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All characters that are approved are now free to post their character sheet in the Character Sheet section at this time.
Devin Coal

Gender: Male
Blood Status: Mud Blood
House: Hufflepuff
Professor of: Care for Magical Creatures

Biography: Devin's upbringing was rather unusual in that he had a magical parent almost completely immursed in the muggle world. His mother was very interested and in tune with her magical side of the family; however, her work as a muggle environmentalist meant she was constantly surrounded by the muggle world. It was that lifestyle that led her to meet Devin's father who was a Veterinary who was working as a humanitarian vet.

After coming to terms with his magical opportunity Devin was excited to attend Hogwarts. He quickly caught up, with his mothers help, on what he should know about the magical world and seemed to keep up his first year. Thankfully by the time he started to come into his own everyone else was and friends and fond memories came quickly starting his third year. After earning his OWL's he moved forward with his goal of becoming a Magizoologists where he would be able to hopefully work around the world helping magical creatures and the communities that interact with them.

That is until he got a letter from an old friend. It told him that he was retiring from Hogwarts and would not longer be teaching. While having only graduated, but already made a small name for himself in the magical creature field Devin was honored he had been asked by his first teacher to take over for him at Hogwarts.

Favorite Hogwarts Memory: His first night of his third year Devin found out a new roommate of his was also taking Care of Magical Creatures so they spent the whole night talking about their favorite animals. Devin talked about muggle studied creatures while his friend talked about all the different magical creatures he had seen on a few visits to a magical zoo that previous summer. The two talked all night and ended up sleeping through all their morning classes. They didn't miss their first Creatures class though!
Character Sheets will be reviewed and feedback delivered tomorrow. Sorry about the delay. The weekend got away from me.
Reviewing sheets today. Expect feedback to be sent via PM.

Welcome Faculty of Hogwarts 2019

For this role play we will be having our story take place in the current year (2019)That said there is some time travel involved so the secondary timeline (where a large part of the role play will take place) will be in 2009. If my math is off a little let me know and I can make a correction. Since the 2000's there has been a massive moment of modernizing magic. Robes have begun to fall out of fashion and overall the magical world is letting the muggle world start to blend in. Fashion, music, and others but the actual communities are still mostly oblivious to each other.

Each of our characters are part of a new crop of professors at Hogwarts that were brought on at the personal request of the new Headmaster. We now make up the youngest teaching staff that Hogwarts has ever had which has lead to a bit of a commotion with the Ministry. That said the Headmaster has our backs and has simply told us to have one goal. Make magic fun again. He was always a rather eccentric man, who never taught at Hogwarts, and yet seems to have already gained more appreciation and knowledge of the school than anyone else.

This role play will start just after dinner roughly one month into our school year. A weekly meeting with all the faculty will begin where we decide on some of the more mundane duties like night patrols quidditch practice supervision, and chaperons for the next weekends trip to Hogsmeade. During this meeting there will be a commotion which will gather us to the same location and launch us into the main part of the role play.

I am happy to answer any questions you might have and have not COMPLETELY mapped out this entire idea, but that is what I have so far you can expect us all to discover where it leads together. I am very interested in everyone helping build the story together as well as collaborate with each other, myself, and the world to create something we are excited and engaged in.

While not guaranteed, below is a list of roles and people who currently have 'lay claimed to' Next to that claim is a date. That date is the timeline for someone to submit a character after a review of their character they will either be accepted and lock the character out or given a chance to edit after review if the character sheet is acceptable but in need of alterations. Should a character sheet be of low enough quality (Mainly grammar and spelling will be the pitfalls)
Role Play Cast

Headmaster - NPC / (LOCKED)
History of Magic - OPEN
Muggle Studies - OPEN
Transfiguration - Held for @Sedjwick till Feb 1st
Divination - OPEN
Charms - Held for @Inkwell till Feb 1st
Care of Magical Creatures - World Traveler
Flying - Currently Held for @Chiro till Feb 1st
Defense Against the Dark Arts - OPEN
Astronomy - Currently Held for @SweetOwlette till Feb 1st
Potions - Currently Held for @KillBox till Feb 1st
Herbology - OPEN
Arithmancy - OPEN
Ruins - Currently Held for @Ryteb Pymeroce till Feb 1st

Character Sheet

Here is a completed character sheet people interested will need to fill out for them to be considered for this role play. If you have any questions about any part above or below this section please feel free to PM or post on this thread. All applications / character sheets ready for review should be posted here with me tagged as well as PM'ed PLEASE NOTE I AM INDEED ASKING YOU TO SEND ME THE SHEET TWICE AS IT WERE

@Chiro I haven't really thought much of how strict to cannon I was going to be for this. I don't really see any major issue with the flying teacher adding some physical endurance to their course schedule.

@Sedjwick More or less, but I am likely going to be a little more relaxed on some aspects. The feedback I got from the first try was people weren't really sure how to build out from what I started.

@Inkwell So in my mind I was thinking that our teaching age would be between mid to late 20's (maybe 26 to 29). Then our student age would be between 14 and 17).

@Thesixtdoctor I am very sorry, but I actually don't know how to answer this question. Can you elaborate more on what you mean by what system.
There is a lot for me to catch up on so before I jump into creating a character I am going to review everything above and then make sure I understand everything :)
Three interested is a good start! I am hoping to have one or two more before really working on the OOC but I expect one or two more to show up this coming week so I will get started on it!
Just got back sorry I didn't use the weekend to get started but I will catch up ASAP!
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