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I thought the status bar was where all drama went on this site, My mistake
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Is anyone else sick of all the Dallas Fuel fan's?
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Go Valiant Baby <3
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Would anyone be willing to breed me a Gluttony Snorlax for Ultra Sun and Moon
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I'll be honest I think my delayed response has you guys held up a bit so I'm sorry for that
Darla Turned around to face to the man, who had clearly had to many. She place her hands on her hips, the one hand on her revolver ready to fire. She chuckled befor saying in a sassier tone then she had used before, "Well, debts carrying over don't matter much, Since my daddy ain't dead. Wish I could tell ya where he was, but I ain't seen him for a stretch now. As for this money, I believe its mine, I Swindled it fair and square." she said as an ace of clubs fell from her sleeve into her off hand seamlessly. Her other finger spinning the barrel of her gun, setting it to a smoke bullet, before clicking the trigger, blasting the bullet into the ground releasing a large puff of smoke, she quickly rolled to the side of the man.

The Smoke settled after a few seconds, she held her gun to the side of his head, "Now this money is going towards the orphanage down the street, and I know you wouldn't want to starve children, so I'm just gonna leave, and you haven't seen me." She said in a more serious tone, her accent slightly dulled, and her eyes conveying her clear anger. She turned around and started to walk off. "Oh and you can have this back, just be more careful who you pull it on," she said as she dropped the now emptied gun of his on the ground behind her.
No Sir, Darla is hear to stay

I'm so sorry I disappear but I'm back and so is the guild I'll get my post up today , and I'm super excited to continue this
Darla took a puff from her cigar, as the smell of whiskey, and smoke filled the air and her nostrils. She smirked, "Full House, guess Ole' Lady Luck is on my side tonight Boys." as she played down her kings over 6's and started to rake in the money, two men from behind the table both reach for their hips, Darla sighed, and quickly, with her left foot kicked the table, rolling her chair backwards. She tucked and ended up on one knee behind them with her own six shooter pointed, "I Won fair and square, and I don't take to kindly to folks tryin to take what I earned, Now you boys made a mistake drawin' those weapons. See you don't know it, but my last names winters, and I twice as good as my daddy, so just put'em down and ill take my cash and go." the two stupid men laugh as the boss, shakes his head worriedly. He motions for his men to stand down, and she tips her cap, "Mighty wise decision, mate, I'll take a whiskey before I go, just somethin to soothe the pallets, stupidity leaves a foul taste in my mouth." she placed the money on the bar and down her whiskey before walking out of the underground cellar, and into the daylight.

Sadly this had turned into the Norm for Darla, ever since her father went missing. a few years ago. She had grown up the daughter of a notorious bounty hunter, and her own last name sent others into a panic. She was potent with a gun, yet he felt it was wrong to not try to use every option not to, before she ever fired the damn thing. She walked onto the street and down a back alley, all 800 in cash in her small sack she was now carrying with her, she was headed to the next bar, or town.

@Burning Kitty

I forgot will add lol

I really like the feel that you guys all do some cool powers and tricks and such, and I just am really good with a six shooter, I'm so honored to be Hawkeye
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