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Current Mario Kart music is very appropriate when driving to Zapata Falls Campground after sunset.
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Don’t mess with Texas babies. ❤️
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Meanwhile, on TikTok —
3 mos ago
Who needs to leave the kitchen with a Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator? Well played, [@dryden].
7 mos ago
Excuse me while I pretend to live in a world where owning a Fresh Brew Plus Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker EC-YTC100 makes my life complete.


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“Every leaf while on its tree sways in unison;
beats the same light and shadow,
is sustained by the same sap that will release it in blazing color.

It is that moment before falling we all live for,
to see ourselves for the first time,
to hear our name being called from the inside.”

— Deanna Nikaido

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I'm considering starting this up after the holiday as I hadn't noticed how close it was when I originally posted it

My family is on a vacation atm, and I might not have a CS posted for a while.
One of my character concepts is a "Human Ranch Escapee turned Desian Hunter", is that feasible?

I have a similar concept in mind. If they are both accepted, perhaps our characters may know each other?

I am interested with a Presea Combatir / Exsphere -- inspiration.

A stillness of panic traced a horrible image through Suzi's mind, alongside the excitement she was feeling. It caused a strange jolt of energy to feel both at the same time, but soon enough, the sensation became too entangled for the young girl to clearly recognize what she was feeling. All she had left was concern for her Digimon and herself.

Why can't Kyaromon Digivolve?

With her mouth still in the small shape of an o, Suzi studied Kyaromon. Am I being too hard on him? Her lips sealed, and her two front teeth nibbled on them, as she tried to dissect, inspect her thoughts. Caution lead her carefully in the next split seconds while she watched the failure of her Digimon. A pain tugged at her chest as she watched.

“What are we supposed to do?” Suzi asked Kyaromon. However, before she could answer, up on the hill a girl being chased by a Mettaur shouted. Again, the young girl's mouth opened into a small o of observation. Her lips were no longer being nibbled to blood under the pressure she was feeling.

She wanted to grab Kyaromon and run, but something stopped her. Her feet would not move. Her mind was unable to make one foot lift. Not her right. Not her left. They remained in one spot, planted like the trees at the beginning of the forest on the outskirts of the terrain.

“K... Kyaromon?”

Her fingers slowly managed themselves towards the device around her wrist and trailed lower to the Russian beads, glimmering in the heat of her sweat.

Banned for not being @Briza.

What is your favorite year in history?
May I request a username change to Mole, please?
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