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Current I wish someone would start a One Piece Group Rp
23 days ago
Anyone else not excited for the worlds finals, SKT Vs. SSG, I think they are the two teams I cared about the least
26 days ago
Bout to leave for surgery, wish me luck ^.^
2 mos ago
Does anyone know of any good animes on Crunchyroll that are like, Say I love you?
3 mos ago
Just realized i haven't talk to someone in almost four years, yet i still use their Crunchyroll, and Netflix account, that's a true friend


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Alright, well, I'll try and get a post up with Viola today.

Might have her go to her dorm instead of watching the thing with Morholt. Might at least, make things move a bit faster for us.

Luna will tag alon with you then to our room haha
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Luna looked at her for a moment sadly, before releasing her from her grasp,"If that is what you want, I'm sorry." she then blinked,releasing the tether that held melody in the banishment, and set Melody right back to the place she had vanished from. She coughed, before breathing heavily a bit, she took a few steps away, trying to think. She didn't get much thinking done before she lost control of the banishment, and brought herself back as well, she was exhausted and wasn't paying much attention to the conflict anymore, She had tried to help, but seemingly made it worse. She kept her self invisible till she was back at there table. As her body became revealed she found herself falling, her head landing practically on Viola's lap, she continued to pant for a few seconds before she caught her breath, she looked up at Viola, "S-She didn't want saving, haha, mind if i lay here for a second and catch my breath?" she asked. Her blood was pumping she hadn't been that close to danger yet, she felt the heat of combat, and it seemingly opened her up a bit more. She laid there for a few seconds before, lifting her body up again and continuing to watch, "She tried to stop them and it didn't seem to work to well,
what does she think she will accomplish?
" she said as she looked at abi, she then looked back at Viola, "D-do you think we should leave the mess hall before we get hurt?" she asked hoping the answer might be yes, but knowing it wasn't a likely result.

Luna felt nervous all the sudden, but she tried to shirk it off. She continued to listen to her new friends share pleasantries, with the newest addition, Abi. She kept herself quiet as not to interrupt anyone, not to mention she felt more comfortable hiding in the conversation, just listening, observing. "D-Death Knight?" she said in response to Viola referring to him. She knew she didn't want to get close to him, he seemed like the kind of man her father would be proud to know. She watched as Melody got up, stupid bravery. She obscured herself, and followed. Meldoy had gone out of her way to be nice, so Luna wasn't gonna take any chances, and she knew she would be useless from far away.

"C'mon guys, break it up! The year's barely started, do you really need to do this"

Luna thought to herself, Oh No Melody, know isn't the time to be meddling, They must call him the Death Knight for a reason! She looked in horror as the large man touched her friend, but almost instantly the hand was removed, this was her chance, She revealed herself for a second, she placed her hand on the small of Melody's back, and Screamed in terror, "B-BANISHMENT!" before, Zip!

Luna found herself in a familiar place holding melody in her small arms, she was breathing heavily, a full banishment of two people was difficult, and holding her here for long would be even harder, the banishment zone of hers was simply a pocket dimension, it was pitch dark, yet strangely full vision, of the endless void of darkness. As if the endless hall was painted black, there was just nothing. She looked at Melody for a second, "I-I'm sorry, Are you ok, I know i shouldn't have banished you without permission, i was scared." She held melody tight for a moment, as a Psuedo-teddybear replacement.

If you actually read all that then you deserve this,

now to get to the fun stuff

if anything sounds fun feel free to PM me
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