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This is the tale of Captain Jack Sparrow!
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I still got it. :)


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<Snipped quote by Wayward>

Alright amigo! You need to create a new character. Bryan would be an expert trainer by now (looking like a middle aged man in his late 40's, despite being much older). You can absolutely bring him back it you want though. You'll just need to update his character sheet accordingly.

Canonically speaking, is this one taking place in the future relative to the prior one then?

I'm around and would love to get into this one again.
My sincerest apologies for falling off the radar with this. @WanderingDragon and @BigPapaBelial

Work has had me on the road a lot the past two weeks so I've been a bit off of my creative rhythm. Starting get back into the groove of things.

If anyone has any interest in this still, I'll be doing my best to get something ready before next month.
Just looked up what SCPs are... Interested.
Why's that?

Not really sure how to implement them in a meaningful way, and also not convinced that they'd be able to be kept locked up in prison.
I'm strongly inclined to retcon the "canon" ending of SoR4 and say that the Y Twins were killed when they were defeated.
Hm. I'm kinda tempted to ask if I can play as Ryu from Street Fighter. Seems like he'd be a decent fit for this universe. But, he might also be considered over powered, depending on who you ask.

I've traditionally been one opposed to otherwise unscripted crossovers, but I feel like Streetfighter and Streets of Rage are similar enough to consider this. Maybe an adaptation of Ryu that scales his power down to match better with SoR.
Blaze did have a limited energy projection before SoF4 didn't she?

I don't remember which game but it was after SoR1 I remember she gained a move that well was like a knock off hadoken, very shot range. And in SoR2 Axel had his spinning fist attack and generated a fire like visual now that I think about it.

Now that you mention it, I think that was a thing... I definitely want to keep those elements at play. Just without them defining the action. SoR characters never really were high tier in terms of powers; just adept fighters with a few bonuses in their moves.
The debate in my head right now:
Prior to SoR4, the characters didn't have any of the visual effects that they do in a lot of their more powerful attacks (EG Axel generating fire, Blaze making lightning, etc). Do I take those visuals as literally what's happening and let us have Streetfighter-esque abilities? I'm leaning towards that, but feel like I might need to do some explaining on how that works in universe.

Quite familiar yes.

Fascinating as well.

So we will be playing OCs I hope? I'd find it hard to play an established character. Just personally mind you.

Either way you have my interest.

Yes. OCs will largely carry the action and story. Though I'm figuring, beyond Adam, Blaze, Max, and Axel (the four of which I'm leaning towards keeping as NPCs), existing characters will be playable if anyone so wishes to take them (Floyd, Skate, and Cherry, for example). I also plan to have Shiva out of commission, mostly because in the context of an RP, he's pretty easy to abuse in a combat situation.
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