with powerful arms and legs. Despite this physicality, Logan maintains a very relaxed, almost lazily casual posture at almost all times.

Logan's skin is smooth and unblemished, and his hair is typically kept short and close to his head. Generally clean shaven, Logan will occasionally allow a beard to grow, but never lets it get particularly long. His eyes are a light brown and at certain angles seem to spark or shine.

Logan's sense of fashion is a combination of urban and athletic: soccer pants, joggers, hoodies and bombers along with jordans and bright colored sneakers make up the majority of his wardrobe. Also, Logan looks surprisingly nice in a suit.

Casually confident, Logan carries himself with a sort of calm bravado and rarely breaks this character. Outgoing, yet not brash and outspoken, Logan’s generally cheerful and light-hearted disposition is of one who is rather confident in himself and his abilities. While casually boastful of his own abilities, he isn't afraid to acknowledge his own shortcomings, though will often spin it around in a manner that sounds better of him. Though relaxed and lazy, Logan is competent and appreciably professional, and often interacts quite well with women and children, and will casually flirt with others regularly. A generally good natured man, Logan is optimistic, and talkative, often making sarcastic or crude comments even when in the middle of deep shit.

Logan has a rather dim view on gangs and drugs- especially given what happened to his brother, and his disdain is difficult to hide. While not prone to violence, Logan has no problem with it either, and while he has yet to kill anyone, he doesn't seem to have a problem pulling a gun on potential problems. Logan is extremely protective of his family, and sees himself as the guardian of his family, despite his older sister's insistence that she is.

The more Logan gets involved in vigilante justice, the more it seems that his grades and focus in school have begun to slip. He often times skips classes outright, and is dangerously close to losing his scholarship due to his falling GPA. Not that he seems to care- in fact, Logan seems more dogged than ever when it comes to pursuing criminals and wrongdoers.
Character Synopsis
Born in Santa Celia’s East Side slums, Logan was the middle child of three in a rather modest family with little means. As a child, Logan was bold and unruly. He bickered with others constantly and insisted on having things done his way. He was competitive and at times even aggressive. The son of a superhuman, he was well aware of the occult and supernatural from an early age and even discovered own powers at the age of 8. Armed with the knowledge the supernatural, as well as his own bio-electric abilities- as minor as they were, Logan was confident in his abilities to instigate and pick fights with other children. It was easy to dismiss Logan’s displays of his powers as the exaggerations of children and as a result, Logan pushed and shoved his way to the top of the elementary schoolyard as a kid.

His older sister, while seemingly devoid of any special abilities, remained Logan and his brother's primary caretaker for much of his early life, as their father was a deadbeat who did nothing but drank, and their mother worked double shifts at the local hospital, leaving the kids at home to fend for themselves most of the times. Despite his bold demeanor, Logan and his sister Arianna got along incredibly well. Logan often regarded his older sister with a sort of reverence, and Arianna was able to influence his actions with little more than a word. In that manner, it was often joked that Ariana possessed some sort of abilities of suggestion.

Logan’s younger brother Malcolm looked up to Logan, and always seemed to follow him wherever he went. The two were close friends, and when Logan joined The Immortals street gang in high school, so did his brother. The boys had a rough childhood, and like many from the downtown slums were picked up by the Immortals young. As a kid, he'd run errands and do lookout work for the crew, and would bully and recruit other kids from the local school districts. As a young teen Logan was feisty and confrontational, and the Immortals encouraged his behavior. The gang gave him a taste of parties, and the fun, daring side of life. His sister needless to say, did not approve, but was unable to draw Logan out of the gang until the end of highschool.

Getting a scholarship to University of California Santa Celia, for soccer, Logan found a way for himself and decided to leave the Immortals, his brother coming along with him. The process was messy and at times violent, but the family was able to extract themselves from the East Side, and found moved into a small apartment in Downtown Santa Celia. The Kensington kids believed that they had gotten away from the Immortals.

And in a way they were, until about last year, when Logan’s brother Malcolm was killed outside a club in Downtown SC, gunned down by a trio of Immortals gangsters in the street. While Malcolm technically survived the encounter, he had to be rushed to the hospital and was put into a medically induced coma. Shortly after that, Logan began engaging in vigilante activities, specifically targeting Immortals and their locations. His glowing mask making him infamous amongst the ranks of the Immortals. He has no set alias, but the mask has made him relatively known around the Downtown area.

Abilities & Skills
Bio-Electric Manipulation | Logan's body generates an abnormally large amount of bio-electricity, and he has the ability to manipulate his and others to an extent. His bio-electric fields increase the physical strength and durability of his body and he is capable of converting his bio-electricity into offensive weapons, giving him electric powered strikes, and short range blasts of electricity. Alongside offensive uses, he can also channel bio-electricity to allow himself short bursts of speed while electrostatic allows him to run along steep or vertical surfaces. Logan can also detect the bio-electric signatures of people and other living creatures within short distances- typically 20-30 feet. He can also absorb electricity from outside sources as well, allowing him to 'supercharge' his abilities.

Limitation(s) | Logan's bio-electric generation is rather intensive, and requires a large amount of calories to keep going- on top of his already high metabolism, Logan needs a considerable amount of calories- or a bit of extra juice to keep himself going. In addition, while Logan is capable of absorbing electricity from outside sources, he can only hold onto excess charge for limited amounts of time. Most notably, Logan has to trade off between offense/utility and defense, while his bio-electric fields enhance his durability, he has to draw the dormant energy away when attacking with it or using any of his other abilities.

Weakness(es) | Despite his powers and abilities, Logan is ultimately human, and is vulnerable to everything that humans are, including but not limited to blunt and sharp trauma, bullets, drowning and fire. In addition, Logan's offensive powers have limited effect on those immune or resistant to electricity, whether they be inexplicably resistant or wrapped in rubber.

Street Fighting | A mixture of pugilism, cheap shots, surprise, stacked odds, and a sideways turned glock, the reality of street fighting is that it is unrefined, unpredictable, and inherently unfair. Combined with his enhanced physicality, Logan is capable of going toe to toe with some of the most hardened fighters. Alongside his kickboxing training, Logan is well versed with knives, blunt objects and small firearms.

Free Running | With his ability to climb surfaces and his heightened reflexes, Logan is a natural at using his legs as a quick method of traversal- handy at chasing down fleeing targets, as well as fleeing from the police when they eventually respond.

Breaking and Entering | Rather good at getting into places he’s not supposed to be, Logan knows his way around a set of lockpicks. Anything to tough for him to lockpick- a combination of electric shocks and a crowbar usually does the job.

Athleticism | Attending UCSC on a Soccer Scholarship, it is no surprise that Logan is quite athletic. His strength and stamina are much higher than the average individual, he’s used to extended physical exertion without complaint. Logan also enjoys swimming and basketball outside of soccer.

Supporting Cast
Arianna Kensington - 28, Waitress. Logan’s older sister and apartment roommate. Arianna served as Logan and his brother’s primary caretaker for the majority of their early life.
Malcolm Kensington - 19, Patient. Logan’s younger brother and best friend. Currently in a medically induced coma at St. Peregrine's General Hospital after an incident with the Santa Celia sect of The Immortals street gang.
The Immortals Street Gang - A violent street gang primarily based in the Santa Celia’s East Side slums and Downtown. The Immortals dabble in the drug trade, and are not afraid to use muscle when needed, but they primarily focus on weapons dealing and human trafficking. They are supposedly backed by an individual or organization with deep pockets. It's unknown what their ultimate goal is, but many believe it may be raising funds or aiding in experiments to achieve immortality.

My CS, for GM viewing pleasure.

I've been craving a 'super power' RP
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