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Current Check out my friend’s Etsy shop for the holidays: etsy.com/shop/PaperDragonWo…
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Tbf, the shallow end has paralyzed and drowned many people who were not being cautious.
3 mos ago
& remember, hurt people hurt people. So, if you’re hurting, it’s best to heal yourself first, so you don’t hurt anyone. PS — There are a lot of hurt people out there!
3 mos ago
@LuckyBlackCat, it is possible. As the airlines say, “Put on your oxygen mask first before helping others,” and with a good support team, it’s very possible.
3 mos ago
This is so good -- youtube.com/watch?v=BOEhv_H…


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I gave birth about two weeks ago, au naturale. #girlpower
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Hi-hi, I am in labor. So, well wishes, good vibes and brb-ish (hopefully). ❤️ 🙏🏻
Banned for not being banned five days ago.

Rap-ture? Suzi didn’t quite understand the implication. It sounded odd and confusing, but the older girl made a joking gesture. Out of nervousness, Suzi smiled agreeably alongside her as she continued listening. It was strangely easier to follow this girl’s lead than Aki-senpai’s.

Suzi’s eyes opened wide at the mention of Digimon. She felt her gaze losing focus as she re-processed this information again. Kudamon was tucked nicely into itself. Resting. Safe.


A hand jetted out in front of Suzi. Her eyes regained focus. She took a step back from the brisk movement and blinked several times before putting out her own hand, as well. “Takada Suzuki.” A weak smile formed on her mouth. She felt less assertive, for some reason. Maybe, the excitement was finally wearing on her.

“What did you mean about more than just Digimon inhabiting this world?” She added as she shook Octavia’s hand. She glanced at the others and looked back at Octavia for discernment.

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Love is purple because love has its own imagination.

Love from the Crayons, Drew Daywalt
We just watched The Pez Outlaw.

The documentary/drama highlights the capitalist and legal loopholes of America, while also dabbling into the collector’s mindset and hobby.

It was entertaining. It was quirky. It was silly. It was also a bit goofy. I recommend it.

Fun Fact: The film shows an interesting perspective on bipolar disorder.
Hi-hi! 👋🏻
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