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11 mos ago
Update: for my birthday I got into a car accident. Starting to think staying in was a better idea after all.
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11 mos ago
"hey how did you want to spend your birthday?" - I guess sitting in front of my computer playing games isn't an acceptable answer...?
1 yr ago
Raindrop, drop top.


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Because "and my deku stick" is so much better than nuts.
Phanna is approved! I hadn't planned for Kokiri to be in the story, but the more I think about it the more I like it. I do have a condition. I'm going to have it be a rule that Kokiri age when they're outside of the Kokiri Forest. It can be at a slower rate than a typical Hylian/Human, and Phanna (And by extension any future Kokiri) don't know this. My rational is that in Ocarina of Time they were told they'd die if they left the forest.

I may be getting ahead of myself but Phanna could also be a good agent once Princess Zelda is safely at the Sanctuary/Orphanage. If you would be interested in that.

Oh. I always thought it was a tall tale told by Mido/deku tree like a PSA, because link was actually a hylian, not a kokiri apparently. That or in the literal sense that outside the sanctuary they aren't protected by the deku tree, thus they can be killed. But hey, you're the captain.

And agent how so?
@Inkarnate *shrug* they didn't specify which time line we were in and if this princess zelda is the same as the zelda in the oot. Aren't all the princesses named zelda anyway?

I did say I was taking a few creative liberties. I decided Malon was the resident adult I'd have Phanna interact with because little girl and an older sister figure sounds more innocuous than little girl and older man
@Inkarnate also, aren't we getting telepathic messages from Impa presumably?

Anyway, for Phanna should she be accepted it's pretty easy. She just goes to castle town with Malon a lot, and this time around happens to be the time she gets called upon.
Luckily kokiri just look like hylian children
Working on a healer of some sorts... Kokiri? Sheikah? idk

edit: Writing a Kokiri's background is harder than I thought... there's no beginning, middle, and present- not in the normal sense anyway. They don't age and they live for centuries if not longer, so its like harder to map a character's progression throughout the years.

Edit 2, electric boogaloo: here's my take on a kokiri. Made a couple of narrative liberties and have established her as an adoptive 'daughter' of Talon Lon Lon- let me know if that's no bueno. Also, forwent a list of spells for a description of her magical capabilities. Let me know if you want an actual spell sheet style thingymajig

@Inkarnate Ngeh! Bamboozled
I can get behind a Zelda RP
Hey all!

So, to everyone who's waiting for an update. Sorry! I've been really low-energy and just all-around unfocused lately. I've had a bunch of free time but I'm just not there mentally when it comes to doing anything creative. All I've been doing is like, sitting on my ass and playing videogames and eating shitty food all day, and yeah, it all just makes me feel terrible and guilty. :(

I will try my hardest to get the Lanostre and Varya stuff done, but it might take a couple more days of me getting through this funk. How is everyone else doing? Been a while since we've had a proper pow-wow.

womp womp, been there, can confirm does suck.
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