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Guess I can add getting gaslit/hazed out of an RP to my bingo card.
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Is the camp actually in a city? I was getting the vibe it was kinda out in the middle of some good ole' Midwest cornfields.
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So, the Runners are technically human, what sets them apart is the Soul Gears that mysteriously surfaced when the Teras did. My main plan for this is that all the Runners were previously a Teras before coming into contact with a Soul Gear, which forced a reverse transformation back to a human-ish form. All Runners have some sort of odd feature that they had as a Teras, that wasn't fully cleansed but isint really a problem, so they have a weird quirk or whatever that no normal human has. For example, a Runner might have an animal tail, or maybe a portion of their skin is replaced by scales or an amorphous substance, whatever the player can come up with that isint blatantly interfering with the Runner's performance or sanity could be implemented. At least, as long as it's not interfering to the point where it's pointless to play that character.

So generally, would these Quirks tend to benefit the runners in some way?
@Wayward Good to potentially have you! Feel free to PM me if you have any questions about Labrynth.

What is the nature of the Runners? Are they physically different from other people?
Toni is between a rock and a hard place now.
Dropped a post in.
I'm keen on learning more about this.


Whatever retort or respinse the other girl had, Maya wouldn't get the chance to find out. Not for but one distraction, but a sharply escalting series of events that would set any back talk on the backburner until it was either unnecessary or forgotten.

The first came almost as soon as Maya had convened with the other Gifted. It was trivial at best and annoying at worst; even with her powers dampened, the feeling was tolerable, barely so much as a stick of a needle worth of discomfort. Indeed, the humming jolt from around her neck didn't hurt in the slightest. Not physically. But for the reaction that the low-guage shock illicited, it might as well have been full out. The girl tenses around the neck and upper chest as soon she felt the familiar sensation. Just as readily, her head swiveled, leading her body around in a whipping semi-circle; first to her left, and then back to her right. It was on the one-eighty back to the right that her eye caught what she was looking for. Her gaze honed caustically upon the descrete, earthen canine hovering along the edge of the encampment.

"Fucking coward." She dry-spat in the wolf's direction. She knew The Hound's handiwork... as usual, top-brass was holed up in the best conditions while their grunts grumbled in the tranches. Easy to act tough when you get to lounge in an air-conditioned office all day long." "Try having a spine next time." She was never quite sure if The Hound could hear anything through his puppets. Nonetheless, she threw her last words towards the wolf. Throwing the wolf one more sneer, she turned back to the gathering, in time to to see Blitz dumping the remains of a water bottle onto Wildfire's head.

What Blitz did next left her with Maya's full attention until she teleported away. Maya too, made out the faintest of sounds growing within the milliseconds between the gentle gust of wind and the oncomming impact. Blitz' reaction prompted her to turn back around. She had only enough time to turn towards the compound wall by the time the falling whatever-it-was made impact. In the narrow window after registering what was happening she, reached an arm out and forcefully dragged both herself and (presumably) the blonde girl to the ground in an A-Bomb Drill style huddle. The ground shook like a California tremor, shifting and rippling against the meteoric punch it had taken. The booming sound like a explosion left a dull ringing in Maya's ears.

The dust hung thick in the wake of the object dropping. Maya worked her shaken self up onto one knee. "What the Hell is going on?" The day was starting to get inteeresting.
By the looks of the last GM post, deferring next post to Sadie. Seems like the ball is in her court from the large Rue.

I'm open to going in on a collab again though.

@Mokley I'm guessing I'm to take the hint that this is the point where Yiya pulls the Obi Wan Kenobi on us.
After lengthy consideration, I officially want to declare that I will not be partaking in this RP. Where I'm at right now, the written expectation of post frequency will likely be too much. My plate is a little full as it, and I'm needing to start limiting my invlovement in RPs as to appropriately dedicated time to other facets of my life.
I should have time to work out something as well. I'm on the mend from a bout with COVID.
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