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16 days ago
Current I enjoy Ascii art a little to much. Or maybe not enough?
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25 days ago
Stupid sunday, only stupid because it leads to the dreaded monday
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25 days ago
For my prior status maybe the "Sparkling" part could be a river of sweat ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
26 days ago
Seasons greetings on this Sparkling Saturday. Hope all you gems on here are having a great weekend so far
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27 days ago
Ahh i missed my status for yesterday, Thats a womp womp Failure Friday for me :(


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(There was an Ascii bunny but it looked cursed lol)
Epic bump deployed


A fist bump that is.
I bump at thee
Nothing says youd have to play a male
Hey there Hari, I believe that I have a character who fits Beautifully into your [Vampire x Human in a non-fantasy world but with a splattering of stealthy Vampires going about their Vampire business.] idea. My vampire OC is a character who I may need to shift slightly, but as a base she hates what she is and already uses techniques to try and hide her nature anyway, so I do genuinely believe she would fit in perfectly with the mentioned idea.
Feel free to hit me up with a pm for out of character discussions, I'm sure we could think up some RP goodness that we would both very much enjoy and want to read over again and again. I am particularly interested in the following pairings.

  • Vampire x Human
  • POW x Enemy
  • Depressed/Mentally struggling/Abused x 'Saviour' (With a twist in the form of the saviour maybe being supernatural in nature. I have an OC who I think would fit that saviour role beautifully.
Good day, are you still looking for people to roleplay with? I have taken an interest in your story 5 and story 3 concepts. I actually have a character who I could fit beautifully into story 5. But I am not a fan of playing a warlord for that one, :P feel free to throw me a PM, and maybe we could craft some outstanding stories together.
Welcome to the Guild weezy4sheezy, I wish you good fortune and a good time on this Site.
Frindly bump for all
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