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8 mos ago
Update: for my birthday I got into a car accident. Starting to think staying in was a better idea after all.
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8 mos ago
"hey how did you want to spend your birthday?" - I guess sitting in front of my computer playing games isn't an acceptable answer...?
1 yr ago
Raindrop, drop top.


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And some of those ic posts have enough content for like two posts
Anyone looking for a squire or apprentice? :D

Also playing with the idea of a wandering monster slayer
Tentatively interested, based on the size and scope for the party/parties
short post is short, and late. I've been in a pretty shit creative rut lately, and work has been kicking my ass
Emil, with his own horse, had no need to go to the stables with some of the others. His own horse, while aging and not as energetic as it once was in its prime, was still serviceable for the journey, and it would've been rude and presumptuous to acquire a second horse for travel. He guided his horse to where the small supply carriage was being set up, and mounted the steed, adjusting his staff on the side so it wouldn't get in the way while riding.

Emil breathed a sigh of relief as he saw a small number of actual soldiers around the small carriage- both mounted and on foot. He hadn't been expecting to stay in the city for long anyway, and was already as fully prepared for travel as he was when he entered the city. He adjusted the steel and leather of his armor, and threw his hood back over his head as he awaited the rest of their group.

Despite his seat atop his horse, Emil couldn't help but feel small surrounded by career soldiers and capable fighters. He never imagined himself a warrior, and felt just a little out of place on a journey into monster infested lands. After a moment, Emil shook the thought from his mind, his purpose here was not to harm, but to heal. The only issue now was how these particular Caradians would react to magic.
Ooh, and we're back!
@DeadDrop PMd you on discord yo
@Leidenschaft I love the way the Fiveseven looks, and its an armor-piercing weapon in your pocket- but I generally favor 9mm because they're cheaper and have similar enough ballistics and recoil for what you're getting. Idk how it is in the future, but while the benefit of being able to penetrate body armor is useful, most street criminals don't walk around in military grade body armor. So you end up carrying a $1300 pistol for a job a $400 pistol can do just as well.

But we're in the future and we're in RP, so fuck it: FiveseveN it up
yeah give him that good ole FN FiveseveN, das like every cyperpunk kids dream gun
I'll get something up today
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