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Splatoon 3 Splatfest starts tomorrow! #teamnessie
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Today kind of sucked, but I'm alive. So, whatever.
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I love [@dryden] ~ ( ´ ∀`)♡
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L O C A T I O N : Sadie's Party
I N T E R A C T I O N S : Princess Sadie @Potter , Lady Lyra @Blizz
M E N T I O N S : Drake Edwards @Lava Alckon, Sir Matthias @Rodiak

His sister's response was less than satisfactory, and he could feel a line of contemplation drawing over his own mouth as he cautioned himself from saying anything that would crush her spirits. She was being too naive, and while he always enjoyed her air of innocence -- and was quite in fact keen on guarding it, he only saw this clown toying with his sister and ruining her.

His mind drifted to Lady Thea. He did not want his dearest, most beloved Sadie becoming like her. Suddenly, Prince Felix became aware that he had not thought of her once since stepping foot into the princess' party. He had been so so determined not to let thoughts of her ruin his sister's party, he had not realized that the Lady had not even shown her face. He found it a little odd but shrugged off the thought immediately.

“Your tender heart is most sought after. It is an honest and enjoyable characteristic about you, my sister.” He paused as his eyes gazed over Sir Matthias' son. He was a delightful child, although a little pouty. He was not one to chastise or bring too much criticism over Sir Matthias, though. "Lady Lyra speaks wisely about the subject. Thank you," he nodded to Lady Lyra.

He turned his attention back to the Princess. "I cannot speak any words to adequately explain how cherished you are, as a sister, friend, or especially as a noble of the Caesonian Kingdom. Many more of these letters will come from different avenues in due time. As you said, always guard your heart. It is something you have done well your whole life, my dear sister."

With that, he leaned over and gave her a simple kiss on the cheek. No one was going to ruin his Sadie.
Neomi Adams

"Wha..." she whispered to herself. That was definitely not just a train.

Her eyes studied the situation, looking at the creature that had just vanished after the mysterious gunfire. Her hand pulled on the strap of her backpack as her top teeth scraped her bottom lip.

That was a rue!

Again, her eyes studied the space in front of her as she put two-and-two together.

She can't see rue!

A small breath of air emitted from her lips in what some could have considered exasperation and others might deem annoyance. Why didn't she tell us that...? Neomi paused for a moment and continued her thought before jumping onto any more trains of conclusions. Or maybe she's getting to that.

Neomi looked around at the others, Toni and Sasha. Sasha's revolver was still out. It didn't necessarily fire anything, but she saw something. This was kind of a lot to take in.

Okay, I can do this.

Again, Neomi played with the strap of her backpack. She might as well say something since nobody else was. Her top teeth grazed her bottom lip, again. God, I'm so freaking nervous. If she had her own gun, she'd shoot herself with it. She was an adult! Yet, she felt so much like a child in one too many ways.

"I--I think there was a rue," Neomi said to Yiya. "And we-or, umm... Sasha? She fired a gun at it, and it disappeared." She looked back at Sasha and then at the poor guy who just showed up. There was something awkward about him, and it was not just that he had arrived quote-unquote semi-late to the game. Not that this is a game...

"And, yeah, I definitely have a lot of questions," she quickly added and looked back at Yiya.

This was going to be one helluva ride.
It’s in my head! I just need to transfer it to type!
Woo! Okay! Will start planning. :)

Looking around, Suzi observed everything before her. Her lips parted into a small o. She looked at the holographic vision of Kudamon. It was resting peacefully but obviously still recovering. Her mouth closed as she looked down at the card in her hand.

What is this?

It was a Wish Card. She examined it carefully. For a brief moment, she was reminded of a silly show her cousin liked to watch called Cardcaptor Sakura. This card was not as pretty looking, though. She turned the card over in her hand and looked at the backside. Her mouth made a small line, and carefully, she tucked the card into her pocket.

Suzi looked at Aki and Octavia and then noticed Daniel. For a moment she had only silent thoughts. She tried putting words to them but was having a little difficulty. Finally, she broke free from the silence and spoke, "What happened... and wh-where's Lily-kun?"

I don't want to step on anyone's toes, but I can make a post sometime this weekend if that's okay.
In Avalia 9 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
T I M E : One Week After Human Arrival
L O C A T I O N : Riverbloom, The Daisy
I N T E R A C T I O N S : @13org , @GingerBobOh
T A G S : @13org , @GingerBobOh , @Conscripts

E Q U I P M E N T :

A small pink blush flushed on Aurora's cheeks when she heard her brother speak. he rarely corrected her, and she knew if he did, it was often for a very good reason. She felt humbled and a little ashamed by her words. She had not meant to be so hard on her dear brother. Perhaps, her care for Zora was clouding her judgment.

"Yes, we should resume training, my dear brother." Her head was slightly dipped, as if to concentrate on the plate in front of her -- despite not being able to truly see it. "Zora is very strong for a human, already." A shy smile spread on her timid lips. "The cake was quite enough. I am so glad you enjoyed it, Zora." Her face peaked from her robe towards Zora.

Aurora's head dipped back to her plate as she took the last bite of her cake, not minding too much of the banter between Rowan and Zora. They had their differences and needed to work them out. As well, she agreed with her brother that Zora was here for the greater good. It seemed that she may be afraid of the responsibility associated with it. Zora was brave, after all, but putting an entire world's affairs into the palm of someone's hands could easily frighten anyone.

As she put her fork down, a chime from her earring echoed the commotion that was happening outside. Her milky eyes turned to her Rowan. His inner glow was warm with energy and a sense of courage and excitement. She heard the movement of Zora, and her white eyes flashed toward the human. Her inner glow showed similar arousal as her brother's.

"Is that a quarrel I hear?"

Like the other two, she pushed herself from the seat. Her right hand grabbed hold of her staff as she listened intently. But as soon as the quarrel started, it died, once again.
Dick Johnson is Dead is a cute documentary about the life (and fake) death of filmmaker Kirstin Johnson’s father. I recommend it. There are some weird parts, if you accidentally catch those. But, overall, it does a wholesome and satisfying job of capturing the love a daughter has for one of the first loves of her life, her father.
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