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I look forward to learning more in the OOC. I might have a character in mind for this; however, I would like to have them possibly intermingle with a few characters possible. Plenty of work ahead of us all!
@World Traveler & @Helo

Main plot will revolve around the six and their crew. And the flip side of the coin is the Original vamps teaming up with the witches. The majority of the six don’t want to reincarnate anymore, and want to somehow fix it, but there is also a rage and hate for the witches and original vamps. Side parts would be things like romance, old fueds, Emotional turmoil, and so on.

I don’t understand the “cloak and dagger” reference? I’ve not seen the TV show if that’s what you mean? As for political thriller I’m also at a loss for what you mean? Elaborate please, I really want to be able to answer your question.

As for posting, If your character is interacting with another’s players character in the IC I would expect you to keep up with the average rate of posting. But otherwise posting at least 3 times a week would be great. Like I said quality over quantity. So if you can only really post a paragraph or two, that’s fine as long as it adds to the story, it’s part of the conversation, describes what’s going on, etc. Also group posting it totally cool too. I put this in casual RP because I don’t expect a novel for each post. But I tagged as advanced, so there is a little more to it.

I can make a Discord. They usually are handy when it comes to more advanced role-plays.

Apologies for not being as clear as I could be. Let me breath some life into my questions :D

When asking about the theme and mentioning "cloak and dagger" I was more referencing the term as it pertains to a type of action as it were. Basically are you looking to have this role play involve a lot of action? Secret spy stuff where betrayal and alliances are forged?

I don't want to come in with a character who is all amped up for war when the tone of the role play you are going for is perhaps more character development focused with conversation and ploy being the goal of most scenes.

I also want to stress that I am not looking for a 'right' answer to any of this. Just trying to get a feel. Will you be expecting romance in this or bloody action more and all that. Just wanting to get a feel for it all as I start to think of a character I might like to try out.
Overall are you going for cloak an dagger style roleplay or more political thriller? I am interested, but I don't want to miss the theme and goal you are looking to cultivate.
I may be a tad rusty but if you are still up for discussion I can send you a pm. I am an active role player but my style differs from some. Is what I meant to say.

I encourage a PM. Worst thing is we find we aren't a perfect match writing styles, but I find I am a pretty easy goin fella when it comes to trying new styles, plots, and ideas!
Sounds cool,

What genre do you prefer? Action-based or Slice-of-Life with superpower twists?
What theme in particular? classical fantasy, urban fantasy, or sci-fi?
Western comics or manga based?

Thank you for the interest!

As far as genre I am a personal fan of sort of a tide if it were. Fading into action for times and then cooling off with some slower parts. AS far as super powers go I tend to enjoy some sort of combined goal as it were *I think some people call them movie plot points lol*

Theme wise I really can work with anything as for me the character interaction and development is what is most important to me. I love a great scene where there isn't so much a writers block as there is a really invested amount of thought going into the characters dialog and thoughts.

I have mostly been a western comic fan; however, I have plenty of manga love as well. Recently I have been returning to the DC dungon with a lot of my free time.

IF you have any thoughts on a specific idea you are itching to do I would love to hear. Or if you just have a character you really want to explore I am happy to think of some ideas to match it!
Are there any ones specific that you are interested in doing? I have some interest in the following

~ Body Guard & the Girl
~ Movie Star & Make Wish

Let me know if you have any plots set up for those two already or if you want to draft something together!

Happy 31st!

Hello People of RPG!

I have been itching to do a super powers backdropped with a light and fun romance role play for a few days now so wanted to see if there were any takers. I often enjoy 1x1s for this sort of thing and would also like it to have original characters> That said I am more than happy to take on characters already created depending on the situation. Hoping this short post inspires some interested parties.

~Happy 31st~
Always the observer, D'artagnan continued to listen as the conversation moved towards a resolution of the woman joining to find the person or persons involved in the attack on the Royal family. He was dragged into the conversation when Oliver decided to hook him in. "You have been awfully quiet my young friend. Does this call fall on deaf ears?

Shaking his head D'artagnan didn't want to get into the specifics of what he was feeling or what he had decided on. Instead his interest was in how this party came to be. Surely he wasn't the first nor even the 12th best option for the King. The Royal Court had near limitless power and connections to call on so why would a prophet point them to D'artagnan? "You mistake my silence for apprehension. Caution is how is should be read. I am simply looking at the depth of the water before I jump in."

He looked over at the women. He could see obvious and had no doubt there were numerous less obvious places where knives and daggers could be hidden. "My major concern is a lack of immediate direction. You say this attack could have come from anyone, but has the castles security become so lax?" D'artagnan looked on as the three men seemed unnerved by the question.

"The Kings officer in charge has recently been found to have had sever gambling debts. He admitted to having allowed several unknowns bribe there way onto the grounds several hours before the dinner party event." The Duke said in a cold tone. "We have arrested him and sent him to the stixs." The stixs being a rather unfortunate hole of a place where the prisoners keep each other inline with only the most heinous of gang leadership.

Oliver then added "He was killed less than three hours afterwards. We nearly got no other information from him. We are unsure why he was sent there so quickly and not held for longer interrogation."

Turning to the woman and setting his back to the three men D'artagnan spoke to her for the first time. "Then we follow your connections. Surely someone with your fondness of blades has plenty of friends in the Stixs pit. Think we can find out if the murder was a contract to tie up a loss end?"
Not a problem. Should characters misstep it is fun to have the correction be in the story!
In my mind I thought about how my character being kicked out meant he was somewhat expendable and so we wouldn't be the only team sent to deal with this but some of the teams have alternate plans as well as other members.

Basically I am thinking my character was picked for reasons but they aren't because he is a grand secret super mage or anything like that.

Does that make sense or are you thinking I need to make something more specific?
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