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Bryan was only a few blocks along when he noticed the shift in tone. Beyond the absence of many Pokemon, there was something odd about the other people with whom he was sharing the sidewalks. Darting briefly into a short alleyway and out of the crowd, he checked the time, and his map. "Ugh. At this rate I'll definitely be spending all day on these gym challenges." He quickly searched the map, finally finding his saving grace. At a fast paced walk worthy of a Wall Street Banker's hustle, he arrived in a Subway concourse. A rail pass paid for, he rode the metro closer to his destination.

An hour of relatively uneventful travel passed, and Bryan removed himself from the train and returned to the surface. The gym was close by, and he practically sprinted to the doorway... Only to be greeted by a pair of locked doors. Confused, he made a second and third attempt to open the doors, as though they were merely stuck and needed a bit of work to open. After his third failure, he backed away, and gazed up towards the upper levels of the mansion, hoping he might catch the eye of an occupant.

It was only then that he noticed the plaque by the entrance. "Gym Closed During Daylight Hours," he read aloud. "Will Be Open 5PM-1AM." He heaved a sigh, and walked across the street and away from the mansion. "Guess I've got time to kill," he said, dejectedly. "So..." he again checked a map of the area, "we've got the Botanical Gardens, and the Bronx Zoo nearby. Might be able to squeeze both in. I'll start in the Botanical Gardens. Maybe there'll be wild Pokemon in there that I can catch; more likely there than the Zoo." Pretending to raised spirits, he set off toward the Gardens.
<Snipped quote by Wayward>

Heard that. I should have asked first. It just seemed like that was your plan. I can go back and edit, if you want. Or we can go forward, and I'll just be more mindful. No worries. :)

It's fine for this one. I was gonna have him get on the subway eventually anyways; realistically, one can only get so far on foot in NYC. He'd have hopped the train at some point just so he wouldn't be drained from walking all day. I'll roll with it as you've written.

Apologies for not posting when I said I would; ended up investing time into applying for new work. I'm tired of my job and most of the people at it.
Yes, what kind of character do you have in mind?

As for everyone else: @jeroukoo@ouTland01@Wayward@Alisdragon911@Entlein
Just let me know if you need anything from me to help move your stories along. I still have the last IC post, so I assume you're all just moving at your own pace, which is TOTALLY fine, because I've been busy lately as well. But just let me know if I'm forgetting anything or if you have any questions.

EDIT: @ItMeGritty I didn't mean to leave you hanging for so long, btw. Life's just been very busy as of late. I honestly saw your post while I was at work, and forgot to respond.

Yeah. I've been a bit slower the past few weeks from a busy schedule. Catching myself a break tomorrow afternoon though; should get a post up then.

Not to be confrontational to your Gamemastering approach, but I would appreciate it to not have my character partially under your control (eg - having him getting onto the train). I get the reason for it, don't get me wrong; I'd just prefer to get nudges towards where to take my next post, rather than getting pulled by the arm, if that makes sense.
The night before...

Having finally cleaned up and settled into his room for the night, Bryan sat awake and contemplating at the small table that served has his room's desk. With Ev sitting on the bed next to him, he riffled through the pamphlets and maps of the city's gyms and other things worth doing. "Well, this is looking like a bit of a breeze," he said, patting Ev on the head. "It'll take a little while, but we can make a quick path on this one. Other than the Shore Side Gym, Raph will have a field day, type-wise. We'll have to be sure to find you a Thunder Stone before we get to Staten Island; that's if you still want to be an Electric type."

Ev met Bryan's gaze with a hint of second thought. "Yeah," Bryan said. "Don't worry. You've got time to think on it. How about this: if we happen to run into another Electric type, or a Grass type, we'll hold the decision for another time?" Ev nodded happily."

And a new morning rises.

The night's sleep had been passable. Bryan rolled out of bed at his third alarm as the sun would have reached over the New York skyline. Fitting what few items he had used the night before back into his backpack, he and Ev departed their room. He (and his Pokemon) made quick work of breakfast in the Hospitals dinning area, and were even allowed to take a few things to have for snacks while they were making their rounds to the gyms.

Stepping out onto the street side, Bryan fitted on his winter hat against the morning chill. "It's a bit cold," he said to Ev. He held out the Eevee's seldom used Pokeball. "I'd appreciate it if you got in. It's enough for me to be out in the cold. No sense in you sharing that burden. Though saddened, Ev, in understanding, went willingly into the confines of the Pokeball. "That takes care of that," Bryan said, assured all of his Pokemon would be in top form when it came time for the challenges. Nodding to himself, he departed on foot, heading due North along Madison Avenue. Head North to the Bronx. Take on that Ghost gym. From there we can rough it down to Queens, and then Brooklyn, and after that we'll head to Staten Island. Might take longer than a day; but it'll make for a good circle to bring us back here.
I should have a moment tomorrow to get a post up. Apologies for the delay. Things have been spiraling on a personal level.
Bryan's ride arrived within a few minutes of him requesting it. A plain, white, four-door decorated with the Pokemon Association's seal came to a stop at the curbside in front of him. The driver, all business, quickly beckoned Bryan into the vehicle. Complying, Bryan sat himself and buckled up in the back. For the duration of the drive, which took an oddly long time, based on Bryan's previous experience with riding through the city, was uneventful save for the traffic. The driver wasn't the talkative type, which suited Bryan, as he wasn't typically one to make conversation with people when they were focused on their work. The only activity over the course of the forty minutes that followed was Ev wandering about the back seat watching the people and other Pokemon along the streets as the car made its way through the city. Bryan spent the time doing the same, as well as observing Ev's reactions; Ev always proved a comfort to him, even in his worst of times.

If anything bad happens to you...

The car came to a stop outside of the hospital. The driver turned to Bryan. "This is you," the driver said.

Bryan noticed that the courteous smile that the man had been holding to was waning. Not keen on agitating his ride, Bryan began to unload from the car. Grabbing his backpack from the floor next to him, and calling for Ev he made his exit. "Thank you," he said to the driver as he exited the vehicle, discretely leaving leaving a ten dollar bill on the center console next to the driver once his back was turned again; he wasn't sure if it was typical to leave a tip for IPA drivers, but hoped that it would at least be taken as a good gesture of appreciation.

A minute later, Bryan was approaching the hospital's reception desk. "Good evening," he said to the receptionist. He presented his Trainer ID, setting on top of the desk. "Do you have any rooms available for a trainer and Pokemon?"
"Dammit!" Bryan cursed under his breath as he walked away from the desk towards a nearby PokeStore that he hadn't noticed on arrival. "Not the friendliest of sorts, huh, Ev?"

"Eeeevee." Ev nodded in agreement.

"I mean, yeah, it was kinda stupid of me to not see the stores in the station; but he didn't have get so testy about it. Ugh. Probably gets asked about things a thousand or more times a day I reckon."

The pair stepped into a small Pokemon shop just inside of the station entrance from 42nd Street. Their first sight in the shop was that of a rack filled with various fliers and pamphlets relaying information about the various Pokemon related attractions, events, and activities, taking place within the city. "Look's like we'll have plenty of reading material while we relax later," Bryan mused as he took a single copy of several pamphlets.

Setting foot outside of the station on East 42nd street, Bryan pulled out his PokeDex; it was the first time since he had gotten it that he had really paid much heed to it. "That guy at the desk did say that we could use our PokeDex to find spots in the city. Maybe we can..." he searched through the device's multitude of functions, and soon enough, he found a program similar to Uber or Lyft, through which he could call for a ride via the Pokemon Association. "Hmmm... nearest Pokemon Center is at... He said Madison Avenue... so that'd be Mount Sinai Hospital? Roughly." He punched in for the address and awaited his ride's arrival.
@Wayward Pokemon cannot have two abilities. A hidden ability replaces the regular ability.

Will amend ASAP

EDIT: Fixed. Made a quick change on the Scraggy's Ability.
"Now arriving at: Grand Central."

The PA announcement chimed as the train began to slow into the station. "This our stop, Ev." With the train still in motion, Bryan stood up, taking a moment to reassure his stance. Once balanced, he pulled his backpack from the overhead rack. The train came to its complete stop as he finished securing his gear to his person. He made a single, final sweep of his belongings, taking special care to make sure that his belt with his PokeBalls, particularly the two housing his Pidgey and Scraggy, were on his person. Confirming that everything and everyone was accounted for, he walked to the opening doors, and out onto the platform.

Swiftly proceeding from the platform, Ev following closely, he walked along the upward escalator, emerging into Grand Central Terminal. Both his and Ev's heads immediately drifted about, taking in the interior architecture; both Pokemon and trainer were wide-eyed. "Never gets old," Bryan mused softly enough that only Ev could hear. Despite it being Grand Central, there didn't seem to be too large of a crowd in the station. "Mostly looks like other trainers tonight," Bryan commented, peering about, partially hoping to catch another glimpse of the young woman with the Pikachu.

He stopped a short distance from the information kiosk at the center of the station. "First thing's first," he said to Ev. "We should find ourselves a Pokemon Center. There should be one near here. Surprised there isn't one in the station itself, actually." He stepped up to the Kiosk. Once settled in and taken care of, Bryan would figure out the next move. While navigating NYC wasn't his forte, he knew, at least, what there was at least one Pokemon Gym in each of the five Boroughs, and he'd have to hit those up eventually; that was, after all, his reason for traveling to NYC. Challenge the New York City Pokemon Conference, and prove your mettle today! he mused, quoting a commercial he had heard on the radio not long ago. He chuckled as he approached the clerk at the kiosk. "Excuse me," I'm a Pokemon trainer. I'm looking for info on Pokemon Centers, Marts, and gyms, if you can help."
I have updated Bryan's Pokemon team.
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