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Alright! I think we're not waiting for anyone else, and I think I've made my choices. A big thanks to everyone who submitted characters, you all made this decision incredibly difficult with tons of high quality characters- brings a tear to my eye.

Anyway, moving forward I think the crew of the Guernica will consist of:

The Pilot: @TGM as Ellisia, the tsundere ace pilot
The Doctor: @Mistress Dizzy as Doc Makazi, the space mermaid doctor
The Muscle: @KillamriX88 as Kelan, the veteran trooper with a chip* on his shoulder
The Tech: @Theyra as Alex, the eccentric engineer
The Support: @canaryrose as Mercy, the space amish
The Armorer: @Crowvette as Maxima, the android gun nut
The Face: @psych0pomp as Sawyer, the pretentious space lawyer

Go ahead and move your sheets over to the character tab!
I sat down to write down the OP today. It should be up in a couple of hours.

But yeah, regarding classes, I'm using a combination of ones found in the games, along with one or two new ones. When I said wait for lore, I meant don't settle on your character's origins/backstories just yet.

Ooh originals? Any mounted classes?
@Psyker Landshark If you want to go one, I can shift concepts to the other- I could always try writing a punch bot
dragoon? or main tank? Both- dare I say, tanky dragoon? Who knows- those are the ideas I'm playing with atm
@Lucky I think for the time being we'll just be sticking to an OOC thread- when we get rolling and if it seems like a discord will be better for the group, well we'll tackle that when we get to it. But for now, no plans for a discord.
Hoookay! I'm back folks, and it looks like the thread has exploded while I've been gone. I think, because there's so many good sheets out here, I'm going to be expanding the group size from 6 to about up to 8- including myself. Something I'm sure I'll come to regret, but hey! what can you do when faced with all this drip? (anyone thinking they'd be a good fit to help me keep all my shit together drop me a PM. Pls.)

So the deadline for sheets wont be for another few days- I'll just say wednesday and call it at that, however there are enough for me to start making handing out some invitations and whatnot.

Whoop whoop
Hey everyone! For the sake of my sanity and a fair shot for everyone, I think it's best if I close this thread to any further interest- If you have not already reached out to me privately or expressed interest in the threads, this rp is now closed!
Really digging a lot of these ideas, some of these character sheets are outright zany, but I'm a fan! Sorry that feedback is taking longer than expected, I'm packing for a ski trip this weekend- hopefully I can find some downtime.
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