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4 mos ago
Current All reply’s will be delayed till tomorrow , sorry about the inconvenience. And thank you for your patience
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4 mos ago
I’ve been checking the guild once most people have gone to bed lately, hard to find an immediate rp that way I guess
4 mos ago
I am back, man I missed the guild
7 mos ago
Slow responses tonight , no computer
7 mos ago
How come every time I have a test in the morning I can’t sleep the night prior?
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I would be interested
Bump cuz I added stuff
So I am back after getting busy with life and ready to start doing again, I’m looking to only grab a couple rps early on

That being said if your interested in starting something new with me I have a rules to keep in mind

1. I prefer 2-3 paragraph posts can do more can do slightly less if must but never less then a paragraph, or more then 5
2. Please be active in the story building process, I will never be mad you tried to progress the plot, it makes the rp more exciting
3. A courtesy heads up via either status update or ooc to let me know we are on delay or hold I know it’s hard but it makes things smoother if we ever want to resume
4. We will rp via pm’s I’m old school and I prefer it
5. I will not play canon characters, and I don’t expect you to either. If playing canon is your preferred that’s fine but I won’t ask you to and I won’t play them either.
6. I prefer to play female characters , but i don’t expect you to play dom if that is not your style, I also like MxF and FxF.

With that out of the way let’s get to the part you care about ideas. This will be separated into different section: Ideas, Pairings, and Fandoms.


Will probably add more


elf x human
Vampire x human
Prince/princess x royal concubine
Human X monster girl
High school romance
College romance

League of legends
One piece
Samurai warriors
Warriors orochi
Almost any sports anime
I mean I’m already friends with doggo sooo
Well we have ten characters so let the pm shipping conversations start if you have thoughts feel free to message me it’s my favorite part before the RP starts lol
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