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Current Listening to Yeat (prod. by Sky) while browsing Roleplayerguild.com... feeling so mysterious right now...
4 mos ago
Actually for RPs I'd say it's probably the inferior one because you're not writing/reading it alone, you're reading it in conjunction with someone else, so the ''I'' focus is weird.
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4 mos ago
I can definitely think of some very refined 1st person literature, but most of it is not that good, no.
4 mos ago
shidded. farded. potentially pooppered. maybe even a hint of shard. who knows? who is to say? only the wisest men. not women. they can't say.
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something something passing wind


life is a prison and death is the key

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Going to keep this plain and simple. For more information about me and what I like, you can PM me and I'll gladly explain in detail. For now I want to focus on getting an RP off the ground that focuses on the middle-east in a historical sense. I'm able to play both historically accurate worlds or completely new ones. For example, Broacien which is an alternate universe.

I am looking for plots that revolve around middle-eastern aesthetics, such as copious amounts of sunlight, luxury and decadence, but also darker topics mixed in such as slavery, slave trade, war, subterfuge, politics, etcetera.

I'm able to play a variety of roles. I feel most comfortable playing male roles against female leads, but I have no problem with any sort of pairing. I'm ok with 18+ content. I'm equally ok with not including any.

If you're interested in working together, we can work something out. Please PM me. :-) Hope to hear from one of y'all soon!
AC: Mirage has revived my desire to play in the Khalafa al-Suwaidi. Any takers?
I have about 70 hours in BG3 now and it's my new favorite game. Whatever Bioware was missing in Mass Effect and Dragon Age, they must've dropped it and had it picked up by Larian.

This game is like crack cocaine to my brain.
When is it good to collab and when not?

I don't like them. I suppose they're preferable when you're writing about something that only involves 1 other person and is of no interest to anyone else.

Are time skips a thing in roleplays or no?


Are there roleplays where it's good to list where you are, the time of day and perhaps the name of your character at the top?


Are Headings for roleplay posts important?


Are different colors for players posts a good thing or bad?

A good writer doesn't need a different color to distinguish between who is talking and who isn't.
In Mahz's Dev Journal 6 mos ago Forum: News
In Mahz's Dev Journal 6 mos ago Forum: News
Why does my profile look the way it does, is it a GUI/resolution issue? Full disclosure; I didn't read shit in this thread for a long ass time so probably already addressed but idk.

@Plasma holy shit a Fallout roleplay. I'm interested. Sorry to necro your thread but I need Fallout. Are you still interested in running this?
@Prisk highkey prefer your writing over the ''and then.. and then... and then...'' vibes the AI writing gives off. But it definitely mimics something I could see a person writing.
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