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Current Work owns me. 🥶
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If anyone I'm supposed to be RPing with is wondering where I'm at, I've been enjoying a much needed vaca. Messed travel plans and all.
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That subtle anxiety that your presence killed an RP.
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What's good? I really feel the need to get back into RPing.
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Orin Ackermore

Orin lead Lanayru through the village. People passed, giving slight waves of greeting as they noticed the Captain; he returned the pleasantries dutifully, while ignoring the whispers of uncertainty that followed as they noticed Lanayru treading in his wake. Strangers from the outside had become a rarity, and each was subject to scrutiny by the locals.

Before long, the pair came to the home of a Cucco keeper, who had opened their home to some of the Hylian Army. Orin sat himself and Lana down in a corner away from the bustling changing of guards

"The Princess," he spoke hesitantly, almost in a questioning tone. "She's... I was hoping you might have heard something in that regard. The last i saw of Her Majesty, she was fleeing south with Lady Impa. I was able to cover their retreat at the time. But this was a year ago now. There hasn't been any sighting or mention of The Princess or her Nursemaid; the two have presumably stayed well enough in hiding. If they had been captured, we'd have known already."

He paused, looked around the room, and spoke again. "Where else have you been outside of Lon Lon Ranch? What is the state of the rest of the Kingdom?"

Right now I just need time and energy to align properly for me.
After Toni had pointed out the Rue hovering over the train tracks, her new acquaintances set to motion. She stepped back as the first of them moved forward. Sasha was the one to challenge, unholstering a revolver.

"Huh? Toni looked to the revolver held at her hip, and back to the one in Sasha's hand. Could the Rue be hurt by bullets? She wouldn't have thought to even try it. She quickly reached for her piece, but stopped to a freeze frame when Sasha pulled the trigger. The click and sound of an empty chamber cycling echoed around the platform. Though Sasha recoiled against the force of a shot fired, Toni saw no evidence of a round being spent. Yet a sharp, piercing sensation drove through near her left shoulder in the same time that the Rue dissipated. A single tear rushed out from tightly shut eyes; a slow breath, like a patient easing through a needle stick flowed out from her lungs. The pain was gone almost instantly.

Seconds later, heralded by an unnerving, demonic-looking filter of red light, the train of the Darklight Corridor rumbled in and whistled to a halt before them. The door of a empty car opened up where the Rue had been. The train as a whole, intricately decorated with Witch symbols, and primarily coated in black accented by red lighting, seemed foreboding. Were they embarking on an adventure, or being carted to Hell itself?

Maybe both. Toni thought quickly of her brothers until a feeling drew her in the direction of the train car. She side-eyed Yiya quizzically as she started toward the car. If couldn't sense Rue... surely she knew that her escort of Howls were capable of it...

Toni would he the first to enter the train following Echoh and Yiya. Crossing through the sliding door felt heavy, but once inside the weight became feathery; a light sensation, like being brushed by soft hair or fur. At ease, she looked a Yiya, pondering her questions. But her attention would turn more to Sasha as she would enter the train. "Your revolver," she would start. "It's... not normal, is it?"
I daresay I've fallen behind.
I'm around. Just been whipped from work the past two weeks.
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Ye! Welcome Mae! :D

Anyone feel like dropping a post claim? I can still edit the latest mod post as well to shift or clarify things to be more interesting. 🤔

I'm getting a post worked out at the moment.

I was traveling over the weekend (mini vacation). Flights got a bit hectic though so the bounce back into normal life is a bit staggered.
Honestly kinda glad to see a BBCode discussion because that stuff has always been pretty esoteric to me in terms of best practices. Also, feel free to replace the header with a prettier different one if you like, so long as the key info is on it.

@scrawls@Theyra I want to give Zrer and Bolo a chance to meet before the little girl [s]attacks[/] borrows a book.

Also kinda curious how the @The Irish Tree@OwO@Dark Cloud Ingrid / Cornelius / Wormwood situation at bridge will pan out.

<Snipped quote by Wayward>

@Waywardhere's a first pass at his skills, anything you want added/removed? Also what kind of hobbies does Rinan have?

Insightful is a mix of mana/ki detection and detecting ignoble magic - wind. He'll be able to detect subtle changes in air currents to detect secret entrances, the mana/ki detection allows him to know of creatures nearby, and he can hear things from further away as the noises are carried to him on the wind.

Graceful Fighting gives him a bonus to fighting when he has freedom of movement.

Probability Trance can only be done once a day and takes time. He will get a strong inclination towards an outcome of a specific actin taken or event that is upcoming.

Missile Rejection is a bit silly so feel free to remove it if you don't like it. Rinan has missile deflection which is pretty fullproof, but in the event he does get hit with a missile or allows himself to be hit, it does less damage. He can flex his body to 'reject' the embedded missiles and send them flying out his body at all angles.

Disengage is kind of like a reduced Misty Step in DND parlance. Rinan takes a few steps back so quickly it looks like he teleports, probably only Goh would see him move. I originally was going to mark it as a combat skill but the idea of Rinan noping out of a conversation this way was pretty fun.

Fear Resistance II
Disease Resistance I
Poison Resistance I
Paralysis Resistance I
Martial Arts
Graceful Fighting
Meditation: Probability Trance
Flurry of Blows
Missile Deflection
Missile Rejection
Wayfaring Hills

Abilities look good on my end.
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<Snipped quote by Wayward>

Yep - to Sasha, there's a gunshot and a spark. Everyone else only hears the click of an empty gun but can see the kickback as if it has fired (or as if Sasha is a pretty good mime).

Is it feasible that Toni might have felt something from it? Like a slight tickle? Or would it be too different from feeling Rue to do so?
"YEEAAH!" A cry of glee and excitement sounded across the front courtyard. An airborne Alexander Falkner rode on a gale, gliding parallel to the front fencing of the campus. He was clad in a peculiar set of robes: a one piece garment with sail-like fabrics connecting the arm sleeves to the torso, and the legs each other; a look from above or under would likely bring to mind the idea of a flying squirrel. He had spent some time over the past several months practicing his wind magic, and perfecting the design of his "Butterfly Cloak."

Propelled by self-made gusts, he flew some 20 feet above the ground, and was on a descent as he approached the front gate. "Whoa!" He hastily forced the wind to drop him as he spotted a dragonic individual walking onto the campus. He hit the ground and tumbled into a somersault before landing knelt on one knee a few feet away from the person. He grinned as he looked in their direction. "Nothin' to it."
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For clarification, only Sasha can here the sound of her revolver firing? To anyone else it's just a click?
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