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While Echo did not normally pay attention to the constant vocalizing by humanoids- unless the information was directly pertinent to it, it did pick up what it believed to be signs of aggression from one of their local forces units. Sure enough, the tarrhaidim seemed to be having an issue with the human squadmate of the Enevenomed, enough to the point of grabbing her. Tensions quickly flared back up to life as the shouting began- much of which made little sense to Echo's understanding. What did make sense to its understanding was the aggression towards Kleo, which could easily escalate into violence towards her. Loss of an Envenomed squadmate would surely put the operation in danger due to the team's small size. Logically, that meant that Echo should...

As Kleo pulled herself away from the tarrhaidim, Echo's weapons were already turning to face the various aspects of the local forces unit. The heavy beam cannon gave off a low hum, loud enough to cause the immediate area shudder slightly as it began charging, leveling itself at the largest cluster. The antipersonnel cannons glowed blue as they and the autocannons from each of Echo's forms oriented themselves at separate targets.

Alert: Cease aggression. Echo's voice crackled simultaneously from vocalizer units across all of its active platforms. While the platforms didn't single out any particular individual, from the directions the weapons were pointed it wasn't too difficult to tell to whom Echo was speaking. Elaboration: Further aggression will constitute acts of hostility. Elaboration: Hostilities shall be met with immediate destruction.

Rasch was quick to step in, demanding that all parties lower their weapons and continue cooperating. Echo questioned the value the local forces truly held- or at least this unit of the local forces. Eager for a fight and quick to jump to aggression. Their lack of critical thinking and tendency for picking potential foes well outside their weight class was likely the reason why this planet still had not been secured. Regardless of their inefficiencies, Echo cared little for the ZRF's objectives, its only concerns were of the Envenomed mission, which meant the lives of the squad took the priority over the lives of the locals. Echo's weapons remained raised, while the main cannon's humming slowed as it gradually began to release its charge, Echo's platforms would wait for the tarrhaidim before it began lowering its weapons- all of them lowering seemingly in sync to theirs.

Request: Relay objective. Echo's endoform vocalized to the contact, about as close to a demand as Echo could speak.

The battlefield was quiet now, save for the sounds of allies executing what remained of the enemies. A logical response, there was no sense in allowing enemies to return to their commanders and inform them of their movements and strength. Echo's microforms joined in, crawling about the battlefield, dispatching any that might have had any semblance of surviving, and taking stock of anything that might've been useful for integration into the Endoform or Warform's carapaces. The Endoform itself caught up with the others, pausing only to turn to the Tarrhaidim member of the Envenomed squad.

Notice: Apologies. Elaboration: This platform may have caused unintended friendly fire during fire mission. This platform will attempt to avoid similar incidents in future engagements.

Echo's warform was finally making its way into the village when their contact made themselves apparent. Along with the Microforms, the Warform took up defensive positions within the village, in case of an enemy counterattack while the team was briefing. The Echo platform regularly split its attention up amongst several fronts simultaneously, and its Endoform was more than enough to record the contact's briefing. The Endoform itself hunkered down, taking the equivalent of 'a knee' so as to not impair the vision or hearing of any of its squadmates. Humanoids were a strange bunch, relying on audible commands moreso than any other form of communication, but close contact verbal communication was also more difficult to be intercepted, and thus could be more readily relied upon to transfer more discreet orders.

Discretion and secrecy were what the Envenomed was supposedly about, Echo concluded as its myriad forms examined the scorched and shattered battlefield around them.
Love me some MMBN
Galahad Caradoc

Galahad breathed hard as he landed once again- the fight, while seemingly going their way, did not have an end in near sight. Izayoi had cut down a large swath of the grass before them, granting them at least an undisturbed view of their immediate surroundings, though it didn't stop the beasts from disappearing into the edges only to spring out again from other angles. Still, the rest of the party seemed to be holding their own well, Arton had regrouped with the others while Elaine and Izayoi struck out at their foes. The samurai presented an impressive- if almost imperceptible vortex of speed and razor blade, while the swordsman guarded her rear and the gunbreaker charged their foes. The beasts were still attacking even after several of them had been slain- Galahad supposed it was too much to expect blightbeasts to act like regular pack predators. A pack of wolves would've long dispersed by now, but these unearthly beasts seemed to have no such fear. It looks like they would have to strike down the beasts until there were no more.

Springing forward, Galahad ignored the screams of his muscles as he forced himself to jump further into the fray, joining the gunbreaker as she took the attack to the blightbeasts. Her shots harried them as a small group charged at her, Galahad countering their charge with one of his own. His halberd held in front of him like a lancer, Galahad dove headlong into the nearest beast, the weight of both the weapon and Galahad's armored form crashing into beast like a charge from heavy cavalry. With a flourish of his halberd, he threw the body off of the tip of his weapon before he swung it forward and a wide, low arc. One of the beasts dodged back in time, but another had its legs taken out from under it as the hefty blade cut across.

The length of Galahad's weapon meant it was easier to keep the enemy at bay. The beasts were single minded in their desire to kill them, but they were not so foolish and single minded as to throw themselves onto the bloody point of Galahad's halberd, unfortunately. That also meant, he could create space for himself and the gunbreaker to engage the beasts on their own terms.

"There's no end to them." Galahad cursed as he glanced over at the gunbreaker, ready to follow her back into the fray.

An ambush. The unztadtlige made a sound roughly congruent with irritation as it hunkered beneath its shield, rifle fire pinging off of it with little effect. The larger threats to it and its structural integrity were the heavy mag-machine guns and etheric artillery. It picked up the chatter from the rest of the squad- the void hanger was going to flank, while the rest of them established a base of fire. Each time replying through their headsets with a signal that most organics would consider an audible confirmation. Pieces were moving, and even on this battlefield Echo could not afford to stay in the same place for too long.

"Requisition: Grenade. Denied. Reasoning: This unit does not carry infantry explosives. Advise: individual should carry necessary materials in future engagements." The large unztadlige replied as it burst from cover, taking advantage of the haze and sensor disruption to bull itself into a new building to take cover in, closer towards Ilshar so it could provide cover with its shield if necessary. Simultaneously the remaining free Microform skittered over to the tarrhaidim soldier, clambering up onto the back of its armor and settling in. Its arms raised to hover above the shoulders of Ilshar, not blocking his line of sight, but ready to throw its arms forward to block incoming rounds towards his head. Its beam cannon swept lines of energy at the CivSec squad as well, to further keep their heads down.

With its squad in close proximity, and Salvator moving to flank, even with the voidhanger's exact position known to Echo thanks to its Microform, it was no longer comfortable firing its autocannon at the CivSec squad- the Envenomed were too close, and risk of friendly fire from shrapnel or stray explosions from rounds was too great. Instead, the Endoform turned its autocannon to fire into the treeline where the heavy gunners were, while the Warform's remaining autocannon also opened up on the treeline.

As the heavy walker lumbered through the trees, enemy fire pinging off of its hefty armor, it noticed something: a barrier absorbing fire, and inside of it a strange alien creature that was most likely the etherealist that had bombarded the squad a few moments earlier. Etherealists were always priority targets, as their capabilities were varied and always chaotic. As wild and unpredictable as a conventional battlefield was, it still followed laws and order. In a way, there was method to the madness of warfare. Such was not so when etherealists entered the picture: they had a way of shaking up the battlefield in ways that were frankly, unacceptable.

"Alert: Priority target. Hostile etherealist." Echo's voice rumbled into the squad's comms, while simultaneously tagging it on the squad's network. The etherealist's barrier seemed to be holding for the moment, mostly shrugging off small arms fire- most likely, more heavy ordnance would be required. As the warform continued to rumble forward, the large turret on its head shifted towards the glowing shield in the distance.

"Alert: Initiating strike on priority target. Alert: Danger Close." Echo crackled into the squad comm. There was a small, telltale whine that filled the air around them as the Siege Beam Cannon drew in power and prepared to fire, crackling and growing louder in intensity. A few moments later, a deep guttural roar was heard as a massive beam crackled towards its target. The air around them sizzled and ionized, as it was superheated, and smelled of burnt ozone as the beam streaked across the field.
Hayakawa Kimiko

"Yeah, yeah, whatever." Kimiko sighed. She half expected it, Juni was a glutton when it came to food- especially the good kind. Defeated, Kimi shrugged and returned to her own bento box to start eating. Nothing incredibly fancy, but it fit the bill well enough. "Are you coming over later then? Gran wanted to know."

A pin in the conversation was promptly placed however, as another girl approached. Catching Yurie's glance, Kimiko just shrugged. She recognized the girl as Kaede, an underclassmen. She didn't really know the girl though, and hadn't interacted with her much. Not that Kimiko didn't like the girl, she just never had a reason to talk to her, and 'friendly' was never a word often attributed to her. At least not by others anyway, Kimiko thought she was plenty friendly- but her reputation had a habit of preceding her. That being said, Kaede probably didn't care that much if she approached Juni, his reputation was on par, or even worse than hers.

"I think Junichiro is just fine," Kimiko snorted as the boy filled his face with more curry, "He looks as happy as can be. Kaede, right? Which classroom are you in?"
I'll probably take some time tomorrow to write Rowan's musings too, I like the way Goh's was written so I'll be imitating the style lol
Part of me thinks I should've made a tavern owner instead, for some reason that role completely slipped my mind lol
@Mae looks good to me! And yes, Rowan would probably know how to swim. I think he'll be good for skills for now... None I can think of atm. I figure he can pick up combat skills through questing and training
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