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2 mos ago
Current Maybe you just need to read more Dr. Seuss and P.D. Eastman books.
2 mos ago
I have Hello Kitty Adidas adds chasing me around RPG, and it makes me smile.
7 mos ago
Today kind of sucked, but I'm alive. So, whatever.
9 mos ago
I love [@dryden] ~ ( ´ ∀`)♡
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Welcome to the Guild, and I hope you enjoy yourself!

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@HEAVY METAL, you should go buy or check out a book or two of his, if you can. His work is definitely worth the time and money.

My birthday month is here!
@HEAVY METAL, in Dr. Seuss’ Oh, The Thinks You Can Think!, there’s a page that implores the reader to wonder and think about how much water fifty-five elephants can drink. A round of applause to parenthood for allowing me the precious opportunity to memorize the book through innocuous amounts of daily re-reads and be left wondering how long the tail of a zong is. Not too sure why I didn’t memorize the books earlier, but oh well. One things for certain, Idk where I’d be without Dr. Seuss.

How much water can fifty-five elephants drink?
I have no idea how much water fifty-five elephants can drink.
‟The Fountain of Youth”
This looks really awesome, and I wanna join. Unfortunately, I don’t have time for it, so here’s a bump to success!
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